Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani (2000) Movie Script

You're watching Ruby Towers
where a bomb has been planted...
on the 20th floor.
There is chaos all around!
Residents have been evicted
from their homes.
The police have surrounded
the place from all sides.
So let's question the
A.C.. of police...
This is no time for interviews!
lease let us do our work!
Who planted the bomb?
- Tell us... we're reporting for TV.
D'you see the hand of
a terrorist organisation?
There's a bomb expert defusing
the bomb... so let him do it!
Uncle! My kitten is up there!
lease get it for me!
Has anyone claimed responsibility
for planting the bomb...?
You're stopping all of us, AC,
but can you stop Ajay Bakshi?
Look at the police security here!
How'd Ajay Bakshi...
Where's Ajay Bakshi?
How did you get here?
- l climbed up the pipe.
- The elevator is out of order!
Hold it... don't move!
Yes, l am...
- The signals are okay!
Can you see the bomb?
- Don't forget our sponsor!
Ajay Bakshi of `K' TV goes places
even the birds don't!
Ajay Uncle!
Hurry up!
- Look at that.
A live-bomb has been
planted here!
The bomb that's about
to explode... is here!
lease step back... let people see!
... here is the bomb!
Look at what's going on there!
- The cops say...
in how much of time
will the bomb go off?
ln five minutes.
- lt will... 5...?
l was told it would explode
in 15 or 20 minutes!
andey must've told you that!
- You mean andey's...?
Never mind. Let's ask the expert
how quickly he will defuse it!
Your name?
- Gyaneshwar Kale.
Move away from the bomb!
lt's dangerous!
Go on... move away!
- Hear that? lt's dangerous.
Ajay Bakshi risks his life to bring
you a live telecast of a live bomb!
Mr Kale, in my opinion, is
a very important person...
and remember our sponsors!
There are seven wires in this
bomb. Cutting off one...
can defuse the bomb. Right?
- Right!
There's just a wire and four minutes
between life and death!
So let's see which particular wire
Mr Kale will disconnect.
Will you cut the red wire?
- No.
The green one then?
- No.
The red, blue and green
are wrong wires!
The white one is with the red one
which we know is wrong!
And the yellow's with the blue one
which is definitely wrong.
How do you manage to
speak so fast?
Because l don't think!
l'm from TV...!
We've gotta think or
we will not survive!
How many children do you have?
- Seven.
Seven kids?
- No! Seven wires. Two kids!
Stop chatting and get to work!
Or we'll both get killed!
Remember? Everyone does! The red,
green and blue are wrong wires!
We now have a choice of silver,
white and black...
Gray's positive, you know.
Are you saying yellow?
Are you sure? Absolutely?
Kale has averted a bomb explosion
and saved our lives!
Hear! Hear!
There's still a sound...
ls there always a noise like this
when you defuse a bomb?
No. lt happens only when
l target the wrong wire.
The wrong wire...? And what d'you
do in such deadly situations?
Normally, we run for our lives.
- Run? Well...
Come down here, Ajay!
Ajay has saved the kitten!
- Do you love animals so much?
Dad says the world belongs
even to the animals.
... animals are human too!
Ajay Bakshi has once again proved
that he's the best!
My tiger-cub! My darling boy!
You've shaken up
a 1000-million lndians!
You're just...!
And you said,...
Kaka! There's no need to
grovel at my feet!
Hear! Hear! l want to concede
something before this cake is cut!
l'm addressing everyone
from the `K-TV' family!
l used to run the canteen at
Galaxy TV four years ago.
Kaka's eatery, right?
- Yup!
When l submitted a proposal of
a serial to the channel...
the owner of the channel,
K.C. Chinoy rebuked me!
He said, ``You can make great
vadas, but never a big man!''
But our man Kaka... gave the
same Chinoy a fitting reply!
And the same Kaka's TV,
`K- TV'...
is miles ahead of Galaxy TV
in terms of popularity!
All this because...
Kaka hired...
the most handsome and
talented man in lndia!
Finish your speech...
l'll clap later!
Forget those sorries, buddy!
KTV gives you a splended gift!
Gals... and the car!
Know why l gave this car to you?
What's going on?
Galaxy was up in the last 3 years
and KTV was down!
But now, KTV is right at
the top, and we're down!
The reputation and popularity
of our company is plummetting!
Think of some ideas... please!
l have a fantastic idea, sir!
What is it?
Why don't we beam pornographic
stuff late in the night?
The family viewership
will desert us!
My own family wouldn't mind!
We need a face like the one
KTV has... Ajay Bakshi!
A face that will storm
every household!
This is Rhea Banerjee bringing
you live reports...
of a flood, 26 kilometers away
from atna in village Chappla.
You can see how difficult
it is to even reach here.
Mister... can you tell us
where you're going?
Far away. My house is sunk!
Ask the government to help us!
As you see, people are moving out
in large numbers to safer places.
Trees are being uprooted...
large trees!
But Rhea Banerjee will continue
to bring you live reports!
Keep watching TV24!
l almost died when l lost
those real tapes.
But you have saved my job!
You were fantastic!
This is the last time l'm doing it.
l've received a call from Galaxy TV.
Will you quit our channel then?
lf you think l'll quit
your channel for...
better profile and money...
you're bloody well right!
A star like you belongs only
in the Galaxy channel.
...what's the deal?
A challenge to defeat Ajay Bakshi!
- ls there anything else?
Here's the contract.
Go through it carefully.
Don't you think this figure
has one `zero' less?
Fill in any figure... but
we must finish Ajay Bakshi!
So we have in lndia at 8 p.m. lndia
and 10.30 in Dubai everyday...
What d'you say? Class, isn't it?
The new model of Hyundai!
Which friend's car have
you borrowed today?
lt's my car, dad.
- Yours?
Aren't you happy to
see my car, dad?
What's the problem? Why do
you keep worrying about me?
Any father would worry about
his son only in two conditions.
One, when his son doesn't earn a
penny... or when he earns too much!
My boss has gifted me this car
for my good work, dad.
The kitten-rescue act, eh?
ln your days, it was news
when a dog bit a man.
Later, it was news
when a man bit a dog.
And now, when man and dog together
bite an ass, it's really news!
And if that's not the case...
we make sure it is!
We only tell people what
they want to listen to, dad.
For all your hardwork and labour...
what have you got, dad?
l've got you... and l don't
want to lose you.
You have the media on your side...
- And l can change the world, right?
Forget it. Come... let me take you
for a ''walk'' in my car.
Take your mom instead.
Go ahead, Shanti.
Forget it, mom...
l know he won't come.
Don't spoil your mood, okay?
l love your car. lt's great!
We won't be late for the Chief
Minister's conference, will we?
No, we won't! What a car!
Great seats, aren'it they?
The Galaxy guys are sending a
super reporter to outsmart you?
What's wrong?
- My dad!
What'd he lose to sit in my car?
But he'll never understand!
Never be close to these old-timers!
... hang out! Out and wide!
Think of this new reporter, Ajay.
Your new poster...
is it nice?
Where's the new reporter from Galaxy?
- Right there!
So you must meet her?
- Obviously!
Ajay Bakshi's coming!
- l know.
He's so handsome!
- Only on TV.
l've heard the name.
- But what's in a name?
lt's people's love and affection!
l mentioned your channel...
not you.
lt's the coffee... not you.
l want a frontal mid-shot.
Heard that, Shahid?
- Will be done!
You haven't answered
my question, sir...
You must've read my party's manifesto
for the forthcoming elections.
l had to fight with the rime
Minister this morning to...
get 8000 million granted
for our state.
l had promised to do it!
Some disgruntled members are said
to want to quit your party, sir?
Why cast an evil eye on a happy
family? They're just rumours...
Mr Sharma is in police custody.
Weapons were found in his house.
You're still giving him
an election ticket?
Mr Sharma is innocent!
The opposition has implicated him!
The matter's before the court...
and l have all faith in our
nation's consitution.
What happens to the criminal
charges framed against Mr Sharma?
Why were investigating officers
shunted out, sir?
Must you ask the questions
in a single day?
Glory to lndia.
Sharma's affair is raising questions.
Go to Central Jail at 5.30 tomorrow.
Do an interview with him and
give him some image-building.
He'll sink in the elections
and we'll sink with him!
Don't worry, sir...
l'll handle it.
Show me this watch...
this silver one.
What're you doing here?
- Am here to bid a proper good-bye.
The C.M. insisted that l interview
Sharma at 5.30 tomorrow.
- The world's chasing me...
and l chase you!
Show me that watch.
- lt wouldn't suit you...
lt's said to have the
fragrance of the rose too.
lt's nice... but l have
many of them.
So you must have a lot of time?
How about a cup of tea?
l'll begin at the beginning...
What did you say your name is?
l didn't tell you my name.
- You gave me your mobile number...
l didn't give you any number.
- Good! Give me your address!
l'll keep dropping in, you know...
- You're getting too personal.
Skip the personal details...
give me some general information.
Are you a vegetarian or
a non-vegetarian?
What size footwear do you wear?
Or tell me your blood-group.
Mine's B-positive...
Tell me your dog's name!
Or your bank account number...
which shampoo do you use?!
Which is your favourite toothpaste?
Wasn't Ajay Bakshi here?
- He was, but...
He has left.
- What has he done?
- You don't know what he did to me.
He says he loves me and
goes around with Anu!
l didn't know that.
- This is nothing.
He has a diary in which he has
telephone numbers of all the girls.
He decides the girl he will meet
according to the day of the week!
That's okay... it happens.
lf you happen to meet him,
you must tell him that...
l will tell him!
Don't let her mislead you.
She's crazy.
That's the effect
l have on girls.
One of the girls got married
to the TV she saw me on!
So how am l to blame?
l was working...
Once a man is smitten,
Rhea... Banerjee...
That's your name!
- 6044132 is my telephone number.
Your number! Let me write it
down in the diary!
How about some tea?
- Let me write, please...
l knew you were as
sensible as l am!
How about 5.30 tomorrow?
- Anytime! For you, l'm always free!
Don't you have an interview
with Mr Sharma tomorrow?
Mr Sharma is going nowhere...
he's locked up in prison, you see!
At 5.30 tomorrow then.
- At the Garden View Restaurant.
Since you're coming tomorrow...
make sure you dress in pink.
ln pink... you'd look
terribly sweet!
Sure... l'll wear pink.
Leave all that... and look at his.
Good looking feller, isn't he?
You look great as a couple in snaps!
You'd be better in real life!
Stop this business of
match-making, mom.
Let me work in peace!
- Work all day!
Will you keep interviewing these
cops and politicians all your life?
The only mission in your life
is to get me married, mom.
But l have much more to do!
So go away, mom.
Take one look at him, my dear!
- No.
lf there is someone you
love or like, tell me...
l'll approve immediately!
- There's no such thing happening
Let me note down these numbers!
Boy's telephone numbers?
- No. `Girls'.
Someone's going to
face the music tomorrow.
This is Rhea, Shalini.
l'm Ajay Bakshi's secretary.
Ajay Bakshi's secretary...?
- lease don't hang up!
He's embarrassed and wants to
meet you to apologise.
Meet me, eh?
When? And where?
The Garden View Restaurant
at 5.30 tomorrow.
You will come, won't you?
- Certainly. l'll be there!
Ajay has a small request...
lease come in a pink dress.
lt's my first date with her.
l don't want any hassles, okay?
Cake and champagne?
- Both ready, sir.
You'll cool down, sir!
Here's a pink handkerchief,
When the most beautiful girl
steps in, dressed in pink....
just wave this handkerchief!
- l'll keep waving!
Your money, sir...
For me?!
Just watch my service, sir!
Kaka? l know it's 5.15.
l'll go to Central Jail and
even interview Mr Sharma.
Don't worry... everything
will be done soon!
l'll call you later, Kaka...
The jail's here!
What're you doing down here?
- Looking for my lighter!
Where is the lighter?
- And where's the cigarette?
lt's you who has
surprised me!
You won't wait, l know.
You must be in a hurry?
Of course l'll wait.
l'll leave only with you.
Sit down.
- You sit down too.
This isn't the one...
- lt's the same cake, sir!
l mean, she isn't...
- lt's the cake you chose, sir!
Leave it! The cake is excellent!
Go on, l've got to talk to her...
No, sir. The champage follows.
l didn't order the champagne, did l?
- You did, sir. For her.
Sure, l did!
- May l leave?
May l play it?
- Sure,...
play it guys together!
Yes, l'm already there.
... sit down, please.
l've already spoken to
the Home Minister.
All right. l will have
lunch with him.
How's this angle, Mini?
Come here, Constable...
and don't move.
What're you doing in the frame?
Move away!
You're in the Central jail!
And you will see Mr Sharma...
What's going on, ma'am?
Who are you?
We're at work, Constable!
Go to your place!
l'm no constable, ma'am...
l'm the jailor of this prison!
He's the jailor... Y.A. Jha!
We're going to meet Mr Sharma.
- Do you have the permission?
Didn't the CM's office call you?
- No.
So all right...!
- Listen, lady!
You'd surely have an identity
card on you, right?
You ask me for an
identity card, do you?
Don't you know who l am?
- No.
Who exposed the ex-Commissioner?
- Who did?
l did. Who had AC Shukla suspended?
- Who was it?
lt was me! Who had the ex-jailor
of this prison suspended?!
- l did!
One moment... he died of a
heart attack. He wasn't suspended!
And why did he have a heart attack?
- lt was because of her!
- They won't listen, Mini!
Call the Chief Minister...
l hope you remember the number?
This is the CM's .A., Rawat.
Call from the Chief
Minister's office, sir!
The CM has sent two TV journalists
to your prison.
They're here, sir.
- They're friends. Treat them well.
l'll handle it, sir!
- Let me talk to them!
Let me talk... you didn't
let me talk to them!
l'm convinced, ma'am.
l'll see that you meet Mr Sharma.
Bhinde, take them to
Mr Sharma's cell.
The one inside, or outside?
- Go with him, madam.
You've had six glasses of water
already! How much more?
l'll have as much as l please!
lt's my life and money!
l'll have it from the jug...
- Don't spoil your mood. lease!
- What's here?
Obviously! What else will you
do after so much of water?
Am l late?
You mean the whole plot
was hatched by Dua?
l'm a very truthful man.
lt's like this. A cat littered
six kittens in my backyard.
They will even blame the birth
of the kittens on me!
Just because they were
born under my roof!
l'm being subjected to a test
by fire. Like Goddess Sita.
l've been fasting like Gandhi
in these dark cells!
Thanks for sparing us your
precious time, Mr Sharma.
Manage with the footage you got
in the last interview, okay?
You ask nice questions...
what's your name?
Wonderful! And l'm waiting
for my freedom!
When did you join Ajay?
- lt was very recently.
You're going into the
inside cell, are you?
lease join me...
Come along.
Leave the camera here.
lt's a dangerous toy.
Guys having fun, l see!
Carry on! They work with Ajay;
girls from our own party.
What was the name...?
Oh yes, Rhea!
What will you have?
Beer? Whisky?
Thanks. l don't drink.
- As you wish.
You have the works here, Mr Sharma!
A fridge and a television set...!
lt's all because of the affection
of our party workers!
l can tolerate heat
and poverty, you know.
l have a fridge so l can
have some chilled beer!
Ajay Bakshi's a smart guy, okay!
Always surrounded by beautiful girls!
No... listen to me! lease!
Rhea! What have you done to me?!
To hell with your TV!
- Who's the insolent man?
ldiot! This is the CM!
- You, sir? Sorry, sir!
Ajay Bakshi was supposed to
interview Sharma in prison.
But the girl from Galaxy TV
got there first...
and she has ruined Sharma!
Know how this will affect
the elections?
l'll have your channel thrown
out from every home! Okay?!
l'll do something, sir...
right now! But...
Where's Ajay?!
Call him here!
You scoundrel! Swine!
You bloody idiot!
Wastrel and a bloody fool!
You're abusing me!
- No! l'm abusing myself!
l'm an ass!
l'm actually a horse...
that goes lame on the
day of the races!
You asked me to interview Sharma.
But did l go there?
- Why didn't you remind me?
l reminded you so many times!
- But l didn't go there!
And why not? Because l'm a
cheap shirker!
How could you employ a man like me?
lt's your indulgence
that has spoilt me!
When have l indulged you, son?
- Son! There you are!
Know what l think of myself?
l could spit on myself!
l'm crying!
l can't see the tears!
- l'm crying... at heart!
l'm going away...
- But listen, son...
l know he won't listen to me!
So suspend me, Mary.
- Go ahead!
l'm still a temporary employee, sir.
- Temporary?
ls she really temporary?
- Yes, she is.
Give her permanency!
- She arrived just 3 months ago.
Give her permanency, l say!
Now write,...
l'll do it in a minute, sir!
l've got you your permanency, Mary.
And you will suspend me!
Are you trying to drive a
wedge between us, Mary?!
Forget this idea of quitting
the channel, my boy.
This is my first and last warning!
Such a thing must not happen again!
No, it won't...!
But what have l done?!
Meet Mr Ramakant Dua,
a big politician and my friend.
This is his brother-in-law, the
Gandhian industrialist, Mr Gupta.
You had only to infiltrate
the prison for Sharma...
and it has set the cat among
the pigeons! Hats off to you!
You're a smart girl... you can surely
be a member of the Upper House.
Sit down.
- Elections are upon us, Chinoy.
Have you given a thought
to my publicity?
Don't worry. You will be the
chief minister this time around!
Thank you, Mr Chinoy...
lease do something, Rhea.
Give Mr Dua a new image and
make him a house-hold name.
For that, you'll have to walk
the streets and into people's homes.
What does that mean?
- A journey on foot.
Let's organise a rally
and telecast it live.
We'll call it Ramakant Dua's
march for welfare.
What will you have?
Beer? Whiskey?
She has made it, Ajay! They're
showing that interview repeatedly!
We used to be best...
now she is!
She ought to be!
Any girl who outsmarts Ajay Bakshi
has to be bloody something!
That girl has ruined your reputation.
You almost lost yourjob...
and you've forgiven her!
- No way.
This is the first time
l've really liked a girl.
But l will ruin her rally!
- How?
Underworld bosses are meeting
at the cemetry this afternoon.
We will find someone there
who will screw up her rally.
Why did you call a meeting
in the graveyard?
What we will discuss at
this meeting is that...
people ought to be scared
of dons like us.
But this sample... appu Jr.
isn't still in his chair!
Our comrade, appu Sr. took
15 bullets before he died!
l told him often not to do it...
this is where he is buried.
He died and left behind his
good-for-nothing son, appu Jr!
Hi, Abbu! Hi Babu!
How're the kids doing?
Sit down... we're all equal.
Don't you sit down!
Remain standing!
Your father was a good don!
He was a blot on the society.
But you're a blot on us!
l'd asked you to rob a bank.
What did you do of that?
l really raided the place, uncle.
l got in there with my gun!
And l stormed into
the manager's cabin.
But he rose to greet me!
And l realised l had an account
in that very bank!
Would anyone rob his own account?
He's right.
This business is unpredictable.
Couldn't you find another bank?!
- l did...
but it was a Sunday, a holiday!
Couldn't you make it on a Monday?
- l did. But it was a holiday too!
How can any decent man
be a don...
in a country which has
so many holidays?
He's right.
Business isn't fun anymore.
To hell with your bank!
l sent you out to instigate
riots... what happened?
l went there. But l saw women
in the marketplace...
and lovely little children playing
around. What could l do?
So you just came back?
- No, sir!
l played cricket with them
and scored an unbeaten 29!
Bloody idiot! Why didn't
you start those riots?!
We not politicians to
start riots, uncle.
We mustn't do it
without any provocation.
We are gangsters, uncle...
we have some self-respect.
Which means you've done nothing
daring in the last six months!
Let go, uncle...
l've made an album, uncle.
- A bomb?
An album... it's art.
- What's that?
''Dons... we had to be''
He's gone mad!
Just throw him out!
We've been humiliated!
Nobody has seen us, l hope!
What difference does that make?
- Right...
We do recognise you!
We badly need publicity, mister.
- Hang on...
the public's gonna cheer you
when l'm through!
How's that?
- Do you know Ramakant Dua?
Rammu, you mean?
l know the bloody double-crosser!
You can take your fame in
the underworld for granted!
Long live, Ramakant Dua!
This is Rhea Banerjee at Mr
Ramakant Dua's welfare rally.
This is where you will
get the publicity.
Recognise me? My childhood
chum... this is appu Jr!
l want to say a few words
about my friend!
l have a right, don't l?
- Sure.
He's a crook! Don't let him speak!
- How can l stop him in the crowd?
Mr Ramakant Dua is a
follower of non-violence.
He has always trodden the
path shown by Mahatma Gandhi.
But he's praising me.
Know why?
- Why?
He lives on Mahatma Gandhi Street!
This man is a liar,
ladies and gentleman!
You know what Bhavna (feelings)
l have for the poor!
Bhavna! That's his maid-servant
whom he has impregnated!
His two illegitimate sons
are here too!
Stop it! Call the police!
The attack on Mr Gupta raises serious
questions of security in the city.
The police have been unable to
say anything about the assassin.
All l can say is that Mr Gupta's
condition is stable...
all efforts are being
made to save him.
Who opened fire?
- We'll let you know soon.
Couldn't tell who opened fire,
could we?
l'm glad Mr Gupta has survived...
- l don't want to talk to you!
Not after what you did today!
Aren't you ashamed to bring thugs...
l was ashamed, all right.
You must also have been, to send
all those girls to the restaurant.
May l drop you home?
- What for?
Dad says no girl must
go out alone after 9.30.
Especially when she's
returning from a hospital.
So you have the decency...
- Not me. My father does.
May l leave you home?
- ...l stay close by.
So l'll leave you close-by.
Let me open it...
- l'm doing it anyway.
You can't manage it...
l'll open it for you. lease.
All right. Do it.
This is how you do it.
Hold this and press gently...
Don't worry... it's not
going to rain tonight.
Shall we go?
What happened? Let's go.
l think you must wear this blazer.
- Thanks, l don't need it.
l'm not so delicate anyway.
- But you sure are transparent.
You ought to carry an
umbrella in the monsoons.
What's that in your pocket?
l've been looking
for it for 2 days!
l always have half a banana
and save the other half.
You never know when
you might need it.
You're eating a 2-day old banana!
- lt's older, actually.
Want a bite?
- Never!
May l ask you something personal?
- Go ahead.
Are you human or an ape?
- What do you like?
Where've you been, riya!
l was so worried! lt was raining,...
Mom and... Meet Mr Ajay Bakshi.
He came to drop me home.
Come in!
Aren't you the same guy who...?!
Oh yes! You didn't tell me
about him, Rhea!
And l've told her l'd approve
of any boy she chooses!
And she went and chose you!
What luck!
Sit down...
- You have a lovely house.
Wait... you're drenched, you see.
There's a misunderstanding, Mom.
He's only a...
Let Mom's emotions flow, Rhea!
She says such nice things!
And Bengali! lt's a sweet language.
- He knows our language!
He has a nice smile...
and this is a cute ear-ring.
What're you upto, Rhea?
You have a secure job, l hope?
- lndeed!
l even have a provident fund!
- So you can marry immediately!
Great! l'm free tomorrow...
how about you?
This is the limit!
l won't marry this man, will l?
Why not?!
Here's your coat.
And now go home!
l was kidding, you see.
l only came to drop her home...
and l'm just a friend.
- Really?
l'm famished, but she didn't ask me
if l'd like something to eat!
Would you like something?
... here you are.
Bananas! l follow this principle
with bananas. l have half of it...
and he saves the other half!
... Go on now.
l like this boy, Rhea.
Give it a thought!
Don't cry, sister!
Stop it now.
olitics has claimed
my sister's husband.
Stop crying...
someone take care of her.
lt's a God-given opportunity
with elections round the corner.
What better chance can we have
of garnering sympathy?
My brother-in-law, Magan Gupta,
is dead.
- Tell the boys what to do.
Be careful.
C'mon, guys. Get ready.
lt'll cause riots in the city...
people will die.
So let them die.
l stand to benefit.
The most important aspect
of politics is timing.
Now's the time we can
reap the benefits.
Greetings to all of you!
lease calm down!
You have seen what the Chief
Minister has done to me!
He's doomed...
so he's gone crazy!
He had an assassination
attempt made on me!
But none can kill a man
protected by God!
The bullet grazed my arm...
and hit my brother-in-law!
He is dead. And my sister
has been widowed!
We'l1 give them a fitting reply!
But it won't be violent...
Certainly not with fisticuffs!
Down with the Chief Minister!
Who will stop them or
make them see reason?
l will perform a prayer
for peace in the city.
oliticians are
fighting for power...
but Mr Ramakant Dua
is praying for peace.
eace for the world.
Do something! Dua is getting
all the public sympathy!
Give the riots a communal colour
and blame it on Dua.
What's happening to this
city, Ajay? lt's on fire!
There's so much of bloodshed.
- Listen...
What're you doing, Shahid?
- Shooting.
Shooting what?
What are you upto!
laying football, l guess.
l know you're at work!
But what frame are you capturing?
Come to me... it's okay...
don't be scared.
Who is this man who has plunged
the city into these riots?
The police have arrested the man
who has started a war...
between two political parties.
But they know little about him.
We will keep you briefed
on the latest developments.
This is the Chief Minister
here, Commissioner.
Tell the press that Ramakant Dua
hired an assassin to fire at him...
so he could get
public sympathy.
How can l say that, sir?
- lt's a lie, all right.
lssue it officially and
it'll become the truth.
Do as l say, or you will be
posted at Lal Ganj!
Ramakant Dua here.
l'm very tense, sir...
- l'll rid you of the tension.
Make an announcement that the man
arrested, belongs to the CM's party.
lnvestigations are underway, sir...
- Remember this much, Commissioner.
l may be the Chief Minister soon.
They ask me to pin the
blame on each other!
But how about me?
Am l not human?
Each one of them makes me
dance like a puppet!
The press is waiting outside.
They need to be told something.
What will l tell the press?
l don't know!
Let's use the ''foreign hand'', sir.
lt'll keep them busy for a month.
The foreign hand! Correct!
Who's this man, sir?
Does he belong to a political party?
l'm here to answer your questions!
That man does not belong to any
political party or organisation.
He's a terrorist from
a foreign country.
He's a terrorist who has been sent
to destablise our country!
lf only this terrorist
was part of our gang!
Here's our chance for publicity.
Let's have this terrorist!
Kidnap him?
- Yes!
...with live coverage
on the Magan Gupta killing.
We'll show you a glimpse of this
dreaded terrorist any time now...
He is being taken to
a high-security prison.
Which terrorist group
do you belong to?
Switch it off. Go on!
Where's he? He has disappeared!
A sensational twist to
the Maganlal killing!
lnternational terrorist escapes
despite tight police security.
lt raises doubts over
lndian intelligence agencies.
l couldn't figure out anything.
The lights went off...
for a minute, and he disappeared.
Did you see his eyes?
Weren't they so scary?
- But l wasn't afraid.
- Do you think they'll catch him?
lt's a big racket of fake
passports and fake visas.
He'll be some place away by the
time the police swing into action.
l want the reports on all blockades!
Stop your car!
- How're you doing, AC?
Ajay Bakshi and Rhea
Banerjee together!
Let them through...
they're from the press!
According to information received
by lndia's Most Wanted...
a dreaded terrorist,
Mohan Joshi,...
has befooled the law and escaped!
A red alert for all our viewers!
Look at his face...
he looks dangerous.
This man is dangerous and armed.
Do not attempt to catch him
if he is seen anywhere...
you could be risking your life.
l've shaken up the Government!
l have the terrorist in a drum!
Where's Sapre?
- He got left behind.
Naturally. He does not
move with the times!
Open it!
What were you doing in there?
- You locked me in my mistake!
How about him?
- The terrorist left...
in the journalist's car.
- So why didn't you tell me?!
Strange! How can anyone
speak up before you!
You have shattered my dreams!
l want that terrorist!
l want him... where is he?!
Let me... warn you!
Don't think we're scared!
He seems to be a madman, Ajay.
He doesn't understand a word!
This is a warning, okay?
l'm hungry.
- Hungry?!
Can you give me something to eat?
Do you have something?
Check out your bag!
Switch on the camera!
l have half a banana...
l must warn you that the
police are looking for you.
lt has been made clear on
every television channel...
that you are an extremist.
you're a terrorist...
l am not a terrorist!
l'm not!
l had a daughterjust like you.
Her name was Kavita.
What's wrong?
- She's getting nervous.
Actually, Mom is making
me nervous, father.
Step aside... go on.
Don't scare her.
l've served them for 30 years, dear.
l know Maganbhai's father very well.
He says yourjob is confirmed,
so it's confirmed.
Don't be scared.
Our daughter has an interview!
We must sweeten her tongue.
Do we have any sweets at home?
- No.
No? ln that case,
here's what we will do...
let's make a laddoo out
of this rose, okay?
The rose has disappeared!
And where's the laddoo?
Here it is!
- But that's a peda, father!
Really? Taste it, dear.
ls it really a peda?
- Yes, and where's the laddoo?
So where is the laddoo? it is!
My daughter, Kavita Joshi. The boss
has called her for an interview.
l'm Kavita Joshi...
Mohan Joshi's daughter.
l have some certificates...
No...! Father!
Why's it barking?
No... please don't!
... father!
lease let me go!
ls the interview over?
- She left half an hour ago.
l was here all along...
when did she leave?
l don't know that.
But she has left.
Magan has....
Why did you take me there, father?
She has suffered injuries.
l think she has been raped.
This is serious. You must
immediately lodge a police complaint.
Why did you take your daughter
there on a Sunday?
Who knows why you went there!
She has been raped.
But why be humiliated in court?
You told me she was raped!
- l suspected it.
Why don't you understand?
l know what you're after.
Go and take the money from Gupta.
l can make him give you
50 or 60,000.
l can't prepare a report
based on mere suspicion.
Take my suggestion and
have her married quickly.
Kavita died.
l don't know what strength
her eyes gave me...
but l decided...
... to take revenge
for the atrocity!
l kept looking for an opportunity
for six long months.
And one fine day, l saw him
at Ramakant Dua's gathering...
Kavita's shrieks engulfed me
the moment l set my eyes on him!
My hand moved on its own and
l pumped six bullets into him!
l have paid a homage to my
daughter by killing Maganlal Gupta.
lf this amounts to terror...
l am definitely a terrorist.
Where are you going?
To my wife, Laxmi.
She's all alone. l must meet her
before the police catch up with me.
l beg of you...
please don't call the police.
No, we aren't calling the police.
We're television journalists.
We'll try and see that the
truth is conveyed to the public.
How will you do it?
- She's right.
We've played many gimmicks to
sell falsehood on television.
And we will do something now
to tell the truth.
You must stay here.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll return soon.
So stay here.
lt's so very wrong for a decent
man to go through all this.
We've promised to help him, Ajay.
But how will we do it?
Our bosses are friends of the
political leaders. They'll not agree.
Businessmen have no friends.
They befriend only money.
We will exploit
this very weakness.
- As you say, ''just like that''.
My money, mister. Where're you going?
- One moment!
We have on tape the story of the man
everybody thinks is a terrorist!
Think it over!
- l'm doing my work-outs!
l can't do two things at a time.
- You can do anything, Kaka!
Once his interview is telecast,
it'll create a sensation!
Are you out of your mind?!
Ramakant Dua will have
our channel shut down!
He will be the chief minister
only when he wins the elections.
But think of our profits if we
telecast Mohan Joshi's interview.
Think of the sponsors
and the advertisements!
lt'll make you famous in the world!
- Really?
Of course. But there's a problem.
- What is it?
We'll have to share this exclusive
interview with Galaxy TV.
You mean you will sell the news
coverage to my enemy, Kaka?!
We'll have to, sir. Ajay Bakshi was
there, when l did the interview.
Forget your false pride, Kaka!
This episode involves millions!
Millions?! Really?
- Absolutely!
So l'll suppress my ego!
lt's okay on my part.
C'mon, sir...
Shake hands... Go on.
l said, shake hands.
Not merely touch!
Like this!
Not her... it's him!
lt involves millions!
Gotcha! Dump the international
terrorist in the boat!
Let's go...
appu! Where are you taking him?!
- Lay off!
What are you up to?!
l've been fishing!
Can't you see?
lease let him go...
he's not a terrorist!
We've seen it all on TV!
The cops are after him
and he's in our custody!
That was a lie!
Mohan Joshi is no terrorist.
No? We're not gangsters then!
Go away before l lose
my temper and blast you!
Let's go, guys.
You're making a mistake!
That man is not a terrorist!
Turn around... they've left.
The cowards!
They're running for their lives!
Face me if you have the guts!
- Face him!
l'll teach you guys a lesson!
- He'll teach you a lesson!
Go ahead and tell them...
- Sure, l have.
They were scared of you.
- l was very angry.
l'd have thrashed all of them...
- What must we do now?
l think we ought to
save the old man.
l know that, too.
But how will we do it?
Will you marry me?
- Marry you?!
The most dreaded terrorist of the
world is in my custody, uncle!
My name is being flashed in
every newspaper and TV channel!
The boys are thrilled.
Chinese journalists, the Hyundais,
want to interview you.
See that? Journalists from China!
l'm going international!
What's Baba?
- That's a Chinese greeting.
You've got to say ''Baba''
and bow.
We have news that you have kidnapped
the most dangerous terrorist.
Your fame has spread to China!
- Hold it!
l think l've seen
this guy somewhere.
Certainly... you must know Bruce
Lee, right? l'm his brother.
This is my wife, Od Lee...
the fair-skinned beauty!
You love each other, l see.
- There's something fishy!
No publicity for you
if you think we're fishy!
Don't we want the publicity?
... wait there!
We made this den inspired
by a James Bond movie!
This is my rocket.
Does he drive the rocket?
- He's the international terrorist!
He has made me famous.
Go ahead and interview me.
What's she saying?
A photograph of both of you
would be very good.
With him, eh? D'you want me
to get him out? All right.
l'm Ajay Bakshi.
What's she talking about?
A snap with the gun, eh?
So tell me that!
Who are you?
- Ajay Bakshi! Nobody moves!
Come here, Baba.
l told you there was something...
- Shut up!
Or l'll blow your brains out!
Come with me, don... Let's go!
C'mon, don...
- You will pay for it!
Nobody moves...
l'll be the worst yet
if anybody follows us!
You need a haircut, feller!
Why are you laughing?
- That gun wasn't loaded!
So why did you raise your hand?
- Why must l tell him anything?
l can't lose face...!
How're you, doc?
And don't take that haircut!
C'mon, Baba... Nobody can
find us here. lt's very safe.
Actually, nobody ever comes here.
- You've taken a lot of trouble...
Don't say that, Baba. Wouldn't your
own children have done it too?
They certainly would!
C'mon in!
Whose house is this?
- Shahid's uncle's.
Does nobody live here?
- No.
Shahid's uncle is old.
We use it sometimes for our work.
Let me keep the tape on the pelmet.
No. l'll keep it in the drawer.
This is why you come
to this house!
No... you're mistaken.
- Who is she?
Shahid's aunt.
She's quite bold.
- And beautiful too.
And this woman here...
must be aunt Farida, right?
Shameless man! You call your
girlfriends Shahid's aunts!
How can you say such
things, riya?
Aunts are like mothers...
and you call them my girlfriends!
They're elder to me... so how
l can ask them how to dress?!
l don't want to talk to you!
- l won't talk to you either!
You've been chasing me
since the day we've met!
Don't be under the impression
that l'm chasing you, okay?
You took liberties
0with me as a Chinese!
You sat on my lap too!
- Did l?!
Baba! Show Baba the pictures!
He has throw it away!
- Relax... why're you fighting?
l really think you are
made for each other.
lf you're so fond of fighting...
just get married.
There! You even think alike!
This how you fall in love.
Love silently closes
in on you...
and magically transforms
the world around you.
Want to see the magic?
So look into each other's eyes.
Not like this...
do it with love.
Now start dreaming of a world.
A world of love.
- And?
Where only the two of you live.
- And...
What are you doing?
- You look like James Bond now!
l've never worn such clothes.
- You must. Today's a special day.
What's so special?
- l won't tell... sit down.
l'll show you some magic today.
- Really
Sure. l'll bring a smile to
your lips in just a second.
l smile every time
l see you, dear.
You don't understand...
this smile will be special!
Shut your eyes... go on!
lt's Ajay!
And where's the magic?
Look at that!
The fugitive Mohan Joshi
has still not been arrested.
lnformed sources have told us
that this dreaded terrorist...
was seen in the company of
a couple of television journalists.
Do you know where this
dreaded terrorist is?
Tell them...
- No. You tell them.
He has told me everything.
We cannever forget
what you've done for us.
l had these bangles made
for my daughter.
l thought l'd give it
to her in marriage...
You are our daughter now.
You must wear it for your wedding.
lease don't refuse it.
Ajay, my boy!
...where's the guy?
So you are Mohan Joshi?
You are fantastic, l say!
You've stirred the nation
with just one killing!
C'mon, let's go.
- We have a cassette of his story.
Yes! There is the cassette!
- To hell with it!
We have the living
proof before us!
You can say everything you want to!
The whole world will watch you live!
You will accompany me, won't you?
- Everyone knows they're with you!
They're celebrities, TV stars!
They'll be caught in a jiffy!
So come with us!
You need not be afraid, Baba.
State every fact on TV
without any hesitation.
You have our support.
- Take care, Laxmi.
Just don't worry, lady!
We stand by the truth!
Let's go... careful.
My brother-in-law has
ruined the whole show.
What do you want me to do?
Give me the support
of your 40 legislators.
Or the old man's story
will strip you in public!
Have a heart!
Atleast respect our enmity,
if we can't be friends!
Give me the support of your MLAs
and l'll make you the deputy CM.
That's spoken like a leader!
That old man's story mustn't be
leaked. l want to win the elections.
Don't worry... l play the cop.
So why fear?
Great! The two of you have
reached a compromise!
But we end up losing millions!
Let's give them both permission
for 24-hour non-stop channels.
That's something!
- Everyone has truly benefitted!
What will we do with the old man?
- To hell with him!
The public thinks he's a terrorist;
so let him be!
The police have nabbed the dreaded
terrorist Mohan Joshi...
who was responsible for killing
the industrialist, Maganbhai.
How did this happen?
- According to police sources...
he has the support of the
extremist group, the lSO.
Meanwhile, Mr Ramakant Dua...
... has merged with
the National arty.
Ajay! We have a 24-hour
non-stop channel!
The Government has given us
the permission!
And all this only thanks to you!
Come, let's embrace my boy!
You are worse than the third-rate
man l thought you were, Kaka.
Which is why l'm successful!
Look at this empire!
l have no qualms...
l run after money!
But that's business...
you won't understand it.
l'm the one on whose strength you're
running this channel and business!
You live off my name
and hard work!
Make any mistake...
but don't ever suffer
from illusions, son.
Who do you think you are?
l can deliver 10 more Ajay Bakshis!
The one who's on TV is the star.
That's the rule of television!
l'll make them pay you for
the tape you have, feller.
l'd be happy to see you make
money... how much do you want?
l'm not here to strike a deal today.
Nor am l here to sell myself.
l've come here to
get back my freedom.
But don't think l've been defeated.
l will save Baba somehow.
Make sure you save yourself!
Hot-blooded youngster!'ll always be welcome, Ajay!
Make a call to the CM.
Haven't you taken enough
of beating, old man?!
Where's the tape?
Tell me!
You, sir?!
Have you got the tape?
- He doesn't seem to know about it.
So what are you doing with him
if he doesn't know where it is?!
Dua and my government will both be
sunk if the tape isn't found!
You knew what to do with him!
Go away, Commissioner!
You're not a novice!
You know what is to be done!
Get Ajay, if this old man
doesn't know where the tape is!
lf he doesn't speak,
get hold of the girl!
lf they still don't sing...
you know what this is, don't you?!
Kill them, so the matter
will be buried forever!
No! Don't kill them!
l'll tell you...
but you mustn't kill them!
l'll tell you where the tape is.
l know where it is!
Don't kill them...
l'll give it to you in writing!
l will also put in writing
that l'm a terrorist...
just don't kill my kids!
lease don't do that!
l will do anything you say...
don't kill my children!
The tape is missing, Ajay!
Here's the tape, sir. He
has signed a statement we dictated.
Keep this document with you.
Keep this tape carefully, Kaka.
- Me?
l live in government accommodation...
anything could happen.
Why mustn't we destroy the tape?
- No!
Dua does not know this tape exists.
He mustn't be told either.
l'm with you, sir!
lf Ramakant Dua as much as
thinks of toppling my government...
l can use this tape to
make him dance to my tunes!
l see the point, sir.
oliticians can't be trusted.
- You're right, sir.
We can do another
interview, riya.
They've got the tape, Baba.
l don't know how...
lt was l who gave them the tape.
- You?!
Why did you give it to them? lt...
- Relax, Ajay.
Look at his condition.
Are you okay, Baba? They haven't...
- Wait a moment, Rhea.
We can do another interview, Baba.
- What for? l'm really a terrorist.
l am really a terrorist.
- Don't say such things!
We can try to...
- Don't try anything.
Ask me any number of times and
l'll repeat ''l'm a terrorist'' !
No! You're not a terrorist!
You are committing suicide!
We didn't extend support
to pull out halfway through!
We don't have the tape, okay!
But we can do another interview!
We'll have it shown on other channels
or published in the newspapers!
Can you bring back my daughter?
Can you give me back
my daughter?
You can't! You don't understand!
They're very powerful people!
eople like me are always sacrificed
in this game of power and money!
lt makes no difference if one man
from a billion is dead!
lt does make a difference
to us, Baba.
Make them see reason, Laxmi!
We have lost our daughter...
we can't lose our children again!
l know you will grieve
at my decision...
but you do understand, don't you?
- Yes.
Make them see reason.
lease take care of Laxmi
after l'm dead.
No, Baba...
We won't look after her.
You will!
You will look after
all of us!
Mohan Joshi, who has links with the
terrorist group, the lSQ,...
has admitted to killing of top
leaders and spreading terrorism.
Keeping in view the security
of the country, this court...
pronounces death by hanging
for the terrorist.
Are you crazy to telecast the
old man's hanging live, Kaka?
You mean people will sit in their
drawing rooms and watch him hang?
ls this a joke?
lt has never happened before!
Why not? Don't people watch
wars on television?
Aren't the fights in arliament
telecast live, too?
We can rake in millions, sir!
Think of the ads we'll get!
Sponsors are willing to
pay for anything sensational.
Be it cricket, a war
or even a hanging!
Chinoy is right.
eople in the country know that the
old man is a foreign terrorist.
We'll say `this is what will befall
anyone who dares eye our country!'
All right. Let's make his hanging
an event of national interest.
We will set a precedent and history
will remember our government...
for showing firmness in
handling the country!
Make the announcement!
A hanging will be telecast live...
in the world's largest
democracy... glory to lndia!
Look at this, sir.
A new idea to sell hair-dyes!
Great! l want a huge poster...
l've taken a lot of money from them.
Will my product sell
after the hanging?
l'll personally it, feller!
Just give me the cheque!
lt's a true story, sir...
- l know.
eople in the media can accept
small frauds... not such a truth!
Your newspaper will have a better
image if you publish this story.
l understand business, Ajay.
l can't go against the government!
The CM's call, sir.
- Yes, Mr CM ?
Have you collected enough?
- What an understatement, sir!
We've made enough for
seven generations!
Let there be a hanging
every year, God!
Should you telecast this item
on your channel, sir...
we might be able to save Baba.
- Why don't you understand?!
Will Mohan Joshi support me if
Ramakant Dua sues me for defamation?
That man you're fighting for
is not willing to support you.
So how can l endanger my
channel worth 2 billion?!
Baba's scared, sir...
- l'm scared too. So what do l do?
What are you running this
office for? Shut it down!
You don't care for a man's life
and talk about millions!
What's wrong with you? Why vent
your anger on someone else?
Why did you shout at him?
- What else can l do?
An innocent man is being killed
and we're just watching!
And we've lost that tape;
the crucial evidence!
Think calmly. There is someone who
can help us retrieve the tape.
Who can help us, Rhea?!
- That publicity hound, the don.
The tapes are in there, appu...
- Shut you, you cheat!
This man betrayed me!
He came in the disguise of a Chinese!
He even brought a girl along!
Such are the things he does!
He has made me an object of ridicule
in the underworld, you know.
Don't you trust me, appu?
- Sure, l do, sis...
l will get the publicity, won't l?
- Sure you will...
The house belongs to a politician!
You're robbing the thieves!
Shut up, or l'll whack you!
- What can be more sensational?
Go ahead and steal
the tape... please.
Very well, sis...
l'll do it for you.
Where's the tape? Tell me!
l know it's in the farmhouse...
but l can't say where.
l could shoot you, you...!
What kind of a sidekick are you?!
How will we find the tape
in such a big farmhouse?
Where would you keep the tape,
if you were in Kaka's shoes?
ln the safe, of course.
- Where would you hide a copy of it?
ln the same place.
- That's it then.
We must take this copy to the
place where the original is.
Why mess around if you have a copy?
- lt's not true, appu.
We didn't make a copy of it, Ajay.
- Right!
But that's something only you
and l know. They don't.
Congrats on the launch
of the 24-hour channel!
Who says the country is not united?
We'll all sharing the spoils!
Congratulations, Kaka.
What makes you come here, Ajay?
Well? ls this how much you love me?
Won't you forgive your son?
You had walked out on me!
- Yes. He instigated Rhea too!
He had kicked his job in the
presence of so many people!
l kicked the job... but it was
my feet that were hurt.
l have realised that l am worth
nothing on my own!
You have come to know
the power of power!
lt was only after we got hold
of the old man's tape...
that you come to me,
wagging your tail!
You're right, Kaka.
And l salute power now.
But l haven't come to you
because of the tape.
l've been your student,
after all.
How could you assume there'd be
no copies of such a precious tape?
l have a copy! But it has nothing
to do with the original or...
What's happening here?
We have it made!
When did you arrive?
- Just now... what tape is this?
Songs of the Goddess, sir...
meant for sinners like me.
What are Ajay and Rhea doing here?
- We've forgiven them, you know...
... it's all settled!
Look after him, Chinoy!
You were about to ruin the show!
Dua doesn't know about the tape!
You've forgiven me, haven't you?
- Sure, l have. Forgive me too!
Where's the tape?
- Don't worry, l'll keep it safely.
Ajay has escaped with the tape!
ldiots! Don't stand and watch!
Go after them!
l'm scared, Ajay!
- No... don't be scared!
Take a right, Ajay...
- No. We'll take a left.
Take a right, l say!
Where are we, Ajay?
Send another car.
We're atleast alive... and safe.
- No. There were 2 cars chasing us.
So where's the other?
l'd asked you to be careful!
We've lost the tapes and the couple!
lf my political career is affected,
everybody sinks with me!
- Everybody sinks with me!
So what do l do? Halt the hanging?
- The hanging is tomorrow, sir.
We've accepted millions
fom our sponsors!
Don't worry, sir.
l'll handle everything.
Leave the responsbibility
of the cassette to me, sir.
Check all the rooms
and the cupboards.
What's all this about?
- We have a search warrant.
They're not in here, sir.
- Where will he go?
We'll crush his bones!
He dares challenge the government!
You have only worn the uniform...
but my son is performing your duty.
Nobody moves from here
till l give instructions!
They've even raided our homes!
Don't worry... we must somehow
manage to spend this night.
Hurry up, mister. l've got to
watch the hanging on TV.
l've got to close shop and
watch the hanging too.
Not this road, it's jammed.
l must reach home quickly.
All roads are empty.
Everyone's watching the hanging.
lt's almost time for
the hanging... let's go.
A hanging of this kind
is terribly vulgar.
Certainly not! lt will send
a message to the world!
Anyone eyeing our country
will meet with this fate!
The bloody terrorist!
Don't be scared...
and be calm.
Take those medicines
for your knee-joint regularly.
Don't be lazy.
You're listening, aren't you?
We have a fixed deposit in the
bank, which matures in January.
Make sure you sign the papers
properly and withdraw the money.
Don't create any problems for
yourself at the bank.
Distribute sweets among the children
on Kavita's birthday.
Don't cry... don't!
Welcome to the Central Jail.
Hurry up, dad. lt has begun.
Let's take a look at the
arrangements for the hanging.
A man's about to die and you're
giving me tea! l want a soft drink!
The telecast has begun!
Are the labels of the sponsors
in order? No one must take offence.
Death ought to be
as colourful as this.
Everyone must wish
for a death like this...
and a ''Tipsy'' to guzzle!
This is the TV station whose
control room we must reach.
But we have just 10 minutes.
- The cops will be here by then.
Stop the van... do you have
the permission to enter?
l was asked to bring it to
this address... so l did!
This is another building.
- Where is it written?
Go away.
- Sure, l will.
We now meet the one who will hang
Mohan Joshi. The hangman, Mahadev.
ls it true that you're the
only hangman in lndia?
My father's a hangman too.
- Really?
What's the secret of your strength?
Any special capsules?
l use 40-plus!
- Why 40-plus?
Because l've sent 40 men to death!
...that's a joke!
Do you think hanging is okay
in a civilised society?
My heart won't agree with
my needs... no comments.
lsn't that right, Champa?
Who's Champa?
- My wife... who else!
Now for today's quizz: what is
the name of Mahadev's wife.
The winner will get
several surprise gifts!
That pipe there is broken...
This is not a hanging.
lt's a salute to nationalism.
lt's a warning to the traitors.
The world will see what fate
befalls anyone...
who casts an eye on Mother lndia.
- What he says is right!
How did you get in?!
ut that tape in the
player, Rhea. Hurry up!
Start the transmission
of this player!
Start it, l say!
- l can't do it!
What's most heartening is that all
political parties of lndia...
have backed the government on its
decision to the hanging.
Switch it on!
We're showing a transmission
of the Chief Minister!
Stop that... and begin
showing our tape!
Hurry up!
We will hang a hundred such traitors
to maintain the unity of our country.
l'm not a terrorist!
l am not!
- What's this?
- How's this telecast happening?
l am not a terrorist!
- Stop that, someone!
l'll be ruined!
Call the police! Have it stopped!
l had a daughter called Kavita.
She wanted to take up a job
after her graduation.
But Maganlal Gupta made her
a victim of his lust...
on the day of the interview.
My daughter was lying in hospital,
fighting against death...
and l was running from
pillar to post.
My daughter died.
l don't know what strength
she gave me...
l decided to avenge
the outrage.
One fine day, l spotted him at
Ramakant Dua's rally.
My hand moved on its own.
And l pumped six bullets into him.
Had there been ten bullets,
l'd have pumped all ten into him!
l have killed Maganlal Gupta and
paid a homage to my daughter.
lf this amounts to terrorism...
then l'm a terrorist.
This was Mohan Joshi's real story.
Mohan Joshi is no terrorist.
He's a helpless, common citizen...
who has been implicated in
a web of political intrigue.
Stop that bloody telecast!
Don'tjust talk on the phone!
What has happened to Mohan Joshi...
could very well happen
to you tomorrow.
And why?
Because Mohan Joshi happens
to be a common man.
A straight-forward man
who's afraid of darkness...
who's God-fearing
and law-abiding.
Take Haryana, Bihar, Mumbai,
or anyplace in lndia...
there are Mohan Joshi's everywhere.
Mohan Joshi's in you and me.
Mohan Joshi's hanging today
will be a hanging for all of us!
lt'll be the death
of a common man.
Should we remain silent today,
all one billion of us...
will be responsible for
the slaying of a single man!
Let's forget slogans...
and do what we must!
lndia will not be great,
if we only raise slogans.
lt'll achieve greatness only when
all of us go to the Central Jail...
and oppose the hanging.
Do not waste time thinking...
Heed your feelings today!
The feelings of an lndian.
l'm leaving with my friends
to save a common man.
Should l succumb midway...
through my mission...
l will surely look behind me...
to find out whether
l'm all alone.
l'll deal with you, swine!
l've found them, sir.
They were hiding there.
Hiding, eh?
The revolutionary hero?
You were a TV journalist and
you're now a leader, eh?
Take her away!
Get up, Ajay...
Look! We're not alone!
We're not the only ones!
The only way we can survive
is by killing the old man!
Once he's dead, his interview
will have no importance.
We have his signed confessions.
So call the jailor!
No. l'll personally go to
the jail to have him hanged!
l can't trust anyone anymore!
- We've got a call through, sir.
What the hell are
you cops doing?!
Ajay Bakshi has raised
a bloody storm!
Clamp a curfew and order firing!
Let there be a carnage!
No one must reach the prison!
Quick! Let's go!
You will open fire, okay?
Come no closer!
This is a warning!
Another step forward
and you'll be shot!
l have shoot-at-sight orders.
Halt there!
No... l can't fire
at our Tricolour, sir.
This isn't what l
joined the force for.
This is the Governor here.
What's happening in the city?
eople have taken to the streets
... who are they?
Which political party
do they belong to?
Are they Hindus? Muslims?
They're neither Hindus
nor Muslims today, sir...
all of them are just lndians.
- So what needs to be done?
l will do what l should, sir.
Why isn't the old man dead?
- lt's not yet eleven, sir.
lt's already Eleven!
- The Court ordered...
l'm the Court and the Law today!
Go fetch him!
Galaxy TV and KTV take you on
Mohan Joshi's lastjourney.
What must he be thinking...?
How must he be feeling?
Would you like to say something?
Mohan Joshi is quiet and silent...
but today will be the
last day of his life.
We'll show you his lastjourney...
the deadly show!
The hanging of Mohan Joshi!
Do something... save him!
lease save him!
Hang him... Go on!
- Quick!
Let them through.
Stop the hanging!
- What's up?
The Governor's orders, sir...
he wants an enquiry instituted.
l haven't received the orders.
Come after five minutes. Go away!
Stop him!
Wait there, ladies and gentlemen!
And listen to me!
Ajay Bakshi is a liar!
He's making up stories!
l am your elected leader...
l'll tell you the truth!
Listen to me...
l'm the Chief Minister!
We made the mistake of
making you the C.M.
Give it to them!
The CM's being slippered!
Keep the cameras rolling!
Are they... all here for me?
- Yes. They're here for the truth.
May l say something to them?
- Of course. Get up.
ass the mike, someone.
You folks have given me
a new lease of life.
l'm grateful to all of you...
to each one of you.
What l have realised today...
is that we lndians...
are not a herd gone wayward!
We're an independent
and good people!
May the Truth Triumph!
l have something to say.
- l want a word in first.
He always asked me
if l'd marry him.
No! l never asked her that!
And l ask you today...
will you marry me?
Say yes!
l will marry you provided
you say, ``l'm the best''.
Absolutely. l am the best!
Now say... you are the best!
l think l must marry her.,,