Phir Hera Pheri (2006) Movie Script

They say that in life when one
gains something...
...then they lose something too...
Something like this happened
with our 3 dear firends also.
This is Raju. His luck did change.
He did get a lot of money. But he
also lost his mother who was ill.
Did you recognize? He is Shyam.
He also got a lot of money. But in an
accident he lost his love... Anuradha.
And who can forget him! He
is Babu Rao Ganpat Rao Apte.
And even he got a lot of money.
As it is he had nothing to lose.
Except for his loincloth.
So... he lost his senses.
Oh my darling!
'Apply kohl in my eyes, beloved."
"Decorate anklets in
my leg, beloved."
'Apply kohl in my eyes, beloved."
"Decorate anklets in
my leg, beloved."
'Decorate me, beloved."
Of love...
"Make me taste the spicy
sauce of love, beloved."
Let the fenugreek from
my heart pour out.
And mix the chilies
of desire in it.
After adding the cinnamon
of intoxication in it.
And make me taste it
with your fingers.
"Stop making me feel
so restless, beloved."
Of love...
"Make me taste the spicy
sauce of love, beloved."
'Apply kohl in my eyes, beloved."
'Decorate anklets in my leg, beloved."
'Apply kohl in my eyes, beloved."
'Decorate anklets in my leg, beloved."
'Decorate me, beloved."
Of love...
"Make me taste the spicy
sauce of love, beloved."
"Hey, Babu-bhaiya!
- Hey, Babu-bhaiya!"
See how much money he has with him.
- He is throwing cheques at her.
Don't take tension of the cheque.
"There should be money in
the bank also, right?"
All the money is in the house.
Oh Goddess Laxmi! Bless me.
Hail the telephone!
Hail wrong number!
Hail Devi Prasadaya!
Hail the rupee and money!
'What is this, Babu-bhaiya?"
Why are you sitting on the floor
like a sack of potatoes?
What happened?
- Now we are rich people.
So should I sit in air
if we have become rich?
Sit comfortably.
Hey! Remove the shoes. One should not
wear shoes in the house and roam.
You also Babu-bhaiya... you'll
always remain poor man.
You will always have a cheap thinking.
Rich men sleep on their
sofa with their shoes on.
Babu-bhaiya live with style.
Even eat your meals
with spoon and fork.
"Ok, how will you eat Indian
burger with spoon and fork?"
What is this? I left this
place 15 minutes ago...
...and you're still in the same
clothes? Be rich. Rich!
A rich man changes his clothes
every 15 minutes.
He changes his house
every 30 minutes...
...and his business every one hour.
"And changes his wife every 2 hours.
- Oh, God!"
'Oh, God!"
Where do I have a wife? The
wife of my neighbours?
"Ok, ok. Forget all that. At
least change this phone."
You've spent all this money but kept...
"...the same number, at
least change the model."
Don't touch the phone. Keep it down.
'Did I change you? No, right?"
Don't talk about changing this phone.
"If you want you change the name,
change the clothes."
Even change your father
if you want but...
...don't talk about changing
this phone.
"This bungalow this car,
this money. These shoes."
Even our brief and vest
is because of this phone.
This is not just a phone. This
changes luck. Changes luck!
Whose phone is it?
Kabeera... Kabeera speaking.
That... that... tell him that
Baburao has passed away...
'Raju, tell him that Baburao..."
He won't listen to me.
Hey that... that... that... ka...
ka... ka... Kabeera brother.
Hail Maharashtra!
Star fisheries... hey you!
You are fooling me.
Half of the fish died by
drowning in the water.
And half of the fish died of thirst.
And Baburao's loincloth
has also opened up.
Scoundrel! You open my loincloth!
You dare to open it.
'God, take away..."
not a rich guy like me... but take
away these two poor guys.
Oh God! The water is very cold.
Oh God! What to do about
this Babu-bhaiya?
If you give him a mug of
gold then too he'll...
We have made such a big swimming pool.
Then why does he have to tie a
rope to a bucket to have bath?
Now what respect will our
neighbors have for us?
Have I dug a well over here?!
- I will make him understand.
'Babu-bhaiya, what are you doing?"
The same that you've not done
for last 5 years. I am bathing.
Does one bathe like this?
Then how does one bathe?
"Why do you need to fetch a bucket
of water with a rope, Babu-bhaiya?"
Directly put the bucket in the
water and remove the water.
'Raju, he doesn't have common sense."
What should I say to them?
This is swimming pool.
Why do you need to put
the bucket in it?
Why don't you directly go in to it?
- How can I dive in to it?
Go like this. Directly.
Hello yes... Who Devi Prasad?
Who are you?
Anuradha... Laxmi from
Chit fund? Yes say.
Money will be doubled in 21 days.
'No, no. I am interested in the scheme."
Yes... I am Devi Prasad only. You
just give me your address.
"No, no. For office purpose.
Yes you say."
"Jai Ambe Chambers, 27. The
last stop of 4 limited bus."
The building opposite that?
Ok... ok... bye.
The car has broken down. Will
have to go by the bus.
Ticket! Ticket! Ticket!
Next stop
- Last stop.
"One thousand rupees. Brother,
for 10 rupees are you..." me my whole salary?
Give me change.
You must be having change.
- I don't have change.
Hurry up! I have to get
down at the next stop.
Do one thing. Give the ticket
for her and her daughter also.
She is not my daughter.
- Give the ticket for her husband.
"He is not my husband.
- Ok, give..."
me the tickets for both of us. Fine?
Brother if you buy the ticket for all
the passenger in the bus also...
...then too I won't be able to give
you a change for 1000 rupees.
"Hurry up please, you do one thing
take this and give him a ticket too."
"Please, hurry up my stop is coming...
- But... - Give the ticket."
Keep this...
- Yes.
'Hey, madam. Give me my note at least."
'Listen madam, listen to me. Please."
'Madam, don't run."
- My name is not Madhuri.
Then what is your name?
- What do you have to do with that?
I was asking because you also don't
have any work with me but... bought a ticket for me.
My stop was coming. So I was in
a hurry. Should I leave now?
You listen to me. Hey! Hey!
Give me one chance.
One chance... one minute. I'll
give you back your money.
No need.
- Come here please.
Please come here. How much is it for?
10 rupees each.
- Give me two.
I don't want to eat.
- This is very famous over here.
Just have it once and see it.
Why are you starring at
my face? Give me 2 fast.
Take this. It is very hot.
Take this hot corn.
- Take this money.
"Sir, I don't have the
change for 1000 rupees."
You have such a big business
and you don't keep change?
Ask from someone.
"Sir, who will give change so early
in the morning for 50 rupees."
'Find it dude, ask him."
'You keep this, keep this. Keep."
"Now it is 30 rupees... listen
to me. Hey, give it!"
"What have you done, Nilima-ji? Now
I will have to give you 30 rupees."
See my name is not Nilima.
'And please, stop following me."
How can I leave you like this?
I'll give you your money.
I won't let you do this favor on me.
There is the guy with ice-candy
stall. I'll get the change from him.
- Please come with me.
Hey... give us 2 Ice-candy.
He is too famous out here...
Take this.
- I don't have change.
Give it back!
I hope you are enjoying it?
Stop... stop... thank you!
'Come, come."
"Hey! How much?
- 60 rupees, sir. - "
Take this.
"Thousand rupees note? I
don't have change, sir."
What to do? You guys don't
keep change only.
All poor people reside here. Whom
should I ask? Nobody has change.
What are you doing? ...60 rupees!
"Ok, now it's 110 rupees.
We'll do one thing."
There is a man with horse-cart. He
too is also famous. We will go there.
"Enough... I don't want my money.
Just stop following me, please."
How can this happen? I'll
give you your money.
'Laxmi Chit Fund Fort, Mumbai."
Are they constructing or
demolishing the building?
Do it immediately.
- Hello.
'Good morning, ma'am."
Who are you?
I am Devi Prasad.
Devi Prasad? But I know
Devi Prasad personally.
His age must be... - No... no...
you have misunderstood me.
Devi Prasad-ji has sent me.
- Ok. Please have a seat.
Thank you.
Tell me one thing. Will you
really double the money?
'Yes, that also in 21 days. Any doubt?"
Has Devi Prasad-ji not informed you?
"Yes, he told me but your office is
in an under construction building."
Where as it should have
been in a good place.
"Like Marine drive, Chowpaty,
those places."
Thank you for reminding.
'Mr. Bijlani, what is this?"
I got you 10 crore rupees
more from the market.
And you still have not
completed my building?
Next month Home minister
is going to come.
Where do you think I
will get him seated?
Don't say it will be completed. It
should be completed... that's good.
Tell me one thing.
Will my money also get doubled?
"Sorry sir, our scheme
is for limited people."
I too am limited. I eat limited.
I drink limited.
I sleep limited. I stay
with limited people.
"In fact the bus in which I came,
it was also limited."
You are laughing.
I'll give you one chance.
But our company's policy is
that we neither take more...
...than 10 crore rupees nor do
we take less than 1 crore.
One crore...
Where will I bring one crore from?
- What happened?
"No, I meant how will I bring
it? It's a big amount."
Now how will I bring it from the home?
You will not come with the money.
You just give your address outside.
I'll come personally to
take the money. - Yes.
You just sign this form
and get it ready.
"I'll come and check your standard
of living, status and bank balance."
Will nothing less then a crore do?
- I'm sorry.
"Complete one crore?
- Yes, one crore."
Good policy.
"Is this the estate agent? Yes, listen
Hand over the phone to Banwari."
"Banwari, I am Raju speaking. Ok,
listen I want a bungalow."
That also between a race
course and golf course.
And I want a private
pond in it which...
...should have water-proof
fishes in it.
And I also want a stadium and
a Multiplex to watch movies.
'Ok, I will call you later. Bye."
Hey Raju! Raju! Have you won
8-10 lotteries together?
"Poor people buy lotteries,
Babu-bhaiya. I do business."
What business? What is it?
- I'll tell you.
"How did this Tata, Birla, Ambani
and Devi Prasad get rich?"
I know the secret.
- Do they smoke cigarette?
"Not cigarette Babu-bhaiya,
it's secret. - Secret?"
What they do is that they put
the entire money in Chit fund.
And after 21 days our
money will be doubled.
Again 21 days later the money
will increase four times.
And 21 days later again the money...
- 8 times.
After that...
- 16 times.
32 times.
That's why I am leaving 5-5
crores for each one of you.
"Babu-bhaiya, you don't come into
the sweet talks of this fraud."
"Forget the crores, this guy
will get us on the roads."
"No, dear. My right eye is
flickering since morning."
I feel that we surely will
become millionaire.
Had this been the case then every
blind man would have been a millionaire.
Lord Ganpati Bappa.
Hail Lord Vinayaka!
"Give it, man. Give it.
- What should I give?"
You said you will give me five crores.
The moment you see a rich
man you start begging.
"Let me invest first, you people
bring the money."
- What?
Give 10-10 lakh rupees each
and sign on the form.
"No, I won't give it.
- Even I won't give."
I want 1 crore rupees.
If I invest that 21 days later
I'll get 2 crore rupees.
'Read this, you are educated, right?"
'Read it. Read what is written, read."
"Yes, it is written that the
money will double in 21days."
Put one crore rupees
and it will double.
Is it written that it will double?
Give it over here.
I have full trust in you.
I will give you my 10 lakh rupees.
'Come on, now you sign."
Something is fishy. Something is.
What happened?
- Did you hear something?
This guy always hears
something or the other.
There is no song on. No radio or T.V.
'You sign, man, sign, come on, sign."
Something is fishy. Something is.
"I can hear. You all also...
- Sign, buddy. Come on!"
Please... sign...
That is alright but we
have 30 lakhs rupees.
From where are we going to get
the rest of the 70 lakhs?
Do you people trust me?
- Yes.
I have full faith in God.
I will get 70 lakh rupees from
somewhere or the other.
Fine then? Ok.
He is a very nice person.
"Babu-bhaiya, you are falling
for the same trick again."
'Hey, don't curse it."
"Oh God, I just hope my
money gets doubled."
Again the car has stopped.
Where will I get 70 lakhs from?
"Brother, it's itching very much.
If I could get some work..."
Till the time your brother is
alive you don't have... worry about any money.
If you take me as your bhai then your
promotion will happen quickly.
- Yes.
If you people have any problem
just remember bhai.
Whether you want money or anything.
Hey Chhotu - Coming sir...
Get a cup of tea.
I don't have change.
- This is your tip.
"1000 rupees?
- This is a tip, a tip."
A tip of thousand rupees?
'I'll pay for the tea later, now go."
How much pollution is
there in this country?
"Hey junior, send someone
to my bungalow."
Why don't you fit 3 to 4 AC's
here? It's so hot in here.
"Hey, sir. If you have
so much problem..."
...then why don't you have
tea at a five star hotel?
'Dear, we have become habituated."
There was a time when
even we were poor.
We became millionaires overnight.
- How?
Millionaires in 25 days.
Millionaires in 25 days?
Do I look like I'm a simpleton?
Do you have a counterfeit
money business?
Not a business... this...
'Shift, shift over there."
I have a scheme.
I have found the scheme of the rich.
Money doubled within 25 days.
Money doubled within 25 days?
Even I want to double my money.
This scheme is not for
any Tom Dick and Harry.
You need to have high
contacts for this.
'Hey, please go get tea, buddy."
"Brother, you... you have
recently made contacts."
"Hey, get my special tea for brother.
Brother... brother."
It's been so long since
I've known you.
"Brother, it's already passed
7 minutes, brother."
"Okay... fine, fine, I've
put a minimum of 70..."
- Have you added sugar?
'Get sugar for, sir... go and get it."
'Brother, brother."
I'll need at least 70
lakh rupees for this.
70 lakhs!
If you speak so loudly you'll
tell everyone about the scheme.
But I don't have 70 lakh rupees.
Then I want 50 lakhs. There is
no scheme for less than that.
50 lakhs? And then my
work won't be done.
'Listen, listen to me."
Don't be so depressed.
There is another scheme in my
head which is of 30 lakhs.
30 lakhs? But I have only 20 lakhs.
"Do something, brother.
- Okay then, fine."
'Do a thing, where is the money?"
"It's just next door and
that too in cash, cash."
"Can you get it right now?
- Yes, I can get it now, brother."
"Do a thing, then, get the
money at my mansion."
"Yes, brother, you go to your
mansion; I'll get the..."
" and reach there.
- Okay, go, go."
I still need 50 lakh rupees more.
"Brother, what is the guarantee
for this? - What guarantee?"
'Yes, I will require some security."
"No, no brother, security.
- You go back."
"No, no. - Son, this scheme
is not meant for you."
"No, brother.
- You go back."
"You go back. No, brother. - This
scheme is not for you."
- Brother forgive me. - You go away.
"Hey, take the money and go get
some sweets for your kids."
'No, no, no."
There is a scheme of
10 rupees for you.
"No, no, I have full
confidence in you."
I'll go and get it right away.
I'll reach your bungalow
right now. - Okay.
"You will come, won't you?
- Yes."
- I'll come, 100 percent. - "
"Hey scoundrel, we are
working over here..."
...and you are just strolling
over there.
I'm arranging for 20 lakh rupees.
"Forget it, is that 20 lakh rupees
going to walk and come to you?"
Something like that.
"Why, does the 20 lakh
rupees not have..."
"That was a good joke. Laugh,
you jerk! Laugh at it!"
'Babu-bhaiya, a man is going to come."
I have lured him perfectly.
Oh God! This alcohol is such.
It intoxicates...
...even the biggest of them.
'Hey, why were you coughing all night?"
"Go and have a sip or two
from my bottle, go."
Why? Will my cough reduce
by having alcohol?
Because of liquor my father
lost his garage.
The entire property was lost.
'Even my father passed away, then..."
...why won't your cough go away?
Boss... boss... he is coming.
"No one will say anything,
no one, understood?"
If no one says anything then
what will anything say?
"Yes, this is a problem,
what should be said then?"
Don't roam with him you will go mad.
You go. Go and do your work.
Hey! You came so soon.
Money has come.
- Yes.
'Hey, this is a Lavni folk dancer."
This is...
"This is my gardener. Hey, Babu,
water them properly."
"You scoundrel, from Babu-bhaiya
it's now just, Babu?"
I'll have to deal with you later.
Is he your gardener? But on
that day over there he was...
'Blowing money over there, I know."
The thing is that whenever he gets
his salary he gives it to me.
I double it and give it to him and...
...he goes there and blows the money.
Even he was over there on that day.
"Hey driver, hey driver, didn't
I tell you to remove the..." from the trunk
and keep it inside.
Hey shut up.
He is telling you to shut up.
He is like my father.
I was five since then he has taken
care of me and raised me.
He has been my driver since then.
Five years? But he looks to
be of the same age as of you.
Have you heard of plastic surgery?
"I've spent four crore rupees,
there's plastic on his face."
I've even made him join the gym.
Does he look like he's 60 years old?
If you have money then everything...
is possible.
"Have you got the money?
- Yes, I've got it."
'Brother, sit inside and count it."
"There is nothing inside,
we people don't sit."
You might have atleast some water?
- Who drinks water?
The water is only for the plants.
We only have beer.
"Save water, drink beer,
that's our motto."
"Hey, brother, will it
double in 25 days?"
"If you give the money it will double.
- Yes, yes, take this."
"Brother, I'll come after 25 days.
- Okay."
"Fine then, brother.
- Okay."
"What scoundrel, you
called me a gardener?"
"Babu-bhaiya, we have
got 20 lakh rupees."
Driver? You look like a thief
with those dark glasses.
And you call me a driver?
- Wait...
'Oh God, what will these people from..."
...the Lakshmi chit fund ask me now.
Delhi's capital is India.
"Raju, you had said that the
people of the Laxmi fund..."
...won't take any investments
below 1 crore.
That's correct.
We have thirty and you
took twenty from him.
From where will we get 50?
This is fifty and this is the
other 50. And it is 1 now.
"Wow, that's good, you've already
started to double it."
Very good.
From where did you get this fifty?
I will give double to the
person whom I took it from.
'Oh, there she comes, there she comes."
'Welcome, welcome."
- This is Anuradha.
Anuradha? Is your name
Anuradha as well?
What do you mean? Is your
name Anuradha as well?
"Of course not, I am.
- Forget it, this is Shyam."
"My name is Baburao, Baburao
Ganpat Rao Apte."
"Come, let us go inside and speak.
It's very sunny, come."
Shyam... nice name.
Nice coffee.
- Thank you. - Beautiful house.
'Thanks a lot. Here, take the papers."
"Great, Mr. Shyam, have
you done M. Com? - Yes."
'Mr. Raju, which degree is this ITUS?"
To fool people.
"Yes, actually, it's International
...of Ultimate Students... ITUS.
I've never heard anything about...
...a degree like this.
- You won't even hear about it.
Because this is a very
difficult course.
A very few number of students
are able to do it.
"You know, you have to
be very intelligent."
And I was one of them.
- That's strange.
"Hey, hey, this is my degree.
- This? - Yes."
This looks like the school leaving
certificate of some Marathi school.
Till where have you studied?
Till afternoon.
- What?
My father dropped me at
school in the morning.
And the whole school came
to drop me home... the afternoon with
this certificate.
"Anuradha-ji, I want to
ask you a question."
What kind of business does
your company do because...
...of which our entire money
gets doubled in 21 days?
That's a very intelligent question.
- Thank you.
"Yes, see, the foreign company
in which our company invests."
They double our money and
return it to us in 7 days.
"Oh, oh, I see. - Raju, let
us go directly over there..."
'Keep quiet, Babu-bhaiya."
"Are you satisfied, Mr. Shyam?
- Yes, sure."
The money of all the three
of you will be doubled.
'Not claps. Give me the money, money."
'Take this, the receipt is in this."
That's fifty lakhs in this
and fifty lakhs in that.
It's 1 crore.
- Congratulations.
"That's it, in a few days from
now I'll make you millionaires."
I just want to be a husband.
I am telling you let's get him
married. We will take his money.
'- Ok, bye."
21 Days Later
"Hey Raju, then where is
your office located?"
'Hey, what's this? In this building?"
'Look at this, where is the office?"
Where is our money?
- This is just a ruin.
Where is the office?
"Hey move, there was a Laxmi
chit fund office over here."
'That board, where did it go?"
I myself am looking for that office.
'The office was here, right?"
"He was here even on that day. Where
is that girl, tell me fast."
"Hey brother, we have come here
to take our doubled money."
They said we'll get paid double
and gave us the job.
"Today when we came over here,
everyone had vanished."
- What?
My head has started spinning.
I couldn't recognise her.
"Do not trust this Raju,
he will bankrupt us."
Don't give him the money.
"That's what I thought, that
girl was so innocent."
What did I know that she
will ditch us and go?
How can my Anuradha do such a thing?
"Hey, keep quiet, your Anuradha,
you scoundrel, jerk."
Why are you hitting me?
What have I done?
You are the biggest unlucky charm.
Because of you... But why
are you hitting me?
'Lt hurts, have both of you gone mad?"
"Here, take this, take this
and hit him on the head."
"You will double it, you will double
it now I won't spare you."
What are you doing?
You will double it?
"Anuradha is your sister,
where is your sister?"
Where is your sister?
Who is Anuradha?
"I don't have any sister? Where
is your sister, tell me?"
"Babu-bhaiya, what is
this you are doing?"
He is not Anuradha's brother.
If this is not Anuradha's brother
then she is Anuradha.
"Scoundrel, you've put
a false moustache?"
"Babu-bhaiya, this cannot
be my Anuradha."
He is a man. How can he be Anuradha?
'Hey, have you gone mad?"
'Babu-bhaiya, calm down."
"Babu-bhaiya, agreed that the
scoundrel Raju,"
lost our 30 lakh rupees.
But we still have our
house of 50 lakhs.
We still have a house.
'Oh God, I had forgotten about it."
We still have a mansion
worth 50 lakhs.
"Hey Raju, you scoundrel, you give
me the papers of the mansion."
Otherwise you will sell the
house as well. - Take it.
He can't be trusted.
Did you understand?
Why doesn't he speak?
"Hey brother, do we still
have this mansion?"
We had the mansion.
- What?
Does that mean you sold the house?
So hadn't you asked me from where
the remaining 50 lakhs came from?
"I will kill you. Babu-bhaiya,
hey Babu-bhaiya. Hey Raju."
Come on soon. Isn't there
petrol inside you.
Who is this?
'Hey, I struck a lottery."
'25 days are over, from today even..."
...I will be called a millionaire.
'Money has doubled. Hey Lord, I will..."
...even offer you double
number of coconuts.
Take this.
- What are you doing?
"Take this, all slavery
over from today."
Where are you going?
Have you come for the
job of a watchman?
'Hey you cook, go and call your master."
What call the master? I'm
the master over here.
'Hey lord, you are great!"
"Every one from the driver,
the gardener..." the cook is rich in this house.
Raju brother must have doubled
your money as well.
Now even I want to take my double.
'Hey Raju brother, I have come."
Does this sofa belong to your father?
"It belongs to Raju brother,
Raju brother!"
Raju brother has gone bankrupt.
- What?
He sold this mansion to
me 25 days ago and left.
If I don't get my money
I'll surely die.
"Not here, go outside
and die on the road."
"Tell me where that Raju is,
or else I'll kill you."
I can tell only if you leave my neck.
"No, you tell me first otherwise
I'll kill you."
"Son, leave my neck, I'll tell you.
- Here."
Will you hit me?
'This shorty will hit me, is it?"
You will hit me? Now I will show you.
Do you know me? I have
robbed guns from...
I'll kill you with these
two antique guns.
'I won't spare you, I won't spare you."
Hey! Don't hold it like this. Hold
it like a cigarette or a pipe.
This is Baburao's style. You click.
"How is it?
- Yes, it's great."
Great? Then do I get the
role in your drama?
These clothes are bought
on rent. Take them off.
"On rent?
- Yes, so."
Your role in the drama is that
you are the father of the hero.
Who is dead. Now we will put
your photo on the stage.
That also with a plastic
garland over it.
Hey you! I'll hit you with a bucket.
You'll never ask for water.
Look at the riches of the bungalow
and at the queue for water.
Hey Shyam! Hey Raju!
Hey Smarty!
"Not smarty, Apte. Baburao
Ganpat Rao Apte."
'Hey you maybe Apte or Jhapte, don't..."
"...dry your clothes over here.
- It's wet, dear. Let me dry."
This is my balcony (Shift).
Night shift or day shift?
Are you new over here?
"No, it's old. But I
have just washed it."
That's why it's looking first class.
This is my balcony...
in front of my door.
It seems as if this place
belongs to your father?
Then what your father?
"Yes, my father has a big place
to stay in Kolhapur."
Then go and dry your clothes
in Kolhapur. Not here.
"Dear, if I dry my loincloth
in Kolhapur."
Then what will I wear over here?
Now should I burst you?
Do I look like a balloon to you?
That you will burst me?
I'll throw you down from here.
So I'll come up by the stairs.
Let me solve the problem.
Now I'll have to show you.
- I'll also show you.
What will you do?
- What will you do?
What will you do?
- I'll dry the loincloth over here?
"You don't know me. - What will
I do by knowing you, dear?"
Who are you?
- Then know me.
'Come on, Babu-bhaiya."
Hold me. He doesn't know me... hold me.
"Hit him hard. You hold me...
I'll not leave you, jerk."
Leave me... I will not spare him.
"Hey Tambi, have you seen that
Raju sir? - "
Who Raju?
"That... that, the one who had given
your boy a 1000 rupees tip."
To him.
- Who him?
'Yes, had he not given you 1000rupees?"
He is a fraud.
He gives you a tip of 1000 rupees
before drinking the tea.
"And after he drank it, he'll slap
you and take the money back."
He drinks tea also on loans.
Make 4 special tea. I'll just come.
I'll not leave that jerk.
I will give you 150 rupees.
150 for one that means
300 for 2 right?
A man buys a pair of shoes
whenever he buys it.
Don't make a fool of Kachra-bhai.
"Sir, it's made in Japan. - So sell
it in the Thief market of Japan."
"First the Laxmi fund has ruined
us, now you also ruin us."
'Come on take this, pull it."
'Don't fool with me, Babu-bhaiya."
I am getting late for the interview.
"There were 4 imported shoes, but
now not even one is to be found."
Yesterday night I hit Raju
with the shoes on his head.
It were there at that time.
"Hey Shyam! Take this, I have
brought the money for the..."
...bread for one time and money...
"...for the beer, for 2
times for Babu-bhaiya."
So from where have you brought
this money for food?
What is money? It is just
the dirt on the hand.
Then you should have you
told me beforehand...
...I just had a good bath.
And I cleaned all the dirt.
Give me the bottle.
I have to go for an interview.
Has anyone seen my shoes?
You have to go for an interview?
- Yes.
Then you should have told
me before I would have...
sold our shoes after your interview?
You sold away my shoes?
- Nothing else was left to sell.
'Babu, brother this..."
It will tear... it will tear.
Your vest is already torn now what
will I wear beneath the suit?
Should I roam around with slippers?
Leave me... leave me...
see this poor guy.
Has he said a word? I sold
his watch and golden specs?
Did the poor guy say any thing?!
He didn't right?
You sold the watch?
You sold my brief?
"You jerk, I'll sell
your vest and brief."
Will you give me your vest? Take this.
Your bottle fell down. What tell me?
Now say. Now say. What will
you do with a watch?
As it is your time is bad.
Jerk! Now your time
has come to an end.
'Babu-bhaiya, don't spare him."
"First you catch him, dear.
- Raju, scoundrel!"
You jerk! You sold off my watch.
I'll not give you food.
- Your food.
You'll not give me food?
You hit me? You hit me? He
hit me. This jerk hit me.
Maratha man has woken up!
"Babu, come, come. Babu, come.
Murder him, Babu, murder him."
Hey! You leave me... leave me.
Hey! Leave my ears! Leave my ears.
This is my nose... this is my nose.
Leave me... leave me...
'Babu-bhaiya, a girl has come."
When did I say it is a boy?
'Babu-bhaiya, it is gone."
Get your spectacles corrected. She
has not gone. She is still here.
Your loincloth. - She has worn
a dress and not a lioncloth.
Your loincloth has come out.
"What are doing there?
The girl is here, wear your dhoti."
Changing. - Tie it tightly.
How are you?
How come you are here?
- I have come for the rent.
"What about rent, dear? Give whatever
you feel like giving, ok."
No! I have come to take the rent.
Then take it from Raju.
Are you the owner of this chawl?
"No, my father is the accountant
of this place."
Since he is not keeping well.
I have come to take the rent.
Give me 175 rupees.
'Yes, take this."
"Where did you bring this 1000
rupees from, you jerk?"
I'll buy my shoes from it.
Will you wear the shoes
over the towel?
He is not a beggar like
you. He has a suit.
I sold his suit and got this money.
I don't have a change of 1000 rupees.
So let's go out and have a coffee
will get the change done.
No need for that.
Listen Rekha-ji... Seema-ji... Meena-ji.
I'll get the change for you.
That jerk sold my suit!
"That jerk has sold my watch,
my golden specs."
I'll not leave him. Now see.
'Yes, beat him. Don't spare him!"
Listen to me... listen to me.
We'll have a coffee together.
'Sister, just give me this..."
Break his skull... break
this jerk's skull.
Where is my suit? Where
is my one-piece suit?
I will get you a 2 piece one. Sit
in the swimming pool with it.
Thief. - You are a thief.
- Break his head. - - Hey Babu!
Go and bring my suit. Or else
I'll break your skull.
"Don't be mad Shyam, I'll get
hurt with that vessel."
Shyam hit him. Hit and
break his skull.
"Babu-bhaiya, he hit you. Hit him.
- He did!"
What 4000? When I sold you
this suit you gave me 1000.
Now 4000? 300o/o profit?
"Yes, so I have spent extra over it.
- What expenses?"
It didn't have buttons
so I got buttons on it.
And rats had bitten it
so I got it stitched.
It was so dirty so I
got it dry cleaned.
"See, brother if you want
it for 4000 then take it."
It's strong.
5000 rupees?
'Hey sir, come here."
I gave you my 12 number shoes.
And you gave me 150 rupees.
And he gave you a small pouch
and you gave him 5000 rupees?
Why this discrimination?
That was not a pouch of nuts.
- Then what?
That's cocaine. It's the
business of drugs. Drugs.
So should you turn the heroine
bald and sell her in junkyard?
'Not bald, heroine, drugs, understood?"
- Yes.
'Hey, you are very naughty."
Come on give me this suit.
- Take it in 4000 if you want.
You'll get to know when
I inform the police.
The man who gave this item right
now is a policeman himself.
Then fine. I will tell
the military people.
'Scoundrel, drive slowly."
I'll blast that jerk with bomb.
Let me get him once.
Make the 'pani puri' sweet.
Give me spicy snack.
Catch that jerk!
"He should not run away! You have
fallen in my hands, I won't leave you."
Come inside.
Look there!
Do one thing. Take this money. Those
men are coming. Give them to drink.
I have given my heart out.
I have given my heart out.
Love is in the air.
Love is in the eyes.
Keep my heart in your
heart carefully.
I have given my heart out.
I have given my heart out.
The walk is quivering.
And even the sight is quivering.
My love will make you unaware.
There might be many lovers of you.
But you will never find one like me.
Why do you hide your eyes
from me like that?
It is difficult for you
to escape from me.
My beloved!
Magic is mesmerising.
I have given my heart out.
Give me my money...
Love is in the air.
Love is in the eyes.
Keep my heart in your
heart carefully.
I have given my heart out.
Why don't you guys understand?
She is a bar girl in the dance bar.
I myself have shaken a leg
with her. I'm telling you.
She is a girl from a good family.
Nice girl. She can't be a bar dancer.
If you don't believe me then
why don't you come with me?
I don't go to these kinds of places.
"Babu-bhaiya, you come with me.
- No way. - Come."
I'll not go with him.
First he takes anywhere and
then he gets me into trouble.
You do one thing you go.
You go alone.
And if she is in there then pull
her ears and bring her out.
"Hey! Don't pull her ears, Raju.
She is very delicate."
You go.
She took away the whole shop
and you are after her ears.
"What is this? I am feeling
hungry, God."
'Brother, how much is this banana for?"
20 rupees a dozen. 20 rupees.
- And without the skin over it?
'Brother, take it if you want."
How much money do you have?
- 5 rupees.
Give it. Give. Take this.
What happened?
- I didn't find her.
I had told you that
you won't get her.
Since yesterday the
ladies bar is closed.
The government has kicked
out all the ladies.
"Give me the banana, I am
feeling hungry."
Spectacled uncle.
I am very hungry. Give me one banana.
'Dear, don't cry like this."
You are hungry and you
want to eat a banana?
Shyam! Give your banana. The
child is feeling hungry.
"Are you a human or something
else? Yes, eat!"
"Uncle, give me one more.
- Take this."
'I am still hungry, uncle."
"Take this also, dear.
- Thank you uncle."
From where did he come from?
You scoundrel! You swindled my money!
Don't hit me with the stone.
Look! Look!
'I am a gardener, not a rogue."
He has not given back my money.
Beat him! Beat him!
"Yes, I am the driver, driver.
He has not given my salary."
Beat him up! Catch him!
"One minute! One minute!
Yes, yes, I know."
Don't beat me. I told
you give me a minute.
I don't have the money.
I... I... I had invested that money.
That company... let it be...
what can I do...
...when the company has
eloped with the money?
It is not my fault. That company
eloped with all my money.
I am in such a bad state.
And you are asking from me?
I beg for food. I feed both of them.
My condition is so bad. You
scoundrels! Have some shame!
Have fear of God!
"Everything is a loss.
- Yes, everything is a loss."
Not even a single penny is left.
Don't touch my brother. You should
have told me before that...
Only if you people allow me to say.
My boss is so humble.
If you go to him and...
...tell him about your loss he
will give you 10-20 lakhs more.
There is nothing to
worry about. Do come.
Oh God we are saved!
Left turn.
'Enough, enough, come, come."
'Hey, hey, slowly, slowly."
'Hey, why is it so dark over here?"
After this there is brightness
and only brightness.
"Is this a home or a gun factory?
Greetings, bhabhi-ji."
Shut up! What nonsense are you doing?
What do you tease another woman?
She is a maid and not a bhabhi.
"Sir, sir, sir, these people
are those... those."
'Hey bhai, what are you doing?"
Hey put the gun aside.
They have called you inside.
"Come, come, sir. You
are very generous."
Come. All the three of you come.
'Seth-ji, these are those 3 jerks."
'Seth-ji, this jerk fooled me!"
These three people have
swindled your money.
Shoot the three of them and spare me.
"Hey, he is lying, he,
he told us that if..."
"...we come to you, you
will give us our money."
He is absolutely lying!
'Quiet, be very quiet, you people..."
...have swindled Tiwari sir's
money. I will kill you.
"Remove the beetle nut from
your mouth and speak, man."
"He already has a beetle nut
in his mouth, he lisps."
'Hey, what are you whispering?"
We can't understand
what you are saying.
The thing is that there
is no subtitle below.
Listen! Don't try to act smart.
You're back answering?
You're back answering? I'll blast...
...your head and break your nose.
"We people eat Chinese,
we don't understand it."
Give twenty kicks?
- Twenty kicks?
Give twenty lakhs.
- How will you kick him 20 times?
"Not kicks, I'm saying 20 lakhs,
20 lakhs, hey 20 lakhs."
It doesn't look good.
- They will beat us. Keep quiet!
'Not 20 kicks, 20 lakhs."
I will explain. I will explain.
"Oh, God, I'll give it.
Hey, you get ready."
I will remove my slippers
and give you 20 kicks.
'Smarty, don't you understand?"
What were you saying after
removing the slippers?
I had told you that I'll give
you 20 kicks in the brain.
20 kicks. Give me Tiwari's money.
'One minute, quiet, quiet."
You people are blabbering since when.
Give me my money now itself.
Oh God! His master is a bigger
lisper than him as well.
'Hey, shut up, scoundrel, quiet!"
Otherwise I'll blow
you with a cannon.
Where are my 20 lakh rupees?
Where are my 20 lakh rupees?
'Okay, okay, the 20 lakh rupees?"
That we already swindled.
Are you trying to imitate me?
I'll blow you away!
"Hey, hey, I lisp since
the time I was born."
Even my father used to lisp.
My grandfather was a singer
in an orchestra.
"What are you saying? Speak
clearly, speak clearly."
He's saying that he used to sing... the orchestra. He used to sing?
"I swear on my mother, I've
seen his father and..."
...his grandfather singing over there.
"In the orchestra. I've
seen it, I promise."
"My heart keeps on singing,
you are my destination."'
You lisp and even I lisp
so we are relatives.
"Hey Raju, hey Shyam,
listen carefully."
You have swindled the
money of my relative.
"Scoundrels, return it
or else I'll kill you."
I have told them. They will
give you. I'll leave then.
'Hey, where do you think you're going?"
Just turn around and see.
"Hey, where is his head?
- Look on the first floor, brother."
Hey my jerks!
Go to their house and get whatever
you can from their house.
"Their briefs, their vests,
get everything."
'Stop, stop, stop!"
Why did you stop the car? Do
you stay in this building?
"No, no. I don't stay in this
building. I stay in the gutter."
In the gutter?
'I want to urinate urgently, please."
'Come on, go home and do it."
It will leak out at
home then. Let me go.
I will do it in the gutter.
My kidney is spoilt.
'Hey Raju, you have a kidney disease?"
Why didn't you tell me till today?
"Didn't he tell you, brother? Let
him go, he will do it here only."
His kidney is spoilt.
What if he runs away?
- Why will I run away? Am I mad?
These two are with you.
I won't run away.
'Hey, so will you mortgage us?"
'Empty fast and come back, come soon."
'Go, go, go fast Raju, go, go."
He is a very noble human being.
"Raju, come fast.
- Scoundrel mortgages..." to go and urinate.
"This kidney disease is
a very bad thing, man."
Have water 10 times
a day. Go 20 times.
More than half your life is
spent inside the bathroom.
'Hey, why hasn't he returned as yet?"
He must have run away.
I think that his kidney has
suffered from a heart attack.
He must have fallen somewhere.
I'll pick him up and bring him over
here. - What if you don't come back?
How will I run away? Why will I run?
Babu-bhaiya is there with
you as a mortgage.
What is this do you
think that I'm the...
...'Mangalsutra' of the
neck to mortgage me?
He mortgaged me to go and urinate.
And you are mortgaging
me for heart attack.
"What do you think? He'll
run away, he'll run away."
'Hey, both of you also go with him."
I'll go and get him. Raju!
"Come on!
- Let me go, man."
Bad times have come.
First there was heart
attack in the heart.
Now heart attack happens
in the kidney as well.
"Quiet, quiet.
- Okay, fine."
Why haven't these people
come back as yet?
"Yes, now it's my turn,
I'll go and see."
"Quiet, do you think I'm mad?
You sit over here."
Both of us will see and come.
- Yes.
'Hey goons, come here."
Who will lock this car? You shouldn't
leave it open like this.
'What if I run away, isn't it?"
"Okay, okay, fine.
- Yes."
What is this? He has kept
the window open and gone!
"Babu-bhaiya! Babu.
- Hey, a pickpocket."
Why do you shout so much?
- Come fast.
'No, I cannot come, they have left..."
...the car for me to take care of.
He will feel bad. I cannot come.
"Hey man, make him understand.
- Come on, man."
"It is locked, how will he come?
- This is how a lock opens."
Come on.
"Look, no one should come to
know where we are going."
Otherwise the goons
will come behind us.
'Now don't worry, I've told everyone..."
...that we aren't going to Kolhapur.
"Do a thing, you all proceed,
I'll join you."
But where are you going?
"I have to give Rekha,
Priya and Vimla money."
That's why I will have to go.
But from how many women
have you borrowed money?
Where have I borrowed?
I have borrowed money
from only one girl.
I have to return her 572 rupees.
She is a very good girl. She
has a very clear heart.
I don't want to take her money
and go. I will commit a sin.
Have you fallen in love or something?
'No, man, there is no love."
'Yes, no, no, man. I don't trust you."
I never trusted him since
childhood itself.
Then even you people
come along. Let's go.
Nobody here.
"Looks like there are only windows,
there is no door in the building."
Does that girl come and
go through windows?
This is the backside of the building.
The main door is ahead.
And there is not even a
door bell on the window.
Now when the garbage collector
comes then... - Pappu!
Father does your father
stay over here?
'Yes, go and take his blessings."
"Do you know Pappu, Pappu?
- What is he doing?"
What do I know?
I'm really so dead.
"Raju, hadn't I told you that
we shouldn't come here?"
But what is this scoundrel
doing over here?
'Father, here, take tea."
'Brother, why have you come here?"
You've already ruined us this much.
Are you not satisfied yet?
The trust in which
father was working.
Over there you forged his signature
and removed all the money.
But you weren't still satisfied?
You stole my jewellery.
You got the house sold and
today only because of you...
...we have to stay in
this rented house.
"Listen, sister...
- Don't call me sister. Go from here."
Don't steal the little peace that is...
...left in the last days of our lives.
"Don't open this door, they will
kill me. They won't spare me."
What? Which people?
- They are very dangerous people.
They will take my life.
I had 20 lakh rupees that
belonged to Tiwari.
Someone told me about a scheme...
...about doubling your
money in 25 days.
I thought that I'll double it
and settle all your debts.
But my luck itself was bad.
The people whom I gave 20 lakh rupees.
They cheated me and ran
away with the money.
"They left me and went. Sister,
Tiwari won't spare me."
Open the door. Open the door.
Don't open the door. You go inside.
"Hey, where were you hiding?
- I have worked with you."
You are like my buddies. Don't
do anything to my sister.
Oh God! What is this?
Where did they go?
"You scoundrels, wait!
Wait! Stop the car."
"Raju, give me your hand.
- Take this."
There is a gutter below. Be careful.
"Oh God, because of us even
she got in trouble."
We'll have to take something
to eat in the train.
Even her father is handicapped.
What have we done?
We even need bottles to drink.
"Yes, whatever happened
it wasn't right."
Come on quickly! We
will miss the train.
"Shut up, scoundrel, are you
a human or a drainage?"
That poor girl was picked up by
those goons and this scoundrel...
wants to hide his face and run away.
'I'm not going anywhere, I'm here only."
I was talking about the
both of you leaving.
"Hey, Raju! Hey Raju,
what are you saying?"
"I was the one who gambled, and
the girl was put on stake."
I got even you people on the streets.
Now I have to do what has to be done.
You both go and catch the train there
is a lot of danger over here.
What will you do?
"Nothing, I'll go there
to that lisping Tiwari."
I will tell him to leave the
girl in exchange for me.
"That lisping Tiwari is crazy,
he'll kill you."
"Let him kill me. He'll
finish me, at least..."
...the burden of this
sin will be off me.
I'll go to him and I will beg
of him to leave the girl.
Hey Raju!
"Hey Raju, you jerk, have you
seen this face of yours?"
Who will give you any alms?
"Here, look at me. Look, I look
like a ready made beggar."
"I'll have to come with you.
Come on, let's go."
I've been asking since
the time I was born.
"First, parents' love,
then a scholarship..." study and now job.
My asking bio-data is
very good. I'm a PhD.
"Even I'll have to come,
right? Come on."
"No, I was the one who
wanted to be rich."
When the sin is mine why should
both of you suffer?
'Shut up, man! What sin, sin, sin?"
"See, when you were building
your bundle..."
...of sins even I put my little
pouch of greed in it.
But Babu-bhaiya...
- What are you trying to say?
If you speak too much I'll
give you one tight slap.
Babu-bhaiya he is a very cunning man.
Firstly he forcefully
involves in his sin.
And then while the time
to pay for it...
"...came, you walked away
alone, what is this?"
"See, whether it is to have fun
or to undergo punishment."
All three of us must have
an equal share in it.
If Raju takes two spankings then...
...even Shyam will take two spankings.
And if even Shyam takes
two spankings then...
"...even I'll have to take
a spanking, won't I?"
'Come on, let's go to the don and..." a loan of pity
from him. Come on!
"What man, you were saying
that they ran away."
This matter is between us.
Leave that poor girl.
If you want you can
keep me as mortgage.
But please leave his sister.
"Very well, then who will
give me my money?"
'Yes, I'll give it."
I'll give you your 20 lakh rupees.
40 lakhs.
- Why 40 lakhs?
Why? Weren't you going to double it?
40 lakhs and that too in 3 days.
"3 days, oh my God, that
is very less time."
We'll need at least 30 years time.
'Babu, Babu-bhaiya..."
"Okay, I'll give you 40 lakh
rupees in three days."
What proof do I have that
you won't run away?
"Brother, if we really had to
run would we come to you?"
Please leave his sister.
"Fine, Pappu while you are going
take your sister along with you."
Open the lock...
That lock... I don't have
the keys to that lock.
Shut up! I am not telling
you. I am telling him.
'The scoundrel, he broke it."
"Which toothpaste do
you use? This, this..."
...old lock of my trunk isn't
opening. Open it for me.
Keep quiet.
If you ever go to the police station
or run away then I'll not spare you!
I'll come to take the
money after 3 days.
If there is no money then even
your time will be over.
- Tell me, Nanji-bhai."
I trust you so much...
So much so that you don't
even trust your wife.
You are right. The faith
was so much a year...
...back as the faith I have in you...
'The faith, which you had in Munna?"
But he was a betrayer.
Don't worry Nanji-bhai.
I am like a honest dog.
That is why I have got you
here to show you my den.
Look at this.
There is a den in the police station?
"Not in the police station,
on its terrace."
Go up and get the money.
Hey Gotya! Nanji-bhai's
new man has come.
We have to give him the
goods and the money.
Take this. This is the stuff...
...and this is the money. Be careful!
Don't you feel ashamed?
The time has come to commit
suicide because of you.
From where will you get it?
From where will you get the money
to give that lisp fatso?
I am your culprit. Now there
is only one way left for me.
So will you sell my loincloth?
Every person has two kidneys.
But a person can live
with a single kidney.
'What are you saying, dear?"
I will sell one of the kidney to a
rich patient.
I will get a lot of money.
Then I will sell one eye.
And I will get some money.
Then one more kidney and
one more eye.
And in this way I will
sell the entire body.
I will repay Tiwari's
loan from this money...
...and I will pay the
price for my sins.
Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh God!
I thought you...
...were a crook but you have
shown yourself to be a God.
You are God. You will sell your
kidney for Baburao? And your eye?
Oh God! You are a God sent person.
I am not talking of my kidney.
I am talking about your
kidney and eyes.
What me? You scoundrel!
"Babu-bhaiya, don't leave him.
He is a scoundrel."
Will you hit me? You will
take out my eyes!
You will sell my kidney!
- No! No! - No!
- I respect you so much!
Babu-bhaiya a murder
is going to happen!
It is a tomato! Tomato!
You scoundrel!
- No! No! No!
"Babu-bhaiya, Babu-bhaiya,
leave this madness."
I won't spare that scoundrel!
Babu-bhaiya just cool down.
Just cool down that's it.
"You are scaring me with a tomato,
you scoundrel."
I'll cut him like a tomato
and radish!
You keep calm. Why are you
increasing your blood pressure?
I feel like the mother in Mother
India. She shoots her child.
In the same way I will become
father India and shoot Raju.
Keep that gun down. Just cool down.
Excuse me!
"Who is he, dear?
- I do not know."
'Yes, I am Devdas, Paro."
'Not Paro, I am Peter."
I had sent you as a king to Nanji...
...and you came back as a queen!
Do you know how much danger
there is in coming here?
If the people of Nanji-bhai
know that I have come here.
They will kill me.
"After escaping from Nanji-bhai,
have you..."
...come here to pass your time?
We have come to know of
Nanji-bhai's treasure.
Now the real fun will start. Now
Nanji-bhai will be doomed.
Where are the goods? Come
with me. Tell me.
There is one terrace flat
in the building...
...which is above the Khetwadi
police station.
I saw it with my own eyes.
They have stuffed crores
of money in the shoebox.
Those 2 bags must be having
at least 34 crores.
Great! Tomorrow afternoon crores...
...of rupees will be here from there.
"And after that you will be a bigger
boss than Nanji-bhai, bhai."
'You are great, bhai! You are great!"
Kanji! Who is the person who made
Nanji the man he is today?
Sir! Sir! Don't forget my 50o/o.
Now you are sure to get 50o/o.
My 50o/o and the rest will
be for the children.
Nanji has come out
of his burrow hole.
Munna-bhai started dancing.
Nanji has come out
of his burrow hole.
Munna-bhai started dancing.
"Bhai, I think that this
girl is whistling."
We have been drinking and
you are intoxicated.
"Since you are wearing this dress,
she is just whistling."
"If you don't remove it, she
will hit you with a broom."
Lts empty. Its empty now.
'Babu-bhaiya, come with me."
I do not want to sell my kidney.
- I do not want to sell your kidney.
"No, I do not want to
sell my eyes also."
I want to tell you some secret.
- We don't want to listen.
I have just listened to a top secret.
Which radio did you listen to?
"Not on the radio. Our neighbor,
- That loincloth thief!
He is not a petty thief.
He is a mastermind!
I have heard it with my eyes and ears.
They were planning. They were
planning to rob 4-5 crores.
After robbing the money
they were going...
to bring it in our neighboring room.
So go and tell it in the police
station. Why have you got us here?
I have a great plan. When
Munna and his men...
...leave their house for the robbery.
We will sneak into his house and
sit there in guise in the room.
And when they return with the money.
We will put a gun to their head
and leave with the money.
How much have we to
give to that Tiwari?
We have to give 40 lakhs.
If we remove 40 lakhs...
"...from 4 crores, how much will
be left?"
- Three sixty.
You remember the accounts
well. Three sixty.
We will share the three
sixty between three...
...of us and we will leave this city.
We will leave this place.
And we will have fun.
We will have money and money.
This is a great plan.
What great plan is it?
It is sheer nonsense.
He has bought us onto the roads
now he will send us to jail?
Is it to break the stones?
"Babu-bhaiya, don't be
trapped by his talks."
He is once again trying to fool us.
We are already in a rut.
When those people...
...ask for 40 lakhs form where
will we give them 40 lakhs.
"Babu-bhaiya, when that
black bull and..."
...that Kutub Minar come
asking for money...
...what will we give them?
"If Anjali asks, what answer will you
give? Will you commit suicide?"
I will murder you.
I tell you Babu-bhaiya throw this
root cause of commotion...
...and the root cause of our
troubles down from here.
'Yes, throw me. Throw me down."
You will also not live
after killing me.
You are mature enough. Please
make him understand.
'I understand, dear."
- What do you understand?
Understand clearly that he is
asking us to do a robbery.
Then he will tell us tomorrow
to kill them.
'- Yes, correct!"
What correct is it? Am I telling
you to rob from the temple?
I am telling you to steal
from that thief's house.
I am not telling you to kill him.
"You understood, Shyam. He is
not asking us to kill anyone."
'Babu-bhaiya, this is the wrong path."
This is the right path.
- This is the wrong way.
I am telling you this
is the only right path.
"No, this is the wrong
path, Babu-bhaiya."
'Babu-bhaiya, this the right path."
Shut up!
Do you have any other way?
Where will you get the gun from?
Don't worry about that! I will
arrange for everything.
"Seth-ji, the guns that are there in
this book, 15 guns are with a Parsi."
And even those 3 special guns
which are worth crores... the international market...
'Thank you, Seth-ji."
"Seth-ji, I am telling
you not to leave..."
...him till we get the money?
What do you say?
That is okay but did you find
out about that Parsi's guns?
"Boss that Parsi is in Mumbai,
and all the..."
"...fifteen guns are with him,
but nobody knows where he is."
Search him. I can see him in my
dream. I can see those guns.
Parsi and the guns?
Boss if I get you those fifteen
guns from Parsi then?
From where will you bring it?
Sir that is my responsibility.
You only give me 2 days time.
I will bring and give it to you.
Fine. If you get me those 15
guns then I will free you.
Parsi is sleeping in his bungalow.
- We should wake him up.
He has 15 guns with him.
We have to get them quickly.
Will it be done?
Remove the chloroform quickly.
Put it soon.
'One minute, come on."
Who is there? What are you doing?
What are you talking? 17?
And these 3 will be twenty.
But Pappu said that there
are only fifteen.
Instead of 15 we will take
2 extra. He will be happy.
And listen...
The rest of the three are
left we will sell it.
"What fifty, fifty? But don't
tell Pappu about it."
I will not tell him.
"Idiot, where are the
other three guns?"
Which three guns?
You asked for 15 I got 17.
These three guns!
These three guns. Their value is...
...crores of rupees in
the international...
" Where is it,
tell me? Where is it?"
"I will show you, where
is it? Tell me."
"Boss, I will bring it. I will
bring it sir. I will bring it."
One and one eleven.
"Teacher is mad, you should
not listen to him."
Where are the guns?
This is what happens when
you go to school.
You yourself have the guns and
you are asking me about it.
"Don't try to act smart,
I will push..."
...all three bullets
into your stomach.
Where are the three big guns?
Those I have sold it.
'What, you sold them?"
Who asked you sell those 3 guns?
I will pay you how much money you
want. I will pay you double and...
"...triple, if you want, but whom did
you sell those guns to, tell me?"
How am I to know where he stays?
A small angel has
come to my house.
Raju these are real or fake?
They are real.
- What are you saying?
"- Are there bullets in it?
- Yes, but they are deep inside."
Did it fall?
Leave it. Nothing has fallen.
If anything has fallen I will
throw it and hit you.
Whatever it is. These guns
will change our fate.
"Oh I am very scared. Oh God,
robbery in a thief's house."
"So much time has passed, but
why is he taking so long?"
Police comes everyday.
This is not that police. It seems
they are from a special branch.
Run from here...
Now what will happen?
- Police has raided the place.
You people go to your villages. I
will take care of everything here.
But Naan... Nanji-bhai. - .
I will take care of
Nanji-bhai also. You run away
Police are coming from that side.
'Go from the back way. Go, go."
"Sir, the police station
is this way..."
...why are you going that
way? Which section?
Which section? I am not the police.
- Then?
I am the CID.
"Then sir, why have you worn the
uniform of the police officer?"
"Actually the thing is,
in casual clothes..."
...people doubt that
I am from the CID.
But if I wear the uniform
of the police.
Then nobody will doubt
that I am from the CID.
'Wow, what an idea!"
'What are you clapping for, salute."
Shut up! Hands up. No one will move.
"Nobody is here, everything
is clear now."
I told them that the
police have come.
Hey police.
You are the police.
"You just scared me,
where is the money?"
Nanji-bhai took the money yesterday.
But the goods that is inside
is not less than money.
There must be at least
three or four crores.
Where is it? - The full bag is
full. - Where is it? - Inside.
Here is the crate.
Must be at least...
...worth of three or four crores.
See I have even got 2 bags ready.
Now I will teach Nanji-bhai
a lesson.
Now no one can stop me from
becoming a gang lord.
I have become a gang lord.
I cannot find peace
anymore without you.
I cannot sleep anymore
without you.
This is good. I got a joker's
dress from Mohini theatre box.
'Come, come, let's go."
You people hide here quietly.
'We have to hide, okay done."
Where are you going?
We should hide in our own house.
"Nobody will know about
it, isn't it Raju?"
Shut up! Don't take names!
- You understand?
"Raju is right, we should
not take anyone's names"
Why are you taking names? Hide! Hide!
Now all of you go and hide.
What are you doing?
'You said to hide, right?"
Don't hide behind me. Go
and hide somewhere there.
"Come on, be quick! We must do our
work and no one should come to know."
Police... police!
Oh no! It is the police.
- Police? But in a clown's dress?
He is the neighbor.
- He is that loincloth thief!
Why are we scared so much?
We are the genuine police.
It seems they are
the police who spy.
Are you from the CBI?
- SRP!
SRP means?
They are from the special
branch. You don't know?
'Bhai, your knowledge is very good."
No one will press anyone's legs.
Push the bag behind. Fast!
And now raise your hands.
'Joker S. Shyam, yes. You."
Bring a rope.
Joker B!
Bring a rope.
"The rope, I have forgotten
that, Raju."
'Fool, you forgot the rope."
B categories C class people.
Bring me a rope from somewhere.
"Joker R, will the string
of my pyjama do?"
Do you have a rope?
- Rope?
Actually I forgot it in haste.
I have the rope. But
it is in Bandra.
"If you want, shall I go and get it?
- From Bandra?"
The rope opposite your house on
which you hang your clothes.
Go and bring it.
- Surely bring it.
Just a minute.
Bring the rope on which
you hang your clothes.
Not the neighbours.
I feel like I have heard your
voice before somewhere.
Even I have seen your
face somewhere before.
'Okay, okay."
- Come from that side.
Will this do? So much rope.
Have you come in a
marriage that you...
...want me to put it
like a 'Mangalsutra'.
Bring a bigger rope. Otherwise
you have seen the gun?
I will smash you and reduce
you to 2 feet. Understood?
'Sir, we will manage it, right?"
Come on. Give me the rope.
'Tie, tie them. Tie him up."
'Joker B, Joker S, help us."
And yes everyone must use
little rope. Don't cheat.
"Is it tight?
- Sir, I don't even like it loose."
"Good, now it will not open up.
- No, no not at all."
"It will not move till the morning.
Sir, I give you my word."
- Yes, sir."
Now what are you doing
by bending down.
I am trying to open the lock.
Who had asked you to lock it?
If we will lock it then
the neighbours...
...will know that we had gone out.
Otherwise they will
Feel we are sitting outside.
Don't hit. I will open it.
At least take me in.
"Yes, come in. The main
item is left out."
I have shut the door. Very
good. All have come in.
You have still worn the costume!
Did they disappear in
thin air like pigeons?
Come with me.
'Come on now the loot, the loot."
After a lot of days I will get
to see some green notes.
This is just grass.
This is not grass. It will
be below it. You know.
Just like there is grass
above the mangoes.
The goods must be below it. See.
There is nothing here.
There is only flour here.
After doing so much of hard
work what did we get?
Fodder for the cattle.
He will kill us.
This is not grass. These are drugs.
- Yes.
And this is heroine.
- Of which picture?
Not the heroine of the pictures.
These are drugs.
"Keep it back, we will
give it to the police."
They will do whatever has
to be done about it.
'You fool, we want crores and lakhs."
What are you saying? Not even your...
...father will give you lakh
rupees for this fodder.
This stuff is not worth
lakhs but crores.
How do you know?
I know about everything.
I even know that the four...
...five crores they
were talking about.
They were talking
about these drugs...
...and I know another person
who deals in this.
We will get three crores for it.
- Three crores?
"Will we be able to settle
our dues, Raju?"
We will be able to settle
all our dues.
Whatever will be left.
From the remaining money I
will sell incense sticks.
Did you tell a joke?
Go to sleep. Think you have
become a millionaire.
And sleep properly.
Con game again a con game.
Con game again a con game.
Have seen the roubles of Russia.
Have seen the yens of Japan.
Have seen the euros of Europe.
Have seen the American
dollars of America.
Even then this heart desires
the Indian rupee.
I love rupee! Rupee!
Just the rupee!
'Love rupees, rupees!"
Have seen the roubles of Russia.
Have seen the yens of Japan.
Have seen the euros of Europe.
Have seen the American
dollars of America.
Even then this heart
desires the rupee.
'I love rupees, rupees, rupees."
'I love rupees, rupees, rupees."
Con game again a con game.
Con game again a con game.
Con game again a con game.
Raju give me my money!
I will kill you.
'Speak softly, softly!"
Even the walls have ears.
Speak softly.
What happened?
"You speak a little louder,
I cannot hear anything."
"I dreamt that Raju ran away
with my money, that thief."
Anyways the dreams that you see
at 5' O clock always become true.
Even I had a dream in the morning...
...that you are running away with... money and I am murdering you.
What are you saying?
That means Raju is murdered and... will be sentenced to death.
That will mean that all the
money will be only mine.
Just keep quiet.
"Hey Shinde, hey Mhatre, all
you gentleman come here."
"Bhai, this guy with the loincloth
seems to be very excited!"
I will make it entirely AC.
The entire toilet will be made AC.
And the tumbler will
be made up of silver.
I will make the entire chawl AC.
Has he stolen our goods?
This black spectacle
and white pigeon!
What will he rob?
If anything happens
in the neighbourhood.
He is the first one to get scared.
All the females come forward.
From today no female will have to
stand in the queue for water.
I am going to put three
taps in everyone's house.
3 taps.
- Yes.
The one who wants to take
bath with hot water?
Will use the hot water tap.
The others will use
the coldwater tap.
And the third tap?
- There won't be water in that.
And those who don't
want to take a bath.
They will sit below the 3rd tap.
You fool.
Is it your father's marriage?
"Yes, my father married and
that is why I was born."
Not like you.
We have to give money to that lisp
guy till evening and this Babu-bhaiya...
'Get up Raju, Raju..."
I had a very bad dream
that Babu-bhai...
...was telling everyone in the
chawl before we got the money.
He is really telling everyone
in front of the whole chawl.
What are you saying?
Yes I am saying lets wrap
everything and leave from here.
Or else the police will catch us.
Stop him.
I will take care
of everything here. You go.
Don't create chaos in public.
You have just robbed the
change from the temple.
You change stealer!
I have not robbed from the temple.
I have robbed a thief's house.
Should I say what I did yesterday?
'Babu-bhaiya, Babu-bhaiya if you..."
...have won a lottery
of five thousand...
...there is no need to shout and
tell the everyone about it.
He has lost it by winning
5000 rupees.
Listen to this! In 5000 rupees he
wants to put 3 taps. That drunkard!
Bring him here.
You loincloth stealer!
'Babu-bhaiya, what are you doing?"
The child is not even born and you...
...are also celebrating his birthday
in front of the whole society.
Child? So you are going
to have a child?
But Raju when did he get married?
"He did not get married,
you stupid person."
We have not even got the cash...
...and you have even
enjoying yourself.
Where did you bring this pizza from?
Domino's has a scheme that if it...
...doesn't come in 30 minutes
then you get it free.
So I got it!
That means he got it
after 30 minutes.
"No, no. He had come
in twenty minutes."
I kept hiding from him.
I didn't come in front of him.
He kept looking for
me here and there.
As soon as 30 minutes passed
I came in front of him.
I told him give me my free pizza.
Then I will also eat it free.
"Yes, both of you sit here
and enjoy yourself."
And I will go and do all the work.
I will sell the goods
to the junk seller.
Get the deal done fast!
Today is the last day...
...and we have to pay
back that lisp guy...
I am only taking the
sample along with me.
And staple the mouth of this fool.
Loincloth stealer!
Let's go. - Loin cloth stealer!
He is the one!
Come tomorrow. The gun guy.
'Bhai, Kachra Seth."
"Yes tell me, Kachra Seth.
- That gun guy has come."
Do one thing. Sit on your bike
and come here.
Till then I will take care of him...
Okay. Come on.
This is a very nice product.
"Take this, 5000.
- This is only the sample, sir."
I have hundreds of kilos of it.
Hundreds of kilos?
That means you have goods
worth 2 to 3 crores.
Do you have a field of drugs?
"The goods are ready,
where is the cash?"
What are you saying?
Does anybody keep two crores
in the junk shop.
'Do one thing, you call me."
This is my mobile number.
Call me at 4 o'clock.
Eena... Meena... Deeka.
How do you know the names
of all my three daughters?
They study in my college.
Hey! But they study in
the third standard.
Listen to me... listen... listen.
"Leena-ji, Tina-ji, Meena-ji,
at least listen to me."
Why are you after me?
- I am interested in you.
- What?
I mean that I have to give you
money. And even the interest.
Listen to me... where are you going?
There is sea there.
Whether I go in the sea or the
well? Why do you bother?
Hey see that!
Hey pretty woman! Where is
your brother? - You people.
"If I will hit you, you will
forget all your nonsense."
- Hey you.
'Let it be, let it be."
Did you recognize? He
is that mad lover.
First he swindled twenty lakh
rupees from the girls brother.
And now when our Tiwari boss
had the girl kidnapped.
Then he came in front of him and...
...says that you can take my life
but please spare this girl.
If he doesn't give the
money till the...
...evening then he won't be spared.
So this is your reality?
No. I am not like that.
Like the way you think I am.
This is because I had
become a bit greedy.
I got stuck because
of all the money.
Sorry because of me you and your... members have been troubled.
"Today evening, everything
will be all right."
I am sorry.
I apologise.
I don't think that you
will forgive me.
"Leena, Meena, Tina whatever
your name is."
- Yes.
Second of all my name is Anjali.
'I am sorry, Anjali-ji."
Second thing? Then what
was the first thing?
"That, when are you
returning my money?"
Which money?
But I don't have change.
The spicy snacks of this place
are famous in whole Mumbai.
Should we go?
I am feeling shy. Come.
How many desires...
'Have aroused for you, my beloved."
How many desires...
'Have aroused for you, my beloved."
How many desires...
'Have aroused for you, my beloved."
"All day, all night... I am
troubled by your memories."
I am troubled by your memories.
"All day, all night... I am
troubled by your memories."
I am troubled by your memories.
Understand the language
of the heart.
Lets exchange hearts.
I am troubled by your memories.
I am troubled by your memories.
Why does my heart remain
lonely in your love?
"I go through restlessness
every moment, beloved."
Why does my heart remain
lonely in your love?
"I go through restlessness
every moment, beloved."
Don't leave me.
Come into my life.
Come into my life.
How many desires...
'Have aroused for you, my beloved."
"All day, all night... I am
troubled by your memories."
I am troubled by your memories.
I am troubled by your memories.
What happened?
- Raju has still not come.
That lisp guy's men can
come back anytime.
Let's search for Raju
before they come back.
What do you say?
- Come on.
"Oh God, I am tired of
searching for him."
I have even asked all
the junk sellers.
A junk seller even hit me.
"Babu-bhaiya, if you
will ask a junk..."
...seller that did somebody come... to sell drugs then
they will surely hit you.
Where did that scoundrel go?
You please be quiet. We will
surely find him somewhere.
There are four-five
junk sellers here.
- What are you saying, Anuradha?"
"Not Anuradha, how will
you sell Anuradha?"
"I mean this Anuradha, Babu.
- Oh my god!"
There she is catch her!
'Babu, come fast."
'- You double things, isn't it?"
Why is the military after us?
Babu-bhaiya if we will listen to...
...Raju then we will surely
get killed today.
Come on quickly.
'Oh, hey Shyam."
'What happened, Babu-bhiaya? - "
loincloth is coming in between.
Then why do you wear
in an open form?
If you say then I will take
this loincloth off and run.
You sit on the car I will take you.
Move... move...
Wait Anuradha! Stop!
I will throw the banana peel
and she will slip on it.
Where are you taking the
municipality with you on the cart?
Seems like she has swindled
the militaries money also.
The military people are catching
my Anuradha. Anuradha!
Today is first day of our love.
You will have to eat one more.
Close your eyes. Open your mouth
'Anuradha, wait!"
She swindled my money.
- What?
I am not telling you.
"Cath her! - This, this why has
Shyam going to sell Baburao?"
"Catch her. Catch her.
She was running, right?"
Catch her!
"They are hitting my Anuradha,
'Shyam, where are the brakes in this?"
Long live Maharashtra!
"Remove the diamonds.
- Leave, leave me."
Military brothers
what are you doing?
This is Anuradha. Please
behave nicely.
'Leave her, she has taken my money."
'- Leave her, leave her."
They are not the military
they are goons.
Oh God! They are all goons.
Lets flee from here.
Babu-bhaiya... my Anuradha!
Have I told you? Don't hit!
"Have I told you? Have I told you?
Leave her, leave her."
My Anuradha!
Have I told you? Don't hit!
'Raju, hit him."
My glass!
What are you doing? Go home.
You are hitting your own man.
Where is the money? Hold her.
Hold her and keep.
Let me go!
But where did I hit you?
With the bamboo.
Come here. Give my money right now.
"Raju, don't be so tense, Raju.
- Give my money."
Carefully. It will come out.
That means that goon
who was with Kabira.
You are her sister.
My sister was divorced and
she even had a daughter.
I don't know when she started
working for Kabira's gang.
The police put my sister
in jail along with Kabira.
And that is why I lost my job.
But the responsibility of
her daughter came on me.
I had no other option but
to work in a dance bar.
One day when I reached home.
I got a letter from an
important man of Kabira...
That if you want to
see the daughter...
...of your sister alive then
open a fake finance company.
And those three who have swindled... from Kabira extract money...
...from them and that too double.
I converted all the money that
I got from you...
...all in diamonds as
per their say...
But when I reached on the address
that they had given me then...
What? The girl has run away.
You can't even keep an
eye on a small child.
"The child's aunt will come with
diamonds, what will I tell her?"
What will I tell her?
She has arrived. - Give me diamonds.
- No! - Catch her!
"Abdul uncle, uncle!
- Dear, you? - Let's go from here."
My car has broken down.
It will take time.
There are goons behind me.
"Oh my God, uncle this is someone's
priced possession."
You take care of it. To save
my life from these goons.
When I reached Abdul
uncle's house...
...after giving a slip to the
goons... he was lying on his deathbed.
"Uncle, the possession that I
had given you to keep safely."
Where is it?
- Cock-a-doodle-do.
Seems like before dying
he wanted to see a hen.
Cock-a-doodle-do. Uncle!
What about the cock-a-doodle-do?
Yes. - Cock-a-doodle-do.
- Cock-a-doodle-do.
How is it? Isn't it very good?
There are hundreds of kilos of it.
Tell me how much do you want? Tell.
"You stupid, you steal my goods
and try to sell it to me."
"No, no. Where did
I steal your goods?"
Then who robbed it?
I don't know who robbed it? A boy...
...had come he was six feet tall
with this six inch packet.
Where are the goods?
- With the boy.
Where is the boy?
"I don't roam around with
him in my pocket, do I?"
I have asked him to call. 4 o'clock.
He only must have called.
'Hello, Kachra Seth speaking."
'Yes Kachra seth, Raju speaking."
- It is him
Call him here immediately
with the goods.
I have arranged for the money.
You quickly bring the goods here.
"Here means Shaitan lane,
Danger house..."
...Andher Nagar in front
of the graveyard.
"Ok, ok in front of the graveyard,
alright, alright."
- One minute...
Are you calling me to take
the goods or to kill me?
I don't want to go in the grave.
"Yes, tell him not
near the graveyard."
Tell him some place else.
Anywhere else. - Move.
Kachra Seth have you seen
the Royal circus?
"Yes, it is in the open land near
Matunga. - Royal circus. Why?"
'Please, please."
He is calling us to
the Royal circus.
Why? Is he a small child?
He seems big from the face.
I don't know from the wits.
"Okay, okay whatever it is.
Call him there immediately."
'Yes brother, you come here."
You come to Royal circus.
I am reaching there.
We will take the good to the Royal...
...circus and become millionaires
in the circus.
Who will call up that lisp guy?
Put the money in it.
Tiwari speaking.
"Hello, lisp guy!
- What are you doing?"
"Sorry, sorry hello Tiwari Seth
we have got 40 laks of yours."
Please come at Royal circus
near Matunga and collect it.
But why Royal circus? You
come here with the money.
Because that amount
is very heavy also.
We will be getting
it there and you...
...come and collect from there. Okay?
'Okay, okay."
First class. Let us go quickly.
We have searched everywhere.
I will hang everyone upside down...
...and hit them in the circus.
But still someone took my goods.
Where are my goods?
'Munna-bhai, you sold the goods..."
...and you did not even remember me.
Which goods? Which goods?
The goods that you sold.
Why did you give it
to the junk seller?
He went to sell Nanji-bhai's
goods to Nanji.
There was going to be
a very big problem.
Which junk seller? Which goods?
I will take you to the terrace
and throw you down.
"Munna-bhai, you promised
me fifty percent."
And now you are refusing.
You are of no value!
You are making stories about the...
...junk seller and trying
to confuse me.
Do you think I am the police guy?
Are you acting in front of me?
Didn't it hurt you?
"Then why don't you shout?
- Your acting, I will..."
Tell me where are the goods?
Tell me where are the goods?
"Munna-bhai, it is here.
It is right here."
Now you have to come
on the right track.
Tell me where are the goods
or I will kill you.
The goods are not here but there.
What did you say?
- It is there.
The goods are here and we are...
...searching the whole city for it.
Get the booty out. Get the booty out.
I removed his loin-cloth.
He has robbed goods
worth 3 to 4 crores.
Everyone who wears a loincloth
is not Gandhi.
You are right.
- What is this?
"BBI, CBI, TBI I will sell them
off. No trouble after that."
Bring it here. Come on.
As soon as the three of
them come. Kill them
Don't spare them.
- I will give you. I will give you.
"Finish the job and you will
get it, understood?"
They have still not come.
They must be coming.
They will come then...
We will not spare them.
"One, two, three, four. 4 legs?
Three people were supposed to come."
Come on attack.
Tell me where the third man is?
Third man is upstairs.
'Come, this is poor home."
"From today, all are tensions
will be over. - Come, come."
The door has opened...
"No, seems like we have come
in someone else's room."
Keep sleeping. Sorry. Keep
sleeping. I forgot.
The temple is mine.
Even this incense stick is mine.
Even this house is mine.
Something seems to be wrong here.
Hey Raju! - Yes. - Seems
something has gone wrong.
'Raju come here, take a look inside."
Who are these people?
I don't know? They look like your
relatives from the faces.
'Shyam, come inside."
"Seems like the treasure
is very heavy, isn't it?"
I will help them and come.
What is it?
Where are the goods?
What? They have been stolen?
First Munna stole it.
Then we stole it from Munna
and brought it here.
And then again Munna stole
it from us and took it.
What is all this con game?
I am telling you let
us flee from here.
What is it? Have you kept goons
in the house to kill us?
They are like eggs.
They are already broken.
I don't know who are they!
Go from here. Is this
a railway station?
Get up from here.
We pay the rent and these
people come and sleep here.
Where is the money?
'Sir, you always ask for the money."
I said in the evening (Shyam).
Where did you tell me?
I meant in the evening.
"Boss, tell your boss
that we will come..." Royal circus at 5 'O
clock with the goods.
Until then you can
play on the swings.
Is it? Till then I will
make you swing.
Royal circus?
We will come and give
the money at your home.
'Yes, then even I am coming with you."
The problem is that the party will...
...get scared after seeing you.
If they can see his face only then.
What is all this happening?
Run from here.
Get away!
Hey don't fall over me.
Get up. Get up quickly.
Where are you going?
Come we will do something.
Leave me! Raju!
'Come on, sit inside."
'Look, we will give you the money."
"You leave the girls we will give
the money, we are not thieves."
Bring the money in the evening...
...and then take your girls
from the Royal circus.
'Raju, think something."
What shall I do?
Royal circus.
Come on.
'Where is Babu, man?"
"You come on, don't worry. He is on
the left side of the gate. Look,"
he is gazing at those bananas.
Why have you made me like
an umbrella in the sun?
What are you doing?
- Did you get the goods?
These are duplicate bags.
And even the goods are duplicate.
You come on. No. I'm not coming.
You get my duplicate too.
"- Oh come on, we'll get
your duplicate later."
"There is not even a single rupee,
how will you reach the circus?"
We will reach. Why do you worry?
If God wants then we will reach.
'Uncle, give me an ice candy."
You have again come? To have
poison. You go from here.
"Raju, think how will
we reach the circus?"
"Raju, think how will
we reach the circus?"
Come on. Come on. Hey look
at that dramatic company.
"Hey you are seeing the dramatic
company, Ravan."
These dramatics people
are from the chawl.
We will tell them to leave
us at the Royal circus.
'Come soon! Wait, Ravan-ji!"
Royal circus?
Give me a balloon...
give me a balloon.
"Oh, dear, what are you doing here?
Hey leave the aunt and get the kid!"
"The aunt will come automatically,
hey old man!"
Tell your aunt that her possession
is in this Cock-a-doodle-do.
Wait you trouble!
'Hey, you get out!"
You pollute the air and then
you switch on the fan?
You have so many Indian burgers!
Hey you drama guys! Thank you.
If our work today is done...
...then I will give you
1 lakh in donation.
I swear you might be in any attire.
You might be even naked.
Ok thank you!
Did you hear? A donation
of 1 lakh rupees.
It means the lie is
very big. Let's wait.
"Dear, where will we find That
guy who lisps is there."
"Babu, look there, the lispy
is there. - Where."
You get only popcorn here.
He has come before time. Where will
we give him the money from?
We will do one thing.
We will take money...
...from them and give them.
An elephant? Where will you
go to sell an elephant?
Look behind it! Can't you
see that white elephant?
Oh! We will give him. I
will tell them and come.
They are standing in the sun.
Is he related to you? Come on!
He has come. - I will get the
booty and kill him.
Don't do like that. This
is a public place.
First let us see his face (Surat).
Then we can blast him
off at Surat station.
That is why I have got
fake notes for him.
We will first take our goods from
him. Don't forget my 2o/o commission.
Greetings. Take this.
Did you get the goods?
- Did you get the money?
'Look, I have a bag full of goods."
I have also not got an empty bag.
"So, give me.
- You, give me."
You give first.
- Give this one.
First check whether the
stuff is real or fake.
Stop being so sincere!
Even you check the money is genuine.
First we will take 40 lakhs and...
- Then we will do it here itself.
How will we do it here?
Lets go to the enquiry.
We will do it there.
"Sir, his child is lost.
- Yes. - What?"
What's the child's name?
- Baburao.
But that is my name. I should
have worn 2 of them.
"Open it, open it. - I am opening it,
Babu. - Give. Give."
My loincloth is too small.
I should worn a bigger loin cloth.
Where has Gandhi-ji disappeared
from this 500 rupee note?
How did Gandhi-ji get
hair on his head?
This is a multi-star cast note. There
is Shahrukh and Amitabh on them.
They all are fake. What are
you doing? - Let me think.
'Now what will we do, Raju?"
Listen to me. I know that there
are fake notes in this.
You both know that there are
fake notes in this. - Yes.
But they don't know that there
are fake notes in this.
"We will have to tell them, right?
- Please keep quiet!"
Do one thing. Put them all Come on!
"Tiwari, come. Money, money.
Come, come."
Did you get 40 lakhs?
"Did you get the girl?
- Girls? - Yes, girls."
"First give me 40 lakhs, then
I will send the girls."
First give us girls then
I will give you money.
"First, you give me girls.
- You buy girls!"
We are not buying them. Sometime
with them. We are taking...
Let it be. I will handle it.
"I made a mistake, sister. Sorry.
You take her and go."
Shameless guy! Come on.
Did you get the girls?
His whistle is also like him.
They have come.
Are we blind? We can also see.
She has come.
- Fine.
'Smarty, give the money!"
'First, you send the girls."
Take this. - Not me. You
have to give it to him.
"Dear you take it, we will
take care of the girls."
You are elder. Go! He is our man.
How are you?
0937He must have fallen somet
it be. What are you doing?
Come fast. Did they do anything?
Take this?
- These are full 40 lakhs.
"This is not the full amount. It
must be hundred, two hundred more."
Seth-ji! I have got the goods.
He is selling my goods.
This is too good. We
got wealth and guns.
'Here, your children should be fine."
Hey! He sells fake goods.
Keep quiet!
You have given me all
fake notes in the bag.
You will come to know that there
are fake notes inside.
"You won't spare me. Right? You are
a very dangerous person, right?"
What did you say?
Hey you! You take my sir's real
stuff and give us fake in return.
I will hit you with this slipper.
Raju! See the goods are there.
Give me 40 lakhs or
else I will kill you!
Give me my stuff back.
- From where will I give you?
What will I do? I am helpless.
Should I kill him? Get Babu-bhaiya
out from there.
There is only one way.
"The real stuff is in the car.
- Take it, run!"
- Give me the bag.
Hey heroine! Hey red riding hood!
"Your pajamas are torn, your pajamas
are torn. - Where is it torn from?"
You go there.
They have got me exhausted.
Search for him.
"There is no circus here.
- I know, don't teach your pop."
Hold the hand.
Are you out on a stroll?
- Joker... we are jokers.
We will go inside the circus.
And dance and sing.
Scoundrel! Lmitating me?
"No, I do not imitate. I am
a lisp since childhood."
My father was also a lisp. My would
be child will also be a lisp.
Did your father sing
in the orchestra?
Yes. Yes.
Which song he used to sing?
I sing...
- Yes!
My heart keeps on singing.
You are only my destination.
Yes. Yes. - No. No. No.
His father used to sing something
else. Which song is it?
Kohl. Kohl.
'My black, black eyes."
'Kohl, my black, black eyes."
"Enough, enough, go inside,
dance and sing. - Come on."
"Joker, your loincloth
has fallen down."
You wear it. Catch him! The bag!
Run fast!
Give the bag!
Shut the program!
See that!
Gorilla! I will have a banana.
Let me take it man.
What happens if I took a banana?
'What are you doing 'ooh, ooh'?"
Do you know me?
Shut up! Don't glare at me.
Come out if you have the guts.
Thank you. Thank you.
"Brother! Brother! - Shut up!
What brother, brother?"
Why are you so scared?
Do I look like a gorilla?
"The gorilla is behind you, bhai.
- Shut up!"
If he is behind then am I scared
of him. I have seen many of them.
Move it.
Look at the sky.
The sky.
Come on. - Hey they have run away.
You fooled me.
Why are you asking for your
stuff from old people?
'Babu-bhai, you go. You rest."
- Aunty.
I am coming up.
"God, how did I come from
the stall to the balcony?"
Come. You black bull! Hold this.
Catch him!
"Yes, Abdul uncle was saying he has
kept something in cock-a-doodle-do..."
That means the diamonds are
- Come.
"Shyam, diamonds!
- Diamonds?"
Diamonds are in that
cock-a-doodle-do train. There.
Leave me!
Diamonds in the cock-a-doodle do?
Diamonds are there I got them!
You came with the pouch
like a Superman.
Leave all that. Who pushed me?
- Not me.
Hey run!
'One, two. One."
Catch him!
I am coming up!
Don't leave him. Catch him.
Give me diamonds.
"Raju, catch this bag. - Not the
bag. Babu-bhaiya, hold the bag."
Why did you come here?
I was coming.
You hold the diamonds.
I will save Babu-bhaiya.
Leave me!
You want diamonds.
Catch it.
Why are you sitting on my goods.
Go on the swing!
"Hey Babu-bhaiya, give me
your hand. Don't get scared"
Get in.
'Raju, save me."
I'll hit you. Get me out!
- Elder brother!
How come you have become so heavy?
Who is this?
'Hey Babu, keep holding."
'Hey, my pyjama is coming out."
'Hey hold me, hold me, hold me!"
Should I leave your hand?
"Hey, Shyam, I'm feeling tired
now. My hands are paining."
You give me your leg.
- If you leave my hand then I will...
'... kick you with my legs, look."
'You have strong legs, eh?"
'Get hold of this scrap dealer, Babu!"
Hold him! Pull him!
"Babu-bhaiya, hold on tight,
don't slip now."
"Don't leave me, I'll give you money
as much you want, don't leave me."
Don't leave.
What will I leave him?
"You are creating so much fuss
for a single banana, man!"
Hey the diamonds!
You are coming towards...
Hey, is this a bridge?"
"No, no, no. I had a banana
so he's following me."
If I take the diamonds he'll
come till my house.
"Brother, let's make a compromise.
- Diamonds!"
I've got diamonds and my booty too.
I've got diamonds and my booty too.
You bulls!
I've got diamonds after all.
You lispy!
I won't leave you.
Do you know who I am?
'Hey, I didn't, I didn't your 'kurta'."
I'll tear your 'kurta'.
I'll tear everyone's clothes.
Tear clothes!
You tear. Why aren't you tearing?
Remove them!
'You tore my pants! - Hey, police!"
"Come on, come on. - Sir, sir,
those two men..."
"...have drugs in their bags.
Catch them, catch them!"
Those in the middle. In the middle.
'Come on, come on."
'Give me my booty. - Come dear, come."
'Come on, run. - Come on, come on."
"Hey, you lisp person! - Let
Babu-bhaiya sit. - I am sitting."
'I saved by my skin, Lord!"
Now until Raju and Shyam don't come...
...l'll take a nap.
"And after getting up,
I'll kill Munna next door!"
The bloody scoundrel.
The loin-cloth thief!
Have you seen Raju?
Where are they Shyam?
'Yes. Hey Raju, Shyam."
The time is up;
we have taken money in advance.
Give. Hey.
'Hey Munna. - Take it, take it."
'Hey Munna, my costume. - Here."
This is ladies costume.
"Give me something.
- I know, take this and shut up."
Where do I wear this?
You've given me such a small one.
"Now just see, how I teach all
of them a lesson."
Hey my beloved.
Hey my beloved.
You make my worries disappear.
Show me the magic. Of your love.
It's a night before
Thursday. Come.
Come and give me company.
It's a night before
Thursday. Come.
Come and give me company.
'Sunday night, night, come on a drive."
'Drive by side, drive next to me."
I won't be able to stay.
- Without seeing you.
I won't be able to stay.
- Away from you.
You make my worries disappear.
Show me the magic. Of your love.
It's a night before
Thursday. Come.
Come and give me company.
Come and be my companion.
Come and give me company.
Come and give me company.
Come and give me company.
Come and give me company.
Hey Raju! This orchestra of Baburao
Ganpat Rao Apte is a hit
Hail Maharashtra.
Hail... What kind of a dream was it?
Why haven't Raju and
Shyam come as yet?
Now I'll light a lamp
of pure ghee for you.
"God, please protect me.
God, protect me."
'Hey, what happened?"
Did they leave Anuradha
and that small girl?
I dropped them off and came.
Where is Raju?
He has gone to drop Anjali.
- Where?
Remember those silly guns
in the jeep?
We had got those weird So
he has gone to do that.
"We will get 200 or 500. I said,
shut up, scoundrel."
I don't want dirty money.
You throw the guns into the sea.
He's gone to throw them.
'I have always told you, Babu-bhaiya."
That this Raju will trap us one day.
"That is right. What you
say is true, come on."
Today we will keep our hand on...
'... the lamp and swear, take a swear."
"Oh the Mighty Lord, we swear
that even if we get even..."
...crore rupees then also we
won't do any wrong deeds.
We will never do any
more wrong deeds.
It's gone off.
"Oh God! We swore even then,
even then it went off."
So then should we do wrong
deeds or shouldn't we?
'No, we don't know anything, man."
Come soon.
Where is the jeep?
That Raju has gone in the jeep
with your sister to leave her.
Did you find those three old guns
that were there in the jeep?
The one that was made
of excellent wood?
Yes... yes.
'The one that was very big, that one?"
'Yes, yes, yes."
Was it the one with wonderful
silver on it?
'Yes, that is the one."
'No, we have never seen that gun."
The Parsi from whom I had
stolen the gun who knows...
...from whom all he must
have stolen the gun?
If it were to be found
it would be wonderful.
Three crore rupees.
Three crores?
"Look in this, look in this.
It's written in..."
"...English, it's written in English,
look... more than 3 crores."
'Come on, walk out now."
"Yes, I'm coming. Looks like
my mobile is in the jeep."
Did you find it?
'- I didn't find the mobile, man."
"Okay, if you find it do
give it to my sister."
"We are going to jail,
give it to her."
Listen! What is your mobile number?
This is around 6-7 crores of booty.
1.5 crore! 3.5 crores. 5 crores.
Whose mobile is this?
'Let me do it, let me do it, man."
'Hey, you cannot see properly."
"You are wearing spectacles,
give it to me."
'Take, take, take."
"A red phone is lucky
for me, let me dial."
It got connected.
'This Raju, Raju, where are you?"
'Raju, where... in the beauty parlour?"
"Jerk, what are you doing
in the beauty parlour?"
He is a donkey!
You are Rani speaking.
Why did you pick it up if it's
a wrong number?
Why was there no sound of
it falling in the water?
'Lt's connected, connected."
It connected.
- What happened?
'Raju, Raju, pick up the phone, Raju."
'Hey Raju, pick the phone up. Raju!"
What are you doing?
"Pick it up, Raju.
- Pick it up!"
"Raju, it's a question
of 3 crores, Raju."
Pick up the phone.
"Hey Lord, pick up, not me, tell
Raju to pick up his phone."
"Pick up the phone, Raju,
pick the phone up."
'Oh God, pick it up."