Phir Milenge (2004) Movie Script

I've always felt an affinity with the
blue skies behind those dark clouds
There's just a few moments of
Hide-n-seek with the thick clouds..
..before the skies
come into their own again.
- Give me!
- No!
Tammy, you are so mean.
Oh God! Oh my God.
You've been glued to the
newspaper since this morning..
..and didn't even tell me!
- Surprise, surprise!
- What surprise? Late surprise!
Late surprise!
I had heard of late reactions.
Late surprise's a new one on me!
You've heard it now, okay?
Don't cut it out!
I've yet to read it.
I'm cutting it already.
Why does TJ associates
win this award every year?
Because we are the best.
Let's hear it for us.
And all thanks to one person.
Please put your hands
together for Tamanna.
- C'mon. C'mon.
- Thank you.
And also thanks to another person..
..please put your hands
together for yours truly. -
Sir, dinner?
I just don't want this night to end.
I waited so long for this.
Thanks, Tam.
For standing by me when
I started this small company..
..and for being with me ever since.
Thanks for this award.
Thanks for your guidance.
Shall we eat?
- I'm not at all hungry!
- But it's Chinese. Your favorite.
And it's supposed to be very good.
Ok. All right.
Let's go.
- What happened?
- I'm getting old. What else?
Tell me something new!
Lalit, whom do you want
to dedicate this song to?
To my wife Nalini.
Oh! How romantic!
Tanya, actually Nalini and
I had a fight this morning
I promised to take her out to the
movies and myself forgot to be there
Oh, how sad!
I want to dedicate this song to
her and say "I'm sorry" to her.
Nalini, I love you. I am very sorry.
And I love you. -
Look at him, Nalini.
Lalit really loves you
- Please forgive him.
- Niharika.
And here's a special song
for the two of you.
Wish you both all the best.
And for all you other listeners,
have a great night. -
This is Tanya on Radio City
FM 91, signing off. -
Good night, take care and sleep well.
There's the train, parked
right on top of the crematorium.
And just then..
..the door of the compartment
creaks open on its own.
It's just the bell!
Jerk, it's your own story.
And you're running scared?
- Tanu!
- Hi!
- Haven't you gone to sleep?
- Let's give her a surprise.
- If you had the key..
- Congratulations!
My God!
Why is it so dark? No electricity?
Sam was telling
us a horror story.
- Sam! Grow up!
- Hey, I was simply..
You're the limit, Tanya.
You start squealing the
moment Big Sister arrives.
- So when's the party? -
- The party's already over.
- And my tummy's full too.
- No way! No excuses this time!
You guys are acting as if
something great has happened.
Maybe it wouldn't
be so great for us..
..if we won
awards every day too.
- Party!
- Party! -
Ok, guys. Here's the deal.
The day my photo appears on the
Cover-page of Business Today..
- I'll give you all a party. Okay?
- Cheapo!
- Not fair.
- Hey Surjit, what're you thinking of?
- Just a moment.
Very talented, man!
Stinking caricature!
- Sam, be a sport.
- He's a sport.
No wonder people
keep playing with him.
Sure, do play with
me all the time.
But what's happening in
your own life, Miss Rossane?
- What? What?
Rossane's an usher at
Symphony from today.
- Ooh!
- Wow!
- Free movies?
- I don't know how long I'll be there.
Not again, Rossane!
Stick to at least some job!
She's bored of the job
even before joining it!
- Right. -
- No phone calls.
- But it's Niharika. Hi.
- Hi, Tamanna! Got my message?
- Sure, I even called back.
- So you're coming, aren't you?
No, I don't think I'll be able
to make it got loads of work to do.
Suit yourself.
Anyway, Rohit is coming.
Excuse me.
- What did you say..?
- Rohit is coming.
- Rohit..? Rohit Manchanda?
- Yup.
I'll kill you, if it
turns out to be a lie.
So you're coming, right?
- Tamanna, what's happening?
- One minute.
After all these years!
Are you sure..?
Yes. He was in the U.S.
- Tell him when you meet him.
- What?
What you couldn't tell
him in 3 years of college.
- Niharika.. shut up, Ok.
- Ok, Bye. See ya.
- Bye.
Oh God!
Where's the CD of
my songs, Joseph?
Get lost! And don't
you dare touch my stuff.
- I'll break your legs. Joseph!
- It's me!
- Tamanna ?
Has the air-conditioner in
your room stalled again?
- I couldn't go to sleep.
- No problem, my ac's working fine.
- May I sleep here?
- Sure
- Niharika had called.
- Now..?
Is everything all right?
- Guruji's birthday's coming up.
- Good. So when are you going?
I don't think I'll be
able to make it this time.
- There's a lot of work to do for BSA.
- So turn Niharika down.
But Rohit's coming this time
Rohit? Manchanda..?
Then, what are you thinking?
We have the BSA account.
And Subbu won't let me go.
You will go to the office every
day but Rohit's not coming every day.
You think I must talk to Subbu?
Phone that old fossil right now!
Tanu! It's 2 'O clock!
- Leave.
- Forget it. I'll talk to him tomorrow.
Now! Wake him up!
- Our own sleep's been blown away!
- Tanu, let go! Behave Tanu.
- Promise..? Tomorrow?
- Yes, of course
- I'm so excited!
- I'm so sleepy.
And you are so boring.
It'll be very tragic
if we lose this..
..account of BSA cycles, Tamanna
They stood by us when
we had nothing else.
Remember, they are not
only our first account.
But till date, the biggest
source of revenue for us.
I understand that, Subbu Sir.
But it's only for two days.
In any case, our next meeting with
them is scheduled only for Friday.
Well, whatever you feel like.
You're the one who deals with them
and makes all those presentations.
I don't interfere
in these things.
Subbu Sir..
Subbu Sir..
You trust me, don't you?
Of course, I do.
Then please don't worry.
I'll give you no
reason for complaints.
Oh. C'mon, Tam.
- Have a great trip, Ok?
- Thanks.
- Hi.
- Hi.
That's not how it is, Rohit.
If every good and bad deed were
to result in instant results..
..there would be no
element of mystery to God's ways.
Rohit, maybe you never
wanted what you did not get..
And that which your
heart craves for, I am sure.. will certainly have.
Why are you standing there,
Tamanna? Come here
Happy Birthday, Guruji!
Didn't I tell you she'd surely come?
Look at him. When he studied
here, he'd go missing from class.
And after going missing.. he has
turned up now. Ten years later
Long time, Rohit.
Long time.
- Rohit.
- Tamanna.
- Go on.
- No, you speak
- Do you come here every year?
- Yes. On Guruji's birthday.
But this time, I..
- Hi Tam.
- Hey, Niharika.
- Hi Niharika.
- Hi, Rohit.
- I hope you won't kill me now?
- Shut up, will you?
You've already
turned him into a coolie?
- I'm sorry.
- No problem.
- So when are you telling him?
- Shut up, Niharika
What's going on?
We students are painting
a canvas together.
A little surprise for Guruji.
- Sanjay, look who's here!
- Rohit.
It's been so many years!
- Hi.
- Almost forgot your face man.
But I can still remember the
tunes you played on the guitar.
- How have you been?
- Good
Miss you a lot.
Look who's here?
This is Rohit. And we still
play the tunes he composed
We still use them, you know.
You also paint something for Guruji.
Yes, that's right.
- Bag...
- No problem.
- Oh yes, go ahead!
- Sure.
Sanjay! Listen!
The teacher has arrived.
Come on. Drums.
- Come on, everybody.
What's happening here?
What are all of you doing?
- This is for you, Guruji.
- Happy Birthday, Guruji! -
Let's have a song, Rohit
Why are you laughing?
Must we wait another 10 years
to hear you sing?
- A hundred years.
- Wow! Good joke
Hey guys, get a guitar.
Watch out, Rohit. If you
don't sing, maybe I'll have to..
- Oh my god! No! Please save us!
"Scents.. flowing from memory lane."
"..opening to the gentle
knocking of moments past."
"Songs, held close to my heart.."
"..and tunes I had forgotten..
now return to me."
"Every sign of life,
I have found all over again."
"Those lost shores,
I've chanced upon again."
"Every sign of life,
I have found all over again."
"Those lost shores,
I've chanced upon again."
"Those lost shores,
I've chanced upon again."
Remember, Tamanna? You used to
mumble something to irritate me?
Some times when I think of you.
Hoping to irritate you,
wherever you are.
Try it again. Let's see
if it still irritates me.
After a long long consideration,
come to the conclusion..
..matriculation examination is a big
big botheration to the Indian nation..
..whose main
occupation is cultivation.
One more time.
After a long long
consideration, come..
.. to the conclusion,
matriculation examination.. a big big botheration
to the Indian nation..
..whose main
occupation is cultivation.
Please one more time.
After a long long
consideration, come to..
.. the conclusion,
matriculation examination.. a big big botheration
to the Indian nation, whose..
- I can't say.
Oh my God!
- Thanks, Tamanna.
- What for?
Can't remember,
when I last laughed so much.
But one more time, please..?
- Shut up!
- Hi.
- Hi. How are you?
- Abstract. Interesting.
- Thank you.
- Please. I won't disturb you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
This is beautiful.
You haven't lost
your touch, Niharika.
I drop in some times.
To kill time.
He's not around.
But I'm not looking for anyone.
I told you. He's not around.
So where is he?
As if you don't know
his favorite hideouts.
What are you doing..?
Let it alone.
I'm sorry. But it looks
better without the earring.
I knew I'd find you here.
Some things never change.
Yes, some things never change.
Isn't this the place you
had your guitar-practice at?
Guruji had pinned a lot..
..of hopes on me, hadn't he?
And what are you doing nowadays?
Not much.
Niharika was telling me
that you've been in New York.
Yes, I've spent a few
years of my life in New York.
- But my dreams..
- Dreams? So you've been sitting here..
Hold on. Let me complete.
Okay, what did you want to say?
You are daydreaming here..
..and everyone
there's looking for you.
I've been looking
for someone too.
Looks like I've found her.
Yes, I have.
That's a nice idea, Tamanna.
We've never done folk theater.
Ok. That's settled then.
Folk theater.
The background score will be handled
by our America-returned music director.
- Right, Rohit?
- Sure.
Great! How about
starting tomorrow?
By the way, guys, guess what?
Rohit used to be
very good at gymnastics.
Gymnastics! What nonsense!
You don't know.
Rohit is so good!
Had he not gone away to America
to pursue a career in music..
..he'd have been
India's Olympics gymnast!
You don't believe me?
Show them the
somersault routine.
Yes, go ahead. They
haven't seen you doing it.
Come on.
Make way, guys..
C'mon, Rohit..
Yeah, let's see.
- Just look out for him.
- Yeah, we'll see.
- Yeah, buddy.
- Ok.
- 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.
- Come on! -
All the best.
- Two somersaults. One twist.
- Ok.
- See.
- Yeah.
- You are too good!
- Thank you.
- Nice one, man.
Buddy, that was great!
It's so easy. C'mon.
- Somersault of the year.
- Start with the right leg.
Thank God your music's
not like your somersaults!
Now that I'm here,
I realize how I missed all this.
Don't you intend
to go back then?
I'll have to. For a few days.
Will you be coming back?
- I always knew it.
- What?
That you'd come back.
12 Dec 1994.
Was it you who put it in there?
Why did you hide it, Tamanna?
Why didn't you tell me?
I was scared.
If only you had told me then..
..ten years of my lifetime
wouldn't have been.. castaway.
'Don't know much about History.'
'Don't much about Biology.'
'Don't know much
about my science books.'
'Don't know much
about the French I took.'
I do know that I love you.
I love you Tammana.
And if I know that you
love me too. Do you love me?
What a wonderful world it'd be!
What a wonderful world it'd be!
What.. a wonderful world..
it'd be!
"A shower of your love.."
"..makes my path as vast as
the flowing, swelling oceans."
"Under your silken touch.."
" dreams are awakened."
"Every sign of life,
I have found all over again."
"Those lost shores,
I've chanced upon again."
"Every sign of life,
I have found all over again."
"Those lost shores,
I've chanced upon again."
"My passions are aroused.."
" darkest
moments are lit up."
"You asked me to smile.."
"..and Spring has
returned to my life."
"Every sign of life,
I have found all over again."
"Those lost shores,
I've chanced upon again."
"Every sign of life,
I have found all over again."
"Those lost shores,
I've chanced upon again."
"In some joys."
"The breath mixed
with each other."
"Some windows."
"They opened between eyes."
"A thirst unquenched."
"A satin evening."
"The nights drowned
in some satin crimes."
"Every sign of life,
I have found all over again."
"Those lost shores,
I've chanced upon again."
"Every sign of life,
I have found all over again."
"Those lost shores,
I've chanced upon again."
"Every sign of life,
I have found all over again."
"Those lost shores,
I've chanced upon again."
"Every sign of life,
I have found all over again."
I've found what my
heart always craved, Guruji
May you be happy!
You look sweet when you smile.
- Take care.
- I will.
'So friends, today's topic was love.'
'Love gives joy and pain.'
'But love is that emotion
without which life is incomplete.'
'And on this note, this is Tanya
on Radio City, 91 FM, signing off.'
'Good night,
take care and sleep well.'
Oh My God! Oh No!
Oh God!
- Where is the pencil? Oh God!
Oh God!
Rohit's number..? Great!
I'm famished.
- Half the number.
- Why did he give you half of it?
Is he crazy?
Or was the other half meant to
be a riddle for you to solve?
- That half got washed away in the bath.
- Washed away!
Why didn't you jot it down on
a paper before you took a bath?
- How was I to know..
- C'mon!
- C'mon! You don't even know that much?
- I made a mistake.
Haven't you given
him your number?
Niharika must have his number!
Oh yes!
- Jatin.
- Hi!
Get Prashant and Leela to my cabin.
Good. Very interesting!
Where are the tag lines?
Try and skip the cliches,
"Thick, silken tresses.."
If that's what every
shampoo's going to give them..
..why would people
buy our client's brand?
Jatin, I worked on some
lay-outs this morning.
I want something like this.
Take a close look at this.
Look at the color scheme.
- Hi.
- One moment, Prashant.
- Is it ok?
- All right?
- Okay.
- Yup!
Any questions?
- No.
- So let's step on it.
- We've very little time.
- All right.
- Prashant, how about the BSA Ladybird?
- It's coming up.
This is not done.
You said it would be
ready by the time I returned.
Yes, I did, but..
BSA is anyway thinking of taking
away their products to another agency.
And I'm trying my very best
to stop them from leaving us.
Because we're the
ones in need. Not they.
I know, but..
- How much more time?
- A day or two
A day? Or two?
Leave a copy of the
brief on my table.
I told you, Tam. Two Days.
No problem. In the meanwhile,
let me see if another idea clicks.
Because I'm meeting
them on Friday. All right.
As you wish?
- Hello
- Hello, Murthy. Lunch?
Eight to ten months?
Which means, we have enough time.
Tamanna, times gonna fly.
A lot many agencies
are approaching them..
..with great designs
and good track-records
But I'm confident we'll get it.
We are the best, you know.
- Hi!
- Any news?
No, he hasn't even
replied to my emails.
Why is he doing this?
- Don't worry. Rohit will surely call.
- All right.
Ok, fine.
- Good morning, Sapna.
- Good morning, sir.
- How are you?
- Fine sir.
Hey, Tam.
Just go home. Go home.
Subbu sir, I'm sorry.
I don't know when I fell asleep.
Tam, just go home.
No, no, there's so much to do.
The meeting's coming
up in 3-4 days.
- You haven't been home in 2 days.
- I've a change of clothes here.
I'll be back in a moment.
- Tam.
Just listen to me. Come
back only after lunch, okay?
One sec..
- Is that Ms Tamanna Sahni?
- Yes.
We found your card in
your sister's bag.
She has met with an accident.
She's been admitted to
the Manipal Hospital.
Please meet Dr Rai
Singh immediately.
- Dr. Rai Singh?
- Over there.
- Straight?
- Yes.
- Dr. Rai Singh?
- Yes?
Tamanna Sahni.
Please sit.
- My sister..?
- She's fine
- It's not serious, I hope?
- Nothing serious.
Just a hairline fracture
and a swelling on her head.
Thank God, she was
wearing a helmet.
- I'd like to go and see her.
- Yeah sure.
Hi Tanya. How are
you feeling now?
- this is Tanya's sister Tamanna.
- Hello.
You'll have to collect your sister's
bike from the police station, madam.
There'll be some
paperwork to do.
Right ma'am. Take care
of yourself. Thank you.
Let me see those X-rays.
How often have I asked
you not to speed so much?!
- Why don't you listen to me..?
- Please, Tammy!
What if something
serious had happened?
I'm okay.
Please stop crying, Tammy.
You're telling me?
- Thank you. Thank you very much.
- Not at all.
We have the X-rays
and prescriptions.
- You'll have to send for the medicines.
- Ok.
By the way, she had a
cut vein in the calf.. we had to
give her some blood.
As a policy, you must replace it.
B-positive, if possible.
- I'm B-positive too.
- That's good.
Yeah, Jatin. I should be
there in thirty minutes.
- Oh God!
- Ready in five minutes.
So am I.
Tell Sada to at least order
printer cartridges on time.
- Ok, sure.
- What a waste of time!
Oh God! Right timing.
- Hello..
- Hello
Dr. Rai Singh.
- Tamanna?
- Yes?
I got something important to talk
to you about. Can you come over?
- Is Tanya all right?
- Tanya? She's fine.
- Tam, they are waiting.
- Meet me as soon as come.
- I'll be right here.
- Come on.
- But Tanya..
- She's fine.
Just come and see me.
I'll be waiting, okay?
- Okay. Thanks.
- Bye.
How about those reports of
the test we sent for a reconfirmation?
- Prashant, one minute.
- Yeah.
I got to leave for the
hospital immediately.
Could you go over to BSA for
the first meeting, please?
As you wish.
Don't worry.
They are 99 % convinced.
- Just make this presentation there.
- Alright.
I'll take Tanya home
and give you a call. Alright.
Now is my chance!
- What's up?
- What's up?
- That's what I want to know. What's up?
- What's that about?
What happened?
Someone delivered a son in 214,
the nurse was telling me.
There were some showers
and there was also said.. be a bomb blast somewhere.
That's what's been happening.
Nothing else
Tanu, don't act smart.
Why did Dr Rai Singh
call me over so urgently?
I'm not Tanya Rai Singh to know.
Am I?
I'm just packing my bags.
Subi and Ross are
coming to pick me up.
I thought you were
here to take me home.
Anyway, you can go back to the
office after getting me a discharge.
- My friends will drop me home.
- So you're taking a dig at me?
Of course. How often have you
come to see me in the hospital?
Tanu, stop acting like a baby.
Don't you know how much
work I have at the office?
Sure, I do.
That old Subbu also called.
How are you, my child?
How are you? Get well soon.
Tanu, that's very very mean.
We'll go home after I see
the doctor, okay? I'll back.
- Tammy.
- Yes?
You're not angry with me over
this stupid accident, are you?
I just wanted to say that
I'm sorry.
Don't act silly.
I'm not angry, okay?
I thought that was the reason
why you didn't come to see me
I am sorry. There was such a
huge backlog of BSA.. soon as it's over,
we'll go on a long holiday.
- Promise.
- Promise.
- May I go now? And see Dr Rai Singh?
We've got to go home.
Let's have a long chat
once we get home, okay?
You said you wanted to talk to me.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
Doctor, you've looked
after Tanya so well..
..I just don't
know how to thank you.
Can I take Tanya home?
Tamanna, listen carefully to
what I'm about to tell you
- Tanya..? Is there..?
- She's perfectly fine.
It's the blood sample you gave us
we sent it to the lab for a test.. we do in every case.
Usually, there is no need
for us to tell the patient..
..about the results.
I just felt that
you should know.
Your blood is HIV-positive.
Tamanna, I'm sorry.
Without your permission,
I got an eliza test done.. reconfirm the results.
That was positive too.
Hi uncle!
Tamanna, your parents
have met with an accident.
Their car has fallen in a gorge.
Tamanna, don't be under the
impression that you have AIDS.
The virus hasn't started
spreading in your body yet.
If you wish, you could even have
a western blot test conducted.
I wish you would see a
counselor to overcome the shock.
And yes, you will have to
take better care of your health.
There will be medicines
to take.. once in month.
- Why you are laughing?
It's enough.
She's ok.
Come on. Let's go. I'm driving.
Why are you so tongue-tied..?
And you said we'd have
a long chat at home?
Worried about BSA?
What an idiot I am!
You already have so many worries.
And I keep talking nonsense.
I can't figure out anything.
How did it happen..?
I never had a blood transfusion.
No injections.
Yes, there was this
special girl.
The best thing about
her was that..
..apart from me, there were
nine other guys in her life.
You know.
You don't even have to say
that I love when you are in love.
Six. Six Vows
Will you take the
seventh one with me?
C'mon. Be original. Say yes.
Rohit.. I..
Good morning.
What are staring at?
The one I only dreamt of.
'We are sorry. The number you
have reached is not in service.'
'Please check the number
or try your call again.'
'This is a recording'
Niharika, you're the one
Rohit called earlier, isn't it?
Yes, but I've tried all
the numbers Rohit had given me..
..but there has been no response.
I've asked all his friends here..
..but none of them knows anything.
He's untraceable.
Ok, Niharika.
- Please keep trying Niharika.
- Sure, Tanya.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
Sorry. Your call
cannot be completely dialed.
- Please check the number and dial..
- Hello.
- Hello.
Could I speak to Rohit please.
- Has Tam had something to eat?
- No.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Rohit there?
- I'm sorry. It's a wrong number.
There's mail from one of our
listeners, but there's no name.
She writes that her
sister is presently..
..facing a very severe problem..
..which makes her
keep very silent
But you needn't worry at all!
Tanya is here for you
with her magic wand.
She will request your sister..
She loves you so dearly and
can't bear to see you sad.
And this is the song
she dedicates to you
"Smile and let grief be ashamed."
"Let the raindrops make a gentle patter
as they descend to the ground."
"Smile and let grief be ashamed."
"Let the raindrops make a gentle patter
as they descend to the ground."
"It's what the breeze says.."
"It's what the breeze says come,
let's sway together."
"Let's kiss the skies together."
"Smile and let grief be ashamed."
"Let the raindrops make a gentle patter
as they descend to the ground."
Look at this Tammy.
Your photo's on the
cover-page of Business Today.
I'm so happy.
Nothing's happening to you, Tammy.
"Serenity is like a lake.
It's part of you."
"Mischief is like the rivers.
It flows ahead of you."
"Peel off the facade of sorrow.
Let the world rejoice."
"Let the tiny pebbles
tickle your soles.."
"It's there in the breeze.."
"It's there in the breeze come,
let's sway together."
"Let's kiss the skies."
Good morning.
What is it?
I'll see you in the evening.
Do you think it'll take time for my
photo to appear on "Business Today" ?
I don't think so too. Bye.
Hi Leela. Good morning, Sapna.
I'm the creative head.
May I help you?
I guess. I'll have to help myself.
I don't think this copy works.
How are you keeping, Tamanna?
Who's that in my cabin?
That man in the cabin is Suresh.
May I know.. why?
We barely managed to save BSA
from slipping out of our hands.
I.. I had already
presented my designs..
..and they were very impressed.
It was Prashant who
presented the designs.
You had only had a discussion.
Who presented them
makes no difference.
I was the one who made
the designs, isn't it?
Their account is
here because of my work!
That's what you think.
But they were very very upset.
You didn't attend a
meeting with them.
It was first Tanya's accident.
After that came your
own personal health.
Our company almost
lost the BSA account.
Business needs discipline,
But my work was perfect, sir.
Your termination letter will explain
the rest of the details to you.
It was nice..
nice working with you, sir.
I've been ruined, sir!
The insurance guys
have rejected my claim.
Delay your premium by a day
and these guys wring your neck.
- And now..
- Enough. Thank you Mr. Yogi.
Do you have another business
apart from the timber mart?
No, I don't. Else, I wouldn't
have been in such dire straits.
Please answer only the
questions you are asked.
Thank you, sir.
What did you do with the ashes
of the timber that was burnt?
I object. Is this a joke!
- Mr. Anand!
- Of course, sir. Give me a moment.
I'll be back.
Thank you.
Here you go.
That's for you.
Mr Yogi.. do you recognize this?
Very good.
Sir, this is a receipt
from Sudha foundries for..
..a ton of coal purchased
from our very own Mr. Yogi.
Mr. Yogi sold the charcoal of
the burnt timber to Sudha Foundries.
The price of the charcoal was
far more than the price of the timber.
Hence my client is not liable
to pay Mr. Yogi a single penny.
You honor, my client would
like to withdraw this case.
Very good decision.
Thank you, your honor.
Have a very good day.
Let's go.
Yes, sir. I get it.
Thank you. Bye.
Hi Tarun.
Hello Divya. How are you?
- Hello Tarun.
- I'm fine.
Hi Kalpu.
We're still meeting for coffee?
- Well.
- Well?
- And.
- And?
- Oh! What happened?
- What do you think?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Better luck next time.
Damn it! I've won!
- What?
- What is this, man?
- Great! Congrats!
- Yeah, Thank you.
Did you win or lose, Tarun?
- Now what is your problem..?
- I'm sorry.
- I'm a good lawyer.
- Congrats!
- No, I'm a good lawyer. Have some faith.
I don't know why everybody in
this office is picking on me.
I won.
- Well.
- Well?
- So.
- So?
Tamanna Sahni.
- Yes.
- In there. Since half an hour.
Oh Shit!
Do me a favor, babes.
Send two cups of coffee, please
- Ok.
- Thank you.
- Did Rosanne tell you..
- Yes, she told me. Please sit.
- That's fine.
- Yes.
I've ordered for a filing cabinet.
Rosy was telling me that you
had a problem with your job?
Come in.
- Yes, and that is why I..
- Coffee. Will you have some coffee?
- Yeah, sure.
Good. Let me put this away.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Ok. So this place you were
working at?
You were sacked
without a reason?
- Correct.
- Yes.
From TJ Associates.
I want to file a suit against them.
They claim I wasn't
doing my job properly.
Right. They cite incompetence
and negligence.
What do you have to say?
Because I'm HIV-positive.
Excuse me.
- You've AIDS?
- No. AIDS is a different stage.
Until the HIV virus
attacks the blood cells.. remains dormant in one's body.
Till then..
When is AIDS likely to happen?
Maybe tomorrow.
Maybe 15 or 20 years.
It all depends on how
one looks himself oneself.
- Medication..
- Hold on, hold on.
Ms. Sahni, I get your point.
Your boss claims
you were sacked..
..because you weren't
doing a job properly..
And you insist he sacked you
because you're an AIDS patient?
- HIV positive.
- Yeah, sorry. HIV.
He fired you
because he didn't want.. HIV-positive
patient in his office?
- Right?
- Yes
That's exactly why I was fired.
Mr. Anand?
Miss Sahni, I'm a corporate lawyer.
And this is a case of employment.
This is not my field or expertise.
All I can suggest is that
you consult a specialist..
Sure. Eleven lawyers before you
have given me the same advice.
Anyway, thanks for your time.
- Just relax, I say.
- Relax, my foot!
She sat there in my office,
just a couple of feet away.
She touched my hand,
gave me the coffee..
She was breathing on me.
Your BP is very much normal.
And this is how HIV virus
got only through blood..
I know, I know. Blood,
bodily fluid, semen..
I studied in school.
But I just wanted to
make sure. I was so scared.
But why?
You don't contract it by
sitting together by shaking hands.. breathing the same air,
not even by kissing each other.
Oh yes, if there is
something in your past that..
- ..that's bothering you...
- What is that?
I'm taking your blood for a test
HIV-test? You know me since
our school days, Bunty!
- No wonder.
- Shut up!
Have you ever done drugs?
Or been to a prostitute perhaps?
Call girl?
Thank you very much, buddy.
I'll see you at dinner.
Have you had sex
with a stranger..
..without the protection of a condom..?
- Hello.
- Tarun, this is Rossane.
Are you free?
I need to have a word with you.
This friend of yours, Rosy.
I'm sorry..
No, Tarun. It's my mistake
that I sent her to you
- How could you do this?
- Won't you hear me out?
Looks my opinion
about you was wrong.
But I know Tamanna well.
She will never concede defeat.
Anyway, she doesn't need
your help.
It is arbitrary and
injustice to the person..
..who is fit to work and
doesn't prove a threat to others.
And further article 21
of the constitution..
..upholds the right to earn..
..a livelihood as long as medically fit.
And capable of
performing the duties.. expected from him or her.
How often has
JH Industries filed claims..
..for insurance in
the last 5 years?
And what is the condition of
their fire prevention system?
You think JH Industries deliberately
started a fire in their stores?
For insurance?
Therefore, maybe there are
many instances of fire there..
..the directors burn in the fire
of jealousy with each other.
And the employers are
jealous of the directors..
..JH Industries
is always on fire!
- Sir.
- Sorry.
Let's work.
Ok boys, the cases are Kamani
industries versus National Insurance.
KGB Mills versus
Indian Under writers.
And ruling in supreme
court given by Khanna Shoes..
..versus National Insurance company.
- Carry on, I'll join you soon.
- Ok.
Excuse me..
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought I wouldn't find it.
- Excuse me. Ms. Tamanna Sahni, right?
- Yes.
- Have you found a lawyer?
- Yes.
- Who is it?
- Tamanna Sahni.
Taking on the entire
responsibility.. good.
One has to put up a fight.
Even if one has to do it on his own.
That much right we all enjoy,
don't we?
You're a quick learner.
I already pity the lawyers who are..
.. going to represent TJ Associates.
Are you poking fun
at me, Mr. Anand?
Just a bit.
I know, I'm being pigheaded
in trying to learn all this.
But I can't help it. It isn't easy
to convince lawyers nowadays
I'm speaking on a
personal experience.
Ms. Sahni.
I'd like to fight your case.
If you agree.
There's not much I know
about HIV-related cases.
In fact, this will
be my first such case.
However, there is someone
I know who can guide us.
- Tarun.
- Really?
- Tarun come on..
- Yes, I'd like to have a word with him.
I've to go. I got to
attend a hearing..
..but I'll be in touch.
Take care, Ok?
- Yeah, thank you.
- Bye.
Your phone number.. never mind.
I'll take it from Rosy.
- "Friends" begun?
- Long ago.
Hi, how are you?
You know Tarun,
Rossane's friend?
Volume, Tammy. Volume.
- Tarun's ready to fight my case.
- What did you say..?
- What did I say?
You just said something about
Rossane's friend and the case..?
- He's ready to fight it.
- What?
Its hours since I got home
and you're telling me now?
- Sorry, I made a mistake. Okay?
- Not fair!
You're so quiet and
I'm so happy!
- What else did he have to say?
- That's my bottle..
I'll catch the HIV infection?
- Shut up! You talk any nonsense!
- You shut up, Tammy.
Stop discriminating
against yourself..
..before you expect
it from the others
I'm sorry.
It's ok.
They call him Lal Sir.
He teaches at the law school here.
He used to practice at the
Shearman and Sterling in America
He even fought an
AIDS-related case there.
- Hi, Lal sir.. how are you?
- Tarun.
Fine, how are you.
- You got your boss's permission?
- Satsangi..? That's no problem.
What happened to
that insurance case?
- I don't think they're gonna miss me.
- Ok. Come.
- Sir, I thought we could go in my car.
- You know about me.
Sir, I've just bought it.
It's a new car. I want you to ride it.
Ok. My wishes.
Just come with me. Come.
- C'mon.
- I bet it won't start.
Let's go.
You've to push.
I knew it.
- Ready.
- Yeah.
Ok. Here we go.
- Try it now.
- Yeah.
Try it again.
- Here we go!
Thank you.
Why did you accept Tamanna
Sahni's brief in the first place?
- Is it necessary to tell you?
- Yes, it's a difficult case.
You need to be clear as to
why you are accepting it.
I actually became a
lawyer to help people, sir.
But in the last two years,
I've been caught up..
..with big firms,
big cases and the works.
Tamanna came to
the court every day..
..and nobody wanted to
even touch her case.
She was determined
to fight by herself.
When I saw her determination, it made me
realize this is why I became a lawyer.
If I can't help people
like Tamanna Sahni..
..then what's the point?
If you feel so
strongly about it..
Why did you refuse to accept
the case in the first place?
Sir, she's HIV positive and I..
Were you scared you'd
catch the infection from her?
In which case you shouldn't be sitting
with me in this car either.
I had a client who
was an HIV patient.
I used to shake
hands with her and also..
Sir, please. I'm sorry.
Don't get serious.
I'm just pulling your leg.
- I think they are long enough, sir.
Ground 1. She claims she
was fired because she's HIV-positive?
- Ok. Ground 2.
She says she still
is competent enough to work.
- Precisely.
- Right.
Her job profile.
Sir, she was one of the high
salaried persons in the company.
Creative head of the company.
She also shared profits from
whatever accounts she handled.
In that case she can't
TJ associates to court. No.
There is a way out.
Judges have the power.. take up a case that cannot
be filed under any written law.
That's only if they
feel that the case is..
..worthy of being heard in court.
- That's the only way out.
- I'm glad it's the only way.
Else, it'd have created confusion
over which course to take.
There's another thing, Tamanna.
When this case is
taken up in court..
..if it all it is taken up..
TJ's lawyers are likely to
ask you all sort of questions.
About your personal life.
Questions you will
have to answer.
So give it another thought.
You've to be prepared for it.
A day after Subbu fired me..
..there was an article
in the Economic Times.
Subbu gave all the credit
for the work..
..I had put in for BSA's account
to the new creative director.
And you say they are likely to
ask me about my personal life?
A personal life in which
I stayed up all nights.. complete my
official work at home.
Because of which I had no social life
No friends circle.
In fact, I couldn't share
little joys with Tanya.. which she
missed me the most.
Why did I put in such a
lot of hard work..
..and make so many sacrifices?
It was for myself.
Because it meant the life to me.
My professional life
was my personal life.
That was my only life.
I have a question
for you, Mr Lal?
What would you do if
someone tried to snatch..
..your very life from you?
The anger that is pent up in you,
will prove useful in court.
Provided it's still there.
Have a coffee.
- Do we have a new supplier of milk?
- Shut up.
It was lying on the floor
Thanks. Come in.
Lal Sir had called.
Those are my bank statements..
..they account for all the
remuneration I received.
Lal Sir was right here.
He left this morning.
He's got to go to the college.
Was Lal Sir here all night?
To help you out?
When Subbu Sir
and I started TJ Associates..
..we too used to work
through the nights like this.
There were just the two of us,
a peon and a flask of coffee.
Most of the time, Subbu Sir
himself made the photocopies.
We used to have a
secondhand machine then.
I wonder where he got it from
His hands used to be black
with the machine's ink every evening.
You know.
Sir, is madam Kalyani here?
Hi, Kalyani.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You better be TJ.
I've got to get to the court.
Tea, coffee..?
Anything for you, Kalyani?
I got to be at the court, TJ.
A legal notice from
Tamanna's lawyers this morning.
Wrong termination of services.
It says that we fired Tamanna
because she's suffering from AIDS
That it wasn't because
of her incompetence.
TJ, you had no idea that..
Remember that.
Till you received this notice.. did not know that
Tamanna was HIV positive.
Make it clear to the
rest of your staff too.
None of them are supposed to
know of Tamanna's illness.
..this company is my life.
I want to know about
her personal life.
Every little detail.
However minor.
Me too.
You're looking fine.
- Hello Kalyani.
- Hello.
Congratulations on the new book!
Thank you for reading it.
- Hello Mr. TJ.
- Thank you.
I hope to settle the matter
among ourselves today.
The plaintiff and
the defendant can discuss
this case personally with me if
they want to without their attorneys.
I don't mind.
Me too.
Kalyani? And you?
Mr. Subramanium,
she wants her job back.
What do you have to say?
Sir, that's not possible.
Tamanna, he doesn't
want you back on the job.
But sir, I'm ready to pay
Tamanna half a million.
We've cleared her settlement dues.
- But yet..
- I don't want his money, I want my job.
And a letter which states
my termination was a mistake
and that I'm competent to work.
I'm sorry Tamanna, I cannot lie.
You were careless about your work.
You didn't do your work well.
Say that in court,
after taking an oath.
Even I'd like to hear.
AC and others versus
Union of India and others.
X versus hospital
rules by Supreme court.
- Good.
- I had a good teacher.
Dr. Raisingh, MBBS, from the All India
Institute of Medical Sciences 1986.
Let me see that.
Can I see the list of witnesses?
- Right Sir.
Excuse me.
- Hello.
- What happened?
It must be Nisha. The poor
girl must be waiting somewhere.
He called her for
a lunch date and forgot.
- I'm sorry! I'm with Lal sir.
Hello. Nisha..
He's back. What happened, Tarun?
Sorry sir.
I'd fixed a lunch date with Nisha.
I forgot.
You're laughing?
I'm in a terrible state.
She doesn't want to see me again.
I'll be dead.
- I don't blame her. Do you?
- Neither do I.
If I was in her place,
even I'd do that.
And if you were in her place,
what would I have to do?
One dozen long stem roses,
candlelight dinner, and maybe..
- And? There's more?
- Of course!
You'd have to bend down
on your knees and apologize.
Okay, let get back to work.
Let me see the list of witnesses.
Tamanna, this is a list of people..
..that Kalyani will present
in court as TJ's witnesses.
Did you get it?
Tarun, I've been
waiting since so long.
- Did you get the adjournment or not?
- Yes. Take.
For me? They're so beautiful. Thanks.
I have to give them to Nisha.
Is there a dearth
of roses in Bangalore?
No, there's dearth of
money in my pocket. Sorry.
On your way, stop at a sports shop.
- Sports shop?
- Yes. To buy knee pads.
So that you don't graze your knees.
- All the best.
- Yes, right. Ok, bye.
- Have a car?
- Yes.
Can I borrow it? My car broke down.
- Tarun! You're incorrigible. Shameless!
- C'mon!
Get up.
Don't forget,
you have Kalyani against you.
When she was in school, she
lost her right arm in a bus accident.
Her parents sued the bus company
for negligence and lost.
That Kalyani is one of the
top lawyers of India today.
Why did you give Tamanna
an offer to work with you?
Well, I thought she had
talent, and..
No TJ!
When Tamanna's lawyer asks you
this question answer him confidently.
And until I don't tell you to,
don't lie.
So say...
'Because Tamanna was talented.
I had seen her work'
Now, why did you give Tamanna
an offer to work with you?
Tamanna was a talented girl, and..
If she was talented, how did she
suddenly become inefficient
the reason why you dismissed her.
When I gave her the offer,
I thought she will do her best.
- But..
- But what, Mr. Subramanium?
The awards that Tamanna won
for your company, that 'but'..
..or the clients that she brought
for your company, that 'but'?
Explain to the court.
Awards were the result of
the team work of the company.
Tamanna did not work on them alone.
And yet you gave a share of profits
only to Tamanna not the whole team.
That was then, when she worked.
After getting BSA, she became
complacent and her results, poor.
Good. Maintain the stone in court.
Kalyani, I don't want an
AIDS patient in my office.
This has nothing to do
with her health and ability.
It's the reflection of her character.
Wow! Great!
Has the sun risen from the west today?
You're up and ready so early?
It's the first day of the case today.
- Curd and sugar.
- C'mon Tanu!
Remember, before sending us for exams
mom used to give us this for good luck?
Maybe the sun actually
rose from the west today.
And all your joys return.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Please introduce yourself.
Suresh Mutanna, CEO, Megan Cosmetics.
Thank you.
In 1999, Sahni had designed
an ad campaign for your company?
TJ Associates had designed
an ad campaign for us.
- And the team head was Tamanna Sahni?
- That's right.
What did you think of her designs?
- They were average.
- Average or very good?
They were okay.
Mr. Mutanna, when I came to you
in connection with this case..
..and requested you
to become a witness..
..this is what you had said
about Tamanna Sahni's work.
'Tamanna Sahni's work was outstanding'
In 3 months,
it became average from outstanding?
- Objection. Hearsay.
- Sustained.
Mr. Sinha, after Tamanna's campaign,
your company,
JNM's sales had improved by 56%
as per your annual report.
But this improvement had not happened
only because of the campaign.
- There were many other factors.
- Ok. Thank you, Mr. Sinha. Your witness.
Mr. Sinha,
is it true that your campaign plan..
..was supervised by
Mr. TJ Subramanium?
That means,
whatever Tamanna Sahni was doing..
..was supervised by Mr. Subramanium.
Would it be right to
say that Tamanna Sahni..
..was only following
Mr. Subramanium's orders?
And the brain and talent behind
those ideas..
..that campaign
was of Mr. Subramanium?
- I object. Leading.
- Overruled. Answer the question.
The campaign was a result
of Mr. Subramanium's ideas.
Tamanna was only following orders.
Thank you, Mr. Sinha.
No further questions, your honour.
Feeling better now?
I have no witnesses left now.
So use his from their side.
Sometimes I get scared.
All of Tamanna's hopes
are pinned on this case.
On me.
It's good if you're scared.
You'll do your best.
Had you made the designs
that went for BSA's approval?
That means the designs that
you went to present were of Tamanna.
No. They were of our new
creative head, Mr. Suresh Samtani.
Mr. Mathur, Suresh Samtani joined
TJ Associates on 18th June 2003.
These designs were approved
on 20 May 2003.
This is a copy of the
appointment letter of Mr. Samtani.
That's for you.
Mr. Subramanium had given
this assignment to Mr. Samtani..
..before his appointment
because the job was important..
..and Ms. Tamanna Sahni
was unable to do her job well.
All right.
My Lord.
This is a copy of the letter BSA..
..sent to TJ Associates
dated 20th May 2003.
The BSA marketing head has mentioned
that Tamanna Sahni's designs were..
..presented to them were liked.
They write...
We'd like to let you know, the designs by
Ms. Tamanna Sahni on 15th May 2003..
..were very good
and have been approved..
..barring minor changes that
have been stated hereunder.
My Lord, this letter was not shown to the
defence along with the other evidence..
..presented by the
plaintiff's attorney.
- Ms. Kalyani, I think I'll allow this.
- Thank you.
My lord, I'd like to cite the judgment
in A.K Singhal versus B Lal, 1998..
A1 SC 2287 which rules
that photo copy of a document.. inadmissible as evidence.
My Lord, I would request the
court to ask TJ Associates.. present the originals
from their records.
Next time, before sending
me any document just make sure..
..the messenger isn't
taking their photo copies.
I can't believe this at all.
You gave a copy of
that letter to Tarun?
There's a letter for you too.
My resignation.
Sameer are you coming?
Hi Tanya.
Hello. Sameer?
Yes. I'm sorry,
I won't be able to make it today.
What do you mean?
It's Tammy's birthday today.
I'm sorry Tanya.
Actually, Sonali and I are
planning to have a baby.
I think it's better I stay away
from every kind of infection.
Please understand and
convey my wishes to Tam.
- Shall I serve dinner?
- We'll wait for Sam.
I don't think he'll come.
When I called,
he said he'll call in 2 minutes.
Those 2 minutes have
turned to 3 hours.
- We'll wait for some more time.
- I know he won't come.
He fears he'll get AIDS
if he comes close to Tam.
- Hi!
- Hi!
Happy birthday!
Thank you. How did you know?
You didn't tell me, but I know.
I'm your lawyer after all. It's my job.
- Even Rosy is here.
- Hi Rosy.
- Hi!
- Hi baby!
- This is Goody.
- Hi! How are you?
- Good!
- Nice to meet you.
Come. Ok?
So Rosy, I believe you just started
your 50th job. Congratulations.
Did you celebrate?
Rosy, you got me Tamanna's case.
Any commission?
Shut-up! Win the case for Tam.
That's my commission!
She'll win. It's her habit.
She has so many awards in her office.
But what about me? Because where
winning is concerned, I'm not...
Whether you win or I,
it's the same thing.
It's his habit.
He keeps playing with
words for no reason.
That means I can be a good lawyer.
Good. There's still hope.
I'm very happy! Very good! -
- So tomorrow at 11am.
- Yes.
- Tamanna.
- Yes?
When I was going for my first case and
went to meet Mr. Satsangi..
..he asked me how was my preparation.
I said I've done my best.
He told me the client does
not pay me fees to do my best.
He pays me to win the case.
I guess what I'm trying to say is..
..I've done my best
in this case so far.
Only best.
I couldn't present myself
as well as I had expected.
You know what Tarun?
I only asked you to fight with me
which you're doing.
I don't have any more expectation
or hopes than this.
I'll speak nothing but the truth.
Had you informed Mr. Subramanium
about your absence?
Yes. For the first week,
I couldn't get out of my shock.
Subbu sir called many times,
but I didn't take them.
'Then he finally
came home to meet me.'
'He couldn't understand
anything at first.'
'Then I told him about my HIV report.'
Why did you tell Mr. Subramanium?
I mean, why did you have to tell
something personal in the office?
Subbu sir wasn't just an
employer or boss for me.
Since the past 9 years,
since I've known him..
..he supported me in every problem,
every trouble.. my parents would have..
..if they were alive.
Subbu sir had filled
their void in my life.
He was like a father figure to me.
He was my hero.
Your witness.
Ms. Tamanna Sahni..
..when did you start
working for TJ Associates?
In 1997.
Subbu sir and I worked
in HTA before that.
When Subbu sir decided to quit HTA..
..he asked me to
join him and I agreed.
Was he offering you
a better salary than HTA?
It was nothing like that.
We both had taken that decision
for creative independence.
I knew we wouldn't make
much money in the beginning.
You took a risk?
It was worth taking the risk.
Of course it was
worth taking the risk.
Within 3 years, TJ Associates had big
accounts like BSA and JNM.
You said you quit HTA for your
creative independence right?
Did Mr. Subramanium ever try
to override or suppress..
..your creative independence
in these 7 years?
Which means the promise
Mr. Subramanium had made you he kept it?
Last year, during BSA's big campaign.. suddenly asked for
leave from Mr. Subramanium.
- Did he deny it to you?
- No.
- Why did you ask for leave?
- Objection. Irrelevant.
What was more important
than the BSA campaign?
Objection, my Lord.
Ms. Kalyani, please stick to
questions pertaining to the case.
How did you catch the
HIV infection Tamanna?
Tamanna, answer.
How did you catch the
HIV infection Tamanna?
How did you catch the
HIV infection Tamanna?
Didn't you ever ask
him why he did this to you?
Why didn't he tell you he's HIV+?
I couldn't contact him again.
That's really sad. That's terrible.
How can anyone be so cheap,
so selfish, so sadistic?
Aren't you angry with Rohit?
I was.
I was very angry.
Very angry.
And now you're venting that
anger on TJ Associates?
Rohit's anger?
Finally, it wasn't worth
taking the risk, was it?
Mr. Subramanium, why did you give
Tamanna the offer to work with you?
Tamanna was a talented girl.
I had seen her work.
You even gave her a share in
the profits of your company. Correct?
The clients who were impressed
by Tamanna's work..
..I used to give 20% of revenue
earned from them to Tamanna.
Mr. Subramanium, that means.. had not made a mistake
in offering Tamanna to work with you?
Certainly not.
I was proud of her work.
But then Tamanna
became over-confident.
If she wanted, she could've
made immense progress.
But her indiscipline
started affecting her work.
How can you say that?
Her work started getting delayed.
She was paying more attention
to her personal life.
Mr. Subramanium..
..can you cross your heart and say.. dismissed Tamanna Sahni only
because she wasn't doing her work well?
Was there no other reason?
Objection. Leading.
- Sustained.
..put yourself in Tamanna's
place think and tell..
was what you did right?
- Objection.
No, I'll take that.
I'd like to answer this question.
If I was in Tamanna's place
and she was in mine..
..I would be happy
if Tamanna did what I did.
This company is my dream.
And whatever I did,
I did it for my company.
Excuse me, Rohit Manchanda?
I didn't know..
I didn't know.
I didn't know.
I didn't know.
I know you're very hurt..
..but such things
happen in a court case.
We've lost in the civil court today.
But we can appeal in the high court.
I don't want to appeal
in the high court.
..if you want to go
to some other lawyer..
..I understand.
I couldn't win this case for you.
Rohit has come back.
He's on the last stage.
I'm sorry.
Did he say anything?
Where was he until now?
When he was here..
..he didn't know he was HIV+.
After he went back, his health
suddenly began to deteriorate.
When the doctors did tests
they came to know..
..the AIDS virus
has begun to spread in his body.
He was in the hospital
for a few months.
But when he came to know..
..that he's going to die anytime..
..he came back..
..hoping against hope
that nothing had happened to me.
But when Niharika told him that I..
He was shattered.
..when I saw him today I realized..
..that however much I fight.. day, even my state
will be like his is today.
I'm scared Tarun.
I couldn't bear to see
Rohit in that state.
I couldn't bear it.
As much as I see him, I realize..
..that tomorrow, even I.. like that..
I'm scared.
I don't want to fight anymore.
There's no point.
There are just a few
days left of my life..
..and if this is going to happen..
I don't baby sit, Tarun.
If you've come to
cry over losing the case.
I'm sorry, go away.
Sir, please.
I have lost the case.
Has the case lost you Tarun?
You still have a chance
to appeal in the high court.
The judge didn't say
Tamanna was inefficient.
The order clearly states
that Tamanna was not inefficient.
And that TJ knew about her being HIV+.
Tarun, what you wanted to prove,
you proved it.
But sir,
the judge has also said that..
..despite all this
TJ can dismiss Tamanna.
TJ hasn't done anything illegal.. Tamanna cannot
even claim compensation.
Nor can she go back to work.
This isn't about just one Tamanna.
It's about many people like Tamanna..
..for whose help there's
no law in this country.
You've got this chance
to do something for such people.
And you..
"Some moments dwell in the eyes,
some moments burn them."
"Some moments dwell in the eyes,
some moments burn them."
"Carrying a broken dream, going away."
"Carrying a broken dream, going away."
"Some moments take a turn."
"Some moments take a turn."
Go Tamanna.
You were here throughout the day.
I'm happy here, close to you.
Don't die with me, Tamanna.
Until you have life, you have it.
And who can know this better than me?
- Hello.
- Tamanna.
- Hello. Lal sir, Tarun.
- Yes Tarun?
Sir, Tamanna's case hearing
is in the high court today.
Tamanna, I'm Anu calling
from the Hospital.
Rohit's condition is very bad.
I'm coming.
Call me after the hearing.
Tell me how it went.
- Yes.
- I'll be waiting for your call.
Yes sir.
All the best.
Thank you.
You're leaving me?
No Rohit!
Honourable judges,
..she's a dedicated,
hard working girl.
A girl who has won many big awards
in the advertising industry
And as soon as her boss, Mr. Subramanium
came to know she is HIV+, what did he do?
What most people do.
He tried to distance her as
much as he could from himself.
And why not?
Even I did this with Tamanna.
Why? Because I was scared.
I was scared because I was ignorant.
HIV is dangerous, HIV is fatal.
But does HIV take away life?
Take away the right to live?
If yes, then why do we
talk of non-discrimination?
But if HIV only takes your life,
not the right to live, then why.. we want to distance Tamanna Sahni
and other people like her?
My client, Tamanna Sahni, is HIV+.
And she knows
she may not survive this illness.
But she wants to fight.
She wants to live her life.
Then why are we stopping her?
Who are we to stop her?
Her condition does not stop her
from carrying out her duties...
to the best of her ability. And may
I add that she's extremely capable.
If someone falls sick in our office,
we don't dismiss him.
Then why an HIV+ person?
We must accept them,
not get scared and ostracize them.
Why can't we give them a place
beside us, give them love and respect?
Because until we don't do this, they'll
get scared and hide from the world.
And hide their illness.
And HIV will keep spreading
with such unknown mistakes.
Tamanna Sahni is my friend, and
I'm extremely proud of her.
I will stand by her, come what may.
Today, I beseech you, the law-makers
of this land to do the same.
Stand by Tamanna,
give her back her life.
Because in doing so,
you'll not only help Tamanna but..
..millions of people
infected by this disease.
And you'll help those
very few thousands..
..who fight everyday, also very hard
in order to stop the spread of this virus.
'When clouds become dark, it seems
like it has become dark all around.'
'But then, from somewhere,
a whiff of wind makes a beginning..'
'..and moves a cloud. And a piece
of blue sky becomes visible.'
'And slowly, the sky gleams again!'
My God!
That's your gift.
Tamanna Sahni, new age business woman.
Happy anniversary!
This is for you, Rohit.
I forgot to tell you.
Nisha is expecting.
Going to be a father already!
- Idiot!
- Tarun!
- I can't spare her!