Phobia (2016) Movie Script

2.. 5..7.. 10 minutes..
he continued to stare.
I ignored him at first
but then I Went to the table..
...and I said, any problem, sit?
I'm very sorry
You look like someone
I know, he replied
I was going to walk away.
...but he was a 70 year old man.
Horny uncle!
Anyway, so I had to ask
him whom did I look like.
Any guesses on his reply?
His mother?
His daughter.
His 8th grade biology teacher.
Don't try to fit in you fantasy here.
She was so hot, Mrs.. Matthews.
I promise. Oh my god!
He said I look like his dog.
What? I'm serious!
I'm serious.
His dog was called Princess.
That's a terrible name.
Forget the name, listen to the story.
I said, you made fun of me, uncle.
Can I go home now'?
He said, please listen to me.
Princess died in
a car accident in 1985.
She freed herself and
ran into an oncoming car.
The cat Ian over her and by the
time he reached there, she was dead.
She was dead. Her throat was crushed.
This happened on 17th June, 1985.
You're joking. - No.
That's my birth date.
No.. - Yeah!
And it gets stranger because
I have a birth mark on my neck.
I have a birth mark on my neck.
Very funny-
Shaan.. I'm sorry.
shaan. shaan..!
Gulp it down, you'll feel better.
What happened?
Half of the critics hadn't
Even arrived, you should've Waited.
I don't know why but
I suddenly felt so weird.
I saw something that Wasn't
actually there, but it felt so real.
I don't understand
What you are saying, Mehak
I don't know.
You're okay now, right? - Yes.
Because everyone
really liked your Work.
You think? - Yes.
Stop, pull over.
Come up.
We'll have a drink,
listen to some music.
You know..
Just because it happened
once after getting drunk..
...doesn't mean it's
gonna happen every time.
You know What,
I don't know about you past life..
But in this life you definitely are..
a princess
Bye! - Goodnight.
Helllo.. madam?
Oh my God!
Ma'am, are you ok?
- Maam, are you ok?
Get some water! - What happened?
She's bleeding! - Get some water.
What happened?
- Have you found any ID?
Mehak, open you month.
Show your tongue.
Hold my hand. You're in a hospital,
I'm a doctor. Just relax.
Show your tongue. Calm down.
You're in hospital. Open Your eyes.
Open you eyes.
C'mon, Mehak.
The doctor has been Waiting for long.
I was six and you were
around dues years old.
Do you Remember the
terrace on out Jammu home?
I was spinning you around in circles..
...When you suddenly
slipped out of my hand.
You fell to the ground floor.
Do you Remember that song that
dad sang to calm you down.
Relax, Mehak.
You can't step out right..
...that's why I've brought
the outside World to you here.
Oh my god!
This is virtual therapy.
For people like you.
Go on, Walk ahead.
Very good, Mehak.
Do you like shopping?
Anusha told me that you
always did the grocery shopping.
C'mon, Mehak, keep going.
That's good, Mehak.
So What do you feel like buying today?
Buy me a chocolate, minty.
Yes, pick up a chocolate for Joey.
You can do it, Mehak.
- The biscuit ones.
Biscuit chocolate, c'mon Mehak.
Where's the chocolate?
There are people there.
Please.. please.. - No, no.
Please don't touch it. Mehak.
Please don't touch it.
Keep going.
You're almost there, Mehak. Relax.
Look for the chocolate.
You can do it, Mehak.
Be brave. Very good.
She hit me. - Who hit you?
Relax.. Relax..
- She hit me! She hit me!
Relax. Mehak! Mehak!
Mummy! - She hit me!
Calm down. - Mummy!
Relax, Relax. - Don't touch me!
What happened to aunty'? - Nothing.
Go, get your drawing book.
I'm sorry, Anusha.
Mehak suffers from Agoraphobia.
She has a deep-seated
feat of the outside World.
She's not being difficult,
she's just unwell.
If not treated,
Mehak can become completely unstable.
She is certain that if
she steps out of the house..
She will be made to experience the
same honor she Went through that night.
But that taxi driver is in prison.
Mehak knows that very Well.
He can't do anything now.
What happened that night?
It's not like she was raped!
I understand, Anusha. If you Want,
you can admit her to the clinic.
There is a good clinic in Byculla..
- Just a second, doctor.
There's no need to put Mehak in an
institution. And please, she's not crazy.
Take it.
I don't want to talk,
I just need some time.
Do you know how long its been
since you stepped out of this house?
Two Weeks. - Two?
Four. - Yes, four Weeks.
Not four Weeks, but four months.
That's true.
What crap!
Mehak, I have other
Responsibilities as Well.
Did you see Joey today?
He gets so frightened seeing
you that he can't sleep at night.
Then why do you call
that therapist home?
What have I done?
It's always my fault!
He is a five year old kid, don't
you feel he deserves some normalcy?
Are you blaming me for that?
If he Wants normalcy,
take him to his father. - Mehak.
Her kid gets screwed up,
is it my responsibility'?
Mehak, it's not
necessary to involve him.
And I'm just talking about Joey,
let's just stay there.
What happened last Week?
Tell him. - Get lost seriously.
Joey Returns from school
and lings the doorbell.
But he isn't able to
get into the house. Why?
I Wanna know that.
- How many times will she say that!
- She's said it thrice already!
I'll say it again and again, the kid
stood on the street for four 1101115.
Why couldn't he get into the house?
Because you couldn't go upto
the door and let him in.
Yes. - Yes, so?
I said I'm sorry. - What if
something had happened to the kid?
I'm sorry. - What do I do?
What do I do? Quit my job?
Shall I shop for normalcy from that
virtual supermarket for you?
What do you Want?
What do you Want? - What do you Want?
You Want to send me to an institution!
I don't want to send you
to an institution.. - Shut up!
I heard you.
What did you heat? - Mehak.
I'm feeling dizzy.
OK.. calm down. sit down.
Sit down.
Look, Mehak.
You can't throw me
out of my own house.
This house belongs to me too.
- Of course, Mehak.
It'll always be your house.
I'm just telling you that..
Anusha, be strong. We need to do this.
I don't know if we're
doing the right thing.
Ann, I'm taking responsibility.
Trust me, she'll become line in
a new place. Away from you guys.
Hi, ma'am - Go!
Who are you? - I didn't do anything.
Mehak.. please... calm down.
It's me. - Where were you?
I can't.. I can't move.
You got seated.
Who are you? How did you get in?
The door was open.
I'm Manu. Manu Malhotra,
Your next-door neighbor.
I stay in
I'm so sorry if l frightened you.
I thought that Jiya was back. - Jiya?
Jiya is my friend.
Manu, actually we've just moved in.
Let us settle down first - Of course.
K you need anything. - Sure.
Please don't hesitate,
I'm just a doorbell away. - Than]: you.
Shall I make tea for you? - No.
I'll give it, thank you.
- I Want water.
How about coffee..
- No, Thanks, Manu.
He's laughing. - I didn't
arrange the Welcome party.
Where's the house?
This is going to be
your house fox sometime now.
100 years later?
You are very young.
This is my friend's house,
it's been lying vacant.
We can stay here as long as We Want.
We? - You, of course.
C'mon, get up now.
Come. - Get up. Do this, do that.
I've asked Ann for some
...because there's no point
sending you to a clinic.
Being independent again will help
you face this problem. Really.
Will you give it a try?
Best keep this one closed.
The bedroom has such a nice view.
shaan, please close it.
- No, you need vitamin D.
Who does this belong to?
The house belongs to my friend but he
had Rented it out to a gill named Jiya.
Some of her clothes and stuff
might be lying around.
Throw away Whatever you don't need.
What if she comes back for it?
- She Won't.
She didn't pay the rent,
didn't come to collect her deposit.
Maybe she skipped town.
Sorry, chips.
Shall We clean up the place?
I'll do it.
Don't you have to go to work?
I thought I'll take my Diwali
leave from today itself.
No need, shaan.
I'll take some time
out of my busy schedule.
How much is the rent'?
- Don't Worry about that.
Get Well soon, start painting
and you can pay me back, ok?
What did you and
Anusha put in my coffee?
You thought I'll not come to know.
Would you've agreed
if I had asked directly'?
If my motor skills don't come back.
I'm not talking to you again.
You should go now.
Don't forget you medicines.
"This gill is going to drive me crazy"
Don't need
Don't need.
Hi, it's me. Open up. - Wait a second!
I'm opening, but count to ten
before you step in. OK? - Yeah, OK.
Huh? - Yeah!
Shall I come in?
What are you doing?
Hey, dance with me, c'mon.
C'mon. - No, thanks.
What are you doing?
Let me eat. - C'mon, play along.
OK, fine. I'll Watch you dance.
Shaan's got talent - M, c'mon!
It's OK.. it's OK.
It's OK.
Chemist, grocer, milkman,
I'm leaving all their cards here.
I'll find you a maid.
- I don't need a maid.
OK, no maid.
Anyway, Why would
you need a maid, When..
I'm there.
I'm 100% going to get Well
Of course,
What goes down must come up.
It's a law of physics.
- you got it all wrong
No, I'm telling the truth.
Many famous entertainers, actors,
...philosophers suffered
from agoraphobia.
Barbara Streisand, sing er.
Kim Basinger, actress. Even Freud..
Not one of them is Indian?
What can I do if you've a phobia of
White people! - You're still doing this.
I have a phobia of capsicum,
What can I do!
Have you heard of Paula Dean'? Even she
had a problem stepping out of her home.
She started cooking
from home and is now famous..
...for cooking on TV.
And I've brought all you things.
Sit at home and paint.
I'm trying but I'm
not being able to paint.
You've to be more positive.
It's a mental block, it'll go away.
Just try harder.
- Why don't you try that?
Happy? And you have so many offers.
Just think about it.
Did you check my mails?
No, the page was open so I Just happened
glance through. - What the hell!
Mehak, please Relax. - Don't ask
me to Relax because I don't like that.
If I look though
you personal Things..'d you like it?
- Mehak, What are you doing?
Where are you going?
I thought I'll stay the night.'s a new place,
that's all.
What did you think?
What exactly did you think?
Mehak is crazy..
Dance with her, feed her, give her
some attention and then this!
Where will she run away to?
She can't even step out of the house.
Get out of my house! - Mehak!
Relax, you're just losing it..
- You ask me to Relax one more
...and I'll cut you tongue out! - Mehak,
there are dues moms in this house.
You can sleep there
and I can sleep here.
Do I have to tell you this,
you Island!
Control that crazy mind of yours.
I'm just sick of this.
Who is that for?
Who are the condoms for?
You don't know her.
Don't come back here again.
This isn't Your house,
Don't forget that.
Because I'm leaving?
I'm sorry.
If you feel bad,
I can stop seeing her.
It's not serious.
Hmm..Can you throw the garbage
on you way out? - What?!
No, Mehak. I Won't dispose your garbage,
That's the least you can do for yourself.
You don't Want to help me?
That's What I'm doing. - Get lost!
Disposing the garbage is no big deal.
First he says it's my house
and then he says it isn't!
You are so swee..
Who are you?
Send him out.
How many times have I told you
not let hormoz hide in you place!
There's nobody here.
Hormoz! - Oh god!
There's nobody here.
You've come back?
He'll kill you this time.
Is hormoz in there?
Do you have a fan at home?
Yes, I do.
Then did you check on top of it'? He must
be sitting on it and moving in circles.
Are you teasing me?
You think this is a joke'?
- No, 3 think it's many late, babe.
Three times one equals dues.
Three times two equals six.
Three limes dues equals nine.
Three limes four equals twelve.
Three limes five equals fifteen.
Three limes six equals eighteen.
Three times seven equals twenty-one.
Three limes eight equals twenty-four.
Three limes nine equals twenty-seven.
Oh no! Oh god! I'm so sorry.
I'm just.. a little..
You're Welcome.
Thank you.
Ann, pick up.
Just because I didn't answer you
call, you are not answeling mine?
But you know What? I just Went out
and disposed of the garbage myself.
Please call me.
Captain Nichani is just horrible.
Each time I ask him What
the temperature outside is..
...before landing he looks
at my boobs and says, 36.
If Manu finds out about this,
he'll flip out and kill me.
Hey M! - There's a cat in my bedroom.
And Where are you? - In the bedroom.
I'm not sure Whether
it's actually there 01 not.
What do you mean?
shaan, there's something wrong
with the house. I'm seeing things.
Mehak, make some noise.
If the cat isn't deaf, it'll run away.
What if it doesn't?
Then I'll come running to you.
Hey, I'm sorry about yesterday.
Of course, you ate. - OK.
Hey, it ran! It was really a cat!
Go.. go!
Hey, go!
Go, kitty!
Are you OK?
I'm OK.
Are you sure?
Are you fine? - What?
Are you sure? - Yes.
Do you need some help?
I can call the..
No, it's fine.
Are you alright? You just fell down.
Come inside and sit.
No, I'm Waiting for my dad.
I forgot the house
keys and he's at work.
I'm fine outside.
No, no, you can come inside and sit.
I'm Nikki, by the way.
Namaste, my name is Nikki.
Mehak. - Hi Mehak.
Are you sure you're fine?
There's someone in my mom.
Someone you know, right?
Someone whom you know?
No, actually it's a cat.
You are so frightened by a cat?
I'm very seated of cats,
please come. Pleas;-3..
Of course.
Black eat with yellow eyes, isn't it?
Must be Gul aunty's cat.
She wanders about the building.
Comes in though the window.
Give me a spoon and plate.
The humus in the jungles..
make noise to hue the tigers out,
so they can sham them.
I hate hunters, but I love tigers.
Why did you scream?
- Why did you scream?
Because you screamed.
There's a spider inside.
There's nobody in the bathroom.
There's nobody in the cupboard either.
But, there's a spider
under the bed. EWw..
What happened?
You look like as if you saw a ghost!
I'm glad to have met you.
Actually, I don't have too many
friends and everyone calls me a flea.k.
But you're a step ahead of me.
I have agoraphobia. - Agoraphobia?
How exotic!
Can you please get the ice? - Yes.
So basically, you can never
visit the Taj Mahal, right?
Forget the Taj Mahal, I can't
even visit the Gateway of India.
You've come to the right place.
This building is filled
with crazy people.
Manu, always keeps smiling.
The creepiest smile ever.
Gul aunty keeps looking
fox hex husband Hormaz all day.
She has a husband?
I've never seen him.
Who knows Whether he actually
And now you, Welcome.
This 'Taj Mahal' phobia of Yours..
Did you always have it 01..
I'm an artist, I used to paint.
Are you serious?
- Jiya used to live here, right?
Yes. - You knew her as Well?
Of course.
She was so weird.
Very weird.
She and Manu were a couple.
This Manu?
Romeo and Juliet style..
The noises from their house
Sounded more like Cain and abel.
Screaming, shouting all the time.
I heard that she disappeared.
I heard that she
Disappeared all of a sudden.
That Manu is..
One minute, sorry.
Where are you? - Dad?
I'm in the neighbours house.
I'm coming, bye.
I'm so sorry; I've got to go.
- What happened?
That Manu is a Weirdo.
Nice meeting you.
I'll see you soon.
I'll catch up with you later.
Excuse me.
Oh shit!
Hello? Did you get hurt?
Ma'am! I'm terribly sorry.
Are you hurt? I'm coming.
No, I'm line. I'm OK.
Thank god.
Should I come over
and repair your Wall?
It'll only take a few minutes.
No, not required.
These buildings
look good from outside.
But they are completely
rotten from inside.
Are you alright, ma'am'.7
- I'm fine, OK.
Sometimes I am afraid of Manu.
Today again he hit me.
He threw a ketch-up bottle at me.
The minor behind me shattered.
7 years of bad luck.
But I was so turned on.
He Wants babies.
But I don't want to.. Want it.
When I refused..
...he held my hand so hard
that the marks never left.
His grip is like iron.
We're engaged.
He made me Wear his
grandpas old ring..
...and said, 'Chotu, We were engaged'.
Ring my foot!
I'm in love with a crazy man,
but I'm the bigger idiot.
I need to leave but
he won't let me. Help me God.
Hey, Princess. It's me.
M, the food is getting cold. Come.
Do you know which Indian
celebrity is Agoraphobia?
I'm coming in.
Mehak, are you inside?
M, are you OK?
Now Whatever you see
will be recorded here.
You still don't believe me?
What proof do you
have that Jiya is dead?
For all you know, she is out there,
dancing in some night club as We speak.
Living her life. - Rubbish.
She used to live here earlier,
And Now she doesn't.
That's it, you had a panic attack.
No, she's dead.
What did you see? - shaan, I told you.
She was lying there
in a pool of blood.
Someone had attacked her.
Nikki, go and open the door.
Hi, is Mehak them'? - Yes,.
Hi, happy Diwali. I'm Nikki.
How did you like my knocks?
Three knocks means it's me.
Because you panic on
hearing the doorbell.
And What's with all the cameras?
So much for a cat?
No, the other thing..
Hey, hello.. no ghosts here, these
cameras are for security purposes.
Anyway, we went taking
about something 'important.. you can come back later.
I just thought you wanted company.
Come back later for some cold coffee..
...when he's not around.
Is she even old enough
to drink coffee?
Excuse me, I'm in college.
I'm studying Political science.
Wow, good for you.
Don't you have homework to finish?
OK, uncle.
I'll come back.
I Want to go home.
It's just been two days, Mehak.
It's a new place.
It takes time getting used to.
It's not about getting used to.
I am afraid of stepping out and
now I'm afraid of staying in.
Where do I go?
Come here.
Come here.
Mehak. Mehak. - It's shaan!
There's nobody, Mehak.
Only you and me.
Mehak, ghosts are not real.
Whatever you saw was
just you imagination.
There's a conflict between
Reality and fantasy within you.
Please Remember.
If you don't confront this fear..
...then it'll keep growing like this.
You'll have to face
this phobia, Mehak.
We'll help you.
If you Want,
you can get out of this situation.
Don't you Want to
be flee of this phobia?
You'll have to trust me.
No.. - C'mon, Mehak.
Where do you Want to go shopping?
Mehak, you've done this before.
This is virtual Reality.
Nobody will harm you, don't be afraid.
Keep Walking.
If you like a shop, Walk in.
Very good, Mehak.
OK, go in.
No, 110..
don't go there, Mehak. Tum back.
Ann! - Mehak!
C'mon, let's go home.
Ann is not in the mall.
What's going on, doc?
This is showing something else.
Mehak, Where are you?
Oh god!
Get me out! - M, it's not Real, Relax.
Get me out!
- Mehak, don't panic. We're here.
Mehak, calm down.
Calm down, Mehak!
Mehak! - Get me out!
Get me out!
Mehak, What have you done!
C'mon, we've to take
you to the hospital.
Mehak is not
Getting any better, shaan.
She has gone mad.
Admit her to a clinic.
Lock her up.
Lock her up.
Lock her up.
Hello, this is the
Khurana's residence.
There's nobody at home right now,
so please leave a message. Than]: you.
Hello, my name is Mehak.
I Want to talk to you about Jiya.
So please call me back.
I know What happened to her.
I live in the place Where Jiya died.
So, 1 think she's trying
to tell me something.
Call me urgently for Jiya's sake.
I'm sorry, Jiya.
I shouldn't have killed you.
Please forgive me Jiya..
Jiya was killed with this.
With this drawing?
No, Nikki, with the blade cutter.
Do you know who it belongs to?
Weird Manu?
Not weird, he has crossed the line.
Did Jiya tell you all of this'?
She showed it to me.
So, you know something must
have happened between her and Manu..
...and then Manu killed Jiya.
He's a bit psycho Romeo type..
but he's no murderer.
I'll prove it to you.
He still has the blade cutter.
I saw it.
We'll give it to the cops.
Jiya's blood stains will surely
be found in the forensic tests.
Nikki, you've to help me.
I've to prove myself that I'm 1101..
Genuinely cuckoo.
Go, home.
It's OK, I'll help you.
Tell me What to do.
Manu goes to the joggers
park every evening.
He's the president
of sunset laughter club there.
How do you know?
My dad's a member.
Anyway, he leaves the spare
house keys outside in the planter.
As soon as he leaves for the park,
We'll go in and get the blade cutter.
Where has he kept Jiya's body?
Buried her in the Walls of the house?
He's an architect.
He'd surely know how
to hide a body behind Walls.
No Wonder he's Renovating
the house by himself.
Your boyfriend hasn't come today?
shaan isn't my boyfriend.
Does he know that? - Yes.
If you say so.
Isn't he a bit possessive?
He cues for me.
We're very good friends.
He's leaving.
I can't step out.
OK, you Watch the TV and
call me if a problem arises.
I don't have you number.
Oh, Catch this.
Throw me yours .
I'll call myself. - OK.
Be careful.
My god, this place is a mess!
Can you see it?
He has broken the entire house down.
There's a really bad stench in here,
Mehak..and I know it's not just paint.
I sweat if something jumps at me,
you better..
Hey, What happened?
I thought someone was
standing behind me. - Please.
But I'm OK now.
See this, the cement is still wet.
He could have buried her in the Wall.
I'm going to the next morn now.
And the Manu honor show continues.
Oh my god, he plays with a doll!
Does he play dollhouse games?
Mehak, meet Jiya.
Jiya, meet Mehak.
Nikki, he's here.
What?! Stall him.
I don't know, do something.
Oh, he's inside, Nikki.
I couldn't help you, sorry.
If he catches me, I'm dead.
Nikki, hide under the bed, quickly!
I've officially seen everything.
Hi. Happy Diwali.
Go inside.
Repair my Wall.
Can I.. I'm a bit tied up,
can I do it tomorrow?
No, no.. - no Tomorrow?
I've been Waiting so long..
Please repair the Wall now..
It's just a 2 mm hole.
I'll fix it tomorrow, I'm a bit busy.
You told me you would do it,
you promised..
Please fix the hole,
it's causing me a lot of trouble.
Please fix it- I'll
just get my toolkit.
No, no, not required.
It's not required, please.
Not Required.. Malhotra!
Thank you.
Did the entire Wall come down?
No, no. that..
I was having a problem..
I'm coming.
You go to the mom, please, I'll come.
In the first place, it shouldn't have
happened, you know. I'm an architect.
I'm getting a bit late for my laughter
club, but it's alright. Two minutes.
Are you coming? - I'm coming.
This mom, right? - Yes, that mom.
I know the bedroom.
By the way, it's Diwali today,
What are you doing in the evening?
Why don't you join us?
We'll burst some crackers
in the building compound.
Everybody will be there, it'll be fun.
Why are you so stressed?
I used to be very stressed also.
But laughter therapy
has helped me a lot.
Shall I teach you a technique?
Es called the Milkshake Technique.
Imagine two glasses in your hands..
Why don't you join me?
I had bought this for Jiya.
On 0111 anniversary.
She was so beautiful.
Hello! Ma'am.
Open the door please.
Open the door!
Stop that!
Open the door!
I Won't open it,
I know What you did to Jiya.
What did I do? - I'm getting
the police to get you arrested.
What? - Oh thank god!
Listen, we've to go.
What did you do?
By god, I'm getting angry now.
- That's Malhotra, forget him.
Niki is in there.. - Open the door.
Mehak, open the door.
- You don't understand!
Wait, shaan. You can't take a risk.
- Open the door.
Mehak, you can't do this.
M.. - You don't know..
Stop, please. OK?
We're dead!
I'm so sorry, Manu.
Hold him!
Why did you lock me in?
Why did you lock me in?
You know Jiya?
I know What you did to Jiya!
What did I do? - You tell me.
You tell me What did I do!
No, You tell me first!
What's wrong with her?
Where's Nikki? - What are you saying?
What were you saying about Jiya?
Where's Nikki?
- Don't change the topic.
What were you saying about Jiya?
But Where's Nikki?
She needs help.
He's a murder.
M, for god's sake!
Manu, she doesn't mean it.
You.. - Why?
I'm telling you all. - Stop it!
Manu, you gotta go.
Manu, you gotta go home.
She's confused,
she thinks you're someone else.
Please go home,
I'll come and explain later.
Manu, you gotta go.
Manu, just go.
Don't let him go.
I'll come back later for my toolkit.
If something happens,
it's your responsibility.
What the hell happened!
Where were you?
Relax, mom!
There was a Whole nest
of spiders under Manu's bed.
So I panicked.
And you should change you phone.
Anyway, look What I found.
Even I have this.
Does that make me a murderer too?
Mehak, I told you to please
tell this girl to leave.
Listen, Mehak can have
friends other than you as Well.
Stop getting so J.
Do you Want to put
this gill in trouble again?
If you suffer a panic attack,
What will she do?
Listen, you don't
need to Worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
I'm a black belt. - Right.
And Mehak can never harm me.
What if Malhotra files
a police complaint against you?
You broke into his house.
He won't do that, he's guilty.
Oh Mehak, please! This is madness.
Why aren't you helping us?
Now Jiya will help us out.
OK, it's written here that
to get in touch with the dead.
To make contact, you've to
be in the same place Where she died.
And it's written that you need.. be in possession of
something that belonged to her.
We have Jiya's clothes. Check.
Why are We doing this in the bathroom?
Mehak said that Jiya died in here.
- Right.
No Nikki, that's Jiya. can't you tell?
Sorry '
Jiya, We come in peace.
We mean no harm.
We're here to listen
and help you move on.
Jiya, We come in peace.
We mean no harm.
Please talk to us.
Maybe Jiya isn't in a mood to talk.
That's because you
energy is very negative.
Sure, its always my fault..
Please keep quiet.
We'll try again.
Jiya, please talk to me.
What happened to you in this house?
We're here to help you.
Please talk to us
Where are you..
What the hell!
Jiya tell us who killed you?
- What nonsense! Who are you people?
What's all this?
Have you all gone mad?
You're alive?
Of course, I'm alive.
You're supposed to be dead. - What?!
Why is she Wearing my uniform?
And you have my ring.
- Sorry.. I'm shaan, I can explain.
Please explain, shaan.
Actually, I can't explain but..
Did you call up my parents?
Huh! Are you mad?
Do you know how troubled my parents
were after hearing your message?
Who does such a thing!
'I know who killed Your
daughter.' Manu made you say that?
No, We thought Manu murdered you.
I've overheard your fights.. - Shut up,
you nosy rat! I'm gonna kill Manu
Jiya, you're back! - Get off me!
Stay away from me, you sicko!
Don't you understand it's over?
I don't want you
grandma's Rotten ring!
Stay away 01 I'll
call the cops. - Jiya..
Jiya, it's for you. - I don't want it.
What did you tell them about us?
Don't listen to them.
They're all mental.
I love you.
No, you don't. - Please come back.
You hit me. - I'm sorry.
Please calm down. - No, I Won't.
Sony, I shouldn't have MK you.
Too late fol- sorry now.
You know, I've done an advanced
0011156 in laughter therapy.
Shut up!
I don't get angry anymore, see.
- Shut up!
What do you Want?
You Want to continue flying?
No problem. You don't
Want to marry me? No problem.
You don't Want kids? No problem.
You Want to work with other guys?
No problem.
You don't Want this ring now? OK.
I'll put it in my pocket.
I'll try later.
I love you, baby.
Just come back.
Get off'. What are you doing?
Please.. please, I'm sorry.
I Won't be stupid again.
Come back, please.
I hate you.
I know.
If you laugh again, I'll slap you.
- I won't laugh.
I have seen her in
the bathroom, shaan.
In the bedroom.
All over the house.
But she's alive.
Why don't you say something?
Mehak, I believe in you.
There's definitely something
wrong with this house.
Maybe it Wasn't runaway Jiya but.. do We now communicate
with the Real ghost?
We don't even have their clothes.
- Go home, That's enough!
Go home.
And thank you for everything.
Hey, What thank you?
Say that when We catch the ghost.
Happy Diwali.
Are you going to send me
to mental hospital now?
No, M, never.
I've never seen a more stronger
gill than you all my life.
You will be line,
I promise, just don't give up.
Reality 0r imagination..
Right 01 wrong,
I can't tell difference.
I'm crazy.
Please go.
- I'm not going anywhere, Mehak.
I love you.
I've always loved you.
I'm so sorry.
I hate you hands.
Your touch disgusts me.
Your hands are dirty..
You've lost you mind.
Not me.
You need treatment, not me.
How dare you state at me! - M?
Who gave you the right to touch me?
It's you who stinks
Because you're Rotten.
I'm not wrong, you ate.
Evil. Filthy.
Why did you do it?
What did you gain?
- Will you stop it?
Do you know whom you're talking to?
- I'm talking to you, shaan.
You just don't understand me!
You tell me to be brave.
Go out. Go where?
You told me, I Wasn't raped.
Should I have been Raped'.7- Enough!
If you touch me again,
I'll call the cops.
Go ahead, call them over.
- You are Disgusting!
The more people see this drama,
the better it will be
I took you as my friend and What did
you do the moment you got a chance!
How are you any different from him?
How dare you say that!
What about all the
stress you've been..
...putting me though
over the past dues yeats?
We're friends today, lovers tomorrow,
who knows What We are the day after!
Make up you bloody mind!
I've done so much for you.
I'm going to call Ann.
I'm talking to you, you flea.k.
M.. M..
M, please.. that's enough!
Oh god!
I'm sorry, M. Are you hurt?
Let me check
Stop it. - Help!
Get away from me!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Stay away from me!
I'm not mad, you'll kill me.
It Wasn't Jiya, it was me. I was
seeing myself. I won't let you kill me.
What are you saying, Mehak?
Drop that blade,
you'll hurt yourself.
3 saw all of this'.!
Drop the blade, M!
No. - M, drop the blade.
Look at me.
Look at me.
M, I'm going to take you
to the hospital. Look at me.
The ice box..
I'll be right back..Wait..
Hi, Mehak was.
- Nikki, do you know what time it is'?
I know, sorry but I got a
call from Mehak. - She's sleeping.
I just thought it's something urgent.
It's alright, she's sleeping.
I'm here, go home.
Just tell her..
What was that?
Maybe the cat entered.
Cal'? Gul aunty's cat is back'?
She keeps coming
in though the window.
Yes, I have to go now..
Nikki, go home.
What's that? - Over here.
What? - On Your...
It's nothing, Nikki. Go home.
No, I have to meet Mehak. - I'm
telling you she's sleeping. Go home.
I don't believe you, shaan.
What do you mean
you don't believe me?
She's sleeping, I can't wake her up.
- I'm not going.
If she's sleeping, wake her up.
- Just Relax.
Nikki.. - I Won't leave
without meeting her.
Have you lost it?
Don't you understand?
Nikki, get out.
- No! Without meeting.
Mehak! - Nikki'.!
What have you done?
- I haven't done anything, Nikki.
She fell in the bathroom. - Liar!
I sweat, Nikki. I'm not lying.
It was an accident, I sweat.
Mehak, I'm calling my dad.
Everything will be fine.
Nikki, listen to me. - No.
It was an accident, I sweat. - No.
No! - Give me the phone.
Give me the phone! Let go! - No!
Leave it! Let me call the ambulance.
Stop it!
No, no.. Nikki!
Nikki. Wake up!
Mehak, she's alive.
We need to take her to the hospital.
Mehak! Hey!
Mehak, open the door.
Mehak, open the door.
Mehak, open the door.
What are you doing?!
Why are you afraid of me, Mehak?
Why are you running away from Inc'?
Your fight is not with me, Mehak.
It's with you self.
I know you're
standing outside, Mehak.
I won't do anything now.
I'm tiled.
I'm so tiled.
You need to get to
the hospital, princess.
And your finger's in the freezer.
Ma'am, I'm calling from B-603,
Overlook Apartments.
Malad East.
I need an ambulance,
it's a medical emergency.