Phoenix (2023) Movie Script

All right, guys.
So you're gonna parry the jab.
Get underneath the cross,
make sure your hips are lower than his,
and then take it down.
Apply pressure, secure the lock.
Right here, you're gonna go ahead.
Block, get under.
My armpit literally are
connecting like this.
And then, you take the spot over.
Step over.
Put your bootie back.
Where's the pressure?
- Where's the pressure?
- On my elbow, sergeant!
All right, next.
So this is the legendary
Fiona "Phoenix" Grant?
Sergeant Grant to you, fool.
A girl in charge of combat training?
Why don't you test her?
Come on now.
I'd crush her, and then
I'd get court-martialed.
I have rank on you,
and I state right here, right
now, these eight witnesses:
What happens on my mat, stays on my mat.
It's true.
Try me.
All right, then.
This is for equal rights.
And equal lefts!
Don't kill him, you stupid motherfucker!
Don't fucking shoot!
This asshole broke my jaw.
I don't give a damn,
that bullet will go through both of us!
I'll shoot him in the head then.
Boss told you stupid
motherfuckers to leave him be.
So this is your idea of one on one?
Everett, I apologize, but
this night was inevitable.
It was.
I was operating under a
modicum of mutual respect,
which is why I showed up solo, willingly.
I told you, keep him unharmed.
I was just holding him.
We could keep going back and forth,
killing each other's men,
but if I can save a few
people from harm's way
by killing you tonight,
that's what I'm gonna do.
Your daughter will be so proud of you.
I didn't come here to talk.
I barely broke a sweat,
dispatching these ass-clowns of yours.
You needed a tougher crew
if you're going up against me.
Now, shut up and let's fight.
Brother, I'm sorry.
I'm sure you could've made a
comeback and taken him out,
but there's only one boss of
the Vasiliiv Crime Syndicate,
and that's you.
I can't risk your life over some... beef.
This man deserves respect, not a bullet.
Please forgive me, boss.
Then, handle it.
Goat, dispose the rest of the bodies
in the deep blue sea the usual way.
Our boy Everett here,
it's gonna be a little
bit more complicated.
I'll return the car to the lawyer
with his body shrink-wrapped
in the trunk with his gun.
Then, I'll have the
reconstructive team to come in
and make it look like he committed suicide.
Sergeant Grant reports to
the commanding general.
Good afternoon, General.
Sergeant Grant reporting as ordered.
Have a seat.
Major Voss, dismissed.
Yes, sir.
Sergeant, I got news from your Aunt Grace.
There's no easy way to say this.
Your father's deceased.
I'm sorry.
Can I get you a drink?
What happened?
It was reported as a suicide.
I can't believe it.
No, there's no way.
My father took many
risks in his line of work,
so I always feared this day might come.
But after all I've been through,
there's no way he would kill himself.
He wouldn't break my heart... again.
You're scheduled to
depart in the first C-140
in the morning, 0500.
You'll transfer to a commercial flight,
and we'll get you to Miami.
Please, sir.
Allow me to stay until at least
after our contractors and
their families have evac'd.
I've already signed the paperwork
for your emergency family leave.
But sir...
A little break will be good for you.
Go home to your aunt,
sort out your father's estate.
Fiona, it's time to go home.
That's a direct order.
It's been an absolute honor
to serve under your command, sir.
Well, now, hell, the honor is mine.
We've been through three tours together.
Your work ethic,
your grit is nothing
less than extraordinary.
Hell, if I was gonna have a daughter,
I'd want her to be just like you,
with one notable exception.
What's that, sir?
That huge chip on your shoulder.
This chip on my shoulder has kept me alive.
But it was you, sir.
You showed me how to fight for myself.
Sometimes you have to
be strong in order to be safe.
If there's anything else
I can do, please advise.
There is one thing, sir.
Can you find out what my father was into
that might've gotten him killed,
and any intel on who was responsible?
Of course.
Thank you, sir.
You've been like a second
father to me all these years,
and the ideal that I strive towards.
Godspeed, Fiona.
Is this what you want?
Come on.
I love this one.
Like it?
Come, come.
This is the one I warned you about.
Cost of doing business.
Feed them to the fish.
But boss, we still have the
deputy port authority on ice.
I'll deal with them later.
It's time-sensitive.
I'll take care of it.
This is the piece of shit
who took over for the last port authority,
who had a terrible boating accident.
Get me out of here!
Help, please!
Shut the fuck up!
From now on,
I assume all my cargo will go
through the port unmolested.
Yeah, please!
Let's keep him on ice a little bit longer.
Oh, believe me, please!
Oh help! Somebody. Oh!
Fiona, you look like a phoenix.
Baby, I'll be back before Christmas.
I promise.
I love my girls.
Hey, baby.
See, mom?
It's Christmas Eve and Dad
still hasn't shown or called.
But I love you so much.
Dad is always going off to who-knows-where.
Don't ever underestimate
what a father is capable
of doing to feed his family.
-You smell that?
Mom, the cookies are burning.
Oh, my god!
That's my cookies!
This motherfucker!
I kill you!
Just relax.
Let's help you relax.
Dearest Fiona,
I'm so sorry to hear
about your father's passing.
I figured eventually you
would end up back here.
Please, meet with me.
I've tried to reach you for so many years.
I know your life has been
difficult since your mother,
my sister, died, but I love you.
We're still family, and there are things,
both personal and financial, to discuss.
I really wanna see you.
Please call me.
Love, always.
You're wanna take me down?
You deserve it.
Looks like you just gotta
impeached, you motherfucker.
That will teach you to keep my name
out of your fucking mouth.
Listen, I have something
I wanna talk to you about.
I believe your father was murdered.
There's no chance that
he committed suicide.
The lawyer had power of attorney,
so they just did a hasty burial
before they could do a proper autopsy.
A shady lawyer, par for the course.
Your father dealt with a lot of important
and dangerous people,
but I need you to know
that he was on the right side.
What do you know about these guys?
You better let the police handle it.
How'd that work out for me last time?
Got them.
Not bad.
They're burnt.
Okay, let's put on some Christmas music,
have milk and cookies.
But they're burnt.
Okay, I will scrape off the top.
It's delicious inside.
Come on, baby!
Sometimes it's just you
and me against the world.
I love you.
I love you, mom.
Mom, I hear dad!
He's home.
No, please, no!
This time, I'm gonna handle things myself.
I understand.
Thank you.
This is the attorney, Penn Sebastianelli.
He wants to talk to you
about your father's will.
Now, I know the motor
home and the boat are already
under your name, but
there's still a lot more things.
The only thing I want
from this guy is answers.
How about some new clothes?
You mean that aren't military-issue?
I'm okay, Aunt Grace.
I can buy my own clothes.
I'm not a teenager anymore.
Please let me take you out shopping,
like we used to do
when you were a little girl.
If not for you, then do it for me.
I miss you.
I miss our family.
All right, let's do it.
I'm thinking more of this.
You could use this as a disguise.
Oh, it looks beautiful.
This is the one.
Ms. Grant, Mr. Sebastianelli
is expecting you.
My name is Penn Sebastianelli.
I'm here to make sure
that you get everything
that your father left for you, okay?
That all there,
that is his last will and
testament and keys.
What are these?
The keys to his car.
And on the other side
of that business card,
there's an address.
That is his house, now
yours, to do as you see fit.
And the car is located down
in our underground parking.
You can't miss it.
It's bright orange.
Actually, the real
reason I'm here is for you
to tell me who killed my father.
You were his lawyer, so
you should know most, right?
It was... it was a suicide.
Don't give me that bullshit!
Talk before I make you.
Who the fuck do you
think you're talking to?
Let's play a game, shall we?
You know what, sweetheart?
I'm not into playing games.
I think you should go.
-Let me show you the door.
-Neither am I.
Squeal motherfucker
before I gut you like a pig!
Okay, okay!
Stop, stop!
I mean, he was some guy, same shit.
Knife to my fucking throat.
Some crime family.
He was called Syndicate.
And dude, if he finds out I told you,
he's gonna fucking kill me.
I'll kill you first, and I'm right here.
So you choose.
Okay, okay, okay.
He told me that if anybody
comes by for the car,
that I should call him and let him know
that they came by for the car.
Make the call.
I'll wait.
Where's your phone?
You wanna, you wanna call him?
Make the call.
Yeah, hey, it's Penn.
The eagle has landed.
The e-eagle has landed.
Speak fucking English.
Fiona, his fucking daughter's here.
Everett's daughter?
Yes, it's her, his daughter, Fiona, yeah.
If he doesn't find me
first, where can I find him?
You know, he's at...
Okay, he's at a club.
It's the main club.
He's always at this one club.
It's Club Maximus.
I fucking, I don't know!
I don't know, I don't know.
I told you, it's Club
Maximus in South Beach.
And if I have to come back, trust me,
it's not gonna be pleasant for you.
No, no, no.
If you're gonna go to Club Maximus,
you better wear something nice,
else you won't get past the door.
Ew, bitch.
Please, brother, please.
You gotta help me find
these fucking scumbags
that killed my wife.
Intel takes money and time.
You know that.
You know I'm broke, but you
also know I'm good for it, man.
Whatever it is, I'll get it.
Name the amount!
I need my revenge.
You're drunk.
And remember who you're fucking with.
I'm a hired gun, a soldier of fortune.
Remember that.
Sorry, brother.
But what they say in
Saigon: No money, no honey.
I'll give you the fucking money.
Do you hear me?
And then, I'm killing every
one of these fucking scumbags!
Call me when you got it.
Hands up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Who the fuck are you?
Uh, yeah, that's my name.
I asked you yours.
Of course.
My name is Artimis.
Sorry, I didn't recognize
you from your picture.
You were, uh...
Yes, but your father
talked about you all the time.
So what the fuck are
you doing in his house?
I was your father's right-hand
man at Torch Security.
He hired me to be your bodyguard
in case you ever came back.
I don't need a bodyguard,
so you are dismissed.
He was very adamant about it, but...
No buts.
Fiona, I'm truly sorry about your father.
Is there anything I can do to help?
No, thank you.
You sure about that?
As I said, your services
are no longer required.
I'll just get my things, if that's okay.
Dear Fiona.
If you're reading this,
it means something bad has happened to me.
Just know that I love you eternally,
and I'm sorry for all the
situations I've put you
and your mother in.
I thought I was fighting for the family,
but I took too many risks
and I put you and your
mother in harm's way.
And for that, I can never be forgiven.
But just know that I've
built my life around trying
to help people with my security firm
and help those less fortunate.
And I never wanted to be broke again,
so I put a little nest egg together.
And everything I have; The house, the cars,
everything goes to you.
I know you were never
much into material things,
but you can do with it what you wish.
Talk to Artimis.
He'll give you more information.
He's a good kid.
I love you.
Be safe.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, sergeant.
Sergeant Grant?
Yes, general?
I have the information you requested.
You still want it,
or have you made peace
with the loss of your father?
No, sir, I can't let it go.
All right.
Your father and his firm, Torch Securities,
were protecting businesses in South Florida
from being extorted by The Syndicate,
which is being run
by a Russian crime boss
named Maxim Vasiliiv.
Six-foot-four, former elite Spetsnaz.
And these guys, they're in everything:
Drugs, human trafficking.
And his right-hand man's name is Kirill.
I'm actually right outside
their club, as you speak.
Do you need backup?
No, sir.
I got this.
Fiona, by all accounts,
your father and his firm saved
and protected hundreds from The Syndicate.
There is no doubt that The Syndicate was
behind your father's death,
as well as sex trafficking
thousands of innocent women.
Your quest is just, but be careful.
Thank you, sir, but I'm
gonna be vicious instead.
You can go.
I'm here to see your boss.
We're closed right now,
but I'm sure he's gonna
be happy to see you.
I'm sure he will be.
Sorry, love, we're closed.
Hey, we're closed.
We need backup!
We need backup!
It's Fiona, Everett's
daughter, right there.
Let me take her.
Not yet.
No guns.
See you soon, motherfuckers!
Fucking bitch.
Wanna go?
Let's go, let's go.
I'm good, I'm good.
Send our best men.
You got it, boss.
Bring her back to me.
Beat her down and leave something left.
Boss, let me go in there and kill her.
If they're not out by
now, they're all dead.
The boss told me not to
kill you, but I'm tempted.
Tell me everything you know
about Syndicate, motherfucker.
Please don't kill me.
Sorry I was a bitch earlier.
I get it.
You don't know who to trust.
I still know who to trust, myself, alone.
Please don't kill me.
I'll tell you everything you wanna know.
Just don't kill me.
The Syndicate owns an exotic
car dealership on Biscayne.
The people hired by Kirill
get fucking destroyed by a girl.
If I was in charge of security,
this wouldn't have happened.
I'm gonna get you out of the pool,
but I'm gonna shoot your
ass if you try any bullshit.
What she did commands respect.
She used herself as bait
and ambushed our men.
She reminds me of her father.
No, hold on.
You all right?
I will be.
You need a doctor?
No, no, I've gotta get out of here.
Thank you for saving my life.
Kirill fucked up.
Now, you're head of my security.
Thanks, boss.
I won't let you down.
We'll see.
Prove it to me.
Are you for real, bitch?
Take that fucking bitch out.
Okay, all right, let's go.
Hit it, hit it.
Fucking bitch!
Is that what you are?
Let's talk over lunch.
No, thank you.
You don't have a choice.
This is a Mexican standoff.
Not really in the mood for Mexican,
but I haven't had stone-crabs in a while.
Follow me.
After you, young lady.
Oh, no, no.
After you, old bastard.
Champagne now.
Only the best for lady, please.
No, thank you.
Don't try to impress me.
It's impossible.
Thank you.
Your father was very proud of your service.
You know, I'm ex-military too.
Why do you wanna talk?
You know how this has to end.
I'm impressed.
I wonder what may be possible between us?
Absolutely nothing.
All right, then,
just give back the $7 million
your father stolen from me
and you can live.
What the hell are you talking about?
You don't know?
I don't believe a word that
comes out of your mouth.
You know what has to happen between us.
So get ready.
I have a gift for you, a peace offering.
I don't accept gifts from strange men.
Ew, that is tacky as fuck.
I would never wear something like that.
No, thank you.
How about I show you a trick instead?
I'll be seeing you when the time's right.
This hard bitch won't quit.
What do you want me to do?
Nothing yet.
Boss, don't you think
it's time to stop playing
with your food?
We need new troops.
Fresh fucking meat!
You've got it.
I will break her neck with
my fucking bare hands.
So you know there's no turning back now?
You can't go back to the mobile home,
and you sure as hell can't
go back to your father's place.
So please just take my advice
and let me take you to the safest,
most fortified place I know of.
Little Torch Key.
Yeah, how'd you know about that.
We used to take family road
trips down the Florida Keys.
My dad always said one day
he'd own a compound down there.
He did.
Your father has quite the arsenal,
and he has enough stuff
down there to set booby traps.
That's where he used to
train all his security teams.
All right, ditch the bike and let's go.
So you don't wanna ride together?
Get in the car.
Let's hit a shark drill.
Feed the rope.
Oh, put him out.
I demand better competition.
Whoa, whoa!
Just me, just me.
I thought so, but you never know.
Just coffee.
For me?
You're welcome.
Not bad.
I thought this was
blood, but it's just paint.
Looks like it to me.
What's so special about that?
My dad and I used to
make fun of modern art,
especially Jackson Pollock.
We used to say it doesn't
really take much talent
to just pour paint into criss-cross lines.
But man, it sure was fun.
Kirill, where the hell is she?
Boss, I got cheese all
over the fucking streets,
but none of these rats are biting.
Nobody knows anything.
What about the fucking
cops on the fucking payroll?
These guys ain't fucking telling me shit.
What do you want me to do?
I'll take care of it, boss.
These guys are all ex-cops.
They did time for excessive force.
They can't be hired back in blue,
so they came to the black side.
I don't like cops.
I don't trust them either,
but they're expendable
fodder for the machine.
Bring them.
I'll give them the coordinates
at the last possible time.
These brothers are bare knuckle boxers.
They're the kings of the streets.
This redneck is a gator killer.
Great with knives.
See mom? It's Christmas Eve
and dad still hasn't shown or called.
Dad is always going off to who-knows-where.
No, no!
What the hell happened?
You all right?
Nothing really.
It's self-imposed.
You know me, looking like a
rock star, tearing up my room.
It's a damn good thing you own the place,
or else you'd be the one getting the bill.
I own this too?
Your father left you everything.
thanks for checking on me.
Of course.
So my dad never mentioned anything
about who he was possibly
meeting up with the night
that he was killed?
No, your father was
acting strange all last week.
But I assumed he was meeting with Maxim.
Torch Security protects
a lot of the businesses
that The Syndicate tries to squeeze
from payments every month.
So naturally, there were adversaries.
And where were you that night?
He ditched me.
And I knew something was
up in the days leading up
to that meeting with Maxim.
Your dad was making all these plans,
just in case you came home.
I regret not coming back sooner.
I mean, my dad and I kept
in touch throughout the years,
but it was just so painful for both of us.
I'm back to avenge my father,
and in a way, my mother too.
These traffickers and drug
dealers, they deserve to die.
After this, I'm planning on
living a simple and peaceful life.
What about you?
You gonna go back to the military?
Assuming we both make it out of here alive
and don't wind up in
jail, I don't really know.
I've been running away for so long that,
you know, what's the point now?
How did you end up there?
After I ran away, I
bounced from place to place,
lived on the streets, women's shelters.
I even went back to live
with my dad from time to time.
On my 18th birthday, I joined the military
to blow shit up and dull the pain,
but ultimately, to find purpose, I guess.
In Afghanistan, I was never afraid.
Kind of had a death wish really.
Didn't wanna kill myself or anything.
I was just so numb to it all
that I could withstand anything.
And even though I didn't really agree
with the politics of us being over there,
killing the bad guys while trying
to keep civilians safe was
good enough to get me through it.
But what about you?
Now that you don't have to sit around
and wait to babysit me
anymore, what are you gonna do?
Honestly, I have no idea.
It's been almost a decade
of service to your father,
took me under his wing,
trained me, mentored me.
I guess he saw I was a lost soul.
We did a lot of good
together, saved a lot of lives,
even in hostage situations.
He was a brave man.
He loved you very much.
I know.
I loved him so much too.
Life is so fucked up sometimes.
So what's the story about
this missing $7 million?
Rumor has it on one of
your father's runs down
to South America,
your father ended up stealing
some money from the cartel
in order to hire a mercenary
to avenge your mother,
and of course, what happened to you.
He ended up dumping the drugs in the ocean.
Only, later, he found out
they were bound for Maximus.
So, his beef has been years in the making.
It was supposed to be
settled that final night,
but he got shot and killed instead.
If my dad did take that money,
do you have any idea where it would be?
Check behind your painting.
There's a safe.
No idea what the password is though.
Thank you for being here with me.
Of course.
It means a lot.
Yeah, hey, listen.
I found the land deed
amongst the properties
that Fiona is set to inherit.
Well, it's her most
likely present location.
Little Torch Key, mile marker 29.
I'll see you there.
I'm a lawyer, not a gangster.
Now it's time to stop
talking and to get dirty.
Please don't do this to me, please.
I see you in two hours,
or I kill you myself.
Maxim, no, no, no!
Send the hit team.
One million bounty for her head, alive.
Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Oh, fuck me!
What the fuck?
Yeah, I fucking see you.
Fuck you.
All right, fucking relax, asshole.
I'm pulling over.
Sir, step out of the
vehicle with your hands up.
All right, all right.
Do you know who the fuck I am?
I don't give a damn who you are.
Step out of the vehicle, now.
Keep your hands up.
What's up, brother?
Take it easy.
What's up?
No, it's cool man.
I voted for Obama.
That's 10 years ago, honky.
I'm gonna show you my card.
Put your hands against the car.
You about to get shot in this motherfucker.
Hey, don't do it.
Yeah, you gonna remember this shit, boy.
Easy bro.
My fucking salary pays your taxes.
You're fucking gonna get fired,
you Damon-Wayans-looking motherfucker.
Sergeant Grant.
I just thought you should
know I've been briefed
on your activities.
Forgive me, sir. I'm just...
You need not say more.
I know what you're
doing, and why and to who.
Quite frankly, I'm proud of you.
You trained me well, sir.
The reason for my call is as follows.
Be advised.
We've had your father's
lawyer, Penn Sebastianelli,
under surveillance for some time now
in connection with my new program.
The son of a bitch has relayed coordinates
to your present location
to Maxim Vasiliiev.
Copy, sir.
I've been expecting that.
Additionally, there are several teams
of hit squads heading to the Florida Keys.
Do you want me to send
a team to take them out?
This is my fight, sir.
I can handle them.
Let them through.
I won't second-guess you, Sergeant.
And Fiona?
Yes, sir?
Make them pay.
Grace, you are so lucky!
You almost went down for a dirt nap.
Burt, I need your help.
Fiona's in danger.
Look, I'll pay whatever you ask,
but we need to get Little
Torch Key as soon as possible.
Killers are on the way.
They're gonna get her.
No, they're not.
Wow, does it fly?
I think so.
How much do I owe you?
I saw the pain Fiona's father
endured through the years
and this time it's not about money.
I'm going with you.
I'm going with you.
They call you Phoenix,
but tonight you burn in the ashes!
You first motherfucker!
Are you okay?
I'm taking you to the hospital now.
Come on.
Hold me.
Too easy.
Holy shit!
I love you, Dad. And Mom.
I'm just sorry I...
I can't say it in person.
Sergeant Grant!
Or should I call you Phoenix?
I do not regret my actions,
and I will face the consequences, sir.
And you will, just not in the courts.
I'll tell you on the way.
On the way where?
Oh, that's top...
Well, you know.
So what's the assignment, sir?
It's a futuristic, high-tech program called.
Project A-3-0-5-C,
to combat international human trafficking.
The new HQ is on a private island.
I'm in.
Then, I'm gonna rename it.
Project Phoenix.