Phullu (2017) Movie Script

Tobacco, Pan Masala is
a huge problem of our country.
its consumption is the
main cause of mouth cancer.
This patient suffers from tongue cancer.
And we had to remove his voice box.
Now it's up to God.
We had to remove Rekha's
tongue and lower jaw.
We had to sell two of her bangles.
Tobacco destroys families.
It is terrible to be run
out when you're batting well.
It may happen because of your own fault.
0r because of your partner's mistake.
Tobacco harms you.
When you smoke or someone
smokes else around you.
Be smart. Stay away from tobacco.
Don't be run out.
Why are you using
so much of white cloth?
I need a bedding not a shroud.
Should I use this?
- I won't mind ifyou use it.
Uncle, try to understand.
No one wishes to buy white bedding.
As it gets dirty quickly.
Colourful c | oth makes
a beautiful design.
Mind blowing.
Listen, Phullu only looks like an idiot.
But he is very brainy. He knows
very well how to get his job done.
I see. Now give me the
cell phone ifit's charged.
Stitch your skirt later.
Give me the cell phone.
Give it to him.
Why don't you charge it in your house?
Isn't there electricity in the village?
0nly ifthere is
electricity left for us.
We do get it. But twice every two days.
Only for an hour at that.
With voltage down.
Got it?
Uncle, you're an expert at your work.
Tara, where the hell are you?
What is it?
Why are you shouting? What happened?
Where the hell were you?
Come here.
God know what she keeps doing. Hurry up.
Pick it up. Keep it on my head.
Keep it properly.
0nce Phullu comes
ask him to go meet Heera.
He has contacts in Delhi.
I've spoken to him about a job for him.
God knows how long he' | |
keep roaming around in the village.
Hey you...
llThe heart's whimsical."
Mother. We have electricity.
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
"Do as you please.ll
"Live as you please.ll
"Do as you please.ll
"Live as you please.ll
"Spend your heartbeats on your friends."
"Curse or blessings. Whatever you get.
Take it in your stride.ll
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
- He | | o, uncle Heera.
Sister-in-law is nowhere to be seen.
Why do you want to see her?
- Nothing.
She had ordered some things.
So I have got them.
She is here. But she can't meet you.
But why?
is she unwell?
Yes. She is unwell.
Then l'll get the physician.
Not at all. Neither you can
meet her nor she can meet anyone.
She'll be ne in a week.
Then you can meet her.
How do you know that
she'll be ne in a week?
is it viral fever?
- Phullu is ridiculous.
Now you explain to him.
- Explain, uncle.
Never mind it. Sit here.
- 0kay.
Should I massage your legs?
- No. I'm ne.
Your mother is really worried about you.
Her commentary goes on
non-stop all through the village.
She is not worried. Such is her face.
No. She is worried about your job.
I've spoken to one
of my relatives in Delhi.
Get a ticket and go to Delhi.
Earn some money there.
I'm not leaving this village.
- Why?
lfl leave the village who is
going to take care of the ladies here.
What do you mean?
Are you everyone's husband?
What are you saying?
Get up. Get up. Get out of here.
Yes. I'm going.
Now don't ask me to get things.
Forget everything. I won't get anything.
You don't do any favours. Get lost.
- I'm going.
Torture for dowry is an offence.
l'll inform the GDP ofce.
You'll be sent off to
Hetarampur along with aunt.
Grumpy old man.
Darn you. Why did you unlock the door?
Go inside.
Come on.
- I want to pee.
Pee my foot. Go inside.
lfl see you outside
this time then you had it.
How do I handle him?
lllt's owing away in mud boats
wrapping itselfin the sky of mud.ll
lllt's owing away in mud boats
wrapping itselfin the sky of mud.ll
"It has set out with
smile in his pocket.ll
"Turning his back on the world of pain.ll
"Chasing its desires."
llSatisfy it with light of your mind."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
The letter is here.
Catch the rickshaw.
Catch it.
We are going to reach rst.
What happened?
- Your things.
You cou | d've delivered it tomorrow.
What ifl had lost memory tomorrow?
- 0kay. Give.
And I have your money as well.
20 rupees and...
Keep it.
- Why?
Keep it as remuneration.
You get tired in getting
things for us from the city.
And you don't even take money for it.
When I see your smiling face,
the tiredness just goes away.
Thank you.
0kay, shall I say something?
How long are you going
to spend your days like this?
Why don't you go to
the city and earn a living?
Mother has complained to you as well.
Isn't it?
Not complained. She worried for you.
Otherwise no mother ever says anything
to anyone about her son without reason.
Madam, you don't know.
She is not a mother.
She is crazy. Crazy.
He | | o, aunt.
How long will you keep selling beddings?
Why don't you send Phullu
somewhere to do some work?
He's getting spoilt
because of you people.
He has become a nomad.
Get him married. He will change.
Don't talk rubbish.
I don't want any burden by
getting an unemployed boy married.
l'll not get him married.
There is a really good
and cultured girl in Dumritaal.
Your Phullu's fortunes will change.
Should I talk to them?
- No.
Aunt, listen. She is a really nice girl.
Aunt, mother want four cow dung cake.
Yes. They are over there. Take them.
Take only four.
Are you going to make
a hole in my stomach?
Stop staring. And give me the atbread.
You won't get it.
Mother, please.
l've returned from the
city after working so hard.
Moreover I delivered
things all over the village.
I'm very hungry. Give me the atbread.
Mother. You tell.
- Mother, come on.
First ask him to go to Delhi
for the work Heera told him.
He'll get the ticket. Tell him.
- She as lost it.
Moron. Don't you have any shame?
Your mother is getting old now.
Still I carries beddings on my head
and sells it door to door.
And what's a son duty?
And this useless son gets
the cloth for the bedding.
From the city.
And who helps in stitching the bedding.
In designing it.
This useless son.
Instead of honouring
me you're insulting me.
Rascal. Are you going to live
a life like this? Stitching beddings.
A man is supposed to do manly work.
You do this womanly work.
Fool around with all
the women of the village.
Why are you ruining your life?
You'll go to Heera. He is noble man.
He is a loser. Very cruel.
He locks up his daughter-in-law
all day in the room and tortures her.
Do you know?
Sister-in-law touched him...
...and he started having seizures.
Noble man my foot.
That's a monthly drama.
What do you mean?
They have this tradition. One day she
went to the temple in that condition.
Aunt Heera slapped her.
is it? In what condition?
Tell me. In what condition?
The woman's disease.
Which happens every month.
Woman's disease. It happens every month.
Do you also have it?
- Get lost.
And mother, you?
Eat quietly.
- Yes. Eating.
The elders say that what
a son doesn't do for his mother...
...he does it for his wife.
You have to convince
Phullu to take up a job.
Got it?
Phullu. Have you come to thank me?
Where are the sweets?
What do you have against my freedom?
Why did you x my alliance?
Alliance? What happened?
Go get the marriage
called off right now.
I don't want to marry. Useless thing.
Don't throw a tantrum. Got it?
You'll be stunned when you see the girl.
Forget it. is she a damsel?
She must be a witch.
Meet her and then tell me
whether she is a damsel or a witch.
0kay. Are you going to
get something to eat as well?
I've come from so far.
- Get lost. ldiot.
You called me to meet.
Tell me. What is it?
You look just like radium.
Radium? What is that?
Radium is radium.
it's in a watch,
which shines even in the dark.
Green. Somewhat like a leaf.
Bright as day. That.
I wore a green dress for you.
And you called me a radium.
What ifl had worn a yellow one?
So would you have called me papaya?
And in black dress.
You would've called me a crow.
- What no?
You got upset.
l was praising.
How can you praise someone
by calling him radium?
How do you praise?
Don't you remember the
opening lines ofa song?
And why are you wearing dark glasses?
Do you have conjunctivitis?
No. See.
You are showing off.
- Yes. A little. Like that.
Why are you standing?
Are you going to kiss and run away?
What are you saying?
- So come and sit.
Yes. l'll sit.
See. Here. I sat.
Sister \mla has lots of
good things to say about you.
What does she say?
That you're the entire village's hero.
You help everyone.
Then she is right.
But your mother is not
quite happy with you. Why?
Who told you? Mother, isn't it?
No one told me.
Just try to keep your mother happy.
That's it.
You've become a daughter-in-law
even before becoming a wife.
Great. Great.
When I come the next l'll learn
a couple oflines ofa song by heart.
In your praise.
- I love that song sung by Mukesh.
I even requested it in a show on radio.
They took my name and played the song.
Which song?
"I had never imagined
I should have a damsel."
llThe bride's beauty is rose like."
llThe bride's beauty is rose like."
llThe groom is like castor oil.ll
llThe groom is a cotton thread."
llThe groom is a cotton thread."
llThe bride is a velvety vine.ll
"Every part of the bride
is like a luxury soap.ll
"Every part of the bride
is like a luxury soap.ll
llThe bride's mother-in-law
is like coal.ll
llThe bride is a vase
made of china clay.ll
llThe bride is a vase
made of china clay.ll
llThe sister-in-law
is made of brittle glass."
"Apply turmeric to the bride quickly."
"Apply turmeric to the bride quickly."
llColour her feet red.ll
llSay your goodbyes
to the bride quickly."
llSay your goodbyes
to the bride quickly."
llShe will become an outsider tomorrow."
llShe will become an outsider tomorrow."
"I had never imagined
I should have a damsel."
"Yes. You are exactly
like I had imagined."
"Yes. You are exactly
like I had imagined."
What is its second stanza?
Lift the veil. Then l'll tell.
Leave me.
This is not a brothel. it's a house.
Are you going to make your
young sister-in-law wake up early?
Darn her.
God is the ultimate truth.
God is the ultimate truth.
God is the ultimate truth.
God is the ultimate truth.
God is the ultimate truth.
Hey Ashok. Who is dead?
Manoj's wife.
The blacksmith of the nearby village.
She turned blue while
giving birth to the baby.
See you.
Mother, watch where you're going.
- Lay off.
- Rascal.
Where are you at? You got Lux, right?
Yes. Rose avour at that.
Wow. What fragrance.
Rose avour my foot.
Your eyes. Why do you stare at my waist?
is this useless going to do any work?
What does he do all day?
Now what do I tell what he does all day?
My daughter-in-law has
bath twice a day with Lux.
And this rascal keeps smelling her.
This is what has been going
on for the past 11/2 months.
Your eyes. Why do you stare at my...
There were lots of
pieces of red cloth in it.
- So where did they go?
I had begged and pleaded
the tailor to put in it.
I had a fabulous design
in mind for the bedding.
Where did it go?
See. Like this one.
- It has been used up.
For what?
There were so many.
Get lost.
Come on. You're so shameless. Leave me.
Bedding design my foot.
What is it?
- it's me, Tara.
Hold on. Coming.
Where is Phullu?
l have to order some things.
He is not be seen these days.
All the women were asking.
How will you see him since
is hiding in sister-in-law's clothes?
Now? In broad daylight.
- it's a daily thing.
Never mind. Tell me.
What do you want?
Yes. Give this to Phullu.
And tell him. Once he gets
the things not to come home.
l'll come and collect it.
Wheatish. You're the wheatish moon."
Wheatish. You're the wheatish moon."
"I go crazy when I see you."
"l was lonely without you."
"Your eyes are talkative.ll
llThey talk to me all the time.ll
llThey talk to me all the time.ll
"I am crazy for you."
"I am crazy for you."
Wheatish. You're the wheatish moon."
"I go crazy when I see you."
"l was lonely without you."
"Your eyes are talkative.ll
llThey talk to me all the time.ll
"I am crazy for you."
"I cherish your dreams in my eyes.ll
"And your dreams are blossoming."
"0n the bed twisting and turning
hearing footsteps."
llYou are under the sun. In the clouds.ll
"My ngers understand the emotions
of your ngers day and night."
"I am crazy for you."
"I am crazy for you."
I don't realise when the
day and night pass in your company.
Mother has done only thing right.
She found you and made you my wife.
Shall I say something?
I hope you won't get upset.
Upset with you? You're my life.
But how long do we
spend our lives like this?
Why don't you listen to mother?
Go to Delhi or Punjab
and earn some money.
l'll be very happy.
Won't you go?
I didn't go before.
So there is no chance of going now.
Do you know? This village is my heaven.
And you're the damsel of my heaven.
How can I leave you and go?
Where are you going?
- To the loo.
Come here.
Did I get you married to him for this?
To have fun with that rascal
in that room all the time.
Don't you have any shame?
I told him a number of times.
But he just doesn't listen to me.
Look, I have raised him selling
beddings village to village...
...wading through water
and walking on rough roads.
His father was a drunkard.
He died before Dhunnu grew up.
lfyou can't handle him then
go back to your mother's place.
Don't you know? Tara is young now.
Don't we have to get her married?
I'm saving every single
penny for her dowry.
is my earnings alone
going to be enough? Tell me.
And you too didn't bring any dowry.
You could have given something casually.
Listen. He is going to
the city tomorrow, isn't it?
For the sake of the
ladies of the village.
Here. Tell him.
I've got Tara's earrings
made from Sunder.
Ask him pay the nal
instalments and get the earring.
0kay, mother.
Hey...Who is going to take this receipt?
Your daddy?
Sir, here's the receipt.
- 0kay.
You took so long to
pay the nal instalment.
Sit. l'll get it from the lot.
Sir, take your time.
l'll get rest of the things. - 0kay.
- Go.
0kay. Please charge this cellphone.
Do you have the charger? Very well.
- Yes. Go.
Mister. 0ne sanitary pad please.
- Right away.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
What's in this?
Don't you know what's in it?
Come on. Pay up.
It must be some medicine.
But why do you give in a black bag?
You gave it in a black
bag to the lady too.
is it some dangerous medicine?
Go home and ask your wife.
Every woman uses this.
Every woman?
- Yes.
But there are three women in my house.
Mother, sister, wife. They never use it.
They must be using cloth.
And this is not a medicine.
lt's sanitary pad.
The sad part is 70% of
the women in our country...
...use cloth instead of pads.
So what's the harm in using clothes?
There is harm.
That's why we advise to use pads.
Cloth causes infection.
- Infection.
You mean rash.
- Yes.
Tara, where is daughter-in-law?
is she having a bath?
She is done bathing.
Now she is sleeping.
She either bathes or sleeps.
Rather than lending me a hand.
I regret getting her married to my son.
She has made my son even more useless.
Tara, get me some water.
The bus was overly crowded.
I came standing.
Did you get the earring?
I've got a way better jewellery than it.
it's awesome.
Open it and see.
Where is my earring?
- Check in the packet.
What's this?
What's this? What's this?
I feel this is a hanky.
The dirty cloth you use
during the woman's disease... you know how harmful it is?
That's why the teacher
also uses this pad.
It means the teacher has beguiled you.
Not the teacher. The doctor.
A doctor sits in the
chemist shop in the city.
And she hasn't beguiled me.
I've got it for your good.
it's not a useless thing.
With the money meant for my earrings?
is life greater or earring?
We can buy the earring later.
Darn you. Rascal!
My hard earned money.
You blew my hard earned under
the inuence of that doctor.
Bigini has infection. She will too.
Why don't you understand?
Your grandpa, mother. Leave me.
- Mother!
None of the women of this village
have ever used this useless thing.
My grandma used to hang
it in an old wooden rack.
She was alive for 102 years.
Did she have any disease? Did she?
She might be having. How would you know?
You talk rubbish.
I had saved every penny I could.
And accumulated 3000 rupees.
You blew it in an instant.
Go now. Go back right now.
And bring Tara's earring.
l'll not return it.
Get out. Out. Go.
l'll not let you into the house.
- Yes. I'm going.
Don't you come back. You scum.
What's this?
- Earrings.
it's not your mother or sister's fault.
A vast majority of woman of this
country have been doing and thinking...
...what they have said.
Actually they think usage
of pads are the tantrums of the rich.
Madam, since this
thing is so necessary...
...then why doesn't the
government lower its price.
Now a poor man would think of buying
ration for 10 days with that money.
That's absolutely right.
It would become so much
easier ifwe get the pads cheap.
Watch Movies and Series Free!
The government does
quite a bit on its part.
But these middlemen.
They mess it all up.
Now what to do?
Hey...What happened?
Why are you still awake?
I'm going to the city tomorrow.
Wow. That's great.
Mother will be very
happy when she nds out.
That you're going to
the city to earn a living.
Not to earn a living.
I'm going to do away
with the pain of women.
What do you mean?
Forget about women's pain.
Do away with your pain rst.
The one who doesn't
understand a woman's pain...
...the God doesn't consider him a man.
Here's tea. Should I get anything else?
Snacks or something.
And pay off the old bills.
Got it?
What should I get?
The same. Tea and biscuit.
it's been a week.
Have you managed to nd a job?
Which village are you from?
The one that's in Bihar.
How much?
Do you want anything else?
- No.
Pay then.
- I don't have change.
Keep it.
We'll adjust it later.
Yes. Clear the table.
Yes, Mr. Tripathi.
Yes. I got the message.
I'm coming there to the gathering. Yes.
There is a home based
poppadum making factory.
Would you like to work there?
Why don't you work there?
No. I don't.
Actually there are lots
of women working there.
I feel shy.
I worked there for two days.
The women said something so
shameful that I couldn't tolerate it.
Darn you.
How did you guess that l'll tolerate?
You look....
- What?
- What?
Look like that.
The ones who live among women.
In our village he is called a irt.
The bill is 14 rupees.
Chotu, come here.
- Yes. Coming.
Come fast.
Don't let him go.
l have only 12.50 rupees.
l'll pay 1.50 rupees later.
You are out of money as well.
Are you going to have
food by selling your blood?
There is no free food here.
0ut Pay and leave.
Come on.
I told you she'll
come after 3 weeks. Go.
Sir, how much will
I get for this cell phone?
Not more than 200. Do you want to sell?
Just 200?
"My beloved is on the other end."
You go and nish your prayer.
l'll wait here.
"My beloved is on the other end."
Why didn't you go to meet the saint?
Don't you believe in the saint?
Tell me.
lfthere is dirt or wax in our ears.
lfyou have a hearing problem.
lfyour ears ring. lfyour eyes water.
if you have cataract.
lfyour nose is running.
lfyou have cold or are sneezing.
if your teeth have decayed.
lfyour teeth sting when you have
cold or hot water. lfyour gums bleed.
lfthings get stuck in your teeth.
if you are suffering from constipation
or stomach ache or stomach burn.
if you have to use
force to pee and defecate.
Then get it treated by a good doctor.
Don't trust me.
Because I play and sing.
The season of marriages has arrived.
I don't fear loneliness anymore.
The pleasant weather is on the way...
Why are you harassing me?
What do you want?
And why were you harassing that lady?
l was just asking
why she didn't go inside.
lam also just asking
why you were asking.
lam asking her. Not you.
But I am asking you.
l was only asking for my knowledge.
is she your friend?
- No.
- No.
- No.
Someone you know.
- No.
- No.
if you don't even know
then how can she be your wife?
Are you Phullu?
- How do you know my name?
Your name is Phullu.
Your name is exactly like your face.
Ask my name.
- What's your name?
My name is Fazlu Rehman Qureshi.
This was the name given by my family.
I changed it to Gyan Dev Qureshi.
- it's my USP.
Wherever I go, I share my knowledge.
Do you want knowledge?
- Yes.
Do you have a comb?
- I don't.
l have it.
Remove it from my pocket. And let's go.
Removed it.
Don't be surprised.
So what were you asking the lady?
l was asking.
Why didn't she go inside to visit him?
Do you know what month it is?
- That I know. it's April.
You're strange.
Not the month in the calendar.
I'm talking about some other month.
Have you heard about period?
Do you think I'm illiterate?
I haven't missed any period of maths
till the 7th grade.
l'll hang you upside down.
I'm saying something.
And you're understanding something else.
Do you know about menstruation?
You think I'm a total illiterate.
The salary a teacher
gets is called epidemic.
l'll break my skull with the sandal.
She must be suffering from
periods which women suffer from.
That's why she didn't go inside.
0h woman's disease.
So say it straight.
Why beat around the bush?
Why do you call something
that's not a disease a disease?
it's natural.
Nature call. It happens. So what?
I see. I thought there is restriction
only in our Hindu religion.
Can't you go to a sacred place
in that condition even in Islam?
lgnorance doesn't care for religion.
No matter the religion.
Christians too.
I heard Christians are modern.
The whole of lndia acts as ifis modern.
But you don't become wise
just because you wear modern clothes.
Every religion is just as messed up.
You're right.
I always say the right things.
And this is nothing.
Have you heard of Kamakshi Devi?
There is a huge temple in Guwahati.
She is called the Goddess of periods.
And women are not allowed to visit
the Goddess when they have periods.
This is your modern lndia.
What happening?
lam thinking.
It is prohibited to pee in the open.
What are you thinking?
lam thinking. God has made
womankind such a test giving creature.
Dear, not God. Humans test. Got it?
You look more ignorant than me.
How do you know so much?
I also know that knife draws blood.
And listen. I have knowledge
of all other things. Except music.
"When he lifts my veil,
we'll lose ourselves in each other."
llThe season is about to arrive..."
- Hey...What's this?
Fees. I'm giving you a discount.
I taught a man how to
scratch his back yesterday.
I took a whole 50 rupees.
"When he lifts my veil,
we'll lose ourselves in each other."
lfthere is pain in your eyes.
if you have acid reux...
l'll add two more
pieces to the 25 pieces.
- 0kay. Doit.
- You're back.
The doctor is on leave.
You said she'll be back in a week.
What should I do ifshe hasn't come?
File a lawsuit.
What happened?
He has inquired about the
doctor four times in two days.
What are you going to do with her?
is it an emergency?
it's a serious emergency.
You don't understand.
Tell me. What's the emergency?
I wanted to ask her about
the pad making factory.
Which pad? Writing pad?
- No. The ones used by women.
Darn you.
No. No. Leave him. Leave him.
He is apologizing.
l was only explaining about the pad.
He is apologizing.
Why are you beating him?
- Your wife is like my mother.
So I'm your daddy.
- Leave him. Leave him.
He is apologizing.
Leave him.
l was only explaining about the pad.
l'll explain.
Come on. You won't understand otherwise.
Where are you taking him?
He has apologized.
Calm down.
- Leave him.
There is not one proper news.
Pandey, what do I publish
in the newspaper tomorrow?
What can we do if no
murder or rape happened?
Today make do with this minor incident.
Phullu. What kind ofa name is that?
Him. He is a disgusting man.
He was joking about periods
to a woman at a chemist.
I've come across such
a jerk for the rst time.
Just look at the rascal.
Listen. Come to the turn
before the police station.
Yes. Come here.
Let's go for the movie from here.
Yes. Come fast.
- Go to your village.
Madam, thank you so much.
You bailed me.
Do one last favour on me.
You need money.
- No. I don't want money.
I want a job.
Only at the pad making factory.
Do you know where this factory is?
That is what I've been searching
for the past 10-12 days.
No one's telling me.
Are you actually like
this or acting to be innocent?
You know how difcult
it was to get you out.
And why do you want to work
only at the sanitary pad making factory?
it's my dream. Seriously
it's one weird dream.
Look, sanitary pad factories
belong to the big multinationals.
You don't get a job
there just like that.
Vacancies are announced.
They ask for qualication.
And God knows what else.
And they do this business worth crores
by showing ads worth lakhs every day.
So there must be a small
form to every big business.
For example, if there's the prime minister
there's the village head as well.
Who is he?
0h. He is the pad moron.
You bailed him. When are you
going to stop doing social service?
Do you have its number?
The local sanitary pad company...
...which has now become a really big
company which puts out huge ads.
What was its name?
- Which one?
l have to get him a job.
So nally your dream
has come true, Phullu.
No, madam.
My dream will come true the day...
...I make pads with my own hands.
And go door to door
and distribute the pads... dirt cheap prices
to the women who can't afford it.
That day my dream will come true.
So do call me the day
your dream comes true.
l'll put out a nice article and
a big photo of yours in my newspaper.
Great. Great.
Write down your address before you go.
- Sure.
You turned out to be really smart.
You took more advantage
of my wife than I have.
- 0kay, tell me.
What will you give in return?
Test your pads.
As soon as the testing is successful...
...give me its agency.
You'll benet. So will I.
Look, your pad will not have any brand.
But l'll sell it. In the market...
..with the name of big companies.
You bet. Say.
Do we have a deal?
Take it.
Don't make a deal of my dream.
The government has
discontinued 25 paisa.
l'll sell two pads for 50 paisa.
In fact, l'll distribute it for free.
But l'll not do this
useless business. Got it?
Deal my foot.
You too have it.
- Here.
How about getting them
married next February or March?
We'll ask the priest and let you know.
As it is,
there are still 6 months to it.
You'll have to arrange dowry as well.
And by then even Phullu would
return from the city with some income.
Tara, see who is banging on the door.
Tara, are you dead?
What happened?
Why have you woken me?
Someone's banging the door.
Open the door.
Why did you take so long?
ls Bigini inside?
See, Tara.
You've returned after so long.
You don't care about
your mother and sister at all.
All you care about is your wife.
Mother, tell me. Where is Bigini?
She has gone to her mother's place.
- Why?
She was pregnant.
Now who's going to
bear her tantrums here?
She was sick all the time.
You are going to be a grandma.
And you're going to be a brother-in-law?
What are you saying?
Yes. of course.
Tara's marriage has been xed.
Have you earned anything at all?
What's in it?
Does dowry come into a torn sack?
He spoilt my sleep.
I should be upset with you.
You were gone for so many months.
What I went through?
Do you have any idea?
Even your number was not available.
You're whimsical.
Just take a look at yourself.
I had left the village. Not the world.
is this how a newly wedded bride lives?
Look at your face. How it looks.
This is how a pregnant
woman's face becomes.
My foot.
Let me do this.
I heard Tara's marriage has been xed.
Yes. It has been xed.
- Then what? Nothing.
So how are you going to make
the arrangements for the wedding?
Have you earned anything for the dowry?
l have.
What have you got?
Awesome. Mind blowing.
Tara. Hey...
- What happened?
What happened, brother?
- Don't shout.
Mother will wake up.
Why are you sitting here like a thief?
Look, I have made it.
- What have you made?
This is a pad. Pad.
Now put on the pad quickly. And
let me know the report in the morning.
This is the limit of shamelessness.
I will not put it on.
Go from here.
What? What? What happened, Tara?
Brother has gone crazy.
Drive him out of here.
Why are you creating a scene?
I thought I would test
my rst pad in my house... nd out whether
l've succeeded or not.
She is not having
periods for you to test.
So what about this pimple here?
This is not a result ofit.
It will go away ifl apply the cream.
Look, even if she was having periods...
...she wouldn't have
used this sinful thing.
You've lost it. Get lost. Get out.
Go drown yourself in the river.
Why did the God give birth to you?
l'll go to the teacher.
She will help me.
Yes. Go. She has moved to the city.
She won't help you.
So the women of the
village are not dead.
Get lost.
- Yes. I'm coming.
You moron.
Get lost.
l've something for all of you.
Before I show you,
I want to ask you something.
Have I ever cracked a dirty
joke or misbehaved with you?
Have I ever thrown
a tantrum in helping you?
You haven't.
Stop beating around the bush.
Tell us. What is it?
I've always helped you. Always.
But today one of you
needs to help me out.
Will you do what I say?
Why are you looking
at each other like fools?
Why? What do we have to do?
Sinner. Shameless.
The city has spoilt you to this extent.
Look, all this is for your own good.
This will not cause any infection.
You won't get any disease.
All your disease will go away.
Someone support me. This is for own good.
- Are you going to...
Here's your pad.
And go put it on your mother and sister.
Drive him out of the village.
Stop. Stop running.
Wow. Have you made this?
It looks exactly like
the pad you get in the market.
You turned out to be an artist.
Had I not been pregnant...
..l would've denitely tried it on
and helped you with your experiment.
Now how are you going to test it?
Bigini, you look really unwell.
Aren't you taking the medicines?
This is how the face
of a pregnant woman becomes.
I had told you.
Don't worry.
- Why shouldn't I worry?
Let's go to the city hospital tomorrow.
That's it.
Don't worry about me so much.
l consulted the nanny.
She said the 7th month is in progress.
I could deliver any time.
0kay, tell me something.
- What should I tell?
What do we name our child?
lfit's a girl we'll name her Phugni.
And Billu ifit's a boy.
It means you thought of names for
our baby by joining parts of our names.
You think so well.
Your test will surely be successful.
l'll pray to God.
llShe not only shares my joy.ll
llShe wants to endure
my sorrows as well.ll
llShe doesn't dream of palaces.ll
llShe wants to live in my heart."
llShe wants to live in my heart."
llWho was like I had
imagined in this world?"
Bigini, I tried to do something.
No one's supporting.
What should I do?
What should I do?
I can't think of any way.
'Your test will surely be successful.I
'l'll pray to God.'
What are you doing?
What are you doing, brother?
What is it? What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
All the women of the
village are slandering him.
And this moron feels no shame at all.
The village council has
called a meeting because of you.
The people of the entire village
are threatening to boycott you.
How much...At what extent are
you going to get me humiliated?
Shameless. Why don't you listen?
My marriage will be
cancelled because of him.
And he just doesn't care.
I hope and pray that no
sister has a brother like him.
Shame on you.
Where are you taking it? Show me.
Where are you taking it, you thug?
Where are you taking it?
Bloody moron.
He has ruined my life.
'What Bigini couldn't do
and the entire village didn't do?'
INow you'll do that for me.'
lllt's a mystery whether
he is a joker or a messiah."
ll0nly the future knows this."
lllt's a mystery whether
he is a joker or a messiah."
ll0nly the future knows this."
"Why care whether anyone
supports or doesn't?"
llWith you is your partner's blessing."
"Hermits don't care
about being ridiculed."
llDo away with the darkness
with these sparks oflight.ll
What on earth is Phullu doing?
llThe heart's whimsical."
He has indeed gone crazy.
Poor Bigini.
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
llThe heart's whimsical."
Bigini, pray that I come to
you with good news tomorrow morning.
"I'm a little alive touching you."
llYou complete me a little.ll
Blood was owing from her
womb non-stop. Blue dirty blood.
She was missing you terribly.
Bigini. See. See, Bigini.
My test has been successful.
Now no poor woman
will die ofinjection...
...due to the use of dirty cloth.
You got my prayers answered by God
even after death, Bigini.
Bigini, my test has been successful.
So do call me the day
your dream comes true.
'l'll put out a nice article and
a big photo of yours in my newspaper.'
- Mind blowing.'
llWith only memories."
"Turning your back on me.
Leaving the journey midway.ll
llWith my desire in heart. Don't go.ll
"I'm a little alive when I touch you."
llYou complete me a little.ll
llThe silence has said.ll
"Yes. Some of you is left in me."
"I kept staring at you all night."
"I kept building house of stars."
"I kept staring at the house of stars."
llThe place where you
mention me to the heaven."
llYou are the dew drop
that quenches my thirst."
"I'm a little alive when I touch you."
llYou complete me a little.ll