Physical Evidence (1989) Movie Script

Please, help!
Rise and shine!
The Fenway Park special.
Now, remember, Red Sox fans
living west of Boston
will be able to commute by
rail to Fenway Park in April.
Plans are calling
for trains to arrive
at the Fenway platform
20 minutes before the game.
You all right?
Hello, Kenny.
What time is it? Huh?
You look like shit.
Well, at least my socks match.
Yeah, well,
I had to get up early.
Oh, shit.
What did you do
to your head?
I don't know.
Somebody hit this place?
Mind if we look around
and see?
Yeah, go ahead.
Where'd you get
that asshole for a partner?
Yeah, you know.
-Look, has-been,
I didn't throw my partner
through a plate glass window
trying to protect some beaner
in the act of committing a felony.
Beaner? Well,
that beaner was unarmed.
Well, he had a rap sheet
longer than my dick.
Never been arrested, huh?
Go ahead, laugh.
I'm not on suspension.
I'm not the one
living on food stamps.
So, listen, Joe.
We got a problem.
Jake farley's dead.
Great. He was a real scumbag.
Somebody slit his throat
with a wire.
You got any leads?
I hear things have been slow for you
since Dwight busted your ass. -Well.
How you fixed
for money? You ok?
Ah, great.
You got a cigarette?
You know, I, uh, I never agreed
with what they did to you.
I'd like to help
you out, Kenny.
Whoever iced farley
did us all a favor.
This your shirt, Paris?
-No, I take in laundry.
Yeah, it's my shirt.
The cuffs.
I found it behind
the refrigerator.
There's somethin' else.
Having trouble
with your garbage, Joey?
We found your name
in farley's pocket.
This is a setup.
Joe Paris, you are under arrest
for the murder of Jake farley.
Knock it off.
-Come on, take it easy.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used
against you
in a court of law. You have
the right to speak to an attorney.
Yeah, yeah, I know it.
-Come on, he knows it all by heart,
for Christ's sake.
-You have the right to have an attorney
present before any questioning.
If you cannot
afford an attorney,
one will be appointed for you,
without charge, by the court.
Do you understand
each and every one
of these rights I've explained
to you, has-been?
Easy, easy, take it easy.
It's over for you, Paris.
You're finished.
All right,
all right, all right.
Don't do anything stupid, public
defender's office. May I help you?
Some asshole jumps off
the Tobin bridge
with Jake farley ridin' the rope
with him.
The d. A.'S been after
that sleazebag, Farley,
for years. Some guy
should get a medal
for saving public funds.
The only trouble is,
the guy's a cop.
They just put the make
on Joe Paris,
who most of you know.
-Oh, yes.
Joe's on suspension,
so this case is going to draw
a lot of heat. City hall
just called
and laid it on us. Who's gonna be
the lucky guy?
Well, here we go again, girls.
"Who's the lucky guy?"
By the way, guy is spelled
Kravitz, you and Samson
have the most experience
with this shit. Which
one of you wants it?
Wait a minute, Brannigan.
-What's your problem, Hudson?
My problem is, my last 3 cases
have been a postman
bitten by a poodle, some
first-time grass smokers,
and a derelict knocking
quarters out of a parking meter.
the lucky ladies in this office
get every shit detail coming down.
-Yeah, Brannigan.
I've been here for 2 years,
and I want this case.
I am better
than Kravitz or Samson.
Oh, mama.
-The defendant is entitled
to better than one of
your old poker pals defending him.
You know, Paris really deserves
one of these broads, Brannigan.
It's a great way
to get rid of the hot-head.
Pretty tough on us to put our heart
into keepin' Paris out of jail.
Come on, Brannigan. Putting
one of these burnt-out
hacks on the case is
a travesty of justice.
Hey, Kravitz, do I look
like a burnt-out case?
Well, you do look
a little grey around the gills.
All right, all right, Hudson,
but you'd better deliver.
Because my tail's
gonna be in a crack for
not puttin' one of
the old pros on this.
I am better
than one of your old pros.
Yeah, from your mouth
to God's ear.
Ooh, wow.
Good luck.
15 minutes, Joe.
Joe Paris,
I'm Jennifer Hudson,
your attorney.
I'm extremely busy right now,
and we only have a short time.
So let's get started.
Tell me,
what happened last night?
You do talk?
Where's Meyer?
Mr. Meyer
took a corporate job.
Don't worry.
I'm smarter than Meyer.
I got you.
-I didn't know I was so popular.
Oh, you're
a celebrity downtown.
You don't find many
liberal cops these days.
Oh, yeah? Is that
what you think I am?
My partner
shot an unarmed man.
I just nudged him a little.
You nudged him
through a plate glass window.
And 6 months ago,
assaulting a police captain?
You realize your history
of violent assault
does not make
our case any easier.
But I can help you.
Who dresses you
in the morning?
Be nice, Mr. Paris.
your ass is in my hands.
Tell me about last night.
There's something very strange
about a wealthy chick like you
defending a trickle-down case
like mine.
It sounds dangerously
like a hobby.
A public defender
wearing a rolex.
Your insecurity
is not my problem.
The watch is a gift
from my fiance.
You don't wear a ring.
-Real detective.
I got the watch instead.
Well, send me somebody
that works for a living.
Fuck you,
you arrogant asshole!
It's my asshole, lady.
It's my career.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
How'd you get to be
a public defender, anyway?
I got a late start.
I blew 5 years
in the peace corps.
-And I want the courtroom experience.
Well, get it with somebody else.
You don't know anything about me, lady.
Yes, I do.
I know you're a cop,
accused of murder one.
You have a violent temper.
And you have a history
of problems with authority.
But I can get you off.
The minute I don't shine
for you, you can fire me.
But I'll be damned
if you're gonna pass on me
because of the way I dress.
That's not me.
This is me, guts and brains.
You cannot do any better.
Dear God,
a vassar version of Tarzan.
I was getting you
out of here tomorrow.
Your bail bondsman friend,
Delmar Fraser,
agreed to put up bail.
He says he owes you.
But if you're not
How do you know delmar?
-I do my homework.
Now, shall we talk
about last night?
I don't remember.
Don't stonewall me, Paris.
I'm not. I got drunk.
It's happened before.
I passed out.
You don't
remember anything?
No, nothing.
Who had reason
to kill farley?
Lots of people. He had
lots of things on lots of people.
Did he have
anything on you?
No. Friends of mine.
You knew him?
Yeah. Well,
he was a snitch.
You know,
I used him on busts.
How well
did you know him?
I used to shake him down
a little when he got out of line.
What do you mean,
"shake him down?"
Well, slap him around,
you know.
I never hurt him.
Well, would it be
correct to say
you had several violent
physical encounters with him
over a period of years?
I guess so.
And on more than
one occasion
you threatened his life,
in the presence of witnesses?
Yes, I... I... I...
I have a bad temper.
I'd say you do.
Miss Hudson,
I've done a lot
of shitty things in my life.
I've never killed anybody.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Quiet. Have you arranged to have a
psychiatrist interview your client?
Yes, I have,
your honor.
That's the man
who found farley.
He was on a bottle
of valium at the time.
Doesn't even remember stopping
his car on the bridge.
Couldn't you find another razor?
Going by this report, it
seems to me the psychiatrist...
This doesn't
surprise me.
What have you
done now?
Delmar, I think
you've met miss Hudson?
Only over the phone.
Pleased to meet you.
So, I hear you two
go a long way back.
This dude
saved my life.
It was nothing.
Listen, Joe,
you skip bail on me,
I lose my house.
And I just put
a hot tub on my deck,
you understand?
I fail to see
the wisdom of granting bail
in a first-degree
murder case.
Community safety
is the priority here.
Your honor,
Joseph Paris has lived
in this city all his life,
and intends to remain here.
Mr. Paris has no
prior arrests, your honor.
He has protected
this community for 14 years
as a police detective.
We also feel, your honor,
that our case is strong.
It is in my client's interest
to exonerate himself
by showing up for trial.
I feel there's
no risk that he would not appear.
What does
the district attorney's office
think about that, Mr. nicks?
I concur
with miss Hudson
that Mr. Paris
is well known
in the law enforcement
community in Boston.
However, that the seriousness
of the offense calls
for a sizeable cash bond.
I'd like to add that my client
was locked up last night
with men
he has sent to jail.
There isn't
an institution in the state
where Mr. Paris would
be free from reprisals.
I can do without
the dramatics, counselor.
You've made your point.
Mr. Paris, bail is set
at $500,000 with surety,
or $50,000 cash.
Um, your honor, we are
prepared to post real estate
with equity of $50,000
if that is acceptable.
Mr. nicks.
No objection, your honor.
Very well.
Thank you, your honor.
Hey, uh, I hope you realize
that I took it easy on you in there.
I didn't have to
let your guy walk.
You did the right thing.
-No, I did the expedient thing.
I don't want
to sensationalize this case
any more than you do.
Why don't you do us all
a favor? Let's plead this guy.
I'll give you a good deal.
I've got the guy nailed.
We'll find out in court,
won't we?
You are new at this,
aren't you?
Oh, did I tell you
that we got Paris' blood type
on the murder weapon?
Just came back
from the lab.
Hudson, right?
I'm offering you a deal.
Now don't drag
your client through this,
or yourself.
See you in court,
Mr. nicks.
Is this supposed
to jog my memory?
That's the idea.
Do you want to stop?
Do you want to see
where the body was found?
I usually don't like people
from a lot of money,
but of course
there are exceptions.
Put that away.
-Put that away.
Don't light that.
You can't be serious.
Not in my car, ok?
Look familiar?
Farley's bar?
Of course it looks familiar.
You've been inside?
-No. Me? Never.
When was the last time?
I don't know.
A month ago. 2 months ago.
Give me a break.
It's a pretty nice place.
-Oh, yeah. Real nice.
Up to their ears
in hookers,
and they've got enough cocaine
here to start a revolution.
Are you Joe Paris?
I have a message for you
from Mr. farley.
Mr. farley?
His son.
Mr. farley says,
"fuck off!"
He doesn't want you
in here anymore.
Is that what he said?
It's not worth it. Joe.
Let's go.
You knew there'd be trouble
before we even went in there.
Yeah? So what?
Do you believe this putz?
His father only died
2 days ago.
Not exactly in mourning,
is he?
Maybe Matt's a suspect.
He hasn't got the balls
to kill his old man.
Who hates you enough
to frame you then, Joe?
You want a hundred names?
I'll prepare you a list
in the morning.
Did you see that?
-A cop, I think.
Let's go.
Don't say a word.
I'm up here.
Hmm, you're in bed early.
Well, I'm beat, honey.
Yes, really.
I don't want you
working too hard,
ok, babe?
So how'd it go today?
I had a rough day.
Yeah? Why?
The d. A. Wants to
make a deal.
Nobody ever made a. G.
By plea-bargaining.
I don't want to be
Attorney General.
You will.
-No, I won't.
Yes, you will.
I think
Paris is guilty, Kyle.
So? That's why
he's got you.
This case is good
for you, jenzer.
Want to join me?
I can't.
Oh, God.
Guess who sold $20 million
in double "b" bonds today.
-I'm gettin' the boat.
You know, the 41-footer.
When are you ever going
to have time for sailing lessons?
I'll make time.
-On your schedule?
I am a can-do guy.
You're a jerk.
Why didn't you
call me before?
I tried, but you were out.
I ordered you
a cellular phone.
I don't want
a cellular phone.
Jen, we don't
communicate enough.
We need a cellular phone. Ok?
This one's black.
It's sleek.
Press one button,
you're talkin' to me.
You'll love it.
Can we talk about
this later, honey?
You said on the phone
you saw Joe Paris
the night of September 23rd?
Yeah, that's right.
We had a party.
Joe was here all night.
You're sure
he was here all night?
You're damn right.
Me and my dog drove him home
when we closed up,
on account
of the bump on his head.
And what time was that?
4:00 A.M.
yeah, that's right.
See, 'cause I always
take away their keys.
The big drinkers, anyway, of which
Joe was definitely one of.
But I tell you one thing.
Ain't no way Joe would've
made it home that night.
Passed out cold.
How did he get
the... the bump on his head?
Oh, some asshole got loud.
Started pushin'
this woman around,
so Joe put this guy down.
Joe's a fighter.
Who was the man he hit?
Never saw him before.
You don't know his name?
Or the woman?
They came in together.
They weren't regulars.
Joe's pretty hot-tempered,
Yeah. Joe ain't
no killer, though.
I mean, this farley
was a walkin' execution
waitin' to happen.
Farley had this
reverse midas touch.
Everybody's life he touched
turned to shit.
This was 4 nights ago.
Why didn't you call me sooner?
Hey, I read it in
the paper yesterday. I called you.
Will you testify
that Joe was here that night?
Thanks, Lou.
How'd I do?
You did just fine.
I'll let you know
when the trial date is set.
Sure thing. Thanks.
Your bartender is lying.
He sounds coached.
You're just
trying to intimidate me
because your case
is falling apart.
No, my case is airtight.
I have got motive,
I've got method,
I've got the murder weapon
with matching blood.
That's because Joe was framed.
We've got the alibi.
Paris put this guy up to it.
A lot of people
owe him favors.
Your alibi is a fabrication.
Prove it.
I will.
In the meantime,
you won't mind calling off
the tail you put on Joe
and me. It's illegal.
What tail?
A few nights ago, a cop
was hanging around farley's.
When I spotted him,
he took off.
Then yesterday,
a cruiser followed me
to Lou's, and then back here.
Did you get
the number on the car?
No, and I didn't
get the man's I.D. Either.
He was following me,
not interviewing me.
I didn't authorize that.
We don't do that.
Then you won't mind
undoing it.
The bartender is lying.
Just give me a minute.
You sure you don't want to come?
We got a private box at the garden.
All right. I'll bring home
Chinese after the game.
Have fun.
Are you Jenny Hudson?
That's right.
-My name's Deborah Quinn.
I need to talk to you.
It's about Joe.
My husband
doesn't know I'm here.
He doesn't know
I know Joe.
Do you know
who Vincent Quinn is?
The d. A. Talks about him.
No one ever makes
anything stick to Vincent.
So it seems.
-He's my husband.
That must be interesting.
What are you so afraid of?
Joe was with me the night
farley was killed.
At my house.
Vincent was out of town.
It is not
what you think.
I got involved with Joe
shortly after his wife died.
That was 2 years ago.
That's right.
Vincent and I
were going through
some rough times.
This kind of rough.
The night
after he did this,
I went to farley
to have Vincent killed.
$10,000 up front.
Another $10,000 afterwards.
But I couldn't do it.
I called it off.
Farley wouldn't give me
my money back.
He played me a tape
of my meeting with him.
And he said
that if I didn't pay him,
he would play it
for Vincent.
So Joe fixed things
with farley?
I don't know how,
but he got my money back.
How far would you go
to repay an old debt?
What do you mean?
Would you commit perjury?
I didn't have to come here.
If my husband knew
that I was here, he'd...
I'm telling you
the truth.
Joe was with me the night
that farley was killed.
I cannot call you
if your phone is off the hook.
Oh, yeah?
I thought you were
giving that up.
In your car, lady.
This is my apartment.
What the hell's
the matter with you, anyway?
I met Deborah
Quinn tonight.
She says she was with you
the night farley was killed.
Yeah, well,
she's makin' it up.
Is your bartender friend
makin' it up, too?
Nicks thinks so.
The whole world
has turned out to
commit perjury for Joe Paris.
Joe, this is a murder trial.
You have people
lying for you,
they will destroy you.
You coached him.
You spent the night with Deborah,
but you couldn't use her as an alibi.
And Lou owed you a favor,
just like delmar did, right?
What are you
gettin' so worked up for?
Tell me the truth, Joe.
It was easier to talk to Lou.
Do you know
who Deborah is married to?
Have you got any idea?
If she takes the stand
he'll have us both killed.
There was no blackout.
You spent the night with Deborah.
-There was a blackout!
But you spent
the night with Deborah!
I don't remember!
I'm not bringin' her in
on this.
She is your alibi, Joe.
If she's tellin' the truth.
I won't need an alibi
if we find out who did it.
Right now you are
the prime suspect.
Joe, I need to know everything
about your relationship
with Deborah.
That woman had the oldest motive
in the world for killing farley.
If you're involved with her,
that gives you
the same motive.
I need to know
what went on
or the prosecution
will take us apart.
Are you still lovers?
Then she's lying, too.
She said she was just with you.
What's goin' on? How could
that conceivably be good news
for the bond markets?
-It's very perverse.
And the Japanese will come in
and buy our bonds.
Does it worry you? As one who has
watched rates historically?
Everything worries me,
you know that.
Are you... are you a buyer
or a seller or just a fredder now?
Hi, Kyle.
Mmm, I hope
you saved me some.
But the trend lately
has been mostly upper rates.
So I've cut back
in the stock market.
Turn that down a bit,
Would you be surprised
if the market
was up 100 points next week?
No, I would not be.
I think we're...
I was watching that.
What's the matter with you?
I told you I was
going to bring home
Chinese food after the game.
Looks like
you ate it all, too.
Where the hell were you?
I went to see Joe Paris.
We're having problems.
Well, I thought
we were going to spend
some quality time tonight.
Ok, let's go.
It's too late.
I gotta get up early.
You are being infantile.
You went to the house
of a murderer!
I went to
the house of a client.
You said yourself
he's guilty.
I never said that.
I just thought
that we were going to spend
the evening together.
You went
to the ballgame, Kyle.
That was scheduled
and you know it.
I was back here at 10:30,
I didn't know
where the hell you were.
And now I find out
you were with a murderer
in his house!
I suppose he tried
to put the make on you, huh?
Knock it off.
-He did, didn't he? He did.
Get out of my face! And thanks
for the one goddamn egg roll.
Hey, there's another
sparerib here.
You want it, huh?
Take it.
Cute. You missed.
You're a jerk.
Oh, God!
Nobody to cover it,
and... and... and
nobody's over there.
So just get the guy
on the phone
and tell it to him straight.
I see your bartender's
off the witness list.
I was right, wasn't I?
I'd say you both
had enough enemies.
It was just a matter of time
till something like this happened.
Just be glad
farley ain't the one
that's bein' framed.
Use my desk.
You're all heart.
You know, you never
should have left
this precinct.
Those guys downtown
play a different ballgame.
So don't move around.
And anybody sees you here,
you tell them you're workin' for me.
Tough break.
You're... you're
Joe Paris, right?
You'd feel kind of silly
if I wasn't, wouldn't you?
Listen, I hate to see
a fellow officer in trouble.
They get a cop by the balls,
they squeeze.
You need all
the friends you can get.
You got
somethin' to say, say it.
All I'm sayin' is that
cops gotta stick together.
'Cause nobody else
gives a damn.
Go on.
Dear God,
this makes me feel very old.
All my enemies
are dead.
...since '83.
Not all of them.
Paul lantz, lewisburg.
Harry Norton,
paroled '87.
Matt darby, blind.
Wait a minute.
Harry Norton?
How did he make parole?
Good behavior.
Good behavior? I sent him up
11 years ago on conspiracy
to commit murder.
What's the link
to farley?
There is none. Where is he now?
Norton fish, please hold.
What do you need?
Harry Norton.
He's getting his tubes
cleaned in Brazil.
Norton fish, hold, please.
He married Tanya.
Oh. How is Tanya?
Well, she married the boss.
What more
could a girl want, right?
Norton fish, hold, please.
I love it
when I get a whole line
of blinking lights.
So, he married
old Tanya, huh?
Oh, I don't mean
the mother.
I mean the daughter,
Tanya junior.
Oh, the old lady
was pissed.
But what could she say?
I mean, she was after his bucks, too.
Now she gets 'em
without all the hassle.
How long
have they been away?
Can you believe, 3 weeks?
Norton fish, please...
Listen, bimbo, I've been
on hold for 15 minutes now.
I told you, please hold.
You hang up,
you go the end of the line.
I bet he wanted you.
Couldn't have you.
Well, I really
wasn't interested.
I mean, I could never
fall for a guy
whose hands
always smell like fish.
Maybe she worked cheap.
Are you kidding?
She got a raise every time
he closed the door.
You wouldn't happen to have
an itinerary around here, would you?
I mean, I'd like to
send him a wedding gift.
Hmm, they'd love that.
But nobody's supposed to know
where they are.
I did the paperwork myself.
4 weeks in Rio.
Left the 2nd week in September.
I'd like to take you
to Rio myself.
Oh, yeah?
I'm free.
I'm not.
I'm wanted for murder.
Don't you just hate
when that happens?
Hello, Joe.
-Hello, Eddie.
I told you I didn't want
to see you again.
You mind gettin' off my car?
What for?
I like it here.
Afraid you might fart
and the garlic
would peel the paint.
That's funny, Paris.
Nothing could hurt
this shitbox.
Don't screw around
my car, pal.
You're up on
murder one, Paris.
You gotta watch
that temper of yours.
The judge can put you
back in because of this.
He was screwin' around
with my car.
Your car!
Your car is a dump!
I like my car.
Hang on a minute.
I thought I told you
to wear a red tie.
I don't have
a red tie.
I'll get you one.
Is that gonna
bleed much more?
How the hell do I know?
And on the matter
of police brutality,
do you find
anything troubling
in a policeman using
his office unfairly,
say, to commit a crime?
How about you, sir?
Probably the police
can go too far, sure.
And you, ma'am?
How do you feel
about police brutality?
I think the police
have a hard job.
And they're
in danger a lot.
And you, sir?
-She's off his list.
...stay within
the guidelines of the law,
the same as any other citizen.
And you?
-I think the police are killers.
Killers, huh?
Mr. bastianelli,
can you really tell me
with all conviction that you
believe someone is innocent
until the prosecution
proves him guilty?
Or do you sometimes feel
you can tell
just by looking
at someone whether
he is guilty or not?
Sure, a guy
might look guilty,
but I'd keep an open mind.
Mr. bastianelli,
have you ever had
any experience with
a police detective?
Been followed by one,
or questioned by one?
If I have,
he must have been a good one,
'cause I don't think so.
What are you doing here?
He's in the house.
You went to see my lawyer,
didn't you?
I had to.
I want you out of this.
-But I'm in this, Joe.
Your lawyer said that I don't
have to say everything.
We could have
been just friends.
You got to realize
something. You get on that stand,
the d. A.'S gonna
rip you apart.
And then Vincent's
going to find somebody
and rip us apart.
Tell me what happened
that night.
You got here about 10:00.
We drank until 3:00 or 4:00
in the morning,
and then you went home.
Well, how did
I get this cut on my head?
You fell.
What happened
that night?
What do you remember
about that night?
-But you remember coming here?
You had been drinking
before you got here.
And when you arrived,
there was blood on your shirt,
and a cut on your forehead.
You said
you'd been in a fight.
What are we gonna do?
I don't know.
I just know
I want you out of this, ok?
She's very beautiful.
Yes, she was.
Why would any woman
marry a man like farley?
Money and power.
Of course, you wouldn't
know about things like that.
I suppose you prefer
animal magnetism?
Jenny, uh, can I offer
you and your friend
a complimentary
after-lunch drink?
Well, whatever
she says.
Thanks anyway, Louis.
I've decided
to put Deborah on the stand.
We had this discussion.
-We have no choice.
I don't want her
on the stand.
She's your only alibi, Joe.
-I don't give a damn.
You're... you're concentrating
on the wrong person.
What about Norton?
You can smoke if you want to.
-I don't wanna smoke.
Norton and farley had nothing
to do with each other,
and Norton was out
of the country at the time.
So what? All he had to do
is make a phone call.
We still need a link
to proceed on Norton.
There is no link.
What about police officers?
Did you have enemies
on the force?
Lots of them.
Oh, great.
Anybody like you?
Just you.
I feel like
I'm working blindfolded here.
Why is that?
I don't know.
Maybe you don't trust me.
Where you going?
See, you don't trust me.
Ok, here we are, babe.
Hi, Harry,
how was Rio?
Just great.
Be right with you, honey.
You're Joe Paris,
aren't you?
-Get lost!
How was the honeymoon?
What do you want, Paris?
Talked to
Jake farley lately?
I haven't seen
that bum for years.
Somebody put a piano wire
around his neck.
Yeah, so what?
The scum was always a loser. So I'd
like to ask you a couple of questions.
Yeah, well, talk to my lawyer,
will you? I got a good one now.
Listen, Paris.
I'm out of jail now.
I got a new business.
I got a beautiful new wife.
Harry, let's go.
I got a good life now.
Harry, come on, honey.
We'll be late
for the decorator.
Nice to see you
again, Paris.
Could anyone else
have murdered Jacob farley?
The answer's no.
There are no other suspects.
This murder was
committed by one man,
the defendant, Joseph Paris.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
during the course of this trial,
the state will prove
beyond reasonable doubt
that Joe Paris
brutally murdered
his long-time enemy,
Jacob farley.
The loving father
and sole support
of 2 young people,
Matthew and Amy farley.
Then cruelly displayed
his contemptuous deed
by dumping the body
on the Tobin bridge
for all to see.
We will show
that the defendant
had the means and the motive
and the opportunity
to kill Mr. farley.
We will show that Mr. Paris
is a dangerously violent man,
who can not control
his temper
and who has been suspended
from the police force
for unwarranted violence.
We will show
that he had a long history
of violent association
with the deceased
and threatened his life
many times.
We will show
that the murder weapon
was in Mr. Paris' possession
at the time of his arrest
and that it was covered
with the blood type
of Mr. farley,
and also
that of the defendant.
And when all
the testimony is in
and the evidence
is before you,
it will show
beyond a reasonable doubt
that Joe Paris is guilty
of the cold-blooded
murder of Jacob farley.
Thank you.
Does the defense
wish to make
an opening statement?
We do, your honor, but we reserve
opening until the government
has concluded its case.
The state calls
Matthew farley.
Matthew farley.
Matt, will you please
tell the court your experience
the night
of September the 23rd.
The 23rd was a Wednesday.
Every Wednesday we went
to this little fish place
for dinner.
My sister, Amy,
and I both went.
And on the night
of the 23rd?
My father called
from the club
and said he couldn't make it.
He tell you why?
He said he was
going to meet Joe Paris.
He said Paris
had been bugging him again.
That it was time he dealt with
the bastard once and for all.
Objection! Hearsay!
Move to strike.
The witness's last comment
will be stricken from the record.
Did you recognize
the name of Joe Paris?
6 months ago,
Paris came into the club
and got into a shouting fight
with my father.
This Joe Paris
that fought that night
with your father in the club,
can you identify him
here in the courtroom?
Let the record show the witness
pointed to the defendant.
We had
a good band that night,
but everybody
was listening to the yelling
at the entrance.
Do you recall
what was yelled?
He kept sayin' that my father
wouldn't be around much longer.
How did you feel
when you then heard
that your father
was going to meet Joe Paris
on September the 23rd?
I was afraid for him.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Mr. farley, do you know for a fact
that your father
actually met Mr. Paris
on the night of the 23rd?
-It's where he said he was going.
You do not know
that he actually met
Mr. Paris?
Mr. farley, what business
was your father in?
He had a club.
Is this the same club
that you yourself
have now taken over?
You did not close it down
at all for the funeral?
-Sustained. Counselor.
Since you have taken
it over so easily,
you must know a lot about
your father's business.
Did he ever do business
with anyone else
named Joe Paris?
Do you know a Joe parish?
With an "h"?
Were you aware
that Mr. parish
owed your father
a lot of money?
Objection! Not covered by direct.
Over-ruled. You many
answer the question.
Yeah, well, parish
didn't come down to the club.
But that prick did.
Mr. farley,
this is a court of law.
Choose your
language accordingly.
Shall I repeat the question,
Mr. farley?
Look, lady,
this is all lawyer bullshit.
Answer the question.
Because I have
a tape of Joe Paris,
that Joe Paris, saying
he's going to kill my father.
That's hearsay!
Mr. farley, you will limit
your answers
to the questions asked.
He didn't come home
that night. I went down to the club,
there were some tapes.
One had Paris' name on it.
Your honor, I object! I object!
The witness's answer
will be stricken
from the record.
And the jury is instructed
to disregard his statements.
Counsel may sidebar.
Your honor,
the district attorney
said nothing about
a tape during discovery.
We had no knowledge
of any tape.
I now want a warrant for
possible admission into evidence.
Your honor, I ask
the tape not be admitted
into evidence, since it was not
discovered prior to trial.
Where is the tape now,
Mr. farley?
At the club.
Your honor,
unless the state proves
that this tape is authentic,
I must ask for a mistrial.
It is technically possible
to re-edit a recording
so that the intent
of that person
is completely taken
out of context,
or even contradicted.
That's true, counselor.
We'll recess to allow
prosecution to secure the tape
and test its authenticity.
All rise. Hear ye.
Hear ye. Hear ye.
All persons who have
anything further to do...
So, tell me
about the tapes.
Farley used to tape everything.
The same way
Nixon did.
How do you think
Jake got that club?
So the tapes
are real?
She made a mistake,
farley, but you screw around with her,
I'll take
those goddamn tapes
and I'll stick 'em
up your ass. You got that?
Can't we discuss
this rationally, Joe?
No. How's this for rational?
Give the lady back her money,
give me the tapes,
and get off her back.
Otherwise you know what I'll do.
What is Matt farley doing with
something like that, anyway?
Trying to find
his father's murderer.
We don't even know
when it was recorded.
That's pretty stale. I mean,
it's more prejudicial than probative.
It demonstrates
the defendant's motive.
Miss Hudson, I'm inclined to
admit this tape.
However, I will give you
the opportunity
to have it examined for
authenticity by your own expert
prior to my
final ruling.
Now if you two
will excuse me.
That was pretty dirty.
I told you, I didn't know
anything about it.
This is the big time,
little girl.
You wanted high stakes,
you got 'em.
Public counsel.
Hudson, James nicks here.
I'm afraid
your client's been
hiding things from you.
You wanna meet me
at the bay tower room?
I was just
on my way home, James.
This is documentary evidence.
It blows your case wide open.
You can learn about it
in court tomorrow.
That's fine with me.
-I'll be there.
Sit down.
No, thank you.
Have you seen
your client's war record?
He's a killer. Special forces,
Phoenix program.
He killed a lot of people
in Vietnam.
He strangled them.
The same way
he allegedly
strangled farley.
He was
trained for it.
You'll never get this into evidence.
It's 18 years old.
Are you ready to talk
a plea-bargain now?
Say, 2nd-degree?
Maybe it wasn't
I mean, strangling evidently
is second nature to this man.
It's circumstantial and it doesn't
prove a thing.
You know what your problem is?
You're too hungry.
You wanna make
a name for yourself.
And you think Joe Paris
is your ticket.
I don't have to listen to this.
-There comes a point
when you gotta think
about your client first.
You can't win this. Murder 2
is the best you're gonna do.
He'll be out in 3 years, unless he
kills somebody else in the meantime.
You'd better
take him this offer.
Good night, James.
I'm going to nail
your man, Hudson.
Yeah, Paris.
Yeah. Guess what?
I just saw
your war record.
What do you mean?
Jesus Christ, Joe!
I don't understand.
I was in the war.
W-what's the problem?
You are lying,
that's what!
You wanted
to see me?
What are you doing?
Nicks told me he offered
a deal on the Paris case,
and you turned him down.
Is that true?
I know what I'm doing.
Hudson, the man is
as guilty as hell.
Now, who the fuck
do you think you are,
f. Lee Bailey?
You've got a man's life
in your hands.
Are you willing
to take responsibility
for a guilty verdict?
Are you that sure of how well
you'll do in a trial?
You better be
damn sure, Hudson.
You know, one of the reasons
I use old pros
on cases like these
is that
they don't play God.
Now, you take my advice,
plead the case
and get it over with.
Oh, my God!
You think I did this?
The door was open.
Just get out of here.
I think maybe
I owe you an explanation.
Not now.
I didn't tell you about
the war record
'cause I didn't think
it mattered.
Just like Lou's perjury
didn't matter?
Deborah Quinn didn't matter?
And the tapes didn't matter?
I need to believe
in you, Joe.
And I don't.
You are lying
to me.
I lied to keep somebody alive.
-No more.
All right. Come on. I'll tell you
whatever you need to know.
No. I'll tell you
what you need to know.
Get out of my house now!
Is this it?
I think she asked
you to leave, dude.
This must be his gucciness.
You know, I got a mind
to bust you in the mouth.
Kyle, you don't
want to do that.
Did you bring this trash
into my house?
That's enough! Both of you!
God, now what?
Police officers!
Hey, what's going on here?
Do you have a search warrant?
Got any new tapes, Joe?
-What tapes?
I'd like to
file a complaint.
I'm his lawyer.
-Are you his lawyer, too?
No, I'm his lawyer.
-Who is he? I live here.
Do you know this man?
-I'd like to file a complaint.
Will you shut up?
-What's the complaint?
The mink on his
jockstrap is molting.
You wanna look into that?
He's clean.
-Thanks. Now what is your problem?
Who did it for you, Joe?
-Did what?
I want this conversation
to take place somewhere else.
Go upstairs and draw
yourself a bath.
That's enough, Paris.
-You know, you're gonna get clocked.
Shut up and listen!
Somebody took a big interest
in the tape collection
at farley's house.
Helped himself to quite a few.
-Maybe the dick-face kid?
No, it was not
the dick-face kid.
He wasn't home.
The alarm went off.
So whoever it was didn't find
out what he wanted.
he came here, too.
Now, do you have
any new information
I should know about?
You do not have
to answer that.
I don't believe this.
I thought you
weren't tailing anybody, nix.
Yeah, why don't you search
my house or search my car?
We have.
We were having a very nice
conversation here,
my attorney and I,
before you came in.
And if you don't mind,
we'd like to continue.
It's your funeral.
Have a nice evening.
By the way, he's offered
you a deal.
Oh, yeah,
what kind of deal?
down to murder 2.
Parole in 3 years.
Mind if I smoke?
Don't you dare
light that cigarette.
He's lighting
a cigarette.
Kyle, can we talk
about this some other time?
What did the defendant,
Joe Paris, say then?
He said that farley had gone
too far this time.
gotta take him out.
And by "take him out"
you understood him to mean?
Kill him.
So you heard Joe Paris,
on September 21st
predict that somebody
was going to kill Jake farley.
That was 2 days before
Mr. farley was murdered?
I wonder
how he knew that?
-Sustained. G. nicks.
No further questions.
Mr. reugger, didn't you state
your profession as cab driver?
Yeah. Well,
it's mainly cab driving.
But on occasion
you have gone on errands
for the deceased,
Mr. farley?
Yeah, I go on errands
for lots of people,
including Joe, when he was
with the Boston p. D. It's what I do.
Oh, come on, Mr. reugger. I mean,
you have been paid considerably more
than cab fare for making
certain deliveries
to Mr. farley's associates.
Your honor, Mr. reugger's
not on trial here.
No one says he is.
You may answer the question.
Uh, yeah, I made deliveries
to farley's associates.
You ever heard any
of these associates
speak ill of Mr. farley?
Speak ill of him?
Yeah, well, they all, uh,
spoke ill of him.
You ever heard any of them
express the opinion
that the world would be
a better place
with Mr. farley
removed from it?
I guess, yeah.
In fact, Mr. reugger,
have you ever heard
Mr. farley's son,
Matthew farley,
express dissatisfaction
with the way his father
ran his business?
Farley was not very
well liked, you know.
Oh. Why?
He didn't run his life
like it was a popularity
contest, you know.
How did he run
his life, Mr. reugger?
Did he ever
double-cross a friend?
I guess. Yeah.
Did he ever cheat an associate?
Did he ever inform
on fellow criminals?
Did he ever
inform on fellow
business associates?
We need to hear your answer,
Mr. reugger.
Yeah, well, he ratted.
He stole.
Anything to make a buck.
I-I-I'm not telling you
anything new.
Did he sell cocaine
at his club?
at his club?
Yeah, yeah.
And did Jake farley
also blackmail people?
Your honor, I object.
Let me rephrase
the question.
Mr. reugger,
did Jake farley ever
blackmail you?
You didn't tell me
this was gonna happen!
Your honor.
The witness will
answer the question.
Yeah, he had stuff on me.
You mean
he blackmailed you?
Mr. reugger,
have you ever said
anything unkind,
hateful or derogatory
about Jake farley?
Yes. Everybody I know did.
Now, Mr. reugger,
considering everything
you and other people
have said about Jake farley,
were the comments of Joe Paris
anywhere near as strong
as the others?
Not really. No.
Thank you.
No further questions.
Witness may step down.
Your honor,
may we sidebar?
Yes, counselor.
Last night the state
gained new evidence
which sheds
significant light
on this case.
Your honor,
it's inadmissible.
If you'll notice paragraph 3 here,
the underlined part.
I can read,
Mr. nicks.
Yes, your honor.
This thing is
nearly 20 years old.
Yes, your honor,
but it shows...
The man's a war hero.
You want to enter
that into your case?
It shows a pattern. A specific
method of killing.
Were you ever
in the service, Mr. nicks?
No, your honor.
Take this away,
if you don't mind.
You think
you're such hot shit.
You dropped something.
Farley, you had
better get out of here
before you get
into serious trouble.
You think you're
so high and mighty.
You think you can
do anything you want.
You're trying
to ruin my reputation,
and ruin my club.
Business is dying
because of your little act.
I got nobody in there
because of you
and your Joe Paris.
Mr. farley, this is not
the way to handle things.
I know how to handle things.
I've handled
everything so far.
Just you remember,
lady, I know
how to handle things.
Let go of me!
What's going on?
Who is this?
-Forget it. Just go inside.
No. What do you want, huh?
-Kyle, don't.
No, no. You got
some business here, huh?
You got
some business here?
Leave him alone!
Your woman's
a vulture, man.
She lives off dead meat.
Get out.
-She's garbage.
Get out of here!
Kyle, are you hurt?
Kyle, are you ok?
Did you see that?
He tried to kill me.
Kyle, please.
Come in the house.
Who the hell...
Who the hell was that?
Jake farley's son.
I'm gonna sue
the bastard.
Come in. Just...
Calm down.
-Is this worth it?
Dealing with the scum
that you do every day.
You don't need this.
And I don't need it, either.
I know you don't.
I'm really, really sorry.
He broke my rolex.
Witnesses for the...
for the defense will show
that many individuals
had both motive
and opportunity
to kill Jake farley.
The testimony will
show that an array of criminals
had made vows of revenge
against Joe Paris
for his key role
in putting them behind bars.
Many of these are
convicted murderers
with a grudge
against Jake farley as well.
But we do not
have to prove Joe was framed.
He remains innocent
until the prosecution
proves him guilty.
Please, always remember
that, ladies and gentlemen,
while we present
an alibi witness
who will testify
that Joe Paris was
nowhere near the scene
of Jake farley's murder.
And this witness
has a lot to lose
by coming forth.
The defense calls
Deborah Quinn.
Deborah Quinn.
I thought we weren't
going to involve her.
We have no choice, Joe.
Raise your right hand.
Do you swear that the testimony
you are about to give
is the truth,
the whole truth
and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?
I do.
-We can't hear you, ma'am.
Yes, I do.
Could you please
state your name and address?
Deborah Quinn.
831 Hillside Park.
Ms. Quinn, how long have
you known the defendant?
Almost 2 years.
Could you please describe your
relationship with him?
We're friends.
Good friends.
On the night
of September 23rd,
could you please
describe what you did,
starting about 5:00 p. M?
On the night of
September 23rd?
Well, on the night
of September 23rd, I was...
Go on.
Ms. Quinn?
I was
with my husband, Vincent.
Your honor,
I move for a mistrial.
Your honor, the district attorney
must know what's going on
by bringing in
this woman's husband.
Your motion has
been denied, counselor.
I move for a brief recess.
Any objection, Mr. nicks?
Then considering the hour
and with the holiday
coming up,
this court will adjourn
for 3 days,
next to resume
this coming Tuesday.
All rise.
Here ye, here ye, here ye.
She's a dead woman.
We have until next Tuesday
to solve a big problem,
because right now
we have no case.
She's a dead woman
and you just killed her.
And what's more,
you don't give a damn.
You're my client, dick Tracy.
-Not any more.
God save the commonwealth
of Massachusetts.
Miss Hudson. Vincent Quinn,
Deborah's husband.
I wonder if I might speak
to Deborah for a moment.
Oh, of course you can.
But I think, uh, you
might be interested to know
that my wife has told me
about her friendship
with your client.
It was a long time ago
before she met me.
And of course she'd
want to testify on his behalf
at the trial.
However, I cannot allow her
to perjure herself.
I wouldn't want her to, either.
-Miss Hudson, please.
My wife told me
about your idea
to get your client off
with a phony alibi.
My idea?
She couldn't possibly
have been with your client
that night
because she was with me.
I thought you
were out of town.
That's right. We were.
At the Chicago Hyatt.
Both of you?
Both of us.
And I assure you
proper documentation
could be provided
if necessary.
Now, if there is,
uh, anything else we can do,
please don't hesitate
to call.
What's wrong now?
What do you mean?
This case is starting to consume you.
I don't like
what you're becoming.
And what am I becoming
that is so intolerable?
Just because I'm doing
things my way now?
Or is it because I'm involved
with something
that's more important than
your almighty stock swindles?
That's uncalled for.
What are you talking about?
Oh, come off of it, Kyle.
You look down
on street people like Joe
as though what you are doing
isn't corruption.
What do you call
junk bonds, sweetheart?
Junk bonds! What...
You hide behind
carefully worded
s. E.C. Boilerplate.
And you sell shit
to the public
any idiot can see
will never be paid back.
-But your hands are clean.
Because a battalion
of corporate lawyers
keeps you immoral pricks
out of jail.
You feel better?
After all I've done
for you?
I suppose you found me
in the gutter, Kyle.
And I should be so grateful for
everything you've done for me.
No, no, I just don't think
you should be ungrateful.
You know, there are
lots of women who'd
love to be in your shoes.
You get one.
Wait a minute, jenzer.
That name belongs
on a polo pony.
You know something?
You're the snob, not me.
You think some unwashed
has-been detective killer
is somehow morally
superior to me.
I think everyone is morally
superior to you, Kyle.
You can't take
the competition, can you?
Because I'm successful
and you're not, you resent me.
Think about that.
You're right, Kyle.
You're too good for me.
I'm moving out.
Don't be ridiculous.
I am so tired
of being ridiculous.
We're through.
I won't be needing
those anymore anyway.
I'm off the case.
Stop it!
Come back here!
Give them to me!
Hold it.
Leave me alone.
Are you ok?
What was
on the tapes?
Get out of here, cop.
I'd say your ribs are broken.
No kidding?
Leave him alone.
All right. You better
call a doctor.
How many have you
got for me today, strickler?
A full gross, farley.
I'll take the refrigerators,
the microwaves.
I'll give you $2,000.
This stuff's worth 5.
Fence it yourself, officer.
Make it $2,500, farley.
Look, I don't need some cop's shit
to stay in business.
I'm doing you a favor
moving this stuff.
$2,000. Take it or leave it.
Go for it,
you son of a bitch!
Ok, I got you.
Relax, relax, Joe. Relax.
What are you
doing, man?
Would you just
calm down?
Joe, this has got nothing
to do with you.
Come on!
-All I wanted was this.
This is old news, Joe.
I've been straight for 10 years.
-No, listen to me!
It was one thing
for farley to blackmail me,
but now his fucking kid
has taken over.
Only the kid wants twice
what the old man collected.
He wanted to take over
the business
and he couldn't wait.
So he killed his old man.
Give me the tape.
I'm gonna put
a hole in your head!
It slipped, man.
I swear to God, it slipped.
I didn't kill him, Joe.
It wasn't me.
What are you
doing here?
I'm unfiring you.
Oh, why?
Sometimes I can be
a bit of an asshole.
I didn't do it.
You didn't, did you?
I need your help.
I need yours.
Where do you
want these?
Deborah says
she was in Chicago
with her husband the night
farley was killed.
I understand
your feelings
about Deborah, but I think
she and her husband
are involved in this.
Couples talk.
There's no telling
how much.
From what I know about Vincent,
he didn't do it.
Unless he had
a personal reason.
You're fishing.
-Yeah, I guess.
What are you doing?
I'm moving out.
Oh, yeah?
About time.
I don't wanna talk
about it.
Good. I don't wanna
talk about it either.
I was married once,
in the peace corps.
Except Donald decided
to play ambassador of love
to every woman in Costa Rica.
Kind of a one man
goodwill tour.
So I finally divorced him.
Why are you telling me this?
I guess I just
want you to understand
all this.
No way, Jose.
I ain't Jose.
This is Kyle's house.
I haven't moved out yet.
I'm your attorney.
I know.
So we can't
afford this.
Afford what?
Getting involved.
Don't play dumb.
I just brought
that box over to you.
Any tape?
Well, you got
a place to stay tonight?
My sister has
a spare bedroom.
That's lucky.
This is for Jennifer Hudson.
My name's Tony sklar.
I have information
you might be able to use.
I would like to
discuss with you
the value of such information.
I'm gonna be at the walpole
state prison infirmary.
Get here after
visiting hours tonight.
Ask for the warden.
Don't bring any other person
or any recording device,
or the whole deal is off.
I know that guy.
He's a pathological liar.
It's a lead, Joe.
To nowhere.
I'm gonna go
check it out.
Red tie.
Well, he's tried
suicide twice this month.
I think he's just
trying to get away
from the population.
Of course,
you can't be sure.
He's a pretty
unstable character.
Well, you know
his history, don't you?
I'll give you
10 minutes.
I'm safe.
I thought
you'd be older.
What is it
you had to tell me?
I can get
your client off.
But I want a deal.
What deal?
I just lost an appeal.
Looks like
I'm gonna be in here
another 30 years.
I got a wife and kid.
I want them taken care of.
And I want some leniency
for me.
You must know
I'm in no position
to make deals.
You got influence.
You can do something.
I need to know
what you've got.
Ever hear
of Harry Norton?
Your client sent him away
on a conspiracy
to commit murder rap.
We checked him out.
He was in Rio
at the time of the murder.
Of course he was.
Listen to me.
Norton had a beautiful chick
at the time he went
in the joint.
Her name was Celeste.
4 years into
Norton's sentence,
Celeste up and marries
our friend, farley.
You'd never think
a prick like Norton
could get his heart broken.
I mean, here's a guy
that can have anybody offed
long distance
in jail or out.
But he couldn't control
his woman.
And that made him crazy.
And it was your client
who sent him up
and cut his balls off.
You know, I'm in here
'cause I've been accused
of the double murder
of federal witnesses.
I'm not saying
I did those.
But I will say
I have made hits
the state doesn't know about.
Norton hired me
to kill farley
and his bride, Celeste.
I set up
an accident.
I got Celeste,
but farley survived.
Car accident on the cape
was yours truly.
I was supposed
to let things cool
and go back and finish farley.
I never got the chance.
I came here instead.
Who did Norton
hire this time?
Give me a good reason
to tell you.
Mr. sklar...
-Please, Tony.
You realize your credibility
isn't the greatest.
I know,
but what can you do?
I need proof.
I have proof.
I need to see it.
That can be arranged.
I'll see
what I can do.
do us both a favor.
Don't go sniffing around
for your mystery man
checking with me first.
You might
hurt yourself.
Listen, I have a witness
who's willing to testify
that he was hired
to kill farley and his wife.
He'll name
who hired him.
This guy succeeded
on Celeste.
That auto accident
was no accident.
Reputable witness?
Mr. fabrication.
Did he sell you
any swampland
down in Florida?
He wants
to make a deal.
Sure he does.
The guy's a known liar.
He's offering proof.
But he won't give it
without some kind of a deal.
I don't deal
with scum.
This guy is
septic tank material.
Help me buy time.
Tell me you'll
support negotiations
if he delivers.
You're reaching.
He's offering
exculpatory evidence.
Don't obstruct that.
The word
of a known liar
does not qualify
as evidence.
You can't
suppress this, nicks.
Help me
make a deal.
You had your chance.
I'm inclined to grant
counsel for the defense
adequate time to investigate
this witness's potential.
We'll adjourn for one day
pending possible new evidence
for the defense.
But if that should fail,
I'll want closing arguments
in 48 hours.
Hey, sklar. Telephone.
It's that lawyer.
-Hello, Tony.
It was really
a matter of time.
We did everything
we could to save him.
I want him moved
to the city hospital.
Can't do that.
If he stays here,
whoever did it will know
he succeeded.
All right.
This is for Jennifer Hudson.
My name's Tony sklar.
I have information
you might be able to use.
I would like to
discuss with you
the value of such information.
I'm gonna be
at the walpole state
prison infirmary.
Get here after
visiting hours tonight.
Ask for the warden.
Don't bring
any other person
or any recording device,
or the whole deal is off.
This is for Jennifer...
My name's Tony sklar.
Anybody told me
I'd be putting words
in a dead man's mouth...
...the value of such information.
I'm gonna be at the walpole state
prison infirmary.
I'm gonna be at the wal...
Infirmary. Get here...
I haven't been
fair to you.
...tonight. Ask for the warden.
Ask... ask...
...or any recording device,
or the whole deal is off.
The whole deal...
The whole deal...
The whole...
Whole... whole...
This is Tony.
I'm gonna get you, asshole.
This is Tony.
I'm gonna get you, asshole.
Look, I don't know
what your game is, Tony,
but you can't
pin anything on me.
Officer strickler,
this is Jennifer Hudson.
You better
watch out, lady,
'cause you could get
real hurt.
This is Tony.
I'm gonna get you, asshole.
Who was that?
I don't know.
This is Tony.
I'm gonna get you, asshole.
Get out of my life, punk.
I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.
Mr. Norton,
this is Jennifer Hudson,
and I represent Mr. sklar.
We're suing you for assault
with intent to kill.
Let me talk to sklar again.
He has nothing further
to say to you.
Well, I got plenty
to say to him.
I had nothing
to do with that hit on him.
Then how did you know
about the hit?
I read the herald,
like any good citizen.
I'm afraid he was not
identified in the herald.
Oh, don't give me
that shit.
I can put
2 and 2 together.
I know a setup when
I see one and I'm not buyin'.
You've been positively identified,
and now Mr. sklar
wants satisfaction.
He's full of shit.
You're both full of shit.
Nice job.
Let's see if he buys it.
The boys in blue.
Hey, Joe,
how's it going?
Hey, Joe.
-Hi, guys.
We're a present
from the d. A.
We don't want any.
Nicks' orders.
Got a cigarette?
-You owe me 2 bucks.
Is nicks in?
It's Jennifer Hudson.
James, we do not want
any protection.
Because we want to do
things our own way,
and you're interfering,
plain and simple.
Yeah. He wants to talk to you.
Yes, sir.
No problem, sir.
Yes, sir.
He says we're to keep you
in our sights,
but, uh, you can
stick us where you want.
How about Cleveland?
It isn't working.
Will you relax?
Who were
you calling?
There's no answer.
Jesus, more cops.
They're gonna blow this.
It's not working anyway.
Give it more time.
We've been here
for hours.
You got anything
to eat?
It's a funny thing
about me.
At times like this
I get real hungry.
When this is all over, I'm going
to take you to my favorite restaurant.
How do you like
eating with your hands?
How did I ever get
mixed up with you?
Too late now.
Are you going
to ned's wedding?
Nah, I wasn't invited.
What, you're not going
to ned's wedding?
-Why not?
Oh, because I dated
what's-her-name once.
You went out
with Mandy?
-When was this?
About 6 months ago.
Hey, who's that?
Looks like wilkinson.
Nah, wilkinson's
on vacation.
Yeah, where'd he go?
Someplace with his mother.
You know wilkinson.
Who is this guy?
-I don't know.
Hey, buddy.
How's it going?
It's started.
Give me the keys
to the restaurant.
Stay upstairs.
Hold it.
I tried to help you.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I need to use your phone.
There's a man hurt
on the street outside.
Oh, my God!
Call an ambulance! I'm going...
Where's sklar?
He called from here.
Yes, um...
-Step away from the window.
Where is he?
You're Harry Norton.
Where is sklar?
But... but you couldn't have
killed farley.
You were out of the country.
I have a long reach
and a score to settle
with 2 old pals.
I set up the hit on farley,
and nailed Paris
at the same time.
Quiz is over, lady.
Where is sklar?
He-he's not here.
I'll... I'll take you to him.
Just tell me.
I... I have to show you.
He's... he's not far.
He's in the next building.
All right, lady.
Let's go.
Jesus, Joe. Can't you
do anything right?