Picasso Trigger (1988) Movie Script

Come in.
Is that the package from Miguel Ortiz?
Yes sir.
Open it.
The plan is in motion.
Within the next 24
hours the federal agents
responsible for the death
of my brother Luca Ortiz
will be dead.
With your leadership, your support,
we have taken the first step
towards complete revenge.
Your participation is most appreciated.
To have your soldiers
in Texas eliminate a man
we both consider a dangerous
enemy is a pleasure
to say the least.
I am forever in your debt.
We are prepared to strike in
Las Vegas and Hawaii tonight.
The Picasso Trigger
as painted by world-renowned
artist Guillermo Esteban
is a creature conceived in
beauty who protects his life
with a fierce brutality
seldom experienced
by most men.
My recent brush with death necessitated
a long recuperative period
where I spent many hours
staring at this masterpiece.
I came to the conclusion
that it represented
a philosophy that I wanted to express.
Man must learn from God's creatures
to protect all that is beautiful
with every force, every resource,
every breath that he takes.
I, therefore, donate this painting
to the people of Paris and to the world.
The last time you created a media event
you were indicted by the grand jury.
A multi-million dollar
endowment bridges the gap
between outlaw and philanthropist.
It's amazing how just
a few million dollars
allows them to ignore
that the Picasso Trigger
is actually your code name.
Art has many faces.
I need this time to fulfill my dreams
with no inhibitions, no obstacles.
I want you to share
this freedom I have.
You sound like a man
who's nearing his end.
No, nearing a new beginning.
Youll be around forever.
One can only hope.
Travis, partner, this is Uncle Longgone
calling from Dallas.
You still on that beautiful boat?
You bet.
Living good is the best revenge.
Shoot, when I was your age,
I'd made $5 million
in the oil business.
Spent 80% of it on good
whiskey, fast cars,
and faster women.
Another 20% I just pissed away.
Is this a social call?
The Picasso Trigger is dead.
Natural causes no doubt.
Yeah, considering his lifestyle,
a bullet in the chest.
Any clues to who did it?
No, so stay alert.
We don't know what'll happen next.
Alejandro Philippe Salazar,
gone but not forgotten.
Lounge here in the Sands Hotel
on the fabulous Las Vegas
strip proudly present
the sexy dance team of Kym and Patticakes!
Squeeze me just a little
Tease me just a little
Then one more time
Put your arms around my middle
Squeeze me just a little more
Squeeze me just a little
Tease me just a little
Then one more time
Put your arms around my middle
Squeeze me
Just a little more
That bastard Schiavo and his fucking,
it's business as usual.
Sweeten up my cup
There's no
You're beautiful.
And you're as good as those
two girls that are onstage.
With us you have a great future.
I'm not so sure, Mr. Schiavo.
You can take my word for it.
Then one more time
Put your arms around my middle
And after a month of
this we get replaced
without even getting a step
closer to nabbing their boss.
I mean, how many women do
you think he's kidnapped
to the Far East?
They're the lucky ones.
The others they use here in snuff film.
Then rock me all night long
Yeah, squeeze me just a little
I may be new to the force
but I hate being replaced
by those two.
Tease me just a little
Then one more time
What's the agency think they can do
that we can't do better?
Squeeze me
Just a little more
What, are you kidding?
Mr. Schiavo, the homing device.
'Cause I know what you're think
Come on squeeze me
Come on tease me
Oh and squeeze me
Come on please say
There's two guys coming
up there, all right.
There's a tall one blonde
and a fat one, all right.
They're friends of mine.
They just dropped a bundle in the casino.
Give them these two flowers, all right?
Also, I tell you what,
you make 'em feel loved.
All right.
All right?
Hi, let me put some flowers on you.
We give 'em out to all our customers.
Oh great.
Well, thank you very much.
- There you go.
You're welcome.
You get one, too.
Let's go, Fred.
The homing device is in the lapel flower.
Let's do it.
Hey it's a long drive to
the Palm Springs office.
I think I'll take the back
roads and make some real time.
Yeah, if our car can make it.
Look, the agency wanted us
to look like a couple
of real polyester hicks.
Well, they went all the way.
the international scene,
in Paris, France today,
Alejandro Philippe Salazar
was gunned down on the steps
of the new Contemporary Museum.
His recent pacemaker implant
surgery was believed to be
the motivation for his
multi-million dollar endowment.
His passion for art was expressed
in his incredible collection of Picassos,
Monets, Chagalls and Esteban.
- Ah, gimme a break,
his troops have smuggled
in more nose candy
in this country than anyone.
- Salazar's death
has every indication of
being a professional hit.
His past...
I wonder who nailed the bastard.
From United States
- government agent,
- Oh, I don't know.
to international crime lord.
Mr. Salazar's body will
be flown immediately
to his native land of Spain
where his remains
will be cremated.
Gee, what the hell's that?
Damn, that chopper's got a bazooka!
Well, get off
the road or something!
I see 'em, I see 'em!
Gonna hit us!
All right, all right!
Where's my gun?
We're screwed!
Son-of-a-bitch is gonna shoot us.
Yo, geez!
The ones with the flower
have been scattered this hour.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Edy, you're the reason
they call Molokai the friendly island.
How sweet, thank you.
Is everything to liking, Mr. Ortiz?
It couldn't be better, Edy.
Mr. Ortiz enjoyed his meal immensely.
What did I say, huh?
Give flower leis to those two.
Yellow is their favorite color.
Thank you.
Here's your change.
- No, no, keep it.
Oh thank you very much.
Here's a gift for you.
Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.
For you.
Thank you very much.
Larry, Susan, I hate to say goodbye.
You've been very helpful us, Edy.
Now that we've done the legwork,
we can let the agency
decide how to proceed.
There's definitely something in the air.
I can feel it.
The ones with the flower
have been scattered this hour.
Glen and Peter have scored.
Let's do it, now!
Good night, you guys.
Good night, Edy.
Thank you for everything.
Good night.
Let's go for a little walk on the beach.
Hmm, sounds good to me.
That's two for our side.
Give 'em a lei,
blow 'em away.
A hell of a poet, Clay.
I know.
Give 'em a lei, blow them away.
Next stop on this tour, Maui,
seven miles across the bay.
We'll put a stop to that squealing bitch
who testified against my brother.
Come on, sleepy head.
No delays today.
Okay, I'm up.
Good, you know we can't
be late this morning.
No problem.
This is the
fun part of agency work.
Sure beats dodging bullets.
Let's go.
I'm ready.
Hondo, what do you think?
Clayton, you've got style.
Ah, what a good morning.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
I'm sure Jade will
appreciate these samples.
Let's start this little puppy.
It's a shame we gotta waste
a couple of good-looking broads.
They've been nothing but trouble.
Hey Taryn, check that out.
It's like a little
miniature Molokai Cargo plane.
Yes, Mr. Ortiz, I read
you loud and clear, sir.
Do it!
It'll be sweet revenge for me.
That is adorable.
But why is it circling our boat?
I don't know.
It's getting awfully close.
It's gonna hit it!
No, man!
My god!
Oh, my god, look!
Look at our boat, Donna.
That could've been us.
We better get back to our plane.
He's going to the barn.
Let's go.
Get in, partner.
While I brush down on Dealer here,
why don't you take the Jeep
and go up to the house
and bring us some coffee and sandwiches?
Travis it's LG.
Now listen and listen tight.
Someone tried to kill me this morning.
They think I'm dead so I'm laying low.
I'm gonna need you over
here to help me with this.
You start tonight.
Female agent's arriving from Paris.
She'll be at Dallas by
the time you arrive.
Her name is Pantera.
She spent the last couple of
years undercover with Salazar
and she knows all the players.
Show her some hospitality Texas style.
I'll be on the next plane out.
No, it's too public.
Contact the Professor
and take his private jet.
I'm gonna plug into
Washington with my computer.
And meet me tomorrow
morning at Big Pines Lodge
on Cattle Lake.
I'll have full dossiers for you by then.
Travis, keep your seatbelt on.
I'll try.
Here, take care of that.
Good luck.
Charlie, take good care of him.
You bet, sir.
When I get you home you are
in for a bumpy ride yourself.
Well, I think I have some instruments
to take care of that problem.
Oh, I love it when you talk dirty.
Hey, hey hold up.
- Hey, wait, wait stop.
- Hey!
Hey, can we have a lift?
Where you heading?
To the Sugar Cane Train.
Hop in, let's go.
Who do you think would want us dead?
Could be any number of people.
You don't think they
cracked my cover, do ya?
No, impossible.
The federal government wouldn't
allow that to happen to you.
I sure hope you're right.
So, what do you think?
That blonde looking over
here, I think he likes me.
Well, he's not bad looking.
I might just make my move.
Is that a snorkel in his pocket
or is he just happy to see me?
It's a snorkel, Taryn.
I'm having a bad day.
What a trip, huh?
When we came to Maui I
expected a brief vacation
but not this brief.
Yeah, the boat rental
people are gonna be pissed.
to Dallas-Fort Worth
International Airport.
Passengers arriving on
flight number 321 from Paris
should proceed to carousel number seven.
After you have claimed your baggage,
proceed immediately to customs
inspection for clearance
into the United States.
Have your claim check
ready for inspection.
Life Park is very proud
to introduce to you
our Atlantic and Pacific
bottlenose dolphins
to Whaler's Cove.
They have a special way of
saying welcome to our show.
Honolulu Tower this is
November niner niner 786.
Can you patch me into Jade
at Sea Life Park please?
we'd like to show you
the Hawaiian way, the way of aloha.
The light and providing sea.
Our dolphins have a special way of saying
welcome to our show.
I've got some good
news and some bad news.
The good news is the samples
you sent for, they're safe.
Bad news is the boat we
were on has been blown up.
I think somebody's trying to kill us.
Where are you now?
We're on our way back to Molokai.
Do you know where Travis is?
He had to go to Dallas
on agency business.
He tried to reach you.
Check with me when you
arrive at your base.
Roger, over and out.
Welcome Mr. Abilene.
You are Agent Pantera?
Pantera's the name they've given me.
You gonna stand there all
night with your mouth open
or would you like to come in.
How long has it been?
You were captain of the football team
and I was just another
one of your conquests.
No no no no.
You were special.
So were you.
This place is furnished
in wall-to-wall money.
Putting my life on the
line for the government
has had its upside.
What's the downside?
I'm practically immune to emotion.
Make yourself at home.
There's wine on the table
and I'll be right out.
I see you've met Samson.
I trust him and if he likes you,
I like you.
Cat's crazy about me.
Seems that way.
You ready?
Uh, excuse me, the
front door is this way.
I knew that.
You look great.
I do the best I can with what I have.
Unless I'm nobody should
have a body like that.
You have some pretty
strong points yourself.
Is that a fact?
I've thought about you.
A lot.
Do you remember the
weekend LG left town?
We snuck into his place.
We slept in the living on the floor
in front of the fireplace.
You know I had rug burns
on my rear for a week.
It was worth it.
Why did we ever break up?
I told you Karl Jones
asked me to marry him.
And you said, "I hope the two of you
"will be very happy together."
I didn't mean it.
Well, why didn't you
say no no you can't?
I love you
and I need you
and I want you.
The truth?
Wasn't my style.
Now you tell me.
Oh, oh.
I'll show you.
I'd love to see it.
Travis, look.
How you doing?
Thanks for coming.
Take a look.
You know this is only round one.
Well, Miguel Ortiz
avenged his brother's death.
What more could he want?
Hitting federal agents was just his way
of alerting the pros.
It was all Salazar's plan.
Now, the next step is
to kill the civilians
involved in his brother's case.
So Ortiz ordered the hit on Salazar?
I'm sure he did.
Salazar was lethal but he
did have a sense of honor.
He never would have allowed
Ortiz to go this far.
What have you got?
This is what Washington came up with.
It's a real show-and-tell.
You seem to be staring at me.
You're the only failure
Salazar has ever had.
He prided himself in keeping his cool
in the crimes he orchestrated.
But he made it a point to
get personally involved
in your murder.
Well, we go back a long way.
Yeah, kill him to find
out that he botched it up.
Too bad he's already dead, huh?
I like to think about him
spinning in his grave.
We've been made.
Let's get outta here.
All right, let's go outside.
Pantera, you stay put.
LG, you and I are gonna take care of this.
Okay, we hooked 'em, they're coming.
Wait a second, you stay here and make sure
they don't see you.
You're leaving me behind?
That's right, now go.
There they are.
There's a boat down there, get your gun.
Get your family and get your butt out
I'm taking your boat!
Move, move!
- Gimme the rope.
- Move.
- Gimme the rope.
Push us off.
Come on Albrotto, let's get 'em.
There they are, shoot!
Get 'em!
That was a bad shot.
Get closer!
Move faster Albrotto, come on, faster!
Get him, Travis.
Try him now.
Travis, boy you gonna get us killed.
Concentrate, I'll keep it steady.
He's going to the net, get him!
Move closer,
get closer, come on.
That's it, keep it steady.
You get him?
You got him!
No, I didn't.
Pantera shot him from the barge.
There's still one left.
Come on, LG, you take over.
This old pro will show you how to take
the steering wheel out of his hands.
Yeah, yeah!
Son-of-a-bitch is
shooting a little high.
I guess you
know you took my boat.
Well, this boat's for rent isn't it?
Well then?
There you go.
Uh, good day.
You shot at
him 20 times and missed.
Where did you learn to shoot like that?
Darlin' it's a gift.
I'm off to Washington
to free things up for us.
Okay, I'll assemble
the best crew I can find.
I'll have a meeting in Vegas tomorrow.
Man, where did you
learn to shoot like that?
Well, wasn't that one of my lessons?
Yeah, I guess it was.
Jade, have you heard
from Donna and Taryn?
Yeah, they're safe.
I talked to them on their plane.
They're on Molokai now.
Here's what I want you to do.
Get Donna, Edy, and Taryn,
catch a first flight to Vegas.
We got some business to take care of.
Consider us there.
You ready to boogie?
You got it.
Who's she?
Oh, she was sent to assist us.
What do you say we get
the meeting started, huh?
- Uh, yeah.
- I agree.
Yeah, ready.
Cover me will ya?
You got it.
Alejandro Philippe Salazar
code name the Picasso Trigger.
Assassinated on the front
steps of a museum in Paris
shortly after he donated
a $3 million painting.
I have reason to
believe that Miguel Ortiz
double-crossed Salazar
in order to gain control
of an international crime
syndicate Salazar ruled.
Pantera has tipped us on the
second stage of Ortiz's plan.
The witnesses against his brother
will be assassinated next Monday.
Our plan will go into motion
exactly at noon Hawaii time on Sunday.
If we're not precise,
our targets could scatter
and we could lose a valuable advantage.
This guy's Toshi Lum.
He's the network's link to the Far East.
He takes care of the smuggling
and the money laundering operations.
Toshi's living quarters
are in the penthouse
of his office building.
We can set it up.
It'll be tough but I can handle 'em.
These two are Glen and Schiavo.
They're henchmen for
Charles William Patterson.
He's the backbone of a
white slavery operation
that spans half the globe.
Patterson's perversion is
his sadistic participation
in snuff films.
Lali is his most recent victim.
I'm sure we can lure
Patterson out of hiding.
Glen and Schiavo worked for him.
They're at the club for every show.
I'll hang with the girls
and tie up any loose ends.
This beautiful guy's Miguel Ortiz,
international drug smuggler and avenger
of his brother's death.
Although it seems that
vengeance has taken a backseat
to his desire for power.
We suspect that he's the one responsible
for Salazar's death.
The guys you're looking at here
are Ortiz's personal bodyguards.
He's never without them.
And these two gentlemen
patrol the outside perimeter
of the estate.
Donna, I want you and Taryn
to handle Miguel Ortiz.
Travis, Miguel Ortiz is the
most formidable of the group.
I thought he would be your assignment.
I believe Travis gave
out that assignment
to the best man for the job
and I use that term
figuratively, of course.
Nothing personal, Donna...
Good, let's keep it that way.
Donna, can we not let our emotions
get the best of us please?
Same to you, buddy.
Travis, where will
you be in all of this?
I wanna be with you.
We'll station ourselves
at Salazar's estate
on the north shore of Hawaii.
Why, what's the point?
He's dead.
It was his base of operation.
Something may erupt and if
it does I wanna be there.
Pantera, you leave tonight
on the 10 p.m. to Honolulu.
You'll also set up the
communication network
for the rest of us.
I'll meet you at Lookout Ridge on Sunday.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, it's imperative
that we arrest them all at once.
Together we can break 'em.
And one more thing.
Expect the worst.
Would you please, please
tell me what's wrong.
Something about Pantera bothers me.
I just knew her in college.
I haven't seen her in years.
Were you in love with her?
Can we just stick
to the businesses at hand?
The business at hand
is a woman who sleeps
with a lethal criminal and does it
in the name of the
United States government.
Okay fine,
so she's no Nancy Drew.
You're jealous, you're jealous.
I don't have a jealous bone in my body.
Is that a fact?
Check it out.
Don't mind if I do.
Hey, guys, I'm gonna fly
the Molokai Cargo plane back.
I'll catch you later.
Hey isn't Jimmy-John playing
in that pro-am golf tournament
on Molokai this weekend?
That's right.
He's no pro at golf but he
sure can use his driver.
Woo hoo, see you later.
- Okay, take care.
- Bye.
November niner niner
786 requesting clearance.
Roger, runway six left.
This is it, Whitey.
If I sink this little
puppy and it's all over.
Choke-a-rama, you're
known for it, baby doll.
Here we go.
I knew it, I knew you'd blow it.
Oh ho.
No problem, Whitey, no problem.
This is what I call a gimme, okay?
90 feet means nothing to me.
Might as well throw in the towel now.
It's all over.
Pullin' the pin.
I don't believe it!
You guys are breaking me.
Yeah, and we're loving it.
You're bound to win
someday, Jimmy-John.
Maybe not.
Here's a C-note.
Take that young lady to dinner.
Come on, Willie.
Yo, Whitey.
Hi, sailor.
Want a lift?
Taryn, darling, what a surprise.
Mmm, tough game?
Ah, not too bad.
How much did you drop this time?
Speaking of golf, wanna putter around?
Mmm, your cart or mine?
Donna, I want you to go to Molokai
and keep an eye on Miguel Ortiz.
His dossier gives me
everything I need to know.
He walks the beach
morning, noon, and night
and has a late dinner at Edy's.
Well, since you got that straight,
how would you like to
become an honorary member
of the Mile High Club?
We're seven miles up.
Then we'll do it seven times.
Then we better get started.
Good idea.
Tease me just a little
Squeeze me just a little
Tease me just a little
Come on squeeze me
Come on please me
Ooh squeeze me
Come on tease me
Hold on a minute, girls.
We don't have time for groupies.
You girls have a very stimulating act.
Have you ever considered
taking it on the road?
As long as someone's selling tickets,
my tail is shakin'.
She's got the right attitude.
This is strictly business, girls.
You'd have greater opportunity with us.
I'm interested.
What's the catch?
There's no catch.
You guys have a wonderful act.
I just love it.
But for our foreign
clientele we need something
more provocative and risqu
if you get my meaning.
We're open for just about anything.
Oh, that's great.
Think it over, there's no hurry.
We'll be here tomorrow night.
All right.
Anything for money.
This is gonna make Charles
William Patterson very happy.
I've always loved your back.
Hold that.
I can't believe it.
Look at his watch.
It's on the other wrist.
Spend the weekend with me.
You know I can't, I'm on assignment.
Is it dangerous?
Yes, but I can handle it.
Can you handle me?
I'll give it my best shot.
Professor, would you like a Danish.
Would I?
But I am Swedish, you fool.
Well, Danish, Swedish,
it's all the same.
Matter of fact I'm gonna have two Swedish.
Good to see you.
How you doing?
Terrific, terrific.
- Hi, Professor.
- Inga, my dear.
- Hello.
- Good to see ya.
- Good to see you.
- You look lovely.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
Hi, Inga.
Well, Professor, this is
certainly a beautiful view.
Well, you gotta pay
the price for paradise.
That's what we're here for.
Ah, I think we got our
hands full this time.
All in the line of duty, huh?
Now, I built this car for Taryn.
Instructions are inside.
Looks harmless enough.
How right but also wrong.
When you attach the explosives,
this car takes on
a whole new meaning.
Now, all of this is
for you and Taryn, Donna.
It's very versatile and study it.
This is very nice of you, Professor.
Well, I know how women
like to receive presents.
Well, I'm on my way back to Molokai
to meet up with Taryn.
I'll take you to the airport.
Good luck, baby.
That'll give you a leg up.
You're a master of your art, Professor.
Killing is an art form.
You're right, killing is an art form.
Look at those two sleaze balls.
I can't wait to give 'em
what's coming to 'em.
They actually have
reputations being ladies men?
What a joke.
Not for long.
Come tomorrow these beaches
will be rid of this trash.
Who are you?
We're from the phone company.
What are you doing here?
Sir, we were told that
you had phone problems.
You heard wrong.
Look, I've got the
order form right here.
Hey, could you call off your
gorilla in the monkey suit?
You little twerp.
Rusty, leave him alone.
Now, you get outta here
before I have him bite your head off.
He hasn't eaten in a week.
I found the problem.
It's another one of those defective chips.
Doesn't that static just drive you crazy?
There's nothing wrong with the phone.
Oh yes there is.
We don't have the
proper equipment with us.
We can fix it tomorrow.
Tomorrow's Sunday but
we're both gonna be on call.
You'll be here, won't you?
Yeah we live here.
What a night.
Yeah, I'm beat, too.
Here they come.
Hey, you girls were terrific tonight.
But how's the new act coming along?
Real fine.
Why don't we set up a time tomorrow
so that we can perform a very special show
just for you?
Our boss would like to come along, too.
Three is never a crowd in my book.
How 'bout tomorrow at two?
We'll have the room all to ourselves.
Oh, that sounds good to me.
See you then.
You girls are doing a great job.
Thanks, Juan.
We got a big day tomorrow.
Yeah, we gotta get some sleep.
Sweet dreams.
Don't let the bedbugs bite.
Don't worry we bite back.
I bet you do.
Well, Kym, I'm gonna hit the jacuzzi.
Okay, catch you later, Patticakes.
Squeeze it just a little
Tease me just a little
Then one more time
Put your arms around my middle
Squeeze me just a little more
Squeeze it just a little
Tease me just a little
Then one more time
Put your arms around my middle
Squeeze me just a little more
There's no other sugar
That sweetens up my cup
There's no spice that feels as nice
As when you fill it up
Squeeze it just a little
Tease me just a little
What do you think of
the meat, Mr. Patterson?
And one more time
Put your arms
Around my middle
- Decent.
Tease me just a little
They'll do.
Well, Kyoki, look who's
here, Frick and Frack.
What the hell are you doing here?
We're just taking care of business.
Edy, could you step this way please?
Nice hair, huh?
You gentleman are under arrest.
You have the right to remain.
Edy, get the gun!
Get away!
And now for little banjo music.
Okay, you turkeys, freeze!
You're gonna die!
You made a big mistake, sucker.
Go to hell!
Juan, how is she?
Oh thank God.
It looks like the bullet
just grazed her head.
I think she'll be all right.
Let's get her to the doctor.
Man, you girls really made a mess here.
I'm gonna have to call housekeeping.
Too bad my boys tired you out
or you woulda been fun.
I won't disappoint you.
Take it!
Don't even blink!
Didn't I tell you, Jade.
I got a black belt in shotgun.
Glad about that.
Well, it's another bitchin'
day in paradise, huh?
You bet, dude.
Abort Monday mission?
Hey look, man, there's trouble in Vegas.
We better get back to the house.
What the hell is that?
It's those broads from the boat.
I thought we blew them away.
Taryn, they've spotted us.
Over there.
I'm right behind you, Donna.
There they are!
Look out, he's gonna shoot!
I'll nail 'em, Hondo.
Let's get the other one.
Think we lost him.
There he is, look.
Right there.
How we gonna get him?
I got your little
surprise from the Professor.
I'm glad those two are out of the way.
Miguel should be at the beach.
I'm gonna hit the water.
All right, I'll hit the house.
Good luck.
Miguel, Miguel, check this out.
Chin, Peter Schiavo,
and an unidentified associate
were killed today in Las
Vegas apparently the victims
of a gangland style rub out.
We'll follow this up with a later report.
Chin and Schiavo.
Let's get back to the house.
I don't like this.
Get your weapons.
Check the grounds.
Our plan must not be compromised.
Damn it.
I'm running this show.
There's no way we abort the mission.
Lance, get me Hondo and Clayton.
Spiel, get your gun and get outside.
There's a message to call LG.
There's an emergency.
I'm going back to the hangar.
Are you all right?
Good thing I was wearing my vest.
I caught a little lead.
I'll get checked out.
I'll be okay.
Okay be careful.
You, too.
What happened to your leg?
Oh, nothing, I just sprained
it jumping out of bed.
Will you be all right?
I'm gonna be fine.
Look, I'm gonna go inside the house.
I want you to stay out
here and keep watch, okay?
Now, the entrance is over
there on the left-hand side.
Good luck, Travis.
LG, what is it?
Donna, I just arrived here
in Dallas from Washington
and have I got a kicker for you.
Lopez drove at least 50
yards before the explosion
so that means it wasn't the ignition.
It was a remote job.
They didn't mistake him for me.
They killed the wrong man on purpose.
There's a lot more to
this than we thought.
Mr. Abilene.
Nice of you to limp by.
You were expecting me.
There's an awful lot of
radiation in this room
more than from that TV camera.
Sorry about LG's death.
He was a fine individual.
He's alive and you know it.
Yes, I do.
You killed the wrong guy
when you exploded the Jeep
and you did it on purpose.
Had to get LG's attention.
So he'd gather up his best agents
to do your dirty work.
Can you think of a better
way to get rid of my enemies?
I guess I should be flattered.
In major corporations
power struggles are resolved
by stock options, bonuses.
My world's a little different.
My most prized possession,
the painting of a Picasso triggerfish,
creature that rips out the
underbellies of his adversaries.
I see, a self-portrait.
I've seen enough of this painting
and I've seen enough of you, asshole.
Travis, are you all right?
Yeah, yeah I'm fine.
Look I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Oh, I'm okay.
I didn't know it was you.
Don't worry, I'm okay.
Gosh, what happened in here?
It's a long story.
She was one of them.
I knew that.
You knew that.
Yeah, I knew that.
Let's get that
son-of-a-bitch Salazar, huh?
Over here.
You missed him!
He was moving, all right?
You won't make it, Salazar.
I got you covered.
Hold it right there, Salazar.
Don't try anything.
Keep those hands up or I'll shoot.
I've seen you shoot.
Nice shootin'.
Take no prisoners.
Who do you think the man was who got shot
in front of the museum in Paris?
I don't know, some
poor unsuspecting actor
looking to make a buck.
At least the real
Alejandro Philippe Salazar's finally dead.
Easy come, easy go.
Well, they're expendable.
So are you.
Four, three, two, nine.
Congratulations, everyone.
Washington says hell of a job.
But how did you know
the real Picasso Trigger
was still alive?
Well, you see I had a hunch
so I set the computer for the coordinates
on the pacemaker.
The homing device did the rest.
You see the Picasso Trigger set us up
to kill off his competition.
Pantera was a double-crossing bitch.
She was working for
Salazar the whole time.
I knew that.
You knew that?
Yeah, I knew that.
Professor, we couldn't
have done it without you.
Professor, you have fantastic instruments.
You noticed?
And what's gonna happen to the painting?
Yeah, Taryn what is gonna
happen to the painting?
I have it and I think I'll keep it.
After all the authentic
painting is hanging
in the new Contemporary Museum of Paris.
This one is only a copy.
Or is it?
Cheers, ladies and gentlemen.
- Yeah, hear hear.
- Job well done.
Cheers, cheers.
- Professor.
- Cheers.
Barely keeping one step ahead
Pain that never ends
This time I'm gonna break your rule
Throw caution to the wind
Eyes getting bigger and
hearts beating faster
You could go off any time
Wait any longer it's certain disaster
Putting it all on the line
Jumpin' the gun
My finger on the trigger
Jumpin' the gun
Got my target in sight
Jumpin' the gun
I got to move a little quicker
Jumpin' the gun
No more time and no place to go
The fire's closing fast
If I'm gonna make the scene
I've gotta take a chance
I've got the fever and I got desire
Passion, see all of the signs
I got the world spinning
faster and higher
I got to move tonight
Hey, hey, yeah
Jumpin' the gun
Got my finger on the trigger
Jumpin' the gun
Got my target is in sight
Jumpin' the gun
I've got to move a little bigger
Jumpin' the gun
Hey, hey, yeah
It's now or never
Pull the trigger
Don't get in the way
Aimin' higher, I got to fire
No more delay
Jumpin' the gun
I've got my finger on the trigger
Jumpin' the gun
Got my target in sight
Jumpin' the gun
I got to move a little quicker
Jumpin' the gun
Hey, shoot, baby
Jumpin' the gun
I've got my finger on the trigger
Jumpin' the gun
Got my target in sight
Jumpin' the gun
I got to move a little bigger
Jumpin' the gun