Pichaikkaran 2 (2023) Movie Script

After completing your medical studies in Tamil Nadu,
you have risen to become the leading neurosurgeon in London.
We feel honored to have you here with us today, Doctor!
-Thank you.
-The hot topic in today's medical community
is your successful method for brain transplants.
Could you tell us more about this, Doctor?
Is this really possible?
It's very much possible.
The first blood transfusion occurred back in 1818.
Nowadays, hair, kidney, and heart transplants
have become common in our lives.
We've had success with performing
brain transplant surgeries on monkeys.
Once the government grants permission,
we can begin performing brain transplants on humans too.
I understand the point of heart or kidney transplants, Doctor.
But what's the point of swapping brains in humans?
Imagine if we could preserve
the mathematical genius of Ramanujam,
or say, Mahatma Gandhi's
We could transplant their brains
and make them live much longer.
Think about it
If we could have made Edison or Isaac Newton
live much longer
Their intellect would have given the world
so much more!
I agree that this has the potential
to save remarkable people!
But think about it
What if someone evil like Hilter misuses
this surgery to become immortal?
Wouldn't that become a disaster, Doctor?
There he is.
-Hi, Doctor.
-Hi, Doctor.
-Nice meeting you.
-And you must be
-I'm Dr. Shiva.
-So we're all set? Okay.
-Yeah, Doctor.
Hello, Doctor.
Hope your travel was fine.
Yeah. Dubai's a bit hot.
Let's see the patient.
I asked you to handle him carefully.
Why did you do this?
Is it a problem?
It is.
But I'll manage.
Oh, intoxicating flower!
Oh, intoxicating flower!
Open the gates to your hidden paradise!
Oh, my poet!
Oh, my dear poet!
Gently explore the wonders of this paradise
Is she a wandering spirit
Or a captivating seductress?
Your presence in my life
Brings rain that quenches my thirst!
Oh, intoxicating flower!
Oh, intoxicating flower!
Open the gates to your hidden paradise!
Mere glimpse of you,
My hormones ignite like fire!
Mere whisper of your name,
My heart flutters like a flame!
I gladly lose the cupid's game!
His life ebbs away under your fatal spell!
You'll cater to the desires
That my heart yearns
He's the chariot
That carries me with ease
My gaze held him prisoner
His life ebbs away under my fatal spell!
My inner beast with fervor roars,
A thousand desires it fiercely pours
Let our thirst be finally slaked,
As inhibitions shatter and fade!
Oh, intoxicating flower!
Oh, intoxicating flower!
Open the gates to your hidden paradise!
The election officers who are acting under the Election Commission
have stepped up measures to prevent the distribution of cash
to voters in the upcoming local body elections
by forming special squads and conducting raids all over Tamil Nadu.
-Where did you get all this money?
-It's my salary, sir.
Oh, so employees are paid
during the middle of the month now?
Which party paid you this money?
Pull over and get off your vehicle.
We can start the project in six months, sir.
An important matter, sir.
-Wait outside.
-Okay, sir.
-Go on.
-Sir, Vijay Gurumoorthy had promised to give us 5000 crores
But he's only sent us 4000 crores so far. So
I'll talk to him.
Don't worry.
Okay, sir.
Vijay. The CM is on the phone
-So. How are you, sir?
-How's your dad doing?
-He's fine.
He'll be discharged in three days.
-How are you?
-I'm fine, thanks to you.
Tell me. What's on your mind?
You had promised to pay us 5000 crores
to the party for election expenses.
But we've only received 4000 crores till now.
-You've discounted 1000 crores--
-No chance.
I told them to pay 5000 crores.
Did they count it properly?
I'm not on a stage right now
so that wasn't a lie. I'm telling you the truth.
I spoke to your CEO, Aravind.
He said he'll talk to you
and give me an answer, sir.
Okay. I'll call you soon.
No, Vijay
He has been sitting on the coal mining project
for six months now
This is the right time
to get things like this done.
You could have told me about it first.
We've had success with performing
brain transplant surgeries on monkeys.
Once the government grants permission,
we can begin performing brain transplants on humans too.
After Vijay dies,
I get fifty percent of his fortune,
and you two will get twenty-five percent each.
It's too risky, man!
We can get it done in Dubai.
There are no risks.
-Will Dr. Metha agree?
-He's agreed to do it for 140 crores.
-I've already paid him 50 crores.
-That's too much!
If we're getting one lakh crores out of this
There's no harm in spending 140 crores.
Your blood group is a match.
That's fine.
But to transplant your brain,
the tissues need to match.
Even if it's a match,
you'll die if the surgery isn't a success.
I never said my brain would be transplanted
We'll need to find someone
who will listen to us.
Who'd even agree?
We should convince him.
Otherwise, we have to get rid of him.
We'll need to find an orphan
who won't be missed.
His brain should act the way we tell him to.
How is Vijay's dad doing at the moment?
He's better now.
He'll be out of the hospital next week.
Let's get this done tomorrow.
Vijay's father dies tomorrow.
He was fine till yesterday
-How did this happen all of a sudden?
-Even I don't understand.
The body vitals and the saturation levels
were normal till yesterday.
I tried to revive him with shock plates.
Sorry, sir.
I couldn't do much.
Sorry for your loss, Vijay.
We'll inform the media when you want us to.
Fine. Go ahead.
There's a hitch, Vijay.
If word of Dad's passing gets out
The land expansion and oil extraction contract
with the Sheik will be postponed.
We'd lose forty thousand crores in a day.
And our stocks will take a major hit.
What do you suggest, Aravind?
Don't worry about Dad.
I'll take care of this.
Think like Dad instead.
Let's not break the news to the public.
Let's give it a month.
We'll make this public once the deal is wrapped.
-Yeah, hi.
-Hello, ma'am.
-This is Hema speaking. Good morning.
-Good morning.
The appointments and events for this week
were scheduled two weeks back. Please.
Can I expect an update, ma'am?
Sure, I'll update you in a week.
Not a problem, thank you.
Did you have your tablets?
What's happening, Vijay?
Why haven't you informed the public
about your dad's passing?
If news of this gets out
The company's share prices will take a significant hit.
You know how to revive the value of the shares again, Vijay.
Let's just focus on the funeral for now.
Yeah. Yeah. The deal is on.
Nothing to worry.
I'm on my way to his office.
I'll speak to Vijay sir and get back to you.
Please don't worry, I'll take care.
What did the Sheik say?
Sheik wants to meet us at the headquarters in Dubai.
He said if we start the legal process right away,
we can sign the merger in ten days.
Ten days?
What's the hurry, Vijay?
You wouldn't understand, Hema.
Is it possible to avoid disclosing Dad's death
for the next ten days?
We can put him on a ventilator
and retain him in this condition for a month or two.
-What are you doing, Vijay?
-Keep quiet.
-Make arrangements to travel to Dubai tomorrow.
Your dad just died!
-You've been talking about the business the whole time!
-What do you expect me to do?
Should I cry?
-Is it okay if the share prices dip?
-It's fine.
I can't stand this.
I'm informing the press right away.
Do you have any idea about the pain I carry?
What do you think?
I don't need you in my life!
Hema, I'm sorry.
She won't even make an effort to understand me!
Don't involve Hema in office matters
next time, Aravind.
No, Aravind!
It's impossible. I just can't do this!
I agreed to the deal
not knowing who Vijay really was!
He's the tenth richest person in India!
How would you bring such a high-profile person
to Dubai without raising suspicion?
And how do I perform the surgery?
Do you think it's a joke?
It's impossible!
I'm sorry!
I have a bad feeling about this.
I'll transfer back the advance you paid.
Please let me off the hook, Aravind.
Come on, Doctor.
Vijay and I are very good friends.
I'm the only one who Vijay trusts
with his life.
There's nothing to worry about.
Everything from Vijay's arrival to the surgery will be in secrecy, Doctor.
You won't face any troubles.
I'll take care of all the medical support
for the surgery.
We can pay 100 crores more.
Uh the donor.
What about those arrangements?
I'll find the perfect match in a day or two
and make arrangements, Doctor.
I'm searching for the right guy.
Make all necessary arrangements and get back to me.
-Sure, Doctor. Thank you.
We'll see.
Don't give him any chance to change his mind.
Lock the door on him.
And close this as soon as possible.
There's a doctor I know at the government hospital.
I've informed him.
He's good at completing tasks like this.
Let's wait for some time.
Soon, he'll find an orphan
who's willing to do anything we want.
I don't think it's something
you need to worry about.
The doctor should be here in a while.
Wait outside.
Your blood group is AB-ve.
The compounder wanted to meet you.
You wretched man!
Why do you do this to me by getting drunk?!
Good thing I didn't marry.
Hey, this hospital gives me the creeps!
-If you're scared, you can get a check-up.
No doctor is willing to give me a kidney!
I need to use the bathroom!
I'll be back!
Stay here. I'll be back.
-Who is it?
Lab Kumar is calling you.
-What is it?
You wanted to know if someone with AB-ve turned up.
-There's a guy here with a head injury.
The patient is 30 years old.
Blood group is AB-ve.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
Keep an eye on him.
Your reports are fine.
There's nothing to worry about.
Let's get an MRI to rule things out.
The pain will go away in two days.
Your blood group is very rare.
Not everyone receives a donor.
Would you be willing to donate your blood
if someone is in dire need of it?
I don't have any relatives to speak of.
If I could be of use to someone,
I'd be more than happy.
Bless your heart!
Excuse me.
-What is it?
-I've found someone, sir.
What do you mean?
Did you check all the parameters?
The tissues are a perfect match, sir.
Who is it?
The BMW car
You'll find it parked outside your house tomorrow.
Who is it?
His name is Sathya.
He's a beggar, sir.
-He's a beggar, sir.
Where were you?
Is that the way to talk in a meeting?
Like an idiot
Will the flight get here on time?
It should be there within four hours.
Mix the tablets I gave you in his drink.
I'll call you once it's done.
Sir, you've been downing scotch like it's water.
This was specially brewed for you.
Just a few sips and you'll be in heaven!
Uff What a looker she is!
Just looking at her gets me in the mood!
Elango and I
have been eagerly waiting to bed her at least once
in our life, Vijay.
Elango is hesitant to tell you this.
Could you help us?
What's wrong with him?
Get him to bed.
Should I really listen to every word you say?
You make us watch
while you enjoy your time with her.
Just for a night, Vijay!
-Selfish fellow.
-Give back my phone.
You don't want to share Hema with us.
Give us your phone, at least.
-Hey, Doctor!
-Is this the way you behave with him?
You could have called me after the job was done!
I can't bear to watch this.
-I'm a family doctor, after all!
-What are you wondering?
-Oh, how sweet!
What is it?
What's on your mind?
Tell me.
What's the matter?
Are you angry?
My dad died because of your father.
I haven't forgotten the past.
If your father had helped us
My dad would not have hung himself!
And now you're going to die.
The power you wield, money,
property, and assets
They belong to me now!
Time to die!
Tell me.
What do you mean, tell me?
You haven't answered my calls in the past few days!
I'm getting nightmares because of you!
Do you know that?
Like something tragic has happened to you, Vijay!
What's the time in Dubai right now?
Don't you know I'll be asleep now?
I told you I'd call you back.
-Stop nagging me!
-Did you eat?
Did you take your tablets?
How could you ask me that question?
Especially with Aravind around!
I haven't eaten since you left.
-I haven't slept well!
I have come for a critical business meeting.
Don't disturb me by calling me often!
Got it?
I'll call you after a month.
-A month?!
You said ten days!
I think this has so far gone off so good.
We'll have to take good care of Vijay
for the next 30 days.
He'll regain consciousness only after 30 days.
We won't have a problem from the donor's side, right?
That won't be a concern.
He has no family to speak of.
He's a beggar.
A beggar.
A beggar?!
Sir, please give me something.
Sir, we're really hungry.
Madam, please give us alms.
Give us alms, sister.
It's been two days since we ate, sister.
Sir, please give me alms.
Please give us alms, sister.
It's been two days since we ate, sister.
We're starving, sister.
You, the idol in the temple shrine
The reflection of our mother divine!
I'm not your brother
I'm the mother who holds you so dear!
Oh, my peacock! You are my life's essence
The very meaning of my existence!
I'm not your brother
I'm the mother who holds you so dear!
Even on my final straw, I'd love you whole
With all the depth of my heart and soul!
The world appears like mere dust
As I lay on your lap, in loving embrace
You, the idol in the temple shrine
The reflection of our mother divine!
I'm not your brother
I'm the mother who holds you so dear!
Even if we live on the streets,
In a chariot, I'll make you a seat
I'll never abandon you,
Even if the Gods command me to!
Even if I were to pass away,
As a spirit, I'll come to you each day
I'll pour you all the love in this world
With a heart that's forever unfurled!
If I'm reborn into this world once more
-I'm hungry, brother.
- I wish to be your mother, to love and adore!
When I see you cry, my dear,
My heart secretes milk to wipe away your tear!
When you hold my hand to walk by my side
The world around us turns into paradise!
I'll give you my life,
If ever you wish for it, my angel!
Even when the Earth falls apart
I'll bear you in my hands, close to my heart!
If I'm reborn into this world once more
I wish to be your mother, to love and adore!
You, the idol in the temple shrine
The reflection of our mother divine!
I'm not your brother
I'm the mother who holds you so dear!
There's no place for us to lie down here, brother.
Where shall we sleep?
Look over there.
There's someplace near the dustbin.
The stones are pricking my foot.
Will you buy me a pair of slippers?
I'll buy one tomorrow, dear.
And also a kulfi?
No, no. You'll catch a cold.
Son, who's that girl?
Is she your sister?
Yes. She is my sister, Grandpa.
What about your parents?
They died in an accident, Grandpa.
You should take good care of your sister, okay?
Girls get kidnapped easily from places like this.
Stay alert. Okay?
Okay, Grandpa.
Why are you tying my hands with the saree, brother?
To make sure no one kidnaps you.
Who will kidnap me?
The kidnappers Mom used to talk about?
They are the ones, Rani.
Then, will you tie this saree
to my hands every night?
Okay, dear. Sleep without any fear.
Brother will take care.
Good night, brother.
Hey! I'll kill you.
Get lost.
How long will you sleep like this in fear?
What can you do if something unfortunate happens?
There are a lot of places for kids like you
where you will get good food and education.
-Shall I show you one such place?
-Then, will they provide education to my sister?
Of course. They'll serve good food
and send you to school.
Will you take us there right away, Grandpa?
I'll take you both first thing in the morning. Okay?
Okay, Grandpa.
Both of you must listen to
what they say and study well.
I'm here to talk to sir about the kids.
I had informed sir I would be coming.
What is the matter?
These kids are orphans
and have no one to take care of them.
I brought them here, hoping
they'd get a place at your shelter home.
-What is your name?
-My name is Rani.
-And you are?
-Do you want to go to school?
-[in chorus] Yes, Uncle.
What do you want to study?
Tell him you want to study to become a collector.
We are going to study to become a collector.
Super. Will you take care of me
after you become a collector?
-There won't be any problem, right?
-I'm positive, sir.
-Where did you find them?
-At the usual place I sleep.
They came there to sleep last night,
and I brought them here, sir.
My dears, I'll get going now.
Listen to what sir says and study well.
-Okay, Grandpa.
Lady, take the girl inside.
Karuppu, take the boy to our second house.
-Let me also stay with her, Uncle.
-That's also my house.
You stay there.
-Let her be here.
-Please, Uncle. Let me stay with her.
Brother, this is a home for the girls.
Boys live in a separate house.
That's why I'm telling you.
You leave now.
You can meet her later.
Brother, don't.
Please don't leave me and go.
This uncle is going to send you to school
and educate you.
I don't want to go to school, brother.
You can become a collector only if you study.
I don't like this place, brother.
I'll also come with you, brother.
Please don't leave me and go.
You shouldn't cry as long as I'm alive, Rani.
Eat well and study well.
They'll take care of us like our parents, Rani.
They'll feed us daily,
and we don't have to beg, Rani.
Please don't go, brother.
I won't go anywhere.
I'll see you first thing in the morning.
Did that new boy eat?
-Yes, boss.
-Watch him closely for the next two days.
He's coming. Stop talking and sleep.
Hey, start snoring.
Hey, don't be afraid of him.
If we do what they say correctly,
they wouldn't harm us.
Hey, have you tried kissa?
What is that?
Kissa It's Marijuana.
-Don't you know?
Who brought you here?
Me and my sister were sleeping at a nearby bus stop.
A grandpa brought us here,
saying we would be sent to school.
-Then, where is your sister?
-At Uncle Sodalai's house.
Oh my God!
Did you leave her there?
He'll sell young girls.
Rani, brother is here.
Uncle, open the door.
It's me, Rani's brother.
Open the door, Uncle.
-Damn it.
-It's me, Rani's brother.
-Rani, brother is here.
-I'm coming.
-Rani, come out.
-Why are you knocking on the door continuously?
-Why did you come at this hour? Get out.
-Sister is inside, sir.
-I've come to take my sister with me.
-She's not here.
-You come back in the morning.
-Don't lie to me. I'll stab you.
How dare you threaten me with a knife?
I'll teach you a lesson.
Uncle, Uncle.
Open the door, Uncle.
Please, Uncle.
Uncle, Uncle.
Open the door, Uncle.
Sir, that boy who came in this morning
is asking for his sister and threatening me with a knife.
-Where is he now?
-I sent him out and locked the door.
You lie down inside and don't open the door.
I'll take care of him.
-You should study well, okay?
-Okay, brother.
Why are you tying my hands
with the saree, brother?
To make sure no one kidnaps you.
Hey, who are you?
Get up!
Get up! Look at you using a knife
and behaving like a rowdy at this age!
Look at that weird look on your face.
-Who are you?
-I'm Rani's brother, sir.
-Rani is my sister, sir.
-Hey, check him.
-These small boys can't be trusted. Check him.
-Rani is locked up inside, sir.
-Sir, he has marijuana with him.
-Ask them to leave Rani, sir.
-What is this?
-I swear, I don't know.
-Who gave this to you? Tell me.
-I don't know, sir.
Tell me. Get into the jeep.
-Get him into the jeep.
-Sir, I swear I don't know.
-And you threaten with a knife?
-Sir, please save my sister.
-I'll show you what the police can do.
-Sir, my sister is inside. Please, sir.
Please, sir. My sister is inside.
Please save her, sir.
Sir, marijuana case.
Write an entry.
-What is your name?
Look at the size of you.
Already dealing with drugs, eh?
-I didn't do anything, Uncle. Everyone's lying.
We are lying, it seems.
There's no hope for this one.
Boys coming in new might act violently.
Handle them carefully.
You shouldn't be too rude to them.
When will you let me out of this place, sir?
That depends on how you reform
and your behavior.
-Does that mean I can't see my sister, sir?
-You can't go out anywhere.
If you want, you can ask your sister to come here.
My sister doesn't know where I am, sir.
Please, sir. Bring my sister.
Why aren't you eating anything?
I don't feel like eating.
-What's your sister's name?
Haven't your parents come?
-Hey, on his face. On him.
-Hey, hey. Splash it on his face.
-Good morning, sir.
-Good morning, sir.
-What happened, Doctor?
-Nothing to worry. It's just a small fracture.
What do you want?
I want to see my sister, sir.
I can't live without seeing my sister, sir.
Poor Rani.
She's all alone, sir.
-Hey, sir is coming.
-Hello, sir.
I went to the place you told me and checked.
But no one's there.
That place is sealed.
It seems a girl died there two days back.
This uncle is going to send you to school
and educate you.
Hey, don't! Don't kill me!
Don't do this. Spare me!
Don't kill me!
I didn't do anything.
The girl who died that day isn't your sister.
Spare me! Please don't do anything to me.
Your sister escaped.
I heard Sathya is getting released today.
Poor boy. He lost 20 years of his life in jail.
A million people like Sodalai are out there.
Don't kill someone again
and ruin your life.
-Okay, sir.
-Don't forget us once you go out, Sathya.
Don't hesitate to ask for any help.
I don't want anything, sir.
I'm going in search of my sister.
All I want is to find her.
She must be 25 years old.
A bit fair.
She has a tattoo on her right hand - "Sathya Anna."
Have you seen a girl of that description
begging around here?
It's difficult to find what we lost yesterday.
But you are searching for someone you lost 20 years ago.
Go on and do something else.
Her name is Rani.
She must be 25 years old.
A bit fair.
She has a tattoo on her right hand - "Sathya Anna."
Have you seen a girl of that description
begging around here?
How can we be sure by looking at a sketch of her?
You neither have a photo nor any other identification.
How can I say?
She has a tattoo on her right hand - "Sathya Anna."
-Is she even alive?
-Try looking for her at orphanages.
-Forget your sister.
-So many people die in a day.
-Think she's one among them.
-Your story is a very sad one.
I'll take you to my people.
Ask them.
Even men here struggle to manage their life.
Being an orphaned girl,
I wonder how much she had to suffer!
I could be your sister.
Our area inspector might know.
But women are his weakness.
Are you kidding me?
You lost her 20 years back
and you want me to search for her now?
You should have been careful.
Do you think the police will do everything for you?
Go! Search for her yourself.
A thousand men might have used her by now.
[rattled flashbacks]
Sir, please give me alms.
Madam, please give me alms.
Sir, sir.
Give me alms.
-Please don't leave me and go.
-You shouldn't cry as long as I'm alive, Rani.
There is a man here with a head injury, Doctor.
-What are you saying?
-The tissues are a perfect match, sir.
If someone requires your blood in an emergency
Will you be ready to donate?
If someone's benefiting from me,
I'll surely give, sir.
Why are you tying my hands with the saree, brother?
To make sure no one kidnaps you.
We must find someone who actually obeys us.
Who would even sign up?
We will coerce them.
we'll abduct them.
Aren't you a Tamilian?
I don't understand what's going on.
What is happening?
How are you feeling physically?
This isn't my body!
I was dark-skinned.
There's nothing to worry about.
He's in the right headspace!
Now no one will figure it out.
Bring him here.
I'm eager to meet this beggar.
Everyone, bear in mind that he's just a beggar.
If you follow his lead, he'll lead us all.
So be careful.
Be seated.
What is your name?
-Where are you from?
Do you know
how you hurt your head?
I don't.
Can you recollect the last incident that occurred to you?
The last thing
I was sleeping near the Padi bridge.
At the other side
there was mosquito pesticide sprayed all over us.
Once I inhaled that smoke,
I fell unconscious.
The government hospital doctor I met that morning,
was heading toward me.
He was accompanied by four men.
When he came close to me,
I can't remember beyond that.
You're a very lucky man.
Do you want to hear a happy news?
You are not Sathya the beggar anymore.
But Vijay Gurumoorthy.
India's seventh richest person.
You're worth one lakh crore rupees.
You own millions and billions!
You're a really lucky guy.
This is something beyond anyone's wildest dreams.
If you obey our every order,
half of Vijay's fortune will be yours.
Luck really has favored you.
From now on, you can eat biryani daily.
You won't have to beg for anything, anymore.
No, sir.
I don't want someone else's fortune.
I'm begging you.
Please restore my brain to my body.
And I'll get going.
We spent 140 crores for this surgery.
Hey, you! Don't you know the power of a crore?
Or how many zeroes it contains?
This thing was nudging me within
That's why I took it out.
Nothing to fear.
I won't threaten you at gunpoint.
Like I can't shoot someone.
Just look at how it shines!
It's a handcrafted one.
You will die in an instant if shot.
Have you ever witnessed a gun like this before?
Nothing similar.
But I've seen something different.
Something different?
-I saw it when I was in jail.
In jail?
Why were you in jail?
I murdered someone, so I went to jail.
You murdered someone?
-You told me he was a beggar!
-He is a beggar!
You are a beggar, right?
I was when I was a child.
I was eight years old when
someone frame me in a marijuana case.
I was sent to jail and separated my sister from me.
I was released from jail when I was 17 years old
and killed him in a fit of rage.
I recently came out of jail again a month ago.
Now I do odd jobs that I can get.
And in hopes of finding my sister,
I search for her disguised as a beggar.
What is this, Doctor?
You bloody fg bd!
Can't do one thing right!
You're an idiot. An idiot.
An absolute idiot!
I should have killed you first!
You brought a murderer instead of a beggar!
Shouldn't you have done a background check on him?
To make sure he will obey us?
What the fk am I supposed to do with him?
He's come only now.
And we've just informed him.
Why are you being hasty?
How will he understand if
he's locked up in a room?
Countless stacks of cash, the power he wields,
and the girls he's around with
We'll show him how glamorous Vijay's life was.
He will follow our lead on his own.
Bring in Jamila.
Last night in my dreams
On the lap of God, I saw a sight
A devil resting there with all its might
All the whipping
Left his hip sore
I took pity and offered him medicine
That devil became my bestie
Its physique is busty!
Now paradise is safe
Look! It's a party!
Last night in my dreams
On the lap of God, I saw a sight
A devil resting there with all its might
Hey, you! Live happily!
Laughter is the key
To bid goodbye to hell
God is love
God is love!
Be good to the devil!
But when you see a human
Knock him down!
God is love
God is love!
Nana Buluku, the God I've seen!
Whose temple resides in the heart of Africa!
I have a meeting with them right now!
God is my love!
Nana Buluku! Nana Buluku!
Last night in my dreams
On the lap of God, I saw a sight
A devil resting there with all its might
A life so broke!
Why don't you try living it?
Your wife will run away!
God is love
God is love!
One who has lived a sophisticated life
Punch that worthless on his face!
God is love
God is love!
Nana Buluku, the God I've seen!
I wish to build a shrine for her here
I have a dealing with her
God is my love!
Nana Buluku! Nana Buluku!
We're definitely winning the upcoming elections!
And to witness it, are our newly joined members
from the opposition party!
I am all for changing of parties!
-That is how I became the Chief Minister!
Gurumoorthy is no more.
Oh, no!
-Have we received our due money from them?
-Yes, we did, sir.
Let him rest in peace, then.
Gurumoorthy, the seventh
richest person of India, passed away
due to a cardiac arrest at his own hospital.
It is now reported that his son, Vijay Gurumoorthy,
is now India's seventh richest person.
You need to get to know some people before going to Chennai.
This is Gurumoorthy, Vijay's father.
We're heading for his funeral now.
Everyone there will watch your every move.
Don't you utter a word to anyone
without our knowledge.
He's Krishna Iyer, Gurumoorthy's secretary.
He's worked at the company for 40 years.
Hema's coming to talk to you. Don't pay heed.
And turn your face away from her.
Sir, Hema ma'am.
This is Hema, Vijay's girlfriend.
She's not only his girlfriend
but his company secretary too.
Don't speak a word even if she does.
She knows every single detail about him.
She can read your thoughts out loud if you see her.
Sorry, he is just disturbed.
He'll be fine soon. Go.
You are surrounded by Vijay's relatives.
Just nod your head if anyone talks to you.
Everyone else is more dangerous than I am.
Is that clear?
I don't like this place, brother.
I'll also come with you.
Vijay Gurumoorthy.
India's seventh richest person.
You're worth one lakh crore rupees.
You own millions and billions!
I don't feel comfortable going in there alone.
Please come with me, brother.
No, dear.
I struggled a lot to earn this money.
They'll snatch it if I go in there.
These days, men are getting targeted.
You go and talk to them.
I'll wait for you at the tea shop.
Go, dear.
I'll wait for you. Okay?
Master! A tea for me.
Add ginger and elaichi too.
That's right. For the chump change you give,
can I also add other condiments and serve it as a curry?
-Oh God
-This guy!
You are paying the bad guys
and suspecting the good ones.
What kind of creation is yours?
-I'll give you the money. Add it.
Who is that girl?
She's so gorgeous, like a doll!
You have a gorgeous daughter
at home who is the same age, right?
The inspector investigated this girl
and was on cast for one whole month.
Sir is on his way. He asked you to wait inside.
God knows what she has to go through!
Is she here?
What, Poongkodi?
Long time no see!
I would have treated you like a queen
if you had listened to me.
Where is your Sathya?
He's been missing for two months it seems.
You were very fond of him like a brother.
Did you really think of him like a brother?
Or was he something else to you?
You get everything done,
calling him your brother.
I'm getting late.
My dad can't see at night.
I have to go.
A blind father whose family is struggling a lot!
Even I feel sad listening to your story, Poongkodi.
I really wish to do something for you.
But you don't get it, Poongkodi.
Here, Poongkodi.
-Have it! It's for you.
-No, sir. I don't want it.
Have it.
Do you expect everything to be free in a government hospital?
With the 50,000 I'm asking you,
I have to pay three nurses, two compounders,
a doctor, and even the cleaners.
Look! If you wait a little longer
Your dad will completely go blind within a month.
Is that okay for you?
Where will you go to gather that much money?
Those are just eyes.
It doesn't matter if I go blind.
It's enough if I live
to see you get married.
I don't need an operation.
Come. Let's go.
Look! If you wait a little longer, your dad
will completely go blind within a month.
What is Sathya up to?
What about him?
He is one lucky guy!
He's resting cozily in an air-conditioned room.
But Hema is so annoying!
She made more than 40 calls.
It's so irritating!
Why are you turning your back on me?
Oh, wow!
He's talking to you, right?
Remove those headphones.
Did you see his attitude?
I'll slam the hell out of him!
-As if he's some music director!
-Hey! Shut up, please.
Just answer my questions, please.
Did you eat anything?
Were you careful with how you spoke with the guests?
Nobody suspected anything, right?
Bear it for a week.
After that, I myself will give you 1000 crores and send you away.
You could even travel to America to beg
if you have 1000 crores in your hand!
Hey, Aravind!
Dear God! First, do something and close her chapter.
So annoying!
How many times do I need to decline your call?
I know it's hard to digest. But
For the past few days,
Vijay gets upset when he sees your call.
I'm sorry.
Why are you avoiding me, Vijay?
Lately, your behavior feels so new to me, Vijay.
You could have told me if you're not interested in me.
Why are you ignoring my calls?
That too, you're giving it to Aravind to do it.
Is this all you are, Vijay?
I was wondering how to handle her.
Thank God! She left!
But he looks suspicious to me.
We have to kill him once we get our job done.
Don't chat unnecessarily.
Bring him carefully.
Hey! I'll get you a bathtub in your bedroom.
-Yes, sir.
Alert everybody by the gate.
Sir will be there soon.
-[in Hindi] Is he coming?
-[in Hindi] Yes. He's on his way.
Why should we sell our shares
to the Sheik for such a small amount?
Did you ask Vijay about this?
How can I?
Aravind is not letting me talk to Vijay.
Everything feels new to me.
I'm confused.
Hey Hey!
Good morning, sir.
I would like to see the Inspector immediately, sir.
Sir! You are here?
Hang on a second, sir.
Hey! Give him a chair. Sit down, please.
-Sit down, sir.
-Welcome, sir.
-Is he a VIP?
-Sir sir
Come in, sir.
Please sit inside, sir.
I would have come to you if you had called.
I'm here to file a complaint.
It's important.
-Can we talk inside?
-What is this, sir?
Why are you addressing me as sir?
Call me Gopal, sir.
Come in, sir. Come on.
Hey! Go and get something for him to eat.
Welcome, sir.
We are honored to have you here.
This is SI Thiyagarajan speaking from F3 Adyar police station.
Vijay Gurumoorthy has come to our station all by himself!
I'm not Vijay Gurumoorthy, as you may think.
My name is Sathya.
They transplanted my brain and
placed it inside Vijay Gurumoorthy's body.
They have plotted a huge plan to loot his assets, sir.
They are conspiring something wicked!
Please save me, sir.
Do you get what I'm saying?
This is Vijay Gurumoorthy's body.
But the brain belongs to Sathya.
I'm that Sathya, sir.
If you don't believe me,
you can see for yourself.
They performed a massive surgery on my head.
I even have scars from it.
I'm not Vijay Gurumoorthy, sir.
I'm Sathya.
This body belongs to Vijay Gurumoorthy.
And the body is Sathya's.
Do you understand what I'm saying, sir?
If you don't mind
-Can I ask you something?
-Yes, sir.
-Are you drunk, sir?
IG is on call, sir.
-Mr. Gopal!
-Yes, sir.
He had an accident in Dubai 20 days ago.
His head got injured.
His father died two days ago.
He's upset.
It's nothing serious.
Nevertheless, ensure his safety without anyone finding out.
Y- Ye- Yes, sir.
His family doctor and I will be there in another ten minutes.
-Okay, sir.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
You can continue, sir.
I'm not Vijay Gurumoorthy, sir.
My name is Sathya.
They transplanted my brain and placed it inside Vijay's body.
They have plotted a plan to loot Vijay's assets, sir.
Please save me from them, sir.
Would you like to drink some coffee or tea?
Bring him some hot coffee!
You continue, sir.
I'm not Vijay Gurumoorthy, sir.
My name is Sathya, sir.
I'm a beggar, sir.
Business tycoon Gurumoorthy's visit to Adyar police station
this morning has created a stir among the public.
People are guessing that his sudden visit could be regarding the property he recently bought in ECR.
Die, man!
Don't let him bleed.
This body is very important to us.
No matter how loud you scream,
no one can hear you for three kilometers.
Scream all you want!
[mimics Sathya]
Bash him!
Do you need all this?
If you had listened to us
will you be crying for help now?
I lost my sister when I was a kid, sir.
I'm in search of her.
I don't need your money.
You won't get any problems because of me.
-Please, let me go.
-Man! Who is this guy?
Why is he being all sentimental?
God knows what your sister
is doing with somebody right now.
Sir! Speak no ill of my sister.
Oh! You're feeling bad, is it?
Thrash him, man!
Thrash him till he realizes
that too much emotion isn't healthy.
-Bash him hard!
-He won't listen to us.
-Let's find somebody else.
-This miserable tramp!
We are dead if we let him live.
You, doctor! Wipe him out
and arrange for a new brain.
This beggar won't cooperate with us!
Find someone who'll listen to us unlike him.
He is unfit for our plan.
Because of a mere beggar
We have fallen in a big mess, man!
It's all because of this doctor.
He brought him here without thinking of the consequences.
Then you should have found a perfect fit.
Were you asleep when we were deciding?
Don't fight now.
There's bloody
so many problems already.
Let's kill him.
We'll be in danger if he lives.
We will all be jailed.
Hey! Call Metha.
We don't need him anymore.
Hey, Aravind!
What's your qualification?
-Why the fu-
did you get those degrees?
To save lives, right?
People believe that doctors
like you are God, and trust you blindly.
Forgive me.
I was ignorant.
What you said
made me realize what I did.
-I'm changed now.
-You're lying again.
I didn't do anything.
It's all Aravind's pla-
You are a doctor, right?
If I slit right here
tell me how long it'll take for you to die.
Let me go.
I'll pay whatever you demand.
Look! You are still the same.
You are rich
you're being haughty because you're rich.
You can do whatever you want if you have money, right?
Whatever you want
just ask away, sir.
I'll do it for you.
-Please spare me.
-I want Sathya
and my hand that has "Ranipapa" tattooed on it.
I want my identity that got buried.
I want my problem-free life
where I was peacefully searching for my sister.
Can you return all those?
Tell me! Can you?
You miserable beggar!
This is my final warning.
I will pull the trigger!
Don't be afraid.
I won't threaten you with a gun.
You said the gun would fire.
Don't you know about me?
Forgive me, please.
-Don't hurt me! Let me go!
-Didn't I beg you to let me go the same way?
Did you consider my plead?
You were audacious that
a poor man like me wouldn't question you.
Fear wasn't holding me back all these days.
But the love I have for my sister.
Even God won't stand it if I let you live.
He is the embodiment of knowledge and light!
He is the remover of all sin and Ignorance
He is the embodiment of knowledge and light!
He is the remover of all sin and Ignorance
The beggar
The beggar!
What you're doing is wrong.
Why are you forsaking me this way?
I question your existence
with all that is happening.
I have no one but you
to share my worries with.
I am furious at you!
- Will she sing a lullaby for me?
-I'm at the supermarket.
-I'll be there in a bit.
-Hey, hey!
Hey, Geetha!
You're with him?
You broke up with me that easily!
Sir, I'm a beggar.
Please help me.
Help me.
Thank you. Sir
You look just like Vijay Antony in these shades.
-I'm sorry, but he's the one who looks like me.
-I'll convey it to him.
-Stay blessed.
-Thank you, sir!
I asked God for a wish
-What's up?
-How did that fellow give you 50 bucks?
-He's never given more than a penny!
-When have men shown off in front of their wives?
I called him "sir" in front of her.
So he gave me 50 bucks.
-So, that wasn't his wife?
-A beggar behaving like a detective! Scram now!
Even the fire rejoices
Sir, please.
-Please spare me some change.
-Who carries cash in hand these days?
We're aware of that, sir.
Look here!
This is Digital India.
Now you and I are one.
This is the Earth you've always adored
Why are they waiting for buses that never come?
-Hello, I'm a beggar.
-Excuse me?
Hello, I'm a beggar.
Please help me.
-Sir, please give me alms.
-He's too advanced!
Could you take one rupee from this
and give me 19 rupees as change?
-Do you have spare change?
-Keep that one rupee and run your family with it!
You bald mongoose!
Looks smart but not smart inside!
Why doesn't anyone pick up when it's urgent?
Hello, is this Swiggy?
-No sir, this is Buhari.
-I know that.
-What dishes are available right now?
-I hear some noise from behind, sir.
-It's like a beggar's crosstalking you.
-I will screw you, you moron!
-Do you still hear it?
-No, sir, I don't.
Okay, I want string hoppers with goat curry
and 250 grams of chicken pakoda.
-Hurry up and deliver it soon!
-Anything else, sir?
I do want to order more.
Women stopped cooking after you came to the market.
-Your address, sir?
-My address?
Why will I have one?
No. 105, 2nd Street
-Can I deliver it there?
-Rajini sir will receive it if you do.
Come to the 3rd Street at Poes Garden.
-You're a VIP?
-Yes, I am. Now hurry up!
Did I mention his address instead?
It sure is. He's tailing behind me.
Who is this guy?
He looks like a fortune-teller!
-Hello, boss!
-Yes, captain?
I couldn't get a pass mark in life,
so I'm sitting in a TASMAC!
Nothing serious.
I came inside our street to beg.
A random guy is following me.
I'm freaking out about what he might do next.
Tell me this. Did I pick a fight
with anyone when I was drunk?
You pick fights with me if you're tipsy.
And if you go overboard
you fight with yourself!
You are not worth being beaten up by others.
Fine, hang up. I'll take care of him.
He's coming closer to me.
Can I talk to you?
Go on.
Aren't you Maddy?
-That's me.
-I'm a friend of Sathya's.
I've heard a lot about you.
A friend of his?
How do you know him?
Sathya and I were brought up in the same jail.
You take pride in it like you studied together!
You could have talked directly to me
if you claim to be his friend.
-Why did you crouch up on me?
-Sorry, I
-You left before I could.
-Like I flew to America.
You scared me to death.
-Yes, tell me?
-Sir, I'm from the food delivery.
Your house is locked.
That There's a park behind the house.
That's where I'm jogging.
There's an expensive gray colored car parked.
Come over there.
Okay, okay, sir.
He's clinging to me like a magnet.
-What was your name again?
You're a Sathya too?
Why is he dressed this way?
Sir, I'm here beside your gray colored car.
Now, look to your left.
Look this way now.
I'm coming.
Was it you who made the order?
How does it matter if I'm rich or poor?
Give me the parcel.
Here, keep the spare change.
And give some to your boss.
And scram!
Let's go, Sathya.
They don't allow us in theatres too.
-It might get cold. How about we chat while we eat?
-What did you say?
This won't suffice my hunger.
You talk and I'll eat.
-I need a favor.
-I have a request.
Don't call me "sir". It'll ruin my business.
Tell me what help you need.
I don't have a place to stay.
So, can I stay with you?
And can I search for Sathya's sister along with you?
Welcome to our government-allocated mansion, Sathya!
You can roll about wherever you like.
Fine with you?
-I love this place, Maddy!
Finally, I'll be able to get a good night's sleep.
Why do you look confused?
Do I look suspicious to you?
Just guilty of letting you
sleep among the mosquitoes.
And I didn't buy a mosquito coil.
Come along.
-Where will you sleep?
-Like there's an AC room for me.
I'll sleep over there.
When you told me that he's briefed you about everything,
did he tell you about this important thing?
-What was it?
-About the 400 bucks he borrowed from me.
He didn't but I'll pay you back.
As long as I get my money back, it's fine.
I'm only asking for what is mine.
But you seem to stand out from the crowd here.
How will I manage them?
-Tell them that I'm a beggar.
-You're right.
That suits you best.
How did you know that I was Maddy?
I was told your talks and looks
don't go hand in hand.
That arrogant mongoose.
Sathya told me there's a girl named Poongkodi here.
-Where is she?
-She works at a hotel.
She had a night shift.
-Night shift?
Someone's asleep
I'm sorry for stepping on you.
Who is this man?
-Looks like competition for us.
-Yeah yeah.
As if we own a few ships and he's our nemesis.
Shut it and go to sleep!
Did you drink Anakaputhur booze?
This innocent face looks so familiar, boss!
Was it when you assaulted a sait
family's oldie and served time?
No, it wasn't from there!
I think I saw him in the newspapers.
Enough blathering and sleep!
I don't think you get it.
-Get what?
-He acts innocent to us.
And then he'd swindle all that we own.
We don't even own a mat for him to swindle.
Get to bed, you irritating fellow.
Didn't they say that he'd be here?
-Yes, sir.
-Find him!
-Hey, is that him?
-No, sir.
Wake up!
Hey, wake up!
-Check if that is him!
-Hey, you. Wake up!
It isn't me!
The boys told me that they found him here.
Oh no, they're headed this way!
Let me get out.
Wait for me, boss!
Where are you going?
He's giving us a hard time!
-Finish him off!
-Thought you could escape after borrowing my cash?
Please spare us!
-Sir, please!
-Let go of my feet.
Please spare us our lives, sir.
Please let him go.
He isn't well. I beg you, please
You come with us instead!
Don't mistake me.
I don't know what the issue is.
Whatever it maybe,
-it's wrong to raise your hand at a woman.
-Look at that!
I'd give you 10 bucks as alms if you want to.
But if you budge into this unnecessarily,
I will beat you up! Scram now.
If you're mad that I hit her,
then pay me what they owe me!
You can't right?
Mind your business, then.
This guy
Today's the last day, bhai!
If you don't pay it up by tomorrow,
I will end you two!
The two of you should die!
Welcome, my son.
Please sit.
I know who you are.
So sit.
Why do you seem so worried?
I lost my sister, Rani,
when I was a child.
I'm searching for her.
On this Earth,
there are many girls like your sister.
It's you who isn't searching for them.
I don't understand what you're saying.
You're searching for Rani who you lost.
You found Goddess Lakshmi without even looking for her.
The purpose of your birth is a huge one.
You play an important role
in the future of these poor people.
If you move on to live life as you please,
who will look after them?
Thousands of Ranis live in this crowd.
When you witness the struggles and tears of theirs,
why does it affect you?
It's because
you can empathize with their pain.
Those who can empathize with the pain
of others are children of God.
And you are one, too.
Help them out somehow.
Business tycoons that ruin the poor's way of life
will one day look up to you in shame!
You must show the world how
a business tycoon should lead a life!
You must first live like one.
Go on, son. Extend a helping hand.
The good deeds will lead you to what you seek.
Go on!
The good deeds will lead you to what you seek
Move out, everyone!
Step aside.
Must I tell you separately?
Hey, Constable!
My dear!
Brother, do you like me as much as Rani?
Both of you are equal to me.
My dear, Poongkodi!
You treated my eyes for me to see you in this state?
Sir, it was a beggar girl
that was raped and murdered.
She has scratch marks all over.
It's depressing to see the way they've left her.
Constable, drive everyone out!
Crowds are thronging the place!
Get going, lady!
My child!
-What are you doing here?
-One of the boys lost their phone.
-Where are they?
-At the godown.
-Did it happen there?
-Yes, sir.
Find the phone before someone else does!
You come.
Can't you carry it out properly?
Were you that desperate?
Don't panic, Maya!
She looked distinctly beautiful, so our boys
wanted to try something new with her.
But she died. What to do?
They're young boys, after all. Don't make an issue out of it.
You could have let her go after the deed was done.
Look at the mess they've done!
-How will I tackle this?
-Tell me what you need and I'll do it.
But if you can't tackle this,
I'll take it to the MLA.
The new AC is on our nerves.
You better bribe us heavily.
Tell me your amount.
I know a few bigshots.
Send me around 10.
I'll use them to silence people about this case.
We'll close the case saying it was a beggar,
who committed suicide because
she couldn't afford to live.
This is our phone!
Who are you?
I want to investigate these boys.
That's my work as a policeman.
You aren't a policeman but something else.
How dare you?!
We did it!
We did it under the influence.
We never expected her to die, brother.
Ask how much ever you need.
I will give it to you right away.
You scoundrels!
Do you think money can buy your way out of anything?
Look at what you all have done!
You have torn her apart!
You guys deserve the most brutal punishment!
Hey, throw them in jail!
Get in, now!
Get up and go inside!
-Who is literate here?
File a petition along with your name and address.
-I'll call you after the investigation.
-Okay, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Don't you allow anybody that wishes to meet them.
Okay, sir.
Yes, sir?
Okay, I'll see to it.
AC sir will come back in a while.
You can file the petition later.
And take the crowd along with you.
Everyone, disperse from here!
I'll be done in two minutes.
I'm telling you that's enough
and you're giving excuses?
Leave first and finish it tomorrow.
I just have a line left, sir.
Can't you understand what I'm saying?
Take the crowd out and clear the place.
Out now, out!
I said leave. Now!
-Let me see what happens.
-Get down, boys.
-Hey, you!
-Listen, Inspector!
-How dare you jail them all!
-Release them!
Who's inside?
-Release our boys now!
-Where is he?
How dare you mess with us?
On whose orders did you jail them?
-Don't you know who we are?
-Sir, please don't shout.
I just got to know who they are.
Let the crowd disperse that is outside.
-The authorities have a recorded confession as evidence.
-Even I can fake many recordings like these!
Shall I tweak it like a murder or a sexual assault?
Show me who recorded them!
Don't be hasty, sir.
Otherwise, it will go viral on social media.
Please stay calm till I sort this out.
How long will you keep shooing them?
Disperse them soon!
Nothing serious, boss.
I'll take care of it.
It hurts, brother.
Let me go.
Please don't go, brother.
I won't go anywhere.
The good deeds you are about to do
will give you what you are searching for.
He is the embodiment of knowledge and light!
He is the remover of all sin and Ignorance!
The beggar
The beggar!
The beggar
The beggar!
Should I slay you?
Should I stab you?
Should I slay you?
Should I stab you?
Should I slay you?
Should I stab you?
Should I slay you?
Should I stab you?
Should I hurry and dump all the money?
Should I turn all the huts to houses?
He keeps justice standing tall!
He'll vanquish all that is wicked
He keeps justice standing tall!
He'll vanquish all that is wicked
The beggar
The beggar!
The beggar
Okay, sir.
Stop, man!
What's going on here?
Do we look like fools to you?
Answer me!
I will give you five minutes.
You better take your men out of the station.
If not, I will throw you all in jail.
We're leaving now.
But tell me, who called you last?
It was the CM!
The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu!
What the heck?
Can I talk to you, sir?
Tell me.
We are poor and helpless people.
We rely on you, policemen, for justice.
If you judge based on how much money you can profit,
where will we head to?
And why do we even come to you?
If only gangsters and politicians seek justice over here,
where do people like us go?
We could have lamented about it to strangers.
Have mercy on poor people.
Please do the needful.
And who are you?
A beggar.
He is the embodiment of knowledge and light!
He is the remover of all sin and ignorance!
He who's worthy of worship!
May he enlighten our intellect!
The beggar is offering!
The beggar with a heart of gold!
Look! The beggar is bestowing!
The beggar is providing!
The beggar with a heart of gold!
Look! The beggar is giving it to you!
The beggar
The beggar!
The beggar
The beggar!
The helicopter you ordered
got delivered two weeks back.
It's waiting on the terrace.
You are leaving for Tirupati in two hours,
according to your old schedule.
A special darshan with Perumal.
Actually, Venkatachalapathy is waiting to see
both you and the helicopter.
Dear Lord, it didn't work out.
Is it possible to cancel the program?
If you want to, yes.
Aravind hasn't called since morning.
Did he call you?
No, sir. His mobile has been
switched off since yesterday.
Ask the Board of Directors in Chennai
to come here in three hours.
And contact Aravind and auditor Elango somehow
and ask them to call me.
-You may go now.
Oh God!
I don't understand what this sudden meeting is for today.
Dear God!
Is he going to sack someone?
I see a huge difference in Vijay
after Gurumoorthy's death.
Good morning, sir.
What is it with the sudden meeting?
No idea. He's been working faster than usual
since he came to the office today.
I hope there isn't any complaint on me.
Not just you. He wants to meet everyone today.
Come soon.
Good morning, sir.
Here you go.
Whenever I greet MD sir,
he'll just ignore me, sir.
But today,
he came and greeted me with a good morning.
Why is that, sir?
You could have told me directly
if you didn't like me.
Your behavior is totally different and new, Vijay.
Are you really that shallow?
There's a board of directors meeting at 2 PM today.
You should attend.
What is this?
You are being too formal.
I don't feel like myself
ever since I hurt myself in Dubai.
I don't remember a lot of things.
That's the reason I'm unable to talk to you properly.
I'm under medication.
Things are slowly coming back to normal.
Give me some time.
I'll get alright very soon.
That's not necessary.
You are fine.
I like this Vijay.
Good afternoon, everybody!
Seeing you all after a very long time
feels very new to me.
In fact, my life feels different.
After my dad's death,
there have been a lot of changes in me.
-Krishna sir.
What do you think is essential
for a person's survival?
Healthy food, peaceful sleep
And finding a beautiful girl
would make it even better.
What would my monthly expense be
for these fundamental necessities,
when I get married, live with my wife, and two children?
A minimum of eighty thousand rupees, sir.
-For a year?
-Ten lakhs.
How much is my property worth, sir?
One lakh crore, sir.
How long can I live with my family
without working with this one lakh crore rupees?
Can you calculate and tell me that, please?
Oh God, I need Ramanujam's help with this.
One minute, please.
For 10 lakh years, sir.
10 lakh years
What was my dad's age when he died, sir?
He was 65.
Despite having one lakh crore rupees at my disposal,
and access to the advanced medical technology,
was I able to give my dad
an extra day of life?
Will this money give me
an extra day
if I ask when I'm on my deathbed?
No, sir.
The next three generations of my family
will lead a satisfied life with 100 crores.
What am I going to do with the remaining?
-Krishna sir.
Look at this.
How many people in our independent India
do not eat three meals a day?
20 crore people, sir.
How many die of starvation?
7800 people in a day.
How many die due to the lack of medical attention?
4900 people per day.
Rich people like me are responsible
for the lives of the people who die
from hunger, starvation,
and lack of medical attention.
This excess money I own
is making the poor people starve.
I have decided not to have
more money than what I require.
"Do good for others.
It will come back in unexpected ways."
My dad taught me this when I was a child.
And so
BG group of companies will work to help the poor
and to fulfill my dad's dream.
We'll work as a non-profitable organization -
manufacture all the necessities for a middle-class family,
and sell it at a price less than the ration.
India shouldn't have beggars.
No one should die of hunger.
Distribute free food to feed the hungry across India.
How long will it take to start this process?
We We can start next year, sir.
Did I ask you to build a bridge?
I asked you to feed hungry people.
This project can get started earlier
if you use your power and authority for good causes
instead of for personal gains.
We can distribute free food from next week, sir.
And we can start the rest from next month, sir.
He sounds different.
He's talking like a communist.
-This won't work in a corporate environment.
-How is he signing with his right hand?
How strange! He's signing with his right hand.
I don't like this place, brother.
I'll also come with you, brother.
Please don't leave me and go.
I want to see my sister, sir.
I can't live without seeing my sister, sir.
Go on, son. Extend a helping hand.
The good deeds will lead you to what you seek.
Business tycoon Vijay Gurumoorthy
has made a sensational announcement
that he's going to produce groceries for the poor
and sell it at a meager rate
under the name of "Anti Bikili."
Notably, "Anti Biliki" has no meaning in any dictionary.
Let's look at the rate card
for the household items he's planned to sell.
Soap for three rupees,
paste and brush for seven rupees,
one kilogram of good quality rice for nine rupees,
everyday vegetables for ten rupees,
one kilogram of sugar for 12 rupees,
one liter of milk for 20 rupees
one kilogram of toor dhal for 30 rupees,
one liter of cooking oil for 40 rupees,
a pair of slippers for 15 rupees,
and a house for 23,000 rupees,
payable in monthly installments.
Let's hear more about this from our reporter Murugan.
Murugan, what is the people's view on
Vijay Gurumoorthy's "Anti Bikili?"
Everybody is left speechless, Anandhi.
It is surprising.
When there are a lot of billionaires in India,
I'm curious why Vijay Gurumoorthy alone
wanted to help the poor and eradicate starvation.
He says he'll reveal the meaning
and reason for choosing the name "Anti Bikili"
at a meeting on July 24th,
which also happens to be his birthday.
The mall behind me is named Anti Bikili.
It is said that the Anti Bikili products will be sold here.
Things are happening very fast.
What happened?
Why are you dull?
I want to talk to you.
Can you please sit down?
Vijay is not like he used to be, Mom.
The way he talks or sees things
It's all
It's all totally different.
I can't understand.
He's decided not one soul
in India goes to sleep hungry.
Not bad. At least one rich man out there
can feel the pain of the poor.
If he keeps his word
and sells a house for 23,000 rupees
we wouldn't have to suffer
with our kids during the rainy season.
When so much good can happen
with the good deeds of one rich man,
what would happen if all the rich men became like him?
It looks like our country will be out of poverty.
What happened to Vijay Gurumoorthy?
How will we make money
if this Anti Bikili comes to market?
We stay rich only as long as
the poor stay deceived by us.
Rice, dhal, medicines
He might start selling liquor too.
He's selling houses for 23,000.
Hi, sir.
We've designed a low-budget house
as per your requirement.
A 10 by 6 room and a bedroom of the same size.
This house meets all the basic things a family needs.
-Please wait, sir. I'll ask him.
-Okay, I'll look into it.
-Good morning, sir.
-Have you informed sir is here?
-There are already three people waiting before him.
-He's at a meeting now.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You see, boss is in a very important meeting.
It's okay. I have no choice.
-He must be attending to some important VIP.
-How sharp!
None of you should beg from now.
Stay with me and do what you can.
You don't have to sleep at parks or roads.
I've rented a small apartment for you all near my house.
-You'll all stay there.
-Excuse me.
Why are you doing this for us?
We've come to you leaving our self-earning job.
What's the guarantee for the job at your office?
I am the guarantee.
You can ask me anything without hesitating at any time.
I'm talking on your behalf.
Bloody buggers!
Can you stop what you're doing for some time?
Sir? Excuse me, sir.
Aravind's brother called.
It seems Aravind said he was going to Dubai
with Shiva and Elango.
But we haven't been able to reach them for four days.
Sheik has also been trying
to reach Aravind, sir, but he couldn't.
He's asking if we could have the signing
in Chennai next week.
Assistant Commissioner Gopal.
-Sir asked me to come.
Assistant Commissioner Gopal is here to see you.
Assistant Commissioner Gopal?
He said you asked him to come.
Hello, sir.
Assistant Commissioner Gopal.
I was crossing this neighborhood and got reminded of you.
So I thought I would visit you.
Your house is as good as a seven-star hotel, sir.
Looks like they've shelled out
a lot of money building this.
-Sit down.
Sorry, sir. I lied to your guards
that you asked me to come.
That's alright.
Sit down.
How are you, sir?
How are Aravind and Shiva?
They're fine, sir.
-How about you?
-I have nothing to worry about.
I'm doing fine with God's grace
and kindhearted people like you.
-How are you now, sir?
-That's nothing.
I met with an accident in Dubai,
injured my head, and had surgery.
Dad also died at the same time
This upset my mental health.
I'm still surprised that I spoke that way.
-I had spoken weird things.
-Yes, yes. And what's surprising is
You came to the police station, claimed to be Sathya,
and told us your life story, right?
A Sathya did exist, sir.
What a similarity!
-Is it?
-It's unbelievable, sir.
-How can you believe it when I can't?
That Sathya was a beggar, just like you said.
Were you hurt badly in the accident?
-Not really, but I lost a lot of blood.
-Can I see where you got hurt?
The top has been removed.
What's this, sir?
You said it was a minor injury,
but I see a lot of stitches.
And I forgot something
I've applied for a loan for 20 crores
in your company.
Personal loan, sir.
They'd give it if you told them a word.
What do you intend to do?
Sorry, sir.
Please don't mistake me.
I cannot help you with this.
This is the second time I'm seeing you.
Apart from the fact that you are a police,
I don't know anything--
But I know who you are, who your friends are,
and the plans you, Aravind,
and Shiva have, Sathya sir.
You've figured out how to live
I mean, you've become a billionaire.
Your friends' mobiles are switched off.
I want to meet them.
Ask them to come to the station.
Do the needful, sir.
Sir, the whole town's talking
about affordable groceries sold
by Vijay Gurumoorthy
under the name Anti Bikili.
-It's good for the people.
-It's not that, sir.
His money funds our election campaigns.
What if he becomes a massive hit and starts a party?
What will we do then, sir?
The minute people see money,
they won't hesitate to vote for the other party.
Anti Bikili welcomes all the poor people
who've gathered here.
How is a rich man
doing good deeds suddenly?
He's talking about something called "Anti Bikili."
What does "Anti Bikili" mean?
Then who is Bikili?
I know these are the questions running through your head.
That's the name I gave in anger
to the money-hungry beasts.
Who are those beasts?
What is their identity?
What was the need for me to name them Bikili?
I can hear you all asking.
There is a need.
There is definitely a need.
And that's because
There isn't a word neither in Tamil dictionary
nor understandable by all
that describes those rich beasts I'm about to expose.
Then how do we address them?
The trendy name
I gave those money-hungry beasts is
Someone who's against a Bikili
is an Anti Bikili.
Anti Bikili is a movement.
This is also a form of protest
like terrorism and non-violence.
A protest against dominance and injustice.
So many things have changed in this world.
But poverty hasn't changed.
A poor man is born poor and dies poor.
Have you ever wondered why?
Even when he works hard,
he doesn't get the wage he deserves.
Why is that?
That's because a Bikili thinks
for the rich to stay rich, the poor should stay poor.
I dedicate this first Anti Bikili meeting
to women like Poongkodi,
who died without getting any justice.
This is the face of a woman
who suffered from poverty,
pushed into prostitution,
tortured, raped, and murdered.
There are a lot of women who die every day,
losing their honor due to poverty.
Who's the reason behind this?
Rich men in India like me
who have more money than they require.
The excess money which they have
is the reason for other people
living in poverty and hunger.
Let's come back to Bikili.
Not every rich person is a Bikili.
Someone who takes advantage of another person's poverty
and helplessness to make a profit
is a Bikili.
For example
When the poor died due to corona
everyone who sold oxygen, masks,
hospital beds at exorbitant rates
to make medical assistance a business
are Bikili.
When an acquaintance is struggling
and someone who thinks what he can buy from him
without paying it's worth
is a Bikili.
"My husband is unwell. Please help us."
"Dad is unwell. Please help us."
"My son is unwell. Please help us."
A man who calls women in these situations
to bed to take advantage
is also a Bikili.
A man who saves black money
donates it to a temple, and fools God
is also a Bikili.
If you look into the reasons behind the deaths here
The first reason behind that
will be the need for money.
Poverty is the reason.
So, anyone who uses money
as a weapon against the poor
will be called Bikili from today.
Now, Anti Bikili is here.
No one will suffer from hunger from now.
You can buy Anti Bikili goods
at a meager rate everywhere.
You'll get food, a house, clothing,
soap, slippers,
books, and medicines
at a meager rate and good quality
under the name Anti Bikili.
The only aim of Anti Bikili
is to eradicate hunger and starvation in this world.
The rich Bikili can no longer stomp on the poor.
Anti Bikili
is the warning a man gives
to a man who deceives another man.
Anti Bikili is available for sale
for the poor from today.
Thank you!
We see you as God's avatar!
Our gratitude towards you knows no bounds!
You are our sea of compassion!
God is seen in a soul that helps!
As humanity burns to the ground
Money is seen as the only goal!
You gave us everything!
You are our ray of hope!
You gave us everything!
You are our ray of hope!
We see you as God's avatar!
We got labeled as poor
The streets turned into our bed
We held out our hands
Begging for food and water
We've moved on from that
You've rewritten fate's decree!
Breathing new life to those deemed poor and unworthy
Your guiding light paved a way
We see you as God's avatar!
Our gratitude towards you knows no bounds!
Breaking news!
An Emirates flight from Dubai to Chennai
has crashed in the middle of the sea
and has created shock among the public.
The rescue teams are saving people on ships and helicopters.
Sir! It seems the flight from Dubai met with an accident.
It's the breaking news right now, sir.
Our Sheikh was on that flight.
Do you know where the accident took place?
It fell into the sea near our beach house.
If it had fallen a little further,
it would have landed on the terrace of our beach house.
The Emirates plane from Dubai to Chennai
crashed in the middle of the sea due to engine failure.
That's where we are.
They are saying that there were
160 passengers who were traveling.
More than 120 passengers have been rescued.
More than 20 deaths have been reported,
according to the information we received.
With camera man Karthik this is Agaram Venkat.
-Did we receive the reports?
-More than 100 lives have been saved, sir.
Minister is also saved.
Thirty people have died, and 15 are in a critical state.
But the shocking news is
There are bullets found in three of the dead bodies.
Those three corpses were decaying.
They did not travel in that flight.
It must be around ten days since they have died.
After killing them, someone tied their legs
with dumbbells and dumped them into the water.
What's the cause of death, doctor?
These bodies must be below 40 years.
The killer has used the same gun
to shoot all three of them.
He has also severely and gruesomely damaged their faces.
Look into who owns the gun
and under whose name it is registered.
Breaking news that we just received.
The Tamil Nadu police have identified that
the rotten bodies found in the crash
are Vijay Gurumoorthy's close associate Aravind
his family doctor Shiva,
and his auditor Elango.
Tamil Nadu police have created a special team
to find the criminal behind this horrific murder.
They worked so hard for this company.
They acted as the backbone of the company.
The grief of losing them
is much more painful than losing my father.
For these three angels,
For their souls to rest in peace
Let's stand up and pay them
a silent tribute for three minutes.
I had a strange feeling
the other day when he called to help the beggars.
Those three are criminals themselves.
If he had killed them
and dumped them into the sea
Imagine how big of a criminal he should be.
What a lucky guy!
The plane has crashed in the exact same place.
This is what you call timing!
-Wait outside, Gopal. I'll call you later.
-Okay, sir.
You're off the leash because this guy ended up telling me.
Else, do you know in what state
will you be in right now?
It's not too late.
Just say yes.
We can kill him.
Just like how to spoke to the public
act like you are a good person
and join hands with my party.
I'll protect you.
Later, we can talk and decide
how to divide Vijay's assets among ourselves.
I don't want anything.
Don't betray that man.
He trusted you.
If I had desired for it
why would I give it to others?
You don't know how excruciating hunger is, sir.
But I know it.
I have witnessed it.
Right now, my only wish is
to feed the hungry.
That's it, sir.
Please let me do that, sir.
You too should look for ways to help people, sir.
Am I supposed to help people
just because you said so?
You listen to what I say.
Leave everything behind and escape from here.
Why should I escape, sir?
-Is it a crime to help people?
-Who is giving away whose assets?
I'll throw you to the streets
I can bring a random person and tell the world
that he's the rightful heir to these assets.
Damn it.
Decide where you want to be.
Fear is the only thing that hasn't scared me since birth.
Don't try to scare me, sir.
Sir! What do you have to say about the rumor that
Vijay Gurumoorthy's assets are being donated to poor people?
I don't know what Vijay has decided.
-Still, I wish my best for him.
-Sir! Sir! Answer this question!
Sir! Senior ministers from your party are saying that
you won't even get a deposit in the upcoming election.
-I can't hear you!
-What about that, sir?
-Sir! In the upcoming election
-I can't hear you!
Start the car, damn it!
I'm resigning from the Chairman position.
I've handled from local gangsters to international criminals.
But I have never seen a silent killer like him.
From tomorrow, the company's signing authority
will be Hema ma'am.
Why don't we arrange some proof in our manner,
and try threatening him, sir?
We can only get him arrested next year.
Why do we need to worry
whether he is in jail or not.
From now on, Hema will now be the sole person
to make any decisions that must be made for the company.
-Prepare the formalities, please.
-Vijay, why?
-It's all for good.
I can't explain everything right now.
You'll know it soon.
We only need the assets from him.
For us to own those assets
he must listen to us.
Income tax.
-We would like to meet Vijay, sir.
-That is he is in an important meeting right now.
-Hey! Did you meet him?
-Vijay is busy it seems.
-Busy, my foot!
That miserable beggar!
Greetings, sir.
CM sir wanted us to chat with you in person.
If you send these people away,
it'd be easy for us to have a chat.
Get going, people!
We are here to talk business with him.
Don't get scared if you hear any noises.
Hey! Shut the door.
Hey! Leader is asking something from you, right?
If you give it to him,
we'd be on our way without causing any trouble!
Instead of that
why do you need all this?
Hey! Who is this?
What is it?
Did he agree?
He's dead.
"He's a beggar, right?
He would have spent his life
roaming around begging for five or ten rupees.
Let's send men and kill him off."
Is that what you thought, sir?
How dare you fight me without
knowing who I am and the power I hold!
Who are you threatening right now?
Do you think I'm Vijay Gurumoorthy?
Sathya, who spent his entire childhood in prison.
Do you know how many families are homeless,
how many families have no source of income, how many
people are starving, and how many are dying out of hunger?
Do you call yourself a politician?
I can publicly accept that I committed those murders.
Try what you can with that power
you said you hold.
I'll face it.
I'm not Vijay.
My name is Sathya.
Aravind, Shiva and Elango
killed Vijay.
News about India's biggest billionaire Vijay Gurumoorthy
have left the nation speechless.
The one who is living as Vijay Gurumoorthy
is not the real Vijay Gurumoorthy,
and he is a beggar who looks like him.
Rumors like these have shocked the public.
Prison life isn't new to me, ma'am.
I'm used to it.
All I worry about is just one thing.
I have launched many good schemes.
Those need to reach the public.
I don't trust anybody here.
You are a good person.
You'll live a good life.
Forgive me, ma'am.
I'm leaving.
A beggar?
Is he a beggar?
That's why he knew all our struggles.
There's no way a rich person
would know about our sufferings.
I pity that poor soul.
These days people don't value good things.
This cruel world made him the bad guy
for doing good deeds.
How will the sewage allow the Ganges to get in?
It seems like he suffered a lot while begging
because he lost his parents when he was a young child!
That's why he understands people like us
who suffer to earn a living.
Amidst the rich who find ways to earn money through us,
a rich one who thinks of our well-being is finally here.
But they labeled him as a murderer.
When he was in prison, he learned a lot about
economy and earned a degree in it, it seems!
-That's right, sir.
-That's why he's doing good despite being rich.
He's Vijay Gurumoorthy's cousin.
If Avinash gets Vijay's assets,
then it'll easily become ours!
Getting Sathya punished isn't important to me.
We must get hold of his assets.
I have won every case for you
even when our party wasn't ruling.
We are the ruling party now!
Will I let us lose?
You stay relaxed, leader.
We'll get his assets!
Sathya, the prime suspect in the high-profile
murder case of billionaire Vijay Gurumoorthy,
is being escorted to court under heavy police security.
You keep arresting the few souls
who do good deeds for the people.
-India will become a developed country very soon!
-So what if he is a beggar?
His mind didn't change when he was exposed to money, right?
He thought of helping us, right?
We have to stand for him
when he is in trouble.
Hear me out, people!
For you and I to live a good life,
Sathya needs to get justice.
Sir! You might have heard
and handled many different cases.
What do you have to say about this case, sir?
That's right.
This case is unique.
Not just me The entire Department of Justice
is eagerly anticipating it.
Business tycoon Vijay Gurumoorthy
is being escorted to the court for the investigation.
We are reporting from the court.
With cameraman Vasanth this is reporter Vivek
reporting for Puthiya Thalaimurai.
I am blind,
and I don't know which is black or white.
And I don't want to either.
But for the very first time,
I wish to see that beggar.
If you punish him,
I would say even the law is blind.
God won't help us directly.
He'll help us through people like him.
If we don't voice out for him,
then we have no choice but to die.
So what if Sathya is a bad guy?
What have you accomplished being a good person?
Did he plot a wicked plan to write those assets under his name?
Or did he transfer it to his benami's name?
He gave it all to the poor.
You are crowning the thieves,
and arresting the provider! You fools!
Public Prosecutor
You may place your arguments before the court.
Your Honor,
the man who has taken the stand
with an innocent face
is Sathya, the beggar
He is a criminal by nature.
He's someone we should fear!
Motivated by greed over Vijay Gurumoorthy's money,
he formed a gang,
killed him,
transplanted his brain into Vijay's body,
managed to fool his family, company,
and the whole nation!
He's a criminal mastermind!
He's killed every single one of his comrades,
due to a minor disagreement,
and dumped their bodies in the sea!
Instead of just ruling that
Sathya isn't related
to Vijay Gurumoorthy's property
in any way, shape, or form
I humbly request you to pass
the highest form of punishment,
the death penalty for this criminal mastermind.
Do you have a lawyer to defend your case?
No, sir.
Do you want to represent yourself in this case?
I don't need someone else
to tell the world who I am.
Nobody knows me better than myself.
I can't afford to pay a lawyer to defend me in court.
I haven't used a dime of Vijay Gurumoorthy's money
for my personal use.
I'll represent myself in this case.
That's alright.
What do you have to say about the charges
placed on you by the Public Prosecutor?
My only crime
was being born poor, sir.
I don't know how I'll make you understand
the horrors I've faced in my life.
You only know the criminal Sathya,
who killed three people and threw them into the sea.
They threw me out in the desert
like a butcher getting rid of meat.
You don't know that Sathya, sir.
That Sathya
The troubles he has faced since childhood
You wouldn't understand it
even if I explained it to you.
I killed them in self-defense
when Aravind, Shiva, and Elango
attacked me like rabid dogs.
How's this a mistake of mine?
When I cried to the guy who lied to me
about taking take care of my sister's education
to reunite me with my sister
The guy accused me of selling marijuana and sent me to jail!
How's any of that my mistake?
I've lost my life
after being denied justice throughout my life.
Who will you punish
for every act of injustice I've faced?
There are many people in our country
who struggle to make ends meet!
I thought this money could at least be helpful to them.
When there are people who hide their identities to do evil,
why can't I hide my identity
to do good?
Your Honor! The act is a crime,
despite the various reasons an accused may list!
He is trying to misdirect the case.
Sathya has no say on how Vijay Gurumoorthy's money should
be spent!
If he's allowed to argue any further,
he'd turn this into a rich versus poor argument,
and make a mockery of the proceedings.
Please move on to sentencing him!
I have no qualms about going to jail.
I just admitted to killing them.
I don't want Vijay Gurumoorthy's
money or wealth.
VG group of companies
-must work in the interest of the people.
That is all I want.
-Please make that happen, sir.
-This is heartwarming!
Your demands are truly heartwarming!
Do this instead.
Go to jail for your crimes.
You'll be released in 20 to 30 years.
Work hard day and night
and become a rich man!
And then you can do good to the people
with your hard-earned money!
You can't be charitable
with someone else's money!
-That's wrong!
If I give you ten crores to argue on my behalf,
you'd switch sides
and argue that I am Vijay Gurumoorthy.
That's how shallow you are.
Given enough money, you'd call the criminal the victim
and the victim the criminal.
I could have paid you off
with Vijay Gurumoorthy's money and walked away scot-free!
But my conscience wouldn't allow it.
Your Honor,
give me a chance to help the people.
-I beg you!
-I'm sorry, Your Honor!
The accused has reverted to his true self
and is begging like he's in a market.
If narrating personal stories and philosophy in court
is enough to sway justice
What's the point of having laws? Or judges?
Or litigations?
Why should courts even function?
Your Honor,
I humbly request that you uphold the law
by declaring Avinash, Gurumoorthy's nephew
and his only surviving blood relative,
the heir to Vijay Gurumoorthy's fortune,
and awarding harsh punishment to this beggar.
I'd like to say one last thing
Most of the people in this country
lead a pitiful existence.
Can't you see their struggle
to escape poverty
by scurrying like ants?
You don't understand the difficulty of a starving mother
when her child is crying for milk!
You haven't seen the crowd
who'll wait all day
in hopes of finding leftovers in the bin.
A person who's willing to spend
30,000 a month for his dog
doesn't have the heart to feed a
a single pack of biscuits to a street dog!
Unlike heartless humans,
I'm unable to brush past these things
as if they don't exist!
I wish for my countrymen
to lead a happy life with a smile!
As atonement for all the humiliation,
pain, and suffering I've been through
I beg you, as my last resort
You can sentence me any way you deem fit!
But please don't punish justice itself!
The accused in this unique case,
has admitted to killing the victims in self-defense.
On the charges of murder and attempting to hide evidence,
this court sentences Sathya
to serve ten years in jail.
The brain is considered
the most vital part of the human body.
The brain is responsible
for every human's unique personality.
A man is ultimately called kind or evil
based on his brain.
Therefore, this court affirms that this man,
who speaks from the body of Vijay Gurumoorthy,
is Sathya and Sathya alone
and not Vijay Gurumoorthy.
Therefore, Gurumoorthy's fortune
will be handed over to Avinash,
his uncle's son--
Now, Vijay Gurumoorthy's son
is in my womb.
The face I see in front of me
And this body in front of me
is the cause of it.
My son
is the sole heir to Vijay Gurumoorthy's fortune.
Who are you?
Vijay's fiance.
The secretary of VG group of companies.
Just as Sathya, under the guise of Vijay, wanted
VG group of companies will function
for the betterment of the poor!
Your Honor,
Vijay Gurumoorthy was a billionaire.
He might have thousands of friends.
He would've been close with many of them
and even had relationships with some.
It's unfair to ask for a share
just because he had a relationship with you!
It's wrong.
If there's any truth to her argument
we can grant her a measly compensation--
Sit down, you
Compensate me? You rascal!
What the hell are you saying?
If something similar happened to your daughter,
how would you compensate her?
In front of the entire court?
-Don't fight me!
Your Honor! Look
Look at the way she talks--
-Shut up!
-Hey! Who do you think you're talking to?
Your Honor, she's dragging my family into this!
-You stupid fool! Just shut up!
-Your family is to blame!
It's an insult to the court to let a woman
of such low character take the stand!
-Get out! Get out this instant!
-I should've known! You're a sell-out, aren't you?
Your mouth is where the money is!
-Order! Order! Order!
-You're unfit to talk--
Is this a court or a fish market?
The court is adjourned for ten minutes.
How are you even a lawyer?
A woman is ripping you to shreds in court!
She turned up out of the blue
with evidence of a child in her womb, messing with my plans!
-And you stare at her like an idiot?!
I have no idea what was happening in there, sir!
She's brought along a lawyer,
the DNA reports,
and all the evidence to back her claim!
I don't know what to do!
Can you do this?
-Can you try to talk to the judge?
-Now, look!
I've entrusted you with not one or two crores
One lakh crores!
If you end up lose the case,
you might as well commit suicide.
Don't ever let me see you again!
After having conducted the medical examination on Hema,
the child in her womb
has been positively identified as Vijay Gurumoorthy's.
The court reaffirms that
Vijay Gurumoorthy's fortune,
cannot be handed over to anyone else,
besides his surviving legal heir.
This court rules Hema,
the mother of Vijay Gurumoorthy's heir,
as the sole custodian of his fortune.
And in an attempt to encourage
Sathya's public welfare scheme,
the court grants him a day to find a suitable person
who will implement his public welfare plans.
He will be arrested from his home
at 11 o'clock tomorrow.
This is the judgment passed by this court.
Truth alone triumphs!
Jai Hind!
Release Sathya from custody!
Sathya alias Vijay Gurumoorthy,
who was the talk of the town
due to the recent case,
is to be arrested at his home in the next few minutes.
The police have beefed up
security around his home
as people throng to catch a glimpse of him.
A beggar did what a rich man is supposed to do!
I say let the rich go beg!
Not yet, sir.
The IG has gone to bring him in.
Since the front gate is flooded with protestors,
we're moving him out through the back gate.
Her name is Rani.
She must be around 25 years.
Once I'm gone
If you can
try to find my sister.
It It
It was an absolute honor working for you!
Please forgive me.
I acted out of my ignorance.
I failed to understand who you really were.
As atonement for my sins,
I've brought something you value more than your life.
Where were you all these days, Rani?
Forgive me.
I shouldn't have left you behind.
I'll take good care of you from now on!
You're married?
This is my husband.
Thank you
For taking care of my sister!
-Say hi to your uncle.
-Thank you so much!
Come on, don't be shy.
Come on.
I don't like this place, brother.
I'll also come with you, brother.
Ask him, "How are you, Uncle?"
How are you, Uncle?
I'm good.
How are you?
I'm fine.
What's your name?
The stones are pricking my foot.
Will you buy me a pair of slippers?
I'll buy one tomorrow, dear.
Sorry, Sathya.
Uncle was out of town on work all these days.
I couldn't meet you.
I promise
Go on, son.
Extend a helping hand.
The good deeds will lead you to what you seek.
Is what I call the ones who betray the poor!
The good-hearted will suffer at his hands
He'll stab you in the back
When you trust him!
He'll blindly trust the con man
He feigns friendship and digs your grave!
He'll try to choke you in your sleep!
He'll laugh when you wake up!
He'll lash you out
When you speak the truth
He'll convince you that he saw a white crow
Turn a blind eye to it!
Don't talk about it!
Don't listen to it!