Picket 43 (2014) Movie Script

'I'm Lieutenant colonel Mohanlal,
on seeing these visuals'
'Even the young minds
will say immediately'
"Wag ha Border"
Yes, these gates are known to us.
Without fail daily the infantry
army's parade is held over there.
Every day opens and later closes,
beyond this huge gate lies Pakistan.
Citizen's who has gained the
independence, when they raised...
...the hands joyfully towards the sky,
at that time, they knew that truth.
A deformity is caused, from
us something is torn apart!
Yes, partition, from the un healed
wound, still now blood oozes out!
As a ritual with no gates
to open and close.
With the marking on snow,
with no border lines. Kashmir!
Over there, in the rain and in
the snow, on the freezing cold.
With no distinction
on religion or caste.
These people, who have
one and only feeling 'Baratham'...
...which is consecrated in the mind.
For us they are always alert.
Are you mad?
On the other side there is
a filthy Indian soldier. He'll shoot...
Do you know him? Othenivise
how do you know he is a filthy one?
Don't say like that...
For how many days are you here?
8 months.
So far you are not shot, is it so?
Line of control.
Both sides of the red un seen line.
Either it is faded or
it is not demarcated.
In an imaginary border, the
soldiers which stand as a guard.
In certain areas it is a strong army
camp with men and weapons.
In certain areas, there are only two.
On an iron fence, on both sides.
As a part of acclimation, those
men who are committed to call...
...an im poster, a foe!
This is their story. A story of another
soldier which we should know.
What man? Was there
cricket match yesterday also?
Hey man stop it!
Just stop it...Are you mad?
Bacardi! Come inside fellow!
Tell something fellows!
Why is Pakistani shooting us?
Doesn't he know we are trespassing?
Fellow Bacardi, they are
shooting on his bunker also?
Something is wrong!
Are you all right?
Speak out!
God, protect!
Two days...if two days were
over...Could have gone from here.
At that time"
Show you, will show you.
Musharaf! Can't you hear?
It has been a week after the death.
Yesterday those men who went to
drop ration. On seeing last week's...
...bag was not picked up.
On sensing the doubt,
when they went and checked.
Came to know about the
matter. Since last 1.5 years.
Its the 3rd person
dying at 'Picket 43'.
This is for sure man, at the opposite
bunker, its done by Pakistan...
mrangers. Who keeps
on changing the post.
Hey man, don't talk foolishness.
A Pak Ranger who is sitting
alone in a bunker. Can he do this?
That too towards Saravanan. He
won't allow to touch the ground.
On the firing range, even the Senior
Sahib accepted the defeat before him.
This is done by militants only.
As far as what is heard.
They might be 5 to 6 men.
Along with the team who had
gone to recover the body.
Our JCO Sharma sir was also there.
On the hands and legs, it is heard
on none of the fingers there were nails!
After his death only they chopped
off his head and kept on flag host.
Hey man, after all this happening.
What was that stupid doing...?
...who was sitting at the Pak bunker.
What can he do?
Might have slept by
closing the ears!
What he could have
done is just a call to base camp.
May be Saravanan
could have survived!
Abajith Singh, Shaarvan
Jaiswal, Saravanan.
The next posting to picket 43?
Hari Ettan you tell the matter to
Senior Sahib, next week...
meverything at registrar
office is arranged, is it not?
If this journey is canceled.
Then they will surly conduct
Lakshmi Edathy's marriage.
Since Hari Ettan (brother) is not
present there, chechi (sister)...
...can't do anything.
Hari Etta, if the posting
to picket 43 is done.
Don't expect leave
for at least 6 months.
Not only that, when the situation at
the native place is in such a condition.
Hari Etta, based
on what boldness...?
Hey Hari, where and
all I searched for you?
Senior Sahib wants to
meet you. Told to go fast.
Hari Etta, you may go and
tell the matter to Senior Sahib.
After all he is a Malayalee, no?
He'll understand.
No, I can't understand.
While getting posting to picket 43,
all have the same sickness.
Marriage, death, rituals after
death. No Hari nothing doing!
All though there is a rumor that I'm
bit partial to Malayalee's in this company.
Again if I sanction
this leave to you.
On that I'll be answerable
to many people.
Sir, this leave
was sanctioned earlier.
The situation at the native
place is somewhat in a problem.
By next Monday if I don't reach at
the registrar office at Pattambi.
May be this marriage may
not take place at all.
Hey man,for a soldier
due to his duty call.
Not only his marriage which is
canceled. Whatever it may be...
Hari, I don't have any other
options, I'm canceling the leave.
Hey man, for4 days in a week
at Brigade commander's house...
...on watering the garden. Nor when
commanding officer's family...
...when they come to
Srinagar for vacation.
On going on a protection party.
You will never become a good Jawan.
Even othenlvise there is a talk
over here, that you are a coward.
This time along with you,
there will be 'Bacardi.
My goodness sir! I don't take liquor!
Ha! Not that man, in your company
the smartest sniffer dog Bacardi!
On a regular basis
there is cease fire...
...violation on outpost picket 43.
Okay, if there is head, will meet.
Go man...
Okay friend!
Hey man, give my sleeping bag.
Here catch.
Shall we go?
Come. From now on
you and me all alone.
"The memories in snow
became silent as in waters"
"Without out showering,
it is departed away"
"To water whom, does
the holy Ganges flow swiftly?'
"On these junctions,
does the snow falls"
"Hey lute of the woods,
kindly play the tune"
"Chilling sky, aren't you there
with me with a throbbing song?"
"The memories in snow
became silent as in waters"
"Without out showering,
it is departed away"
"Lonely, as these shadow paths
laments thinking of fate"
"Swiftly fades the clouds
when loves is given ceaselessly"
"I was fully drenched in the
tear drop of the whole night"
"The memories in snow
became silent as in waters"
"Without out showering,
it is departed away"
"As sorrowful snow drops
narrates the tale and falls"
"Someone listens to the flower
as the hymns of dusk are sung"
"I sang the tender
song of the soul"
"The memories in snow
became silent as in waters"
"Without out showering,
it is departed away"
After his death they kept
his head on the flag host
My mother!
Bacardi, go inside.
Go man.
Bacardi, bring the waki, man.
Good boy, go inside.
Bacardi, bring that
torn piece of cloth.
Good boy, good boy.
I'm sorry sir, to tell an excuse,
there will be many reasons.
I don't want to hear anything.
Nothing should happen to him.
Musharaf! I'm fighting
alone, do something!
Mush araf!
(Greets in the name of Allah)
Sit low, man.
Bow down and come man.
What happened bhai?
Hey man sit, sit.
Are you mad?
For that what had happened?
Over there, one bastard
Indian soldier is there, he'll shoot...
Do you know his mother'?
Then how do you know that he is
a bastard? Don't say like that bhai.
For how long you are posted here?
8 months.
So far he has not shot
on you, has he?
Keep shooting every now and then,
don't allow to sleep, did you get it?
Okay understood.
The vehicle is waiting for you, below
and wife at home, now you may go.
Bend low.
Till now I've not seen his face.
Keep shooting the bullets or else
the lndian's will come forward.
Come here fellow!
(What to say?)
The one who has finished his duty,
he has shown his happiness.
Go and die man. Don't know
how is the newly arrived person?
Musharaf, what are you
doing man? Bend down and go.
Hey man Bacardi, don't
just show off, man.
You will know it!
The one who has gone today, has
never allowed to sleep peacefully...
...not even a single night.
Today also that will be there, no?
His ceremonious firing!
The one who has come now, I think
he is more problematic than him.
Hello sir, if you gawk at him
and stay, we will be starving.
Today is the day when
the ration comes, you come.
You come here man.
Man, how many times it has been?
Still now your fear on
water not gone, yet?
Those people who had recruited
you in the army, they must be blamed.
Come here, man.
I just can't think, he is still alive
here, that itself is a big thing.
Alone, he is not alone
that dog is there with him.
That will benefit
10 people's presence.
Hey man don't say dog.
If he hears, gone. His name
is Hawaldar Bacardi.
Hey fellow, there is
letter from the base camp.
We know what is inside
this without opening, is it so?
Your mutton is there.
It like taking a lottery, taking this
and rolling, might get or may not.
Manietta, Manietta, its me Hari.
Who is it?
Hari, from picket 43.
Mother's letter from native
place, is it lying over there?
Nothing is there over here, you
had a letter from Sahib.
That was send to there also.
Yea, that I got. Dear son for the time
being you sit on top of mountain.
We'll go on leave slowly that is
printed and has signed and given.
At that time itself that
Dineeshan has told.
While coming over here,
there won't be any leave and all.
You are lucky man, over here at the
company there is no peace of mind.
You might not have known,
last week 3 people are gone.
Including Major Mukunthan Sahib.
My heavens! Mukunthan sir?
Then what?
Then what?
All gathered and gave a
salute and bid farewell.
Mukunthan sir had a
daughter who is 3 years old.
Manietta, after all, we
are all only this much.
Today we are alive, tomorrow not!
Anyway Hari you be alert.
How are the things over there?
The previous person has gone
and a new person has come.
A small doubt he is bit mad.
As soon as he came, in front of
the bunker, with a board chest.
He was walking to and fro.
Before this, knowing one
person was there...
...on hearing the sound of
firing now and then.
Manietta, then on telling
to our Thampi sahib.
The case of my leave should
be mentioned again to sir.
The things in the
native place, Maniettan...
Hello, Manietta, Manietta!
Lucky at least got it this much time.
Hey fellow Bacardi!
God, goddess! Kindly protect.
I must go from here alive.
If new letter is not there,
read the old letters.
'Believes that my son is fine.
When again can I see you?'
'Has told only mothefs wish on
thinking that son don't be sad'
'Mother knows you'll
be too busy over there'
'Mother has not nothing special
over here, that breathlessness...'
'For the last few days it
has been tormenting me a lot'
'Anyway as Suhara is here, she
will buy the medicines promptly'
'Son should have food on time, you
are least bothered on such matters'
'Everyday mother used to pray,
that my son should be protected'
Harindran, Anizham (Zodiac sign).
Hari, when did you reach?
Since past 2 days.
Good, won't you be here for few days?
Yea, for 2 weeks will be here.
So, will be there for festival, no?
Yea, will be definitely be here.
By the by you were
waiting here, is it not?
Then what if at all I enter that
threshold, then its purification, isn't it?
My goodness, how come there
is no 'Unniappam' in this? (A sweet)
You dumb, for
the 'Archana' (Offering)
How can there be a 'Unniappam'?
Then shall I take leave?
Its time for the class.
Every month without fail sending
money order and teaches.
This sister, if failed it is a
bad name for the soldier.
Okay, you may go now.
To tell the truth as you are
jobbed in a far off place.
As she and Thahira is there as
close neighbors that is my only relief.
No matter at any mid night if I call
out loud, immediately they'll come.
Boy you'll get the blessing.
After the demise of Saheer.
Suhara's education and
house hold expenses are...
...met with money which you send.
While they pray 5 times in a
day those indigent people...
...they might be thinking of you.
That itself is more than enough.
Hey man Hari..Come.
Then mother you
may walk on, I'll come.
Hey Hari, for this service, one bottle
of rum which you bring won't be enough.
Go, go man.
But still my Hari Etta.
While being a soldier...
At least must have a
short trimmed hair cut.
With a clean shave and
by twisting the mustache.
Must walk showing off
the muscle and all.
This is like, when
saying in the army.
The compatriots must
believe, is it not?
The compatriots shouldn't believe,
do you have any doubts?
My dear daughter, the life being
suspended today or tomorrow.
Lying at the border, the only
advantage is to be free as we wish.
If transferred to any peace keeping
force, as you told should shave.
Should wear a stiff ironed uniform.
Should obey and stand.
So because of that till that
time let me remain handsome...
...by growing beard and hair.
Don't just simply remain there being
handsome, take 5 to 6 photos and...
...you hand it over to brokers in the
native place, that may be useful.
Because I see all the chances that
I'll be married off to someone, very soon.
This joke of yours,
I just can't digest it, okay.
Hari Etta, this is not a joke in
the last letter I had written it, is it not?
That at the house there are lot of
marriage proposals taking place.
For the past few days, father
is as if he has fixed certain ones.
Hari Ettan along with aunty should
reach home at the earliest.
Should discuss the matters to father.
If not, I can't do anything.
Don't you know that?
When saying he is my nephew.
As per that scheme of order
he can wed Lakshmi and all.
But on this matter
more than his uncle.
I must think like
Lakshmi's father, no?
Is it not sister?
A marvelous Nair ancestral home.
Own business at Dubai.
And at the native place,
hereditary house and property.
In addition new house
construction is going on.
Whatever that is liked, just like that.
They have not told anything
on the matter of gold at all.
A proposal outside
the ancestral home.
That is not a practice for
But over here, there is such
a good alliance on one side.
On the other side...!
Only can boast that
nephew is at the army.
Actually what has he
got of his own possession?
During the partition, father has
written the house in my name.
Is it not at the same house
mother and son is staying?
So far I've not asked that property,
more over I don't want that also.
But on this topic, there is no
need of further discussion.
All though there is no need
of much pomp and show.
As far as I can...
In the next arrival of Rameshan,
that must be conducted.
That I wish.
Hari, may not be having the
leave, but in the position of aunt...
...you must be there.
To take care of everything.
So, I take leave.
Today there is a caste less social
marriage which is held today.
If you want, you may come the
feast is conducted by Am bi Swamy.
Renu's mothefs sister
at the coaching center...
...is working there as a maid.
What she said is, in the next
'Chingam' (Malayalam calendar month)
The marriage will be held and
Lakshmi chechi will be send there.
Along with him that is
what the planning is.
Did anyone think?
That Rameshan hailing from
Kulapulli, with a torn trousers and...
...that mucus flowing lad returned
back after making money from Dubai.
And there by becoming
a villain in his story.
Move over what is to be done next?
What more to do, bring her out
and sign in any registrar office.
That's all.
Yea, we'll face whatever it is at that time.
Hari, again when are
you going to get the leave?
While detailing a need like this,
may be in June or July for 10 days.
During that time, should do
exactly like what he said.
You have shown the decency to
ask the girl, by taking mother.
If it doesn't happen
like that, then this way.
We will handle the matter of
bringing her till registrar office.
For you to sign the witness,
we 3 are more than enough.
For her, Suhara, can't you
arrange 3 people?
Why 3?
If needed will get up to 300.
Man, it has been some time since
receiving a letter from native place.
Over there, a big turmoil will be
taking place by Madhavan Mash (tutor)
Poor Lakshmi, don't know
what all she'll be suffering?
While sitting on top of this
mountain, only then we remember...
...of a time when there
was no mobile phone.
(song from radio in
the background)
(Detailing the soldier's names
who had requested this song)
Hey man, put that Mohammed
Rafi's song bit louder.
Hey man, when told to increase the
volume, you had decreased it.
Hey man, increase the volume.
How is it?
Didn't I tell, he has
got some problem?
This fellow...
Muhammed Rafi is an
Indian, you don't hear his song.
Then what?
Rafi Sahib is an Indian.
What do you feel about him?
For music what border? What is
the problem in increasing the volume?
Don't be a miser,
increase the volume.
Miser is your father!
Go man you dog!
So"? hot you!
Let me see whether he
can sleep without music.
He wants to hear Muham med Rafi's
song and at mid night he wants to kill us.
Hey fellow, hide not, come out!
Bacardi, come man.
If you have the guts come out.
Come out!
What happened bhai?
Why this shouting and all?
What is all this? Is it out for sale?
Look close..Not for sale man.
LMG, AK 47,
Grenade and..This one!
If I blast all together, you will know it.
Looks like you are
in a mood to fight. Okay.
One minute wait.
Hey where are you going?
What are you searching for'?
One minute.
Okay start.
Okay I'm also ready, come
on tell what is your problem?
All this..Why this much weapons,
are they really required?
Can talk and settle, no?
And right now there is
no problem between us also.
Last night, thought
as if war was started.
If war was started means, you
couldn't have stood up like this.
My goodness, final!
Man, yesterday game was there.
He spoiled my transistor.
How was the match?
I don't have neither the dog
nor transistor called the base.
Those people told me, had won.
And what happened?
What is there to ask?
Only Pakistan will win.
Pakistan won...!
Hey man, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul
Dravid, WS Laxman, Anil Kumble...
...if they all 4 retires together why
not a failure? Did you understand?
Hey one minute, when Pakistan
won why did you shoot at my bunker?
When did I shoot you? I fired at the
sky. Pakistan won I was happy, fired.
Hey being happy why this firing?
Look bhai.
In our place.
If a child is born,
dead, sadness, happiness.
When there is marriage.
We do the firing.
Why are you dreaming?
Are you married?
So, you won't understand.
What is your name?
Mush araf!
Mush araf!
Do it fast.
Put the chain fast.
Over to that side.
That side.
Reach there fast with
the support team.
Is it okay?
Go fast.
Make it fast!
Go fast.
'Son, mother has
become really weak'
'Completely can't walk'
'Looks like the medicines
are not proving effective'
'Don't know what'
'For the past few
days wish to see my son'
'Then, not telling to make son
sad, Lakshmi's marriage is over'
'I didn't attend'
'I didn't have the mental
strength to see that child'
'All though her father is my brother'
'We don't need to blame anyone.
Thinking its all a fate, remain calm'
'Son, here after you
forget that child'
What bhai? Burning
away your memories, is it?
Yes..Certain memories which
are wished to be forgotten.
Everything happens,
sorrow and happiness.
Tell clearly what had happened?
A letter has come from home.
Anything for mother?
Yea, mother is fine.
But..That Lakshmi..ls gone.
What are you saying man?
Lakshmi, was not
having any problem, no?
Hey man, not dead...
She got married and gone.
Again these letters other than
sorrow what else they give?
Should learn to forget, no?
My brother, don't take
these things seriously.
Tomorrow when your marriage gets
over, its only a joke to tell to your wife.
Looks like a C grade dialogue
of a B grade movie.
And by the way, what
is your opinion on love?
You see your wife's face
only after marriage, is it not?
Can love after marriage, no?
As told, I forgot that one.
For you, this love is
allowed for4 times, is it not?
No, no without knowing
anything don't accuse us.
I've married only once.
That is with my wife.
And not interested to marry again.
For me, my wife is everything.
One minute.
Can you see this?
Look I dream them
even in my dreams.
In the dream do you
see this Burka also?
No man, no.
I see that girl, who
is behind the 'pardah'.
Who has loved only me. She has
given everything of hers to me.
Became the mother of my children.
What else do you need to
know of love, more than this?
Wow, you are a great philosopher.
How many children?
By grace of god two children.
One is daughter, her name is Alavia.
The other one is a boy.
By the grace of god, after 6 months
a new guest is going to come.
Congrats man.
Which means in the
coming snow season.
In which classes are the children?
The boy is studying in second
standard. And daughter?
At the native, there are problems
in sending daughter's to school.
What is this? Are you sending
your daughter to school?
Have you gone mad?
Taliban won't permit that?
Will shoot. On your daughter
and also on me.
How to shoot bullets like that.
For that we are in Pakistan, no?
Who is this Taliban, not to permit
my daughter to study in school?
You are a soldier , you will go with in
tmro or four years. But they will kill us.
Take your daughter home,
without saying anything...
And teach the works at home.
Father, I want to go to school.
Hey lady, cover the face!
Man, doesn't the girls
in Pakistan go to school?
No, nothing like that.
In towns and all no problem.
But in village areas, this
Taliban creates problems.
Then you must send them to town.
My bhai, my name is Musharaf
Khan not Parvez Musharaf.
For a Pakistani soldier to dream
he should look into the budget.
You bring your family to our country.
Can do the children's
education here.
Ha..Good to hear all this.
But I've a wish.
My grand father's
tomb is there in Punjab.
I wish to go there once, along with
mother, Insha Alla (God permits)
Worry not. Along with mother and
children you come to Wagh border.
From there I'll take you.
To grandfather's tomb.
And from there to Kerala.
And two weeks in Pattambi.
What do you say?
Because at Pattam bi no one
has ever seen a Pakistani.
You will become a hero.
Let me ask one thing,
what is that in your hand?
This one, this is mouth organ.
Mouth organ, do you just hold
this or do you play this?
Do you want to hear?
Bhai, what is there to ask?
"The rain in the sky
has showered and gone"
"The leaves are fallen in the wind"
"As one river unites
with the other river"
"They flow as one river that does
not over flow to the shores"
"On each of the hearts, the love
remains as an endless rain"
"There after again it
rains without rhyme"
"The rain in the sky
has showered and gone"
"The leaves are fallen in the wind"
"On the damp heart, with sorrows
solace is faded off to a distance"
"On a distant branch to nest
the singing bird at night flutters"
"On the lips the smile is vanished
and it is touched by silence"
"And in the memories
of departed lover"
"By its own nature, is it wafting?"
"The rain in the sky
has showered and gone"
"The leaves are fallen in the wind"
"Within eyes of jasmine flower, even
during fading out, smile will never die"
"During parting, the dear relations
are like tenderjasmine flowers"
"if it is to wither away, memories are
there don't they blossom again?"
"The un ending sorrow
will it fade out?"
"The rain in the sky has
showered and gone"
"The leaves are fallen in the wind"
What is your wife's name?
'My dear Hanara.
Greetings in the name of god'
'I'm fine here, hope you are
fine by the grace of Allah'
'Initially I was sad here being alone'
'But now I've got a friend,
whom we all call ourfoe'
'During Ramzan he took
the fasting along with me'
'Don't know why this
world is calling us enemies'
'He has called us to India'
'During this time's holidays, if god
allows. On getting visa must go to India'
Daughter was is written?
Is everything okay?
Mother, everything is fine,
he has written about...
...a friendship with an Indian soldier.
Its nice to hear about their friendship.
Musharaf! Did you die?
Bacardi, bring the magazine.
(Sound of radio in the back ground)
Why are you laughing, man?
Nothing. Good to see that.
A soldier who is alone, hoisting and
saluting his national flag with pride.
Is he making fun of us?
Why don't you do all this?
The things like republic day and all.
Yup. Its there.
Wait, wait one minute.
Hey man, last time also he
spoke the same thing, is it not?
What independence day man?
When to get the
actual independence?
Only when the time comes, when
our presence is not required here?
During those times, the soldiers
like us doesn't need to...
...stand like these places.
Without iron fences,
national boundaries...
...An India and Pakistan
without hostility.
On that day will get the actual
independence. To you and to me.
And this Pakistan!
Stop..stop it!
Till now I've heard what you've told.
But if you say anything about
my country, that I'll not tolerate.
Just like you I'm also a soldier who
loves my country. Did you get it?
What is that?
That is what you say patriotism.
'Vathan Parasthi'
That is patriotism.
Was 17 years...
My younger brother was only 17 years.
By telling the name of Jihad...
He was also taken to Kashmir.
Was given no news
to family members.
From Kashmir what was
returned was his dead body.
Allah, there were 11
bullets found on his body.
The 11 bullets of your army!
Mother, had not looked at his body.
Do you know what she told?
Never a true Muslim will
destroy the peace of the world.
Told, if any one does like that,
his death will be also like this.
Okay man, has to go.
And one more thing
I'm telling today...
...I promise you through
this picket of mine.
No one will trespass
into your nation.
As long as this Musharaf is alive!
Let Allah protect.
Hey, is it a definite promise?
Musharaf! Are you alive or not?
Mush araf!
If you are alive in your bunker and if
you want to see the fun of my death.
Then you may pray to Allah.
Because if I return alive...
I'll kill you!
You..You are finished man!
You come to Wagh
border, I'll kill you!
Really tired man. How long
to fight alone like this?
Can I sustain? I don't know.
Whatever happens, I'll not
give myself to them alive.
You must run, up to the base camp.
Don't stay here.
As long as Havildar
Harindran is alive.
Through picket 43, no one
will enter into the soil of India.
Kneel down.
You shoot!
Will attain salvation!
What if I spare you?
We'll fight for Kashmir!
Any one is there?
I was about to leave you.
Stupid, how old are you?
Only 17 or 18, no?
You all must be...
Is there anyone else?
Then come on.
Hari calling from picket 43,
wants to talk to CF sir.
How many of them were there?
I don't know how many were there
but I don't think anyone is left alive.
Opposite to our bunker,
Pakistan bunker.
I need to know what happened to
Ranger Musharaf? If he is alive.
Definitely he will be wounded sir. Sir
at the earliest call Pakistan em bassy.
Send them to send a rescue team
from their base camp, please sir.
What? Are you mad?
Opposite to you is a Pakistan army
ranger, if anything happens to him...
Hey man, even othemrise if any
thing happens to their soldier...
You try to come down fast.
Sir, you won't understand this.
For the last half an hour...
I was given support fire
from the Musharafs bunker.
For the last one hour
there is no movement.
If at all he is alive, I can't
put him alone to die here.
Sir I can't come back.
If it is our own soldier beyond
LoC, we can't do anything.
There are clear cut rules
and procedures for all that.
Sir, all these rules and
convention which you had told.
I don't know anything.
Musharaf is my friend.
If sir is adamant on a
not possible stand.
I'll have to go to that bunker...
...and see directly myself
what happened to him.
If you come back after crossing the LoC.
What is waiting for you will not be a
gallantry award, on the contrary...
...it will be a court marshal.
For the last one and a half hours I'm
facing my death all alone myself.
No court marshal
is beyond that, is it?
The decision is your's sir..Please.
Say something!
Give some sound!
Hey you! Don't die!
I'm calling from Prime
Minister's office.
Please talk to
Pakistan's am bassador.
Hey what happened to him?
Say something!
Sahib, couldn't save Musharaf. Had
lost lot of blood. Before we came.
He was dead, sahib.
Damn it!
Come fast bring the oxygen.
Make it fast!
The grace of Allah!
You damn it, you are alive man!
Hey fellow, I thought you
were dead, man!
You made me cry, man!
Do you know that?
Man I had called several bad words
on you man. Several of them man.
Did you hear anything?
Hey to you, his wife is admitted
in the hospital for delivery.
He should be admitted over there.
Yes, over there.
Forget not.
(Repeats the hospital name again)
Go fellow go.
Go man, I don't want
your salute and all.
After few days"
Hey Hari, are you keeping fine?
When I returned after the leave
only, I heard about you. Really proud.
One letter has come to you.
Okay shall I go? Okay.
Yea, going on leave, no?
Became a hero.
Rajan Pattam bi.
Good, the letter which was sent
on last 25th, receives only now.
Raja, I'm bring your quota.
'Dear hari. Tried to call you a lot,
since not getting, that is why writing this'
'Mother demised on last 20th'
'Once received the call, from there
someone said you are hospitalized'
'But anyway during the
time of death, I was near her'
'All the rituals which you were to
do, I did it, in the position of a son'
'What mother told at last
was, god protect my son'
'Even after the death, the gaze was
at the main entrance, waiting for you'
'By the time you get this letter,
I would be really late but still...'
'Won't you come?'
Man, really gave a shock!
I had really underestimated you.
Now the core commander has...
...personally recommended
a bravery award for you.
Over here, apart from your sick
leave, there is a specially...
...sanctioned 2 months leave.
For 2 months go to native place...
...and meet everyone and relax.
L..Sir I don't need this leave.
Two weeks back...
My mother..Was expired!
When called from native place
to the base to inform the news.
At that time, only came to
know that I was hospitalized.
Perhaps they might have know that
won't reach there in such a situation.
They had done all the
rituals by themselves, sir.
Today while receiving the letter only
I came to know about the matters.
But is it necessary that
you don't go on a leave?
At the native place the relatives and
all will be waiting for you, is it not?
At the native place...
There aren't many relatives.
Now mother is expired, is it not?
Now there is...
At present, there is no one.
Shall I do one thing?
I'll tell to commandant.
Immediately you can be
transferred to a peace line posting.
Something like Himachal and all.
While being there...
That is...
That is not required sir.
If possible allow me to return back.
To return back?
To where?
Back to picket 43 sir.
One commanding officer disobeying
the protocol before a Jawan (soldier)
That will be for the first time.
How was it man?
In my absence one month.
Come, there is lot of things to say.
Mother, mother had expired man.
Rajan has received
a job from Saudi.
Due to that there is no
reason to go back to native place.
And then I'll get a bravery award.
Very soon.
Hey man, aren't there
any awards for dogs?
If there were, you would
also receive one. For sure.
Truly man.
Sir has got a good opinion of you.
He still doubts whether you
or I had shooted them all.
What to do?
I had called Musharaf,
the baby is a boy.
Like what is said, he says
he'll come to Wagh border.
Anyway on this August 15th...
I'll go there.
Even the death of own mother
was suppressed in a tear drop.
With the feeling, my country the
soldiers like Havildar Harindran.
For you they will be
on these mountains always.
In any lapse of any second.
Those lives which may fade
out with the sound of a shot.
You fear not, just make a loud call.
For the safety of
Baratham we will come running.