Pickman's Muse (2010) Movie Script

DR. DEXTER: As your doctor, l'm having
you continue this with the pharmacist.
DR. DEXTER: But as yourfriend,
l'm asking you to meet me halfway.
DR. DEXTER: The first step towards any
real progress is communication , Robert.
DR. DEXTER: And that's a two-way street...
lneed your help.
DR. DEXTER: You 're not just a patient.
DR. DEXTER: l made a promise to your Mother;
one l intend fully to keep.
DR. DEXTER: Anytime, day or night,
you need to talk, you call me. l'll be there for you .
LANDLADY: Three-thirty, back from the druggist;
l can set my watch by you .
LANDLADY: And pays his rent on time,
just like clockwork.
LANDLADY: l wish all my tenants could be like you .
LANDLADY: You 're a good, reliable man .
That's hard to find these days.
LANDLADY: All those pills you take.
That's not what you need.
LANDLADY: The druggist doesn 't have your cure.
LANDLADY: What you need is a good woman .
LANDLADY: l want you to meet my niece.
LANDLADY: She's coming here from New York.
LANDLADY: She'd be good for you . She's pretty.
LANDLADY: She doesn 't have any friends either.
And she's a good cook.
LANDLADY: She'd make you a good healthy dinner...
PlCKMAN: Alright...
ART DEALER: Twelve noon , right on the dot.
Are you ever late, Mr. Pickman ?
ART DEALER: l have good news for you .
ART DEALER: l got you another commission ,
a bed and breakfast out in the country.
ART DEALER: This old lady is redoing her guestrooms and
wants several paintings to match her new wallpaper.
ART DEALER: l got herto commit to six. Six!
ART DEALER: That will pay both of our rents for
the rest of the year.
ART DEALER: But l can 't take any credit;
it's never been hard to sell a Pickman .
ART DEALER: You have quite a knack for painting those
Lighthouses and Seascapes. These old ladies love you .
ART DEALER: Here are the swatches forthe wallpaper,
so you can match the colors.
ART DEALER: What's this? This isn 't the painting
we discussed.
ART DEALER: l know this painting.
ART DEALER: This was the one rejected by that decorator --
and rightly so.
ART DEALER: This isn 't your normal work. Look at these
brush strokes...
ART DEALER: ...very amateurish, and there's no soul,
no emotions...
ART DEALER: My God, Pickman; that was over a month ago.
ART DEALER: Do you mean to tell me you haven 't painted
anything new since then ?
ART DEALER: This is our livelihood, Pickman .
ART DEALER: This puts us way behind. Ashcroft is expecting
four paintings, and he's not a patient man .
ART DEALER: What am l supposed to tell him?
PlCKMAN: Fine! Tell him l can 't do it anymore.
ART DEALER: Alright, Robert, l'm sorry.
Maybe l've been overworking you a bit.
ART DEALER: lt's just that the money has been so good.
ART DEALER: Alright, take some time away.
l'll stall Ashcroft for a week ortwo...
ART DEALER: Travel; go on vacation; see some new sights.
PlCKMAN: What's the point? lt all looks the same...no?
ART DEALER: Oh, God...
DR. DEXTER: Robert? lt's Ambrose Dexter.
PlCKMAN: What do you want?
LANDLADY: l'm so sorry. Your doctorthought you
might be needing help.
DR. DEXTER: Robert, You missed two appointments.
l was concerned. l was worried.
PlCKMAN: l've been working.
LANDLADY: l'm very sorry, Mr. Pickman . We'll be
leaving you now.
DR. DEXTER: Working...? Robert, you 're painting again ?
DR. DEXTER: That's wonderful! What brought you around?
PlCKMAN: Doc, ljust don 't have time to get into it right now;
l have to get back to work.
LANDLADY: Yes, of course. Sorry to have disturbed you .
DR. DEXTER: Well, Robert, you know l'm the last man in the
world that would everwant to stop you from getting back
to work...
DR. DEXTER: But, when you have the time, come on in
and make an appointment...
DR. DEXTER: You know there's always room for you
in my schedule.
PlCKMAN: Yes. l will.
ART DEALER: Well, l'll be. What are you doing here today,
Mr. Pickman ? This isn 't your usual appointment.
PlCKMAN: l need money for more paint and canvases
and supplies and stuff.
PlCKMAN: Look. Can you sell this?
ART DEALER: lnteresting. Where did you get this,
Mr. Pickman ?
PlCKMAN: What do you mean ? lt's mine.
PlCKMAN: Yeah. l painted it.
ART DEALER: You 're joking with me.
ART DEALER: This isn 't anything like yourwork.
ART DEALER: l'd swearthis was the work of Goodie Hines.
PlCKMAN: No. lt's my work.
ART DEALER: l've seen my share of recreations
of Goodie's work...
ART DEALER: but this, by far, is the best l've ever seen .
PlCKMAN: No, no, no. This is not a recreation .
PlCKMAN: This is an example of my new stuff, my new work.
PlCKMAN: l don 't even know who Goodie Hines is...
ART DEALER: Don 't you ever read the papers? ''The Vicious
Visionary'', ''The Painter of Pain ''.
ART DEALER: The media had a field day with him.
ART DEALER: You really should keep up with the news.
He killed and mutilated seven people.
ART DEALER: He cut their eyes out while they were still living.
He said they begged him to do it.
PlCKMAN: l'm sure they did... l still don 't know who he is.
ART DEALER: You should. He's up at County Hospital
with your Dr. Dexter.
ART DEALER: Ambrose Dexter is your doctor, right?
PlCKMAN: Yeah.
ART DEALER: He never mentioned Goodie?
PlCKMAN: No! l don 't even know why he would.
ART DEALER: Your Doctor kept Goodie from getting the Chair.
ART DEALER: Sometimes l think you live in a bubble.
You know that, Robert?.
PlCKMAN: Maybe l do. ljust came by for supplies...
ART DEALER: Ever since all that horrible business...
ART DEALER: l've got people coming in here all the time trying
to pass off imitations of Goodie's work...
ART DEALER: ...especially of the church.
ARTDEALER: This is the best example l've seen .
ART DEALER: And you 've never seen one of
Goodie's paintings?
PlCKMAN: ljust don 't know how many times l can tell you -- no.
ART DEALER: That's simply amazing. Well, l want to show
you something.
PlCKMAN: Show me what?
ART DEALER: One of Goodie's works, of course. l've got one
of the last ones.
ART DEALER: Managed to get one before they locked them all
up as evidence.
ART DEALER: And l'm going to retire on that sale when
the time's right.
PlCKMAN: l don 't have time right now. ljust need
the supplies...
ART DEALER: l'll take care of your supplies. But come on ,
l want to show you this.
ART DEALER: l'm embarrassed to say it, but those murders
were a real boon for sales.
ART DEALER: You know what they say: Nothing improves the
price of an artist's work more than death, or insanity.
ART DEALER: l had a feeling something was not right with
Goodie when he starting signing his paintings differently.
ART DEALER: Strange little thing, really; he began connecting
the two O's in Goodie like the sign for infinity.
ART DEALER: Yep. Amazing piece of work, isn 't it?
ART DEALER: Say what you want about the material, but no
one has a right to deprive the art community of such work.
PlCKMAN: l've never seen anything like this.
ARTDEALER: This is one of his last pieces. His most radical
change in style.
ART DEALER: Don 't stare at it too long; it'll give you one hell of
a headache.
ART DEALER: Something he does with the angles, the way
they are all wrong like that.
ART DEALER: You 'll get a pain in your head a handful of
aspirins won 't get rid of -- trust me.
ART DEALER: Hideous and beautiful all at the
same time -- isn 't it?
PlCKMAN: l'd give anything to paint like this.
ART DEALER: He had such an incredible imagination .
ART DEALER: No matter how horrible the image, you feel as if
you know it, or should know it.
PlCKMAN: Like a forgotten nightmare...
ART DEALER: Look at the faces of the victims.
ART DEALER: The anguish is so real, and every inch of that
strange landscape holds a weight to it, a truth.
ART DEALER: As if it were drawn from a photograph
and not pulled from his imagination .
ART DEALER: As if he were there.
ART DEALER: He would go on and on about anotherworld that
he said he was able to look upon through a secret window.
ART DEALER: He was painting like an out of control fire.
ART DEALER: At times l almost though the was afraid of what
would happen if he should stop...
ART DEALER: But nothing kept him from getting his worlds
onto canvas.
ART DEALER: Even when he ran out of supplies,
he found a way...
ART DEALER: When he ran out of canvases, he simply painted
overwhat was his first obsession ...
PlCKMAN: lt's the church... The church on Federal Hill.
ART DEALER: lt's almost like a watermark for any of
Goodie's final work.
GUARD: Dr. Dexter, l'm glad to see you . l've been paging you .
DR. DEXTER: ls Doctor Meyer alright?.
DR. DEXTER: Was he with Goodie Hines?
GUARD: He's still down there.
DR. DEXTER: l was in the otherwing. The orderly told me....
Are you all right?
RlCHARD: Yes. l'll be fine.
RlCHARD: lt's just a scratch; it'll heal.
RlCHARD: l'm not so sure about my pride.
DR. DEXTER: What happened?
RlCHARD: l wasn 't paying attention . l was concentrating on my
notes, and l let Goodie get too close...
RlCHARD: He managed to get my fountain pen from me.
DR. DEXTER: Oh, Richard..!
RlCHARD: l know, l know. l feel so foolish.
DR. DEXTER: That's all l need today, Goodie Hines with a pen .
DR. DEXTER: You know how hard it's going to be to
get that pen from him?
DR. DEXTER: We might as well be trying to unscrew
all his limbs.
RlCHARD: l'm sorry. l feel like a first year resident.
DR. DEXTER: No, the important thing is you 're all right.
DR. DEXTER: l want you to get down to the infirmary and have
that hand cleaned thoroughly.
DR. DEXTER: We'll take care of this...
DR. DEXTER: Get nurse Julie. She's good with sedatives.
GUARD: She's already on the way.
RlCHARD: Are you sure?
DR. DEXTER: lt'll be fine. Go to the infirmary.
RlCHARD: And don 't think about keeping that pen ...
RlCHARD: lt was a gift from my fatherwhen l got my degree.
DR. DEXTER: l'll get the pen . l might ask forthe degree back.
RlCHARD: Ouch, that hurt doctor.
DR. DEXTER: lt was meant to...
DR. DEXTER: Goodie, we can 't let you keep that pen .
DR. DEXTER: We need him sedated and restrained.
GOODlE: Don 't take it away from me! Don 't take it away!
GOODlE: l can draw you the truth!
GOODlE: l can draw you all the forgotten gods and forgotten
places that man refuses to see...
GOODlE: Let me draw it for you ! Let me draw it for you !
Let me draw it for you ..!
VOICE.. Come- to us. Robe-rt .
VOICE.. Come- to us...
VOICE.. Robe-rt ...
VOICE.. Robe-rt ...
VOICE.. Robe-rt ...
VOICE.. Come- to us...
VOICE.. Se-e-...
PlCKMAN: l didn 't do that painting...
PlCKMAN: l didn 't do that.
PlCKMAN: l didn 't do that painting.
PlCKMAN: l didn 't paint that...
VOICE.. Don 't stop. Ke-e-p painting.
PlCKMAN: Who's there?
VOICE: So much more to see...
There is more to see...
PlCKMAN: What do you want?
VOICE.. Sign your work .
VOlCE: There is so much more we can show you , Robert.
VOICE.. Just sign your work ...
VOICE.. Sign your work ...
LANDLADY: Mr. Pickman ...
PlCKMAN: l can 't be bothered with this right now.
LANDLADY: l'm so sorry, Mr. Pickman .
LANDLADY: But l thought we arranged for you to meet
my niece tonight.
LANDLADY: She spent all morning cooking.
LANDLADY: What do you think Mr. Pickman ?
She is pretty, no?
PlCKMAN: Yeah...fine...you know -- whatever...
PlCKMAN: Come on in ... let's just get this overwith...
LANDLADY: What is this thing you are doing in my apartment..?
LANDLADY: What sort of man are you ?!
LANDLADY: Such horrible thing... lt's terrible.
LANDLADY: lt must be destroyed!
LANDLADY: lt's garbage!
LANDLADY: ...must go in garbage!
PlCKMAN: Let go!
PlCKMAN: Don 't touch my things.
PlCKMAN: l invite you into my house and you do this...
PlCKMAN: Leave me!
DR. DEXTER: What's wrong, dear...
DR. DEXTER: ...is Mr. Pickman alright?
NlECE: No.
NlECE: He's a terrible man .
NlECE: Why would anyone paint those things?
DR. DEXTER: Now slow down .
DR. DEXTER: Tell me exactly what happened.
NlECE: My Aunt brought me up to introduce me to Mr. Pickman .
NlECE: She said he was a good man .
NlECE: But a good man would never paint those places.
NlECE: My Aunt cursed at him when she saw
those ''things'' he had painted.
NlECE: Horrible, horrible places.
NlECE: The angles were all wrong...
NlECE: ...and they made me dizzy to look at them.
NlECE: But they looked so real.
NlECE: l don 't know how someone can imagine those
kinds of nightmares.
NlECE: l called the police.
NlECE: No one should allow what he has done.
NlECE: Please don 't look at those paintings, for your own good.
NlECE: l am so afraid.
NlECE: l'm afraid l won 't be able to forget what l've seen .
POLlCEMAN: Look, l need you to understand, there is nothing l
can do!
POLlCEMAN: He hasn 't broken any laws.
LANDLADY: Those are sins!
LANDLADY: These things do not belong in this world.
LANDLADY: l want him out.
POLlCEMAN: Whoa... Whoa... Who are you ?!
DR. DEXTER: l'm DoctorAmbrose Dexter.
DR. DEXTER: l'm Robert Pickman 's physician .
DR. DEXTER: l think l may be able to help...
LANDLADY: l want him out!
LANDLADY: Take him with you ...
LANDLADY: Lock him in the nut home.
LANDLADY: Look! Look at what he's brought into my home.
LANDLADY: Look at it!
LANDLADY: You see! You see!
LANDLADY: An abomination on all that is good!
PlCKMAN: You don 't like it, you don 't have to look at it.
LANDLADY: lgnoring sin is more of a sin than sin itself.
LANDLADY: Turning a blind eye, this is how evil is able to
slowly creep into this world.
LANDLADY: Don 't you see what he's brought in here?
LANDLADY: Why don 't you do something?!
POLlCEMAN: There's nothing we can do.
POLlCEMAN: By law he hasn 't done anything wrong.
LANDLADY: Are you blind?!
POLlCEMAN: Please, Lady, we can 't let you bother your
tenant like this.
POLlCEMAN: He hasn 't broken any laws.
PlCKMAN: My rent is paid in full.
PlCKMAN: l don 't have to put up with these
disturbances anymore.
LANDLADY: At the end of the month, you 're out!
PlCKMAN: Well, l have a signed lease!
PlCKMAN: l don 't want to see you again !
POLlCEMAN: Mister, understand this.
POLlCEMAN: The reason l'm not taking you downtown
is because l can 't...
POLlCEMAN: ...not because l don 't agree with her...
POLlCEMAN: ...because l do!
POLlCEMAN: There's nothing on the books l can charge
you with.
POLlCEMAN: But keep it up. Just give me a reason .
PlCKMAN: Okay. You want to handle a real disturbance
for a change?
PlCKMAN: You want to act like a real cop?
PlCKMAN: Then you can do something about that damn dog!
PlCKMAN: You have no idea how many paintings that yapping
mutt has shoved out of my head.
PlCKMAN: They're simpletons, you know...
PlCKMAN: Simple...simple...simpletons...
PlCKMAN: They know nothing about art -- or creativity...
DR. DEXTER: Robert, your landlady is going to evict you !
PlCKMAN: l can handle my landlady.
PlCKMAN: Nothing a little bit of money won 't solve -- right?
DR. DEXTER: l'm afraid not. lt's gone way beyond that.
DR. DEXTER: l don 't claim to understand what you 've gotten
yourself involved with...
DR. DEXTER: But, l have to intervene.
PlCKMAN: Oh, is that right?
PlCKMAN: l'm sorry to inconvenience you ...
PlCKMAN: But l actually have to get back to work now. My
DR. DEXTER: Robert, l've seen these painting before -- l know
PlCKMAN: l don 't have time for your games.
DR. DEXTER: This is not a game.
DR. DEXTER: Where did you get the ideas forthese images?
PlCKMAN: You can call it inspiration .
DR. DEXTER: Did Goodie Hines inspire you ?
PlCKMAN: Goodie. Goodie. Goodie. That's the second time
l've heard that name this week.
PlCKMAN: One of yourfailed patients, l understand.
DR. DEXTER: Listen to me...
DR. DEXTER: Your paintings are identical to his...
DR. DEXTER: Where did you get the ideas forthese images?
PlCKMAN: So now you call me a plagiarist!
PlCKMAN: A plagiarist! As if l'm not capable of painting
something myself!
PlCKMAN: Doc...
PlCKMAN: Our relationship is over;
lneed you to leave.
PlCKMAN: You never respected me.
PlCKMAN: And if you want these pictures of the church -- you
can have them.
PlCKMAN: Consider it yourfinal payment.
PlCKMAN: Please,just leave.
DR. DEXTER: Pardon me young ladies.
DR. DEXTER: l noticed something odd in the churchyard
DR. DEXTER: Do any of you know anything about it?
GlRL: A nasty octopus, or a squid, or something -- right?
GlRL: That thing is stinking up the street!
GlRL: Probably one of the boys did it.
DR. DEXTER: Why would they do something like that?.
GlRL: They try to show each otherthey're not scared.
DR. DEXTER: Scared? Of the Church?
DR. DEXTER: You girls don 't believe in ghosts -- do you ?
GlRL: Not ghosts, something worse.
GlRL: The boys put that thing in the yard to make fun of their
religion .
GlRL: Guess it looks like some of the stuff they used to pray to
in there.
DR. DEXTER: l don 't understand.
DR. DEXTER: What does that thing in the yard have to do with
a Catholic Church?
GlRL: lt's not a Catholic Church anymore.
GlRL: lt hasn 't been for like a hundred years.
GlRL: They sold it off.
DR. DEXTER: Who bought it?
GlRL: Whoeverthey were, they didn 't pray to God in there.
GlRL: That's why they got run off a long time ago.
GlRL: No one wants anything to do with the place.
GlRL: l think it's betterto just leave it alone.
DR. DEXTER: You really think people are that scared of
the place?
GlRL: Sure. Can 't you tell by just looking at it?
GlRL: Hadn 't you noticed?
DR. DEXTER: No. Notice what?
GlRL: The windows.
GlRL: You ever seen an abandoned building without
one single broken window?
GlRL: And you know how boys are...
CLERK: May we help you ?
DR. DEXTER: Yes. l need to know who holds the deed to a
piece of property.
CLERK: What's the address you 're searching for, Sir?
DR. DEXTER: Well, l'm not sure of the exact address.
CLERK: We can 't do a search without an address.
DR. DEXTER: Well, it shouldn 't be too hard to find.
DR. DEXTER: lt's the church at the top of Federal Hill; it's the
only one up there.
CLERK: What is that? 1700 West?
CLERK: 1800 West.
CLERK: Hold on , let me take a look.
CLERK: Here it is.
CLERK: lt shows here that it had several owners since the
Catholic Church sold it off.
DR. DEXTER: Who's the current owner?
CLERK: lt's a holding company: RF&R.
CLERK: They've overseen the property for over
seventy-five years.
CLERK: Not a single tax payment missed. lt's all legit.
DR. DEXTER: How do l get a hold of this RF&R?
CLERK: Seems to be based out of London ...
DR. DEXTER: Seems?!
CLERK: Yeah, sorry. This information isn 't exactly up to date.
CLERK: Doesn 't look like any of this info has been put into our
new computer system.
CLERK: Sorry. But there are several references here to a
religious organization named ''Starry Wisdom''.
DR. DEXTER: Did you say Starry Wisdom?
CLERK: Yes, it's the name of the organization at the
time of purchase.
DR. DEXTER: Starry Wisdom...
CLERK: Are you ok?
CLERK: Can l get you a glass of water or something?
CLERK: You look like you 've seen a ghost.
GOODlE: l'd wake up every day staring out the window...
GOODlE: ...praying for something, anything, different then what
l had seen the day before.
GOODlE: Anything.
GOODlE: Beauty.
GOODlE: Horror.
GOODlE: Anything but the same horizon , the same blue sky.
GOODlE: But each day just ticked before me like the next...
GOODlE: ...like a metronome.
GOODlE: Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...
GOODlE: Pounding the same question into my mind!
GOODlE: Why...?!
GOODlE: Why... go on ?
GOODlE: The only thing that would turn me back...
GOODlE: ...was the sudden fearthat what might be next, may
be even more tedious.
GOODlE: Then l found Starry Wisdom.
GOODlE: Starry Wisdom holds the window...
GOODlE: ...which shows me the world unseen .
lNTERVlEWER: Does this Starry Wisdom tell you to do things?
GOODlE: Yes... Oh, yes.
GOODlE: For my duties, l am rewarded.
lNTERVlEWER: Rewarded? What kind of reward?
GOODlE: To see!
GOODlE: The reward is to see...
lNTERVlEWER: l'm interested, Goodie...
lNTERVlEWER: ...why do you keep referring to your creative
side as that?
GOODlE: As what?.
lNTERVlEWER: Starry Wisdom.
lNTERVlEWER: That's what Starry Wisdom is, isn 't it...?
lNTERVlEWER: Your creative side? Your imagination ?
lNTERVlEWER: Why do you choose to call it that?.
GOODlE: You think Starry Wisdom is a metaphor?
GOODlE: A simile?
GOODlE: A fabrication of my mind?
GOODlE: Well, my mind is clear...
GOODlE: Yours is clouded.
GOODlE: You haven 't heard a thing l've said.
GOODlE: You 're blind.
GOODlE: All of you are blind!
GOODlE: Starry Wisdom is real!
GOODlE: Starry Wisdom is right on the horizon , but you
can 't see it.
GOODlE: lt's right under your nose.
GOODlE: Look out any window in this city and you will see it!
GOODlE: You will see it...!
PlCKMAN: Shut up...
PlCKMAN: Shut up...
PlCKMAN: You know some of us are trying to work!
PlCKMAN: ljust need some peace and quiet.
PlCKMAN: Shut the dog up!
VOlCE: No distractions...
LANDLADY: Pickman , l know you 're in there.
LANDLADY: Pickman , l'm here with the police.
LANDLADY: They want to talk to you .
LANDLADY: Pickman , do you hear me?!
PlCKMAN: lt'll be just a second...
PlCKMAN: Just give me one more minute!
LANDLADY: Pickman !
PlCKMAN: Yeah...Yeah, l'll be there in just a second! Okay?
LANDLADY: Pickman ! Do you hear!?
PlCKMAN: Just a second, l'm just getting some clothes.
PlCKMAN: Just a minute, l'll be right there.
LANDLADY: We haven 't got all day!
LANDLADY: Pickman ...!
PlCKMAN: Yeah. What do you want?
LANDLADY: This detective wants to talk to you .
DETECTlVE: Someone killed a dog last night.
LANDLADY: lt wasn 't killed. lt was butchered.
LANDLADY: And the parts laid out -- like in some of those
paintings of yours.
DETECTlVE: We're just checking the building to see if anyone
saw or heard anything.
DETECTlVE: Did you , sir?
PlCKMAN: No...no...
PlCKMAN: l didn 't see anything.
DETECTlVE: Didn 't you file a number of noise complaints
against the owners of that dog?
PlCKMAN: Yeah.
PlCKMAN: You telling me l'm the only one that's complained
about that yapping dog?
DETECTlVE: Call the Precinct in case you happen to
remember anything.
PlCKMAN: Yes. l will.
LANDLADY: l know it was you ...
DR. DEXTER: Robert.
DR. DEXTER: Open up. l'm not going away!
DR. DEXTER: Robert!
DR. DEXTER: Robert!
DR. DEXTER: Robert!
DR. DEXTER: Robert, are you here?
PlCKMAN: What are you doing here?
DR. DEXTER: Who've you been talking to?
PlCKMAN: Get the hell out of my place!
DR. DEXTER: l want to know who's been filling your mind with these things!
DR. DEXTER: l don 't want you here.
You 're coming with me!
PlCKMAN: Who let you in here?
DR. DEXTER: You gave me a key!
DR. DEXTER: The first thing we're going to do is destroy these obscenities!
PlCKMAN: Don 't touch my... Get out of here!
PlCKMAN: You 're not to touch my paintings.
Please don 't touch my things.
DR. DEXTER: l'm not leaving!
R. DEXTER: l'm not going from here... until all of those drawings are destroyed
DR. DEXTER: l'm not going to let this happen to me again !
LANDLADY: What's going on in here?
LANDLADY: l'm going to call the cops, d'you hear me?
PlCKMAN: ln my apartment! He... He should be arrested, call the cops!
PlCKMAN: Call the cops!
RlCHARD: l can 't believe you 'd do something like that!
RlCHARD: What are you going to do if Dean Petersen finds out?
DR. DEXTER: l'll take care of it.
RlCHARD: He's already done a few... You know he's going to find about this.
RlCHARD: And when he does, he's going to remove you from the Board.
DR. DEXTER: l can handle Petersen . lt'll be alright.
RlCHARD: People with your attitude...
RlCHARD: Robert has never done anything wrong in his entire life.
RlCHARD: He's nevertried to harm anyone.
Or himself!
DR. DEXTER: Neither did Goodie!
RlCHARD: What?!
DR. DEXTER: Look! l need you to listen to me.
DR. DEXTER: Starry Wisdom is an actual physical place.
RlCHARD: Starry Wisdom?!
DR. DEXTER: You 've heard Goodie Hines use
that phrase a million times, am l right?
DR. DEXTER: lt's not just some phrase he concocted... to...
DR. DEXTER: ...to give a name to his delusional states.
lt's an actual physical place.
DR. DEXTER: lt's that church on Federal Hill.
RlCHARD: What does this have to do with you
busting into Robert Pickman 's studio today?
DR. DEXTER: lt has everything to do with it!
DR. DEXTER: Otherthan you and me, the public has never
seen any of Goodie's final paintings -- am l right?
RlCHARD: Yes, that's right.
DR. DEXTER: Robert Pickman has a studio full of
identical work...
DR. DEXTER: down to the smallest detail, almost to the very
brush stroke...
DR. DEXTER: ...as exacting as if they were photocopies.
DR. DEXTER: Every... Every vile world...
DR. DEXTER: Every creature...
DR. DEXTER: Every brutal ritual...
DR. DEXTER: This is all playing out as if it were a novel l read a
thousand times before...
DR. DEXTER: Only this time, l intend on changing the ending.
DR. DEXTER: Richard, l need your help...
DR. DEXTER: l need you to cover my patient list for a few days.
RlCHARD: Oh, God! l can 't!
RlCHARD: l... l don 't want to get involved
with whatever you 're planning!
DR. DEXTER: You won 't. Just coverfor me at the hospital.
RlCHARD: You 'd be arrested if you get
within 100 yards of Pickman !
DR. DEXTER: l... l don 't intend to.
DR. DEXTER: ljust need to keep an eye on him for
a few days, to see whom he comes in contact with.
DR. DEXTER: Richard, please. l'm begging you .
DR. DEXTER: You know l'll do this with orwithout your help.
RlCHARD: Okay...
MESSENGER: l got that painting stuff you wanted.
PlCKMAN: Here.
MESSENGER: Oh, l don 't know if l can make change forthis.
PlCKMAN: Keep it.
MESSENGER: Wow. Thanks.
MESSENGER: l can go home early today.
VOICE.. A gift...
MESSENGER: Listen , do you need me to pick up something
else for you ... (FADE OUT)
VOICE.. Re-pay us...
VOICE.. Re-pay your de-bt...
VOICE.. Re-pay us...
MESSENGER: ...so what do you say? l could really use
the extra cash.
PlCKMAN: Get out of here!
PlCKMAN: And don 't ever come back.
VOICE.. You stole- from us...
VOICE.. Re-pay your de-bt.
VOICE.. Allow us to taste- fe-ar again .
VOICE.. Re-pay your de-bt...
PlCKMAN: l can 't!
PlCKMAN: l'm sorry.
PlCKMAN: ljust need to see again ...
PlCKMAN: ljust need to see again ...
PlCKMAN: Everything will be fine if l can see one more time.
PlCKMAN: l'm so sorry...
PlCKMAN: ljust need to see one more time.
PlCKMAN: l'm so sorry!
PlCKMAN: ...l need to see... l am so sorry...
PlCKMAN: l'm sorry!
PlCKMAN: l need to see again .
PlCKMAN: l'll do anything you want!
PlCKMAN: Anything!
PlCKMAN: l'm sorry...
PlCKMAN: l wasn 't listening.
PlCKMAN: Show me what to do...
PlCKMAN: l want to see! Tell me what to do!
PlCKMAN: Show me what to do!
PlCKMAN: Show me what to do...
PlCKMAN: Show me...
Dr. Ambrose Dexter
Hines, Goody
DR. DEXTER: Robert, we have to talk.
PlCKMAN: Not a word... take me to see Goodie. Get back
in the car.
PlCKMAN: Take me to see Goodie.
DR. DEXTER: Why, Robert?
PlCKMAN: Because he has the answers.
DR. DEXTER: Tell me why you want to see him...
PlCKMAN: Because he has the answers!
Just take me to see him.
DR. DEXTER: l will not help you with any of this, Robert.
PlCKMAN: You will... you will.
PlCKMAN: You 're actually going to help me forthe first time
in a long time...
PlCKMAN: Alright, stay there.
DR. DEXTER: Robert...
PlCKMAN: Sit in this chair and don 't say a word!
PlCKMAN: Sit down !
PlCKMAN: You 're the one that needs to be locked up, not him.
PlCKMAN: Not him...
PlCKMAN: Not him...
PlCKMAN: l mean anyone that can look out a window...
PlCKMAN: The same window from the same building
day after day...
PlCKMAN: ...at asphalt and concrete...
PlCKMAN: ...and strip malls...
PlCKMAN: And not go mad by the sameness of it all... is truly
the insane one.
DR. DEXTER: Robert!
PlCKMAN: Sit down !
DR. DEXTER: You don 't know what you 're doing.
DR. DEXTER: You have to get a hold of yourself.
DR. DEXTER: This is incomprehensible...you don 't
PlCKMAN: l do, l do, understand...
PlCKMAN: l understand these pills...
PlCKMAN: ...these little pills you 've been giving me for years...
PlCKMAN: ...what? You trying to sedate me or something...?
PlCKMAN: Well, l figured something out, Doc.
PlCKMAN: There's not a pill in existence...
PlCKMAN: that can make me see the world for anything than
what it is...
PlCKMAN: ...which is what?
PlCKMAN: A prison .
PlCKMAN: For once you 're going to help me.
PlCKMAN: Because this is going to save me.
PlCKMAN: So, thank you .
PlCKMAN: Thank you .
PlCKMAN: Dr. Mortenson to see Goodie Hines.
GUARD: Let me make a quick phone call.
GUARD: Hello, l'm trying to reach Dr. Dexter, please.
GUARD: l understand. ls there any way you can reach him?
GUARD: Would you please have him call down
to extension 200?
GUARD: Thank you .
GUARD: Sorry. He's not in .
PlCKMAN: Yeah... l'm sorry too. Because you guys
have to understand...
PlCKMAN: l'm going to get a lot of flack if l can 't see
Goodie today...this afternoon .
GUARD: You know this wouldn 't happen if he would just fill
out his paperwork.
GUARD: No, but it's like trying to pull teeth from him.
PlCKMAN: But, you have to understand the situation this
puts me in ...
GUARD: Here. Just sign it.
PlCKMAN: Thank you .
GUARD: Come on , Doctor, l'll take you down there.
PlCKMAN: Thank you .
GUARD: Go ahead and swipe your card for me, Doctor.
PlCKMAN: lt's okay; l'm good from here.
GUARD: lf you need anything, l'll be down the hall.
GOODlE: You 're not a Doctor.
PlCKMAN: Why do you say that?
GOODlE: You reek of turpentine; your pores are saturated
with it.
GOODlE: You 're an artist -- a painter.
PlCKMAN: Yeah.
GOODlE: l knew someone like you would come one day.
GOODlE: l knew someone would carry on where l left off.
GOODlE: You 've looked through the window.
GOODlE: You 've seen with their eyes.
GOODlE: Draw for me.
GOODlE: Draw for me.
PlCKMAN: l can 't.
GOODlE: Please! Please!
GOODlE: Draw me something you 've seen through the window.
GOODlE: Draw me something or l'll call to the guard...
GOODlE: and tell them what you really are.
GOODlE: Why aren 't you drawing?
PlCKMAN: Because, l said, l can 't.
GOODlE: Are you just here to taunt me?
GOODlE: Guard..!
PlCKMAN: No games! l need your help!
PlCKMAN: l need you to tell me what they want...
PlCKMAN: ...what they need from me!
PlCKMAN: Because, they have shut me out!
PlCKMAN: And l can 't see anymore!
GOODlE: You know what to do.
GOODlE: l was just like you .
GOODlE: Afraid of whether l had it in me...
GOODlE: to commit to the deed that was required of me.
GOODlE: But, then , l realized that there was no decision
to make.
GOODlE: ln a sense, it was already made by me.
GOODlE: And l was never going back to the way things were...
GOODlE: ...before l saw the other side.
GOODlE: Haven 't they given you so much?
GOODlE: Haven 't they shown you that there is more than
this dull dimension ?
GOODlE: Didn 't they free you from the torture of seeing the
same horizon , the same blue sky?
PlCKMAN: Oh, yes.
GOODlE: They saved you ...?
GOODlE: Did they free you from your prison ?
GOODlE: Then free them from theirs!
GOODlE: Give them back what they had before they were cast
to the other side.
GOODlE: Through your paintings they will make the journey
back into this world.
GOODlE: Even if it's only in a passing glimpse...
GOODlE: ...a simple brush stroke.
GOODlE: Let them taste what it's like to be gods again .
PlCKMAN: Just tell me what to do.
GOODlE: What to do...?!
GOODlE: Do you think there's some mumbo jumbo to say?
GOODlE: Some magic words; some silly wave of the hand -- No!
GOODlE: They want one thing...
GOODlE: ...to be seen by the eyes of an innocent.
GOODlE: Let yourself go...
GOODlE: Be...
GOODlE: ...Creative...
RlCHARD: Who was this that you let in to see Goodie Hines?
GUARD: He was called in by Dr. Dexterto do some testing.
RlCHARD: What's this doctor's name?
GUARD: Well, that's strange.
GUARD: lt's coming up as Dr. Dexter's lD number.
RlCHARD: What did this doctor look like?
PlCKMAN: l need you to stop crying, you understand me?
PlCKMAN: Stop crying.
PlCKMAN: Shut up!
PlCKMAN: Be quiet!
PlCKMAN: l don 't want to hear you . Are you listening to me?
PlCKMAN: Not a word.
NlECE: What do you want?
PlCKMAN: Anything...
RlCHARD: Who was here with you today, Goodie?
GOODlE: One of Dexter's lost flock, l believe.
GOODlE: Give me your pen again and l'll draw him for you .
RlCHARD: Why was he here?
GOODlE: Answers.
RlCHARD: What did you tell him?
GOODlE: How to save himself.
GOODlE: Don 't interfere!
GOODlE: Let him make it right!
PlCKMAN: Why aren 't you listening to me...
PlCKMAN: Shut up and be quiet.
PlCKMAN: You 're not paying attention to me.
PlCKMAN: l need you to stop crying... l need you to
listen to me...
PlCKMAN: How many times do l need to tell you , once, twice..?
PlCKMAN: l need you to shut up. And not make the sounds
you 're making.
PlCKMAN: So shut up...
NlECE: What are you going to do to me?
PlCKMAN: Relax...Relax...
RlCHARD: Robert, stop!
RlCHARD: Put the knife down !
PlCKMAN: Let me draw it for you !
PlCKMAN: Let me draw it for you !
PlCKMAN: Please let me...
GOODlE: He's coming for you ...
GOODlE: He's coming for you .
GOODlE: You made a fool of them.
GOODlE: They trusted you .
GOODlE: They put faith in yourtalent.
GOODlE: All that you saw must be given back!
GOODlE: The darkness is coming...
GOODlE: The darkness is coming...
GOODlE: The darkness is coming!
GOODlE: The darkness is coming.
GOODlE: They're coming for you .
GOODlE: He's coming.
VOICE.. Robe-rt ...
VOlCE: You stole from us.
PlCKMAN: Help me!
PlCKMAN: He's coming for me!