Pickpockets (2018) Movie Script

Check them out.
Well, I think so.
Check again, please.
I left those papers in the office...
I brought some, but not all of them...
Now you tell me!
I am on my way.
Sir, somebody just spit on you,
be careful.
Watch out for the cops!
Come on, run!
Run, run. Run!
Calm down! Let's go!
Help is on the way.
Stop them!
Get him there!
You go that way!
Hold it right there!
Hold it there, don't jump!
Stay calm.
The cops almost got you, you idiot.
We didn't need to mess
the guy up like that.
Well, I thought you were gonna give him
Doggy, Maicol pulled out a knife...
It's no big deal, Fresh.
I'm serious.
Next time you need to stay sharp.
Next time...
not even the saint on your keychain
will save you.
Okay, go ahead.
Where is it?
Now where is it?
No. Here it is.
Good evening.
Well, look at this...
one day they will have
cameras everywhere...
under the bed...
in the bathroom...
up your ass.
You know, Chucho...
you're watching everyone...
but I'm watching you.
What we came for.
I need more time.
Which is your good hand, Chucho?
No, Rico.
That one.
We'll cut the other one so
you can't say cops don't have hearts.
Flaco, go ahead.
Look here!
Take a look at these!
Let's see...
How did you get those?
You just left them in the lurch.
You had to go into hiding,
and that happens.
But it speaks well of you.
Because you still love and miss them.
Your wife is really pretty.
Not my family, Rico.
Not me...
but people in Spain are very corrupt.
What are you doing, you damn thief?
Let me go!
-Got a light?
A light.
Thanks. Sorry.
Son of a bitch!
Hello... Sir?
Young man, it's for you.
-For me?
-Yes, for you.
I saw you trying to rob that guy.
You're lucky you didn't get caught.
Who is this?
Say hello to the camera!
I'll give you another chance.
What are you talking about?
Calm down, I'll give you back your phone.
-See that statue?
Look over by the door.
Hello... What do you want?
I want to teach you to be
the best pickpocket in Bogot.
I'll see you in two hours
at the Saint Moritz.
Son of a bitch.
What do you see?
Look closer.
They're drinking, they're playing cards.
You know what I see here?
Ma'am, you dropped some money.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-Excuse me, the restroom?
-In the back, to the left.
Thank you very much.
You see?
You don't have to beat them up
to steal from them.
-Sir, an aguardiente and a soda, please.
-Yes, sir.
Excuse me, sir...
you dropped your wallet on the floor,
be careful.
Thank you.
Yesterday was an accident.
It was just plain stupid.
You almost killed him.
It's my job to see everything
on the streets.
To monitor, in a room with cameras.
I see everything.
And I fuck anyone who disobeys.
I don't care about your cameras.
Thanks, man.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
How much did you make today?
I bet it was less than $60,000.
What is it to you?
I made more in five minutes than you can
dream about making in one day.
How did you do it?
You saw me.
Skill, intelligence.
If you're smart you'll work for me.
I don't work for cops.
We all work for the cops in this city.
Now let me teach you something else.
Soon, somebody's gonna miss their wallet,
so I'd best be out of here.
And so should you.
Just what you wanted, right?
What's up, Jaime.
Here's what I made today.
This isn't even 10% of what we brought in.
-What's going on?
-I didn't think you could count.
Look, Jaime, we take the risks.
Pay us more.
Are you saying I don't take risks?
I never said that.
So take a walk then.
Get lost.
But if you're interested
in a bigger cut...
I may have something for you.
I know this forger...
his copies are almost identical.
These bills are kind of funny.
How do I know they're not fake?
Tell me if you see a difference.
I don't pay my debts with forgeries.
Are you kidding?
Take a look.
These are fakes.
They're identical.
Look closer.
Look at what?
Garavito's left ear.
The fucker put an earring on the guy!
-Can I keep this one?
I need you to bring me the real bills.
Okay, fine.
But no guns.
Hey, Jaime, take it easy!
You thought I'd give you guys a real gun?
You kids aren't ready for that.
You think it's funny?
-See you later.
Hey, Maicol!
He's headed your way.
Go ahead, jerk.
Don't let me down.
Shut up!
Don't move.
Take it easy...
The briefcase, old man...
There is only paper
in the briefcase.
I will put a hole in your head.
Really? With water, asshole?
-Who are you calling an asshole?
-You, asshole!
Let's go.
Maicol, come on!
Fresh, this is a lot of money, man.
It's over, man.
You think too much, Bro.
-This guy was probably a total idiot.
-What does that make us?
We're idiots too...
but not quite as bad.
I'm tired of this shit!
I don't wanna be a fucking thief
the rest of my life.
You're in the wrong business.
Open your eyes.
Doggy, we can make good money
without beating anybody up.
Believe me.
What do we have to do?
It only took you 12 seconds to open
that big mouth of yours.
You have to learn to breathe.
Stop being so antsy.
The first thing you need to learn is that
clock time is not pickpocket time.
We're like magicians that way.
For magic to work you need two things:
a magician and a spectator.
A victim and a victimizer.
It's important to learn to make the victim
look where you want him to look.
And even more important,
to control their minds.
The human mind can only focus
on one thing at a time.
We never see the totality.
We see things in pieces.
Words distract the mind...
and the body distracts the eyes.
When you go steal a wallet, always use
these two fingers as pinchers.
These are your working fingers.
These two, together.
Got it?
Come here, Antsy.
Ready, Champ?
Give it a try.
Take it easy on the dummy.
He never did anything to you.
Keep practicing till you can get
the wallets without triggering the bells.
The guy's a magician!
He's got the world's fastest hands!
He could've left me standing there
naked without me knowing it.
Chucho is just some pickpocket myth.
Because he's Spanish.
That stuff about being
the world's best pickpocket...
Well, he is.
Even if he was, he wouldn't be hiding in
Colombia from people wanting to kill him.
-Got any Latin Music?
-Over there in the middle.
Take a look.
For me.
You heard of him? The Father of Scratch.
Andrs Landero.
Now that's old school, old school cumbia.
We used to play that stuff
in my dad's band.
Come on, begging for coins on the street
isn't making music.
Besides... cumbia is what led
to that fucking reggaeton.
-What do you got against reggaeton?
Reggaeton is rap too.
The thing is, my friend here doesn't like
anything from Latin America.
They told him that rap was from up there,
in America.
But what he doesn't know is
that rap isn't American.
It came from our African slave brothers
who shouted and played drums!
That's rap!
So... did you make that deer yourself?
Have you seen them around?
All over the place.
It's really beautiful.
Are you guys into graffiti too?
Well, we're--
No, we're dancers.
No, come on, look at this.
-Pretty good, right?
Can you paint me one?
-Go ahead.
Okay then.
I bet you don't even know
there are deer in Bogot.
-Did you know that?
-I had no idea.
Up in the mountains,
taking care of the highlands.
That's why I paint them...
for clueless people like you
who have no idea they exist,
and they won't disappear altogether.
So where do you hang out?
At the junkyard in Las Cruces.
Let me see.
Thanks, but I'm hers.
Oh, yeah?
Okay, see ya.
-See you later!
Are you ready?
I have a good idea.
I need an Alka-seltzer.
Please! Call an ambulance, please!
He's having convulsions!
Call an ambulance!
What happened?
Not a bad trick, but there's room
for improvement.
Go back to the tailor shop
and keep practicing.
Help me out, honey.
With my words...
I distract your mind.
With my eyes...
I distract your eyes...
And with my hands...
You're a bore.
Have you seen Juana?
I think she's over there.
What are you doing here?
I came...
to give this back to you.
Where did you get it?
The record store.
You must have dropped it.
I dropped it.
And my ID?
I don't know.
So you're coming in?
Wear this if you don't want to get dizzy.
I don't get dizzy.
I'm sure.
This is what I'm working on now.
You see?
It's looking right at us,
and nobody even knows.
It's really pretty.
Really what?
"Really pretty"! You're an idiot.
I want to do things...
that are different.
Things that disturb.
That's art, right?
Do you like murals?
The ones on 26th Street.
The ones on 26th. Good.
They're very pretty.
Not pretty!
They should have an effect.
They should transform...
make you feel different.
Me what?
You make me feel different.
I'm stoned.
Are you alright?
I need air.
If you're gonna work the streets,
you have to be invisible.
Mix in with the people.
Remember, we want to be forgotten,
not remembered.
Okay, that's enough!
This isn't recess!
What's so funny?
Always dress in solid colors that don't
stand out. Greys, browns, like that.
they're essential.
People are idiots.
They trust anyone in a tie.
That's why bankers wear ties.
To steal better.
Always dress in layers, lots of layers.
Makes it possible to change appearance
quickly and get away if you're caught.
Fresh, stand over there.
Come here.
Put this on.
Your friend, Fresh, is a cop
and he's gonna grab you.
Use your instinct.
Now what?
You're ready.
Hit the streets.
Crowds are the pickpocket's
natural habitat.
Always work at rush hour.
Tourists are better than locals.
Shoppers are more distracted
than working stiffs.
Open bags are better than closed.
Backpacks are better than jackets.
Jackets are better than pants.
Back pockets are better than front.
Don't even think about trying
a front pants pocket.
Work in threes.
One distracts...
one steals...
Watch where you're going!
...the other one runs.
What do you see here?
And what do you notice?
It's like a game to you, not a job.
You're slow.
Spot a victim, distract him, rob him.
And move on to the next, and the next.
Looks who's here!
Our buddy Chucho.
Listen, time marches on
and still no money.
What's up with that?
I don't have it all yet.
But you've got it to gamble, right?
Just remember...
"He who gambles out of necessity
is sure to lose."
As the old folks used to say.
Let me have some of that.
What the fuck is this?
Alms for the poor, Chucho?
Do I look like a beggar?
Don't be shameless.
I heard you got an army of kids
out stealing for you.
I don't care how you get the money.
Get going, man.
To show you what kind of guy I am,
I'll make a deal.
Let's be partners.
-Partners me and you?
Who fucked this up anyway?
You did.
You killed my bird,
fucked up the betting.
That's why they wanna kill you.
You know who your guardian angel is?
Look at me.
Leave the fucking hat on the table.
This is bullshit.
You think it's a lot?
It's what we made today.
I need you to be faster.
I need a million pesos a day.
A million pesos?
That's three times what we're making.
Well, you're three times better
than you used to be, right?
This is the area I control from here,
with these monitors...
From here, I can feed you groups
of tourists, crowds.
If you steal where and when I say,
we'll make a million a day.
Under no circumstances
will you leave this area.
I can't protect you outside of it.
That's not a suggestion, it's an order.
The area down there is Jaime's?
Perfect. This is Jaime's turf.
The rules are different here.
It's where idiots die young.
Forget Jaime, you work for me now.
With my rules.
No more violence, or guns,
or running from the cops.
You follow my rules.
And find a third partner.
I'm not working with you.
Why not?
Because of this.
I'm your eyes, your guide,
I protect you from here.
Good morning, can you do me a favor?
We're not from around here...
We're here, right?
We need to get to this tower over here.
Okay, look...
We're here, right?
You need to go left here...
Look at this book!
Do you work here? How much is this?
Do you remember this book?
My mom had a copy.
What's up?
Your partner looks good.
I told you.
Careful there.
A million.
That's a lot of money, right?
What's a lot of money to you?
Enough to buy a toilet every time
I take a shit.
You'd spend your money on toilets?
You're a genius!
What about you, Juana?
What do rich girls spend their money on?
Your parents are rich, aren't they?
they're neither rich, nor poor...
just normal.
But clearly, you're not like these two.
You're not a street kid.
So, Fresh, what will you spend
your money on?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
There's nothing you want?
Why are we doing this?
If it were only for the money,
we'd sell drugs, right?
You two don't understand.
He's in it for the psychological,
not the physical challenge.
Stealing for the sake of stealing.
You'll change.
-Did you change?
Because I need money.
A lot of money, to pay my debts.
Here's to a good day's work
and to the rich girls.
And here's to Spanish thieves.
Hey, what's up?
Hey, Alex, my wallet!
As if you didn't know!
-Look at this!
Who are you working for now?
You're doing okay...
Give me my money back!
I could not say a thing to Jaime, kid.
I know who's paying for drinks tonight.
Your buddy Alex.
Remember fag,
one foot on my turf and you have
to pay the toll, Fresh-honey.
No problem, baby.
What do you mean, "baby"?
Come on.
You know how much this is worth?
That's what they tell us it's worth.
I mean what does it cost?
Fifty cents?
Let's say it's worth fifty cents.
Fifty cents for 2,000 pesos?
If it's just a few cents, let me have it.
You're right, people are so stupid.
That's not what I mean.
What I mean is that we, like them,
think it's just 2,000 pesos...
when it's just paper and ink.
Isn't that your Chucho?
I can't believe it.
What did you think?
That we're the only ones?
We're disposable, Fresh.
The guy probably has
20, 30, 50 more like us.
He must pull in 30 million a day...
210 million a week.
Who knows how much a month.
And he doesn't lift a finger.
What do you mean?
We're working thanks to him, Doggy.
He controls everything.
Yeah, I know...
but we're the ones busting our asses.
Jaime, Chucho... Same thing!
How much you wanna bet
Chucho lives in a mansion
with a marble swimming pool?
I'll bet you a case of beer.
A case of beer?
Get serious!
Make it a "125" motor bike.
You're on.
-You better pay.
-You're on!
Let's go.
Why are you so mistrustful?
You really think if Chucho were rich
he'd live there?
Why do you trust that Spaniard
so much?
I don't know.
I don't know but I trust him.
So... which motorcycle is it?
Go ahead, it's all yours.
Throw the helmets in?
What are you doing with a gun, Doggy?
Don't act all innocent, Fresh!
The more money we make,
the more dangerous this gets.
This is the street, man!
Fuck the street, this is you and me!
And you and me aren't killers.
You're such a pussy.
Come on, try it...
That cost me a bundle!
-That cost me, faggot!
You're gonna hit me? Go ahead!
Go on! I'd like to see you try!
You're home?
What a miracle.
What's all that money?
It's to help out around here.
I don't want stolen money.
I got a job.
Mom, let me... I want to help!
That money isn't yours.
What do you mean? Here it is!
That money isn't yours, Fresh.
And if I catch you stealing
I'll turn you into the police.
Why don't you call them right now?
Have them take me away right now!
Who would you give the money
back to anyway?
To the people you stole it from.
Honest people, unlike you.
What do you know about those people?
Do you know them?
What good is it busting your ass
like you do?
For what?
If the people who worked hardest
earned the most, you'd be a millionaire.
You'll wake your brother.
Why don't you leave?
I don't want a thief in my house.
No wonder my dad left you.
How did you find me?
Can I sleep here?
I have nowhere to go.
Who's this?
My son.
what's his name?
Where is he?
In Spain, with his mother.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
I left home.
My mom kicked me out.
And your dad?
I don't have a dad.
He died?
He left us.
Why did you leave?
I made mistakes.
What kind of mistakes?
He's recovering.
He was wounded bad in his last fight.
He doesn't like people.
You know I once killed for that cock.
Are you kidding?
I killed another bird!
It was a big night
at the biggest ring in Bogot.
A lot of money on bets, a whole lot.
We were fighting a bird
they brought in from outside...
a champion worth 10,000 dollars.
I saw my chance...
my chance to go home.
What do you mean?
I got greedy.
I put poison on his spurs
and ten seconds later,
the other bird was half dead
and mine just had to finish him off.
But you won a lot of money, right?
I lost everything.
They knew something was strange
and the vet spotted the poison.
The other bird belonged
to a corrupt cop...
the worst kind.
He figured he'd lost about
100,000 dollars.
And ever since, he owns me.
I'm like that bird.
I live in a cage...
and I fight for my owner.
I'm sure you'll go home someday...
to your family.
I'm up early tomorrow.
You look bad. What's up?
My mom kicked me out...
so I slept at Chucho's.
Chucho's got this cock...
You owe me one, Fresh.
I had to walk more than two hours.
Sorry, but I can't stand guns.
And you have to stop thinking
you're in a rap video.
Take it easy, I sold it.
Made some money on the deal.
Look what Juana got us.
The theater?
No, thanks.
It's the opera.
Same fucking bore.
You know what kind of people
go to the opera?
People with money, Doggy. Think!
That's not Chucho's turf. Think!
I know...
but who cares?
Supposedly we're crossing the imaginary
line we're not supposed to cross.
Everything will be fine.
Thank you.
How are you doing?
I'm so sorry! Excuse me!
Hello! How are you doing?
Hello, dear, how are you?
-How are you?
-You look beautiful!
Very good!
What a surprise to see you here!
Here at the opera. How are you?
Very good.
I liked it, it was wonderful.
I loved the costumes!
You look lovely, honey.
Thanks, Aunt.
You too.
How is my uncle?
I have not seen him in a while.
You know,
in the workshop busy, painting...
Well, I'm learning and I liked it...
very cool.
How are your parents?
Good, they're good. Very good.
We should call them...
No, Aunty!
Are you okay, dear?
I just called them
and they're at the club.
You know how they get...
Of course, I understand.
We'll take a selfie!
No, let's use my phone!
Could you pleasetake our picture?
-My pleasure.
-Thank you.
Let's see. Don't move.
My aunt! Oh, no.
It's very pretty.
What a fucking haul!
We can split it four ways.
Four ways?
Yeah, one cut for Chucho.
You're kidding...
Well, that's the deal. We're a team.
Chucho didn't lift a goddamn finger.
But whatever, I'll take this
and you guys can split the rest.
It's a matter of loyalty, trust.
-If we can't trust each other...
-Each other...
You just said it.
Me, her and you.
Nobody else.
I agree with Doggy.
Come on, Fresh!
What did Chucho do today?
He didn't do shit.
He didn't lift a finger.
Does he give us a cut of what
the others bring in?
No. Am I right?
I'm giving him his cut.
Thanks to him
we make what we're making.
You're gonna make me cry!
What's wrong with giving Chucho his due?
What did you do anyway?
You held out your hand
and took everything I stole.
You didn't do shit.
Stick it up your ass!
Doggy, come on.
Doggy, enough already!
What did I tell you, punk?
Didn't I tell you?
Don't touch her!
What did I tell you, Fresh?
I didn't want to see you around here.
Let go!
This turf is ours.
It belongs to us.
Let go!
What are you up to anyway?
-What you're up to...
You two, go!
Give Juana her bag.
And you, kneel down.
What are you doing, you idiot?
-Doggy, drop it!
-Let's go!
You don't have the balls for a real one.
Doggy, drop it!
On your knees.
Okay, alright.
Doggy, enough!
-Doggy, take it easy!
What are you doing?
That's right, wag that tail.
Good evening.
Those kids of yours really fucked up.
I didn't send them.
-What do you call that?
-Betrayal, boss.
It's called betrayal, Chucho!
And on opening night, just to get to me.
Let him go.
Whether you believe me or not,
I had nothing to do with it.
Let's say I believe you.
Tell me something...
those opera-loving kids work for you,
don't they?
Do they or don't they?
Alright then, let's do this the right way.
You work for me...
so leave them to me.
Give them to me!
You can have the leader.
What will you do with them?
Teach him some respect.
What he did is not acceptable.
What happened?
What have you done?
Here's your cut.
A fourth.
I thought you were different.
I thought you could learn.
You're a piece of shit.
Just like that crazy kid you run with.
You used a gun?
I thought you'd be pleased.
Happy about what? About this?
I'm sorry.
Sorry doesn't mean shit, understand?
Get out of here.
If I ever see you again...
if one of my cameras sees you again...
I'll put you in jail.
Get out!
Please leave a message after the tone...
Doggy, where are you?
I'm looking all over for you.
Call me, okay?
Let me go!
What is this?
You could've called, Jaime.
I would've come.
Have you heard from Doggy?
Call him.
I bet you really miss him...
What happened to him?
Your friend had some trouble.
Your boss set him up.
I said let me go!
Give me my phone!
Chucho, we got the kid.
Fucking rat!
Chucho, that's the guy.
The guy you love so much.
He served them Doggy on a silver platter.
Everybody ends up working for the cops.
At least I don't try to hide it.
But if you want, I'll help you out.
Tell me what to do.
Will you be quiet all night
or say something?
Thanks for coming.
It's going to rain.
I need your help.
I thought it was just an excuse
to come and see me.
That too...
but Doggy is in trouble
and I have to help him.
I thought you were mad at Doggy too.
I am, Juana, but he's my best friend.
I know he's our friend...
but he's a friend
we don't need, Fresh.
Juana, if it was me, he would help me,
and you too if you needed it.
I'll help.
This Saturday is the last day
of the championship.
So there won't be anymore fights
for a long time.
This place will be packed.
Gamblers, bird owners, runners,
betters, drunks, women.
The police are responsible
for keeping the peace in this zoo.
Sometimes they play...
sometimes they lose...
but they always go home winners.
They always get their cut from somewhere.
What happens down here
is no mystery to anyone.
One of the three little pigs
drops the bacon.
The biggest pig hands him
the keys to the car.
How is it?
The three little pigs take the money
and stick it inside the trunk.
You'll have four hours before
it all begins.
And two hours while the fights last.
That's when they hand over the money.
Bring us the bag and we'll give you Doggy.
If you don't...
Doggy goes back to the pound.
Remember, I have a lot of friends here
that keep me informed.
So watch out.
Go now.
Come home!
I miss you.
Go back to sleep, Petey.
I can't sleep.
Read me a book?
Go on back to sleep.
That's it, go get him!
Excuse me. Thank you. Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Is that your bird?
His name is Colorado.
It's my first time here.
I hadn't seen you before.
Yes. That's why.
Have a drink.
-How are you, Edgar?
-How's the betting?
-Just great...
-55 lines, good spurs...
-What was his name?
And yours?
Rico? Nice to meet you.
And yours?
Have another one.
I'll be right back, okay?
Come on!
Hang on, I'll be back.
Place your bets!
Pay up over here.
I got another complaint about you,
that kid you gave me
isn't the leader of the gang.
The boss is the other one.
Why do you lie to me?
People tell me everything.
The black kid is the gangster.
The other kid is not worth shit.
Besides, he's off the streets for good.
You think I'm stupid?
You know what your problem is?
No matter how long you're in Colombia,
everybody knows you're Spanish
and a liar, a cheater.
And everybody comes to tell me.
Are you here to bet?
The next bird is yours, right?
Let's make a deal...
if your bird wins, I'll believe
everything you say
and we'll still be partners.
If your bird loses,
our partnership is over.
The bastard is everywhere.
There you go, partner.
See you around, partner.
Juana, did you see where he put the keys?
In his front pocket!
Okay, let's do this.
But it has to be a very good plan.
The best possible distraction.
Let's go!
What are you doing here? Go!
-I have to give you your money.
-What money?
I don't want money, Fresh, go on!
Juana, it's yours...
It's not mine!
I don't need it!
You earned it, it's yours.
Now go!
I have to see you again.
I have good news for you.
You got it?
Give me Doggy first.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
buy yourself some candy.
Let's go.
at least we got something
out of them, right?
What are you doing?
Are you crazy or what?
Relax, come on.
Remember that forger?
Look for the earring.
I took all the money I had...
and I bought a bunch of fake bills.
I switched keys with Chucho.
And I stole the money from Rico's car.
Then, I switched the money
and I gave Jaime the fake money
so he'd let you go.
You're a fucking genius!
You always were!
Hand me the backpack.
This is for you.
Doggy, you're a fugitive.
And we just scammed Jaime.
We have to get lost for a while.
And like Juana said,
"Time to smoke marijuana!"
Take care of yourself.
Chucho, here's your cut.
I'm paying back my debt to you.
I have to disappear
and become the invisible man
you taught me to be.
Take the money
and get out of this country.
Subtitle translation by Jonathan dela Rosa