Picture Snatcher (1933) Movie Script

Goodbye, Danny.
It's been nice having you here with us.
You're the best head keeper
of a big house in the country.
But if it's all the same to you,
I wish we'd never met.
You've been a pretty good prisoner.
I only wish we had more like you.
- I know, I know. Just one big happy family.
- Drop me a line once in a while.
I'll get you a nice new padlock
for your birthday.
So long.
Well, well, Danny Kean, this is funny.
- What's funny about it?
- I sent you up. I meet you coming out.
If I never met you
that would be a pleasure.
Don't be sure.
It'll be a pleasure when I bring you back.
Well, don't bet any dough on that.
- Vinegar Puss.
- What?
Oh, look there. By golly.
Hello, Danny, go right in here.
How are you?
Hi, baby.
Open those windows, will you?
Open them up.
You know Olive, don't you?
- Yeah, sure.
- You ain't changed in three years.
- Meet Connie Rowland.
I brought her along for you.
She's been dying to know you.
Can you blame me, honey?
Mmm. Perfume.
The first break this schnoz
has had in three years.
- What kind is that?
- Honey De Amor.
It's still good.
I gotta get some of that.
Ha-ha-ha! They'll be throwing
a big feed for you when we get back.
You should see your old apartment.
We dolled it up. New beds and everything.
Hey, wait, wait.
Is that the same stuff,
the De Amor the dame uses?
- Yeah, I checked with her.
That gets it.
That little touch of lavender.
Am I gonna stink pretty.
Don't forget the left armpit.
Say, you telling me my business?
I'm making garments for the best people.
- Never mind the armory.
- How are you gonna pack a rod?
I'll take it up with you later.
Make it fit me.
Don't worry. You'll be
the best-dressed ganef in America.
I heard you when you said it, Maxie.
Oh, they don't care.
I'll get you in...
There's the old throne, Danny.
And here's something
we kept in the vault for you.
Your share plus three years' interest.
And we got a new job lined up too.
Just waiting for you to get out.
Hold on to it a minute, Jerry.
I got a few words I wanna say too.
I don't know how you guys are gonna
take it, but whatever I say stands.
- I'm quitting.
Oh, yeah, you heard me, quitting.
I'm going legitimate.
Quit your stalling, Danny.
What's the big idea?
- Ever been in stir, Leo?
- No.
- Have you?
- No, and they'll never send me either.
Well, I have and I'm not going back.
I'm carrying six slugs,
and I know they're there.
See those mitts? Blisters.
From swinging a sledge in a rock pile.
And I wanna say something.
Half my scars belong to you.
- Don't be a sap.
- We are both in the same pot.
You took it on the lam
and left me holding a bag.
- That's the last rap I take for anybody.
- You crack and I turn canary.
- You know that better than anybody.
Shut up.
Come on.
I don't want any arguments.
I'm washed up.
Taking my cut because I earned it.
What you gonna do,
open a flower shop?
Gonna do something I wanted to do
all my life.
A newspaper guy sent me a letter
when I was in stir.
- Said he'd get me a job.
- Working at what?
As a newspaper reporter
on the Graphic News.
That ain't no newspaper.
It's a 10th-rate rag that makes its living
off of dirty pictures.
- It's a job on the up and up.
- Other papers don't think so.
I've got a cousin on the Herald.
He said the big papers been trying
to put the Graphic News out of business.
- Gives journalism a black eye.
- They're still in business, ain't they?
And I think I'm smart enough
to be their star reporter.
Did you ever hear of the morgue?
- What was that crack?
- Now don't get excited.
I'm talking about the morgue
in a newspaper office.
Where they file old pictures and stuff.
I don't like the word.
And if I was you, I wouldn't use it
when I'm around, see?
What's wrong with him?
What do you think?
Don't you remember?
I took you to the baseball game?
And to the garden, you like the...
You liked the geraniums.
- Me?
- Yeah.
And then we went to the shirt factory.
Hey, where was this?
Sing Sing.
Oh, Sing Sing.
Yeah, you gave me this letter.
Oh, sure. Danny Kean, I remember now.
What can I do for you, Danny?
- I want a job as a reporter.
- You're no reporter.
I didn't say I was.
All I want is a chance.
I know I got what it takes.
This isn't the mob.
You can't write with what it takes.
Gotta carry a dictionary in your head,
know people.
- I know every mug and cop in this town.
- That's the trouble.
We can't use notorious characters
around here.
Except on page one.
There's no money in this racket, Danny.
It ain't the dough.
I've got enough of that.
I wanna show you and me and the world
I can be something besides a gorilla.
McLEAN: Hey, what's the matter?
- Fireman's got a shotgun.
- I set up my camera, he let me have it.
- Hurt much?
- Ducked. Few pills in the arm.
- Forget it. Lay in the hospital.
- We'll stand the expense.
- Forget the picture?
I'm not killing any men for snapshots.
Beat it, kid.
- What...?
- We got the story covered.
The fireman goes off duty at night. There's
a two-alarm fire in his neighborhood.
Takes a lift from the hook and ladder to find
it's his home and his wife has been burned.
Not to mention the boyfriend
found with her.
That's news, you say forget the picture.
- The life of this paper is pictures.
- Dirtiest we can get.
The public demands to see
what they're reading.
I'm not gonna serve
a dead newspaperman.
That's your job.
Say, I put up with about enough.
You've been fired
from every job you ever had.
No sheet'll have you
because of your drunkenness.
Lay off.
You're getting your money's worth.
Get a picture of that fireman...
...or there'll be a new man
in your chair tomorrow.
Oh, excuse me.
Mr. McLean.
- You still here?
- Yeah.
- Let me get the picture of that fireman.
- He's got a gun.
What's a gun? That's why I get the edge
on all these guys here.
I'm playing with guns all my life.
Only, keep it under your hat.
Hold up. Wait here.
- Which one of you guys is Stacy?
- I am, why?
I'm a new man. McLean sent me up here
to get that picture.
Boy, you got some tough job.
This fireman's gone clean off his nut.
None of us have been near him.
- He's ready to commit murder.
- Yeah, I know, that's why they sent me.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Don't start anything.
This guy's from another sheet.
- You got a job to do.
- All right.
I'll see you later, mush mouth.
Your national anthem.
Drive around the corner, up the alley.
Turn around, keep your motor running.
You hear a shot, don't wait.
- Graphic News will pay you off.
- Okay.
Hello, mister.
Hello, mister.
Trying to persecute me, eh?
- Breaking in my house like this. I'll fix you.
- What's wrong?
I'm the insurance man.
National Insurance Company.
What are the losses here?
- Oh, you're the insurance man.
- Yeah, the claim adjuster.
Glad they put me on this job.
It's a fireman's house.
A fireman saved my mother and father.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, sure. I'm gonna give you a break.
You guys saved us a lot of money.
Gonna treat you the same way.
- Uh, how about that chair?
- Oh, how do I know?
She bought it. My wife.
- Now she's dead and I...
- Call it $ 10.
- How much for the bed?
- I don't want nothing for that.
- Don't be a sap. You'll take something.
- I told you, I don't want nothing for it.
Well, the total is $2775.
Go outside, sit down. You look tired. I'll
look. See if I can make it three grand.
I'll go in the other room
and watch those reporters.
They're not gonna spread our picture
on the front page for people to laugh at.
- I'll kill them, that's what I'll do.
- Yeah.
- I'll kill them.
- A pleasure.
- I'll see you on the way out.
- Yeah.
All set. An even three grand.
Yeah, well, if you're finished,
leave me alone.
Sure sorry to bother you at a time
like this, but it's for your own good.
Yeah, a lot of good
money'll do me now.
I'm even afraid to go back
to the firehouse.
I was always bragging to the boys
what a wonderful little wife I had.
I know how you feel.
Boys, look.
What's your name
in case I wanna see you?
Jones. Johnny K. Jones.
That heel's got something.
I'm going after him. Hey.
Hey, what do you got?
A yen to smack you on the kisser.
Come on, be a good sport.
Split it with us, will you?
Sure, I'll split it wide open.
Get him, come on.
Get him.
Come on, you rascal.
Graphic News, beat it. Quick.
- You're a credit to Sing Sing.
- I grabbed that picture. It was a pipe.
Mr. Grover may turn you loose
in the galleries of Europe.
- He'd like to have you lift the Mona
Lisa. - None of your high-brow wisecracks.
You've shown unusual enterprise.
I'm gonna give you a chance,
20 a week, starting today.
Careful, you'll knock the lad over
with generosity.
I don't care about the dough.
I want a job on a newspaper.
Report to Photographic. They issue
a pocket camera, keep it with you.
Grab everything in sight that's hot.
Things that the public would wanna see.
Yeah, sure. Thanks very much.
But, you know, I feel kind of sorry
for that poor fireman.
But after all,
I gotta make an honest living.
Thanks for myself.
- You know what I mean.
- Aw, forget it.
You're the first guy ever gave me a chance
to do anything on the level. You're my pal.
Hey, come here, everybody.
Got something I wanna tell you.
- Got a new man on staff.
Solves the unemployment problem.
I know, we don't usually do this,
but I want you to lay off this fellow.
Don't pull any cub stunts like sending him
to the ink room to get fingerprinted.
He's been fingerprinted.
He might not like it.
Don't send him to Jersey on false alarms,
he's been there on real ones.
In other words, he's tough.
That's all. Back to your work, slaves.
Can you imagine that guy?
- Pop explained it to you?
- Mm-hm.
- Works just like a gun, trigger and all.
Hey, Kean.
Duck, quick, the fireman's looking for you
and he's got a rod.
Duck this way, hurry up.
Hey, you. Wait a minute.
What did I tell you? You're mistaken.
We have no reporter named Johnny Jones.
That guy was from some other paper.
Just pulling a fast one on you.
I want the yellow rat that stole
that picture off my bedroom wall.
- I'm telling you he was from another paper.
- He's on this paper.
One of the fellows outside told me.
And when I lay my eyes on him,
I'm gonna fill him full of lead.
I got a wife, mister.
Yeah, I had one too.
I know, old man. Tough break.
Didn't your parents
ever explain things to you?
Shh, shh.
Pipe down. The fire department's burning.
See, he isn't anywhere around here.
My name's Allison. Sob sister.
Feminine photos deluxe on all scandals.
Glad to know you, Allison.
You must come and see me some time.
What do you wanna kill a man for
I got plenty of trouble as it is.
Killing won't bother me.
You know, you're too good-looking
to be shot.
- You think so?
- For no particular reason...
...I think I'll take charge of you.
You're the warden.
Keep in step, bedroom eyes.
I knew a guy once who was nuts
about Ping-Pong.
Trying to make this girl learn.
Couldn't play.
- What did he do?
- Got her.
Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?
- I hurt you, kid?
- I don't wanna play anymore.
I mean, uh, Ping-Pong.
Gee, I like you.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hm.
Most men start by holding my hand
and telling me how lonesome they are.
Then they talk about love.
Dress it up with a lot of fancy words.
I've got too much vitality for that.
- You've got vitality too.
- Sure.
They start playing hard to get,
I give them the go-by.
Too many girls
with that vitality business around.
Maybe it's an accident.
- You owe me 90 cents.
- Shall I wait for you, Mac?
Good night.
It's Mac. Turn off the lights, Danny.
Well, put them out, go on.
Keep quiet. Maybe he'll think there's
nobody home. He always forgets his key.
- I didn't know this is Mac's spot.
- Keep still, will you?
- I don't two-time pals.
- Oh, he'll go away.
What do you want with me
when you got a swell guy?
Don't talk
about broken-down newspapermen.
- What do you mean broken-down?
- I'm fed up with him.
He's got more money coming
than the mint.
- Coming?
- Sure, didn't he tell you?
An uncle died. Left 54 million bucks.
Made in Asian diamond mines.
- Only three relatives left to split it up.
- Hmm.
The hat.
- Is there a back way out of here?
- No.
- That's the only way out.
- Where's the fire escape?
- By the bedroom window. Come on.
- I'll see you around, sister.
Hello, Mac,
I was in bed thinking about you.
May I join you or am I intruding?
Ohh. Mmm.
You're doing very well.
I'll raise you to 40 a week. Grover's
satisfied you got the right stuff.
He ought to be.
Nobody gets the pictures I get.
Just make the assignment tough.
I love it.
Okay, send them up.
Here's a tough one for you.
The university class in journalism,
we get a visit once a month.
Rule of the sheet. The new man
shows them around, sort of an initiation.
That's tough enough.
All right, you guys, screw.
Find someplace else
to park your things.
Screw, boys.
Let's go.
You know, Professor Standing says
that the things we'll see here...
...are the things in journalism not to do.
Professor Standing says
that this newspaper...
...is a filthy blot on the escutcheon
of American writing.
- Professor Stand...
- Shh. They're liable to hear you.
Pardon me, but could you tell us
which one is the city editor?
You see, we're from university
and we'd like to see the city editor.
- I guess you mean Mr. McLean.
Is that his name?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Our future crusaders of clean American
journalism. How do you do?
- I'm Patricia Nolan, Mr. McLean.
We'd like... McLEAN: I know.
Just a minute. Danny?
Oh, Danny.
Here's Mr. Kean.
One of our star reporters.
And a man we depend on
for a number of important things.
How do you do?
How do you do?
Mr. Kean, I wish you'd show these visitors
through our plant.
Explain to them
how a great metropolitan daily is run.
I know you're a very busy man,
but do you mind?
I'm in the middle of a big murder story.
But it can wait. We run it next week.
- Oh, that will be wonderful, Mr. Kean.
Thank you.
Do you write the editorials?
No, I get all the tough assignments.
- I'm a picture snatcher.
- A what?
Millionaire's wife hides out with a chauffeur,
I slap their profiles on the front page.
I track down saps that have reason
to keep out of the papers.
Murderers, embezzlers,
crooked politicians.
People who pull down blinds
in the wrong houses.
In my opinion, modern journalism
has descended to a deplorable level.
A foreigner. And that ain't all I do.
I risk my neck grabbing photos
of plane crashes, train wrecks.
Ships breaking offshore in storms.
And other things.
- It must be thrilling.
- Aw, it's all a day's work.
Who in your opinion
was the most difficult person to approach?
- The governor.
- The governor.
And what was the subject
of the interview?
I wanted to ask his pardon.
Oh, I see. You owed him an apology.
Let it go at that.
Let's go to the paper room.
Go to the bottom and work up.
- Boy, that was close.
- I could see the whites of their eyes.
Here it is.
Enough paper for a million newspapers.
Yes, here it is. White wood pulp.
Plain white.
Why, today it's raw,
but tonight it's cooked.
With printer's ink. Photographic art.
The sweat of creative effort.
Tomorrow it goes out...
...and hundreds and thousands
of men and women...
...feed their starving, mediocre souls...
...on the indiscretions
and adventures of others.
And then, a little while later, what is it?
Don't you know?
They use it to wrap up herring.
I better go up. Dad will be home soon.
I was supposed to be in bed ages ago.
- Don't go up yet. Come on, it's early.
- Oh, I just got to.
- It's 3:00.
- Just another minute. Come on.
- Hello, Pat.
- Oh, hello, Colleen.
So long, Mike, and thanks.
Good night, honey,
I'll see you Wednesday. Bye.
Nice night, huh?
- They're going to be married.
- I wonder whatever gave them that idea.
Oh, Danny, don't do that.
I thought you said you like me.
That's my father, Danny.
What do we do? What do we do?
Oh, wait. Come here, come here.
You better open up pretty soon...
...or I'll have to climb in a window
and let you in, Colleen.
Danny Kean.
Oh, no. You got me wrong.
My name is Brown.
- Tom Brown.
- Don't you lie to me, Danny.
Well, this ain't old home week.
I'm not patching up any old friendships.
I'm ashamed of you, Colleen. Out with
the no-good rascal like him. Ouch!
Aren't you ever gonna open up?
What's the idea?
- Oh, why, Pat.
Pat. My own daughter, Pat.
I'll slug you.
My own daughter out with a yegg.
- Dad, don't. Dad, please don't.
- I'm gonna kill that little rat. Let me go.
Go on upstairs.
Missed me.
I'm gonna write him a letter about that.
I'm not allowed out at night.
He knows all about you.
I told him you're a reporter
and where you work.
Oh, what of it? I wanted to be a reporter
all my life and I am one.
Now. I'm respectable.
Daddy says you're a hoodlum.
I must never see you again.
There's the police. Always hounding
the guy. I'm not in the racket anymore.
I'm in a legitimate business.
He's on his way down to the paper
to see your boss. Oh, be careful.
All right, honey, don't worry.
I'll watch out.
Goodbye, baby. Goodbye, sweet. Bye.
Get it or don't come back.
- Well, did you fix it?
- She ain't sore, but the old man is.
He's coming down here.
Better hide out till you grow a beard.
I'll see what I can do.
No, you got worries enough now.
Not at all. It's a pleasure to remove a
few boulders from the rocky road to love.
Thanks, boss, you're a pal.
Yeah? Well, let Harrison do it.
Sure, you report back to the office.
Greetings, lieutenant.
How's the only honest copper
on the force?
I'm looking for that no-good Danny Kean.
Minute you came, you gave me a brilliant
idea. I'm gonna write the story of your life.
I've always wanted to give you a boost
in print, you deserve it.
We ought to show the department
what it means to have you on the force.
What good will a boost in this rag
be doing me? Lt'll be a knot.
- This ain't a newspaper and you know it.
- All right, watch this.
Give me Joe Chase of the Record.
Sit down, lieutenant.
Hello, Joe. Al McLean.
Your sheet's always crusading something,
here's a chance for you...
...to put on a drive for Lieutenant Nolan.
Come clean, Mac.
What's Casey Nolan got on you?
Oh, no, no, nothing like that. He's
an honest copper, ought to be captain.
Cited for brains and bravery,
hates racketeers. Racketeers hate him.
Magical man to fight the crime
and hoodlum influence, get the idea?
You'll do us a favor. Give the paper a
chance to start a house-cleaning campaign.
Why don't you run it?
Oh, no, no. We only dish dirt over here.
You know that.
But the Record has a policy
of promoting civic virtue.
You will? Okay, thanks a million.
Next time you want somebody ruined,
call me up. How was that?
Wonderful. Won... But why should you
go out of your way for me?
McLEAN: A friend of yours asked
to put in a boost for you.
Friend, who?
- Danny Kean.
- That yegg?
He's been trying to be respectable.
You keep hounding him. He's your friend.
Me hound anybody?
Me try to prevent a guy
from going straight?
Mac, you got me all wrong.
Where is he?
I'll get him. Danny.
Danny Kea...
Have you seen Danny Kean?
Danny, there's a pal of yours out here
looking for you.
You've met Lieutenant Nolan.
Yeah, we've met. Socially.
Shake hands, Danny.
Nobody can ever say Casey Nolan
ever refused to help a man go straight.
Any time you want anything,
just walk in and ask.
You don't have to be afraid. Just ask.
How about to asking me up to supper?
You get promoted again, captain...
...you'll have to get wider shoulders
to carry all those things.
- Is that the gat you plugged me with?
- Got you six times.
- Never missed you once, did I?
- Mm-mm.
- All six. You were good then.
- I'm still good.
Dad, please.
You'll be late for your lodge meeting.
All right. All right.
It's forgotten. I'm a reporter now,
the best reporter on the sheet.
- The best?
- Uh-huh.
- I suppose you're going up tomorrow?
- Up where?
Up to the execution at Sing Sing.
I'm in charge
of all the New York newspapermen.
But of course they wouldn't send you
an invitation.
- Why not?
No cub reporters allowed...
...only veteran newspapermen.
- Top-notchers, you know.
- I got more important things to do...
...than to watch some dame fry
for knocking over a boyfriend.
- Who issues the invitations?
- An old pal of yours.
- No kidding.
- Yeah, Warden Long.
Oh, I see.
I don't wanna find you here
when I get back, Danny.
- Pat goes to bed at 10:00.
All right, Dad. You'll be late.
Good night, lieutenant.
- Captain.
Ha-ha. Thanks to me.
Why so thoughtful?
I'm getting 60 bucks a week now.
That's enough to get hitched on.
We mustn't talk about that.
I've got to finish school.
Oh, what can college teach you
about love?
That's a career in itself.
But I'd like to be a reporter,
meet interesting people.
Aw. One reporter in the family is enough.
You know, baby...
...if I could pull something real big,
they'd double my dough in no time.
I'll be a top-notcher
your old man was talking about.
But it's gotta be something big. Big.
Use your brain.
Try and figure something out.
Electrocution of a woman
doesn't take place every day.
If we can get a picture
inside the death house, what a scoop.
The town'll never stop talking about us.
If you weren't the boss,
I'd say there's a ghoul in you.
- It's impossible, it can't be done.
- Why not?
Because Mr. McLean didn't have initiative
enough to get us an invitation.
- I got in without an invitation.
- It took you three years to get out.
A good education. Three years ain't long.
Takes four to get out of college.
Why are we discriminated against?
Why can't we get an invitation?
Because the warden,
a gentleman of discernment...
...says Graphic is not an ethical paper
and doesn't belong.
I suppose we might
as well forget about it.
I'd give my right eye
and a thousand dollars...
...for a flash of that woman in the chair.
I'll take that bet.
And never mind the eye.
- Hello, Clarence.
- Hello.
Another one.
- I want to insult my liver.
- Hello, Pete.
- Still on the Record?
- Yup, still the people's champion.
- Leave the bottle.
- Let it ride for me.
What are you doing,
stocking up for a bender?
I got a bad stomach.
I never go to an electrocution
without lining it.
- Did you get that assignment?
- Here's my invite.
If I had taken that murder in Miami,
I wouldn't have had to go.
What are you crabbing about? You don't
wanna be in Florida this time of the year.
Besides, you got swell company.
The top-notch men on every sheet.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I've covered electrocutions before.
They leave a bad taste in your soul
for months.
And this time, it's a woman. Ohh.
Well, if it ain't
the Graphic News star reporter.
- You call the shot.
- Going up to the burning tonight?
I'm on another job. I ain't got the time
to watch them burn any crazy moll.
Well, you can't be so hot yet.
Could I see you private, Danny?
Pardon me.
What's on your mind?
Look like the score's against you.
- I got worries.
- Think of the guys on the bread line.
I'm leveling. Business is rotten.
Jerry's been hitting the skids
with Olive breezing him along.
- We've got no leadership.
- That's what they say around election time.
He's even knocking off gas stations
and you know what that means.
- Yeah, that's bad.
- When you was with us, we carried rods.
- But there never was a murder rap to beat.
- Listen, Leo, I ain't interested.
I'm getting good dough
and, in my heart, I was always a reporter.
- Well, uh...
- Listen, forget it, will you?
- Old friends?
- Yeah, old and ripe.
- Ripe enough to throw away.
- Jerry the Mug and his sidekick, Leo.
You know everything, don't you?
That's why I've gotta go up
to the death house tonight.
Oh, I wish I could go.
I wish you could, too, in my place.
Pardon me.
- Hi, Danny.
- Hello, Pete.
- Anything I can do for you?
- Not a thing in the world. Not a thing.
Oh, soap, Danny.
Towel, Danny.
- Towel.
- Come here. Right in here.
Nice soft, clean towel. Right here.
Come on.
Right here. Right there. That's it.
Danny, open the door, Danny.
Open the door, please. Danny boy.
Open it.
Danny. Danny, come on.
Danny, let me out of here.
Hello. Hello, Pat?
I won't be able to see you tonight.
- Why not? Where are you going?
- I'm going on an assignment.
Best newspapermen in America
are gonna be there.
Wanna know what it is? Hold your breath
and then start cheering for me.
I'm going back to Sing Sing. Ha-ha-ha!
Are you Mr. F.L. Strange of the Gazette?
Empty your pockets,
deposit contents here.
All accounted for except the Record's man,
Mr. Peters.
We'll give him a few minutes more.
Hiya, boys.
Hiya, men, how is it?
Hiya, keeps.
Hiya, Captain Nolan.
- Are you Mr. Peters of the Record?
- I'm Danny Kean, remember, don't you?
Sure. I remember you.
I didn't know you're a reporter.
Peters is sick. I'm sitting in for him.
Sorry, Danny, but the invitations
are not transferable.
Warden Long is very strict about that.
Oh, let me in, will you?
I'm a reporter. I gotta make good.
Sorry, Danny, but rules are rules.
- Call one of our paid witnesses.
- I thought you were on the Graphic News.
I quit for a better job. I'm on the Record
now, a regular newspaper.
Come on, cap, be a good guy, will you?
Speak for me.
I'll see what I can do. John.
Give Danny a chance. He's one of your boys
and this means a lot to him.
Well, if it's all right with you,
I'll be willing to take a chance.
You're responsible for these boys,
you know.
Sure, it's all right with me.
He's not a bad sort.
I'd hate to see him flop on the new job.
Check in Danny Kean as okay.
Representing The Morning Record.
Thanks a million, keeps.
You too, Captain Nolan.
Here, empty your pockets.
Deposit contents in there.
When I left,
I swore nothing would drag me back.
- You never know, do you?
- What made you change your mind?
Homesick, sap.
I'd rather take a beating than do this.
I should have taken that coal-strike
assignment, I'd be on my way by now.
These things don't faze me at all.
I can watch them all day long.
- I've been in a death house before.
- What do you mean?
- Remember when they fired Bull Wickerson?
- Yeah, two years ago. I saw it.
He was a pal of mine. Whistled "Alexander's
Ragtime Band" on the way to the chair.
Boys. There are a few things
I'd like to say before we go.
It's the warden's prerogative to ask
who he wishes for the execution.
Knowing the importance of this one, he
invited as many of the press as he could.
I want to ask one thing.
That you do not afterward write anything
which did not transpire here.
We do not give signals.
The condemned is not under any narcotic.
This is simply an organized manifestation
of the will of the taxpayers.
You will sign the regular witness form.
And since after the execution...
...you will all be anxious
to write your stories...
...I'll ask you to do it now.
Another thing, it is the common belief
that when the current is thrown on...
...the lights go dim all over the prison
and all the other inmates howl and cheer.
That isn't true.
We get our current
from a separate dynamo.
The rest of the prison
knows nothing about this.
I place all of you on your
honor as gentlemen of the press.
Coming in, Nolan?
No, I'll be waiting outside.
- Okay.
So long, captain.
- Bye, captain. Bye, keeps.
- Goodbye, Danny. Good luck.
So long.
Good night.
Good night, boys.
Good night, boys.
Everything all right?
- A very orderly group, Nolan.
Thanks for your very fine assistance.
Hand it over.
A camera.
Let's go.
I got him.
Captain, captain.
- Danny Kean had a camera on his leg.
He got a flash of the execution.
He isn't from the Record.
They wouldn't do that.
- He's from Graphic.
- I'll get the police.
There isn't a statute
you can hold him on.
This is my responsibility.
I let him in here, I'll get him.
That picture's published,
it's the last information you'll get.
If you've got sense, you'll stop Danny
before he reaches the city.
Do you hear that, boys?
Are you with me?
Yes. Yes.
All right.
I'll go in the first car, you follow.
Now, listen.
Gene, you'll take the Albany Post Road
through Yonkers.
- Jim, you'll take the
Bronx River Highway. Yeah.
George, you cut through Mount Vernon.
Now get going.
Come on, let's go.
Give it the gas.
That's him ahead. Step on it.
They're gaining. Right on our tail.
Hold everything. Ha-ha-ha.
Turn down that road.
Lost a tire.
We got him.
Keep going as long as you can,
make them chase you. I'm unloading.
So long.
- Chief, Danny Kean got a picture.
- He had a camera strapped to his leg.
- Grabbed it in the room.
- Trying to head him off.
- Why didn't you frisk him?
- Police are watching all roads.
- Watch elevators and subways.
- Head him off.
- Don't let him reach his office.
- Head him off.
We'll check every taxi
within a block of the office.
Get me Circulation.
Get every available man
to try and head off Danny Kean.
There he is.
Hey, what's the matter with you?
Okay, I'll give it a go in a few minutes.
I can't hold up the edition. How do
we know we're gonna get anything?
Danny never got a picture.
But if he's got it and it's good,
we'll double the circulation.
All right, I'll hold it up
a few minutes longer.
If you ask me, I wouldn't run the picture.
Which do you think is more painful?
Hanging or the electric chair?
I don't know.
In Utah, a man can have his own choice.
Hanging or a firing squad.
Now, in Nevada...
Shut up, can't you talk of anything else?
This is giving me the jitters too.
If Danny gets a picture,
it will be the scoop of our paper.
Our what?
Come on in there, Danny.
I got it.
- Lock and cover the doors.
Slam anybody that tries to get in.
I told you I'd get it.
- That's what I was afraid of.
- Here.
- I thought I'd die laughing at those cops.
- Save that for later. Give me the camera.
No one's excited over a little picture?
It was a pushover.
You should see the expression
on those cops' faces.
Suppose you have got a picture,
we haven't got the story.
- Remember what happened?
- I'll tell you the works.
Let's get it down on paper.
Come on, Allison, take this down.
Give me a book, quick.
All right, go ahead, Danny.
- Are you all set?
McLEAN: Go ahead.
All right. This is the way it was.
They hustle us into the death house.
I muscle my way down front,
where I can get a shot of the works.
- Am I talking too fast?
- No.
All right. There it was, right
under my nose, the hot seat.
Everything quiet, in walks two screws,
the dame gonna take the rap for the murder.
They pop her into the chair,
put a hood over her head and strap her in.
One guy throws in the works,
the dame fries.
- It was over...
- Wait, let's see what we've got.
"The witnesses were ushered into the death
chamber. All eyes focused on the chair.
The death-dealing device with which
the state enacts the supreme penalty.
The sound of footsteps is heard.
Everything is tense, they go closer.
The door is open.
On the threshold stood a woman.
A wife, a mother,
to pay with her life...
...for a crime unparalleled
in the annals of history.
The murderer of her lover.
The father of her child. "
Great stuff, Danny.
I always knew I could write.
All I needed was a chance.
He's got it. He's got it.
And it's good.
Everyone shut up.
- We're gonna split this town wide open.
Here, get a plate
and save in the master.
The whole front page
is gonna be that picture.
Kid, for this,
you get a hundred berries a week.
One century on the line every Saturday.
And a bonus of $500.
Five hundred? I thought you said a grand.
I was kidding.
- I wasn't.
No, leave it on me to do the right thing,
will you?
Meantime, you lay low for a couple of
days. I'll handle everything legally.
You better go out through the window...
...and don't forget to lay low.
Keep in touch with Mac.
What's the matter with that guy?
He's right.
The cops can make it plenty tough for you.
It's a cinch they will.
I got it. Allison's going upstate
to cover a story in Syracuse.
You can stay in her apartment
till it blows over. Give him the key.
Mac, telephone.
- Right.
- Thanks for helping me this way, kid.
- Think nothing of it.
- Mac's right. This is plenty serious.
- Aah.
- When do you leave for Syracuse?
- Oh, in about an hour.
What am I gonna do about grub
up in the apartment?
I'll see that everything you'll need
will be there.
Listen to that.
There goes the picture.
- Your picture, Dan.
- Mm-hm.
My picture. Hot off the griddle.
It's a great feeling...
...doing something never done before.
And that story I wrote that goes with it.
I'll see you later, Allison. So long.
- Hello, honey.
- Hello, Danny.
I didn't think you'd call. It's late.
Not to tell what a monkey
I made of your old man.
He won't rib me
about being a small-time reporter.
I don't understand, Danny.
What do you mean?
You'll understand what I mean when you
bend those peepers on tomorrow's papers.
Yeah, now, good night, honey.
Oh, and get that story I wrote
that goes with it.
Yeah, I did. All right. Good night, baby.
Good night, honey.
Good night, darling.
The dirty ingrate.
Wait till I get my hands on that hoodlum.
Sneaking a camera in there.
Making a fool out of me.
I'll smash him into bits,
run him out of town.
Don't get upset. It was part of his job.
They ordered him to do it.
Shut up or I'll smash you too.
Sticking up for that dirty little thug.
Do you know what this means?
I'll be demoted.
Maybe I'll lose my job altogether.
- Where are you going?
- Where am I going? A fine question.
I'm going to look around a little. There's
something in this town I wanna step on.
Nature in the rough is seldom smooth.
That's why millions of America's
most beautiful women...
...smoke Nifty violet Cigarettes.
Why don't you?
Made it happen.
Hello, baby.
- I thought you were on a job upstate.
- That story blew up in the air.
Then I realized there was a swell love story
right in my own apartment, so I came back.
You said it. I don't blame you
for coming back.
Mac's a swell guy.
Well, I guess I'll scram out of here.
- There's no hurry.
- I gotta find another hideout.
Mac called,
said they were hot on my trail.
That's why you can't go now.
I'm gonna go nuts around this joint.
Now just sit tight
until I get these duds off.
I'm dead tired.
Does Mac make enough dough
to put up for all this?
Don't get personal.
Well, you've really been lonely.
Are you glad I came?
Yeah, sure. Does Mac know you're back?
Will you stop harping on Mac
all the time?
I thought you were going together
I'm too much of a woman
for any one man.
Except maybe someone like you, Danny.
Aw, stop bragging.
What am I supposed to do now?
Start chewing up furniture?
No, but I'm gonna start chewing you up,
Come on. Cut it out.
You getting me all marked up.
Stop it, will you?
All right, enough scars now.
Cut it, will you...? Stop it. Move back.
Stop your clowning.
- I'm gonna make you love me and like it.
- I got a girl. You know that. You got Mac.
- What does she got I can't give?
- You couldn't get it through your head.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
There's one thing I'm sure of.
She probably won't see you
if you lived to be 100.
- You got her old man demoted.
- I got what?
Get a load of this.
Well, that finishes me.
I never gave Pat a thought.
If I had,
I wouldn't have taken that picture.
Don't worry, honey. You still have me.
Come on now, look out, will you? You
wanna get the grabbies again? Listen...
Well, listen, Mac.
Mac, don't get me wrong...
- Mac, wait a minute.
- Wait for what? I can see, can't I?
Mac, Mac, don't be dumb.
Dumb, sure I'm dumb.
Trying to make a parrot out of a jailbird.
Lay off that jailbird stuff.
You're cockeyed...
Sure I'm cockeyed. But that doesn't
stop me from calling a turn on a heel.
All right.
If that's the way you feel about it.
I'm sorry, Mac.
Okay, once a rat, always a rat.
Funny how a guy will remember his key
at the wrong time.
Well, we won't have to worry
about him anymore.
Danny. Danny, come back.
I was going straight in legitimate business.
Doing as I was told, asking no questions.
Straight? A legitimate business?
What do you think you are, a reporter?
You're the lowest thing on the newspaper.
A picture snatcher.
What do you think
Mr. Grover hired you for?
You can steal pictures from innocent people
so down in the mouth they can't fight back.
Just a thug.
Doing the same things you always did.
Please go now before my father comes.
I don't want any more trouble.
All right, Pat.
I just want you to know
I didn't mean any harm.
No, Mr. McLean. He was here yesterday.
Yeah, he bought a couple of quarts,
I haven't seen him since.
No, Mr. McLean.
I ain't seen him for three days.
Uh-huh. If I see him,
I'll tell him to call you up.
No, Mr. McLean. He ain't been around here
in over a week.
Yeah, I'll tell him.
No, Mr. McLean.
I no see him a full couple of weeks.
All right, Mr. McLean.
I'll tell him, Mr. McLean.
Lay off, moocher.
This is a private party.
Oh, you...
Hey, Danny. That guy is here again.
Tell him the same thing.
- You ain't seen me.
- Oh, look, he's been here twice.
He told me if I don't find you, he's gonna
tip off the feds, have me padlocked.
Come on, give me a break.
All right.
You wanna put it on a friendship basis,
Okay, let him in.
Hey, Vitello. All right, let him come in.
Here he is.
Hello, Danny.
- Hello.
- I've been looking all over for you.
You're looking all over for me, huh?
You just didn't know where to look.
I've been around.
Set him up. Make mine milk.
Want to tell you it's all right
about Allison. Good for me.
I found out what she really is.
- Just forget about that dame.
- And I quit the Graphic News.
- What?
- Two years in hell.
I'm through with that now. Been making
the rounds trying to find another job.
No one'll believe I'm off the booze.
I'll make it.
Sure, you will, Mac.
You're a good editor.
- You're a high-powered guy.
- We'll both make it.
You better forget about me.
I'm just a picture snatcher.
Stealing pictures of poor
broken-down people who can't hit back.
Not on a real sheet.
I'm talking about newspapers.
- I'm no good at that.
- You could get by.
Be a star legman.
Rewrite men can handle your stuff.
Hi, big boy. Couple of Scotches.
- Two Scotch. Hey, two Scotch, quick.
- Yes.
Oh, boy, is this town burning up.
Well, your old friend, Jerry the Mug,
just knocked off two coppers.
- Who was with him?
- He was alone, quick getaway.
- Got the cops looking for him.
- What do you know about that?
Jerry the Mug just knocked off
two cops all by himself.
That's a panic. Hey.
- Was Casey Nolan one of them coppers?
It's too bad.
Calling all stations, emergency order.
I have a complete description
of Jerry the Mug on the teletype.
All officers are to work double shifts
until Jerry the Mug is captured.
Commissioner's orders
are take no chances, shoot to kill.
Now get this, you fellows.
There's a promotion for the man
who puts a finger on Jerry the Mug.
We want every police officer in the state
to be on the lookout for him.
...if I found Jerry the Mug,
what would happen?
We could write our ticket.
Be the greatest scoop of the year.
- Not thinking of me. I wanna get you a job.
- Anything we do, we do together.
Finding Jerry when every cop is looking
for him will put us back in the running.
We do it. I owe that Mug a trip to the big
house for what he did to me four years ago.
- This is my chance to make him pay.
- Come on.
You've had enough of that. What you need
is a bath and a shave. Come on.
The commissioner of police
announces that every available man...
...will be put on the streets
until Jerry the Mug is captured.
Dead or alive.
Why should I tell you anything?
You gave me the shoulder
like I was poison to you.
You know how a guy is
when he gets out of stir.
No, I don't.
You don't see a woman for so long,
you get afraid of them.
- Afraid of me, Danny?
- Mm-hm.
A little bit.
- Tell me something, will you, baby?
- Mm-hm.
- Where's Jerry?
- What do you want Jerry for?
I got a tip for him.
Come on, you know where Olive is.
I'll find out for you in the morning.
No, no. I gotta find him tonight.
You'll be too busy seeing me tonight.
I hope you won't be lonesome, baby.
I'll be back tomorrow.
It's like doing it for your country,
we gotta make sacrifices.
But this is too much.
I don't like the dame, I'm finicky.
Nothing's too much in a case like this.
It means a new deal. A chance
to crash in on a legitimate newspaper.
All you gotta do
is kid her along a little bit.
All right, I'll give.
But I'm doing it against my will.
Oh, it's you. Back again.
- Mm-hm. Big as life.
- Well, spring it, what do you want?
I can't tell you all about it
out in the hall.
Come on inside. I got words for you.
Listen, baby. I got downstairs and
realized what a big sap I was...
...worrying about Jerry
with you around.
- You were anxious to give me the go-by.
- You got me wrong, gorgeous.
I just keep putting myself out
for my friends.
Treat me like I was an epidemic.
But I can't help going for you.
I'm in favor of you too.
Find drinks in the kitchen.
I'm gonna put on something comfortable.
It's such beautiful silk,
you can almost see through it.
See you later, honey.
Olive? Yes, this is Connie.
Where are you?
Bon Ton Beauty Parlor.
Yeah, I need a permanent.
Say, you sound funny.
What's the matter with your voice?
I got a terrible cold.
My throat is so sore I can hardly speak.
You better take a shot of something,
hot lemonade.
No, you better not meet me.
You know why. The town's on fire.
Call me up again soon, would you, dear?
Like to borrow one of my dresses?
Who was that on the phone?
A bunch of violets, he had the wrong
number. I egged him on for a laugh.
You had me stopped. Someone's always
getting this number by mistake.
- That's a slinky outfit.
- Think you could go for me, darling?
Like a mouse for a trap, baby.
You bad boy. What are you gonna do?
You'd be surprised.
I knew you couldn't hold out forever.
You need a girl like me.
Sure. You got what it takes
to get them, baby. Move over.
I wanna give you a break.
You'll never forget this
as long as you live.
Good night, darling.
And pleasant dreams.
Danny, you're kidding.
Sure I'm kidding. Wait right there.
I'll be back in five or 10 years.
Oh, you fool. Let me out of here.
Open that door.
And the police promise an arrest
within 24 hours of Jerry the Mug.
Notorious slayer of two policemen.
These news flashes come to you through
the courtesy of the Daily Record...
...the people's newspaper.
Call up headquarters
and get the riot squad here.
Okay, chief.
Who's there?
- Danny.
Danny Kean.
- What do you want?
- Hello, come on. Close the gate. Come here.
I got plenty of heat. Don't get excited,
I can turn it on any time.
The boys sent me
to see if I can do anything for you.
- The boys ain't treated me good.
- Can't blame them.
- You're hot now, Jerry.
- They're rats.
This is a nice hideout.
Yeah, the best place to hide's
near a police station.
Yeah, but you better turn on those lights.
Make it look less suspicious.
Maybe you're right.
- Is there anything I can do?
- What's your hurry?
I got a date. I came up to see
how you making out.
Listen, if I was you,
I'd duck out of here.
- Why?
- I'd get out in the sticks.
To Jersey, lay low a while.
I've been doing all right here so far.
I know but they wanna crack this town
open to get you. I'm steering you straight.
Take it on the lam.
If there's anything I can do, let me know.
- Send me up a carton of cigarettes.
- All right.
- You double-crossing squealer.
- Wait a minute. I didn't bring them.
- I'll give a chance to prove that.
- How?
- You're gonna help shoot it out.
- Sure, I will. Give me a rod.
Open the davenport. Go on. Go on.
Come on. Bring me them guns.
Come on. Get over here.
Come on.
- I don't know nothing. Let me go.
You hardhearted murderer.
- Come on. Come on here.
- Let me go.
Take her.
- Take her away.
Looks like a young war around here.
Lost two men to that killer before.
We're not taking any chances.
- I'm gonna ask you to do something.
- Shoot, what is it?
If you see Danny before this is over,
give him a chance to speak first.
- That hoodlum, why?
- For your own sake.
- I don't get you.
- You will.
Look who's there.
What are they doing here?
Get back. You wanna get plugged?
Daddy. Daddy.
Daddy. Daddy.
Throw them in the kitchen.
There ain't no windows in there.
Stay low right here. I'll try and get
you out of this, you hear? Stay low.
Mommy. Mommy.
Why do you have those kids here?
I'm smart. If things get too hot for me,
I'll use them as a front.
Women and children first.
They won't shoot women and children.
You should have been around sooner.
What a circus between Olive and the wife.
All of us sleeping in one joint.
Oh, no.
Stay right here.
Come on.
Come here.
- Crawl over here.
- Come over the window.
What are you standing there for?
- There's holes through the walls.
- What do you care?
- Wife and kids are there.
- They asked for a gunfight.
- They're getting it.
- Wife and kids didn't shoot any coppers.
- So what?
- They're not gonna get your wife and kids.
Are you yellow, stool?
- Jerry! No!
- Keep down. Keep down.
Smash it in.
All right, boys.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Hold those axes.
- What are you doing here?
Wait a minute.
Didn't Lieutenant Nolan tell you?
I'm working under his orders.
He knew I was a friend of Jerry the Mug.
Took a chance, sent me out
to get in touch with him.
I made connection. I was sneaking out
to give the lowdown when you spotted us.
- Jerry the Mug made me stay here.
- Sounds kind of phony.
How do we know you and Jerry
were not together?
Don't make me laugh.
Ask Nolan. He's the one should get credit.
I don't want any.
- Is that right, Nolan?
- What...?
Oh, yes, captain.
You see, I had an idea
in view of the fact...
...that Danny and Jerry the Mug
used to be pals...
...that probably he could locate him.
So I took a long chance...
- That's all there is to it. It was his idea.
- Yeah.
Give us that bridgework, lieutenant.
Smile. That's got it.
- Was I in?
- Sure, you're a cinch.
Call the coroner.
Come on, baby. Get up.
Come on. Forget that guy.
Well, Danny, every newspaper in town's
got the story now.
Yeah. Just our luck
to have the cops bust in.
Just when we have everything
in the bag.
We could give them the real story about
Jerry trying to use wife and kids as shield...
...threw a gun on me, tried to force me to
help shoot out. But that's another story.
A great story. The greatest inside story
of the year except for one thing.
- What?
- How can you prove it?
Everyone say
it's just another reporter's pipe dream.
If I could prove it, it'd still be news?
Even if every other paper had it?
Of course, an inside story's
better than a scoop.
- Well, I got it.
- What do you mean?
Sure, right here.
Three photographs
of Jerry the Mug before and after.
- You got a picture of him shooting?
- As they gave it to him through the back.
Only a rag would print
something like that.
Don't be silly. That's a picture
every newspaper in town will be running.
Picture of the killing of a rat.
- You mean it?
- Don't say another word. Let's grab a cab.
You're only wasting your breath, Mac.
I told you, I don't want Danny Kean
hanging around.
He's a tough little yegg,
no matter what you say.
I don't want him bothering my daughter.
He doesn't bother me, Daddy.
He's nice to me.
- Keep your nose shoved in that book.
McLEAN: You're not giving him a break.
He's on a legitimate paper now.
He's got a good job.
He double-crossed me once,
liable to do it again.
But you don't give him credit.
He got you promoted back.
The kid's walking in circles,
he can't eat, can't sleep.
- That's not my fault.
- It's your fault.
He's in love with your daughter.
You're in his way.
- She's in love with him. Aren't you, Pat?
- Yes.
I do love Danny. Love him very much.
Danny is a good boy. Really, he's good.
You're sure of that, aren't you?
I know it. Won't you let him come
and see me?
There, you see?
The kids are crazy about each other.
Well, maybe I'll give him another chance.
Oh, thanks, Daddy. Thanks.
- I'll see how it works out.
- Great. That's the spirit.
- Would you like to see him? Come with me.
- Would I?
- Parked in a car around the corner.
He didn't know I was coming. He'll think
I'm butting in, but that's all right.
He was feeling low.
Got tired of watching him suffer.
- Come on. Hurry.
Hey, Mac.
Tell that lawford
if he cuts up any monkey shines...
...I'll kill him even
if he is my son-in-law.
Ha! Don't worry, Casey.
- Oh, mister, have you got a light?
- Sorry, lady, I don't smoke.
Hello, Danny.
- Still hard to get?
- Where did you crawl out from?
In there, speakeasy,
went in for a couple of drinks.
Go back in and pass out, will you?
What's the matter with you?
Still carrying the torch
for that high school girl?
Why don't you get wise to yourself.
She's not your type.
- And I suppose you are, huh?
- You said it.
You and I are very much alike
even if you won't admit it.
We've been kicked around so much,
we got the polish worn off us.
You need the kind of woman you can make
love to and when you're tired, shake her.
That's my kind of a woman.
You don't want any of that jailbait.
- You got it all figured out, haven't you?
- Mm-hm.
- Danny.
- Oh, go away, will you? Go away.
Danny, give me a kiss, will you?
He's so in love with you it's pathetic.
Nothing could ever make him
look at another woman.
- Danny.
- Sweetheart.
Thanks, Mac. You're a pal.
Well, it looks like the reunion's
a howling success. Let's celebrate.
Get in the backseat, I'll be the chauffeur.
No, no. Don't be a sucker.
This is one night we wanna be alone.
I'll see you later, Mac. Thanks again.
- Are you sure you don't mind?
- Not at all. I know how it is. Run along.
Oh, boy. You don't know what a favor
you're doing me.
Okay, kid. Anything for a pal.
That's what I always say.
You big mug.
- What was it?
- Oh, uh...
- Somebody's cigar lighter exploded.
- Oh, it can't be. I don't believe you, Danny.
Was you there, Charlie?