Pictures Only (2021) Movie Script

Notice of rent increase.
The tenant rent
increase from 60 will go into
effect in fact 30 days from today on
July 1st.
I hope those are groceries in that box.
It's your turn to cook tonight.
At this rate I may have to hit my
rolodex for dinner with one of the many
gents seeking my attention.
Jo have you seen this?
Is this some kind of joke?
This has got to be illegal.
Was this on everyone's door?
I didn't even bother to notice.
I was too busy processing us.
What happened?
You just got this position.
Budget cuts.
Every position.
Linus, my supervisor, was cut.
Are you sure it's because some beautiful
black girl wasn't trying to force
African art inside the very white
I told you Lo, you have to tread lightly
with them folks.
They're not like that.
I had creative control over some
projects and influence in others.
Trust me,
they appreciated what
I brought to the table.
Honey, just because you got invited to
dinner doesn't mean you
have a seat at the table.
You are still the negro in the room and
you bet not dare say a word about it.
Because they'll tell you to stay out of
white folks business real quick,
and then they'll make it sound cute.
You know, like budget cuts?
Well excuse me, little miss moneybags.
All you have to do is hit up your folks for
some cash and you'll be right back.
Painting today and writing poetry tomorrow.
No offense, Lo,
but you're still new to this.
Even as far as my family has gotten
white folks will always remind you that
you're still their nigger.
Oh no.
I'm sorry.
I'll figure it out.
Don't worry.
All of this hard work for nothing.
This degree.
Thought I was making a change.
You are.
Making a difference.
It's the same old thing.
I wondered why my boss
was looking at me
like I was an alien today.
It's cause I'm colored, ain't it?
It's the same thing over and
over and over again.
I'm tired, listen.
I'm tired
I'm tired.
Hey baby, how you doing?
I was hoping you were here.
I brought you
- some flowers.
- Oh you didn't have to do that.
You know your sister misses you dearly.
How's work coming along?
Yeah I miss her too and
work has
had a lot of changes.
You want to talk about?
No, I just wanted to bring you some
flowers before I have to get to work.
I should probably get
going before I'm late.
Louise, wait.
You have been working like a mad one.
I don't want you stressing out about us.
I appreciate everything that you have
done and I picked up
a friendship at the laundromat.
So if you can, I would love if you would
- watch your sister.
- But you've already
been watching all day
long mama and the
important thing is that Angela is
clothed and fed and y'all have a roof
over y'all's head and you keeping
healthy right now.
Now another thing,
my word is final.
You give your sister
some quality time.
God will take care of it,
He always does.
Oh good, you made the coffee.
how'd it go?
I couldn't tell her.
So your mom thinks you're
at work right now?
I might know about some work.
My Uncle Booker was
at my parent's house
for dinner the other night and
he said he might be
short on waitresses.
You don't have an Uncle Booker.
He's just a friend of Daddy's.
Look he
owns the restaurant on the other side of
I appreciate it, Jo,
but I don't know the
first thing about being a waitress.
You can just do it for a little while
until you find something
more worthy.
Thank you, Jo.
I'll think about it.
Hi, I'm looking for Mr Booker.
You, ready?
Excuse me, I'm looking for Mr Booker.
I'm sorry, no Mr Booker here.
You sure you're in the right place?
A friend of mine said you
were looking for waitresses.
Who's your friend?
Josephine Carter.
Jo sent you?
Yeah, we're hiring,
but not for waitresses.
Then what position are you
looking to fill?
Take a look around, sweetheart.
Can you entertain?
You see how Coco is dressed?
You have any idea what she does?
- I can make an educated guess.
- Well, that's the job.
- How much does it pay?
- The pay is good.
Better than any other job
you're going to find
but if you're a friend of Miss Carter,
I don't think you're the right type of
girl for this establishment.
Then maybe you're right.
I'm sorry to bother you.
baby girl,
if you want it,
the job is yours.
All you have to do is dance.
I don't run no whorehouse.
Whatever the girls decide to do in their
free time it's none of my business.
All right. Come by tomorrow night.
Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for our
favorite dancer, Coco!
You ready Lola?
You're on half of the interlude.
I know.
- Uh Lola...
- Give her a second.
- Let's go!
Two minutes, let's go! Move it!
Just have fun with it.
Remember, you're in
control out there.
It's a special day in the club because
we have a new name.
Please give it up,
a warm welcome for the
one and only, Lola.
So, how do you feel?
How was it?
It's different.
Different the way you thought
or expected?
Different for me.
How long have you been doing this?
About a year.
Pictures for eight months.
Yeah, you know photos so clients can have
a keepsake collection.
Posters, things like that.
They pay a lot of money
for that kind of thing?
Loads especially, if you do custom scenes.
I'd like to do that someday.
Then I can spend more time with my Penny.
- Are you a mother?
- Yeah.
Penny's my daughter.
what do you do it for?
What the hell are you wearing?
I just got home from work.
What are you doing up this late?
I just got in from a date.
Is that your uniform for
serving down at Bookers?
A part of my uniform.
Well, how was your first day?
this uncle of yours
doesn't own a restaurant.
Then where the hell have you been,
for the past five hours?
He owns a burlesque club,
and I'm one of his dancers.
What the devil!
You tell him today is your last day!
- This cannot continue.
- I told him I'm coming back.
Have you lost your mind?
What if the fellas from the social club
see you down there?
What if someone from church sees you?
Then what?
I tell them how much I charge for a dance.
- What you doing?
- This arrived for you.
Look at that!
They're incredible.
Look at your legs.
They printed them.
Oh my gosh!
They want you for Wildplay magazine.
I know it's been a whirlwind week for
you, but I think you should take it.
So you gonna take it?
You know what's so funny?
I called the electricity
to see when it was due.
And they said that you
paid the whole thing.
You have some explaining to do.
What's going on, Louise?
What do you mean?
Aren't you happy?
I don't work for the Institute anymore.
I lost my job a few days ago.
Where did the money come from
and the groceries?
Jo got me a job down at Mr Booker's.
Doing what exactly?
- This is our -
- It's me, Mama.
This is freedom.
This opened up doors to everything
I ever wanted.
And mostly
to keep my promise to you.
Now what, baby?
This is only the beginning.
Whatever Lola wants,
Lola gets,
and little man,
little Lola wants you.
Make up your to have,
no regrets.
Recline yourself,
resign yourself, you're through.
I always get what I aim for,
and your heart and soul,
is what I came for.
Whatever Lola wants,
Lola gets,
Take off your coat.
Don't you know you can't win?
You're no exception to the rule.
I'm irresistible, you fool.
Give in.
Whatever Lola wants,
Lola gets.
You're no exception to the rule.
I'm irresistible, you fool.
Give in.
srt reduction ~ Vultural