Pig Hunt (2008) Movie Script

[Vehicle Revs] [Animal Roars]
[Birds Twittering]
[Wind Whistling]
[Flies Buzzing]
[Animal Squealing]
[Animal Snorting]
[Snorting Continues]
[Screaming Fades, Stops]
[Animal Growls, Grunts]
[Acoustic Guitar
Strumming Country Blues]
[Man] Well, he stomped
with his feet
And he clapped
with his hands
He summoned
all of his joy
When he laughed
It suffered all of his joy
when he cried
And sometimes
when he got into talking
Man, he could rattle
On and on
He was a good man
and now he's gone
Well, in war he was a tiger
When it was over like a dove
He summoned all of his
strength and climbed
It suffered all of his
strength in the fall
And sometimes when he got
into fighting
Man, he could fight with you
all day long
He was a good man
and now he's gone
He put his trust
in a higher power
He held his power
like a holy grail
He summoned all of his faith
in a lifting
It suffered all of his faith
if he failed
His heart was stronger
than a heavy-metal bullet
And that's why
I dedicate this song
He was a good man
and now he's gone
If I die in a combat zone,
box me up and ship me home.
Still going hunting
with the morons?
If we're eating what we kill,
that's your last supper.
Well, if I don't shoot anything,
I'll just eat Quincy's dog.
Oh, don't listen to those
animals, Wolfgang.
Any buds? Doses? "X"?
Get a job.
Got one.
- Were you in the shit?
- Did you kill anybody?
Three... that I saw die.
Semper fi.
You ever see anybody die?
[Guitar Feedback,
Up-tempo Rock Beat]
[Man] One, two, three, go!
Feelin' all right
in Frisco
He can't. This is a guys' weekend.
Bros, not hos.
Man, just 'cause Jeanette left you
doesn't mean everybody has to be single.
She didn't leave me.
Our priorities changed.
Right. She wanted to screw
the night crew at Walmart.
Costco, asshole.
There's a difference.
Yeah, because at Costco
when you buy a case of condoms,
you get a coupon
to fuck Jeanette.
Never trust someone
who buys in bulk.
Thanks for being
such good friends,
but John won't let me down.
Fifty bucks... Brooks is coming.
What do you think,
Q- sinart?
Aw, I don't care.
I got Wolfgang.
Good comparison.
[Brakes Squeal]
That's my boy John.
And that's his girl.
Hey, Brooks,
how's the art hangin'?
Apparently, it's not the kind of work
buyers want to see on their walls.
All right, you boys ready to
see how the other half lives?
50 times one. And I hope you didn't
give all your singles to that vet.
Don't worry. I'm taking it out
of part of your gas money.
[Man On Radio,
Perfect place to bury a bitch.
- [Animal Snarls]
- [Horse Whinnies]
[Animal Grunting]
- [Stereo: Rock, Faint]
- [Man Singing, Indistinct]
I don't know what
this shitty music is.
It's Area Weapons.
It's Area Weapons.
Laura wants to know
if you hunted as a kid.
- Yeah, with my uncle.
- Shit.
Must be out of range.
Too bad.
It was such an
interesting conversation.
It beats talking to you.
[Volume Down]
I'm sorry, Brooks.
So what's your new series
of paintings about again?
The depravities of war.
- [Volume High]
Don't be scared
Don't be scared
Be cool, be cool
Be cool
I said
Don't be scared
Don't be scared
Be cool, motherfucker
Be cool
[Harmonica: Blues]
[Stereo: Rock,
Don't be scared
[Stereo Off]
- You're pumpin', Q-bone.
- Yeah.
Wolfie needs some water
[Harmonica Continues]
- I need to get directions.
- To your own ranch?
My uncle's. I haven't been
here since I was 16.
Things change.
[Man Rapping,
We'll knock on heaven's gate
with the skulls of the dead soldiers
[Harmonica Continues]
How you doin' today, hoss?
Better than some.
We're lookin'
for the Hickman ranch.
What do you bright-lighters
want with that place?
- I'm John Hickman, sir.
- Hey, John.
Haven't seen your face
in a while.
You been takin' your turn over
there, fightin' in the desert?
- Not my war, sir.
- Well, maybe not.
But leap in.
Way things are goin',
one's gonna find you.
Haven't sold many of these
since your uncle...
Well, it's a damn shame.
So how do we get there?
You know the Tibbs place?
You hike out past
where Fish Rock Road dead-ends...
Can you draw us a map?
[Clears Throat]
You're right here.
From Jimmy Creek,
go around Indian Hill...
to the flat near the curve.
Gonna find what you're lookin' for
tucked right back in there.
[Rap Continues,
[Volume Increases]
Even the Romans real, 'cause
they were on that llI shit
Or we was like
one, two, three
Written to know the deal We were the
enlightened sons Son, where that sage is
Now we're out here fighting to work with
minimum wages How outrageous is the sound
Those who found us adore us
[Continues, Indistinct]
But they warned us before
Just check psychology texts
Son kills father
Oedipus Rex, complex yes
But I was reincarnated to be
incarcerated In this cage called flesh
Tell me somethin'.
Did you come to hunt him?
That kid, he comes
from a long line of warriors.
His daddy and his uncle,
they got silver stars
in Vietnam.
- I heard another uncle
didn't make it back.
Real heroes often don't.
One man's heroism
is another family's tragedy.
Did you get that one?
Yeah, buddy.
All 320 pounds of him.
What's the biggest wild hog
you ever heard of around here?
Well, they say the Ripper
weighs 3,000 pounds.
Yeah? Who killed him?
He's still out there.
[Rap Continues]
[Rattling, Hissing]
- Kill it.
- [Chuckles] Bloodthirsty.
- Just kill the fuckin' thing.
- Relax.
Go on, little guy.
Not there.
What the fuck?
Nice shot, Robin Hood.
I want the rattle.
You hunters have no respect.
You see this Gurkha blade?
It can cut through a llama's head
with one whack.
But it's never drawn
without tastin' blood.
Same with this gun.
Take a bath, hippie.
You have a nice visit
in these parts,
What are you waiting for, Ben?
[Engine Starts]
I can't believe you pulled
the magnum out on that freak.
What if he calls the police?
Threatening us with a machete?
Did you see that dirt-head cut himself?
Yeah, and I saw "Kid Crossbow"
kill that snake. Thwack!
- What if he follows us, John?
- I hope he does.
I'll take his head home
as a trophy.
He's not following us.
All right? No cops are gonna come.
Shit like this happens here
all the time.
Ben, put that fucking gun away
before it goes off.
I should have stayed in the city.
I'm with Brooks.
Pull up your panty hose, Q-nut.
There's no turnin' back.
[Man On Stereo]
Don't be scared
[Wind Whistling]
[Pig Grunting]
[Stereo: Rock]
Why don't we
switch spots?
[Man Singing,
[Brooks Grunts]
Now you're supposed
to stick it 'tween her garter, Q-tip.
Uhh! How much farther?
There's the map.
- I think we're up near her left nipple.
- No, actually, we're, uh...
we're down near her pubes.
You know, there's a reason you guys
don't have girlfriends.
[Funky Rock Beat]
We can drop you and Brooks off here
if you don't wanna hunt.
[Man] Damn, that's some
shitty wine
It tastes like gutter
and beaver brine
But if you fill my glass
another time
We could ask them
for directions.
I'm sure it'll taste
just fine
Damn, that's some
chewy beef
Gristle gum beyond belief
But roll 'em out
another "spleef"
And I'm sure it'll begin
to taste just fine
I'm sure it'll taste
just fine
I know where we are now.
[Pig Grunting]
- [John] I wonder who got those pigs.
- Big Bad Wolf.
"Death walks on all fours. "
[Blade Clatters On Floor]
- Your uncle was quite a hunter.
- Some of these are mine.
- That was a long time ago.
- [Man Screams]
You fuckin' pussy!
That's a possum.
I thought it was a rat.
Good boar, R.D.
This is great.
You should have
stewed up that possum.
Then we could have
invited John's neighbors.
Do you think they did that
to your uncle's place?
Wasn't them. What happened
to your uncle?
Became an alcoholic.
[Man] What else is there to do out here?
[Ben] Hunt hogs.
- Death walks on all fours.
- That's bullshit.
The store owner said there's a
3,000-pound pig rooting out here...
A real "Hogzilla. "
Pigs don't get that big, do they?
Domestics can.
As I kid I saw one at the county fair
that was 2,000 pounds.
But wild hogs... they don't
get much bigger than 350.
And tusks?
Like razor wire.
County fair.
There was a rodeo too.
It was fun.
Yeah? I don't know.
There's something I don't trust
about white people with ropes.
What do people
do out here for a living?
Used to be
a toxic waste dump.
Now they're hoping
for a prison.
In the meantime, these hills
are filled with marijuana.
Pot's the biggest cash
crop in California.
Fuck hunting.
Let's get high.
[Man] At least I've
been deer hunting.
[Ben] I saw that piddly rack
in your garage.
We're not huntin' Bambi.
What have you
ever shot besides targets
at the gun club?
At least I didn't stand by when
my friend was in trouble.
All right, double or nothing on...
You done, boy?
Let's get back
to our tent...
before the bogeyman gets us.
How come you never really talk
about your uncle?
What is there to say?
When my father died,
he sort of took over that role.
Taught me how to be a man.
Shoot straight.
We're living together
a year.
When you pulled that crossbow
out of the closet...
I didn't even know
you were a hunter.
I'm not anymore.
There's something in you that comes
alive when you're out there...
putting the sneak
on your prey.
You have a purpose.
A well-defined objective.
A mission
to assert your authority.
Most incredible rush,
getting an animal
in your sights.
Knowing that it's them
and not you...
there's an intense power...
knowing that you're gonna
spill its blood...
that you're gonna take...
this living,
breathing thing's life.
There's just something
so natural...
about the way blood flows,
reflex of your finger.
It can't be denied.
Total control.
[Soft Footsteps]
[Twig Snaps]
Do you hear something?
- [Gasps]
- [Laughs] Hey there, John.
Ricky said you came back.
I didn't know you get takeout
this far from the city.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Oh, she's got a mouth on her.
What are
you two doin' here?
Time to get to Big Wallow.
Right, John?
Nice guns.
What is this,
an after-school special?
Well, if we wanna shoot
more than blue jays,
we better get a move on.
Who the hell are you?
Old friends.
How do you guys
like your coffee?
- You got any soda?
- In the cooler.
You ain't a dog.
You're a pet.
They said they know
where the hogs are.
[Ben] John needs a goddamn map
to find his uncle's ranch.
I know where I am now.
We came here to hunt.
Right, Wayne?
This is supposed to be
our weekend.
Come on, didn't you say these
guys are your friends, John?
Once upon a time.
What about us?
Fuck it. Let's go.
I can handle them.
How do you guys
like your foam?
What are you,
some kinda sway boy?
[Gruff Voice] I was raised
to be a saucier.
A great saucier!
You got any sugar?
This is my kinda foam.
Got any of that
other stuff?
Come on, Starbucks.
- Let's get a hunt on.
- [Quincy] We're all going?
Let's do it to it.
[Funky Rock Riffs]
[Man] Stoned,
stoned Yeah, stoned
A little bit stoned
Stoned, stoned
A little bit stoned
A little bit stoned
Stoned, stoned
A little bit stoned
A little bit stoned
Stoned, stoned
A little bit stoned
A little bit stoned
will only come at you once,
unless they're cornered.
Then they'll keep on comin'.
Now, Ricky,
he got tossed
by a full-tusk devil once.
Ten feet.
Air to ass.
Then it kissed him.
Is that how
you got that scar?
John gave him
that one.
They were playin'
Ricky's buck knife
cut John in the foot,
so he just
slashed it out.
Things even up.
- I got this one in Fallujah.
- Damn!
I'll bet you unloaded a few clips
on those towel-heads.
It ain't no video game
over there.
This here's where
that hog stuck me.
But I got the last laugh.
Why are we stopping?
Showin' off old wounds.
[Kissing Sound]
[Mouths Words]
Oh, too much caffeine.
[Ben] Who made this path?
You wanna see what the round we
were usin' in Iraq can do?
What the fuck
are you doing?
What I was trained to do.
You didn't have
to do that.
How do you know?
[Kissing Sound]
There's rootin'.
- [Brooks] Pigs did this?
- [John] Probably in about 10 minutes.
Whoo! It looks
like a rototiller.
Look at that.
[Ricky] Some folks
ain't got no respect.
Maybe they're talkin' about
"Pig-foot. " Shut the fuck up, Ben.
Whoa. Touchy.
All right, you know,
let's stop right here.
And see who else
knows how to shoot.
Bring it on.
Boys and their guns. Looks like
an N.R.A. convention.
Hey, we passed
some old oaks.
There might be mushrooms
back on the trail.
Wanna go see?
I'll stay here
at the O.K. Corral.
So who's first?
I'll go.
I think you got within 20
yards on that last one.
You brought a kill gun. And
kill guns are for pussies.
We got our own way of
finishing 'em off up here.
Right, John?
Or ain't that the way
your uncle did it?
He got finished.
[Rifle Cocks]
What are you gonna do, John?
You gonna cut me?
I ain't 12 no more.
You two can tangle after
we whomp us a pig.
You're up.
We know John can shoot.
What is it, Wolfie?
[Flies Buzzing]
[Twig Snaps]
- [Wolfgang Barks]
- Oh, God.
Close enough.
Just make sure it's on safety
till we see something.
Can I squeeze off
a few rounds?
[Scoffs] You're
not usin' my gun.
I wouldn't want to. Who knows
if the sight's set right?
Do you mind?
[Chuckles] You can pull
my trigger any time.
Savage 308.
Cowboy lever action.
Holds five rounds.
- [Snickers]
- That's luck.
Calamity Jane!
[Sighs] Where'd you
learn how to shoot?
You're not the only one
with an uncle.
I just saw some strange shit. Three
huge, giant, half-eaten birds.
- Like a turkey vulture?
- Like a fucking ostrich.
- Was it kinda goony lookin'?
- Goony looking?
I don't know. He was
torn into tartare.
Emus? Hippies were
raisin' 'em for meat.
They found out there's
more money in marijuana.
I saw something else too. That
hippie freak from the gas station.
- Where?
- By the dead birds.
Sure that ain't
somethin' else talkin'?
- What would he be doing out here?
- What would tear apart an emu?
They were right here.
Mountain lions
will carry off their prey.
Three at once? Them emus
are as fast as cheetahs.
Looks like
they were tied up.
Mountain lions?
[John] There's bears
around here too.
There's a lot of crazy
shit in these woods.
[Wayne] This is like the
Bataan Death March.
[Ben] My shoulder's
totally chafed.
How you holdin' up?
Nature's StairMaster.
Some say the best part
of hunting is hiking.
The best part of hunting is gettin'
back in the car and goin' home.
Hey! I found
some fresh scat.
What is it?
It's your dog's.
It's Wolfgang's puck.
Wind's all over
the place.
Pigs'll smell us if they're
closing on Big Wallow now.
That storm's gonna push
the wind straight at us.
He's right. We could hit the wallow.
The hogs won't catch our scent.
So what are we gonna do?
Wait for the storm.
[Wind Whistling]
[Thunder Rumbling]
Wear this.
I owed ya for them beers.
[Chuckles] You look
like a homeless person.
You look like Rambo's
personal fuck bitch.
Can I get a swig of that?
I don't think drinking's
gonna help your aim.
I thought you said you used
to drink with your uncle.
I said my uncle used to drink.
No more than any
other hog hunter.
- Except it killed him.
- It wasn't the whiskey that killed him.
It was the Ripper.
That giant hog the store
owner was talking about?
My uncle went on a bender,
walked out into the woods...
and shot himself.
No man intent on killin'
himself would use a bow...
unless he had to.
- And he was being eaten alive.
- That's trailer trash bullshit.
[Clinking] That ain't exactly
a nice thing to say.
You got Ricky
all riled up.
My uncle drank
a quart of whiskey a day.
Huntin' for weeks on end.
Still fightin'.
- How would you know? You never visited.
- Because I know.
There's no such thing as a Ripper.
Or Hogzilla.
Or whatever else the
fuck you wanna call it.
You callin' me ignorant?
I ain't callin' you anything.
Let's go kill ourselves
a legend.
Quit playin'
with your gun.
I'm just checking it.
You know, that's what
Pee-wee Herman said.
Your I.Q. should be bigger than
the caliber of your gun, Ben.
[Thunder Rumbling]
I don't like this.
I do.
Yeah? You didn't see
those dead birds.
Did you cry when
your goldfish died too, Q-tip?
Oh, go ahead and laugh.
What were those ropes?
That wasn't a mountain lion.
What do you know
about mountain lions?
I know the puma,
the cougar, the panther,
felis concolor.
But you never hunted.
Yeah? Well, I've spent hours
watching the Nature Channel...
while shelling fava beans.
So what?
Whatever killed those birds is a better
hunter than either one of you two,
and he had help.
Look. If it flies, it dies.
Oh, yeah.
Emus don't fly, idiot.
Not dead ones.
Big Wallow's on the other side.
Pigs can hardly
see anything at all,
but they got a great sense
of smell and good hearing.
Why are they
wearing cammo?
[Mouthing Words]
Oh, whoops.
I didn't see you.
- Q-dick.
- Elmer Fudd.
Stay close.
I wish I had a gun.
We'll flush the perimeter.
Sometimes hogs lay low
in brush and tall grass.
[Twigs Snapping]
- [Gunshot]
- [Wings Flapping]
Them's good eatin'.
[Woman] Oh, God!
[Woman #2 Screaming]
Save it for the hogs.
[Wayne] Or maybe this
place is hunted out.
We've never had problems
with poachers...
present company excepted.
Since your uncle died
no one's been up here.
- [Ben] Including pigs?
- Hogs are here.
Pigs did that?
They rub up against them
scratching their backs.
All right, then what did that?
The Ripper.
No hog's that tall.
Your uncle said
he saw rubbings like that.
John, I wanna go home.
Me too.
Start walking then.
What the hell is he doin'?
It's called
a "California hook. "
If he gets in close,
I wanna see
that big pig bleed.
Like I said,
kill guns are for pussies.
Now, what's he got?
A bird call?
Makes the sound
of a piglet in distress.
Any boars in the area
will come charging.
- Fuckin'- A.
- Dig in. I'm callin' that sucker home.
- What are we supposed to do?
- Stay behind me.
And hold on
to that fuckin' dog.
- I want a gun.
- Jiggidy jog.
[Pig Snorting]
- [Wolfgang Barking]
- I definitely want a fucking gun.
[Squealing Continues]
[Squealing Continues]
My knee!
- [Wayne Groaning]
- [Barking]
My knee!
- [Moans]
- [Grunting]
- [Screaming]
- [Pigs Squealing]
[Wayne Groaning Loudly]
You made me do it.
- [Pig Squealing]
- [Groaning]
- [Quincy] Wolfgang!
- Are you all right?
- It took off my fucking knee!
- We've gotta stop the bleeding.
Oh, kill it. Kill it!
Your head...
on my wall.
Better than aspirin.
Wolfie! Wolfgang!
Let's rest here for a few minutes,
and then we'll get back to camp.
[Quincy] Here, boy! I'm
going to look for him.
[John] Don't go too far. Here.
Take this.
I thought you was a cook.
You must have cut meat.
Meat. Not dead animals.
You'd do good
to find that dog.
He's got more hunter in him
than I gave him credit for.
It ain't got no armor.
What do you mean?
It should be an armor plate
covering his shoulders.
sometimes an inch thick.
Some collect shrapnel,
like a bulletproof vest.
Like that one
I just popped over there?
It didn't even leave
no blood trail.
I've had bullets bounce off hogs
when I wasn't close enough.
- You need a big bullet.
- So why doesn't this one have armor?
Except for its tusks
and its size,
this looks
like a piglet.
Here, boy!
Wolfie, is that you?
Hey, Brooks. You got a
camera on your cell phone?
Take my picture.
Fuck you.
Hey. You wanna see how this is done?
Get in close.
I wouldn't.
That's so foul.
You better get used to it. You
got to dress what you kill.
And you have to shoot
before you kill.
Little dick big gun
didn't fire a shot.
I forgot to cock.
Look at this shit.
[Rustling Continues]
What is it?
It don't sound like a hog.
It's the other white meat.
You didn't find Wolfgang?
No, but I found about a
thousand marijuana plants.
- Where?
- A quarter a mile that way.
I'm calling bullshit.
What's this?
Sweet basil?
Holy shit.
This stuff is killer.
- Could you find that place again?
- Oh, you couldn't miss it.
[Brooks] Is it on your
uncle's property?
- [John] Did you cross over a fence?
- No.
I wouldn't mind
filling up a bag.
You know how much that stuff
goes for in the city?
Four grand a pound.
I don't care what it's worth. I don't
want that shit on my property.
- We should at least go check it out.
- Yeah. I wouldn't mind...
taking another look for
Wolfgang, with everybody.
Let's go then.
- Hey, buddy, how you doing?
- Better than him.
You hang
in there, okay?
Let's make this quick. I don't
believe you're leaving your friend.
We're not.
You're staying with him.
Don't forget to bring
your big gun.
[Man] Your girl's
got an attitude.
You're telling me. Don't
talk about Brooks.
Shit. We used
to talk about girls.
Remember when you had a
crush on Darlene? Darlene?
My cousin. You used
to bring her candy bars.
Is there much family resemblance?
She's got red on the head
like a dick on a dog.
[Man] Just like old times.
Isn't old times.
[Thunder Rumbling]
You know, uh, Ben didn't want
you coming on this trip.
I gathered that.
That fucker... I mean,
he's never hunted
a day in his life.
And he's always
talking shit, you know?
He's never
done anything.
You know, I got him
his fucking job.
You should try to relax.
Thanks, Brooks.
Don't mention it.
It could be them
coming back.
Holy high times!
This is a professional
So are we.
Oh, that's
a lot of raincoats.
That's food for the year,
a new truck.
Look. Our friend's
been here.
Okay, we need to get back
and call the authorities.
Bullshit. You think we came
out here to hunt hogs...
or to wish you
a happy homecoming?
- Ricky, quit cutting that dope.
- Shit, you gonna make me?
You gonna stop
what you're doing now.
- My ass.
- [Grunts]
Now we're even.
Ricky, put the knife down.
He was gonna shoot you.
You killed my brother.
My family's
gonna make you pay.
You're all gonna die.
You... You think
they got another hog?
Sounded like
Ben's magnum.
Well, then they
didn't get another hog.
Give me your rifle.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
- [Whimpers] Ricky's dead.
- Ben shot Ricky.
- What?
- He was gonna kill you.
Jake went to get his clan. We've
got to get out of here fast.
Can you move?
You and I can run back to
your uncle's and get help.
There's no phone.
We'll take the S.U.V. to town. Okay,
we need to make a stretcher for Wayne,
and get back to my uncle's
as best we can.
- What if the hillbillies
get there first?
- [John] We are wasting time.
Give me one of those guns.
[Gun Cocking]
Do you have any more ammo?
We left our bags.
What about yours?
Come on.
You've got four shots.
Come on, Q.
We got to hustle.
You yell for that dog again,
I'll kill you myself.
- I need to find him.
- I don't want them to find us.
Oh! Are we even going
the right way?
I think we passed
the same tree twice.
What tree?
Uh, what do we use for
the middle that'll hold?
Ricky and Jake's canvas bags
would be perfect.
Well, how far are they?
Pretty close. I don't think
we'll have enough time.
We'll gain time
if we make a scoop stretcher.
I think there's extra
ammo in those bags too.
Don't leave me.
You'll be okay.
You got your rifle.
Then run fast.
Oh, can we slow down?
You don't know where you're going.
Any road will get you there.
I know where I'm going.
Oh! Oh!
Oh, just give me a second.
Do you know
how to use that thing?
You squeeze
the trigger, right?
Yeah. That's about it.
We're not gonna have
to shoot anybody.
We already have
shot somebody.
Next time you want
a wildlife adventure,
could we just fuck in the
bushes at Golden Gate Park?
Oh, fuck you.
I ain't dead yet.
And that's not all.
Ricky's gone.
What do you mean? His body
was here and he was dead.
[Thunder Rumbling]
And that sign...
Somebody put it back up.
[Twig Snaps]
Who's there?
What is it?
Looks like
a cow or a horse.
But it's hard to tell
in this muck.
[Pig Snorting, Growling]
- [Roaring]
- [Screaming]
[Wayne Screams]
Get your guns.
What the hell's the matter, Jake?
They killed Ricky.
God, no! Who done it?
Who done it?
John Hickman and his city friends!
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch! Get your shit, boys!
Get your shit, boys!
[Woman Crying]
get the dogs.
Continues Crying]
Darlene, shut the fuck up
and get the goddamn dogs!
What's going on?
Those are horse tracks.
Maybe somebody carried him out of here.
He would've
waited for us.
What was that gunshot?
Other hunters?
That's what
I'm afraid of.
Yeehaw! Whoo!
I told you. I knew
where I was going.
Hey, Wolfie.
Wolfie, come here, boy.
We don't have time
for this.
Oh, God!
Who would do this to a poor,
defenseless dog? [Sobbing]
The same inbreds
who are gonna do it to us.
- They've locked us in!
- [Whimpers]
We got to get out of here!
- [Gunshot]
- [Groans]
This is it!
Climb through!
I didn't do anything.
You killed my dog!
[Gun Cocks]
Do it. Shoot me.
Kill guns are for pussies.
Oh, hell. Oh, hell.
Let us pray, boys.
"Vengeance is mine. "
So saith the Lord.
Please don't kill me.
I'm not a hunter.
You're right.
- You're the hunted.
- [Quincy Sobbing]
Wow. Second bite
of Rocky Road.
You really know
how to woo a girl.
We're not gonna find Wayne.
Not alive.
I think we should go back to Big
Wallow and wait for Ben and Quincy.
We're not gonna
leave Wayne behind.
These are the last days.
They crossed the line.
And we're
on the other side.
You two get to that hippie
commune if they go there first.
The rest of us
will get to Big Wallow.
Hello again.
I heard shots.
This is
my uncle's property.
What are you doing here?
I live near here,
over on
Feather Springs commune.
I don't like gunfire
too close.
We try to be nonviolent.
Then what's that for?
One of our animals
is loose.
I'm trying to find him before
trigger-happy hunters kill him first.
- Do you have a phone?
- Are you lost?
We need help.
One of our friends is missing.
There's a shortwave radio
back at the main house.
Can we get the police? You
can call whoever you want.
Is there trouble?
There might be.
Follow me.
So what have you
killed so far?
That's funny.
I saw a hog with
his head cut off.
Yeah? Where did you see that?
Maybe it was just
my imagination.
[John] You have any cows or horses?
We raise emus.
Not for meat though.
[Brooks] For what then?
We use the feathers
to stuff pillows.
You herd emus
with a cattle prod?
This is for big
This is a man's world
This is a man's world
- But it wouldn't be nothing
- You're in good hands.
Without a woman or a girl
- Where am I?
- With us.
You see
Man made the car
- Relax.
- We're gonna take good care of you.
My shoulder.
Man made the train
This will help with the pain.
To carry the heavy load
Man made the electric light
To take us out of the dark
Man made the boat
for the water
Like Noah made the ark
This is a man's
A man's
Man's world
But it wouldn't be nothing
Without a woman or a girl
Man thinks about
little bitty baby girls
And baby boys
Man makes them happy
'Cause man makes them toys
And after man
make everything
Ricky was right here.
They must be heading
for those hippies.
[Motorcycle Revs] I ain't
buryin' just my brother.
Man made the car Come on.
Let's take a mud bath.
It'll be good
for your shoulder,
and it will leave
less of a scar.
Man made the train
Can I get another hit?
Of course.
Man made the electric light
To take us out of the dark
Man made the boat
for the water
Like Noah made the ark
This is a man's
A man's
Man's world
But it wouldn't be nothing
Without a woman or a girl
Man thinks about
little bitty baby girls
And baby boys
Man make them happy
'Cause man make them toys
And after man
make everything
What about the cops?
is taken care of.
You know that man
makes money
To buy from other men
This is a man's world
But it wouldn't be nothing
Not one little thing
without a woman or a girl
He's lost
In the wilderness
He's lost
He's lost
[Ben] What's in there?
In the wilderness
A trough.
Slop for the pigs.
That's pigs?
It's the sulfur minerals
in the mud.
It's medicinal.
How come you feeding the pigs
so close to the house?
[Man's Voice
Over Speaker, Indistinct]
[Voices, Indistinct]
What the fuck.
You will knock
on heaven's gate
With the skulls
of the dead soldiers
It's eating me.
[Engines Revving] Your
friends on wheels?
It's the Tibbs.
Don't be scared.
Be cool. Drop 'em
like they're beer cans.
Fuck you, rednecks.
Get some.
Tied-dyed, pussi-fied.
What's goin' on, O.J.?
- [Gunshot]
- Save it!
Creep, sweep.
And all that death can do
is set you free
And all that death will do
is set you free
Come on,
you pussel-gutted bastard!
You sweet son of a bitch.
We will knock
on heaven's gate
With the skulls of your dead
soldiers [Woman] Oh, God!
[Man's Voice] He's like Uncle
Tom, as a matter of fact
'Cause he don't know where he comes
from and he don't know where he's at
So he don't know where
he's going But going, gone
Sure, you can kill me soft
Hanging me on a cross
Or even can cut
my head off, black
One time, no real loss
Everything comes back
Two times Better believe that
I'm the same spirit
that booked a life on his back
With a stone in my sack
Way back, black But that's three
Three blacks,
'cause the Trinity is back
Not just God the Father God the
Son Like Holy motherless Ghost
Somewhere shooting smack
A belly dancer butt naked
on white supremacy's bloody lap
For nickel-and-dime sacks
or little glass vials Hello.
Of that white-powdered crime
cops just can't seem to Help me.
Please, help me.
We have always been
And we will always be
Said I, be divine
God, be divine
All that death can do
is set me free
And all that death can do
is set us free
We need help.
Where's your shortwave radio?
- What shortwave radio?
- Where's that hippie freak?
- I don't know who you're talking about.
- Where's our friend?
- What friend?
- That's Ben's gun.
- What gun?
- The gun on the table.
What table?
I wouldn't do that.
All that death can do
is set me free
And all that death can do
is set us free
Lord have mercy.
[Continues, Indistinct]
- No way.
- That's just what your uncle said.
[Electricity Sizzling]
[Groaning] God!
[Door Closes] We'll save
that one for later.
What about the others outside?
They're meeting their master.
You've got another destiny.
Mud me.
[Man's Voice]
God be divine
[Woman's Voice]
Nicole Giddens.
[Man's Voice]
You lost?
[Woman's Voice] Kelly McDonald,
Leggett, California.
What is this place?
Jennifer Chadwick.
Where are they?
Where's who?
[Gun Cocks]
I'd say you got two choices.
[Woman Screaming]
[Woman Screaming]
Die, be divine
Die, be divine
And all that death can do
is set you free
[Yells] That's the spirit.
Die, be divine
- Take it off.
- Leave her alone!
And all that death can do
is set you free
Does this make you feel like a man?
Oh, yeah.
You're a beautiful
- [Squealing]
- [Growling]
What are you doing?
- [Squealing]
- What's out there?
- [Growling]
- [Door Opens]
You're gonna
rot in here.
Then in hell.
What the...
Jesus fuck.
Life is meant
to be awesome.
[Woman's Voice] Camille
Cook, Carmel, California.
California, California,
California, California.
- [Roars]
- [Laughing]
Calm down, John.
Relax and squeeze.
- [Screeching]
- [Laughing]
How does it feel to be
so low on the food chain?
- [Clicking]
- [Roaring]
- You can't hurt him.
- [Growling]
- Heel, boy.
- [Roaring]
- Brooks, stand still!
He can't see you!
- [Flesh Rips]
- [Screeches]
You okay?
Mission accomplished.
People think you're a star
'Cause you always walking
around by yourself
And no one else
People think you're a loser
A drug abuser
'Cause you like to get high
That's all right by me
So do I
People think you're a jerk
'cause you don't go to work
And you'll crash out
on their couch
Every night
People think you're a nerd 'cause they
heard you're always on the telephone
With your mom, saying Mom I
got to tell you something
Man, life is beautiful
Saying, Dude, that's cool
Dude, that's cool
It's fucking awesome
Dude, that's cool
Dude, that's cool
Life was meant
to be awesome
Somebody laugh
Laugh in the booth
They're long
in the tooth now
Man, saying, my mama told me
She said
Kid, do not worry
And don't ever be scared
And my old man said to me
You don't have
to live holy or nothing
Just please do not
live in fear
They said, Don't be scared
Don't be scared
Be cool, be cool, be cool
I said, Don't be scared
Don't be scared
Be cool, motherfucker
Be cool
Well, people think
you're a sleaze
'Cause you're down
on your knees sucking dick
Oh, every night
That's all right
People say you're retarded
Maybe even coldhearted
'Cause you only care
about yourself
You don't care
about no one else
And people think
you're a spaz
Just because you're a spaz
So what
Spaz on, spaz
Yo, people think
you're wrong, kid
Take it from me
You're doing all right
You're doing all right
Dude, that's cool
Dude, that's cool
It's fucking awesome
Dude, that's cool
Dude, that's cool
Life was meant
to be awesome
You wanna check for change
Hey, got a new change
Something's gonna give
I'll be here another day
I'm saying
My mama told me
She said, Don't worry
And never, ever be scared
And my old man said, Son
You don't have
to live like a saint
But whatever you do
Do not live in fear
They told me They
said Don't be scared
Don't be scared
Be cool
Be cool
Said, Don't be scared
Don't be scared
Be cool Be whatever
you wanna be, man
Just make it cool
Don't be scared
No, don't
Don't be scared
Don't ever be scared
Don't be scared
You got to live, live boldly
If you see it go out and
grab it Don't be scared
Take life and strangle
it Don't be scared
Kill it, kill it
Don't be scared
Oh, don't be
Don't be
Don't be
Don't be scared
You heard