Pig Killer (2022) Movie Script

(soft music)
(glass shattering)
(eerie bell music)
(pigs snorting and squealing)
(angelic voice singing)
(country rock music)
I got a high moon coming on
I got a wild mood of my own
I got my loose ends here
and loose ends where
Got my party going on
I got a fine will to be hold
I got the Lord
filling my soul
I got me no more fear
when I look in the mirror
I'm just a party of my own
That's what I am
A loose end man
That's fine
I got a high moon coming on
I got a wild mood of my own
I got my loose ends here
and loose ends where
Got my party going on
I got my fine
will to be hold
I got the Lord
filling my soul
I got me no more fear
and a bottle of beer
I'm just a party going on
Take it, Leroy
Oh yeah
That's what I am
A loose end man
That's what I am
A loose end man
(crickets chirping)
(pop rock music)
(pop rock music continues)
- Ah.
- There you go, my friend.
(Freddy laughs)
Another Piggy's
Powwow coming up?
- [Willy] You betcha.
- I might just have to
take the weekend off.
Hey, if I pass a
few of these out,
you'll let me in for free right?
- [Willy] Yeah of
course, Freddy.
- [Freddy] All right!
Thank you, my friend.
- [Willy] You got it.
- [Freddy] Looking
forward to it.
You come undone
To be the one
Not be afraid of the talk
and what you've become
You tell no one
About the room
And they're so big and tough
(soft rock ballad music)
Don't be surprised
if you miss him
Dark tan, a hot car,
he's a roller of a prince
He knows your description
Gonna put you on his list
He'll take you home
to his apartment
You'll throw your perfume on
and tell him why you called
He'll make you lie
- I love this song.
- [Fats] Boom.
Thank you.
- [Freddy] Here you go, guys.
Party of a lifetime.
Ladies always free.
Live music, free food.
It'll be the craziest
fucking party
you've ever been
to in your life.
I promise.
- [Wendy] Thank you.
- "Ladies always free," wow.
- Hey.
- Yeah?
- Who is that guy?
- What guy?
- That guy, slicked back hair.
Sitting there checking
us out at the bar.
- That guy?
That's this guy.
Piggy's Powwow, baby.
- Wait.
That is him?
- Yeah.
You can't smell it from here?
- [Woman] Oh you
like your piggy?
She would never have
anything to do with you.
- [Fats] That
motherfucker throws a good
party though, I'll
give him that.
- [Wendy] What, you've been?
- Yeah, once.
Shit was wild.
Fucking drugs, booze,
orgies, bike gangs.
Fucking plug your nose
and watch your ass.
- What are you talking about?
- Guy has a giant ass pet pig.
He tried to take a
bite out of my backside
when I was taking a piss.
Pretty much all I
remember from that night.
Aside from the parties
and shit I hear things
get a little strange
down at the wallow.
You remember Francine
Hickok from school?
- [Boy] Everybody hates you.
Stinky piggy!
- Yeah, butch dyke.
- Yeah, "fish fingers" Francine?
She had the fucking giant ass?
Her brother works down
there and he's telling me
that ol' Willy over
there brings these
Eastside hustlers
up there to fuck.
The chicks come in.
And they don't come out.
- Oh shit.
- [Fats] Yeah.
- Eastside women.
- [Fats] Chicks come in.
And they don't come out.
- You really believe that?
- I mean there's
always a little bit
of truth to rumors, right?
But I mean I think
fucking Willy's
bad fucking news all right?
So stay away.
Pig man is bad.
Stay the fuck away.
(door clicking)
Also that skag is cut light.
All right?
So take it easy tonight.
I don't need my
best friend dying
of a hot shot on my watch.
- Bad for business.
- Nah.
Because if you die I'll
have no one else to talk to.
- Okay, well I don't
wanna do that to you.
- Oh!
- I'm sorry, I didn't
see you coming.
- (chuckles) You
smell of the farm.
A man that works the land huh?
- It's all my fault there.
Take this.
Get yourself a hot
dog or something.
- Thank you.
May the Lord be with you.
Never again will
you fear any harm.
Rejoice in hope!
Be patient in suffering!
Persevere in prayer, my son!
God bless.
(tense music)
(lighter clicking)
(car revs)
(old time country music)
That's all right now, mama
That's all right for you
That's all right now, mama
Any way you do
That's all right
That's all right
(synth pop music)
I will follow you 'til
we have no secrets
Who are you saving it for
It ain't like no other
song of this shit
Somehow it doesn't
feel the same
Getting out in the world
Still a virgin girl,
gotta laugh sometimes
When I'm falling
in love with you
- Hey baby, I'll let
you fuck me in the ass.
- Fuck and suck!
It'll be fun!
(Willy chuckles)
It's all right 'cause
I will be right there
All the way, baby
If I'm gonna fight for you
It's all the way, baby
All the way, baby
- Hello, hot sausage.
- Hello.
- Me so horny.
(Willy chuckles)
I love you long time.
My pussy so tight.
See it?
Hot money!
- Get in.
(tense music)
- So stinky in here.
- Door.
What's your name?
- I know you pick me because
I'm most beautiful right?
My name's Brenda, what's yours?
- (sighing) You
can call me Piggy.
- Piggy?
(Brenda laughs)
You know, where I come
from people eat pig.
I don't.
They eat their intestines
and their livers.
Their feet.
You know how to treat a lady-
- Try some of that.
(tense music)
- So good.
You have big one, small one?
- Might hurt a little.
(engine revving)
People say yeah
Hello, hello, hello
- [Brenda] So good.
(Brenda laughs)
(ominous music)
- Fucking I'll do the gardening.
You can do the everything else.
You'll have easy
access to my stash.
Turn your fucking high
beams off asshole!
(engine revving)
- Somebody's hot to trot.
- Yeah.
You stick your dick
in some Eastside trash
around here your dick falls off.
- Yeah, you'd know
all about that, queer.
- Okay.
Bet your ass, cunt.
Oh wait.
Turn this shit up.
This is a good song.
(pop music)
Na na na na na!
My teacher
Na na na na na na na na
Fats at the wheel!
No one seems to carry
- I feel so good now.
Like I'm floating above.
Watching myself.
Can you believe I'm a mother?
Her name is Annie.
My baby little girl.
She's so beautiful.
I love her so so much.
I still look good don't I?
- [Willy] You betcha.
(tense music)
- [Brenda] Where are we going?
- You'll see.
(acoustic guitar music)
- Looks like they're asleep.
- One can hope.
- Hope in one hand,
shit in the other.
See which one fills up first.
- Gross.
I really don't need
that fucking bitch
on my back tonight.
- You can always
sleep at my place.
- Thanks.
I'll be okay.
- Call me tomorrow.
- Okay.
Sure thing.
- Get the fuck out of my car.
- Yeah, will do.
- [Fats] Adios!
- [Wendy] Bye.
(eerie ethereal music)
(eerie ethereal music continues)
- (gasping) I feel funny.
What's in that shit?
- A little of this.
A little bit of that.
Valium, Xanax, Ketamine
Makes the girls dream
Of a man that'll
make them scream
(Willy chuckles)
- Holy shit.
A lot of mixed
stuff, good stuff.
My orgasms noisy and loud.
- I bet.
(Willy chuckles)
Let me help you with that.
(pig squeals)
(Brenda screams)
There's a fucking animal!
- Balthazar!
Hey, you want a treat?
You want a treat
there, Balthazar?
She's a good pig.
Yeah, she's one of the
best pigs ever there, eh?
Check it out.
I bet you want a
treat, huh girl?
Oh yeah, there you go.
Oh yes.
Oh yeah.
That's a good Balthazar.
She's a good pig.
- You're in love
with a fucking pig?
(Willy laughs)
- Yeah, like a mother
love her daughter eh?
Oh yeah.
- I have a daughter.
- Yeah.
So you said.
- Her name is Annie.
Annie, my sweet.
- Yeah, I suppose you two got
something in common there.
Only we had to butcher her kid
so the peeps could
survive, you know?
It's the circle of life.
One thing has to die for
the others to survive.
- Piggy.
I didn't know you're
a deep thinker.
I could die for my daughter too.
So hey, you wanna fuck or not?
Let's do it, you pay
me, I go get my Annie.
Come on.
- Come on.
Let's go, it's bedtime.
- [Brenda] Where are we going?
- Bedtime.
- You treat me nice?
- You didn't think we were just
gonna truck fuck now did you?
- [Brenda] I do.
But that pig don't
come with us right?
- [Willy] She likes to watch.
- [Brenda] No way!
(Willy laughs)
- Not much of a
sense of humor huh?
Maybe watch, but that's that.
- Oh no!
No no no!
(Brenda mutters indistinctly)
(ominous music)
- No, you stay outside.
Stay outside.
(pig snorting)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music continues)
- Jesus Christ.
- Where the hell have you been?
Father's asleep.
Do you know what time it is?
- It's late, I'm going to bed.
- Not so fast, missy!
- Leave me alone.
- Oh the little slut has
her fuck me dress on.
Maybe your father
should come see
his little girl
dressed like a whore.
- [Wendy] Oh I'm the whore?
- [Marilyn] Who were you
out screwing this time?
- You're not my mother!
- Yeah, thank the Lord I am not.
I would've cut you from my womb
and leave you in
the trash to rot.
- Fuck you.
- Yeah, run into your
room why don't you.
Stinking embarrassment.
You should pray for
your retched soul.
(dramatic music continues)
(door clicking)
(door thudding)
(rock music)
(upbeat rock music continues)
I'm gonna take you with me
You gotta trust
me, little girl
You know it ain't
just something
That we can throw
away somewhere
And say it wasn't there
I waited all night for you
I fell asleep on this chair
You thought I'd
leave without you
Didn't I always keep my word
- Thirsty.
(pants unzipping)
(Brenda coughs)
I'm not feeling good.
I'm thirsty.
- I'll get something
down your throat.
- You will?
Be gentle.
- I'm a gentleman.
- Let me see your eyes.
You have sweaty eyes.
- Sweaty eyes?
What does that mean?
- That means no
money, no fucking.
Give me money first.
- Whoa, no no, you
know how it works.
You get your money after.
Whoa, easy.
You get your money after,
you know how business works.
- Be nice, Piggy.
- I know.
(Brenda moans)
Oh yeah.
(Brenda moaning)
- I'm not feeling well.
(pig squeals)
(screaming) The pig is here!
- That's Balthazar.
- No, I changed my mind!
I can't stand it!
I wanna go!
- Stop struggling!
- Are you crazy?
I change my mind!
(pig squealing)
Please no, you're sick.
- You want your money?
- No please, no please!
(muffled screaming)
Here's your money!
Here's your money!
There you go.
(Brenda grunting)
(pig squeals)
There you go.
There's your money.
(Brenda gags)
(pig squealing)
(Brenda gags)
(eerie suspense music)
(pig squeals)
(neck snapping)
(pig squealing)
(pig grunts)
(Willy snorts)
- Balthazar.
(eerie music)
- Stick that little
pinky inside my mudhole.
- Mama?
- My little piggy.
- Piggy's getting hard.
- Ah.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
(pig grunts)
(Louise moans)
Fill my butthole
with your cream snot.
Come on, piggy!
I want that cream.
I want that snot cream.
I want it. (moaning)
(pig squeals)
(Willy moans)
(Louise laughs maniacally)
(ominous music)
(Louise laughs maniacally)
(ominous music continues)
(Louise laughs maniacally)
(Louise laughs maniacally)
- Open up or I'm
gonna break it in!
Oh my god.
Oh my god, no!
No, no.
Call an ambulance!
I don't think she's breathing.
Call an ambulance now!
- [911 Operator] 911.
- Yes, we need an ambulance.
- (breathing heavily) Wendy.
- Okay, thank you.
Karl, the ambulance
is on the way, dear.
- Oh my god.
Oh dear God, don't take my girl.
Please don't take
my girl, please.
No, no, no.
Oh god.
- [Marilyn] Is she dead?
- [Karl] No she's not dead.
I don't know, I don't know!
(soft music)
- Okay Balthazar, let's go.
Go over to the shed.
Go to the shed, Balthazar.
Over to the shed.
Listen, little Lorene
Please listen to me careful
Why flood so many
eyes with tears
When you can bring one
hard-loving laughter
Listen, little Lorene
Please listen to me careful
I am laying down the law
That you had better not defy
Give them all a
farewell party
I'm taking over,
that's no lie
You just get
yourself together now
I'm back on the
scene once again
Back on the scene once again
Back on the scene once again
Listen little Lorene
Please listen to me careful
You've broken many
innocent hearts
(soft music)
(Willy breathes heavy)
- That is farther than it looks.
Hey Balthazar, whoo.
(acoustic guitar music)
Here we go.
Here we go, here we go.
(saw whirring)
Standing here
Feeling the new day begin
You and I
Watching the
sun place a kiss
Upon the eastern sky
You and me and the
trees are reaching
For the summer light
Stay the night
I wanna stay
with you tonight
- Balthazar.
Have some patience.
And maybe we'll spend
our lives together
You and I
Or maybe only
spend one day, love
(pig grunting)
I sold my heart's diamond
And I sold my heart's gold
One and two and three you go
Do-si-do your partner
- You know Balthazar,
there's more
than one way to
get ahead in life.
(chuckles) There
you go, Balthazar.
(pig snorting)
I never know where
you've been all night
I don't question all
those things you have
Whose there to play,
baby there's no fight
Ain't no sense in
making this a crime
Girl you don't
have to use me
Nah, 'cause you can
always count on me
If it's just
some time to pass
Count on me
'Cause it ain't
something that will last
- Here's another piece of liver.
There's your liver
and onions piece.
Ain't that the best Chinese food
you've ever had
in your life huh?
(church bells ringing)
- [Willy's Father] Goddammit
you're doing it sloppy, boy!
- [Willy] Waylon, come here!
(church bells ringing)
(dramatic orchestral music)
- Willy.
It's about time you came home.
- [Willy] Pa?
- Saved the gutting for you.
- [Willy] Why Waylon, pa?
- You don't name your food, boy.
Cry over a dumb animal?
- [Willy] He was my friend.
- You ain't got no friend!
Now you feel that pain?
Now that's life.
And she's a hurtful,
nasty bitch.
That you better learn to tame.
Now go gut your friend.
- You always were a
sorry sack of shit.
Willy you in there?
Is that you?
(music intensifies)
What are you doing
in there, Willy?
Willy why's the door locked?
(Willy scatting)
I'm going to bed.
That boy ain't right.
(rock music)
- Baby girl.
We're gonna get through this.
I just know that your mother
and the good Lord
are looking down.
Baby girl.
You're gonna be just fine.
By the grace of God,
we'll get through this together.
- Um, has she been
tested for AIDS?
- Pardon me?
- Well she sleeps
with a lot of men.
Black men.
- A full blood
work is being done.
No diseases detected.
- Perhaps you
should check again.
- Your daughter
is gonna be okay.
- Daughter?
Do I look this old?
- If you'll excuse me,
I have rounds to do.
- Okay.
- Please don't be too long.
- You're the most important
thing in the whole world to me.
- Karl, sweetheart.
The doctor said we should leave.
Let her get some rest.
- [Karl] All right.
- Come on.
I wouldn't write you off
Here I am half
crazy sometimes
But I swear that
I'm on your side
(wood chipper grinding)
(upbeat music)
(pigs squealing)
Now get your stuff
Out on the front
I see you're drifting
Sweet as all those
things you've become
(Willy howls)
That's not too bad
- Ooh yeah!
You got me cocked,
locked, and wondering why
You're going on and
on and running on
Light up your spliff, yeah
Light up the bong
Don't ever let these boys
ever know who you really are
You'll never break down
Losing cool
You own yourself
And have nothing to prove
(Wendy screams)
- Oh shit, Wendy!
Hey, you're all right.
- Where am I?
- You're in the hospital.
- Shit.
Pigs were eating my head.
- What are you talking about?
What pigs?
- That pig farmer, he put
my body in a wood chipper
and then he threw
my head to his-
- Whoa, what kind of candy
they got you on here, girl?
- What happened?
Why am I here?
- The smack.
I told you to take
it easy didn't I?
- Shit.
I remember.
- Yeah.
- How long have I been here?
- Since last night.
Your dad saved you.
- She just put me over the
fucking edge, you know?
- Who?
- Who do you think?
- The Wicked Witch
of the eastern block?
- Yeah.
- Fuck.
- Ah.
Dad, is he here?
- He's in the next room
talking to the doctors.
I think they're saying they're
gonna let you out today.
- I really dread having
to talk to him about this.
- All you gotta do
is roll your tongue
back into your throat,
fulfill your death wish,
and avoid that conversation.
That's two for one.
- My tongue's not long enough.
- [Fats] Yeah, I know.
- Seriously though, he's
gonna be so ashamed of me.
- No.
No no no, look, he is just happy
that you're alive, all right?
We all are.
Except maybe not the witch.
- She probably had my
eulogy all written up.
She here?
- Hell no.
She told me you were here
when I called your
house this morning.
- Okay, good.
Seeing her would be worse
than that pig dream.
- Why the hell are you
dreaming about that freak for?
- I don't know, there's just
like something about him.
I just feel this
connection to him.
- You remember Zach Jacobson?
- Yeah, why are you
bringing up Zach Jacobson?
- It's just another example
of your awful taste in men.
Remember how he would
beat you in the face
until you were black and
blue and you'd be like
I love you even though you're
beating me in the face?
He would drag you out of bed
in the middle of the night
and beat you with
his cocksucking belt.
- Yeah, well I was helping him.
I was helping take
away his pain.
- Oh my god, listen, you need
to lose this Christ complex.
All this love shit, all right?
For once, just once.
listen to the wise voice
that comes out of my
beautiful luscious red lips.
And wise the fuck up.
- Oh this sweet little
condescending voice
that's like gently
whispering in my ear?
- Okay.
Since you put it that way.
Take one of these
and put it in your pie hole
and heed my wisdom, bitch.
- Faggot.
- Good one.
Want another one?
- All right.
(Fats laughs)
- Yeah!
Running wild, trying
to lose myself
- What time is it?
- Half past the monkey's ass.
Quarter to his balls.
- Lift up his rear leg.
See Niagara Falls.
(Willy and David laugh)
- Hello boys!
- Hello, Ms. Brooks.
- Please call me Adrienne.
Especially after you
see how I got them
to cover those back
property taxes.
- Fantastic.
- How sweet, what's this?
- Oh, well you're
the first recipient
of Pickman's new "Hog
Heaven" gift basket.
- Your daddy would be
so proud of you fellas.
- He would've skinned us alive
if he knew we were
selling his land.
- Ain't that the
God's honest truth.
- Well it's your land now
to do with it as you please.
And the development going
up there is the future.
- And it's all thanks to you
for making it
happen, Ms. Brooks.
And don't you think we ain't
gonna forget it none either.
Ain't that right, Willy?
- Oh I just crossed the
T's and dotted the I's.
It's heavy.
First things first.
Now, have a peek.
And I'll need both
of your signatures.
Like I said, in addition to
meeting your asking price
they will also pick
up all the back taxes.
- Marvelous.
Don't you think Willy?
- Yeah.
And they agreed
that the two million
is only for the
south parcels, right?
- Of course.
- Okay.
- Sounds mighty good to me.
- Yep.
Okay then.
They'll make the check out
to the Piggy Powwow
Great Times Society eh?
- Yes.
- Okay then.
- Speaking of the Piggy
Powwow Great Times Society,
great name by the way,
I'm afraid the city
has served you with a
cease and desist order.
Denied your permit request on
any and all future gatherings.
- A gathering?
- Parties.
- No!
- Willy!
- No!
- Willy!
- No!
- [Willy] No!
- Pardoning my
brother, Ms. Brooks.
- It appears there
have been numerous
complaints from
neighbors regarding
the noise, possible
drug use, and-
- What neighbors?
What neighbors?
Mary and Fred.
- It doesn't say.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna, I'll tell you-
- All a misunderstanding.
I'm sure we can work things out
with the city council
can't we, Ms. Brooks?
- Possibly.
But I suggest you hold off
on any parties for now.
- I can't.
- Ah, we can!
- [Willy] I can't.
- We can!
- I can't.
- We can do that!
Can't we, Willy?
- Can't.
- [David] Can't we, Willy?
- I can't.
Uh-uh, no way.
- Right Willy?
Ha, good!
All settled then.
- Very good.
So what do you
think of my proposal
of splitting up the
west end acreage?
- Well about that, Ms. Brooks.
Had a look and a chance to
cogitate on it a little bit.
(eerie music)
Well we feel it's best to
sell it all as one parcel.
(eerie music continues)
(eerie music continues)
(eerie music continues)
Hallowed ground if you will.
Part of the Pickman legacy.
- I truly understand.
- It's all gonna work out
just in our favor, Willy.
Make no mistake.
- Oh it's gonna be okay.
(electric guitar
blues rock music)
Very good.
I'll take that
into consideration.
Even though I feel
differently about it.
- [David] Anything
else we can do for you?
- [Adrienne] No, you
just have a good day.
- [David] You enjoy
your meat then.
- [Adrienne] I will,
thank you so much.
- Enjoy your swine.
Good day.
- We could use this
experience as a wake up call
to move forward in a
more positive light.
- Do you want me to
go back into rehab?
- Will it help?
- I don't know.
- Well I wish your
mother was here.
She'd know exactly what to do.
- Yeah she would.
(blues rock music)
You come and you go
Though it hasn't
always been so
No you're not the same
Oh my my my how
you've changed
You're acting so funny
You're acting so strange
If you could remember
who you were at the start
I'd make you my star
- You best scrap that stage.
- Nope.
- What do you mean no?
You heard the lawyer.
- I don't care what
that prissy bitch said.
We're having a party.
- No, no, what are you
talking about, Willy?
I mean you want the
cops to come over?
They'll shut the
whole farm down.
The whole kit and caboodle.
- Look, this is my place too.
You can't tell me what
I can and can't do.
You ain't pa.
- Well you're mighty
lucky for that 'cause he'd
put an end to this piggy
palace powwow crap toot sweet!
He'd have you running and hiding
in that hollowed pig
carcass, you remember that?
When I had to come get you
and pull you out of
that gutted swine?
- You know what, you're
just jealous huh?
You're jealous of
all that I'd done
and all the respect
that it brought, huh?
I'm a big shot now.
I'm a big swinging
dick and you ain't.
- You're a big
baby's what you are.
And you're crazy just like ma.
- You see, right there.
You were always jealous
of what ma and I had.
And now you're jealous
of the piggy powwow.
You're weak!
- I wouldn't be proud
of what you and ma had.
Her slobbering all over
your trailer hitch.
You oughta be ashamed
of yourself for
something like that!
I ain't jealous neither!
- Ugh!
Look what you've gone done
to your daddy's truck.
- Boy he's hurt real bad, ma.
- You runned him down!
What did you expect?
- It were an accident.
- It ain't no matter
now how or why!
You have to finish him off
or the law is gonna
take you away!
- I can't, ma.
- That's how it's done!
You see how it's done?
Do you fucking see?
- Stop it!
- See?
- See?
- No!
- See how it's fucking done?
- Please don't mom!
She's always listening to us!
Why can't you just
leave us alone?
Why don't you just
leave us alone?
(rock music)
- [Willy] What are
you talking about?
Who's she?
- Yeah.
Ma, you idiot!
- You're gonna be done
with this by Friday eh?
- Think so.
- You think?
You're gonna.
Just like the little
green man says.
No thinking, only do.
- That ain't respect, Willy.
He's only doing it 'cause
you're paying him, that's why!
Just like folks only come to
your party for your drugs!
They're just using you, Willy!
Just like they used ma!
That ain't respect!
- Where are my smokes?
- You left them in
the lawyer's office!
- All right, Pat's here.
I gotta go talk to him about
the fixings for the par...
"The gathering."
Is that okay with you, Davey?
- Oh there you go
just running off!
Sooner or later you're
gonna have to own up
to them feelings and
how ma messed you up!
She done broke you
like me, brother!
It's her fault!
Stop working!
You can go home!
Just head on home, and I've
had about enough of this.
And you, you'll be bacon
before you know it!
Go home.
(footsteps thudding)
- [Woman] You promised
me a ring for my hand.
- Ah! Suck it.
Almost there.
Ah! Suck it. (coughs violently)
You're an angel.
(Faith coughing)
- What the fuck, Gook?
- Willy.
Good to see you, sir.
- Yeah.
- (spitting) Thought it was
a little breezy in here.
- Who the hell is that?
- This is Angel.
Angel, meet Willy Pickman.
Willy, this is Angel.
- Nice to meet you.
- Actually it's Faith.
- Angel's better.
Sexier, huh Willy?
- It is a pleasure to
meet you, Mr. Pickman.
Pat had told me about
your amazing parties.
You are the best
host with the most.
Nobody puts them on
like the pig man.
(Pat laughs)
- [Pat] Ain't she cute?
- Yeah, it's nice to meet you.
Can I have a word, Pat?
- Sure.
Sweetheart, give us a moment.
- Okay.
Don't forget to ask him.
- I promised didn't I?
- What the fuck, Gook?
- Don't call me that in
front of people, okay?
- Sorry.
- I told her you'd get her high
in exchange for a little action.
- Where the hell is she from?
- Pulled her off at Hastings.
She'll show you a good
time, she loves to get down.
Even let you put
it in her pooper.
- What about the pigs?
- Oh, I'm almost done wrapping.
I just gotta swing by
the rendering plant.
You give me a hand,
take it into my car.
I'll be on my way.
- Fine, fine.
- Yeah.
You need me to come back
or you able to take her?
- Yeah, I can take her.
- (laughs) There you go, boy!
All set.
All set.
- Thank you, Mr. Pickman!
- Ain't she sweet?
- Yeah.
- Where's the bathroom?
- Show her.
- Yeah, right this way, hon.
Follow me.
Go right down these steps.
We just fixed it last week.
Go right over there
to that trailer.
The door's open.
Make yourself comfortable.
- Okey dokey.
- I'll see ya.
(electric rock music)
I could be the danger
you wanna be rubbed in
So you plug in to tune me
- Look at that.
You think I'm the party
that lives in your head
Got a loose end
Wow babe
You kinda creep me
out when I'm about
- What's up with
that, Balthazar?
You like that?
(pig snorts)
Yeah, my thoughts exactly.
Bounce on my pud any day.
- Oh Willy.
She sucks the chrome
off a trailer hitch,
I tell you what, son.
- Yeah, I heard that before.
Aw Gook.
You got your spunk
all over the meat.
- (laughs) I heard that before!
(laughing) Hey!
You should wear
this at the party.
I gutted it all out for you.
Kids like this stuff.
Sell a lot of pork.
Willy I'm sorry.
You had to see my junk.
The first time I
encountered a hog.
Sucker almost chewed it all off.
I butchered him, sold
him for 120 bucks.
I never looked back.
- You gotta keep
your hog in the barn.
- (laughs) I've
heard that before.
I'm gonna try.
Good stuff.
- The hell?
What the fuck?
(no audio)
(Faith sighing)
Fucking pervert.
(pig snorts)
(tense music)
Willy, are you out there?
Is the pig man out there?
(hand knocking on door)
What the fuck?
Fuck fuck fuck.
Oh goddangit.
(rock music)
Ew, ugh.
Woman, you know where
he's been hiding
You know why he's
telling you lies
Baby, he ain't
your kind of hero
You ain't blind when
he leaves at night
It won't be the last
time you call me
Stranded in the rain
(eerie music)
- Andrea?
Who the fuck are these girls?
(pig snorts)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
What the...
He is fucking kinky.
Oh my god.
(pig squealing)
Is that a pig?
Willy is that you?
I love animals.
Don't be shy.
Seriously, hello!
(pig snorting)
(tense music continues)
Are you in there?
Are you in there?
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(intense music)
(pigs squealing)
Stop it!
(Angel screams)
Stop it!
(eerie music)
(soft tense music)
(distant rock music)
(distant screaming)
(intense music)
(ominous music)
(ominous music continues)
- [Willy] What do you want?
- [Bill] Jeez.
- [Willy] The hell
you doing, boy?
Get off the ground.
- You scared the hell out of me.
- Yeah?
- I saw some girl
walk in here earlier.
I didn't know if you knew.
I thought you was in the shed.
- Nope.
- I just don't want someone
ripping you off is all.
- Yeah, well she's with Pat.
They're leaving now.
- Oh.
All right.
to bother you.
Fuck me.
(soft music)
(Faith groans)
- [Willy] I'm sorry
I only used 10 cc's.
Angel, I should've used 12.
(gun fires)
There's a power in the blood
Power in the blood
There's a power
Wonder working power
In the blood of the lamb
There is power
Wonder working power
In the precious blood
Of the lamb
Wonder working power
In the precious blood
Of the lamb
- Mmm.
Please come in.
- Mrs. Wall?
- Yeah.
- I'm Detective Schneer.
This is Detective Oppal.
We're responding to a missing
person's report you filed.
- Oh yes.
Sit down.
Come, sit.
Do you want anything to drink?
- No thank you, ma'am.
- How about...
- I'm fine, thank you.
- You reported your daughter
Brenda Wall as missing?
- Yes.
(baby crying)
- You have a baby?
- That's Annie.
Brenda's little girl.
She was supposed to pick
her up two days ago.
And normally she's never late,
so I decided to call the police.
They let me do it
over the phone.
- Over the phone?
- Yeah, the officer
let me do the report
over the phone 'cause
of my busted foot.
- Oh, of course.
- Hard to get around.
- How'd you do that?
- Slipped in a puddle of coffee
at the market. (chuckles)
The lawyer says I
have a good case.
- Good for you.
- You know, I know something's
happened to Brenda.
'Cause she would always call
if she was gonna be
late to pick up Annie.
The only thing that makes
her smile is that child.
- In the past Brenda has been
convicted of solicitation.
- Yeah.
She's had drug problems,
sold her body to get it.
But she's got a good heart.
She's got a good heart.
And her past shouldn't
stop you from finding her.
- No, I didn't mean
to infer that her
arrest record would
hinder our efforts.
We just want as much
information as possible.
- Do you know where
to start our search?
- Yeah, she's walking the
streets at night, you know?
Trying to save up enough
money to get a new place.
Starting over.
Drug free.
- Good for her, ma'am.
- Be a good mother.
- Do you know where
she usually worked?
- Eastside.
Over by that old bridge.
You know where that is?
- [Schneer] Yeah, we know of it.
- Yeah, not a very nice
area from what I'm told.
And even when I was young, ugh,
the stories I heard.
- It's only getting worse.
- Do you happen to have
a recent photo of Brenda?
- Of course.
Let me go find it.
- Let me help you there, ma'am.
Come on.
There we go.
- You have nice, kind eyes.
I know you'll find my daughter.
- What'd she say?
- She said that she knows
we'll find her daughter, Jack.
- In a perfect world.
- We'll go down to
Main and Hastings,
talk to the usual suspects,
we'll hear something.
- Yeah, we can do that.
- We'll find her, Jack.
- Found it.
Will that do?
- Yeah, this will
be fine thanks.
- Yeah, she works down in here.
I've seen her around before.
- When was the last time?
- What's it worth?
- How about we just don't run
your ass in tonight, Fern.
- Go for it, I'll
be out in an hour.
- Look!
- [Woman] Hey fuck you, pig!
- Easy.
30 women have gone missing
from Eastside, you understand?
- What the fuck are
you gonna do about it?
- We're gonna find her.
But we need your help, we need
all of your help down here.
Come on Fern, help us out.
- Last I saw her she was getting
into Piggy's big white truck.
- Piggy?
- Yeah, I don't know his name.
Seemed real weird fella.
He has a pig farm, throws raves.
- Raves?
- Yeah, they're private parties.
- Throws them every
month from what I hear.
A lot of low lives there.
Gangs, drugs, bikers,
sex, rock and roll.
Fucking partying on a pig farm?
Can you imagine?
- No I can't.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- Fern, you hear anything
you let me know, huh?
Be careful.
- Always.
Now will you guys clear out
so we can all earn
some money here?
- [Schneer] Let's have a
chat with the pig farmer.
(dramatic music)
(rock music)
(rock music continues)
- Suck the chrome off of this
you junkie whore cum chugger!
(rock music continues)
(rock music continues)
Baby won't you
- Here you go.
- No thanks.
- Well you need
to eat something.
The doctor said you need
to keep up your strength.
Bless us oh Lord
for these thy gifts
we are about to receive
from thy bounty.
Through Christ our Lord.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Are you not feeling well?
- I just don't feel
like meat, that's all.
- Have some carrots.
- No.
- [Karl] It's delicious.
- Can I be excused?
- Perhaps she'd
rather be doing drugs.
- Shut up!
- Marilyn.
- I'm sorry.
That was rude of me.
- I'm a very patient man.
But I can't handle
all this tension,
this bickering back and forth.
I had hoped by not badgering
you about your mishap
it would be easier for
you to open up to me.
For us to get along.
- When I was her age
I lived by myself.
I worked two jobs.
I didn't have time
to think about drugs.
But no, not this one.
She drops out of university,
quits her fries and gravy jobs,
and lays around the house
like daddy's little princess.
And spreading her legs
for every mongrel dog
that comes sniffing around.
- Go to hell!
- Wendy.
- Sorry.
- Sit down, please.
Do we need to get
you back in therapy?
'Cause I spoke to
your therapist.
She said it might
be a good idea.
- Put her back into rehab.
They'll make sure she takes
those antidepressants.
- Fuck you.
- Oh come on, please!
- What do you know?
- At least the medication keeps
her mood swings in control.
I mean look at her, clearly
she must not be taking them.
- Wendy is that true?
- Dad they turned me
into a fucking zombie.
- Better than
feeling distraught.
Every waking moment
for your dead mother.
- Marilyn stop it!
- Why are you taking
her side again, dad?
- You blame me for her death?
I always did my best by her!
- Your best by her?
Your best by her was going
off and fucking that bitch
while she was lying in
her hospital bed dying!
(dramatic music)
I hope you're both
fucking happy now!
- Get out!
- Ungrateful little bitch.
- Shut the fuck up, Marilyn!
- If that was my daughter-
- Shut the fuck up!
- I would lock her up!
(dramatic music)
(50's dance music)
- Hey, is anyone sitting here?
- There is now.
Would you like a drink?
- Whiskey.
- Coming right up.
Hey, could I get double whiskey?
- [Freddy] Coming up!
- Thanks boss.
Um, I'm Willy Pickman.
- Wendy Eastman.
- It's nice to meet
you, Wendy Eastman.
- Actually I saw you at
the bar the other night.
- I remember.
- Oh you do?
- Yeah.
You were with that
little pipsqueak squirt.
- Fats, yeah, he's
my best friend.
- Fats.
He doesn't look too fat.
- He was like 300
pounds in high school.
(Willy laughs)
- [Willy] Really?
- [Freddy] Anything else?
- [Willy] Wendy?
- No thanks.
- Okay.
- Freddy the toilet's
clogged up again.
- [Freddy] Son of a bitch.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- [Willy] Whoa.
What happened to your cheek?
- Is it bad?
- No no, no, no it's uh,
it's just a little red.
- Me and my dad had it out.
- He hit you?
- Just a slap.
- Yeah, I had a shit dad myself.
- It's not like that.
It's just, I said some things
I probably shouldn't have.
- That's no excuse.
You don't go hitting.
- Sometimes words are
just as hurtful I guess.
- Yeah?
That's still no excuse
to go hitting a girl.
- So are you expecting a
lot of people at your party?
- The gathering, yeah.
It's gonna be the
biggest one yet.
- Gathering?
- Yeah.
Well I mean it sounds
better than a party, right?
- I guess so.
It's tomorrow, right?
- This time tomorrow night is
gonna be a whole new world.
- Huh.
You must have a lot of
people helping you out.
- Oh no, no, it's just my
brother and the Gook and me.
- Gook?
- Yeah, Pat.
He's from Vietnam or
somewhere like that, you know?
It's a nickname.
He's not offended by it
or nothing, you know?
- I don't think I've ever
heard that word before.
- Oh, well I guess it
could be considered a slur.
To the slant-eyed,
the Asian folks.
- You know, I don't
think I've ever
met anyone quite like
you before, Willy.
- Well.
Thanks, I guess.
- It's a compliment.
So, why do you throw
parties for strangers?
- 'Cause isn't fun the
best thing to have?
I mean I wanna
give the world fun.
Bring some joy into
this world, you know?
That's really the
only reason I do it.
- You must meet a ton
of interesting people.
Make a lot of new
friends doing it.
- Friends?
Eh, I dunno.
I could count the number of
friends I have on one hand.
But when I make a
friend, I keep them.
- I'm the same.
I found out who my real friends
were when things got tough.
- Tough?
For a pretty girl like you?
- I wish that were true.
- [Willy] It's the
God's honest truth.
- You're sweet.
After my mom died I just
found it really difficult
to see the good
in things anymore.
(church bells ringing)
- Yeah.
I was real close to my ma too.
I think she made me who
I am today, you know?
I am who I am 'cause
of her, you know?
- I guess we sort
of take the ones
we love the most for granted.
You know, you're
really easy to talk to.
I don't think I've
ever opened up
to anyone like this before.
- That's,
I think that's the nicest thing,
no, I know that's the nicest
thing anyone's ever said to me.
- I feel like I've known
you my entire life.
- Yes.
Want another?
- Oh yeah.
- All right.
Freddy, can we
get another double
Wild Turkey and a
root beer please?
- [Freddy] Got it!
Coming right up!
- Root beer?
Do you not drink?
- No.
Never really had a taste for it.
- What?
I thought that was
Jager or something.
(Willy and Wendy laugh)
- No, I like to
keep a clear head.
- Not me.
Clear head only makes me
see how lousy things are.
- Not anymore.
- [Freddy] There you go.
- Thank you.
(soft rock ballad music)
- Tabernac.
This is my song.
- Yeah, well if you
come to the gathering
tomorrow night
you'll hear it live.
- Wait.
You got Gerard McMahon playing
at your party tomorrow?
- 'Cause of you.
- Shut up.
Wait, shut up.
Wait, what?
- Yeah.
- [Wendy] Are you serious?
- Yeah.
I mean I heard you
say the other night
that that was your
favorite song.
- Wait.
You got Gerard McMahon
to play at your party
because of me and
we hadn't even met?
- When I first saw you,
I felt something
really special.
You know?
Like, uh,
something, like
a really special-
- Connection?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- [Willy] Cheers?
- Cheers.
- We'll have a glass clink
and go home tonight huh?
(Willy chuckles)
(rock music)
- You're sure this
is the place huh?
- Piggy's Powwow.
- Guess so.
- Private property,
you're trespassing!
Oh, okay.
Sorry about that, fellas.
We've been having some
trespassers walking around.
Kids probably.
- Probably.
- Yeah.
What can I do you for?
- Well you could put
that crowbar down.
- Oh, I was just pulling some
nails out of the fence back.
- You Roderick Wilhelm Pickman?
- Willy?
No I'm David, his brother.
- Is he here?
- Nah, I don't see his
truck anywheres about.
- It's a white
Dodge pickup right?
- Yeah, it's a
white Dodge pickup.
Did he hit something?
He's always running
into something.
- No, a vehicle fitting
his truck's description
was seen picking
up a missing woman.
- Well there's a
lot of white Dodges
running around these parts.
- Well we just want to
ask him a few questions.
This is all just preliminary.
We're not gonna accuse
him of anything.
We just wanna see if he was down
on the Eastside the
last couple nights.
- The Eastside?
No, not the Eastside.
- You sure of that?
- Yeah, not the Eastside.
- Well when do you expect
your brother to get home?
- I'm his brother, but
I ain't his keeper.
- But the two of you
live here correct?
- Yeah of course.
He lives over in the trailer
over there and I'm in the house.
- Well maybe we
could take a look.
Maybe he's home after all.
- I would mind.
Matter of fact, I might
just need to call my lawyer.
- Why would you need to do that?
- On account I don't
wanna see my brother
railroaded for
something he ain't done.
Look fellas, it ain't you.
It's just the city's
coming hard on our back
ever since we started
selling property.
- You must have made
a pretty penny huh?
- We done all right, yeah, yeah.
- (sniffing) That smell.
I mean that's
something isn't it?
- Around it enough
you get used to it.
I don't even notice it anymore.
- I sure do.
- What about these
Piggy Powwow raves?
- Oh, well those are big
celebrations Willy puts on.
I help too, it's for
the less fortunate.
We like to spread to wealth.
- To prostitutes?
- Prostitute?
- Yeah, we heard
that the prostitutes
come to these parties and
they trade sex for drugs.
- Drugs?
There ain't no drugs here.
- You sure of that?
- No drugs at all.
- Well we got tests that
can verify that, you know.
- I don't give a hoot what
your tests can verify.
There ain't any drugs here.
You know, this is bull.
You oughta be
ashamed of yourself.
Coming out here asking
God-fearing families.
You wanna talk to us you could
set something up
with our lawyer.
- Okay, if you say so.
- Yeah.
- Have your brother
or his attorney give us a call.
- Mr. Pickman we'd like
to settle this tomorrow.
- Yeah.
I bet you would.
Don't hit any livestock on
the way out, constables.
- Constables?
- Interesting fella.
- To say the least.
(upbeat music)
You got ears
I got ears
Ears are made to listen
(all chattering)
- [Woman] No, no!
No, no!
(all shouting)
- Help her, Lucifer, help her.
- Elizabeth Selwyn.
On this third day of March,
(phone rings)
in the year of our Lord, 1692-
- Hello?
- Oh, hello Adrienne.
Sorry for calling you at home.
- That's all right.
Who's this?
- (chuckling) This
is David Pickman.
- Oh yes, David.
What can I do for you?
- Well sadly it seems that
the cops came over here.
They was looking for Willy.
- Regarding?
- Seems that his truck
matches the description
of a truck that
was seen with some
missing girl or
something, I don't know.
- Where's Willy?
- Well he's not here.
I don't know where he is.
- [Wendy] The air
really hits me.
- [Willy] Yeah, well the Wild
Turkey really hits you too eh?
- [Wendy] Gobble gobble.
- [Willy] I think you've
had a little too much-
- Oh my god, I
gotta get to my car!
- [David] You got it?
- Okay, got it.
I'll call him.
I'll call you as soon as I
speak to Detective Schneer.
- Well that's great.
I feel better
already, Ms. Adrienne.
That gives me some good comfort.
- Oh David, that's why
I gave you my number.
You have a good night, David.
- What was that about?
- Looks like the pig farmer
stepped in some shit.
- What, these guys?
- Yeah.
I can't believe
you're eating that.
- It's good.
- [Wendy] I don't have no home.
- Well how about I give
you a ride to my home.
Lift up.
- Now don't you go taking
advantage of my, um-
- Intoxication?
Door's coming closed.
(door clicking)
(chuckles) You are
a piece of work.
(door slamming)
- [David] Your drugs!
They're just using you, Willy!
Just like they used ma!
That ain't respect!
(Louise laughs wickedly)
- You must rescue her
from her dying body!
You are her only salvation.
She's stuck in a
deep well of sin.
And of of its consequences
of a burning hellfire.
- Salvation.
(Louise screams)
(rock music)
Let's rescue this whore
from her dying body.
- [Evangelist] Because of
the cross, sin is defeated.
Satan's greatest threat to
any of us is a permanent
separation from God
because of our own sin.
Satan said-
Give me my smile
Boys will come
and girls will cry
In-between the
morals of the story
Love goes crazy
Love so crazy
Slam on your brakes
when he walked by
You should know better
than to blink an eye
You're taken
Well he be waiting
- What the hell?
He's not gonna
take that crap
- I had hoped
you'd be different.
- What are you talking about?
This isn't funny okay?
- Right here!
Marks of the devil!
You're just a fucking whore.
Like all the others.
- Willy, what are
you talking about?
- I'm so stupid, I can't
believe I was so stupid!
Fucking whore, I'm
so stupid stupid!
I'm so stupid!
You don't wanna
hang out with me.
You don't wanna be with me.
You just wanna get high.
You just want my drugs.
Yeah, be nice to piggy piggy
and he'll show you
a good time, huh?
That's what it was!
- No.
I was nice to you
because I like you.
We have a connection remember?
- Yeah.
(ominous music)
- She is lying to you!
- Mama?
Is that you?
Is that you?
- I wanna help you.
- Just look at the
devil between my legs!
You see it, boy?
- I see it, mama.
- It fooled you didn't it?
- Yeah.
- Hang your head in shame.
- Oh sorry mama,
I thought she was
just like you but she's not.
She's different.
- Willy.
You're scaring me.
- Oh no.
- Nobody's like your
mama. (laughs maniacally)
(ominous music)
- Don't be such a
slobbering welp, you pussy!
Satan sets the trap and
hopes you'll fall into it.
But Jesus gave his life for
the sake of the sinners.
And the ultimate power of sin
was defeated once and for all.
Make her accept God's gift.
And she can
experience God's glory
as though she had
never sinned at all.
- Ah.
Remove the offense
and then she can live
like she never sinned at all.
- That's it, son.
That's exactly it.
Now do it.
Do it.
The big five-O!
(Leonard laughs)
That's right. (laughing)
- No!
It's murder!
It's sin!
Our Father, who art in Heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
- Give us this day
our daily bread.
And we forgive our trespasses.
And those who
trespass against us.
For thine is the
kingdom and the power
and the glory forever.
- Amen.
- I can fix this.
I have a way to purge our souls
so that we can be clean,
and bask together in His light.
Jesus wept.
- [David] Willy!
Come out here!
- Help!
- Oh!
You lying Judas whore!
(Wendy screaming)
- Come out here Willy!
You in there?
(rock music)
Who are you talking
to right now?
Any time that you
need a shoulder
Any time I can run you over
Any time
Any time you want
some affection
Any time that you
need my protection
I'm the guy up on
the tightrope walk
- Willy!
What the hell's going
on in there huh?
- Just watching the tube.
- Watching the tube?
I heard a scream.
- Yeah, I was
flipping the channels.
Might've been a monster
flick or something.
- Monster flick?
- What?
What do you want?
- Willy, the police came
over here last night.
- Hey Hickok you're gonna
have that done by tonight eh?
- Yeah, sure thing.
- Okay.
- Willy you hear me?
- Yeah, I heard you.
- Yeah, well they wanna ask
you some questions downtown.
- About?
- About a missing girl that was
last seen getting
into your truck.
- Well it weren't me.
- Well I didn't figure it was.
But all the same, Adrienne wants
to meet us downtown at 10 a.m.
- What for?
- What for?
So you don't say
something stupid.
Like you usually do
and get your ass thrown
in the pokey where they
throw away the key.
- But we gotta get ready for
the Piggy Powwow tonight.
- Look, I've talked
to Pat, he knows
everything he's supposed to do.
He's in charge.
Now it's okay,
let's get a move on!
- Fine.
Hey Hickok!
You keep working on that.
Make sure you don't
mess those up!
- This one here's already broke.
- Well then you better fix it.
No fucking excuses.
(upbeat music)
- Bill!
Make sure to water the
pigs and feed them too!
- Yeah.
- Do that first!
- All right.
- [David] Feed those pigs!
And water them too!
- You got it.
- [David] You hear me?
- I'm on it!
- [David] Pronto!
You dribble the lies
A criminal mind of your own
(truck revs)
- Meat been sitting in here
in the sun all this time huh?
- I didn't put it there.
- Oh yeah, who did huh?
- [David] Maybe Pat.
You opened your mouth,
yeah look at you now
Oh boy
How many times
have I told you
(dramatic music)
- It's not too
late to apologize.
Last chance to say I'm sorry.
All right, if that's
how you wanna play it.
I'm gonna take you for
everything you've got.
- I pray to God you
haven't already.
- [Marilyn] You'd throw me away
for that precious
daughter of yours!
You'll be sorry, so sorry!
Driving me away for that
bitch ass daughter of yours!
You're gonna be so sorry!
(dramatic music)
My fighting makes me empty
My eyes have seen too much
(phone rings)
I know there's
more in this world
Than what I'm losing
There may never be
a heaven up there
- Better be fucking good.
Hello, yeah.
- Franklin.
It's Karl Eastman.
- [Fats] Hello Mr. Eastman, sir.
- Is Wendy there?
- Nah, I haven't seen
her since the hospital.
- We had a fight,
she hasn't come home.
I'm worried about her.
- Hasn't come home?
I might know where she is, sir.
If you want me to go
down there and look
I can try to find her
and bring her back.
- I would greatly
appreciate that.
Let her know that
Marilyn is gone.
Gone for good.
- Will do, Mr. E.
And congratulations on
getting rid of that witch.
I'll let you know
as soon as I know
anything at all, all right?
- Thank you, son.
Oh dear God, bring
her home safe.
There may never be
a heaven out there
That could make
everything be all right
Still I feel like there's
a heaven out there
And I don't
understand the why
- Hey mom, I need 20 bucks!
- [Fats' Mom] I only got 15!
Then I must've
done something
- Oh shit, I got five!
That works!
Thank you!
From the inside out
- Have you seen this woman?
- Nope.
- You sure?
- I'm sure.
- Take a closer look.
(tense music)
- [Willy] Yeah I'm sure.
- Her name's Brenda.
But you knew that didn't you?
- No.
- Well she was last seen getting
into your truck at Hastings-
- By whom?
- A reliable witness.
- On the Eastside?
- I've never seen this girl.
- Maybe she was at
one of your raves?
- Don't answer that.
- But you do cruise
the Eastside, correct?
- Well yeah, I mean I've been
down there a couple times.
Go to a bar.
- Well then (clearing throat)
have you seen any
of these women?
- Nope.
- Take your time.
(women screaming)
(pigs squealing)
- No.
(pigs squealing in pain)
I've never seen
any one of those.
No, I can't say that I've
seen any of those women.
- What the heck?
Are you trying to
pin these on him?
- David, be quiet please.
- I'm just asking what
the hell's going on here.
You're making him out to
be some multi-murderer.
- We didn't say they were dead.
- What are you saying?
- All we know is that these
women are just missing.
- (scoffing) David, perhaps
you could enlighten us
as to their whereabouts?
- What did you say?
We're done.
- Okay detectives,
I believe my client
has answered your questions.
And we will be going now.
- Damn straight we will.
Come on, Willy boy.
To put up with this.
- Would Roderick be
available for a lineup?
- Call me Willy.
- Willy, would you do a lineup?
- What's that?
- It's hogwash is what it is.
Bull hockey!
We're done!
- He will be happy to
cooperate at a later date
if necessary.
I feel you have blindsided
us today. (clicking tongue)
Very unprofessional.
- Good day, counsel.
- Good day, gentlemen.
(soft music)
'Cause she's the woman that
took all my hurting away
She's the woman that
was never once a gray
- Hey Willy.
Talk to you real soon.
- You have any
luck on sorting out
the zoning issues with the city?
- Excuse me?
- [Willy] Well tonight's
the big Piggy Powwow right?
- Willy, I think
now is not the time.
- When is the time?
- This is a very
serious matter, boys.
- No shit, they think
he's friggin' Ed Gein!
Look, I didn't mean to
bark at you, Adrienne.
I'm sorry.
- Who?
- Don't speak with anyone
regarding this matter.
I will discuss it
with another attorney
and we will figure the
best way to move forward.
- Sounds good.
Thanks for all your help.
Come on, Ed.
- Thanks.
What about the Piggy Powwow?
- Willy!
No party!
(upbeat jazz music)
(Wendy grunting)
(Wendy grunting)
- Come on!
(gasping) Help!
- Not again.
You hear that?
- [Wendy] Help!
(soft music)
(soft music continues)
(door clicking)
In here!
- Shit, come here!
- What the hell man?
- You wanna get in trouble?
- Me?
- You want the RCMP
to haul you away?
- What?
- Why are you leaving?
Don't leave!
- Did you see what-
- This ain't none
of our business.
You know Willy's a weird dude.
He brings hookers in there
all the damn time
to play sex games.
She'll get you arrested,
you go messing with that.
Deny she's a lady of the evening
and say you kidnapped her.
Just so she don't get busted.
- But she...
- You take this.
I'll take care of her.
- "Take care of her"?
What the hell does that mean?
"Take care of her"?
You're gonna take care of her?
What the fuck?
- Get her out of
there of course.
I know how these women think.
I've dealt with them.
(van honks)
Looks like one of
the vans is here.
Why don't you help
them get set up.
- You guys actually
got Loud Sugar?
- We don't fuck around, buddy.
We've got the Lost
Boys dude too.
- Corey Haim?
- No, the...
Never mind.
Make it 200 for
all your hard work.
- All right.
All right.
(door clicking)
- Boy he sure messed
this here door up.
Stupid hick.
That's the ticket.
- [Wendy] Help!
(tense music)
(Pat coughs violently)
(Pat grunting)
(Pat coughing)
Throat cancer.
Not fun.
I wouldn't wish it
on my worst enemy.
What's going on here?
- You're the Gook?
- Willy tell you that?
- He did, he said it's
his nickname for you.
You're his best friend.
- I'm not even Vietnamese.
Not that that matters to him.
Did he really say best friend?
- Yes.
- That's nice.
Willy's a queer
old duck ain't he?
- Hey, please untie these.
- Ah.
Right there the whole time.
Not that you could've
done anything with it.
But that's life.
The things you want the most
are always just out of reach.
Right now it seems though-
- Please, I just wanna go home.
- You be friendly,
I'll be friendly.
- That's fair.
My arms hurt.
- Pretty good ain't they?
Work every other time damn time.
Oh there we go.
That better?
- Thank you.
- My pleasure. (grunting)
Kiss me.
Kiss me.
Kiss me.
- No!
- Kiss me.
(Pat screams)
(intense music)
I didn't mean to do that.
I didn't mean to do that.
I'm sorry.
What in the hell.
(coughs violently)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music continues)
Took my advice.
Sorry, lady.
(crowd applauding)
- Thank you very much.
- Aw shit.
(rock music)
(upbeat rock music continues)
- What the fuck?
Who's collecting the money?
- Jesus, she said to
call it off, Willy!
- You know what, all right.
Here's what we're gonna do.
You're gonna get out.
You're gonna collect
all the money.
And make sure the bartender
has got drinks all set up okay?
- Yeah, fine, but this
is crazy stupid, Willy.
I'm not kidding.
We gotta talk about them
missing girls, Willy.
- Willy!
The beginning of the end
- Where in the Sam
hill have you been?
- We had to go downtown.
- We gotta get the
barbecue going.
- What the hell?
What is this?
Pat what the-
- Wear this.
I'll heat up the
meat, you serve it.
- Okay.
- We got a wee little problem.
- What?
- Don't go in your closet.
I'll meet you at the barbecue.
- [Willy] All right.
I wanna go home
- Come on Bill,
what are you doing?
Let's go!
That's enough grab
ass out of you.
Where's Willy?
Asked him if he'd like
to go outside and play
He said you must be joking
- Hey.
- What?
- Your lip.
- Don't mind that.
I gotta get the meat ready.
- Hey, have you seen her?
She here?
So she's here?
- Yeah.
She's helping out in the
smoke shed with the meat.
- With the meat?
- Right this way.
- What meat?
Hey Wendy!
- Helping us with the barbecue.
- Wendy!
(upbeat rock music)
- How y'all feeling tonight?
(crowd cheering)
- She's in the back.
- What is all this shit, man?
(audience applauding)
(rock music)
(upbeat rock music continues)
Don't be surprised
if you miss him
Dark tan, a hot car,
he's a roller of a prince
He knows your description
Gonna put you on his list
He'll take you home
to his apartment
You'll throw your perfume on
and tell him why you called
He'll make you lie for him
And give you that
Nickel Charm Jack
is a charming cat
(tense music)
- [Willy] Wendy.
(Wendy screams)
(Willy moans in pain)
(suspenseful orchestral music)
(Wendy grunting)
- Hey!
(suspenseful music)
(upbeat rock music)
Jack, Jack, Jack,
Jack, Jack Jack Jack
Jack, Jack, Jack,
Jack, Jack Jack Jack
Jack, Jack, Jack,
Jack, Jack Jack Jack
- What the-
- [Pat] Stop her!
Stop her.
- Miss!
Miss hold on, hold on!
- Hey, hey!
- Miss, are you all right?
What's going on?
What'd you do to her?
- Get her!
(Pat coughs violently)
- [David] Are you all right?
What did you do to her?
What happened to your lip?
- Never mind.
Get Willy!
- [David] Where is Willy?
What did you do to that girl?
When he walks out that door
He'll break your
heart like a window
But you'll call
him back for more
- Thank you.
(crowd applauds and cheers)
Thank you.
I never meant
to go down hard
Never meant to wreck my head
Never meant to go hardcore
Never meant to
feel your shame
I can never be your world
Now I gotta kill your chain
'Cause I'm not living in
the loneliness no more
No people here, the ghost
that broke me down before
No living in a coffin,
one of the lonely one
Never gonna play that
live and learn game
Ah, ah
Kill my drifting mind
Walk the avenue
Yeah, ah
Look in every lonely eye
See myself in you
'Cause I will never feel
That sweet bite's so right
And what does it mean
If I can't stop
No I will never
go passionless
No I will never
ever go down hard
Never let you wreck my head
Never gonna die hardcore
Never gonna live your shame
I could never your world
Yeah, I gotta cut your chain
'Cause I'm not living in
the loneliness no more
(rock ballad music)
Light the dark for the
meek and the masters
Hold a torch for
the humble guide
It's a large and spoken
man that lets his fears go
And holds solution
in his palm
Wake him up fisted and blind
Walking that one step behind
The aging father stands
alone in his place
The righteous fall down
at his feet and praise him
- Bye Willy.
- Hey fuck you for Wendy!
We know what you did
you piece of shit!
- Watch your head.
- Fuck you!
- Don't say anything!
I'll have Adrienne come down.
- You ever get it in her pooper?
- Of course.
- [Pat] Good for you.
Good for you.
Let the light shine
in the morning
Let the light
shine hit the state
Let the night be far
behind me tomorrow
Buy my freedom for the
weekends and the holidays
Pick it up when
I'm old and dry
I can almost hear
the rain on the river
As the August
night is falling
As if it were
calling me home
Breaking my heart
of stone, whoa
Let the light shine
in the morning
Let the light
shine hit the state
Let the night be far
behind me tomorrow
Yeah let the light
shine in the morning
And let the light
shine hit the state
Let the night be far
behind me tomorrow
Black out the neon,
let the moonlight
Wash out the beast
inside my own eyes
And when this comes to pass
We will be the last
to survive it all
The empty halls where
honest truth made a hero
What was idle now
is fallen waste
So light the dark for
the meek and the masters
Hold a torch up for us all
And let the light
shine in the morning
Let the light
shine hit the state
Let the night be far
behind us tomorrow
Let the light shine
in the morning
Let the light
shine hit the state
Let the night be far
behind us tomorrow
Let the light shine
in the morning
Let the light
shine hit the state
Let the night be far
behind us tomorrow
Let the light shine
in the morning
Let the night be far
behind us tomorrow
Let the light shine
in the morning
Let the light
shine hit the state
Let the night be far
behind us tomorrow
Let the light shine
in the morning
Let the night be far
behind me tomorrow
Let the light shine
in the morning
Let the light
shine hit the state
Let the night be far
behind us tomorrow
Let the light shine
in the morning
Let the night be far
behind us tomorrow
Let the light shine
in the morning
Let the night be far
behind us tomorrow
- They got me.
They got me on this one.
- [Cell Mate] What do they got?
- Fuck all.
Well except maybe a
couple dead carcasses.
- [Cell Mate] What else?
- DNA.
- [Cell Mate] Fuck.
- Yeah.
- Well,
you gotta be real careful
with dealing with this shit.
Best thing to do,
dump it in the ocean.
- [Willy] They got DNA.
- Ocean makes
everything disappear.
- Closest ocean's 1000
miles away from here.
- You dump a body in the ocean,
there's nothing fucking left.
- I did better than that.
- [Cell Mate] What did you do?
- Rendering plant.
- Rendering plant?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I turned them into food.
- (chuckles) Nothing
fucking left after that huh?
That's fucking good.
(Willy chuckles)
- (sighing) No. And I
got sloppy at the end.
- You know, you
gotta be real careful
when you're dealing
with this kind of shit.
- [Willy] Yeah.
- Believe me.
- Problem is they don't
have fingerprints on me yet.
- They haven't?
That don't make sense.
- Nope.
Yeah, I mean my attorney,
she's green.
Her husband just left her
'cause he said he got a
hold of some of our meat.
So he had to go to the
hospital and get treated
for cannibalism or
some shit like that.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
Oh yeah.
So they said don't let him out.
Nope, no bail for this one.
So here we are.
- Well, judge is gonna
set the bail anyway.
You know that.
- Yeah, well that's
the problem isn't it?
People talking.
The cops, they realize that.
- Fuck 'em.
- Yeah.
Got fucking sloppy.
I just wanted an even
number, you know?
I was gonna do one more.
- One more what?
- I got sloppy, you know?
I just wanted that one more.
The big five-O, you know?
- 50.
- Yep.
49 or one.
Still life.
- Well they gotta
prove it either way.
- Yeah, well based on
the fucking evidence,
I'm gonna be nailed
to the cross.
And you know what, if it
happens there's gonna be
a lot of people that
are gonna go down.
Fuck it.
Some are gonna go down
right down the tube with me.
They said they were my friends.
I thought they were
my fucking friends.
I seen their police
interviews on tape.
They sold me out.
Fucking Gook told them
I was injecting them
with antifreeze, you know?
Windshield wiper
fluid and they die
in five to 10 minutes, but
you know he never saw nothing.
He never seen it.
But hell, they're gonna nail
me to the fucking cross.
Made my own grave
by getting sloppy.
You know, it really
pisses me off.
I had 49.
I just wanted one more.
One more to make it an even 50.
- Oppal!
- What the shit?
Fucking rat!
- Fucking monster.
- Fuck you!
(Oppal laughs)
(prison cell door buzzes)
(prison cell door opens)
(prison cell door slams shut)
(tense music)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(tense music continues)
(Willy vomits)