Pigster (2019) Movie Script

(suspenseful music)
(pigs squealing eerily)
(bike engine roaring)
(metal grinding)
(Rat Girl gasping)
(electricity whirring)
- Once you meet the
Pigster, it's too late,
he's your butcher.
And his job is to produce fear.
- (chuckles) Look, look.
Oh, I like this one, very good,
tender and sad, full of fear.
(woman whimpering)
Don't cry, you made your deal.
I want more like this one,
can you get them for me?
The last batch you got for me
were too feisty, one got away.
- Well, if you weren't such a fat swine,
you could have caught her.
- You've been a good collector so far,
but be careful, the masters will be angry.
- Aren't you forgetting something?
- (grunts) The old scrolls,
why do you want these anyway?
I was going to use them.
(metal clanking)
As kindling.
Useless scribbles.
Here, that should be more than enough.
(paper sizzling)
(door bangs)
(beast roaring)
The beast is hungry, I need more flesh.
(beast roaring)
He's never satisfied.
- That's your problem.
- I know.
- Adios.
(speaking in foreign language)
(air whooshes)
(haunting voices wailing)
(air whooshes)
- I don't know how I got here.
It's not that simple, all right,
they say it starts with
a girl. (chuckles softly)
(upbeat electro music)
(people chattering)
(camera zoom whooshes)
I see your lips are moving
- [Doug] That's me, freaking pothead
smoking off a didgeridoo.
(water bubbles)
'Cause you'll be the one who's losing
If you don't want me around
- And this is Anthony, average
shark wrestler, MMA junkie.
Look at him, he jumped right in.
- Doug, we gotta talk.
- You had your chance.
- Leave him alone.
- Why, he's my buddy.
- Come on, man.
- Don't touch him, asshole.
(Anthony laughs)
(computer mouse clicks)
- [Doug] Sure, he's my friend,
but he's a pain in my ass,
and that's my girlfriend Leena,
isn't she cute, yeah, I get to tap that.
She's kind of a mother hen.
What I mean by that is
she can be kind of a drag.
Oh, there is Sherrie,
they call her a slut,
but she's really not, she just loves love.
- What's up?
Just another bump, just another bump
You're just another bump in the road
(drunk man giggles)
- [Doug] That's Alli and Paul,
they've been together
for a very long time,
and Paul's sick, he's really, really sick.
I told you all my secrets
And thought you'd keep them safe
(voices whispering eerily)
- They're not human,
the main thing to remember is
that they eat human beings.
I'm always asked by
people that will listen.
I'm talking about the beast.
- Now this is very important to me,
this impression means a lot,
come on, you're gonna help me out, babe?
(man whimpers)
(fist thuds)
- Come on, you dog, uppies,
uppies, uppies. (laughs)
(fist thuds)
- Don't touch that.
(grunts approvingly)
Just checking.
- Keep checking.
Is daddy home?
- He'll tell you when he's ready.
(car window whirring)
- Let him in.
- Have fun.
- Yeah, nice seeing you
both. (chuckles breathily)
- People can piss you off,
and they have no clue what they've done.
(fist thuds)
(man yelling)
(fist thuds)
(man grunts)
- Yeah, well, this dude definitely knows
he did something. (laughs)
- You send a boy to do a man's job?
- Well, hell, if you think
you can show me something.
- Oh yeah, I'll show you, let's go.
(suspenseful music)
- Oh, poor thing.
(gun fires)
(blood splatters)
(body thuds)
- Looks like I have a job opening.
Two days there's gonna be a shipment,
don't disappoint me, get my money.
- We'll be there. (laughs)
(rocks rattling)
(air whooshing)
(children laughing ghostly)
(child screaming)
(baby crying)
(Master roaring)
(air whooshing)
(Master roaring)
- I'm not afraid of you.
(Master snarling)
I'm not afraid of you anymore.
(children laughing ghostly)
(Leena chanting in foreign language)
Leena, Leena?
Why are you chanting now?
- Why aren't you in your room?
- Morning, sunshine, sleep well?
- Yeah, great.
I don't wanna know
about you (scoffs), TMI.
- Awesome party,
did you see the guy I was
talking to last night?
- You mean the guy you screwed on my bed?
What the hell?
- Oh hey, Alli, what are you doing here?
- This is my bed, in my room.
- No, not him, muscles.
- That's Anthony, he's
one of Paul's friends.
- He's cute, his friends are okay too.
- Yes, Sherrie, they
are, his friend is Bill,
but you didn't sleep with Bill, did you?
So, who's the guy you slept with?
- One of Beck's friends, I guess?
Hey, Leena.
- Sherrie, will I be disappointed
if I ask you where your
friend is right now?
- He's still in your room. (phone dings)
- On Alli's bed?
- Yeah.
(phone dings)
- What's that?
(suspenseful music)
(voices whispering)
- How will they get you there?
Very, very simple.
They'll go by what you want,
collectors, collectors.
Collectors will lure you.
These collectors offer
you all kinds of promises.
(body thuds)
- Hey, man.
- Your drugs suck.
- Hey, I pay good money for that.
- Shut up, you shut up.
You need to pay me my money.
- Money, now.
- I don't got it right now
'cause I thought I had more time.
- Yeah, so did I.
Then I remembered, you
don't borrow money from me,
you just buy weed 'n' shit,
so what's this extra money for, Doug?
You buying from someone
else, something else?
- No, it's not like that.
(siren wails)
(distant dogs barking)
- Then what's the money for, Doug?
Your girlfriend?
- It's always a girl,
boss, his is a real peach.
(shudders mockingly)
- Is that where my money's going, Doug,
you giving it to her?
- That's private.
- Boss, I'm hungry.
- Oh, you see what you did, Doug?
My boy's hungry, let's
go over his options.
- What options?
(hand slaps)
- All right.
(helicopter blades whirring)
- Hear that, do you hear that?
I don't get much air traffic, shh.
(suspenseful rock music)
- And there's nothing I can do?
- No, no.
- I can only wish?
(door creaks)
- What the hell happened?
(fist slaps)
God, I don't like people
messing with my boy.
- Does that include you?
- I just fuck with him, okay,
I don't actually wanna
hurt him, come on. (sighs)
- We made a deal, I was on time.
- You don't understand.
- I held up my part.
- Are you listening to
me, you can't be dealing
with someone like that
anymore, he's a criminal,
Andre doesn't care if you
hold up your part of the deal,
he's gonna do whatever he wants.
- I'm sorry, I was
trying to be responsible.
- I know you were trying
to be responsible,
but I need you to be better than that.
(lips smack)
- What's wrong, what's up?
- How much time does he have?
- Months, maybe weeks.
(door creaks)
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, guys.
- Oh, what's up, man?
Hey man, you got fucked up.
- Yeah, I'm all right.
- Hey, where are those fucks
that wrecked your face, huh?
- Anthony, they have guns.
- I ain't afraid of
them, a bunch of pussies.
- Oh, that's your problem
that you're not afraid.
- You know what, Doug,
you stick with me, man, I got your back.
- (sighs) I wish you'd
just leave him alone.
- You know what, we all wish
a lot of things, don't we?
- That's for sure.
- We are going to this.
- The hell is that?
(website dings)
What is it?
(speaking in foreign language)
- Here's what I can't get,
you ever been charmed,
I mean, if somebody wants to abduct you,
what's the first thing they do?
They don't come running
at you to scare you,
they lure you, and who
do they get to lure you,
well, they'll get someone very charming
who'll sweet talk you, dressed well,
you won't have any fear
of him, but what he wants
is your fear, he will deliver you.
- Shit.
- This is one of the main collectors,
I don't know how many
pounds of young flesh
he has delivered to the butchers.
(metal grinding)
They locked me up, but I escaped,
and they won't get me again.
(speaking in foreign language)
(air whooshes)
(suspenseful music)
- Okay, ready, bring me the
kids, let's go, showtime.
(suspenseful music)
- Let me explain this ceremony to you,
after you are lured in,
you'll sign a contract,
you'll make a wish written
on a piece of paper,
that wish will go through a
ceremony with incantations.
(voices echoing)
It will be burned by a candle,
and you'll probably laugh and think
this is all fun and games at this point,
but what you don't know is you're doomed.
(metal clanks)
(Pigster grunts)
(Pigster smacking)
(Pigster sniffs audibly)
(fire crackling)
- I got mail.
Ah, fresh meat.
(door creaks)
(lock clanks)
(voices echoing)
- Where is my meat?
- Back off, fish man,
I'm on official business.
- I see you, everyone,
look at his tribute.
- Are you going to serve the masters?
- This is for them, not
you, you can't touch this.
- We can touch it.
- We can touch it.
- We don't want your tribute.
- We want something a little fresher.
- And juicy.
(demons snarling)
- Get away from me, demon
spawn, leave me alone.
- Go away or else what?
- What are you gonna do about it, fat boy?
(air whooshes)
(guitar whooshes)
(groans painfully)
- That's right, bitches, I'm
a motherfreaking rockstar.
(guitar strumming)
Oh, great master, here is your treasure.
Amazing dark one.
- Bring me more flesh.
- Oh, yes, yes, I will.
- The cops are calling me a 5150,
that's a mental case (laughs maniacally),
do you think that I'm a mental case
or am I telling you the truth?
(upbeat techno music)
(people shouting)
- Sherrie, have you been here all night?
- No, we got in like two a.m..
- But Sherrie, why are you here?
- My roommates keep bringing guys home.
- Imagine that, well,
I think you better go,
I gotta go to work.
Sherrie, would you please
clean up before you leave?
- I guess you better go home.
- Okay.
(lips smacking)
(upbeat techno music)
(suspenseful music)
- Be careful there,
she's not yours to eat.
- You smell so good.
- I'll see you later, you can wait, right?
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Good boy.
(suspenseful music)
(pig grunting)
(guitar music)
(loud suspenseful music)
What are you doing here?
- I just thought you shouldn't
walk home by yourself, you know.
- You're probably right.
I think somebody's been following me.
Bill, stop.
(moaning aggressively)
Bill, just drive me home, okay?
(pig squealing)
- The fuck was that?
(high heel thuds)
(blade rings)
(Bill panting)
- I told you, she's not yours to eat.
(Pigster yells)
(Bill screams)
(skull crunches)
(Sherrie yelps)
(Pigster grunting)
I'll catch you later.
(Sherrie gasps)
- Ah, the messenger, a
very powerful creature,
but what he does, and what he wants,
I'm not really sure, it's just unknown.
- [Erie Voice] Alli, Alli, Alli, Alli,
Alli, Alli, Alli, come here, Alli.
- [Sherrie] Do I now you?
- No. (grunts)
But I have something for you.
You see, your soul's in danger.
- Huh?
- Don't forget your incantations.
- This is my wish, where did you get this?
- The pig, says your fear is delicious.
- Who are you?
(creature growls)
- I'm many things.
- Who are you?
- I'm just a messenger.
(laughs maniacally)
- Hey.
- Hey, whoa.
- Take it easy.
- What the hell, Anthony?
(messenger whooshes)
But like, did you just
see the guy who was here?
- What guy?
- The homeless guy, he was just here.
- [Anthony] You feeling okay?
(Anthony laughs)
- Stop, I'm fine,
I'm just a little stressed out.
- Yeah, no kidding.
- What are you up to?
- Taking a run before practice.
- Yeah?
- How about you, slacker?
- Work, I got a half shift today.
- All right, I'll be back
after practice, okay?
- [Sherrie] All right.
(bike engine revs)
- Is there any mail for me?
- Please, be patient, I need more victims.
- Someday I will follow
you back to your lair.
- The master has given
me refuge, a safe place.
- There is no safe place here,
you're only given a little
time, and I will bide mine,
I will lurk outside of your
door, waiting, forever waiting.
(hammer bangs)
(demons roar)
(demons smacking)
(demon snarls)
(car window whirring)
- Money.
- Watch this shit.
- Smell it, I'm gonna take a
selfie with this, get in here.
- Definitely, man.
(camera shutter clicks)
- Quit screwing around.
(pig squealing)
(blade rings)
- What the, boss.
(body thuds)
(blood splats)
(Pigster roars)
(Python grunts)
(gun fires)
(gunshots echoing)
(breathes heavily)
- Ah, screw me.
(car alarm blares)
(intense music)
(tires screeching)
- Sherrie.
- I can't get it off.
- What's wrong?
- (gasps) I just went out to go home and--
- What happened, Sherrie,
look at me, what happened?
- Holy shit, what happened to you?
- We gotta call the cops.
- And tell them what?
- What do you mean, tell them
what, tell them the truth.
- That I was attacked by
a man and saved by a--
- Monster.
- You saw something today,
what did you see, tell me.
What did you see?
- I thought I saw a monster.
He was covered in rags, but
something was different.
As I got closer, I saw
something in his eyes,
something I've been dreaming
about since high school.
He said he was just the messenger.
- You're freaking kidding me.
- You guys, I'm not getting through.
(door bangs)
- You ain't going fucking nowhere.
(Doug thuds)
I'm gonna kill this little fuck,
I don't know how you did
it, but you fucking did!
- What the hell do you want?
- An explanation, it's this fuck's fault,
I just don't know how he did it.
(Doug panting)
- What's his fault, what did he do?
- Three of my boys dead,
ripped to pieces, man.
And this shitsack's involved somehow.
- Did you?
- No.
- I should blow your brains out.
- I didn't do nothing.
- But I wanna know who you're working
- I'm not working with anyone.
- Who did that to my boys?
- I don't know.
- Who hooked you up?
- I didn't do nothing!
- I'm gonna end you.
but first, well, I gotta find out.
I'm not a rapist, you're not even my type.
- You wanna talk?
- Hell no, I couldn't help myself,
there's something about you.
- Look, if you just let us go.
- Don't negotiate with me,
bitch, this ain't some swap meat.
The fact is I don't even want you.
- God.
(clothes rip)
- It's your scent, it's your filthy scent.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- I don't need you, I got your towel.
- Great, you can keep it.
- I just figured it out,
and now I got a souvenir.
- Is anyone out there
actually listening to me?
(electricity whizzing)
- Oh my God.
(pig grunting)
- Y'all got a dog?
- No.
(air whooshes)
(Pigster roars)
(gun fires)
(metal clanks)
(Aaron screams)
- No!
- She's not yours to eat.
(blood splattering)
- No, no, don't, Sherrie,
no, it's burning.
(Sherrie screams)
- What's wrong with it?
I can't open it!
- What are you doing?
- Doug, where are you going?
- It's my wish.
(eerie music)
- No, don't go in there.
- But Doug.
- Look at me,
look at this blood, you don't
know what's in there. (crying)
(laughing maniacally)
(suspenseful music)
- Time for your wish
to come true, take it.
- I could hook you up. (sputtering)
- My friend here is gonna hook me up.
- Hell yeah.
(flesh squishes)
(laughing maniacally)
- What the hell, I've been trying
to call you guys all day, what the fuck?
(Doug laughing maniacally)
- Don't, move, move, move.
- No, don't go in there!
- [Anthony] Doug?
- Can you get it open?
- Fuck, I can't get it open!
- Goddamn it!
(exciting music)
- [Alli] See.
- [Leena] What did you do?
- I got my wish.
- What the hell happened in there,
- What the fuck
are you talking about?
- My wish.
- [Alli] What?
- There was a fricking monster
in that room
- Monster, monster,
what the fuck are you talking about?
(Leena crying)
- [Doug] I got my wish.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
- [Alli] You can't get out.
- Watch me.
(window bangs)
- [Alli] Go for it.
(head clanks)
- Fear, that is what
drives them, your fear,
and they get you to
deliver yourself to them.
(camera zoom whirs)
- All right, somebody
tell me what's going on,
what's going on, guys?
- [Sherrie] Thanks
- I gave that to you to wear,
not to wipe yourself off.
- [Sherrie] It's covered in blood.
- Sherrie, just put it on.
- [Leena] It's that fortune teller.
- Aw, shit, I knew it, I knew it,
this guy's fucking with
our heads, isn't he?
- I got my wish.
- [Anthony] What?
- Doug, what was your wish?
- Well, if I tell you, it won't come true.
- It already happened, stupid.
- Doug, what was your wish?
- Well, I wanted to know, I wanted
to know what it felt like.
- Spit it out.
- I wanted to know what
it felt like to kill him.
- Doug, your wish was to
kill your dealer, right?
- Yeah, he threatened to hurt
Leena, he was gonna kill her.
- You got your wish, just like me.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- I wished that no man could resist me.
- [Anthony] (sighs) Really?
- Oh my God, I'm gonna
assume that we're all
getting our wishes, how
come it didn't work on you?
- Maybe it has something
to do with my wish.
- What was your wish?
- I just want my parents to accept me.
- Why wouldn't they accept
you? (phone ringing)
- Answer it.
- No, it's my parents.
What happens every time
one of us gets a wish?
- Something fucking bad happens.
- Exactly.
- But they can help us.
- At some point, every single one of us
is gonna have to pay for that deal we made
with that creepy guy back
at the psychic place.
- You're gay.
- Shut the fuck up, man.
- Okay, all right, I turned it off,
that should buy us some time.
(glass crashing)
there, now my wish can't come true.
- That was our only working phone.
Look, I've really gotta
put on something else.
- [Anthony] Are you serious?
- I'm just gonna go grab
something from the closet.
- You said not to go into that room.
- Now, this is a sample of ancient text,
and by itself it's nothing,
but this traitor to humanity
is assembling all of them,
once he gathers them all
together, that will be Armageddon.
(Sherrie gasps)
(bones crunching)
- How about some head?
(Sherrie screams)
(air whooshes)
- I'm gonna check it out.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Whoa.
- [Leena] You can't go in there.
- Okay.
- I'm going with you.
- All right, ladies
first, come on, let's go.
(ominous music)
(door creaking)
- Shit.
(metal banging)
(Pigster grunting)
(Pigster laughing)
(suspenseful music)
- Did you enjoy your wish?
(metal clanking)
(girl screams)
(Pigster laughing)
Now answer me, did you enjoy your wish?
- Yes.
- Was it satisfactory?
- Yes.
- Well then, you don't have
anything to complain about.
(door banging)
Not yet, I'm not ready.
You're just gonna have to wait your turn.
(Master roaring)
So impatient.
We all make sacrifices.
(Pigster laughs faintly)
(Sherrie whimpers)
(girl screams)
(fabric rips)
(Sherrie screams)
Such delicious meat, hmm, juicy.
(Sherrie screams)
- I don't like the look of that.
- Okay, okay, let's get out of here.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
- Okay, go, go, go, go, go.
(dramatic music)
No way.
- So, what did your doctor say?
- They found a treatment for my condition
with a new procedure using pigs' tissue.
- And this will help you?
- It'll cure me.
- That's good news, right?
- We're all getting our wish,
we're all gonna have to pay.
- [Anthony] Yeah.
- No one is gonna protect
you, no one listens,
I tried to warn you about the
trap, but if you fall into it,
there's only one way to beat them,
and that's not to show fear.
Do you think you can
do that, not show fear?
(dramatic music)
- [Sherrie] (crying) No. (screams)
(metal banging)
(Sherrie screaming)
(Pigster grunting)
(girl screams)
(Doug yelps)
- It's you, you killed her.
- She made her deal
- [Doug] They laid it
out to him that something
must've happened when
we went to that psychic.
(creature roaring)
- And what about Sherrie?
- That's two gone.
- After me too.
- And what about Leena?
- I didn't get my wish yet.
- What's your wish?
- That Doug take responsibility.
- For what?
- Damn, he knocked you up.
(suspenseful music)
- Oh my God, Leena,
Doug picked this out yesterday.
(suspenseful music)
I didn't make a wish, I
can get out this door.
- Yeah, you can go get help.
(suspenseful music)
(door bangs)
- Oh, shit.
- All right, just go, go get help.
(door bangs)
(suspenseful music)
(voices whispering)
- Shit.
- It always starts with a girl.
(metal clanks)
- (laughs) Finally, the one that got away.
(girl roars)
(Pigster yelps)
What am I going to do with you?
- Let me go.
- What?
- Let me go.
- You speak, all this time and you speak.
- I can help you.
- How can you help me,
you're an insect, a bug.
- Insect can sting, bug can bite.
- That's right, no fear,
you have no fear anymore.
(metal whirring)
(guitar strumming)
- Yeah, and that was pretty good.
- Yeah.
- No, no man, really, that was amazing,
are you like in a band or something?
- Not really, just some guys I jam with.
- Dude, that's a band.
- Yeah, I guess it is. (laughs)
- What's your band's name?
- Oh no.
- Come on, man, you gotta
have a name, what is it?
- Snotgargle.
- Snotgargle?
- Yeah. (grunts)
(Pigster snot gargles)
- That's a great name.
- Yeah, I thought of it myself.
- Do you play any gigs?
- Nah, not yet.
- That's a pretty
cool-looking guitar, man.
- This is my ax.
- I have an ax too.
- Really?
- Yeah, but I play the drums.
- You play the drums?
- Yeah, wanna jam?
- Hm, hell yeah.
(suspenseful music)
- [Doug] After getting
laughed at by the police,
who probably thought he was drunk,
Paul went to see the
psychic, the wish granter.
I mean, what does he expect when he says
he can't see friends through a window,
they probably thought
he was a peeping Tom.
- What the--
- So he shows up
at the psychic's place and
the guy was waiting for him.
- You have nothing to bargain with.
- [Doug] Why was Paul turned away before,
because he didn't fear
- All right.
- [Doug] He had nothing to bargain with.
- Good.
- [Doug] But now that his love, Alli,
is in danger, now he has fear.
- You have something
to bargain with.
- Now they can make a deal.
I'm sure it's not going
to be pretty, never is.
(air whooshes)
- Hey, where are you going?
- [Anthony] Gotta take a dump.
- TMI.
(guitar strumming)
(pots clanking)
- [Voiceover] This is the
worst playing I've ever heard.
Within his head he sounded like this.
(energetic rock music)
(audience chanting)
Unbelievable, it was torture.
Then it was my turn.
(guitar strumming)
(pots clanking)
(drums banging)
Sure, I was playing pots and pans,
but I was doing all right.
(Pigster huffs)
And all right was just
too good for the pig.
(Pigster squeals)
- [Doug] No.
I thought you said you
were gonna hook me up, bro?
- Here is your hook me up.
- [Doug] No, please don't.
- I don't know what more, I don't know.
This is...
(water dripping)
- Whoa.
(Anthony grunts)
What the?
(Pigster chuckles faintly)
- Huh?
- Fresh meat.
- [Anthony] Whoa.
(Pigster grunts)
(metal bangs)
Suck my dick, porky.
(fist thuds)
(Anthony grunts)
(fist thuds)
(Pigster roars)
(fists thudding)
(Pigster grunts)
(Anthony groans)
(exciting music)
- Your fear,
that is what drives them, your fear,
that's what delivers you, your fear.
(fist thuds)
- [Paul] Anthony.
- Paul?
(Paul mumbling)
- [Doug The Elder] Fear is what makes you
taste good to them.
- No fear? (roars)
(body thuds)
But you, you're scared, you're scared
for your friends, let's
get them down here.
(suspenseful music)
(electricity whirring)
(lock clanking)
- Let go.
- No.
- Alli, let go,
it's not your turn.
My wish came true too,
you're going, I'm going.
(air whooshes)
(Pigster hums)
(air whooshes)
(Leena cries)
- Ah, two for one. (laughs)
- [Sherrie] Leena, the door, the door.
- [Pigster] No, no, you don't, gotcha.
(thunder bangs)
(air whooshes)
(Master grunts)
- The pig.
- Yes, who else would it be?
You're a stupid little
girl, you push your friends
through a door and you don't
even know where it goes.
- She's away from you.
- She'll be back, I guarantee it.
(laughs) Come here, you don't
know what lurks out there,
a beast that's even worse than me.
Tender, sweet, sure would be
a tasty treat.
- My God, you're gonna eat us.
- (laughs) I'm not, but he is going to eat
your friends.
- He, who is he?
- Hunger for the innocent.
(air whooshing)
Oh my, you look scrumptious,
the perfect meal for the beast.
Too bad I can't use you anymore,
you're not even on my list.
- I was up next, why not me?
- Ah, curious girl,
let me show you something, and
maybe he'll change your mind.
(metal clanks)
- Paul, no, no!
- Ah, he made his deal, too,
now you can go free. (laughs)
There's the door.
(Pigster laughs)
(Doug laughs)
- You want to be free?
(air whooshing)
(suspenseful music)
- [Pigster] Let's see where
your little friend is,
come on, show me.
(air whooshing)
(Master snarls)
(Leena screams)
- Ah, come here, sweet cheeks.
(Leena screams)
Come here, get in here.
- [Master] I smell piggy.
(Leena cries)
You're late with your tribute.
- I know, give me time.
- [Master] I smell
something else, familiar,
something I've not sensed in many years.
- What is he saying?
- Don't you ever shut up?
- [Master] Give her to me.
- Yes, Master, soon.
- Monster!
- Monster, do you think
I get my jollies on this?
Trapped here for centuries,
possessed by demons,
forced to drowned in sin,
their eternal servant
of their feast of fear,
I would do anything for peace.
- Looks like the best wants you too,
I think he wants to eat you most of all.
- Shut up!
Or I'll cut you just for fun,
or maybe we could do something better.
(body thuds)
Get out of my way!
This is going to be fun.
(Paul whimpering)
- You know what a feast of fear is?
It's a buffet for your misery,
(woman screams)
your agony, your torment,
your horror.
- Ah, what do you think,
shoulder cut, ribs, flank, loin?
- No, no.
- Ah,
you do like that bit, don't you?
(Paul whimpers)
Here, enjoy it while you can,
your turn.
(Leena screams)
- [Leena] Stop it.
- Stay on there, hold still.
(exciting music)
Where shall we make the fist cut?
(Leena screams)
- No!
(baby wailing)
(Pigster grunts)
- What is this, a baby?
(baby crying)
Damn you, this can't be,
I can't butcher one without a contract,
but I've got something to bargain with,
the last of the sacred scrolls.
Collector, is this what you want?
- As a matter of fact, it is.
- You, this one is with
child, why didn't you tell me?
- I'm not an obstetrician.
- I can't use her, the beast
wants tribute, what can I do?
- Well, that's not my
problem, shit happens, piggy.
- One boy is not enough, his
flesh is salty and tough,
and he's barely afraid, what
is his deal, tell me that.
- Well, he sacrificed his life for hers.
- What a disgusting display of nobility,
as long as his girlfriend lives,
he could never be truly afraid,
so I'm going to butcher her anyway.
- No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no.
There are rules, my friend, rules.
- Rules, what am I supposed to do?
- Why don't you just make another deal?
- A new deal?
- Why not, with her.
- I'm not signing shit.
- We're in hell, screw the rules.
(Pigster yells)
(Leena screams)
- Stop!
Okay, I'll do it, I'll make a deal.
(laughs faintly)
- I knew she would.
(somber music)
- Well, you know, you can
wish for your own life.
- I know.
- Now you're mine, so I
hope it was something good.
- It is.
- [Pigster] Here is the last
of these stupid scribbles on parchment.
- The end of times,
the beginning of times.
Nice doing business
with you, porky.
- Right.
- What about us?
- Incantation.
(Collector boings)
- Incantation, what the hell is that?
- [Pigster] Now to business,
I hope you didn't wish
for your boyfriend's life, did you?
- I can't tell you that.
(door bangs)
(lock clanks)
- How did he get the key?
- Looks like I got my wish.
- Your wish, well, here's mine.
- No, Alli!
(blade clanging)
- [Alli] No.
(flesh squishes)
- How do you like this?
(blood dripping)
(Paul groans)
(Pigster roars)
- [Master] I'm coming for you, piggy.
- No!
(lock clanks)
(Master roars)
(body thuds)
(Pigster yells)
(Pigster screaming)
(flesh squishing)
(Leena crying)
(Pigster croaking)
(exciting music)
(hand thuds)
(Master grunts)
(hands thudding)
(Master roars)
(Pigster squeals)
- He said incantations, incantations.
- Then let's dance. (yells)
(Master growls)
(meat cleaver whooshes)
(fast exciting music)
(body thuds)
(meat cleaver clangs)
(blade clangs)
Stick around.
(metal bangs)
(Master roars)
- Catch!
(guitar strums)
(air whooshing)
(guitar strumming)
(Pigster yelling)
(blade clangs)
(head thuds)
(gloomy music)
(Leena screaming)
(air whooshing)
- We made it.
- Oh my God.
(Pigster sighs)
(Pigster grunts)
- You were right, you could help me.
- You're free.
- I suppose you want me to let you go now.
- Where would I go?
This is my home, at your place. (purrs)
- Great, now I have to take care of you.
- Yes, master.
(teeth clicking)
- Say, do you play any instruments?
(ominous music)
- I saw four angels
standing on the four corners
of the earth, holding the
four winds of the earth,
that the winds might not blow on the earth
or on the sea or any tree.
(locks clanking)
- So now, don't say I didn't warn you,
I've gotta go, dinner's ready.
(suspenseful music)
(bike engine roaring)
(mysterious electronic music)
(hard rock music)
I'll demand and you'll appease
You will beg and I will tease
You'll be brought down to your knees
I will be your new disease
I will speak and you will hear
You'll master every filthy deed
I'll make you spill your precious seed
And now proceed
I'll impart my expertise
You will pay if you displease
I'll make you suffer in degrees
I will be your new unease
You will bow and you will bleed
You'll fill my every single need
I will present and you will feed
And now proceed.
(foreboding electronic music)