Pilla Zamindar (2011) Movie Script

When will the bus reach Siripuram?
lt'll take another 20 minutes,
l'll wake you up, go to sleep.
A week earlier...
Buddy! Why are you running?
- What happened?
Dog...it almost killed me.
Are you running scared of a dog?
Do you know what for we're here now?
To lynch the man who beat you.
But don't know why he beat you.
He was in terrific mood,
so he bashed me up.
Will he beat if he's in mood?
He will, he's different.
- So arrogant?
More than it!
Arrogance or wealth?
- In everything.
lfAmbani sleeps for 7 hours,
our PJ sleeps for 14 hours,
by the time he wakes up,
half of our day would be over.
Let's bait for him in the evening,
if morning is not possible.
There would be hundreds of
people around him always.
But he behaves as if he's all alone.
He's more idiotic than me.
We don't believe it.
Can't you wake him up?
We've had it from Sunday to Friday.
Today is...?
- Saturday! Your chance!
l'll not wake him.
- He'll beat for not waking him up.
Then, I'll wake him.
He'll beat for waking him up.
Why pick a bottle sir?
Darkness is falling sir,
please wake up sir.
We can get him only after bars
and pubs close in the city.
That's why l've chosen 4 am time,
taking Anacin to keep away sleep.
Anyway Anacin isn't to keep awake.
- Is it?
He's here again!
Hey PJ! I've warned...
Fight or scene?
lt's a fight!
Say fight.
lt's fight!
Delivering dialogues
saying fight, bloody...
What happened?
Bash him boys!
Who paid the bill?
- You!
Who should fight?
- You!
Don't you've brothers?
- We do.
Why are you seeing here then?
Take care of him.
Come on man!
Hey, this is not Bhimli,
this is Hyderabad!
Come in 5 minutes.
Okay go.
Break is over! lt's climax now!
l need another break, PJ!
Look there! People are fighting!
Stop! Let's settle things
with discussion.
Let's discuss and settle things.
How dare you beat a constable!
- He's policeman!
l'm talking to him, right?
- Talk to him.
How much more time for
this silly procedures?
l'm getting late to the celebrations.
You get involved in brawls and visit
stations quite a few times monthly,
don't you know how much time
it takes for the formalities?
lf he speaks one more word,
you may've to bail me out again.
No need of that.
He beat me, sir.
Raja Babu, I want to talk to you.
l'll talk to anyone
when l feel like talking.
lf you want to talk to me...
Make a life size of it.
He's very proud!
Wait sir, I'll tell the matter
in one shot.
l'm Lord of Krishnagiri kingdom.
One and only heir to the tune
of 5000 crores wealth,
which has property, factories,
jewellary, farmlands, etc.,
the point is I'm major from today,
l mean everything is my will
and wish from today.
Why are you getting so emotional?
They've entertained me till now,
let me spare them few golden words.
Taking useless Rs.3000
and odd as salary
by a useless worker from
a useless boss,
giving it to wife scolding
her she's useless,
due to an useless incident resulting
in giving birth to such useless children,
and getting them admitted into
such a useless college,
to avoid you getting into such rut,
l'm telling you,
study well!
Because you don't have
a rich grandpa like I do.
Sir, I've a suggestion for you too.
Learn to teach well, sir, l may feel
like buying this college in future,
and may feel like firing you,
today is my birthday,
evening l'm giving a party,
those who drink are welcome,
those who don't drink
aren't PJ's friends,
l know Pedda Ramaraju very well.
He was a very good man.
But this boy is like Soni Sood
in the film 'Arundhati'.
Since Praveen's parents died
when he was a boy,
he grew up pampered like a prince,
they've sent him to this far
away college to reform him.- My fate!
But his behaviour is very bad, sir.
For keeping him away from grandpa
and the wealth,
he thinks we and studies have
kept him away and so hates us.
Though grandpa died,
the guardian committee managed to
keep him in college by hood or crook,
the day he joined here he told he'll
stop studies as he turns major.
Please don't take it serious.
lt seems you called me,
what do you want from me?
Even ifthe necessity is yours,
you've to come to me.
Though king is here,
you're still sitting,
l can understand your innocence.
- You!
PJ, you must behave like
this with elders.
lf not what sir?
l've told you before.
Studies bring me strange side effects.
You've completed a year,
if you word hard for two more years,
you'll get the degree.
What do you want me
to do with it, sir?
l'll be in a position to offerjobs
to 100 people from tomorrow.
Did you see his arrogance sir?
How can we adjust with his tantrums, sir?
Then apply for TC.
Do l've to tell you that too sir?
Sign it yourself.
Now he got kick on his ass.
From today we're unknown strangers.
lf you need any donation to the
college, come to my palace.
l'll throw it!
Start the vehicle!
He's another Ambani...
He's a walking currency note...
He's young man...
By birth he's a fighter...
To take rest, he'll buy Everest...
One and only charming guy who
can give shivers to dollars...
He's a charming who falls
for praise...
He's a charming guy with
bags of cash..
He says money is ageless...
Dance to the folk beat
with classical steps...
Some ignorant man said
efforts can make a man sage...
But l say God is in money...
God is in money...
Money is God...
l'm the God...
Money is my boon...
Abdul Kalam asked us to dream...
But l, a Lord says buy those dreams...
He's poor in relatives
but rich in wealth...
He hates sweat and hates to work...
Having fun is my life's aim...
l'm way away from sentiments...
Crow...dark crow...when l kept
a lamp in it's mouth...
On giving the lamp to the mound...
Mound gave me grass...
l gave the grass to the cow...
Cow gave me milk...
l gave the milk to the master...
Master taught me lesson...
l gave the lesson to uncle...Uncle gave
his daughter in marriage to me...
Bride...ee jasmine buds...
what's his name? He's young lord!
l'll bath in champagne...
l'll supply petrol to Gulf....
Lend money to Bill Gates...
I'll show what arrogance is?
Power that runs life is money...
life is money...
Money runs the life...
money is life...
Emboss Goddess Lakshmi's
image on Dollars...
That's my idea...
The game I play is commonwealth...
The game I play is commonly wealth...
l'm there in love and friendship...
Wait father.
l've much to settle scores
with him, father.
Go dear.
lt seems you're going away.
- So what?
What have you decided about me?
l've to tell you once again, right?
l mean my ex-lover Sindhu,
l don't have anything to say.
Just one good bye forever, that's it!
You promised to be my life partner.
l saw you in a weak moment.
l liked you.
We dated.
Mistook it as love.
But it isn't.
But my love for you is real.
l'm like a pizza, and
you're like a betel leaf.
We don't gel together.
Find some local man and marry him.
l'll bear your marriage expenses too.
Bumper offer, special for you only.
Don't play with emotions.
l never played with you.
You were never honest in love with me.
- Me?
That's why l'm taking care of my future.
l'm concerned about my status
and stature only.
Did you see dear,
he's not a human at all?
Come dear, enough of this humiliation.
No need to stay here anymore.
Let's go home.
Krishnagiri kingdom
lt's wrong Raja babu.
You know how you are?
- How am I?
You look like an usherer
in a 5-star hotel.
Anyway people are waiting for me,
l'll come later.
Let me see.
Stop there!
Have free drinks and go away.
Congrats son-in-law!
Come Amrutha!
Sit next to him.
This seat is yours.
Why are you sitting here, baby?
The seat was empty so l...
Will you sit on finding any seat free?
What are you waiting for?
Take her away.
l think he's not in good mood, let's go.
l, Rudraraju belonging to the
royal family of Veeranalla,
writing this will with full
intelligence and knowledge,
the wealth left by my ancestors
and property I earned in my times,
according to the direction
l am giving now,
l order to be divided amongst
my heirs, relatives and dependents,
apart from it the 5000 crore worth
factories, property, farms,
l wish it be given to my
only heir Jayaramaraju,
but Jayaramaraju has to qualify to
certain conditions to get the wealth.
Did grandpa write like that?
- Yes.
lf he fails to prove his qualification,
l want the wealth be shared
by orphanages and temples,
and leave that responsibility on courts.
What are you those conditions?
First, Praveen must complete
his bachelor's degree,
he must complete it in 3 years only!
He must live in Siripuram Military
Rajanna hostel for those 3 years,
and must attend the
Mangamma Govt. College there.
- Yes.
Would you like to have water, sir?
Satire on me?
This is for not opening my
car door earlier, get out!
On accepting the above 3 conditions,
the next condition will be intimated
3 months afterjoining the college.
Even ifthere's one subject arrear...
Please hear it fully!
Can he pass the degree?
l went around board with Rs.1 lakh
to get him through tenth class.
No chance he'll pass and
get the property.
Stop...why are you going away?
You're fired! You too are fired!
Go away!
You don't have any power to fire us.
You haven't yet got the
reign in your hand.
You've much more to hear.
Calling me informally?
Thank me for not using bad words.
How else can a rich man
abuse a poor man than this! Joke?
- He'll never get the property.
Waiting for him is foolishness.
No daddy...
let's talk to him once.
See, how he changed thinking
l wouldn't get the wealth.
See, how he's dragging away that girl.
Don't divert the topic.
The way 300 students are studying with
scholarships given by this kingdom,
you too must study with that only.
- Taking Rs.2500!
- For a month!
Dropping out?
l never said I'm dropping.
We're leaving to Siripuram,
pack my bags in the car.
Fill the tank.
Why is he cutting the call?
Notjust him, everyone of them
will cut the call for 3 years.
No servants.
Must live like a common man.
Stop! Its cost is Rs.30000!
lf you break it, it'll be deducted
from your scholarship.
lf it's okay to you, break it.
Where's he? Where the hell is he?
l'm here, Raja babu.
- Are you here? l'm coming.
Though l've laid many conditions,
you still love me so much.
You bloody old wag!
- Oh my God!
No dear...
You want to deny me getting this
property, right?- Not with that intention...
l'll earn the degree and throw it
on the lawyer?s face,
and take this property,
and spend it like hell
right before your eyes.
You keep watching from the photo,
l'll not let you rest in peace.
What a tragedy! I'm speaking
with photos and walls!
Are you mad?
l'll get the property.
lf you give me my first year
certificate and TC...
Who is it?
You look like prince!
No sir, l'm Praveen.
- Praveen?
l've gone absent minded for the
last two days and two hours.
l don't remember who you are!
You're an elderly man!
You know to forgive people!
lf you give my certificates and TC,
l'll never show up again.
Oh that one? You told me to
shove it somewhere, right?
May be my guys would've
shoved it somewhere.
l think heard this dialogue!
Sir, please consider at least
as your college's alumni.
Did you study here?
lf you get at least one person
to vouch for it,
l'll give your certificates and TC.
Did you ever taught him?
He doesn't know us and
we don't know who he is!
There's no way l can give you TC.
lf you want your Inter certificates,
come to my office,
l'll throw it on your face.
Start the vehicle!
Stop the bus!
Won't you get down?
- Why?
Get down, we've reached Siripuram.
Whose hen is this? Yours?
Still didn't get down?
Looks like new to the place.
l had another bag too.
Who knows? Take care of your things yourself.
You go!
Why are you throwing it?
You mad man!
Siripuram Past
l'm first!
- Go!
Where can I find Rajanna hostel?
Who is this new variety kid?
Do you know where Rajanna hostel is?
- I know.
Show me the way.
- I'll not tell you.
Do you where's the hostel?
Do you know where
Military Rajanna hostel is?
Do you know you mustn't be on
road when Appi's tractor comes?
ls he so great man?
Hey Appi! You'll never change.
What's that meeting on the road?
Bloody fools!
Got it?
- Got wet!
This is Military Rajanna hostel!
- This one?
lf you pay, I'll go.
Take it.
Looks like a haunted house!
Why are you putting garbage
on me, you dirty man?
You're a dirty man,
get lost fool!
Bloody fool!
Why am l arguing with a fool?
Hello...excuse me...
lf not you, am I calling
the rickshaw puller?- l'm coming.
What's the Rajanna doing if people
dump garbage from upstairs?
Aren't there any rules here?
He has only rules!
But never applies it!
Did you take it like that?
lf not followed, he'll rip out the skin.
ls he so great?
Call him out.
What's this sir?
- You keep quiet.
l'll hand over this boy to him.
Get the boy who put garbage
on him thinking it's me.
lf you tell me where's Rajanna,
l'll go and meet him.
You get that boy to office.
Till then I'll cut his tail.
- What?
l said l'll cut the extra growth!
l don't want all that fuss,
if you tell where's Rajanna,
let's go to him.
Come, I'll take you to him.
Call Rajanna!
Are you Rajanna?
Address with respect!
lf you want to live in this hostel.
Are you Mr. Rajanna?
Read it!
What's this? lnvitation?
Rule book to follow
if you want to stay here.
Read it yourself.
ls it? Let me see!
First, must get up by morning 4 am,
second, must exercise or
do Yoga on getting up,
next comes the daily routine
like toilet and bath,
after that...
hours study!
You get paper so early,
villages have indeed developed.
Next is a cup of milk.
Just milk only.
Next is village service,
cleaning the village and
teaching the village adults,
after that...
- Now breakfast, right?
l can't hold on.
No, left over food.
Don't you get burgers, pizzas
and noodles here?
Don't want flatbread?
This is village and
more over Rajanna hostel.
Running this place like this
for the past 25 years.
College, evening gardening
and sports follow it later.
Then one hour study.
Morning studies, study in college and
then study again in the evening.
What would they achieve
by studying so much?
How much ever they may study,
can't get more than 100 marks, right?
Dinner at 7 pm!
To bed after that.
Should I follow these rules?
Has he come?
- Do you know him?
Your guy is here and says
he can't follow the rules.
l'm sending him back immediately.
You can go.
Same fellow! I'll not go.
lf you want to stay here,
you've to follow the rules.
lf I follow, l'll die in a week.
- That's the matter.
Heard him? I'm sending him
back by next bus.
Come on sir,
you're blackmailing me.
Fix breakfast for me.
Evening for an hour...
l'll go out for a walk.
That too before dinner.
- It seems he'll go out.
Drop him in bus stand.
- Okay.
l like your rules very much.
Why wouldn't students
commit suicide then?
l don't mind even if it's ten days,
take my bags inside.
Donkeys must its job and
dogs must do its job.
lt's a vegetable not usable in kitchen.
This looks like zoo not a hostel.
You haven't yet seen much,
are you brushing teeth, Pulakesi?
No use how much you may brush.
- Get lost.
Watch out man!
- Shut up man!
New recruit?
From which place?
Shit? Where is it? In America?
ln your mouth!
- You'll do it from tomorrow.
My prince is here!
This is your palace.
Where are the beds?
- Beds? Will you go back then?
Coming man!
Just one more song!
May be hostel founder!
Such a long queue for this!
This is not zoo but Jurassic park.
What did you've last night?
- Curd.
l had sambar.
Come in the queue.
ls it enough?
- Just for formality.
That's my brief.
This is eight shirt.
l think l've seen you.
- Not me this dress.
This is your dress.
Don't get tensed,
his name is nationalization.
He takes away what ever he likes.
Except the books.
He'll keep it back here.
By the way l'm Kannababu.
How many fill this box?
- Eight. Including you.
lt's called a meeting in our place.
Not a room.
What's this?
l do experiments with it.
Who are these cartoons?
- He's Pandilla Rambabu,
he's an introvert, so uses the
toy to speak his mind,
he's Sidhantam Lokanadham,
he's from Dantewada,
he still wears the red shirt given
by his father and gets emotional.
Pulakesi! Telugu master gave the
name for his stick like hair.
He's Nagaraj, a film buff.
He dreams of becoming
a film hero.
These are our roommates.
Why is this bundle moving?
Oh he's Maqbool alias Mubbul,
America returnee,
still not used to sleeping time here,
so sleeps in day time,
l'll introduce him in the night.
ls there any supermarket near by?
There's a super bazaar.
Where the hell are you, bloody fool?
- Why phone when you're here?
Come immediately,
bring it with you, idiot.
Don't get sense unless
you abuse, bloody idiot.
What do you want?
Everything English, no need of Telugu?
Just a joke, everything is inside.
Take a look!
Check what the customer needs.
You...? Do you've a sister
in Hyderabad?
- Yes, Sindhu!
l'm Sindhu.!
Then who was in Hyderabad?
Now l got it, I ditched you there
and you've come here.
He said he's here, where's he?
What is he doing?
What do you want?
- Follow me.
Got him.
Check and tell me.
l can tell without seeing, it's 9.30
Where are you now?
- Me? l'm in Rajanna hostel.
Why do you want the details?
- You fool, asking me questions.
Stay there, Rajanna will kill you.
You said super market
but it's a fish market.
l didn't get all the l want,
get those things for me.
Looks like new to the place.
Will this work here?
- Scratching card?
Take it.
- Swipe it. I mean scratch it.
Scratch it again.
Please scratch it again.
Machine problem?
- Card problem.
Just a minute.
My credit card is not working,
is there money in my bank or not?
There's lot of money.
- Hold on the line.
But l told you, your credit cards
and cars will not work,
for now you're a good for nothing guy!
l think you've forgotten it.
You cut the call please.
Take it.
l don't use these items.
Let's cut few things.
Soap and deodorant is enough,
keep other things inside.
- What dear?
Nobody is helping to apply
henna design on hand.
Can't you at least help me?
Okay, give.
Did you meet him, dear?
You didn't even sport to keep dot but
today you're asking for henna design,
l felt like that, dear.
Still haven't forgotten him.
l'm breathless...
if you come before me...
l'm on the verge of death...
please save my life...
My heart is leaving me
and walking away with you...
l'm confused and
it's troubling me...
Come to me tattering...
come like the honey sweet words...
On meeting,
will love bond get thicker?
The age of youth is sweet
and pleasant...
Do you go breathless?
- If you come before me...
What crime have l done to you?
- Don't take my life...
You said love is safe and
shook away my life...
Mock anger is beauty,
come O my sweet darling...
For you...
Youthfulness is sweet...
l've a beautiful dream,
it's enough if it comes true.
Tell me what's it?
A beautiful garden like this,
a bench inside it,
beautiful sky watching over
from far away,
l and the man l love,
holding his hands.
Am I not here?
Just listen to me.
Mischievous manliness has desired you...
Heart fell for the young and handsome
and changed its attitude...
How did you steal my little heart?
lt's a magical charm that's
creating the illusion...
lt's a pleasant wound given
by the youthfulness...
l'm breathless...
- Shall I come before you?
l'm on the verge of death...
- Shall I become the reason of it?
Shall I drench you wet like
the mischievous rain drops?
Shall I stop you with the
umbrella of my beauty?
Youth is a hell and
desires are torturing me...
l'm scared of this sweet ecstasy...
lt's a wound given by the youth...
For me...
- For you only...
One for me too!
ls it any savoury prepared
by your mother to give?
This is not mine, sir.
Then whose?
- I don't need it, sir.
l study well sir.
Please ask anyone here, sir.
Because of cheats like you,
such brilliant guys lose. Get out!
Sir, he's telling truth.
- The bits are not his.
Then whose?
lf you don't tell me,
l'll book both of you for copying.
Please tell him if you know, sister.
Tell me.
- If not my life will get spoiled.
Please tell him.
Tell me quickly.
They're PJ's!
You sit down.
No Praveen..
- What no?
lf some useless guy is more
important than me,
don't talk to me.
l trusted you and told my secrets.
You made me a fool in public!
About the squad! Bribed them Rs.10000,
they saluted me and left.
But that student's life...
His life is important, right?
Go to him. Go!
l wanted to make you
my queen in few days,
but this is also good to me,
l knew who you really are!
l came to know the value
l must give you.
l give more respect than my
grandpa's wealth to my ego!
You hit me there!
Come on boys!
No dear, please listen to me.
Forget him.
You woke me up and
asking questions, you fool!
All got up and are exercising,
you're sleeping like a lord.
You want special invitation?
Get up and come to the ground.
Come here.
- What?
ls that your money?
- Where?
Come fast, buddy.
lf not no lunch.
PJ! Your shoes are safe for today.
That short is mine, will you take from
body also along with drying in sun?
Which are yours and
which is mine, brother.
This is yours. Take it.
- Damn fool!
You'll watch fun if they remove
it in Bombay trains.
What's this at midnight?
Midnight? This is early morning 5 am.
First time l'm seeing this part of day.
- This part?
You've to join NCC or NSS
to study in Govt. College.
That's for people who have
to stay here and study.
l'll manage it.
l think it's difficult.
This is Mangamma Govt. Degree College.
A famous college from where great men
and scholars passed out.
That's why l'm doing many degrees
here for the past 5 years.
You stop that nonsense.
- I'll beat you.
Hindi master is coming.
Speak in Hindi.
l don't know to speak Hindi.
- Why tension?
Hey Puranam Nagaraju!
Where did you go for two days?
What? What did you say now?
Come again.
Masterji, you...
What's that? Say you!
- Listen.
Hey Puranam Nagaraju!
Where did you go for two days?
You fool! Say it again.
What should you say for two days?
Yesterday and one day past.
You idiot!
Are you speaking in English leaving
state language and mother tongue?
You spiny haired Pulakesi!
Yesterday and day before.
Say it in Hindi.
- Cry it in Telugu.
Cry has no language sir.
Cry is some language.
You'll beat if we don't
speak in Telugu,
you'll beat ifwe don't
speak in Hindi,
do one thing sir, you take
the Telugu version,
and you take the Hindi version of it,
and please leave us.
All three of you cry in three languages.
Grandpa! What's this fate!
Thank God you're dead,
if not l would kill you now.
Why is he calling me now?
Tell me.
To find about your welfare.
lt's a remote village...
You don't worry,
a lion will eat meat
only whether in forest or in zoo.
You get ready to find yourself
a newjob.
Nothing is more peaceful than your
mouth shut and tonsured head.
That's the meaning of your life.
You shut your gob!
According to lndian Education system,
if you complete degree in two years,
it's under graduate.
Say it in Telugu.
Telugu? How can you do degree
in two years?
l'll not study but buy it.
l've a big offer for you sir.
lt's not good for you
if l study in this college.
l too don't have that much patience.
But l need the certificate.
lf you tell me what you want...
- Tell me what it is?
l've met you somewhere.
Oh military!
Now l got it.
- What? That l'm the principal.
You're also a part of this match fixing.
So you knew the rules and
conditions of the will before hand.
l know it. No need of details.
How much can you pay?
lf you ask me how much...
2% percent of my property,
it's too much,
you can build two colleges
after your retirement.
Don't hesitate.
Rajanna, last year student Suri
is teasing girls,
shall we cover him under blanket
and bash in college campus?
Bash him.
- No need to beat him sir.
Let's pour honey into his pant,
if we tie him in the backyard
near the anthill,
for one month he can't take a leak.
Why is he talking like a criminal?
lsn't it? Let's throw acid on him, sir.
lt's lying waste in college lab.
- This is correct.
ls this college or central jail?
This is college, he's Praveen
Jayaramaraju I told you about.
ls it him? We can reform him!
So, you've told them
everything about me.
lt's big plan, this is match fixing.
- Yes fixing!
We come to this profession after
fixing to change students like you.
We'll change you!
Sir, I...
Your study in City College,
and asking them to shove your
certificates somewhere,
your wealth, the will,
the condition that you'll not get
a pie without degree certificate,
we know everything.
All your ways are closed, PJ.
The only help we can give is to take
into consideration your first year in city,
and allowing you to sit in
the second year class,
that exemption is given because
we can't tolerate you for 3 long years.
ln 3 months first year supplementary
exams are scheduled,
the twist in this is,
if you fail in that exam,
according to the college rules,
you could be expelled.
l'm giving you this bumper offer.
You can leave if you don't
like the offer. Ready to go?
l'll go.
- It seems he'll go.
To the class room!
You show me the way.
Get up!
- Go to the back bench.
Do you want the front bench?
- Have you become so proud?
They'll go.
Come brother! Please sit down.
My brother!
Sister-in-law! Look there!
This is your class room.
l forgot my book, bring it. Go.
Why is she here?
What do you want?
First time l saw you,
myriad of emotions hit my heart...
She fell down again.
Get up!
How many times will you fall down?
Uddhandam sir is coming, silence please.
Allasani Peddanna wrote 'Manu Charithra'.
A great poem in it.
He'll never reform.
Yesterday you whistled
at Revathi, didn't you?
Come on whistle at me now!
Bloody idiot!
l'll kill you boy!
Hole or dump?
Even my husband dare not
touch me without my permission,
how dare you touch me
and say chill!
You don't know about me,
l'll take you to task.
She generally washes clothes.
lf anybody crosses her path,
she'll wash him clean.
She's Rathamma!
- No psychopath!
Who is that?
Why are you asking me?
l'm front, ask who is behind.
lt's not me, Guruji.
- I know.
Got saved!
- I didn't get him.
When I do, I'll split him
into two halves!
l'll teach him what a Guru is!
God! Give me one opportunity!
When can I return this book again?
You nasty idiot!
Stress on the last letter!
You slapped me and then
troubling with tongue twisters.
Say clearly again!
How dare you beat a degree student!
Stay put here,
l'll come back for you.
Bloody bear faced!
- Bear...
God gave me the opportunity.
For pronouncing the word again wrongly
he beat me again and again.
He says again!
What's that?
No sir, it's again!
Marriage...sacred thread! Kali!- Stop!
Did you complain about me this guy?
l taught him as well as his father.
He's now in this position
because of my beatings.
lsn't it?
- Yes master.
You say now.
- Again?
Sacred thread....eyes...
He's slapping me to death sir.
- Stop!
Come to college tomorrow
in a dhoti,
that's my punishment to you.
- Me?
lsn't it?
You say now.
What you said means arrack?
You too come in a dhoti tomorrow. ldiot!
Punishment to Rajanna himself!
Oh no, l've lost all my money...
My purse is empty...
Look like beggars batch near
Ameerpet signal.
My credit card is not working...
l've lost everything l had...
- Kajal come, I'm Bhairava.
lt has come to an end,
matter has reached to a quarter...
lt has taken the honour to the dogs...
The man who devours pizzas and burgers
is given a finishing touch of chutney...
Bloody gang of robbers!
Won't you let me sleep?
All the characters are set,
have to find actors for two only.
What to do?
- I want her to do the girl's character.
No way, I'll not do.
Who would suit the servant's character?
My prince!
What a great thing!
What's your problem?
- No problem.
We're staging a drama to raise
funds for flood affected victims.
We're collecting donations for it.
We don't want money, PJ.
There's character in it,
we think you're best suited for it.
lf he does that character,
l'll do the lady's character.- What?
A senior servant's character
in a big bungalow.
Servant? Me?
Yes, you!
Apply make up to him.
He looks like a real servant.
He's the servant.
You're the best servant!
Your face isn't rich unless
you wear costly clothes.
How natural you look in
the servant's get up.
To hell with you!
You look perfect in servant's
dress than me.
Notjust one or two,
there are 42 toilets here, PJ!
l'll be worried if it's less.
Not in words, show your
prowess in action.
You'll die on seeing the toilets.
Don't send one at a time, send brush,
acid, phenol at a time.
Shower baths and swimming pools
have become mirages...
Got the stick!
- It has taken him to task...
The boy has come from
palace to toilet...
ln one shot he has realised God...
And made the boy squeal in pain...
Easy life in AC bar has
come to an end...
The end was quite bitter shock...
The life of luxury is far away...
His life is going from
bad to worse...
With one shot he's dead on ground!
40 toilets is not easy task,
even l couldn't do it.
Shut up.
- He's damn tired.
l'm not getting sleep,
please tell me a good story.
l don't have the patience.
- Tell me.
Midnight...lt has four legs!
- Don't want that story. Tell me another.
lf another two falls...
Okay, outside the village,
thick forest area,
Abracadabra is walking alone,
a big noise,
Who is it? I'm Chandramukhi!
l'm dead tired with body aches and
you're narrating a ghost story.
Pulakesi! Come here.
ls it good?
Will you tell a ghost story?
Last night they'd a fight in hostel.
The bad time is laying
conditions to the lord...
Fate mauled him badly...
Handed over a broom to his hand...
Dusted out his arrogance...
The life that was roaming carefree
has turned into a bus stand...
And made him toil like a donkey...
Lost the royal luxurious life...
Down with Rajanna fever...
What happened?
PT sir requested PJ.
- What?
Any student studying here must
eitherjoin NCC or NSS!
What have you decided?
This is not like a request.
According to lPC, the first one
is attempt to murder,
and second is section 503!
He says it's not a threat,
you keep quiet.
How would l know which one is better?
l waiting to ask you and decide.
- Shall I suggest?
NSS mean traffic control,
find lost children in festivals,
and cleaning their running noses,
and helping the old to cross the road.
l hate men or their sweat.
NCC means morning walks, coffees,
tiffins, idlies, at times camps,
campfires and girls,
and spending time with them,
it'll be different.
Okay this one.
lt's nearer to my pub culture.
Where's he?
My committee decided that NCC
is best for me.
Our new recruit.
Hail mother lndia!
Life of fun and salsa dances
is over...
Difficulties have taken
over the life...
lt broke the legs of arrogance...
And left the legs with sores...
Unlucky has attacked, hauled
and mauled him...
So what?
He was left with a begging bowl...
And toil hard for a meal...
Bungalows and palaces have vanished...
lt has left him with poverty
stricken life...
Won't you please give me?
Run out?
- Stumped.
Egg? Serve me.
No need to taste while eating.
That's the lunch. Eat.
- Unjust! Is this pub culture?
Will you make me go around
sixty times for a cheap upma?
l used to go in car to piss.
We can run when war starts,
why to run from now?
Did you get a cashew in upma?
ls there so much upma
to get a cashew?
l got one.
Run again?
l'll escape to NSS!
lt seems you want to shift
from NCC to NSS.
l felt helping a man directly is
better than learning to fire a rifle.
People who are waiting for help,
to tell them l'm there for...
l want to help people.
l've decided.
lt's good to help others.
l'll introduce your group leader,
follow her instructions.
She is...
- Sindhu sir.
Have you decided like that?
- Follow her.
Me sir?
NSS means...
- You needn't have to tell me, I know.
Do you know everything?
l thought you no nothing and wanted
to keep you uninformed for a month.
lf you know everything,
start helping the villagers.
Help the...
- Villagers!
Go man!
Who are you standing on
road like a block?
- Yes you.
How dare you stop me in my village!
You'll get wet.
- No need, l'm wet already.
Taking buffaloes on road.
l'm talking to you.
Got tired for this?
What happened?
My hand slipped and it entered inside.
You've any problem?
Come, I'll console you.
lt's stinking! Where's the tap?
Didn't l tell you he can't work
and would be resting?
How dare you sleep on duty!
20 marks less.
Minus marks?
l beat him, if you want suspend me.
l'll take a week's rest.
You've crossed that stage long back.
Matter would've reached
Kannababu's father.
ls he such a great man?
Any life is same to him,
whether it's fish or human.
How dare he beat my son!
Come on boys!
He's the one who beat him.
Pick him up.
This is injustice sir.
Sit here.
He's the guy who beat our boy.
Did you beat my son?
Yes, I beat him.
lf I beat him,
will you bring me here by force?
lf you want hand me over to police.
Why did you bring me here?
lf you beat me,
l'll take you all to the court.
l'm going.
- You stop!
All of you go.
Sop! l'm coming, make him sit there.
Where can he go?
Sit down.
Won't boys have a fight?
Didn't we've fights as kids
with other boys and girls?
Did you ask if they'd food?
- Take it.
Your father went fishing
specially for you.
My son loves fish curry.
- Okay, serve mother.
Did you beat our son Kannababu?
You did a good thing.
He's away in city for
5 years to study.
He comes only once a year.
l saw him because of you,
l don't mind if you beat him.
Keep quiet, mother. He beat me only
once but you said many times.
Beat him on face if you want to,
never hit on his stomach.
He has some liver problem.
- I'll be fine.
Aren't you angry on me?
Didn't you get me to beat?
Our son would've done some
mistake that's why you got angry.
Before the wound on his face heals,
your anger must cool down.
We're uneducated people,
we keep on fighting for revenge.
You're educated, you mustn't
develop this vengeance feeling.
So I did like this.
Don't get angry on him
because he beat you.
l don't have any hard
feelings, father.
l've always liked him.
Don't you like our food?
No, it's very good.
- Eat son!
Wait son! Have some water.
When our son comes home
once a year,
to feed him properly, we've to ask
neighbours to lend food grains,
that's why he stays in hostel,
he can have food there and
continue studies too,
he's staying there for
the past 5 years,
my son has never fought with
anyone in these 5 years,
don't fight with him son,
it may ruin his life.
Bye son.
Mother wants me to stay back here.
This is for you to eat in hostel,
this lantern if it gets dark
on the way. Go carefully.
Sorry buddy.
- No formalities between us buddy.
PJ, reach hostel before it's dark.
Who is it?
How did you fall down, PJ?
l saw a ghost!
- Did you fall down in fear?
l fell in trying to catch
the running ghost.
l know you'll not believe me.
Okay, take this tablet and
have tea, you'll be fine.
l'll not take local tablets.
- Don't be so affectionate.
Exams are 10 away and
he'll fail and leave this place.
l'll definitely pass.
- He'll definitely pass!
l've decided...l must pass
this exam at any cost.
You will surely!
- But how?
How? A question that must be asked
by opposition is asked by treasury.
You've passed the first year
in city, right PJ?
l paid money to buy pass percentage.
- No, one who corrects papers.
3 months are over,
l've not read anything.
How am l to get through this?
Roof is falling!
Cells dying for long period in hot Sun,
shrink in rain,
and it creates fissures...
l'll spend the night here to study.
Kannababu will ensure a bigger
piece will fall on my hand.
lt'll hurt my hand.
And I can't write the exam.
Someone else will take my exam...
Kannababu will write and I'll pass.
Everything will happen.
Then you'll lose your hands.
l think you don't have the
idea of timing.
l'll keep my hand but remove
hands by the time it falls.
That's timing!
Will it fall again with
the same timing?
Why again?
lt has fallen already.
He thinks this is a plan.
Look here sir.
Your dilapidated college has
ruined my life and my hands.
What happened?
l studied very hard,
l had dreamed to pass,
l can still see the lessons
before my eyes, sir,
but what's the use?
l must getjustice.
lf not I'll launch a fast unto death.
You mean you'll die without
eating food.
You must tell me that before,
what do you call this as?
Peaceful protest!
l'll protest peacefully.
Cancel the earlier one.
What are you planning to do?
Someone else will take exam
on my behalf.
But l'll narrate it.
lf not I'll protest.
Who will write for you?
-l'll pass even if any fool writes.
- Not about you.
Kannababu, you write this time.
- He'll write for me.
l'll ask the committee and decide.
- Srikrishna Committee?
Why are you poking me for long time?
Some Sharatchandra wants to cry
with you only not with me.
Keep it.
- Take it.
Bloody face!
Hello Sharat! Conditions again?
You guessed it right.
- What?
Your grandpa ordered to open a cover
with conditions after 3 months in college.
You didn't...
- I told you, you would've forgotten.
l know you're playing drama to
see l don't get the property.
l'll kill you!
You want me to tell or cut the line?
Tell me.
What are the new conditions?
- I'm forgiving you this time.
From today you mustn't beat
anyone in college.
l'm not in a position anyway.
Tell me what's the second condition?
You must become student?s union
president in at least for a year.
Your nest is shattered...
your heart is broken...
O little bird, who beat you?
Committee discussed your request
and has agreed.
But we'll decide the man who will
take the exam on your behalf.- Who?
She'll write your exam.
She can sir.
- She will. She'll write the exam.
Becoming students union president,
Sindhu writing my exam,
keep that old man's photo
in my cell before me.
Grandpa! You've fixed me!
What's that?
That's interval!
l'll see after it.
Goddess mother, Praveen is writing
exam today, he's irresponsible,
he can't do anything properly,
he can't write one word properly.
He doesn't know anything
other than drinks and girls.
He's a wastrel.
He's an idiot,
he's very poor in studies...
We're not abusing him,
we're telling Goddess about him.
Goddess, please don't mind his words.
We were born and brought
up in poverty.
He was born with money,
he can't live without it.
Please change Sindhu's mind and
see that she writes exam for him.
Please don't let him write
the exam, Goddess.
lf he writes,
he'll not get even a pie.
We wish he passes this exam, Goddess.
What are you looking at?
l had spent few lakhs to know
some are not my friends.
l was thinking how you all
are different from them.
According to the...
- Telugu please.
You must pass.
- Pass.- Pass!
You must win over this hurdle.
Looks like you're taking him
to sacrifice!
No sir, to write exam.
Something like that only.
This year, let's rock it.
This side boy!
Examination hall is this side.
He's a Ghazni Mohammad.
He has been attempting for years.
No slips, right?
With what? With this?
Sindhu, this exam is my life's...
Do you know about Shakespeare's Hamlet?
l know about helmet and omelette.
You know or not?
- I don't know.
R K Narayanans?
l know about Nun who lives
next to Narayana's house.
l mean old friend.
l don't know.
l know about Paradise biryani.
Why did you come to take exam then?
l can live without anyone but
l can't live without luxuries of life.
l need money for all that.
lt's okay.
lf I want all that, you must help me.
You can't avoid it.
Are you writing all this?
lt's my duty to write
what ever you say.
lf I knew she was like this,
l wouldn't have had a fight with her.
Not you, turn that side.
l know sir.
Are the exams over?
When?! Go to and sleep.
Let's go, come.
What's the matter?
- Don't know.- Take it.
You didn't even offer upma too,
why are you giving sweets now?
Your time is nearing.
Our college's record.
You're the first student to
quit college in 3 months.
That's why they're distributing sweets.
Results will be out today.
Why wait till the paper comes?
Get his luggage ready at the
door before paper comes..
- Any doubt?
What happened? Your result is out
and birds have got wings...
Has Ramana come?
This is Ramana's cycle bell.
l can hear a strange
background music.
You too!
l feel you've passed seeing
his expression.
He's an Oscar winner and
his damn expression.
Sindhu has written the exam.
- But he told the answers.
Praveen, Rajanna is calling you.
Looking at his face it's confirmed,
get ready for consoling trip.
ls that the way you feel?
Keep quiet.
- What happened?
How could l pass, buddies?
- It shouldn't happen.
You're still PJ!
- I know.
Sindhu is responsible for this,
thank her.
Rajanna is next to her.
Why do you encourage
such cheap products?
They must be in dust bin.
l meant about Praveen.
l got it sir.
He'll rip your skin if he sees you.
Teacher will bribe a kid with chocolate
first to get him into the school,
only then the teacher can know
what the child can learn, right?
lf you give just 3 months
and tell him to pass or fail,
where's the time and
chance for him to reform?
lf PJ is really dull,
he'll fail in the next two years,
we needn't have to decide
about his place then, sir.
We needn't have to decide.
This is for you.
- What's this?
l don't have the habit of taking
anybody's help freely.
Will you take your grandpa's wealth?
That's mine, darling.
You still haven't yet got it.
Not your grandpa's,
get anything that you'd earned.
Why is he here?
Take it.
- Holding her hand, are you in love?
Sindhu, accept my love.
Should she accept your love?
Beat...beat him and forget
all the conditions.
Forget why you are here!
Behave always like this in your life.
No Sindhu...
- Don't talk Ammiraju.
She's right, don't talk Ammiraju.
l don't love anyone.
- She's doesn't love anyone.
l'm free. if you've patience,
try for another 6 months.
lf you've patience,
try for another 6 months.
l may fall.
- She may fall.
Fall? How can you fall for him?
Keep it with you.
Where's he?
Did you see my brother-in-law?
Seen any wine shop here?
- There!
Hey Mabbu, confused with dialogues,
let's rehearse once.
You remember your dialogues, right?
Okay...okay...I'm Yama!
Yama? You're Duryodhana!
You must say well said!
- Well said!
Turn this side.
- I know.
When did you come, brother-in-law?
At quarter to nine,
quarter past nine.
Why is he here at this hour?
- He's drunk.
But still l'll go away.
- Are you escaping?
He's stinking!
What's this?
- Drama, play.
lt's who are you not how you are?
He looks like a crook, who is he?
l'm Krishna.
How many plays you've played?
- About 100 to 200!
100 or 200, there's 100
difference between them.
Take it 100 and odd.
Krishna, select anyone
from the 4000 lovers.
Then l'll select this girl...
Duryodhana, he dared to touch Sindhu.
Krishna, take off your crown.
- As you say.
Why?- Wear the crown now.
- I'll not.
Krishna, you're not Lord Krishna now.
- Tell me, PJ brother-in-law.
Sindhu, if he has patience
can Ammiraju try you?
You mustn't beat anyone.
- That's why I'm not beating her.
Why me?- What's this?
- Drama!
Well said!
Did l voluntarily trap myself?
Who else do l've other
than you, Sindhu?
PJ brother-in-law.
l don't like this character.
Give me another character,
l'll rock with my performance.
Select one finger among the three.
No girls in it, right?
But still l'll select one.
There's no danger in
his character, right?
Do you want Sindhu?
Why are you asking me
all the questions?
He has played 100 dramas,
won't you ask him?
You're drunk, don't come to me.
Select one of these two fingers.
You'll beat me even if I select, right?
l'll beat you, even if you don't select.
Beat me lightly.
You've respect for Rajanna, right?
That's for outside world only.
What's this?
- Drama.
You and that lawyer tried to
usurp my wealth, right?
l selected the other finger
in confusion.
Who is this?
l don't know this character,
l can't play this.
l know.
He has gone out.
Saved from a danger.
Will you lay conditions, Sharat?
l'll resign.
You said over 100,
can't do even 4 also?
Stop! It's wrong to get drunk
and create trouble.
When did you come, brother-in-law?
- Just now, come.
Who broke those benches?
Did l do it?
Those were like this only,
come let's go to the room.
Sir, I passed the exam.
Sometimes such mistakes
do happen, go to your seat.
Bell has been rung, you go.
Those who don't want will leave.
- He thinks l'll leave.
People think Telugu will die.
lf that happens, not me where would
these Telugu teachers go?
lf the situation makes Telugu to die,
l'll die a day before that happens.
Our neighbouring state's people
are dying for their language,
and you wish Telugu to die.
Telugu isn't getting those 35
marks with great difficulty,
it's bridge to share ourjoys
and grieves with our mother,
when you get hurt, you cry shit,
how can you understand
the greatness of Telugu?
l'm not here to give
a lecture to you,
l'm here to teach you lessons,
Write Viswaksena's son is
Write Viswaksena's son is
1000 times imposition.
- What?
l mean 1000 times. Write.
That PJ...
- No need to details to Adivi Rambabu.
Just show him to me.
He's Adivi's man.
- I know.
- He's Adivi's(forest) man!
Not like that, l'm Adivi
and he's my man.
He's Adivi Rambabu's man!
- What's the problem?
You love that girl,
my man will leave her.
You leave that girl,
my man will love her.
Your man must leave the girl he loves,
how can I leave her?- What?
Look, you must divorce your wife,
how can he divorce her?
You're right.
- Isn't it? Leave it.
l'll leave it.
Then, my man?
He'll leave the girl.
- Then you?
l'll love the girl.
What's the problem?
lt's settled. Let's go.
Will you get confused
if l confuse you?
Bloody red shirt...
This is black shirt.
Red will suit you better, boy.
- Boy?
l'm Tiger to this place,
are you calling me a boy?
What's that look?
l mustn't beat anyone, boy.
- I've carried stones!
You can't understand the lock
in the screenplay,
l shouldn't beat anyone.
- What should I understand?
Come on!
What's the price of pumpkin?
- Rs.50!
Give me for Rs.20!
Boy, give me the bat.
Will you play cricket now?
l can't play.
l know to play.
Boy, ball please.
- Rathamma?
Why will you not give?
- Super boy!
Who is that? Bloody idiots!
Wait, I'll take you to task.
Am I looking so cheap to you?
You're dead today!
Stop there!
Will you beat me with ball,
you damn fool?
Why are you getting involved
in love and fights?
Forget this.
l've a good plan for you to become the
college president. Just follow it.
Tell me sir.
Not now.
- When?
- Where?
- Near Wines.
3 quarters have gone down but
matter hasn't come out yet.
Even 3 more quarters go down,
this is the matter.
Find a good occasion and give
everyone a liquor bottle and Rs.500,
you'll get all the votes.
- Sindhu is the opponent.
To hell with Sindhu.
She can't distribute to
so many people.
But half of the college are girls,
what would they do with bottles?
They'll give to their father
or boy friend.
Will it work out?
60 percent of democracy works
on this principle,
do you've money,
l've a plan for that too.
No need.
- Where's my drink?
We need his vote also.
01 23 Distribution started.
Our votes are yours,
what an idea sir!
Madam, please give me alms.
Madam, God will bless you.
Why hasn't come yet?
Will you give me Rs.5, I'll have a tea.
Will you have tea for Rs.5?
l'll give you Rs.25, have a pesticide!
Get lost!
Why are you so late?
Did you miss city life?
New friends, fresh air.
l'm enjoying to the hilt.
Where's your car?
Car...village roads are not
that comfortable, so... l came on bike.
This one?
- Mine.- Take off your hand.
My friend...he's going out with
family, you can return it later.
Actual matter is l must win
the student election.
lf I lose, then I've to beg all my life.
- Like me?
You come here.
- He's a pain!
l'll kill him.
l want minimum Rs.5 lakhs.
Did you bring t?
l've to distribute today evening.
Wearing a long skirt and half sari...
Sporting flowers in the tresses...
Swan necked Shyamala...
- Is here for us only...
She's dancing for us...
ls it? Shall I say something now?
l don't understand what you're
saying brothers-in-law...
But still greetings to all art lovers...
Okay, come to the point...
The colourful top...
Golden rings...
ls here seeking votes,
that's the matter...
Our votes are for Munna only...
l'll give a rung for every vote
cast for him...
By evening the counting will start...
He'll show you the code...
See your booth and
vote for the balloon...
Rock with your vote...
O Shyamala, we'll vote for him...
Fast beat man!
- Fast beat?
You mean?
- That beat!
l was waiting in a bus stop and
saw Lord and fell for him...
l gave up Bangena King's
dance program for him...
Coming here I find so many...
l must do something for you...
Balloon is your only hope
of the future...
l knew this and have asked you...
Remember the symbol
and vote for balloon...
Beat the rhythm of Seema!
- That one!
Take out the blades!
Why don't you tell what would
you on getting elected?
lf I win the election,
l'll provide FTV in classrooms...
lf you get caught with love letter,
l'll argue it's a leave letter...
l'll remove 'Rakhi' from festivals...
l'll add a wine shop to
college canteen...
He's our leader...
no doubt you're a leader...
Remember the symbol
and vote for balloon...
Oh no Rajanna!
For trying to win elections in this way,
l'm disqualifying you,
and requesting the committee
to elect Sindhu unanimously.- No sir...
How can l bear if people talk
bad about you from tomorrow?
Men can never understand a woman.
Why should l understand her heart?
Where are you going?
Take it easy.
We're going.
PJ spent Rs.5 lakhs and
made Sindhu win easily.
Keep PJ's and throw out all
other student's things.- Okay.
Get going!
Rajanna, we don't have anything
to eat in home.
Please don't ask me to leave.
We're sorry sir, if my father
comes to know, he'll kill me.
Please forgive us one last time, sir.
We've come this far unable
to live there,
we don't have money
to go home too. We'll not go.
PJ committed the mistake,
why are you asking us to leave?
What was his mistake?
He's a useless wastrel!
He did what I thought he would do.
l was correct in judging him.
l don't have any regrets.
But l trusted you all.
You've made me bow
my head in shame.
You keep quiet.
Please go away, go!
- We'll not go sir.
Don't say like that Rajanna,
thought we were doing for a friend,
now after seeing tears in your eyes,
we've understood,
what a grave mistake we've committed!
Sir, let anyone say anything,
we'll behave like your students.
We'll not change.
l love my father,
l swear on my father, sir.
Wrong, don't swear on him.
Just one dirty slush ditch is enough
to spoil a team of achievers.
lf I see you again with him,
don't dare come before me.
Go, eat something and
go to sleep.
Get up...get up...
Looking at the bright Brahmin boy,
it seems so said the people...
Hey Kannababu! Where's your director?
Arrogant, wager, drunkard,
useless, man without any talent.
How can he dare come to the class?
He would've got drunk
and fallen somewhere.
lt seems so said the people...
Hey boy!
Come here!
Please don't call him.
- I'm talking to him, right? Shut up.
Come here.
No! As a girl...
- School is closed for rain,
can you take us home without
our books getting wet?
Don't do it for free,
tell us how much you want?
No need, come.
He's smiling at you.
- No problem.
Warden will scold if she sees him.
- I'll manage.
Shut up!
Let's meet again, please stay here.
Come quickly!
Praveen, don't get wet in rain.
Come in.
- Come in son!
Please listen to me, son.
Come in.
Don't get wet in rain,
you'll catch cold.
Come in quickly son.
Don't get wet, you'll catch cold, son.
Don't get wet in rain.
Father, I'll go out to play.
- Stop!
l'll go out, please tell him, mother.
How many times l've told you
not to be mischievous?
This many times!
Grandpa doesn't like being mischievous.
l did a mischievous thing and
grandpa threw me out of home.
ls marrying me a mischievous thing?
Keep quiet, Gayathri.
We've got a message from
grandpa after many years.
You mustn't do any
mischief there, son.- Okay father.
Praveen, you must be a good man
like your grandpa and father.
Okay mother.
lt was major accident, heavy blood loss.
Difficult to survive.
Are you leaving PJ?
Rajanna gave this box to you.
What's this?
Okay, bye.
My dear Praveen, I may not live
when you're 18,
your father came to study in this
college leaving kingdom and wealth,
life, friends who give real happiness
and good men,
he said he met here only,
leaving me among the hypocrites
and false men,
he stayed back here only.
Your mother met your
father here only.
They married against my wish.
That's why l threw him out of home
and tried to take revenge on him.
By the time my temper cooled down
and good sense prevailed,
God took them away from me,
to correct the mistake I did,
l wished you to study in the same
college where your father studied,
l wanted to you to get the same life and
experience which your father got here,
to run well our kingdom and
factories that supports 40000 people,
l thought it was correct on my part to
make you a leader of 400 students,
that's why l insisted you must
become students union president,
my wish is you must get the happiness
and live fully what l had missed.
yours lovingly grandpa.
Call me as uncle!
Why didn't you tell me sir?
- What am I to tell you?
You're just a kid compared to
your father's stubbornness.
When were studying together,
it took me an year to understand him,
you're here for three months only,
neither you nor your father
don't listen to words,
calm down boy!
Don't cry. What's this?
l'll go away, uncle.
- Where?
To some place.
l'm feeling guilt, uncle,
l fear losing.
Mad boy!
What's in victory?
lt may introduce you to the world.
Lose once!
You'll understand the world!
Go, stop thinking and go to sleep.
Let's discuss tomorrow.
Are you swimming, Ammiraju?
- No, just working.
Are you arranging dance
program in village festival?
We've to, do you know any dancer?
We're ignorant, look there,
a man is coming!
He arranged the dance program
in Mangamma college. Ask him.
Will you arrange a program for us too?
ls it college or a Harlem?
You've come from outside and
spoiling the reputation of this village.
Bloody idiot! May you get ruined!
Arrange a dance program again.
What's that look! Go!
Are you there Ammiraju?
- Ammiraju? I'm also here, come in.
Somebody bashed us with a mask.
- Who is he?
Tell me the truth, Paidi.
You beat me under the mask.
He bashed me too.
l'm sure it's him.
Somebody bashed me!
Who beat PJ's man?
- If I beat them, who beat the others?
We knew you went to beat them.
lf you beat them they'll suspect you,
so we too joined and
bashed few others.
They shouldn't suspect us, right?
That's why we acted like
we got beaten up.
You stop it boys!
Do you drink?
l didn't say l'll not drink
because l don't drink,
this is very worse thing,
it'll make you tell the truth,
let's open ourselves
with some harsh truths. Hold this.
Can't we do at least on thing
honestly for ourselves, PJ?
Can you call yourself good man by
buying votes with money and drinks?
Basically people like that I mean
like you get honoured in public.
But no father will ever make
you a role model for his son.
Do one thing honestly.
We're waiting for it.
The place we hung our
heads in shame,
we must walking tall with head
held high in that same place, PJ.
Yes, no need of these short cuts.
Leader is one who is
adored by people.
Do something helpful to people
and take them along with you.
Please don't become lonely.
- What should I do?
What is this mean?
You mean?
Pilla Jamindar Student Force!
You lead us, we'll follow you.
- Yes.
We all know Praveen withdrew from
elections due to a small mistake,
but Martin Luther King said no need of
power to know the problems of students.
Please say it in Telugu!
That's what we too say,
that's our opinion too.
Tell us your problems, we'll solve it.
Warming up from now to win next year.
There's a problem in our college,
can you solve it?
Tell me, what ever it is,
l'll solve it in seconds.
That's you! lf you quit college,
problem will be solved. Let's go!
Please stop!
Please sit down. Please sit down.
Give us one opportunity.
How can we give?
Half yearly exams start
from next week,
syllabus hasn't yet been completed,
science teacher and Uddhandapindam
are fighting to become Vice Principal.
lf possible try to get them
back to the classes.
We're telling you because science
teacher shares drinks with you.
Do it,
we'll then decide to trust
you or not, come girls.
Present principal and the earlier
principal are my old students.
l'm retiring in 2 years.
Am I wrong in aspiring to
become vice principal?
There's no science without me.
There's no college without science.
ln this situation why shouldn't
l become vice principal?
l'll tell if you promise not
to beat me.- Tell me.
Lecturers and committee is
breaking their heads,
over selecting one of you
as the vice principal.
lf you reject me, l'll stop.
You must teach Telugu
to an empty college.
Go, as if you're teaching
in English now.
You've to teach science
also in Telugu only.
Why are you surprised?
This fool is also my former student.
So students will decide who will
be the next vice principal.
Through votes.
How did you get such a great idea?
This is due medical chemical
imbalance...- Stop!
You said leader is one who
is adored by people.
ls it okay to you?
- Okay to me.
Are you ready master?
We're going for voting!
But while voting, please write on the
backside why you're voting for him.
Are you ready to vote?
Sir, my fathers, my grandfathers,
great grandfathers,
without having food,
eating gruel, I mean drinking gruel,
worked for you,
will you beat with a slipper?
Who is he?
Who gave this role to him?
You gave him the role.
How can l do the work I can't do?
ls this the way you say with feeling
when the boss beats with slipper?
Dialogue must come from
heart not from mouth.
All these years l've been working
very hard for you,
you were abusing me wildly in
the arrogance of money power,
and beating me like a beast
without treating me as a human,
my stomach is burning,
and that fire must be
seen in your eyes.
Raja sir, l raised you from
childhood on my shoulders,
whether you pissed on me
or called me informally,
l took it easily thinking
you're our boy,
this old man, before everyone,
will you beat with a slipper?
ls this boss' arrogance?
PJ! Put down the chair,
this is just a play.
Excellent PJ!
Very good!
You changed the dialogue.
l don't mind.
Your performance was amazing!
You turned the scene effective.
This is what I want.
You did a wonderful job, Praveen.
Did you practice well?
No madam, I used to behave
like that earlier.
l didn't know the other man's
feelings then.
l'm getting to know it now.
Science teacher won in the voting.
We knew you'll win, sir.
Why are you standing here?
People are waiting for you.
l'm thinking of dying.
- Why sir?
l thought l was admired as a man
for my drinking habit.
See, what the students think about me.
Sir, you're a great lecturer
in your subject.
But when you come to class after smoking,
we've to bear the stench to hear you.
l felt very sad to call you as science
lecturer seeing you drunken on road.
l can understand well when you teach,
but we don't know why your hands
explores us in different places?
But still we want the
science you teach.
The voted because they need me.
They don't like me.
All of them know my negative qualities,
l can't be the vice principal.
As a senior and as a good man,
Uddhandam must be
the vice principal.
PJ, Uddhandam is seriously ill.
He was like my father.
Doctor says no hope.
Can he take it or not?
What happened?
- Sir,
he got excited after losing to you.
He felt breathlessness,
l've always seen him as very active,
and a teacher who beats,
never seen him lying on bed,
go and meet him.
We're responsible for it.
We wrote on the backside
of the vote,
we're like your grand daughters,
why do you beat us also?
Why are you so angry?
Calm down children.
Who is he? Why did he go for
voting and brought death on him?
lt was my mistake, master.
You won!
You're our college's vice principal.
Get up master!
You promised us, sir.
You'll die a day before Telugu dies.
We'll not let Telugu to die, sir.
You too sir.
l'm responsible for this.
l'll never again do like this.
Sir, again...
Say again not again.
l always pronounce it like that only sir.
Beat me sir...beat me...
No, I'll never beat anyone again.
l'll control my anger.
Hey science crow!
You're the vice principal.
No sir, science is available
on internet,
but teacher like you must
teach us civility.
Lead us for sometime.
With this incident PJ has got
a good name in college.
he's planning to become college
president with this name.
lf he becomes the president,
it isn't good for me and Sindhu.
Our caste people dominate
the college,
how can he get the votes?
- Yes.
You're the one who can stop him
from becoming the president.- How?
You're not Ammiraju but Drumraju!
You contest the next year's election.
- You've won already.
Ammiraju has won!
lt seems Ammiraju is contesting
the next elections.
Let him contest but we mustn't allow
him to become the president.
You fool, in the village,
mandal level elections...
l didn't get you man.
He has caste support and stamp of local.
We must think smartly and
turn them to support us.
lt means the use could be
from other place,
we sow seeds in the ground,
and pluck the fruits from
the branches,
like putting on the switch there
to make the bulb light up here.
Fill it with sand.
Add sand and blue metal at 3:5 ratio.
You're students,
why are you doing this work?
Ammiraju is local, we can't get
support unless we earn good name.
lf parents put the switch at home,
students in college will vote for us.
What if the bulb is burnt? l said if.
Not me, watch out the tractor.
- He's coming.
Appi, you've failed and
college students have passed.
What's this?
Stop and proceed
Siripuram Past - Siripuram Welcomes!
How dare you hit the buffaloes in
the centre and escape!
l'll take you to task.
What can you do?
We'll not bring the bus into the village.
Let it get dark, you'll know it.
Lamps on buffaloes!
Take head on, stand up
and be counted...
Fighter will never give up...
lf you've a single minded aim,
defeat will have to surrender...
Take little faltering steps,
raise on your own when you fall down...
You've to march towards your
aim facing many hurdles...
lf there's no light,
even Sun is cheap to everyone...
lf the darkness takes over,
the moonlight gets dull...
lf you know your true strength,
there's no one to stop you...
Like sunlight of sun,
like the pleasantness of moon...
Like a student in progress,
get going silently and firmly...
Greetings! I'm your Ammiraju.
Tell your children to vote for me.
We'll get all the votes of this place.
We were watching serials,
why did you stop to canvas for votes?
lf you stop it once again,
l'll beat you with broom. Get lost!
Why are you talking to
this dirty man, sister?
Theyjust poured,
thank God, didn't bash us.
Clench your fist...
opportunities galore...
lmpossible will bow to you
seeking your forgiveness...
Earth will not rest thinking
the world has a tomorrow...
lt keeps on rotating steadily
and firmly...
Your dream will come true
if you make a try...
You'll become the role model
if you've good behaviour...
How to make girls fall for us?
Either one must become
Siddharth or Lord Krishna.
Becoming Siddharth is difficult
but Lord Krishna...
l think he has upset his stomach.
Lord Krishna!
l'm Ammiraju not Lord Krishna.
Will you vote for me?
Should we vote for you? Come!
What happened to you?
Hey Ammiraju! Did you act in play?
Boy! Are you in PJ's party?
Not his party, l'm Ammiraju's supporter.
ls it? You're sure to lick my family's name.
Your family's name? What's it?
Sanka! (armpit)
- Sanka?
Life is very small...
Won't we leave this world...
Can we carry these dreams
or fame again...
Goal is born from your imagination...
journeying towards it is yourjob...
Journey is the lifeline to
every victory and every turn..
Won't every day be a new year
if every dawn is yours...
You'll create a sensation
if you show your talent...
Village Mediacl Camp
Siripuram PJSF
l hate human and their sweat.
Everything is for votes, right?
- No, for my girl friend.
For my 90 year old girl friend.
l've started liking you recently,
don't know why but it's true.
l want to talk to you.
What's it?
- Not now.
Ammi, it seems not now.
PJ has changed a lot,
l'll vote for him only.
My father too told me to elect him.
- Take...
Notjust your father, entire village is
discussing it like general election.
l don't mind if you don't vote to me,
but please don't vote to PJ.
Don't vote to PJ!
What happened to you, Ammi?
Why are you telling about him
instead of yourself?- Go man!
Don't vote to PJ!
Poor boy doesn't to get angry also.
l'm doing a role of rich man
in this year's drama,
l want good shirts like
the ones PJ wears.
Have you come with money?
- That's why I've brought PJ.
You want sir?
- No thanks.
Did you see?
Did you but this T-shirt here?
No uncle, where did you buy it?
l think its London.
lt seems London,
l mean another country.
How much?
- May be Rs.3000!
You got cheated sir! You'll get
3 for Rs.100 only in my shop sir.
3 for Rs.100?
Show me.
See! Same design!
Check it.
You really got cheated.
Please buy it.- This one?
lt'll be good, buy it.
Take it...take it...
Take care of what he wants,
l'll come back in a moment.
How much is this one?
- Rs.50.
Take it for Rs.45.
How much you'll get for selling this?
- Rs.10.
Rs.100? No thanks.
Keep it.- No thanks please.
- Please take it.
God bless you son.
Why are you smiling, PJ?
My friends there wouldn't be happy
even if I spent Rs.5000 on parties.
l didn't even spend Rs.500 here.
The old lady is still working
to earn a decent living.
How are they able to live
so content fully?
Neither it is in Rs.500 nor in Rs.5000,
happiness and contentedness is here.
How?- The day no fish caught, what ever
food left in home is served to me,
mother used to sleep on empty stomach,
mother was more happy then,
you know why?
Thinking at least I had my stomach full.
Didn't get it, right?
God created us to love and use things.
But in our confusion we use
humans and love things.
The day this changes,
it's happiness everywhere.
Everyone will be happy.
Somebody is calling,
he wants to talk to you only.
Hey nationalization! It's getting dark,
call if you've to call anyone.
l was a toddler when
l lost my mother,
now he's dead,
l don't know anyone else.
My father is dead!
How long will you sit like this?
lf you cry,
can the dead man come back?
Call someone, let's cremate him.
- How can you do it?
You need at least four people to carry.
l told you to be with our caste
people, you didn't care.
Will you say no to me for that outsider?
l'll see now who will help you!
Cry sitting with the corpse here.
Stop it, you...
You get up.
Please take him away.
Please don't let him become an orphan.
Why are you playing politics now?
PJ, no acting please,
this is our caste issue.
Mind your business.
What's this?
He plays drama with every issue.
Come on boys.
Super! With this you'll get all the
votes of his caste.
You're no different from Ammiraju.
Do you see votes there?
l see the smile of Nationalization
burning over there.
l'm thinking about money only.
How will he live losing the only
bread winner of the family?
You wanted me to change
but you've changed.
Why did you say like
that now, Kannababu?
l was just testing if he has
really changed or not.
l don't know if he can become
the president or not,
but l'm sure he'll become a leader.
When you can nationalize our things,
can't we nationalize your grief and burden?
We're all there for you.
Second year results are out, Jayaramaraju.
Uncle, that is...
- You've passed.
You're submitting the project
work tomorrow, right?
l'll submit, uncle.
Sindhu was here to meet you.
Will you come out on date with me?
But not like this.
lt's been many days since
l've seen you as PJ.
Go around me...
l swear my love for you is
growing like an honeycomb...
Be patient...
lf love hits back,
the secret will be out...
l've embossed you in my heart,
O Kondapalli doll...
l'm a sweet bird,
you're my sweetness...
Stop looking at me,
come to me, my dear...
Oh no! l'm still a little girl...
The bed is rocking...
Shall we break it and
make it useless?
My long plait is angry...
will you tie the knot with me?
l know the fish in the hook...
l know the bone in fish...
But l don't know the heart of
this fish eyed beauty...
Shyness is our relative...
you're a traditional suitor...
lsn't it a woman's birth right
to be secretive?
You've blindfolded your heart...
remove and see, you'll find me...
l foresee the future...
l won't stop myself after seeing you...
Shed shyness...say yes to me....
Without getting confused or
any hesitation, O my dear...
Don't search out, find within
yourself I'm there in you...
l've brought the bullock cart...
l've brought the small car...
Let's go to the festival...
l don't want bullock cart
or small car...
l love if you give me
a piggyback ride...
Shall I get you jasmine or lily?
No need of any flowers, my beau...
your smiles are enough, come my dear...
ls everyone here for the debate?
Rajanna, its 1 1 am, where is he?
Yes, where's PJ?
You can't start the debate
without the opponent, Ammiraju.
He's a drunkard; he would be
sleeping after a drinking binge.
Did you see PJ anywhere?
- No. Not seen anywhere.
Did you see him?
- He's not in hostel too.
What's this drama, sir?
Dear students!
Please vote for me and
make me your president.
What else you want,
l'll do anything.
ln my rule, l'll cut the college trees,
l'll put up electric poles,
and make this college
shine bright with lights,
Hail motherland! Hail Ammiraju!
Greetings my dear brothers
and sisters,
l'll build a bus stop on our
college's name,
l'll put up name boards,
l'm asking is there anyone
who can do well?
l must pinch his thigh, idiot!
Are we useless fools?
Just 5 minutes only.
l'll erect a fountain in the
middle of our village.
l mean a tap that spills water.
l'll build a park around it.
ln that park, I'll erect a statue of
our caste leader Bomma Pitchaiah,
Brothers and sisters...
l told him watch news channel,
l think he saw all the channels.
Here comes PJ!
Here he is!
- Please come quickly on the dais.
See, the stink is reaching up to here.
lt's all over, sir.
How can you allow him now?
Yes, I'm a drunkard.
l'm a loafer too.
But l've a qualification which
Ammiraju doesn't have it.
That is...
l don't why do we needs lights in
college which closes by 4 pm.
That too after cutting down the trees.
There are mounds of broken
benches behind the auditorium.
lt seems he'll put up benches
somewhere in village.
Students standing out there,
if you want to hear this debate
sitting on bench at least next year,
get the benches repaired,
- Good.- What do you say?
Then our science lab,
without the equipment,
students are using steel glasses
instead of glass equipment,
recently big chunks of roof fell off,
l was the one who got hurt,
thank God Sindhu was there
to write my exam,
What did he say just now?
Fountain in village and a statue.
Septic tank is broken and
the smell is reaching kitchen.
No, stench.
No proper books in the library,
no proper water taps in toilets,
Are there so many problems
without coming to our knowledge?
Please note it down.
There are not much finds to repair it.
This is our college,
we must repair it ourselves.
Yes, I'm a drunkard.
l had farex too as an infant.
Both are past.
See what I'm now!
To solve your problems and
to be your leader,
l'm creating myself newly every day,
and keep on doing.
Your decision!
Not this!
l'll speak!
l've been watching PJ from day one,
PJ has changed a lot,
a leader is one who changes
himself first to bring change,
PJ is our leader!
Are you done? Half of the
students belong to my caste.
Why don't you say something boys?
Do you see votes there?
l see the smile of Nationalization
burning over there.
l'm thinking of money only now.
President from our caste is helpful,
what's the use if an outsider becomes?
Tell boys!
What caste?
He saw a friend in sorrow
not his caste.
lt was we who played politics
even on dead bodies.
Students who think they're born to
parents out of love come with me,
if you think it's for caste,
then be with him.
What are you waiting for? Get up!
Stop...I beg you...stop...
Who is your leader?
PJ is our leader!
No way! I'll talk again.
lt has been decided to elect PJ
as the new president.
This is cheating,
l'll walk out in protest.
Six months later...
- Go that side.
What's our plan, boss?
Boss? This is pre-climax.
Sircar plan.
lf you cut it.- You didn't begin and
already a cut, Sircar.
Shut up, I've paid him Rs.50000.
lf you cut it, a mud road...
On that mud road your heroine
and your villain...
on a Hero Honda bike...
Not Hero Honda bike sir,
Hero One bicycle.
Boys, use a thin wire.
- Why a wire, Sircar?
Don't you watch films?
Sumos fly in air in the films.
You'll see live now.
The cycle that is coming fast will
hit the stiffwire across the road,
it'll fly high into the air!
Unlike last time,
you must write the exam.
ls it?
- Got it?- Very well.
Your villain's lifecycle will
get punctured.
Already it's over.
Bloody Sircar plan!
- Cool, I've shelled out Rs.50000.
You gave and lost it too.
l think puncture again.
My plan flopping? No way.
Kill him boys! Come on boys!
- We're finished.
- Come let's go.
Brother, move...he our man.
We put a wire, please pay us.
l don't want people who
work for money only. Go away.
What are you doing here?
Still not yet reformed?
Where's the Chunni?
- She left with Jenny.
l'm ashamed to talk about it.
l beat you because
she went with you.- What?
That is got beaten up by you.
Forget all that l gave up studies.
l'm living by running kangaroo courts.
That's what we learnt in
college, right? l mean I...
What's this trouble?
l've to go to write exam.
You go brother, the man who
gave me money to kill you...he's gone!
l'll take him to task.
l'll take to task Ammiraju
and his family.
Why are you standing there
like 100 days poster?
Ask if PJ needs any slips.
- Don't ask money in location.
Would like to see mine?
- Write.
We paid him money and
ended up as losers.
We paid him, let him do something.
Who is there?
- Nobody.
lt seems nobody is there.
I think you?ve written your
exams well, PJ.
l have written well, madam.
What about Kannababu?
Has everyone come?
Looks like a foreign car.
Our Kannababu!
lt's me, master.
My father used to go fishing
on iron boats,
it used to get rust,
l used to think how my education
would help my father,
my experiment on bio-coat paint to
stop rust won Planet Green award.
That's all l got big job
and good salary.
lt's all your mercy, master.
- I'm very happy, boy.
PJ is receiving the degree,
let's watch it.
...is receiving degree from VC.
Every year when students
left the college,
we used to feel proud that they
changed because of our toughness.
But this year l feel sad like
my own children leaving me.
How could he get degree?
l'll not accept. He's a cheat.
You're a fraud.
He didn't become president for us,
but for the wealth.
lt's a along story.
He cooked up tales about repairing
the college roof, benches, lab.
You believed him and voted him
to be your president.
What did he do?
He cheated you.
He'll take the degree and go away.
Take his resignation,
only then he'll come to senses.
He'll not get the wealth.
Wealth? Where is it?
With just one year of friendship,
for my sake, without batting
an eye, billions of his wealth,
he gave it up, PJ is
so foolish, Ammiraju.
He's not a cheat.
You say he has become
president to get his wealth.
But you don't know what had happened
a day before he became president.
Who are the patient's relatives?
- Tell me.
We're sending his liver
tissue to Bombay,
according to my opinion,
it's completely damaged,
l think they've neglected
it for long time.
lf that's the problem,
get ready a blood relative to
donate liver and Rs.25 lakhs.
l'm telling l don't have money,
leave me alone.
l know you're calling me for money.
As a businessman, l'll never
invest in losing ventures.
l told you not to meet him.
Why did you go?
Come back immediately.
Would've said no money, any advises?
Rs.25 lakhs?
From your wealth,
l mean your grandpa's wealth,
l'm not allowed to give you
even a penny.
Till you complete your degree...
Lend me as loan.
- Loan? What do you have?
Except the arrogance of
your grandpa's wealth.
l've given tips more than this.
But now I know money has the
power to save a human life.
l'm useless, I'll get ruined
if l get the wealth.
He's brilliant, a great scholar.
lf he lives, he has power to
change lives of many.
Let him die.
Who cares if a poor man dies or lives?
Why are you getting tensed?
lf I die, my birth date and death
are put under my photo,
but if you get the degree,
you can help thousands like me.
l've given a good thought on your
words, I felt your sincerity,
you wanted to help your friend,
l thoroughly checked your
grandpa's will,
before fulfilling the conditions,
if you accept you're incompetent
and sign the papers
giving up the property,
your grandpa allotted Rs.30 lakhs for you.
Will you accept it?
Tell me, do you want
Rs.30 lakhs for your friend?
Or you want the wealth for yourself?
True sir.
lfe he says he gave up wealth for
his operation, you may stop him,
so he lied that l had
arranged the money.
No problem.
This is what I'm left with.
lf it can be useful to college...
Sit down, we've lost our honour.
How will you live without money, PJ?
She's asking how would I live?
l came here with fear.
Not for degree.
With a doubt if I would get
the wealth or not.
l thought it's all over.
But after coming here, l won over life.
You're worrying how l would
live without money.
But in these two years you all
gave me that confidence.
lt's notjust teachers
who taught me here,
there are two others,
life and time!
The life I spent here will
lead me all the time,
but the two years spent here
made me see what is life.
l thought it's an achievement to
spend 2 years with such people.
But when I realised they endured
a man like me for 2 years,
l've understood the greatness of
their friendship and greatness.
l've realised happiness is not
in pubs, cars or in luxuries.
How to spend a rupee and
how to see humans as humans,
how to mingle with them,
how to smile,
last but the least I learnt
how to cry also here only.
My grandpa's wealth gave me
fear of losing only.
But the wealth you gave me is
confidence to face life,
and live against all odds.
lf I ever take a wrong step in life,
l'll come back here sir.
Would I get a room here, sir?
Here, always it's here for you.
What brings you this far, Sharat?
Looks like your girth has increased.
l think you're missing me.
You used to call me informally.
There's a last condition.
Condition? Again?
l don't have anything left
other than my grandpa.
- There is!
Your grandpa's will's idea
is to change you.
l know as a human.
For human welfare...
- Look, I got 42 marks only in Telugu.
l got it, that you're not getting it.
lf you're ready to give up the
wealth for a good cause,
your grandpa's will suggests
you can gift the entire wealth.
You've got the invaluable,
accept the wealth as gift.
You don't get one thing.
- What's it?
l don't like gifts.
Then, accept it as responsibility.
Why did you come personally?
A phone call and l would've come.
You're working for me, right?- Sir.
Give me a hug.
ls the fancy dress ready?
PJ, Ammiraju has kidnapped Sindhu.
- Sindhu.
Did you see Chunky?
He was roaming in long skirt
like girl for fashion show.
Why did you kidnap me?
Try to answer yourself.
What did I say now?
- You said rape, boss.
Rape means that thing, right?
- Indeed.
Rape mean not what you do,
but what is done to you.
That's it, promise, swear...
l'll not say differently under
promise and without it.
People always say this
and then do nothing.
ls Ammiraju okay to you?
Anyone is okay to me.
Who is it? Is PJ next to you?
Tell him, l'm going to rape Sindhu.
PJ, it seems he'll rape Sindhu.
Not him, I'm going rape her.
Super again.
lt seems he'll do it.
- Give me.
PJ, in every story hero
wins in the end,
l'm winning in this story also,
That's what l'm telling you.
There are no ifs and buts, only action!
What is he saying?
- He means business.
But is rape necessary?
Today or tomorrow,
rape is the only answer.
Ammiraju, have a blast!
lt started like that...
- What?
- The girl is safe.
l asked if brother is safe.
Brother? He's a tiger.
He doesn't know the real matter.
Ammiraju has come.
Wait there, I'll kill you.
Anyway rape is over,
why this chase now?
l asked for Sindhu,
will you bring this damn thing?
lsn't she the lady you wanted?
- She's not a lady at all!
Catch him...catch him...
Shall we go to watch a film?
- We saw one just now.
lt's good, right?
- So what?
Let's watch again.
- Again?
Good films don't come again and again.
Then, let's watch.
One minute, thanks for giving your precious