Pimp (2018) Movie Script

[woman moaning]
[woman] Oh, yeah!
[man and woman moaning]
[woman] Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh.
[woman] Oh! Oh, yeah.
First time I saw a pussy,
I was 10 years old.
[banging on door]
[woman moaning]
[man chuckles]
I came to pray with your daddy.
Where is he at?
He's busy.
I'm gonna take care of this one.
But I made it clear to God
it wasn't my pussy
I was selling.
And I learned it young.
[indistinct chatter]
Right through this door.
- [man #1] Amen.
- [door opens]
- Bring me back some gum.
- [door closes]
[upbeat music]
My name is Wednesday.
Everybody in the Bronx
call me Win for short.
- Hey, are you winning?
- I always do.
Are you winning?
I always do.
Finish up, Win,
so we can get back
to this math homework,
all right?
Oh, yeah.
[Wednesday's dad]
I'll take that. Mm.
All right, let's see
what you did.
[Wednesday] My daddy was a pimp,
and my mama
was one of his girls.
- [Wednesday] After they had me,
- You're like your mama.
Mama stopped tricking.
[Wednesday] Daddy ain't
want nobody touching her again.
As for me...
- [indistinct chatter]
- What are we doing, man?
I was just one of them boys
learning the game.
My daddy said...
as long as I keep my eye
on the action,
ain't no way I lose
in this life.
I will watch niggas come and go,
day and night,
drunk on their pussy.
My daddy had all his girls
living in our house
so he can keep an eye
on his money.
Money meant love.
[man #1] Yeah, let's gamble
and make more shit.
- Here, Daddy.
- Come on.
Ain't no money like ho money.
[Wednesday] And pussy,
pussy meant power.
Half-dressed, half baked.
His girls are working hard
to pay those bills.
All I gave a fuck about
is if some nigga wanted them.
Or if their hair looked good,
and if they felt sexy
in them tight dresses.
I was never gonna be like
them girls in the corner.
And what my daddy
loved best about me...
Come here. Let me show you
how to count 20's, 50's, 100's.
...was that I was
exactly like him.
It's five o'clock
in the fucking morning.
Ain't she got
some homework to do?
[men laughing]
Shut the fuck up, Slim.
One day she's gonna run
your motherfucking block.
You better show her
some respect now.
And maybe she'll
show you some later.
Now play cards.
Once you're in this game,
you're in it for life.
It's gonna take you for a ride.
And when it does...
the only thing you can to trust
is your money.
Never let a bitch get close
to your heart.
[knocking on door]
[indistinct chatter]
Get that for daddy.
Hey, yo, dawg, man, I'm sorry
about that whole thing.
Don't you think
she's a bit too young?
You ain't never too young
to find your way.
When the night was over,
as the light would shine in...
[car engine revving]
there was only one girl
I wanted to see.
Sweet little Nikki.
[screen rattling]
[both giggle]
[Wednesday] Come on out.
Since the day I saw her,
I was in love.
And now that I was working
with my daddy...
I just want to buy her shit.
[breathes heavily]
[gasps, sighs]
[breathes deeply]
[both breathe deeply]
[both sigh]
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
["Gold Skies"
by Martin Garrix playing]
See the smoke
When the sun shines
We will forever be faded
Under gold skies
Captivated in your cold eyes
- Whoo! Ooh!
- [Nikki giggles]
We will forever be faded
Under gold skies
See the smoke
When the sun shines
We will forever be faded
Under gold skies
Captivated in your cold eyes
[siren blaring]
[Mae] He's just sleeping.
[Slim] I'm telling you...
[Mae] He just fainted.
[Slim] Mae, listen.
- [Mae] Babe.
- [Slim] Mae.
- [Mae] Babe. Babe, wake up.
- [Slim] Mae, listen to me.
- Mae, come on. Mae, he's gone.
- Babe. Wake up, babe.
- He's gone. He's gone, Mae.
- They can't take you!
Babe, why are they taking you?
- [Slim] Come on.
- [Mae] Don't take him!
Don't take him away!
- [Slim] Mae, come on.
- [Mae] Don't take him!
- [Slim] Listen, Mae. Come on.
- [Mae wailing]
Just like that, he was gone.
[Mae wailing]
Oh, god. I got nothing.
[Slim] This way, Mae.
And I had to continue.
He didn't say shit
on how to play this one out.
She needs you. Come on, Mae.
Come on. She needs you.
She's gonna need you.
She needs you.
What are we gonna do?
- [Mae whimpers]
- I don't know.
- What are we gonna do?
- I don't know.
[Mae] He said he weren't
going to leave me.
What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
Oh, my god.
What are we gonna do?
I'm gonna look out for moms.
And as for Nikki...
I ain't gonna let anything
happen to her
as long as I'm alive.
These are my girls now.
I'm gonna protect them.
I'm gonna take care of them.
You know...
pimp shit.
[foreboding music]
- Come on!
- [grunts]
[woman #1] Don't let her shoot!
Oh! Yo, yo! Pass it, man!
Pass it!
- [grunts]
- [board clangs]
- [thuds]
- [groans]
[woman #2] Where's the ball?
- Foul!
- [woman #1] Hell, no!
My hands didn't touch you
and you know it.
Our ball. Check it.
Huh! You think you're all-star
or some shit?
Let's see you try
and get past me again.
[Wednesday] You know what it is.
[woman #2] She thinks
she's all tough, huh.
[ball thudding]
[woman #1]
Don't let her through. Come on.
Block her.
- Oh, my god!
- [woman #2] Yes!
[woman #1]
Where are you going, player?
Yo, are you deaf?
I got money on this one.
[Wednesday] Twenty-one.
Game's over.
Oh, fuck that.
We play until I say game over,
I ain't done yet.
Yo, you deaf?
Put the money down,
come get your game on.
Or what?
Oh, yeah, you're crazy
just like your mama...
- [thwacks]
- [groans]
Come on, bitch!
- [both grunting]
- [groans]
- [thwacks]
- [woman #1] Come on!
[woman #2] Oh, yeah!
Get the fuck off me!
[both grunting]
[woman #2] Oh, shit. Yeah.
- [woman #2] Get her!
- [both groan]
Fuck her up! Let her know.
- [both grunting]
- [woman #3] Yo, yo, yo.
She's crazy.
Get the fuck back!
Get the fuck back!
- [Wednesday] Come on!
- [groaning]
- [thwacking]
- I want my fucking money!
When I put my hands on,
it's to throw some.
Dawg, chasing
your G's ahead
You isolated quick
You don't give a damn
About niggas
Who'd be debating you
With memes
To the beats and rappers
That's also hating this shit
When niggas who're tweeting
Don't even know
What salvation is
Scared for the first time
Everything just clicked
When you start losing niggas
And your splat
you can't predict
They say believe
And you're gonna be rich
It's 50 percent
Of what it actually takes
To bring in...
[Wednesday] Nikki!
You look good
in them jeans, girl.
Oh, and just for you.
Come here and give me a kiss.
Does that hurt?
Only if you keep touching it
like that.
I'll be all right.
You got to be. 'Cause we have
some partying to do later.
Shit. That's tonight?
You know I got the girls
working tonight.
I guess it's just gonna be me
and my fly jeans,
dancing all alone.
Well, I ain't gonna miss that.
[Nikki] I gotta go.
I gotta ask
for those extra shifts.
- Hope you get 'em.
- Mm-hm.
You ain't worried
about money again, are you?
I got it under control.
Go get 'em.
[Wednesday] Louisa! Louisa!
[clicks tongue]
[Wednesday] Louisa!
[thumps door]
Get your ass up
and get poppin', baby.
Niggas are on our corner
right now!
You know, I just needed
a little sleep.
The baby cried all night.
I made that clear to you
when you were changing diapers
under the bridge.
That's your shit.
And you're responsible
for your shit.
But, right now...
tick-tock, your pussy's
on my clock. You hear me?
Get your ass up!
Niggas are hungry out here.
And it's feeding time.
You heard that, Maria?
Your sister's feeding me excuses
on why she's so damn lazy.
[Maria] We didn't know
it was gonna be like this.
Like what?
We need new clothes
for the baby,
we need a phone card.
Okay. Well, I need shit, too.
But you bitches
be sleeping all day.
You ain't had no time to think
about me and what I need.
Ain't that right, Louisa?
Y'all need to bust
your ass for me,
the way I bust my ass
for you, Boricuas.
Just $20. For the baby.
- You gotta show up.
- Thank you.
Hey, you feel me?
For the baby.
Thank you.
- [Wednesday] You got your phone?
- Yes.
Well, where the fuck is it?
Okay. See, this is the shit
that drives me crazy.
Is it charged?
Yes. I had it on the charger
all night.
Text me as soon
as you got out of a car.
I need to know
if the corners are hot.
And lay off the fast food,
'cause your thighs
are getting bigger,
and we ain't got no money
for new clothes.
Okay, Wednesday.
[Wednesday] When are you
gonna make it rain?
[Mae] I'm gonna pay you back.
Yeah? With what money?
[Mae] Don't you worry
about that.
Like I said,
I'm gonna pay you back.
Why are you making promises
you can't keep?
You think it's easy for me
being locked up like that?
Dirty bitches be all up
in my face making me crazy.
Drugs is making you crazy.
Don't be talking to me
like I'm some junkie.
I'm your mother,
show me some respect.
[Wednesday] Yeah, you're right.
You ain't no junkie, huh?
'Cause junkies
don't have a place to stay
with food on the table.
You're just like
every other woman
spending my hard-earned money.
If you think eating cereal
for dinner is making it,
then I might as well be dead
than to live this shit.
[Mae] Running in the street,
selling pussy like you got game.
All you've got
is a bunch of bitches
sucking dick for five dollars.
I thought you was going
to be bigger than that.
If it weren't for them,
your ass would still be in jail.
Damn ho was saying shit.
[Mae] Let me tell you something.
Back in the day, your daddy
had me in new cars all the time.
Taking me out to dinner
every Saturday night.
[Mae] What you got for me? Huh?
What you got?
We're still riding around
in this same shit.
I remember
when we bought this car.
[tires screeching]
- Get out.
- [Mae] Well...
I sure hope there's hot water.
- [car door opens]
- 'Cause you could use a shower.
[car door slams shut]
[engine revs, tires screech]
["Before the Money"
by Wiz Gamb playing]
We were starving
Before the money came
My nigga fug rat
I'm talking
About another game
My nigga fug rat
I'm talking
About another life
My nigga fug rat
[indistinct chatter]
[girls giggling]
Oh! Hey, hi!
there's a party going on
and you didn't even invite me.
- Hey, Win.
- Who the fuck are these clowns?
[Charlie] They live upstairs.
Didn't I say no boys
in the house?
Boys like that are gonna rob you
of your youth.
These your friends from school?
[Charlie] Yeah. Um, this is Kim,
and that's Nina.
How old are you, girls?
[Kim] Eighteen.
Look, we're 16.
Yo, Nina, won't you, uh...
give homeboy here some hit.
[man #1] Yeah. Oh, uh...
Charlie, you know
what the fuck's going on here?
You sucked dick before?
- You sucked dick before?
- Yeah.
Okay, then get to it.
Take it easy on him.
[man #1] Oh, is this for real
or what?
What the fuck you thought
it was, a magic show?
'Cause I don't see
no fuckin' magician's anywhere.
All I see is a house full
of pussy.
[Wednesday] Charlie,
take them to the bail room.
This one's on me.
[Kim giggles]
I never sucked dick before.
Then this ain't for you.
Get the fuck out of here!
[rap music playing on radio]
No more parties at this house.
[rap music playing]
Yo, I'm serious.
I was on like, the 20-yard line
with three haters
hanging off my back
then I just start
dragging them from me.
[man #1] Just dragging them down
to the end zone.
Scored my touchdown, boom!
Sipped on my forty.
- [all laughing]
- There you go! There you go.
[man #2] Come and get it!
[rap music playing]
[somber music]
[Science] Yo-ho, girl.
Oh, oh, oh, okay!
- Look who it is.
- [Science] Yeah, yo.
Where you been, player?
Shit. Hustlin' like you,
You'd kill nobody, right?
Ain't none of these hoes
worth killin' by a pimp.
Your mom fuckin' up again?
And again, and again.
Ah, yeah, man, see,
all that babysitting shit
is gonna wear you out.
See, girls come
with so much shit,
even broke
they high maintenance.
Damn right. Shit.
What about you, dawg?
Chop shop's been tight.
You gotta see the dope shit
that just came through.
I rode one of them
up to this new spot over there,
on the north side of the Bronx,
Erotic City.
Hey, that's where
we're gonna go
and find you some, uh,
Hell, yeah.
That's what I'm talking about.
Hey, rich brothers roaming
in Maseratis.
They bring in girls
from all over.
That's where we're gonna find
some new pussy.
- You could hook it up?
- [Science] Get outta here. Yeah!
I'm gonna get us
on the guest list for Saturday.
Shit! I already got us on the
guest list for Saturday night.
Let me quarterback this one.
You know, united,
we could solve our problems,
divided, we got shit.
Now there you go
going off Farrakhan on me.
You know I don't understand
that shit?
Hey, what are we doing
talking shit?
Let's go talk some money
right now!
Damn. Now you're speaking
my language.
- That's my girl.
- [Nikki giggles]
[man #1] Make us some shit!
- [man #2] Come on, G, damn!
- [man #3] God!
- Why are you laughing?
- 'Cause I'm about to win.
Oh, okay.
- Come on, G.
- What was that smile?
- Yeah, yeah. Kick back...
- Double back.
[indistinct chatter]
[all groan]
[indistinct chatter]
- [man #1] Are we rolling?
- [man #2] Give it to me.
- Give me my money.
- [rattles]
[all] Yeah!
- My bad!
- Whatever.
[Wednesday] Thank you!
I feel so rich. Thank you.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Wednesday] You're the man.
I wish I was hitting that hard.
Keep dreaming, yo.
You could never land
a girl like Nikki.
Well, I was all over that!
- Quit lying, dawg.
- Hell, yeah.
Yo, Nikki sucked me off, too.
[guy #1] Get out.
Was it as good
as everybody's saying?
I mean, it was all right.
It wasn't that tight, though.
- [both chuckle]
- [Wednesday] Oh, for real?
How would you know
when you ain't seen a pussy
since you popped out
of your mama?
Sounds like y'all need
to get your money back.
I ain't paid her nothing.
[Wednesday] That's the problem.
Y'all need to pay up.
Twenty each.
Man, fuck that bitch,
and fuck you.
Sounds like you tried,
but your pipe was too small.
[Science] Everything all right?
We're cool.
We're cool now.
Get the fuck outta here.
Fuck outta here.
Hey, what did I miss?
[Science] You missed shit.
We're out.
- It's early.
- Then I'm out.
I'm out of here, Science.
[Science] All right.
[Nikki] Hey.
What's wrong with you?
[Wednesday] Where the hell
did you go?
- Are you serious right now?
- Don't play stupid with me.
I saw the way you was dancing
with them dudes.
We were just dancing.
Then why was they talking
about your ass
like they was tapping that shit
for free?
'Cause I got a nice ass.
Well, they're paying
for it, too, now.
Who gives a fuck
what they think?
Everybody knows
that we're together,
- and it ain't like that.
- I know!
Then why are you acting
like a jealous boyfriend?
- I'm not! It's just...
- It's just what?
We're broke.
I had to bail Ma out.
But that's my money, too.
Don't I get a say in that?
You're right.
I should have told you.
But I'm gonna figure it out.
How are we gonna make
that money back, Win?
I'm gonna get some new bitches,
and I'm gonna fix it.
[Nikki] Let's fix this together.
We should have done this
a long time ago.
- [Nikki] You need me.
- You're my girl.
I don't want nobody
touching you like that.
[Nikki] Sex ain't mean shit!
As long as you got me,
ain't no one gonna break us.
You've seen the way
they look at me.
It's just business.
Hey, hey.
It's just business.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[chatter on TV continues]
Oh, so you're just gonna leave
your mama starving again?
[Mae] Nikki!
Just ignore it.
[Nikki] How can I ignore it?
[Mae] I hear you whispering
up in there!
Yeah, get your ass up
and make your own dinner.
- Fucking lazy.
- Don't start, all right?
I'm not having any
of her shit tonight, okay?
I'm done playing nice.
[Mae] Bitch, if you've got
something to say,
you come on out here
and you say it to my face.
You're just gonna lay there
and let her rip on me like that?
You can't let her bother you.
She just called me a bitch.
Ma! Go to bed!
[Nikki] All she does,
is lay on her ass all day.
You need to lay it down for her,
she's gonna keep us broke.
[laughter on TV]
[laughter on TV]
Are you serious?
[TV switches off]
Give me my remote back!
I'm watching my show!
- Give me my remote back!
- No.
[Nikki] Hey!
No more TV for you tonight.
This is between family.
Nikki is family.
To who?
you're stupid
to keep this bitch around.
She's trouble.
[Mae] Her daddy was a drunk...
and her ma...
Her mama...
Her mama,
she hung herself, right?
[Mae] Ain't that right?
I'm surprised
you ain't killed yourself.
- Now, you need to stop!
- No, Win.
What you want to say to me?
[Mae] What you want to say?
You've been champing at the bit
to say something to me,
Come on, say it!
Fuck off!
Anybody would
wanna kill themselves
if they had to live
with a crazy bitch like you.
I'll see you in bed, baby.
You chicken shit.
Oh. Oh, tough motherfucker,
she ain't no real woman.
Win, she ain't no real woman.
Don't be fooled
by them titties and ass.
I'll make you some dinner.
- Fuck that!
- [clatters]
Go take her side.
Ma, don't you think there's been
enough drama for the night?
Can we just call it?
I'm tired of this shit!
I'm tired, too.
I'm tired of watching my child
being brainwashed
into thinking things
that ain't right.
What ain't right?
I see how you look at her.
She won't ever love you
like I do, Win.
She won't ever love you
like I do.
She's not.
She's not.
She can live in my house...
and she can trick your mind,
but she ain't gonna
ever love you like I do.
[Mae] Remember that.
Remember your mama's words.
Nikki do love me.
[exhales deeply]
[engine revving]
[Wednesday] Remember
to get the money up front.
Have them place it
on the dashboard,
and make sure you count it.
What did I say?
Get the money up front,
make sure they put it
- on the dashboard.
- [Wednesday] And?
Make sure you count it,
that's important.
Forty for a blow,
80 for 15 minutes.
If you only catch a blow,
tell them to keep their hands
off your body.
You got to make that clear
from the start.
Win, I heard you.
I'm gonna get us a room
over there.
[car door opens]
When did hookers get so pretty?
[trucker] Could you take
your jacket off
so I can see those tits?
[zipper rasps]
[trucker] Oh, that is nice.
First I want my blowjob,
and then, I'm going to fuck you.
[tense music]
You're in it for life.
I got you.
[knocking on door]
Well, get that for daddy.
Did somebody place an order
for a million dollars?
Uh-uh! Are those hands clean?
Fuck that. You're so beautiful.
["She So Exotic"
by Wiz Gamb playing]
She's so exotic
I swear when you see her
You'll wanna touch her
And touch her
And touch her
She's so exotic
She's got the body
Of a goddess
And her eyes that'll lie
To you like lightning
Oh, oh, oh
I swear this type of girl
Don't exist
Ain't no way in the world
You'll never meet
Another like this
Seven hundred
and sixty big ones.
Not bad for four hours.
Yeah, but that's some
world record shit right there.
[Nikki] I'm so glad
you liked my idea.
What you mean your idea?
Yeah, my idea.
You heard me, right?
Nothing like a real woman
to show you how it's done.
- Oh, real woman, huh?
- Mm-hm.
I guess I gotta protect
the real woman, then.
Hey, nigga.
What the fuck you lookin' at?
You see this here, hammer?
Yeah, I know my bitches are bad,
but if you keep staring at them
like that,
I'm gonna have to charge you.
Well, what the fuck you mean
you got no money, nigga?
Pow, pow, pow!
Yes, what the fuck
I thought, bitch.
I'd hate to mess with you.
Do you wanna try?
No. You know how much
I hate guns.
Oh, it ain't gonna hurt.
Please, Win, just put it away.
[Nikki] Can we just live here?
It's so much better
than your house.
[Wednesday] As long
as I'm with you,
I don't care where we are.
I'm gonna get you some shit
better than this, though.
You know, I always wanted
to go to Florida.
Where we'll get a little place
on the beach.
- I've never been to the beach.
- Me, neither.
If we keep making money
like this,
we can head there by winter.
I've never even been on a plane.
Can you imagine
being so high up?
Pick up all the sun
as far as it takes us.
We're gonna look down
from that plane at everyone.
So they ain't looking down
on us no more.
[upbeat music]
[hooker #1] Hey, baby.
Wanna go out?
[upbeat music]
I'm still
[Nikki] Forty to suck you off.
That's two hours,
set on $40 too.
My pimp is right outside.
You got it?
Looking for love
Looking for love
[Wednesday] So, how'd we do
last night?
[Nikki] Just a couple
of blowjobs
and an extra 20 someone gave me
to lick my ass.
I don't want nobody putting
their mouths on my curves.
I'm sorry, well,
it won't happen again.
I don't want you catching shit.
'Cause then,
you're no good to me.
If a dude asks you
to stick some shit in,
then they ain't right
in the mind.
Looking for love
I'm still
- All right.
- [giggles]
Still looking
Looking for love
Looking for love
I'm still
Still looking
- [wolf-whistles]
- Whoo-hoo.
Kill 'em little mother...
Looking for love
- This? Whatever.
- I'm hungry.
I'm hungry too.
- Ooh.
- Oh, no. Fifty. Fifty!
That's mine. That's mine, bitch!
- [Nikki] What did you do?
- [Wednesday] Snap.
- [Nikki cheers]
- [Maria] Good goin'.
[Wednesday] Hey, Maria.
For the baby.
Look, bitch.
[Louisa] Oh, you got nothing
at me.
[indistinct chatter]
Looking for love
- Wednesday.
- [laughs]
[Maria] Ooh, love. It's okay.
[distant chatter]
[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
- [Mae] Uh-huh.
- [car door closes]
[Mae] All right. All right.
[distant chatter]
[door lock clicks]
- [Wednesday] Who was that guy?
- [door closes]
[Mae] Just somebody I know.
We were just catching up.
[Wednesday] I've been
at the house waiting on you.
You was late. I had shit to do.
[Wednesday] Like what? I ain't
ever seen that car before.
[Mae] Bye.
Who was he?
[Mae] Go away!
Do you owe him money?
You sucking him off for ice?
Answer me!
[Mae] You don't trust me?
I wanna trust you, Ma.
So just open up the door
and let me talk to you.
["Onyx" by Ta'mera playing]
Young bitch
Not ready for a nine to five
Ain't ya doing this
Ain't nothing like
Dollar party shit
Bitch on the ground
I'm talking poor lights, bitch
Get it, oh, get it, oh
Bitch turned up
She ain't nothing shy
Bitch turned up
She ain't nothing shy
Twerkin' in a slant
Quite smokin' loud
Twerkin' in a slant
Quite smokin' loud
Fuck around nigga
When I fuck around
It's a real nigga party
The last ho
that got up here was hot.
- [Science chuckles]
- You really overhyped it.
You overhyped this shit.
We're in the Bronx, y'all!
Are we ready
for the hottest girl
in fucking town?
I know you'll put
your own money on here.
Put your dongs together...
That's some shit, man.
[announcer] ...for Destiny!
[audience cheers]
Should I go left or right?
Back then
Was perfect little girl
Everybody said
I'd be taking over the world
[upbeat sexy music]
[crowd cheering]
[upbeat sexy music continues]
[men catcalling]
[crowd cheering]
[upbeat sexy music]
[upbeat sexy music continues]
[crowd cheering]
The walls are caving in
[Science] We need to find you
a girl like that.
Oh, I
I'm trying to figure out
all alone
I'm struggling
To make things right
I'm praying
That I don't lose sight, sight
Should I go left or right?
Should I go left or right?
Should I go left or right?
See my misgivings, smearin'
lookin' in the mirror, oh
I'm trying to cover scars
And broken hearts
With perfect smiles
[crowd cheering]
[muffled music]
[distant chatter]
["I'm the Flip"
by Reek I'van playing]
[rap music playing]
Oh, yeah
Flex it from the curb
Tryin' to hit a lick
My neighbors run my nerves
'Cause they kiss your lip
I'm draggin' on my furs
I'm in need of kiss
I'm here to spread the word
Did you know you gonna be
dancing for me tonight?
[Destiny] Saw you lookin' at me.
Did you like it?
- Yeah.
- Turn around.
["I'm the Flip"
by Reek I'van playing]
Oh, oh, yeah
I must like do with the dope
We got that
I'm drenching my bitches
In coke
I've never danced for anybody
who looks at me the way you do.
'Cause there ain't nobody
like me.
You are so sure
of yourself, aren't you?
If I wasn't would you be
so turned on right now?
[rap music playing]
You got a price tag
for those eyes?
[Wednesday] How about
the way you're lookin' at me?
Oh, that's extra.
Smart girl.
You know your worth.
So what you doing wasting
your energy in a club
when you could be doing
bigger things with me?
Well, you haven't asked me yet.
[Wednesday] What else
could you do?
I don't think you can handle it.
Close your eyes and show me.
Dressed in white
Like the pope
I'm dope, I'm dope
I must like do with the dope
That dope
I'm drenching my bitches
In coke, in coke
Fucked up my niggas in coke
They know my heart
And my goals, hey
They want my heart
And my soul
I know
She won the roll
Like this, oh
I know, I know
Boomin' off the rig
Baby, bring my skel
Tell your friend
Don't take no bitch
Just add holy water
All my verses
From the scriptures
Niggas say they're next
I just beg to differ
Flexin' from the curb
Tryin' to hit a lick
My neighbors run my nerves
'Cause they kiss your lip
I'm dragging on my...
- [gunshots continue]
- [metal clangs]
Man, she could be illegal
she's so damn fine.
She got these niggas hypnotized.
- [chuckles]
- [gunshots]
You got your ass hypnotized,
Yo dawg, our girl over here
sounds pussy-whipped.
I ain't pussy-whipped.
I'm thinkin'
about that business.
I mean for real. How much
you think she pull a night?
Can't keep up
with a hoe like that.
Looked like she was falling
in love with me tonight, though.
Well, you're right, though.
I saw the way
she would clock at you.
- Right, bruh.
- My daddy told me
that dreams are for free but
the hustle's sold separately.
That ass right there,
that's my future.
- [laughter]
- [gunshots]
- Forget it.
- [laughter]
All right, all right. I guess,
that sounded a little
Just saying, I saw your face
when her ass was up there,
and you was like...
- [laughing]
- [Wednesday] I did not!
- Hell, yeah.
- No.
You're all just jealous
'cause she was looking at me.
- [gunshots]
- [Science chuckles]
[gunshots continue]
Beat that. Look.
I got 50 bones...
Wednesday's the man.
Oh, yo. No, nah.
I got a hundred.
Say's you can't beat that.
Oh, yeah?
[gunshots, clangs]
[Malcolm] Woo-hoo!
Pay up, player.
- Pay up. All right, shit.
- Fuck that.
- Hold on.
- [phone buzzing]
[Malcolm] All right.
Hey, what's up. Who is this?
[Destiny] It's Destiny.
From the club.
Oh, Destiny from the club.
Oh, girl. So glad you called.
I've been thinking 'bout you.
That's because you snuck off
without letting me
finish my dance.
I bet you're wondering
how it ends.
Glad you could read my mind.
Where you at?
[Destiny] Meet me at this hotel,
tomorrow night at ten.
I'll text you the address.
Gonna take one for the team.
Whoo! My motherfuckin' hero.
- Aah!
- Ah, damn.
Oh, you ain't taking shit
pulling up
in that broke-ass Dodge.
Oh, shit. You don't...
You think she gonna see
what I'm pulling up in?
Hey! Don't worry, sis.
I got you.
- What's this nigga talk about?
- Watch it.
[squeaks, rumbles]
[Wednesday] Oh, shit!
- Hell yeah!
- That's it.
Just got 'em. Plates is clean.
When Destiny see you pull up
in this shit,
she gonna know she fucking
with a real player.
Oh, lotto. Can we check
the goods, too?
You know it's not a good look
to have your,
your boys running
the streets hungry.
Every nigga I know is starving
even if he already ate.
What a man gotta do to get
a little breakfast up in here?
When a man find out,
let me know.
I'm hungry, too.
[rap music playing on radio]
Oh, there she go.
[Blondie] After tonight.
What the fuck are they doing
in my car?
[rap music playing on radio]
- [engine sputters]
- I'm putting them to work.
They need a little training
so I need you to teach them
a thang or two.
Oh, yeah? Like what?
I don't know. Like...
How I like my dick sucked.
Fuck you.
So you can just get rid of them
or I'm fucking gone.
[Kenny] You need to lose
that attitude.
This is work.
I need you to teach them
how things go around here.
I'm thinking there's only room
for one at the top.
[rap music playing on radio]
Dude, they're fucking wearing
my shit...
- [thwacks]
- [gasps]
You need to check yourself.
I think you're the one
who needs checking.
You haven't even given me
my money from last month.
Where the fuck is it?
Are you spending it
on these hoes?
You want me to prove how much
I love you
and there's only you?
Well, I'll shoot one
of these bitches right now.
They don't mean shit to me.
[Destiny] Fuck you, Kenny.
You're all talk.
Okay? Put the fucking gun down.
Maybe I shoot them both.
Is it gonna be Blondie?
- [Blondie] Oh, shit.
- [whimpers]
[Blondie] Oh, my god.
Or Chocolate Love?
Pick one.
- Or I'll shoot them both.
- [Blondie] Oh, my god.
- [girls sobbing]
- I'll shoot you both.
- Please.
- Oh, god! He's gonna kill us.
- Call it.
- [Blondie] He's gonna kill us.
Put the fucking gun down,
- Blondie?
- [Blondie] Oh, my god.
Chocolate Love?
- What is he doing?
- Put the fucking gun down.
Okay? You're fucking
scaring them.
- [cocks gun]
- After all this time,
you don't understand
how much you mean to me?
and Chocolate Love crying]
[Blondie shrieks]
No, no! Please.
He's gonna shoot us!
Oh, no. Not you, Blondie.
You're way hotter
than Chocolate Love.
- Fucking stop!
- No, no, no!
- [gunshot]
- No!
- No!
- You're fucking crazy!
[car revving]
[tires screech]
- Fucking out of here!
- Oh, no.
[Kenny] I love you.
Don't make me put you down.
[tense music]
- [grunts]
- [thumps]
Oh, stop eyeballing me like
I won't bash your head in.
- [gasps]
- [smooches]
[Blondie whimpers]
Pull your panty to the side.
- [Blondie whimpers]
- [Kenny groans]
[Kenny gasps]
- [Blondie whimpers]
- [Kenny chuckles]
- [Blondie whimpers]
- [Kenny] Here we go.
[Kenny] You don't mean shit
to me.
[Kenny laughs]
[Wednesday] Hey, baby.
How much for that ass?
[Nikki] Sweet ride. Man!
It's fully loaded,
complete with tires.
[Wednesday] You know
what else it got?
Heated seats for my girl
and the best sound system
in the Bronx!
Every time you kick it
with Science,
you start talking
this VIP bullshit.
- We can't afford this.
- Look.
I know it's gonna sound crazy,
but when an opportunity
comes in knocking,
which it never does,
you gotta grab it.
And last night,
I grabbed it hard.
What do you mean?
I ended up pulling the sickest
bitch from the club last night.
And I mean dudes was draping
their lifesavers on her.
But she only had her eyes
for me.
So I brought me a private dance,
tipped her a hundred bucks
with my number on it
and then, bam!
She hit on you?
'Cause if she did,
I'm gonna fuck a bitch up.
She didn't have to.
I was already on it.
So that's where you were
last night, huh?
I'mma kill you.
You think I'd put our dreams
in the hands of just some bitch?
I ain't gonna let you down.
You better not.
And let me hear the sound system
up in here.
[upbeat music]
- Hey, damn.
- Oh, oh, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
Hopping happen this dish in
Breaking out of these walls
Oh, busting out
Of this prison
Either rise or you fall
I'm on a mission
Bringing my dreams
To fruition
I ain't playing at all
Bring out the body bags
I'm about to kill them
Deliver them
To the mortician...
[door squeaks]
[Destiny] I'll be right out.
This belong to me.
It's my ass now. You got that?
That's a lot of ass.
You gotta show me
you can handle it.
Ain't nobody gonna touch it
unless they speak to me.
I'mma protect it.
And I'mma use it
to make us some money.
Just tell me how
we're gonna sell this hot shit.
I got a phonebook
full of numbers
with your name on it.
You just gotta tell me
where to work it.
[hip-hop music playing]
Stripping and getting paid
You're selling your morals
Then make us buying them
From you
Taking off your bra
And your panties
They throw in dollars
And pennies
But I bet it won't buy you
No courage
[Wednesday] I don't know
about this but that's...
I bet it don't buy
How you feel
That's where we're goin'.
Okay. See you later.
- [Wednesday] He's in here?
- [Science] We saw him.
Best quarterback
the Giants ever had.
Nigga, I'm telling you,
every dick-sucking hoe
in the Bronx is on!
So, so how much are we talking?
Shit. Crowd like this?
I'm thinking about three
to four G's in just a few hours.
- Suck that.
- Yes.
[Science chuckles]
[Destiny moaning]
Yo, look at our girl go.
She flossing like
the NFL boys be, right?
Hey, I get to hit that for free,
After all nigga did
to hook it up.
You know I'd kill you for it,
- [laughing]
- Shit.
Yo, yo, yo!
Yo, is this some Italian-made
Versace denim shit?
You're in the wrong business,
And I've been telling you that.
We got money, girls, sex.
What else do you need?
Motherfucking food, nigga.
[both chuckle]
Hey, Malcolm needs some chicken
wings every once in a while.
Myself, I rather feed
on the pussy buffet.
- [Wednesday] Nigga.
- [chuckles]
Hell, yeah.
Hey. But look, though.
Win, with this kind of pimping,
you're gonna need more than
an assistant.
Hey, you're gonna really need
to protect your shit.
It's like running in the streets
with paper bags filled
with cash.
You're gonna attract
the wrong niggas.
So what do you think?
Like a bodyguard or some shit?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, yeah.
Something like that.
- [car door slams]
- There wasn't much action.
How'd you do, Maria?
I did okay. I just hope
Wednesday's not mad.
[Nikki] I don't know.
- [romantic music]
- [phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
What the fuck is this?
This is only the beginning.
- I'm gonna make you rich.
- Mm-hm.
- Is that right?
- Mm-hm.
So how rich are you
gonna make me?
Well, I think
we can make millions.
I like the sound of that.
So why don't you hang up
That phone?
And get over here
Show me what you wanna do
[phone ringing]
[operator] Your call...
- [keys jingling]
- [engine revs]
[Mae coughs]
[coughing continues]
[Mae coughing]
Ma, you're good?
Just get me some water.
You're burning up, Ma.
- I'm fine.
- We gotta get you in the shower.
Come on.
Come on, let's get you
washed up now.
All right, come on.
I can do it myself.
[Mae sniffs]
[Mae wheezes]
[Mae coughs]
[coughing continues]
You're staying
off the drugs, Ma?
I ain't touching nothing weird.
[Mae coughs]
Mom, you're sick.
[Mae] I'm sick and tired.
You ain't lying to me, right?
I ain't left the house.
Just like you said.
[distant chatter]
I believe you. You know that?
And if you stay clean, we could
do things different this time.
You look different.
Just making money, Ma.
Real money.
- [Mae] What?
- [chuckles]
You making money.
What you gonna do
with all this money?
I'mma take care of you.
It's time for things
to change around here.
You gonna buy me a new TV?
Yeah, I already started looking
at better models.
- Did ya?
- And I'mma get us
a bigger house, too.
How are you gonna do that?
I got some new girls.
Got a whole little hotel suite
where everybody in Bronx
go to see 'em.
You gonna be proud
if you saw 'em, Ma.
I got game, Ma.
It's only going up for me
from here.
You hear me?
[distant chatter]
[rap music playing on radio]
[Kenny] What you mean
she ain't in the club?
You tellin' me you can't keep
your eyes on one bitch for me?
She ain't been home
for a few days.
[Thug] She ain't
returning calls.
Shit. Ain't nobody seen her.
You playing with me, dawg.
No, boss. I heard she was
on a break.
Who the fuck said that?
One of the strippers. Said you
was the one who gave it to her.
Nigga, go get Destiny right now.
Bring her back here back here
before people start talking.
I got niggas waiting on her.
I'll get this city
on lock down, boss.
And pull her back in her cage,
or I'll kill all of you
[sirens blaring]
[approaching footsteps]
- What the fuck is this?
- It's Nikki. She's family.
- [Destiny] Bitch.
- [car door slams]
The fuck was that?
Hey, what's wrong with you?
You should know better, okay?
Don't mix me
with your street hoes.
She one of my top girls,
like you.
That's the problem, okay?
There's only room for one
at the top.
So what do you want me to do?
Get rid of her.
Or I'm gone, too.
Hold up.
I'm the one that makes the rules
around here.
Fuck you, nigga bitch!
It won't happen again.
Get your head straight.
[tense music]
[rap music playing on radio]
[knocking on door]
[doorknob clicks]
[man #1] What do you want?
Is Jamal here?
[man #1] Who the fuck are you?
Tell him G Star's here.
- [man #1] Yo, Jamal.
- [Jamal] Yo.
[man #1] Some old bitch,
G Star is here to see you.
You know her?
Oh, shit.
G Star in the building.
What you doing in my hood?
I tried to call you.
[door closes]
Can you hook a sister up?
It's been a long time, G.
You know, you're one crazy bitch
for coming
all the way down here.
Come on.
Hey, I'm trying to smoke.
[Nikki] Can you unlock
the window?
- What's the problem?
- You gonna be cool with that?
Not if it's gonna mess
with my hair.
I can't believe you're listening
to this bitch.
You better teach this little
girl some manners, Wednesday.
'Cause she needs to know
who's riding who over here.
- You know, Win, fuck this bitch.
- Shut the fuck up, Nikki.
Keep your mouth shut.
Destiny is right.
You need to know your role.
So that's how it is, huh?
We'll talk about it later.
[rap music playing on radio]
So what you looking for, G?
Same as last time.
Same thing.
Oh, no. I got some new shit
right here
about to hit the streets.
Why don't you try a speck?
I, I don't have any money.
No? Then you're in
the wrong fucking place.
I can have it for you tomorrow.
You know, first,
- first thing, J.
- No.
I'mma have it for you
first thing tomorrow.
You're saying it like
back in the days, yo.
[rap music playing on radio]
Come on, J.
Come on, J.
I'll let you fuck me.
I'll let you fuck me in the ass.
Okay, I'll call you later.
[car door closes]
- You serious right now?
- [Wednesday] Don't start it.
[Nikki] Are you fucking serious?
[Wednesday] What do you want me
to do, Nikki?
What the fuck was that?
[Wednesday] Nikki! Nikki!
Get back in the car.
I can't believe you let
that bitch talk to me like that.
What was I supposed
to do, Nikki?
Kick her out the car?
What about our future?
This is your future right here.
You and me, remember?
She's big money right now
and we need that.
You think that money
is the answer to everything.
That's your problem.
I see it different.
I see how she looks at you.
We out here doing big things.
And to me,
you're just getting emotional
and you need to keep
that shit to yourself.
I love you, Win.
I ain't even know that
right now.
I'm your pimp, Nikki.
Bitch, are you fucking blind?
Get the fuck out of here, man.
[Mae] What about this?
It's a phone.
And I know it's worth something.
I know you,
you can get something for this.
It's, it's worth something.
Here, take it.
Take it. Take it.
[Mae panting]
All right. This shit should hold
you through the night.
This is the last fucking time
I'll hook you up.
What is up with you?
- Are you in love with that girl?
- Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
Because you think you know shit
but you know nothing.
Fuck you, Win.
This is two Gs.
And until you start making that
in a night,
you need to keep
your mouth shut.
And play your role, Nikki,
so we can get what we need.
It's just business.
[dramatic music]
[Wednesday] Get in the car.
Get in the car!
[clicks, hisses]
[breathes slowly]
[inhales, exhales]
Blunted, right?
[Mae chuckles]
That's nice.
That's nice.
[door closes]
Shit's crazy up in here, man.
I can even die
if we sell this shit.
Wednesday and I
are making money,
and she's buying me everything
a girl can dream of.
You think he misses me yet?
Well, fuck him!
All right? I'm never going
back to that.
Stop talking shit
and get off that phone.
Let me hit you back real quick.
Who the fuck let you in here?
I don't need anybody's
permission to be up in here.
Didn't you see the sign
that said
no street hoes up in here?
- [smack]
- [Destiny grunts]
- [thwacks]
- [grunts]
[Destiny] Fuck you, bitch!
[Nikki] Fuck you, bitch!
[Destiny] Fuck you. Fuck...
- [thwacks]
- Fuck you, Nikki!
- [grunting]
- [panting]
[Destiny] Get off me!
[Nikki] Wednesday's mine.
You're just some whore we used
to get where we wanna be.
[Wednesday] Nikki.
What the hell
are you doing here?
How could you?
[retreating footsteps]
[door knob clicks]
Nikki, wait!
Nikki, wait!
[Wednesday] I told you
not to come around here.
And now I know why.
You promised that
there wouldn't be any secrets
between us.
Can you just please keep
your voice down?
How can I keep my voice down
when you're up in here spending
all of our money on her?
[Nikki panting]
I mean, look at you, Win...
and your fancy suit.
Who are you?
[somber music]
[siren blares]
Ma'am, you need to wake up.
Can you hear me?
You need to wake up.
[soft gasp]
[water trickling]
[water stops running]
[Destiny] See, Wednesday,
this is why I don't want
your fucking street hoes
in here.
You had me worried sick, girl.
What's up with you
running off like that?
Since when a girl
who got everything she want,
everything she needs,
this is how you show
your respect?
What could be more important
than me?
We're over, Kenny, okay?
Get the fuck out!
Dumbass bitch.
See that's the...
That's the problem
with these hoes.
You give them too much room
to think,
they start making decisions
for theirself.
Fuck your shit up every time.
[suspenseful music]
Don't you know
you can never leave me?
You can never... leave me.
Pump your ass right now
if it weren't for the money
you make me.
Nigga, her grab her shit.
[Kenny hissing]
[Destiny] Look.
Just show me the money...
- and then we're talking.
- Aah.
So it is about the money.
[door knob clicks]
We the same girl.
[Kenny] Who the fuck is this?
[Destiny] Leave her alone, Ken.
Look at this thing right here.
What the fuck is you, girl?
Look, Destiny's done
for the night.
You all can go home.
Oh, I like you, tiny.
[Kenny] I like you,
'cause you're so funny looking
in your pimp talk.
Well, let me set this straight
right here.
This here is my property.
- See...
- [thumps]
I own this.
And you ain't ask my permission
if you can have her.
What the fuck is you, anyway?
Half girl, half nigga pimp?
All girl, all nigga, all pimp.
This is my territory.
You're fucking my shit now.
[Wednesday] I own this.
[Kenny] Okay, okay.
Let me ask you this, tiny.
How a girl like you...
fuck a woman like this?
First, I fuck her with my mind.
Then once I'm in her head,
I'm fucking her deeper
than you've ever been.
Men... always think
you need a dick to fuck.
Ain't that right?
Look, she's just here
to give me my money.
Oh, I know.
- What are you talking about?
- Go on and put on some clothes.
[Wednesday] Who are they?
Grab some shit.
[Kenny] Yeah. Destiny done this
some bad things
but, see here, tiny...
I'mma forgive her.
[Kenny] As for you...
You can either work for me...
or you can die.
Fuck you.
You go walking to my club,
steal my hoe,
and think you're gonna walk
out of here big pimpin'?
Oh, you're lucky
you're walking home.
You're just gonna leave?
Thought we had a deal.
You can send my love to Nikki.
Hey, my boy gonna be really
gentle on you.
Fuck you...
Hey, your game ain't that bad
for a bitch.
Good luck.
- [whimpering]
- [thwacks]
[Wednesday groaning]
[water splashing]
- [muffled groan]
- You still pimping now, huh?
[Wednesday] Help!
- You a pimp now, huh?
- Help!
[Wednesday grunting]
[Wednesday grunting]
[thug] Count to ten.
Son of a bitch.
[Wednesday sobbing]
[fighting grunts]
[thug] Calm the fuck down,
piece of shit woman.
And take those
fucking hands off.
Where the fuck
are you going, woman, huh?
- [Wednesday grunts]
- [thug] Come here.
[loud thwack]
[thug] You're fucking...
- [gunshot]
- Aah!
You fucking shot me!
Think I was gonna let you
fuck me?
- [grunts]
- [gunshot]
[Wednesday grunting, panting]
[horn honking]
[engine starts]
[engine revving]
What did you tell him?
I didn't tell him anything.
- No, Nikki...
- I'm done!
You need to think fast, Win.
Once they find out you killed
that guy,
they're gonna search
every street.
It was Destiny.
I heard her bragging
on the phone
about this shit
you've been buying her
with our money!
Quit tripping, Nikki,
'cause it ain't even like that.
Well, that's what it seems
like to me.
I got played, all right?
[baby wailing in distance]
What's going on, Win?
Just go back to bed, Charlie.
It's just a shit
I gotta deal with.
It's okay, Charlie.
Come over here.
Hide out here
with us for a little while.
No, I can't do that to you
and the baby.
She's right.
We gotta get out of here.
"We"? I'm the one
that got us into this shit.
I'm the one that's gotta go.
I said "we."
I ain't leaving without you.
We can't leave.
I ain't afraid of them.
You gotta stick to the dream,
You and me...
this is the dream.
Malcolm's here.
- I'm gonna go get Ma.
- I'm coming with you.
No, you and Science go get
our shit and the money.
[Science] I got you.
Meet back here.
[door squeaking]
Win, no...
What about us?
Let's meet here after, Charlie.
Maria, you're in charge now.
[Wednesday] It'll last you
a couple of weeks.
You gotta figure it out.
Do whatever you gotta do
to feed your family.
- You understand?
- Are you leaving us, Win?
[Wednesday] Yeah.
I ain't even worried
about y'all.
Y'all gonna be fine.
Now, go get me some clothes
so I can change.
- Go!
- [Charlie sobs]
[door slams]
Still checking
on your paperwork,
she's in the cell
straight ahead.
- You only got 15 minutes.
- [buzzing]
[gate clanks]
You all right?
What does it look like to you?
We'll get you out of here.
I just gotta wait on them
to finish...
What's taking you so long?
I thought
she was making money now.
[Wednesday] Plan has changed.
That's what I wanted to talk
to you about.
So you got the money?
Is that all you care about?
I've just been through hell.
Can we talk about this later?
It is "later."
How come
you're always lying to me?
'Cause you will never want
to hear the truth.
Ma, do you even care to ask
what happened to me?
Well, you know,
if you got me out of here,
then you know,
we can go talk about it.
I'm in trouble.
Big trouble. I shouldn't even
be here right now.
You sitting there looking
at my busted face?
Well, you know, I...
I just wanna go home right now.
I'm sure
you can understand that.
You said you wasn't doing
no more drugs.
Where are you going with this?
Do you have the money or not?
Yeah, I got the money.
Everything, I got.
But I'll ask you something.
[Wednesday] Do you even give
a shit about me?
What kind of ques...
I know you not asking me...
Are you serious?
Are you really asking me that
- right now?
- Dead ass serious.
Do you love me?
Did you ever love me?
I can't love...
when there's nothing in me.
I'm just doing my best.
I've loved you all my life.
Everything I've done,
I've done for you.
But you?
You didn't give a shit about me.
I don't give a shit about you?
I don't give a shit about you?
I sold my ass to put clothes
on your back.
To put food on the table
for you!
Now, I may not have been
the best mother in the world
'cause God knows I didn't intend
to be one,
but sometimes, sometimes,
you don't get to live
the life you wanna live.
So do you?
Do you love me?
I just wanna know that,
last thing.
Do you love me?
- [panting]
- Do you love me?
I don't love you.
Now get me out of here
so I can go home!
You are home.
At least I know where
to find you.
I know people
are gonna feed you,
I know you got a place
to lay your head.
I ain't gotta worry
about you no more.
[Mae whimpering]
I know you're not gonna leave me
locked up in here.
I know you're not gonna leave me
locked up in this hellhole.
What about all that shit
you was talking about
the other night?
How you was gonna
take care of me?
What about all that? Huh?
What about all that?
I love you, Ma.
I'mma pray for you.
Go on!
Go on, leave me
just like your daddy did.
Leave me just like
your daddy did!
Go ahead and leave!
[Mae] Wednesday, come back here!
You go ahead, Wednesday!
You leave me!
You leave me! You leave me
just like your daddy did!
You leave me!
Go ahead, Wednesday. Leave me!
[tires screeching]
- You ready?
- But what about Mama?
Just me and you.
Come on, y'all. Let's go.
Hope the old lady can make it.
I bet you a hundred bucks
I'm gonna drive her right down
to the beach.
I'm going with Win on this.
You just follow us
to the interstate
till you're safe.
Don't look back.
[engines revving]
You know, I ain't mad
at you, Win.
I love you, Win.
[revving, screeching]
Oh, shit!
[tires screeching]
[both panting]
Get down, Nikki!
- [gunshots]
- [tires screeching]
[Nikki] Fuck you!
[Science] Get your ass around!
[gun cocks]
- [gunshots]
- [glass shatters]
[gunshots continue]
[indistinct shouting]
[Nikki] Holy shit!
[Nikki grunts]
- Run, Malcolm!
- No!
- Oh, shit.
- [Wednesday] Malcolm!
Oh, shit!
- [Nikki] Where you going?
- Don't be afraid. I got you.
- [Science grunting]
- [gun clanks]
Bang! Bang!
[suspenseful music]
[Science yelling]
[Science] Help. Wait...
Come on!
[Wednesday and Science grunting]
- Science, we gotta get up.
- [Science whimpers]
- [Wednesday] Come on, man.
- [Science groaning]
- Come on, man. We gotta get up.
- [Science] Fuck you, man.
[Wednesday panting]
[Science grunting]
You know you dropped
your gun, young blood.
- [gunshot]
- Science!
Don't you know
bitches can't be pimps?
Fuck you, motherfucker!
You did real good for a bitch.
You did real good.
Fuck you!
Fuck y'all.
[panting, grunting]
- [Nikki] Come on, come on.
- No.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
[distant sirens blaring]
[Wednesday sobbing]
- [sobbing]
- [distant sirens blaring]
[Wednesday whimpering]
I'm sorry.
[Nikki whimpering]
[Wednesday gasping]
[children giggling]
[children laughing]
[dramatic music]
Come on, Nikki. Come with me.
Where are we going, Win?
Don't be afraid. I got you.
- [young Wednesday] Me and you.
- [young Nikki] Me and you.
[children laughing]
Me and you, baby.
[somber music]
[Wednesday] My daddy told me...
Never let a bitch get close
to your heart.
What he didn't know is...
that bitch is money.
And I'mma tell him
when I see him.
Truth is... money
is the biggest bitch
you're gonna ever hustle.
And if you're living
chasing that,
you might as well be dead.
In the end,
we're all pimps in this life.
You just gotta be clear
on what you're hustling.
And the one thing
you can't hustle...
is love.
It's the light in this life
even when we're living
in the dark.
I love you, Nikki.
I'll see you in the next life.
[low rattling]
[somber music]
["Blood Red" by DMX playing]
- Man
- Blood red
- This is it
- [baby babbling]
This is what they've been
Waiting for, baby
This is what they've been
Waiting for
They've been waiting
For the dog to scratch
They've been waiting
For the dog to scratch
Blood red
Already got
Grand Champ status
Tell me how they feel
About this
All I see is red, blood red
- Fuck that nigga said?
- One dead
Gun to the head, didn't run
But instead,
Wash my hands and face
His blood, it shed
Never had it all
I was born demented
Fuck apologizing
if I said it, I meant it
If I don't like you
Fuck you
Never pretendin'
Crash, blew up and burned
- That's how it ended
- Come on
Urban legend
I heard it mentioned
Dog is right at home
In the dirt and trenches
My birth's intentions
Was the first to sentence
What's life without parole
for the worse offenses
Senseless slaughters
Kicked open the door
Why everybody gotta die?
Why our sons and daughters?
With orders
We are clear from the start
First, turn off the lights
And then murder whatever moves
in the dark, nigga
Blood red!
Blood red!
If they don't know by now
They about to find out
Blood red!
Blood red!
How the dog get down
And what the dog is about
Even though I know
It is the truth
You don't mean it
You haven't earned it
You haven't seen it
Nightmares, 'cause all
You can do is dream it
You run from it
I end up in between it
What was first a curse
Turned into a blessing
With burners
That shit was burned
Turned into a weapon
Built for war
Bitch ass nigga
That shit I'm gonna spit
Will get you killed
Through the door
Found them on the floor
The fetal position
There is no "or," came here
With leave 'em intentions
Thought shit was funny
Like shit you was saying
Was ill
Until you made that left turn
And shit got real
When it come to rap
You cats got it all wrong
Got bars for days
But can't make a song
If you did half
Of what you said
When you was flapping
Your jaw
Push dem bricks
The fuck yous rapping for?
Blood red!
- Blood red!
- Man
If they don't know by now
They about to find out
Blood red!
Blood red!
How the dog get down
And what the dog is about
Blood red!
Blood red!
If they don't know by now
They about to find out
Blood red!
Blood red!
How the dog get down
And what the dog is about
- Blood red!
- It wasn't
- They're not ready
- Blood red!
They're not ready
They're not ready
They're not ready
They're not ready
- They're not ready
- Blood red!
- They're not ready
- Blood red!
They're not ready
They're not ready
Come on, man
- Uh
- Blood red!
My plan
It is not a fucking game!
["P.I.M.P" by Ta'mera playing]
I'm a P-I-M-P
They met no bitch like me
- I got them hoes
- I got them hoes
- I got them hoes
- I got them hoes
- Holla
- 'Cause I'm a P-I-M-P
They met no bitch like me
- I got them hoes
- I got them hoes
- I got them hoes
- I got them hoes
Them hoes
Hold up, great bitch
You're a dead bitch
Hey shit
Great shot
You're a dead bitch
Great shot
You're a dead bitch
Holla, P-I
They met no bitch like me
[somber music]
[soft dramatic music]