Pimp Bullies (2011) Movie Script

Do not.
Good evening, sir.
Come in.
- Hey, you're a very sexy guy.
- Thank you.
They are $ 20.
Have fun.
Whiskey, no ice.
- Five dollars.
- Keep the change.
- Do you want a lap dance?
- No, not today.
- Do not be shy, baby.
- Not tonight. Looking for someone.
Everyone here is looking for something.
I can help you find it?
I think I found it.
Ladies, get out.
I can? Buy you a drink?
Who the hell you think you are?
I just want to talk to you.
Get a psychiatrist, motherfucker.
My job is to dance.
Tonight earn money
just talk to me.
If you say, Daddy.
How I can help?
Mr. Watson.
- Keep your hands in sight.
- Easy, man.
- Do not do anything stupid.
- I will if necessary.
What do you want?
About 15 years ago
met a young man.
Her name was Elizabeth.
Isabel ...
Yes, yes ...
Mr. James.
- What do you need?
- Your caddy is sick.
- What?
- This is Daniel.
New here and a good caddy.
He will play with you.
- Do you speak English?
- Yes, I speak.
My language skills
not a problem.
- Where are you?
- I'm from the Dominican Republic.
I was there several times.
Dancing merengue.
And drinking lots of rum.
I once had a girl there.
Long time. What was his name?
Shit. I have to stop drinking.
It sucks memory.
Never mind.
Take the bag, we're leaving.
Yes, sir.
Be careful with this.
I could kill someone.
- Hopefully not necessary.
- Did you say something?
No, sir.
We will do nine holes,
while the field is empty.
Now I remember his name.
Isabel was his name.
Help! Hands off me!
Help me!
- Calm down.
- Who the hell are you?
- Does not matter.
- What the hell do you want?
Relax, Julia.
No one can hear.
Just calm down.
I do not want to hurt you.
Did you know that a woman
your age and weight,
can pass between 20-30
minutes in the heat,
before starting to dehydrate
and lower your blood pressure?
Who are you and what the fuck do you want?
I want the truth, Julia.
And no lies.
- The truth about what?
- About Isabel.
Do you remember?
I know of no Isabel.
Who is Isabel?
Are you sure?
Miguel? Here?
Does anyone know where is Miguel?
Man, I'm talking about.
What's your name?
Tell me your fucking name!
- Raul. What do you want?
- Where is Miguel?
- Shit, why did not you ask?
- I did.
On the fifth floor, man.
Thank you.
Hi, honey.
You want to talk?
- Do not move, Miguel!
- Bravo.
Put the gun down, Daniel.
Me not need it.
I'll tell you everything you want to know.
How do you know
my name is Daniel?
For 15 years I know
this day would come.
I want to know everything about Isabel.
I'll make some coffee.
It will be a long story.
All that
want to know about Elizabeth ...
began in his native country.
In Capotille.
Great business opportunities,
You have to order champagne
if you want me to stay with you.
You can order the same
Isabel would have ordered.
Who is Isabel?
Do not tell me that the
forgotten so soon?
It only took 15 years.
- You will invite the lady with champagne?
- She knows what I want.
Get me a Dom Perignon
with a portion of strawberries.
All right. Credit card
and identity.
That should do it.
Tell me about Isabel.
Isabel has long since
not around.
I want to know everything.
Just start at the beginning.
Miguel had hired.
He thought it was a gold mine.
I went to look for it and
I talked to her.
15 years ago
the police interrogated me.
- The investigation was closed.
- I know the story.
- Never found the murderer.
- Do you think I killed her?
Isabel loved.
He adored her.
Are you sure? How to
you love your wife?
You do not understand.
When you're my age, you'll understand
that not everything is as it seems.
Isabel was a very special woman.
What do you remember her?
I used to tell stories
about his life in his native country.
Very sad.
It was there that he met Miguel.
- Miguel Contreras?
- Yes
He played baseball,
before club owner ...
and began to be a
pimp famous among the rich.
He was the son of a bitch
contraband brought here.
- Miguel?
- Isabel?
Isabel worked very hard to have
money to treat your child.
He worked as a cook
in a cafeteria.
But all in vain.
It was very difficult for Isabel.
Even his prayers to God
have avoided his fate.
The boat trip
It was not easy ...
especially when there
a storm at sea.
People supports amazing things
to come here.
I saw her again a couple of days
after arrival.
Michael asked me to look after her,
so I had to help her.
Teach them do their job,
what I like to call,
the secrets of prostitution.
- But what have we here ...
Hi, Daddy.
I hit the jackpot!
Welcome to my fucking room.
Your host for today will be Mr. Kuk!
- Welcome.
- Enter.
Hi, Daddy.
Very beautiful.
Isabel at first afraid.
Do not be nervous.
Today I feel the
luckiest bastard ...
this whole fucking empire.
This will be fun.
Yes, it will be fun.
- James ...
- God!
- Look at her.
- Look at that ass!
Everything will be fine.
It will be so good
and fun, is not it, James?
Yes, of course.
Go back to bed.
- Damn bitch!
- What the hell are you doing?
You bit me, fucking bitch!
It's the same every time
you bring someone new.
- Enough!
- Son of a bitch!
- Shut up, you idiot.
- Are you going to pick up or scream?
After that night, Isabel,
quickly entered the game.
Do not stop! Keep it up.
This is very good.
Thank you.
Here you go.
It was spectacular.
It became very popular.
Everyone wanted to be alone with her.
It was the new cat in town.
He stayed with a
lot of my clients.
It was the best thing is that
work in the world.
Elizabeth was a very good whore.
Generally no
fuck with prostitutes.
I let Raul
fuck her with his big cock.
He said that Elizabeth was
as good whore
which could be for days
fucking her without interruption
without tiring.
A pussy like that not
easily find.
You seem to be very
proud of your delusions.
This is a tough business.
Whores Pass smuggling
not like it was before.
When I brought her to Elizabeth,
whores smuggling
was to the nearest coast.
In the worst case, all you had to
Coast Guard bribe.
The girls were given ...
one false social security card,
dead people,
who had died in sites
as Minneapolis on New York.
And suddenly ...
Americans were so
as George Washington.
Yes, they were good times.
Log whores smuggled into the country.
What do you mean good times?
The September 11th changed all that.
Now I have to bring whores
from the border with Mexico.
Go across the border and
then come back.
The travel expenses, bribes,
paperwork. It's too much work.
Now, it's just
capital investment.
And as a good businessman,
I protect the value
And the value is calculated on the basis of
their relationships ...
with customers in the clubs.
My rules are very clear.
I offer shelter ...
Food. Food.
You are very beautiful.
I'm his agent,
her pimp and protector.
I am the mother, the father
and God.
Not speak English.
It is not difficult,
and learn.
Come on, move.
I told you to dance, you fucking bitch!
Do you feel like dancing, right?
Now listen to me, bitch.
Like to play rough?
Look at me. When I dance,
you dance, right?
So better you do.
Did you just spit,
dirty whore?
Do you realize what you did, bitch?
Look at me!
Dominican whore!
Who the hell you think you are?
Do not mess with my girls.
I can not have a little privacy?
Nobody messes with
my whores. Apologize.
I will not apologize!
She's a whore.
- Apologize!
- Agreed. Sorry. I'm sorry ...
Get out of here, you fucking pig!
- Clean this shit!
- Why do I have to do?
I do not fuck nobody's cock.
Do it, and then get them out of here.
I'll take the son of a bitch.
I'll take care of it!
And for others, it was also
"The Devil" ...
their worst nightmares.
Kiss my hand.
I promise not to do it again.
Please do not hurt me.
I will not hurt you.
Raul punishes this bitch.
No, Ral. Please ...
No, please.
Do not.
Elizabeth was a very good whore.
I won a lot of money with it.
Had the same contract
all others.
Worked three years for me,
and then they could do on their own.
They could do what they wanted.
To marry Richard Gere.
If not died before.
Unfortunately, Isabel ...
never became a
beautiful rich woman.
I told the police everything I know.
Absolutely everything.
- Everything?
- Yes
Did you tell the
your drug addiction?
- That no.
- That's what I thought.
I met Elizabeth ...
when promoted
the new movie in New York.
Also knew
a guy called Michael.
He knew how to provide
women for fun.
Well, I have to go.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Good evening, ladies.
How are you?
Cut the shit, Miguel.
Did anyone see you come in?
You think I'm a beginner?
Suit you best.
Just select
one or all of them.
Hello, my name is Julia.
Together we can have fun.
As always, darling.
I'll take it.
Just that?
Look at Crystal.
You'll love it.
I like, Michael.
But I just want to that.
Is there a problem?
Here's your money!
It's a lot of money.
More than usual.
I have the intention of
have it for the weekend.
And I'm a lesbian.
Only pussies fucked.
We were together two weeks,
but wanted to try something new.
Do not do drugs, Julia.
I will not.
Come on, do not ruin the fun.
Just this once.
Now, your turn.
Come on. Do you love me?
- Do it!
- God.
Good girl.
Take another line.
And that's it.
Now the fun begins.
estrenosdecine2009.forums-free.com ...
How did you get involved
with the girlfriend of your client?
My client had
a lot of brides.
But Isabel was different.
It was like my daughter.
And sometimes daughter
the were throwing you, right?
Listen, it was not.
Do you understand? I tried to help.
We became great friends.
Let me help you.
Are you okay?
Are you awake?
Brought you breakfast.
Here are coffee, juice, fruit.
Calm down, Raul.
This motherfucker deceived us.
If you had not been drugged,
you would have seen when he arrived.
If you need me I'll be out, boss.
This time I saved him.
But I'll kick your ass,
fucking piece of shit!
Did you know that
Isabel was on drugs?
Even Stevie Wonder would have seen.
Especially cocaine, right?
Cocaine, heroin,
ecstasy, stimulants, tranquilizers.
He used what he found.
It was this rich guy ...
The rich man drove her insane,
was like a disease.
- I was in love with that bastard.
- James?
Yes, you should ask
James, the son of a bitch.
From am slowly remembering everything.
Isabel was a woman.
What happened?
Tell me, Daniel.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
- Do not know. Why get across?
- Hell, no!
The chicken crossed the road because
had many chickens and too little food!
And he had to deal with
the rooster by food.
Unlike chicken
Isabel never crossed the road.
Do you know why?
Because she was hit
by a fucking truck!
She was a whore and joined
the rest of the slag in the world.
Bring things to
car, boy!
Yes, Captain.
I had to do
some private things.
Yes, I'll be at the station in an hour.
All right.
Sure take your stuff,
damn chicken shit.
If not dance even one song,
the head begin to suspect something.
- Tell me about James.
- Yes, but first ... a dance.
Tell me about James.
James ...
James W. Smith III.
The richest man on the East Coast.
He inherited nearly a billion when ...
his parents died in an accident.
Sorry, ladies.
Organized parties like crazy ...
to get the model
or the actor who wanted ...
But he prefers to party
Professional girls.
Strippers, escorts,
porn stars.
Elizabeth also fell to its charm.
But Mr. Forbes
also had its dark side.
Fell in love with Isabel
and began to get jealous.
Of his other clients.
James one of my best
customers until he met Elizabeth.
I was crazy about her.
I thought fucking a virgin
but Isabel was not.
I had no clothes.
Where the hell is the clock?
He had a watch in his hand
when he died.
Where the hell is?
I congratulate you.
Looks like you're fast
ascending police caddy.
- What the hell are you doing here, James?
- I want to talk to you.
You think I do not know that
Isabel killed out of jealousy?
What bribed all
to shut up?
It's possible.
I could have killed her.
Of course.
Wait, Don Quixote.
Wait a minute.
Yes, it is.
Tell me.
I remember the police
I said there was a witness,
he heard two shots ...
near one forty-five
in the morning. Is it true?
Yeah, about that time.
Tell me something,
How can you have killed ...
if I was arrested at 1:35?
This is me, stopped by
New York police.
- What the hell are you, James?
- I want to help you solve the case.
I owe it to her.
Well, James.
Tell me, who killed her?
I think you know, Daniel.
But forget about the emotions
and focus on the facts.
Come with me.
I want to show you something.
Police could not
solve the crime for two reasons.
Firstly not understand
how this business.
The girls come here willing
to give up everything for a dream.
Some people call
the American dream.
I'd rather
is the American nightmare.
Prostitution has changed.
You do not stand in
Times Square or Sunset Boulevard.
No, no, no.
The business has changed.
Now, everything is based on fantasy.
There are those who like teens,
youngsters, sadomasochism.
What you prefer.
And best of all this is ...
which is just a click away.
Internet has changed everything.
You want a date?
Browse by Google.
It has all the photos,
Videos even zodiac sign.
So tell me:
What about illegal girls
with the internet revolution?
For them, there is only this place.
Perverts, dealers, producers
porn and other nasties from around here.
What a bitch category belong?
Isabel's story was real.
His life was good
comparing with the girls here.
The law does not protect victims.
Not in this world
governed by anarchy.
Survival of the fittest.
No son of a bitch took care of Elizabeth!
You seem very knowledgeable, but
What the fuck you mean, James?
Enrique Iglesias
I thought you were smarter.
Like many of
these girls, Isabel, ...
never had a choice.
The American dream never
became a reality for her.
It was a wonderful woman.
But he was doomed.
Drugs, abuse, everything!
Nobody killed Elizabeth.
The American Nightmare
killed her.
What the hell do you mean?
Who do you want to arrest, James?
No! You're not listening!
Think a bit about my second point.
Legally no one
matter who killed her!
Thousands of women like Elizabeth
die every day, Daniel, ...
and nobody cares about them!
Let me ask you something.
Who benefited
with his death?
Who had a motive
to kill her? Me?
What I do not control anything?
I'm just a millionaire.
No, damn it.
I miss her!
What about that?
Will you do something about it, Mr. Detective?
It was so good that customers
gave jewels and shit.
At first it did not affect me.
I felt sorry for her.
But then I
began to bother, you know?
I wanted to talk to her.
I tried to remind
about why they came here ...
About his son, and the
money he needed.
But it was useless.
She was lost.
Time's up, buddy.
Is that enough for you?
We're just talking.
- Get off me now!
- Just a second. I like you.
The head begins to suspect.
And remember, here's cameras.
Tell me how much you make here.
Because I think that's a lot.
Well, not so much as you think.
The club gets 40%
of all income.
If you try to cheat,
can not return to work.
Second, Miguel takes ...
50% everything
we receive from our customers.
Add to that the money
for food, rent,
makeup and,
in the case of Isabel, drugs.
Actually we have no almost no money.
This makes a lot
less than what everyone thinks.
But Isabel was doing well.
He had James,
I took care of it,
and a lesbian actress
I was crazy about her.
He also had the old
it was like a father to her.
What else can you expect a whore?
You killed Isabel?
Did you kill her?
He had every reason to kill
that bitch ungrateful!
Brought her here, and taught him everything.
And what do I get?
No respect or appreciation,
Sure he deserved
the shit that happened!
- Damn bitch, you killed Isabel?
- No, you idiot!
What's between you and Isabel?
- Are you a fucking cop?
- Yes, I am.
Outside, friend! Not
abusing the girls.
I decide when
I'm the son of a bitch!
Elizabeth wanted to quit.
What happened?
Basically wanted
leave his job.
I tried to help her find
legal work.
But ... I was addicted.
Drugs kill her slowly.
So I decided to take her with me,
for a couple of days at the mountain.
I wanted clean of drugs.
Isabel, spent two
week with me in the cabin.
How did you do?
What do you tell your wife?
My wife and I were
separated by a while.
Isabel helped me
overcome this difficult time.
I did not kill Elizabeth.
Our friendship did not end well
but I did not.
When was the last
time you saw Isabel?
The day he died.
We had a great discussion.
He said he left the profession ...
and bring your child here.
And I said ...
What did he say?
What else did he say, Julia?
She told me she was pregnant.
Did you know that Elizabeth was pregnant?
Where did you hear?
It was not in the police report.
- But you know that?
- Yes
When you find out you were pregnant?
Mr. Watson, a certain Elizabeth
says he has an appointment with you.
- I call the police?
- No, just go.
I thought we'd talk
later to decide what to do.
The next day the police came
and I was interrogated about his death.
What about pregnancy?
A friend of mine was in charge of
that the matter is not known.
- I wonder one thing, son ...
- I'm not your fucking son.
Why are you so interested in Isabel?
Why do you care?
Police closed the case 15 years ago.
I reopened the investigation.
All right. You know that none of this
come to court?
Not even be a trial.
When was the
last time you saw Isabel?
The day he died.
- Was murdered.
- Yes
- Did you kill her?
- Fuck ...
and listen to the story to the end!
Think you can
give up just like that?
You signed a contract with me
for three fucking years!
Three fucking years!
You still lack a fucking year.
If you try to leave me, you
I will find you and shit!
And then look for your father,
your sister and your son.
I will kill your whole family and
all your DNA.
Do you understand?
All your DNA.
You understand that is DNA?
Say it, bitch!
Do you understand?
Say you understand, bitch!
Say it.
Say you understand, bitch!
Say you understand, bitch!
Go out and earn money
for me, fucking bitch!
Anna, give me my stuff.
Give me my bag.
I hope you die, bitch!
Elizabeth, it's time to go.
You made a scene and
that's bad for business.
- James!
- Raul, okay.
Get a grip.
One false move
and you have to vrtela me.
Looks like the party started
without me.
You look terrible.
Do not talk to me, you fucking bitch!
I see you were
trying to steal my man.
Stop fighting, girls.
Do not argue.
Calm down. There
enough for all.
Now you'll see.
Move your ass, girl!
Move it!
What the hell are you doing?
You are kissing my girl!
Do not get mad.
Your little whore wants me now.
- Come here, come here!
- What the hell are you doing, James?
Son of a bitch!
Get away from me!
Call the police.
Is this what you want?
Come on, you piece of shit!
I'll kill you, motherfucker!
Come on!
Pair it out.
Did you get everything you wanted?
If you find
who killed Isabel ...
let me know, please.
Hello, handsome.
Did you have a hard day?
Yes, you could say that.
Do not you want your friend Crystal,
help you forget?
I can
help anything.
Come on, do not be a spoilsport.
- What do you, Crystal?
- You can buy me a drink.
- Today I am good company.
- Never are.
I like you, and if I remember correctly,
still have unfinished business.
Come on.
What the ...?
And for your information ...
Isabel was a whore!
Isabel ...
was my mother.
Watch Fucking shit!
The damn clock was missing!