Pimped (2018) Movie Script

- It doesn't make
any sense at all.
You think it's a lot of money
so your mind's telling you
don't spend any more,
it's just for kicks.
This pissweak little
voice inside your head
is telling you to accept
lesser quality.
Like even though you're willing
to spend your hard earned cash
on what is already an
expensive purchase,
this little voice is telling you
to accept poor quality
on your investment.
But any way you look at it
that's third world economics.
Invest more, I say, go for gold.
Compared to your
initial purchase,
percentage wise, it's low.
And your friends are
going to be happier.
It's a gift.
And now you're happy.
- Thank you.
- I've got some people
you need to meet.
- Your house is huge!
- You like it?
- I like it a lot.
- I love my house.
- This is yours?
- This is my house.
After you.
I'm ready.
It's awfully quiet.
- Sounds like bliss.
- Domestic bliss?
- Relax.
- Well I would.
But I see things
that need to be done.
Can't help wanting to be the
one to do them now, can I?
- You're a saint.
- I am what I am.
- I'm not listening.
- Yet you still hear me.
- The Charlington
Estate is huge.
It's like a maze.
You literally have
to get there by boat.
They have their own wharf.
We hunt them in pairs.
We give them a 90-second head
start and then we head off.
Most guys, they run.
Sweating, creaming their pants,
but no, no, no, no, not us.
See they only hide
from the ugly ones.
You know they, have their
own nine-hole golf course?
- I'd kill for my
own golf course.
Be my guest.
Wouldn't be the first time.
- Bit much, don't you think?
- I agree.
- Sweet!
- You're good, you're very good.
The floor's warped.
- Yeah, yeah, there's
a lot of width in here.
Man, I am getting
sick of winnings!
- I don't feel well.
- Shy will get you nowhere.
You're beautiful.
- To your god-awful rich parents
and their snooty
little country club.
- To mummy!
Now, to the winner
go the spoils.
Pour it yourself, Richie Rich.
- You have to be such a cunt?
- Takes one to know one.
- Indeed it does.
- Hi.
I'm Lewis Henry Robinson
, at your service.
I'm Lewis, Lewis Henry Robinson.
I'm Lewis Henry Robinson.
Hi, I'm Lewis Henry Robinson.
At your service.
I'm Lewis Henry Robinson
at your service.
A whisky neat, thank you.
I used to sneak into a joint
like this when I was 15.
With my brother's ID.
And now, here we are stuck
in this miniature time warp,
just 15 years too late
for the party.
To time travel,
and for those who aren't
afraid to get a little dizzy.
- Warp speed.
Technically speaking,
warp speed isn't time travel.
- Is that so?
- Well, you know, it's
more like hyper drive.
You see, matter
doesn't just disappear
and reappear someplace else.
You just get to where you're
going a hell of a lot faster.
- And where's that?
- Well if I knew that it
wouldn't be near as much fun.
I'm such an idiot.
- If you could time
travel, where would you?
- Back.
- Reason?
- Fix my fuck ups.
- Fast forward.
- But that'd be cheating.
- Do you really
need to be in here?
- He's handsome.
- I should go home.
- No way, I'm not let
letting you run away.
He's perfect.
- I'm not you.
- He likes you.
- I don't wanna do this anymore.
Okay then, let's leave.
And then what?
Sit around at home, trying
not to think about him?
- I could do that.
- You're back.
I thought you might have fast
forwarded to somewhere better.
- Evidently not.
- Lewis Henry Robinson.
At your service.
But you probably
already knew that.
- Nice to meet you again,
Lewis Henry Robinson.
- You're forever
pushing me away.
she saw.
Buckle up, kiddos.
- The key to survival is the
end of this sad, deluded idea
that we actually possess a soul.
- And here I was
thinking it was food and shelter.
- Well no, the end of fatalism
religion, magic, rebirth,
all of these delusions that
have crept into our psyches
without our even being
aware of them, gone.
All those smart enough
to accept everything
that's unchangeable,
life, death, randomness,
they're going to be the winners.
Or it could be nothing,
nothing at all.
- My money's on nothing.
- So you're a gambler?
- Everyone gambles.
Most people just
aren't awake enough
to realize that's
what they're doing.
So, in this unique brand
of anarchy you subscribe to
what's off limits?
- Hey!
That is no way to treat a host.
Come back!
You are fun!
Come back!
- Oi.
- Kenny, where's the party at?
Bloody hell.
I can explain.
Kenneth is a monster.
Can we talk this through?
Sarah Rachel Montrose.
34 Clauson Parade, Lillyvale.
You came a hell of a
long way to get laid.
- You come any closer and
I'll slice your balls off.
I'll do it, fucker.
- Yes, you're quite capable.
- Give me my bag.
- Come on Sarah,
let's just talk about this--
- Now!
- Come and get it.
- You can't leave without it.
- Just give me bag
and then I'm leaving.
I should call the cops.
- You wanna call the cops?
Call the cops.
He raped me.
You raped me.
You set me up to be
raped by your friend.
- Rape is such an ugly word.
- There's a reason for that.
- Yeah well, you just got
more than you bargained
for, didn't you?
It's hardly an
excuse to kill a man.
And let's say you
did go to the police,
I'm positive there
would be CCTV footage
of you and me leaving
the club together.
And if pushed, I would have
to tell the police the truth,
that you were simply a horny
pick-up who wanted to party.
Officer, it was
just me and my friend.
We were just having a good time
and she fuckin' killed him,
she killed him with
a fucking golf club.
Maybe I should call the police.
- What if you couldn't
call the police?
- That's interesting.
But there's no guarantee.
It would just get messy,
and it's already pretty
messy, wouldn't you say?
- He's right.
- Listen, neither of us wants
this to follow us around
for the rest of
our lives, do we?
We need to work
together on this.
We bury the body
someplace far away.
We do it together and we
are bound to eternal secrecy
because of our complicity.
- And then what?
- If anyone asks,
we'll just say Kenneth
wasn't in when we got
back from the club.
He'll just become
another missing persons stat.
- I keep the knife.
- Good girl.
- Better yet, I'll
give you a shovel.
We need time to work this out.
Just keep your distance.
- I killed him.
- You were amazing.
We're good together.
- He knows where
we fucking live.
- You were saying?
- You look like you've
done this before.
- I won't stop you.
- You couldn't.
- Did you get bullied at school?
- Don't try and
justify what you did.
- Don't cut yourself.
Ready, Kenny?
Just going to wash up.
He's not going to
jump in by himself.
I get it, I really do,
but I'm not interested
in having two dead
bodies to dispose of.
- Neither am I.
- Then grab a leg.
One, two, three!
Why didn't you call the police?
It's too late now,
but you could have.
- He thinks you're
hiding something.
- That fucked up vanishing
trick, you played that before?
- Not with the same result.
- He ever line one up for you?
- I don't need help.
So that's your thing,
you bait women into being
fucked by your friend.
How charitable?
- I lost at golf.
- What?
- I let Kenny win, of course,
makes him feel better about
himself, his pathetic life.
And he doesn't charge me rent.
- You lose a game on purpose.
You bring home somebody to rape.
You think you're special.
- What'd it feel
like to kill him?
- It felt like someone else.
- What about when
Kenny entered you,
did that feel like
someone else too?
- You're a piece of shit.
- You get what you
deserve in this life.
- More two-bit philosophy.
- Think of it like
reverse karma.
Whatever happens to you
is kind of zen, you know?
Kenneth, he deserved to die.
- Told you.
- And I deserved to be raped?
- I don't believe any victim
has a right to complain.
You either get what you deserve
or you learn a
valuable life lesson.
- So where does that leave you?
- Me, I'm merely the
provider, a fixer.
- And what's the
valuable life lesson
I'm meant to have
learnt from all this?
- Well, you're
really the only one
who knows the answer to that.
- Well, how convenient for you?
- But if I was to hazard a
guess, perhaps it would be
something about
understanding your power.
- She's got one hell of a swing.
- Your power over men.
See, males are inherently
weak, well, most males.
That's why some men insist
women cover their faces,
their bodies.
You know, it lessens
the female power.
But you walk into a bar
dressed like you are tonight
and you have incredible power.
You're a beautiful woman.
- If you're looking
for a sympathy fuck,
you're talking to
the wrong girl.
- The value of things is random.
Take my car for example.
I buy it for X amount of
dollars and it seems like a lot
but one could argue
that now it makes for
a pretty cheap hearse.
But there's an
exception to the rule.
There is one thing in this
life whose value is not random
but biologically predetermined
and in fact vital
for our continuation
as a species.
- Her pussy.
- Your pussy.
Maybe this has all been about
you acknowledging how your
pussy has affected your life.
And you know, it'll take
time for you to understand.
Your mind's been
programmed since childhood.
You imagine things
that aren't real.
- Fuck you, Lewis.
- Things that you think you want
and then something like
this, random happens.
And it changes everything.
- There's nothing random
about what you did.
- Well, could have been anyone
sitting on that bar stool.
- As fucked up as he is,
you've got to admit he's hot.
- He's sick.
- Exactly.
- Yeah, you're not helping.
- Okay.
I'm just not sure what
I'm supposed to do here.
Sneak up behind him?
- You're full of shit
ideas, just like him.
- Straight to the grave.
No drags marks?
Three, two, one!
- My knickers,
if you don't mind.
- I'm sorry.
- I need you
to say you're sorry.
- It wouldn't change a thing.
- I need you to say you're
sorry for what you did to me.
- It would be a
hollow statement.
It's important, for me.
In words,
I know you don't understand
but I need to be able to
look at that one day and--
- What's it worth?
- This is no
longer a game, Lewis.
- How about a drink?
This is
a lot harder than I
thought it would be.
- Happy now?
- You have no idea what
you've done, do you?
- What I've done?
What I've done.
What about what you've done?
You have a short term
memory, don't you?
- I presume you're Lewis.
- Correct.
- Thank goodness.
I thought we were going to
be stuck out here all night.
- The flight from hell.
We're Kenneth's parents.
- Do you mind?
- Of course.
Please, come in.
- Thank you.
- I'm Michael.
- Great.
- Grab the other
bag, would you Louie?
- He's not here.
Where's my boy?
- We were hoping
you could tell us.
- This is Sarah,
my girlfriend.
- Sarah, this is Kenny,
Kenneth's folks, Michael and--
- You're wearing
Kenneth's clothes.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Big night?
- We um, actually,
we just got home.
- And Kenneth?
- Well mean, he wasn't
here when we got back.
- I spoke to him from Dubai.
- And he knew you were
getting in this late?
- Yes.
- He never mentioned it.
He loves his
surprises, does Kenny.
- Would have been a
surprise if he had shown up.
- Well if it wasn't for
that rubbish airline you booked
I'd be home relaxing already.
- And where is home?
- Sanctuary Heights.
- Great golf course.
- I don't understand.
I've called him a dozen times
and he doesn't call back.
- I have exactly the
same problem with Kenny.
He never answers his phone.
Look, I'm sure he's fine.
Probably just holed
up with friends.
He'll be here any minute.
- I need a hot shower.
- Of course.
- Yes, go and
look after your back.
- You, obviously
know where everything is.
- I ought to, I built it.
- Very beautiful.
- As much as Kenneth
likes to think it's his.
- Cup of tea?
- Well.
- Still feeling
bad about Kenneth?
- Not so much.
- Kenneth never really
told me much about you.
He did say he's enjoying
the extra company.
- That makes two of us.
- So, how did you meet?
- Funny thing,
we actually met right
there in the lounge room.
Through a mutual friend.
- He is a social creature.
- Yes he is.
- Who's a creature?
- Kenny.
I was just telling Mrs Hanson--
- Sophia.
- I was just telling
Sophia how Kenny and I met.
- Well maybe if
Sophia would like to hear
how I met Kenny too.
- You think?
- This is not like him,
not to be here when we arrive.
Why are you sorry, Lewis?
- That's um.
- Darn, it's part of this
silly housekeeping system
the boys came up with.
- Yeah.
- Whenever one of them
leaves a dirty plate
laying around the house
or a takeaway container,
or whatever, the other person
has to write a sorry note.
- The first person to write five
gives the other
person 50 dollars.
well someone's making a fortune.
- I'm afraid it's not me.
Persistence is the key
to good housekeeping, Lewis.
- Very true.
- Very true.
- That, and good appliances.
You know, we bought Kenneth
the best vacuum cleaner
money could buy.
Perhaps we should
have got him a maid.
- Kenny would love a maid.
- If you fuck this up,
then we are both done for.
- So boy genius, come morning
and Kenneth still
isn't here, what then?
- He knew they were coming
tonight and never said a word.
- He's laughing
his arse off now.
- Little cunt.
It's in the genes.
- What the fuck?
Do you have any idea
what this is doing in
the boot of my car?
- Your car?
- Yes.
- Those?
They're um.
- They're props.
- Yeah.
- Kenneth offered to drive
me to rehearsal tomorrow.
- Sarah's a performer.
- Actress.
Just amateur stuff you
know, local theater group.
Kenny said to put
them in the boot.
- Props?
- Yeah, we're doing
The Firewalkers.
- t's great.
- The El Boging Secundo
laundered his bloody underpants
and handkerchief stiff and
crackly with black sputum.
- This is crap!
Where is Kenneth?
What the fuck are
you talking about?
- Sophia, what
she's talking about
is a pair of bloody underpants.
Why don't you try them on?
- What?
- Well, it might bring
back fond memories
of you being young
enough to menstruate.
- You little prick!
- Sophie?
Where are you darling?
My God!
- Maybe we should just leave.
Leave everything.
- I see things that
need to be done.
- Thank you.
- To getting a little dizzy.
- Kenny have
any brothers or sisters
likely to pop in?
- Only child.
clean sweep.
- Thanks to you.
- I can feel everything.
- You're more like
me than you know.
- Maybe I am.
Maybe we're all a bit like you.
- No, no wait, wait!
No, no, no, no, no!
- What the fuck?
No, no, no.
Sarah, you do not!
You do not have to do this.
Sarah, please, please.
You do not, you do
not have to do this.
- Don't talk.
- Hi, we're in this together.
- Look, it's okay that you
don't give a shit about me,
or anyone else.
It actually makes this easier.
- No.
We were wrong.
I, I see that now.
- Words Lewis,
they're just words.
- Yes, yes, yes.
It's a bad habit
of mine but please,
I just have a lot on
my mind right now.
Is that really
what you want your
last words to be?
- Fuck you!
You think you can
walk away from this?
I'm, I'm truly sorry.
Sarah I'm, I'm truly sorry.
- You don't want to do this.
- Because I hurt you.
- Let's just leave.
- You keep trying
to ruin my life.
- Is that all I'm doing?
- That's what it feels like.
- You're fucking crazy.
You're fucking insane.
Sarah, Sarah,
please listen to me.
I can access Kenneth's
bank account.
I can access his account.
I can access his account.
Sarah, please. Please,
please, please.
- Mummy, look!
- Hey rabbit!
t's magnificent.
- An owl gave it to me.
- Did he?
Come here.
Hey you.
- I found it in the garden.
- Did you?
- My God!
- s it tickly?
- Yeah!
- How'd you go?
- Yeah, great.
We had a really good weekend,
didn't we?
- Good.
- We played all weekend,
and we collected the eggs.
- Did you collect eggs?
Were you good for Dadda?
- Yes.
- The sounds of birds
chirping made them smile.
Deer walked off with
Tiger by her side.
They didn't say anything.
The setting sun
warmed their faces.
The wind rustled their fur.
It was time for quiet.
And anyway, they knew what
the other was thinking.
- The end!