Pin Cushion (2017) Movie Script

Is he okay?
Ooh, it's just like the picture.
Only dark.
Light of love Come
shining through
And the fire of A
newborn moment
Is shining round you
Kiele aloha
Together, together.
Together, together.
One, two, three, go.
One, two, three, clap.
One, two
One, two, three.
And together, together,
together, together.
Mirrors in the sun And
we brightly shine
We are singing and
dancing In perfect time
There is nothing In the
world That we can do
Aw, look!
And the fire Of
a golden light
Is shining round you
Oh, he's biting him,
his brother.
I can't wait to try on my
new school uniform on.
I'll put some cakes
out for you to take.
You're gonna be the most
popular girl in the school
when the children
taste my baking.
Hey, nice shoes.
The bells! The bells!
The bells!
Imagine if your mum
looked like that.
I don't
You'll feel better after
a nice cup of tea.
I've forgotten the milk.
I could go to the shop we
saw 'round the corner.
On your own?
I haven't seen you before.
What's your name?
Um, lona.
What's your favorite animal?
Uh, I like dogs.
What's yours?
Uh, I like cats.
Yeah, all right.
What are you thinking about?
Those kittens.
Love you, Dafty One.
Love you, Dafty Two.
What do you think?
Where's that brandy?
It's good for upset.
But I'm not upset, Dafty.
Today's the day I get
to meet my new friends.
Where are you from?
I don't know.
I was abandoned as a baby.
And this old hunchback lady
found me in the forest
and looked after me.
She loved me and raised me.
And then, one day,
she walked me to the
edge of the forest
and set me free.
Don't worry. We'll
take care of you.
Oie, new girl.
Have you sucked cock?
Have you been fingered?
'Cause we need to
know so we can decide
if we want to be
friends with you.
Or not.
How many fingers can you take?
She doesn't even know
what fingering is.
She's a mummy's girl.
Yeah. True.
She's definitely a virgin.
I'm sure.
Yeah, that's right.
I've been thinking
about you all day.
Haven't we?
I really liked
Chelsea and Stacie.
But Keely's my best friend.
And they really
liked your cakes.
There's more where
they came from.
What did you do today?
Did you go to the
Community Center?
I didn't I had to
leave your brother.
Look at him. He's
still unsettled.
We'll struggle with this one.
I've warmed your dressing
gown for you to put on.
Keely asked me to go 'round
to catch up on schoolwork.
I won't be long.
So, uh
Have you got a boyfriend?
The girls at school wear makeup.
Aren't they a bit
young to wear makeup?
They look really pretty.
I think I might like some.
Makeup gives boys the
wrong impression.
One sign of lipstick,
they behave like animals.
I bet you'd look
really nice in makeup.
Night, night, Dafty One.
You forgot this.
Thank you.
I'm gonna be in the air
for a couple of days,
so don't forget anything else.
I promise.
Have fun.
Your mom is the best!
Oh, my God!
My mom's sewed a name
tag into my shorts.
I'd bitch slap my mom if
she even breathed near me.
What's up with your face, piggy?
Is it upset,
'cause your mom is
your best friend?
And her lover.
Two pigs together.
Oink, oink.
Did you see that?
Don't you?
Who's this now, Budgie?
Who's this?
Have you got some ladders
that I could borrow?
Yes, yes, I have. Come
Come in.
- Do you want to come in?
- Um
I've got
Would you like a piece of fruitcake?
I've got some in the cupboard.
It's a bit dry, but, it's very
nice with whipped butter on.
I'm busy.
Oh, sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
There you go. That's that.
- That's it. There you go.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
I think I might have made a bit
of a friend there, Budgie.
You've been busy.
A friend from across the road
just borrowed the step ladder.
I'll do the rest when
she brings them back.
You made a friend?
And I've been barn dancing.
It's a bit like lipstick.
I've got to nip out in a bit.
Well, Keely asked me round
to help her with algebra.
When I told her how
you taught me,
she said she wished her
mum was as clever as you.
Well, I suppose it's only
right that you help her
since she's been so kind to you.
I'm 18 soon.
I'm having a party at my house.
Um, you're invited.
You can see my bedroom.
Do you know that woman?
She looks like the
village idiot.
I just remembered I've
forgotten something.
Are you in the bathtub, dear?
Mom, what are you doing?
There we go.
All finished.
Do you want to have a look?
You'll have all the men in
all the land after you now.
Didn't know you had
a boyfriend, babe.
Aw, is it another phantom
boyfriend, babe?
Daz who?
Oh my God. He's like
an insignificant.
Sometimes I wish I was
an insignificant.
It's easier.
Let me do your makeup, babe.
Oh, sorry to bother you.
I was, um
I'm sorry, I was
just wondering
I was just wondering if you'd
finished with the ladders.
And I brought you this.
I made it myself.
Bye, then. See you soon.
You can look now.
She looks amazing.
She looks orange.
So, the Holocaust
took place from 1941
to 1945.
It was a mass genocide,
which means lots of
people were killed.
Oie, lona.
Six million Jews were killed
under very brutal circumstances.
She is fit.
It's got a name
in Hebrew, Shoah,
which means "the catastrophe".
Keely Johnson.
Yes, babe.
Being as you clearly don't
need to do any work, babe,
you can explain to the rest of
the class what the Holocaust is.
Is it a ride at
Alton Towers, sir?
Carry on with your work.
Come and sit with us, babe.
Move over.
Numbers are adding up, Budgie.
"Stevie Babes."
"Do you have questions
about the afterlife?"
Do you have questions about
the afterlife, Budgie?
You all right?
You look nice.
Can't wait till four o'clock.
Well, I promised Keely I'd
see her and the girls later.
Keely Johnson?
I didn't know you're
mates with her.
Yes, babe.
Hey, what about tomorrow?
Together, together,
together, together.
Together, together,
together, together.
Together, together,
together, together.
Together, together, together
What have you done to yourself?
Oh. I'm I'm sorry. I'm
sorry to bother you.
But, um
I was wondering, um
Have you finished
with the ladders?
Only, I was in the
middle of decorating
when I lent them to you, and
Well, if you were still
using the ladders,
why did you give them to me?
Uh, I
Well, it
My friend still needs
the step ladders.
So I'm getting creative.
You say something?
Doesn't matter.
Is your mom as
pretty as you, lona?
She's much prettier.
She's an air hostess.
Oh! I wish my mom
was an air hostess.
Me, too!
Have you ever had
an orgasm, babe?
What, you mean like in biology?
That's "organism".
Arthur! Can I have a go?
Leave it here and wait.
Good, eh?
Do you wanna skive?
Feels funny without
Chelsea and Stacie.
Sometimes it's nice
not being with them.
All that giggling
does my head in.
I bet you loved to move into
a new place, didn't you?
Yeah. Especially since I
met you and the girls.
The thing is with living
where you've always lived is
you have to act how everyone
thinks you're gonna act.
If I moved to a new place,
where no one knew me,
I'd be totally different.
I wouldn't muck
around at school.
And I'd be nice to my mom.
Yeah, but wouldn't you miss having a
different cock in your mouth every night?
Two cocks, you mean.
What are you doing?
I thought maybe this
room could be my room.
Carry on.
I'm gonna need my own space now.
Now that I'm dating.
When's your big date again?
Friday, seven o'clock.
On the dot.
And I'll be home late.
Well, that's a shame.
I invited all the girls
around on Friday evening.
Right then, darling.
Have fun at your party.
Thanks, Mum.
Oh, my God.
Does your granny live here
as well or something?
Hi, come in.
You all right?
What is this?
Iona, meet Sicko, my cousin.
You all right?
This is exciting.
Does that thing ever shut up?
Give it some whiskey
and chill it out.
- Don't.
- Do.
It might fall off its perch
and give us all a laugh.
What are you doing?
It's not good to keep it locked
in a cage all day, is it?
He's so funny.
I saw this film on YouTube
where some girls
ate some birdseed
and it made them horny.
I want some.
Hmm. Well, have you got any?
Yeah, I think so.
Honestly, they were
so off their faces
they kept flashing their bits.
Hurry up with that birdseed.
- Oh, shit.
- Iona.
Your bird has broken a
beautiful ornament.
It's just knocked another over.
What you doing, you dickhead?
Oh, fuck off.
Budgie went a bit wild.
Is it working?
Is it? Fuck.
Oh, my God. I actually
feel really horny.
Give me some.
Oh, my God.
I actually feel lush.
Me, too.
Are you horny, Chelsea?
Are you, Sicko?
I'm always horny.
Good. 'Cause lona wants
you to shag her.
Don't you, lona?
Sicko, you fat fuck.
I'll buy you a new
one, lona, I'm sorry.
Are you all right, lona?
Put it back in its cage.
It might come around.
Come on, mate.
I know. Let's play
flip and strip.
Iona, babes. Heads or tails?
- Heads.
- Yeah!
You'll have to take
something off.
Get your top off.
Get your tits out.
Get your tits out.
Get your tits out for the lads.
Take a sock off.
- Oh, God!
- Oh, my God.
Only a sock?
A sock? Come on, man.
That one sock though.
It's a pair.
It's tails.
I'll be naked if I take
anything else off.
Boys have taken more
off than you have.
Uh, what are you doing?
I'm gonna go home early.
I've got a little
foster brother, so
I don't want you to go.
Sorry, babe.
See ya.
Chicken bitch.
Fuck her.
Come on, then, lona.
I knew she'd do it.
Heads or tails?
It's not my turn.
Sorry, you wasn't quick enough.
Come on. Rules are rules.
Oh, my God. She's
actually gonna do it.
Oh, my God.
Ha! Got ya.
Hi, this is Keely.
Leave me a message.
Hey, babes.
I keep texting you. Can
you text me back, please?
Thanks, bye.
What you doing?
I'm going to see the girls.
Hello, and good evening.
My name is Stevie Babes,
and I am the people's psychic.
My friends, I was at an
event like this last week.
A young man came to me,
in spirit.
My friends, this young man
had hung himself.
Because he was being bullied.
His parents were
in the audience,
hoping for a message.
Indeed, their son was there.
Because he's always
there with them.
He never leaves their side.
And this young man told me
since being in the spirit world,
he'd never been happier.
Whereas the bullies
were miserable
and consumed with guilt.
I asked his parents if anything
nice had happened to them recently.
And then his mum said,
"We recently got
double glazing."
I said, "Your son sent you
that double glazing."
My friends,
there is no such thing as death.
Only transformation.
You've had your struggles
too, haven't you, Mama?
There's a big, beautiful,
fluffy white cat
that's on your lap.
That cat has chosen you,
because you have an infinite
amount of love to give.
Let it flow, my love.
Let it flow.
And feed that cat.
You made out like we were
boyfriend and girlfriend,
and then you
You treat me like shit.
I didn't mean to.
She was ringing me all weekend.
- I didn't answer.
- Oh, she's coming.
Hi, babes.
I've been trying to get a
hold of you all weekend.
Oh, sorry babes.
So, as we see,
words and language evolve.
Can anyone give me
a recent example?
Yeah, Keller?
MILF. Mothers I'd Like To Fuck.
Okay, thank you. Anyone else?
Yes, Keely.
When you're, like,
friends with someone,
but really, you hate them.
Yeah, good.
So I want five different
words from everyone.
And I don't want to see
you with the same answers
as the person next to you, okay?
No way!
What's going on?
Keely and Stacie sent those
photos of you around.
When you stripped.
Sent them where?
Why would they do that?
'Cause they like
making people unhappy.
Keely and the girls bought you these.
Said they're sorry.
I thought later maybe we
could do a jigsaw together.
Where's your boyfriend?
I liked your photos.
You were out late.
Were you on another date?
No, it's mine.
Leave it!
What are you doing
with my phone?
I waited for you at
the pond last night.
He's seeing Keely now, babe?
Didn't you know?
You don't mind, do you, babes?
Of course not.
I'm Lyn.
My daughter's a sexual maniac
and I need some friends.
It's my fault,
because I used to
dress up and go out at night
and hope I get raped,
so I could have a child.
So I could have someone.
This is a friendship group,
not a freak show.
Linda is right. This
is a friendship group.
Sounds like you might
need a support group.
Or a belt.
It weren't meant
to be like this.
We were meant to be a success.
But I'm that useless
that I can't even get my step
ladders back from my neighbor.
I'll give you your
step ladders back
if you'll do us all a favor
and throw yourself off them.
Excuse me?
Excuse me.
Um, I'm studying
psychology online,
and I could help provide you with
the tools to avoid things like
like your ladder situation.
I'm leading an assertiveness
session here on Thursday.
It'll be a safe environment
with less than a
handful of people.
Should I put your name down?
What are you wearing
to Daz's party?
My fuck me dress.
What about you?
My fuck me shoes.
I wonder what lona's gonna wear.
A cushion?
Nothing, 'cause
she's not invited.
Can I see you tonight?
I thought you were
seeing Keely now?
That was my twin, silly.
It's "bring your twin
to school" week.
Isn't your twin here?
Iona, too! Come and sit with us.
We were just saying how we like
you much more than your twin.
Can we keep you?
Actually, I've got a confession.
I'm lona One, not lona Two.
Oh, my God!
We really thought you
were your sister.
You've made us remember why we loved
you so much in the first place.
Let's all be best friends again.
Can I stand with you, please?
What's it worth?
Pretty good.
Our language, both
body and vocal,
plays a large part in how
we communicate ourselves.
So, Lyn,
would you like to get up
and stand where I am?
I was just wondering if I could
have my ladders back, please?
That's fine.
So you just
look her in the eye, if you can,
and saying say what
you want to, again.
I'm sorry.
I just really need them.
Why won't you give
me my ladders back?
Because you are an ugly freak.
And every time I look at you,
It makes me physically sick.
Is it Keely, isn't it?
I'm lona's mummy.
Thank you.
Thank you for the
beautiful flowers.
Hello. You left this at
the community center.
Oh, sorry.
Thank you.
Um, we've all had a
chat within the group,
and everybody agrees that
you don't really fit in.
And we think that perhaps you
might not want to come again.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you.
Of course.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
Will you come sit
with me, please?
I'd better go in a minute.
Mum's making a chili.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty
Here, kitty, kitty,
kitty, kitty
Gate-crasher alert.
What did the waitress
say to the camel?
I don't know. What did the
waitress say to the camel?
"One hump or two?"
What have I done to make
you so horrible to me?
Excuse me.
I'm the victim here.
I'm the one who had to
look at your ugly mother.
Just you fucking wait!
I'll fucking kill her!
Open the fucking door!
I'm gonna kill you!
You bitch!
Let me in!
Don't worry.
I've killed them, darling.
Come on, darling.
It's gonna build an intensity.
But you can only say
certain things.
So you can only say,
"Yes, you will."
And you can only
say, "No, I won't."
Okay? You ready?
Let's give it a go.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
- No, I won't.
Are you okay?
What are you doing?
I missed you!
Look, just
Go home.
What's this about you having
your hands on my boyfriend?
You don't even like him.
If you don't get down
to the pond right now,
we're coming to your house.
I was thinking
maybe we could move again?
Why would I want
to move anywhere
with someone who's
got a reputation?
Here's the slag.
Come quick.
Them girls have got lona.
It's all right.
I've got you.
You're safe.
It was an accident.
We were having fun.
And your party?
Please stay with me.
I'll never, ever leave you.
I'm always, always with you.
I want my ladders back, please.
- But I've not fin
- I want my ladders back, please!
Give me back my ladders.
Hello? Uh, Keely?
It's It's lona's mummy.
Um, lona told me and
the police how
how brave you and Stacie were,
when you saved her
from those thugs.
I wanted to
Well, I'd like to
give you some money
as a reward.
To thank you.
Come in.
I'm upstairs.
You'll remember this
for a very long time.
Didn't think you
would Trust me
Thought you would
see What I see
This days have been
Good for me, too
But I can't stay
You know why
Didn't want this
To end like this
Thought I might
Could convert
These nights have
been Sad for me, too
I'm really glad you're here.
Me, too.
Night, then.
You are a believer
I am not
You are a believer
I am not
Night, night, Dafty One.
I am not
You are a believer
I am not
Didn't think I
could ever love
So I had to destroy it all
But you will too
Find someone new
When I am gone
You know why
You are a believer
I am not
You are a believer
I am not
You are a believer
I am not
You are a believer
I am not
You are a believer
I am not
You are a believer
I am not