Pind America (2023) Movie Script

"Pind America!"
"We've made it to America!"
"Pind America!"
"We've made it to America!"
"We've made it to a beautiful
and prosperous country."
"We've made it to a prosperous country."
"Coming to America..."
"Coming to America...
It is a dream come true!"
"We've made it to America!"
"Coming to America...
It is a dream come true!"
"We've made it to America!"
"Coming to America...
It is a dream come true!"
"We've made it to America!"
"I met a foreigner with brown hair."
"She saw me and said, Sat Shri Akal Ji!"
"I met a foreigner with brown hair."
"She saw me and said, Sat Shri Akal Ji!"
"Even foreigners here speak Punjabi."
"I feel like I am in Punjab."
"They speak Punjabi."
"I feel like I am in Punjab."
"Coming to America..."
"Coming to America...
It is a dream come true!"
"We've made it to America!"
"Coming to America..."
"Coming to America...
It is a dream come true!"
"We've made it to America!"
"May God keep our sons
and daughters happy."
"The one who united separated souls."
"May God keep our sons
and daughters happy."
"The one who united separated souls."
"Even Singh Saab followed us there."
"Coming to America...
It is a dream come true!"
Looks like she fell off the bed again.
What happened?
Why are you on the floor?
Dad, maybe Momma had the same
dream again that Granny is in America.
Yes, my son.
And by the way,
dreams you see at dawn
tend to come true very soon.
You got another chance to make fun of me.
I'll make this come true.
Of course!
It will be soon, very soon.
Get ready.
We're late already.
Joban, you too get ready quickly.
Go on.
"Coming to America...
It is a dream come true!"
"We've made it to America!"
"Coming to America...
It is a dream come true!"
"We've made it to America!"
"Coming to America...
It is a dream come true!"
"We've made it to America!"
"We've made it to America!"
Come on smile or your
stomach will start hurting.
Fine, forget it.
Now tell me, why are you so upset with me?
Like you don't know.
There is only one reason I've been
upset with you for the last five years.
I never stop you.
You can go whenever you want.
I won't go alone.
You should come with me.
They are not just my children.
They are related to you as well.
Yes, they are related to me as well.
I never refused that.
We talk to them every day via video call.
Meeting someone in person brings
more happiness compared to video calls.
I am dying to kiss my grandson's face.
He has turned six.
You are right, Amar Kaur.
But this is the only place
that brings me happiness.
The love and affection bestowed upon me
by my parents is what
keeps me tied to this place.
If we go to America,
they won't let us come back.
And then, this ancestral
heritage will get ruined.
Do you think I'll let
anyone ruin our inheritance?
I love this house more than you do.
But I love them a lot as well.
I told her yesterday to come early today.
She is still not here.
Nav, call her.
Ask her, when is her
flight expected to land.
Shall we roll out a red carpet for her?
Cool, honey. Cool.
Anger refuses the glow on your face.
Don't use too much butter.
Nav, call Pusha Aunty.
Ask her where she is.
Joban is about to wake up.
I told you so many times
to ask Mom and Dad to come here.
I don't know what hidden
treasure is buried there,
that they want to stay there and protect.
I have invited Dad so many times.
How else should I ask him to come?
You know how Dad is.
His love for that place
doesn't let him come here.
He loves that place more than he loves us?
God alone knows what
kids these days are up to.
They don't care about anything.
Why do you worry?
We'll talk to him when he returns.
It's not like he left for the moon.
He'll come back eventually.
But he can answer his phone at least,
can't he?
Mom! I am carrying it.
What else do I carry?
Don't worry, son, if this continues
you will soon carry our coffins too.
Good God! What are you saying!
Let your enemies die instead.
I don't need enemies when I have him.
I don't know why is
he seeking revenge on us.
Mom. Dad.
I know why you are so upset with me.
What is the use of
taking care of that wreck
when you are never going back to Lahore?
That's why I told that place.
What you call a wreck
is your ancestral home.
We had kept it for you and your children.
Then let it go.
It belonged to me and I sold it.
You should have at least
waited till we were dead.
What was the hurry?
You didn't even bother to ask us.
Mom, why do you say such things?
I know you love that house.
But now you have to
stay in America with me.
That's why I sold it.
Someone would have seized
it illegally if I hadn't sold it.
What are you thinking about?
Mom is waiting for you at home.
Jora, I think my brother thinks
we'll take over his house illegally
He has no other reason not to stay
with his children in
America and do farming here.
Dad, I think what he is thinking is right.
He is not wrong.
Hey, who are you supporting?
Me or your uncle?
I support both.
Uncle will take me to America,
and you will be paying for the ticket.
Naughty boy.
Let's go.
How about some tea, Amar Kaur?
I just polished the stove. It's still wet.
I'll make you some after it dries out.
Should I make some for you, Brother?
It won't take a minute
to make it on the gas stove.
The tea made in brass utensils
over a clay stove tastes
better than tea made on a gas stove,
Shinder Kaur.
Each to his own, Brother.
Sister, why have you
taken everything out today?
I was doing some chores
when I had the thought
to put the utensils and the
bedding outside to enjoy the sun.
What is the use of taking
care of all these things anyway?
We never use them.
We can use them.
But we don't want to use them anymore.
We want to treasure them.
This is our heritage.
My father saved every penny
to buy these for my wedding.
My mother along with my aunties
made these beddings and sheets.
My maternal aunts had made
shrugs and blankets for me.
This hand fan that you see...
My friends and I decorated
it right before I came here.
I left my father's courtyard
and my friend's company long back.
But I can still feel the warmth
of their love through these things.
Leave it, Auntie.
Stop feeling so attached
to these old things.
For how long will you keep
taking care of these old-school things?
Son, we too are "Old".
Will you throw us out as well?
No, Uncle. Never.
That is not what I meant.
Nav and Khushi do so much for you two.
You are more attached to
maternal things than living beings.
Heed my advice and
go to America just once.
Go there and hug your grandson.
That will make you more
happy than these things.
Come here.
Can you imagine?
What is it?
Even after working hard all month,
our saving is nothing.
Tell me something new.
Enjoy your day off.
This is America, my love.
We all work hard here.
We have settled down with our family.
And that is our saving.
Do you mean to say this
is how it is going to continue?
What about a bigger house,
a bigger car, and a luxury life?
When will we have that?
Whenever you want.
That's what we have banks for.
They never refuse to give us money.
We can buy all the luxuries
in monthly installments here.
Don't be silly, Nav.
We have to do something.
Think of something.
Khushi darling,
why don't you make sure your
mood matches your name sometimes, huh?
We... we can start an online business.
Like Bilawal.
Hi, Uncle.
There you go.
Speak of the devil and the devil appears.
All good, Sister-in-law?
You were talking about me?
What's this for?
Come on, now Khushi
is asking me why am I happy?
By the way, I just started a new office.
Congratulations, Brother.
- Thanks, Brother.
- You're doing a good job.
Looks like Khushi isn't happy for me.
No, congratulations.
By the way, we too are thinking
of starting a new business.
I mean, an online business.
Wonderful. You should do that.
You are a moving calculator anyway.
Let me know if you need my help.
Bilawal, tell me something,
you are doing so well now.
So why don't you get married?
I'll seek Nav's advice on that.
I'll get going now.
I've another place to visit.
Sister-in-law, please do have the sweets.
They are delicious.
Check whose call is it.
I think it's our kids.
They call on Sundays.
Today is Friday.
But I'll still check.
You were right, Amar Kaur. It's our kids.
Hey, how are you?
I seek your blessings, Dad.
How are you? All good?
I am good. But you don't look so good.
Do you have anything to say?
Nothing, Dad.
I just wanted to say that
we should all stay together.
Yes, sure.
Come over.
Your mother too keeps
thinking about Joban.
We won't be able to come.
We are busy with work.
You will have to come here.
It's okay, son.
You can come when you get the time.
Wait, here, talk to your mother.
I seek your blessings, Mom.
God bless you, son.
Stay blessed. Stay happy, my son.
Where's my munchkin? Where's my candy?
He's sitting right next to me.
Wait, I'll get him on the phone.
Here, talk to Granny.
Hi, Granny.
Huh? What is he saying?
You should say wish greetings to Granny.
Greetings, son.
My sweet candy,
my sweetheart, my munchkin.
Dad, I don't understand
what Granny is saying.
Mom, he's saying he doesn't
understand what Granny is saying.
Send him here, to stay with me.
I'll teach him Punjabi.
Then he'll understand everything.
Granny, I want to see the village.
What is my munchkin saying?
He's just blabbering.
We don't have the time to go there.
- Here, talk to Khushi.
- Okay.
Hi, Mom. I seek your blessings.
How are you doing?
I am good.
God bless you. Stay happily married.
May God bless you with
all the happiness in the world.
Mom, we will only be
happy when you come here.
- Right?
- No, dear.
We cannot leave all this and come there.
Your father cannot
sleep anywhere else either.
That's enough, Amar Kaur.
It's late. Let them rest.
Okay then, son.
Take rest. Talk to you later.
Bye. Okay then.
She disconnected the call.
You look so beautiful today.
- Stop it.
- What's wrong?
I don't understand how can
you joke in such a stressful situation.
I couldn't sleep all night.
Your parents refused to come here.
And Bilawal just opened a new office.
How are my parents connected
to Bilawal's new office?
There is a connection.
We won't have any savings
if your parents don't come here.
We won't start a new business
if we don't have any savings.
We'll have to tolerate
Bilawal's nonsense every day
if we don't start a new business.
I know that, but how is it all connected?
There is a connection, Nav.
If you don't mind, I have an idea.
Go ahead.
You like the food Mom cooks.
Of course.
Joban likes to spend
time with his grandparents.
And we don't need Pushpa Aunty anymore.
Shut up!
Don't say another word.
- I can read between the lines here.
- Oh God!
You don't plan to call them as my parents
you plan to call them here as servants.
Do you want to serve them
or do you want them to serve us?
Nav, just take it easy. Cool down.
You didn't even let me complete it.
Go on.
Look, you like the food Mom cooks.
Joban will have his grandparents' company.
We won't need Pushpa Aunty anymore.
We will be saving a lot of money.
And they do the household
chores there too.
How will it be any different
if they do the same here?
And they will be coming in as residents.
They will start getting
pensions as soon as they get here.
We will be saving a lot of money.
They always refuse us.
But will they be able
to refuse their grandson?
They can never refuse their sweet candy.
Take it easy.
How are you, Brother?
How is it going?
Looks like you've taken
over the kitchen today.
Where's Sister-in-law?
Headman's old woman passed away.
She went there.
Shinder didn't go there?
Oh yes, I just remembered.
Shinder too has gone there.
Brother, if you won't get upset,
can I ask something?
Ask away.
It's not like you won't ask if I say no.
Brother, all I wanted to say
was you are of the age where you
should be playing with your grandchildren.
But I don't know what are you made of.
You don't love your son.
I do feel love.
But I don't feel like sharing.
My soul resides in this house.
My children have built me a bungalow.
This is the only place
where I can sleep peacefully.
Brother, go to America make
your grandson sleep in your lap
then tell me where do you sleep better,
here or in America.
Moreover, it's not you'll
be the only one there.
Almost the whole of
Punjab is racing there.
We are not part of that race.
I like to walk with my heritage.
Although discussing the preservation
of heritage may sound appealing,
it is often detached from reality.
I think you'll lose your family
while trying to preserve your heritage.
Why do you think family breaks
if one tries to preserve their heritage?
In fact, preserving your heritage
helps you get closer to your family.
Fine, then keep preserving your heritage.
Keep cooking.
That I will.
Have some.
Have just one spoonful of it.
I don't want to eat it.
Come on, have it.
Fine, then have some Pinny. Here.
No, I don't want to eat it.
Here, have it. Fine, eat half of it.
No, I am full.
Okay then.
Your parents are here.
Good that you are here.
He's been troubling me a lot.
He hasn't eaten anything since morning.
It's okay. You can leave.
Thank you.
What happened, Joban?
Why are you being stubborn?
I want to talk to my granny.
She must be sleeping.
You are not a small baby anymore, Joban,
that I'll fulfill all
your whims and fantasies.
Got it?
Cool down.
What's the harm in calling them?
Fine, then you call them.
I need rest.
Come on, son, we will go talk to Granny.
I seek your blessing, Mom.
God bless you, son.
Stay blessed. Stay happy.
Why is Joban crying?
What is wrong?
Hi, Granny. Mom scolded me.
I don't understand what you're saying.
I don't know whether you
understand me or not either.
You have given me a new name - Granny.
Amar Kaur, how many times do
I need to tell you Granny means grandma?
I see. Grandma.
Would my munchkin like
his granny to tell him a story?
Okay then.
There was a crow and a sparrow.
Both of them were friends.
Crow is very clever.
And the sparrow is nave.
Both of them decide
to grow a crop for a year
so that they won't have
to wander around to eat.
Both of them grew corn.
A year passed.
When the corn was ready,
the crow said let's split it up.
Crow was clever,
so he said I'll take the kernels,
you can take the stalk that's heavier.
She didn't know what he was doing.
She was nave.
She said, "Okay, I'll take the stalk."
Crow got greedy and took the
kernels and the sparrow had to go hungry.
Because she didn't have anything to eat.
While the crow was having a good time.
One day, it rained very heavily.
The crow sat on top of the kernels.
He didn't have a roof over his head.
But the sparrow had the plant
which she had turned into a roof.
She sat under it and saved her life.
When it stopped raining
she saw that the crow was dead.
The sparrow thought the crow
was dead and that she was still alive.
So now, both the plant
and the kernels belong to her.
Scholars say that you
should never be greedy.
You should always share whatever you eat.
You should love everyone.
You should think well about everyone.
Mom, I think Joban has gone to sleep.
I'll call you in the morning.
Okay, son, I'll call you later.
Take rest.
Bye, son.
Okay bye. Good night, Mom.
Nav! Come on, let's have dinner.
Wow! What a surprise!
I cannot believe this.
Here you go.
I really cannot believe this.
Not so long ago, you were so angry.
And now, you are being so romantic.
You surely have something
going on in your mind.
Don't worry, you'll soon know.
For now, enjoy the dinner.
I won't be able to eat till you don't
tell me what's going on in your mind.
Didn't you notice how well mingled
with your parents while
talking to them over the phone?
So, I was thinking why
don't you go to India with Joban?
His love might be able
to melt your parents' hearts,
and they might agree to come here.
Think again, Khushi.
What's there to think?
They too will get a better life over here.
You are right.
Fine, I'll make the arrangements.
- Would you like more rice?
- Yes, please.
Oh, hello, Nav?
You are flying down to India?
Joban is coming with you?
- What!
- Okay, fine.
I am so happy!
Nav is flying down?
To India?
- And Joban is coming with him?
- Yes.
Then quickly get ready.
Hold your horses!
Don't go crazy just yet.
They will come here
the day after tomorrow.
I see.
That's great news, Uncle!
I just heard Nav is coming over.
Yes, he is.
What is it, Jora?
Why are you dancing?
Nav is flying down from America.
What should I do if not dance?
That calls for sweets.
Your grandson will be
coming home for the first time.
This doesn't call for sweet.
It calls for alcohol.
I'll ask Brother to get imported liquor.
Stop it.
I'll get going.
I need to make preparations. Okay?
- This is great news!
- He's crazy.
Forget it, Shinder.
Jora has lost his mind.
I'll get you your sweets.
We will celebrate.
Joban, do you remember how
you need to get your grandparents here?
Yes, Mom, I'm super excited to meet them.
But pretend that you love them a lot.
Not okay, Mom.
Why should I pretend
when I really love them?
They're so cool.
My baby!
- You should reconsider, Khushi.
- Why?
What if after going to India,
Joban insists on staying with them?
Come on, don't worry.
That won't happen.
And I am quite sure about my plan.
Then include me in your plan.
Hey! How did you get here?
Bilawal has keys to every place,
Doors open on their own, wherever I go.
You are carrying another box with you.
What is it?
First, give a glass
of water to Sister-in-law.
Then I'll tell you.
It is not needed.
Tell me, what's the good news?
I won't tell you, I will show you.
Hey, what are you doing with her?
She is my friend.
She might be your friend, but for me,
you'll have to add "girl" before that.
I had shortlisted her for my brother.
What are you doing
in the middle of this mess?
Obstacles always show
up unannounced, Brother.
Now what I am going to
tell him when I go to India?
You are going to India?
- No.
- When?
No, he is going to meet his parents.
- They were missing Joban.
- Yes.
That's why.
God bless them. Give them my regards.
You won't be going with them,
If you need anything then give me a call.
No, thank you.
You take care of Razia,
and I'll take care of my wife.
Here you go, Brother. Enjoy the sweets.
See you later.
Here, Sister.
I thought we'd prepare the greens,
but you are busy with something else.
I'm almost done.
Sit. I'll join you in a bit.
You know your brother-in-law's diet.
He is so impatient.
Yesterday he saw the
greens at your place and said,
"Make green chicken today."
It's because of the weather, Sister.
No matter how much you eat,
you never have enough.
Hello, Aunty.
Hi, son.
Looks like we'll be
having greens for dinner.
I'm cooking greens for you.
Don't bother, Shinder.
We won't be able to eat anything anymore.
What's wrong?
Is everything okay?
Nothing's wrong, Mom.
Uncle and Dad are getting
upset over nothing.
Tell us what happened, Jora.
- Nothing happened, Aunty.
- Then?
You know the piece of
land next to the main road?
- Yeah?
- The government has acquired it.
They are giving us the full price for it.
But Uncle and Dad think it is a bad deal.
Oh no! Why does the government
always eye our land?
They are building a bypass
through our land, Sister-in-law.
Others too will lose their land.
Who can mess with the government?
We will have to do as they say.
How can we just agree?
That is our ancestral land.
No one can take it away by
just showing us a piece of paper.
They are taking it for free, Uncle.
They are paying the full price for land.
Land is like a mother to its owner.
And sons never sell their mothers.
I know development is important.
But that doesn't mean the government
can take farmland whenever it wants.
Do they expect people
to grow crops in pots now?
Uncle, that's why I say you
should take Aunt and go stay with Nav.
No, we aren't going anywhere.
But you have to go to the
airport to pick up Nav and Joban.
I know, Uncle. I know.
Now you decide you want to celebrate Nav
and Joban's visit or mourn over your land.
Cook the greens.
Today's sorrows shouldn't
shadow tomorrow's happiness.
Okay, everyone get back to your work.
Come on Jora,
let's go divert the water to the fields.
Okay, Dad.
You go on and cook the greens.
- They are here!
- Look your son and grandson are here!
- Come here, my boy.
- Greetings.
I seek your blessings.
- You good?
- I am good.
Very good.
Come here, Joban!
Come here! Come here! Come here!
- I am so happy today!
- Greetings, Grandpa.
I am so happy!
I seek your blessings, Mom.
God bless you, son.
Stay blessed.
- You good?
- I am great.
- Did you have a safe journey?
- Yes.
A grandson is always
more loved than a son, my boy.
Sister-in-law, do you plan
to give all your love only to your son?
Don't forget your grandson is also here.
Joban, go meet your grandmother.
- Come here, my sweet candy, my munchkin!
- Greetings, Granny.
Come here. God bless you.
I'm good, Uncle.
Greetings, son. How are you doing?
Your English teacher is here, Brother.
Now he will teach you English.
Sister-in-law, time to offer sweets.
There! I almost forgot
I needed to offer sweets to them.
Here you go, my sweet candy.
Enjoy the sweets.
Don't give him too much.
Look at him! Joban went inside.
- Wait, wait,
- Sit down.
- where are you?
- Yes, sit down everyone.
Dad, can we go stay at the bungalow
because Joban will feel uncomfortable here?
I'm coming! I'm coming!
Look over there.
He is having fun.
- Tell me if you have a problem with it.
- Where are you going?
It's okay, Dad.
Granny, what is this?
It is a churner.
You churn yogurt with it.
And then it creates lots of butter.
And what is this?
That is a pot.
And what is this?
This is a spatula.
We use this to serve food.
That's a spatula, son.
Your granny sometimes
also uses it to scare me.
Joban! Joban!
Come here! Come here! Come here!
I'll take you on a special ride tomorrow.
- Special ride?
- Yeah.
- When?
- Tomorrow.
I'll take you on a special
ride tomorrow, okay?
Joban, all the fields
that you see here belong to us.
You will grow up and
take over all of them.
- Okay?
- Hmm.
It seems as if you have guests over Master.
Not guests, Brother.
My son and grandson are here.
My son and grandson are here.
They live for 2-4 days and leave.
You are right.
These days, one's sons and
daughters do visit like guests.
Joban, come on, greet them.
Say greetings.
I knew that I would find you here, Uncle.
Why have you brought
this boy to this dusty field?
Don't make him like you.
What do you mean?
You get angry at the drop of a hat.
Just chill.
Take him to the city. Take him to a mall.
You'll give him an allergy reaction here.
Only those who have severed their
ties with the land are allergic to it.
Nothing happens to those
connected to their land.
Skip the philosophy, Uncle.
Aunty already has a spatula in her hand.
I mean she has cooked greens for Joban.
She has been mixing it with the spatula.
Let's go home.
Greetings, everyone.
- Greetings.
- Let's go.
Here, have another bite.
No, I don't want to.
My tummy's full.
Have it. Your tummy's not full.
You will be strong only if you eat well.
- I don't want to eat anymore.
- Have it, son.
- No.
- Have it.
Have some, son.
You will be strong only if you eat well.
Joban, my baby, have some of it.
We have used pure clarified butter in it.
- Have it. Have it. Have it.
- I don't want to.
Have it.
You have such a big tummy.
Look, Khushi, how well Joban
is getting along with the family.
Oh really?
See, my plan has been successful.
This is not a plan, stupid.
You will become strong
only if you eat and drink well.
This is the love of my family.
Okay, fine.
Of course, we are family.
Okay, bye.
I'll talk to you in the morning.
What made you come to Punjab, Nav?
I am surprised.
Forget that.
Tell me, why didn't you tell
me that our land is getting acquired?
Uncle asked me not to tell you.
He doesn't want to sell the land.
He will agree eventually.
God does everything for a good reason.
How so, Brother?
What will they here,
if there is no land left?
It is not so easy, bro.
He is very attached to this land.
Like he has buried some treasure under it.
Which he can see, but we can't.
It is impossible to convince Dad.
But this time, we will have
to choose between Joban and Punjab.
Looks like you are going
to Joban to get what you want.
You are right.
Now we will know whether he
loves his land more or his grandson.
- Caught you! Caught you! Caught you!
- Grandpa, catch me!
You are tiring this old man.
You are so naughty. You tired me.
Come, Bishan.
- Don't love him so much, Brother.
- Why not?
Both you and he will cry
when they will leave for America.
I am a big boy, I don't cry anymore.
How wonderful, my boy!
You have made me so happy.
He has made everyone happy.
But Brother,
this happiness is short-lived.
They are guests here.
So what?
He will stay here with his grandpa now.
With me.
Right, Joban?
Yes, Grandpa, I will stay with you.
This is what I have
been saying all this while.
You should stay in America with them.
Don't worry about anything here.
We will take care of everything.
Right, Joban.
Yes, I'm very happy.
- Sparrow, fly away.
- Sparrow, fly away.
- Crow, fly away.
- Crow, fly away.
- Parrot, fly away.
- Parrot, fly away.
Airplane, fly away.
- Parrot, fly away.
- Parrot, fly away.
If you two are done with your
games then make him drink the milk.
No Granny, it's story time.
I'll tell you a story too.
Granny's sweetheart, first drink the milk.
Here, have it.
Very good.
Look, my grandson has a milk mustache now.
Does he understand anything
we say to him or not?
He understands.
But he cannot speak the language.
It's okay.
We will make sure he knows
Punjabi before he leaves.
- Yes.
- Granny, story, please.
Come here, then.
I'll tell you a story.
Go on, tell him a story.
Come here, Granny's lifeline.
Once there was a cucumber and an eggplant.
The cucumber used to
make fun of the eggplant.
"You are black and fat."
"You keep hanging in the air."
"I am so beautiful and tall."
"And I keep relaxing on the ground."
One day, the farmer
came to water the fields.
You know what the cucumber
said to the eggplant?
She said, "I am lying on the ground,
while you are hanging."
"So what is that sound?"
The farmer watered the field and
the cucumber on the ground got drowned.
It got rotten and decayed.
On the other hand, the eggplant
got healthier because of the water.
That's why you should never make
fun of anyone's color or appearance.
Because we are all creations of God.
This is what this story is all about,
it's time to say goodnight to all.
You too should go to sleep now.
He has already gone to sleep, dear.
There you go.
You didn't tell me.
I was telling the story to nobody.
Not nobody. I was enjoying it.
You reminded me of my grandma.
When we were kids,
she too used to tell us such stories.
What good times we used to have then!
Dad... I wanted to talk to you.
Go on, son.
What is it?
I want to be straightforward with you.
I have come here to take you with me.
You got the visa a year ago.
Please, come with me.
I know, what you will say.
But Dad, you have to understand
our feelings as well.
We too wish to stay with you.
I too want to do my duty as a son.
But you don't even give me a chance.
No, son.
I am very happy to see that you love us.
But we are happy here.
This is where I was born.
This is where I studied,
played, got married, and nurtured you.
How can leave this land?
Where do I throw the mementos
given to me by my forefathers?
But Dad, your land is getting acquired.
Your son is living in America.
Who do you want to stay with over here?
For whom are you doing this, Mom?
If not for my sake, come with
us for your grandson Joban's sake.
Son, you will take us along.
But take a look at the house.
But what the unerasable
memories of your forefathers,
our emotions that are linked
to everything kept in this house,
your father and your
childhood that was spent here,
the fragrance of its soil,
and this feeling of love?
Will you be able to
take those along as well?
Mom, I think you don't want to go with us.
I am leaving tomorrow.
So soon?
Yes, Mom.
Because Joban has school and
I won't get off from work anymore.
So, I have to go.
Joban, let's go!
I don't want to go.
I want to stay with Granny and Grandpa.
Joban, we're already late. We have to go.
I don't want to go.
I want to stay here
with Granny and Grandpa.
No, son. Don't say that.
You are your Granny's lifeline.
You are a good boy, right?
You can come back later.
No Granny, I want to stay with you.
You make me so happy, sweetheart.
My handsome boy.
Look, Brother, this is what
the warmth of relationships feels like.
Learn to value it.
Neither will you get this time
again nor will you get to meet them again.
You have to keep your mind
aside to understand emotions.
Brother, you are fortunate because
your son wants to take you to America.
Otherwise, most of them
don't bother about their parents.
Uncle, I cannot do my duty towards
my parents even after staying with them.
Look at Nav.
He thinks so much about
you despite staying abroad.
You are very fortunate, Uncle.
Fine then, pack your bags, Amar Kaur.
Let's go to America.
Really, Brother?
Yes, Bishan.
Looks like America is waiting
for us with its arms spread.
Let's see what God has willed.
If this is where our
children's happiness lies.
We will see what America
has in store for us too.
I'm handing over all our
ancestral property, our memories,
and our heritage to you.
Make sure you don't lose it.
Don't worry, Brother.
I'll take care of everything.
Shinder Kaur...
Take care of my house.
Take care of everything in it.
This is the first time
I am leaving my house.
My heart hurts.
Don't worry, Sister.
When you return,
you'll find it just as you'd left it.
Let's go, Dad. Mom, start preparing.
Yes son, let's go.
Joban, shall we go?
Here, Dad. This is our home.
I seek your blessings, Mom.
God bless you, dear. Stay happily married.
I seek your blessings, Dad.
Look dear, you didn't come to meet us.
So, we showed up here instead.
Thank God!
You know I am so excited
that you are here!
I was so worried about you
when you were staying in India.
God bless you, dear.
Come on in.
Let's go.
Watch your step.
Hello, everyone.
Dad, she is Rabia.
Rabia, meet my parents.
You wanted someone to take
care of your cultural program, right?
Rabia will take care of it.
Well, I'll discuss it with
other members and let you know.
Do you want to see my house?
Do you like each other?
Thank God.
Then have you thought of tying the knot?
- Tying the knot?
- Yes.
- You mean marriage?
- Yes.
No way, ??!
Mom, you should dream
about your future, not mine.
We won't be getting married.
But why, son?
We are happy with a live-in relationship.
Oh God!
So she will stay here
without getting married to you?
This is how it works out here, Mom.
It might, but it won't work in this house.
No problem Dad,
we will make it work outside.
Let's go, Rabia.
He's such an idiot.
Joban! Wake up!
Good morning!
God Almighty.
Pushpa Aunty, is my breakfast ready?
Oh, my God!
Joban! Wake up and get ready for school!
- Hurry up!
- Ten minutes, Mom!
No way!
Pushpa Aunty, help get Joban quickly.
And... I am getting late already.
I'm leaving.
I'll see you in the evening, okay?
Aunty, is this how they are every morning?
- Yes.
- Or this is the first time?
This is the tradition here.
Forget that and tell
me what you would like to eat.
No, I'll cook for myself. It's okay.
Help Joban get ready.
I'll make fenugreek flatbreads for you.
Joban! My handsome boy! My sweet candy!
Come down, I'll help you get ready.
Come on, son.
Shall we go to the Gurudwara?
We will after I get Joban ready.
There is so much greenery here.
These parks and all...
Come, join us, sir.
Come join us, Sister.
There is no stranger here.
- Greetings.
- Come.
- Greetings.
- Sit down.
You are new here.
Nav is my son.
I see, that's why I haven't
seen him for many days.
Did he fly down to get you?
I'm Fatima, from Lahore.
We've been staying here for many years.
I'm Amar Kaur, we are from Punjab, Khanna.
Okay. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you too.
I feel like I'm home.
I've got new friends.
You are right.
Come, let me introduce you to everyone.
He's Chhup Singh.
He had lost his voice
due to a shocking incident.
He keeps quiet.
- Meet him, Dr. Hakkam Singh.
- Greetings.
He talks, but not as much.
And he's Mr. Cheema.
He's a great poet.
And meet his gentlemen here, Mr.
He's a master of limericks.
Look at the way he's praising me.
What's a crown on your
head when you are dead?
Shut up.
And he's Pyara Singh Fauji.
He thinks we are a Pakistani soldiers.
Even if we are holding flowers in
our hands, he thinks we are holding guns.
You have nothing but a stick in your hand.
You got flowers and guns
as alms from China and America.
Have some shame.
Such hatred for the land of Guru Nanak.
You should think twice
before hating the land.
That's Guru Nanak's place
of birth and his last resting place.
You should pray for Guru Nanak's land.
I always pray for everyone's welfare.
By the way, I'm Kartar Singh.
I am Bashir Khan.
Was born in Nankana Sahib, grew
up in Lahore, and will die in America.
Stop it.
We have got goodies for you.
Mom! Why did you have to bring all this?
You carried all this for no reason.
We get all these things over here too.
You don't get sweaters
made by your mother here.
Nav, I made this especially for you.
Oh, Mom! This is America
and not our village.
We have to maintain a standard here.
It's okay, Amar Kaur.
They wear branded coats.
They won't understand the
warmth of a sweater made by a mother.
Dad! You took it to your heart!
You brought it with love.
Of course, we will wear it.
We are still connected to our roots.
We'll wear it for a cultural program.
Right, Nav?
You get all these things.
We are going upstairs.
- Okay, Mom? See you later. Hmm?
- Hmm.
Goodnight, Dad.
Bilawal, my boy?
Mom! How many times have I told you
no one should disturb
me when I am working?
I don't want anyone talking to me either.
He is always so bubbly
except when he's working...
I don't get it.
Why does he stay so
irritable while working?
I don't get it.
Here, have some tea.
You know I am not used
to having tea in a cup.
Couldn't you find a steel glass?
Oh, I'll go look for one.
Where's the glass?
Oh no.
Who wants to wake me
up this early in the morning?
Ruined my sleep completely.
It was me, Khushi.
I was looking for a
steel glass for your dad.
He's not used to having tea in a cup.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I thought it was Pushpa Aunty.
- Khushi, dear?
- Yes, Dad?
Don't you have to go to work today?
I do.
You should get up early and pray.
Then you will have a good day ahead.
Dad! No one has time for that.
This is America.
Here, you'll have a good
day if you get a good night's sleep.
Anyways, I'll go get ready.
Amar Kaur...
- Yes?
- Let's go get some fresh air.
I am feeling suffocated in here.
I can never find anything in this house.
I don't know where it's gone.
I'd kept it right here.
Where's the tie I brought last time?
Do one thing,
you find my purse and I'll find your tie.
Can't you give me straight answers?
No, I can't.
Look at all the mess around you.
Then why don't you clear it?
Yes, you are right.
They didn't bring anything
sensible from India.
They brought only junk with them.
They brought an old-style
sweater and an Indian wear for me.
Tell me, how could I say no to them?
I'm going crazy.
This is a limit.
Why did you have me?
Joban! Are you okay, son?
What is wrong?
Joban! What are you saying?
What is this madness?
Do you have time to feed me?
Do you have time to tell me a story?
Do you have time to play with me?
Pushpa Aunty, what's for breakfast?
Please get it.
Today, we will eat with Joban.
And Pushpa Aunty,
let Mom and Dad know where
all the kitchen utensils
and groceries are kept.
Mom was looking for
something in the morning.
Okay, I'll let them know.
And also show them how
all the kitchen gadgets work.
Because Nav loves the
food cooked by his mother.
Also, let Dad know
where Joban's school is.
He will be dropping him
off at school from now on.
And... you should find
another job for yourself.
What is wrong with you, Fatima?
You are getting old.
Like you are still an infant.
I'm right behind you.
Hey, don't say that. She is older than us.
That is it!
That is what she doesn't understand!
That she is older than us.
Keep quiet, Amar Kaur.
We always keep pulling each other's legs.
Why do you keep messing with me, Subedar?
It's not like we have
a property dispute going on.
You don't have anything except hatred.
Calm down, Subedar.
It's not good to hate someone so much.
I suggest you should behave
like a kid if you want to enjoy life.
- Right.
- You are right.
- You are right.
- You are absolutely right.
If we walk down memory lane...
We used to make paper
boats when it used to rain.
We used to go to our mother's
maternal home for a month-long holiday.
If a guest would show up,
we would keep staring at his bag.
Kids like me would take all the bananas.
And when my uncle would
start distributing the goodies,
he wouldn't find anything.
We used to play stick and stone, A-Tisket,
A-Tasket, and hide and seek all day.
We used to swim in the pond
holding on to buffaloes' tails.
Mr. Cheema! Mr. Cheema! Come back,
come back before the buffalo hurts you!
We will be going back soon.
We came here because they insisted.
But now I feel as if we
have left our happiness behind.
We have love for our land on one side
and love for our children on the other.
We are getting ground in between.
It's better if you don't talk about love,
here in America.
They only love money here.
Everything else is just window dressing.
Everyone loves money.
Even back in our country.
Relatives always eye your purse.
If you are with them,
they don't take their purses along.
Then why do you even go there?
I say everything about
America is beautiful.
You just need to learn to see it.
No one sees anything over there.
You have animals walking on the road.
And cars are running over people.
You know no driver
has insurance over there?
They think if you are bound
to die then no one can save you.
And if you are not bound
to die then no one can kill you.
They follow only one rule on the road.
Save yourself, God will save the rest.
He will save them.
We treat God like a toy.
We want Him to fulfill
all our desires right away.
As soon as we face a little trouble,
we start complaining.
We want him to answer
our prayers right away
while ignoring the way we behave.
That's why someone has said:
God is a jumbled puzzle.
God is a jumbled puzzle.
God is a messy business.
Trying to solve it makes
a person lose his wits.
To be honest, God resides inside us.
Bani says, O my mind, you are
the embodiment of the Divine Light -
Recognize your own origin.
If you want to find God,
then seek within yourself.
But God's supposed agents
have opened their shops everywhere
and are trying to fool the world.
Why do people get fooled so easily?
God has blessed everyone with a brain.
Use your brain.
Look at her story for example.
Bala called her to come
and play with her grandchildren.
She saved the money
she'd spent on babysitting.
The kids grew up.
Then she got them a job of berry plucking.
They also started receiving pensions.
Amar Kaur, you will have the same fate.
Your story is just like hers.
No. Our children love us.
They insisted that we come here.
We are anyway not going
to stay here for long.
We will be going back soon.
Our land calls us back,
even in our dreams.
You can go back.
Our children haven't left
anything for us to go back to.
They sold everything.
It's a very good project.
Okay. I'll call later.
Hello, Sister-in-law.
You seem to be in a hurry.
God have mercy.
How many times have I told
you not to address her like that?
Take her name instead. You idiot.
Sister-in-law, he still doesn't
know that I call you that out of respect?
I don't call my parents
by their names either.
I call them Mom and Dad.
And I address you as Brother.
Excuse me, just come to the point.
Why did you call out?
I have a deal if you're interested.
You'll make a good profit.
But it is tricky.
What do you mean by tricky?
Come on Sister-in-law, who better
than you would know what tricky means?
If you still want me to explain
then meet me at the party tonight.
We'll crack this deal over there.
Okay, see you.
- Okay, Brother.
- Okay, bye.
Hi, Granny.
Oh, my baby! My handsome boy!
What would you like to eat?
Can you make Chhuri like
you used to make in Punjab?
Okay, I'll make you Chhuri.
Go and freshen up. Okay?
- Hmm.
- Go.
What would you like to have?
I have yet to digest my breakfast.
What will you have, Aunty?
You cook for us every day.
Today, I will cook for all of us.
I don't want to eat anything.
Why not?
Today is my last day.
What do you mean?
Khushi is letting me go.
She said you'll handle everything.
Why are you crying?
We won't let you go.
By the way,
why do you need to work at this age?
What do I say?
Back home even a little is enough.
You have to have patience.
If I start talking then
I'll only be exposing my family.
What do I say?
I too had come here to
play with my grandchildren.
They grew up and I became a burden.
Now I have to bear my own burden.
Amar Kaur, you will have the same fate.
Your story is just like hers.
Look, it's a simple deal.
the property's worth 10 million,
you'll get it for six million
but only if you pay hard cash.
We don't have that kind of cash, Bilawal.
It's okay, Billu.
Let them enjoy.
We have... other interested parties.
Sir, if we could get more time...
We would have made an arrangement.
In our business...
time is money, Mrs. Khushi.
If I go on giving that away
then I'll be left with nothing.
Billu will explain the rest to you.
Enjoy the party.
You won't get such
opportunities quite so often.
It's set you up for life.
You shouldn't let this opportunity go.
We don't want to let it go, Bilawal.
But what do we do?
I don't know what you have to do.
But I can tell you what I did.
What did you do?
My bungalow in Lahore...
I sold it.
My parents got a little upset.
But you can't stay upset
with your child for long.
You guys are loaded.
I am sure your family owns a lot of land.
It belongs to you after all.
Come on! What do we do?
Nav! Why didn't you tell me sooner?
About the land.
I thought it was Dad's private matter.
Why should we interfere?
Why shouldn't we?
We are family.
You don't know your uncle.
What if he asks your parents
to invest the money elsewhere?
You will never be
able to build your plaza.
You can keep dreaming then!
But how do I talk to Dad about this?
Then let me talk to him.
How do you like America?
It's good.
But it's not like our village.
I feel like flying back home right away.
I too am feeling very restless here.
But then I think now that we are here,
we should spend some more with Joban.
Dad, Mom, why did you have to spoil
Joban if you didn't want to stay here?
But dear, we will play
with him till we are here.
- Hmm.
- But Dad,
why only for some time? Why not forever?
And Dad, what do you
have left back there anyway?
The government has
acquired everything, right?
Rather, I would say
you should bring that money.
- We'd invest it in our business.
- What?
We should bring that money here?
What do you mean?
Dad, Khushi means
we will invest the money
we get from selling the land here.
Then you can sit in the
office in style and work.
Have you lost your mind?
A leaf always withers if
it's detached from the branch.
And you are trying to uproot us?
Dad, please calm down!
You don't understand our feelings.
You know how worried we
are about you when you are there?
And what else do you have there,
except a house?
We will all stay here as a family.
And Dad, your grandson Joban
can no longer stay without you.
You know he is used to
sleeping with his grandma now.
Please, try to understand.
"The hand you were
supposed to hold tight,"
"You let go of it."
"The one you were supposed to forget,"
"You held on to it tight."
"The hand you were
supposed to hold tight,"
"You let go of it."
"The one you were supposed to forget,"
"You held on to it tight."
"The warmth of true relationships...
is fading away."
"Love does not matter anymore,
all that matters is money now."
"Love does not matter anymore,
all that matters is money now."
"All that matters is money now."
- Jora.
- Yes, Dad.
It is ours, but we cannot raze it.
You know your uncle very well.
Don't think about razing it.
Think about where we will invest
the money the government will give us.
- Yes.
- Hmm.
We will invest in America, Dad.
What will we invest in over there?
Punjab is a good place to invest.
Everyone should do their
part to make it like America.
We have a good government now.
They give all the facilities to NRIs.
You are mistaken.
They always betray us.
And Delhi can never think
about the betterment of Punjab.
He has always thought
of everyone's betterment.
He gave us his property
to take care of it.
You should take care of it.
I too am too attached to this house now.
Don't behave like Aunty, Mom.
Let us think about it.
Don't get too attached to it.
You won't be taking anything with you.
That's what I am saying, Dad.
If we are going to stay here, together,
then why keep the headache
of managing two places?
We don't have any headaches there.
We, in fact, feel at peace over there.
We are yearning to take a
whiff of the fragrance of our land.
Come on, let me tie you a turban.
Turban suits you, son.
But this is not good enough.
We'll practice again, tomorrow.
I am not getting it smooth enough.
We'll try again later, okay?
Grandpa, when I grow up,
I too will play with my grandson.
Come on smarty-pants,
you first need to become
a dad then you can be a grandpa too.
I don't want to be a dad.
Dads aren't good.
They don't play.
No, son.
Dads are bad.
There are good dads too.
You don't have many dads,
you have only one dad.
Granny, Grandpa doesn't know anything.
He is crazy.
That's why he doesn't know anything.
Then why did you marry this crazy man?
Because I too am crazy.
But I am smart.
You are very smart.
My baby is very smart.
You are my sweet candy.
Yes, son, you are very smart.
There is no one as smart as you.
Come on, let's eat now.
Listen, let Nav and Khushi come.
We will eat together.
No, I am hungry.
You are hungry?
Come on, let's eat.
Go and eat with Granny.
I will wait for them.
Hey! What happened?
Bring him here.
Bring him here.
What happened?
What did you feed him?
I'll call Nav.
Yes, yes.
He disconnected the call.
Try again.
Disconnected it again.
Try again.
They have switched off the phone.
Oh God!
Do one thing, call Bashir.
Call Bashir.
Why waste time calling him?
- I'll go and get him.
- Okay.
- You take care of him.
- Hurry up.
- I'll also go get the doctor.
- Please hurry up.
- Oh God!
- What happened, Brother?
What's wrong with Joban?
I don't know.
- Joban!
- I was feeding him dinner...
- He started vomiting.
- It's okay. Stay strong.
God will fix everything.
Look, Doctor is here too.
What is wrong, Kartar Singh?
Take a look at him.
- Doctor...
- What did he eat?
I fed him curd rice.
Since when has he been vomiting?
He started vomiting while eating.
Does this hurt?
You've been feeding him frequently.
You should cut down.
You cannot feed them
like you feed kids in India.
Their stomachs are very sensitive.
Feed him small meals frequently.
Don't give him anything to
eat for the next couple of hours.
- Okay.
- Just give him some water.
To make sure he doesn't get dehydrated.
- Okay.
- There is nothing to worry about.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- It's okay.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- You came this in the night
- to check on our son.
- Okay, bye.
God have mercy.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, God!
Thank you!
He will be fine.
Thank God, he is fine.
My handsome boy.
Look at their behavior.
They don't behave like parents.
They aren't worried about their son.
They have us to worry.
For them and him.
It is our responsibility.
But is it solely our responsibility?
It is not their responsibility?
We came here as parents,
but we are now nothing more than servants.
Oh, my God!
It was a great party!
Sorry, Dad.
Goodnight, Dad.
Sorry for last night, Dad.
Today is our day off so we got
late and we couldn't answer the phone.
You don't have to apologize, son.
This is your life.
Dad, I know you are upset. But...
We are not upset because
you came home late.
We are upset because
you didn't answer your phone.
Mom, this is America.
Here, no one picks
up calls in the evening.
What if there is an emergency at home?
Do you know what happened last night?
We don't know, Dad.
Joban kept on vomiting last night.
We didn't know what to do.
What happened?
I'm sure you must've
fed him something weird.
There you go.
That's what you call love.
When someone calls you at night -
it either means they need
you or they worry about you.
We needed you last night
and we were worried about you too.
But you didn't answer our calls.
We are sorry, Mom.
We thought you were
going to say the same thing.
"Come home. We will have dinner together."
That's all.
Is it so?
That's why you kept
disconnecting our calls?
If we cannot even have dinner
together then you should let us go.
Dad, why are you making
a big issue out of this?
Anyway, if Joban had a
stomach problem and vomiting...
Then it is because of your fault.
How is it our fault, dear?
What have we done?
Except for giving him our love?
Yes, that is what I've been saying.
This is happening because
you are spoiling him.
You keep feeding him stuffed bread,
mustard green,
and sweet crumbled flatbread.
He is just a kid.
He cannot such heavy food.
Stop, Khushi.
What are you saying?
Control yourself.
It's okay, son.
Don't fight because of us.
America is good, but it doesn't suit us.
Book our tickets.
You stay happy here
and we'll be happy there.
Dad! It's not so easy to book the tickets.
You know how expensive things are.
We are barely managing things over here.
If you already had so many expenses
then why did you invite us over
by spending so much on the tickets?
Mom, we are worried about you.
Who will look after you over there?
The whole village will, my dear.
The whole village!
In fact, who will look after us over here?
Too much of anything is not good.
Sometimes, roses get pricked
by the thrones that surround them.
What do you mean, Dad?
Keep quiet, Khushi.
Go get ready and help
Joban get ready as well.
Today is Rabia's birthday.
We have to attend it.
Come Joban, let's go.
What are these kids doing?
They are doing what they know best.
We had a lot of fun back in the day.
I still remember the
fun we used to have at fairs.
Kartar, you always
talk about your village.
How about you tell us everything today?
- Really?
- Yes.
Is it so?
Then here you go.
"We stay abroad now."
"But my courtyard back
home is still out of this world."
"But my courtyard back
home is still out of this world."
"Our village square, our ponds,
our wells are still out of this world."
"They are still out of this world."
"We stay abroad now."
"But my courtyard back
home is still out of this world."
"But my courtyard back
home is still out of this world."
"But my courtyard back
home is still out of this world."
"The house where we
used to celebrate Lohri."
"The house where we
used to play night and day."
"That house is now
empty and barren today."
"The place where we could
hear lullabies and songs every day."
"I have lost touch with
my colorful Punjab nowadays."
"The place where we
could hear daily prayers..."
"The place where my parents
stayed is still out of this world."
"The place where my parents
stayed is still out of this world."
"We stay abroad now."
"But my village home
is still out of this world."
"But my village home
is still out of this world."
"But my village home
is still out of this world."
"We used to love to play
outdoor games with our buddies."
"We used to swim in
the ponds with our buddies."
"We used to swim in
the ponds with our buddies."
"The grocery shop, the popcorn stall and
hangout spots are still out of this world.
"Those hangout spots
are still out of this world."
"We stay abroad now."
"But my village's air
is still out of this world."
"But my village's air
is still out of this world."
"But my village home
is still out of this world."
Bilawal, eat before you leave.
I have just put your
favorite dish on the stove.
Take it off, Mom.
- It must be tired.
- Stop making fun of your mother.
Don't you have any shame?
I do have shame.
But it doesn't stay for long.
Have some shame.
He is your father.
Mom, I am sure he is.
Stop joking.
Act smart sometimes.
Spring doesn't last forever.
If you stay determined,
you can bloom even in the winter.
You have to be bad sometimes.
It teaches you how good the good ones are.
What was that?
That was me being smart.
Act smart in action, not in words.
I don't have any vices.
You do.
You want to be rich,
to be wealthy, and to show off.
These vices will be the
cause of your fall one day.
The wealth that you display...
it cannot be made with honest earnings.
Did you hear her?
Dad, look, this is our beautiful America.
Look, these are
- the best locations in America.
- Oh wow!
- It's so beautiful.
- Mom, look over there.
They look like the bungalows in Punjab.
- Yes. It's so beautiful.
- This area here...
Khushi, do you remember,
we have been here?
- Yes, yes.
- The weather is so nice.
So, Dad, this is the best place out here.
Have a seat, Dad.
- Shall we sit down over here?
- Yes, sit down.
- Come, sit down.
- I think you are tired.
Mom, the air here is so fresh that
it increases your lifespan by 10 years.
I agree. America is very beautiful. Right?
- Look at those boats.
- Look over there.
Khushi! Khushi!
Listen to me!
What is wrong?
You better change your mood
or it will be difficult
to keep my parents here.
It's okay.
What happened?
Nothing happened!
Stay cool.
I am cool!
Stop being angry now and...
Stay away from me.
Stay cool!
- Why should I always stay cool?
- What is wrong with both of you?
Why are you two fighting?
Mom, we weren't fighting.
We were just talking.
We weren't talking.
He was threatening me.
What is he threatening you with?
He told me to change
my mood because if I don't,
you will go back to your village.
We are anyway going back.
We didn't come here
to stay here permanently.
No one is going anywhere.
Because we are going to have a baby.
Don't joke, Khushi.
It is not a joke.
It's the truth.
Our blessings are with you.
But we cannot stay here.
We will have to go.
We meet, we part away,
and then we meet again.
This is how this world works.
Our hearts should stay close,
no matter how much distance separates us.
But Dad, what is this problem?
You have everything here.
We wouldn't think about
going if everything was fine.
But Mom, what problem
do you have with this place?
The problem is how one
uses relationships here.
You should save relationships
and use the money.
Remember the person who uses
relationships never becomes rich.
He will always be poor at heart.
Dad! What are you saying?
Tell me something,
when you play with Joban,
or when you take him to school...
How do you feel?
Do you feel like a
grandfather or like a servant?
And Mom, you tell me,
when you cook for Nav or Joban...
How do you feel?
Do you feel like a mother,
a grandmother, or... like a caretaker?
I am not just a mother or a grandmother.
I am a daughter-in-law
and I am also a daughter.
All the gifts my parents
gave me during my wedding -
The blankets, the utensils,
the hand fans, pots and glasses.
I either go to India
and take care of them.
Or you get them all here.
I too am not just a father.
I am also a son and a grandson.
I can still feel the fragrance of
the ancestral things I have left behind.
- Yes.
- My father's clay house
and my mother's kitchen
reside in my heart.
I cannot forget them.
Either give us the same atmosphere
as in the village or let us go from here.
Dad, how is it possible?
How do I make you a village here?
Nothing is difficult.
Build us a clay house
and kitchen in the backyard.
And get everything we
have in India couriered here.
We will have a village here.
We will tell people that we
are staying in a village in America.
What are you doing?
Trying to solve the problem.
However, I can.
Tell me.
Look, we need to spend $20,000
to build a clay house and kitchen.
We'll need to spend $10,000
to get things from our village.
Now, if Mom and Dad
don't go back for a year,
we will be able to recover that $30,000.
We pay Pushpa Aunty $2500 per month.
And that multiplied by 12 is $30,000.
So, building a village for your
parents here in America is not a bad deal.
We will recover that in a year.
And they will not insist
on going back either.
And they will get a pension here.
We will get that too.
Secondly, we will sell our land
in Punjab and invest it in our business.
After that,
your parents won't insist on going back.
That will make Joban,
us, and our baby happy.
You are great.
You are great.
I called these things
junk and cursed my brother.
Today, my heart is sinking
as these things are leaving the house.
Shinder, my brother was right.
These things are our elder's blessings.
And now I feel as if
you are losing prosperity.
I feel as if we are losing
my parents' blessings.
I never valued these things.
Have patience, Dad.
We cannot help it.
We will have to send these to him.
Come on, go ahead.
"Love does not matter anymore,
all that matters is money now."
"Love does not matter anymore,
all that matters is money now."
"Today, I feel as if someone
close to me is upset with me."
"Today, I feel as if someone
close to me is upset with me."
"Why is there so much
distance between us?"
"Why the days and nights
aren't the same anymore?"
"Why does my heart yearn?"
"As if precious moments
are slipping away."
"As if precious moments
are slipping away."
"We cannot hide it anymore."
"Our time is up."
"Love does not matter anymore,
all that matters is money now."
"Love does not matter anymore,
all that matters is money now."
This is great, Kartar.
You have built yourself
a village right here in America.
No, this has been possible
only because of our children.
You know how children
here behave like otherwise.
Your children are great, Kartar Singh.
They gave you a village
right here in America.
I think we should
have the fair right here.
We won't find a better place.
Before talking about the fair,
make Kartar the president
of the Cultural Society.
He deserves it.
Well said, Subedar.
You have said it in hatred,
but it is true.
Live a long life! As long as you want!
He is right.
We will make Kartar the
president of the Cultural Society.
We only talk about our heritage.
Look at him.
Kartar Singh treasures his heritage
in his heart, in his village, and America.
Kartar Singh, I am resigning.
You are not the president.
- Right.
- No, Bashir.
I don't want any post.
Responsibilities don't need posts.
We will have the fair.
But you will be the president.
Whatever you want.
"We come into this
world to spread happiness."
"We come to bless everyone in this world."
"We come into this
world to spread happiness."
"We come to bless everyone in this world."
"We felt jealous when
we saw others happy."
"Whose fault is that?"
"Love does not matter anymore,
all that matters is money now."
"Love does not matter anymore..."
"Love does not matter anymore,
all that matters is money now."
"Some realized the truth."
"Some lose patience."
Who is this?
Who is this?
You seem to be in a hurry, Bilawal.
What's wrong?
What's wrong? Nothing's wrong.
You have gone pale.
Something is surely wrong.
I said nothing is wrong.
Mind your own business.
Then why are you running
away like a thief?
Have some shame.
You are acting like a thief
and making us a thief as well.
I am not running away, I am just shifting.
I have to run around for money.
How far will you run for the money?
I told you to mind your own business.
Don't irritate me.
How dare you!
Don't you know how to talk to elders?!
You are shameless!
You always humiliate us.
Pack your bags.
I've booked you a cab. Get there.
I'll keep sending you money.
They need you and not your money.
I think you will get into trouble
and get them into trouble too.
Dad, please listen
to me for one last time.
I will fix everything.
Please listen to me and just get there.
I am begging you.
They are not going anywhere.
They will stay with
me as long as I am alive.
Come on, Sister.
Get lost from here!
You are dead to us.
Say something.
I was waiting for you.
Do you think this is a joke?
What is wrong?
I don't understand,
how could your parents
bring Bilawal's parents
to our house without our permission!
They are Bilawal's responsibility,
not ours.
Darling, you know my parents.
They always do as they please.
Does that mean we work hard all
day and they keep partying in our house?
Today, they have invited two
people tomorrow they'll invite four more!
This way our grocery expenses will
keep increasing and we will go bankrupt.
- Calm down.
- For God's sake, keep it down.
Keeping it down won't solve the problem.
Tell me, will it solve the problem?
Tell me, what is it that
we didn't do for your parents?
We got everything here from the village.
We built them a clay house.
We brought them here so
that we could have a saving.
So that we could save some money.
But from the time they have come here...
We built them a clay house
and they are having parties here.
Our grocery expenses have doubled.
It's so...
Sorry, Mom.
Forgive me, Bashir.
I couldn't sleep well since last night.
We understand, Kartar Singh.
But don't you worry.
We are with you.
We feel gutted, Sister.
Who do we trust anymore?
Everyone has ulterior motives these days.
Perhaps, Sister,
that's why they have built old-age homes.
Why do you worry?
Life is like a series of tests.
One problem ends and the other begins.
We humans alone have to face this problem!
Mom! Dad!
Please hurry up.
What is wrong with them?
What happened?
Nav! What happened, son?
Why are they here?
Mom, they say that I do
hacking and forge documents.
How is that possible?
This has got to be a mistake.
Nav has committed illegal
activity on his laptop.
We are here to seize
his laptop and arrest him.
I use this laptop.
I read online books and newspapers.
Yes, Officer.
Our father is using the same laptop.
And we don't know what is he doing.
Khushi! What nonsense!
What are you saying?
Dad is trying to save me.
Then let him.
I know Bilawal is behind this.
But if we tell them about
him then he will expose us too.
Don't take the blame, Brother.
The laws here are very stringent.
Don't do this, Brother.
Sister, talk to him.
I don't need to talk to him.
You need to understand.
Parents always block all problems
that come towards their children.
And today, he too is doing the same.
Let's go.
I'm ready to go.
Stop, Officer.
I'm the real culprit.
I hacked his laptop.
Sir, you're under arrest.
Put your hands behind your back.
What enmity did you have with them?
Why did you trap them?
There was no enmity. There was fear.
They knew what I did.
I too knew everything about them.
So to save my skin, I hacked their laptop.
I wanted to make sure
if anything happened to me,
or if I got trapped then
they too should go down with me.
But now you too know what they think.
But when Kartar Uncle took the blame...
My conscience didn't allow that.
I couldn't stop myself.
An honest man who took
care of my parents...
Who was ready to go
to prison to save his son...
I couldn't let him make this sacrifice.
Uncle, please forgive me.
I will mend my ways.
Please take care of my parents.
- Okay?
- Wait.
Where do you think you are going?
We knew what you have been up to.
So, you should hear
what we have to say too.
If you knew everything then why
would they take Kartar Uncle with them?
I wouldn't have met this
nice Bilawal if I hadn't done this.
What do you mean?
This means all this was a drama.
No matter how illiterate a mother is,
she always knows how
to read her child's face.
Your mother had read your face too.
She knew you had taken the wrong path.
She told me and I told your uncle.
So your father was bound
to find out about it too.
I started investigating
when I first realized it.
But what do you mean by drama?
This is the rehearsal of the
Punjabi fair we're going to have.
These Officers are drama artists.
We needed to do this
drama to get the rat out.
You will make me go crazy!
Drama? Rat? Cat?
What's going on?
Son, we had to do this drama
to get you out of this criminal path.
Son, they aren't real cops.
Then uncuff me.
You guys are great actors.
Let's make movies.
Now that you have me out
of these criminal activities.
Stop it.
Slow down.
We're really sorry, Dad.
Please forgive us, if you can.
Don't seek our forgiveness.
Stand before a mirror and
seek forgiveness from yourself.
Whenever you have the time.
It's okay, son.
We can talk about this later.
Now start preparing for the fair.
I too want to see the American Fair.
And I want everyone to
do Bhangra at the American Fair.
Come on, everyone.
- Let's go, everyone.
- Let's go!
I'm grateful to all Punjabis
who love Punjab, Punjabi, and Punjabiyat.
My husband Bashir Khan
and my brother Kartar Singh
have played a huge role
in making this fair a success.
Kartar Singh is a person
who just didn't speak Punjabi
and talked about Punjabi
heritage and culture,
he is someone who brought
them all to America
and formed another village
right here in America.
With a huge round of applause,
respect, and honor I call on stage...
Mr. Kartar Singh.
Thank you, Mrs. Fatima.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, everyone.
Today, when we talk about
our heritage with our children,
they think we are old-school.
That's why our culture
and heritage are disappearing
from our cities,
our villages, and our homes.
We took care of neither our historical
monuments nor our historical things.
Wooden carts, spinning wheels,
wells, and many other artifacts...
We treated them as
junk and destroyed them.
If we don't take care
of our ancestral things now,
then no one will take
care of our things either.
America is a nice country.
But my village is very nice too.
That's why I want
to go back to my village.
Grandpa, please don't leave me.
I won't like it here without you.
Dad doesn't know how to piggyback.
Mom doesn't know any stories.
If you leave, then who will I play with?
Then who will tell me stories?
And I promise,
I'll take care of all your things.
I'll take care of our clay
house in the village and America.
God bless you, my son.
I thought I would lose everything.
But you have won my heart.
Well done, my child.
We don't feel like leaving either.
You have won our hearts.
We know we don't deserve your forgiveness.
But please, forgive us if you can.
Mom, Dad, you should not forgive me.
Because I don't deserve your forgiveness.
I don't know what was wrong with me.
There are so many like
me who still don't know
that one should use money
and save relationships.
And I could neither save
any money nor any relationship.
Don't feel disheartened.
It's human to err.
We are not angels.
We have angels here too.
There they are,
they will take care of our heritage.
Bilawal and Nav.
- Right.
- They are our angels.
"I'll try to open the door in the sky."
"I'll try to open the door in the sky."
"I will converse with God..."
"I will converse with God..."
"I'll try to converse with
God in Punjabi with pride!"
"I'll try to open the door in the sky."
"I'll try to converse with
God in Punjabi with pride!"
"I'll try to open the door in the sky."
"Both Guru Nanak and Bulleh
Shah used to write in Punjabi."
"That's why their words are so precious."
"Both Guru Nanak and Bulleh
Shah used to write in Punjabi."
"That's why their words are so precious."
"Everyone's hearts..."
"Everyone's hearts..."
"I'll try to fill
everyone's hearts with joy."
"I'll try to open the door in the sky."
"I'll try to converse with
God in Punjabi with pride!"
"I'll try to open the door in the sky."
"Which language is
better than my language?"
"What is better than my language?"
"Which language is
better than my language?"
"What is better than my language?"
"I'll measure..."
"I'll measure..."
"I'll try to measure it with His scale."
"I'll try to open the door in the sky."
"I'll try to converse with
God in Punjabi with pride!"
"I'll try to open the door in the sky."
"I'll try to converse with
God in Punjabi with pride!"
"I'll try to open the door in the sky."
"I'll try to converse with
God in Punjabi with pride!"