Ping-Pong: The Triumph (2023) Movie Script

In the late 1980s,
the Chinese men's table tennis team
was defeated in Seoul.
After suffering an 0-5 losing streak,
sports media around the world
declared it the end of an era.
Rome, Italy
(TV) It's Maldini again.
(TV) Maldini to Evani.
(TV) Evani makes a cross.
(TV) Van Basten! It's 2 to 1.
(TV) Van Basten scores!
(English) Hey, hello sir.
(English) You have a look.
(English) It's wonderful. It's amazing.
(English) Have a look.
(English) Please, have a look.
(English) It's really good.
God bless you, sir.
Good sir, anything will do.
Call the police!
Call the police!
Dude, what's going on?
I called the police.
A kid was begging for change
on Goldfish Street.
Then I got robbed.
The robber ran towards Cavern Alley.
Don't move!
Put your hands behind your back!
I called the cops!
I got robbed!
Don't move! Stop resisting!
Ask Luca if it's this Asian guy.
Asians again.
Chinese? Where do you work for a living?
I was invited by your minister of sports.
I am a coa--
Bad idea to enter the country
without papers.
Get your hands off me, you bastard!
It's an expensive watch.
Did you find it easy to make money in Roma?
I would like to believe you.
But where is your ID, Mr. VIP?
Damn it.
Dai is the greatest coach there ever was.
The godfather of table tennis in Italy!
It only took him three years
to turn us from being the worst
into the 7th in the world!
Let him go!
Get his possessions back!
It's 11 pm now!
Isn't he just
a Chinese table tennis player?
Sweden issued a set of stamps
featuring him.
And now in Rome,
you treat him like an illegal immigrant.
Do you want
a phone call from the mayor himself?
No need to sulk.
We have good news.
The committee has decided to sign
a 5-year extension contract
with an annual salary
of $50,000 US dollars.
That's 50 years' worth of pay in China!
I wanted to give this to you.
Resignation letter?
I can go to the press and demand
a formal apology from the stupid police.
Please, anything you want.
I've made up my mind long ago.
It's just that tonight
I'm particularly homesick.
Wang Ying.
You're due next month.
You should stay put.
How about I go by myself?
Or invite your mom to come here?
How about it?
We can ask Mi for help with the visa.
He knows people
who can help expedite
the application process.
The conference in Beijing
should be done by now.
Hello, Mr Qi.
Still up?
Ah, yes.
There are finally words from above.
You're welcomed to come back.
But only for an assistant coach position.
Coach Li is appointed as the head coach.
Still we carry forward the tradition
of team work from our old national team...
Why did you decide to leave Italy, Dai?
You're the best neighbors I've ever had.
I believe, in two years,
we will come back again.
...How about it?
Still coming back?
Dai, the rules of the game
were not made by the Chinese.
You are doomed to fail
if you coach in China.
(English) The 9th agenda item of
the 38th ITTF general meeting,
(English) regulations covering colors on
both sides of the racket must be different.
The ITTF has newly adopted
extremely strict service rules.
Under these new rules,
the wrongful serve used by
the Chinese players will be harshly penalized.
Must be refereeing mistakes.
It's got to be their problem.
I'll contest it.
Another shipment of glue
to China has been cancelled.
It is the international standard
to use qualified solvent adhesive,
but only China is facing
glue import sanctions from the West.
Top player Dai Min jia has retired
due to restrictions on his playing style.
He ranked top globally by the age of 24,
but is now destined to miss
the gold medal in men's singles.
(English) Waldner,
(English) the greatest player in the history
of table tennis, has come to this world event.
He leads the Swedish team
that consists of European Champion Persson
and World Youth Champion Karlsson.
It is regarded as
the strongest team in history.
Table tennis is evolving.
In both height and strength,
Chinese with traditional techniques
have little advantage against Europeans.
(English) In 1980, when I first came to China
at age of 14.
(English) I was beaten to the ground
by the gatekeeper of a training hall.
(English) At that time, I thought,
(English) I will defeat
all Chinese opponents.
Coach Xu!
Is Chinese ping pong dead?
After your retirement,
will coach Li, who you recommended,
be able to handle this?
Do Chinese players
still have a chance at beating Waldner?
Will the Chinese team
once again reach the top of the rankings?
Do you still believe?
Well then, I am done!
(Beijing, China, 1991)
What kind of attitude is this?
(Beijing, China, 1991)
Want to quit?
(Beijing, China, 1991)
Coach Li!
(Beijing, China, 1991)
Let him go.
Losing 0 to 5 in Dortmund
was at least losing to the Swedes.
Losing to Waldner.
This time in Chiba,
you dare to lose to the Czechs.
Have you no shame?
Coach Li.
Hello, Ms. Wang.
Am I in your way?
Preparing to revive
your Shaoxing opera career?
if I manage to get elected national coach,
we won't need to endure
the conditions here anymore.
The sports bureau will give us
a two-bedroom apartment
with private toilet.
The bottle on the sewing machine.
Italian made.
Vieri's wife sent it.
He said in Chiba,
when the Chinese team lost,
it was the happiest they've been
in the two years since you left.
The entire Italian ping pong community
is waiting for you to return.
The match in Chiba,
we lost because of Bai Minhe.
I'm his coach.
And now coach Li has resigned.
I'm the second in line to be blamed.
The election tomorrow, I think,
will most probably be only for show.
The leadership has already decided.
But let me try one more time.
If I lose,
I'll go back to Rome with you.
On numerous occasions,
I have dreamt of being back on top.
I think, in the current conditions,
for our national team,
our young players,
we face the same challenges.
Adversity is an opportunity.
Adversity brings out capabilities.
The only way forward is through discipline.
To build strength
through intense trainings.
Make full use of our fine tradition
of collective wisdom.
To stand out from the crowd.
I believe,
as long as we train
by the DDPI mantra to the letter,
within ten years...
within ten years!
I will lead the team
out of these hard times,
and bring Chinese ping pong
back to the top of the world.
Thank you.
Two years.
I don't need ten.
And it's not a transition period.
Faith dictates everything.
I have faith that we will retake
the Swaythling Cup in two years.
Thank you.
Load of hot air!
He didn't even manage
to get a men's singles championship
his whole career.
Only cares about appearances.
Look at Bai Minhe.
What did he achieve under him?
I think it fits.
A group of little brats led by a big brat.
They'll be invincible.
Mr. Mi.
That Dai, what a blowhard.
So full of it.
Two years.
What a joke!
Ni was no better,
If by training alone is enough
to win against the Europeans,
what difference will it make,
two years or ten years?
Surely there'd still be a difference.
Two years.
Such nonsense!
The media will have a field day.
You're worried about the media?
Think about the leadership.
Think about the public.
Okay, okay.
Ping pong,
Table tennis,
was invented by the British.
Where is the British team now?
Change is the only truth in this world.
If you adapt to the change,
you can help yourself up
and survive it.
If you don't,
then you'll fail.
When we can't
clearly see the goal on the horizon,
the only thing we can be sure of
is to avoid inaction.
No matter how hard,
moving forward is a must.
If the decision I'm making today
will be proven wrong,
I'll take full responsibility.
I declare
the new coaching team.
Team manager,
Chang Biao.
Du Yuancheng,
Yin Chao,
Hu Jingting,
Ni Xiaodong.
Head coach,
Dai Min jia.
I request to be transferred
to the women's team.
I request to work with the women's team.
I can't stand it here.
Calm down, Xiaodong.
Whatever it is,
let's discuss it later.
Discuss it?
Go to the women's team.
Take the championship.
That'd be something to brag about.
Why would anyone waste their time here?
Go ahead, leave.
Who else?
Shut it if you want to stay.
I only ask one thing.
Train to death!
One kilo, here you go.
Mr. Qi!
Mr. Qi!
You've got to help me
to convince Xiaodong to come back.
He'll listen to you.
He'll listen to me?
Why didn't you listen to me?
We have agreed.
I'll bring the news.
You'll make sure it gets accepted.
Now look at you.
Forgot all about it.
How proud were you this afternoon!
Ruling with an iron fist!
I can't help you.
You be the good cop.
I'll be the bad cop.
You'll still end up being the good guy.
Whether it's on paper or in practice,
you're lacking in both aspects
compared to Xiaodong.
You're right.
Now you pissed him off
and want me to help you get him back.
What do I have to offer?
What about the apartment?
I know that his family is too big
for his current living quarters.
I'll offer my head coach apartment to him.
Wang Ying...
Will she agree to that?
Depends on who wears
the pants in the family.
The selection campaign
of the men's table tennis team
has won support from teams of all provinces, the PLA team,
(National Sports Commission, Training Center)
locomotive team, post and telecommunications team and
others. (National Sports Commission, Training Center)
Athletes and coaches showed
rapid response and all-out backing...
My, my.
So this is the national team?
What's up with the men's team?
They're just so-so.
Not even close.
Bai Minhe!
Chen Wen!
I'm going to go say hi.
They don't even know who the heck you are.
We're all going to be teammates soon.
Not yet!
I heard your coach
transferred to the women's team.
Why didn't you follow him there?
Your coach will climb the ranks.
You'll get some scraps too.
Chen Wen.
You're going to need to try harder.
(Coach's Notes)
Bai Minhe's shoulder injury
is really frustrating.
Hurry up.
People say these two youth tea
kids are very good.
One of them is super good looking.
No kidding!
Hurry up!
A real handsome boy!
Last slot on the national team
goes to the winner!
Penhold, looping, plus fast attack.
Backhand block, forehand push.
Dong, in our national youth team,
has some advanced techniques.
It's just that
none of his skills are perfect yet.
Hou is sharp as a tack.
Nobody can predict his serves.
But he didn't build up solid
forehand attacks back on his regional team.
He can't keep up after three hits.
Directly attack when he serves.
Go for the forehand long stroke.
This time he's going for low throw,
no spin.
So handsome!
Are you wiping sweat or showering?
Go hard on his forehand.
Where's Huang Zhao from Bayi?
Huang Zhao only got
the championship in doubles.
He's passed the retiring age
and is planning to go abroad.
Aren't you going to see who wins?
Keep them both!
(English) A champion's will to fight
(English) A champion's will to fight
(English) Very good.
(English) Class is over.
Class is over.
Is this right?
You got it wrong.
(English) i-g-h-t
Like this?
Where's the candy you promised?
Preparing to go abroad?
Decided to quit?
Inverted rubber on both sides.
Looping with both sides.
Persson's style.
Want to try me?
Come on, Huang!
People say you only got
your mixed doubles gold
because it took a girl
to make up for your sloppy performance.
How many singles styles
have you tried by now?
The 7th!
And the last one!
We won, we won!
Not bad, chubs.
Not bad at all.
You did put some thought into it.
Dai, Dai!
I got the tickets!
We set off to Shanghai by 6:50!
Hard seat tickets!
Check in with national team tomorrow.
What do I even do there?
No coach would want me playing singles.
You saying I'm not a coach?
You gonna play or what, Huang?
Are you gonna play?
We're waiting!
Who are you, Huang?
You played like a superman!
So this is your top recommendation?
Left eye 0.1,
right eye 0.09.
We came such a long way
for a freak like this?
We've been waiting here since forever.
He doesn't know me,
but you are his coach after all.
Well, he's a bit eccentric.
Came from a poor family.
His father passed away two years ago.
The mom and two sisters are back at home.
Nobody knows
what he's thinking all day long.
If a chopper is what you're looking for,
he's the best I've ever trained.
Gong Feng!
Don't you know who he is?
I do.
But so what?
Sorry, Coach Du.
Please get out of my way.
Why didn't you report to Beijing?
All my life
has been devoted to playing chop.
Other than that,
I know nothing.
I haven't even got a place
in the national league.
Why would the national team
want anything to do with me?
What if I put you on my main lineup?
The Swedes don't like chop players.
What they hate, I like.
Put that over there.
Don't worry about your mom.
I'll talk to her.
Since you were a Kid,
your mom trusted coach Du the most.
I don't need to tell you.
Where are you going?
Asking my boss for time off.
If this doesn't pan out,
I'll have a plan B.
Everyone's here.
It's time.
One more minute.
I'm here to observe
the outcome of Head Coach Dai's
great selection campaign.
What a mess.
Too old,
too young.
The injured,
the blind.
So this is your band of misfits?
Lv Sen, 24.
Penhold inverted,
squared racket.
Dong Shuai, 16.
Right hand shake hand grip,
double inverted.
Looping combined with fast attack.
Hou Zhuoxiang.
Right hand pen hold,
varied techniques.
Of the new generation
of smart fast-attackers in China,
I'm the spearhead.
Gong Feng,
Chop player.
Shanghai team.
Chen Wen, 21.
Right hand shake hand,
fast attack with loops.
National team.
Huang Zhao.
Left hand shake hand grip.
Played both singles and doubles.
Skipping the age now?
Bai Minhe.
National team, 23
Goes without saying.
These misfits are all for you.
No need to introduce the coaching team.
Everyone knows
how |
boasted hard
about taking home
the Swaythling Cup again in two years.
Do you believe me?
Nobody does.
I haven't even got
a men's singles championship to my name.
And nobody believes in any of you either.
Just now,
someone called you
a band of misfits.
But I believe,
as long as you train hard,
I guarantee each of you
will have a chance
to play for your country.
For fairness' sake,
I will not coach players personally.
Coach Yin will take Bai Minhe.
Through the toughest times,
I've always believed
that Chinese ping pong
will regain glory.
Because we have
the most adequate reserve of talents,
the best coaches in the world.
The one and only
Coach Ni Xiaodong.
The foundation of everything
is physical fitness.
Take a look
at your fitness test scores.
The epitome of unremarkable.
From today on,
Coach Ni will be your boss.
If any of you can't keep up.
I'll blame it on him!
Today is the first day.
Before we play ball,
let's start with some cardio.
Shall we?
Very well.
At ease!
Shuttle runs.
Give me 100 rounds!
Get in position!
What're you waiting for, in position!
Where did he go?
How am I supposed to know?
So I'm coaching after all.
What's the use of him?
Add 50 rounds!
Quiet, all!
Stay focused.
The movement is top notch.
We have been practising hard to
consolidate skills and make breakthrough.
Very well done.
Mr. Mi.
Still the same issue.
Foreign gadget, I don't want to know.
Video analysis system.
All foreign teams use it.
With video recorders--
Cut to the point.
20 thousand dollars.
Whenever it's about money,
your eyes pop out of your head.
How poor are we?
National team
can barely play three matches a year.
You chose me.
Are you going to hang me out to dry?
Hang you out to dry!?
Go on!
I've had to babysit
this whole project from the beginning.
For your glue,
Mr. Qi and I scoured the whole country.
The factory owner had promised.
Said that to counter western sanctions,
he'll make it work, sparing no cost.
Aren't you touched, hearing this?
I am!
But even with the right glue,
you'll still lose face
if we don't have the right equipment.
20 thousand dollars.
What are you looking at?
Focus on your own training.
How dare you!
20 thousand dollars,
that's foreign exchange.
Not national food coupons.
How about you sell me for money?
Mr. Mi.
Meeting at 11 about platform diving.
If you won't help me,
I'll go platform dive with you.
Aren't you usually so full of ideas?
Can't you come up with something yourself?
Me, come up with something?
Challenge accepted.
I'm not going to Australia for now.
At least my brother's with you.
You just had open heart surgery, don't...
Xiao Shuai, Xiao Shuai!
I know, dad.
Two packages.
- Thanks.
- Gifts from fan girls?
Didn't you clean your shoes yesterday?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- We are going training.
- Didn't see nothing!
Didn't see nothing.
Nothing, nothing.
Gong Feng.
Where's Bai?
You seen Bai?
Where is he?
Back at headquarters.
I'll take this, thank you.
No way!
My grandma sent me that.
Didn't you eat my roast chicken?
Did you or did you not
eat my roast chicken?
Just bring back the jar when you're done!
Uh huh.
Knew it was you.
Close the door!
Do it quick! Close the door!
Let's go.
All good?
All good.
Let's go!
Where are we going?
Disco, disco!
The one in Longtanhu?
Coach Dai!
Dai...Coach Dai.
Are you okay, Dai?
Can't even hide it somewhere original.
I came up with this.
Alright now.
Who has the guts to own up?
It's mine.
You sit too much.
Don't you want your back to heal?
Let's go home.
They're so ungrateful.
What a bunch of brats.
You spend more time with them
than with your own son.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Your son
can't even talk at this age.
Hold on.
The lens is all fogged up.
This damn weather.
Still snowing in March.
Well, so.
What's up with you?
Can't smile?
Coach Chen,
don't we have anyone famous
in the figure skating team?
This one was chosen by Coach Yao
from over a hundred candidates.
To be paired up with Hong Bo.
She has potential.
Xiao Xue, tell Mr. Journalist
what's on your mind.
I want to be
the first figure skating champion in China.
Look at this kid.
Such pride.
Okay then, you stand close to her.
Show us that coach-athlete bond.
Without me,
how are you going to beat the Europeans?
I can't believe you're doing this to me.
I can't either.
Back to the Tianjin team?
Coach Dai,
don't you remember me?
I'm an old friend of ping pong.
Chief commentator at the Sports Times.
Xia Youde.
Is that Dai Min jia?
Let me see.
It is!
TV says he is involved in some scandal.
Lower your voice.
I spot him a lot in the
Sports Commission Community across the street.
Attack right after serve
and leave yourself no way to back out.
Only you would do something like that.
I submitted to the bureau
an eight-thousand-word self-criticism.
Let's put this behind us.
Those who put in the work
will always get criticized.
That's just how it is.
How long has ping pong
been kept out of the headlines?
As long as we're in the spotlight,
more resources will become available.
Anyway, I'm one to talk.
How long have you been
applying for a new training hall?
Didn't it get approved last week?
If I don't achieve anything
in these two years,
feel free to single me out.
Blame everything on me
and switch me out for anyone.
As long as
the ping pong community is revived,
no one is too precious to sacrifice.
Slack off during training
and they'll eat you alive in the match.
Keep breathing!
50 shuttle runs next?
Bai isn't giving himself any breaks.
I bet he'll go back
to the national team soon.
Keep it up!
Check out how the women's team is training.
Keep going.
Stop stop!
What's up with all the silence?
Who's going to make some noise?
Can't keep it up, Zhigang?
Want the girls' team to spoon-feed you?
Feed me, feed me!
Ming, Ming! Feed me!
We have training later.
Can't lift your legs?
Should I give you a ride?
Tiny racket vs. huge wok!
What a cartwheel flip!
Worthy of the national team!
On behalf of our players,
a toast to the sponsors.
May your pockets be full.
I'll empty my cup.
Are you trained monkeys?
Who was it?
Do it again in front of me!
The equipment is here, Mi.
Come, here.
20 thousand dollar just for this?
You have no idea about it.
The most advanced training analytics system.
This is widely used abroad!
Is it working?
It's up!
He's stepped too far back
from the table, see?
Roll back, roll it back.
If he can't help it,
put a barrier behind him next time.
You called for me, coach?
You're good at looping.
From tomorrow on,
you'll play loops against Gong Feng.
Adjust your style
exactly into Karlsson's style.
Gong Feng, all you do is chop!
Once you manage to chop and attack,
you'll be top dog.
Once you manage to chop and attack,
you'll be top dog.
Loops have strong topspin.
So, use the forehand past attack.
Fight fire with fire!
Don't step back!
Stay glued to that table!
Dong Shuai,
your pacing is exquisite!
You can take on any European player.
Swing speed, Dong Shuai!
The biggest weakness
of pen hold grip is backhand,
So you should be aggressive
with your pen hold backhand hit.
This is the first test
for the coaching crew.
The most important match
before the world table tennis
One option
is the French Open.
The Swedish team will be competing.
Waldner, Persson, Karlsson, all in.
The other
is the Korea Open.
We'll go to Korea.
Afraid of the Swedes?
I just want to win.
(Holiday Notice)
Mrs. Dai.
At 3:40 this afternoon,
they will set off for Korea.
I searched through the apartment
and found this treasure
in your coach's belongings.
You should be able to use it.
Driver sir.
Will you open the door please?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Hurry, hurry up!
Bai Minhe!
I've seen you on TV!
Going back to the Bureau?
Take it.
Take it.
How should I return it?
Across the street from the training center,
Ritan hotel.
Li Fan.
Break a leg!
Knock 'em dead!
What, what?
Oh, coach.
Time to go, sir.
My self-criticism.
I was wrong.
My heart, is burning.
My blood, is boiling.
Can't hear you!
My head, is tumbling.
I'm ashamed
by my own doing.
I know it's already too late,
but I still hope the team
will give me
just one more chance.
I will--
No cheat sheets!
I will never
make such a stupid mistake again!
Bai Minhe.
What the heck was that?
Why did that sound familiar?
Not letting Gong Feng along
is weighing on him, I guess?
He only has eyes for Gothenburg.
Nothing else.
(South Korean Invitational, 12 months away
from Gothenburg Championship Match)
This team's first overseas appearance.
The first up is surprisingly, Huang Zhao.
A player who's never had any
remarkable performance in single matches.
He's facing the renowned "Scud",
the Korean God of War, Yoo Namkyu!
Don't step back!
Zhao, don't step back!
Nice shot!
When the God of War started to perform
his full-court sprinting stunt,
his glory was like the shining sun.
The first men's singles gold medal winner
in the '88 Olympic Games in Seoul.
The great Yoo Namkyu from Busan.
The Chinese team entered
the semi-finals thanks to good luck.
But sorry! This is Busan.
The Koreans are the real masters of Asia.
Next up is the 20 year old young genius,
Lee Chulsung.
Give me his profile.
Dong Shuai?
Have you heard of this name?
Loop drive?
He's hitting the white line
with every single stroke!
European technique!
Only 16!
Why was the return of serve so weak?
Dong Shuai!
Sign my racket!
Please, no.
Please leave the court!
Please sign my racket!
Please sign it!
Korea! Victory!
The world's greatest pen hold player,
Kim Taeksoo.
The only worthwhile opponent against
the European shake hand loop technique.
Gap at the backhand! Good hit!
Although Bai Minhe is a worthy opponent,
his right shoulder injury
compromises his stamina.
(English) Please go back to the court.
(English) Sorry.
(English) Sorry.
(English) He did it, too.
(English) Please.
(English) Please get back to the seat.
(English) Please get back to the seat.
What a rare scene.
The Chinese coaching team is infamous
for collective wisdom and psychological tactics.
But to win a match takes actual skills.
That Chinese luck!
It's like they're winning the lottery.
In the finals, they will face Saive,
the King of Europe,
and his Belgian team.
See you after the commercials.
(English) The game's about to begin.
(English) We must turn in
your list of players now!
Saive has got to be number one,
playing the second and fourth rounds.
Then Huang Zhao goes second.
Huang Zhao second?
That would be serving it to Saive on a silver platter.
Bai will have to play first.
To beat Podpinka in the first round,
then face off with Saive in the fourth.
But if he doesn't manage,
Huang Zhao will have to challenge
Podpinka in the fifth round.
At least we have a chance there.
As long as we win 3 of the 5 sets.
Can you beat Podpinka?
I'll annihilate him.
See, Huang Zhao?
He's the one under pressure.
You're number one.
(English) The match is about to start!
(English) Everybody is waiting for you!
What about round three?
In case we go one-one
in the first two rounds,
we'll have to win the third round.
(English) If you guys don't turn in your list now,
you'll abstain from the game!
(English) Come on!
(English) China, player one,
(English) Huang Zhao.
(English) Player two,
(English) Bai Minhe.
(English) Player three,
(English) Hou Zhuoxiang.
Hand me his profile now!
Another 16-year-old!
My God!
Another fresh-faced young player.
Huang Zhao facing
European top player Podpinka,
trained under his
Chinese coach Wang Dayong,
Podpinka's technique
is both refined and aggressive.
There's that European offensive style!
Huang Zhao is about to
lose his will to defend.
The Chinese team's risky tactics
have come back to bite them.
Third round,
Podpinka is in
absolute control of the game.
Huang Zhao is barely holding up.
the Chinese coaches don't look worried.
Podpinka's service.
Forehand push.
Returns with backhand.
Straight stroke.
Huang Zhao, forehand stroke.
Strikes again. Again! Again!
Strikes again. Again! Again!
And Podpinka's lost it.
Huang Zhao is winnng back,
and got the set point.
Can he overcome himself this time?
Second round, Bai Minhe vs. Saive.
Saive is a real beast.
The Chinese can never
defend themselves against European power.
Saive is invincible!
It wasn't me!
It's the racket!
The racket's soft!
The pressure now comes to
Hou for the third set.
Can he, a 16-year-old, handle it?
Did you see that movement?
(English) Violation!
(English) What do you think?
(English) Good stroke.
(English) Score counts.
(English) Okay.
(English) Let's see the playback.
(French Open, Residence Hotel)
(English) Hou repeatedly imitated shake hand grip
with his pen hold grip to do backhand strikes.
(English) This is clearly the Chinese coaching team's
new invention!
What technique was that?
Everything goes exactly
like the Chinese team predicted.
The fifth set, Bai Minhe faces Podpinka,
to whom he's never lost.
Although they got a taste
of a long-lost victory,
the Chinese team is just good
at collective teamwork.
The strength of the Chinese players
is not remarkable.
The two young players
in their first appearance are anomalies.
Under their unique system,
how many young talents like them are there?
We won!
The men's ping pong team got lucky.
Didn't face the Swedish team this time.
They can't defeat the Swedes.
Top class sport clubs in Europe.
(South Korean Invitational, Residence Hotel)
Royal Charleroi Club.
(South Korean Invitational, Residence Hotel)
Take a look!
Go away!
Take my card.
No, thanks.
Okay, okay!
Good. Talk to me.
There's my number.
with your talents,
you'd have your pick
of European clubs.
The salary will be 50 times
what you make now.
How much?
50 times.
I have connections in every club,
don't worry,
I'll make sure you make a fortune.
Consider it.
Not bad, Coach Dai.
I'm surprised.
One question, Coach Dai.
Over the years in Italy
you made plenty of dough.
Does your conscience allow you
to keep your players
What's your offer?
Come, come.
Who wants to pick first?
I've done showering.
To let current national team players
go play in European leagues,
who would dare to approve that?
What would the leadership think?
What would our colleagues think?
What about the public?
Here, noodles.
You must be nuts.
My legs hurt having to sit like this.
At least we have the noodles.
That's the last pack of pickles.
Give me some.
Don't eat them all yourself.
Who's Saive's coach?
Wang Dayong.
What about Rosskopf?
Li Xianjue.
All learned from us.
Why shouldn't we learn from them?
Today we won in Korea.
What about Gothenburg next year?
The future of ping pong is topspin strokes.
We can't even beat the 5th ranked Saive!
How will we play
against the world champion Waldy?
Don't you already have a plan?
Why are you asking us?
I can't dictate the plan.
Alright now.
Let's vote.
An unanimous agreement?
Hey, don't hit that!
This is for you.
This is for your mom.
Is it necessary to buy perfume
that's ping pong shaped?
How much is this?
Not much.
I've got
this much left.
Holy cow,
so much?
How did you divide the bonus?
Listen to me,
You need to give more to
Changbiao, Xiaodong, and Jingling.
We are living together.
They live away from their families.
It must be tough for their wives.
Tell dad, it's sweet.
Yeah, yeah.
Say "sweet" to dad.
Sweet or not!
Doctors at the air force general hospital
said that
it's due to
the complex language environment.
His grandma speaks Chengzhou dialect.
I speak Shanghainese.
The athletes in this community
come from all over China.
That's why he struggles
with language development.
But he's smart like me.
Don't worry.
Changbiao's daughter could already recite
poems at his age.
Wouldn't you celebrate with me?
We've got so many dishes
to go with the wine.
Let's toast.
We have more wine dishes.
Vieri sent from France.
(English) Waldner,
the top seed of this competition.
(English) It's his serve again.
Another game point tonight.
(English) And Waldner won again.
(English) For the whole tournament,
you've only lost 1 game out of 16 sets.
(English) You've crushed all opponents and
won the championship with a record winning rate.
(English) Is the Swedish team
even stronger than last year?
(English) If there were a hundred points
in table tennis,
(English) then I only know
about five points.
(English) A very dangerous force
has appeared in table tennis now.
(English) Once we stop where we are,
(English) they'll kill us
in Gothenburg next year.
(English) So we'll continue to improve.
(English) Thanks.
He's talking about you guys, right?
He's scared.
Must be!
I'm good at reading people.
This time
you won't trick me, yeah?
These two aren't retired players.
They're current national team players.
Champion of Youth Games.
Champion of National Games.
Ex world champion.
On one condition.
This one goes to Germany.
This one goes to Sweden.
I'm going abroad.
The application was approved so fast.
That's great!
Shi jun!
book our son a ticket to Sydney!
Tell your dad.
I'm going to Europe.
State-sponsored training trip.
What do you mean?
If Zhao goes to Germany,
who's going to Sweden?
Must be.
Me? I can't even beat Zhigang.
Even if Zhigang is okay with that,
will Huaming be?
Stop guessing.
Must be Bai.
That's not possible.
What are you doing, Bai?
He's checking out his girlfriend
in the hotel across the street.
Didn't she come by just last week?
Start missing each other already?
Is she pretty?
Coach Dai would also allow you
to have a girlfriend if you play well.
In any case it can't be him.
If it's not Bai,
then who's taking the last spot?
By age.
By experience.
By style.
It can only be Wen.
Right, it must be Wen.
It must be Wen.
Must be you.
Of course not.
It can never be Wen.
Want to put money on it?
If it's none of them,
who do you think it is then?
You, duh!
Who else would it be?
I shouldn't have guessed
the decision of the coaches.
Especially shouldn't have fabricated lies.
Spread lies, disturbed the team.
I promise to right my wrongs
and will not misbehave ever ever again.
I'm canceling your breaks for 6 months.
If there's a next time,
I'll cancel your annual bonus.
How did you know Bat's not going to Sweden?
Bai is the...
He's the heart of the team.
The team will lose focus without him.
How did you know
that it wouldn't be you?
Me and Gong Feng
are the secret weapons.
China's gold medal machines.
Can't just go showing us off.
Gold medal machines?
Get lost!
This kid!
Sharp as a tack!
We debated for three days
to make those decisions.
This kid got there in five minutes.
Zhao, Dong,
train hard in Europe.
- Don't miss me.
- Go to hell.
- Stop blabbering.
- Bye, all.
Off you go.
Fourth hit.
Fourth hit.
Fifth hit.
Sixth hit.
Seventh hit.
Eighth hit.
Hell yeah!
Hell yeah, Gong Feng!
Hell yeah?
You can go to hell.
Gong Feng.
Happy birthday!
I don't do birthdays.
then it's your first.
What's your problem?
If we weren't all on the same team
who'd even want to talk to you?
Stop it, Wen.
You're the worst player in the team!
I help you in training every single day,
have you ever said thanks?
You're in the main lineup. What about me?
Cranking up music at 3 in the morning!
Don't we need to sleep?
You are a monster!
No wonder no family of yours
ever comes to visit!
You're a damn weirdo!
What are you doing!
Stop fighting!
Stop it!
Chen Wen.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
What are you looking at?
Normal speed!
Keep running!
Normal speed, keep it up!
Chen Wen!
Didn't you always want to play overseas?
European clubs.
Take your pick.
I can call to recommend you.
You should make some money
after retirement.
I entered the sports academy at 8.
Got selected for the national team at 19.
For a dozen years,
I've killed myself
training around that damn green table.
Except for Bai,
I'm the best loop player
in the whole country.
And because of that,
you used me to elevate others.
Coach Dai.
You retired at 24,
because you knew
you'd never get to be a champion.
When you know your hopeless destiny,
what's the point of fighting?
I'm relieved today.
I'll start a business back home.
Ping pong players
are all smart as hell.
You will make it.
Being an athlete is tough enough.
Don't ask Dong and the boys
to do cartwheels for money anymore.
When I've made some money,
I'll be your damn sponsor.
However much you ask, I'll give.
This is from your coach.
Tell my coach I'm sorry.
What was that?
Keep running!
Choosing to be an athlete
means choosing the hardest path
in the world.
Chen Wen has left the path.
Who will be the next?
(Berlin, Germany
European Table Tennis Cup)
Good job.
Great job, Huang.
This is the first time the club
has entered top 8 in Europe.
The next round starts in an hour.
Do you know who your opponent will be?
I know it'll be Saive.
Don't worry.
Although I lost to him twice in Busan,
today I will do my best.
Saive is out.
He just had the ugliest loss in his career.
You okay?
I'm okay.
You're the highest paid player on the team!
Nobody expected you to beat
the invincible Swedes,
but you weren't supposed to
lose that badly!
I'm benching you for a month.
I've already trained here for so long!
Now I can't even play matches anymore!
Could you please listen to me?
Listen to me.
Let me come home.
I can't take it anymore, I'm going crazy!
Dreams of generations of
national table tennis players are on you now.
You're not allowed to come back
without learning real techniques.
Anything else?
Overseas phone calls are expensive.
Everyone thinks
I've got it so easy out here!
But I'm in pain everyday!
So tell me.
I want to go home.
I want to go home today!
I've got no one to talk to.
I can only watch A Better Tomorrow
every day.
I can even speak Cantonese
now as a Beijinger!
Already kind of sounds like Chow Yun Fat.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Next time he calls,
tell him I'm not in,
(Kalmar, Sweden
Kalmar City Club)
Get moving! Now!
Don't be lazy, Dong!
I asked for water, not a towel.
Okay, okay.
Okay, Dong. Now train with me.
Okay, okay.
(English) Hey, Dong.
(English) We can finally have dinner tonight,
(English) Oh come on!
You're always breaking my heart.
(English) I don't even want to
give you your own package.
(English) From whom?
(English) It's from your brother.
(English) But,
(English) he's not as good looking as you are.
You don't have a chance.
Come on.
Work hard!
Come on, Huang Zhao!
You're the greatest in the world!
The greatest!
(Six months later)
Come on, faster!
Good job, Gong Feng. Keep going!
When you're ready to give up,
your opponent will be too!
Our country built the best training base in the world.
(National Sports Commission, Special Training)
Final closed training!
Full simulation of
the competition conditions!
Your generation
will decide the fate of ping pong!
These kids,
if they manage to mature,
I think,
the Swaythling Cup will be just the start.
Stop it!
Say daddy.
Groom it back more.
Like this.
Do I look like daddy?
Say daddy.
Do I look like daddy?
Come on!
I'm daddy!
Zhao! Dong!
You're back!
That was Persson's backhand.
This is Waldy's service.
Like this.
This is Karlsson.
This is Karlsson, Get it?
Get lower. This position.
This chop goes to Karlsson's backhand.
Chang Biao,
I think this batch of K52 glue should work.
Will this glue really work?
Do you think?
Wait until it's dry.
Quiet, we haven't tried it yet.
It's not soft at all. So handy!
With this racket you don't need to worry
about getting the ball on the table.
- Just hit! With all your strength!
- The Europeans achieved speed change strokes like this.
Go directly forward.
Don't go for the spin.
Good hit, Bai! Nice!
We've got this!
Li Fan, Li Fan!
Listen to me.
Wait until I'm back on the 6th.
Then I'll...
Wang Ying.
On the train back to Beijing,
your son spoke!
One second.
Tell dad.
Did you hear it?
Did you hear him talk?
Wasn't he good?
Are you still there?
I forgot to get shampoo again.
Stingy as usual.
If you even try to tell anyone,
I'll annihilate you!
Bai has been doing really well lately.
Even if it's against Waldy,
he has a great chance to win.
Huang Zhao can play number two now.
Since he's come back from Europe,
he's been rising fast.
The only tough cookie is Karlsson.
Do we have someone who can take him?
would have to be
our carefully prepared little starter dish.
It's only polite
to serve some refreshments.
Bad news!
Chen's playing in a league in the UK
and just sent this.
The Swedes have known
about Gong Feng since last year.
How did they find him out?
Who's that? Do you know him?
Looks like Gong's friend
from the Youth team.
They were the most
promising young talents on the team.
He was doing better than Gong
but got a knee injury,
so all the best opportunities
were offered to Gong.
So he retired soon after that.
How well does he know Gong?
If Gong talked in his sleep,
he would translate it verbatim.
It's him indeed.
Swapping players before the game
doesn't look good!
You pulled Gong from Shanghai!
He's been training hard for two years!
Lower your voice, I'm on the phone!
Shut up!
If you don't use him in Gothenburg,
you'll ruin his career.
How can I face his mother?
Training and games are different.
Chop players are Karlsson's natural enemy.
To abandon the two-year plan
is too risky.
Even though the Swedes have studied Gong,
we should still get someone to play chop.
There's another chop player, Wang Yao.
He immigrated to Germany
several years back.
They just got him on the phone.
Hearing that he can still play
for the national team,
he's very excited.
One word from you,
and he'll fly to Gothenburg right away.
Gothenburg is coming up.
Wang Ying.
Any words of encouragement?
Like what?
The way I see it,
in a competition against foreigners,
I'm your good luck charm.
What's my last name?
What does it mean?
The Champion.
And what's my first name?
Ying [Win].
(English) Sweden will battle China
at home in the final.
(English) The brand new Chinese team,
(English) with the wonderful performances of the two young
players, (1993 - Gothenburg - 42nd World Table Tennis Championship)
(English) has attracted worldwide attention. (1993
- Gothenburg - 42nd World Table Tennis Championship)
(English) Any comments to that?
(English) I think everyone should
pay tribute to coach Dai,
(English) to Chinese.
(English) Because table tennis
is not only about techniques,
(English) but a formal of art...
(English) What he wants to say
(English) is Sweden is invincible.
(English) Swe-den, Swe-den!
Will they win?
Good chance.
Come back with your dad!
Didn't you say to
never watch your son's games?
Stop making fun of me.
It starts in 5 minutes.
Those foreigners learned
our player placement strategy quite thoroughly.
Looks like they're going the offensive route.
In that case,
what if we go with their flow?
But we drew the home team.
If we place the wrong bet,
it'll be ugly.
Would this be better?
Not at all.
This is riskier.
I'm fine.
I'm alright.
I can definitely play.
It's too risky now
to get a numbing injection.
If the acromioclavicular ligament breaks,
he'll be disabled for life.
Don't move!
Do we switch?
I'll die on the court if I must!
Bai plays number two.
Zhao plays number three.
The chop plays number one.
We're in the Scandinavium
in Gothenburg, Sweden.
The outdoor temperature is 7 degrees,
but in here the temperature
has almost reached 30.
Since the oil crisis in the 70s,
Gothenburg has built
a world-leading regional heating system.
As one of the most developed cities
in northern Europe,
it has a fiery beating heart
hidden under its brutal cold weather.
Before the game even starts,
the stadium is already boiling.
Who's that fierce looking guy?
Where's our Gong?
China, player one,
Wang Yao.
Player two,
Bai Minhe.
Our national sport,
has declined in our generation.
I've been waiting for a chance like today.
I think that
China can rank second in any other sport,
but never table tennis.
The Chinese coaching team has fully predicted
the line-up of the Swedish team.
They didn't put Bai Minhe
in the first position,
nor the young players who
performed brilliantly in the group stage,
Hou Zhuoxiang, Dong Shuai.
Instead they gave it to the retiree,
Wang Yao.
This veteran player retired due
to injury in 1987 and went to Germany.
For this championship,
he rushed to Gothenburg.
He is set as player one
for his chop techniques against Karlsson.
A chance for Wang Yao. Smash!
Great hit! Beautiful!
Wang scores again.
Karlsson's turn to serve.
Great shot!
Karlsson always gets nervous
when facing chop players.
This is a serve that's never seen
in world-class competitions like this.
Karlsson backhand serve.
Wang chops.
Another chop.
And another.
Good shot!
Wang is on a streak, keeps scoring!
Karlsson has never won
against chop players.
Coach Dai's promise from two years ago
might just come true this time.
After a big win for Wang in the first game,
The second game is going wilder.
We have the best players
but the Chinese have
the most experienced coaching team.
Come on, Karlsson!
19 to 16. Karlsson's serve.
If Wang manages to score
one in the coming five serves,
he'll get the set point.
And if he scores two, he will win the game.
What a pity!
19 to 17,
Karlsson got a point back.
Come on, come on!
It's okay.
We'll have an absolute leading advantage.
Karlsson is deliberately
focusing his attack
on Wang's weak positions.
Nice hit!
Two more points, just two more!
It's 18 to 19 now.
Karlsson's serve.
That was a pity.
Wang wanted to use the long pips
to interrupt the opponent's service attack,
but didn't manage to. 19 all.
It's okay.
We're still on the same starting line.
The score now is 20 to 19.
Wang Yao was ahead
with 19 to 16.
Now Karlsson has caught up
by scoring 4 points
during his serving round.
Karsson has got the match point first.
The score now is 20 to 19.
Karlsson is one point ahead.
Wang Yao still has a chance
as long as he keeps it steady.
Wang chops.
Heavy spin! Wang chops again!
What a shame.
That was a pity indeed.
Karlsson has won back a game.
The two players are tied at 1 to 1.
Good job!
Well done, very well.
Forget that match.
That guy wanted to eat me alive.
Play like you always do.
Karlsson is no match for you.
Come on.
Come on!
Come on!
So, is Wang performing well today?
He rushed a bit in the second match.
But generally he's playing okay today.
I think
Karlsson has gotten used to
his way of playing.
Will he win today?
Wang wants to avenge himself too much.
Karlsson, 22-20.
What a great game!
Karlsson has caught up and defeated Wang Yao,
who he's never won against.
He has annihilated
the Chinese technically and mentally.
Well played.
It was a great match.
You don't have to hit so hard every time.
We can badger him a bit longer.
There's still a chance.
We still have four sets.
Where's Bai?
Go China!
Show them
that Chinese players can also play loop.
Go China!
The second match.
Bai Minhe against Waldner.
This is the match between the top
Chinese player and the world's top player.
They play loops against each other.
The audience is entirely entranced.
Great hit, Bai!
Bai has outperformed himself today.
He is no disadvantage
at all against Waldner.
We can only imagine how hard
the Chinese team has trained for this match.
Nice hit!
Good hit!
Game point 1 all.
Now the final game.
Bai Minhe's service.
The players are blocking fast.
Back to forehand.
It's out.
Waldner's tactic is impenetrable,
known as the guerrilla lead.
Not sure why he's sticking
to right side attack today,
and not playing left
even when there's an obvious gap.
These are all supposed
to be right up Bat's alley.
It's very unusual for Waldner.
He keeps attacking on the right side.
Bai Minhe keeps looping with forehand.
Bai Minhe is going all out!
Winning all the way
with his forehand loops!
Who'd have thought that
on the world champion's home court,
Bai has got the set point
with 1 point ahead.
Great hit!
He is as heroic as
a great general from ages past.
With a blood-stained robe,
he will not return home without winning the war.
Well played, well played.
Your right shoulder, all good?
There's still the fifth set.
(English) Bai defeated Waldner,
the world's No.1 player.
(English) It's the first time
he's been defeated in 18 months.
(English) Here comes
the opportunity for the Chinese.
Top-spin opposition.
Careful with middle-long rallies.
Don't be led by the opponent.
Good hit!
I can't anymore.
That long drive got me.
What's with Bai?
Where were we?
More forehand attack,
careful with rallies.
Huang Zhao.
You must win this!
Go, Zhao!
Show them, Zhao!
Go China!
What's with Dai today?
(English) To make Waldner lose
is as rare as the Halley's comet.
(English) The Chinese have lost
a close victory.
(English) How many years
do they have to wait?
(English) The whole world knows
about coach Dai's two-year promise.
(English) I guess they'll need
to add a zero to that two now.
Come on, Dai.
Dai, let's go.
The decision was made by us together.
Give your mind a break.
You okay?
I'm fine. Let's go.
I'm fine.
Coach Dai.
We wanted to ask...
Did you...
really believe that we could've won?
Come here, everyone gather here.
This way.
Everyone gather here.
Hurry, get off.
An announcement.
Starting now,
All athletes
will go back home.
will wait for further notice.
This national team
is disbanded from now on.
Well, I was only informed
just before the plane took off.
What are you waiting for?
See you, Dai.
Hope you had a good journey, Coach Dai.
You promised to win the Swaythling Cup
within two years.
Now that you've lost in Gothenburg,
what's your next step?
Swapping players before the game
and letting injured players compete.
Do you take full responsibility?
On the public denouncement
of your mismanagement of team,
do you have any comments?
What public denouncement?
Didn't you read the papers today?
Sports Times, the article by Xia Youde.
How was
the national team players' list decided?
How much of it was your decision?
Sending Huang Zhao and Dong Shuai
to compete for European clubs,
did you make a public annoucement?
For each competition,
how did you decide on the main lineup?
I've put it all in the report.
Through the selection campaign,
we picked out players into the national team.
The rest went into the talent pool.
Players' list for each competition
was decided by
head coach, coaching team,
and team manager,
through voting.
Is that so?
The training plan was made up by you alone.
But during games,
you're changing the plan all the time.
Do you even
have a serious plan?
I see that
there're some questions
for you in the article.
Where did you get that gold necklace from?
And the designer suits?
It is also said that,
during competitions,
instead of focusing on
strategies and tactics,
you spent a lot of time
grooming your hair everyday.
Any use of that hairstyle?
The life of a head coach
shouldn't be so luxurious.
Dinner's ready.
Would you like to join us?
Check out how luxurious our life is.
Wang Ying, it's none of your business.
Rice noodles from Chong Ren.
Dried bamboo shoots from Lin An.
Prawns from Xiang Shan.
This bowl of Sheng Zhou noodles
is worth more than
those sold in five star hotels.
How luxurious is that?
So freaking luxurious.
Dai, he...
can barely make it home
for dinner five times a year.
Next month,
he'll have a spine surgery.
There's a chance he may become paralysed.
Let me ask you,
if someone like him...
even someone like him is...
Then who else
will be there for the team in tough times.
Who else
is willing to be the next Dai Min jia?
Anesthetic accidental, brain hernia, death,
please confirm all risks above.
Say dad, see you later.
He's fine. The surgery went well.
(Xiamen, Rehabilitation Center)
Da Li?
Mi called me back to the Bureau last week.
He said you were quitting?
You want to persuade me too?
You know, Dai.
I really envy you.
Envy me?
What's to envy?
We are both defeated generals.
Ended up in the same situation.
Not the same.
If I get another chance,
I'd never back off.
You said it well when you were appointed.
Faith dictates everything.
And what,
why don't you believe now?
If winning is that easy,
what meaning would it have?
What if I never get
to win for the rest of my life?
Then you'll close your eyes
knowing you did your best.
Losing is terrible.
But is it as terrible as death?
You could've died in that surgery.
You don't even fear death,
what else can scare you?
Mr. Xia.
Your article about Dai Min jia
was very well written.
So you understand me.
I'm really touched.
I do.
I've been reporting sports
for so many years.
My driving motivation
is to tell the truth,
and keep those bad actors
from trampling our national sport.
You are so right.
Right, Coach Ni.
You just mentioned
something about your team.
What is it about?
Is it big?
Assault and battery big enough?
Didn't the team disband?
we'll talk inside.
Get in.
How dare you!
Can't hit the ball right.
Now you hit people?
Do you know what situation you're in?
Don't you think the ping pong team
is in enough trouble as it is?
Thanks for being my scapegoat.
Don't flatter yourself!
I didn't do it for you.
Get away from me.
I hate the smell of your hair wax.
Regarding the loss in Gothenburg,
our work in the past two years
was a failure.
Mr. Qi and I wanted to help you.
But there were too many opposing voices.
The Bureau fought in meetings for two days,
and the leadership finally decided
to survey the team members
and give them the power to select
the next coaching team.
Dai Min jia.
Ni Xiaodong.
Du Yuancheng.
Hu Jingting.
Yin Chao.
Dai Min jia.
(Tianjin Haihe Wart)
Ni Xiaodong.
(Tianjin Haihe Wart)
(Tianjin Haihe Wart)
Hu Jingting.
(Shanghai Xuhui Post Office)
Yin Chao.
(Shanghai Xuhui Post Office)
(Shanghai Xuhui Post Office)
(Beijing Training Bureau Dormitory)
Ni Xiaodong.
(Beijing Training Bureau Dormitory)
Hu Jingting.
(Julich, Germany)
Du Yuancheng.
(Julich, Germany)
(Xinxiang, Henan)
Yin Chao.
(Xinxiang, Henan)
(Xinxiang, Henan)
(Beijing's Children's Palace)
I've decided where to go.
(Harbin, Heilongjiang)
Head coach,
Dai Min jia.
The press called me Dai the Cackler.
Only talk.
No result.
In two years,
Tianjin World Table Tennis Championships,
our home court.
I won't say anything.
You lead.
Can we take the Swaythling?
Can't hear you!
(1995, 43rd World Table Tennis Championships)
(1995, 43rd World Table Tennis Championships)
Now, we're live
(1995, 43rd World Table Tennis Championships)
From Tianjin Stadium,
the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships.
The scale of the game is unprecedented.
Teams from 124 countries
and regions around the globe,
one thousand and two hundred
reporters from all over the world,
top 100 table tennis players,
have all gathered in Tianjin.
Now we're witnessing
the men's group competitions.
In the past two years,
the Chinese men's team has prepared through hardship.
They are ready
for this battle here in Tianjin,
to win back the Swaythling Cup.
3 to 0!
Huang Zhao defeated his old rival Saive
and led his team to victory
against the Red Devil Belgium team.
Hou Zhuoxiang's pen hold drives
are near perfection.
Another 3 to 0.
Overcoming great difficulties,
the Chinese team
will face their old rival the Korean team.
The Chinese team tied 2 to 2
with the Korean team.
Huang Zhao did not let us down.
He greatly defeated Yoo Namkyu.
With doctors help,
Bai Minhe recovered
from his shoulder injuries
less than a month ago.
He's defeated
by Kim Taeksoo and Yoo Namkyu.
Young player Dong Shuai
has gradually exhibited some maturity
and easily defeated Lee Chulsung.
If the Chinese team wants to
enter the finals on their home court,
Huang Zhao will have to
take Kim Taeksoo in the fifth set.
Great shot!
The Chinese team has
once again entered the finals!
Again, we are one step away
from the Swaythling cup!
Coach Dai.
The women's team has already taken
the Corbillon Cup.
Will the men's team retake the Swaythling Cup?
(May 8th at 4:30 PM)
Lv Sen!
You can interview him.
Go to your dad.
Don't get rained on.
My son.
Come here.
Look at you all soaked.
Mom, I hate rain.
No you don't.
Water is your dad's lucky element.
It will bless him with a victory today.
This time,
what would you say to me?
Actually, before today,
I always secretly wanted you to lose.
It seemed like the only way
for you to have more time
to be with me and our son.
But today,
I really do think you'll win.
Give dad a kiss.
(May 8th at 6:30 PM)
Excuse me.
(May 8th at 4:30 PM)
(May 8th at 4:30 PM)
Coach, he is late again!
The 11th row!
This is the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships Final.
(May 8th at 7:59 PM)
The Chinese team against the Swedish team.
(May 8th at 7:59 PM)
(May 8th at 7:59 PM)
First set.
(May 8th at 8:00 PM)
First game.
(May 8th at 8:00 PM)
Huang Zhao vs Waldner.
(May 8th at 8:00 PM)
(May 8th at 8:00 PM)
Too bad.
There are many top notch players worldwide,
but whether in terms of
technique, experience,
or psychology,
Waldner is the best in all aspects.
Good hit!
In past seven years,
Waldner ranked first in the world 14 times.
He's the only player
who has won gold
in the Olympic, WTTC, and the World Cup,
all three top games.
This backhand cross court was beautiful.
Huang lost 3 points to Waldner in a row.
The first set
in a world class championship is tough.
It's a great challenge
to the psyche of the player.
Good shot!
Huang scored with his serve!
It is apparent that the coaching team
has prepared tirelessly
for the opening game.
Huang Zhao lost to Persson
in the thrid set two years ago.
This time he plays
against Waldner in the first set.
It's a huge responsibility.
21 to 16.
Waldner won the first game.
Just play as you always do.
Not much else to say.
Second game.
Huang has grown bold,
now leading with a margin.
What happened?
Huang signaled
that the ball has touched the net.
The referee is letting Waldner serve again.
This was a close call.
It was supposed to be Huang's point.
But he voluntarily gave it up.
Our athlete's ethics are impressive.
Huang missed the return serve.
Waldner scores.
Together with the point that was given up,
2 points have been wasted.
Huang's serve.
He will need to take advantage of it.
Serve and backhand block!
Backhand block again.
The ball didn't cross the line.
Looks like Huang
is still affected by that lost point.
Waldner has taken the chance
and scored several.
One must keep calm in a big game like this.
Beautiful, net cord ball!
This was pure luck.
Luck has finally come to our side.
This is the third game, the deciding game.
From the 8 to 8 tie,
they tied at 9, 10, 11,
12, 13, 14,
16, 17, and 18.
Now Huang leads 19 to 18.
Waldner scores.
It's tied 19 to 19 again.
The game is so exciting,
so exhilarating!
19 tie.
After 11 ties within one game,
we come to the key moment.
Waldner serves.
Huang blocks with backhand.
The ball is out.
20 to 19.
It's Waldner leading now.
The match is so exciting
I can barely breath.
There are 7 thousand seats
in the Tianjin stadium,
but it's so quiet, one can hear a pin drop.
I's Wadlner's serve again.
Huang plays a transitional drive.
Waldner attacks cross court.
The shot worked.
What a pity.
Huang was two points away from victory.
The Chinese team is near the precipice.
If Bai Minhe loses the next set,
the game is basically over.
Tie again.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ties.
Last set there were 9 consecutive ties.
This set starts with 5.
Persson stands 1.88 meters tall.
Against him,
Bai can't afford to turn to his side.
His hands are tied.
Good hit! 6 to 5.
This is the first point scored
after the 5th tie.
20-20 tie.
21-21 tie.
22-22 tie.
The game is entering the white-hot stage.
Persson has got the game point.
Serve and attack.
Bai returns.
The ball is out.
22 to 24.
It's like the third game
of Huang Zhao's first set.
Bai Minhe lost the first game
of the second set by 2 points.
This is the final
of the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships.
The Chinese team is behind on set scores.
The second game of the second set.
Bai is now 4 points behind.
The Chinese team is nearing the precipice.
They are at a great disadvantage.
What is the referee saying?
Bai Minhe, what's up with you?
Stop it!
His shoulder injury is still recovering.
What's wrong with Bai?
Bai Minhe!
Bai Minhe, go!
Bai Minhe, go!
Loop rallies!
Bai has beaten Persson
with Persson's own specialty.
The score is now 20 to 18.
Bat's got the game point.
Good shot!
Bai is on a streak.
He has won a game back.
There had been
26 ties in the first two sets.
The game is weighing on the players.
Now comes the deciding game.
21 to 16.
Bai won the third game,
leveling the playing field again.
The set score is 1 to 1.
The third set begins.
Karlsson from the Swedish team
is facing Gong Feng from China.
The Swedes know you play chop,
but they don't know you can attack.
You were buried for four years,
didn't play in any high-profile competitions.
It's all for this day.
Kill him dead.
Chen Wen, send the orders to table six, fast!
Otherwise, you take care of our son!
Chen Wen.
Chen Wen, stop staring at the TV.
Chen Wen!
Chen Wen, what the hell
are you doing there?
Make your mom proud!
Karlsson's service.
One stroke,
go long.
Gong fast attack,
good hit.
From the expression,
Karlsson's very surprised.
Gong uses forehand inverted, backhand pips.
His style, adding attack into chop,
is something Karlsson
has never seen in his career.
Gong's service.
Return serve missed.
Gong's service again.
Gong serves.
Karlsson missed.
Gong scored on service.
Karlsson looks lost.
Gong is like a magician.
4 out of the first
9 points were scored with services.
Every now and then we see players
encounter techniques that they just can't handle,
but this is an extreme case.
Gong's service again.
Karlsson's out again.
The audience are learning.
They yell "Out" right after Gong serves.
Predictably, Karlsson's out again.
This is getting interesting.
It's Gong's service again.
This time the audience is yelling "net!"
And unsurprisingly Karlsson
has hit the net.
Third set, first game.
Gong's got the game point with 20 to 14.
Karlsson serves,
Gong chops.
Karlsson lost it again!
You know,
out of all these players,
this guy is the one
I have the most confidence in.
The most feared man
is the one that lives in his own world.
This was nothing like how we trained.
He's bewildering.
Keep chopping with no spin.
He's going to fall for it still.
Get him already!
Gong Feng, teach him the lesson!
The second game, 5 to 0.
Gong's ahead.
In the last game, Gong scored 6 points
with services alone.
Karlsson is claimed to be the successor
of Waldner as the future King of Ping Pong.
He'll have an edge
over any of our other players,
but Gong Feng has him completely baffled.
Backhand chop,
change to forehand.
Good hit!
Unlike any other conventional chop players,
Gong's true power shot is not the chop,
but the attack.
6 to 0.
Gong's service.
Score again!
Pride of our post office!
17 to 8.
Karlsson again lost 6 points
on return serves.
Gong Feng, fending.
He's easily fending Karlsson off today!
Don't pull any crap, Gong!
Play to your advantage!
What did he just do?
Can't you tell?
He's got it.
Score is now 20 to 11.
Gong's got the match point.
A win is in the cards.
This is a match
that will end up in the history books.
The success of Gong Feng
wouldn't happen
without our talent building system,
and the numerous unsung heroes
devoting themselves.
What is it?
Well, I heard that,
Chen Wen used to be
a table tennis player before.
Honey I won too!
I enjoyed each of our games.
I hope our games tonight
will stand the test of time.
They will.
21 to 17.
Waldner won against
Bai Minhe, 2 games to 1.
The last set will start
in five minutes after break.
Give us the room.
Huang Zhao from China
against Persson from Sweden.
The final match is about to start.
We have been waiting for
this moment for two whole years.
Serve attack,
one more hit!
Good shot!
Huang Zhao scores again!
A chance for Huang Zhao!
What a pity! It's out.
Persson scored three points in a row.
Huang Zhao is at a disadvantage.
That was a good chance.
But Persson missed it.
It is a lucky one!
Huang Zhao seventh hit!
Huang Zhao eighth hit!
What's the score now?
Why don't you go watch it yourself?
Backhand cross court.
What a pity.
That was a great chance,
but it's lost.
Persson is a giant.
One step forward
and the ball would land near the net.
Persson scored twice in a row.
What's the score?
Well, how bad is our son losing?
Why are you crying?
Which game is it now?
What's the score?
Since the very beginning,
our son has not been behind!
One more point to win!
20 to 10.
Victory is in sight.
One more point for the Chinese team,
then the match will be over!
The score is now 20 to 10.
But be patient.
Before someone reaches 21,
the game is still on.
Persson's turn to serve,
10 to 20.
Huang Zhao's return didn't pass.
Persson serves.
11 to 20.
Two years ago, in Gothenburg,
Huang lost to Persson.
Today, there are 10 match points
for him to avenge himself.
Don't rush, Huang!
Huang pushes.
Persson hits a straight line.
Nice one.
12 to 20.
In the final game of the first set,
Huang was surpassed by Waldy 19 to 18.
Now his psyche is being tested again.
In a ping pong game,
not one point comes easily.
In a ping pong game,
not one point comes easily.
Huang deliberately slowed his pace down
to stablize.
Persson's service.
Huang pushes.
Persson attacks twice in a row.
13 to 20.
Huang's return
didn't pass again.
13 to 20.
The more critical the moment,
the more important it is to keep calm!
Persson serves.
Huang forehand pushes a long ball.
Persson goes sideways.
One attacking hit.
Huang backhand around the table corner.
Persson returns, not a good shot.
Huang Zhao is back.
Another shot.
This is his killer technique.
Forehand fast attack!
What a great victory!
What a triumph!
Huang defeated Persson 2 to 0.
The Chinese team has defeated
the Swedish team
with 3 to 2 in today's match.
After eight years,
through the hard work of generations
of Chinese ping pong players,
the Chinese men's ping pong team
has returned to the top
and won the Swaythling Cup
for the 11th time!
Since the establishment of the PRC,
with great support from the Party
and the country,
the Chinese ping pong team grew
from weak to strong.
The victory belongs
not only to Chinese ping pong,
but also the whole nation.
Next question.
Here, please.
Here, please.
Hello Huang Zhao.
The whole world wants to know.
Before the fifth set,
what did Coach Dai say to you?
What did I say?
For all these years,
we got up at 6:10 in the morning.
We trained when the Swedes
were having breakfast.
We trained when the Swedes
were having afternoon tea.
When the Swedes go to trips,
to vacation, to ski,
we trained.
Maybe they trained a thousand hours.
But we trained ten thousand hours.
I've been to so many countries and cities.
The Chinese
are the most diligent people.
Keep going!
Go for it!
Keep up!
Don't stop!
You two, see how Bat's doing!
Speed up!
I was wrong.
Your opponents
are not them.
Nobody lives forever.
But today,
what you did tonight
will make a difference
for the people after you.
Win or lose
is not important.
Forget all that.
Go enjoy the game.
A question for the youngest player.
You've trained so hard for so long,
but didn't have a chance
to stand on the court in the final.
Do you have anything to say?
Things are just getting started.
Directed by Deng Chao & Yu Baimei
Since the Chinese Table Tennis Team was founded in 1952, 32 Olympic gold
medals have been won, including 8 team & 24 individual championships,
151 gold medals in the World Table Tennis Championships, including 44
team championships 107 individual championships & 71 World Cup gold medals,
including 21 team & 50 individual championships. A total of
117 world champions were born and 254 gold medals were won.