Pingpong (2006) Movie Script

Therefore removes high tone.
Nobody sees you here.
I do not like that, you know very well.
- Anna, dog!
- Schumann! Schumann!
So, you came to stop?
I had not enough money
for the train.
My sister she knows you're there?
Mom gave me money.
But it was not enough.
That does not explain how you
had the idea of spending your vacation here.
At the funeral, you told me
I could come whenever I wanted
if I had enough of the house.
Robert needs a break
and drink something.
It does not really drink enough.
All right?
What are you doing here?
I take a vacation. Here.
You have to drink more.
Then say, what are you doing here?
Well, I had no desire
to hang at home all summer.
You could've called before.
You stay how long?
No idea. Until I get bored.
You do not want to come to the sun,
since you take a break?
I did not want to break.
Sorry for Frank.
Thank you.
It has been difficult.
You were not at the funeral.
I could not.
You've changed everything.
Not all
but many things.
What does Grandma?
What do you say it?
She was not even notice, then.
Frank had planted the cherry tree.
On the left ...
In memory of sorts.
- Robert!
- What? True.
Anna, I wonder where Paul goes to sleep.
Not in the guest room.
Everything is wet and clammy.
Not in my room is too small.
I ...
I can sleep in the nursery.
It's mine now
but we can put you there for now.
You smoke?
It is a sofa bed.
It will turn into bed.
Make yourself comfortable.
Paul, you want to stay how long?
No idea.
I call your mother.
It will surely not.
Susanne is Stefan, your brother.
Paul is with us.
Call me
when you get back. Hi. OK.
Paul, it would be nice
not to smoke here.
- No problem.
- Good.
Frank is the spitting image, right?
- We should put a limit.
- We can not do that.
Of course it does. Your sister would still
could even ask if it bothered us.
Perhaps a message of peace.
You know she does not talk much.
Do you think she knows he is here?
She'll call.
You do not use more?
What up?
The Berg sonata
not yet developed.
The middle part is super hard.
I know
how I can be ready by Saturday.
Is there anything Saturday?
I have an audition.
Leipzig Conservatory,
class of young students.
Young students ...
You still play ping-pong?
Is not that great, eh?
Thou shalt not.
Where is the clip for the grill?
Why did you say anything?
I play with you! Give me a trowel.
You think I'm too old?
Schumann! Come here!
Robert, you can turn the sausages?
Go ahead, Paul.
I am not free.
Yes. Well.
Well, well ...
Dear Paul,
Welcome to our home
which is also yours.
We are very pleased
that you and your mother ...
Whether you've decided to bury
old conflicts
purely material ...
and that thou art even come see us.
I know it was not easy
for you lately.
The financial difficulties ...
You know what?
Toast, that's all.
A few beautiful days together.
What do you think
when you say "aspirin"?
Why you ask that?
Rendske wants to find
a new slogan for aspirin.
It has launched a national campaign ...
Frank how did he kill himself?
His current favorite is:
"Aspirin: According to wellness."
I support anything more "wellness".
They have even created
a new position of "wellness coach".
He wants the entire management
enjoys a "wellness check-up.
Not me.
They are wasting money on it,
and they save on training.
- A wellness check-up would do you good.
- It will pass over my body.
Paul, no! No table.
No table.
Good night.
Good night.
Why do not you unfolded?
I prefer to sleep on the floor.
- Sleep well?
- Mmm ...
- Sacred smell in the room.
- Paul, not at breakfast.
I do not like it.
Robert, do not forget
we must cut the cherry tree.
I wish you and your father,
you deal with it.
I can do it too.
You pass me the bread?
That's nice,
but my men will arrive.
I can take care of the pool.
It should rehabilitate.
And we could swim.
It would be nice in this weather.
There's one that will be the favorite.
You do not know?
I still
learned some things from my father.
It is true that Frank was broke?
He was broke?
Who told you?
And then?
That's your business?
I just ask.
- What are you doing?
- I measure the pool.
Yes, my treasure.
What are you doing?
I measure the pool
how much was needed tiles.
It must be ...
about 15 square meters.
You can feel really worry?
Of course.
And I have time.
- Hi, Paul.
- Stefan?
I have to go to Madrid.
I have no choice. Trgomain is sick.
- Tomorrow?
- Tonight. My plane leaves at 22 h 15.
How long?
One week.
Trgomain is still sick
when they choose. You, ever.
- Anything!
- But it has the visit. Your family!
I can not help it! I could not predict!
Paul proposed to tile the pool.
It's great. Very good.
That may be asking a lot.
- If the proposed himself ...
- I can do. No problem.
It takes time ...
Paul, it takes how long?
One week to make it good.
We could pay you.
What do you think?
Good idea.
You would not have to hitchhike.
You could even fly first!
You play the good Samaritan today?
Geez ...
It's great.
Paul takes care of the pool.
Me too, I'd like to travel.
Nobody's stopping you.
Go ahead.
A trip to Vienna.
With Schumann in my bag or something?
The boy is not complicated at all.
In addition, Robert is there.
They get along well.
Robert has more to do.
I return Monday.
I promise to
something with them on my return.
Sense it.
White rum. Blame you?
Later perhaps.
They do not realize it?
How? It looks like water.
Robert! Come say goodbye.
Go and say goodbye.
- Will you change, please.
- Paul!
You give up already?
What up? Here! Go!
This is your leash. Go.
Paul! Are you crazy?
- What? Want to swim?
- Yes, but not here.
The lake was polluted.
Nitrate contamination.
Do not go, no!
No, you do not go!
You will not get stronger?
Where you get that?
I have made.
Wait, the cops chase me.
Fucking helicopter ...
Did you want to play?
I have another lever here.
No. I do not like the games of slaughter.
It's not a massacre!
Decrease the sound, I'm going to bed.
You like it? Yes?
You really like that?
Yes, you love it!
Yes, you love it!
Oh yes, I like it too.
- You want a fresh orange juice?
- Yes, thank you.
Saturday is the anniversary
Schumann. Guess her age.
- Ten years?
- Ten years!
Four. Four years. Come here.
Well ... Yes, he likes it.
You will succeed Berg entire
But I've already done.
Considering how you played yesterday
it's not worth going to the hearing.
Come! Assis. Assis. Assis.
I told you to sit!
I found that he played yesterday
was really good.
Ah, you see.
That's good.
Kind of moron!
Stop! We did not play
with food, children.
Take off your t-shirt.
I wanted to do a laundry.
Laying it here, please.
I do the rest.
Robert is too!
First piano, then crescendo!
But that's what I did!
- What's up?
- She and her problem of authority.
Robert, come on, please!
Paul, and the pool?
I suggest that you keep
and we studied the Berg sonata.
It's good.
Then you come?
I will walk with Schumann.
You coming?
I will walk with Schumann.
Want to come?
You get along with your mother?
Mouais ...
It goes a little better now?
I know. We talk a lot.
Would you like it speaks to you most?
You know, she talks a lot,
but it shall not complain.
It must be understood.
It is a difficult period.
I understand.
- Really?
- Sure.
Frank owes much you missed.
Oh, shit!
What up?
It's red. It's a wasp sting.
Are you crazy?
Come back with me
I put an onion on it.
Yes, what?
I want to go home! Yes, what?
It stinks!
It must stink to take effect.
Let me pass.
Yes, my treasure! This is a good meal.
Go! Let me pass.
Go! Let me pass.
Go! Yes!
Yes, here!
You play badminton!
Warning! Warning!
We take care of the tree.
- Attention Schumann!
- Schumann, go away.
I'm going shopping.
I'll be right back.
Schumann, no!
- That one?
- No, not that one. Thereof.
And early too.
Put it in motion!
You know. It's not so simple. Dis ...
- I'll be right back.
- Hey!
Not so good.
She left town.
It is OK.
Mom meshes well with him.
More than that even.
More than that! Hello?
Yes, I'll tell him.
Yes, it's nice here too.
See you later. Yes, ciao.
Yes, ciao.
Tout va bien?
- We do not like it with iodine?
- Alcohol is better.
Oh, damn!
Marie Joseph!
What's happening?
You're mad?
- What?
- Where is Paul?
What's happening?
I hurt myself.
- Why did not you called?
- There it is left like that.
Robert, get me the soap!
You have not reported
chewing gum?
Sorry, I forgot.
I met Professor Kbler.
You spend a third.
It's terrible.
Look at this! You did what?
- Anna?
- Yes?
You have to sweat on the lip.
Here we go.
Paul, do not forget to note
your hours for the pool.
The painting is in my car.
You have to pick
the boss's wife at brothel. Go!
- Damn, why does not roll right?
- Must ride in the middle of the road.
- Oh, I upset someone.
- It's nothing.
- What are you doing?
- Oh, Mama! I am dead.
You still have a life.
I told myself
we could watch a movie.
I explained the game, but ...
I'm going left or right here?
Heu. Left and right after.
- Want to play?
- No, continue.
Here, on the right or the next?
All right.
Thank you, goodbye!
Yes, my treasure!
They are how?
Oh, beautiful colors.
Very beautiful.
I hope it will suffice.
It was the mortar and glue.
Organize your time at your leisure.
The sound needs time
to develop.
Accelerando, mean speed,
not get carried away like a greyhound.
You always exaggerate. I told you
thousands of times. Arise.
Far too soft.
Paul? Paul, come see. Come see.
Robert will play you a song
and you have to say
which version you prefer, OK?
Yours first, then mine, OK?
- They were both well.
- And ..
What is the difference between
the two versions, in your opinion?
The first had more punch.
The second was ...
Just ...
Go ahead. Just feeling.
Which pleased you the most?
Perhaps the first. But I know
how it's supposed to be.
Let him. It is useless.
It's just a game Go, play!
If I had to choose the second.
Want a drink?
- Come.
- I'm coming.
Sense it.
It smells good.
- You do not put sugar?
- No, no. No sugar.
- Good ...
- Thank you.
Excuse me ...
- It's good.
- You ...
- You too.
- Yes?
It's party?
- Want to worry too? It's delicious!
- I can not stand milk.
Lactose intolerance.
What do you think
to sleep elsewhere that night?
- We three?
- No! Us.
Near the lake.
Yes, go ahead, as the time ...
I'm glad
to be somewhat relieved of you.
Provided that you're here
at 9 o'clock tomorrow, as agreed.
Yes. Of course.
- What is there in 9 hours?
- Dress rehearsal for the hearing.
No, thank you.
You will have a big nose
of drunk if you continue.
You, you die of lung cancer.
Unless you suicide before.
How was it suicide?
- Who?
- Who do you think?
What did they say?
They just said that ...
that Frank had committed suicide
because he had problems.
I think
I'll sleep in the house.
Hey, what does that mean?
I do not want to answer
to silly questions.
OK, Paul.
I promise you, more questions.
Juror, spit!
He hanged himself.
In the garage.
Really, with a rope?
- No questions!
- Sorry.
With a cable.
At the ceiling.
This is where I found it.
You know what it looks like?
What it looks like ...
face was blue,
and tongue hanging out?
Stains on the pants?
You know what it looks like?
It was so awful!
Yes, I mean ...
Why did he do that?
Why has it ...
I know! I know!
We should call him.
They should call and ask.
"Hi, Frank!
"Hi, Frank,
why have you committed suicide?
"Why have you committed suicide,
without leaving a farewell letter? "
Perhaps he would respond.
Excuse me. I'm sorry.
It's good.
Ouch! Warning! My bandage!
What up?
Nothing, why?
- Are you crazy?
- What?
What time is it?
Ten hours a quarter.
There was no rehearsal at 9 o'clock?
And then?
Come on, ping-pong!
- So?
- No dinner tonight.
- Why?
- Everyone takes what he wants.
- From salami?
- No, thank you.
- Paul, it's going well?
- Yes, okay.
- Where is the frozen pizza?
- When there are more, there are more.
We have enough tiles?
But who is there?
Yes, my brother.
- Let's go walking!
- Can I come?
Look what good meal!
You like it, eh?
In Schumann!
To Paul!
At ...
At the hearing.
The Berg sonata, Robert
She became very good.
Remember that you should take me there.
Paul, you do not mind
take care of Schumann?
Good luck!
Yes, hello?
Yes, it goes well.
How is Madrid?
No, they left.
No idea. They said nothing.
She left here, yes.
Ok. Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi. Where is my dog?
He was there at the moment.
This is my beautiful dog!
- Where is Robert?
- No idea. He told me to leave.
He forbade me to go with him.
We must rebuild your bandage.
It's almost finished.
Robert was such an impropriety,
you can not imagine.
You can take it?
He is so aggressive sometimes.
Ah well.
I do not know who it is that.
It is a difficult age, and more.
And his father is never there
when he needs him.
- Yes ...
- You can take it?
Yes, it's hard.
I'm sorry, Paul.
I found ...
I admire your strength.
You're so brave.
But you need not be all the time.
Nobody asked you that.
Be careful not to dirty.
How did your audition?
Of course. What do you think?
Where is Anna?
No idea.
You should know.
She went to fetch you.
I do not understand, then.
Weird. I'm in my room.
I've searched everywhere!
I'm talking!
Breath to see!
You think I'm an idiot?
You thought I would see anything?
Honey, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! Put cold water.
Robert, I'm sorry.
Your mother called?
- I put the chicken thighs in the oven.
- Anna ...
Yeah, yeah.
Not want to worry?
Come. Come. Here.
Come, come.
Robert is sleeping?
- I think so.
- You should go to bed too.
Where were you?
You smoke too.
I remember later. Ciao.
It really hurts?
I'm really sorry.
But I do not understand why
you drink alcohol before the hearing.
Tell me.
Mom, take care Paul
and leave me alone.
- Hey!
- Stefan! You're already there?
I thought you came back tomorrow!
There are so long
I did not see you at the piano!
- It was a very promising talent.
- A long time ago.
Anna, you do not want to say?
He said what?
What you have to say?
Oh, that! It was fun!
I knew it.
Paul is not complicated at all,
this is not a diva like your son.
Anna ...
And he is very clever ...
at least for the pool.
- Nothing.
- Chic bandage.
It is Anna who made me.
Ah! You played the doctor!
It's beautiful!
I've gotten a few days and ...
Where is Robert?
I do not know what a.
It has become crazy.
He arrived at the audition drunk.
Obviously, he has missed.
- It's not true!
- Yes! But I thought of something.
I called Mom
and she agreed. It ...
We must remove the piano.
How it's on the front?
The front? What face?
I know.
On the weather front, the front
War, the front of the couple ...
How's your hand?
It's annoying.
In the U.S., you could
complaint against your mother
and you surely would win.
- I would not need witnesses?
- Probably.
I saw nothing.
So, case closed. No matter.
If you say so.
What are you doing here?
It's not a pretty sight.
Good night.
Oh, damn!
Are you crazy?
It is possible ...
You still drinking?
So it was good?
You know what I mean.
I've seen.
- What?
- Yes!
Do not shout like that.
Kind of bastard!
- I love it.
- What? You're crazy.
- And she loves me.
- She loves you?
Let me laugh.
Beware, it can become infected.
Were more than wholemeal bread.
a little cheese?
- You?
- No, thank you.
Paul, you do not want
anything for breakfast?
Let him.
Listen, Robert.
Your mother and I talked
number of your conservatory.
You surely realize Account
it's not fair to her.
You know how much she has invested in you.
It is not about that.
It is not enough?
This hearing stupid.
You see?
Your view of things is wrong.
It was not a "moron hearing.
It would have been
an important step for you.
You have missed a huge opportunity.
Others are not so fortunate,
even if they have talent.
I hope you realize.
And what Anna
will hear the conservatory!
It will spread
like wildfire.
Honestly, I thought
you were more mature and more reasonable.
You want to tell me finally
what happened in my absence?
Well ...
Anna and Paul ...
Anna was kind of nervous. That's all.
He is not hungry.
We do not talk anymore.
Stop! Stop!
Wow! Great! It's really good!
If you do run the water tonight
we can all swim tomorrow morning
to inaugurate it.
I'm going to town with Stefan.
There was food in the fridge.
Robert will surely return soon.
Have a good evening.
You can go for a walk
with Schumann?
I'm coming!
Tell me what I should do.
I just swim.
Now, you,
your fucking pool.
It is Anna who will be happy.
I've got to go.
Ciao, Robert.
I'm outta here. My train
part in a half-hour.
Lie down on the bed
it's more comfortable.
I prefer to sleep on the floor.