Pink (2016) Movie Script

- Walk straight...
- Watch out!
Come on, start the car.
Drive slowly... avoid the bumps.
- Will this lead to a police case'?
- No-no.
But we won't spare those girls.
Look at what they did.
Listen - are you feeling sleepy?
No ma'am.
Want me to sit with you and chat?
Minal, don't!
- Falak, he'll bang into someone.
- Minal, please.
Please, don't.
Just drive.
- Hold him.
- Yeah.
Hurry UP-
Stop right here, on the left.
I kept on saying let's leave...
Was constantly hinting at it
What if something happens to him how?
Sir... Sir...
How's he now?
He has a head injury.
- Requires an MRI.
- Any damage to his eyes'?
We removed the glass
shards from his eyes.
By the way,
would you like to do a MLC report?
- MLC?
- Legal procedure... Police.
Sir... - No-no-no... right now
let's just focus on the patient.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Please focus on the patient.
Yeah... Hello, Ankit.
Listen ...There was an incident.
In Surajkund.
Rajvir is hurt.
He needed stitches.
He was bleeding.
L...l am sending you our location.
Maybe you could speak to
the Home Secretary...
- Consider it done.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Finish your tea.
Bhandari - Sir.
What happened yesterday?
We don't know for sure, sir.
Call him.
- Who is it?
- Uncle.
Hello, uncle.
Ankit here
Yeah... get Viru on the phone.
Well... Rajvir can't talk now.
Yeah... it happened on Sunday night.
Yes... couple of them.
- Any injury to the eye'?
- Yeah yeah... aah well
We'll know once the
bandages are taken off.
Who were they?
Uncle... you know, aah...
Don't worry, uncle.
The situation is under control.
I'll tell him to call you back.
Yes... l'll tell him.
- How was your day'?
- Hi.
- You had dinner?
- I am so hungry.
What do you want to eat?
What is it?
Hello Hello, uncle.
Don't you own flat no.
203 at Sarva Priya Vihar?
Yeah... but who is this'?
What is the matter?
Well... it is about your tenants
tell those girls to
settle the rent and shift out.
What are you getting at son.
What am I getting at'?!
I am just saying
they are not decent girls.
Just throw them out
Listen I know them pretty well.
They've been living there
for more than 2 years now.
I understand...
But you don't get it, do you'?
That's all I am saying,
did you understand Mr. Kasturilal?
Hello! Hello!
I'm going to take a bath.
There's no point in
avoiding the conversation.
What's done is done.
I am sure they have moved on,
we should move on too.
It is not that simple Minal.
His eye...
And... this can lead
to a criminal complaint.
Are we going to think about this
everyday and worry ourselves to death?
We'll go mad like this.
She's right.
Let's just forget the whole thing.
Will they forget it?
It's been four days since
anyone has even smiled here.
Fine, go ahead. Smile.
Smile, Andrea.
- Should I?
- Yes...
- Sure'?
- Yeah... laugh.
Feel free. Laugh.
Are you sure?
Absolutely - Look,
don't yell at me later.
I won't... Go right ahead.
You'll join in.
Come on...
Don't do it.
Your turn Andrea No, don't...
Hello, uncle.
Just a second please.
It is Mr. Kasturilal
How come?
So uncle, what brings you
here today... - Just like that.
Why'? Am I not allowed in here?
We didn't meant that
In fact, I like making this sugary
watery, apology of a tea for you.
Is everything okay, dear?
- Why are you asking?
- Well... did something happen?
- What?
- No...
Is someone troubling you...
in person or making
calls at odd hours?
No, uncle... - There's
been no such thing...
- So is everything okay'?
- Yes, uncle...
- So... may I take your leave then?
- Yeah...
See you again on the 7th
for the rent then! - Sure!
God bless!
Bye uncle.
How did he know?
I have no idea.
Will the cheque be issued
in the name of the trust? - Yes.
I wish... you had a nominee!!!
Yeah that would have been nice.
Think about it then.
I am ready... even now.
Stop. Stop-
- It's okay... he's fine.
Come on, uncle. Get up.
Are you hurt'?
You're hurt!
Someone get him some water.
Who was that guy on the bike?
He just knocked you
down and sped away.
I am fine, son.
This thing has just been junked.
Have some water... l'll
take care of the scooter.
Don't worry about it.
- Are you sure you are okay'?
- Yes, fine.
Get a rickshaw for him. Come on.
Amar Colony.
You are at Amar Colony, right?
Amar Colony... - Amar Colony
is walking distance...
Who asked you Smarty'?
Why don't you take another rickshaw?
Shithead - Have a heart
it's a hitn-run case.
Take care uncle.
Just one more thing
do what we discussed.
The thing over the phone...
Just ask those
girls to vacate your house!
In fact, do it today.
They are trouble.
They quarreled
over rates with my buddies.
One of my friends got hurt badly...
Just throw them out, okay.
I'll call you back.
Let's go
Here you go
Your bag
Yes, Mr. Kasturilal
He had called earlier also
That guy
I couldn't bring myself to...
But he was saying throw them out
they are no good
I didn't want you kids
to worry but then...
When I was on my way back...
A biker knocked me down.
And then they came pretending
to help but warned me again
What's happening, dear?
I just don't understand.
I'll call you back, Mr. Kasturilal.
I'll tell you everything.
Are you okay though?
Yes, dear. I am fine.
But just tell me what's going on'?
I'll tell you everything,
I'll call you right back.
Sure, dear.
You should be careful.
Stop here.
I don't believe this, Falak.
Everything happened so quickly,
we thought...
No you just didn't think, Falak.
We thought...
If you really had given it a thought...
you would've never
gone with them, Falak.
Alone... to their room.
Weird idea of having fun
I can understand
Minal doing this, but...
What do you mean? Minal doing this'?
Look, Falak... l can either
be truthful or liberal.
What do you want me to be?
I didn't come here for a discussion
on the right or wrong of it.
I came because I
just wanted to be held...
What did the doctor say'?
Can't you see for yourself'?
What's the doctor going to say anyway?
Once I lay my hands on
that Minal... - We will get her.
Shouldn't be difficult!
Just wait and watch.
- Why are you always so aggro?
- Point being?
You weren't even there!
- So.
- Stop provoking Rajvir then!
Pussy! - This isn't
about being macho!
Vishwa, shut up! Why'?
Why are you always so shit scared'?
Stop the car... l want to talk to them.
About what'?
Shut him up first.
Minal - Who is this'?
- How does it matter?
- Meaning? Who is this'?
I mean... the issue
is you hurt my friend.
He's going to lose an eye... and
you're going to pay for it.
L...lam sorry...
but the thing is...
the situation
Shut up... you started everything.
No one forced you...
you came there on your own... decked up.
So... l mean yeah... I... I got angry.
Really? But now he's angry.
And I am angry.
So we'll have some fun with you.
Get ready to be humiliated.
I see... then stop threatening
me over the phone.
Try it in person then we'll talk!
Trouble is - If I do show up...
you'll beg me to go away.
I am bored you coward.
So stop talking and come
and show me what you can do.
Agree! She does ask for it!
So we will deliver!
It is going to be fun!
You could've taken my calls.
Or sent me a text
I didn't want to bother you.
But I just couldn't
think straight today...
so I thought maybe if I
talk to you I'll get some clarity.
You guys are already...
doing the right thing.
Don't be apologetic
And Minal should go right ahead
and file a complaint with the cops.
- What?
- They are here.
- Who's here?
- They are here... we've to go.
- Let's go.
- Okay-okay.
Not only did they call.
But they've also incited Sinha and
Gupta from the resident association...
to ask you guys to leave.
But you don't need to worry.
You can continue living there.
If the entire managing
committee objects
what will you do'?
We'll cross the bridge
when we come to it
I feel guys should do something.
File a complaint with the police.
Uncle, we don't want
to escalate this matter.
What's wrong?
It was a very good show.
People are waiting
outside to meet you.
Hurry UP-
I'll come.
Come soon.
Minal, is everything ok?
You seem very off today?
It is such a mess, isn't it?
You don't know how well
connected these guys are.
And... you all are girls after all.
I mean... if this thing goes on,
who will be more humiliated?
There's no need for this.
Let's compromise.
Look I'll be with him tomorrow.
Call up and apologies.
Even if you don't mean it.
Just say 'sorry' and end it here.
Move on.
Let's just finish it here.
So madam... the incident took
place in Surajkund, right? - Yes.
Then you need to file the case there
But the threatening
calls have been made here.
Sure you want to file
a case against them? - Yes.
Look, once we start investigating
you have no idea
what it will lead to?
Your routine will go for a toss
I mean... if you file a report...
you'll have to come down
to the police station every day.
The boy must
have bled a lot though.
So... even he has a case.
Anyway let me take it down. - Sir, why
don't you just give them a warning'?
We can warn them, of course.
But she will be charged too.
You assaulted him madam.
And if we file an FIR...
then everyone will know,
that you were drunk too... right?
- Sir...
- Quiet!
Yes, madam. Sorry.
Go ahead.
But the threats on the phone...
Don't worry about the
threats... it means nothing.
Thank God...
In fact I am so happy that...
nothing happened to you that night.
You're absolutely safe.
What if something had happened...
You know what,
I am actually quite upset with you.
A decent girl like you...
doesn't go out with such boys!
Does she'?
You went into the room... you had fun...
cracked jokes... drank...
You asked for it...
But later the feminist
brigade comes after us!
Candle marches and all...!
And claim girls are not safe.
Look I've a suggestion...
sleep over it tonight.
Take her advice... she looks
experienced in such matters.
Please help her out, madam.
And we are always here to help.
Some more tea? ...No'? Soda?
This is absurd.
You should've talked to me before.
I thought everything will
be fine after a while but...
One sec
How are you'?
I am fine, thank you.
Listen, who's ACP South?
Actually, you didn't file
a FIR in Surajkund that day.
So now we can lodge
a zero FIR in New Delhi.
Okay, sir, but then what?...
Once you lodge this,
I will put pressure on them.
We'll see to it that the boys stop.
Not to worry, relax.
You went ahead and
filed a police complaint.
And didn't even check with us?
Was it for you to make that decision?
Don't you know how
the cops work Minal?
Can we trust them?
And can Vishwa and company be trusted?
Look Falak you know what
these guys are capable of...
That's why.
I want to end this, but you guys...
So what should I do'? Tell me.
Take my complaint back'? Apologise?
Fall at their feet?
Tell me what to do'?
Minal, ...why are we here?
For World...
To lead a normal life!
Not to get involved
with some police business.
If my dad finds out about this...
He's going to be so tensed...
Look, I don't want to apologise!'?
Fine, I'll do it!
They threatened Andrea...
who knows what they can do tomorrow.
And all this nonsense will stop'?!
- I think we shouldn't compromise, I...
- Minal, please...
Please don't complicate things.
I'm calling Vishwa tomorrow
and putting an end to this.
She was in tears.
She apologised also Very good.
Good beginning.
The end will be even better.
You rattled her enough
What else do you want'?
- Should I say...
- Dude, what's your problem ya...
You weren't even present.
If I was - this would
never have happened.
I am just following traditions.
One needs to show women their place.
You don't want to end this'?
Should I say no? - Yes.
You don't want an apology?
It's Falak.
Should I answer?
Hello... Vishwa... Hi!
- Falak.
- Yeah, Falak.
You'd said... that we could
work out a compromise... - Yeah.
Viru's right here...
See, Falak...
I don't have any issues with you.
Where is Minal Rajvir.
Look... whatever happened that day,
it was in the heat of the moment.
- Can we just...
- I thought I told you...
I don't have a problem with you
Don't interfere...
give Minal the phone
Yeah, but I had already
spoken to Vishwa, we'll
Falak, where is that Minal,
I want her to apologies.
Rajvir, please...
Please don't talk like that.
Look... don't lecture me on morality.
Get that on the line, now!
Don't you get it ...I don't
have a problem with you.
But I do!
With you, with your language...
with your filthy mind.
What do you think?
That we called you out of fear...
Minal should have
hurt both your eyes.
You just wait and watch now.
You'll be rotting in prison soon!
- You sure it's her number?
- Yeahhh...
Ma'am, the boss wants
to see you. - OK.
- Yes, sir.
- Sorry...
This is awkward...
Look Falak,
we're an image-conscious company.
And my boss, Tushar Singhal
has just... - I don't Know...
I don't know whose...
I understand... but
with this merger...
I don't know about this.
Look, Why don't you...
Take a few days off...
go on a leave.
And... you know,
look for prospects...
This is...
You know how it is.
Yes, sir.
I do know how it is.
Sir... can you please ask
the accounts to clear my dues'?
I'll do that.
Don't let go.
Hold her. Hold her.
You made a mistake! You
shouldn't have gone to the cops.
Deer Park... back gate... 20 meters,
going North.
I got it... North... South...
How many times are you
going to repeat the same thing?
You don't even have
the registration number?
But I described the vehicle.
Yes, and we have
forwarded that info.
But we haven't found any such car.
She's cold
Go ahead... call for help.
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
Listen to me...
Now why're you begging'?
Remember the challenging
tone over the phone?
Let me go!
Dumpy... I won't report this.
Just let me go, I'll
forget everything - I see.
But I want you to remember this.
You should realise what you've done.
Let me go, please... l am sorry.
- Leave me...
- No-no-no-no...
No, you're not sorry,
you're a proud .
Yeah... who wants to go first?
Hello - will your over-efficient
police do something now? Amod.
Or should I step
out after taking my meds?
Deepak... Sehgal!
North... they abducted her
headed North
I am sorry.
North, yes...
- Back gate... going North.
- Yeah... l got it.
North, I got it.
Let me go, please
You guys are so stuck up...
you got a coin on you'?
Dumpy, pat her down!
Deepak, we checked with Hauz Khas,
Saket and all the other police stations.
No such incident has been reported.
Let me go.
(30 slow man, what's the hurry?
She's getting turned on,
we don't want her to have fun.
We want revenge.
Let me go.
Stop the car!
Let me go!
Don't tell anyone about this...
This was just a curtain raiser!
Catch you later.
Now get out!
Where were you'?
Minal, what's wrong?
Are you okay'?
What happened?
Are you okay'?
Are you okay'?
Get a towel quickl.
Minal. Come and sit here.
Come and sit here.
Take off your jacket.
Are you okay'?
Just one option left.
Let's leave this place.
Yes, Shaukeen Jai Hind, sir.
Sir, we just received
a harassment complaint.
So we will have to investigate.
Fine, go ahead, what's the problem?
It is against
Ranjit Singh's nephew!!!
- The guy from South Delhi?
- Yes.
- I'll call you back.
- Jai Hind, sir.
Sir, this is JCP Amod...
Sir, someone's filed a complaint
against Ranjit Singh's
nephew in Surajkund.
Right, sir.
- Where did this happen?
- Surajkund!
- Who all were there?
- Me, Vishwa and Dumpy.
What about him'?
He was with you in Patiala.
And the girls?
One's from Delhi,
another's from Lucknow...
And the third from
Arunachal or maybe Sikkim.
You mean the north-east.
Viru, stay.
Grow up!
Stop hanging around with these kids!
- Does a Minal Arora stay here?
- Yes. Second floor!
We're from Surajkund Police Station.
- So has our FIR been filed?
- Which one of you is Minal?
Follow me Why'?
S.H.O ma'am wants to speak with you.
Let us talk here.
But she's downstairs!!!
Don't just stand there, let's go.
I'll be right back.
No wait!
Just let go of my arm.
- Minal Arora?
- Yes.
You need to come with us.
Ma'am, let's go up and talk.
- What is the problem?
- Get in.
We've a warrant to take her in.
Mukesh - She's been charged
under section 307. 'Attempt to Murder'.
And we've been searching
for her for a week.
But we... we filed the complaint.
She's been charged
under section 307.
We'll talk at the
police station - No...
But we...
We just want to talk.
I haven't done anything...
We filed the complaint.
- No, but...
- We just want to talk.
Where are you taking me?
- Come to Surajkund Police Station...
- Where are you taking her?
This is bound to happen
if you let such girls rent out.
Excuse me...
You had said that the
S.H.O will be here by 11
It's 12 now.
We'll inform you once she's here.
- But can we...
- Please wait outside
Yes, dear... l am here
Where are you'?
Madam is going to be late.
You can't sit here after 6 pm.
But... how long are
you going to hold her?
Let me see her once.
Stop wasting your time, madam.
There's nothing you can do here.
Go and arrange for the bail instead.
It's 8:30 already... who knows
whether she's coming at all.
Uncle, you should go.
We'll wait.
But dear... how can I just leave?
She's... she is here.
Ma'am, can we please...
Rajesh, let them meet her for a bit.
Thank you, ma'am Thank you.
- Are you okay, dear?
- Papa...
Go home.
Please Papa, go home.
What are they saying?
They say we should apply for bail.
We already showed her the warrant.
Your daughter's been charged
for 'Attempt to Murder'.
What if the boy had died?
By the way, she's a prostitute,
I hope you know that.
- What crap?
- Shut up.
Or I'll have you thrown out.
They won't admit it but
they are the co-accused.
Here's your copy of the FIR.
I told you to be careful.
- Where's the paper?
- What paper?
Paper... the copy of the complaint...
Yeah but why do you want it?
I just want to...
What is the charge'?
Show me the complaint?
So... Minal...
is at the police station,
and you're Falak...
And she's Andrea.
Charges are section 320 with 324...
causing grievous injury.
Section 307... Attempt to Murder!
Attempt to Extort and Prostitution.
They took her in on a Friday so she
that doesn't get bail immediately.
We can't get bail anyway...
They said it's a
non-bailable offence - Pen...
You got a pen?
Hire a lawyer... on Saturday.
And tell him to go to
the Session judge's home...
and put in an emergency bail plea.
Yes, emergency bail plea.
By the way... women
and minors can get bail...
For a non-bailable offence.
Take a look at this!
Not possible... not possible at all.
Mr. Kumar?
Hold on... hold on a minute.
Yes ma'am.
I told you to come on Monday.
It will be done.
I'll help you get bail on Monday.
Will you get it done on Monday'?
And don't forget... Of course.
- And you do have my number!
- Yes.
Come on.
Get in.
Come on, shut the door.
Minal... we've met another lawyer.
We'll get you out by Monday.
That place reeks of urine, Falak.
I feel pukish all the time
They were using a legal term.
- Consultation... Conference...
- Blocking fees.
Yes-yes-yes, sir.
So everyone has refused.
But there is a lawyer who
is willing to represent us - Who'?
Some Kumar!
So what do we do'?
Mr. Sehgal...
we are very scared.
I've never seen Minal
so helpless before.
She's a very brave girl.
Mr. Sehgal...
will she make bail?
We're normal working girls,
Mr. Sehgal.
They are insane...
I am on medication.
I can't handle this...
this trial.
What trial?
You're running a temperature
Madam! Madam!
Who is it, Andrea?
Getting bail was the
least of your worries.
We must prepare for
the trial properly, here...
Sign this affidavit
Thank you.
The hearing is on the 15th.
You all must be ready.
Silence please!
Please stand!
Case no. 541; State Vs. Minal Arora!
Prosecution may proceed.
A few of our key laws
were passed to protect...
our women from repression
And some...
existing laws were strengthened.
For example, the laws against
rape, dowry... etc etc!
some women have
now begun misusing them
targeting innocent, decent men.
Resorting to blackmail
and extortion.
And that's precisely what
has happened in this case as well.
On the night of March 1st,
Minal Arora and others...
met Rajvir Singh and
his friends at a Rock Concert...
and tried to be friendly.
Later... when Rajvir Singh invited
them over to RS resort for dinner...
in good faith, they...
offered to establish sexual relations
with the boys in exchange of money.
At first Rajvir was intimidated
and later he clearly refused.
Minal threatened...
to get him arrested on false
charges of rape unless he paid up.
But Rajvir still refused.
That's when Minal attacked him.
The attack was totally
unprovoked and vicious.
Later she fled from the scene
of crime along with her friends.
Sir, this is clearly a case
of 'Attempt to Extort', 'Soliciting'
under Section 320
to be read with 324...
and 'Causing grievous injury' and
under section 307 'Attempt to Murder'.
And that is all... your honor.
M r. Dee pa K.
- Yes, your honor.
- Opening arguments, please.
Sir, let me make it clear
the police has no case...
Mr. Deepak, can you...
please speak louder?
Sir, I was saying...
the police has no case,
it's a case of vindictive litigation.
The actual charges
that can be made are..
Section 354 'Outraging
the modesty of a woman'...
Rajvir Singh did that
to my client Minal Arora...
in Surajkund's RS Resort.
But the Police acted under
Rajvir Singh's influence...
ignored my client Minal
Arora's complaint and...
filed a charge sheet against her on
the basis of Rajvir Singh's complaint.
The second charge is section
503 to be read with 506.
'Criminal Intimidation.'
These boys were
constantly threatening...
and intimidating my
client ever since that incident.
And in order to hide their crimes,
they committed two more.
Section 340 'Wrongful Confinement'.
Ankit Malhotra and Raunak Anand aka
Dumpy, along with two of their friends...
held my client
inside a car... and raped...
I mean, molested her.
- Anything else?
- Sir?
- Is that all?
- Yes, sir.
Mr. Prashant'?
First I would like to call upon the
investigating officer... Sarla Premchand.
On what basis did you file
the final charge sheet, officer?
Sir, I had received the
complaint from the boys long ago.
Being a lady officer,
and since this case involved women...
I chose to do a detailed
investigation instead...
of taking direct action Right.
And I found out that these girls...
were present at RS
Resort during the incident.
But I didn't find any
substance in their FIR
So why didn't you arrest
Ms. Arora immediately?
Sir, she was absconding.
So, without a confession from her...
how did you conclude that
she was the one who assaulted Rajvir'?
When we carried out an
investigation after the complaint...
the manager and waiter from
the resort testified against her.
Did you recover the bottle used
in the assault? - Yes, sir.
Exhibit 'P\/V 1.31', Sir.
Minal Arora's fingerprints are on it.
That's all.
Mr. Deepak, would you like to
cross-examine her? - No, your honor.
I would immediately
like to call upon Dr. Uday!
How intense was the attack?
If the bottle hadn't shattered...
the blunt-force trauma would've
probably killed Rajvir Singh.
It was quite a deep cut.
The bottle was swung
at him with a lot of force.
If the glass shards had pierced
a critical artery or thereabout...
Then Rajvir
could've lost his life?
That's all, your honor.
- Mr. Deepak, cross?
- No cross, your honor.
In order to prove my point,
I would like to call upon...
Mukesh Kumar, a waiter at RS Resort.
Is she the one who
attacked Rajvir'? - Yes.
Can you describe the series of events?
Well, at first they
all looked calm and relaxed.
They were chatting and laughing.
But one look at their
clothes and body language...
and I told the manager that
these are no respectable couples...
And that he should ask them to leave.
Or they won't leave before dawn.
Such girls... - But I was
wearing normal clothes.
Do not speak out of turn!
No, but you can't guess such
things just from people's clothes.
Why else would they go
with the boys to their rooms?
Think about it.
And what's more, each girl
was going alone with a different guy.
- Who went first?
- The one with the specs
But sir, I just went to
use the washroom... - Mr. Sehgal.
Please explain court
procedure to your clients.
What happened next?
A little later I suddenly
heard screaming and yelling.
When I went to take a look,
she was running away...
and this gentleman's face was covered
in blood - That's all, your honor.
Mr. Deepak
No cross, your honor.
Why aren't you questioning anyone?
Next I would like to call
upon manager Ramakant Vijay.
When you were
entertaining your guests...
at the restaurant, what
did you hear Minal telling Rajvir'?
Sir, how can I repeat such
things in front of so many people?
I can understand your hesitation.
But the court doesn't have
that much time. So please be quick.
Sir, they were talking
about... doing things...
that boys and girls do in private.
I happened to be near the table
when I overheard... - Sir, he's lying.
You will get your chance.
- But I never said anything like...
- Mr. Deepak!
Minal, the honorable Judge is saying that
you'll get a chance to defend yourself.
Just sit down and be quiet!
- Would you like to cross-examine him'?
- No, cross your honor.
Minal Arora, please take the stand.
The charges against
you are quiet serious...
Do you have anything to say'?
Sir... they are all lying.
You can go.
Please write that the
accused has pleaded not guilty.
Let's see... how are you today?
So this is done... this is okay.
Doctor, I want to go home.
How are you'?
Have you been taking your medicines'?
Sarah wants to go home.
So... Andrea Tariang, are you
from the North-East? - Yes, sir.
Where exactly in North-east?
Manipur Meghalaya.
Please tell the court how long
have you been in this profession?
Objection... nothing of this
sort has been proved in the court.
In order to prove my point, it's
important that I question her, Mr. Sehgal.
- How long have you been soliciting?
- This is a lie.
I do nothing of this sort!
I am here... you don't have to...
It's not necessary to answer that.
Sir, I work in an
event management company.
I am being wrongly accused.
Then why did you go to the
other room with Dumpy that night?
I went to use the toilet.
But you spent quite
some time in the room!!
Yes, but... - I don't
want an explanation, ma'am!
I just want an answer,
a clear cut answer!
- Yes, I was there for some time.
- You were there.
So, when you went into
the room to use the washroom...
who shut the door?
I don't remember No?
You did!
The CCTV cameras installed
for security purposes...
clearly show Dumpy entering
the room first... then you...
And you shut the door.
- Maybe I did.
- That's all, your honor.
I would like to cross-examine Andrea
So Andrea...
you're from the North-East.
Clouds! Mountains!
Beauty! Music... and football!
How is this relevant,
Mr. Deepak?
I thought it is.
Mukesh Kumar wasn't ever
asked whether he's from Rajasthan.
Sarla Premchand wasn't asked
if she happens to be from Haryana.
No one asked the Doctor or even
Ramakant Vijay... so, I thought that
if Mr. Prashant is specifically asking
Andrea, there must be some relevance.
Sir, I feel as a North-Eastern girl...
I am being harassed more than
the average Indian girl on the street.
So... Andrea, what was the reason
for going into the other room?
Rajvir said the flush
wasn't working in his room.
So he told me to go
to the other room.
- Did you verify this'?
- No, but it was Rajvir's room.
And he told me to
go to the other room.
What could I have done?
- Why didn't you go alone?
- Rajvir said that the room was locked.
He told Dumpy to open it for me.
And he just followed
me to the other room.
Why did you shut the door and not him'?
I didn't think clearly, I was in a rush..
He was switching the lights on.
It was instinctive Fair enough.
Then why did you stay behind?
What were you doing?
Answer me... the court wants to know.
First I used the bathroom.
Then, when I came
out of the bathroom...
he had already
switched off the lights.
I called out his name a few times,
I was scared to step out of the loo.
And then I heard him
laughing inside the room.
And then he started touching me.
Then he pushed me onto the
bed... and he started touching my...
He touched my...
That's all, your honor.
Mr. Prashant, it seems quite clear
why Andrea went into the room...
and why she stayed
for so long etc. etc.
But I do get your point.
And your point leads me to the
making of 'A girl's safety manual'.
A girl should never go
anywhere with a boy alone.
Not to a resort... and definitely
not to use the bathroom.
Because by her doing that,
people presume...
that since she has
willingly come there...
they have been issued a license
to touch her inappropriately.
Rule no. 1!
Let's not moralize unnecessarily,
Let's talk about facts.
Sir, I would now like to call
upon Raunak Anand aka Dumpy.
Raunak Anand, please come!
Dumpy Anand, did you go with
Andrea to the other room that night?
Yes, I did.
And the two of you remained inside
for quite some time - Yes, we did.
What were you two
doing inside for so long?
Sir, how can I say
such things publicly?
Take a guess He's lying!
Be quiet!
Sir, she told me that Minal
will talk to Rajvir about the money.
I was quite scared, sir.
Because she started kissing me,
and unbuttoning my shirt.
I tried to stop her, reason with her.
Right Dumpy Anand, but why
should the court believe
that you resisted?
After all you look like
a fairly healthy young man.
And Andrea is a very pretty girl.
You were inside a
room with a pretty girl...
and yet you did nothing.
In fact, you resisted.
All this is very difficult to believe!
Sir, because I have a girlfriend.
I am committed to her.
And I come from a very
decent family, sir - I object.
- To what'?
- To this awkward performance.
He's over-acting!
Sir, he's uttering nonsense.
He was flirting with
her the whole night!
And the poor girl was trying
to ignore him all the time!
I would like to call upon...
co-accused, Falak Ali.
She seems to have a lot to say.
Are you the only
breadwinner in your family?
I am sure your brother's
treatment is quite expensive.
I mean after all he's a special child.
How much does your tour job pay'?
And what do you get in-hand?
Any loans?
A personal loan...
and a home-improvement loan.
Home-improvement loan!
Then I guess you're
always in the need of money.
Yes, I am but... - Any other
financial support from anyone?
Sir, I am... I am not getting
whatever it is that you're hinting at.
Naturally... I just
wanted to establish
that you're perpetually
in the need of money...
and you have no
other source of income.
But... - Now let me clarify as to why
I wanted to establish this... For that...
I would like to
call upon Rajvir Singh.
Rajvir Singh, please come.
Please describe the series of
events that took place in RS resort!
Well, that night we happened
to be at a rock show and... - Objection!
But he hasn't even begun!
We all know Rajvir Singh,
that you did your schooling...
from a top international school.
After that you had the
opportunity to pursue Engineering...
but you opted for Economics.
First you studied
at the local University...
and later... you joined
King's College, London.
To study Economics.
I can understand that this
will be very difficult for you...
but, can you take your
hands out of your pocket?
Sir, they first saw
us at the rock show.
Later they became very friendly
with us and we got along quite well.
Did it make you suspicious
considering you hadn't met before?...
No sir, I didn't get
suspicious at the rock-show.
I just thought they
are the friendly type.
But I started having doubts at the resort,
once they started dropping hints.
What kind of hints?
Like...'let's split up,
you can give us something...
and we'll all have a good time'.
- Even then they weren't being blatant?
- No, sir.
But later when they were a few
drinks down, they came to the point.
Which was? - That we
can have more fun if we pay up.
More fun? Please be more specific.
Sir, I was already suspicious
when they took us to separate rooms.
And you panicked
and later... - Objection.
why call him to the stand at all...
when you are so keen
to record your own testimony
Mr.Prashant, please don't
lead the witness. - Sir...
At the resort,
Minal made a drink for me.
Then she started touching me.
In fact even I responded,
I went with the flow.
Later she asked me for
money and I was shocked.
I panicked... when I realized
that these girls are soliciting
So I asked her to leave.
I said I am not interested
But she said doesn't matter...
you must pay me.
Or else I'll start screaming
that you're trying to rape me.
- But you still refused to pay her.
- Yes sir.
- Then?
- Then she pushed me.
She attacked me with
the bottle in her hand.
- That's all, your honor.
- I need to question him.
Rajvir Singh, you just
said that she dropped some hints.
What kind of hints?
She was being very frank, smiling at
me, touching me while talking to me.
- You've finished'?
- Yes.
You said she was smiling during the
conversation and touching you at times.
So... basically that becomes
the making of Rule no. 2...
of the 'Girl's Safety Manual'.
No girl should 'ever' talk
to a boy ' while smiling'..
Or 'touch him'.
Because he'll take that as a hint.
Her 'smile' will be
considered a 'yes', and...
what is 'natural human behavior' can
make her seem 'characterless' to him.
That's her - Right? The Surajkund girl!
Yeah, that's her.
I am being honest, sir.
I've seen it with my own eyes, and so
have Residents' Association members.
Boys do come to their
apartment often.
That will be all, your honor.
Mr. Gupta, about the boys...
Could they be their friends'?
maybe not, Mr.Sehgal.
What do they do inside'?
Didn't you ever try to peep in'?
How can I peep into someone's home?
So you never saw them
taking money from those boys...
- or sleeping with them...
- No, but...
There's no room for a
'but' in a 'no', Mr. Gupta,
Your honor, Mr. Gupta and Mr. Sinha...
from the residents' association
are merely presuming things.
But they have made
an important point.
These girls do come back late.
In our society, clearly the
clock determines a person's character.
When girls walk down
the road alone at night...
cars slow down,
windows get rolled down...
But no one thinks of this
great idea during the day.
Do you have your own house in Delhi?
Yes Where?
In Karol Baug - Right, Karol Baug.
And your parents live there!
So why did you leave home then...
and start living on
rent with these girls?
Sir, I am a working woman.
My dance shows would
sometimes go on till very late...
and my parents would often
get disturbed once I was home...
that is why -Not to disturb them'?
Or to freely carry on
with your trade? Now...
thousands of
independent girls work till late...
and live peacefully at home.
What makes you an exception?
That's Minal.
This is Falak.
Eat Thank you.
The next hearing is on the 29th.
Where did you meet these boys...
and under what circumstances?
We met at a rock show.
I already knew Vishwa from school.
He introduced us to Rajvir and Dumpy.
So you knew one of them from school...
and that's why you went with them.
Did anyone of them say anything odd...
which could've changed your
decision of going with them?
No! No, sir.
We thought we were safe with them.
Since they kept on insisting...
we decided to have
dinner before heading home.
Ms. Minal, were you
smiling and being extra friendly?
I was normal What?
I was normal Normal!
Food, drinks, normal, Smiling.
If they were such
excellent hosts, Ms. Minal...
then why do such a thing?
You hit him on his
head with a bottle. Why'?
Sir, he grabbed me!
Wouldn't let go!
I don't know what came over me.
Can't really explain.
But sir,
it is a disgusting feeling...
when someone touches
you without your will.
And I lost it.
I am really sorry
that he got hurt so badly.
But who wouldn't react
if touched in that manner?
Need I say anything more,
your honor?
Note it down.
"Minal Arora says Rajvir Singh
tried to outrage my modesty..."
"and I did so to protect myself."
Mr. Prashant, cross
Drama! Drama! Drama!
The theatrics continue your honor.
You managed some thoughtful editing.
Let me talk about the bits you left out.
How much did you demand'?
- Objection!
- Mr. Prashant, careful.
Sir, it's difficult for
me to accept the fact...
that a girl would go
to a boy's hotel room...
just because she knows him a bit.
Which decent girl goes to
a resort with strangers?
Sir, I thought they were decent
guys but I agree it was a mistake.
It wasn't a mistake, ma'am.
- It was a calculated move!
- No!
You just said that you
thought those boys were safe.
What did you mean by that?
I mean, I didn't think they
were aggressive - You didn't.
You didn't think they
will try and hurt you'?
Yes Decent boys.
Yes, but.
Then you must have also thought...
that these boys are also
a bit flamboyant and rich.
They might be interested.
And it will be easy
to brow beat them.
So you won't really have a
problem in extorting them.
But that didn't happen.
They weren't interested. And
there was no walk over either.
That's why this happened.
You didn't go with them
because they insisted...
or because they
invited you to dinner.
By then we had become friends
It takes years to
make friends, Ms. Arora.
We got acquainted
That's exactly what I am saying...
that you just got to Know
that Rajvir is from a rich.
Sir, at that time I didn't know
that they are rich or well-connected.
Well, let's agree for a moment that you
went there without any ulterior motive.
Just for dinner.
Then why did you start drinking?
They offered us a drink and we had one.
Thank God for once you didn't
claim that you were forced.
Sir... we've submitted a photograph.
For the record, she is
seen making her own drink.
Luckily, this was
captured on Dumpy's phone.
Sir, the table was too small
Rajvir asked me for the bottle.
It was out of his reach,
so I poured a drink for him.
Point to be noted, your honor.
She made a drink for Rajvir on her own.
This means she had started planning
things even before she went to his room.
Sir, the bottle was
out of his reach, so.
Are you sure you had just one drink?
One drink
At the restaurant.
And one One?
In the room Yes.
Out in the restaurant...
you struck an obscene
conversation with Rajvir...
to which the manager is a witness.
- What was that about?
- I don't remember.
You don't'?
Then let me remind you.
You were describing a sexual act.
Were you describing
different sexual acts...
and how much you charge for each'?
I, I remember, he cracked a joke,
and so I told him one and...
Joke, what joke?
Mr. Prashant, what is this'?
Sir, let us hear the joke.
She's just bluffing so
I want to call her bluff.
I am not lying.
Then tell us the joke;
what is the problem?
If the description is close
to what the manager described
we will believe you.
I can't Why'?
You can't cook one up?
It was slightly risqu and cracked in
private. It is difficult to do this publicly.
That's exactly my point,
your honor.
When a girl can't even
tell a risque joke in public...
how will she admit that
she went there to solicit'?
Naturally she will say that she
was there for drinks and dinner.
But the court should realize that...
she went there with guys...
who were almost strangers to her.
As for her guilt we can't
depend on her statement.
We'll have to rely on
other evidence and testimonies.
For example this video evidence...
will prove the charges.
In the first clip from
camera no.1, Falak comes out...
and then all the
three girls come together.
They have a conversation.
Arrive at a decision and a price.
Minal goes back in with the two.
Now in the second clip from camera
no.2, Andrea comes out with Dumpy...
and they head towards room no. 503,
which was Dumpy's room.
Dumpy opens the room,
switches on the lights...
and Andrea shuts the door.
And a little later the
lights are switched off.
Then Falak comes out with Vishwa
so they are splitting into couples.
After some time there's
yelling and screaming.
Everyone runs towards Rajvir's room.
This is because Minal
demanded money from Rajvir inside.
He refused to pay.
They had an argument...
and when the girls realized
their mistake, they fled.
They wouldn't have run
off if they were innocent.
They would've called the police...
But such girls will
never call the police.
And we've heard the waiter
and the manager's testimony.
In fact, even their neighbors
think that they are up to no good.
This is bloody bulls
Minal Arora, language!
You and your clients are lying.
We went to have dinner
because they kept on insisting.
We didn't go there to demand money.
The room was full of cigarette
smoke and it had been a while...
since Andrea had left, so Falak
stepped out with Vishwa to check.
But the moment I got up to go,
he started touching me.
I warned him.
But he held me forcibly.
That's when I hit him
with the bottle, sir.
And if he ever does it again,
I'll do the same thing!
Minal Arora, next time But, sir.
I will have you removed.
Minal, quiet.
The court is adjourned
Sir, I didn't ask for money.
I didn't take any.
Please, listen to me.
Please, we didn't ask for any money.
I am feeling unwell, Falak.
Falak, let Minal come home tonight.
Minal, I'm packing this too.
Your honor, I would like
to call S.H.O. Surajkund...
Sarla Premchand.
Sarla Premchand!
Superwoman What?
Mr. Deepak
Your honor, Superwoman!
Ms. Sarla, I want to know why...
did you not arrest
Minal Arora immediately...
after the complaint
against her was filed?
Sir, she was absconding.
Hiding somewhere I guess.
Then how did you find her so easily
at home when you finally arrested her?
Well I
Maybe she got tired hiding.
"No one's looking for me,
this is not fun anymore".
So she took a cab and came home...
and you finally found her with ease.
Louder! I can't hear you.
We received a tip What?
Someone gave us a tip
Tip? You mean tipoff.
Who informed on her?
We had deployed our men in
the streets around her house.
Your honor, she's lying
No, our men were posted there.
You're lying, Ms. Sarla
No, why would I lie?
You are lying
No, sir, they were there.
No, you're lying
No, why would I'?
You're lying.
Maybe you didn't see them.
Your honor! Your honor!
Your honor!
Instead of intimidating
the investigating officer...
it would be much better if the
learned council proved her wrong.
That seems fair Yeah.
Ms. Sarla, I would
like to prove my point.
This is a copy of the
report you wrote down.
An entry was made here
about the incident reported.
- Isn't this the one'?
- Yes, I wrote this out.
But Ms. Sarla, you
weren't on duty that night.
We have evidence proving that
you were present at a wedding.
- Is this you'?
- Yes.
Nice sari, Ms. Sarla.
So you were off-duty...
yet you wrote down the report...
with a different pen,
using different ink.
I was back from the wedding by then.
You made it back from a banquet
hall in Faridabad Sector 77...
to the Surajkund Police
Station in 10 minutes.
You left at 11:05 pm and reached
Surajkund Police Station at 11:15 pm.
A distance of 22 kilometers...
which normally takes
42 minutes to cover.
You did it in 10 minutes'?
Let me guess.
You started your car
at 132 km per hour and...
drove at the same speed to
reach Surajkund Police Station.
You should've been on the speed track.
You are wasting your talent
with the police department.
Sir, it was a crime of serious nature...
so I drove down
at a break neck speed.
Okay so it was a crime
of serious nature and...
you drove at a break neck
speed but filed your report...
in just two sentences.
"Minal Arora struck Rajvir on his
head with a bottle at RS Resort...
with the intention of
killing him. He bled a lot."
Well, things seem quite clear.
- What else did you want me to write?
- No, things aren't that clear.
You decided to write
down Minal's full name...
but you didn't even bother
to write Rajvir's surname.
But we are decent
folk so we accepted...
that the Rajvir you're referring
to is this Rajvir Singh here.
Well I think I wrote
what was necessary.
"When Sushil Vats got
into the rickshaw, he..."
This is another report filed by you.
"When Sushil Vats got into the
rickshaw, he still had his phone."
"When he got down and
checked his pockets..."
"the mobile phone was missing."
"He tried to recollect as to
when he had seen his Zing 30 last."
Then you have struck
out '3C' and changed it to '3G'.
What detail and
dedication, Ms. Sarla.
"Zing 3G mobile."
You've written a few
more lines after that.
A half a page report...
for a mobile left behind in a taxi.
And barely two sentences for a
crime of such serious nature.
I will tell you why.
Because there was little space left...
on the page...
for you to make a backdated entry.
Your honor, in this police diary...
all other reports are a
half or full page long...
but this is the only cryptic entry.
Reason - the page on which
she wrote out her report...
was already full...
because she didn't write this on the
night of the incident but much later.
There can be no
other reason, your honor.
This proves that reporting the
incident was an after-thought...
and was done only after
Minal Arora decided to...
file a complaint
against Rajvir Singh...
and others.
- Are you a virgin?
- Is this relevant?
It is, your honor.
Are you willing to answer this question?
In that case we can do
this session in camera.
You will be more comfortable.
No, sir. I haven't done anything wrong.
I am prepared to answer in open court.
Are you a virgin, Ms. Arora?
Please answer in a clear 'yes' or 'no'.
No shaking of the head please
At what age did you lose your virginity?
How is this even relevant, Mr. Deepak?
The victim's character has been
repeatedly brought into question.
I am just making everyone's job easier...
unless the prosecution
has an objection - No.
At what age did you lose your virginity?
I was 19
Sorry, I didn't hear you.
At 19 19!
You lost your
virginity at 19, Ms. Arora.
At 19 your honor,
she was an adult.
Who was the boy'?
My... my boyfriend.
- Does he have a name?
- Aneesh.
Did he pay for it?
What kind of question
Just answer my question.
Did he pay for it?
- Why would he pay'?
- Just answer my question.
What do you want to establish
I asked you a question.
You promised that you would answer
We liked each other.
We were attracted to each other.
So there's no question
of him paying for it.
So he didn't pay you?
He did not pay you!
Did he force you'?
No. he didn't force me.
He didn't pay me.
We liked each other. We
did it because we wanted to.
After that,
your close acquaintances...
which also includes Vishwa,
testified before the police that...
you have had other relationships.
Did you have 'sexual
relations' with all of them?
Some of them So you did.
You did. You just admitted that.
So I just wanted to ask...
what ticked you off that night?
I mean how would it matter if
you slept with one more guy'?
What? What do you mean?
That on the night of March the first...
this is exactly what
Rajvir Singh and his friends...
would have
naturally presumed about you.
That you are fairly promiscuous
and it wouldn't really matter to you...
if you went to bed with one more guy.
I understand that they are not
mature enough to understand...
that whenever it happened before
happened with your consent.
Without any money being involved,
without any coercion.
But the prosecution has proved that...
you're a woman of
questionable character.
And since you were a woman
of questionable character...
in the eyes of the accused
Rajvir Singh and his friends...
on that day, at that moment,
what did you do...
to make it clear...
that right now I am
not interested in sex'?
What did you say'?
I refused - What did you say'?
What exactly did you do'?
I pushed him. I said
leave me, don't do this.
You refused.
In what words? What did you say'?
What did you say, Ms. Minal Arora?
What did you tell him'?
I said no.
No, don't.
L said -not
Will you say that loud enough for
the court to hear, Ms. Minal Arora?
I said no.
I said no.
You said 'no'!
She said 'no', your honor.
But even after that Rajvir Singh
touched her in a very disgusting manner.
She felt humiliated.
She was a bit drunk; and
which brings me to rule no. 4.
No 'girl' should ever
have a drink with a 'boy'.
Because if she does, the
boy seems to think that...
if she can have a drink with me,
then she won't mind sleeping with me.
For girls, drinking
alcohol means being available.
Just for 'girls'.
Not for 'boys'. This
doesn't apply to boys.
For the boys it's just
a health hazard.
So terms and
conditions differ, your honor.
Wearing jeans, t-shirts...
skirts etcetera.
Girls shouldn't be doing that.
It doesn't harm them in anyway...
but poses a deep
threat to the boys.
Poor boys get provoked on
seeing them like this and...
for no fault of theirs, the
poor boys end up making mistakes.
Until now...
we've been making
efforts in the wrong direction.
We should save our boys, not our girls.
Because if we save our boys,
then our girls will be safe.
Girls in the city
shouldn't live separately.
They should not live alone.
Boys can. Not girls.
Independent girls confuse boys.
Girls should never smile
during a conversation.
In fact, even if they
are giving good news...
they should do so with a grave face.
No mobiles for girls, don't educate
them. Get them married early.
Etc! Etc! Etc!
I am digressing, your honor.
My client had had a few drinks.
And that could've perhaps been
the cause of her intense action.
That is all that happened.
Repeatedly touching a
girl inappropriately!
What can a girl...
do in such a situation?
What do you expect her to do'?
This is called acting in self-defense.
causing grievous injury or
attempt to murder, your honor.
Not that at all.
No, no, no, your honor.
I agree she was drunk.
But according to her,
her friend was sober.
Why didn't Falak Ali break
a bottle on Vishwa's head'?
Why did she come out
along with Andrea and Vishwa?
And we just saw it
clearly in the video footage.
I would like to call
Falak Ali on the stand again.
Do you know a professor Javed?
- How?
- He's a friend.
Friend or more than a friend'?
That's personal
It is a personal matter I see.
It's a personal matter.
So your 'friend', he is
older than you, divorced...
and he also has a child
I am sorry, but...
that's his personal life.
Your honor, I can
prove that he's no friend.
This is a purely business relationship.
He is just another client.
How can you say such things?
These are your bank statements...
which I would like to
present before the court.
This proves the exact
nature of their relationship.
How can you say such
a thing about a girl?
Over the years, almost every month...
25,000 rupees have been
transferred from his account to yours.
Can you explain this'?
These are loans which I took to
pay for my brother's treatment.
And I've started repaying him.
Why don't you tell everyone about that?
I was getting to that, your honor.
She has now gradually
started to pay him back.
Bit by bit, now!
After this case was filed.
Because she knew that this
will be brought up in court.
She is a professional
and has a sharp mind.
Why do you twist every
fact and then present it?
We broke up. We're
not together anymore.
So I am not comfortable...
and that's why I am
returning the money.
You're pretending to
return it when it is needed...
and you're always in need of money.
This is how you supplement your income.
Is that why you stepped out of
the room after Andrea that night?
Objection! - Sir the girls were
leaving the room one by one with a boy.
Objection, your honor - We've
submitted her brother's medical bills.
- Objection, your honor...
- Council.
It's not possible
Objection, your honor.
Mr. Deepak, please keep
the dignity of the court.
My friends help me out too.
Your friends help you out. Friends.
They help you in running your house.
Why don't you
introduce me to such friends'?
A lot of us have friends...
but none of them help
us in running our house.
Your honor, I... I... I object.
Please accept that this
is a source of income.
This is how you make a living...
otherwise you would've
never gone out with him.
Yes I should've never gone
out of the room with him!
I regret that to this date.
Maybe if I hadn't gone out of the room,
none of this would've ever happened.
Or even if it did, it
would've happened to both of us.
Answer the question. I
know all about your mistakes.
You took money
Objection, your honor.
You want to humiliate me...
like Minal.
Answer my question!
Did you take money?
Did you demand money?
You want to humiliate me publicly...
just to prove that we took money.
You did! You did take money!
Of course you did.
None of this would've
happened if you hadn't.
You could've all
gone your separate ways.
You're trying to defame
innocent and decent boys.
Fine. Fine!
We did take money - Your honor, I
wish to talk to my client, please.
No, sir. Please.
I want to say this
and I have to say this.
Yes, we took the money, sir.
We demanded money and we took it!
But even then, what
happened with Minal
Falak, why are you doing this'?
We did not take any money!
Why are you branding us like this'?
Andrea Tariang, please keep quiet.
Sir, we took money.
No, sir Please sit down.
Please sit Let me speak.
We took money, but even
after taking the money...
Minal changed her mind.
She withdrew her consent.
She said no. She kept saying no.
Even then this man Rajvir kept
on touching her inappropriately.
Now you tell me sir, bylaw...
by law, sir...
was she right in doing so or not?
Falak Ali, please step down.
This session of
the court is adjourned.
I am so sorry!
- I am...
- So sorry.
Sarah was saying it was brave...
It was brave of you.
She was saying...
The girls didn't take money...
and yet admitted to it.
Simply put an end to the argument.
There was nothing else left to do.
It was starting to hurt my ears.
"They took money... They took money..."
No one was ready to believe
that we didn't take any.
My accepting the thing...
Just ended the ordeal.
Look, L
I don't want to involve
Alia in all this.
Please don't answer if she calls.
She really loved you.
You know what... you're a coward.
Rajvir Singh, do you believe that...
if a girl has a frank
conversation with someone...
or touches him while talking to him,
she's basically saying...
"Come sleep with me"?
No... l never said that.
Your statement is right here.
I said it in context of this case.
In other cases it depends.
On what'?
Like for example where and how
one met...
Meaning if you met
at a rock show then yes...
and if you meet at a library
or a religious place then no.
The venue determines the
character of the person for you.
You're twisting my words No...
I am only trying to understand you.
Mr. Prashant said Minal was drunk,
were you drunk too?
Yes, I was drinking.
So, let us assume
that you were drunk.
She stopped or tried to stop you...
you forced her
so she hit you back.
- That's a possibility?
- Yes
But that's not what
happened that night.
I completely forgot.
You're getting married.
To MLA Janki Rani's daughter.
What does my personal
life have to do with this case'?
Nothing but neither did
the personal lives of my clients.
So you mean I am
characterless just like them!!!
- Is that what you want to prove?
- No.
I don't need to prove that.
But why are you getting irritated?
I was only congratulating
you on your wedding...
but you're getting agitated.
I am not angry...
I am just wondering what
my marriage has to do with this'?
Rajvir, do you often get this angry?
Especially when you hear
something you don't want to?
Dude why are you talking
about my anger again and again?
Is it too much to expect
propriety from you'?
I am addressing you
with such respect but you...
Anyway, that's something
I should have expected from you.
Let it be...
Mr. Rajvir,
do you regularly visit sex-workers'?
So this was for the very first time.
If we assume that my clients...
Yes it was!
Do you randomly invite
girls over for dinner?
Why did you invite them?
They said we're hungry...
so we invited them.
Maybe it was stupid
to be show some humanity!
We didn't know then
who they really were.
Did you offer them drinks
on humanitarian grounds too?
She made the drink herself.
You saw the photograph, didn't you'?
I didn't see Andrea's
pouring herself a drink?
Why did you make a drink for her?
We all were drinking, sol
offered her one out of courtesy.
Rajvir, why don't you admit it?
Is it because you're
soon going to be...
a part of such a reputable
family through matrimony?
Are you afraid that the
wedding might get called-off'?
This large heartedness - often inviting
random girls for drinks and dinner...
why aren't you admitting to it?
Should I tell you the real reason'?
You don't want a long
sentence for sexual assault.
So you've cooked up the entire story
Objection, your honor.
What is it, Mr. Prashant'?
His clients have admitted
to solici... - Alright, sit down.
Carry on, Mr. Deepak.
Okay, let me ask
you another question?
Once you saw that Minal
is making a drink for herself...
Didn't you feel that she might be one
of 'those' girls and you should leave!
I didn't think so.
Do women in your family drink alcohol?
Only the men drink.
Your mother? Your sister?
Do they drink?
Women from good family don't!
- Do they go to parties?
- They go to family gatherings.
- Okay...
- Not parties.
Therefore... girls who go to parties
and especially those who drink...
are easy meat
And that's what you presumed
about my client Minal Arora.
The women from your family
don't drink, which makes them decent.
And since Minal and her
friends drink, they are easy...
and one can take
liberties with them.
But Rajvir...
To nullify your argument
I would like to show you a photograph.
is a picture of your
sister... with a drink at a party.
You are crossing the line here.
You don't know who you're talking to!
What line of questioning is this,
your honor?
Why is my client being
unnecessarily provoked?
Put it down!
My sister does no such thing!
Drinking, going out
with some random strangers...
Only girls like these do such things...
Not someone from a decent family.
And this is what happens
to such girls - Please be quiet.
Please be quiet, Rajvir.
It doesn't happen in an
ideal world... and it shouldn't.
It happens only because
guys like you think...
it's their
birth right to misbehave.
With a just because she wears
a certain dress or drinks alcohol...
- Really?
- Objection...
One sec.
If someone who you
don't know at all..
Agrees to go out
with you for a drink...
Any sane man will
think she is willing.
Why else would she go out with you'?
- Why else will she go to your room?
- Objection, sir...
Mr. Prashant.
It's quite possible
that if she realizes.
- That you're going to rape her, then..
- Sir, one second..
Rape? - I said stop!
What do you mean by rape?
Ask anyone out here
in front of the judge.
In such circumstances anyone
will try their luck with them!
Do you know what such
girls are called around here?
WW Rajvir.
Mr. Prashant,
please control your client!
Thank you.
Thank you, Rajvir.
This is exactly what happened,
your honor.
Even the so defined "modern Day"
girls are just girls at heart.
When they go for dinner
and drinks with a boy...
they are going for an evening out
They don't know it goes with
a 'tag' of being 'available'.
But even well-dressed,
well-educated boys like him...
use the codes of
morality of a bygone era...
Dress, drinks...
this decides availability... sick!
And those who violate
these codes can be violated.
I rest my case, your honor.
Council, closing arguments please...
Mr. Prashant.
I've already proved
that these girls went to RS
Resort with the intent of extorting
And they took off post assault
If it wasn't their fault, then...
they wouldn't have
kept quiet for so long
They would've approached
the police immediately...
which my client did.
Because Rajvir Singh
is from a reputed family,.
He is young,
a bright future awaits him.
Also the testimonies of the doctor...
the waiter, the manager
and the investigating officer...
support this contention
The aspect of consent
has been forcibly
introduced by the defense...
because it is
fashionable these days...
And that's why they have
plugged it out of convenience
So I request you to acquit
Rajvir Singh and others
and demand 10 years of
imprisonment for Minal Arora...
for 'Attempt to Murder'.
And Falak and Andrea shouldn't
be left off with an easy fine...
they should be
imprisoned for 6 months
so that they give up soliciting
Thank you, sir. I rest my case.
Mr. Deepak, closing argument.
Mr. Sehgal.
No, your honor.
'No' isn't just a word,
it's a complete sentence
It doesn't need any...
further explanation
'No' simply means 'NO'.
My clients said 'NO' your honor.
And these boys must realize...
that 'no' means 'no'.
Whether the girl is an acquaintance,
a friend, girlfriend...
A sex-worker...
or even your own wife!
No means 'NO'!
And when someone says so...
You stop.
We'll take a short break...
after which the court
will announce it's verdict.
The court believes that a beginning
has been made in this case.
Although there were witnesses
and even some evidence...
against Minal Arora for the case
under section 307; 'Attempt to Murder'...
the court finds that
there was grave provocation...
and dismisses the charge
made against her under section 307.
The charges under section 320 and 324...
against Minal Arora,
Falak Ali and Andrea Tariang
seem motivated in nature
The court finds Rajvir
Singh guilty under section 354...
of outraging a woman's modesty.
Ankit Malhotra and Raunak
Anand under 340... and the IT act.
The court has decided to let
Vishwajyoti Ghosh off with a warning.
The court will set a
date for further sentencing...
and will announce the
quantum of the sentence.
The court is dismissed.
Thank you!
Please, come with us.