Pink: Staying True (2013) Movie Script

For over a decade, Pink has
forged an exceptional career.
The controversial star
has been a regular fixture...
on the world's charts
since 2000.
After selling 40 million albums
and 70 million singles
she is indisputably one
of the best selling musical
artists of all time.
The girl from Pennsylvania
who got the party started...
recorded her first album
at 15...
and is now recognized as one
of the most daring and complex
performers of the modern era.
I'm old school, I believe in
taking what you want and
changing it if it's not right.
And just having fun, sex, drugs
and rock and roll, man.
Known for her "tough girl"
in a world of bland performers,
Pink is one of a kind.
Sorry for asking this,
are you a lesbian?
Do you want me to be
a lesbian?
I don't like anything
that's not dangerous.
I got hog-tied in the air at
about 30 feet, night number two.
It's fun, especially when you
can scare the crap out
of everyone...
that's working on the tour,
every night.
Makes you feel good.
I hope I never grow up.
I feel like I've actually
The outspoken star is
refreshingly open and honest.
In a sterile industry,
that is usually anything but.
PINK (V.O.):
Everyone's very good at being
diplomatic and I'm not.
I'd never learned that.
I tend to piss off a lot
of people.
Working with Pink is not just
working with an artist...
it's like one of the biggest
artists in the industry.
I remember her rehearsal
for the Brit Awards...
her having some deep words
about choreography...
thinking backwards idea,
"I don't like this."
And we were like,
"Oh, okay."
That freaked me out
a bit.
The Brit Awards were like a day
away and we were like...
"Whoa, we've just had
these nice rehearsals."
It's cool, 'cause
we have to get it done.
She had an idea of what she
wanted her piece naturally
to look like.
The choreographer and the rest
of the team had to kind
of conform to the idea...
which meant we changed
a lot of the show.
She's done some
really strong stuff.
She's challenged the President.
She's been quite radical
in that way.
Well, my dad served in Vietnam.
My brother's in the Air Force
as we speak.
I don't agree
with either one of them...
and the only thing I'll say
about that...
is that Michael Moore
is my hero.
She has got an outspoken
and I greatly admire her
for that.
The wild side of Pink's image...
is what I think people
like about her...
what people are interested
in about her.
I mean, if you speak your mind,
it's just telling the truth...
and real, and if people
don't like it--
And no offense to... well,
okay, offense, whatever.
I don't really care.
I'm making fun of it,
'cause that's what I do.
No one else talks sh--,
so why shouldn't I?
Alecia Beth Moore,
better known as Pink...
grew up in Doylestown,
Her mother was a nurse and her
father, a Vietnam veteran.
Alecia's interest in music
began at an early age.
She was born in Philadelphia
in 1979.
She did gymnastics for eight
years or so...
when she was younger and her
first dream...
was to be an Olympic gymnast,
so it's obviously something that
has stayed with her.
She does huge gymnastics,
she did eight years of training
as a gymnast...
like pulling herself
around stage.
There is no denying the
devastating impact...
of Alecia's parents' divorce...
which occurred when she
was nine years old.
They had a very tempestuous
relationship and divorced
when she was young.
She's always sort of battled
with that.
It could be reasonably argued
that Pink made her mark by
exploring, examining...
and then making records...
based around memories
of her childhood pain.
All our tests, that dig deep...
to find whatever it is that
gives them honesty and
and if they can do that, it's
gonna ring with a higher truth.
She's genuinely just trying
to work some stuff through...
and make art out of it, which is
all artists are trying to do.
When people say you're soulful,
like, your soul--
It's hard to explain, like you
have to have been exper--
You have to have
experienced things.
You have to have been
through something...
to be able to pull that
from deep inside.
She did a song with her father
a few years ago.
She sort of described it as
quite a healing process for her.
She's challenged herself
in her songwriting...
to do something original.
It was something I told him we'd
do when I was a little girl...
and I like doing
what I say I'm gonna do.
I like to be able
to complete thoughts.
And also my dad is a bad-ass...
and he's this tough,
and for once, we were able
to reverse roles...
and I was able to give him
and show him something
he'd never done before...
and would have not been able
to do had it not been for me.
So, it was creepy, kind of,
'cause it was total role
reversal and--
But beautiful at the same time,
because I got to see the humble,
sort of nervous side...
of a man that I've looked up
to my whole life.
She bought her daddy a Rolex
as soon as she got her first
platinum record...
because he'd had to sell his
Rolex to look after her
as a child.
Yeah, so she's sweet.
Alecia earned her nickname
at an early age.
When I was like eight,
I went to the YMCA for camp...
and this kid I had a crush on
pulled my pants down in front
of everybody...
in like, an auditorium,
and I had no underwear on...
so I blushed and turned pink
and it basically followed me
throughout my life.
Alecia Beth Moore's stage name
is a red herring...
because she's not very pink,
she's not very fluffy...
she does coat it in sugar, but
don't be fooled by the color.
She's always got the exclamation
mark in her pink, now hasn't
No one really calls me Alecia.
I feel like I'm in trouble
when people call me Alecia...
but, I mean, I have several
different nicknames.
I have like 20 different
Ali, Alex, Leach, Lecia.
What are my other nicknames?
Betty, um...
Head bitch.
I have a lot.
After her parents' separation,
Pink moved in with her mother.
Who struggled to manage her
increasingly unruly daughter.
She had a lot of trouble
when she was younger.
She was very rebellious.
She was in like bands like dark
rock bands as a teenager.
A teenager pretty rebellious
involving drugs...
and all sorts of swearing
and storming out of the house.
Pink's relationship with her
mother has been a bit awkward,
as well, over the years.
Given the sort of the childhood
she had with the arguing
all the time...
she went into this huge
rebellious stage...
and started taking a lot
of drugs and going out
and partying.
I'm no better at discipline
then my mom was, so--
My dogs walk all over me
the same way I walked all
over my mom.
It's good.
It's really reassuring.
By her mid-teens, the
burgeoning rebel...
had gone into self-destruct
All that makes Pink unique is
that she's pretty raw and
uncheated for a pop girl.
She doesn't come schooled.
She didn't go to an academy.
She didn't have any special
And I think that shows through
with something refreshingly
unvarnished about her.
She's got that kind of
She's a bit of a drug kid,
isn't she? A bit of a club kid.
She was off her nut
in night clubs...
but because she's got that
kind of undercurrent...
she's a bit more street and
genuine and a bit more honest...
than a lot of her
I think it got a bit too much
for her mom...
so her mom asked her to move in
with her dad, because she
couldn't handle it.
She ended up moving away.
Is it true that you had to go to
prison for a few days or nights?
It was all crap,
I was mostly innocent.
Well, what was it for?
Um, just dumb stuff, I mean,
I never got caught after
I was 18...
because I knew I'd have
a record, but--
Disorderly conduct,
I mean, I did steal "Showgirls",
I'll admit to that one.
And then I took it back
'cause it sucked, but--
Just dumb stuff, you know?
I lived in a small town and
honestly the police had nothing
better to do...
than harass kids that they
didn't think fit their
of a wholesome,
young girl or boy.
The gifts that would turn
Alecia Moore...
into an international star,
were apparent from a young age.
During her teenage years,
she wrote her own music.
I always wrote poetry
when I was in school.
I always wrote a lot of poetry.
Poetry was kind of like my
but I didn't really know how
to write songs until probably
four-- three or four years ago.
And then I just started turning
all my poetry into songs
with music...
and it just kind of happened,
it was just-- I don't know.
Of all the hugely successful
commercial pop girls over the
last 15 years...
Pink was probably more involved
in the songwriting process
than most...
both lyrically and melodically.
Not everyone can write stuff
that appeals internationally
like that, so she's very cool.
I rate her highly as a
the things that she pushes out
and what she portrays...
I see as very much from herself.
The records speak for
themselves. They're quite
Everything she has to say goes
into the music and into
the lyrics.
I've seen her work in a
recording studio...
the things I saw her do,
and how involved she was...
not just in writing and
I was like, "Okay, cool,
she knows what she's doing."
She does write her own stuff,
and music as well...
she plays a lot of
to match what she writes,
so that's a talent in itself.
A lot of the songs are deeply
and you can really feel
the pain.
She has an idea that if some
things, some sound, some
some fill, is brokening around
there, and then she tries
to find it.
The word play comes across
as what she thinks about...
you can really hear it in her
work, which, for me,
is very coherent.
I'm inspired when I'm angry
or I'm inspired when
I'm really happy...
or confused,
or something like that.
It has to be an extreme emotion
for me to sit down and write
a song.
There was nothing mellow
about Pink's teenage years.
She was unable to find focus
until she made music her life.
Pink had a pretty tumultuous
it was touch and go
at one point...
whether there would be any
future, let alone a musical
She was off her nut in a
night club and she was asked
to go and sing...
she just about got it together
to sing, but the DJ...
he said, "Can you come back,
but be straight when you come
back, stay off the drugs?"
And then she did that...
and that was where she kind
of realized that she was
gonna be successful.
Give credit to her for pulling
herself up by the bootstraps...
and getting herself together
sufficiently and not dying...
instead being re-born as a
terribly successful,
highly motivated woman...
who would take most of the
control of the future
direction of her career.
What do you think you'd be doing
if you weren't making music?
Hard to say, but, in reality,
I don't know that I'd be here.
Does music mean that much
to you, then?
it's been my escape.
By the time she was barely
in her teens...
Pink was heavily into the
Philadelphia club scene.
At the age of 14, she had her
first job, singing back-up
in a friend's rap group.
Pink was spotted by a record
company executive from MCA...
who asked her to audition
for a new R & B group called
Basic Instinct.
Pink got the job on the spot.
Pink started performing when she
was about 14, in local clubs...
where she lived in Philadelphia.
She started off as a member
of an R & B girl group...
and it looks as though that's
the direction she was
heading in.
They got sort of flown
to Atlanta to put a record
but it never actually got
The group went nowhere...
nonetheless, an R & B trio
named Choice snapped Pink up as
one of three female leads.
They made a demo and were
immediately signed to LaFace...
by the producer and music
industry impresario LA Reed.
She got into LaFace's office
with Choice, who were
an R & B act.
LA Reed was definitely really
important to her career...
and he got her signed in the
first place, and made her
go solo...
it was either kind of she went
solo or it was over,
sort of thing...
so she took the choice
to go solo.
And when she was under the
tutelage of LA Reed...
that was the only example
of her as the pop puppet,
the manipulated girl.
And that was when it all started
with her first album.
I'm taking over the world.
That's it, I'm taking over the
world, painting the world Pink.
She felt empowered and decided
to leave and do her own thing...
and she's been doing it very
well ever since.
This with no looking back.
I was in a group, I was a lead
singer of a group...
two groups actually,
and that kind of didn't work.
So-- huh?
It did work, right?
Everything happens for a reason.
By the age of 16,
Pink was transformed...
from a member of a
pre-packaged, all-girl
R & B trio...
into a solo hit machine.
She has never looked back.
America's friend
Is he
He is I
Is on the sparrow
And I know
I said all I know
He wasn't me
Thank you.
There are few more jaw-dropping
pop spectacles...
than a live Pink performance.
Combining sophisticated
aerobatics with slickly
choreographed dance routines...
the star has developed one
of the most spectacular shows
in pop history.
As a performer, she's just one
of the best, and she's been on
for so many years....
and brought so many
differences to the table...
that's why she's so successful.
Definitely a--
like high up there.
If you've never been
to a Pink concert...
if you've never seen her live,
expect the unexpected.
You have no idea what may happen
the next few goes, so...
go, people, go!
It's always something that you
can get your teeth into.
She pushes herself
to the limit...
and wows the entire audience.
She knows what she's doing
and how she wants it.
She's an artist, she's growing,
she wants to try new things.
She puts on such a show, she
doesn't just stand and sing.
She's got such a presence
on the stage.
SIMEON QSYEA (O.S.): That's why
when we say the word "artist",
we look after the music part...
they are artists, because it's
not just about the music.
Electric would just be the word,
Funhouse is a hard show
to top, but that's my job...
that's what I have
to figure out...
whether I have to light myself
on fire or shoot myself
out of a cannon...
that's what I have to do,
I have to figure it out...
and that's the fun part for me.
In the big-budget, high-concept
touring game...
Pink has become the female pop
star to beat live onstage.
Moonlighting as an aerialist
and trapeze artist...
the star delivers an
intoxicating blend of
gymnast-trained athleticism...
and slickly choreographed,
breath-taking performances.
I don't know of any other
artists that have done this.
She is in a harness with
amazing acrobatics on silks...
with wires and spinning around.
She was being harnessed up
and it was amazing.
She was on the stage and the
seats way, way at the back...
over the other side of the
arena, up in the gods...
she said, "I'm gonna come see
you in a minute"...
and she literally flew through
the entire O2 Arena...
right to the very back, up high
to those people up there...
and was just waving at them.
She just has the head mic on,
and she's however many feet up
in the air, tumbling.
She even started from the top
of the crowd...
right to where, all the way
through singing live...
and the crowd was just
constantly grabbing her,
right, left and center...
but she didn't care,
she just dove right through
and carried on singing.
She proceeded to extend an
entire song singing, flying
around the entire arena.
It wasn't just about being
a spectacle on stage...
it was still very much
about the music.
One thing I very much like
about Pink, how you can
intertwine the two.
It would be impossible
to represent an entire show
with one song...
as it would an entire album
with one single...
there's too much, it's too much.
What you won't see is the silks
and the mats and the danger...
it's a lot of emotions
in an hour and a half.
It's really good.
Few, if any performers deliver
better pop shows than Pink.
Her mesmerizing performances
have allowed her to rise above
the competition...
attracting critical acclaim
from all quarters of the media.
Pink, one of the biggest artists
I've worked for...
there was nothing that was
apart from I didn't know if
she'd be like snobby...
if she'd be grounded,
if she would come in and
high-five everyone.
I didn't know what to expect
and this was my biggest
commercial job...
so I wanted to make sure
that I was being professional...
and not, kind of looking at her
and staring.
To perform and to be accepted to
work with an artist that big,
from the States...
as the very first type of big
job, for me, was just
through the roof.
I enjoyed every single
second of it.
Very surreal experience
when I first got introduced...
there wasn't heaps of people
surrounding her...
and people on the phones with
agents and things like that.
She kind of came in, she had
a hoody on this black jacket...
and I was kind of like, hey,
it's Pink, and she was like hi.
I was just like okay,
there she goes.
I was nervous, obviously,
like everybody else.
I'm thinking, wow, this is
a big American star...
and I'm like from a small,
little town called Leeds.
So, to work with her is a little
bit of self-pressure,
but nothing relayed from her.
She brings a sense of the laxed
vibe between you...
she'll make you just feel as
normal as this interview
is going on right now.
I felt so at ease, it didn't
feel like a job, it just felt
like, let's go play on stage.
Her personality is fun.
The word fun would cover just
so many bases of what she is...
she makes people feel
especially when you're in a work
type of environment.
As a person, like the times
I've been with her...
she's been very closed,
the times that we did
spend together...
I just get this kind of-- she's
a very personal person.
I think it takes a lot to get
into her, or get to know her
in that way.
She treats everyone the same,
okay, stereotypical type
of thing to say...
but she really does,
and so, yeah, it's a breeze.
Pink has become almost as well
known for her campaigning...
activities as she has
for her music.
In 2007, the compassionate
singer teamed up with the
animal welfare charity...
Party For Animals Worldwide.
When I started
Party For Animals Worldwide...
right from the beginning, Pink
was who I wanted to engage.
I knew that she was passionate
about animal welfares...
so I felt that if I could reach
her, if she knew about what we
were trying to do...
that she would support it,
I had absolute, unwavering
belief in that.
I had no contacts in the music
I asked for a backstage meet and
greet at one of her concerts.
I thought that'd be a good
opportunity to just try and
engage with her...
get her to sign a t-shirt,
and to my disbelief
and sheer excitement...
I received a positive response
and was able to meet her
very briefly backstage.
She's such a fiery and strong
character, and when I met
her backstage...
I was a little bit star-struck
and probably didn't deal
with it very well.
I didn't get myself across
entirely how I wanted to...
because she was an idol
of mine.
I thought I'd really ruined my
chance, but luckily I had
written down my request...
and a little bit more about
the organization and I handed
her a letter.
I didn't think she would read
the letter, I thought she would
just give it to her assistant...
or put it to one side
and that would be it.
However, I was wrong, she
obviously did read it.
The next day, I received an
email saying she was interested
in the organization...
and you can imagine, I was
absolutely blown away.
It was like a dream come true,
even though I wanted someone
to pinch me.
A few days later, she came down
and I showed her around the
monkey sanctuary.
She had Carey with her and it
was very intimate.
We didn't tell the media
or anything and we were closed
at the time...
so there was no hassle for her
and she was great.
When she very first arrived,
she was walking down
the drive...
and one of the sanctuary dogs
headed up the driveway yapping
like mad at her.
I was immediately a little bit
embarrassed and like trying
to call the dog back...
but she just simply, out of the
small crowd she was with...
she was the first to just
kneel down and kind of open
her arms up...
knew exactly how to handle a dog
like that and the dog fell in
love with her instantly.
She's obviously very used to
animals, she was brilliant.
I got to see a different side to
her and her passion for animal
welfare was very, very evident.
It was very sincere.
She really grasped what it was
all about, straight away...
and she really listened
to the stories of some
of the individuals.
I didn't tell her
how much of a fan I was.
I felt I shouldn't, that it was
unprofessional or something...
but, you know, little did she
know, you know...
I'd had a poster on my bedroom
wall for years.
We had a cup of tea out
in front of the house
and she was lovely...
and Carey was really nice,
as well.
Pink agreed to headline
a concert in Cardiff, Wales...
to raise funds for thousands
of animals in need.
She enabled one of my dreams
to come true, which was to host
this concert...
and raise the money and the
awareness for hundreds
of animals.
I hadn't been involved in the
music industry, so it was
all very new to me.
So seeing everything being set
up was amazing, and I was
in the seats in the arena...
just watching all the crews
setting up the stage.
She came out and gave me a hug
and she just said in my ear,
"We did it."
You know, we've made
it happen...
and that was-- that was, yeah,
that was really special.
You couldn't wish for someone
any more wonderful than she is.
What they've done with this
charity is brilliant,
it's absolutely amazing...
and it's a night where the whole
country comes together
and I just think it's great.
It wasn't until the start
of the new century...
that Pink's career as a serious
solo contender got underway.
Her breakthrough album,
"Can't Take Me Home",
was released in 2000.
"Split Personality", which is
number one, is my favorite...
because it allowed me to sing
the way I like to sing.
That's me, 150 percent,
like, I love to sing.
That's, that's-- growing up
listening to 4 Non Blondes
and stuff...
like, you'll recognize those
influences in that song.
"Can't Take Me Home"
was her first album.
It was very R & B-driven.
When she first came up,
Pink was very much R & B...
just after she first kind
of hit the mainstream.
Her debut album was fairly
it was R & B-tinged...
as a lot of music was back then.
They started out as very kind
of R & B at first...
and then it slowly transcended
into very commercial
and very pop.
It was a great album, but since
then, her more recent albums...
have definitely gone more
towards the rock genre.
She dibble-dabbled in so many
different genres...
dependant on what she feels
is right at the time.
She looked like she was gonna
be shiny R & B...
influenced by Timberland
and Pharrell Williams, that
type of jerky R & B sound...
but she very quickly left that
behind and her punky roots
shined through.
She hasn't really been able
to hide them ever since.
The pop shock rocker's career
went from strength to strength.
In 2001, Pink joined forces
with Mya, Lil' Kim and
Christina Aguilera...
covering a high-energy version
of "Lady Marmalade"...
for the soundtrack of the hit
movie "Moulin Rouge".
We actually had a great time
We support each other
100 percent.
I'm a fan of theirs, too...
I mean, I really enjoy all
their music...
and it was just a blast
to be a part of...
to be working with all of them,
so, it was fun.
I want to say, this year,
myself, along with my girls...
Christina Aguilera,
Pink and Mya...
we are nominated for a Grammy
and we are also performing...
at the Grammy's, so it's
going to be so much fun
and I can't wait.
It's like Battle of the Bitches,
it's awesome.
I'm happy to be a part of it.
"Lady Marmalade" topped the
charts around the world.
In the U.S., it became Pink's
first number one single...
and earned the star her first
Grammy Award for
Best Pop Collaboration.
Initially viewed as just
another face in the late 90's
crowd of teen pop acts...
the multi-talented artist
quickly transcended
and outgrew that label.
The 2001 album release
of "Misunderstood"...
sealed Pink's reputation
as an accomplished songwriter.
Oh, it was the perfect
transformation, it was
the perfect...
I think it bridges the gap
between the last album
and this one.
"Misunderstood", that was the
first album she really had a bit
more creative control over.
She went in and told the guy
and the record label LaFace...
to listen to her,
because he wasn't listening.
So she's always pushed things
a bit harder.
Pink pretty much came into her
own when she made the
"Misunderstood" album.
That pretty much cemented the
public's perception of Pink...
as the artist currently and
forever more known as Pink.
That's what made her
the way she is today.
The misunderstood album
featured songwriting...
contribution from legendary
4 Non Blondes singer
Linda Perry.
She hooks up with Linda Perry...
who used to be
in 4 Non Blondes in the 90's.
It was an unlikely pairing
at the time...
because Linda Perry had
had hits...
but wasn't known
as a pre-eminent...
multi-million selling
despot songwriter.
This whole "Misunderstood" thing
which she did with...
4 Non Blondes, right,
with Linda Perry...
really kind of pulled out that
whole emotional thing with her
and she got really cool.
It was actually Pink's inspired
decision to collaborate
with her.
She divined something in Perry
that would provide the
for her own transformation from
R & B girl to punk pop queen.
It's funny, because the same
week I was supposed to start
thinking about my new album...
I was kind of being nosy and
going through my make-up
artist's book...
because he left it out, and I
saw her number and I was like...
"Oh, my god, I love her."
And I just stole it,
quickly wrote it down
on my hand and I called her...
and I left her a message,
I was like, "Oh, my god, I love
you. I'm not this big diva.
"You have to call me back.
I got arrested singing your crap
out of my window, you owe me.
"If I can find out your number,
I can find out where you live."
And I was basically just her
stalker and she called me back.
She's like, "You're nuts,
you should come over."
So I did and we wrote 15 songs
in a month and a half and that
was the start of the record.
It wasn't planned, it just--
just was total freedom and it
rocked and I had so much fun...
and just kept going,
I didn't turn back.
The career-defining album...
proved to be a monumental
success, with sales exceeding
12 million copies.
I was so nervous before this
album came out in the States.
I mean, I didn't know what was
gonna happen, but I was so proud
of it and so happy.
I guess that's why I was so
nervous, because I was
just like...
"Oh, my god, this means
so much to me.
"If people don't like it,
I'm gonna be crushed
and I'm gonna die."
I had had my dad on the phone
for a week, and he was getting
pretty sick of me...
but it feels really good to know
you took the chance...
and it kind of worked...
and I kind of get to tell
everybody, "I told you so,"
and that's always good for me.
I like that kind of stuff.
After the staggering success
of "Misunderstood"...
Pink had entered into the
rarified realms inhabited only
by the world's biggest stars.
Every single illusion that I had
is now completely shattered...
it's nothing that you think it
is, it's not what it's cracked
up to be.
It's, you know, when I was
little and I was like, "Okay,
I'm gonna be a singer"...
I just figured that was all
you do, you just get onstage
and sing...
and everybody loves you
and throws flower petals
at your feet.
I didn't know that singing was
like five and a half percent
of the whole thing.
I didn't know that there was
business involved.
I didn't know that there
was politics, because
there's a whole lot.
Pink is recognized for her
"tough girl" image...
but it's always been the music
that mattered most.
The rocker takes no prisoners
when it comes to writing
and her tempestuous on-off
relationship with professional
motocross racer Carey Hart...
provides the material
for many of her songs.
PINK (O.S.):
Guys think I'm a man-basher,
but that's not it.
It's like, I'm a woman,
I happen to like men...
and if they didn't play games
with me, I wouldn't have
anything to write about...
so, a guy can easily take the
song and sing it to a woman...
because that's his side, but I'm
on my side, you know, you can't
expect me to be on your side.
Pink's phases haven't been
as multifarious as other
chart pop divas...
there has been a certain
softening and mellowing
over the years...
not least because she's gotten
married and she's had a child.
The unconventional couple met
in 2001, married in 2006...
split up in 2008,
and reunited in 2009.
Marriage really doesn't change
much for us...
because we don't look at it
in the conventional way.
We've been together for a long
time, so... we're good friends,
we're happy.
He's a motocross driver and they
met in 2001 at one of the
motocross events...
and they sort of dated
for a couple of years
and she proposed to him...
at one of his events, holding up
a big card when he's going over
one of the jumps saying...
"Will you marry me?" and she
flipped it over and said,
"I'm serious" on the other side.
The thing about Carey Hart,
who's a motocross guy...
it was difficult for them
to see each other.
We've both been on tour the
entire time we've been
which has been about
four and half, five years...
so it's very much like being
single with, um...
with random hotel visits
all over the world, it's nice.
NARRATOR (V.O.): The Pink-Hart
relationship proved to be an
unorthodox union.
They had the short separation
and then got back together.
Pink's marriage is kind
of weird.
The whole relationship was on,
it was off, it was on,
it was off.
They got married, they split up,
they had a baby, they got
married again.
That's life, isn't it?
I had a lot left over
from my last break-up...
with my current husband,
baby daddy, so it's just kind
of all over the place.
It's kind of amazing that
it's endured through all the
different twists and turns...
and now he appears in every one
of her videos and things
couldn't be going better...
that said, they'll probably
split up next week.
They're probably gonna be one of
those couples that just have
that kind of rocky relationship.
They're both quite fiery people,
so it's always gonna happen.
I don't think maturity has
anything to do with marriage.
If anything, marriage makes
you more immature...
especially in the way
that you fight.
They have a child called Willow,
so I think they seem to be
pretty happy now...
I think they sorted
themselves out.
It's a responsibility
to yourself first, who you
want to be as a person...
before you can be a parent
or as you're becoming a parent.
If it's a whoops,
then you're like...
"Oh, shit, I have a lot of work
to do on myself before this
child starts listening to me."
Pink welcomed
her first child in 2011.
For a star who has made a
career out of writing songs
about angst and frustrations...
the arrival of her daughter
has melted her edges.
I think the way that Willow has
inspired my music is that--
The easiest way I can explain it
is I used to be very dramatic
and I'm not at all anymore.
And I used to wake up and be
like, "Oh, fuck, what do
I have to do today?"
And, "I don't feel good,
maybe I have cancer."
I used to just be really dark
and now I'm like...
I wake up and check her pulse
and make sure she's not having a
temperature and then we dance...
and we dance and we dance
and we dance...
and we go on bike rides
and we dance some more
and everything's a song...
and it's just a lot more fun.
Seeing her the other night...
there is a little,
subtle difference.
She is still kick-ass, rock
momma but there is a difference.
She was singing "The Perfect
Song", which has her words
in it...
and she was joking onstage
and saying she was about
to sing it...
and because Willow wasn't
around, she was really gonna
kick out...
but she says, "Oh, but the
mother instinct in me."
She said she looked around the
crowd and she could she those
young kids in the audience...
and she was just like,
"I can't bring myself to do it."
So-- and she wouldn't have done
that a few years ago.
I don't believe being a mother
has necessarily softened her...
I think being a parent has made
her a bit more open-minded...
your goals, ambitions,
ways of human life will change
when you're a parent...
and I think that it's fair to
say that's had an influence...
on what she kind of does
and how she does it...
and how many tours she does,
and things like that.
Motherhood's softened
her edge a bit...
because she's gotten more
feminine in her looks...
and she looks comfortable
in her own skin...
which she wasn't to start off
with and that was part of her
initial, radical thing...
but now she's just a bit
happier, I think.
It's just about-- more so,
I think it adds some of her
edge to her...
but she still rocks out,
as well.
Studio sessions used to be,
"Okay, I'm gonna start my
"Let's get the whiskey and some
cigarettes and let's do this
damn thing."
And now, it's sort of Monday
through Friday from 1:00
to 10:00...
and she would be there every
couple of hours...
and everybody I work with
is a friend or a parent...
so it was very, very easy.
The singer-songwriter admits
having a rock star mom...
could be a little confusing
for her daughter.
I can tell it's very
confusing for her.
Two things, Mommy's voice
on the phone, this is how we
listen to my music...
and Skype with Grandma
and Grandpa.
Can you imagine being five, six
months old and seeing a little
talking head in the computer?
Remember it used to be something
we could only imagine?
Now she's like, she pulls down
the computer and looks
behind it.
I'm like, "Right? I know,
isn't that fucking weird?"
So it's fun to--
She likes the Black Eyed Peas,
which is hard at 7:00 A.M.
2003 saw the release of Pink's
third studio album...
"Try This", which continued
with her reinvention...
and introduced fans to a new,
heavier rock direction.
The biggest challenge, I think,
was nobody telling me...
what I couldn't do, um, I've
always had people telling me...
that I can't do something and
then I've proven them wrong...
so it was a little uninspiring
just to be completely free
to do whatever I wanted.
It was a challenge just to make
another record in general
for me...
because I felt like I poured out
my entire 23 years of life
and they misunderstood...
and I figured I'd have to live
20 more years if I had anything
to talk about...
but it happened
and I was inspired.
"Try This", that was when she
really started getting rocky.
She did "Try This",
which got her a Grammy...
which was kind of artist
Her voice is unique, because a
lot of the female artists out
there at the moment...
have got very poppy voices,
and they all kind of sound
pretty much the same.
Pink's dynamic vocal range
is just amazing.
You know when you hear a record,
and you think...
"Oh, I wonder if that's gonna
sound like that live?"
Well, it's exactly
like that live.
It sounds exactly like the
record, sometimes even better.
With Pink, you get no faux pas
ala Beyonc, where the audience
is left reeling and wondering...
"Did she or did she not mime?"
I would definitely class her as
a rock star, pop star and
general legend.
Ten out of ten, straight up.
In 2004, three of the most
powerful women...
in show business joined forces
for a Pepsi commercial.
Pink, Britney Spears and
Beyonc stood united during
the premiere in London...
as hundreds of fans braved
Britain's arctic weather...
to catch a glimpse
of the global mega-stars.
Why do you think Pepsi chose
the three of you?
Um, I think, you know,
we're all so diverse...
and we're so different and,
like, when you put people like
that together...
I think it's very interesting
for people to see...
you know, that diversity in the
characters, basically, you know?
And, um, I think that's why
they chose us like this...
and it worked out, our chemistry
together when we were shooting
was really, really cool, so--
Who do you think made
the best gladiator?
The best gladiator? I don't
know, I've got some tricks
up my sleeve.
I can really work it out.
I can, like, really fight,
so they better watch out.
I think we all represent
something different...
and we all can reach
different people...
but I think the combination
of us three was just genius,
you know?
Our voices are different,
but you put it together...
it was the soul, the rock and
the pop, it was just--
it turned out great
and everyone looks different...
just the variations
of everything, just kind
of complimented each other.
REPORTER (O.S.): Who do
you think made the best...
gladiator out of you all?
I don't know. I'm not sure,
that's not nice.
I don't know.
Not me, how about that?
2006 saw the release
of "I'm Not Dead"...
a testament to Pink's enduring
popularity and widespread
I've written every song,
I just-- I only play drums...
so I can't really get much
melodical inspiration from that.
Although, I've tried.
"I'm Not Dead" was pretty rad as
well, and she went with Rancid,
didn't she, for that one?
I worked with some
incredible people...
um, Butch Walker, Billy Mann,
Mike Elizondo, Max Martin,
Dr. Luke...
I'm a very, very lucky girl.
2008's electrifying
"Funhouse" album...
reached the coveted number one
spot in six countries...
while the Funhouse Tour proved
to be a sell-out around
the world.
We've never sold this many
advanced tickets for ever...
and it's really exciting
and comforting that people want
to come play with us.
It's a fun show, it's a lot,
it's more than I've ever
done before.
Everybody's had a really good
time putting it together...
and the band's tight.
I'm just trying to remember
the words, at this point.
As you can see, the stage
is not built yet, or as
you can hear.
No, the band's really tight,
I'm ready, I just have to
remember the words...
which I haven't been recently,
but it makes me laugh, so--
As long as we don't take
ourselves too seriously,
I think we're okay.
It seemed the last rites
on Pink's career...
would be administered by her
record label, Jive...
with the 2010 release of her
greatest hits album...
but a curious thing happened,
Pink survived and her label
did not.
From the time she first came
to prominence...
Pink has refused to live up
to the female pop singer
and consistently breaks the
conventional celebrity mold.
I think the ultimate goal
for me was to win an award...
and be able to tell every
teacher that never believed
in me where they could stick it.
But then when you actually get
there, you don't feel that
anger anymore...
because you've done the work and
you feel really good about it...
and it becomes a much more
positive thing...
so when you get up there and win
that award, the first thing
on your mind is not...
"And my fourth grade teacher,
I hated you and I told you
I'd be up here!"
It just-- it goes away,
I don't know...
and it was nice to be able to,
you know, put a certain finger
in the air and say...
"Look at the person that you
thought wouldn't be
but after that, it's more like,
"All right, I'm here now,
now what?
"What am I gonna do
with all this?
"Am I gonna be a vacuous...
"anorexic, unhealthy,
waste-of-space filler?
"Or am I going to do what
I was raised to do...
"which is the freedom fighter,
or piss the world off."
The edgy pop icon is certainly
happy to stir up controversy.
She's a rock chic,
through and through...
I think it's her honesty that
really appeals to people.
She's a strong-minded lady.
She likes to surprise people.
She likes to step
outside the box...
and she definitely doesn't
like conforming.
She has got an outspoken
and I greatly admire her
for that.
You get an example of Pink,
the principle performer...
when you hear that Prince
William invited her to perform
at his 21st birthday party...
which was extraordinarily
flattered, but she turned
it down. Why?
Because she discovered
that he shoots animals.
Not on a regular basis...
and he doesn't really sway
to the sharp shot...
but, yeah, well done, Pink.
He invited me to his 21st
birthday and I read the
whole thing...
about how he was in Africa
ramming spears through
that just hurts my heart,
and I wanted him to know...
and I figured if he wants me
at his birthday party then he'll
listen to what I have to say.
He might not like it, and that's
too bad, but I didn't like what
I read, either.
I'm not surprised that Pink
refused to play at his
birthday party...
she doesn't think that animals
should be killed...
for our entertainment
of the so-called sport...
and I hope that that kind
of action from celebrities
like Pink...
will encourage people
to change their ways.
She stands by her morals...
and it doesn't matter what kind
of temptation is pointed
towards her...
be it a royal member or,
you know, someone off
the street...
she stands by it,
she's picaresque.
That's just about being very
present and aware and learning
and changing...
and I just feel very alive and
feisty and, you know, I have a
lot to say...
so I will not sit down
and shut up!
You has this thing sometimes,
where it's just--
And you can't tell, you're
like-- are you happy, angry?
I don't know.
I'm just gonna wait over there.
Split personalities, that
kind of sums Pink up...
she's the bouncy, fun, bright,
pop girl on the one hand...
mainstream kind of girl you want
to take home to meet your
the other hand, if you do take
her home to meet your parents,
she's liable to do something...
really embarrassing and
outrageous and make a complete
show of herself...
she just can't stop herself.
I haven't been arrested
in a long time, I'm very
proud of myself...
which just means I haven't
gotten caught.
What kind of-- I mean, I get
kicked out of places a lot...
because I'm very outspoken
and I stick up for my friends...
but-- and I like to have
a good time, so sue me.
Um, I don't really get
in that much trouble...
people allow me to do it,
pretty much whatever I want.
Pink is a woman to be admired
for many reasons.
Over the course of her
ground-breaking career...
the controversial singer has
been a fierce animal rights
Since I was in grade school,
just my two issues in life...
have always been animal rights,
animal cruelty...
and the legalization
of marijuana, but, no--
I gave that up a long time ago.
That's never gonna happen.
It takes someone who's a bit
gutsy and a bit bold...
to speak up for animal rights,
because it's not an issue...
which is in the mainstream.
Pink is a pop star
with a conscience...
she's very passionate about
many campaigns.
She's a massive PETA
that's an organization
close to her heart.
PETA's been working with Pink
for nearly a decade...
she's been anti-fur her whole
life, unlike some pop stars...
that plan to be fashion icons
and innovative leaders.
Pink is not afraid to speak out.
People like Beyonc and Jennifer
Lopez have been made aware...
of how cruel the fur trade is...
so if they choose to not take
action, and not to stop
wearing fur...
then there's nothing I can do
about that, I can only choose
not to support anything they do.
She uses her power quite wisely,
quite savvily...
but she's not too underground
to alienate people...
like the stuff
with the anti-fur lobby...
she'll find that common line,
I think she's quite honest.
attention... position to bring
to some really
sensitive... issues...
and she does it in
a really wonderful way...
because she's not shoving
information down people's
PINK (O.S.): I would just say
that the people that do wear fur
in this day and age...
I can only hope that they
become fur in their next life.
I think every mink coat
or every fur coat...
should come with a video showing
someone how it's made.
So, if you can sit down
and watch the video and
still purchase the coat...
and you can live with that, then
you deserve to wear that coat.
Take it, and then pass it down
to your generation of people...
to the next generation
in your bloodline...
because you're obviously
capable of doing that...
but if you're just doing it,
and you're not thinking about
what you're doing...
that's the problem I have.
Most teenagers aren't bothered
about what a spokesperson
for PETA like me has to say...
but they can relate to Pink,
she has a huge appeal right
across the spectrum...
and it's because of that appeal
that she's able to put across
the animal rights message...
to the far corners of the world
that sometimes we mere mortals
just can't reach.
100 years ago, PETA would have
been lobbying to seek...
the favor of politicians who,
decades ago...
were the sort of moral leaders
of our time.
Now people are much more
fascinated by rock stars...
they look to those people
to see what they're eating...
what they're wearing and how
they're living their lives...
and that's why we go after them.
We're very lucky that we're able
to work with people like Pink...
who give up not only their time,
and often their money that
they donate...
but, you know, to take the time
out of a worldwide tour...
where you're doing countless
interviews, your songwriting...
that's just a wonderful gift
that she gives to animals.
I think you gotta choose your
battles and I like to say
I'm a work in progress...
when it comes to, you know,
balancing out which causes
to follow...
and how to be as good
as possible.
I wear leather boots,
I don't eat cow...
you just have to be a work
in progress, as long
as you're aware...
the first step is denial,
not only in AA, but in life.
It's just-- you kind of just
gotta choose your battles.
For me, I'm a veg-aquarian, I
don't eat any meat, I eat fish.
I'm working on that,
I gotta watch "Finding Nemo"
a couple more times...
and I'll be there.
You know, I do wear leather
boots, I try not to use
any in my touring...
so I'm not like going through
pair after pair after pair
after pair.
I suppose everyone in that
certain sense has the ability
to be outspoken..
but then there's those
who say it and do it...
and a lot of people don't,
but she does, which is cool.
When Pink speaks,
people take notice.
You know, she has this megaphone
at her disposal and she
uses it...
thank goodness,
for the sake of animals.
Fur is rampant and it's
increasing, which is
insane to me...
with all the alternatives,
and all the materials out there.
I find it repulsive, it's my
opinion, I stand behind it...
I won't wear it, I try not to
converse with people that do...
because I get nauseous,
I'm always gonna side
with the animals.
Displaying the kind of honesty
rarely exhibited...
by major stars, the
mega-talented singer...
has never been less than
forthright about her views.
When she heard that someone
had thrown a puppy off
an overpass in Los Angeles...
she donated $5,000 so
that the dog could have
emergency surgery.
Now this is the kind
of compassionate woman
that Pink is.
Hopefully now that times
are changing, that people
are starting to see...
that there's more to being
a pop star than looking nice
and selling out big shows.
Pink's also spoken at rallies
about horse-drawn carriages
and they work.
I have been in New York a lot
in the last couple years...
and every time I see it, it
just kind of hurts my heart...
every time I see a horse-drawn
carriage I kind of stand in the
middle of the street...
and point and yell at them real
closely at the top of my lungs.
So I figure there's gotta
be a more mature way
of going about it.
The driver, the passengers are
shocked that Pink is there
shouting animal cruelty at them.
Because it's fair enough,
and these horses are cruelly
abused by unwitting tourists...
who go on them
in New York City...
and what we can say about Pink
is that she gives her all
for animals.
She works tirelessly to speak up
for those that can't speak up
for themselves.
She's a wonderful asset to have
onboard at Team PETA.
NARRATOR (V.O.): In 2012, Pink,
who has always been an advocate
of individualism...
announced that she would be the
new face to represent beauty
brand Cover Girl cosmetics.
I, believe it or not, have
always been a make-up girl.
I have a picture of myself
in my Smurfs onesy...
at 5-year's-old with my curls
and just lips and rouge.
The truth about make-up is,
it's necessary.
That and really good lighting.
Everyone needs a fan,
as well.
I was quite surprised by that
latest development
in her career....
and the approbation
of the cosmetics industry...
because she seemed to be apart
from all of that...
that seems to contradict some
of the assumptions that we've
had about Pink over the years...
about not doing what's expected
and not being conventionally
and not playing up to
stereotypical ideas...
of what constitutes a
perfect-looking pop woman.
It was a good move by her,
because she was saying that you
can have short hair...
you can have piercings, you
don't have to look like this
to be attractive...
so it wasn't hugely surprising,
that was even a good move
for her.
It's just a contemporary way
of working, isn't it?
If you get Cover Girl to help
you out, you help them out...
and then stuff gets paid for
so you get a bigger house
in Beverly Hills.
NARRATOR (V.O.): In 2013, Pink
was name by VH1 as one of the
sexiest artists alive...
a true advocate of
individuality, the star
effortlessly mixes glamour...
and grit with unconventional,
tough-girl style.
Her style is very much
individual, very punk rock...
very-- it's like gangster,
it's like-- it's very her.
She didn't really follow trends,
she kind of sets her own...
which is a good thing.
She's never retro or looking
back, she is always
very current.
She likes to be different
with everything...
neither her music, nor attitude,
her look, her style.
I have a lot of different looks,
it depends on the mood.
It's absolutely-- it's an
expression of your mood...
and for a tour, my make-up
is colorful and it's always
gotta be smoky...
and sexy, and then there's just
the no make-up, make-up look...
which is actually harder
than any of them.
Um, just depends on your mood,
it's just like your outfit,
or the color of your tube socks.
2013 proved to be
a stellar year...
for the mega-talented
The overwhelming success
of the "Truth About Love"
album and world tour...
was rebirth of a career
at its finest.
I was having a lot of fun,
I think that's a new thing
for me.
I was just having a lot more
fun than I've ever had before.
And I think production-wise,
it's a lot more interesting...
and the musicality, I feel like
I raised the bar for myself.
People heard that there was
a new Pink album coming...
and they didn't see that many
interviews with her
in the press...
and I think there was an
anticipation that her best days
were behind her.
She put out the first single
and it did really, really well.
It was refreshing, kind of like,
"Okay, cool, this is good."
"The Truth About Love"
is as successful as in
her prime kind of albums.
On YouTube, she's got millions
and millions and millions
of hits.
It went to number one in English
countries and sold very well...
she just doesn't seem to be
slowing down at all...
there's seems to be no end.
To see her being on such a high
caliber of popularity is
amazing, I'm really happy.
Pink, if you are listening
and watching this...
world tour, let's go!
When you're on a world tour,
it is crazy.
The demand for any artist,
no matter how big, unless
the company sees fit...
or on this it was MJRIP, they
don't give you a lot of time.
They want things done now.
To dance on a tour is very,
very grueling on the body.
It takes a lot out and you
have to be dedicated.
All the countries you go to,
no matter how lovely they are...
you don't really get time
to spend in them.
You arrive, you go on the plane,
you arrive at the airport.
You go to the hotel,
you're practically in rehearsals
probably that same day...
then you go back and you're
mash, because you're
as well as being tired
from rehearsals.
Then you have to wake up
and do that all over again...
and the majority of the time,
it's show time that same day.
The fitness level
needs to be up here...
because you're gonna be doing
number after number after number
for like two hours.
The physical conditioning
that your body has to be
in is crazy...
you have to get used to being
jet-lagged, lot of sleep.
You have to get used
to being tired.
Anyone getting involved, I would
definitely say go to the gym.
Pink is recognized as one
of the most daring...
and innovative performers
of the modern era.
But until recently, she has
been curiously underrated.
Adored by her fans,
but surprisingly ignored
by the mainstream media.
Pink has had to work harder
to achieve the level of success
enjoyed by her peers.
You know, she's almost like,
um, hiding in plain sight, Pink.
You know, she's huge,
but no one seems to write
about her or talk about her.
She's underrated a lot as an
artist, probably the same way
Prince is underrated a lot.
KATIE HOBBS (O.S.): She has
been, to a certain audience,
a huge artist for years...
but she has not received
the recognition...
that she should have been
receiving until very recently.
That's frustrated me,
because I admire her so much...
both as an artist
and as an individual.
Sells millions of records, but
doesn't seem to register as big
as Britney or Katy Perry...
or Lady Gaga, one of those.
She doesn't actively
court the media...
she's not like Madonna, who you
know that what she's saying...
is gonna be tied around her
press a lot of the time.
She's very cool in that way.
She doesn't do that many
She doesn't try and sort
of conform to the sort
of girly pop artist...
who gets a bit all the time...
her talent is really what
has driven her career...
rather than the publicity
and any sort of stunts.
To her, I don't think
it matters.
She just cares what the
people who support her feel.
If there's something popular,
I tend to not--
I try and not to go
anywhere near it.
Um, and that's funny,
being a pop star.
So, I think it's
helpful, I--
Well, also, everything's
really techno-y, as well...
and that like gives me
bad flashbacks...
to my past and makes me
want to grab a glow stick.
So, I try to steer clear.
She's getting bigger
and bigger all the time...
and she is now starting to get
the recognition...
that I think she should have
been getting years ago.
One measure of Pink's
contemporary relevance...
is if you do a compare and
contrast with one direction...
Justin Bieber, who recently
sold out five nights each
at the O2 in London...
where Pink's done four,
and that's pretty impressive...
when you think, you know,
Bieber, he's a lot newer,
one direction...
and a hell of lot newer,
Pink's been around
for a decade and a half...
and in the world of pop,
to still be able to sell-out
four nights at a major venue...
in one of the capital cities
of the world, that is seriously
The media has not given her
that type of shine.
I know, that kind of sucks,
maybe that's what she wanted....
but now she's back in it,
I mean it's boom!
Over the course of her
ground-breaking career...
Pink's music
has struck a chord...
not only with her legions
of fans around the world...
but has also paved the path
for many of today's most
popular female artists.
I'm giving face, people,
giving face...
that's all I want to do,
is give this.
been a huge influence...
for a lot of the more recent
female artists.
She influenced Rihanna,
she's influenced Miley Cyrus...
she's influenced all these
different people who have
come since.
You'll see that people like
Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift...
have taken her lead for how
things work...
with regard to how to outgrow
that bit of your musical
and then embrace the next stage.
She influenced a lot
of people on the way...
from like Rihanna to Adele.
Adele saw one of her
performances at the
Brixton Academy...
and says it was sort of a
defining moment in her life.
I'm the biggest Pink fan,
yeah, a lot.
I've been listening to Pink
since I was 11...
so, again, to be anywhere near
her is just like amazing...
just filled up a bit
when I passed her.
I was waiting for someone
to like slap me in the face
and go...
"Uh-huh, got you... punk'd"
Well, I'm some random,
random girl from South London,
in England...
and I'm not your typical kind
of pop star or nothing...
and people are making
my dreams come true, so--
Pink is an irrepressible
synonymous with exuberance
and high energy...
she continues to conquer
in a teen-dominated industry...
a tremendous testament
to her brilliant career.
She's an original, despite
so much competition
from new acts...
she's still holding her own
after over a decade of work.
She's one of the few, if not the
only artist of her generation...
that has the legs to endure
for another decade.
Pink is an amalgamation
of someone that you
would call an artist...
in every sense of the word.
She's getting new fans all
the time, she's obviously
growing as an artist...
and growing in popularity.
Seeing her journey that she's
kind of gone through...
you've got a sense that
she's become more of the
artist that she wants to be...
if she stays true to herself
and follows her direction...
I think there will always be a
place for her within the arts.
I also see her venturing into
more film, or the acting side.
She's done a few cameo
appearances in film, she did
the "Charlie's Angels" film.
It's always good to branch out
and to do different things.
She'd be great doing
the X Factor thing...
I think she'd do that
really well...
she'd be very good
as a mouthy judge.
You never know,
you never know with Pink.
NARRATOR (V.O.): Pink, who has
previously dismissed hosting
American Idol...
still rejects the idea
of signing up as a judge
on a talent show.
PINK (O.S.): It's not my deal,
it's not cute to be honest,
unless you have an accent.
I think the only reason
Simon gets away with it,
is because it sounds cool.
It doesn't sound cool
coming from me.
I don't feel like we're creating
songwriters or musicians...
or-- I mean,
it's a karaoke contest...
there's some great
karaoke singers...
but not getting a lot
out of it.
Pink really is one
of a kind...
an electrifying singer,
an accomplished songwriter...
and an iconic performer.
She has just got that
natural talent...
she'll be able to carry on her
career as long as she wants to.
She's definitely gonna
be around in ten years time...
she's gonna still be
rocking it.
I was gonna say she might
not be as active...
on her tours in the shows
that she puts on...
but actually,
I take that back.
Knowing Pink, she probably will
be, she'll be just as amazing...
and just as hard-core
and just throwing herself
around the stage...
and doing stuff that make
you drop your jaw...
what, with no harness,
I'm sure...
and, oh yeah, I think she'll
be a popular artist for many,
many years to come.
This remarkable woman has
carved an exceptional career...
through being a true artist,
and as for the future...
well, with Pink, being Pink,
anything is possible.