Pioneer (2013) Movie Script

Petter? Are you okay?
Shall we stop?
Stay awake.
You fall down,
you're out of here.
Answer me,
Petter, or I'll take you out.
What's going on out there?
What's up with Leif?
They won't take you out.
They're yelling at each other.
Bro? Pia wants a word with you.
- Huh?
- Petter?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Put the cap back on.
You're not registering
on the EEG.
Why don't you come in
and put it on?
Very nice.
Change of plans.
I need you to step into
the other chamber.
- Don't break his heart, sir.
- No, no... you.
I'm sorry, Mike,
I have to take you out.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
What did I do?
I didn't do shit.
Please just do as you're told
for a change.
Get into the other chamber
or you're off the
entire program.
Leif? Why was he taken out?
Close the hatch. We're cleaning
out the American gas mix.
I feel like shit.
Continue pressurization.
We're almost there.
Four hundred and ninety-five.
Is this normal?
There's nothing
normal about this.
Four hundred and ninety-six.
That politician's here
with a cake.
Who let that bird in here?
- There's an albatross in here.
- No, it's a seagull.
It's an albatross.
I've seen them in the
Gulf of Mexico.
The wings are different.
What are they talking about?
Goddamn it,
they're hallucinating.
- Jrgen? Can you see the bird?
- What bird?
Five hundred.
My lungs are on fire.
Let us handle the gas
next time, okay?
Congratulations from
the directorate.
You're the first Norwegians
to be pressurized to 500 meters.
A world record for
simulated deep diving
was recently set here.
- Does it feel good?
- Yeah, it does.
- Look at him!
- Martin.
Dad's on TV.
In very deep water, the
air basically turns to poison
inside the body, so a gas
needed to be developed
to help the divers breathe
down in such depths.
What's working with
with the Americans like?
It's uncle!
Exciting. They've got
a lot of experience with this.
One of the diving
teams is Norwegian.
I think we're in control
of the process.
Norwegian authorities
wish to pipe the
petroleum ashore.
But first the divers must prove
they can work at such depths.
Petter will go on a new test
dive led by the US company
Deep Sea Diving tomorrow.
320 meters below the surface,
they'll join two pipe sections
in a habitat.
What will it be like to reach
the ocean floor?
It's what we've been
training for.
Why we've done this experiment.
So we're looking forward to it.
In the US, Ronald Reagan has...
- Did you see Dad on TV?
- No, just Uncle.
- It wasn't exactly about you.
- Sure it was!
- He's the one they interviewed.
- Yeah yeah.
- Yeah, but it wasn't about you.
- You're not mad at me?
This next dive will be my last.
- Because?
- I'm gonna become a
diving supervisor.
- I'll make loads of money.
- Been drinking paint?
We make ten times what they do.
We don't. They get to see their
family twenty times as
much as we do.
Is this Maria's idea?
You're gonna dive until
you're sixty?
Sure I will.
You live on a boat.
Got no family.
I've got you.
But no kids.
All that will change.
Then you'll see what I mean.
Look ahead, Petter.
Welcome aboard. I'm Ferris.
Let's get below.
Yeah. Give me a minute.
Fellas, straight on through,
I'll join you in a minute.
Boss? From your wife.
- And from Marianne.
- What about me?
Shut up.
There's no doubt in my mind
that this is the right
group of men
but we still have to
prove it to the ministry.
That's the sole point
of this verification dive.
Three hundred twenty meters,
three man teams,
twelve-hour shifts,
you know the drill.
Focus on the job
right in front of you
and we'll all end up
making a lot of money together.
Who goes out first?
- The Norwegians.
- Why?
'Cause I'm saving you
for clean-up.
First in the Norway Trench.
English, mother fucker.
He said you're an idiot.
Team one, enter the bell.
How're you feeling, boys?
Feelin' good.
- Never felt better.
- Excellent.
Pete, you're first,
Jrgen will stay in the bell.
Good luck, boys.
You're the TV star, you know.
All right, boys...
Open gas supply, divers.
- Gas open.
- You got the balls for this?
Diver one out of the bell.
Diver one leaving the basket.
Have you landed?
That's one
small step for a man...
...but a huge leap for an
ordinary guy from the projects.
Diver two near the basket.
Do you have a visual?
I have visual.
Okay, you can enter
the habitats.
Diver one inside the habitat.
Diver two inside the habitat.
Start pressurization.
Thirty, forty,
forty-two, forty-six...
- Closing the valve.
- Now the other side.
We're blowing out the water.
There's water seeping in.
- Is it a lot?
- No, it's not much.
We just need more pressure.
We'll fix it. Ready?
Increase pressure by five bars.
Increasing pressure.
- Shut the valve, Petter!
- Turn it off!
Knut? Petter?
Report, damn it!
Petter? We've lost contact!
- I'm here.
- Focus on finding Knut!
- Can you see him?
- I can't see!
Knut! Knut!
- He's here!
- Is he conscious?
Bro! Bro!
Can you get him to the surface?
His mask is smashed!
It's smashed!
Just take it off.
- I'm removing his mask.
- Check his pulse.
Bro! Knut!
Is he breathing?
He's breathing!
Tell us...
Tell us what's going on!
Don't move!
We'll send Jrgen down
to help you.
He won't make it!
I'm giving him my mask.
I'm giving him my mask.
Bro. Bro!
I'm coming out now.
You won't make it back
to the bell!
Draw in the umbilical.
No! You'll never make it
without a mask!
You hear what I'm saying,
Petter? No!
Jrgen? Pull in
Petter's umbilical.
Copy that.
Pulling them in.
Where's Knut?!
Flood the bell, dammit!
Flooding the bell.
I've got him!
I've got him.
- You've got him?
- Got him!
- Is he breathing?
- Bro?
He's not breathing!
Petter! Give him CPR.
Come on, bro!
Hurry! Get us up!
Close the hatch.
- I got a seal!
- Get us up!
You're not going anywhere!
Not anywhere, bro!
Come on.
I blacked out.
What the hell happened?
I don't know. I don't know!
Get the hypo from
the equipment lock, Jrgen.
Push it hard and deep.
As deep as it goes. Now, Petter!
Nothing's happening.
Come on, bro. Come on...
That's enough.
It's too late.
What happened?
I don't know.
I'm so sorry.
That's really tough.
Steady, steady.
Maria, we're ready to go.
- Ferris...
- Get me out of here, man.
- As quick as you can.
- You know I can't do that.
Put me on the emergency table...
I can't take that chance.
I'm afraid you'll get
decompression sickness.
Sorry, you gotta stay in there
two more weeks.
Did you notice anything
weird about the breathing gas?
Or hear anything?
I blacked out.
There must have been a gas cut.
I know.
Petter? How are you feeling?
Jrgen says there was a cut.
This is your responsibility,
- Careful now, Petter.
- Petter...
I never said that.
You said you heard how
I stopped breathing.
Listen, Pete,
you need some sleep.
Do yourself a favor
and take those pills.
I wanna speak to Ferris.
- Ferris isn't here.
- Where is he?
We had a cut, I had no gas.
I was out of it
before the explosion.
Just try to relax,
we'll figure it out as soon as...
There's nothing to figure out!
We know who controls
the breathing gas.
That's not true, I kept
my eye on the breathing gas.
Then what do you think happened?
You inflated the plug
until it blew up.
Because I passed out!
Explain that!
- This conversation is over.
- Explain it!
Petter? My condolences.
You want Knut's briefcase?
I'll talk to you later.
Where is Trond?
He's not on board.
I sent him home.
- Why?
- This touches everybody.
Trond as well.
Look, Pete, we can have
the best technology
in the world,
we can take every
precaution in the world,
but still...
mistakes get made.
Don't they?
Listen to me, son, nothing's
gonna bring your brother back.
Speculating, pointing fingers,
that's not gonna do
anybody any good.
Not Maria, not Martin,
and certainly not the project.
There's a hell of a lot at
stake here, you understand me?
I'll take care of the press.
Jeger! Hi.
- My condolences.
- What's the directorate
gonna do?
I don't understand, eh...
About Trond Edvardsen.
He screwed up the breathing gas.
- If there's any ambiguity...
- That cut should never
have happened.
We're going to investigate it
thoroughly. I promise.
Look here.
Call me anytime.
This isn't what I ask for.
It's not what I want.
No, I understand.
So what are you gonna
do about it?
Mortal accidents are
complex events.
The supervisor disagrees.
I know what he thinks.
I made no mistakes.
Well, let's see what
the police have to say.
It needs new batteries.
Unscrew the bottom.
- I'll get by.
- It wasn't my fault.
It was an accident, okay?
Hey! I wanna see the recording
from the accident.
The video tape.
I'd love to show it to you.
- But there isn't any.
- "There isn't any"?
Have you erased it?
There wasn't any tape
in the recorder.
- You expect me to believe that?
- Ask Leif, Ronald, Ferris.
- I'll ask Jrgen. Where is he?
- On sick leave.
Sick leave? Why?
- I guess he's ill.
- Just let me see the tape.
Shut the fuck up,
you have nothing to
do with this.
You overinflated the plug.
You can't change that.
Hey! Jrgen!
- Trond says you're sick.
- I've been a bit off.
You're not sick.
You're working.
I'm feeling better now.
Has someone told you to
keep your mouth shut?
Jrgen! Answer me.
Why won't Trond show
me the tape?
- What are you talking about?
- What happened?
I don't know what you're talking
about. I had a cut!
You heard it!
Jrgen! Hey!
- Something's wrong with Jrgen!
- Another seizure?
Hi. I need a word with Leif
about Jrgen.
- He gets seizures.
- I know he's on...
Did he get one in the bell
while monitoring the gas?
I don't know anything
about that.
- Are you back?
- No.
Leif? Hi.
How long have you
known Jrgen's sick?
What's wrong with him?
Health is a private matter.
His dad says he's had
several seizures.
I need to do another
EEG test on you.
Because it's my job.
Has Jrgen taken another test?
- Leif?
- Yeah.
Did you know Jrgen
was sick when you sent
him down on that dive?
- It wasn't my call.
- What do you mean?
Ferris would
like to talk to you.
- Leif...
- Now.
Ronald, I'd like to see
Jrgen's EEG test.
Rats seem to stand pressure
better than us.
Okay, Jrgen's EEG test...
See? Normal.
I need a copy.
Staff medical information
is confidential.
It belongs to Deep Sea Diving,
they co-funded the project,
Pete, please,
if there was something
wrong here, I would tell you.
Tests like these are...
They're really open
to interpretation.
We also judge divers
on their performance.
It really comes down
to how you feel.
- So, how do you feel?
- Fine.
Hey Ronald?
Are you there?
You can read stuff into the
tests, like Leif did.
- You can find anything.
- It says that Jrgen's ill.
They're normal.
Only Leif sees the connection.
What connection?
Jrgen's sick.
But medically speaking,
these charts don't say so.
It's Leif's interpretation.
You sent a sick
diver down there.
No one knew he was sick.
Leif obviously knew.
He wrote the conclusion
in hindsight.
This is a bad time for
you to get fired.
They're preparing a
new test dive.
- I won't dive now.
- You have to.
The Petroleum Directorate
needs to keep
one Norwegian diver
in the program.
- Thank you.
- Thank you for meeting us.
We need to talk.
- Do you have an appointment?
- No.
- Talk to my secretary.
- I've something to show you.
The police are doing
what they can to...
Jrgen manned
the bell at the time.
He's sick.
It says so here.
- Isn't this confidential?
- Just take a look.
I can't interpret this. Can you?
I think he caused
my brother's death.
He gets seizures. I've seen it.
- Have you shown this to anyone?
- No.
Okay, I'll follow it up.
But we need
to conclude the
verification dives.
The mission isn't over yet.
I won't dive until I know what
happened to my brother.
Right. I understand.
- Hi!
- Hi.
- Uncle?
- The police called.
They did?
Hi. It's like this:
Jrgen Heimland has taken
responsibility for the accident.
He admits that he shut
the wrong valve in
the diving bell.
He did what?
Could you repeat that?
He cut your breathing gas.
- Okay. How's that?
- Human error.
But was it a seizure?
The report doesn't mention
any seizure.
You don't know what happened?
You can file a civil lawsuit
if you want to.
- No.
- Why not?
I couldn't bear it.
- What does the report say?
- It says what I just said.
- Is Jrgen here?
- Jrgen's gone to Spain.
Tell him I wanna talk to him.
You all right?
What happened?
You tried to kill me.
That's what happened.
Couldn't avoid you.
You broke into me.
You flipped that car
on your own.
- Who asked you to steal these?
- What?
These EEG tests.
Was it Leif?
Where's mine?
I want mine.
- Where the fuck is mine?
- Why do you want it?
'Cause that shit could
end my career.
You know your friend, Leif?
He's a fucking hack.
He says I'm
neurologically damaged.
Petter? I need to talk to you.
What are you doing here?
Were you here earlier?
What do you mean?
We need to talk.
Just look at the boat.
What are you doing here?
I'm gonna find out
how Knut died.
Okay. And you think
I've got the answer?
The gas Ronald's given you
contains a secret component.
And the goddamn Americans
won't say what it is.
I made him stop using it
at the research center.
But they call the shots at sea.
So Knut promised to help us.
With what?
He was gonna take a sample
of the American gas in the bell.
- Didn't he tell you?
- What are you saying?
What sort of bullshit is this?
Did you find a gas sample
in Knut's briefcase?
I'd know it if
he was taking a sample.
Ronald's drugging you
with that gas.
You wobbled around
like a drunkard.
That's why you passed out.
- Jrgen's taken the blame.
- He'd never turn off the gas.
Listen to this.
Listen to Knut's voice.
He didn't pass out.
What's that?
The tape from the accident.
Trond said there
wasn't any tape.
I took the tape.
- Okay, you can turn it off now.
- It's enough now, Petter.
Petter, stop it!
I'm stuck here!
Knut has no problems
with the gas.
- You were on the same feed.
- Shut the valve, Petter!
Knut! Petter!
- Report, God damn it!
- Petter? We've lost contact!
Find the gas sample,
and I'll reveal who did this.
Lift it up and get this
part in there. That's it. Great!
Martin? Remember
the flashlight I gave you?
- You know where it is?
- In a suitcase.
- Your suitcase?
- I think so.
- Where is it?
- In my room.
What's that?
It's a gas sample.
Hello? has imposed on
the individual freedoms
of the people...
Hey! Hey!
Leif died as a result of
a morphine overdose,
according to the police.
The medical examiner
has yet to verify that.
But, um... I know at least
some of you are aware of the...
courageous efforts that Leif
made to battle his addiction.
In fact, he was supposed to be
in rehab this week.
Unfortunately he never
checked himself in.
For obvious reasons,
the family would prefer
that the manner of his death not
become a matter
of public knowledge.
I found Knut's gas cylinder.
It's up to each one of us
to help protect
the colleague's reputation.
Let's observe a moment of
silence in memory of our friend.
Leif Lindberg.
You want me to test it?
You want me to test it for you?
It's empty.
I have to know what's in
that goddamn gas.
If I go on the next dive,
bring back a gas sample,
will you test it when
I get back?
No, after everything you've
been through, you need a break.
Besides, you're not prepared.
These boys have been training.
- Of course I'm prepared...
- That's my final decision.
Maria, do you have a...
To the right.
There are no
Norwegian divers left.
That's why you have to go.
The Americans refuse
to let me dive.
Who's stopping you?
The diving physician. Ronald.
- What's he saying?
- That I'm not prepared.
That I'm not fit. I don't know.
The pipeline will
come ashore there.
The Americans think
they've won the contract.
That they can just open the tap
and help themselves.
You'll make a good supervisor.
That's not what I want.
I wanna dive.
I'm talking about
your future opportunities.
When we start pumping the oil.
Of course you'll dive.
It's not up to the
physician to decide.
Are you ready?
I'm going back to work.
I'll be back in three weeks.
That's exactly what Knut said.
Let me show you something.
You can turn it off now.
- Petter! Turn it off!
- Shut the valve, Petter!
You hear me?! Shut it off!
What the hell is wrong with you?
I have to find out
what happened.
I have to understand, get it?
- I don't need to know.
- But I do!
That's why I have to
go down there.
I'm sorry about
your friend, Leif.
We all get what's coming to us.
Petter? For you.
Hey, missy.
You're a scientist.
Inspect this.
You recently lost your brother
on a similar dive.
How does that affect your work?
I think he'd have wanted me
to go on diving.
I don't really think
it's affected my work.
Excuse me?
Dr. Lindberg called me.
The day before he died.
Wanted to talk
about the accident.
- Anything else we should know?
- No, not that I can remember.
Do me a favor and call me
if you remember anything.
Be careful about what
you say to the press.
- What?
- You heard me.
The gas sample
you're taking in the bell.
Give it to Pia
as soon as you're back.
- What are you talking about?
- Don't try to get smart.
Hey, Pete,
think you're ready for this?
- You ready for this?
- Yeah.
You don't think so?
Slow... perfect.
Petter is going first, Mike.
Fuck you he's going first.
My fucking record, sir.
This is not
about your record, Mike.
We're here to prove
that we can build the pipeline.
- It's all right.
- No, it's not.
He can take Phil with him
and I can tend the bell.
Please just do
as you're told, guys.
This is bullshit.
Open gas supply, divers.
Gas open.
Come on, Pete,
pull yourself together.
Begin to pressurize.
- Trond?
- Yeah?
I don't feel too good.
I'll switch places
with Philip, and man the bell.
you'll have to do the welding.
I knew you weren't ready.
Okay, guys...
...give me an update
on the welding.
Still there?
How long do you have left?
Should be done in an hour.
You ready for your photo,
pin-up girl?
That's why you're here, right?
To celebrate all the work
we've done for you?
Is that Niagra Falls
or are you just happy to see me?
- Hi.
- Hi. I couldn't get the sample.
Why not?
I didn't have time.
No room for it.
- Welcome back. How've you been?
- All right.
How did Jeger know
about the sample?
Who do you think I work for?
To build the pipeline ourselves,
we need the American gas recipe.
Were you going to
give me the results?
Yes, of course.
- Mike? Mike?
- Yeah, man?
You know where Ronald is?
I don't know. Downstairs
or something?
Petter... Petter!
If you have the sample,
give it to me now.
You risk your life
if you keep it.
You risk your life
if you keep it.
I don't have it.
You leaving?
I've proved what they
hired me to do.
I got a sample of
your breathing mix.
- Where?
- Tell me what's in it first.
I can get someone
to test it for me.
And I will go public with it.
It's a secret,
it's how I make my living.
By drugging us?
Let me show you something, Pete.
At the depths at which
you boys need to work,
the nervous system
is affected by the pressure.
You need an anesthetic
to work down there.
- Anesthetic?
- Drug.
Call it whatever you like.
You need something to overcome
the effects of that
pressure sickness.
Have a look.
I want to explain to you
why you need an anesthetic.
Without it, you'd collapse.
We're just past 500 meters.
The big glass has
no anesthetics.
Which would you rather be?
I collapsed on your drugs
and my brother died
because of it.
You blacked out,
but not because of my gas.
I know what happened, I saw
the tape, Leif showed it to me.
Think about it, Pete,
no one else fainted, only you.
Jrgen was fine and so was
your brother until you
passed out
- and caused the explosion.
- Jrgen's a mess.
Yes, both you and Jrgen
are clearly affected
but not Mike. And Mike's
been on my gas more than anyone.
What does that tell you?
Why did you take him out
of the pressure chamber then?
Because I didn't want
to expose him
to Leif's misguided experiments.
And it turned out to be
the right goddamn decision.
Your blackouts were
caused here. By Leif.
He took away my gas, the one
thing that could sustain you.
No one can handle a gas
change like that at 500 meters.
You begin hallucinating,
remember the albatross?
That's when you and Jrgen
began having blackouts.
So you're saying what?
That my brain is damaged?
Because of Leif?
Why didn't you tell me?
You sent me down there
and you knew.
You knew...!
I tried to stop you
from going down.
It was hard to
stop you, Pete, you...
You wouldn't listen to me.
Hey, Pete.
Can you hear me?
You've got something of mine
and I want it back.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
The gas sample will be
given to Yurig
if something happens to me.
Hey, son, this is
not a negotiation.
Pete, you're gonna sit there
until you tell me where it is.
Where is it?
Take him down again.
Stop! Stop!
Talk to me, son.
- I'll show it to you.
- No.
You won't show me,
you're gonna tell me
where it is,
we're gonna go get it,
and then I'm gonna
let you out of here.
Where is it, son?
Damn it! Down!
It really doesn't have
to be this hard, son.
What do you think you're doing?
If you want to kill him, you'll
have to do it yourself, sir.
You need him alive, don't you?
He's a stubborn son of a bitch.
- Come and get me when he's out.
- Pete.
Pete, can you hear me?
I'm bringing you back up.
- What about the decompression?
- We'll deal with that later.
If you bounce him
back this fast,
he might not be around later.
- Does he have a pulse?
- Faint.
Check his breathing,
I'm gonna go get Ronald.
We can't bounce him right up.
He's got ten minutes until
he gets decompression sickness.
Hey! Don't move. Don't move!
It's me, Petter. It's me.
Petter, give me five minutes.
You can't trust anyone.
What did you get to lie?
I didn't do it for the money,
but to help you.
To help me?
How does it help me if
you lie and take
the blame for something
you didn't do?
We thought it was your fault.
I'm not gonna listen
to this crap.
Just hear me out.
They're all in on it.
Does it look like I've
got time to listen to you?
I just came from 100 meters
in the chamber.
I'm going into the water -
to treat myself for
decompression sickness.
That guy from the
Petroleum Directorate, Jeger
told me exactly what to say.
He got me a plane
ticket to Spain,
just to get rid of me.
Don't trust him.
Ferris tried to kill me.
They tried to kill me.
Hey, hey.
Shh. Shh.
- Hi.
- Hi.
No thanks.
Ferris gave me this.
He wanted to avoid
a police investigation.
Why did you accept it?
You wouldn't take my money.
- It's not your responsibility.
- Of course it is.
Would you rather take money
from a guy
who's willing to kill me?
Is that better?
How was I supposed to know?
You must have
realized something?
I've realized it's time
to look ahead.
Can I take it?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- They found a dead body.
- Yeah.
It was Jrgen.
I've got the gas sample.
- What are you doing with it?
- I'll give it to you.
- That's the deal, right?
- Yeah.
As soon as Ferris
leaves the country.
How am I gonna make that happen?
I'm sure you and
Jeger can sort it out.
The allegations
would be laughable
were it not for the
potential damage
they'd do to my
company's reputation.
They're just not true.
However, Deep Sea Diving
did feel a moral obligation
to make an offer of
compensation to his widow.
There were no preconditions,
I repeat no preconditions
to this offer of imbursement.
This is not a business practice
we want in this country.
Trying to bribe relatives like
that is completely unacceptable.
Can you lay the pipeline
without the Americans?
I'm confident we have
the necessary
know-how to do
the job ourselves.
- What are you looking for?
- I just don't trust you.
Relax. We need you.
I've been named CEO of a new,
state-owned company.
We have to build
the pipeline ourselves.
I need someone who's
been down there.
You need the sample.
The "necessary know-how",
as you call it.
We need you as well.
I want a job as
diving supervisor.
- Okay.
- And I want the money.
The cylinder's in the
locker room.
My brother's locker.
Tell Maria we're grateful.
She expects more than gratitude.
"More than gratitude"?
Her husband, your brother, dived
down to 320 meters.
He died there.
He knew it was dangerous,
but he did it... voluntarily.
It was his job.
The locker room.
Knut Jensen's locker.
In twenty years,
when his son grows up...
He'll grow up in one of
the world's richest countries.
ON JUNE 10TH, 1981.