Pippa (2023) Movie Script

In 1947, India was divided
into three parts.
Though Pakistan was one country,
it was divided into two parts.
West and East Pakistan.
And right in the middle lay India.
Although East Pakistan's population
was greater,
the power lay with the West.
Sixty percent of Pakistanis spoke Bengali
but Urdu was declared
the nation's official language.
From the bureaucracy to government jobs,
the Bengali representation
was insignificant.
The Bengali-speaking East Pakistanis
had been reduced to slaves.
Finally, the first general election
was held in 1970.
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's party,
the Bangladesh Awami League,
won the election by majority.
But the then President of Pakistan,
General Yahya Khan,
repudiated the election results.
Not only that,
he had Sheikh Mujibur Rahman arrested
when the latter objected.
This enraged the citizens
of East Pakistan.
The oppression birthed a desire
for independence
and almost all of East Pakistan
rose up in rebellion.
We are Bengalis
by the way we dress and speak.
Bangladesh is our beloved country!
Our home is where the rivers flow!
Padma, Meghna and Jamuna!
- Establish autonomy of East Bengal!
- Separate the judiciary!
- We reject the curfew!
- We reject the curfew!
- We won't put up with oppression!
- We will only speak Bengali.
- Valiant Bengalis, take up arms.
- Liberate Bangladesh.
We are Bengalis
by the way we dress and speak.
Bangladesh is our beloved country!
- We reject the curfew!
- We reject the curfew!
- Valiant Bengalis, take up arms.
- Valiant Bengalis, take up arms.
- Liberate Bangladesh.
- Liberate Bangladesh.
- We reject the curfew!
- We reject the curfew!
- Valiant Bengalis, take up arms.
- Valiant Bengalis, take up arms.
Liberate Bangladesh.
- Liberate Bangladesh!
- Free Bangladesh!
O, what a horrendous sight
Mankind has turned savage
Life has become dreadful
It is ruthless and dreary
O, what a horrendous sight
Mankind has turned savage
Life has become dreadful
It is ruthless and dreary
O, what a horrendous sight
Mankind has turned savage
Life has become dreadful
It is ruthless and dreary
Tyranny prevails!
Oblivious to what lies ahead
Only sinners thrive in this world
A storm so violent
And tempestuous brews
What an intricate labyrinth!
Only the powerful wield respect here
The times are trying
And they leave you terrified
The scourge of war
Brings with it torment
Life is nothing but a living death
The endless echoes of ravages
Thirst for oceans of blood
Wars but only fuel carnage
Such is this tempest!
Every breath is suffocating
All bonds have been broken
A life totally colourless
Such is this tempest!
O, what a horrendous sight
Mankind has turned savage
Life has become dreadful
It is ruthless and dreary
Oblivious to what lies ahead
Only sinners thrive in this world
A storm so violent
And tempestuous brews
There was no depth of tyranny
to which the Pakistani Army did not sink
in their effort to smash the revolution.
Operation Searchlight carried out
at Dacca University
was merely the beginning
of a long and dark night.
Over the next six months,
the Pakistani Army wreaked havoc.
They would kill the Bangladeshi men
and capture the women
to be slaves for their debaucheries.
The Bangladeshis had only one way
to escape the atrocities
and that was to cross the border
and seek refuge in India.
The high number of Bangladeshi refugees
put a major financial strain on India.
Despite the many tribulations,
India chose humanity.
The citizens of India had no inkling
the fire that had ravaged their neighbour
would soon arrive at their doorstep.
And some of the most significant pages
of Bangladesh's history
would be scripted by India.
This is a story of the war
that wasn't fought against another nation
but against tyranny.
Not only was it the birth of a new nation
but my rebirth as well.
But this story is also one of love,
the one I shared with my beloved Pippa.
- Delta for Delta 4-0.
- Delta 4-0, okay.
Shut the damn cupola, Balli.
This is not a joyride.
The Russians are leading the exercise.
We follow their orders.
We should have come by bullock cart
if we had to go this slow, sir!
It's the hare that wins the war,
not the tortoise.
Get back before I shove an entire hare
up your over-smart ass!
All tank crew.
Change gears from land to water.
Be ready to float.
- Delta 4-0 wilco.
- Delta 2 wilco.
- Ramphal, land to water.
- Sir!
I've driven so many tanks in my life,
but I never thought
I'd see a 15-ton tank sailing in a river!
Consider yourself lucky!
Pippa is the Indian Army's
first amphibious tank
and you are its first driver.
Let's hope
he's not also the first to drown!
Delta for all stations.
Keep track of your tank's transmissions
and engine oil temperatures.
Anything unusual, report it to me. Out.
No one goes towards the deep end.
No adventures and that's an order.
Can't even drown without permission here!
Focus on the exercise, boys!
Delta 2 for Delta 1.
My bearing is 170 degrees.
Depth of water, 2 meters.
Stay on the same course. Over.
The exercise is complete.
All tanks, return to land.
Delta for all stations. Turn around.
Report to Charlie Papa 102. Over.
Delta 2 wilco. Out.
Delta 4 wilco.
All stations, Delta 2 Alpha.
Check all controls and equipment
and report to Charlie Papa 102. Out.
Delta 4-0, report my signal.
Delta 4-0, report my signal!
Steer her in, Ramphal.
Sir, that's the deep end.
Eagles are meant to soar, you know!
Ramphal, let's show these Russians
what we're made of.
Delta 4-0, report my signal!
What's wrong with you, Balli?
Will you ever start following orders?
This is going to be serious.
Attaboy, Ramphal!
We are drifting, Ramphal.
Turn on the engine.
I'm trying, sir. It won't start.
No problem. Try again.
- Zena.
- Yes?
Sir wants to know what they are up to.
Don't worry, he's the finest we have.
It's safe.
- Will we drown if it doesn't start?
- Harish!
Sir, I joined the army to die a martyr!
- Not to drown in a muddy river!
- Calm down, Ramphal.
- The water is going to fill up!
- Ramphal... Ramphal, listen to me!
We join the army to kill,
not to be killed.
Listen, press the clutch all the way in.
- Done, sir.
- Prime the oil pump.
- Done, sir.
- Now, try starting it up.
It won't start, sir.
It won't start, sir!
Listen, do one thing.
- It isn't starting, sir!
- Ramphal, listen to me!
Prime the fuel pump.
- Harder.
- Okay.
- Done?
- Yes.
Check if the gear is in neutral.
- It is, sir.
- Now, press the start-up button.
That's what I'm talking about!
Well done, Ramphal!
Now, turn towards the landing point
and pull Pippa out.
Well done! Come on, Ramphal.
Apologies for my late arrival, sir.
At ease.
The relations between India and Russia
go back as far as 1947.
Trust, appreciation and cooperation
are the very foundations
of this friendship.
But a joint military exercise
is not just friendship,
it is brotherhood.
It is comradeship!
So, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you, comrades.
We shall always value
and cherish this brotherhood.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
They're thanking you
for their hospitality.
Balli, have you ever gazed
into Zena's eyes?
They're deep like the ocean.
If only I could sail Pippa
into this ocean once!
You don't sail into love, my friend.
You drown in it.
What's wrong with sailing?
"Love is not easy, it kills you to win it.
It's a river of fire
and you must drown in it."
Not sail.
- Could I borrow you for a moment?
- Sure.
Did you happen to find something
in the tanks today?
Weren't you going sailing in the open sea?
- Did the wind blow against you?
- Shut up.
- Will you cover me?
- Depends.
I love your perfume.
Being a soldier,
you're asking for a bribe!
Your call.
Row your own boat
or let me raise your sails.
Fine, it's yours!
Pardon me, miss. I don't mean to intrude,
but may I borrow this handsome officer
for a moment?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
What is it now, Balli?
Sir, we finished
our training exercise today.
I was just wondering
if we could raise a toast.
It'd be an honour
to have a drink with you, sir.
Your officer should always come first.
I'll be back in ten.
Thank you.
Why is your bottom in such a hurry
for a bottoms-up?
Couldn't you wait for a bit?
Sir, a member of your cavalry
risked his life today
and you're concerned
about risking your date!
Fuck you, Balli.
Where's my drink?
Honoured? Can I?
Sir, one with me too.
Bottoms up!
- Happy?
- Yes, sir.
Way to go!
Sir, have you heard that saying?
Which one?
"One sows the seed
and another reaps the harvest."
As in?
As in, I admire your sacrifice
for the unit.
What fucking sacrifice?
The one where you got martyred
but someone else took home the medal.
- Yes!
- Huh?
We believe December would be best.
- The weather in December is pleasant.
- Yes.
- As...
- Excuse me.
As Radha and Manjot please.
Gosh! Balli!
- December is...
- Good evening. Apologies for my delay.
He's my younger son, Balram.
- They are Mr. and Mrs...
- Mom.
First, greet me.
I'll introduce myself to them.
- Greetings, Uncle.
- God bless you.
Greetings, Auntie.
Manjot! Give me a hug!
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
How about you?
When will you learn to behave yourself?
Ladies and gentlemen, my handsome
and dashing older brother...
Man of the house, servant of the nation
and guardian of the border.
And lest I forget, the 1965 war hero!
Eat something first, son.
All right. Your wish is my command.
Let's see what is left to eat.
Actually, Dad's birthday is in December.
- Oh, yes!
- So...
- It's perfect...
- Paneer pakoras! Ram's favourite!
Nice. What's this? Samosas!
Radha's favourite!
What's that? Dahi bhallas?
This must be Manoj's favourite.
His name is Manjot.
Stop calling him Manoj.
How respectful!
So, Manjot!
- Yes?
- How's your veterinary clinic doing?
He's a dentist!
- Dentist? I see.
- Yes.
Answer me this.
If a dog has a toothache,
who would it go to?
Balram loves to crack jokes.
No, think about it. A vet or a dentist?
- Yes...
- So, Uncle, about the wedding dates.
If December works for you all,
I'll get started with the bookings.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
- See you.
- Bye.
Mom, the kheer is delicious.
I enjoyed it.
Did you not enjoy
making a spectacle of your family?
Relax, Ram.
I was just making him feel at home.
- I was being friendly, that's all.
- That's all!
You made fun of his name and job, Balli.
You disrespected him.
I wish you hadn't.
So, why bother inviting me
to such important family occasions?
We invite you in the hope that
you might realise
your obligations someday!
You're my brother, Ram.
Don't lecture me on obligations
as though you're my father!
All right.
Our late father would have been ashamed
to know that a committee has been set up
to investigate his son's indiscipline!
That's bullshit!
If you're found guilty,
you won't be fighting at the border
but working as a glorified clerk
in some office in Delhi. Understand?
I'm sorry.
I forgive you.
What has Ram done to this thing?
You're a fine one to talk!
What happened at the unit?
I was only experimenting
with the Russian tank.
My superiors didn't approve
and set up an enquiry.
It's nothing to worry about.
Which experiment?
The one with the tank or the Russian?
Don't you guys
have anything better to do than spy on me?
I wonder what the result
of my experiment will be.
I'm not sure about Manoj at all.
- Manoj?
- Manjot!
I mean Manjot.
I mean Manjot! It's all your fault!
- It's funny!
- What is?
You can solve
the trickiest puzzles in seconds
but are stumped by such a simple problem.
- Say no to him.
- It's not so easy.
Ram and Mom chose him.
That's exactly why you aren't sure.
Why do you want to ruin
the poor guy's life?
Marrying me
will ruin Manjot's life, really?
What else could happen to a sheep
that weds a lioness?
- Release the clutch slowly.
- Okay.
- Hold the handlebar straight.
- Yes.
Does a veterinarian
ask the dog a hundred questions
before diagnosing it?
She uses her intelligence
and her experience to diagnose the dog.
We also have to treat our patients like...
I mean, we have to diagnose them
- using our expertise...
- M, R, O.
And not their blabbering.
C, Q, G...
M, R...
Sir... Sir!
- It's cryptography.
- I know.
That's why I called you to decipher it.
Good things written about you.
"Mukherjee sir is the best.
He inspires us.
There's no one like him."
- All good things.
- It's fine, I got it.
Look... What's your name?
- Radha.
- Radha! Look, Radha.
Be a bit more attentive in class.
Take some notes
instead of doing all this rubbish.
Good. You can go.
Thank you, sir.
- I'll leave too.
- All right, go.
Thank you.
"Mukherjee is a nerdy clown,
we should parade him through the town!"
"Mukherjee..." What is this?
"Mukherjee's degree is such a fake,
his life is just a big mistake."
How do you know cryptography?
It interests me. What about you?
- I like it. It interests me too.
- Radha, let's go.
The protest is starting.
Thank you so much.
- I'm sorry, I have to go.
- It's okay.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
- Down with Nixon!
- Down with Nixon!
- Down with Nixon!
- Down with Nixon!
- Down with Pakistan!
- Down with Pakistan!
- Down with Pakistan!
- Down with Pakistan!
- Stop the genocide!
- Stop the genocide!
- Stop the genocide!
- Stop the genocide!
The students of Delhi University
were seen protesting against the genocide
in Bangladesh.
In the United States of America,
Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's
myriad efforts
to convince
American President Richard Nixon
to withdraw his support
to General Yahya Khan
and end the genocide in East Pakistan...
How was the rally?
It was great, Mom. A huge crowd turned up.
I think we are beginning
to make an impact.
Focus on your studies.
It's your final year at medical school.
I am studying hard, Ram.
But what's going on in Bangladesh is wrong
and we must protest it.
Neither is it our country nor our war.
Besides, over half of East Pakistan
has turned up here as refugees
to encroach on our land.
Didn't we also flee Pakistan
to encroach on this land?
You were only two years old
when we fled Rawalpindi and came to Delhi.
No one willingly deserts their home
for a strange land.
Circumstances compel them to do it.
For the world,
a refugee means a faceless crowd.
But always remember this, Balli.
That crowd is made of living,
breathing people just like us
because we too are refugees.
- I have to go.
- Where?
My unit, for now.
After that, I don't know.
Write to me.
On one condition.
- Will you strike a deal with your mother?
- Yes.
If you see me off with a smile
and promise to keep smiling till I return,
then I'll write to you.
Slip in a few jokes in your letters.
I'll keep smiling.
Ram, I can't find the boots.
- What boots?
- Dad's boots.
Ram wanted to take them along.
No worries. I must have misplaced them.
Do you remember the last thing
Dad said to us before he left for war?
We must be each other's strength.
Look after Mom and Radha.
And try not to be irresponsible for once.
Well, Mr. Perfect!
I was too young when Dad passed away,
so I don't remember
what he used to say or do.
But if he would have lectured me
on everything the way you do,
I don't think I would have missed him.
- Balram!
- How dare you?
I wish you weren't my brother.
I wish I never had to see your face again.
Is this how you say goodbye
to a brother going off to war?
Damn it.
- We have orders to move to the front.
- Sir!
- Get your squadron ready.
- Yes, sir.
Where are we headed, sir?
You're headed nowhere, Captain Mehta.
Sir, if I may?
Captain Balram Mehta
is one of our finest troop leaders.
He may be.
But the disciplinary committee
has filed its report.
I want soldiers on the front,
not wastrels.
But, sir...
Do you know the difference between
a soldier and a rebel, Captain Mehta?
It's the difference between
obedience and anarchy,
and that between
discipline and disorder.
That tank is a million-dollar asset,
not a toy for you to play with.
Sir, with due respect,
I was just trying
to give the machine a stress test.
- I was...
- Stress test?!
It was a bloody anal odyssey,
Captain Mehta.
I can't believe
you're the brother
of a brilliant officer like Ram Mehta.
You aren't going to the front.
You will remain here in Delhi
and write maintenance reports.
What the hell is a bloody anal odyssey?
The only way to know if a tank can sail
is to test it in deep waters!
Balli, this is the Indian Army,
not your house
that you can do as you please.
Did you not know this
before you joined the NDA?
Discipline and obedience are the pillars
of the Army.
I didn't know.
I was 16 years old
when Ram filled out the form
and asked me to sign it, and I did.
No problem. You know now, so quit.
Yes, quit the Army.
How can you say that?
The Army is my obsession!
It is my life, my honour and my pride.
Have you ever considered becoming a poet?
If you ever go to war,
you don't need to yield weapons.
Just stand on top of a tank
and recite your lousy poems
and the enemy will run for their lives!
- Is that my perfume?
- Yes.
His face has never charmed a lady.
If nothing else,
maybe he's just hoping
one will come and touch his feet!
Nothing raises your spirits
like a clean pair of socks.
When you're all stinking
like dead animals on the front,
I'll have these fragrant socks
to remind me that I'm a man.
Right, sir.
The stench of the socks
will remind you that you are a soldier.
I had one chance to prove myself
and Digby snatched that too!
Hey, don't be disheartened.
- Parade!
- Left, right, left!
Left, right, left!
Left, right, left!
Keep moving.
Parade, salute!
I thought you'd be
working out of a swanky modern clinic.
But you turned out to be
a true humanitarian!
Have a seat.
Only cigarette stains.
Tobacco isn't good for health.
Quit it.
Neither are bullets.
Shall I quit the Army too?
There's a difference
between martyrdom and suicide.
When you know the difference,
why choose the latter?
Radha is neither in love with you
nor willing to marry you.
Did she say that?
As bold and unruly as Radha is,
you seem just as dependent and obedient.
Why do you want to be chained?
Let her go.
You said you weren't sure about him.
And from it, you deduced
that I was sure about not marrying Manjot!
- I assumed that...
- Did you think I was a kid
and you had the right
to make my life's decisions?
You resent Ram
for trying to order you around.
You're doing the same thing, Balli!
You got dismissed from the one place
you were meant to fight.
Do you wish
to fight your sister's battles now?
I wonder why I trust you time and again.
Somehow, I had managed to ruin the two
most important relationships of my life.
My family and the Army.
For the first time,
I began to wonder if I was at fault.
Good morning, sir.
- Captain Balram Mehta!
- Sir!
I read your letter.
I want to return to my unit, sir.
But we need officers here too.
Sir, with all due respect,
anyone can do the job here.
I've been trained to fight,
not for paperwork, sir.
I know all about you, Captain Mehta.
A few days here will probably
drill some discipline into you.
Radha, a letter came for you.
"You want to..."
D-O... Do.
F... If...
"If you want to do something real
for your country,
come to the following address."
Good morning, Miss Mehta.
Good morning.
- Please come.
- Where?
Miss Mehta, welcome!
I believe you've met Anirban,
our communications expert.
He'll be the one training you.
Training me?
I'll explain everything. Don't worry.
Who are you people?
The eyes and ears of the country.
Communications & Analysis Wing.
We are recruiting young,
intelligent students such as yourself
to help us decipher code.
And since you already know the basics...
Is knowing the basics
enough to get recruited?
- No, I mean...
- Who better than you?
You come from a family of soldiers.
Welcome to C&A.
You were in college the other day...
- Serendipity.
- Serendipity!
Serendipity, kismet...
Call it what you want.
How do you know Professor Mukherjee?
He's my father.
Shall we?
Major Ram, as you can see,
East Pakistan is a land of rivers.
Sir, so we must find sites
between the rivers
for our tanks and infantry to cross over.
But it's not going to be easy.
Eighty thousand troops
of the Pakistani Army are stationed there.
On top of that,
the local Razakar militias,
East Pakistanis who support the West,
must have traps and spies in every corner.
Our job will be much easier
with some local support, sir.
You'll get all the local support you need
from the Mukti Bahini.
They are Bangladeshi rebels
fighting for freedom.
Come in.
- Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind, sir!
Jai Hind, sir! At ease.
Naik Babulal Ghosh
and Lance Naik Abhik Mondal
from Military Intelligence.
They'll be accompanying you.
They'll help you
get to the Mukti Bahini camps.
They speak Bengali.
Also, you are no longer Major Ram.
Your new name is Mohammad Nadeef.
The Pakistani Army did it.
They kill innocent people mercilessly.
Let's go.
Come on, let us leave.
Vow with me...
- I...
- I...
- ...in good sense...
- ...in good sense...
- ...and good health...
- ...and good health...
- ...am taking the pledge...
- ...am taking the pledge...
- ...to remain loyal...
- ...to remain loyal...
- ...to the legally formed representative...
- ...to the legally formed representative...
- ...of the Bangladesh Government...
- ...of the Bangladesh Government...
- ...in its fight...
- ...in its fight...
- ...for freedom!
- ...for freedom!
- I further pledge that...
- I further pledge that...
- ...as a soldier of the Mukti Bahini...
- ...as a soldier of the Mukti Bahini...
- ...I shall fight...
- ...I shall fight...
- ...for my motherland with all I have.
- ...for my motherland...
That's Murtaza. He's ten.
That's his brother, Atta.
They are both with us now.
- Hail Bengal!
- Long live Bengal!
- Hail Bengal!
- Long live Bengal!
Long live Bengal.
- Glory to Bengal.
- Glory to Bengal.
Mohammed Nadeef.
He and his friends are here to help you.
This way.
I understand your revolution,
but putting guns in the hands of children...
A child who wears
his father's blood-stained shirt every day
and who has seen his mother
being dragged away
by his own country's army
is no longer a child, Mr. Nadeef.
By the way,
age doesn't count in a rebellion,
valour does.
This way, please.
Captain Balram Mehta!
At ease.
As you know,
armoured regiments
have tank crews of four men.
The PT-76 only has space for three.
I need to fit four.
As long as it can't fit four people,
it isn't fit for war.
But that's impossible, sir.
Those who call things impossible
without making an attempt
belong in a government office
and not the Army!
No wonder you're stuck with files
instead of grenades!
Pippa is my life, sir.
And one has to be
very careful with his life.
I go where the road takes me
It is my heart I follow
I know not where I go
Fuelled by a passion so strong
I leave the world behind...
Welcome, Miss Mehta.
For the world,
the C&A does not exist, okay?
Fuelled by a passion so strong
I leave the world behind
Time goes on
Leading me to new horizons
Here, we intercept
Pakistan's internal communications
and decode them.
What we call destiny
Is something we write ourselves
A dewdrop knows not where it lands
Once it rolls off the leaf
Whip yourself into a frenzy
Let not your fears overwhelm you
Don't be beaten
By self-doubt and uncertainty
Open your mind to new vistas
Fuelled by a passion so strong
I leave the world behind
Time goes on
Leading me to new horizons
Fuelled by a passion so strong
I leave the world behind
Time goes on
Leading me to new horizons
I have made a resolve
To embark upon this path
And so I go headfirst into it...
I'm sorry.
There is no turning back now
Sacrifice all your desires
And march on
Come rain or shine
We stop at nothing
Only the fortunate are blessed...
I'm fine.
We were five against fifteen.
Despite rigorous training,
our boys are unable to fire on time.
Why not? Why can't they do it?
What is so difficult about firing a rifle?
...I leave the world behind
We hold the power in our hands
Fuelled by a passion so strong
I leave the world behind
Time goes on
Leading me to new horizons
I go where the road takes me
It is my heart I follow
I know not where I go
Fuelled by a passion so strong
I leave the world behind
The zeal to conquer
Courses through our veins...
Jai Hind, sir!
Sir, the four-man amphibious PT-76
for the riverine terrain of East Pakistan!
Major Shergill, O.C. Workshop.
Captain Mehta, 45 Cavalry.
- At ease.
- Thank you, sir.
How did you do it?
With help from the regimental carpenter.
We modified the seat.
Where will the tank commander sit?
The tank commander won't be sitting, sir.
He has to stand.
And his torso will always be exposed?
That's right, sir,
but it also saves me three vital seconds
to go from the traditional seated position
to a standing position
to access the 360 view and my MMG.
So, when a Patton spots me
and orders his gunner,
my shell will be mid-trajectory
to greet him.
Indigenous feature of the Pippa, sir.
Not yet seen on the Patton.
Like the tin of ghee!
Nice name.
You seem like a bright chap.
What are you doing here at headquarters?
Make sure Captain Mehta and his Pippa
are on the next flight to the East.
Dear, Radha.
I have been ordered to rejoin my unit.
I leave tonight.
I wish I could have seen you and Mom
before I left,
but I don't know
if now is the time for that.
So, I'm leaving you this letter.
I am sorry, Radha, for everything.
Balli has been recalled to his unit.
What do you mean?
Both Ram and Balli are on the front.
All the weapons need to be cleaned.
You will pull through,
and you'll go undergo an exercise
in the evening with the cavalry tanks.
- Kapil Singh.
- Sir!
Parade, march!
One, two...
One, two!
Parade, march...
I hope you said a proper farewell
to everyone in your family.
Your life line is really short, Ramphal.
If you go to war, then...
It isn't that short.
Look, it was my job to warn you.
The rest is up to you.
Is there a remedy?
Chant the Mahamrityunjay Mantra.
It increases your lifespan.
I don't know simple multiplication tables.
How will I memorise a Sanskrit verse?
I have a solution.
We will chant your share of the verse
provided you give us your share of vice!
I meant, give us your share of alcohol.
You're a teetotaller!
Sir, why are you pulling my leg
at such a time?
I'm going.
Don't wander off too far.
Black magic is rampant in these areas.
I've heard they turn men into hens.
Imagine how it would look
if a vegetarian like you
started laying eggs!
You were only two years old
when we fled Rawalpindi and came to Delhi.
No one willingly deserts their home
for a strange land.
Circumstances compel them to do it.
For the world,
a refugee means a faceless crowd.
Always remember this, Balli.
That crowd is made of living,
breathing people just like us
because we too are refugees.
Those five minutes
were the longest five minutes of my life.
I now understood
why we had to fight this war.
To stand by and watch such atrocities
and injustice happen before our very eyes
was not in our nature.
- Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind!
Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind, sir!
Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind.
What's with the grin, Ramphal?
Life line!
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind, Ramphal.
My brother!
- It's good to have you back!
- How are you?
Good evening, sir.
Welcome to the war, Captain Mehta.
Thank you, sir.
Fifteen... Sixteen, R.
Caesar cipher using a 16 rotation.
"Send more forces.
Crush Mukti Bahini. India will wait.
USA and China with us. Alligator."
"USA and China with us. Alligator!"
Anirban, why are we going to Mr. Sinha?
If you do things like this,
where else would we go?
What did I do wrong?
You breached Yahya Khan.
- You mean Alligator...
- ...is Pakistani President Yahya Khan.
We must loop in the PMO and Chief.
Right, sir.
I am glad you are a member
of our team, Miss Mehta.
- Good job.
- Thank you, sir.
Loop her in on all the Mukti Bahini leads.
Yes, sir.
Destroy those iron gates of prison
Demolish the blood-stained stony altars
Of chain worshipping
O youthful Shiva!
Blow your horn of universal cataclysm
Let the flag of destruction
Rise amidst the rubble of prison walls
Of the East
Play the music of the festival of Shiva
Who's the master?
Play the music of the festival of Shiva!
Who's the king?
Who is it
that punishes the truth of freedom...
We have prepared a special mustard
hilsa curry for you tonight.
- Sorry?
- Mustard hilsa!
- Sir, hilsa is our...
- Favourite fish. I know!
I've learned a bit of Bengali
from Murtaza.
We are under fire!
- We are under fire!
- Take cover!
Hurry! Get the guns!
Come on, hurry up!
- Abhik!
- Yes, sir!
Babulal! Take positions!
Grab your guns!
Yes, stay there.
Abhik, take the wireless equipment
and get Hamidul and Nobi out of here!
Go! Go...
Take cover!
Get back.
Sir, they're getting away!
Over there!
The cowards scurried away.
If you don't mind me asking,
why are we cooking mutton
instead of preparing for war?
Well, once the war begins,
you never know
when you might have to eat lead.
So, I decided to treat the unit
to something special today.
Hand it here.
Pick up the onions, Balli.
There you go.
Move that.
I told you to put a fistful of cardamom,
this isn't even half!
You are making mutton, sir,
not the Taj Mahal.
A slight error won't wreck
the whole thing.
If you don't follow instructions
in battle,
you will return home as a wreck.
If you return at all.
Pass the onions, Balli. He's no good.
Do you think there will be a war?
It sure seems like it.
They didn't send us out here
to eat mutton.
In positions!
In positions!
Okay! Everybody, listen up!
Pakistan has begun shelling
at the Bengal border again.
I need all the information
that we can get.
Paras, where are we with the iterations?
- Fifteen minutes.
- Okay.
A Pakistani armoured tank regiment
is heading towards Boyra.
Pakistan isn't holding off the shelling,
and an armoured tank regiment
is heading towards our border.
We have waited long enough,
Madam Prime Minister.
It's time for us to act.
Let's not take any hasty calls
lest the international opinion
turns against us.
We cannot be seen as aggressors.
I have a plan.
I need the Cabinet's permission
to enter only ten kilometres
into East Pakistan.
But not openly. Not a full-scale war.
What will it achieve?
It will give us control over the war
as well as the international opinion.
How so?
Our operation will not only demoralise
the Pakistani Army
but also provoke Yahya Khan.
Then, like a cranky child,
he will attack us
without thought or provision.
Ours will be a clandestine attack
whereas Yahya Khan will attack openly.
That means, in the eyes of the world,
Pakistan will have attacked first.
We will merely be responding
to their attack.
Okay, then. Go ahead.
Fall in!
Squad! Attention!
At ease.
Our 45 Cavalry is the only regiment
in the entire Indian Army
that comprises Indians
from every caste, religion and state.
We aren't just a regiment
of the Indian Army,
we are India!
We are the lucky ones
who will get to write
the first chapter of 45 Cavalry's history.
But never forget this!
We're not going on a hunt,
we're going to war!
We fight like soldiers,
we kill like soldiers
and we die like soldiers!
- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir!
For the first time, the Indian Army
is going to cross international borders.
And we should be proud
that we are the chosen ones!
- Are you ready?
- Yes, sir!
- Are you ready?
- Yes, sir!
- Victory to...
- ...the brave!
- Victory to...
- ...the brave!
- Victory to...
- ...the brave!
Squadron Commander, Charlie Squadron,
45 Cavalry.
Major Daljit Singh Narag, sir!
Lieutenant Colonel R. K. Singh,
Commanding Officer, 14 Punjab, Nabha Akal.
- So, your Pippa is ready to swim!
- Yes, sir.
Okay, then.
See you in Bangladesh, Officer.
You checked it half an hour ago, Mom.
There's no point checking it again.
Yes! I thought maybe...
The post will arrive tomorrow, okay?
I'm used to Balli not writing
or calling home,
but Ram...
He ought to tell us where he is
or what he's up to!
Fools rush in
where angels fear to tread.
- What is this?
- Salt.
It keeps the stench in check.
Loyalty should be in your blood.
You ought to be loyal...
Oh, this one is still alive.
You deserve to die.
Son of a bitch!
This is the fate of traitors!
Everyone admires a new pair of shoes.
I've never seen anyone
admiring an old pair.
They belonged to my dad.
He wore them
when he left for the 1947 war.
He never returned.
All that returned was his uniform in a box
and these boots.
Ram took them along in the '65 war.
Anyway, now that he's a war hero,
I don't think he needs them anymore.
So, I stole them.
Balli, if you can't fill someone's shoes,
better steal them instead!
Wearing them gives me the feeling
that someone's looking out for me.
You know you're competing against
your own brother, right?
No one can compete with Ram.
He's Mr. Perfect!
I don't think you have an issue
with your brother,
it's authority that you hate.
You only listen to me
as long as I treat you as a friend.
The moment I become your senior officer,
you start to disobey me.
It's different with Ram. He's too rigid.
When you're shouldering
a great responsibility,
you tend to become a little rigid.
Sir, the punishment?
As you sow, so shall you reap!
I should have killed him.
We can't fit so many people in the car.
I've made space, sir.
Move it, jerk. Come on!
Keep going.
Move it!
Believe me, sir. He's not a Bangladeshi.
He's one of the three men
sent by the Indian Army.
How do you know they sent only three?
Has Shibli's information ever been wrong?
This is a village of widows.
All the women in this village are widows.
My handiwork.
Delta 1 for Delta 4-0.
Delta 4-0 for Delta 1, okay. Over.
Enemy tank movement detected, sir.
- Over.
- Which way? Over.
Heading from Jessore to Chowgacha, sir.
- Over.
- How can you tell they're tanks? Over.
From their speed,
movement and engine sounds.
- Over.
- Good.
Keep a close watch on the area. Out.
At ease.
Headlights sighted opposite our location
on the main axis, sir.
Suspected tanks.
- How far?
- Approximately three kilometres, sir.
Bloody idiots are coming
with their headlights turned on!
- Come on. Mount the tanks.
- Sir!
Squadron! Fall in!
Squadron, attention!
Tank crew, mount!
Nabha Akal! Attention!
Ramphal, left stick!
Traverse left!
Eleven o'clock! Enemy tank spotted!
Level sights! Fire!
Bravo, Dhyaneshwar!
Harish! Eleven o'clock! Traverse left!
Level sights! And fire!
Firing now!
Brave soldiers of the 14 Punjab battalion!
Yes, sir!
- March ahead without fear!
- Yes, sir!
Ramphal, advance...
Ramphal, advance!
Traverse left! Nine o'clock!
Enemy tank, 1200 metres!
- On...
- Fire now!
Harish, eleven o'clock! Enemy tank!
Level sights!
And fire now!
Load heat!
Heat loaded, sir!
Fire! Now!
Take positions! Fire!
Hang in there!
Pick him up!
You'll all be fine!
I'm here now, come out!
Come on!
I won't let any harm come to anyone.
Get up! Come on out!
Harish, traverse right!
Hold and fire!
Fire now!
Firing now!
Ramphal! Reverse!
Right stick! Right stick now!
And stop!
Twelve o'clock! Enemy tank! Down the line!
And fire!
- Target destroyed, sir!
- Bravo, Harish!
Twelve o'clock! Enemy tank! Fire!
- Target destroyed, sir!
- Good job, Dhyaneshwar!
I will spare no one! Advance our Pippa!
To hell with them!
There's too much smoke. Advance.
I can't see anything clearly!
I can't see anything either, sir.
What do you need to see? Move ahead!
We move to kill or get killed!
- Chiefy!
- What's wrong?
Get him down, Babu Nand!
Hold his legs.
Get him down.
Pull him... Hold him by the legs.
- We have lost Chiefy.
- What?
We have lost Chiefy.
What?! Repeat yourself.
Chiefy got hit. He has been martyred.
Chiefy has been martyred.
Delta 4-0 for all stations. Delta!
I am assuming command.
Repeat. Assuming command.
Report my signal. Over.
Delta 5-0 for all stations! Delta!
I have assumed command!
Delta 2 wilco. Over.
Delta, okay. Over.
Keep changing your positions!
No one stays put!
Delta wilco.
- Premchand, advance!
- Yes, sir.
- Advance, Amar!
- 14, advance!
Ramphal, take it in!
Harish! Ten o'clock! Traverse left!
- Fire now!
- Firing now!
Let it come closer! Fire now!
Gun down!
Fire again!
Load heat!
Heat loaded!
Load MG!
MG loaded!
And fire!
- Blessed is he who says...
- God is the absolute truth!
Harish, two o'clock!
- Traverse right!
- Traversing!
Fire! Now!
You missed! 30-metre shot! Elevate gun!
And fire! Fire now!
Target destroyed, sir!
Delta 1 for all stations.
All enemy tanks destroyed.
I repeat. All enemy tanks destroyed. Out.
Move it!
You made it out alive.
Of course, I did.
I blew up two of them!
And the two down there?
Are they both doing fine?
Don't worry about them.
Chiefy and I weren't destined
to use them anyway.
He brought two dozen
pairs of socks with him.
He changed them every day.
But he couldn't even make it
to his fifth pair.
Did you find Chiefy's body?
No, we haven't been able to recover it.
Then hurry up!
Or should I go?
Pakistani soldiers are still in the area
and are firing at us.
We need to wait.
They'll blow up his tank
and there will be nothing left of Chiefy!
Speedy, we have protocols in place.
You didn't follow a single protocol
in your life.
Now, when it is time to recover
a friend's body,
you speak of protocols!
You've become
the regiment commander indeed!
Had Chiefy been in my place,
he'd have waited for the right time too.
Had it been either of us, Balli,
he would never have waited.
Delta 4-0 to all stations. Delta.
Keep firing until the enemy
is neutralised. Over.
Delta 1 for all stations.
All enemy soldiers neutralised. Out.
The martyred Major Daljeet Singh Narag
has inscribed the first page
of 45 Cavalry with his own blood.
Now, it's our duty
to draw strength from his martyrdom
and etch the remaining pages of 45 Cavalry
with tales of valour and victory!
To a soldier
and a brother.
Parade! Attention!
Parade! Weapons up!
Parade! Salute!
Firing unit, shoulder arms!
Thank you.
How is Speedy?
It was a close call.
Speedy could have died too.
A soldier's life
is like a burning candle, sir.
At times, we brave the storm
but then, succumb to a strong wind.
How is your brother, sir?
- Good evening, Madam Prime Minister.
- Congratulations, Sam!
What news of Garibpur?
We're bringing the Pakistani tanks
from Garibpur to Boyra.
The press will notice their tanks
in Indian territory
and duly report that
Pakistan crossed the border to attack us.
Yahya Khan knows the truth
and his ego won't stand this tactic.
Boot to heel,
a battle between India and Pakistan,
and neither country
has yet declared a war.
Three light Pakistani tanks
were captured a week ago
after a fight
between two armoured squadrons.
On the morning of 21st November,
Pakistan infantry,
along with tanks and artillery,
launched an attack on the Indian border.
"In response,
the Indian Army's Squadron Commander,
Major Daljit Singh Narag,
and second-in-command Balram Singh Mehta
from Squadron 45 Cavalry,
joined hands with the 14 Punjab battalion
to completely destroy
14 Pakistani Chaffee tanks."
Is Balram all right?
- Radha!
- Yes?
I've got an update and it's not good news.
My sources in the Mukti Bahini say
there's no trace of Ram Mehta.
He was on a recce in East Pakistan.
He's missing in action.
It's clear you're not Bengali.
So, tell us who you are
and what you were doing
with these Bangladeshi rebels.
I never said I was Bengali, sir.
I'm from Rawalpindi.
My name is Mohammad Nadeef.
Is that so?
What exactly is Mohammad Nadeef
from Rawalpindi doing here?
Where there is rebellion,
there are also drugs.
I deal in opium, sir.
Soldiers and rebels buy from me.
He's lying, sir.
I know every dealer who sells opium.
Hush! You know squat!
A local training camp
ran right under his nose.
By the time he found out,
thousands of guerrillas
had already graduated.
You son of a bitch!
- I'll beat the...
- Shibli!
You wanted to kill him the other day, sir.
Then why do you stop me?
If he really is an officer
with the Indian Army,
then we've hit the jackpot!
The situation created
by the Indian aggression
is leading the two countries
to a point of no return.
Madam Prime Minister,
Yahya Khan has blinked.
It is time to go in.
We will have a quick
and decisive campaign.
Before the Pakistani forces
can mobilise their reinforcements,
this war will be over.
The first and only objective of this war
will be to capture Dhaka.
We take the territory,
set up a provisional Bangladesh government
and exit.
Yes, Ma'am.
Good luck, Sam.
And to you too, Madam Prime Minister.
Jai Hind.
A few hours ago,
at around 5:30 p.m. this evening,
3rd December,
Pakistan bombed our airbases at Srinagar,
Avantipur, Pathankot,
Uttarlai, Jodhpur,
Ambala and Agra.
Not a single jet of ours
suffered a single scratch,
but this act by Pakistan is an act of war.
India is an apostle of peace.
But if someone unleashes
wanton and unprovoked aggression on us,
we will respond in kind.
I want to inform you all
that I, Indira Gandhi,
Prime Minister of India,
declare war on Pakistan.
Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind!
- Jai Hind!
Brave soldiers of 14 Punjab!
We are heading towards
our base camp now.
- Blessed is he who says...
- God is the absolute truth!
- Blessed is he who says...
- God is the absolute truth!
- Blessed is he who says...
- God is the absolute truth!
Battalion, dismissed!
Move forward!
Move forward...
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
There's a call for you
on the squadron field telephone.
Captain Balram Mehta.
- Balli, congratulations!
- Radha?
Yes! We are extremely proud of you, Balli.
How did you get access to this line?
I'll explain later.
First, tell me how you are.
Are you injured?
I'm perfectly fine.
How are you and Mom?
I'm doing alright. Mom is fine too.
She just misses you a lot.
There's some bad news.
Ram is missing in action.
- How do you know?
- I just do.
My heart says he's alive
and is somewhere in East Pakistan.
Don't worry, Radha.
I'll start making a ruckus here.
If he's around,
I'm sure he'll come out to scold me.
It's not easy
to get Ram Mehta off my case!
Hey, boy.
Take a good look at him and tell me.
Do you know him?
Who is he?
I'm an illiterate chap.
I can't count to three.
So, I will ask you only once.
Who are you?
- Captain Balram Mehta.
- Major Pratap Singh.
- At ease.
- Thank you, sir.
- Welcome to the front.
- Thank you, Captain.
Our next target is Jessore.
- I'll brief you when we get the details.
- Sir!
Sir, which front
were you posted at before this?
I was at home.
My son was ill.
So, I couldn't join sooner.
Thank God our children are healthy.
Otherwise, we too would have had
to forgo the war and look after them!
Please, sir.
So, that's our new Squadron Commander.
God help us!
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
This chap insists on meeting you.
I am an ex-sergeant
of the Pakistan Air Force.
Mohammad Miraj.
This is a chargesheet.
The Pakistani Air Force
has declared me a deserter.
I'll be court-martialled If am caught.
Why are you here?
I want to fight on your side.
I even brought a flag with me.
You can keep the flag
but you'll have to leave the bicycle.
What if he is a spy?
What good is a spy
without a weapon or a radio?
He can strangle you with the flag though!
Sir, my life line is short
and you keep scaring me.
I have a piece of information.
An Indian Army officer
is in the custody of the Pakistan Army.
You may have it verified internally
whether any officer of the Indian Army
is missing in East Pakistan.
- Do you know his name?
- No.
Any idea where he is?
The closest post
from where he was captured is Burinda.
- He may be there.
- What are the chances of him being alive?
He is living proof of
the Indian government's covert operation.
Only a fool would kill him.
That is, if he confesses
to being an Indian Army Officer,
but if he denies it...
It's been all night.
We couldn't crack it.
It's a combination
of two or three encryption methods.
But I still think
the text I've decoded is correct.
"Spilling towards east..."
- Meaning moving towards the east...
- East is Pakistan?
What is moving towards east?
Resting God!
- Coffee.
- Here.
Thank you.
You've to thank Baba Budan.
- Who?
- An Indian sage
who smuggled seven coffee beans
from Mocha in Yemen to India.
Only seven!
Probably because the number seven
has some relevance to every religion.
According to the Old Testament,
the world was created in six days.
That's the story
of the seven-day week, right?
Then God rested on the seventh day.
- The seventh day.
- What?
Resting God.
The seventh day
is moving towards the East.
An American message.
East Pakistan...
The U.S. Seventh Fleet, sir.
It has reached Sri Lanka from Vietnam.
- The Seventh Fleet.
- Yes, sir.
They are heading to East Bengal
through the Bay of Bengal.
Moving swiftly.
What's the Seventh Fleet?
It contains the world's
biggest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier,
the USS Enterprise.
It carries
more than 70 fighter jets, bombers,
guided missile cruisers
and the amphibious assault ship
USS Tripoli.
That's why Pakistan has been
distracting us with trivial skirmishes
so the Seventh Fleet reaches Dacca
before we do.
- Change of plans, Mehta.
- Sir!
- We're going to Burinda, not Jessore.
- Sir!
We will take the cross-country route.
Sir, it will be difficult for the tank
to move on that route
and it will also take much longer.
Captain Mehta,
when I need advice, I ask for it.
Sir, we should reach Burinda
as soon as we can.
Time is not of the essence right now.
Sir, it is.
We have information that
there may be Indian prisoners there.
We are here to liberate Bangladesh,
not to follow hunches.
A war has broken out and you want
to take the most popular route!
- We leave tomorrow at 0600 hours.
- Sir!
If someone says in a fit of rage,
"I wish I never had
to see your face again",
is that a bad omen?
No, sir.
Love wins over every omen
no matter who you wish it on.
Listen, if something happens to me,
please return these boots
to my brother Ram.
What has come over you, sir?
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
You're about to be sacrificed!
Doesn't he look like a groom?
Take a photo.
Give it to me.
I will turn on the tape recorder.
You just have to read out
whatever is written on the paper.
It says that you are an officer
of the Indian Army
who was sent by
the Indian Government to East Pakistan
in order to stoke a rebellion
against their own government.
If you confess
to being an officer of the Indian Army,
you'll be of some use to us.
But if you don't confess,
we'll have no use for you.
It's your call.
But this is a blatant lie, sir.
I'm Mohammad Nadeef from Rawalpindi.
You filthy swine!
- I'm Mohammad Nadeef from Rawalpindi.
- I'll shove your opium up your ass!
- Get it?
- Shibli!
I'll be the one to shoot him.
Just you wait!
Ramphal, stop!
Stay put on the tank! No one gets down!
Hail Bengal! Jai Hind!
We are the Mukti Bahini. Your brothers!
We are here to help you detect landmines.
It will save you time
as well as your lives.
At ease, boys.
Sky above, ground below!
On your rear, blow after blow!
You two-bit rogue!
As soon as Abbas returns
from his briefing,
he's going to put a bullet in your ass.
Final wishes, my man?
Any last wishes?
How about some hilsa?
Freedom was his one last wish
but he only got some rotten fish!
Freedom was his one last wish
but he only got some rotten fish!
Radha, the Mukti Bahini has information
about an Indian Army officer
in the custody of the Pakistanis.
- Is it Ram?
- We don't know that yet.
But whoever he is,
he's being held in Burinda.
And Balli?
We have to build a bridge
to get to Burinda.
We don't have the time, sir.
What good is Pippa
if we have to drive it over a bridge?
Pippa! In these depths!
Look at how vast it is.
What if we are stranded
in the middle of the river?
If we reach Burinda too late,
there will be no point
in us getting there, sir.
I don't think we have a choice.
We could speak to Digby if you like.
- That won't be necessary.
- Right, sir.
Do you remember the motto of 45 Cavalry?
- Veer Bhogya Vasundhara.
- Veer Bhogya Vasundhara.
Veer Bhogya Vasundhara.
The world is for the brave.
But who is truly brave?
"The one who fights
for the weak and helpless."
Guru Gobind Singh's words.
The truly brave
fight for the poor,
defenceless and the innocent.
We aren't fighting this war
only to defeat Pakistan,
but also to liberate
the 60 million people of East Pakistan.
In the entire history of mankind,
no war has ever been fought
to liberate another nation.
But today,
we, the 45 Cavalry,
have the chance to make history.
So, 45 Cavalry, what do you say?
- Shall we march on?
- Yes, sir!
I'll be the first to go into the water
and you will come one by one.
- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir!
- Victory to...
- ...the brave!
- Victory to...
- ...the brave!
- Victory to...
- ...the brave!
The thought that my brother Ram
could be there,
and in God knows what condition,
was eating away at me.
This was no longer a soldier's battle,
but that of a brother and a son too.
Shifting from land and water
to water, sir!
Delta 4-0, all stations. Delta.
Bhairab river.
The current of the water
is slightly turbulent.
Five hundred metres wide.
Next report after exiting far bank. Out.
- Alert!
- The camp is under attack!
Alert, everyone! The camp is under attack!
- Go!
- That way!
Go... Left stick!
Harish! Twelve o'clock! Tank! Fire!
Traverse left!
And fire now!
O, what a horrendous sight
Mankind has turned savage
Life has become dreadful
It is ruthless and dreary
O, what a horrendous sight
Mankind has turned savage
Life has become dreadful
It is ruthless and dreary
O, what a horrendous sight
Mankind has turned savage
Life has become dreadful
It is ruthless and dreary
Tyranny prevails!
Oblivious to what lies ahead
Only sinners thrive in this world
A storm so violent
And tempestuous brews
What an intricate labyrinth!
Only the powerful wield respect here
The times are trying
And they leave you terrified...
Ramphal, advance!
Advance now!
Move in! Move in after me! Go!
Move in!
Harish, load MG round!
Eleven o'clock! Enemy mortar!
Elevate gun and fire!
Let's move!
Come on!
This way!
You go that way.
Come on!
- Let's go.
- Move it.
Victory to Bengal!
Hail Bengal!
Victory to Bengal!
Ramphal, stop!
Three o'clock! RCL gun!
Hold! And fire!
Harish, load MG round!
Enemy bunker! Traverse right!
And fire!
Take cover!
Ramphal, advance!
Harish, traverse right!
Two o'clock, enemy truck!
Steady and fire!
Victory to Bengal!
Victory to Bengal!
- Glory to Bengal!
- Victory to Bengal!
Glory to Bengal!
Ramphal, advance! Advance!
Hands up.
Step out.
Hands behind your head.
Put your hands behind your head.
Come on, keep moving.
Glory to Bengal.
Why did you have to steal them?
You could have just asked me.
Dad never willed them to you.
Why should I have to ask you?
I have as much right
over these boots as you.
Shocked to learn that I smoke!
I've known since I was a child.
I see.
What about Mom?
I am not a snitch like you.
That pack of cigarettes
that Mom found in the bathroom
when I was in school was mine.
I know.
She lashed me with Dad's belt.
To be honest, Balli,
I'm not annoyed by you.
I'm jealous
of your ability to call a spade a spade.
It scares me.
If I can be honest too,
I've always longed for an elder brother.
- But you...
- You know what?
Let's stop trying
to be the better brother.
Give me another cigarette
and maybe we'll become friends.
Balli, from this day forward,
people will no longer
call you Major Ram's brother.
Instead, they'll call me the brother
of the '71 war hero Balram Mehta.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
Now that you've lived up
to the legacy of those boots,
I don't think you need them anymore.
You see, Major.
You can't coax me
into returning them to you.
It must have been your idea
to crash into that tank.
Okay. Sir!
Good. Casualties?
Ladies and gentlemen, we've got Burinda.
We found Ram there.
- Congratulations!
- Well done.
The air had the sweet whiff of freedom.
The people wore smiles beaming with hope.
Thank you, sir.
We had changed
the map of Pakistan that day.
East Pakistan was now Bangladesh
and I went from being Balli
to Captain Balram Singh Mehta.
Good evening.
Government forces in East Pakistan
surrendered today to India
bringing to an end
13 days of bitter fighting on that front.
The end came quickly
at a race track in Dacca.
There, General Niazi gave up
the Pakistani Armed Forces in the East
to Indian General Singh Aurora.
There was rejoicing
on the streets of Dacca.
In New Delhi,
a cheering table-thumping Parliament
heard Indian Prime Minister Gandhi
proclaim East Pakistan a free country.
She called it Bangladesh,
the Bengal nation.
Earlier, there was
one war hero in the family.
Now, two of my children
have become war heroes.
All three.
I thought you only counted the peas
on my plate.
Hers too?
I'm the eldest of us three.
How could I not count her peas?
Oh, peas! But I didn't make any peas.
- Mom!
- Mom.
I don't care about peas,
but I hope you've made some kheer.
Of course I have, but what's going on?