Pirate's Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson (2014) Movie Script

Why you wake me up for?
Why you lyin' on the floor
like a road-kill possum?
Oh, I was--
Ooh, it's an earthquake.
That ain't no earthquake,
you uneducated rube.
[metal clanking
[boat engine running
It's Billy Lee.
He's bustin' us out.
Hey, come on now.
I am first!
Why you first?
Because I'm prettier.
Dagnabit, that is your fault.
Why is it my fault?
You ain't gonna fit
through that hole.
You eatin' them grits
and cornbread.
Come on, push harden
You ain't tryin' hard enough.
Hurry before someone
sees us now.
Let me go!
Wait, don't!
Baby brother!
You got some nerve!
You need a hand there,
Who are you'?
...Billy Lee.
I ain't Billy Lee.
Bobby Lee?
What are you
doing here, my boy?
I took Billy Lee's place
for a bit.
He said he had to work out
something with the missus.
Guards hadn't even noticed.
He should be back
any day now.
Wait a minute.
Aren't you Uncle Joey?
Didn't you hear, boys?
Joseph Lee was killed
by a pirate.
The name's Admiral Ironsides.
Welcome to my crew.
Mickey Maison,
journal entry 1128.
It's been 536 days
since I've had contact
with any breathing member
of the Secret Order
of the Patriot,
and that would make it
approximately 550 days
since Sully and I stopped
the Copperheads
from overthrowing the country
or whatever it was
they were planning on doing.
I mean, see?
That's what happens
when you've been
out of the stopping-bad-guys
game for as long as we have.
You forget the details,
and looks like we've
been forgotten, too,
'cause not a word,
not a peep,
not even a card
on my birthday.
You figure if someone thinks
you're good enough
to be knighted into atop-secret
government organization
you're special,
but 1 guess
Pm just average.
Well, this is Mickey Matson
signing off,
bored, as usual.
Sorry, Gramps.
Not a lot of time today,
late for school.
Just one thing I don't get.
Why'd you get me involved with
the Secret Order of the Patriot
if they don't even
need me or want me?
Just give me a hint.
Put a word in with the boss
up there, however that works.
I'd appreciate it.
What are you doing here,
country boy?
Ah, you punched me
in the face.
You kicked me
in the shin.
Yeah, what hurts worse?
The face or the shin?
You tell me.
You two through
horsin' around yet?
Get in the Jeep.
You 're lucky she broke it up.
How are you,
Sully girl?
Good to see you,
too, Mic key.
What's it been,
about a year now, right?
Try a year and a half.
Mickey, the order knows
you've been very patient.
Here, put these on.
What for?
Just followin' the rules.
Where do you think
we 're going?
Not sure, but it
must be pretty serious
with an this
cloak-and-dagger business.
Yeah, Grams,
where are you taking us?
Should I have
packed an overnight bag?
Hey, Sully,
keep the lid on.
What are you tryin' to do,
get me in trouble?
I would've at least
brought some bug spray.
What's going on?
You two stay put.
Why do I have
a bad feeling about this?
Welcome to SOP
armed security checkpoint.
Retina! scanner activated.
Please align one eye
to center of screen.
Ab normality detected.
Dang cataracts.
SENT-i activated.
Please enter access code.
Hey did you hear something?
Grams, what's goin' on?
Access code denied.
For the love,
what is she doing?
Please enter access code.
Uh, Grams, I'm not sure
you're supposed to be
touching that thing.
Targeting intruders.
Nice robot.
Final attempt.
Guys, you better hurry.
Just give me the code!
What if one of
the higher-ups knew that we--
Bouncin' Betty!
It's Bouncin' Betty!
Target locked.
Death imminent.
Access code accepted.
That was close.
You're telling me.
Access granted.
Gotta love technology.
Put on your hoods.
Sorry for the false alarm,
Be good now.
Okay, you can take
those things off now.
Holy cow.
What is this place?
For a very select
group of kids,
this is the happiest place
on earth, Camp Lincoln,
Secret Order of the Patriot
and training grounds.
Who are we?
The SOP.
Assess, dismantle.
Who are these people,
the kids ?
They're just like you,
handpicked by the order
to be the next generation
of the SOP.
If they're just like us,
how come they're here
and we aren't?
Mickey, we had to wait 'ti!
that mess you got wrapped up in
with the Copperheads
died down,
and, quite frankly,
you aren't old enough.
You have been selected
in advanced
cryptologic linguist unit.
Too young, huh?
What about these three?
I just graduated from Princeton
with a degree in astrophysics.
There are exceptions, and you
two have an exception as well.
Someone important
asked on ya.
Cadet Ariel.
Cell phones, please.
Welcome to
SOP headquarters.
ifs amazing.
Recruits, listen up.
Transport to survival
training leaves in 5 minutes.
Master Sergeant Stumpwater
is waiting on us.
Remember your gear.
You'll be outward bound
for 5 days.
Alright, cadets,
let's move it.
Go on.
Mic key.
Look at you.
Hello, Sully.
Look at you guys.
So are we goin'
with you guys?
Oh, no, not on this trip.
The elites are holdin'
down the fort.
I think there's other plans
for the two of you.
Good to see ya,
Mic key.
What's our status?
I want to hear the commands.
Power cells are charged.
Jet boots are hot.
AH systems online.
Voice command activated.
You have clearance, Max.
Power up!
We're at 10% thrust!
Initiate stabilizers.
Quantum stabilizers
are initiated.
Experimental equipment training
working with Major Lynch,
advanced class.
Let's see the landing.
Power down.
Good work.
Let's take him
out to the range.
Let's get the lead out!
Yes, ma'am.
Let's go!
Mickey Matson?
It's pretty cool
what you did last year,
stoppin' those guys.
You mean what
we did last year?
I'm Vicky.
It should be easy to remember,
rhymes with Mickey.
It does.
Well, bye.
Are you serious,
country boy?
Hey, I'm Vicky.
Our names rhyme.
How absolutely
nauseating, ugh.
You're Mickey Matson,
the hero.
Glad you're here.
Be good to see if you
live up to the hype.
Hey, where are we goin'?
A little patience, please.
I've been patient
for over a year now.
Well, then a minute more
won't hurt you, will it?
No, Mickey's gonna wanna be
in there a few minutes alone.
Trust me.
Okay, guys, real funny.
Let me out.
Hello, Mickey.
Oh, I missed you so much.
I missed you too.
[shots firing
What the?
That was close now!
Watch it!
Promise I'll stop blastin' ya
if ya sing me a little ditty.
We ain't singin'
for no leprechaun.
Oh, when the saints
go marchin' in,
oh, when the saints
go marchin' in,
how I want to be
in that number
when the saints go marchin' in.
Well, we'd be a quartet
if Billy was here.
Seamus, that's no way
to treat our esteemed guests.
Some employees
you got here, Uncle Joey.
They have violated at least--
and I'm talkin minimum--
13 OSHA guidelines
since I stepped aboard
this st in kin' boat.
Two things, Bobby Lee.
First, this is not a boat.
It's a ship.
Call me Admiral
or Ironsides
or Admiral Ironsides
or Your Highness,
but never again refer to me
as your Uncle Joey!
What happened to your
face, Uncle Joe-oh, Ironsides?
Old Admiral?
Not that you're old.
If you do, I'll joyfully tie
an anchor around your necks
and send you
straight to the depths
to meet Davey Jones himself.
Please, let me
introduce you to Tesla.
Well, hello, Tesla.
No, Bobby Lee,
that is Martin,
our resident genius.
This is Tesla.
Well, what's it do,
This is the cure, means
by which we will implement
a new code for humanity.
So it makes
quite a ruckus, huh?
You have no idea.
Gramps, this is
Sully Braggington.
Cool, I've heard
a lot about you,
mostly that you were dead.
You come exactly
as advertised.
It seems like a rotten thing
to do to your grandson,
being dead
but not really being dead.
It sends a mixed message.
You got sick, Gramps,
and it made sense
because your--
The pacemaker,
workin' just fine.
Truth is I was
never even sick.
My parents still don't
even know you're alive.
I understand how you felt.
It hurt me to see you
go through it,
but doing the right thing
isn't always easy.
Keeping you safe was
the right thing to do.
Well, let's go for a walk.
The world has changed.
It used to be if bad guys
wanted to hurt someone
they'd do it face to face,
but not today.
Today they hide in shadows,
scared of organizations like us,
so we went underground,
beat them at their own game.
When they come
out of hiding
and want to do
our country harm--
Take 'em down.
Oh, yeah, baby.
It's hard for 'em
to prepare for a foe
they don't even know exists.
Sir, we got a problem.
What do you got, Evan?
The Lumber Port
footage, sir.
I have high resolution
on my phone.
What is this?
Security cam
from a breakout
at the Lumber Port
Correctional Facility.
That bald guy's
a Copperhead.
We put 'em away
last year.
When was this?
Last night.
Well, technically
this morning,
but, you know,
And we didn't see this.
Joseph Lee?
Admiral Ironsides.
Still getting all this
digitized into our new system.
These all your old
sandbox buddies?
Yeah, I know him
as Joseph Lee
when he was a young officer
of the Coast Guard.
He was impetuous
and undisciplined.
After he left my charge
a tragedy occurred.
When tragedy meets
poor character,
it doesn't end well.
A real ladies' man.
Last I heard he was
in Eastern Europe
calling himself
Admiral Ironsides.
He was pillaging ships in
the southern trade routes
with a crew
of modern-day pirates.
His hands...
...is that?
A harpoon.
So how do we
get started?
Well, first what we gotta do
is get you through initiation.
It's important
that you two realize
that what we do here
isn't a game.
The stakes couldn't be higher.
We uncover new threats
every day,
and our country is
depending on us.
Assessment and creative problem
solving are skill sets
that are essential
to what we do.
Al! of these critical
skills work hand in hand
with high-level,
interpersonal interaction
to fill the most-important
single element in the arsenal
- Of the Secret Order-
What is this?
And why does it smell
like wet dog?
I've played capture
the ag before.
This is nothing like
capture the flag.
The rally point is about
100 yards away from here.
The rest of the team should
already be there, got it?
We got bogies on our 6.
I have an idea.
No, we stick to the plan.
Our teammates
are waiting on us.
No, we got this,
don't we, Sully?
You better be right
about this, country boy.
This isn't good.
Watch it, dude.
I'm from Chicago.
Maybe we should be enrolled
in the advanced class.
Well, you're in luck.
That class is now in session.
Any ideas?
I had the last idea.
Come on.
You're not the only one
from Chicago.
Player eliminated.
All hype, no hero.
Player eliminated.
You guys had us.
We never even saw that
flanking move coming.
Yeah, well, our new recruits
decided they had a better idea.
Hey, they were pretty
good for their first day.
You want "pretty good"
watching your back
on the next operation?
Mickey, come on.
Don't let it get to you.
Hey, hey, Admiral.
What you got us doin"?
Yeah, the pedalin' I get,
but what exactly are we doin'?
Providing coolant
for the Tesla.
Don't stop pedaling.
At a certain point she's
gonna get real bright.
This is normal.
Just close your eyes
and keep peddling.
He should close his eye.
Always pedaling.
Always pedaling.
This is curious,
Little Brother.
Why they stopping?
They must always--
They destroy my machine.
They are imbeciles!
And moron!
I'm aware.
That's why we need them.
Bobby Lee!
This thing's
a gettin' rowdy!
You must keep pedaling,
You provide the coolant.
Yeah, but I don't remember
you saying nothin'
about no gator-sized sparks.
Run for your life,
little brother!
I feel all fuzzy.
The pulse could kill you.
Steady the patient!
Well, you're still alive.
Well, of course we are.
Wait, why wouldn't we be?
Hang on, now.
What in the name
of Jefferson Davis--
Those imbeciles.
Ah, ah, ah!
They fry my Dulan motor!
Ah, my baby!
My baby!
The light was energy,
an electromagnetic pulse,
to be exact.
That's why the coolant needed
to be pumped manually
until the timer hit zero!
North Bay...
...she's dark.
You've done it, Admiral.
Ya done it!
We did it!
So what are we celebratin'?
The world's liberation, mate.
That blast fried every
electronic device on earth.
How's about a speech,
I dreamed of this moment
for almost 10 years.
It's a reality because of my
friend, Serbian genius,
Martin Sekulichick.
Today the world
will call us villains,
tomorrow its saviors,
but forever you will be
able to declare
that you were here
when the world--
It's the wife.
No, no I gotta go.
I'm busy right now.
Okay, I love you, bye.
I'm sorry.
Bring me the box.
Gunner team leader.
Gunner team leader.
This is gunner
team leader, over.
Are you there, Admiral?
Start the operation now.
But that'd be
ahead of schedule.
I realize that, but we're
talking on an electronic device,
and that would mean that
the Tesla was not successful!
It's the imbeciles.
They don't pump.
They destroy my work.
Which part did they destroy?
The core, the Dulan motor.
Where do we get
another one?
Admiral, Admiral,
I know where to find--
Now you two stay put.
Oh, now you
gonna start to cry?
Don't you be
startin' that now.
It might serve you well
to mitigate that sneezin'.
He's like twice
your size,
and they've had
a lot more training.
They kicked our butts
without even trying, Sully.
They were just
toying with us.
He's right.
I'm no hero.
Oh, give me a break.
No, Sully.
Max is the real deal.
I'm just as average
as I thought I was.
So, now what?
You're gonna quit?
No, I--
You know how you
said last year
that I have nothing
to prove?
Well, you were wrong.
I have a lot to prove to myself.
I think we both do.
This is our chance to see
if we have what it takes,
and like Grandpa Jack says,
we're part of a team.
They need to be able
to depend on us.
And inst for the record,
I believe in you,
Mickey Matson.
What was that?
Security breach.
Get to the safe rooms.
Go now!
They've taken
the training center.
Get to the annex!
[shots firing
Were you going?
Battle sticks
versus ray guns?
It doesn't seem fair,
does it?
This way!
Circle up.
Got it!
Put 'em down.
Drag 'em out.
[alarm ringing
Where is everyone?
Let's find Grandpa Jack.
Would someone please
turn off that infernal alarm?
Alright, the control room
is down this way.
Most of the kids are
out at a camping trip,
and Grams and Bettie
are older than the hill,
so we won't have
much trouble there.
Is that Lynch?
Let's go.
Gramps, what in the world?
What is she doing?
It's Ironsides.
We got a message
from the Coast Guard
just before the raid.
North Bay was hit by some
massive electromagnetic blast.
It can't be a coincidence.
Find transportation.
Where are we going?
Evan said the blast
came from Lake Manestee.
Find Ironsides.
Try and figure out
what he's up to.
Once you do, call it in.
This is a direct line
to the Coast Guard.
But what about you?
I'd only slow you down.
Besides, Fm not sure
the pacemaker
can keep the old heart
pumping fast enough.
What's up, Jack?
Go see your great-grandpa.
He's got something
to show ya.
Bettie, what'd you have
to go and do that for?
Now I might have
to break a sweat.
Ya know, this is treason.
No duh!
But, personally,
I like to think of it
more as a promotion.
Get him outta here, and bring me
back those two pimple poppers.
Sully, come on.
So help me if I get
hit by one of those things!
Come on, Mickey, go!
Come on, run!
This Way!
Hold on, country boy.
Now this is transportation.
Sully, this
isn't even a road.
This thing
doesn't need roads.
Why do you always
get to drive?
Do you have your permit yet?
So where's your
in another cemetery?
Are you gonna let me
drive if I tell you?
And you are never, ever
to look the Admiral in the eye.
Ah, Bettie, lovely of you
to join us.
I was just laying out
the ground rules
for our future deck swabs.
Looks like I've found
Ironsides some new recruits.
These aren't his recruits.
You know your grandson
and his little girlfriend
have somehow eluded my men?
Admiral Ironsides will make
you pay dearly for that.
Follow me.
So your great-grandfather's
a librarian?
It was right here.
What was right here?
Oh my, children, those
are quite the costumes.
Are you playing
dress up today?
No, ma'am, I think a painting
used to hang right here?
Oh, yes, John Cavarda Matson,
one of our maritime heroes.
We moved him to the basement.
Ouch, from hero
to basement.
Okay, well, could we
go down and see it?
Oh, no, I'm sorry.
The basement is off limits.
Only employees are
allowed down there.
You'd have to make
an appointment.
We'll just have to come back
another time.
What are you doing?
She ism going to inst
let us down there,
and she surely ism
gonna believe that we're here
because an unknown branch
of the U.S. government
is operating
a training facility
for an elite group
of teenagers,
which was recently attacked
by pirates,
and dozens of lives depend
on us finding
an old picture in her
stinky basement.
Sometimes you need to bend
the rules a bit, Matson.
Another advantage
to having your permit.
Way to go, Chicago.
Did you hear something?
If she catches us
we're in trouble.
Okay, come on,
let's hurry.
How are we ever gonna find it?
There's so much stuff down here.
It's a needle-in-a-haystack
Actually, does he
look familiar?
So this is your
It couldn't have
been that easy.
Okay, Gramps.
There has to be
some sort of clue.
Do you see anything
like a symbol?
I got nothin'.
Wait a minute.
You got that look.
The flags on the ships,
they're naval signal flags,
like each one has
a special meaning
Like numbers
or letters.
I don't suppose
you know 'em by heart?
Not really.
Good thing
we're in a library.
Have you seen two kids
in costume come by here?
It's gotta be in here.
Okay, there.
Okay, so that is seven.
And one.
And this one is
and the second one is
And "E."
Seven, two, one,
It's 721 Rose.
It's an address.
Kids, dress up time is over!
This place gives me
the creeps!
Same building
as in the painting?
Is this the right address?
Alright, come on.
Welcome, welcome, welcome,
ladies and gentlemen,
to the official tour of
the USS Silversides.
Alright, well, she officially
launched on August 26, 1941.
Her total length
is 95.02 meters.
She is capable of reaching
21 knots while surfaced
and 9 knots while submerged.
Speaking of submersion--
That was a gift
from my morn!
Alright, then, who's next?
Perfect, Dulan motor.
This is definitely
Gramps' type of place.
Do we just knock?
No idea.
It's locked.
There's a doorbell.
Screws missing.
Fingerprint scanner.
We have the coolest
grandparents in the world.
You know that, right?
Why are there never lights?
You seriously need to have
a talk with your grandpa
about paying electric bills.
Dark, creepy warehouse.
So your grandpa
might be a hoarder.
What is this?
Don't look at me.
Grams is a mechanic.
Check it out, some sort of--
I don't know--
Ballast intake,
Lexite canopy glass?
Maybe this one works?
Yeah, Gramps.
My whole body
is tingling.
Attention all available
Coast Guard personnel.
Anyone near Lumber Port
or North Bay
with equipment not affected
by the power surge...
...we have received
a mayday call
from the Silversides.
I've been told several times
this is not a joke.
It appears that the vessel
has been taken over by pirates.
I'm driving.
I don't think so.
This baby handles
like a dream.
Okay, maybe more
like a nightmare.
What's going on?
I don't know, but Fm
pretty sure he built this
out of spare parts from
an old washing machine.
As speed increases,
hydrodynamic lift increases,
leaving less of the hull
in contact with the water
which puts you at the mercy
of the surface structure.
Oh, what is that
weird voice thing?
Who are you?
To reduce the turbulence,
I recommend to pull up
the rear hydrofoil stabilizers.
Okay, how do
we do that?
Blue switch.
And Fm not weird.
Than ks, Kitten.
Good, Kitten.
Good kitty.
Please don't cal! me Kitten,
and I was not built
out of spare parts from
an old washing machine.
I'm a prototype defense craft
codenamed Thunder Flay.
What's so funny?
I had a math quiz today.
Back to the ship.
Aye-Aye. Ad.
There's some cool stuff
or gadgets in here.
Please don't touch that.
Check this out.
Those are expensive,
and 1 expect you are
not qualified to use them.
No, check this out.
Most on board equipment
requires extensive training
prior to use.
Let's take a look.
Have you received
extensive training?
I don't think so.
Exactly like the boat
from the security footage.
What security footage?
Looks pretty piraty to me,
and I'm guessing if they see us,
we're in trouble.
The approaching watercraft
is capable of 60-plus knots
and is highly maneuverable.
You might wanna
hold onto something.
I remember seeing
this in the manual.
And it's a submarine?
You're holding back
on us, Kitten.
The submarine function
has not yet been tested,
and therefore 1 could not
offer it as an option.
And, please,
don't call me Kitten.
If you must give me
a designation,
please use my code name,
Thunder Flay.
We need to follow them.
That boat is fast.
We need more speed.
We have reached our
maximum submerged velocity.
But we can't lose them.
Grandpa Jack said
that the electric blast
came from Lake Manestee, so
we'll just follow the shoreline
and then slip
into the harbor.
He also said to call
the Coast Guard if we need help.
And we will.
I also highly recommend
contacting the Coast Guard.
Fm gonna say this
one more time.
If you so much as graze
a hair on his head--
Hold up!
Oh, mama.
Transpo's here.
Let's move it!
Move, move, move!
If I could feel emotions,
I would say
that whole experience
was quite exhilarating.
Thank you for the unscheduled
test of my submersible mode.
Thermal scan indicates there is
only one matching heat signature
which places the scarab right--
That looks like
the place.
What is it with bad guys
and cross bones?
This is bad.
If we anchor
right under the bow,
they might not be able
to see us.
All right.
Let's call the Coast Guard.
No, Gramps said
we have to figure out
what Ironsides is up to,
not just find them.
As soon as we figure out what's
goin' on we'll call it in, okay?
I promise.
I, too, recommend
calling the Coast Guard,
but what do I know?
We looked up to you.
Oh, really?
Well, I despise you.
I'm sick and tired
of babysitting
you snot-nosed kids,
watching you rise up
in the ranks
while I am stuck here
in Nowheresville,
and I am done with it.
Get out of my face.
And I hope you two have gone
potty, because I understand
an overactive bladder's
a problem for you folks?
Let's go!
So now we need to use
that radio, country boy.
This is crazy.
I kinda left it
in the Thunder Ray.
Wow, that can't be good.
I'm no genius, but I bet
that has something to do
with the blast your Grandpa
told us about.
Someone's coming.
Come on.
Beauty, Tesla.
Nice Tesla.
Nice Tesla.
What's a Tesla?
He was a person.
Very fragile!
You nincompoops,
you go now!
Hey, Igor, you're gonna need
to learn now to communicate
in American if you plan on
me taking you seriously.
No! No! No!
You try to be nice
to someone.
Well, he's a weirdo,
and he talks funny.
Oh, you're just
figurin' that out now.
Well, I seen you
were tryin' to be nice.
I'll tell you what.
As soon as I
get a chance,
I'm throwin'
that crackpot overboard.
As long as you let me tie him
to his Tesla toy beforehand.
Explain to me
what Uncle Joey--oh--
Admiral is plannin'
to do with that thing.
That device is gonna
electrificationify the earth
and fry every electronic
gadget there is.
Like when we's kids,
And we used to zap them
old bull pond frogs
with jumper cables.
Yeah, but we used
to kill them--oh.
Exactly, he's lost his
marbles and his 3 cents.
Okay, that sounds bad.
I know, and I
don't even like frogs.
So, like, did you hear them?
Every electronic device
on earth.
We have to stop them.
But, Mic key,
there's only two of us,
and don't forget their
little ray guns.
Green is not my color.
Think you can
outrun the mad scientist?
Any day of the week,
but remember we're a team.
Looking for this?
Oh, hello, dear.
So sweet, little girl.
Eww, you creeper.
May I have it back
to me, please?
Thank you.
No, no, no!
I mean, please,
to me give it now.
Give it now.
Give it now.
Bad girl.
And here he comes.
Evil girl!
Evil girl!
Come on,
let's get outta here.
Like yesterday.
Well, hello!
Aren't you going
to even say goodbye?
Admiral Joseph Ironsides.
I don't think we'll be
shaking your hand.
Well, spirited young friends,
perhaps you might be
interested in my other hand.
I didn't think so.
The Dulan motor?
Seamus, your musket Tesla,
if you please.
Bring them
to the wheel house.
What are your names, please?
Mickey Matson.
I'm curious as to why you'd
be sneaking aboard my ship
with no adult supervision,
no backup, no Coast Guard.
I don't know either.
Maybe my compadre here
could answer that for you.
What can you tell me
about that wonderful vessel
you moored alongside
the bow of my ship?
It reminds me of an old man!
once knew, and then I realized,
of course, who else
but Jack Bettie?
He sent you?
He sent children?
We're teenagers.
Grandpa Jack
was right about you.
Grandpa Jack?
We always dreamed of
meeting an heir of Jack Bettie.
It's because of your grandpa
that we're here today.
It was under his command
he had me transferred.
My wife and daughter were with
me aboard my brand-new cutter.
She was proclaimed to be
the most
technologically-advanced vessel
on the planet,
rumored to be unsinkable.
She was crushed by
a mere breeze from the East.
Every single system failed.
We were trapped below decks.
I'm sorry you lost
your family,
but you've gone totally insane.
Insane, little girl?
All that I do is with
extraordinary reason.
I tried to get to them,
but my hand was pinned
against the bulkhead.
The only thing I could
reach was a harpoon.
Technology took
everything from me,
but today I will push
the reset button
for the entire world,
a new era.
Mankind will adhere to
a set of regulations
that will keep the world
on the right path,
a simple code
of conduct,
my young friends,
my code,
pirates' code.
People will die.
Everyone who depends
on technology will--
It will be tragic.
All great events that change
the world have their martyrs.
They're here, Admiral.
Right on time.
Looks like your little
boyfriend failed again.
Have some faith, Max.
Lock 'em below decks, Lynch!
Let's get 'em on board.
You heard the Admiral.
Move it.
Where are you taking us?
Don't you worry about it.
Get in there.
Ah, ah, back together like
one, big, happy family,
sadly trapped like rats.
Gramps, Ironsides
has completely lost it.
What do we do?
Did you find
the Thunder Ray?
Yeah, it's at the front
of the ship, but it's--
It's fried.
Ironsides shot it with one
of his funny little guns.
The electronics are separated
by overloaded diversion systems.
We could plug in to
the backup wiring harness,
but we would need
a significant charge
to bring the systems
back online.
Greek to me.
How much power
would we need?
A hundred terawatts.
Great Scott!
Where are we gonna
get that kind of power?
What good would it do us?
If you haven't noticed,
we're locked in an engine room.
And they're definitely isn't
a rescue party headed our way.
Who's there?
Show yourself.
What are you doing down here?
Does the Admiral know
you're down here?
You're gonna get in trouble.
What's goin' on?
Well, I'll be a badger
in a bowling alley.
My little brother's
a superhero.
What are you doing here?
Lighten up there.
We're here to bust you out.
You're working for Ironsides.
Open your eyes, kid.
We ain't workin'
for no Ironsides.
I'd say we's more
like captives.
Yeah, Uncle Joey's
got a wire crossed
up in there somewhere.
That's one sketchy
gene pool.
Uncle Joey did make me
a super hero, though.
Okay, so how do we know
we can trust you?
Well, I can't right
do anything for ya,
but we need to stick together
if we're gonna stop
this wing nut
and get off of this rig.
So how's about it?
How 'bout we make Lee
family bygones be just that?
By and no longer here.
Yeah, that.
So now what?
We take down
the bad guys.
Yeah, sure, but we're
still outnumbered.
Oh, come on.
Mickey, tell 'em
what we're gonna do.
I don't know, Sully.
I mean, everything I've
planned has--
I just don't think you
want me to lead this one.
What are you
talking about?
If we let Ironsides fire
that cannon up there,
millions of people will die,
including your grandpa.
If that gizmo you have
pumping your heart
couldn't keep up with us,
I highly doubt it will stand
a blast from that thing on deck.
Is that true, Gramps?
So what do we do?
Why do you think
I asked you?
I'm the motivator.
You're the idea guy.
Go ahead, Mickey.
Today I had a radio
that I didn't use.
I thought Sully and
I could handle this.
Just wanted all of you to see
that we were ready.
That means I wasn't lookin'
out for the team.
Grandpa Jack says
that working together
is our most powerful weapon.
We need to rely oh each other
and lead the enemy into making
their own mistakes, use their
sloppy attacks against them
just like Max did to me
in capture the flag.
You took an oath when you joined
the Secret Order of the Patriot
to defend this country
against its enemies
in the brightest of days
and the darkest of nights.
Do you remember that oath,
or were those
just words to you?
Because they definitely were
not just words to Sully and I.
And we can do this if and only
if we all work together,
and if you guys give us
another chance,
I promise we'll always
have your back.
I will.
I'm with you.
I'm in.
Let's do this.
Look out, you dirty pirates.
Here comes the SOP.
Look at that.
Alright, Max, your call.
What's the plan?
Alright, Max, your call.
What's the plan?
First thing we need to do
is to take out the guards.
All yours.
Okay, go.
My faithful band of brothers,
many of you are castoffs
from our sorely-misdirected
and many years
have stood by my side.
For years you've worked
tirelessly towards our goal.
You kept to the code, our code,
the pirates' code.
A code that shall now
become the law of the land.
Once we fire the Tesla,
the world will be our oyster.
Hello, lad.
Don't recall seeing
your face before.
Ahoy there, Uncle Joey!
You are hereby removed
from your command
by the Secret Order
of the Patriot.
Boy, t will see you
run through with this harpoon!
Find 'em!
Find 'em all!
So, ya wanna play, do ya?
What are you gonna do
with that shovel there, boy?
Tough talk with for a guy
with a gun that doesn't work.
Nice try.
You must pump,
always be pumping.
No, no, you stop.
No copy teenager.
You stop.
I go now.
What ya going
to do with that thing?
Head me a bedtime story?
Do you know what pirates
do with the weak?
Let 'em go?
We make 'em beg
for their life.
Oh no, you did not just try
to hit a lady with that thing!
I learned that one
from my granddaughter.
You kids have no respect.
Someone's gotta
teach you a lesson.
Let's teach her a lesson.
Hit him, Jeremiah!
Hit him again.
Hey, Benedict Arnold!
You missed.
Not so much.
Behind you.
Let's go.
Nowhere to go now,
Mickey, huh?
Nowhere to go!
Where you gonna run, boy, huh?
Where ya goin', boy?
[Admiral Ironsides laughing)
You should never risk more
than you're willing to lose.
you've risked it all.
You know, 1 thought my fight
was with your grandpa.
I see it's really with you,
Mickey Matson.
Jack Bettie,
I want you to know
the feeling of helplessness
that consumes you
when you hear those that
you love screaming for help,
and there's nothing
you can do to save them.
Mickey, the pry bar!
A little fight left, have we?
Follow his right,
his right.
He can't see!
By the way who gave
the title of Admiral, anyway?
Prepare to meet your end,
Mickey Maison.
Did you actually
expect to best me, boy?
Did you?
...but Max does.
That little storm that sank
your ship was a hurricane.
Technology didn't fail you.
It was your own pride.
And as for your
pirates' code...
...I'll pass.
On your knees, pirates.
Admiral, what you doing?
It can't handle the charge.
You're mad!
I will not be denied!
When this blows,
you, Mickey Matson,
will feel my pain as you watch
your grandfather buried.
The world will know--
You had her comin',
Uncle Joey.
Can you stop it?
No, he has supercharged
the Dulan motor!
She's gonna go boom.
Big-time boom.
How big is big time?
A Trojan-bomb big,
300 terabytes big, ah!
What are you doing?
I have no idea.
I ain't said this since we
was knee-high, Brother,
but I love you.
I love you, too, Bobby.
Gotta go.
No, Mickey!
Mickey, no!
Are you crazy?
You'll die!
If I don't do this,
we all die.
Hey, Kitten, are you with me?
Please don't call me Kitten.
Alright, I need your help.
We've only got about 2 minutes.
Power levels
are critically low.
Yeah, I know I got
a power source.
I just need to tell me
how to plug it in.
Yes, nice.
No, no, no, no, no,
I didn't get it all.
Mickey it's the red
wiring harness.
Thunder Flay is
ready for action.
All right.
We're goin' for a ride, Kitten.
Alright, we've gotta get as far
away from that ship as possible.
What can you give me?
With that power source,
the sky's the limit.
The sky is what?
Proceed with caution.
We don't have time
for caution.
Kitten, you can fly?
What does
the blinking Hg ht mean?
My autopilot function was
damaged by the munition.
Now you tell me?
My sensors indicate
the device
in the passenger seat will lose
containment in 30 seconds.
Okay, we need to get higher.
What can you give me?
Center console,
little buttons.
Power down!
[all cheering
You had me worried there
for a minute, country boy.
Found these in
the Thunder Ray.
Way to go, Mickey.
This happened
to fit just right.
You stuck the landing, hero.
You still need
more training, though.
Oh, trust me, I know.
This might be the right time
for us to take our leave.
I'm telling you, Jack
he doesn't even know
now to drive.
He doesn't even have his permit.
How sad is that?
Oh, never
a better time to learn.
Always training
for something.
I may need a co-pilot.
It would be an honor,
You named it Kitten?
Tell me about it.
Don't ride the brake, Mickey.