Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) Movie Script

From timings by: Ishlah
Who are you?
- What is this man?
- Your Majesty...
- We caught him up in our fishing nets.
- He's been telling stories, stories that...
We believe he's found him...
Ponce de Len...
He said he found
Ponce de Leon's ship.
- He sailed on it.
- No, I told you...
- Ponce de Leon died 200 years ago.
- Aye, but he died searching for something, didn't he ?
The Fountain of Youth...
How soon can you sail ?
With the tide.
Pirates of the Caribbean:
On Stranger Tides
Pirates execution today!
Watch him swing.
Hurry papa, or we'll miss the hanging.
It's not a hanging, dear, it's a trial.
The hanging comes this afternoon.
Come on!
On your feet.
Move along, pirate!
Or should I say filthy pirate!
Come on .
Order !
Now appearing before the courts, the
notorious and infamous pirate...
...pillager and highwayman,
Captain Jack Sparrow!
I told ya. Me names Gibbs. Joshamee Gibbs.
How many times do I have to...
Hear Ye, Hear Ye. Presiding over these
trials, all rise and attend...
the right Honorable Justice Smith!
Quiet !
- What do we have here?
- Jack?
Not necessary.
You were saying ?
Jack Sparrow is not my name.
My name is Joshamee Gibbs.
Is that so? It says Jack Sparrow here.
I told em. I'm not Jack Sparrow, who I would be happy
to identify to the court, if it would help my case.
I think that would be a poor defense. Unless you
want to be bludgeoned again like a harp seal.
Prisoner claiming to be innocent to
being Jack Sparrow. How do you find ?
- No trial ? But aren't we here to examine the evidence?
- Foreman, your finding. Guilty ?
Guilty verdict means he'll hang.
Hang him ! String him up !
- Guilty ?
- That's not fair!
Shut it!
Joshamee Gibbs. For the crime of which
you've been found guilty of.
Of being innocent of being Jack Sparrow.
I hereby commute your sentence...
and order that you be imprisoned for the remainder
of your miserable, morible, mutton chop life.
- What?
- Hang him !
There !
String him up ! Hang him high !
It needs to be arranged to transport this
prisoner to the Tower of London!
Thank you very much.
Get up you !
Hell, horse and teeth. Now we're both headed
for prison.
Not to worry. I've paid off the driver.
Ten minutes we'll be outside London town
horses waitin and tonight we'll make the coast.
Then it's just a matter of finding the ship.
- All part of a plan, yes ?
- Exactly.
I arrived in London town just this
morning to rescue one Joshamee...
...Gibbs from one appointment with the
Seeing as how you're still alive, I'd say
it's all been very successful this far.
What happened to you, Gibbs? I thought you
were employed elsewhere or otherwise engaged.
Aye, but I always listen like a thief for
news of the Black Pearl.
Nobody see where she might next make
Then I hear a rumor.
Jack Sparrow's in London. With
a ship, and lookin for a crew.
- Am not.
- But that's what I heard.
Fact is, your signing up me ??. Pub
called the Captains Daughter.
- Am not!
- Well I thought it a bit odd.
But then you've never been the most
predictable of sorts.
Tell me something. There is another Jack
Sparrow out there sullying my good name ?
- An imposter.
- Indeed.
- But...an imposter with a ship.
- And in need of a crew.
Which as fate would have it, so am I.
How bout you, Jack? Last I heard you
were hellbent to find the Fountain of Youth.
Any luck ?
Circumstances arose and forced compelling
.. regarding discretion and valor.
- Meaning, ye gave up.
- I did not!
I'm just as bent as ever.
Hellishly so.
I shall taste those waters first Gibbs.
Mark my words.
Oh. Short trip.
All part of the plan, yeah ?
No !
You are Jack Sparrow ?
There should be a "Captain" in there
I've heard of you.
And you know who I am.
Face is familiar. Have I threatened
you before ?
You are in the presence of George Augustus
Duke of Brunswick-Lneburg...
Art treasurer and print selector of
the Holy Roman Empire...
King of Great Britain and Ireland.
And of you.
Doesn't ring a bell.
I am informed you have come to London
to procure a crew for your ship.
Vicious rumour. Not true.
Then you lied to me when you told me
you were Jack Sparrow.
I am Jack Sparrow, but I'm not here to
procure a crew.
That is...someone else.
Ah...someone else named Jack Sparrow.
You brought me the wrong wastrel. Find
the proper one and dispose of this imposter.
No. Wait, wait , wait hang on a minute.
I'm Jack Sparrow the one and only.
- And I am in London.
- To procure a crew ?
- To undertake a voyage to find the fountain...
- What?
Will someone please remove these infernal
Come come!
- We know you're in possession of a map.
- Confiscate the map and to the gallows with you.
Have you a map?
- No.
- Where is it?
The truth. I lost it. Quite recently in fact.
I have a report the Spanish have
located the fountain of youth.
I will not have some melancholy Spanish monarch...
...a Catholic, gain eternal life !
- You do know the way to the fountain ?
- Course I do. Look at me !
You can guide an expedition.
With your permission, your highnee.
You will be providing then, a ship.
- And a crew.
- And a captain.
After you, Sire.
If I may be so bold.
Why is that man not in chains ? He must
be manacled at once.
Center of my palace? Hardly.
Hector. How nice to see a fellow pirate
make good for himself.
Pirate? No. Privateer.
On a sanctioned mission under the
authority and protection of the Crown.
As may be, but first...What has
become of my beloved Pearl?
I lost the Pearl, as I lost my leg!
- Lost the Pearl?
- Aye.
I defended her mightily enough. But
she sunk none the less.
If that ship be sunk properly, you should
be sunk with it.
Captain Barbossa. Each second we tarry...
The Spanish out distance us.
I have every confidence you will prevail and...
...be rewarded with the high station
you so desire.
- To serve doth suffice, Sire.
- You, sir, are stupid.
?? . Where's the harm in joinin the
winnin side ?
And we do meet in nicer climes, ??.
I understand everything.
Except that wig.
- He escaped ?
- Leave it to me, Sire.
Find him!
Ah !
Oh ! Oh ! Aah!
Is that it?
He's getting away !
Filthy pirate!
Hallo, Jackie!
Hello, Dad.
I heard you're puttin together a crew.
If enough people keep sayin it, it must be true.
I heard where you're headed. The fountain.
Have you been there?
Does this face look like it's been to
the Fountain of Youth?
- Depends on the light.
- Son, the Fountain...
There'll be items required. For the
profound ritual.
Two chalices.
- On the map there was a chalice.
- Two silver...
From the Ponce de Leon ship.
You'll need both.
- For?
- The ritual. Don't be a fool, Jackie.
Find out every detail before you set sail.
Oh, set sail, love to. But for that I
may need a ship.
Those folk over there, they have a ship.
They're signin up sailors, right now.
One last thing, Jackie.
The Fountain will test you. Mark my words.
- I hear you be recruitin a crew.
- Aye. That is...
Jack Sparrow be puttin together a modest
You got some nerve, aint ya ? Turnin up
here dressed like that.
- What are you, some kind of an impostor ?
- Do you have any idea who I am, mate ?
Hey, markers. There's a bloke here whats
forgotten his own name.
Lads, I'm sailing with Sparrow. Who'll
buy a sailor a drink ?
You've stolen me. And I'm here to take
meself back.
Stop doing that.
Only one person alive knows that move.
Always wanted to do that.
Hello Angelica.
Hello, Jack.
Are you impressed. I think I almost
killed you once or twice.
I'm touched at this most sincerest form
of flattery.
But why?
You were the only pirate I thought I
would pass for.
That is not a compliment.
Don't worry, Jack.
I forgave you a long time ago.
For what ? For leaving you ?
I recall that I left you !
A gentleman allows a lady to maintain
her fiction.
Look Sparrow. As long as my sailors get
their money...
...they're willing to put up with any
number of peculiarities.
Ah. There is one peculiarity with which I
will not put up with.
I will be impersonated as Captain. Nothing less.
For that you need a ship. And as it
turns out...I have one.
I could use a ship.
- I hear tell you've been to the fountain.
- There's been a lot of hear telling going on these days.
- The Fountain of Youth.
- Dearest Angelica. Fret not.
You still have a few usable years left.
Always so charming. But you didn't
answer me.
Eh ? Have I gone to the fountain ?
Waste of time.
Me lady. I see un-seamen like fellows
with an officious looking nature.
Friends of yours ?
I may have unintentionally slighted
some king or other.
- You haven't changed !
- Implying the need ?
You betrayed me. You seduced me,
and you used me.
I was innocent in the ways of men.
You demonstrated a lot of technique for
someone I supposedly corrupted.
(pounding on the door) Open this door !
I was ready to take my vows, and you...
- What were you doing in a Spanish convent anyway ?
- I was looking for a brothel. It was a mistake.
- We are at a disadvantage.
- Speak for yourself !
Unlike some who pretend to be...
But in fact cannot hold a candle to. I am Captain Jack Sparrow.
Back then you said I used you...
- You know exactly how.
- I know, but how can you say it?
- So, what is it ?
- What is what ?
About the fountain. What do you know ?
You don't happen to be in possession of 2
sliver chalices instead of Ponce de Len ?
- No.
- Ha! Thought not.
- Why ?
- I hear stories, rumors...
You are of course aware of the ritual.
Yes, I am.
What is it ? What is required ?
A Mermaid, Jack.
You made a mistake!
It's a life sentence, not death!
Life !
- Barbossa !
- Thank you gentlemen. I trust you can tie a noose.
It's a hard thing. Forcing a man to twist
his own hangin rope.
You must lie in the bed the way you made it.
- What's happened to you?
- Where be Jack Sparrow?
He escaped.
I'm on a tight schedule Gibbs. The HMS
Providence sets sail at first light.
If you didn't care to watch it hanging here
dead, with a mouth full of flies...
Speak now.
- Take me with you. Any point of the compass.
- Take you where, Gibbs?
The Fountain ? Aye ? Is that where Jack
be headed ?
Have ya anything you can offer me, Gibbs?
Anything at all ?
Upon my naked word, you'll not see the dawn.
Hand it over.
You fool !
I had just enough time
to study those infernal circles,
Every route. Every destination. All
safe. In here.
Welcome back to his majesties Navy
Master Gibbs.
- Show a leg, sailor!
- Aye, sir!
- There's been a horrible mistake.
- Keep moving.
- I'm not supposed to be here.
- Many a mans woken up at sea...
...no idea what, when, wherefore or why.
No memory of the night before.
Once he signed up and drank away all
his bonus money.
No, no, no. You don't understand, mate. I'm
Captain Jack Sparrow. The original. The only.
I'm Scrum and the pleasure's all mine. Now
keep moving.
- Why is there a glass coffin ?
- Do I look like a man in charge ?
- Where am I?
- Excuse me, Captain Sparrow sir.
I'll be right honored to welcome you aboard a well
renowned vessel of infamy. Queen Anne's Revenge.
He's a curious one.
- He's been zombified.
- Eh?
Zombified. Blackbeards doing. All
the officers are the same.
Makes em more compliant.
And perpetually ill tempered.
- Come on, scrub.
- Yes.
Pull ! Pull!
- Five days underway, at least.
- Aye. You can tell that by the smell of the sea ?
Smell of the crew !
Oy. What does that poor sop do ? How
can I make sure to not ?
Him? Churchly fellow. Always goin on
about the lord almighty.
- Bible thumper on this ship?
- A missionaries his story.
What I heard was he got captured in a
raid. Rest of the ship got killed. But not him.
First mate wouldn't let it happen, on account
of his premier standing with the lord.
First mate, stickin her neck out,
for some prisoner.
- That, you don't see.
- Her ?
- First mate is a her ?
- Back to work !
Steady as she goes.
You are a ruthless, soulless, cross-grained
- I told you I had a ship.
- No, Blackbeard has a ship.
Upon which I am now imprisoned.
We can do this, Jack. The Fountain of Youth...
Like you always wanted.
Blackbeard. Edward Teach. The
pirate all pirates fear.
Resurrector of the dead in his spare time.
- He will listen to me.
- He listens to no one.
Maybe to his own daughter.
His daughter as in, begat by ?
Long lost, recently found...
...who loves her dear papa with all
her soul.
- He bought that ?
- I sold that !
Then this is the fountain of youth for him.
Or, I mean you.
- Not you and me.
- No, Jack, that's the best part.
- He will be dead.
- Ahh. You'll be handling that part yourself then ?
There is a prophecy. Maybe you don't
believe in the supernatural.
Oh no, no, no. I've seen a thing or two.
The prophecy is this: Blackbeard will meet
his death...
...within a fortnight. At the hands of
a one legged man.
That's why he needs the Fountain, Jack.
Ah, Master Gibbs, storer of the map. Perhaps
you'd be so kind as to provide us a heading.
- Dear Jim, pour me a gobbler.
- Hey. We be privateers, not pirates Master Gibbs.
- And in the kings name, we behave as such.
- Aye, Captain.
- Be we on the proper course, Gibbs?
- Aye, it be proper.
There's your proof.
A Spaniard.
All hands, battle stations.
Turn windward.
Move the cannons!
Gunners take balls.
Await orders.
Ready !
Guns armed, awaiting orders sir.
Sir, orders ? Sir ?
Never so much as turned his head.
The fountain is the prize.
It appears we be not even worth the time
it would take to sink us.
And now we've fallen behind. All hands
make more sail.
All hands more sail !
- Weigh hard me wind. We need a tide.
The topic gentlemen, is mutiny.
Mutiny most foul.
Aye. I signed up to sail under Jack Sparrow.
Not some pretender.
And a lady at that.
- A mention was failed to be made to this uncanny crew.
- Made my toes curl, it do.
- I got em. All of them.
- Well done !
On to it then. Blackbeard. What are his habits ?
- Stays most in his cabin.
- That's right. My lady crews cabin.
- Yes, but when he comes out.
- Don't really come out.
- Must come out some time !
- Not really, no. Ain't seen him. Never.
- Any of you sailed with him before ?
- No, never.
- Any of you seen him before ?
- Not really, no.
Stays in his cabin. No ones sailed with
him, seen him.
Good news, gentlemen!
This is not Blackbeard's ship.
- This is not the Queen Anne's Revenge.
- This be the Queen Anne's Revenge right enough.
- How do you know?
- I seen the name, on the back of the ship.
Gentlemen, sailors, fellow conscriptees.
You have been monstrously deceived.
- We are decepted then !
- Yes.
You've nay been informed of the destination.
Death lies before us, as we sail...for
the Fountain of Youth.
- Might be a sorry fate, mates.
- For certain.
Unless. We take the ship.
We take the ship then. Now !
Go on then.
If this is a dream, you can keep the
sword and boots on.
- If it's not...
- It's a dream !
No it's not.
I thought I should give you fair warning.
We're taking the ship.
- (yelling in Spanish ?)
- Nothing personal !
Stay out of it.
You're either with us or against us!
I'm not with you. Neither am I against you!
- Can he do that ?
- He's religious. I believe it's required.
Fight to the bitter end you cack-headed jackeye ??
Take him men and tie him down tight.
The ship is ours!
I be placed in a bewilderment.
There I were...resting...
And upon a sudden, I hear an ungodly row on deck.
Sailors abandon their posts without
orders and without leave.
Men before the mast. Taking the ship
for themselves.
Would be that mutiny, mate?
Mutiny, Captain!
- Again ?
- Mutiny !
Aye, mutiny.
And what fate befalls mutineers ?
Now we know the answer to that, do we not.
Hang !
Captain, I wish to report a mutiny.
- I can name fingers and point names.
- No need, Mr. Sparrow.
They are sheep, you their shepherd.
Have I mentioned sir, what a lovely
daughter you have.
A pitying last sight for a doomed soul.
Forgive me father. We need him.
If I don't kill a man every now and then,
they forget who I am.
- Coward !
- Hmm ?
They do not forget. Your crew sees you for
the miscreant you are.
A coward, no matter how many you slay.
Twice in one day, I find myself in
a bewilderment.
You are not bewildered. You are afraid.
You do not walk the path of righteousness
the way of the light.
No, sir, the truth is it be much simpler
than all that. I'm a bad man.
That too.
- I might have to kill you too, catechist
- No!
- All Latin blood, like her mother.
- Father, I beg you!
Ah, there I be again. Forgetting why
the missionary is here.
My daughter, fears for my soul, or what's
left of it.
You truly wish to save me, my child ?
Every soul can be saved.
- Is that true, young clergy ?
- Yes.
Though you I see as a bit of a long shot.
Still I pray for every unfortunate soul
on this hell-bound vessel.
You disarm me with your faith.
Eight bells. Which of you unfortunate
souls stood watch ?
- I did. I stood watch.
- Hmm Hmm. Gunner ?
- You?
- Aye.
Aye. The cook. Perfect.
Row the long boat.
Bring her about.
- Why do you do this?
- Mutiny. Our laws be clear.
Our laws allow the captain to show leniency.
I've given this man a chance to
determine his fate.
A gift not afforded to all.
A chance to show the worth of your prayers.
Pray he be delivered from...evil ?
Port speed.
Give that man a chance! Give yourself
a chance!
You know when I feel closest to our maker ?
When I see suffering, pain and anguish.
That's when the true desire of his will is revealed.
And I see it revealed when in times of hardship
and tragedy...
...kindness and compassion are shown
to those in need.
Perhaps you should pray for him to be
unharmed, yeah ?
- Please,there's still hope.
- Again !
I actually have no interest in the fountain
whatsoever, so...
...if your heart is set, you may drop
me off anywhere you like.
That'll be all, quarter master.
Your words surround you like fog. Make
you hard to see.
And what of you, the mighty Blackbeard ?
Beheaded, they say.
Still your body swam three times
around your ship and climbed back on board.
And here you are, running scared.
- Scared ?
- To the fountain.
The quarter master sees things before
they happen.
He has foreseen my death. And so the
fates have spoken.
The threads of destiny, woven.
You have a ridiculously high regard for fate.
- Fate. And you?
- Me?
I'm skeptical of predicting any future
which includes me.
It'd be foolish to battle fate. But I'd be
tempted to cheat it.
I will reach the fountain. You will lead me.
That knife will serve you no better
than the mutiny you devised.
Mutiny served me well. It gained me an
audience with you.
To warn you.
Regarding your first mate. Who pretends
to be persons she is not.
Do tell.
She is not your daughter.
Yes, she has my flesh and blood
Sir. The woman is consummate in the art
of deception.
I know, as I mostly unwittingly, set
her on her wicked path.
Though I cannot claim credit for her
existing abundance of natural talent.
Angelica. My beloved daughter. The one
true good thing I've done in this life.
And you claim to be the one who corrupted her?
Sir. What she is, is pure evil.
More to be feared than a wild beast. Hungry
wild beast, with gnashing teeth.
Vengeful hungry from Hell beast...
- Father !
- Sweetness !
No need to hurt him father. He will help us.
Won't you, Jack?
You see, even now she tends to your welfare.
Giving lie to the claims you make of her.
You will lead us to the fountain ! Yes ?
Put another way. If I, do not make it
to the fountain in time...
Neither will you.
I'll have a wee look see at those charts
right away. Shall I ?
Captain, sir. I am unhappy to report
rumors, sir among the crew...
...as to our destination.
Shut your trap and make way.
- That's the way of it then ?
- No disrespect, sir.
What do the men fear ? Say it ! Speak
the words !
- Whitecap Bay.
- Aye, Whitecap Bay.
And every worthless seaman fears the
name. And rightly so.
Though few know why or dare to ask.
Be the stories true ?
Say what robs you of your staunch heart, Gibbs,
or forever leave it to wilder fears of fantasy.
- Mermaids, Captain.
- Aye, mermaids.
Sea ghouls. Devil fish. Dreadful in hunger
for flesh of man.
Mermaid waters. That we'll pass.
Cling to your soul Gibbs, if mermaids
be given to take the rest.
To the bone.
Steady ! Steady men ! Find your courage.
- Or be ready to purpose your fear.
- Save yourselves !
- Man overboard !
- Nay, a deserter!
- Come about !
- Nay !
Gentlemen, I shall not ask any more of any
man than what that man can deliver.
But I do ask this. Are we not kings men ?
- Aye.
- On the kings mission ?
I did not notice any fear in the eyes of
the Spanish as they passed us by.
- Are we not kings men ?
- Aye !
Hands aloft and bear away. Stay on ahead
to Whitecap Bay.
- Come, little drink.
- Wine, music, candle light...
I think we've traveled down this road
before, Jack.
Yes, we have.
I remember it well.
Winding, twisting, turning, gyrating,
writhing...incessant writhing.
You recall Saint Dominic ?
La Martinique. I tried to kill you
in St. Dominique.
Hardly appropriate for a first mate.
Was I the first ? I've often wondered.
You can be so charming when you want
something, Jack.
The trick is finding out what.
Truth, then, at least.
Blackbeard has served his purpose, you
and I can go to the fountain together.
Where we shall bath one another in equal shares
of fame and other assorted debaucheries.
And I tell you the ritual of the fountain.
Yes, the profane ritual.
Can I trust you, Jack?
I need you on this side.
Ah my dearest Angelica.
You and I are as thick as thieves as love.
Tell me the rules.
Water from the fountain of youth...
The simmering tear of a mermaid.
- The silver chalices of Ponce de Leon.
- Uh huh.
- With these items...
- Yes ?
With these items, you may take all
the years of life from another.
- Eh ?
- You know what this means?
We cannot go alone, you and I.
The ritual requires a victim.
- That is unfortunate.
- That's love.
I find my desire for the Fountain greatly
But there is something on board you do want.
What about Blackbeard ?
He's in the chart room. We have to be quick.
He keeps each ship as a prize.
You help me, and I promise you
your pick.
Though I think I know the one you will chose.
The Black Pearl in a bottle ?
Why is the Black Pearl in a bottle?
That's even more annoying in miniature.
- Do we have a deal, Jack?
- Angelica, I know you.
You are not going to steal the life of some innocent man.
What about the one taking one.
I need years, Jack. Not for me.
For my father.
I am, truly the daughter of Blackbeard.
- You've fallen for you own con.
- No, he is my father.
The lies I told you were not lies.
- You lied to me by telling me the truth?
- Yes.
That's very good. May I use that ?
- I'm sure you will anyway.
- Of course I will.
So will you not give up this quest ?
I want a father, Jack.
I haven't had one.
Your father, Blackbeard...
He is evil and he will kill you. Given
the chance.
He cannot be saved.
And who are you to set the limits on
redemption ?
You stole years of my life, Jack. You owe me.
And you are en-route to getting yourself
And I am not inclined to stand by and watch.
Whitecap Bay!
All hands on deck. Take to the long boat.
Lay em out flat. No tangles.
Make em look pretty for out dainty guest.
We're gonna need light. A lot of light.
Come !
Smell that ? Whale oil. Stuff burns like
a miracle from god.
Can you make it work?
It's made by the English. Let's not
get our hopes up.
?? moon in the ?? of the new one. The
rest of the summer.
Perfect for hunting a mermaids tears.
- We're doomed. They be drawn to man made light.
Worse than sharks, boy.
There'll be mermaids upon us within the
hour. You mark my words.
And we're the bait.
I heard it said that the kiss from a
mermaid can save a sailor from drowning.
Don't be a fool.
Mermaids are all female son, and lovely
as the dream of heaven.
But when it comes time to churn butter,
so to speak...
They snatch a sailor out of a boat, or
off the deck of a ship. Have their way.
Then the sailors are pulled to bottom.
And drowned. Aint it ?
Sometimes, the other way around.
- Sing.
- What ?
They like to 'ear singing.
(continues singing louder)
(all join in singing)
(singing faintly)
Lord save me.
No look...look there.
- You'll scare her off!
- Aye, and good riddance!
Can you talk ?
You're beautiful.
- Are you the one who sings?
- Aye.
Are you my jolly sailor bold ?
Aye, that I'll be.
Scrum. Comport yourself.
Boys. There ain't much been given to me in
my brief, miserable life. There's a truth in it.
But by god. I'll have it said that Scrum had
himself a kiss from a proper mermaid !
(Tamara singing)
Out upon it. It has begun!
- Light em up.
- Master your courage.
Drive em to shore !
Netting to the water!
Quickly !
Retreat all to land. For you lives.
Retreat, I say!
Cowards ! Back in the water !
There'll be no refuge on land. Upon my word.
Come on!
We got one!
I'm in love!
Take the wounded. See if you can
find one mermaid still alive.
Come give a hand.
Well done, sailor.
Did everyone see that ? Cause I will not
be doing it again.
Back to the ship. We head for protected
cove. Now.
- Ooh. Is that...
- Mermaid.
- Give up this madness now.
- I cannot.
Ever walk on the beach, look back and
see your footsteps in the sand ?
It's like that, except the footsteps
lie before me.
- A footstep, actually.
- Whitecap Bay sir?
We must hasten.
We travel by foot. Gibbs, I require
a heading.
- But, sir, the men.
- They be dead already.
- But the sound, dammit.
- Is that so ?
But I hear nothing but seagulls nesting.
What is it that you hear, Mr. Groves?
Seagulls...nesting. Nothing more.
Heading, Gibbs?
My God.
Your head, or me heading. I'll have me one
or t'other. I don't care which.
All hands fore-ward !
- It's up to you now, Sparrow.
- Was that really necessary ?
Best you not know the exact whereabouts of
my ship. I be a cautious man.
So be I.
What I want first.
Is Ponce De Leon's ship.
- Why is it we've got to bring her along ?
- Because tears don't keep. We need them fresh.
What was the ritual, again ?
Water from the fountain and a mermaids tear ?
And two silver chalices. One cup
with a tear, one without.
So one with a tear and water in both.
Quite complicated, is it not?
Both get water. One gets a tear.
The person who drinks the water with the
tear gets all the years of life from the other.
How many years ?
All the years that they have lived.
And they could have lived.
If fate had been kinder.
Clergyman. On the off chance that this
is not their will for me...
I would like it noted, here and now, that I am
fully prepared to believe in whatever I must.
So that I may be welcomed into that place
where all the goodie goodies get to go.
- Savvy ?
- We have a word for that, Jack.
- You can convert.
- I was thinking more of an as needed basis.
- Quarter master.
- Aye.
She cannot breathe.
- She has water.
- She needs air !
- Open this.
- She will escape.
- You're killing her.
- I support the missionaries position.
Onward !
Just as I thought. Not this way.
- This is the way, isn't it ?
- Of course it is. But we should go around to the east.
That would take us out of the path of
the chalices.
- Well then we'll chuckle back.
- There's no time.
- You're the one insisted on bringing the bloody mermaid.
- Well the mutiny didn't help.
- You walk like a girl.
- You would know.
Someone must go.
- You mean, split up ?
- You mean, jump?
This I cannot wait to see.
Sparrow will go.
- Find the ship. Retrieve the chalices.
- Sparrow? What makes you think he will come back ?
Yes, what makes you think he will come back ?
We cannot trust him, father. I'll go.
She'll go.
How much farther to the fountain ? I'm
running out of time.
About a days march north, following that
river, we'll get to a series of pools.
Then you're close.
You will go.
I was sure it would come to this.
You know that feeling you get sometimes
when you're standing in a high place?
Sudden urge to jump?
I don't have it.
- I need those chalices.
- Shoot.
Save me the bother of the fall.
You will go. You will return. Or I will
kill her.
- You won't kill your own daughter.
- Quarter master.
Get me six more pistols and remove
the shot from all but two.
But do not tell me which two.
You get to choose, Mr. Sparrow.
That one... that one... No...
- You're sure?
- Of course I am.
Please. They're not even loaded.
If you're so keen on killing her, why
don't you just let her jump ?
If you jump and die, then she will have
her chance.
Oy...If I jump...will I survive?
The doll ! Thank you.
(chanting incantation in foreign tongue)
(Jack screaming )
Yes, now you will survive.
This is nonsense ! I'm going !
Wet. Wet again.
We go on. Due north. To the fountain.
Well played, father.
You knew which guns were loaded, right ?
Of course, my love.
Be nice to have a map about now. Or
a ship.
Stop. Hold very still.
You dare not let it touch your skin.
What? What be wrong with an old man havin a hobby.
What are you stopping for, eh ? Push on !
- Push on.
- You'll sleep when you're dead. Push on !
Fortune continues to favor us.
The Santiago.
Famously captained by Ponce de Len.
Oh. There's no one there.
Right then.
We must not stop.
You will walk.
I cannot.
Walk or die.
- Put your arms around me.
- I do not ask for help.
But you need it.
We're in a hurry, yes ?
Do not fall behind.
Wait here until I say.
Such beauty...
Surely you're one of God's own creations.
And not a descendant of those dark creatures
who found no refuge on the ark.
Such beauty.
And yet deadly.
- Deadly ? No.
- You attacked me.
No. You are different.
- Different ?
- Are you not ?
You protect.
You pushed me down out of the way.
- You see the Fountain?
- No, but we are close.
- Bring the creature. Cover its head.
- She has a name!
Pray tell.
She's Syrena.
Ponce de Len.
If 40 pirates dreamt 40 nights of treasure.
It would not match the contents of this room.
- No. You!
- I was here first.
You, why are you here?
Blackbeard sent me. Why are you ?
Silver chalices for my royal liege.
Oh please.
Back, back. We have to balance it out.
The whole ship will slide.
Right then.
What if...we each choose an item of
approximately equal weight.
Put it back!
We touch, nothing.
- What about that?
- The chalices ?
- Oy. Why do you get to look first !
- Fine then.
- Together.
- Together.
- The Spanish.
- They're ahead of us, mate.
I shall have a look at that map. If
it's what I fear.
I wonder why they left this behind ?
- (whispers) don't touch the map!
- Oh !
They know the path. But I can also see
where they'll most likely make camp.
- Jack!
- Ssh !
I was just on me way to break you
out of jail.
You stole my map.
- Right. Let's be started.
- Ole.
Careful, these pools run deep.
If she escapes, all is lost.
Quarter master.
Staked out to die. Dry in the sun.
Only half in the water. Not
enough to live...
...but just enough to make the dying slow.
Think on it. Your people murdered.
Harvested for their tears.
Syrena. Won't you cry ?
All die, even you. Soon I hear.
Listen! Can you not hear your sisters scream ?
Do you not hear them ? We need
but one tear.
- Vile creature.
- Chop off her fingers one by one!
- Choke her !
- Cut out her tears from behind the eyes !
Where's your voice in this ?
At least you'll have a change of heart,
when the sun rises.
Aye. She will burn. But I cannot wait
for the sun.
- Perhaps we should build a fire.
- No!
Do not contest me, cleric !
- You will not torture her !
- We need only one tear!
I will tear every scale from her body,
one by one if I see fit.
If that displeases you, go pray.
I was wrong. Not every soul can be
saved. Yours cannot.
Behold gentlemen. A man formerly of faith.
That vile creature, as you called her, is
worth a 100 of you.
Do you care for her ? You fancy her !
Do not deny what is clear to my eyes. The
question is...
Does she fancy you ?
My god, she does. We are in luck.
Bring forth a tear. Or witness the death
of this poor soul.
Syrena ! If you can manage a tear. I will
be grateful.
Sadness, yes. But no sorrow...yet !
- Not by your hand, father !
- Time and tide wait for none. Quarter master !
Oh my, mermaids are tough. The lot of them.
Tie her up like the others.
Get rid of this.
- You are confident ?
- Yes. I am a woman. So is she.
What's your play Jack ? Throwing in
with Barbossa !
There is a girl. A female...of
the opposite sex.
When is there not ?
Perhaps I should say, damsel.
You're rescuing a damsel ? Well there's a first !
Yes, but it's just that I may have caused said
damsel, some manner of harm many moons ago.
Out with it.
Gibbs, this is the woman from Seville.
Ah you pretended to love her, then you left
her and broke her heart.
I may have had... briefly mind you...
Stirrings ?
Stirrings !
- What then. Feelings you mean ?
- No, no, no. Not quite all the way, feelings, more like...
- Alright, feelings damn you.
- And you left her still.
Oh that's low.
Thank you.
Stealth over force. I'll take it from here
on account of your, condition.
You don't have termites, do you ?
I appreciate your concern, Jack, but I'll
be keeping you company all the same.
Hold here, lieutenant commander. Wait
for my signal.
There, that one. That be the leader.
Make note of his tent, because that's where...
The white picard. That must be them
right there.
Your sword, smells funny.
Aye. Poison. From the innards of
poisonous toads.
- Just a scratch, your a dead man, in minutes.
- Would you mind pointing it the other way.
I don't like toads.
- What're you doing?
- Planning an escape route.
Isn't that how ya do it ?
Or sometimes I just, improvise.
Now what ?
We stroll out slow and steady.
- I'm sorry, Syrena.
- Philip, you're alive!
- Yes.
- You came for me.
You're different, are you not?
You know not of kindness, compassion.
Tears of sorrow, never. Mermaids be too
tough for that.
Tears of joy... They say these be the
more potent anyway.
Syrena, on my word, I had no part in this!
Let her go. You don't need her now.
Let her go? No.
Secure her bonds. We leave her with
her own.
- How's that escape route workin ?
- Here's your chance to improvise.
I'm attempting it.
I might be able to get a hand loose. Oh
you've got a knife. That's very good.
I want one of those.
Here's to revenge. Sweet and clear.
- Revenge?
- Come come, Hector.
If you wanted the chalices, you'd seen they
were missing and gone.
You were lying in waiting. For Blackbeard.
King George, privateer, wig.
Cheap theatrical facade. Not buying it.
- You weren't there that night.
- When the Pearl was lost?
Taken, not lost.
We were off the coast of Hispaniola when
we came under attack.
No provocation, or warning or offer
of parlay.
We were peppered with cannon fire.
And then the sea beneath the Pearl began
to roil.
The Pearl was pitching and yawing violently.
Every plank everywhere, every spar
all at once, began to creak.
The riggin had come to life. Our own
ship turned against us.
Tangling the crew, wrapping around
em like snakes.
Wrapping around me leg.
But me arms were free and me sword was
to hand.
I am the master of my ship. Not Blackbeard.
I am the master of my fate, not Blackbeard.
So I take what needed done.
I survived.
So, you're not after the fountain.
I care not for King George.
Or tavern yarns that give hope for
heals limb.
But I'd give me left arm for a chance
at Blackbeard.
Not your right?
I need me good arm to drive my
poisoned blade through his heart.
I'll see you get the chance, mate.
The prisoner's escaping.
He's escaping ! Follow ! Find him !
Hold your fire.
I want him alive!
I take it that was the signal.
- Go ! Prepare to move out !
- The enemy is still upon us !
I'm sorry about the chalices, chap...
...but I have an appointment to keep. I'll
not be goin back.
No need. Shall we have a drink ?
We'll drink at the fountain.
How is it we can never meet without
you pointing something at me ?
- You brought the chalices, Sparrow?
- Aye.
- I see you brought a friend.
- I did.
And the one legged man. He is near ?
Now, before I go just handing them over,
I do have one or two conditions.
Name them.
Firstly, I'll be having me compass back.
No, no. That's secondly.
Firstly. On your word. You'll bring no
harm to Angelica.
I'll make no vow to the likes of you, Sparrow.
But it costs me nothing to admit
that she was never in harms way.
Secondly then, prior to firstly. I will
be having me compass back.
Please. I do deserve it. Do you have any idea
how difficult it was to catch that filthy pig?
Not the big one. The four legged one.
Thank you.
And thirdly, Mr. Beard.
There are times, not very often...
When I do reflect upon my heinous misdeeds.
Chief among them. I note how poorly I
have treated Mr Gibbs, my loyal first mate.
- Hey. Now you bring it up.
- Left him to rot in jail, I did.
Didn't care. Still Don't. But, point be.
You must let him go free.
- Is that it?
- I think so.
Quick, or the pig runs. And good luck
getting those chalices.
Jack, if it's all the same to you, I'd be
just as...
Done !
Release the swine.
Perhaps if you don't mind I could tag
along with you folk for a...
This will lead you to freedom, mate.
I could have swore it was somewhere right
round here.
We must not stop.
Aha. Dead end.
Dead. End.
Dead end !
Jack, I'm starting to think you don't
know where you're going.
It's not the destination so much as the
journey, they say.
Chalices if you please.
Stand back.
Hmm... Jack...
Have you ever in fact, seen
with your own eyes...
The Fountain of Youth ?
I'm sorry. Could you repeat the question?
Quarter master.
No, no!
Wait, wait !
...Da Vida.
- Master Scrum. Would you mind.
- Do I ?
So beautiful.
Sparrow, I'll be the first to taste
those waters.
The one legged man.
You brought him here!
Would I do that?
Edward Teach...
For crimes committed on the high seas. By
the authority granted me...
...by His Majesty the King. And with a
goodly amount of personal satisfaction...
I hereby place you in the custody of the court,
and declare you to be my prisoner.
My ?? out. Is that it ?
Such crimes to include, but are not
limited to piracy...
..treason, murder, torture..
...of the most heinous sort, including the brutal
theft of one used, twisted, hairy right leg.
You dare face this sword?
- This far away from your ship. Aye.
- Aye...
That be the cold breath of fate I feel
down my nape ?
But, I'll have one last fight.
By God, kill em all!
Hang on a minute.
I just... I just need to understand
Right... so...
You will fight against them. They will fight against
you. All on account of him, wanting to kill him ?
Where is the sense ?
I say, let them fight each other, while we
lay back, watch, have a drink...
Place some wagers, eh ?
Aye !
Kill em!
Get off me!
Scrum, the chalices!
And the tear. Follow!
Hand it over. The tear. That's a good lad.
I'm more afraid of her than I am of you.
Hand it over! There's that good luck ?
The chalices, if you please.
Sorry Jack. I told you. I need years.
And now years with you.
You will not take her!
You have taken her. Give...
Her back!
Give her back, please, please !
Hah! I expected fate to put up more of a fight, eh.
I will not have that smile on your face
as I strike you down.
Take a gander, Edward Teach.
This land is hereby forever claimed in the
glorious name of his majesty, King George...
Someone make a note, of that mans bravery.
Senorita, the chalices. Por Favor.
Only God can grant eternal life.
Not this pagan water.
Men, destroy this profane temple !
The fountain!
You are a fool.
You seek in this place what only faith
can provide.
In faith there is light enough to see the
darkness enough...
...to blind.
And devil is this ?
For the Pearl!
What have you done ?
Angelica, don't! It's poison!
I'm not such the fool to take on Blackbeard...
...without a little venomous advantage.
I claim Blackbeard's ship and crew.
And this sword, payment for my missin limb.
Do not waste my tear.
Drink this. This one has the tear.
You must drink the other.
I cannot save you both. One of you
must sacrifice.
You take it father, for your soul.
Captain Teach, she's dying. You must save
your daughter.
This one takes life ?
- This one has the tear and gives life ?
- Aye. Hurry !
Angelica... Save me, my child.
I love you, father.
Wait a minute.
In fact, it might have been the other
way around.
This cup had the tear. That one had
the... other bit.
Trickster ! Devil !
You bastard! How could you?
Your father saved you. Perhaps his soul
is now redeemed, eh.
You're hurt.
Body, only.
My mind is at peace.
- Cause of you.
- Me?
I was lost...
...the wind. The tides...
They truly knew mans fate.
For me, only you.
Philip, I can save you. You need only ask.
- I seek but one thing.
- What is that?
If not for me you would never have
been captured.
- Ask !
- Forgive me.
I hate you!
The bloke that saved your life.
The years I possess. Stolen from my own father.
I only helped Blackbeard do what any
father should have done.
You're cruel and ignorant.
One pistol. One shot.
To kill myself before I starve ?
Is there trust in you, love.
Besides, this is a well traveled trade
route. You can signal a passing ship.
Or you can just bite the proverbial
bullet as it were.
And how will I get free of these bonds ?
You broke free of your bonds half an hour ago.
Waiting for the precise moment to pounce.
Admit it Jack. You still love me.
If you had a sister and a dog, I'd
choose the dog.
Treasure! There is a chest with jewels. Jewels
with the power to rule the wind and tide.
- You're making that up!
- Wait.
I am with child. Yours !
- I don't recall that we ever had...
- You were drunk!
I've actually never been that drunk.
There's something I want to say to you.
Something I wanted to say, from the
moment we first met.
Go on then.
I love you.
As do I.
Always have, always will.
I gotta go.
This is not over!
(Angelica yelling)
The Revenge is mine.
I found this below deck.
All hands, ride to windward. Get back on
ya bloomin cockroaches
The crown served me well. But now by the
gods of sea and sky...
Make way for Tortuga!
Gibbs, you filthy besotted ??
you made it!
And I trust we managed a profit from our
joint enterprise.
Feast your eyes!
The compass led me straight and true.
What of Blackbeards men guarding the ship ?
I employed the self same maneuver we
perfected in New Guinea.
Seemed a shame to leave an entire fleet behind.
Shame indeed.
I hate that monkey!
So, the Pearl. Any idea how to get her out ?
We shall need a crossbow, an hourglass,
three goats...
...one of us must learn to play the trumpet.
Whilst the other one goes like this.
I know a man with a goat.
Good! I can go like this.
Jack, I have to ask...
You had the chalices, the water, the tear.
You could have lived... maybe forever !
The fountain does ?? your years.
But better to not know which moment
may be your last.
Every morsel of your entire being alive to the
infinite mystery of it all.
And who's to say I won't live forever, eh?
Discoverer of the Fountain of Youth.
I have no say in it, Gibbs. It's a pirates
life for me.
Savvy ?
Subbed by: joshmoe
Timings by: Ishlah