Pisasu (2014) Movie Script

Oh no!
What happened? -A guy
in a green car hit her.
Did you note the number?
It was far away. I couldn't see it.
-God! She's bleeding heavily.
Lift her! -Wait, sir.
I'll get my auto.
Madhu, be here. I'll be back, okay?
-I'll inform her family.
I'll give one tight slap. Can't
you see the stoplight's red?
Sorry, sir. Please forgive us.
It's an emergency!
Madam, it's an emergency! An
accident has happened. Please come.
Remove his hand. -Sir,
let go of her hand.
Is she your relative?
Please inform her parents. She is dead.
Push this inside.
Sir, come ahead
and turn right.
Sir, where is my daughter?
Where is she? -Sorry
sir, she's dead.
Oh no!
Oh no! Doctor,
please save my girl.
Please save my girl, sir.
I'll fall at your feet. -Sir!
Sir, please get up.
-Please save my girl.
God, please don't take
my girl away from me.
Please take my life if you want.
Bhavani, my dear!
Sir, get up! -Please don't
take my God from me.
Sir, I beg you.
Please save my child!
Please save my child!
She is a motherless girl.
She is my only child.
Bhavani, my dearest!
After a few days
Ready. Take.
Hey! After the score has ended,
what are you playing on your own?
Yugi, who is the music director here?
-Sorry, sir.
Hey, Siddharth!
"The path ahead is
not far-flung..."
"Neither is life, a
burden to cling"
"Lean and lend
thy shoulder..."
"God will beckon on thy feet"
"Dispel darkness with
thy enlightenment!"
"Share thy bowl of rice!"
"Share thy bowl of rice!"
"A pebble traverses in a
river, leaving not a trace"
"A stoic unloading dock is
never a burden to earth"
"Behind every wave, behold...
another ocean!"
"Let our tears be sweet!"
"Who has the spring of kindness
bosomed in the heart?"
"Mother - her elixir is milk"
"Who has the fountain of
compassion mellowed in the eyes?"
"God - his elixir is life"
"In the blessing of hands that receive;
In the music of hands that embrace..."
"Let smiles bloom everywhere!"
For a call sheet, you get 9000. You
couldn't do that. You're begging here!
Looks like I'll lose
my job because of you.
Why did you behave like
that in the studio?
Hey... Stop!
Will you just hit and run?
Sir, I didn't see.
-Leave him, man.
Leave me!
What 'sorry'? Will you
just hit and run?
What 'sorry'? 'Forgive
me', it seems!
If he dies, will your 'sorry'
bring his life back?
You guys must be shot in
the middle of the street!
Go there!
Go on!
What has happened to you?
Why behave so violently?
Just because someone fell on the street.
-Not just someone.
Do you even know
the girl who died?
Just because some guy knocked her down,
you're thrashing this biker guy!
That girl... -is dead!
She won't come back.
Go, drink a couple of beers!
Then, break those bottles
and forget that girl!
Our life here... What
is the meaning of it?
Why are you born?
Why are you going to college?
Why am I talking here?
There... that person who's coming...
what's the meaning of his music?
So... got a cigarette?
One minute!
Excuse me!
I listened to the
song you played.
Blissful. That's what we
were discussing about.
Can you give me a 100 change?
Isn't it wrong to drink?
No one seems to
answer my questions!
Hi, Magesh! -Say hello.
Magesh Mom, when will
the lift be alright?
They seem to be working every day.
Nothing seems to fix it.
I just came home.
Haven't had food still.
Can't decide what to have. I
should look into the fridge...
Didn't I put the opener here?
Hang up, mom! I'll call later.
Who is it?
Hey, Magesh!
What are you doing?
Not asleep still?
What are you looking at?
Hey, Magesh!
Someone is knocking
at the door.
Hey, Magesh!
-Where did you go?
Where did you go at this hour?
He came to your place, is it?
He knocked at my door, sir.
-He did?
Anyway, thanks.
-No problem, sir.
Can you take all of us
to the street upstairs?
Why? Don't you take
everyone usually?
Why have you stopped, child?
Why are you pulling
so fast, dear?
Give the bag! -Brother,
don't snatch my bag.
Don't snatch my bag!
Hey, how much is it worth?
-A bottle of whisky!
-It's okay. Leave it.
What's this? The guy
who left is back?
Give the bag to the child.
What? Heroism, is it?
Brother, hold this.
Hey, hold his legs!
Lift him up!
Hey, Thilotama! Come on!
Get lost! Have I tied you up?
Just go!
Aren't you doing all this, thinking
there's no one to oppose you?
Who is there to oppose me?
Who will come?
Hey, what are you looking at?
Get lost!
Why bother 'him'?
-bother 'him'?
Who is he? -I don't know.
Is 'he' that important to you?
Hey, Magesh! How long will you
be playing all by yourself?
Come. Let's go.
What, Siddharth? -Can
you give me an opener?
Opener? -Please!
When did you buy this house?
-Three years ago. Why?
Before you moved in, did
someone commit suicide here?
This is a new house. We
were the first residents.
If a person commits suicide with
unfulfilled wishes, they come back...
I asked you to come here
so that I will feel safe!
I'm scared, man!
I'm right next to you.
Don't be scared.
Have you seen the movie
'The Exorcist'? -Hmm.
The demon that comes upside down...
on the stairs...
Shut up and sleep. Else...
Don't push me, man!
I didn't push.
Didn't I tell you
not to push me?
Hey, where did I push you?
You didn't push me, is it?
-I didn't.
Come here, you guys!
Come on!
Who are you? What the heck
are you doing in the road?
Sir, we come from
decent families.
...in your underwear, eh?
Sir, there's a
ghost in my house.
Huh? -Yes.
Like the demon that comes upside down
on the stairs, in 'The Exorcist' movie?
What stories are you
reeling off here?
Sir, can you please
give your phone?
What is that for?
Need to call a friend and ask
him to bring some clothes.
Please trust us, sir.
What are you doing there?
304, call the Mental Hospital and
check if two guys are missing.
Sir, we both are violinists!
We play Ilaiyaraaja sir's music!
-Now, this too!
Please give your phone, sir.
Tell me the number.
Had your tea? Then, get going!
Wonder what's there in the paper!
Are you so excited to peep
into the neighbour's window?
Here, have this!
We can solve this. -How?
It will cost a bit.
Doesn't matter how much. I
need to get out of this.
How will you solve it?
'Shaman' Amala!
Hey, place 50,000
rupees on the table.
50,000? -Just give it, man!
In your native place, in
the well in the north...
a young girl has
taken residence.
She has been lying
there for 27 years.
There's a wound in her heart.
Because the pain wouldn't cease,
she has come in search of you!
That wound is because of evil
deeds done by one of your kin!
A four month old
baby in her womb!
Mother and child are lying curled up.
-What if we bring her out and bury?
Don't interrupt!
Make a cradle with
80 grams of gold.
If you bury that in a
deserted forest...
...and if you walk
without turning back...
...all the atrocities in
this house will cease.
When should we do this offering?
-We can do it tomorrow.
Rajesh! -Yes, ma'am!
Where's the money?
-In the bag!
It's not in the bag! -I
put it there myself.
Then, where has it gone?
I saw him keep the
money in the bag.
I put the money in the bag right here.
-Then, where is it?
Where is it? Didn't
I put it here?
Rajesh! -Yes, ma'am.
I asked for a car as dowry.
Did your folks give me one?
They did give you a car...
there in the wedding.
Want a slap? Your folks trying to
cheat me with that dump of a car?
My sister-in-law lives in
that street too, at No. 4.
Where were you?
I'll get going. -Thanks.
Magesh, what are you looking at there?
Come, let's go.
I came to Guindy at 5 in the morning.
Thank goodness, I had a spare key.
Have you got a maid recently?
The house is so neat!
Here! Magesh Mom gave me a tea.
Have some.
Why did you come, mom?
Asking me why! How many
times I called you?
Whenever I call,
you cut me off.
'I'll call later'... 'I'll
talk after ten days'!
What is it? What has
happened to you?
Where's dad? -Gone to
Mandapam for an audit.
Hey, watch out.
What is it?
What are you staring
at, in the dark?
Mom... -What?
Mom... -What is it?
You better leave.
-What are you saying?
There's a ghost in this house.
It's true. There's
a ghost here.
Pfft... What period
are you living in?
People are sending satellites to Mars
and you are yapping about ghosts!
If you get married soon,
everything will be alright!
Hey, where are you going?
-You stay right there.
Magesh dad, I need
a beer urgently.
What? A beer? From me?
I know you drink beer in the
terrace at midnight everyday!
Don't shout. -I
need a beer now!
How can I, at this hour?
Magesh Mom! -Okay... Okay...
I'll give it.
Where did you go?
What's this? A beer
bottle inside the house?
Hey! Where are
you dragging me?
Hey! Where are you taking me?
Do you drink? -Shh!
Talk softly.
When did you start drinking?
-I don't remember.
Know what will happen
if dad gets to kno...?
Hey! Have you
started drinking?
You know what will happen
if dad gets to know?
Mrs Janaki Soundarajan?
This is Dr Suresh calling
from Mandapam Coast Guard.
From Mandapam? -Yes, ma'am.
A small issue. Please
listen calmly.
Your husband, Mr Soundarajan
has met with a minor accident.
Accident? -Yes, ma'am.
There's a small hairline
crack in his left leg.
He's been admitted
to our hospital.
We asked him to go home.
But, he's not listening.
He doesn't want the family to know.
But he needs someone's assistance.
We have limited staff
in our hospital.
So, if someone comes
here, it will be good.
How do you know my number?
Well, when your husband
was unconscious...
...we checked his pocket and found
your number in a diary there.
Sorry to do that, ma'am.
Doctor... -Yes, ma'am.
Please hand the phone to my son
standing next to you. -Ma'am!
Hey scoundrel, Siddharth! Trying
to stage a play with your friend?
I lied that your dad
had gone for an audit.
He's sitting at home and
watching 20-20 cricket.
He asked me to cover up the fact
that he was simply watching cricket.
But, you seem to be
up to more tricks!
Why are you trying
to chase me away?
First, it was a ghost!
Now, it's dad's accident!
What fraud are you up to?
Are you living
together with a girl?
No, mom! Nothing of that sort.
What else, then? You come home. I'll
heat an iron rod and brand your bum!
Ma'am, no need for all that violence!
-Kick you!
You come home. I'll thrash you
with a broom and ghost-bust you!
Hey Siddharth, you buffalo!
What do you want?
I'm in the meat shop.
Chicken or Mutton?
Huh? Why don't you buy some
poison and make a curry?!
Problem unsolved.
Idea tank! -Why
couldn't you...?
I'm in such an issue and
you're playing the fool!
Something might happen to my mom.
That ghost might...
That girl might do
something to her.
There was a ferocious lion in the forest.
It used to eat all the animals.
You know what a rabbit did?
'King Lion! I'll send a new animal
daily for you to eat', it said.
What did the lion say then?
'Li'l rabbit! What
you say...' -Ma'am!
Are you Siddharth's mother?
It's nothing. Siddharth borrowed a
500 saying he didn't have change.
Is he at home? -Hold
this for a bit.
Thanks. -You're
welcome, ma'am.
The vegetable prices have
soared, right? -Indeed.
What sort of curry is this?
Have you made cow dung curry?
Why are you talking like this?
-Can a human eat this?
Can a human even touch this? -I've
only cooked what you asked me to!
Oh my God! He's drunk early in
the morning and torturing me!
Shut your mouth.
You will be in ruins!
You will be doomed!
Hey! Why are you
beating her like this?
Have no sense? Will you
beat a woman like this?
Hey! She's my wife.
I'll beat her. I'll kick her.
Who are you?
A woman! If you beat a woman,
I will stand up for her.
For that?
Mother, please leave.
This man is a beast.
Hey! Calling me a beast, eh?
So what? How can you
hit her like this?
I will hit her!
What can you do?
I'll call the police.
-Let me see you do it!
Siddharth Mom! Please
come upstairs.
Why don't you call the police?
Think I'm making an idle threat?
Just you wait!
Don't, please!
What are you...? -I'll
break your neck.
Hey! Can no one talk sense to you? -Shut
your mouth! It's all because of you!
Someone open the door!
-Someone please open the door!
Who locked it?
-Please open it!
Magesh! -Magesh,
are you there?
Kavi... Kavitha!
Magesh, open the door. Magesh!
Hey, Magesh!
Hey, I just slipped and fell!
Where? -In the bathroom.
Felt like someone pushed you?
What? -Think again, mom!
Who will come inside
the bathroom?
What is it? Where are
you dragging me?
What are you doing?
What is it? -Where did you fall?
How did you get hurt?
This soap here, right? I took this.
It slipped and fell.
I bent to pick it up.
I slipped on the soap and
hurt myself in the tub.
Promise on my life that
what you say is true.
If you want, believe me!
Else, just go!
Siddharth! Have some tea.
What has happened
to you, dear?
Why are you acting different, the
past few days? -Nothing, mom.
Are you in love with someone, dear?
-No, mom.
Then, whose footwear is that?
It belongs to a girl I know.
Shall I talk to that girl's family?
-She is dead.
But, after she died...
-After she died?
Leave it.
Is my being here
troubling you, dear?
I love you so much, mom.
Alright. Go, buy a ticket.
I'll catch the noon bus.
Choose a bus that has a
good reclining seat.
It's a 12 hour journey. My
back will ache terribly.
Beyond that, the stars...
Beyond that, the Milky Way.
Beyond that, a
lot of galaxies.
Beyond that, what?
Does God live there?
Is He relaxing in
a chair there?
Siddharth Mom!
Siddharth Mom!
Siddharth Mom!
The lift is working now, sir.
Siddharth's mom has fallen down.
Her head is badly hurt.
Do you know
Siddharth's number?
What happened?
Lift her!
Hey Siddharth! Where
are you going?
Hey, you wretch! Where are you hiding?
Come on outside!
What do you want? Why are
you killing me like this?
Have I ever wronged you? After
all that I did for you...
Why are you killing me?
Didn't you see with your own eyes?
How much I struggled to save you?
How much I struggled? After you
died, how bad I felt? But, you...
Look! Because I couldn't save
you, I still have your footwear.
But, you are killing
me and my family.
What did my mom do to you?
What harm did she do to you?
What do you want?
Why are you chasing me?
Leave me and get lost!
My mom... If something
happens to my mom...
If something happens to my
mom, I'll slit my throat.
I'll slit it and die.
I'll die... Come to you
and take my revenge!
Can't give a
patient's address!
Madam, please help. I'm
caught in a terrible problem.
If you give his address... -I'll
lose my job. Please understand.
Brother, greetings!
-What is it?
Uncle, Badri here.
I need to trace an
auto number urgently.
It's very urgent.
Uncle, it's a life
or death issue.
Uncle, it will be 2 o'clock before
we get to your RTO office. Please!
TN 02 AL 5589
What did you say? -First
time, he said 'Get lost'!
Brother, we're looking
for an auto driver.
Which one? Eight of us here.
That accident last week...
A girl died too.
Auto number 5589
Hey, it's our 'Greenie'
-Hey, be quiet!
We took the girl in that auto.
His name is... 'Greenie'!
-Shut up, guys.
Listen, his name is Adaikalam.
He'll be there in that tea shop.
Go, see there.
Why are you following me?
Brother, do you remember me?
Brother... That accident...
Didn't we take that girl...?
My headache started then!
The cops are asking me if it was this car
or that car and torturing me, no end.
Brother, do you know that
girl's address? -I don't.
What is this? -Take it and
tell us the address, brother.
Hey, get lost! Is an
auto driver so cheap?
Handing out money!
All I need is 500 a day. I'll earn that.
You get lost. Go!
Sorry. Forgive him, brother. He
didn't know what must be done.
Hey, what are you thinking?
Each one is handing out money.
You are handing out a 1000. That
girl's father is handing out 10,000!
Do I look like a beggar?
-Why did he give you money?
That is... a ghost must
have got into that man!
He wants to find the guy
who killed his girl.
He comes early in
the morning at 6.
'Which car? What color? What number?'
Like a cop, he questions and tortures me!
For the past two days, he
hasn't come and you are here!
Brother, please help us.
What? Money isn't working?
You are falling at my feet!
Please, brother. Give us his address.
-Please, brother.
It's an ice factory behind
Tirusulam railway station.
It's that man. Go. Get going.
-Thanks, brother.
Brother, where's the
ice factory owner?
Why did you come all this way?
To sight see?
What to do? That man's passed out.
They're building a grave for her.
They have buried that girl!
That's why, she's
at your home.
Had they burnt her, you
won't be in this mess.
What to do, now? -Take that
corpse out and burn it!
It's wrong! -What he's
doing is what's wrong.
Isn't it the rule, a corpse
must be buried in a cemetery?
It maybe a corpse to us.
But, it's a daughter to him.
Did you see that girl's face?
Did you see your mom's face,
lying there in the hospital?
Give her mannitol 100 ml.
-Okay, doctor.
Nothing to worry. She'll
be fine in two days.
When will she be discharged?
-In three days.
Who are you? -Siddharth's
friend, doctor.
We don't want so much crowd.
Send everyone but her son out.
Please, be outside.
Everything's ready.
-Only three days left!
That ghost will vacate
the house by tonight.
Siddharth, the priests have asked us
to keep the door open till morning.
I'll ask Magesh's dad to
sleep in the corridor.
Look at the sky deeply
for a few moments.
What is it, Plato?
Have you all had food?
-We have.
But, I haven't
had food, still.
Give me 500 rupees.
We're lying here, brain-fried.
Just go!
'One man's hunger...' -We'll
throw you from the roof. Run!
What's this, sir?
Hasn't sir told us? Failures
are quite common in life.
What are you going to do, sir?
What are you going to do with this?
-Going to steal.
Isn't it wrong to steal?
It's wrong only if you
steal from a locked house.
Oh no!
Hey! Who are you all?
Hey! What are you doing?
Leave us, man.
Let go. -Why didn't you burn it?
Why did you bury?
Who are you to ask that?
We live next-door. You'll do as you
please and we've to be quiet, is it?
Let go!
You wretch!
Call yourself a man?
Is it right to dig
open a grave?
It's my daughter!
Have you ever lost
one of your kin?
No. Don't do it.
It's my daughter's grave.
Hey! That's my God! -Shut up!
Kill me, man. Leave
her, please.
Listen to me, please.
You, old...!
Hey Siddharth!
Hey, she's killing me!
Your girl is killing me!
Who is she? Is she my kith and kin?
Why should she be at my place?
If she's angry, she must kill
the car guy, who hit her.
What did my mom do?
She hit my mom... If something
happens to my mom...
If your girl was alive,
I'd have killed her.
Come! Take your girl
out and burn her.
Burn her with petrol! Only
then she'll leave my house.
What? My daughter
is in your home?
Come with me. I'll show your girl!
You take her away. Come!
Where are you going?
I need to go. -Take
your daughter and go!
Hey, move aside.
Listen to me!
Hey! I need to go to my girl.
Step aside.
Your girl is here.
Take her away.
Hey, what do you
think you're doing?
You behaved lie a rowdy
and brought me here.
I'm being kind. Don't make me a beast.
-What will you do?
I was a good man!
When she was dying, as a good
person, I tried to save her.
But, she... -Hey! Isn't
my daughter dead?
Didn't you take her
to the hospital?
How much money do you want?
How much? Go on and ask.
Instead, you're going on
about ghosts and what-not!
Why are you saying such lies?
-When did I lie?
Wait and see. You'll
know what she's doing.
Don't talk ill of her!
It's the truth. She's hiding here.
Take her away!
Hey, Siddharth, it's your mom.
She's calling from the hospital.
Come! Ask my mom yourself.
Ask her what your girl did.
Mom, who pushed you in the bathroom?
Who tried to kill you?
I'll put it on speaker. Say it loudly.
Everyone needs to hear.
Tell me, mom. Didn't that ghost...
that devil... try to kill you?
It's not a devil. -Mom!
Didn't you say there was
something in the house?
I saw it, with my own eyes.
When I fell down
in the bathroom...
...it saved me.
What? Then, what about
falling the day before?
I didn't fall in
the bathroom then.
When the ruffian downstairs was
hitting his wife, I stood up for her.
He pushed me down.
I hurt my head.
But, I lied to you.
But, the next day, I really
fell in the bathroom.
There was no one to help.
But, something came
and lifted me.
It was then, I saw that ghost.
It's not a devil...
It's God.
A God, who came to save me.
Madam, give the mobile.
Doctor will be here soon.
Siddharth... -Please give it.
Oh no!
My mother!
My God!
Come here!
Look at your father, Bhavani!
Come to your father, dear!
My God!
Come, let's go home.
Our house is empty, dear.
Come, let's go to our factory.
Come, my dearest!
Father has back pain, dear.
Bhavani, you'll be of help to
father in the factory. Come!
Why are you here?
Why have you come
all this way?
No one here is related to us!
This boy seems to be
such a good person.
He took you to the hospital...
Even if I talk a bit louder,
you'd say, 'Talk softly, dad'.
Why are you a burden to
others here, my dear?
Come with me, my child.
Come, my dear, let's go home!
We shouldn't be a
burden to others.
My dear!
Bhavani, where are you going?
Where are you going,
leaving father, dear?
Bhavani, come, my child!
Come, let's go home.
My dear!
My dearest!
Don't you like your
father anymore?
I cannot live alone, my dear.
I don't have anyone
else, my child.
No one else.
Come with me now, dear.
Hold father's hand
and we'll go.
You can be a God at
our home, my God!
Father has become an orphan now...
An orphan!
Should I see my child's
hands like this?
Those baby hands!
I don't mind at all.
With poison...
...or with a hang rope, I can
end my life and come with you.
But, I have a job, incomplete.
I'm alive just for that.
The guy who brought you to this state...
Just show me who he is.
I'll stab him with this
knife and kill him.
My dear!
Bhavani, my dearest!
Where did you go, my dear?
Had your tea? Then, get going.
The chair may wear out!
Thank you.
For you? -I'm not hungry, sir.
What do you do, son?
-I'm a violinist, sir.
As in a light music troupe? -No, sir.
For music composers.
I play for Ilaiyaraaja sir.
Please forgive me, sir.
I behaved very violently.
It's okay. -No, sir.
I totally misunderstood
your daughter.
Without knowing
what happened...
I misunderstood...
Please forgive me, sir.
Had your daughter survived...
I would have begged
you for her hand.
I understand now... why
my girl is in your house.
How many times I asked
her to get married!
'If I ever find a guy I love, I'll
get married', she kept saying.
...my daughter will
leave your place.
This evening... I'll
cremate my daughter.
Sir, don't!
All these days, I tried to drive
your girl away... I couldn't.
Now, if you cremate
her, she'll leave.
But I know. We both
won't be at peace.
Give me three days.
I'll find the guy who
killed your child.
Listen to me, sir. We both
will get him punished.
No, son. -Then, we'll
do her final rites.
Please wait for
three days, sir.
Sir, give me that knife.
Son! -Listen to me.
Give it, sir.
Please, sir. Give
me that knife.
What do you want? -Please
don't file a case, sir.
For what he did, you should
be jailed too. Get lost!
Who is Yogeshwaran here?
-Me, sir.
Is Bava Chelladurai your uncle?
-Yes, sir.
How are you connected to this case?
-The girl who died is his relative.
Her father is
refusing to eat, sir.
Is that man crazy?
His child's dead. A sorrow, indeed!
For that?
He keeps grilling us with 'Who hit her?',
'Have you arrested the guy?' and on and on.
Just because he's an elderly person,
I'm being lenient. If not...
How is that man related to you?
-His uncle, sir.
Sir, if we know
who killed her...
If you know, what will you do?
Punish him...
Punish him? Then, what are we here for?
To pick our teeth?
If we know who the killer
is, we will be at peace.
Every day, ten accidents happen.
They will just hit and keep going.
It's us who should be careful!
No way to find the
person who ran her down.
He is a thieving scoundrel. He has
stolen the car and left in a hurry.
The girl came in his way.
He hit her!
Out of fear, he left
the car and absconded!
Where did he leave the car, sir?
-Behind Pilot theatre.
Who is the car owner, sir?
The car had come for sales to a
mechanic in Habibullah Road.
The mechanic had parked it outside.
This guy took off with it.
The thing that was lost has been found.
Case closed!
Trying to take me for a ride?
Where is the coil?
Where did you sell it?
-I swear I didn't steal.
Run away. If you don't come back
with the coil, I'll bury you!
You'll come searching for a job. If I
give you a job, you'll finish mine!
Don't let me catch you
here, son of a gun!
What is it, sir? -We came
looking for a secondhand car.
Secondhand? Everyone wants a new car
and you're asking for a used one?
Not in budget. -What
car do you want?
Something like an Accord?
No Accord! But, there is an Ikon.
98 model. Single owner.
What's the rate? -3 lakhs.
Seems too much. -You
tell me the rate!
Something around 2. -Just 2?
There's a Maruti Omni.
Want to see that?
How much is that? Your budget...
Just 2.
A secondhand Maruti is 2 lakhs? -Sir,
the car is in top-notch condition.
Less mileage on it too...
-How much is this?
Hey! Close that!
That's not for sale. Why
are you touching it?
How much is that one? Tell me, bro!
-I said it's not for sale!
Then, why is it standing here? -It's
down with fever. It's taking rest!
You don't seem like guys who want a car.
Get going.
Hello? -Get lost!
What has happened now?
-A dance has!
Hey! What are you
still doing here?
If I see you another time...
Don't put so many meat pieces, brother!
-Let them eat, brother.
We need to buy that green car.
Our owner won't give it, sir.
It's a 'problem' car.
-A 'problem' car?
Did it kill someone?
-No, it's another issue.
What issue?
Our owner's relative
borrowed the car.
That very evening,
police were here.
From that day, he's been
yelling at everyone.
What's the name of that relative?
Where does he live?
They hosted a feast at their
place sometime back...
What's that theatre that plays
'dubbed' movies? -Pilot.
He lives behind that place.
Brother is inside, man.
Call brother, man.
Brother, brother is calling!
Hey, you killed
that girl, right?
Who are you? Take
the knife away!
Tell me, rascal. Didn't you
run her over on 12th morning?
I didn't kill anyone, sir.
Swear on my child, I didn't!
Didn't you take the car
from the mechanic shed?
Tell me! Tell me the truth!
Sir, don't tell anyone.
If my wife gets to know,
she'll kill herself.
Wasn't it a green car?
-Yes, sir.
Didn't you speed on
Teynampet 2nd avenue? -Yes.
Didn't you hit the girl there?
-I promise I didn't hit anyone.
If you lie, your throat...
-Slit it, sir.
Listen to me fully and
then slit it, sir.
What you saw now,
is the truth.
Hey, what are you saying?
What's the truth?
The woman lying
there is my wife.
But the baby is not ours.
My wife had a child
after 13 years.
But, it was born dead.
I didn't know what to do.
All I know is stealing.
I went to Egmore hospital, to a
ward where twins had been born...
...and I took one of them.
What I say is the truth.
Please don't take
away our child.
My wife will die! Please,
I fall at your feet!
I promise that I did not kill anyone.
Please believe...
Hey, Sarasu! -What
is it, brother?
That day we brought the
baby from the hospital...
Where did I come?
I don't know.
Hey, he is our friend.
She is my cousin, sir.
-I'll get going.
Hey, wait a minute.
When we turned in Teynampet,
did you see any accident?
A girl? -Yes. Did you see?
The one who fell down
from a scooter? -Yes.
Saw the accident? -I did.
What did you see?
Got any clue? -I did.
What are we going to do next?
One moment. Where's
my cell phone?
It's inside.
Hey Siddharth, open the door!
Siddharth! -Wait, man!
Where is Adaikalam?
-Over there.
Brother, what colour is this?
Brother, tell me!
What colour is this?
Please tell me, brother.
My auto!
My auto!
Brother, please! Tell
me what colour this is.
My auto!
Oh no! My auto!
What is happening here? -Tell
me what colour this is.
It's green.
Then... what color
is this, brother?
Isn't this one, green too?
Hey, son! Hey!
I have found the guy who
killed your daughter.
Who? Who is he?
I'm that sinner, sir!
I'm the one who killed your child. I'm
the murderer you're searching for.
Kill me, sir. Please kill me.
That can't be true!
You're pure, son! You're pure!
You wouldn't have killed her.
No, sir! It was I
who killed her.
That morning...
Mom calling
What happened? -A guy
in a green car hit her.
I'll give one tight slap. Can't
you see the stoplight's red?
Sorry, sir. Please forgive us.
It's an emergency!
I was the one who killed your child...
your life!
Kill me, sir.
Kill me without mercy, sir.
How will I kill you?
How can I kill you?
When the girl you have
killed loves you so much...
...how can I kill you?
Hey God!
Couldn't you have brought
these children together?
Why did you separate these children?
You wretch!
Why did you separate them?
Why did you separate
these children?
In this world that doesn't
forgive even a small mistake...
...why did your daughter forgive
me, knowing I killed her?
Sir, I can never be at peace.
Where? Where are you taking me?
-Butcher me and bury me with her.
Bury me in that temple, sir.
Here, have your knife.
Bhavani, my child! I
should have cremated you.
Son, Bhavani is not here.
My child is not lying
under the soil here.
I did not bury her here.
It was my trick to pull the
wool over my relatives' eyes.
Till I avenged my daughter's death, I
didn't have the heart to bury her.
Come, son! Come
and see my God!
Come and see your Bhavani!
Come, son.
Come and see Bhavani.
Come and see my God!
Look at our Bhavani!
Son, what are you doing?
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, what are you
trying to do?
Climb up!
Oh God! Please
save this child.
The Devil