Pitbull (2021) Movie Script

My father didn't want me.
Neither did my mother.
That's why he took me in.
I make bombs for criminal groups.
Those 47 bomb attacks - it's me.
I kidnapped 109 people.
And I make top-notch amphetamine.
I like you ma'am.
I want to get to know you better.
Maybe now... tell me about yourself.
Sure... but...
Why don't you tell me
more about those...
I used to live by a railroad track.
It's where trains carrying weapons
used to pass during the war.
A lot of shells and bombs
still lie buried in the ground.
It is a miracle I didn't get
to blow myself up
when I opened that.
I detonated my first bomb outside
a church at the age of seven.
The priest used to allow kids
to set off firecrackers at Christmas.
So I made one of my own.
I remember what I said then.
- Awesome.
- This is how you ride in style.
Don't get overexcited, kid,
or you'll get a crooked orgasm.
- Mama, I'm hungry.
- Go and steal something. Sponger.
My father left my mother
when she was pregnant.
She hated men. Including myself.
My mother ran a brothel in our apartment.
I stayed up at night, because hookers
were copulating with their clients
- in my bed.
- Mama, I'm sleepy.
Don't be with fire, or your ass
will burn. It's my money,
so it's none of your fucking business.
I should've choked you in my cunt.
- Can you get out? I need to piss.
- Just a moment.
I started reading
the "Little Electronic" magazine
and developing new detonation methods.
Hurry up.
Time is money.
The house will be closed for a week.
You're robbing me!
- I don't want to see you again!
- After that incident,
she kicked me out of the house.
Hey, you!
In the following years,
I would steal, sleep in stairwells...
- Get out of here!
- ... and hide in sheds.
And I made bombs.
At the age of fourteen, I got smarter
and decided to start my first business.
- This cunt is stealing from us.
- Fuck her.
- how much does my mother pay you?
- Why?
I have an offer.
30 percent.
We'll go fifty-fifty.
And you'll work for me.
That's how I stole all the whores
from my mother
and set up my own brothel next door.
Have ya ever gotten laid before?
Then, how are you gonna be our pimp,
if you don't know the business?
Let's solve the problem then.
Stand up.
Let him fuck each of us,
so that he can compare.
That's what my sexual initiation
looked like.
When my mother found out
I'd stolen her hookers, she flipped out.
If I'd known I'd be such a scum,
I would've had my cunt scraped.
Then I heard a voice in my head saying,
"kill her."
On that day, the Devil triggered
a chemical reaction in my head.
It awoke another self in me of whose
existence I had not known before.
For fourteen years I had no idea...
It was living in me.
And I understood,
I was capable of anything.
I ran a brothel for another 18 years.
I spent the money it earned me
on TNT, dynamite, and Semtex.
I experimented
with all possible explosives
and learnt their properties.
Over time, blowing up wrecks
at construction sites was no longer
enough for me. I dreamt
of blowing up people.
That is when the Devil came up
with a solution.
- Is this your whorehouse?
- Yeah.
Time to pay.
- Pay for what, and to who?
- To Pershing, for protection.
In those days every thug in Poland
had known the nickname "Pershing".
The very sound of it
made them pee their pants.
Tell your boss I'm not interested.
Good day.
- What the fuck did you just say bitch?
- I decided to be unconventional.
Get us fucking glasses. Go!
They kept me in the couch
for three days straight.
In the meantime, they drank,
got high, raped the girls,
and robbed every client that came in.
What's that?
Shopping list.
Seven meters of chains,
a drill, anchors?
A minibus, newspapers...
A sledge hammer, black stockings,
plastic foil, chloroform...
A warehouse,
or a house with seven rooms...
What's it gonna be?
A minibus for kidnapping people.
I knew the Pruszkw gang
frequented Kaskada in Brwinw.
I hid in the shadows waiting
for the gangsters from my brothel.
I got to know the habits
of all seven of them,
and where each of them lived.
Then I started to hunt them down
and snatch them one by one.
What the fuck?
I'd kidnapped all seven
of them by Thursday.
Now all I had to do was wait.
For what?
Pershing's gonna pay us a visit.
Pruszkw couldn't imagine
that a single man had managed
to kidnap seven thugs.
They thought they had trespassed
on the turf of some
criminal organization.
Pershing himself came to the meeting.
They showed their strength and expected
an equally strong competition to arrive.
Where are your men?
There is no men.
I can see that.
I'm asking where is your crew.
There is no crew.
What's he talking about?
Who are you with?
Who kidnapped my boys, then?
I did.
You did seven of them all by yourself?
It was just a demonstration.
Of what?
My potential.
What are you selling?
My service.
'Cause I want to work with you.
If you use TNT, the blast won't go
into the wall, but outside.
If you want it inwards, you use C4.
I can match any kind of explosives.
And create bombs
depending on your needs.
I can construct an explosive as thin as
a piece of paper and send it in a letter.
I can blow up a man
with his dog's collar.
I can make wooden bombs
that metal detectors won't find.
Fancy that.
Pershing did business
with the Russian mob.
Make a list of explosives
and equipment you need.
He decided to use it in our plans.
- Fedor and enia are with Alpha.
- What's "Alpha"?
Special Forces. They smuggle
heroin and weed from Russia,
and buy amphetamine from us.
They can provide you
with anything you need.
- How many can you deliver?
- As many as you need.
We have unlimited access
to the explosive materials
of the Russian Army.
That's how I started blowing up people.
Since Pershing had a lot of enemies,
I got to blow up more and more of them.
And I had fun while doing it.
There they are.
Oh... wow...
The other guy Maniek...
I actually liked him.
Seems like the whole floor
got fucked up.
It's possible.
There were some hilarious moments, too.
It's no joking matter.
You activate the explosive with your cell.
Turn on the phone after you put
the bomb underneath the car.
But Kazek turned on
the cell phone too soon.
The phone was new, so the carrier
sent him a welcome text message
and Kazek got torn into pieces.
We should proceed with our ideas.
Why blow up competition?
If we can blow up gas stations.
- Why would we do that?
- For extortion.
I'll plant a bomb at Shell.
When they get scared,
we'll tell them to pay monthly,
or we'll blow up more stations.
- Who's this?
- Off with the Mafia!
Kaczyski. A prosecutor.
He organized a demonstration
to let people know
he's going to hose us down.
I'll blow him up
as a part of a demonstration.
Waste of materials.
What can he do?
I put aluminum foil in my mouth,
because it works like a voice modulator.
There is a bomb at Shell
on Ostrobramska Street.
You have to pay million dollars.
If you try to tamper with the bomb,
it will go off.
But they didn't listen.
The police sent
their pyrotechnicians in.
They didn't know they were dealing
with a guy they could learn from.
After the pyrotechnician's death,
my path
crossed with that of another man
for the rest of my life.
Good evening, boss.
Father Marek Klimaszewski,
a police chaplain.
They may blow each other up.
But he was one of us.
Find out who did it.
Only Pershing and a couple of his
closest associates knew about me.
One of them was a gangster
whom I had kidnapped,
when he tried to extort
protection money from my brothel.
In the criminal environment
he was known as "Masa".
How are you, Masa?
All good, Jacu.
Fuck snitches,
fuck traitors, to hell with them.
And fuck sympathizers,
let them all die.
Who planted the bomb at Shell?
Well, I can ask around,
and try to find out who put it there.
I don't care who put it there.
I wanna know who made it.
There's one guy behind all
the explosions in Poland.
And no one knew that at that time
he was already snitching to the cops.
I saw you putting stuff out on a shelf.
You were so precise about it,
as if it was a work of art.
Can I help you?
I thought...
we could pull our lives together.
We have something in common.
My job requires perfection.
Why won't you say anything?
People think that when they don't speak,
they are silent.
But it's not true.
Why don't you ask me out for a coffee?
Here I am.
Should I pick a coffee place?
I have never felt for any woman
what I feel for you.
I want to get married
and have kids with you.
For a good start,
why don't we introduce ourselves first?
That's your last name?
What's your name, then?
Andrzej Paucki?
Metropolitan Police.
You're under arrest.
You interrupted my date.
It wouldn't work out anyway.
You're going to jail.
- For what?
- You made 41 bombs,
which went off
at different locations in Poland.
I've made more.
I'm interested in only one.
The one that killed the cop.
They had to wipe him off the street.
Why are you telling me that?
Because now I'm gonna wipe you off.
You have no evidence.
- I know.
- So what now?
I'll fuck you over for something else.
What's up?
I feel damn shitty. I fell asleep
on my stomach, totally wasted,
and my foot was twisted.
I cracked the joint in my toe,
and I can't walk. I rubbed
some crap into it, but it didn't help.
I need a piece that was used
in the crime.
Grenade, grenade...
Police! Police!
Get down!
Leave us.
You think you're more clever.
Than the guy that's gonna shit
in his prison suit for someone else's gun?
Yeah, I think I am.
I'll prove you're wrong.
I'm not sure you'll have time for that.
Because of that gun, we'll charge you
for a robbery on currency exchange point.
And when you get released,
I'll find something else to bust you.
It's not gonna end like this.
Then how?
You put a gun in my hands,
but the blood will be on yours.
Gentlemen, come here.
Happy fucking.
Will you wait for me?
Why are you crying?
They took you way too soon...
You said...
We're gonna get married,
have a family,
you said you wanted
to have a kids with me.
Nothing has changed.
Can we talk a little bit longer?
You have to decide...
Decide what?
You wanna talk,
or have a baby.
I do appreciate the immense effort
the prison management
has put into my rehabilitation.
And I know that one day
I will re-enter society.
Family is a foundation that will give
me strength to stay out of jail,
so I am asking you to grant me
a two-week leave,
to see
my newborn baby.
We're going. Come on.
My sweet baby... go to daddy.
Go to daddy.
Don't you cry.
Daddy loves you, Arturek.
Here, here.
- I'll be right back.
- Let me take him.
I don't wanna leave him.
These old pricks from Pruszkw
have united against me.
They're fucking mad,
'cause I stole their golden goose.
- What goose?
- Masa.
They pumped dough out of him.
Now he pays me. 50%.
On all his businesses in exchange
for protection against those farts.
You gotta handle Pruszkw
when you're out.
I can't even blink,
'cause I'm watched.
- When are you going back to jail?
- In two days.
Do you need anything?
A silencer.
What for?
To kill a man.
- A long night's ahead, gentlemen.
- Take the boss's wife
and give her some Valium.
- We don't know anything.
- Nobody saw anything.
Andrzej Paucki is calling from Biaoka
penitentiary. Put him through?
Do you know
why a prison phone can't be tapped?
Yeah, I do.
Even if you record our conversation,
it can't be used as evidence.
I see you're getting bored.
But some of us are still working.
Enjoy your time.
You know I was out for two days?
Listen, next time give me a call.
I will take care of you for 48 hours.
Remember when I said you'll
have blood on your hands?
Yeah, it gives me nightmares.
I want you to be aware of that.
Aware of what?
That you killed Papaa.
You will never find out
who shot the sheriff.
But I want you to know,
you are the reason why I was
at 1 7 Rzymowskiego Street
yesterday at 10 p.m.
Are you a priest by profession?
By vocation.
Can you keep a secret?
As a priest?
For the price of life.
I know who killed Papaa.
But I can't prove it.
If you were me,
would you define justice,
or wait for it to be done?
Justice is hardly ever...
done in this life.
But there is a third option.
What is it?
Have no share in evil,
divert it instead.
Let the wicked...
sink in darkness
they have colluded with.
- What is it you wanted to talk in person?
- I want to bust them all.
Wanna get rid of those old pricks?
Bro, of course I do.
I love ya, man.
Spread the news I want to meet
with the Pruszkw bosses.
But, for your own good...
don't tell Pershing about it.
You can't kill Pershing.
They are watching him.
Come on, officer.
We'd never do such a horrible thing.
I can give you one day
when he's not watched.
We've set Pershing up with a chick
that'll go to Hotel Kasprowy with him.
- It'll happen there.
- Spare me the details.
We need to let Pershing
off the hook for one day.
December 5th.
I'll return the skis, and you pack us
for the road, honey.
I'll surely pack you
before we hit the road, Myszka.
- He's walking to the car.
- He's walking to his ride.
- Let her eat the sim card.
- Disconnect and eat the sim card.
He's by his car. Get moving.
Let's fuck him up.
See? I told you. Something's wrong,
would you take a look?
Okay, show me. I'll try my best.
What now?
- What happened?
- Someone collapsed.
- Call an ambulance.
- Who has a phone?
Call the police.
He got shot. Call the police.
Move back.
Call the ambulance.
- Tell me what happened.
- I saw him lying here.
Right here. I was with my friend,
we heard gunshots.
We didn't see who did it.
I didn't see anything else.
- We'll go look for reception.
- Thank you.
Jacu, what now? Help me.
I have an offer...
Become a crown witness.
Become who?
We made a new institution in Poland.
You can have a new life
in return for your testimony.
Does it mean I can't be a thug anymore?
But I fucking love that shit too much.
You can be next.
You know I'm the golden goose.
Maybe they won't whack me off.
In revenge for Pershing
I'm gonna kill the old pricks,
their women and children.
- And then, I'll take over the country.
- How will you whack them?
I'm off to a hotel that has CCTV cameras.
You should come with me.
- Why?
- To have proof
we haven't killed anyone.
Pershing's gone.
I'm taking over his business.
From now on, I'm buying
heroin and weed from you.
- I need you to do me a favor.
- What kind of favor?
Kill twenty one people.
I would do it myself,
but they are watching me.
Get a crew from Russia
that will do the job,
and will cross the border
on the same day.
I need help, Remek.
- You need something defused?
- No.
I want you to make a bomb
and plant it on a thug.
Why are you honking?!
Stop fucking honking!
Got a problem, old fart?!
- Something's hanging
underneath your car. - What?
Run for fuck's sake!
I'm sorry, Jarek.
this is Masa.
He decided to become
the first crown witness in Poland.
He'll testify against Pruszkw family.
Police! On the ground!
On the ground!
For 48 hours?
For a long time, Andrzej...
- Police! On the ground!
- Show me your hands!
On the ground!
Police! On the ground!
Hands behind your head!
Pruszkw is done.
Do you want us to pop
their wives and kids?
In this case,
it doesn't make much sense.
I have seen the wicked exultant,
towering like a cedar of Lebanon.
When next I passed he was gone,
I searched for him
and he was nowhere to be found.
Observe the innocent,
consider the honest,
For the future
belongs to the man of peace.
the wicked will all
be destroyed together,
The offspring of the godless
shall be
Come on son, let's check out
some Matchbox cars.
- We need to find a money-changer.
- Money-what?
Buy me one, daddy.
I can't afford it, Jarek.
Foreign currency. Sell, buy.
I'll take all of them.
And this jacket.
I love you.
Want it?
145 horsepower, 1.2 turbo.
Can you lease her for me?
I haven't seen you since last year.
I have to pay off my loans.
Why do you need a new car?
- Whatever.
- Let's sit down and talk.
I have classes.
I want that jacket. How can I buy one?
You set up an account, buy Euros,
apply for a multi-currency card
and buy the shit.
Are you going to practical classes?
Gentlemen. Remember?
The SSWiN alarm system consists
of an emergency exchange, expanders,
a manipulator, sensors, indicators
and notification systems,
GSM modules, the Ethernet, and dialers.
I can't afford a drink in a bar,
I've had enough of this shitty life.
Same here.
All I can afford is a city card.
It's not gonna change until we graduate.
- I'm gonna start robbing houses.
- Dude...
Maybe we're gonna have our own mob.
How about that?
We're only computer geeks,
not gangsters.
House alarms are installed
by rich people.
- Yep.
- We know how to disarm them.
We just need to buy some certified locks
so we can work them out.
We pick only expensive villas.
We'll get to know the owners' daily
routines, and wait until they leave.
Most important: We can't hurt anyone.
By the use of a terminal we list
the devices connected to the network
and the port that communicates with them.
We scan the ports and overwrite
the firmware with a newer version
so that we can access the micro-system.
Connect to the system. Replace the live
camera feed to the cloud,
- with a loop recorded a minute earlier.
- Done.
Turn off the alarm.
Got it.
Okay, let's go.
- Look only for expensive stuff.
- Sure.
- I've got diamonds.
- Watches.
- Nothing.
- Same here.
I've got a PlayStation.
Who wants to play?
Are you shitting me? Focus
on finding the diamonds' certificates.
Without them,
we'll get some pocket change.
And they'll know they've been stolen.
- Let's get out of here.
- Locks.
Arm the alarm and restore
live feed in 5 minutes.
We have legit merchandise with papers.
We'll put them up for sale
at different jewelers'.
Each item goes to a different town.
My mom passed away.
I want to get rid of it.
Color C, a certificate from Antwerp,
they never lie about the parameters.
- What's the price?
- I still need to evaluate the gems,
but I believe one hundred thousand
will be a decent price.
- My grandpa loved this watch.
- Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
will go for
one hundred twenty thousand.
A Rolex in Coca Cola colors
is hard to get in Poland.
It sells for over 200. I could cut you
a quick deal of 150.
- What?
- 150,000 zlotys.
Now we reach the most critical point.
Success will get into our heads
the money will wash our brains out,
we will act cocky, start showing off,
and party hard.
Someone will eventually snitch on us,
and we will be fucked.
We won't lose our heads
because of the money.
We're gonna do a few more houses,
we will be set up
for the rest of our lives.
In that case, they'll never get to us.
'Cause we're fucking polytechnic students
and we have nothing to do
with the criminal underworld.
We'll buy clothes
so that we don't have to jerk off,
but could finally mingle
with some hot chicks.
So don't get freaky, bro.
One set per head.
- Sandra.
- Lucyna.
- So, what's your story?
- We're computer geeks.
- If you want, I can tell a joke.
- Shoot away.
What bra size does
a programmer's girlfriend have?
I love that song. Let's dance.
- I'm not a good dancer.
- I'll teach you.
First we're gonna swing a little bit.
Follow my rhythm...
Look at me.
Feel the heat.
Let's go to my place.
All right. Okay.
Nice place.
Have you designed it?
Less talking, more fucking.
I get it!
Wait, shouldn't I use a condom?
I'm gonna take your cock out
before you come.
- What the fuck was that?
- My bad...
Don't apologize.
I'm gonna put it up again.
a villa owner reported being robbed
of 700 thousand.
His insurance company
doesn't want to pay,
because there are no signs
of forced entry.
They believe the owner has robbed
himself to extort insurance money.
Why are you telling me that?
Because an owner of a villa in Mokotw
filed an identical report
at the same time.
He claims he's been
robbed of half a million.
No signs of forced entry.
The watches, jewelry,
certificates - all gone.
Who knows
the alarm passcode and has the keys?
- No one, except us.
- Do you have a housemaid?
My wife's a perfectionist.
She cleans the house herself.
Have you recently been notified
of an activated house alarm?
- When was the robbery?
- I've no idea.
My wife wanted to wear her ring.
She realized it was gone.
She started looking and discovered
all our valuables had disappeared.
Set me up
with our best house robber in Warsaw.
One that's loyal to us.
Could you rob a house like this?
- Do you know anyone who could?
- It's no one
from the thieves underworld.
Let's get out of here.
A golden shot.
It's filled with guns.
We don't know who lives here.
Guys! Let's go!
- Someone's here!
- The owner. Let's skat!
Leave it!
Okay, we're good.
- That's what 99% of the people would do.
- What'd 1% do?
Go to the police.
Report a stolen ID.
Let's think outside the box.
The police don't find
any stolen stuff on you.
They have no phone
logs to prove you're guilty.
We have to behave as usual.
We must hide the loot.
No more heists.
Keep your mouth shut.
And we'll hire lawyers
that will get us out of jail if needed.
Hello, I'd like to report a stolen ID.
- Police. Marcin Bobruk?
- Yes.
- You're under arrest.
- What is this about?
You'll find out at the station.
Tell me about that break-in.
- Police. Mr. Piotr Winiewski?
- Yes.
You're under arrest. Come with us.
Jarosaw Goc? Police.
You're being detained for questioning.
- I need my lawyer.
- You'll call him from the station.
Where is my jacket?
My men will go with you
to collect the stolen items.
You'll pay a penalty
of 10 million zlotys.
You have one month.
I will kill another one of you,
and the penalty will
increase by 100%, every month.
If you hide,
I will kill your families.
Get up.
We've gotta get that dough.
To make 10 million,
we'll have to do one house per day.
So what are we waiting for?
- Let's go in.
- Wait.
Let's see what time she'll get back.
And come back tomorrow.
- We'll do the job then.
- Wait!
Guys, get down!
He's alive.
- Call an ambulance.
- Now?!
Take Winia and activate the alarm.
They'll find him.
Activate it!
No more unexpected visitors. We'll
get in when the residents are inside.
You almost killed a man.
I haven't signed up for that.
I don't give a fuck
what you've signed up for.
You got us in this shit.
We'll buy sleeping gas and oxygen masks.
Winia's out until he gets better.
We're gonna hit
another house tonight.
Four construction workers
were carrying the fifth.
- How old did they look?
- I don't know... I saw their backs.
They looked young.
- Did they turn on the alarm?
- Reeds in the windows?
And motion sensors in the garden.
We'll wait for an hour and then go in.
- Give me the cord.
- What for?
Who fucking knows
when they'll wake up.
Let's turn them over.
Shut up.
I'll take the tape off.
And you're gonna be quiet.
Kamil, help!
Shut your fucking mouth!
- Get me a knife.
- Are you nuts?!
I said, get me a fucking knife!
I'm gonna take my hand off and if you
scream again, I will fuck you up.
What's the code?
- I don't know...
- The code, I said...
- I guess it's the same as the alarms...
- Which is?
Are you fucking with me?
Do you want me to cut your tits off?!
I really don't know.
It's Kamil's safe...
Leave him alone!
I said fuck off!
Please, no...
See what's happening?
Code to the safe, or she's history.
Bingo... Pack it up.
- What other valuables do you have?
- I don't know... - Don't lie to me!
- M29...
- What?
- Fangor's painting.
- Where?
- On the wall in the living room.
- How much is it worth?
Over one million.
What a piece of crap...
- No one will buy it if it's cut.
- I won't run around with the frame.
If you damage it, it'll be worthless.
You know what? Get the fuck out.
I have enough of your bullshit.
- Help us out. It's heavy.
- Okay, wait.
- We've got to finish her.
- No.
- She's a witness.
- It was an accident.
- But now it'll be a murder.
- Out of my way.
You gotta kill me first.
Sobol, people have woken up...
Let it go man, we gotta go, now.
We'll get 25 years...
Shut the fuck up.
Keep it slow.
We can't communicate with her.
She has to be taken to a mental hospital.
A couple of more heists like this
and we'll be even.
Wanna say something?
That's what I thought.
Tomorrow, 8 p.m.
Help me, please.
He told us to pay him 10 million.
And 100% penal interests
for each month of delay.
I didn't know what to do.
He sliced Bobruk.
We just wanted
to collect the money.
We entered the house
while the residents were inside.
A man was killed...
What am I supposed to do now?
How many years
will I get for it?
Are you gonna say something?
Dad, please...
Hello. What will you have?
- A bottle.
- Of anything specific?
Very well...
Fucking hell.
I am Yahweh
your God,
who brought you out of Egypt,
where you lived as slaves.
You shall have no other gods
to rival me.
You shall not make yourself
a carved image,
or any likeness of anything
in heaven above
or on earth beneath,
or in the waters under the earth.
You shall not bow down to them,
nor serve them.
For I, Yahweh
your God
am a jealous God,
and I punish a parent's fault
in the children, the grandchildren,
and the great-grandchildren among those
who hate me;
but I
act with faithful love
towards thousands
of those who love me,
and keep
my commandments.
I have to put my own child in jail.
I came here to tell you.
What stops you?
Your reading.
The Book of Exodus.
What's that?
God leads Israelites out
of the Pharaoh's slavery.
I believe it's the Word for you.
What does God want from me?
He won't make a decision for you.
You have a free will.
He showed you your choices.
Between what?
You may be a cop
that arrests a criminal.
Or a father that saves his child.
Gabriel, I don't want
to leave any trace in the system.
Can you check the owner
of the house at 190C Naczowska Street?
Maybe he has some
tickets, or something.
Come on man.
You've gotta see this. Come on.
We've ran out of paper.
Will you tell me who that is?
Yahweh said to Moses,
'Think of the wonders I have given you
power to perform,
once you are back in Egypt!
You are to perform them before Pharaoh,
but I myself shall make him obstinate,
and he will not let the people go.
You will then say to Pharaoh,
"This is what Yahweh says:
Israel is my first-born son
I told you:
Let my son go and worship Me;
but since you refuse to let him go,
well then! I shall put
your first-born son to death."
I'm gonna get you out of this.
I promise.
You'll get a new life.
Now, go to that man and tell him
you're my son.
Please wait.
- What?
- I am Jacek Goc's son.
I thought
since you know my father, you may
look differently, at what happened.
How dare you come to my house
empty-handed? Give me my money back.
We are... trying... but... the...
Then get your shit together
and try harder.
Now you owe me not 10,
but 20 million.
But Yahweh made Pharaoh stubborn and,
as Yahweh had foretold to Moses,
he did not listen to them.
Yahweh then said to Moses,
'Get up early in the morning
and confront Pharaoh.
Say to him, "Yahweh,
God of the Hebrews, says this:
Let my people go and worship me.
For this time I am going
to inflict all my plagues on you,
on your officials and on your subjects,
so that you will know
that there is no one like me
in the whole world."'
He doubled the penalty.
How is it good?
Did you hear what I said?
- I expected him to do so.
- So what now?
I'll send plagues upon him.
- Fuck... you went to the cops?!
- To my father.
- He'll snitch on us.
- He'll help us.
- He'll help you.
- Don't do anything stupid.
- He'll take care of that.
- Take a chill pill.
There is job to be done.
We're doing as planned.
Do you have lemon balm tea
to calm me down?
Weed is the best shit to calm you down.
What are you afraid of?
I don't want to tell you.
- Let's go.
- Let them fall asleep.
I have to do two
more houses this night.
- Get him!
- Fuck!
- Mirek!
- Go back to the bedroom!
- Leave!
- Help!
- C'mon.
- Upstairs.
Get the door!
- Close the door!
- Go!
Sobol, leave him alone!
Leave him alone, Sobol!
Let's get the fuck out of here!
- Get inside.
- Fuck.
Fucking drive.
He's gone.
- I'm taking them in.
- You promised to help me.
I am.
- I'm saving their lives.
- You promised.
If you're gonna bust them,
then you will have to bust me too.
Rafa... in my office in an hour.
Get here Micha and Gabriel.
I need your help.
Off the record.
- We're all ears.
- April 19th.
A pack of thugs kidnapped
a group of students.
We need to access
the CCTV recordings
and get the pictures of those men
and try to identify them.
Here are the mugshots of those men.
- They drove toward Nadarzyn.
- Their hideout's there.
The CCTV footage ends here.
That's all I have.
- What about those cars?
- What you think? Fake plates.
They're no ghosts.
Let's use our contacts.
Send out the pictures
to our colleagues
from other departments and prisons.
They'll recognize one of them at least.
And I have come down
to rescue them
from the clutches of the Egyptians,
and bring them up out of that country,
to a country rich and broad,
to a country flowing with milk and honey,
to the home of the Canaanites,
the Hittites, the Amorites,
the Perizzites, the Hivites
and the Jebusites.
We identified three of the thugs.
Ryszard Mazurkiewicz,
25 years for abduction and assassination.
Jakub Lach, 8 years for extortion.
Marcin Fabisiak, 5 years
for dealing cocaine.
A tight crew.
None of them has ever snitched,
or cooperated with us.
Rafa, turn the screws on them.
Watch them closely.
We need to find
the weakest link
so we can scare him.
Lach and Fabisiak have less
experience, but they have nothing to lose.
Mazurkiewicz is the toughest of them.
He spent 25 years in jail,
was in a prison gang.
After 12 years his wife stopped
visiting him, and filed for a divorce.
He made a pen pal, Kinga Wojdak.
He got her pregnant
during one of the visits.
During his time, he filed for
the annulment of his marriage.
They are attending a prenuptial course.
They're scheduled for May 15th.
They've bought a month-long
honeymoon in the Maldives.
I don't think he's ready
to give up on his new life,
and go to jail for another 25 years.
He's my choice.
Well then. The show must go on.
Micha, take him down,
but nobody can see you.
Police, freeze!
Show me your hands!
Hands behind your back.
Don't move.
Anchor. You're going back to prison
for another 25 years.
You know for what?
For being an accessory
to the murder of Marcin Bobruk.
We have arrested all of you.
Nose. Lach. Fabisiak
and everyone else that took part in it.
Wanna call your lawyer,
or Kinga,
to tell her the wedding
is canceled and she can find
a new dad for your daughter?
If you hurry,
they may still make it to the Maldives.
It'd be a shame to pass on such a trip.
Especially if it's already paid for.
Do you know what's going on
in the other rooms right now?
Your friends are listening
to the same crap,
and they're starting to think
whether to cooperate with us.
The deal is,
there can be
only one crown witness.
You have 10 seconds to decide.
Then I'll walk to another room
to get myself a different witness.
What do you wanna know
about the murder?
I know everything about it.
- What's that?
- An operational activities file.
If you want to be free, you have to expose
the other crimes of your group.
You have to be registered
as an informer.
I volunteer to cooperate
with the police
and relay to them
all the information
concerning the crimes I witness.
Your signature.
Legible, please.
- What about smuggling drugs to Poland?
- What's the number?
For the past 20 years, the group has
brought here over 100 tons from Russia.
Another five are next week.
- Of what?
- 3 tons heroin, 2 tons marijuana.
- Do you take it from the Russians
as a deposit? - We pay them.
- Cash?
- Bitcoins on the darknet.
- Where do you get money for bitcoins?
- We make amphetamine.
We sell it to Poles,
and the dealers pay us in bitcoins.
- How do you sell it?
- We send it to parcel lockers.
Have you already
sent out the amphetamine?
- No. We'll do it on Friday.
- I want the address of the warehouse,
parcel lockers
that you send the crank to,
day and time
when you're gonna do it,
and names of people
who are involved in it.
- Can I ask you something?
- It depends on the question.
Why do you need information on
the deals and the people,
if they all are sitting next door?
I lied to you.
We didn't arrest anybody.
I have recorded our conversation
and your consent to cooperate.
If you tell them about it,
I'll give them the recording,
and they'll kill you.
Now go home.
To be continued...
Someone will call you.
Aaron stretched out his hand, with his
staff, and struck the dust of the earth,
and there were mosquitoes
on man and beast; all the dust
of the earth turned into mosquitoes
throughout the whole of Egypt.
By their spells the magicians
tried to produce mosquitoes
in the same way but failed,
and there were mosquitoes
on man and beast.
So the magicians said to Pharaoh,
'This is the finger of God'.
But Pharaoh was obstinate and,
as Yahweh had foretold,
refused to listen to them.
You'll visit him again.
Do you have my money?
- Then why are you here?
- My father says he could destroy you.
But he wants you to surrender.
If you don't write off our debt, he'll
take all the money from your organization.
Tell your father
I'm not gonna back down.
On the ground!
Police! On the ground!
Spread your legs.
On your knees!
Hands behind your head!
We've confiscated 5 tons of amphetamine
with the value of 300 million zlotys.
- It's not enough.
- How come?!
We have to take over
the thugs' personal assets.
That also goes to their wives, children,
mothers, fathers, and cohabitants.
They must get completely cut off
from the money,
so they can't pay the Russians.
I want them to take the merchandise
on deposit.
It's a bit convoluted, but I trust
you know what you're doing.
- When can we install it?
- Install what?
The Warsaw PD
is replacing all our computers.
Our son has made
legal donations to us.
You have benefited
from the proceeds of crime.
- What are you going to take?
- Your house, your valuables,
your car, money in the bank.
But Marcin and I
have separate property.
Your husband was involved
in an organized crime ring.
- Yes? - We have a warrant
to secure your husband's assets.
How did he find out about
the amphetamine? Try to determine that.
The Metro Police have put out a tender
for recycling their old hard drives.
I could set up a fake company,
bid the best price, win the tender
- and retrieve the data.
- In Poland everything's possible.
If it's gonna be Queen of hearts:
we are meant to be.
And we'll spend the rest
of our lives together.
Queen of hearts.
- Hello?
- Come.
Tell your father to release my men,
and I'll write your debt off.
I'll file for an arrest warrant for them.
Take them to court at 2 p.m.
Release them, please.
- Is it really over?
- No.
Nose's heart is too tough.
I couldn't leave them alone.
- On the ground!
- What's happening? - Get down!
- On the ground!
- Get down!
On the ground!
Get down!
- Where have they taken them?
- I don't know.
You don't?
Nose disappeared.
We don't know the guys he hired.
He must've realized
one of his own snitched.
And he's looking for him.
I don't know where his hideout is.
I've won the tender
for recycling the police hard drives.
Paperwork for the reception
of hard drives for recycling.
He has to return 220 million
by Friday, 6 p.m.
In cash, or in drugs.
Tell your father.
Please call that number!
Renata? Give me the knife.
I know who sold us out.
The deal is going through as planned.
On Friday, Nose takes over
5 tons of marijuana
and heroin from the Russians.
- Names of the Russians.
- I only know two from Spetsnaz.
Fedor Asamancev
and Jewgienij Bakunin.
Answer it.
- Hello?
- Let's meet about Friday.
- Where?
- 4 p.m. Your place.
We'll secure your house.
He won't even get inside.
- Are you there?
- Yes.
Look out the window.
What's that?
It's not our drone.
Get away from the window.
Watch it!
We'll let the Russians enter Poland.
They'll lead us to Nose.
We'll bust the Russians with the drugs
before they get to him.
- You want the Border Guard to take
them down? - No, we'll do it ourselves.
I only want them to plant a tracker.
Let's get gas.
They're pulling into a gas station.
On the ground!
Hands! Hands!
Gimme your hand.
- Look at me.
- Turn around.
- What about the drugs?
- Hide them.
Place Nose's son and wife
under surveillance.
- Don't lose them.
- On it.
After what I'm about to do,
his family will have to hide.
- Go to Nose's house.
- What?
Please wait.
My father has arrested the Russians.
If Nose doesn't back down,
- he'll tell them that they were sold
by your organization. - Wait.
- We won't track him.
- How come?
They communicate through Wi-Fi,
and eliminate data exchange agents.
Their IP is untraceable. There's no way
to establish whom the guy's calling
- and where his interlocutor is.
- Tell him...
Take away our men and their families,
my son and my wife, to a safe place.
You've been sold
by Nose's organization.
Coffee? Pizza?
It'll take a while.
Renata! Get down!
For this time I am going
to inflict all my plagues on you,
on your officials and on your subjects,
so that you will know that there is
no one like me in the whole world.
Had I stretched out my hand
to strike you and your subjects
with pestilence, you'd have been
swept from the earth.
But I have let you survive
for this reason:
to display my power to you and to have
my name talked of throughout the world.
- You want me to stay with them?
- Get back. We'll negotiate.
You may go.
Micha... Watch him.
Release the hostages
and write the debt off, or...
my father will send
the Russians after you.
I'm gonna release women and children.
Those who robbed me - no.
It's quite good.
I could let you out any moment.
How come
you have so much power?
No one knows you've
been detained but me.
- What about the drugs?
- Hidden.
Will you give them back?
- I can't inform you about my decision.
- Why would you let us go?
I'm diverting...
the vector of evil.
Send a fully kitted-up team to Poland.
Let two cars from Russia
to Poland without inspection.
License plates:
AA 2107 92
and C 21 7 HA 75.
That night, I shall go through Egypt
and strike down
all the first-born in Egypt,
man and beast alike,
and shall execute justice
on all the gods of Egypt,
I, Yahweh!
The blood will be a sign for you
on the houses where you are,
and when I see the blood,
I will pass over you.
and you will escape
the destructive plague
when I strike Egypt.
Go to him for the last time.
Release everyone
and let the debt off.
Or your men, their families,
your wife and son will die.
Don't come here again.
If you do, I'll kill you.
Here, copy that.
- What's this address?
- He's hidden them there.
What time is the destroyer
supposed to come?
- At midnight.
- Which rooms?
The doors of the innocent will
be marked. Do not enter there.
Give Micha the list of the rooms
of regular hotel guests.
Encode the room cards.
Take me out of here.
Watch the Russians
until they leave Poland.
- Will you give us our drugs back now?
- Go back to Russia.
- What are we doing with Nose?
- There are no evil people.
Man is good.
He just succumbs to evil.
When Nose's heart breaks,
he'll back down.
But only for a moment.
They killed them.
My son and wife too?
Everybody's dead.
You shall have no other gods
to rival me.
You shall not misuse the name
of Yahweh your God,
for Yahweh will not leave
unpunished anyone
who misuses his name.
Remember the Sabbath day
and keep it holy.
For six days you shall labour
and do all your work.
Honor your father and your mother,
so that you may live long in the land
that Yahweh your God is giving you.
You shall not kill.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not steal.
You shall not give false
evidence against your neighbor.
You shall not set your heart
on your neighbor's house.
You shall not set your heart
on your neighbor's spouse,
or servant, man or woman,
or ox, or donkey,
or any of your neighbor's
Let them go.
Let them all go.
You heard me.
Uncuff them.
Let them go.
Walk that way.
There's a town over the river.
When the darkness swallows him again,
he will want to destroy.
Destroy what?
Let's kill them.
Give me your phone!
We gotta call for help!
They let us out!
- Where are you?
- I don't know. Track my phone.
Don't call the cops.
My father will pick you up.
Number 533726118, I'm 4 km away
from them. They're in Kampinos Forest.
Track them down.
We're running away from the kidnappers.
Piotr Sobolewski, Pilarski
Marcin, Klember Krzysiek...
And some women and kids.
Send us a whole fucking
army here, or we're dead.
A dozen, or so.
They're shooting at us.
We can't pick them up. They called 911
and displayed as wanted.
The police sent a CT unit, criminal
investigators and cops for them.
They're setting up a perimeter.
Find out where they're running.
We'll wait behind the manhunt.
They're gonna kill us!
Dad, I'm with them!
Don't look back.
Focus on running.
This is your son and the hostages,
those are the cell phones
of the kidnappers,
and these are the cell phones of the
police officers surrounding the area.
Hurry up!
Your son and the kidnappers
are running straight into the police.
- Dad!
- Don't waste your energies on talking.
Keep running.
Fake the location of the
hostages' and kidnappers' cells.
Send the police sideways
and make them break up.
Keep running.
Do not veer.
Show me the true location of my
son's and the kidnappers' phones.
Dad, Sobol's dead!
They're out.
Give the police the true
location of the kidnappers.
Hide the location of my
son's cell from the police.
You may stop running.
No one's chasing you anymore.
There's a river 0,5 km ahead of you.
Get across it. I'll be there.
That's my dad. Let's go.
- Where are the drugs?
- I burnt them.
- You really thought we'd leave Poland?
- Yes I did.
I gave you... a chance.
You have been granted a new life.
I will give you new rules
you will have to follow.
Stick to them,
and you will live happily ever after.
you decide to break them,
I'll respect your choice.
And I'll come for you
at 6 in the morning.
I will.