Pitchfork (2016) Movie Script

- Thanks a lot asshole!
Trish, what'd I do?
- No, not you.
Some guy just drove by
and blew a bunch of dust.
But anyhow,
there's no way I'm giving up
my weekend getaway with Sam
just so my dad can have me
working on the farm all weekend.
I can't wait to get out
of this freaking town.
- Well you could've gotten
a flight to Miami with me.
- Well at least you get out.
But I'll be there and soon
we'll be having margaritas
on the beach.
Country get back here!
Let me call you back,
I'm gonna kill this dog.
If you don't get back here
I'm gonna turn your ass
into beef jerky.
Country are you okay?
- Why exactly are we sitting in
the middle of this hay field?
- I don't know, Lenox, I guess,
I don't know, to tell
you guys thank you.
And I mean that, like thanks
for coming with me, it means
a lot to me.
I mean this is
the first time
seeing my dad
since telling him
over the phone.
This is the first time
even speaking to him.
As you all know I'm just
super nervous about it.
- Oh don't be nervous, mi Amore.
We all love you.
You're our GBFF.
- We got your back,
love, you know that.
- And your front.
- You mean a lot to us dude.
We are more than happy to
be here to support you.
- You know I just have
to warn you guys though,
small town views,
they're not like New York
city views, you know?
I mean.
I don't know how my dad will
treat me now that he knows.
I think he's more worried
about what people will say
about having a gay son
if that makes sense.
- Then don't be gay?
Change it, problem solved.
- That's like me telling
you not to be an asshole.
You can't change it,
you were born that way.
I swear to god if you
don't keep your opinions
to yourself, I am gonna.
- It's okay.
I'm gonna have to
get used to it now.
I mean I know my dad
is probably gonna
have the same opinion.
It's gonna be rough.
- Rough?
I guess you haven't
had Mrs. Adams class
and her stupid improv exercises.
- She's nuts.
- But you know, don't
get me wrong guys,
my parents are good people.
- Aw, I'm sure they are love.
But I hope they understand,
this big barn dance,
you promised us.
- Don't worry you'll
get your freakin'
country barn dance.
- Oh my god, I can't like wait
to pop an Amish guys cherry.
No but seriously.
- Come on people.
We have to fun this trip.
This is our last big
shin dig before we
start planning the big wedding.
- Oh yeah.
- Oh yeah.
The big italiano themed wedding.
- Oh hell yeah man.
That's how Kanye
married his goddess KK.
- Oh shut up.
- Seriously?
- What?
- What the hell was that?
- Oh em gee, that's some
of animal or something.
- Is that even an animal?
- That sounded like
someone just died.
That's freaky.
- Okay old farms
really freak me out.
- Old farms? How
bout' corn fields?
Go in one of those and
never come back out.
- So true.
- Oh and the scarecrows
are so creepy.
It's like a cult or something.
- Oh scary.
- That's just some cat
call for some dirty old
hillbilly who's meowing
into the country air.
- Like you would know
what that is, rocky.
Hunter, could that be normal?
- Is that normal?
Guys, this is the
country, what's normal?
I mean look at all of us.
Look at Lenox.
- Ha ha, very funny.
- What?
- Infinity.
It's time for the
one I love the most.
- Infinity, it's time for
the one I love the most.
If you love me so much,
why don't I have this jacket?
- Now you're asking
for too much.
You'll get a ring from me
before you get this jacket.
- Ready to do this?
Mission plant a rainbow
in the countryside.
- Oh yeah.
You know, rumor has it,
you've planted your rainbow
on every street corner
in New York City.
From the boys to the girls.
- Come to think, I
was actually about
to tell you I loved you.
Glad I didn't, ha!
I'm driving.
- Alright, shotgun.
- Come on, come on.
- Ready to go.
Let's yeezy out of this bitch.
- That's right.
- Jesus.
Looks like the breakfast
club just puked on my lawn.
- Wayne, you promised
me you'd behave.
- Dad.
- Hunter.
- Come here.
- Hey mom.
- Look at you.
You're looking skinnier,
are you eating enough?
- Yeah.
I eat plenty enough.
This is the gang.
There's Gordon.
- Hi, ma'am.
- Claire, Matt.
That's rocky.
Lenox and that's Flo.
- Be right back.
- Thanks so much Mr and Mrs
Killian for letting us all stay.
Farms beautiful here.
- Yeah let's go cow tipping.
- Yeah.
- There's no such thing as
cow tipping, little lady.
They sleep laying down.
It's horses that
sleep standing up.
- Let's go horse tipping.
- Honey just bite your tongue.
- So how was your trip?
Did it feel long?
- It's not that bad when you
got a car full of entertainers.
Expect some good times,
except when somebody
in your group sounds
like one of your chickens.
- Hey!
- We don't
have chickens, genius.
- Guys?
Knock it off.
- You said it's Claire, right?
- Yeah.
- You know you're,
you're a lot prettier
then my son mentioned.
- Oh well,
thank you.
I heard you were
quite the charmer.
It's really hunter
who's so amazing.
We love him so much.
- Yeah.
- Where's Jenny, mom?
- Oh she's out doing chores.
You know Jenny, she
gets with those animals
and she could spend
hours out there.
Maybe even all night.
I'll get her.
- You're home!
- Holy shit.
Is that what we heard earlier?
- Yo, watch your mouth bro.
There's old people around.
- Hey.
- I missed you so much.
Don't stay away so long.
- Hey, anything for you, Jenny.
So are you surviving
the big city life?
- Oh yeah it's perfect for me.
I mean,
there's always
something going on,
there's always places to see.
And the people,
you'd love all the different
types of people there.
- Really?
- Oh yeah.
- Do most of them
look like that?
- They should be so lucky.
- Says the little
girl covered in shit.
- So Jenny what
have you been up to?
From the mud on your
boots today it looks
like you've been working.
You pretty much
running this farm?
- I wish.
Pretty much just chores.
Taking care of all
of the animals.
Guess what?
- Huh?
- I pulled three
calves this morning.
Y'all have to come see them.
- Aw, that'd be amazing.
Right guys?
- Yeah that's our
little animal whisperer.
- It's a good boy.
It's okay, boy.
Good boy.
Nothing's there.
- Come on Jenny, get
that horse put away
and then you could help us
get everybody settled in
and then show em'
around the farm.
- K, mom!
It's okay boy.
- Sounds like a plan to us.
- Just get em' unpacked and
show em' to their rooms.
- Come on guys,
hurry up, let's go.
Get your bags.
There's some barn dancing
we gotta get ready for.
- Yeehaw!
- The hell she just
say? Barn dance?
- You might like it.
It'll be fun.
- Can't believe
my son is a fairy.
- Well.
Maybe he gets it from
your side of the family.
- Be patient.
He'll come around.
- I hope so.
- Well love is love.
just need to give him
a little more time.
- More time, mom?
How much more time?
I mean,
I mean now I feel like I'm
living two different lives.
You know? Like.
I don't know like I'm
two different people.
- Well I don't want
you feeling like you
have to live that way anymore.
You know how your
father can be, he's,
slow to understand
and accept things that
he doesn't know much about.
- Yeah.
- But he does love you.
You know that.
- Mom.
- Well even if he
can't say it to you.
- Mom, the way he
treats me right now.
It makes me feel like
I need to live in this
dark shadow of
something I'm not.
- Oh, baby.
- You think that's love?
Remember how life
used to seem all
fun and innocent at that age?
- Well,
it's just how you look at
things as you grow older.
- Yeah.
- But don't you let
experience take away that
fun and innocence.
- Yeah.
- Keep those high hopes.
- Thanks mom.
Anytime, sweetie.
That's what I'm here for.
- Let's go you two, we
gotta get cleaned up
and get this little one to bed.
- Come on, dad.
Just tonight with
hunter and his friends.
I wanna have fun and dance too.
- Over my dead body
we stay up tonight
hanging with hunter
and his people.
- Did someone say barn dance?
- You've got to be kidding me.
Oh is this real?
- Matt, why aren't you dancing?
- We're in it.
We're all in it.
- I'm Flo.
- You know,
you're the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Well.
I'll always be around.
- You don't speak?
- Hey hookers.
Come on, let's go.
Let's take a selfie.
- Matt, where are you going?
- Claire!
Come back here.
- K, everybody say
cornfield, ready,
one, two, three.
- Cornfield!
- Did it take?
- Oh shit.
It's on recording.
- Oh it's on record.
- Is it on record again?
- Jenny,
lights out, time for bed.
- Okay, dad.
What's all that noise?
- It's nothing, dad.
You're no fun.
- I know.
Don't want you sneaking out.
You hear me?
- No, I won't.
- You better not.
Tuck, tuck, tuck.
Tuck, tuck, tuck.
- Goodnight, dad.
- Goodnight, honey bear.
- Daddy?
- What is it?
- You forgot to
check in my closet.
- Jenny?
This isn't funny, let me out.
- It wasn't me.
- Gotcha.
- Not funny.
You didn't check
under my bed either.
- Really?
You didn't learn your lesson
just now from the closet?
There are no monsters
in your bedroom.
- Now you've got me
even more scared, dad.
Pretty please?
- Alright.
Lucky you're my favorite.
- Daddy what are you doing?
Daddy, please stop.
You aren't being funny, I'm
not falling for it this time.
- Wayne?
Come on, kids.
Is that one of you?
Because I said the house
is off limits tonight.
Come on, hunter,
you know better.
Someone is in a whole
heap of trouble.
- Matt?
- I was wondering when we get
some alone time this weekend.
- Yeah I bet you see
infinity in my eyes.
- It's not your eyes
I wanna see right now.
- Oh yeah?
Or shut the hell up
and fuck me already.
- Matt!
- Hey.
- Have you seen Matt?
- You know,
being here with you like this,
it's like,
back in the day
when we were kids.
It used to be so much fun.
- I know.
Suddenly there is something
serious to do like grow up.
- So,
is everything okay?
- Yes.
- Happy with Matt?
- Yes.
- I don't get it.
Why that douche bag?
- Gordon.
Thank you for always
having my back and
looking over me like
a big brother but,
I'm happy, I'm okay.
- I hate that.
- Hate what?
That I like him?
In his own childish way
I think he's a good guy.
- No, no, not that.
you've never seen
me beyond this,
big brother thing.
- Cause Gordon,
you're my best friend.
You think best friends
make the best lovers?
- Where the fuck's Claire?
- You fuck, you didn't
just do that to me.
- Do what?
We just fucked, relax.
- I heard what you said.
Where's Claire?
- What you think
because we fucked that
I'm yours for the weekend?
You know how this works.
- Well you don't have to
throw it in my face either.
- I'm out of here.
- You know,
Mr. Killian is screwing with us,
but we're gonna show
cow tipping's real.
- Yeah and I've read
online you can do that
shit in the middle of the night.
- Do you believe
everything you read online?
- Whatever.
Here you go, baby.
- Oh, mm-mm.
- Just take it.
- No.
- Just a little bit.
- I'll pass.
- Okay.
You haven't had a drop to
drink this whole party.
- I know.
- And we're suppose
to be celebrating.
- Yeah well that's
because I have something
I need to tell you.
- Oh god, please.
No not another,
I wanna try the south beach
Atkins, paleo insanity diet,
rock workout project, okay no.
- I'm pregnant.
- Whatchu talkin' bout' Willis?
- Rocky.
I'm having your baby.
- A baby?
- Yeah.
- My baby?
- No, Willis's baby.
- Who's Willis?
- Shut up and give
me those lips.
- Shit, yeah, a baby, uh huh.
I think were gonna
call it south west.
Everybody go oh, oh.
Let me hear you
cows go moo, moo.
Moo, moo, moo, moo!
- Rocky!
- What?
- While you're hyping the cows,
I'm gonna be over
there tipping them.
- Oh-oh!
- Yes.
Drink that shit, bro.
Down in one.
- Hey I like your shirt.
- Yeah?
Yeah it's actually made by a
gay designer from Michigan so.
Yes, fuck yeah.
Drink that shit.
Down in two!
Yo what the fuck
are you doing, bro?
- Fuck you, man.
She was lost out looking
for your dumbass.
- You're pathetic.
You think a gamer
nerd like yourself
has a chance of getting
with a chick like this?
- A chick like this, what's
that suppose to mean?
There's nothing wrong
with Gordon, Matt.
- Please.
I've heard the stories.
You've been following her
around the past 12 years.
It's actually kinda sad.
- Don't listen to him, Gordon.
- Shouldn't say that.
- Hey, hey, hey, guys, guys.
Stop, stop.
- Where were you anyhow?
- Me?
Where was I? I was
off looking for you.
Where were you? Off fucking him?
- Bullshit!
What the hell is she
doing with this jacket?
- Oh my god, what
has gotten into you?
- What's gotten into me?
Maybe I should ask you that.
- You know, Jesus you are
so insecure and jealous.
She probably took it
when I wasn't looking.
- I'm sure this
glitter on your face
is your new look too?
I'm sure this jacket
isn't the only thing
that kept you warm tonight.
- No it was...
- oh you fell on your back,
you must feel right
at home, slut.
- Claire.
Claire, Claire wait.
- Stop.
- Claire?
How did you become so
good at fucking things up?
- What? I didn't do anything.
She took my jacket.
- Fuck you.
- Alright, let's
go, party is over.
Everyone out.
Let's go.
- Lenox, what the
fuck are you doing?
You alright?
- See I told
you cow tipping is real.
- Yeah for 25 freaking cows.
- Hey.
Well you could've stopped
at three like I told you.
- I'm not gonna let
you push over one cow
with you being all
pregnant and all.
- Oh you don't need to be chill.
- Who's there?
- Rocky.
I don't like this.
- Hey.
It's just someone playing
a game with us, alright?
Alright guys.
Yo Matt man if that's
you I swear to god man.
Get in quick, go, go.
Where are the keys?
- You have them.
- Open the fucking door!
Go, go.
Get up baby, go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go!
Alright babe.
I need you to go ahead alright?
This fuckers mine.
- No, no...
- Babe, go!
Oh fuck.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, baby.
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh my god, no baby, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh god no!
- Hello?
Mr and Mrs Killian?
- Hey, hey, hey, Claire, Claire.
- There's blood
all over Jenny's room.
- What? Blood?
Is anyone up there?
- I didn't see her parents,
I didn't see Jenny.
- Alright, hey, hey,
hey, go to the barn,
get everyone, okay?
Go now, go.
Wait, Claire!
- Yeah?
- I don't have my phone.
- Here, use mine.
- Okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
Find the others,
I'll call the police.
- 911, what's your emergency?
- I'm not sure but,
I think something bad has
happened to my family.
- Guys!
Guys we need to go
right now, please.
Guys we have to go,
please right now.
- Jesus Christ, Claire,
what the fuck is...
- Matt, no, no, no,
there's blood everywhere
in the house, on the
floor, on the walls.
- Wait, wait, wait, calm down,
what do you mean, blood?
- Really mature way to get
both of their attention.
Really nice.
- Coming from the
Jersey girl that speaks
with a British accent.
- Works for Madonna.
- Oh guys, come on, break it.
- Has anyone seen the Van?
It's not in front of
the house anymore.
- Well shit, where
did the Van go?
- I don't know,
we have to go now,
Gordon please, I'm so scared.
- Okay, Matt and I
will look for the Van,
you guys just stay
right here, alright?
Come on.
- I'm gonna look for the others.
- Wait you can't just
leave me like that.
- What do you think? You
just fucked my boyfriend.
- Oh so just like that,
you're gonna throw
our friendship out the window?
- Made your bed, Lenox.
- Claire.
Matt's a player.
Do you think I'm the only one?
You're a lot more
stupid than I thought.
- What do you mean?
- Lenox!
- No!
- Gordon.
Gordon get up, please.
- Call me.
I just rocked your world.
God hunter.
Didn't warn me about that.
Loves me.
Loves me not.
Loves me.
Loves me not.
Loves me.
Loves me.
Oh it's not a costume
party but fuck dude,
that's an amazing
killer costume.
K you fucking pervert.
Get your dog show on the road.
Not a cornfield.
I thought I was the one
who's suppose to fall, pig.
You lose.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Call it in!
- Officer Hughes and bay
onsite with the disturbance
reported at the old
Killian farmhouse.
Everything seems quiet and safe.
- Drop your doughnut
and get out of the car.
If this was karaoke you'd
be front and center.
- If this was karaoke
you'd be front and center.
- Do you have a dad?
I'm Jenny.
What's your name?
Please, please.
Please don't, please.
Here boy.
It's okay, boy.
Here boy.
It's okay, boy.
It's okay.
Here boy.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Here boy.
Here boy.
I can sense you're
probably so scared.
But you've hurt too
many people already.
My parents.
You just can't
hurt anybody else.
Will you stop?
Will you stop for me?
Don't hurt anybody else!
- Mom.
- Please help me.
He's close by.
- I know, I know.
Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
We just need to get out of here.
- I know.
- That guy,
he's so scared.
- Who?
That pitchfork dude?
Listen Jenny, you don't know
what you're talking about.
- Yes I do.
- I can't get this loose.
- My head hurts so bad.
- I know, I know.
I have to find something to
pry this open with, okay?
- Okay.
- Dad.
- Son.
- Dad.
- Daddy.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Thank god.
You two are stubborn.
- Yeah.
We're here, we're okay.
- Your mother.
- No.
- You need to get your
sister far from here.
- I will, dad.
Dad, I'll get you both
our of here, okay?
- I need you to finish it, son.
- What?
- You have to.
- Dad, I can't.
- You have to son.
- I won't, I can't do that.
- You have to son.
- Dad.
I'm not strong like you.
- You are strong.
Be a man.
- Hunter?
We have to go.
- Okay.
On the count of three.
Push against that board, okay?
Wait for it.
Come on.
You're okay.
- No!
- Run!
Let's go, motherfucker.
- Guys, stop.
We've come far enough.
- No.
- Fuck no.
We have to keep moving.
Lenox, get up.
- Give her a sec, dude.
- Relax.
- You guys see what I just
saw, what was that thing?
- You guys didn't see
any of the others?
- I only saw hunter before
I ran into you both.
- Guys, this is touching and
all but we have to keep moving.
Come on.
- Gotcha.
- Hunter.
The fuck is going on?
- Hunter are you okay?
- Yeah.
Look, Claire.
Everyone's dead.
Claire, my mom.
And my dad.
And I lost Jenny out there too.
I won't let anything
happen to you, okay?
It's gonna be okay.
- Shit, shit, shit.
- What do we do? We
can't just leave her.
- Do you think we
fuckin' stand a chance...
- hey we can't just leave her!
I'm gonna go distract
him, you guys find Lenox.
- No you can't just leave us.
- Hey, listen, listen.
I'll get him to
come after me, okay?
I can run.
Trust me.
I've been running from
things my whole life.
You and Matt grab Lenox.
And you find the nearest house.
- No hunter, you
can't be serious,
you don't think you
could outrun that thing?
- Oh.
Wanna bet?
Hey ugly fuck!
Want some more?
Come and get it.
- Matt, come on now,
we can get to her.
- Claire.
This is our time to get
the fuck out of here.
- She alive?
- Yeah she is.
Hey, hey, hey.
Keep your voice down, baby.
We will get you out of here,
just keep your voice down.
- Where is he, where?
Where is he?
- He's not here but
I'm sure he'll be back.
- God, just save
your energy please.
Just try to get
these off of you.
- I need something
to unwind this shit,
it's not fucking budging.
I'm going as fast as I can,
babe, I don't wanna hurt ya.
Hey, hey.
Look, we'll get you free
and fixed up, alright?
Your body
will be back to banging
in no time, alright?
Hey, hey.
Infinity, babe.
- What happened, where's Lenox?
- She's dead.
- What?
- That psycho killed her.
Come on.
- Stop, stop, please.
Why are you doing this?
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
Stay away from me
you sick bastard!
- I thought you
said she was dead?
- He came up so fast I didn't...
- you fucking asshole.
- Claire, she was dead.
She was dead before
she knew she was dead.
- Don't talk to me
ever again, Matt.
You're the biggest
coward I've ever known.
- Guys?
Hey, in here.
- Hunter.
- Where's Lenox?
Come on.
We've gotta keep moving.
- Hey.
I need you to
protect Claire, go.
I'll slow him down.
Alright, you wanna fight?
How bout' you pick on
someone your own size
you fuckin' pussy.
You just barked up the
wrong fuckin' tree.
- Hey.
- Hey, yeah?
- You doin' okay?
- Yeah.
I'm okay.
How bout' you?
- I'll survive.
Come on.
The closest neighbor
house is up ahead.
I know them, we need to get
there to get help, okay?
- Okay.
- No, no.
- Open up.
- Wake up.
- Please.
- Hey!
- Open!
- Come on!
Hey Mr. Holister.
We need your help
okay, get in there
and call the police alright?
- Jiminy cricket,
son, slow down.
- Wait there's
this lunatic, okay.
- He's trying to kill us.
- Trying to kill you?
- Yes, he killed
all of our friends.
- Dammit will you just go in
there and call the police?
- Watch your mouth, boy.
- I'm sorry I don't usually
freak out like that it's just.
- Come with me.
I got a phone.
- Thank you.
- Oh thank you.
- So
someone's tryin' to kill ya.
What's he look like?
- Can we just get to the phone?
- He's in this animal
mask or something
and a pitchfork
strapped to his forearm.
- A pitchfork?
Animal head?
You kids are smoking
that dope stuff ain't ya?
I'll call the sheriff
and he'll come get ya's
and take ya back to town.
Or wherever you're from.
- I don't like this, we
need to get out of here.
- Claire, we have no choice.
Besides the,
the police will be here.
- Some kids come running
up from some party
claiming some man is after
em' with a pitchfork.
He says somebody rattled.
He'll be a waiting.
Sheriff's on his way.
come on!
Hurry now!
We got us company.
- Thought I heard
voices out here.
But most times it's
just in my head.
Are you kids okay?
- It's been a
pretty rough night.
- What's that dear?
- Well someone's,
what is that?
- What's what?
- These kids claim some man
with a pitchfork is after em'.
- After you?
Why these woods are
so quiet and peaceful
that even a bear wouldn't
hurt a hair on your head.
- Got some
animal head or something.
- What happened?
- Oh.
One of the dogs must've
brought in some roadkill
while we was sleeping.
Now you relax sweet child.
Nothing pretty about a
girl rolled all up in mud.
- Claire?
- But there is something pretty
about a girl all
spilled up in blood.
- Ben?
- Ben Holister,
what you gonna do?
You get your ass back
in that basement.
- Damn you boy!
I done told you
that world out there
ain't no place for you.
Now let me see you go
and cut your head off.
- Hunter!
Why are you doing this.
- Shut your fucking
mouth in my house
you stuck up city bitch.
- Claire.
- Please!
- Shut your hole you slut.
- Go to hell!
- Well looky here, ma.
We got us a real live one.
- Keep your damn
hands off of her!
- Ow!
Please don't hurt me.
- Slice her now, pa.
- Don't fucking touch her!
Claire, listen to me, hey.
Don't give up, okay?
- We didn't do anything wrong.
- It'll be okay.
- Hunter I'm so scared.
- I love you, alright?
- Love?
You call this love?
- Love's made up.
For them want to
same in the world.
- Please, we didn't do
anything just let us go,
please let us go, please.
We didn't do anything.
- Mama's gonna
make sure it burns.
Gets me all hot and bothered.
- No, no.
- You're queer right?
We ain't had a real one yet.
- Get off him, you Nazi bitch!
Oh my god.
- Aw.
Look we've got a little boo boo.
Mama's gonna fix
that up for you.
- I'm stuck.
- Hold still.
I'm gonna fix you up.
Pretty little boy.
- Hunter, no.
- I bet you like to
have babies some day.
- No, please, please.
- Funny.
Manner city folk get.
When we bleed it out of em'.
Baby would've grown
right about there.
- Hey, hang in there,
I'm coming, okay?
- I like it rough, boy.
- Rough isn't what
I'm going to do to you
once I break free.
- You want love, boy?
- No, no, no, no, no!
- Ain't no more screaming, boy.
Kids these days need discipline.
Think they can run
around all wild.
You don't look so good.
- You are so dead.
- Hunter.
I love you, don't
give up, please.
- Shut up, useless bitch!
- You think you know about love?
The whole world's a maze
of different things.
The worst is sitting
around and making you lost
in love.
Its corners cut sharp.
And one day you just,
oh you think you are
going through
and at the end you'll find some
paradise island.
You's all follow the same
beaten rules on love.
Same beaten path.
It's the way it's gotta
be, you're suppose to.
Problem is,
you see paradise but you's
never see the island.
All love goes lonely
sooner or later.
Only those that have
ever been tried and lost
know the feeling of
walking on grass.
Neither of you walked on
nothing but brown shit
behind everybody else.
You's all feel the
same pain when you die.
But you feel the same
pain when you live.
My boy.
He's been tried good and
hard to make sure he don't
see none of those fairy islands.
He's gonna make his own path.
Find his own way.
Green walls going nowhere.
Ain't never gonna lose him.
He ain't gonna follow dirt
and end up soft and
shitty like you's.
Stranded and alone.
Real love
is looking somebody
square in the eye
and telling em'
with straight words,
I am gonna hurt you bad.
This ain't no game.
Finish that boy off, pa.
I'm getting restless.
- No.
- Been along time since
I used one of these.
- No.
- Take two Tylenol and call me
in the morning, motherfucker.
- No!
Your pain just starting, girl.
You two just gone and
screwed yourselves.
You'll be paying for
the devil himself
to come and take you away.
- Just drop the
knife and let her go.
- Let her go?
I'm gonna kill the
two of you's first
and then I'm gonna
cut your little friend
into little pieces!
- You guys just stop.
- Jenny, don't go near him.
- He's scared.
- He's a monster.
- How could you say that?
He's been tortured.
Here boy.
It's okay.
It's okay, you don't have
to be scared anymore.
That was your daddy.
Wasn't it?
It's okay.
It's okay.
You just need a friend.
It's okay to be
scared sometimes.
It's okay.
- Jenny!
Help us, come on!
- Stop!