Pixy Dragons (2019) Movie Script

(resolute music)
(tense music)
- Attention every dragon, attention!
As you are all well aware,
I am your town Mayor, Argon.
And as you all know, if
I'm not shouting it out,
it's not worth shouting about.
With that said, I have some very,
very exciting news for one and all!
Our beloved Dragon Town is,
as you may have noticed,
experiencing a bit of a Renaissance.
We've got new, strange exotic creatures,
like the camel, kangaroo,
and the elephant.
Fortune telling, costume
contest, musical theater,
blacksmithing, and of
course, wing painting.
But, strangely, the one
thing we've never done here
in Dragon Town, is a good old fashioned
fire breathing contest.
Well, the wait is over!
Come one, come all, hear ye, hear ye!
Young and old, tell your
loved ones, tell your friends!
Heck, tell your rivals too!
For the first annual Dragon
Town Fire Breathing Contest,
is officially open for entry!
And the winner is sure to be crowned
the most famous dragon in all the land!
Some of you may not know that I'm quite
the fire breather myself!
I might throw a claw
into the ring, who knows?
I want to check the rule
books on that since,
I'm slated to be judge.
At any rate, next Wednesday's the date,
high noon is the time.
Until then, breath deep,
and practice your flame throwing, dragons!
- The Dragon Town Fire
Breathing Contest Grus,
think of it!
Dragons from far and wide,
all getting up on stage
to blow fire and show off!
What a spectacle it's gonna be!
- It sure is Draco!
You know, I've never even breathed fire.
Do you think that's odd?
- Nah, we're still little Grus.
We have lots of growing up to do.
I'll tell you this though,
when my lungs are fully developed,
I'm gonna be the biggest,
baddest, most fearsome,
and revered fire breather the
Dragon Kingdom's ever known!
- Wow, you think so?
- Think so, I know so!
You have to envision your dreams Grus,
before you can make 'em come true!
- Oh, that sounds like magic.
- It's not magic, it's just
the power of positive thinking.
Or negative thinking.
Whatever we put our
minds to, we can achieve!
All it takes is focus,
determination, hard work,
and our ferocious dragon genes of course.
- Oh...
- What's the matter Grus?
- I don't own a pair of jeans, Draco.
- Not jeans, genes!
- Um, I'm confused.
- Hey, I have an idea.
Have you ever heard of the
mighty dragon, Lacerta?
- Lacerta?
That savage dragon warrior from ages ago?
- Yep.
- Who led our town's
dragons against a horde of rival tribes?
Emerging victorious, in
battle, time and time again?
- That's the one.
- Who was banished from
our town forever, with the
power of a magic spell,
for being conniving, and
deceitful in the eyes of the king?
- Hey, you can't win 'em all.
I see you're familiar with his tales.
- (gasps) He has more than one tail?
- No no no Grus, he only has one!
That's not my point.
My point is it's possible
that a dragon like Lacerta
could help two Pixy
Dragons like you and me,
win that Fire Breathing Contest!
- Us?
Win the Fire Breathing Contest?
That's crazy!
- Crazier stuff has happened, has it not?
- Uh...
- Like Marly the Maltese Dragon,
nose-diving into that
erupting volcano last year,
and emerging without a mark on her!
- That was crazy!
- And Vin the Varmint
herding those stampeding wildebeests
through the town fair all by himself,
without a single soul getting hurt!
- That was crazy too!
- You see Grus, crazy things
happen all the time, so
us winning that contest
isn't so crazy after all, is it?
- It's still pretty crazy Draco,
I mean right now I couldn't
breath fire if I had to.
How can I expect to get up,
and beat thousand year
old dragons who've been
doing it all their lives?
- Where there's a will
Grus, there's a way!
- How would we even find Lacerta?
What if he's old and sick?
Or, what if he's, you know.
- Dragons like Lacerta don't
just lie down and die, Grus.
They bide their time,
watching and waiting,
for the perfect moment to
re-emerge from their lairs,
and strike with savage
force and furious venom!
- Yikes!
- Come on,
there's no time to waste!
(tense music)
(crow cawing)
- Hey guys, what's up?
- We are, in just a little while.
We're going on an exciting trip!
- Oh yeah, you're not gonna stick around
to see the Fire Breathing
Contest next week?
- Oh we'll be back in time for that Leo.
We'll be back in plenty of time for that.
- Yeah, we gotta be there to win.
- Win (chuckles)?
You guys are as funny as ever.
- There's nothing funny about it Leo,
(crow cawing)
Grus and me are gonna enter
that Fire Breathing Contest,
and we're gonna win!
- But neither one of
you has even mustered up
a fire burp before!
(crow cawing)
None of us have.
We're still little!
- It doesn't matter!
- Sure it does!
Lita breaths fire clear over
the snowy mountain peaks!
You're gonna learn how to
do that by next Wednesday?
- Maybe!
- Ha, I'd like to see you try!
- You'll see more than that little Leo!
Just sit back, and enjoy
the show on Wednesday!
We have a surprise coach
who's gonna help teach us
everything we need to
know about breathing fire!
- Yeah, and we're gonna
wipe out the competition,
and claim first prize,
lickity split, I hope!
- Who's your coach?
- It's top secret,
you can't tell anybody!
- Your secret's safe with me!
When have I ever ratted you guys out?
- You told Scalington, when I stapled
Dopple's tail to the seat in band camp.
- Besides that.
- Oh, um...
- We're going to find Lacerta,
so he can train us in all the ways
of fire breathing dragons!
- Lacerta?
- Yep!
- Evil Lacerta, the dragon who
betrayed our king long ago?
- How do you know he's evil?
- The stories!
We all grew up on them!
My mom used to tell me Lacerta stories
when I wanted to hear something
spooky around the campfire.
- (hisses) Stories-shmories.
(crow cawing)
Do you always believe everything you hear?
- About Lacerta, yes
because everybody tells
the same ones, so there
must be some truth to 'em.
- You sound gullible to us.
- Yeah, gullible.
- I don't even think you should
go anywhere near Lacerta!
If he's even still around here.
(crow cawing)
Nobody's seen him
in a long time.
- Well then, we'll find out, won't we,
and when we're fire breathing champions,
you and all your little buddies will be
singing a different tune!
- Yeah?
Do you think we'll know
the tune too, Draco?
- Grus!
- I mean,
I'll feel a little bit dumb if
everyone's singing but me.
- Let it go Grus.
- Okay.
- Leo, you're just jealous
of our plan because you
didn't think of it.
(crow cawing)
But that's okay, after we win the contest
I'll be more than happy to teach you
everything I've learned!
Then maybe you can win next year (laughs)!
- Unless we enter again.
- Well yeah, duh!
In that case, we'll be back-to-back
fire breathing champions!
- Okay, but maybe we'll sit out.
- Maybe our endorsements,
will have us flying around the world,
doing interviews, shooting commercials!
- Being hounded by
paparazzi wearing disguises,
hiding behind body guards!
- You guys have your heads in the clouds!
- That's right we do!
Come on Grus, we have a fire
breathing dragon to meet!
- Okay!
- Later loser!
See ya next Wednesday!
- Psst, whatever.
(crow cawing)
(tense music)
(resolute music)
(energetic music)
(crow cawing)
- Dragon breaths, I've
never flown so far Draco!
I've never been this far
away from Dragon Town either!
I'm beat!
- Let's take a minute to rest, Grus.
(crow cawing)
We can use this lighthouse
as a marker on our path.
It can be seen for miles and miles around.
So no matter which way we go,
we'll never lose sight of it!
- Wow, smart!
(crow cawing)
- I know, right?
Dragons from all over the
world will probably write
after I win the Fire Breathing Contest,
just to ask me important questions!
- You mean us.
- What?
- Us.
Dragons from all over
the world will write us
to ask important questions,
because we're gonna tie, remember?
- Oh, yeah of course,
we're both gonna win.
It's gonna be a tie, the best friends,
and the best fire breathers
Dragon Town's ever known!
- (laughs) That sounds
too good to be true.
- But is is true Grus, it is!
All we gotta do is find Lacerta,
and explain our situation,
and I'm sure he'll be
as excited as we are.
- Gosh I sure hope so!
- Brighten up my friend, come on,
let's go further up the coast.
(crow cawing)
Lacerta's lair is surely
up North, and I'd like
to find it by morning!
- Okay.
- The quicker we get
Lacerta on our side,
the quicker we'll become
the grown-up legends we were meant to be!
- Yeah!
- Okay, here we go!
- Uh Draco?
- Yes Grus, what is it?
- Can I rest a little bit longer?
- Fine, hurry it up though.
We're wasting time!
- I'm hungry, I'm hungry!
(crow cawing)
(tense music)
(crow cawing)
- Hi there Pixy Dragon.
Who might you be?
- Yeah we've never seen you before.
We flew all the way from Dragon Town.
- Dragon Town, what's that?
- Wow, you've never heard of Dragon Town?
File another one under crazy stuff, Draco.
- No doubt.
Dragon Town is where most
all the dragons we know
were born and raised!
- It's way back down the
coastline, super far!
You got to be one rugged dragon
to make the trip.
(crow cawing)
Or two.
And both of us are pretty rugged.
- Oh, well, good for you.
- I'm Draco, and this is my buddy, Grus.
What's your name?
- I'm Pixypaw.
- (chuckles) Pixypaw, that's a dumb name.
- Oh...
- (chuckles) Don't listen
to my friend, he has bad manners.
You're name's not dumb, it's just weird.
- Oh, I guess Draco and Grunts
aren't weird at all then.
- Uh...
- (chuckles) Good point.
I guess we're all kind of weird.
I like you Pixypaw,
you want to hang with us and be friends?
- I don't know.
What are you two doing out here and,
where are you going?
- We're in training.
- Yeah, on a top secret mission.
- Training on a top secret mission?
That sound exciting.
- Totally!
- Excitement's our middle name.
- Uh, mine's Donny.
- Donny (chuckles)?
Now that's super weird.
(crow cawing)
Can I train too?
- Um, no.
- No?
- No, but you can come
along and cheer us on.
- That's stupid.
Why would I want to fly
off to parts unknown
with a couple of weird strangers
just to cheer for them?
There, now beat it you selfish jerks!
- Wow, you don't take any guff, do you?
- Of course not, I might be a little Pixy,
but I'm a Pixy Dragon
and don't you forget it!
- I like your style, Pixypaw!
I'm gonna let you in on our secret.
- Oh I feel so privileged.
- Wait, what does that word mean?
- We're getting ready for our town's big
upcoming Fire Breathing Contest.
- Only, we've never breathed fire.
- You've never breathed fire,
and you're getting ready for
a fire breathing contest?
- That's right.
- Okay, so you two
are looney toons?
- Does everybody know that tune but me?
I need to hear it!
- What?
- Don't mind him.
We're on our way to see Lacerta,
the famous fire breathing dragon.
He's gonna school us in
the ways of breathing fire.
- Lacerta?
- Yep.
- Yep.
- He told you that?
- Well, not exactly.
(crow cawing)
We're gonna find him, introduce ourselves,
explain our situation, and ask nicely.
- Oh, well, good luck with that.
- What's the matter Pixypaw,
you don't seem excited anymore?
- That's because I'm not.
Lacerta's insane, and mean,
and bad to the bone!
Nobody good can ever come
from dealing with him!
Everybody knows that!
- Everybody except us, apparently.
- That's right,
everybody except you!
(crow cawing)
So save yourselves the
trouble, and turn back now.
That's the lamest plan I've ever heard.
- Oh come on, what are you, five days old?
You're just jealous because you've
never seen greatness before!
Well, take a good look
sister, here it goes!
See ya around, sucker!
(tense music)
- Those two dragons are in
for a whole ton of trouble.
- Wow, is that...
- Excuse us, Mr. Lacerta?
- (growls) Who goes there?
- I think I just swallowed a fire burp!
- Really, that's a start!
- Terror works wonders, I guess.
- What are you two jabbering idiots
(crow cawing)
doing at my castle?
Are you lost?
- No Mr. Lacerta, we're not
lost, we came to speak with you.
- With me?
You expect me to believe that?
No one has been fool enough
to approach me in 300 years!
- We're fool enough!
- That's right sir, we're complete fools!
- Completely.
- (growls) The line between
foolishness and bravery
has always been thin.
Tell me then, fools, why
have you come to speak,
with Lacerta?
- W-W-We want to, humbly
ask for your help.
- My help?
And what have you brought
to appease me, fools?
(crow cawing)
- Appease?
What does that mean?
- (hisses) We didn't bring anything, sir.
Okay, okay, we're not here
to fight with you Lacerta!
We couldn't even if we tried!
- That's right!
- Just grant us the mercy
to plead our case, mighty dragon,
then do as you wish.
- Within reason, as you wish.
Within reason.
- You're wasting my time,
(dramatic music)
peons, make it quick.
- Yikes!
- (stammers) Okay here,
uh, so your old town is holding
a big Fire Breathing Contest.
(perky music)
- Hi Mylo.
- Hi Mika.
What's going on today?
- Not much, just thinking about that
Fire Breathing Contest
that Argon announced.
What fun it sounds like!
- I know right?
We'll get to see many
dragons from our town
showing what they can do.
I hear Miss Winger can
spit spinning fireballs!
- And I heard Mr. Hatch can
blow bonafide fire rockets!
- Whoa, that's gnarly!
- I wonder who's gonna win?
- It's so exciting!
When it's all said and done,
who's the best fire breather
in Dragon Town gonna be?
- Have you given any thought to entering?
- Me?
Nah, dragons like us are too little.
- We're not that little!
- Have you ever breathed fire, Mika?
- Well, not really.
- See.
- But,
I had a smoke curl come
out of my nostril once.
- Um...
On purpose or by accident?
- By accident.
- Accidents don't count.
- But smoke means fire, right?
- No, fire means fire, smoke's just smoke.
Unless we can harness
it and perform at will,
we won't even get to
the talent eliminations!
- Oh, yeah, you're right.
I don't know what I was even thinking.
We're probably still years away from
even spitting fireballs.
- But if that competition's a hit,
and they start holding it every year,
we can enter when we're
older, and maybe even win!
- Ha, that would be so wild!
Imagine the attention you'd get,
and all the new friends you'd make!
- Not to mention the personal reward.
That's the most important thing.
There's probably nothing
better than setting your
mind to something, then seeing it through.
- Yeah, imagine it.
Ladies and gentledragons,
please give a warm round
of applause to your
new Dragon Town fire
breathing champion, Mylo!
- Or, put your wings together for the best
fire breather in town,
our good friend, Mika!
(resolute music)
(tense music)
- So, let me get this straight.
Dragon Town plans to crown
a fire breathing king,
while the great Lacerta still
dwells in the hills, nearby.
- Well, not a king, no,
it's just a contest.
- What is the meaning
of a contest?
(crow cawing)
- It's like a competition,
a test of talent.
A game with a winner.
- Oh, I see.
- Wow, I just explained the
meaning of a word to somebody.
- Not just somebody, Grus,
you explained it to Lacerta the dragon!
- You're right, ah!
I'm geeking out, I'm geeking way out!
- And you two inconsequential Pixies
would like to learn from
the best fire breather ever,
(crow cawing)
how to craft the
mightiest flame, and
defeat your myriad enemies?
- Uh, well, they're not
really enemies, Lacerta,
more like townsfolk, but
yeah, that's the gist of it.
- (growls) I will help you.
- You will?
- You will?
- Yes, I will.
On one condition.
(suspenseful music)
- Name it!
- Anything!
- Not, most things.
- Most things, lots of things.
- Lots, but not anything.
- No, lots is good.
- Hmm, very.
- You will lead me back to Dragon Town,
as your guest, so that I may view
your fire breathing performances.
- Oh, (scoffs), yeah.
- Absolutely, no problem big guy!
- Done!
- Excellent.
The punishment spell that
cast me out so long ago,
dictates that I am
forever unable to return,
and may not breach the town's borders,
unless accompanied by a citizen who
willingly leads me back in.
- Really?
- Well, consider yourself
with us, buddy!
- Yeah, it's great to know you, Lacerta.
- Likewise, Pixies, likewise.
- We've heard so much
about you growing up.
It's awesome to find out,
that that big old dragon's
even cooler than we imagined in person!
- Grus, I think this
could be the beginning
of a beautiful friendship,
and a new fire breathing champion!
- Two new fire breathing
champions Draco, two!
- Ha ha, yes, two, tied
for the best (laughs).
(Grus laughing)
(perky music)
- Hey Mika, Mylo!
- Hey Leo.
- Hey Leo.
- Are you two planning to enter the
Fire Breathing Contest too?
- Us, we talked about it.
- But we think we might be too little.
- Yeah, maybe next year.
- Oh so you don't have a
crazy plan under your wings,
like some other pixy dragons around here.
- Who are you talking about?
- I'm talking about those
two sparkler spitters,
Draco and Grus.
- Draco and Grus?
What are they up to this time?
- You wouldn't believe it if I told you.
- Oh no, try us?
- They're gonna enter the
Fire Breathing Contest
and try to win it, with
somebody else's help.
- With somebody else's help?
Nobody could teach two dragon's
who've never breathed fire to breath
better than every dragon
in town by Wednesday!
- Yeah, nobody could do that!
- Nobody except Lacerta!
- Lacerta?
- Lacerta?
- The one and only.
(crow cawing)
- But, is he
even still around these parts?
That was so long ago.
- Our parents told stories about Lacerta.
- And our grandparents.
- [Mylo] And our great grandparents.
- And our great, great--
- You get the idea.
- Yeah well Draco and Grus flew
off to find him last night.
- Are you serious?
- How could they be so dumb,
that's a terrible idea!
- I tried telling them that
but they didn't want to listen.
Whoosh, off they went.
- Do they know where he is?
- I don't think anybody knows where he is,
or if he's even still out there,
but if he is, they'll know soon enough.
You don't find Lacerta, he finds you!
- Jeesh, I've never gotten
along with those guys,
but I hope they're okay.
- Yeah, hopefully they'll both come home
in one piece and chalk it
up to a lesson learned.
- We'll see but you know,
I was giving some thought
to what they said, and
what if their plan works?
(crow cawing)
(birds chirping)
- Hey hey Pixy Dragons, how
are those wings flapping?
- How's it going Lily?
- What you been up to, Lily?
- I've been reading a lot, I love to read.
- Oh yeah, what are you reading now?
- I'm almost finished
with this book about a
daydreaming dragon who
runs away from home,
and ends up finding this mythical monster
on a mountaintop!
- Wow, what's the name of the book?
- The Daydreaming Dragon
Who Ran Away From Home,
Versus a Mythical
Monster on a Mountaintop.
- Ah, I should have known.
- It's real good, you want
to borrow it when I'm done?
- Yeah, maybe.
- What brings you guys
over to my side of town?
Are you going to the fire
breathing talent eliminations?
- Oh, are they happening right now?
- They sure are.
You just gotta talk to
Argon and get your slot.
- Hmm, that's odd, we've
never hung out over here.
It's almost like we were meant
to run into that talent eliminator.
- Yeah, what do you think, should we?
- It's not like we have anything to lose.
- Worse that could happen
is we embarrass ourselves
by trying to blow fire and
just burping or something.
(bell ringing)
- It's not like anyone
would expect two Pixy Dragons our size
to breath fire anyway.
- That's right.
- You should go for it, who
knows what might happen?
- On the other wing, if we don't try,
we know nothing will happen.
- That's right, take a
chance, live a little.
- Thanks Lily!
- Good luck!
(tense music)
(birds chirping)
(bell ringing)
- [Draco] Here we are
Lacerta, home sweet home.
- [Grus] We're here now.
You finally have friends.
Welcome home, Lacerta!
- [Draco] Yeah, (speaking
foreign language).
- [Grus] Uh, what?
- [Draco] Still not paying
attention in Spanish Class I see.
(pleasant music)
- Hello, ladies and gentledragons, hello!
And welcome to the official Dragon Town
fire breathing talent eliminations.
I am you Mayor Argon, and I will be the
Master of Ceremonies for this afternoon,
full of skilled, and
perhaps not so skilled
displays of fire exhalations.
This is it, hit us with your best shots,
and today's result will determine
whether you place or pass,
in Wednesday's historic
First Annual Dragon Town
Fire Breathing Challenge!
Now without further ado, away we go!
(birds chirping)
Firstly, I have something
very special to tell you all.
I ran into this young
pixy on the way over here,
and can proudly say, that I
was privileged to witness,
her very first ever, fire breath.
She did a marvelous job,
and for one so young,
I know there's much more in store.
I can't wait to see what
she shows us on Wednesday.
Let's get her out her, Mika, come on out!
(crickets chirping)
(birds chirping)
(suspenseful music)
- Um, hi everybody, my name's Mika, and,
um, well, I'm here to breath fire!
Thank you, thank you.
Okay, whew, sorry, one second.
This is like, my second ever try.
(fiery roaring)
- All right, let's hear
it for little Mika!
Second fire ever!
What a fine young dragon!
Thank you for sharing, Mika!
Well how's that for talent?
I'm telling you, Dragon Town
has some of the very best
fire breathers anywhere on this planet!
I kid you not, we start 'em young here,
we start 'em young!
Okay, next up, please lend
a warm winged welcome,
for Mika's best buddy.
Some of you may know this little guy
from the morning paper route last year.
Give it up for, Mylo!
(suspenseful music)
- Hi everybody, I'm Mylo,
this is my second ever fire too!
I hope.
(flames roaring)
- Woo hoo!
Woo hoo, yeah!
Fire, smoke, she's a-rising!
(tense music)
(flames roaring)
(flames roaring)
- Hello again,
Dragon Town!
(bell ringing)
For those of you who do not know who I am,
allow me to introduce myself!
I am Lacerta!
Also known as the Boogie Dragon,
the Thing in the Shadows, and
the Monster Under the Bed!
You're all my dragons now!
(bell ringing)
(flames roaring)
- Oh no, Draco, and Grus!
What have you two Pixies done?
What have you done?
(dramatic music)
(flames roaring)
(Lacerta laughing)
- [Lacerta] That's what I
call, a homecoming party.
- That was unbelievable Lacerta!
The townsdragons were terrified!
- I've never seen them so scared!
- And Argon, did you see his face?
I think his scales turned white!
- He looked like he'd seen a ghost!
- [Lacerta] You two, go
into the countryside,
and locate for me the
Ancient Dragon's Egg.
Bring me the Ancient Egg,
so that I may command
the mightiest dragon army
this world has ever known!
- Then can we practice fire breathing?
- Right away Lacerta!
Here we go!
- Oh my gosh, are you two okay?
- We're fine Luna, it's Dragon
Town we're not so sure about.
- I can't believe those
two jerks actually found
Lacerta and brought him back to our home!
What a stupid thing to do!
- To be honest, Draco and Grus have never
really been known for their smarts.
- That's an understatement.
- What in the world will we do now?
Our dragons are peaceful dragons.
Nobody here is any match
for a monster like Lacerta!
- That's right, must of us grew up hearing
tales of Lacerta's fiery power!
He's frightened our town's residents
for longer than we've been alive!
- Talk about having a psychological edge!
- What if, what if we
had to leave Dragon Town?
- Nonsense Mylo, Dragon Town's our home!
There's no place on this planet that could
ever take its place!
- But if--
- If nothing!
Yes, Lacerta's a big bad
dragon, but we're dragons too!
He has no power that each
of us doesn't also possess.
- I mean, I just learned how to spit fire
a few minutes ago, so...
- Maybe a different level of power.
- Definitely a different level.
- You Pixies listen, I
don't talk much about this,
because well, the past is the past,
but, my grandmother knew Lacerta.
- (gasps) Really?
- Were they like, friends?
- You'd have to ask her.
- Oh.
- The good thing is you can.
- Oh.
- Grandmother Nala's lair is
somewhere out in the countryside.
She doesn't accept many visitors,
because she's an old dragon and she's
preparing to transition into the light,
but if she knew what
Dragon Town was facing,
I'm sure she'd help.
- Your grandma sounds very
cool Luna, but that's crazy!
What could an old dragon
possibly do against Lacerta?
- Grandmother Nala's fire
breathing is more powerful
than any dragon breath on this planet.
- Wow!
- Once upon a time,
she taught Lacerta everything he knows.
- Get out!
- If anyone can stop
him, or instruct us on
how to do it ourselves, it's Nala!
- Can you take us to see her Luna?
- I would, but I'm
babysitting little hatchlings
at their house today.
I'm afraid the trip would
be too much for them,
and I can't leave them here
with Lacerta flying around!
- Right, I remember hearing
the Trapped Alaricon Egg story
when we were little.
- Yeesh, that one still gives
me nightmares to this day!
- What's even worse,
is that Grandmother Nala
said it was all true!
- No way!
- Heebie-jeebies!
(bell ringing)
- You two should go in
search of my grandmother!
Tell her what Lacerta's
doing in Dragon Town,
and she'll help any way she can!
Her telepathy is still strong,
so she'll feel your
presence as you get closer.
- Telepathy?
I'm learning so much
about our species today,
it's blowing my mind a little.
- Me too!
- I'll hold down
the fort here, and make
sure Lacerta doesn't go wild
and burn down our town!
- If he tries Luna, how will you stop him?
- I'm not sure, but
I'll think of something.
- That's all any of us can do.
Time wasting, let's fly!
- Be safe dragon friends!
Pixy speed!
(tense music)
(birds chirping)
- What a slap in the tail!
I can't believe Lacerta!
- What can't you believe, Grus?
- He was supposed to train us in
the way of fire breathing, and help us
win the contest on Wednesday, instead,
he's taking over Dragon Town!
Now, there might not even
be a Fire Breathing Contest.
- We knew the risks when
we decided to go find him.
- Maybe you did, but I didn't.
Why would somebody we ask for help,
turn their wings on us like this?
It doesn't make sense!
- Because he's Lacerta, Grus,
he's a bad dragon and always has been!
We've all heard the stories enough times.
- He's bad, but we're not!
Why wouldn't he help us?
When he used to be just like us?
Even Lacerta was once
a little bitty dragon.
- That was a long time ago.
- I guess you're right.
Maybe he just forgot what
it's like, to be little,
with no fire breathing skills,
and a zillion questions about everything.
- Yeah, or maybe he just doesn't care.
- Or that.
How are we supposed to find
an ancient dragon eggs anyway?
I mean, where do we look,
how do we spot it if we do find it?
- I have no clue Grus, I have no clue.
- I know, what if we start digging?
Ancient stuff's always in the dirt, right?
So, it's gotta be underground.
I'll dig here, you dig there.
- Why do you think we
should dig right here Grus?
- Uh, I don't know.
The soil's the soil, right?
It's the same every
place, just like the sky.
If we dig deep enough, we're
bound to hit something ancient.
- (sighs) Why don't we keep
walking a little further,
see what's up over that next ridge.
Lacerta wouldn't have sent
us out on a wild goose chase.
- I didn't hear him say
anything about geese.
- Have faith Grus, we'll
find this thing and
get back to Dragon Town by nightfall!
Then, once he has his
magic egg, or whatever,
I'll bet we can start our fire training!
- You think?
- Yeah, I kind'a do.
I think.
- Draco?
- Yes, Grus?
- What if Lacerta got mad and,
and there's not a Dragon
Town to go back to?
- [Mylo] Look Mika, it's a dragon like us.
Maybe he knows where to find Nala.
- [Mika] Let's ask him.
(relaxing music)
(birds chirping)
- Hello there, we just
came from Dragon Town.
- Oh, you don't say, I
never would have guessed.
- Yeah, we were born here.
- He's being sarcastic, Mylo.
- Oh.
- Let me guess, you want to practice your
fire breathing on my
natural wood windmill here?
Well, the answer's no.
It's my windmill, and
nobody's burning it down.
Especially, not two Squirt Dragons
practicing their smoke rings.
- We don't want to burn
down your windmill,
we just want to ask you a question.
- Yeah, and we're not Squirt
Dragons, we're Pixy Dragons.
- Well excuse me.
I didn't know there was such a difference.
- There is.
Squirters, are generally
found in the mountain regions,
and they're about half our size.
They're bred smaller so they
can stay low to the ground.
They live in the foliage,
out of sight of the pterodactyls,
and trab-di-laricons.
- Hmph, thanks for the species lesson kid.
- No problem.
- Now scram,
I don't trust you two
this close to my windmill!
I built it with my own claws!
- But, we said we--
- I don't care what you said!
It's Springtime!
There's all this pollen in the air!
One sneeze from you Runt Dragons and poof,
this place could go up in flame!
- We're Pixy Dragons, not Runt Dragons!
- Pixies, Runts or Squirts, who cares?
- We're getting off on the wrong wing.
I'm Mika, and this is my friend Mylo.
- Mika, and Mylo, snappy nicknames.
I am Cyan.
You some kind of traveling
minstrels or something?
- No, we're just two
little Pixies looking for
an old dragon named Nala,
she's our dear friend's grandmother.
And, the baddest fire breathers
these hills have ever seen.
- That too.
Do you know where we might find her lair?
- Nala?
Nada, nobody's seen her in ages.
She might have passed on for all I know.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- I mean, I don't know, who knows?
What are two little ones like you
doing traveling by yourselves out here,
looking for some old dragon anyway?
- We're not sure if you heard,
but Lacerta the dragon reappeared,
and took over Dragon Town.
- Lacerta?
You mean the campfire story character?
- That's him!
Only he's not a campfire
character, he's real!
- (chuckles) Tell me another one!
You two ought to put on a comedy show!
- Cyan, we're not kidding, Lacerta's real,
and he aims to do bad things in our town!
- We love our town,
and all our friends and
loved ones are there.
- They're all in grave danger.
- You sure look like you're serious.
If so, I'd say find Nala right away.
I don't know how real Lacerta is,
but I know Nala's fire breathing
packs the biggest punch
on this whole planet!
She's the fire breather
they're talking about,
when they say "Fire breathing dragon."
If I was going up against
a mythical monster,
I'd want Nala in my corner, no doubt.
- That's reassuring.
Now if we could only find her!
- The hillsides look like a
nice place for a dragon's lair.
Let's go that way.
- Ah, cover your mouth
when you sneeze, squirt,
and step away from the windmill.
Come on, we talked about this!
- Thank you for your time
Cyan, we're leaving now.
- Yeah, just go wide, okay,
wide around the windmill.
(birds chirping)
(tense music)
- Hi there.
Hey, you guys are Pixy Dragons like me!
- Says who?
- I'm Teddy,
the dock operator.
You guys interested in taking a boat ride?
- Okay.
- Quiet Grus,
I'll handle this.
Where does the boat ride take us, peon?
- Just around the lake and
back, it's a nice ride.
- What's in the lake?
- Uh, water?
- What about ancient stuff?
Are there any ancient
dragon eggs at the bottom?
- Uh, I don't know.
You interested in renting scuba gear?
- Okay.
- Quiet, Grus!
Just what kind of racket are
you running here, trickster?
- Racket?
Oh, you want to play some tennis.
The courts are on the other side.
Would you rather do that?
A match is half the price of a boat.
- Okay.
- Enough, Grus.
(bell ringing)
I said I got this.
- Oh, okay.
- Just what all do you offer here, Teddy?
- Lots of things!
Dragons come from all over to
kick back and (mumbles) here.
Especially this time of year.
We have the boats,
snorkeling and scuba diving,
tennis, badminton, fire
breathing, dragon ball,
rock climbing, zip line,
leg swing, bungee jump,
dragon glide, virtually reality parlor,
spa, sauna, steam room, mineral bath,
hiking trails, tunnel digging,
egg laying, claw painting--
- Whoa whoa whoa, say that last one again.
- Claw painting.
It's real fun.
We have a wide variety
of water soluble colors!
- Not that, the one before.
- Tunnel digging?
- After that.
- Uh, hang on, let me get our brochure.
- You said egg laying!
- Oh, yeah, sometimes I get mixed up!
The egg fields are super fun.
You gotta fly over them though,
there's no landing or walking.
Some of our mom dragons are real crafty,
you never know where those cute
little eggs will be stashed!
- Direct us to these
(bell ringing)
egg fields now!
- Yeah, we're looking
for one in particular.
- Oh, I should add, none of the eggs
are available for adoption.
We only offer the incubating ground.
- Well, I think we already have one here.
- Oh, you do?
What's the name?
- Lacerta.
- Hmm, Lacerta, Lacerta, that doesn't
ring a bell.
(bell ringing)
- Which way to the egg fields, Teddy?
- That-a-way!
(dramatic music)
Remember, no landing!
- Halt, who goes there?
- Nobody but us pixy dragons.
Who might you be cutey pie?
- Oh no you don't!
You don't fly up to my mushroom cottage
and ask me to identify myself for you!
You're the one trespassing on my property!
- We didn't mean to invade
your privacy, little one!
I'm Mika, and this is my friend Mylo.
- Mia's my name.
Now, what are you doing, on my property?
- Hi Mia.
We're kind of far from home and,
well, we don't really
know where we're going.
- Don't know where you're going?
Sounds like you two are in a predicament,
as my daddy used to say.
- Yeah, you might say that.
- And my momma would call it a conundrum.
- That too.
Maybe you can help us.
- We just have a question, and maybe
you know the answer.
(bell ringing)
- I stay off the roads around here,
so don't ask me where anything leads.
What's your question?
- We're looking for an old
dragon lady named Nala.
- Do you know her?
- Nala?
I sure do!
Everyone around here knows old Nala.
What do you two city
slickers want with her?
You serving a warrant?
- A warrant?
Goodness no!
- A summons?
(bell ringing)
- No.
- Selling cookies?
- No, but if
you have any we sure are hungry.
- Yeah, we'll gladly take a dragon bag.
- I'm vegan, I don't do cookies.
- Gotcha, we're from Dragon Town,
and the dragon Lacerta invaded us!
He's holding our whole town hostage!
- Who knows what will
become of our loved ones!
- Our friend told us about
her Grandmother Nala.
- And, the renowned fire
breathing powers she possesses!
- Fire breathing power that
can defeat the dragon Lacerta.
- So, we're on our way to find her,
and ask her for her help.
- Ha, you won't find old Nala,
not unless she wants to be found.
- So we've heard.
- We think she will
want to be found!
If her telepathy is as
strong as we're told,
she'll realize her
granddaughter's in big trouble!
- And she'll do anything in her power
to help us drive Lacerta out!
- Maybe, maybe not.
Rumors of Nala's powers
are greatly exaggerated.
I've probably talked to
her more than anyone alive,
and she's old and tired,
and ready to move on to the
next phase of existence.
A mess like this would only
bother her, and she
(bell ringing)
doesn't need that!
- Could we just see her?
- I don't think it's a good idea.
Why don't you go back and ask your friend
to talk to her grandma?
- She's baby dragon sitting!
- Baby dragons, how cute!
How old are they?
- They're just hatchlings.
- Hatchlings (squeals)!
Cute overload.
Go take care of those
sweeties, and let old Nala be.
If your town is in
(bell ringing)
great enough distress,
she'll feel it, and
she'll do the right thing.
(pleasant music)
(birds chirping)
- Do you really think this
is the right move, Mika?
What if we were close to finding Nala?
And what if Mia was lying?
- I think going back to get Luna is best.
Lily can watch the hatchlings
while we reach Nala.
And when she senses her granddaughter,
she might even find us first.
- I hope you're right.
- Come on, let's hurry, there's
really no time to spare now!
(pleasant music)
(energetic music)
(foreboding music)
(birds chirping)
- You were right Draco.
This lighthouse is a great
landmark for traveling.
We can see it for miles
and miles in any direction.
- Kind of like we could see those eggs
for miles and miles in that field!
There were millions of them!
We could have searched for months!
And without being able to touch down,
it would have taken forever.
- Oh Draco, what are we gonna do?
Lacerta gonna be so mad when he hears
that we can't find that
Ancient Dragon Egg,
no matter how hard, or far we look!
- (sighs) It's pointless to continue.
Look, all I wanted was to learn
how to breath fire anyway.
I never wanted to take over Dragon Town!
Or go on some stupid ancient egg hunt!
Or get back at anybody who wronged me!
We're two months old for crying out loud!
Revenge won't be a thing until we're like,
at least, six months!
- I know, breathing fire
is all I want to do too!
Just learning how to rear
back and let 'em rip.
- Grus, you did it!
You did it, you spit fire!
- I, I don't know.
I, I just, it just happened (chuckles).
- That was incredible!
Do it again, do it again!
- Okay!
(bell ringing)
I can't.
- What do you mean you can't?
You just did it!
- But I don't know what I did!
It just came out like, whoosh.
- I'll say.
What was it like, did you feel it coming?
- I, I don't remember, I
was as surprised as you!
- Hey I know, let's go back
to Lacerta's castle and show him!
- Show Lacerta?
The most fearsome
(bell ringing)
fire breather, in all the world?
What if I can't do it again?
- Aw, have some faith buddy!
Maybe you just need to
get worked up to do it!
Lacerta'll make you good and nervous!
Pay attention next time.
- Ah, oh, okay.
- Come on, we'll tell him we
couldn't find the stupid egg.
But we can breath fire!
He'll see that the two
of us are all he needs,
and probably forget all
about that dumb egg!
- Draco, that's a terrible idea.
- Nah, trust me, he'll like our chutzpa!
- Our what?
- Nevermind Grus, nevermind.
(pleasant music)
- Well Mika,
Dragon Town is still standing.
- [Mika] I guess that's good news.
Hey there's Luna!
- Mika, Mylo, what are you two doing back?
Did you find Grandmother Nala?
- No, but we found someone who knows here.
She suggested that Nala would be
more receptive to you than to us.
- So we came back to get you, come on!
- But the hatchlings, I'm
still dragon baby sitting!
- It's no problem, our
friend Lily is taking over.
She's a sweetheart.
- She's really good with hatchlings!
- She'll probably have them reading
by the time we get back!
- Oh, um, okay.
(wind howling)
(bird keening)
- Acolytes, have you brought me
the Ancient Dragon Egg,
that will grant me everlasting
command of all dragon forces,
on land, in the skies, or in the sea?
- The sea?
Can dragons swim?
- Sure.
You've never swam before?
- No, I'm scared of the water.
- Scared of the water?
What kind of crazy talk is that?
- It's not crazy talk!
I don't like the water.
- Eh, how do you take baths?
- You take baths?
(bird keening)
- I don't believe this.
You know I thought you smelled funny.
- I smell, I do not!
- [Draco] Do to!
- [Grus] Do not!
- Do to!
- Enough!
The Ancient Egg!
Where is, the Ancient Egg?
- Oh that, (chuckles).
We uh, we couldn't find it.
- You, what?
- We looked everywhere
Lacerta, we promise!
High and low, near and far.
- If there was a stone, we overturned it,
if there was a tree, we climbed it.
- Yet still you disobey me!
- Disobey, no, not us!
- Yeah we're your boys!
We're good Pixy Dragons!
- Good?
Lacerta hates all that is good!
- I meant bad, we're a
couple of bad Pixies!
- Nasty, the worst!
- [Draco] Everyone in
Dragon Town hates our guts!
- Hey, we should stomp 'em out!
- Yeah, all of 'em!
- Right on!
- (snarls) Shut up, both of you!
- Okay.
- Okay.
- When you journeyed to this castle
to beg help breathing fire,
you unwittingly unleashed Lacerta!
- Don't we know it.
- And with Lacerta comes
the power, and fury,
of the world's most feared dragon!
- We know that too.
- A command from Lacerta is
to be heeded without question,
and without delay!
- I wasn't clear on that one.
- Yeah, we didn't discuss
like a timeframe or anything.
- No, no time limits.
(tense music)
- Grandmother Nala!
(birds chirping)
- L-L-Luna, is that you my dear?
- [Luna] Yes, yes it's me Grandmother!
- Oh Luna, my sweet, sweet Pixy!
You're growing so fast!
It's been so long!
- [Luna] I'm sorry Grandmother,
time moves so fast.
- That it does.
When you look back from my perspective,
it's like the bat of a wing.
Who is this Pixy pair you've
brought along with you?
- [Luna] These are my
good friends Grandmother,
Mika and Mylo.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Well hello you two.
Welcome to my home.
- Thank you for having us Nala.
- Yeah, we've been looking
everywhere for you.
- Oh?
- Grandmother,
I'm so sorry to come to you like this,
but, I'm afraid we're in trouble!
- Oh no, what sort of trouble my dear?
- Lacerta the dragon trouble!
- Uh, Lacerta?
But, I thought, the townsdragons
banished him long ago!
- He's back!
- And meaner than ever!
- [Luna] Two of our town
Pixies foolishly went
and found his lair, Nala.
- Oh no, why would they do such a thing?
- For glory!
- They thought he'd help
them to breath fire,
which they'd then use to win the
Fire Breathing Contest
our town is holding.
Or, was holding.
- Why, that is the most
foolish plan I ever did hear!
I've known Lacerta for 300 years,
and in all that time, he's never helped
a single living creature, except himself!
- When he reappeared in Dragon Town,
Lacerta was very angry Nala!
He crashed out talent
elimination show in the square,
and threatened us all!
- He told us, we all belong to him now.
- Hmm, same old Lacerta all right.
- None of the Pixy dragons in town
know what to do Grandmother,
or which way to turn!
They've never faced anyone
like Lacerta before!
- We've never faced
anything bad at all, really.
- Right, life's been
pretty good in Dragon Town.
- That's because, once upon a time,
the town elders, myself
included, made a choice.
We would use all the good magic
at our dragon disposal,
to drive the bad elements,
like Lacerta, out of Dragon Town forever.
And in doing so, we
would usher in an age of
peace and tranquility,
for generations to come,
allowing all pixy families to
raise their young, happily.
No pixy was ever supposed to know war,
or famine, or strife
of any kind ever again!
Until you three delivered
this dreadful, dreadful news!
- I'm so sorry Grandmother Nala!
I'd give anything to avoid
bringing you this news,
but I simply couldn't!
- It's all right my dear, it's all right.
Now that Lacerta is back,
and you know what it is
he plans to do, our path is clear.
We have only one choice.
- What's that Nala?
- I'm going to teach you Pixy dragons
all I know about fire breathing,
then you're gonna go find
that big mean dragon,
and do what we did way back in the day.
You're gonna kick his ugly butt!
- Yay!
(vigorous music)
- Yay!
(wind howling)
(bird keening)
- Well lookie here!
What's gotten into you Luna?
You want to drop those Dragon Town zeroes,
and come up here to join
the fire breathing heroes?
- (chuckles) Nice one Draco.
- Not at all Grus.
I'm here to ask you two
to drop what you're doing,
and leave this castle at once!
Dragon Town needs you!
Lacerta can't win, and he's about
to find that out the hard way!
- (chuckles) I'll believe
it when I see it, Pixy face.
- Yeah.
It's gonna take more than
a bunch of minidragons
to drive this dragon out again.
Lacerta's here to stay.
The sooner you realize it,
the better off you'll be.
- That's right.
Hey, I did it again!
- You did, way to go Grus!
Tell me how, I want to do it too!
Remember, we both gotta
win that contest pal!
Tie champions, me and you!
- Tie champions!
- Does this mean you two
are staying with Lacerta?
- That's right Luna!
And you're on the loser's team!
- Scram Pixy girl, winners
only up here (chuckles)!
- Have it your way.
(wind howling)
(resolute music)
- (chuckles) Can you believe
the audacity of that Pixy?
- She's always been stuck up.
Let her go hide under
a bed in Dragon Town.
- Yeah, try to keep her
tail tucked (chuckles)!
Hey, hey come on, teach
me that fire trick, Grus.
- I never remember.
I still don't know how I'm doing it.
- Oh come on, I'm your best pal!
If I have a (mumbles), I'd give you half.
We share everything, remember?
- I'd tell you if I knew
Draco, I swear I would!
- (grunts) Don't hold out
on me, that's not Pixy nice!
- Draco, I'm not holding out!
- We'll see about that!
I'm gonna learn your trick,
and do it better than you!
Then I'm gonna win that
fire breathing contest,
and you're gonna be
nothing but a runner up!
Then they'll call you
Grub, 'cause you're grubby!
Nothing but a grubby bum!
- Aw Draco, I thought we
were buddies for life?
- Well, you thought wrong, loser!
I'm going straight to the top, no stops!
Aha, I told you!
- You did it Draco!
(bird crying)
You did it!
- Zip it Grubby!
- Okay.
(resolute music)
(wind howling)
- Welcome back Lacerta,
it's been a long time.
- They're getting away, Luna!
- No they're not,
remember what Grandmother
taught us, come on!
- Ooh, action!
(flames roaring)
(wind howling)
(flames roaring)
(wind howling)
- [Lacerta] Is that all
you've got, come on!
Give it your best shot,
you (mumbles) lighters!
- Careful what you wish for,
jerk face, you just might get it!
- [Draco] You talk tough
with your friends around you.
But I remember you begging us not
to bully you in dragon gym class!
- Yay (chuckles).
Please you guys, please
don't pull my tail!
He cried!
- [Mika] And I remember you trying so hard
to breath fire that you passed
out in first period Grus.
- [Grus] Did not!
- [Mylo] Did too, we all saw it!
- [Draco] They got you there pal,
I filmed the paramedics carrying you out!
- [Grus] You what?
Some friends you are!
- [Draco] What?
It was funny!
(Lacerta laughing)
- [Lacerta] It sounds funny (chuckles)!
- [Draco] I know, right?
- [Mika] Time's up Lacerta,
your reign of fire is coming to an end!
(Lacerta hissing)
(wind howling)
- [Lacerta] But I just got started!
I (mumbles),
I sent you Pixy dragons scurrying
to Hades before you were born!
What I'm capable of!
- [Mika] I've seen enough, we all have!
With the power invested in
me by my Grandmother Nala!
- [Lacerta] (gasps) Nala!
Nala is your grandmother?
- That's right, she is!
(wind howling)
- [Mylo] We got friends
in high place Lacerta,
higher places than this!
- [Lacerta] It only means,
you have farther to fall, rat!
Take this!
- Whoo, close call!
- [Mika] Nice shot, now you take this!
(flames roaring)
(inspiring music)
(bird keening)
(Lacerta groaning)
- [Lacerta] That flame was too bright!
(Draco screaming)
- [Draco] Whoa, that was hot!
(Grus screaming)
- [Grus] Ouch, it sure was!
- [Lacerta] I give up!
You're just like your grandmother, Luna!
I can't beat a dragon like this!
I'm going back to my castle, see ya!
- [Draco] Wait, you're
not giving up are you?
- [Lacerta] Let's just say,
I'm retiring from ruling Dragon Town.
I'm too old to battle new dragon blood!
- [Grus] What, what about us?
- [Mika] You two are in trouble!
(pleasant music)
- Attention, every dragon, attention!
Welcome to the First Annual Dragon Town
Fire Breathing Contest!
As you are all aware, I am Mayor Argon,
and I'll be your host for this afternoon.
And have we got a show for you!
But first, first,
I'd like to point out
some heroes in our town,
without whom, we wouldn't
even be here today!
You all know, it's still
fresh in all of our minds,
that monster Lacerta,
and what he attempted
to do to our peaceful town,
with the aid of some of our
own Pixy dragons no less.
We'd all like to forget, but,
you should always, always remember,
so that it never, ever happens again.
Please, now, allow me to
introduce our littlest heroes,
with the biggest hearts!
Ladies and gentledragons, I
give you Mika, Mylo, and Luna!
They saved Dragon Town, they saved us all!
Let 'em hear it!
Pixy power, yeah!
Okay, okay, quiet down, quiet down!
There'll be plenty of time
for celebration later,
plenty of time!
Right now we have a champion
fire breather to crown!
What do you say we get to it!
Oh what the flame, I'll
take a shot at it too!
This is for you, dragons!
- Hi everybody, it's me!
I'm pretty tired from all
the excitement earlier but,
I couldn't pass this up.
All my life, I've hoped,
and waited, and tried,
with all my might to breath fire!
And all my life I could
never figure it out,
until today!
I was lucky enough, to
breath with some of the best!
My dear friend Luna, and
her wonderful grandma Nala,
big shout out to Nala!
- Nala!
- Nala, Nala, Nala!
And, my best friend in the
whole dragon universe, Mika!
I love you Mika, long may we fly!
Okay, I know I'm putting
all your wings to sleep.
I'll get to it.
Here goes my best shot!
One, two, three!
(Mylo roaring)
(flames roaring)
Thank you Dragon Town!
Hoo hoo!
- [All] Mylo!
- Hello Dragon Town!
- [All] Mika!
- It's so good to be here, I mean that!
It's been a heck of a
couple days, hasn't it?
Real quick, I just want to say,
without being as long winded
as my friend Mylo there.
Kidding, kidding.
Love you too, buddy.
I just want to say, from
the bottom of my Pixy heart,
that I love Dragon Town!
Now and forever!
(crow cawing)
Long live Dragon Town!
- [All] Dragon Town!
Dragon Town!
Dragon Town!
- Dragon Town, Dragon Town, dragon!
(Mika roaring)
(flames roaring)
(pleasant music)
- I can't believe Lacerta still wants us
to find that stupid Ancient Dragon Egg!
What a waste of time.
- I know, we've been kicking
rocks our here for hours.
My toes hurt.
- You sure they're not burned
from those Pixies spitting fire at us?
- Nah, I'm a little
singed, but not burned.
- They won't get away with this,
we'll be back, mark my words!
Then Dragon Town's gonna pay!
- I hope so, they have all my toys,
my books, my bed.
There's nothing I love more
than a good night's sleep,
let me tell you!
- Now we have no choice but to stay up
in that big castle with Lacerta.
- And he bosses us around all day long,
with all his dumb revenge plots.
There's not a moment's rest.
- Well, there will be Grus, there will be.
Lacerta's one thing,
(crow cawing)
but Dragon Town will rue the day
they cast out Draco and Grus!
We'll be back, and they'll be sorry!
(pleasant music)
(crow cawing)