Pizza (2012) Movie Script

The place that we are standing now
Is the same where a big fire accident took place in 1997,
killing 17 people, the J.K Polytechnic college
14 years on since the incident took place
The college has always been closed
Nobody ever comes this way
After the fire accident, people around here say that ghosts
roam around this college
One Minute
He is Mr.Perumaal
When people here are scared as shit to speak about this
He remains the only person whose got the guts to talk about
Yes Mr.Perumall?
Dont you believe in ghosts et all?
I believe
I've seen em myself 4-5 times
But i aint scared and all
I was an attender in this very same college
It is in this J.K polytechnic college which the whole town
seems to scared about that we are going to stay toight
We are going to stay and find out if there is any truth at
all to the claims that people in this town have been making
Dude, Careful
This is the classroom
Ya, go up
What is this?
This is only the library
Thousands of books, burnt to ashes
These are the only remaining ones
It is here that 4 students died,their bodies as black as
Poor guys
What's this?
EM spiter
In short,
Should a ghost come by
This pointer will start moving
Is it?
Yeah bro
should we take a video when this pointer moves, the ghost if
at all present, will show up on the video
Hence am keeping it with me at all times
bro, is the pointer moving?
Ask some of your friends to come?
Then it will shake
Dudes come
Small Boys
If you are scared bring few others with you
Guys, stop fooling around
You might do some crap and leave
It will mean our dead bodies in the future
brother, stop whining
ever since you came you've been giving only build-ups
where are the ghosts brother? second saturday leave eh?
Dont play
Am leaving
Come, lets all just leave this place
Dude, leave him alone.
If he wants to leave, let him leave
Must have got scared.Like a pussy
Whom are you calling pussy?
You only
Having come all the way...
ssh ssh ssh
Hey! The meter is showing up
We are aware that someone has come here?
It is for you that we've been waiting so long
It is only to see you that we've all come here
sir, what sir this guy is talking like he is talking to some
Shut the fuck up
You've seen only 4-5. we see 40-50 everyday.
This is our job.Shut up and stay quiet
Are we allowed to stay here?
Or do we leave?
If you want us to leave, tell us, show some signal or come
and stand infront of us
otherwise we will....
Dude, you heard something right?
ya dude
Do you think it was the sund of this falling down?
Its not that
There was some other sound here
We cant take these sounds and all as your signal
We expect to be told even more clearly
Otherwise we will stay here only
what was that, what was that?
I saw it now
I saw it
to the right of Muthu
It went from left to right
Then it surely must have been recorded on this camera.
yeah it surely must have.
It has gone through that door only
Guys,we'll leave
Guys, listen to my words please
we dont need all this
Someone is pushing from inside
Look at this
Dude! Get back..Get back
Guys please please listen. Dont do anything
Stay calm! We'll take care
Give it
Fool, It got over
Now what?
There must've been a very dangerous ghost in that room
I see that everyday no?
Its so Boring
You.. Get lost
Too much..
you changed it right at the end of the film
The ghost will come out of the TV and get hold of you or
Hey, Does this look like a house to you?
As if you are studying to be a professional ghost hunter
all around ghost books, ghost Dvds,ghost programs
I sometimes find myself seething with doubts if am in love
with the devil itself
I've told you countless number of times i aint doin all
these for time pass
They are research for the novel am writing
Keep repeating the same excuse over and over
So much for a dumb novel that you are writing..
Someday my novel is going to get published and grab all the
awards thats at stake.Just wait and see
Am seriously asking you
Whatever we watch on TV is true eh?
You think its not?
You think its the truth?
A ghost will come and walk befor your eyes or what?
Its possible
It can.i've seen it myself.
In my first year,
My hostel mate
There was a girl by the name, Deepa
We were gossiping untill 4 in the morning
Before she left for her room
I went to my room and dozed off
When we got up in the morning, shw wasnt alive.
Have you ever seen someone hanging by the neck?
The tongue will be hanging out till here
After that i couldnt sleep at night
all of a sudden i'd hear her voices
Like she's close by me
Like she's touching me
i'd feel like someone was always there in my room
one day night i woke up all of a sudden
To see her
on my bed
near my legs
Her! It was Her
She was right there and looking at me
She was telling me something
I quickly turned on the lights
to find no one in the room
You aint getting scared are you?
No no. go on
The college itself was talking about that only for a few
After that, i was not able to stay at that hostel at all
Changing different rooms
And here i am in this house, 2 years from then
without any problems
have you seen her after that?
i've seen her
i got used to it
the creepiness disappeared paving the way for interest
i once even tried talking to her
She didnt talk back
Even now she could be in this very room
She could be sitting closeby and listening in to whatever we
are talking
actually if something happens to our closed ones,
such thoughts arise
you are using them and exagger
These are not mere thoughts
They do exist
Did you know that in
chennai alone there are
100-200 people commiting
suicide every year?
How many of them are dying in accidents?
What became of them?
Even recently they showed in idhayam program about a
building in chennai where ghosts are apparently on the loose
saw that?
Two years back the death of two policemen at the entrance of
the same house remains a mystery till date
Where is that building by the way?
to feel freaked out everytime you pass by that side eh?
Like you've told me very less now
you're so freaked out just hearing about it
what will you do should you witness it?
Stuff like these, rather than witnessing it for real
it is even more scary when people like you have to narrate
Honestly, these devils, ghosts exist eh?
For everyone, there will come a moment in life
a moment that makes the unbelievable, believable
if something like that happens to you, you will also believe
Your moment is waiting
Whose that?
He looks like a mad man?
yeah, i saw. i dont know.
for the past 15 mins he's been flipping through the pages of
the notebook
doesnt look to me like someone whose come to have pizza
you think he's going to break-in?
go ask him?
What if all of a sudden he starts biting?
you and your fantasies come Then if
sir sees he will shout at us only
Just come boss
Whom are you looking for?
Who the hell do you want?
who the fuck are you?
Standing infront of the shop, Get Lost
we are telling na? Go
No sir, this dork has for a long time been..
what sir?
should you have given me a call,i'd have come to the bus
stand itself
Come sir, Come inside
Rather than inviting the person in
the two of you
i'll deal with you later
Am very happy that you came sir
Actually i've been
trying to contact you for some 10-15 days
Ramalingam sir only gave your number
They are looking for a bride at your place eh?
why do you ask?
your uncle seems to be setting up meetings with weird kinda
Hence the question
dude, does he look like a marriage broker to you?
THank you
Thank you
only if you saw, it would be better sir
i aint saying he's a broker
but he might have a beautiful daughter no?
for his face, you yhink he will have a daughter like
i think he's brought in some astrologist
sir, 2 mins sir, important call
ya, tell
ask him if he wants something to eat
Do you want any tea, coffee?
Would you like to have some tea or coffee?
I didnt even have my lunch
i'll eat something
What do you want to have?
meals or parota?
One medium margherita pizza with double cheese
And pepperoni topping
One medium margherita pizza
double cheese, pepperoni topping
What english he speaks?
Stay quiet
whose he actually?
Feels like my head will split open not knowing it
Not knowing something will only make
you feel like your head will split open.
if you get to know them
your head will really open up.
Leave the matter alone
hey anu
why didnt you take the uniform?
its wet now
Now what do i wear and go?
how many times did i tell you yesterday
to keep it in the cupboard, to not forget
Answer me
wont you do any job properly?
Now what do i wear and go?
for what are you crying now?
Why are you sitting here now?
why are you crying?
You are very careless when it comes to certain things Anu
thats why i scolded
why would you take that seriously?
it is for your own good that i shouted at you no?
have ever seen me be careless at something?
have ever seen me be careless at something?
am pregnant
Both of are careless with few things eh?
Did you go to the doctor?
i'll be going today only
What shall we do if the doctor confirms it?
what shall we do meaning?
In our present situation,
Shall we abort it?
you are asking me to commit a murder eh?
No anu
We both havent married yet
We'll do it. Immediately
After doing how to lead..?
the salary that i get, it aint enough for our expenses
now a baby also
already we've bribed the watch-man to manage in this
whose there to support us?
Murder you call it?
accidentally its happened
think a little practically
shut up
you knew only today that we have no one to support us eh?
you talk like as if we met yesterday and i became pregnant
arent you ashamed?
we shall marry micheal
we'll do
we'll surely do
but we neednt do it now
2 years
when we are a little settled
so for 2 years?
whom do i tell the people is the father for the baby?
thats why am telling
hey anu
take this and go
Do you have change for 500?
Excuse me? do you have change for 500?
Sir, i asked if you had change for 500?
I dont have change and all
Doing too much
Have this
I dont want
Have this
Excuse me
She's not eating this
Make her eat no?
you feed her
eat this
Stop it
Laughing forever like a mad-ass
Why is this 'Father' sir looking so serious now?
if this had been my place, they'd have beat him black and
and they themselves would've bought him new clothes
and conducted the marriage
he'll drive an aeroplane it seems
but hesitate to get the license driving an 8
what brother?
you are talking as if i raped someone?
we've both been in love since our schooldays
any day, it is she who will be my wife
how brother with this salary? marriage? children?
How do i manage brother?
you say that the two of you lived all along together in the
same room
Had something like this happened before?
all this is god's gift dude
Hello boss?
dont annoy
whats up with him?
So, that and all is a sin
You should not do abortion
you should not at all
What do you say to this?
Is that so?
Shall we put a case on the company?
You are saying that, no matter what, it is that girl that
you are going to marry
Most of the people today who come asking for divorce,come
only in costly cars
So rather than fretting yourself over money,
shut and go get yourself married
What am saying is correct only no?
marry her
After that buy the two of us the costliest beers from
Tasmarc for 150 bucks
And give us treat
for 150 bucks?
what will you get?
What did you say?
you're going to marry
you're going to become a father
sorry sorry
you're going to become a father
and then you are going to marry
Give us treat
rightly said
This is the last time that i will be washing & ironing your
pants & shirts
am not your wife anyway to be washing your clothes
the pussy that you are when it comes to marriage
you coconut head
foolish monkey
cheap fuck
piece of shit
why didnt you attend the phone?
why didnt you pick the phone?
a letter straightaway implies suicide eh?
shall we marry?
i will think and tell
Right here
without the others?
whom do you want?
Grand Dinner
with all our friends
Lavish wedding we'll do once we are able to afford it
now we'll do it for our sakes
are you serious?
Auspicious date?
My wiah is to get married on 12/12/2012
It is also thalaivar's birthday
Bought this from our wedding savings
Do you, Anu, accept me, Michael
in life and death
in highs and lows
In happiness and sorrow
as your equal half
will you marry me or what?
Your soul, its music
Be it the shade
Of the honeyed flower..
The curtains of enchantment, Crafted from moon beams
The bamboo trees, a kiss they give
The curtains of enchantment, Crafted from moon beams
The bamboo trees, a kiss they give
Hey wifey!
Tell me dear
Hey Wifey!
Yes Tell me!
Happy now?
Did we really get married?
From tomorrow, you would wash
my clothes and iron them right?
Like the playful breeze,
slip through my fingers
In the bed of flowers, speak to me silently, my Love
When we are alone together, bolt Love's door
And lock me within, my love
Teasing day, fragrance of the breeze
The dampness in your hair, a warm rain
Your love awakens
In me, a hundred dreams
Your soul, its music
Be it the shade,
Of the honeyed flower..
The curtains of enchantment
Crafted from moon beams
The bamboo trees, will give a kiss
The curtains of enchantment
Crafted from moon beams
The bamboo trees, will give a kiss
Clouds be he, and she's the rain
Days be he, and she's the time
The breeze be he, and she's his fragrance
Words be he, and she's his meaning
am done listening to all that you said
now listen to what i have to say
i need it in my hands no matter what
One minute
its me only
yeah uncle?
come inside
Am taking care of billing
shall i send in michael?
okay send him
Dont keep repeating the same stuff and irritating me
Am trying to deal with things decently
if you expect something radical,
am quite ready to stoop to those levels
Dont delay any longer and send it as soon as possible
Hang up
How's the business?
Weekend sir
Quite a lot of deliveries
Raghavan said that you got married?
yes sir
Didnt invite us all?
uh sir
we did it in our home itself in a simple manner
This christmas
we are planning to invite everyone
and have a grand celebration
Did the marriage in the house itself eh?
yes sir
the best plan
rather than inviting everyone, spending
Fighting over the taste of the dishes offered
ok, here
Go and give this file to lakshmi at home
Tell her that the auditor will be there in an hour
ask her to give it to him
ok sir
wait wait
WAI wait, am trying to
Whats happening here?
come back, come back
there's nothing out there
hold her hands
take her inside
ok, its ok
What do you want?
Sir gave this file...
Chuck all that
Go and ask him to come here immediately
After i last came by,
Did something like this happen?
no sir
er no
its happened twice
but not to this extent
thats why
no sir
i myself didnt now
What are you saying?
it happened when you where out of town
you people can cheat me easily
its your daughter whom you are killing little by little
sorry sir
you have to talk
only then i will be able to understand
Why do you come?
why do you put this small girl through suffering?
Pity on her
this is the only thing you say everytime
Say something else
Dont be dumb
Do you want to see somebody?
are you angry over someone?
or do you seek revenge over something?
is there a show going oh here?
First ask him to leave
What should we do for you?
You go to the shop
ok sir
Dont tell this to anyone outside
okay, you leave
ok sir
the guy was asking her
if she wanted to see someone
if she was angry over someone
if she seeked revenge
She turns her head then
And looks at me
In a very weird way
an angry look
that very instant, i started shivering
didnt i say the other day itself?
your moment came, see?
you can guess the presence of ghosts with certain signals
Somewher in the distance, a dog will...
King of the night ...
The public is looking for the ages to find out what
Wang to beat me for the first time
i'd have died you fool
i've known priya from when she was young
A very good girl
only in the last 2 years that its become like this
She'd been to some friend's place
and had returned by night
and started screaming all of a sudden
ever since, she's been suffering like this
ever since there's not a temple or priest or sorcerer that
shanmugam has spared
The red nights are nowhere..
The dreams in the eyes..
..are always a trouble
one night around 1.30
i was smoking on the terrace
there was a railway track behind
in the distance i saw a woman standing
how fast do you think a woman can walk on a railway track?
There will be stones all right?
i kept watching
She went like a flash from that end to this end
come here
Come here
Drop this at my house
am going for delivery
if you want..
Finish the delivery and then go
Sir, it might take some time...
am saying na?
my daughter will not kill you
i didnt say so for that sir, it..
get lost
Raghava? What happened?
what happened?
whats this? blood's all over your body?
where did you go?
where's he? what happened to him?
Speak the fuck up now
he's inside only
what happened?
my Anu sir
What happened to Anu?
he's been repeating the same word like a mad-man
Stop crying and tell what happened? tell, tell
leave him
take that chair for him
do it
Stop crying
say, what happened?
i went to deliver the pizza
A bungalow in Anna Nagar
song on TV
this is what you call delivery in 45 mins eh?
Got little delayed on my way here
little late eh?
i asked you to keep that here
song on TV
Am not having change for 1000 mam
shouldnt you have brought change with you?
I actually have change for 500
i didnt bring for 1000
ever since you came, you've asked too many sorrys
TV Playing
435 right?
song on TV
Shall i go to the restaurant and get change?
its all right, i'll check upstairs
i guess the pizza will turn cold before i find you the
where are you?
what happened there?
where are you?
You do not have enough balance to call this number
Please try after recharging your number
Phone Ringing
Phone Ringing
Phone Ringing
whose that?
look here sir
sir, save me sir
Phone Ringing
sir, its locked inside
sir, are you able to hear me?
Sir, are you able to hear me?
sir, are you able to hear me?
who the hell are you?
where's Smitha?
Why are you picking her phone?
Sir.. here.. madam has been..
Sir, i came to deliver pizza sir
Someone has..
What? you came to deliver pizza?
ye-ye-yes sir
What are you bluffing?
Both of you thought i left town eh?
n-n- no sir
Where is she?
Open the door
sir, its locked inside sir
how do i?
Ask her to insert the key and open the door
where is she?
sir, someone killed madam sir
murdered ah?
ye-ye yes sir
you're selling stories after getting caught red-handed eh?
should i break the door and come inside? I will kill both of
i wont even stop to consider that she's my wife
sir, please listen to me sir
First open the door
i came to deliver pizzas sir
madam came and got it sir
you call her first
sir, please listen to me sir
Are you going to open the door or not?
you motherfucking bastard
Listen to what i have to say
listen a little to what i say sir, please sir,please
sir i came to deliver pizzas sir
you can see my bike standing outside sir
ya, there's a bike there
yes sir
i came to deliver pizzas sir
Madam only recieved it sir
She went upstairs to get cash sir
i went up after a few minutes to find her dead sir
someone murdered her sir
murdered her ah?
yes sir
i went up again after a few mins
only to find her dead body missing sir
Someone is here inside sir
all the doors are locked sir
save me sir
ther's no current also sir
please sir, please
Ok, first you open the door
how can i sir? all doors are locked
do one thing
see in the drawer below the tv in the hall
see if there's a key in it
go fast
Have you spotted it?
yes sir
is the key there?
its not there sir
see an EC chair in the hall?
do you see 2 statues by there?
yea, yea, yea
there will be a small bowl there.check in it
is it there?
sis its not there here also sir
not there ah?
you go up
have you?
going sir
yes i've come sir
ther's a dining hall right?
beyond that there'll be a corridor on the left.go there
did you go?
reached sir
go to the second room on the right
yes sir, yes sir
see a dressing table there?
yes its there sir
open the first draw
whats there?
There will be a cloth under it, see
is the key there?
there are a lot of keys sir
among those, the one with the black key chain
Grab it and come down quickly
Its not opening sir
Sir, is it locked from outside?
Phone Ringing
who the fuck is that?
who is it?
where are you?
if i catch you, you're a goner
whose this?
whose this ah?
this is anu only
how did..
which number did you call?
whay are you blabbering?
i called your cellphone number only
you called me on my cell?
is it my cell that you are talking to?
obviously, yes
you'd sent me a text reading "call me urgent"
i've been trying since and it was on not-reachable
i got the line only now
Honestly you are talking to my cell eh?
Are you drunk?
No anu,
am stuck in a house
am talking from an old, disconnected phone
Quit kidding
Believe me Anu
I cant understand anything thats going on
two people are dead
even their bodies are missing
I dont know what to do
tell slowly.what happened?
Actually i came to deliver a pizza
..I don't know what to do
anu anu anu, call the cops anu, please anu
save me anu
Lake Road right?
My bike is also standing outside
Michael, dont be brave
i will immediately call the cops
Are you in the police station?
No anu
you've called the same landline
I called up the police station number only
oh my god
Something weird is going on there
No matter which number i call,
it gets connected to the same landline
the lady whose dead
her towel, the change
Something's here
am feeling really scared
Dont get flustered
i'll go in person and get the cops
Sit tight till then
i will be there in 20 mins
Don't be scared
Fast, please.get them fast
i'll surely come
whose this?
dude, am shanmugam speaking
sir, sir
hello? what?
The customer called up saying there's been no delivery
Lakshmi said you never came home
no sir
am not able to reach you on your phone also
Where are you?
i've got stuck at the delivery place sir
Am not able to hear anything properly
i've got the delivery place..sir
in the house?
sir are you able to hear me?
crap network
he's struggling to speak
Go and see if he's fallen off the bike, somewhere on the way
sir, no sir
sir are you able to hear me? sir?
what happened?
push the main switch om
there's someone in here
whose that?
whose he sir?
a crazy person?
there is ghost inside sir
we'll leave sir, please sir, we'll leave sir
sit down
Sit down!
there's a ghost inside sir
sir, we'll leave sir, please listen to me sir
we were going for rounds near the smitha bungalow side
It looked to us like someone was inside
We came in to find an intruder sir
no sir
he looks like...
he's wearing a hotel uniform sir
he;s talking like a crazy person sir
No sir
nthing like that sir
should you send a vehicle immediately, we'll bring him to
the station sir
sir,first we'll leave this place sir,we'll leave sir
check if he's got any weapons on him
Get up
why are you checking me sir?
it is on my intimation that you came right?
did you hear that sir?
it seems we came on his intimation
me in the sense not me sir.
Anu sir.she must have told
if you keep blabbering shit?
Sit down
there's nothing sir
where's anu sir?
Anu sir
she must've been the one to inform you sir
Nobody like that came
sir please allow me to make just one call from your phone
sir please sir, gimme your phone sir
sir, tell one thing alone sir
how come you came here without anu telling you?
you want to know how we came eh?
how did you come into a house that was sealed by the police?
sealed by the police?
sir, there were people in this house sir
am not a mad-man sir
i wont runaway anywhere
Sir please sir, listen to what i have to say sir,please?
i came to deliver pizza sir
a lady came and got it sir
she asked me to keep it inside and
went upstairs to get cash sir
After sometime there was a loud noise sir
i went upstairs to check it out sir
there, someone had killed her sir
upstairs sir
i saw it sir
i saw it sir
come with me sir,come sir
go with him
come along sir
what is this sir?
Dont you know?
Hey you.. Stop
he's showing the murder locations exactly sir
He's speaking like he witnessed the murders sir
he's no crazy person
accused i guess
search the entire house once properly
ok sir
what happened in this house sir?
tell sir
one week back 4 people were killed here
the entire town is speaking about this case only
didnt you know it?
investigation is going on
the evidences are all in there
how the hell did you come in?
sir am speaking the truth sir
i came to deliver pizza only sir
the spots you've marked
I saw all three of them sir
sir their ghosts are here sir
sir, we dont have to stay here sir
we'll leave sir
sir take me to the station sir, please sir
sir, 3 murders or 4 murders sir?
whose the 4th person sir?
a husband,wife
a small child
and then
a lady
i saw only three person's bodies sir
the 4th one outside
in the garden
whose she sir?
a student of christ college
christ college ah?
her name?
her name was something that went like...
you were often referring to some girl name no?
ya anu
that name only
her name was also anu
give me your for a minute sir,please sir?
why are you getting tensed?
you spoke to your anu only and made us come here right?
yes sir
just now
just now,a few minutes back i talked to her sir
then what?
its been one week since that anu died
what is this anu doing?
she also studied in christ college only sir
which branch?
whats her address?
Raasappa street
tell the full address
rohin illam
raasappa street
why do you ask sir?
am scared sir
nothing has happened to my anu right?
how do you relate with her?
husband sir
recently only
we married a few days back
why do you ask all this sir?
why were you asking for me phone?
to call her only sir
the last time i talked
she said she was going to the police station
i thought it was she who sent you sir
give me the phone sir
the number that you called is not in use
sir the number
the number's
not in use
your name's michael right?
Michael Karthikeyan
native place, madurai
how come you are aware of all this sir?
how do you expect to connect to a girl's phone who died a
week ago?
the anu that you are talking about was found dead a week ago
in this very same house
she was pregnant when she died
no no
Its impossible sir
it cannot be my anu
i talked just now
just now,a few mins back
dont blabber nonsense sir
we've been searching you only for 5 days to do an enquiry
where did you escape to?
i've checked the place inside out sir
there's only a bike thats standing
must be his bike i guess
it is this guy yhat i doubt
should we take him to the station and tear him apart
he might come out with all the truth
there's no need for that all
we are seraching na?
it is him only
after indulging in all the crap?
why are you now crying like an innocent fuck?
my anu hasnt died
she only must've sent you people here
like fools you speak
she must be at home
am going
if you try to escape? hey?
save me, save me
save me
the number of calls that sir's made asking if we found him
or not
what answer do we give him?
where had you gone too?
i need to make a call to anu
need to call anu.give me the phone brother
give him the god damn phone
tell dude
what happened?
the number that you are trying to reach, is currently not
what happened to you?
it says not reachable
anu's missing brother
there's nothing like that
they are telling that anu died brother
Nothing would have happened to her
she's missing brother
there's nothing like that
no brother.i need to go,find her
you first come to the restaurant
i need to go find anu
first come
no brother
tell sir that i will talk to him.
I will talk to him
I said will talk right?
Listen to us
am shouting at you to stop na?
aint i telling i need to go?
Why are you hitting us?
I must go
am repeatedly saying
brother DONT brother
Leave me
Leave him
What man?
am saying something right?
stop it
go die
brother brother stop brother
i need to go find anu brother
she's missing brother
she went to the cops to save me only
i've no idea what happened
i've been searching throughout town
That's when they came
find me my anu sir
where's your bag?
your delivery bike
pizza bag
where's all that?
bag is in that house only sir
i left the bike also there and ran away
i should've also die..
those 3 of them
in my hands
my back
they could've killed me as well then and...
those 3 only did something to my anu sir
stay safe mike
i'll be there soon,she said sir
the day your daughter stared at me
ever since nothing's been right sir
i've lost my happniness
i've lost peace
my sleep
my anu's also gone
in her stomach
my baby sir
i think its that kid whose troubling your daughter sir
its her only sir
when i called her nithya
she looked up at me sir
just like
just like your daughter saw me sir
what happened?
go and get some water
nothing's happened, nothing's happened
shall we go to the police?
does this look to you like a matter that warrrants the
where's the bungalow he's talking about?
smitha bungalow
people say its a ghost house
shall we barge in and check the bungalow out?
dont act in haste
you listened to what he said right?
i wonder if the nithya thats troubling my daughter
did something to him slao
in what bloody way did i sin this nithya, i wonder
my daughter
when she was staring at him the other day
such intensity
he was little scared when i asked him to go there again
see how freaked out he looks
now what do we do uncle?
check if the bike's there infront of the house
we'll decide later about going into the house
he keeps saying anu right?
do you know her?
he's told me a lot about her
he even said he married her
she was slso pregnant apparently
even whe we got hold of him today,
he got my mobile and tried calling her
after that only
like a mad-man
he started blabbering, hitting us
find out where this anu is
Will complain to the police
ans ask them to search for her
but be careful
make sure they dont drag us into the enquiry
make him stay at your room itself
for a few days
Dont leave him anywhere alone
come in
what are you doing here?
come,we'll go down
]random convo]
what happened mike?
dont know.finding it difficult to..
take a deep breath
how many years has it been since the marriage?
2 months sir
2 months only eh?
did you try at her mom's place?
she has no parents sir
these days i get atleast 4 wife-running away cases every
put a sign here
what happened is?
a guy who was suspicious over his wife,
killed her
shot their child also
and commited suicide
that has been locked since
those people near the house
they believe that there are ghosts in there
even two years back
2 policemen were found dead there
till date no one knows how they died
the case is still open in the police department
these are the details of the house
this, small girl,who died
her name's nithya eh?
the lady's name was smitha
kid's name?
i'll ask them to enquire
the other day doctor prescribed right?
use it when you have difficulty breathing
you know how to use it right?
i know
ok i'll have bath and come
the watchman of this house was a total drunkard sir
he only rented out the outhouse to them
Micheal brother only used to come and go often
the girl..
i've hardly seen her
both of them grew up in an orphanage in madurai
when i asked him,
he said they left the ashram 5 years back
it seems nobody in the ashram knew about the marriage either
it seems she came 2 months back to get her arrears
after that there's been no contact from her side
nothing's clear here
if we dont any clues
the way we enquire itself will be radically different
what if he himself had killed and buried her?
he's not that kind of a person sir
huh? there are people who even kill infants!
anu wouldnt have gone anywhere
we'll sure find her
Look here..
you first get out of that room, outside
stupid thoughts'll come to you should you keep to yourself
you've to come for work
then only you will have some sort of diversion
brother? brother..
something black
some figure
what are you talking about?
no one's in here
the other day
i went for this kottiyokam delivery remember?
around 10.30
there was some sudden breeze
like something went inside me
some sort of bad smell
just freaked out
can you please
send pandi out on late nights?
you're okay right?
see if there's any bleeding here?
there's nothing there
this side?
seriously there's nothing
nothing ah?
all of a sudden he freaks out
He cries thinking about the girl
he's asking to check if there's blood in his back and all
its so hard for me to see him suffering in the room uncle
any news on the girl?
when we were packing at his place,
there was no trace of a girl having lived there
how much longer?
do you want us to clear the body or not?
Dont come nearby
Move, move, move
know her?
no sir
ok ok clear the place
all of you leave the place, leave leave
dont cry
its not her right?
wait.. just one minute
you've intentionally or unintentionally done something bad
to the kid, nithya
her spirit only
is seeking a blood-thirsty revenge over you
whatever happened till date
whatever's happening now
its all her actions,her game
she is trying to make you, come to her place,with her game
with god's grace
we should put this ghost down in the right way
or bad events such as these wont stop occuring
Not just that
even murder might take place
if you agreed to it
there's a malayalee sorceror i know
he's a specialist in controlling ghosts
we'll invite him and
do a pooja this full moon
the order came from thist area only
but he never went to the house from which the order came
like he said, his bike was outside this house only
so, like he says,
the bag must be in here only
shall we go inside and just take it?
it feels creepy only
but what do we do now?
it already has killed 2
dont be hasty
if its there,it'll be inside only right?
the sorcerer's coming from kerala
we'll do a pooja at full moon
and go inside with their help
he's not troubled by ghosts all
but it aint looking like he's lying either
he's seen something
and has become terribly scared
he keeps talking about a girl, anu
if that girl is not found,
it is very hard to get him back to normalcy
the girl,anu
does she really exist?
have any of you seen her?
why sir?
it is possible that the girl's an imagination
could be a ghost also
sit down
how are you?
am fine sir
what, delivery eh?
yes sir
you are able to go and come back these days without feeling
am able to sir
but i dont go anywhere after 8 sir
the other day when i was walking down the road
there was a sort of breeze
like something got into me
some weird smell
keep this under your pillow
pray to the amman and sleep
your fears will all run away
very powerful
dont worry
nothing would've happened to anu
who knows what sin you commited
Troubling you so much at such a young age
dont cry
nothing will happen
god will save us
be brave
ok sir
Ok go!
how are you?
how are you?
there's no problem right?
safe na?
am fine, how are you?
i've been waiting for one week for your call
feels like my head is going to burst open
why didnt you call me?
i also feel the same way only
not being able to talk whenever i want to
ya tell
why did you call this late?
sir listen to what i have to say very clearly
in half an hour there will be a raid in your office
somehow hide it safely at some place
why are you telling this at the neck of the moment?
you told its legal right?
sir we'll talk about all this later.first hide it somewhere
one other thing
dont try to go outside the office sir
you might be under watch
Drop this in my house
am going for delivery
shall i ask pandi?
my daughter will not kill you
stupid fellow
what happened?
i fell down
oh my god
nothing happened, nothing happened
i fell down
shirt became dirty
i cant go in this outfit to the customer's place no?
ok,see if the pizza has fallen over
There's a scratch on your back
its nothing
its even bleeding
its nothing
what nothing?
its nothing
go see if anything happened to the pizza
also, if possible, heat it a little
hey, fast
am already very late
if i dont deliver it within 15 mins
it will show on my salary
it is worth a minimum of 2 crores
shall we take it and run away?
quit joking
look here
very soon, we will have a baby
a life selling pizzas
i will have to pass my arrears
search a job
think a little
we'll be able to settle in UK/US in 1 month
you're serious eh?
if you dont deliver the pizzzas within 30 mins, you dont
collect money na?
anything that you dont get on time is a waste only
whats the point in being a rich man at 50?
we've spent almost half our lives wearing donated clothes
and donated food, from the ashram
it is now that we are going to enjoy life
even if not for our sake, let it be for the sake of our
But sir is a very good man
we too are michael
That's okay..
but how?
with this money
within 10 days
we will be able to get fake passports, visas and degree
we will be at some other place untill we board the flight
where shall we go?
we'll go to Bangalore
there will be a bus now
first we'll leave this place
within few minutes they will start searching for the missing
but we need not leave together
doubts will be cast
untill now, none of them have seen you
so you pack your things and leave first
i cant leave the bike like this and come
after doing something to cover that
i will board a bus tonight
we'll meet tomorrow morning in Bangalore
what if you get caught before boarding the bus?
if i get caught?
they'll ask me where i wnet for so long
they'll ask where's that box right?
but i dont know that these are inside the box right?
they'll ask you what happened to the bike and bag
what do we tell?
what shall we tell?
an accident everything but the vehicle is in proper shape
what if you say someone stole it?
a police complaint will be made
we'll get caught
we should be able to sell a story that they'll believe
a ghost story?
everyone have their own weaknesses
for some, money
for some, god
for some, girls
for your boss?
you've read my novel right?
in that , your boss
his daughter
some bungalow
incorporate all these and tell him a believable story
the other day they were talking in a TV program about some
haunted house right?
smitha bungalow
what name did priya say that day?
two constables were also found dead in the bungalow
enough ah?
we can use all this and make a ghost film itself
that is all fine
what if they ask me where my wife is?
tell something and manage
first, we'll leave this place
stay safe
when there's no one around,
leave the bike infront of the house
board a bus
call me on my vodafone number
they've already started doubting
you first leave the place
hey, everything will be fine right?
it must, it should
dont fear
take care
hey, have you boarded the bus?
forget me.there's nothing to worry about me
i will take a bus or come by train
you're safe right?
whose this?
am shanmugam speaking
hello? what?
The customer called up saying there's been no delivery
Lakshmi said you havent come by my house yet
am not able to reach you on your phone also
where are you?
sir I....
am not able to hear you properly
where are you? is there any problem?
sir, in a house
in the house?
Sir.. can you hear?
he's struggling to speak
go check if he's fallen off the bike somewhere
do-do-dont ha-ha hang up sir, please
if you get him, no matter what time it is, give me a call
ok uncle
it cant be an accident and all
if it was we'd have got the news by now
do you know his house?
i know that area
we can find it easily
we'll got to his house and check
his wife will be there only no?
if she's also not there
it means things are heading in the wrong direction.
we'll go to the cops
he's not aware of whats inside brother
Where do you run
sir's making so many calls asking if we found him
what answer do we give him?
where had you gone?
anu's missing brother
there's nothing like that
i need to go
Singing with devotion
brother, brother enough brother
i need to go find anu brother
He is inside
Where do you run
Looking for something
If the fear is gathered
Singing with devotion
tell me now, what happened?
a heart without desires
No life is so
If desires come
sir, sir, are you able to hear me sir?
No life is so
Water of the canal
will quench it's thirst
when time comes
even spirits will haunt
if eyes are closed
a heart without desires
No life is so
If desires come
no life has a heart
brother, see if there's any bleeding here?
seriously there's nothing there
dont worry
nothing would've happened to anu
ok, tell me, how are the other things going on?
like we planned its been 4 days since i came from banglore
to cochin
our passport is also ready
in 2 days, i'll get my degree certificates also
as soon as you come,we canget the VISA and board the flight
am trying to come asap
too many things,more than what we anticipated is going on
everyone has started believing me
when will you come here?
am not sure
it may take 2 weeks
it may take 2 months
after making everyone here believe me completely
i'll cooly leave this place
ok va?
what if before that,
someone opens the house and sees inside?
as long as shanmugam is scared of ghosts
as long as nithya is torturing his daughter
we are safe only
did you know one thing?
According to them
there's no such girl called anu
they imagine anu itself might've been a ghost
you're a ghost eh?
the most dangerous ghoosts in the world are still alive only
in the form of humans like us
you called the novel am writing dumb na?
its worth is 2 crore rupees
saw it?
even now i'll say
its a dumb novel only
its because of the way i told it
you yourself are a pussy,
how did you manage?
only freaked out people will be able to say stories that
make others freak out
i need to deliver pizzas
i'll talk to you in two days, ok?
talk for some more time no?
no, if my phone remains switched off for a long time, doubts
will arise.we'll talk later.ok?
whenever it is possible
you stay safe there
come and place it inside
how much?
the pizzas have come
Song on TV