Pizza 3: The Mummy (2023) Movie Script

Check if your father has come!
[tires screeching]
I have got gifts for both of you.
- A gift?
- Jump!
- Guess what the gift is?
- Let's see
- Guess what the surprise could be!
- Hey!
- Say something.
- Barbie girl!
- Only for you?
- Hold it! Your favorite barbie girl.
- See that!
- Go, play!
Only she gets barbie doll?
And Vijay, for you...
Dad! What's this?
Hey son!
- Please, give it back!
- What?
Very precious gift.
My friend gifted it.
It's 700 years old!
Am worried he will break it.
Please be careful.
Hey Benny!
You haven't changed one bit?
Certain things are hard to get.
We have got something.
So let's keep it.
Hey careful!
Hey start recording!
Dad, look here.
[singing old Tamil movie song]
Mom, say something.
Hey, you're going to break it!
Why have you cooked non-veg on full moon?
Chicken. Mutton. What's this?
Well that is for you...
- Dad, look at the camera and talk.
- Hey!
Hey, why don't you tell him?
- I've been calling since long for dinner!
- What do I do?
- Look!
- Hey come!
Turn the camera off!
- Dad, just some more time.
- Vijay!
Turn the camera off.
Tell him!
Vijay! Come here!
- Daddy, tell me a story please!
- A story? What story shall I tell you?
I'll tell you that elephant story.
Once upon a time there was a big elephant!
Dad, I don't want this.
Tell me something interesting.
What interesting story shall I tell you?
Dad, I hear that some ghost comes
around and plays basketball.
My friend, Krishna was telling me.
Hey! Why talk about ghosts at night?
Keep Quiet!
Looks like your mom is scared
of ghost stories at night?
Well then, am going to tell a ghost story.
Some 20 years back..
Daddy was studying 11th or 12th grade.
There was a big basket ball tournament!
In that basket ball tournament..
We had already scored
9 points and playing..
Opponents were at a lead of 23 points!
In the opponent team..
There was a player named Sam.
He was a state-level player!
His game play was superb!
He was playing all good...
He fell down all of a sudden,
and starting having seizures.
Match was stopped.
He was taken to hospital.
In about 3 months...
He passed away.
Many people said they could
see Sam in the play ground.
I was very shocked.
After a while, some one said..
They saw something..
After 12 AM...
That guy came...
to that basket ball court.
He was playing basket ball all alone.
That basket ball sound went...
[making basketball dribbling sound]
[making basketball dribbling sound]
[making basketball dribbling sound]
[basketball dribbling sound]
Many say they heard it!
Daddy hasn't seen it.
But I've heard about it.
See, don't believe all this.
Ghosts don't exist. Okay?
my friend told me that you pushed him.
Who said that?
Nothing like that happened.
Look, give it to me!
Time's up! Give it.
- Goodnight.
- Lie down..
Do ghosts exists or not?
For centuries..
This has been one of the
most unanswerable questions.
Today with us, we have..
4 special guests.
"Ghosts don't exist.."
"This has become a thing"
"These are things used by frauds"
This is what, a rationalist..
Mr. Durai here has to say and also...
It is said books are a
treasure of knowledge.
Today we have a librarian...
Mr. Rajendran who handles the
very treasure of those books.
We also have Kayal...
who has done lot of new
things in the field of software.
"Ghosts exist. I communicate
and live among them"
says exorcist Vajravelu
who's with us today.
Let's start our discussion
with Mr. Vajravelu first.
You keep saying that ghosts exist.
What evidence do you have,
to prove that ghosts exist?
Sir, I have performed over 500
exorcisms. Isn't that enough evidence?
Sir, you see..
There are 4 people in this debate.
But among us there are some
supernatural beings as well.
If I say this,
no atheists will believe me.
Mr. Durai,
you talk a lot about Rationalism..
Vajravelu says there are
supernatural beings over here.
- What's your take?
- You see.
These are stone-age fictions!
Like there is no God,
there are no ghosts either.
In this modern-age, the whole
world is within our mobile phones!
In a time like this,
you are seeding age-old fiction.
Mentally challenged people..
Are beaten, tortured..
And tormented by him.
He calls it exorcism.
Mr. Exorcist..
He's accusing you of only beating and
torturing mentally challenged people.
One should never mock age-old
practices in the name of being modern.
I'll tell you all something.
About 4000 years back..
There was a mummy idol made by a
Queen in Egypt. Have you heard of it?
When the queen's empire was
surrounded by her enemies..
When the city was about to be destroyed..
She put all of the negative energy
surrounding the empire into that idol.
It's no normal idol.
It has the capability to bring out every
single single spirit every full moon
Many books have been published
on this in many countries.
Africa, Thailand, Indonesia. Even the
so called developed country, China.
Now, they say that idol is in India.
What do you say?
Maybe you can make a great
web-series out of this.
Vajravelu is a good story teller.
Whole world has gone digital.
That's what Mr.Durai says.
But Kayal says that it's possible to
communicate with ghosts digitally.
An app..
Which you say, you have developed
to communicate with ghosts.
Can you please explain?
In my opinion..
There's a frequency difference
between humans and ghosts.
I mean, sound waves.
We can't hear all sounds.
Only sounds of certain frequency
wavelengths are audible to humans.
Any sound, above or below that
frequency will not be audible to us.
Bats, for example.
We can't hear all the sounds they make.
To communicate with ghosts..
Only if we can get to that frequency.
That's what I have tried
to do with this app.
Simply put..
This app is a digitized
version of Ouija Board.
What nonsense is this?
Was mobile phone invented
to speak with ghosts?
Is this even believable?
Can you prove any of this now?
Sure sir, but as I said earlier..
It's only 95% complete.
It's still in testing stage.
So test it and show us!
Prove it in front of the people.
Okay, But there are some conditions.
They should also wish
to communicate with us.
Their aura should be around us.
See my son, Lenin..
Passed away 2 years
back in a bike accident.
Make him come if you can. Let's see.
Right here..
Within a 10 meter radius..
If your son's spirit is there,
we surely can talk to him.
Okay, let's give it a try.
Lenin, if you're here you
can talk to your father.
Are you here?
What are you going to say now?
Are you going say,
that my son is not willing to talk to me?
You see..
Not just here..
There's no such thing as
ghost anywhere in the world.
Why despite being educated,
you want to cheat people like this?
In India..
God and ghosts have a
great scope for business.
I have no need to cheat anyone, Sir!
Look here!
Okay okay.
Please don't get emotional Kayal.
We will discuss further.
This is not intended to hurt anyone.
Librarian is here. Let's talk to him.
Sir, a lot of books..
You must have come across about ghosts.
You must have had lot of experiences.
You must have heard a lot.
What are your views on ghosts?
God. Ghost.
I think humans haven't
found anything about both.
Even now, in this world..
There are many unsolved
supernatural events.
Those days they saw ghosts
through betel leaf and dye.
There after they used Ouija Board
and said that they spoke with ghosts.
I feel the same way about that
app which Kayal has developed.
So you say science is the ultimate
method to get solutions. It's justified.
Science has solved many things.
Hopefully it will solve this too.
- I thank all 4 of you for coming here.
- Thank you. Thank you.
We will meet again soon. Greetings!
Hi Kayal!
- Hi Sir!
- I heard your research has come out well.
My best wishes.
- Thank sir. At least you..
- Am not saying I believe you.
But I appreciate the effort you
have put in to develop the app.
- So
- Hey, you see..
Please don't think I hurt you.
I oppose you because what
you're saying is unbelievable.
Maybe your parents will believe you...
Maybe your boyfriend
would for the love they have.
But don't expect others to believe.
Believe me, sir.
I'll take care of Kayal.
The basic principle of
our department is...
to not believe even ourselves.
I am not against love.
At the same time..
My sister..
Should have relationship with
someone who is worthy of her, right?
You own a restaurant right?
Yes sir.
No sir. I'm the owner.
Own money?
Bank loan, sir.
How many years?
20 years.
20 long years.
My sister has..
Given surety for your bank loan?
Life full of installments.
And then love?
Shall we speak practically?
If you were in my position..
Will you let your sister
marry someone who's in debt?
You won't right?
Tell me!
Already in debt.
I will pay my own bill.
In your restaurant..
You do get tips right?
That's what your life depends on.
Do you share it?
Or does everyone take
what belongs to them?
I didn't mean to insult you.
Just for information.
- Hi!
- Hi Prem!
- How're you?
- Fine.
- How was your day?
- Good. Good.
Leading fashion designer.
And, uh..
He's going to marry my sister.
By the way.
What do you do?
Poor fellow, paying off loans!
He will tell you who I am.
If you want to know better..
Ask his sister.
She'll tell you in detail.
Isn't it?
Call Nalan.
[voice assistant]: Calling Nalan
Sir, while you were placing the order
I informed you that it would delay
I just checked sir everyone is
busy but it is getting ready Sir
- How many times will you say "more time"?
- No sir.
- Sir! Some more time.
- Don't give me reasons.
- It's getting ready sir.
- That's what I asked first.
How much more time?
You said 10 minutes.
Now you say another 10 minutes!
- I have been waiting for 20 minutes
- I understand sir, it will be ready soon
- I have a meeting.
- Extremely sorry sir.
This has never happened!
Just 5 minutes sir.
I will get the dish ready.
Sir, 5 minutes sir.
Why 5 more minutes?
What's the problem?
He is angry because his
order got a bit delayed.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Tell me.
Sir, who are you?
I'm the restaurant owner.
Sir, ask him yourself.
I asked him while placing the order.
He said 10 minutes.
It's more than 20 minutes.
I have a meeting, Sir!
You don't even know how
to handle a customer!
Sorry sir, what did you order?
Sizzler's chicken.
Sir, usually sizzling chicken is
marinated in sauce. Take some time, sir.
How can you say this again?
At times, for certain tasty dishes..
It does take some time, Sir.
Sir, what are you even talking about?
Tour him the kitchen
Let him know by himself
- What?
- What's that, Sir?
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Sorry sir, sorry sir.
I am here,
With your order Sizzling chicken Sir
Enjoy your food, sir!
What are you doing with the customer..
Let's go
Hey come. Let's go.
Come on man.
- Enjoy your food, sir.
- What's with you?
What happened to you, Nalan?
You never talk like this to anyone?
I have never seen you irritated with
the customer. What did her brother say?
Did he approve or not?
Showing off he's a police man?
Everyone is annoying me.
Did you talk to Kayal?
What did she say?
- She is buzzing me now
- Attend her call
I don't want to... Why again and again?
Until you attend her call would
you get to know what she has to say
Go and check the status of the oven
Table no.5, order has not yet been served?
Look at the way he has chopped it!
Good to know You are
going to elope and marry
Did he annoyed you so much?
I am going to chop her
brother into pieces, pieces...
[assistant chef]: Boss
- Ah
- Nalan, be careful
Oh god! Can't you be more careful?
Sorry boss! Sorry boss!
Hey sweet-ball!
Do you have any sense?
- As if you are running for life?
- What's so urgent?
Just that someone left this toy.
Why can't you keep it on the rack?
Why do you do this?
- Hey! Get that First Aid kit.
- What toy is that?
Don't know.
But looks like some pencil box.
Looks very weird!
Yes it is!
Give me that Hey!
Place it back on the rack
- Give me the first aid kit
- Okay Brother
I definitely turned off the
lights and locked the doors.
But I closed the gas too
along with the others!
What's going on?
Tell me boss.
What I said yesterday night?
What boss?
Did I ask you to unload
a truck of garbage?
I didn't understand
You have not cleaned the wash-basin!
No, I cleaned everything.
It is a mess here
What have you done? Bread is lying outside
Won't it get stale?
Boss please listen
I cleaned everything last night.
I don't know what you going to do
But in another 15 minutes
I want you to clean up this mess
I am going out now You better
clean it before I reach
Sure boss
- Hello
- Nalan, Where are you?
Yes sir, I am in the restaurant
- I will be there, I am just starting now
- Okay
- Come quick
- Where do you want me to come, Sir?
Call Murugan
I will take care of it if he is
not able to handle. Don't worry
I feel relieved because of you
- You don't worry about anything
- Okay
- Hi sir
- Hi Nalan
Get going now I will take care
Hi Nalan How are you?
As usual.
How is your restaurant?
Going on well, Sir Profitable...
And I have transferred rest
of the money to your account
PA informed me
The place which I had given to you...
is very lucky.
I just liked you at the first sight
Just let you have at a lesser price
Hold it!
Now that you got your
property Enjoy your life.
- You can leave now
- Thank you
Sir, you must visit my
restaurant at least for once.
- Leave now
- Okay sir
Yesterday, I had cleaned up everything
I don't know how
everything is a mess today
- Subha don't you remember?
- Hmm
How come one can leave if they
are well aware of their job
When I was about to leave
I saw the lights burning
So came over again and switched
off the stove and left for home
He is just yelling at me,
without giving a ear to my words
He is our Nalan, take it easy.
The other day, Yogi too got scoldings
Are you pointing at me?
The reason was him
When I asked to check the
customers rather checking the phone
He handed over the phone to me.
And got scoldings from Sir.
For his mistakes I am
bearing the brunt, Subhi.
Check this, how he has cleaned this plate
Look at the corners,
why don't you clean it properly?
Hey that is the design of the plate.
Yeah I know, just mind your business
Wonder why all of you treating me
like this I look like a scapegoat...
Hey Yogi, what is this?
Hey is this a new dish?
- No idea
- It looks so colorful
Shall we taste it?
Hey shuba, did you make this?
- What is this? looks like a sweet dish
- I think so
Yum, it is so tasty
Divine Taste!
Did you make this?
No, I didn't
Sure you wouldn't have made it
Not even me
Brother did you make this?
- What's this?
- Brother
How is it brother?
It's awesome
Then you have not made it You can leave..
I did not lick You licked it.
Go and place this in Display
- Then who would have made this?
- Hey, Nalan would have made this dish.
Oh. while boss was cooking
kitchen has become messy
And he is yelling at me over the phone
Let boss come today
- Hey, go back to your work.
- OK brother.
Excuse me
Yes sir, How is the sweet?
Actually, we liked the sweet very
much It's really amazing taste
Thank you Sir!
Next week we have our
daughter's birthday function
Nice sir
I want to place an order for 35 kg
What under the sky urged
you to come to my office?
Excuse me
How many times have I tried calling
you up? Why didn't you answer them?
You came to the office to check this?
- Happy Birthday!
- Thank you
Aravind wanted to meet you and talk
Try to understand me
He is a MD for a company
Oh! he is a company's MD
If you want,
I shall develop an App for his company
Seems like both brother and
sister are in a deep discussion
- We were talking about you.
- Oh
Yes he said you wanted to meet me and talk
Yeah, today is your birthday So I have
planned a small dinner get together
You must definitely come
Ah, actually I have work in the evening..
But thank you
I cannot meet you today
We can catch up next time
Hope it is fine with you?
Ah, Yes he is fine brother
Let me leave now Okay bye
Ya, one more important thing
I will not come home tonight
You know well where I would be,
So bye
What happened?
I just remembered our first kiss
What a beautiful day it was?
Teenage love story
When am looking at you,
it is flashing in my eyes
Oh! Tell me when you proposed me first?
How can we forget that day?
Don't think hard, just tell me when?
Wait, I'll tell you.
- It's you
- What are you doing?
- I am tasting your sweet
- Sweet?
Must admit, it is yummy This is
the best ever sweet made by you.
I didn't prepare it
But I don't understand a thing here,
You spent whole night along with me
So when did you prepare it?
Hey, I did not prepare it
Stop acting, I was told in the morning
that you have prepared sweet dish
I have named this dish
But I admire your modesty
Good morning Nalan, seems like
you are thinking something deeply
Good morning brother
How was yesterday? What kayal said?
- I am gonna ask about the sweet
- I also want to talk about it
What a taste!
Its the best sweet for this
festival season You rocked it
Yesterday we received an order
for 40 Kg from a customer
- Good isn't it
- I can't understand what you are saying
Nalan, I admire your modesty
I arranged the ingredients by the
taste Show us how to make this
[phone ringing]
[breathing heavily]
Who is this? [caller crying]
- Who is this?
- [caller crying loudly]
[CALLER]: Hello.
- Hello
- [CALLER]: Hello.
- Hello
- [CALLER]: Hello.
[CALLER]: Say something rather than hello
[CALLER]: Can you hear me.
Now I am able to hear sir,
I think there is some problem in this line
- [CALLER]: Whatever.
- Now tell me sir
[CALLER]: Is this a restaurant?
Yes Vintage Maniac Restaurant
[CALLER]: Which locality?
Cenotaph road, Sir
[CALLER]: Cenotaph road?
Are you Nalan?
Hey Nalan, Nalan, I am Veera here
What is happening?
Which ever eatery I am calling
It is getting redirected
to your restaurant
I think there is a problem in
the line Tell me what you need?
I have come for a
personal meeting close-by
I was feeling hungry, so made a call to
order food Do you have anything to eat?
You can charge me extra but
prepare something to eat
Fine, tell me your order Sir?
[door bell ringing]
Dear, I have transferred funds
to your account, Just check it.
And I am in a meeting...
[door bell ringing]
Will call you once am done.
Take care of the kids, bye dear
- Hi sir
- Come
Sorry sir,
your food order got delayed a bit.
That's okay, how much is it?
- 430 Rupees sir
- 430?
- I don't have the change sir
- Keep this, It's okay
Thank you sir
- Steamy hot... OK.
- Bye, sir.
[door bell ringing]
Hey, What about now?
Sir, your food order got delayed a bit.
What, You just delivered the order.
- Sir, I just reached your place
- What are you saying?
Look at the package you delivered
- How much is it?
- 430 Rupees.
Is this a deja-vu?
- I don't have the change sir
- Keep this, It's okay
Keep this
Thank you sir Its very hot, hold carefully
- Okay
- Thank you sir.
Its seems like he delivered again
But he said he just reached here.
How come its possible?
[door bell ringing]
[door bell ringing again]
No one here
[door bell ringing]
- [gasps]
- What happened?
- [gasping]
- Why you took so long to open the door?
Are you in a bad mood?
Hey relax, Why you look tensed?
Sorry, I thought I should come early
But I slept, anyway we are gonna
stay awake for whole night.
What's this?
For me?
Nice isn't it?
OK, Who answered my call? Your husband?
Advise him to watch his words
Don't talk about him, he is utter waste
Just because he married you,
He doesn't have the right to talk
Okay cool down.
In the party...
- You looked damn hot in that red saree.
- Is it?
Too good.
At that moment, I fell for you.
I thought I should called you earlier.
But today...
[door opens]
Where were you all this time?
I waited for you to bath together
What happened?
Everything's fine?
What happened?
What happened? are you okay?
Go take a shower, you will be refreshed.
Its hot here.
[screaming in pain]
[continues to scream]
Looks very suspicious
I can't say this is an accident or
murder Lets wait for the autopsy report
Forensic report will be
in your table in 4 hours.
- OK, thank you.
- Thank you.
Please come sir
Why have you asked me to come here, Sir?
To give the hospital
canteen contract to you.
You look very cool,
even after committing a murder
Why you killed Veeranarayanan?
Veeranarayanan, who?
VN Granites, Proprietor Veeranarayanan.
What are you saying, sir?
Veera sir has been murdered?
So, You know about him?
What are you thinking?
He had placed an order and
I went there to deliver it.
We watched everything in
the surveillance camera.
Have you seen a chick at his place?
Sir, My only job is to deliver food
You are the restaurant owner.
When did you turn as a delivery boy?
we don't have any parity in my restaurant
Anyone would go to
deliver the food orders.
We deliver in 10-15 places.
How would we be held responsible
if any incident takes place there?
Why are you speaking rudely?
- I can arrest you if I
- You are trying to frame me
Why you are here?
My friend Veera got killed by
someone I came here to see his body.
Sir, I have some work to
finish I am taking a leave
Don't interrupt while talking.
Am I plucking the hair...
Go sit in the corner.
You are here for an inquiry.
Sir, show some respect.
Sir, could you stand aside?
He is a very good man.
Don't know who did this to him.
- Sir, can I see his body
- Hey take him to the mortuary
He will guide you
Sir, if you are done with your inquiry,
can I leave?
You must be available for
the inquiry all the time.
Without my permission,
you shouldn't go anywhere.
I just told you...
You shouldn't go anywhere
without informing to me.
Sir, shall I leave?
We watched everything in
the surveillance camera.
- Hello Dhamu Bro.
- Yes Nalan.
Brother, why suddenly boss
told to fix surveillance camera?
To catch the big rodent...
which eats everything in the kitchen.
I think Nalan is suspecting
us on how we work regularly
I also don't know the exact reason,
he just told me to fix this urgently.
Lets see what it shows.
[mobile rings]
I called you for an important reason,
what stops you to attend the call?
Hey come to the point
What are you doing now? Have you eaten?
Does it really matter now?
Okay relax,
you know Aravind keeps on calling me.
Should I talk to him or would you?
OK I'll talk to him, just cut the call.
Boss order ready
This is the best ever sweet made by you.
What a taste!
Hey clear everything
Hey get back to work
Subhi check the status
of the running order
Usually you don't behave
like this in front of workers
Tell me What's going on
I don't know what is happening around me
I feel my head will burst out
I am here with you, just tell me
Kayal wants me to meet Aravind. Already
unable to bear her brother's torture
Add on to it I have to handle him
Oh this is the issue?
Go meet him, lets see what is he saying
It is not just that Brother,
I sense something else here
You go, I'll take care of the
place Will talk everything in night
Hey sweet-ball
Yes brother
- Tonight we are staying here
- Why Brother?
Oh you will stay if only I tell the reason
Go and get the things
before the shop closes
I didn't get it brother
Which shop will be closed
at sharp 10'o clock
Got it brother. I'll go immediately.
[Chorus]: Cheers.
[thunder rumbling]
I want to know why our
boss was so angry today?
Poor fellow,
has led a loner life from his childhood
After kayal came to his life,
His life has become vibrant.
If someone snatches it away,
How would he feel?
Tough life brother
[thunder rumbling]
We have to be in our boss's..
Side if he is put down.
- Yes we shall
- Yes..
Now you go down And get
some accompaniment dish.
- Go
- He talks ideology
I will bring anything for you brother
I know everything about this hotel
I need no navigation
Is there anything better than this?
[door bell rings]
- Hi
- Hi
Hey, your are Nalan. Right?
Didn't she come with you?
I want to talk to you something important
Come inside Come
Where is the sweet-ball? Lets Go and check
Hey yogi
Brother the door is too tight
Not the door but you are
The power is gone only inside
- Yes brother
- Then do one thing
Go and check the fuse
Bring my mobile, we can use the torch
Hey yogi Where are you?
Hey yogi
Hey yogi
Everything is alright
Brother, Brother
Hey yogi
Brother the fuse is fine
Its hard to wake him up after he drinks
Brother where are you?
Brother where are you?
Brother where are you?
Brother where are you?
Hey Sethu! are you here?
Dhamu Brother! where are you?
Say something brother
[deafening noise]
[deafening noise] [screaming]
Brother, turn off the sound!
[deafening noise] [screaming]
[deafening noise] [screaming]
[deafening noise] [screaming loudly]
Brother, turn off the sound
[deafening noise continues]
[no voice]
[deafening noise continues]
His neck was strangled.
His head was also injured.
He used drugs too.
Only reports can confirm
the cause of death.
Ah! Doctor! It's paining Doctor!
Two more days and your pain will reduce.
What happened Nalan?
Where is brother Dhamu?
They say it'll take three days to even
find out what happened to Brother Dhamu!
He is still in ICU.
Sir, bill!
Just like Veera, you murdered Aravind!
And you think you can escape?
I'll beat you so bad that you
will tell me all the truth.
You can't escape. Let's go to the station!
Is this the best you can do, huh?
I went there. I spoke with Aravind.
You murdered him as well!
You say, you didn't?
You say, you didn't?
Motive is clear
Aravind was someone I
had chosen for my sister!
Do you have a warrant?
[mobile ringing]
- You haven't got it, right?
- Hello
Tell me
Okay. Okay.
You have no idea what to do, huh?
Get the warrant.
I will be here.
Sir. sir.
The report has come.
It's been declared as suicide.
Hey! Get lost!
You want to see warrant, right?
An encounter is what you deserve!
Your death will be by my hands!
Gathering what my brother said.
Am scared something will happen to you.
Can you at least tell me now,
what happened there?
That night when I went to his place..
[muffled screaming]
[muffled screaming]
[muffled screaming]
[muffled screaming]
[muffled screaming]
Aravind... Aravind...
That's not all.
I saw something in the kitchen.
A young girl
But the way she looked at me..
Don't know how to put it.
Nalan, oh my god! I can't open it, Nalan!
Nalan, can you hear me?
Nalan, I cant hear you.
Nalan, I'm unable to open the door!
Try from that side
There... Hey! Hey! Look back!
What are you saying?
Unable to hear anything.
Turn back and see!
- Look at me.
- What?
Turn back and look!
See there!
Is anybody there? Please respond.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Leave this place.
Sir! You've got visitors.
I asked them to come.
Ask them to be seated.
Because of this incident..
Am afraid I will just lose everything.
I can understand your problem, Nalan.
But, every problem has a solution
What did the police say?
Sir, it's my brother who's
investigating the case.
He strongly believes that Nalan
is behind those two murders.
That's always how a police officer thinks.
May I say something?
Whoever comes here..
We arrange books in such a way
that its easy for others to read.
But whoever reads.
Just put it back as they wish.
That's more or less of
what your situation is.
Someone somewhere scattered everything.
And you are bound to put it back together.
Let's take reading a novel for example..
A young girl has died..
I think she was murdered and
now she is taking her revenge
Okay sir. But...
How is Nalan related to this?
Why should he suffer?
What if Nalan is the murderer?
Sorry Nalan. Just an assumption.
Every problem has a beginning.
Isn't it possible because it started
with you or maybe you are a major link?
A shopkeeper in our area told me
that before I moved here there is
a famous sweat shop in the place.
Do you remember that shop's name?
That shop name is...
That girl..
Both of you come.
Hello viewers!
Today the place we are going to
see is Catch me with Kitchen...
A busy place in a busy city
So you ask what's so
special about this place?
Mithra. Mithra Sweets.
Whoever likes Desserts, Mithra
sweets will be among their favorites
Now I am in front of the store.
Let's go in.
Sir, please pause!
2 of them are dead
there is a third person in this photo!
Sir! Zoom this please. Let's see.
Face is not registered anywhere.
Why did they come to this sweet shop?
What if Mithra's next
target is this person?
If this place is so busy,
the sole reason is Mithra Sweets.
Share us the success secret
I don't know what to say. We never
expected that it would become so big.
My daughter is the sole reason.
We stay nearby in Gokulam Apartment,
Peoples are very supportive there
So if we go to that apartment..
We might get the detail about her
Who are you sir? Who do you want to meet?
No, I came looking for Rani ma'am
who was running the sweet shop.
Am her distant relative.
I have come from her home town.
They have vacated sir!
We don't know where they are now.
Where is the flat they lived in?
Is anybody in there?
Why are you asking all that?
- We've come from so far. Please help us!
- Velu, open the gate.
- Sir!
- There is no water in the tank!
- Turn on the motor.
- Okay sir.
Who's this? Who have they come to visit?
- Rani..
- Sir here...
Rani and Mithra who were here.
We are their relatives We
have come to meet them.
Rani. Mithra They don't live here anymore.
Do you know where they have moved?
I heard Mithra died in a
cylinder blast in their shop.
Unable to bear the loss,
her mother became unstable.
No idea where they went.
Went mad?
Does anyone know anything else about them?
If we could meet Rani..
We thought of taking her back to hometown.
This is an apartment.
People don't notice what others are doing.
I'm the apartment secretary.
Half of these people don't even know me!
You see..
Phones in their hands and
earphones in their ears.
Nobody cares for the other person.
Whole country is ruined.
That's it, right?
Want to know anything more?
Thanks sir.
- Go turn the motor on.
- Okay sir.
If anybody comes,
inquire who they are at the gates.
Times are bad. Go. Let's move!
I feel like I have seen him somewhere.
I think with Veera!
- What?
- Just a small help.
Have you seen any of them in this photo?
Hey! Who are you?
Get out
Brother if you help me...
No. You've come for something else.
Get out!
Get out. Get out!
Throw them out and close the gates!
Get going! Idiot...
Uncle, please hand me that ball!
Hey sweety.
Hey! Have you seen her before?
She's Mithra's mom!
Where were they?
In the 8th floor
Uncle, hand me the ball. Let me play.
Whats our plan?
This needs to be dealt differently.
Hey! You... what are you doing here?
Hey stop!
Hey stop!
Are you going to the ground floor?
Hey! You? You! Security! Securit...
[mobile rings]
Tell me.
That Security guy...
right in front of my eyes...
Terrifying to think of it.
Sir, what do we do?
There are CCTVs all around the apartment.
And he can be seen all over the place.
And my brother was so
thirsty for evidence!
Am scared that he will
use this to arrest him.
Am not even bothered about that!
Why should Mithra come to my restaurant?
Veera, Aravind and now this security.
Why all of them died in front of my eyes?
See this.
She drew this. She knew me.
Something connects us.
What is the connection?
To know that, we need to find her mother.
She's not even in that apartment.
How do we?
What do you want?
Why you are here?
Why everything around me, is going wrong?
Do you know anything about it?
Do you remember anything about your mom?
Where is she? Tell me something.
My mom is here.
She is behind you.
- It's getting late, right?
- Rani!
Why are you getting so tensed?
2 minutes from here to get into an auto..
Even if the auto driver,
drives at 50 kph speed...
I would still reach the
school in 7 minutes.
Even with traffic I will
reach in 20 minutes.
From the school gate,
I will reach the stage in 3 minutes.
So I'll be there 8 minutes
before the exhibition starts.
There's no need to get tensed.
My dear, I know you are good at math.
Stop running your mouth and get started!
Hold on! Isn't it Swetha's birthday today?
- See, you forgot the cake.
- Okay, bye.
- Hey! Hold on!
- What is it Rani?
- Hey! Hold on!
- What now?
Hold on. I forgot this.
Science has developed so much and
you're still playing with dye!
All the best
Okay Bye.
Hi Uncle.
How're you Mithra?
- I'm fine.
- Look you didn't clean that table!
- Going to school?
- Yes.
- Be careful.
- Okay. Bye Uncle!
Your bag is open.
Brother, what happened?
Not sure dear! Let me check.
Okay, how long will it take?
It'll be ready in 5 minutes.
Okay I will wait in the ground.
Call me out once you're done.
Okay dear
Throw me the ball.
Just a minute.
Hey Kanaka! Bill!
How long will you keep on paying rent?
You have a flat of your own, right?
If you sell it off..
You can buy your own shop.
That flat is the last thing
we have in his memory.
How can I be happy, if I sell it off?
And all of you are here for us!
So there's nothing to worry.
If you're okay with this, good then.
Am being your well wisher.
Be here as long as you like.
Come on dear! Auto Ready.
[mobile phone ringing]
Just a minute.
- Hello.
- Hello!
- Is it Mithra's mom?
- Yeah!
We are calling from Deepam hospital.
Your daughter is admitted here,
Could you come here quickly
See! Your daughter has
suffered a servery head injury!
There is an internal bleeding in brain
Based on the tests... We've diagnosed
it as Post Traumatic Amnesia.
To put it in simple words..
She might forget certain
things in a short time.
Please, don't panic.
You must be strong in this situation!
It's a curable condition.
You are my eye, and I'm your shield
In your presence, life's revealed
In your presence, life's revealed
Sorrows fade away
and take their flight
When your smile shines,
everything's bright
You're my life, my one connection
we'll fulfill every affection
In my thoughts, in every view
Just like the Earth,
I'll revolve around you
You are my eye, and I'm your shield
In your presence, life's revealed
Sorrows fade away
and take their flight
When your smile shines,
everything's bright
Mom, I can't recollect anything.
What happened dear?
Where are you gong alone?
When I take your hand in mine
My heart's elated, happiness aligns
Amongst countless gods,
love's decree
It's you alone, the one I see
You can trust this as
much as you trust me.
Your gaze, a lullaby that soothes my
soul, In my lullaby, your praises I extol
[SMART WATCH]: Go home! 8th floor. Flat 3.
I'll keep singing through the night
In your embrace, love takes flight
From now on, mom will be with you always.
In this vast world, none compare,
To the love we share, beyond compare.
Hello doctor, This is Rani
I spoke with special school management
for Mithra's situation to get better
Don't worry, Just admit her in that
school They will take care of her.
Keep it with you dear.
Take care of Mithra.
I'll take care of her Don't be worry
Shall I repeat?
Head to the lift.
- 8th floor.
- Uncle! Uncle! Let me say.
- Lift
- Yeah.
- 8th floor
- Yeah.
7th flat
No, dear!
8th floor. 3rd flat!
- Oh I forget that!
- Be careful. See you!
Uncle! What are you up to?
Sorry! It was unintentional.
- What are you doing? I'm telling mom!
- Please, dear no. Please!
- It was not intentional, dear.
- What? Unintentional?
- Please dear! No! No!
- I'm telling mom!
- I'll tell mom!
- No! No! Please don't tell mom!
- It was not intentional.
- What are you doing?
No dear! No! No! Let me stop the lift.
- No! Please!
- Stop the lift!
Don't get tensed. Please wait!
[SMART WATCH]: Go home! 8th floor. Flat 3.
Bye, Uncle!
- Brother!
- Yes mam
- It takes me some time to get home.
- Alright.
Once she's back from school
please take her to the flat.
Okay ma'am.
- Please be careful.
- Sure ma'am.
Come. Careful!
Hey Velu! What's wrong with
the sweet shop owner's girl?
You were out of station, right?
That girl hurt her head badly.
So she forgets everything
after 10 minutes. Oh no!
- Oh no!
- Poor girl.
I pity Rani very much.
- What have you been doing?
- Nothing sir.
What have you been doing?
You rascal!
- Imbecile!
- Sorry sir
- Please sir
- You scoundrel!
I'll kill you scoundrel!
- Sorry sir
- You pervert
- Leave my foot.
- Sir, please leave me.
You should have never been let in!
If I ever see you again anytime!
I'll kill you rascal
[Mithra sobbing]
What dear?
What's the matter?
My body is aching!
- It's nothing.
- Body is aching real bad!
It's nothing dear.
My body is aching a lot Rani!
It's nothing, dear! Don't cry.
- Don't cry my dear! It's aching.
- My darling, don't cry!
- Are you hungry?
- My body is aching!
It's nothing, my dear! Don't be scared.
- My head is aching.
- Shall I bring you some hot water?
Tell me sir
How's everything, Rani?
How's your daughter?
She's just the same!
She's not well.
- Come in, sir!
- It's alright.
It's just that, it's been 25 years
since we all came to this apartment.
We are planning a silver
jubilee celebration.
You make such good sweets
Why don't you put up a stall?
Association will pay for it.
Okay sir.
- Thank you sir!
- It's alright.
Just a small favor.
Alright. She will be okay! Don't be scared
Okay? Be careful
- I'll leave now.
- Thank you sir.
Lock the door.
Take that bindi!
Maroon color.
Now, wear it!
So beautiful!
Today you stick with mom! Okay?
Until the function gets over, be with mom.
- Here, Take it
- Rani...
- What do you want dear?
- My head is aching.
Mom, am feeling a lot giddy!
- It's nothing.
- Body is aching real bad!
- Just a minute!
- Sushma! Please come here.
Will you take her upstairs?
- Stay with her.
- Okay auntie
- Go take some rest.
- Let's go.
Let's eat! Come on! Take it.
Come here. Sushma!
Where is she?
Home. Upstairs.
You left her at home?
- Upstairs?
- Aunty, she is no where to be seen!
Just a minute.
Anandhi, did Mithra come here?
No Rani.
I saw her this evening and that's it.
- What is it Rani?
- Did you see Mithra?
No, she never came here!
Inform the secretary.
He'll announce through mic!
- She was just playing here.
- Am sure she's somewhere around!
- Sir!
- What is it?
My daughter Mithra is missing!
She won't have left the apartment.
She must be here.
No sir! I looked for her everywhere.
She's no where to be seen!
- Sir, please help!
- She must be playing around. No Sir!
Sir, please sir!
Please come and announce on the mic.
Sir please!
- Okay, go on. I will ask for the mic.
- Please come soon sir.
Go. Please wait downstairs! I will come.
I will come! You leave. I will come.
go home! 8th floor. Flat 3.
go home! 8th floor. Flat 3.
go home! 8th floor. Flat 3.
Oh no! Mithra!
Mithra! Mithra!
Look here, my dear!
Look at me! Mom is here!
Look here, my dear!
Look at me! Mom is here!
Oh god no!
Look here, my dear! Look here, my dear!
Look at me! Mom is here!
Look at me! Mom is here!
Look at me! Mom is here!
You scoundrel! Why did you do this?
Why did you do this to my daughter?
You Scoundrel I won't leave you!
I won't spare any of you! Not one of...
I won't spare any of you! Not one of...
You think there will be any problems?
Not one soul will come
asking for them man!
Just a minute
Better not to let both be together.
Let one be here.
- We'll hack the other to pieces.
- But why?
Only then the police
will not know what to do.
Nalan! Why are you crying?
Those 4 have brutalized a little girl,
Killed them so ruthlessly!
I'm the reason!
How could you be the reason?
No Kayal
If Mithra's head didn't get,
all this wouldn't have happened.
The ball which I hit...
It hurt her and ruined her life!
I'm the reason!
Hey! It's just an accident.
What you did was unintentional.
How could you be the reason?
I won't spare him, Kayal!
- Hey! Nalan
- Won't spare them!
Don't do anything in a hurry
Please have some patience
My brother is after you, assuming
that you are the one behind all this!
First of all, you have to
relieve yourself from all this.
It will all be over.
Please be patient until then.
Let's go to my brother
and tell him everything.
- Hmm?
- Nalan
I think what she says is right.
She has a point.
You go and see him.
That might solve something.
For my sake, please call him once.
Please brother!
Sir, this is K5 Police
Station Inspector speaking!
- What's this about?
- 5 years back...
That Mithra Fire Accident Case...
I need to speak with you regarding that.
Where are you?
Am busy right now.
We will discuss tomorrow.
Sir, it's very important!
Alright. Shall we leave then?
Wait a minute.
- Constable!
- Yes, sir!
- Trace his number.
- Okay sir
What? This isn't for you.
Only if we catch him, truth will come out.
And you will get caught too.
Both time and situation
are not in your favor.
The more you delay,
more worse the outcome would be.
That's exactly why I
have asked you to come.
Please save my life!
I'll do whatever you say.
I don't want to die like the other three.
If your concocted story is true
We need to find where
he buried that dead body
We chopped the dead body into
many pieces on the same night.
We buried it in Veera's quarry.
Do you remember where
exactly you buried the body?
No I don't.
That night, we all were intoxicated.
I don't remember the exact spot.
If you want to live,
then her skull must be burnt.
Start immediately.
We need to find their skull soon.
Go straight and take next right.
Is it necessary for me to come along?
The car won't go inside,
so we need to walk from here.
We found... what we were looking for.
We'll go and burn that skull.
Until then, don't step out of the ring!
No one can harm you by surpassing this.
Take right.
[lady sobbing]
Why did you do this to us?
Why did you do this to us?
Why did you do this to us?
Why did you do this to us?
Hey stop!
Let her go. Let Kayal go!
Leave Kayal!
In my life..
No one could have given
me such a punishment.
As long as I live..
This guilt will never leave me.
Forgive me!
A small doll. I think I left it here.
A doll? What kind of a doll?
It's like a... Small...
Like a toy. A small doll.
I think I left it here.
If you had left it here..
My guys would have kept it in shelf.
Let me check sir.
- This one, sir?
- Yeah, that one!
It's been here for long.
We had no idea who left it here.
It was pretty weird. No.
Then Nalan
Have you ever thought...
That girl Mithra..
Died after memory loss.
She didn't remember
anyone who wronged her.
We know.
She didn't take revenge.
She can't take revenge either.
It was all done by her mother.
But how did she punish
that Vishwanathan...
I don't understand
What do you think Nalan?
If you don't understand...
- How would I know?
- Right.
Okay. My work is done.
Well, thank you.