Pizza II: Villa (2013) Movie Script

How long are you doing
research on it, sir?
Say about 10 years.
When did you feel like doing
research on this, sir?
I'm not a film heroine.
Do you believe such things
in these scientific times?
Don't you think it is superstitious?
We've given up many things given
by our ancestors as superstitions.
Why do we wash clothes?
Why do we clean?
Why do we circumambulate
holy Basil plant?
There's a reason for al this.
There's a scientific reason for
the dot we put on our foreheads.
But we trash it as superstitions
in these modern computer times.
Have you seen people affected
by sorcery, sir?
I've seen many but I can't say
surely they were affected by it.
Did you get scared of
anything till now?
Didn't get scared of anything till now
but eagerly awaiting for that day.
O Lord Jesus, Mr. Marshal P Joseph has
reached you in heaven,
we pray for his soul to rest in peace!
Today the man who died,
may he come back again to life and
be blessed with a steady life.
My dear brothers, our lord is merciful.
No need to feel sad
thinking about our sins.
Let's seek His forgiveness...
I was to my parents after
many years of marriage.
Generally children born late
to parents are pampered.
My mother died in a car accident
while I was still a kid.
My father went into coma
few days earlier.
I and my father didn't talk
much to each other.
His room has a piano.
That was his world.
He used to shout at me.
Whenever I said I wanted to become
a writer and publish books.
He used to get furious.
Brothers, we're here to offer condolences
to the death of Marshal Joseph...
I read it but it is very complicated.
our people... no way!
They'll not like this.
Try something new.
Write a love story,
it'll sell like hot cakes.
For example your love story or
your friend's love story,
inside stories of call centres,
come up with new ideas like this,
women too like that,
I'll tell you a short story,
a beautiful girl loves a handsome boy,
the boy becomes blood
sucking devil at night,
but still the girl loves him,
write on realistic things
like this, sir.
People will like it.
Novel is like films.
Youth must love it, women must like it.
only then we can make money.
Try something new, sir.
This will not work out, no way!
Ambience is very important
for a creator.
Where we paint the picture...
For example if we paint
a picture in a cemetery,
our mind will be filled
with inhuman feelings.
It comes out from our fingers
as a beautiful painting.
Not just for painting,
ambience plays an important factor
in every art form.
So, select a good place and
good surroundings suitable for you.
I painted this painting yesterday.
Lost all your property?
Don't know, not yet confirmed.
Case is still on.
Do you know this?
My candidate has bought a new car.
Listen to me, Arthi,
this is the right time.
No use in trusting him anymore.
I couldn't attend your father's
funeral too.
On an important case...
- No problem, uncle.
Case hearing is on,
it's in their favour only.
Since your father was in coma,
was he in coma for 6 months?
It too has gone in their favour.
Most probably you've to hand over
this house to them in next hearing.
Isn't it for the loan I took, uncle?
I've friends.
I'll spend few days with them.
Jebin, I've to tell you
an important thing.
Tell me, uncle.
I wouldn't have told this
had your father been alive,
I can't stop myself from saying
in the situation you're now in.
Tell me, uncle.
There's a villa in vizag on your name.
- In vizag?
Yes, your father bought it on your name
immediately after you were born.
After your mother died,
your father left that place for good.
I don't know the reason.
Did your father say anything
about this?
No, he never told me anything, uncle.
Your father tried a lot
to sell the villa.
He faced many hurdles.
Don't know why he could
never sell the villa.
If you want you can use it.
Keys are in your father's locker.
Okay, don't get angry.
You see he didn't tell anything
about villa.
Did I make any big mistake?
I didn't know till today
there's a villa on my name.
Leave it, whatever elders do,
there's always a reason behind it.
Is it such a big mistake
to become a writer?
I told him clearly I can't or
I don't want to do anything else.
I started business on his suggestion.
I lost money.
I settled the loan by selling
lands and property.
Come... come I say!
I said come.
No Arthi, I don't know
why was he angry on me.
It may be his curse or something that
my first book is still unpublished.
Don't talk like that.
It'll take little time, that's all.
Till now you thought
you didn't have anything,
but now you've a house.
Why don't you think positively?
That house is my only option now.
I must think of future
after selling it.
Is it positive thinking?
What other choice I've?
No publisher is publishing my book.
So, I'm thinking of selling
the villa to finance my book.
Did you ever listen to me?
First see the condition of the house.
Let's discuss about it later.
I'll go to vizag tomorrow
to see the house.
It seems nobody has maintained it
after dad went into coma.
I must see in which condition
the house is!
Do you know any real estate broker?
No, my dad knows.
Ask him.
Don't tell about this to our friends.
They'll ask for treat,
moreover the villa is on beach.
After crossing vizag and
as you near Bhimli beach,
at the end of Light House street,
our villa is east facing building,
this is villa's blueprint,
there's a kind of sit out here,
then... a hall...
there's an extension to it,
present value of the villa could
be Rs. 44 to Rs. 44.5 crores.
I know a broker.
I'll ask him to meet you.
There's more distemper and
less of stainer.
If it is not completed by evening...
Will you complain on me?
- Don't pick-up fight?
Get lost!
Why are you beating me?
- You're dead today!
Please leave me...
Please don't beat me...
I'll kill you!
Why are you beating him?
Please hold him.
Hold him... hold him...
Why are you creating trouble?
What bothers you?
Brothers have differences!
You go away.
Don't come between us.
Will you come and create trouble
at the place of work?
Mind your work.
I'm warning you to leave the place.
What are you looking at?
Get him.
I'm telling you to work,
why are you wasting time?
Let me see how long can you escape?
You'll die in my hands.
Nobody else should enjoy
my father's property.
It's very beautiful!
very big bungalow!
It has an antique look.
Forgot to tell you,
you must see the wood work here.
They've left the things as it is.
I feel like seeing it right now.
Shall I come right away?
Right now? Don't rush.
Leave by tomorrow morning.
There are many paintings in the house.
How can he create trouble in
the place of work, sir?
How can we work there?
Who would offer us work?
Did he beat you?
He came to beat me, sir.
He may have killed me too.
Had anything happened to me
who would take care of my wife and kids?
Shut up!
Sir, please do something.
What should I do?
You've lodged a complaint.
We've arrested him.
He got bail and went away.
You must be careful.
Can we protect every person?
If you want give a petition
to cancel his bail order.
I'll take care of it.
Okay, sir.
We'll take leave.
Bye sir.
Bring it.
What's this?
How far still?
Go fast!
I understood that painting,
I can't understand what this painting is!
I too didn't get it.
Forget it.
Okay, you watch it slowly and come.
Not a chance! I love this house!
All rooms are superb!
Any which side is like
Manirathnam's frame!
As you said wood work is too classic.
very artistic!
Are these paintings by your father?
I know my father paints
but not to this range.
If only he had shown me once.
This house has so many good memories,
do you've to sell it? Think over it.
I don't have any attachment
with this house.
But if I go for sentiments,
it may turn against me.
Selling is the only option.
- Why are you insisting on it?
What else can I do?
I'll tell you,
can you imagine as I say?
Your first book is published,
you've made a lot of money.
A big car, bigger than Audi car, right?
Then, our marriage!
In this house.
There won't be many guests.
But marriage would be very grand.
I'm walking down the aisle
in wedding gown,
Threshold of heaven is calling...
Paths of flowers have been laid...
Two hearts would unite to become one
and there won't be you and me anymore...
Heart is overwhelmed...
If you call it as love...
don't know why I believe it...
Happiness is raining
to drench our lives...
Two dreams have merged
to become one story..
A little moment has stopped near lips
... that's enough...
That's enough for every day...
Tell me, Arthi.
- Still in bed?
Last evening you talked about
our marriage, right?
All night I was having dreams.
Listen, just now I got
a call from a publisher.
It seems they liked your book.
They've agreed to your percentage.
Are you pinching yourself?
Okay, pinch yourself
and come immediately.
I'm leaving now.
Greetings sir!
My name is venkateshwara Rao.
I'm house broker, I heard you want
to sell this house.
I did say, you're right.
I've good buyers with me,
can we go inside and talk?
I'm getting late now,
can we meet on Saturday?
Sir, this is my visiting card,
call this top number.
I'm getting bad smell, right?
A small registration, a party!
That's why...
Not that, I'm getting some other smell.
Yes, sir.
- Forget it, let's meet on Saturday.
Okay sir.
I read your book,
I liked it very much, sir.
The climax of last 40 pages,
I didn't expect this.
The way you used the characters,
detailing of it, the words you used,
I liked everything.
I want to publish the book,
Thank you so much, sir.
Why do you still use the typewriter
to type your manuscript?
No special reason,
just a sentiment, that's all.
Are you planning any next book?
Yes sir, recently I've shifted
to my new house in vizag.
I'm writing there.
- A sequel?
No, it's a totally different story.
Then, if you don't mind,
will you give us the right to
publish that book also?
Sure, sir.
Can we sign agreement for both novels?
Say okay.
Keep this Rs. 5 lakhs as advance.
I told you, did you listen to me?
You wanted to sell the house.
Now you see! As soon as you entered
the house, you got Rs. 5 lakhs.
Whatever it is,
you've an eye on that house.
What happened?
- I forgot it.
When your first book is published,
we had decided to meet my father
and talk about our love.
Have you forgotten it?
Something good has happened
in my life just 15 minutes ago,
won't you allow me to savour it?
Whatever you may say, I'm talking
to my dad about our love.
Sir, we're getting some bad smell
from inside, it's nauseating.
The smell is coming
from your house only.
We wanted to check
but the gate is locked.
I'll unlock it.
- Do it quickly. Quick!
Not here, shall we see that side?
Sir, here!
Looks like a street dog.
Did you keep the gate open last night?
No sir, it was locked.
May be it jumped the wall.
Shall I call municipality
people to clear it?
Tell me, Arthi!
What happened?
What happened to your daddy?
Tell me!
Daddy said okay!
Why are you crying for it?
Nothing, I feel like crying.
What's that reaction?
No Arthi, two happy news in one day!
It's lucky house, please don't sell it.
Everything is happening as we thought.
Let me see!
When are you coming here?
Weekend, till then keep
writing your book.
Okay? Bye!
Which lock's key this is?
Spare key for any other key.
East facing bungalow is our villa.
This is the blueprint of the villa.
Next is hall...
then there's an extension...
If you go further,
you'll get steps to the first floor.
Arthi, come here tomorrow.
What happened?
Come immediately, I'll tell you.
Leave immediately.
Why are you getting confused unnecessarily?
That's why people say not
to love crime story writers.
Why should my father hide the paintings?
Why do you get tensed for this?
Look, my professor told us,
painters paint with a mind set,
when they the painting later,
they remember about the mind set
when they painted it,
either they hang it in hall
or hide it in store room.
There's something hidden
in every painting.
I'm scared since I saw
those paintings.
How many such paintings are there?
Room is full of paintings.
Where's the room?
I want to see it immediately.
Are you free now, sir?
An NRl party liked this villa
very much and contacted me,
if you say okay,
I'll bring them here.
Just a minute.
Please come here.
Party is ready, if you say yes,
I'll bring them immediately.
Sorry, we're unable to decide
in the present mood.
Please give us little time,
I'll call you.
No, big party, single payment,
I've already talked to them.
We don't have to run after anyone.
No, it's not possible now.
If we intend to sell,
I'll definitely call you.
Is it? Please call me only.
- Sure.
Don't call anyone else.
- No... no...
Sir knows me very well.
Bye madam.
- Okay.
Madam, there are inquiries
for film shoots too.
I said I'll ask sir and tell them.
I'll ask him and get back to you.
- Okay, madam. Bye.
I want to see the room.
Are these the paintings?
Yes, that's all
Anyone died in car accident...
My mother died in a car accident.
he could've painted it
after the accident, right?
It was painted in 1983.
My mother died in 1985.
What's this?
Someone in hospital...
- I don't know.
Did you see this?
Isn't it like someone
accepting an award?
Did you get ay award?
- No.
Think once again.
Did you get any award
in your younger days?
It's mere waste of time
to think or fear this.
Some painting happened by coincidence.
Does it mean all the paintings
will come true?
Already you've had many troubles.
Because of your father
and your profession.
Why do you take all the
trouble on yourself?
I felt like sharing it with
someone would be better.
That's all.
What did your father say
about our marriage...
Tell me.
This year's special jury award
presented by Blackbird Literary Circle,
will be awarded to Jebin M Joseph
for his book May Be Or May Not Be!
The book sold thousands of copies
in just 3 days after release.
I would like to tell this audience
that this is Jebin's first book.
I don't want this house, Arthi.
Greetings sir. Greetings.
Please come.
- Greetings.
Greetings madam.
- Greetings.
Please come in.
Come sir.
If you go that side,
there's backyard,
you can go from this side too,
this side there's an attached
western toilet,
entire roof is made of teak wood,
this is main entrance,
there's an entrance near
that window also,
madam, I've shown them this floor,
I'll take them to the first floor.
- Please come, madam.
Sir, entire staircase is
made of teak wood.
You're not angry for selling
this house, right?
What's this?
Why do you think so?
I'm not angry.
Is there a way to go to terrace?
You can go, there are steps.
What's this?
- Sir, this is store room.
What's your son doing, sir?
Is it?
There's an international
boarding school nearby, sir.
You can admit him here.
Is everything teak wood?
- Yes, sir. Everything is Burma Teak wood.
This too?
- Yes, sir.
What's that?
- Nothing, low voltage.
House is super.
For your rate, you can't get land,
we're giving you with villa.
You're quoting high.
- This will not work out sir.
Do it, everything is okay.
Let's register it on Friday.
Sir, he wants to register it on Friday.
Okay. Do I've to get anything?
Yes, sir, 44 passport size photographs,
ration card or voter Id
for address proof,
and then parent document is
very important, sir,
then, the document must be original.
If I need anything else,
I'll inform you on phone.
I think it's going to rain,
I'll take leave now.
You come at right time there.
Don't delay, we've got
a good party, bye sir.
What happened?
What happened to you?
I hurt My hand, sir.
- How?
Let's go to hospital.
Nothing will happen to you.
Please bear it.
Please bear it for some time.
How is he now?
Bones are crushed.
The buyer is hesitating now.
They see it as bad omen.
I feel like dying.
Don't get tensed, if you want,
I'll stay here with you.
I myself don't want to be here.
If my father has burnt it earlier,
I wouldn't have seen it at all.
I can't live peacefully till
those paintings are here
Jebin... stop... don't do it in haste.
Don't get angry.
Wait a minute.
Mobile was switched off, sir.
Arthi was calling me, you could've
told me you're coming here.
Did you answer her call?
What did she say?
No, I didn't answer her call.
What happened?
Any fight between you both?
Arthi's call, talk to her.
Talk to her.
No, please.
You say something and cut the call.
What am I to talk to her?
You always make me do things.
Tell me, Arthi, he's here only.
You don't worry, cell phone is
switched off with battery low.
You don't worry.
Don't talk nonsense.
Okay, all the things had happened
as in the paintings.
how can you be so sure that
the man in the painting is you?
Don't talk without knowing the matter?
If you don't go to that house,
how can all this happen?
My father too thought like that,
so he hid the fact of having such house.
But that house had made me come there,
I've become writer as
in those paintings,
I got an award,
everything is happening.
Is it coincidence?
When the broker met with an accident,
my fear increased.
Lawyer uncle said dad went to the
extent of raising down the building.
It gave him so much trouble.
But he couldn't do anything
to the house.
After watching all these happenings,
it's our foolishness
to think as coincidence.
I think there's a problem in the house
than in those paintings.
Does your father have enemies?
No enemies, why?
I think it could be their work,
Your father losing in business
and dying after falling into coma.
I think it could the affect of sorcery.
You went to the house, right?
Did you see any metal object
or anything unusual?
You were talking about science,
why re you talking about sorcery?
Jebin, there's science behind this too.
Do you know who lived in
that house before?
No, I don't know.
OThen, we must first get to know
who lived there before you,
If they too had weird experience,
we may find some clue.
It was in the name of Bhimeshwara Rao's wife,
your father bought this
from them in 1982,
but we don't have details of
who owned the villa prior to them.
Bhimeshwara Rao had a son
named as Pothuraju.
You may get details from him.
To get Pothuraju's address...
Past is dead...
Life is happy...
Life in funeral pyre...
life is over...
Sir, one Mr. Pothuraju...?
- It's me.
Please come in, sir.
Come in.
Please sit down, sir.
Tell me, sir.
We're renovating my house.
- Make tea for guests.
No please.
- Please have it.
We inquired and
many suggested your name, so...
You don't worry, sir.
My work will be neat.
My house is in vizag.
It may be far for you,
you don't mind, do you?
vizag! I'm also native of vizag.
I know the place very well.
Just two months ago,
we finished a house.
Where did you stay in vizag?
Near Bhimli beach.
My house is also there only.
There's an eat facing
building near Lighthouse.
There's a villa in that street corner,
we bought it.
Pandu, go out and play.
- No, daddy.
I said go.
No sir, please don't buy it.
Why? Why do you say no to it?
That was our house,
we sold it to a big businessman,
he was a Christian.
Is that your house?
You don't know, sir.
Ever since my father bought that house,
he faced difficulties and problems.
My father was a big landlord.
He bought that house in an auction.
Ever since he bought it,
he started losing money in business.
He lost his balance getting
affected by it.
He got bedridden and
died in that house.
I'm my father's second wife's son.
He left his first wife and
spent his last days with us.
Situation turned worse
after the death of my father.
To get rid of the house
we sold it cheaply.
I settled here with my mother.
I thought it was good riddance,
but son of the first wife comes at times
seeking a share of the sale.
Not just fight, he tried to kill me
couple of times.
He's in jail now,
please listen to me, sir.
You look like good people,
I don't want you to face the problems
I faced because of that house.
Please leave it.
We'll take leave.
Please wait and have tea. sir.
No, we'll have when we come next time.
Thank, sir.
- Okay.
Greetings madam.
- Bye.
Who is it? Arthi?
How long will you avoid her?
Poor girl, talk to her.
- I'll take care of her.
First, let's think about this.
Would the first wife or her son
something to the house?
They could.
But I think we must find who lived
there before them.
If we can find them,
we can easily solve this problem.
How can we find it?
I'll inquire in registrar's office.
I'll inquire Pothuraju's elder brother.
Leave all this to me,
you meet Arthi and convince her.
Leave it, I can't sleep till
we find the truth.
Don't talk like a fool.
She too would've got scared like you,
what's wrong in meeting her?
It's been 5 days since
you talked to me.
Try to understand me.
You know what's happening
in my life, right?
I know but is avoiding to talk to me
the only solution?
I don't know.
Forget it.
Got any clue?
I'm not here to fight with you. Okay?
I don't want our relationship to get
strained because of this issue.
My dad is asking
when are we getting married?
Is it funny to you?
I told you that I can't get peace
till I sort out this thing.
You're getting confused unnecessarily.
Can't we sell the villa and
live peacefully in vizag?
You're hanging on to that house.
What should I tell my dad now?
You loved me till now and
suddenly started avoiding me.
Why are you talking overly?
This is my problem,
it has got connection with you.
What if I die really as
that painting suggests?
Will you cry for a week?
Say two weeks?
Then, you'll marry the man
your father selects.
Go and marry him.
Where are you?
- Nearby... in a coffee shop.
What happened?
Nothing, let's meet discuss it personally.
I'm in home, come.
Okay, bye.
I've to go, let's meet later.
Before govt. took over that house,
I came to know a thing about
the owner of that house,
That house was built by a French Psychic...
He made many experiments to find
about black magic and Satanism,
When I went to collect
information about him,
In 1930's he was arrested
for killing a one year baby,
he got caught for human sacrifice
that sorcerers in India follow.
There's not much of information
about him on net.
What about that house?
After independence Govt. took over
the house and auctioned it,
Bhimeshwara Rao bought it in auction,
when I searched for the Nostradamus
intuitions you're having,
I found a blog!
Come, I'll show it.
This is the blog,
his name is Devanesan.
He knows Telugu.
He has been doing research on negative energy
and future for the past 10 years.
He came to know that negative energy
has power to predict future.
I feel there's a connection between
what he says and what we're experiencing.
If we meet him,
we may get to know much more details.
What do you say?
He tried to predict future
with black magic.
You said everything was happening
as in those paintings.
Yes, sir.
How many incidents had happened?
Four or five incidents happened, sir.
It's not coincidence or happenstance.
Did your pet behave strangely
or died there?
After you went to that house.
I don't have any pets.
But few days ago a dog had died.
This is very strange case.
Till now what I had understood
in my study,
and with your inputs,
I feel that Frenchman's witchcraft
is behind all these happenings.
I didn't get you, sir.
Every action has an equal
and opposite reaction.
Like positive and negative
ends of a battery.
Electricity, magnets all have
both positive and negative.
Will you please explain it clearly?
You're visiting a temple,
it could be anything a temple,
church or mosque,
we go and pray to God,
we circumambulate,
and then we sit there for some time,
what do we feel then?
Won't we feel peace and happy?
We're not sitting there to think about
stealing or killing someone.
Mind keeps bad things away and
thinks about good things only.
Do you know all our temples and idols
are built with five metal magnets?
Do you know our hair has the power
to observe positive energy?
That's why men are asked to
come in without shirts.
They ask you to raise
your hands to salute.
Hair on chest and armpits
observe positive energy.
Women are told to use more
jewellary for that reason only.
Temple towers have gold plating
for that reason only.
But he found it in 1969,
but we've following it
since time immemorial.
So, positive energy induced
only good things to happen.
Just think diametrically
opposite to this.
Bad actions,
to seek revenge,
to induce negative energy,
so many people have resorted
to as many methods,
to say in Western language,
black magic, witchcraft, etc.,
in our country there are many
like sorcery, occult, black art.
But there's only one base for everything.
Your house which was built by French Psychic,
the negative energy which he
produced with his black magic,
the entire house is under
it's spell,
so, it made people staying there
to think about future,
and it found its way out
in some art form.
Can't we destroy that negative energy?
I can't say we can destroy it.
When we go to a house where others lived,
we generally whitewash the place,
we offer Ganapathi sacrifice,
why do we do it?
To neutralise the negative energy.
Let's see if we can neutralise
it with sound.
One more important matter,
there's a chance of people who lived
there earlier may know the future.
He's writing a book,
is there anything? - No!
It has no connection with it.
Its about a film maker.
Find if Pothuraju's father tried to say
anything in diary, note or painting.
It could be about you also.
Does your father has the
habit of writing diary?
Does he paint or draw
or something?
I don't get you, sir.
Sir, I'm in big trouble.
Think well and answer me.
Does he write or draw anything?
I don't get why you're asking this?
No, what I'm trying...
Please try to understand us, Pothuraju.
We're in big problem.
His father bought your house.
Please understand our situation
and try to help us.
Is it? Yes sir...
he used to write poems in Telugu.
We threw it long back.
But my mother kept few books
safely as his memorabilia.
Can you show me the books?
I don't know where those
books are now?
But I've an old trunk box,
let's check in it. - Okay.
We don't have place in house,
I've kept it here.
Please come, sir.
Don't know where it is!
I don't have time to clean it.
I spend most of my time
to travel and work.
Sir, that's my father!
I couldn't study well in school.
He was well educated man.
This is that box, check it yourself.
Hold this photograph.
- What? I'm coming.
What's written in it?
A painter's fate is strangely
affected by evil forces,
and produces paintings with
unanswerable questions.
Will lose sense and die...
What? Did you get anything?
It's not about me,
and produces paintings with
unanswerable questions.
Will lose sense and die...
It's about my dad dying
after falling into coma.
Time will burn it.
Love will get sacrificed.
Can't avoid a cruel death
in the hands of sibling.
Cruel death!
Two families!
It has been written that Pothuraju's
brother would kill entire family.
What are you saying?
There's nothing else.
I told you I'll buy ice cream,
why are you troubling mother?
Wait, sir. Have lunch, sir.
I've told my wife to prepare lunch.
Got anything, sir?
Pothuraju, you...
Forget it, everything will be good.
Someone from up is looking at us.
Pothuraju, leave this place
with your family.
Don't stay here.
Please listen to me.
If I had troubled you...
Close the door.
Golden plates reflect negative energy.
This is water exposed
to sunlight for long time.
We call it as dew demon.
It has the power to observe negative energy.
This instrument is a tuning fork.
The sound produced by this in a frequency
that can neutralise negative energy.
Souls confined in this house
and their memories,
it has merged with this house,
we disturbed the negative energy,
it is bringing them out.
Time will burn it.
Love will get sacrificed.
Two families can't avoid
a cruel death because of brother.
Hey my dear child!
Why are you crying, dear?
Why do you want this?
You can't change anything.
Not only now... never!
You can't change anything.
Evil power stronger than what I expected.
This neutralization experiment
will not work out,
it's better for us to
leave the place.
Come, let's go.
No, I'll not come.
I want a reply!
What was my mistake?
Why should I die?
I never harmed anyone, dad.
Those who died here are not bad people.
All those who die are not good people.
There's no difference of
good or bad people.
I didn't get you.
No way.
No way!
Come, let's go.
Get up... get up...
Tell me, madam.
- People living in this house...
His friend got wounded and
took him to a hospital just now.
Which hospital?
- Apollo.
I got you in trouble by using you for
my experiment with selfish motives.
I didn't expect this.
Never read or heard about it.
I think whatever the painting
says is bound to happen.
How is he?
I don't know.
Doctor is calling you urgently.
Blood veins in his knees
are totally cut,
we had to amputate and
remove his both legs.
Sorry... all because of me
you lost limbs...
Is it painful?
I don't know, I don't feel anything.
I feel numb beneath my waist.
Is Arthi here?
Go away to some place with her.
We don't need that house.
For God's sake, you both go away
to some other place.
Please go away to some other place.
Whatever that painting says
mustn't happen hereafter.
Listen to me and please you
both go away to some place.
They're trying to douse the fire.
Pothuraju and his family were
murdered brutally by his brother,
it has left people around scared.
What did you tell him?
Let's hear what Pothuraju's
friend says...
He tried to kill him twice earlier,
he gave police complaint but
he hacked him to death at night.
Police has formed special team
to nab the killer.
I talked to him.
I told him to take you and
go away to some far off place.
He got angry and left the place.
Go, talk to him.
A painting just like this was there!
Is it still happening?
Arthi, stop him.
Stop him before he takes
any wrong decision.
You can't change anything.
Not only now... never.
I'll not let you win!
I'll not let you win!
You took a man's legs!
You took a man and his family!
I'll not let you win this time!
I'll not let you win!
I must win!
I'll not let you win!
Are these the paintings?
- Yes.
Arthi doesn't know,
I've hidden few paintings.
There's a painting of
we both getting married.
There's another painting
where I'm killing her.
Why should I kill her?
When I was left with nothing,
she was with me.
If she's to face something
like that from me,
I don't mind killing myself for it.
I'll not let you win!
Only if I'm alive, right?
Marrying her...
killing her with my own hands...
Then, I'll burn down this house.
What if I burn down ashes
before that happens!
Your chapter is closed!
Madam... madam... the house is burning down!
There's a man inside, madam.
I need to call fire service,
give me phone if you've, madam.
I don't have phone,
call from a PCO.
I think this will not work out,
leave it.
Listen to me,
this is the right time.
No use in trusting him.
There's nothing wrong in waiting
for sometime, case is proceeding.
What if the judgement comes
in his favour?
You said you didnit have anything,
you see, there's a house on your name.
You got Rs. 5 lakhs as soon as
you entered that house.
Whatever it is,
you've an eye on that house only.
I don't want this house,
let's sell it.
Why are you adamant on selling it?
Anyway he wants to sell the house,
check how much you can get on it.
How much this house can fetch?
- About Rs. 44 to 44.5 crores.
Rs. 44.5 crores!
Then, tell him to sell it quickly.
Would he give you the money?
I know how to take his money.
He's a fool!
They predicted twin tower attack too!
Since everything is happening perfectly,
it surprizes and scares me.
It's better for you to be careful.
It could be evil power too.
It's better you don't go to that house
or meet people connected to it.
Can't we sell the house and
live happily in vizag?
You're hanging on to that house.
Why should I kill her?
If she faces such
a situation from me,
I would rather kill myself
before that happens.
Few months later...
I told you about this house only, sir.
Burnt house near city is this.
I thought this could be perfect
for our story.
That's why...
When I asked people here,
they said owner of the house burnt
himself to death along with the house.
Since then nobody cared about this.
No problem sir, we can get permission.
If you see and say okay,
we can start the film shoot.
The house is very beautiful,
how could he have a heart to burn this?
Don't know what was his problem?
I'm very happy!
I could never imagine you'd change heart
so quickly and agree to marry.
Jebin kept all his things in my room.
I found his second book there.
All this house has is ashes of
these paintings, sir.
It appears like a marriage.
Sir, look at this!
Isn't it like killing someone?
I feel there's a story in it, sir.
Earlier I gave this book
to publisher to publish it.
Book has come very well.
I wanted to give second book
as your marriage gift.
Is the location okay, sir?
House is very beautiful.
Perfect for our story.
Fix this house.
Next three months
we're staying here, right?