Plague (2014) Movie Script

In the beginning they thought
it was just an infection.
But it didn't
take long for it to get
Completely out of control.
Our group of survivors had been
living together
In a house for some time.
When we were attacked, the
infected caught us
Completely by surprise.
Some of us managed to escape,
But my husband, john, was left
If he is still alive,
he'll find us.
We are the generation
that gets to witness the
End of mankind.
Perhaps in
some way that's almost as
Special as having been
there in the beginning.
If john survived, he
knows this is where we
Were gonna meet up.
What if he didn't make it?
I mean, he was there,
He was right in front
of me, and then the next
Second he was just gone.
Gotta be patient.
I had the strangest
dream last night.
I was in the classroom
teaching and
All the children were sitting
down around me.
Everything just felt so normal.
And everything
that's happening now is
Just behind us.
We will stick together on this.
We are not going anywhere
without him, do you understand?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
It's not safe to
be out here alone.
We're gonna have to
start thinkin' about
Leaving this place.
- Head south to the coast.
- No but it's safe here.
You said so yourself.
I didn't say it was safe here.
I said it was safer than being
out there on the road
Where anything can happen.
John's not even here
yet and you're thinking of
Making plans to leave?
Haven't you considered that
Maybe he isn't coming?
Things got crazy but anything
could've happened.
I mean, we're here right?
We were holed up in that
house playing happy family
For weeks!
Then out of nowhere, bam!
They find you.
Those fucking people. Those
things out there,
- They always find you.
- Bob.
If that was you out
there alone what would you
Want us to do?
I'd want you to do
what's smart, Evie.
Look, we've all lost
people we love.
But we're gonna need more food.
More supplies.
We have to leave as soon
as we can!
And then what?
We head south to the coast!
What do you think
is at the coast?
I don't know! Other
The military!
A way out of this fucking hell!
No, you know as well as
I do that there is nowhere
Left to go.
Evie, I'm
trying to be reasonable.
No you're trying
to appear reasonable.
We said we'd wait two
days if the group was split up.
But by tomorrow, we make a
How's this thing looking?
Cracked radiator. It's
a miracle we've traveled
This far without it overheating.
Bob can be an asshole sometimes.
But I-I hate to say he might be
I saw him, Sammy. I saw
him shut the door.
There's every chance
he's still alive.
I'm not disputing that honey.
But, eventually we're going to
have to make a move whether we
Like it or not.
Give it a try.
They'll be moving much
slower in the light.
So you just take your time,
Wait before you take the shot.
And at night?
At night?
At night you run.
- What's wrong?
- I just can't stop
Thinking about that poor
man out there.
We can't save everyone,
you know that.
That's why we never go back.
I won't let anything happen to
I want to go back
and look for john.
If he's traveling on
foot he should be here by now.
Something must've
happened to him out on the road.
Are you taking the car?
They're not taking anything.
Look, bob, we can talk
about this like adults, OK?
If she wants to make a
She has every right to.
I'm getting sick of this
One bite. One bite that's all it
We've all seen what it does and
how it changes you.
Are you even listening
to yourselves?
We've been through this a
million times before.
Bad things happen.
These are bad times.
But we have rules we follow if
we want to stay alive.
We don't go back for anything.
Because it's suicide.
We shouldn't've
driven away like that.
You're saying it's
my fault because I was driving.
Come on guys it's
no one's fault.
We cannot keep talking
like this.
We just go round
and round in circles.
She wants to go back - Fine.
But she has no right
To put other people's
lives at risk.
I'm not asking
you to do anything.
You take the car, you
take the supplies,
You risk the survival
of the rest of us.
You wouldn't even be alive
today if it wasn't for john.
Please, keep your voices down.
And I'm as grateful for
that as I was three months
Ago when you found us.
But things are different.
We haven't seen a healthy
human being in weeks.
There is one car. One
We need to stick together on
You don't get it, do you?
There is no "ours" anymore.
Only what you
take and how you hold on to it.
Everybody inside, quick!
Evie come back.
Marge, shut up!
What do you think you're doing?
We're leaving. I told
you it was too dangerous here.
Grab our things!
No we're not leaving.
I'm sorry about what
happened to john.
But it's not safe here anymore.
- Sammy, give me the keys.
- Don't give 'em to him.
You stay the fuck out of this.
The way I look it, the rules
have changed.
I'm taking this wagon south
whether you like it or not.
The rules might've
changed but it doesn't
Mean there aren't any. We
decide things together.
This isn't a game.
There is no victory at the end
of this.
There's only survival.
Come on! Come on!
Get out of the car.
- What are you doing, Evie?
- Take it easy.
The keys.
Give them to me.
We're not going anywhere, OK?
Do you understand?
Hey, hey. Give me the gun.
I'm sorry.
If he's still alive, he'll be
out on the road somewhere.
We'll find
him, and bring him back.
Jesus Christ, you've
all lost your minds!
Then we'll head
south for the coast.
They're takin' the car.
We're nearly out of fuel, and
that engine
Could go at any time.
If this wagon stalls, you
might as well slit our throats.
Get away from the door.
Get away from the door!
Stop it!
It's OK.
We have to go out there and try.
We can't help each other, what's
the point to all this?
Marge! Get the
keys! Get the keys!
Sammy, help her.
Get in the car.
You either come or you don't.
I didn't want it
to be like this.
Come on, come on,
you can't stay here!
I'm-I'm sorry.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
- Where are they?
- No.
Who is that?
Evie, who is it?
Is he infected?
Oh, oh.
How did this happen?
You let them leave?
Why did you let them leave?
I did everything that I
could. I tried. OK?
There was nothing
that I could do.
They haven't gone too
far, maybe we should...
hey, hey.
John, where are they?
It's empty, john.
Where are your other inhalers?
I didn't have time.
That's Sammy!
Hi, john! Evie.
Help me. Fix me.
It hurts.
Help me.
No, no john, don't.
John, don't.
No, please.
Shh, it's me,
it's me. Shh.
They're everywhere.
That's it.
- No more.
- No!
No, no no!
Listen, I can't go on like this.
I love you.
You're lucky they didn't
get inside.
You look a bit shocked by this.
Have you never seen 'em this
close up before?
It's not that.
It's just that things haven't
been going so well.
Things haven't been
going so well for a while now.
So you two out here alone?
- We were in a group.
- We haven't seen another
Survivor in a long time.
Don't do that.
take his gun. Evie!
What are you doing here?
I can understand your caution.
I'd be cautious too.
I'm just like you.
I'm just tryin' to find
somewhere secure enough
To get by.
And I don't mean you any harm.
Well we don't have
anything to spare.
That's OK.
I got food, water, supplies
right here in the truck.
And you can hold on to that
For as long as you like.
Name's Charlie.
Which one of you two's gonna
show me around?
I was travelin' with my
wife, rose.
And our little daughter, Susie.
Where are they now?
I woulda done
anything to keep them
Alive, of course.
Absolutely anything.
How did you find
this place, anyway?
Um, we had just been
living in a house we found
Not long after we left the city.
We were out searching for
supplies one day
And we found this place.
We figured it'd be
a good place to escape to
If anything, uh,
Went wrong.
Look, I'd like to help you out.
Stay around here.
It's just that we don't
have much left here.
I-It wasn't intended to be a
permanent thing.
But there's still
supplies around if you
Know where to look.
I mean, the countryside might
not look as trim and tidy
As it used to,
But out here it's safer than
anywhere else.
Out here, there might just
be a future.
Anyway, you have a
think about it.
And you can help yourself to
this lot.
I'll be outside.
Promise me you'll keep us alive.
So, you taught at university?
Mhmm. Yeah.
And uh, Evie's a primary school
Oh, and what did you teach?
Social sciences. It's
like uh, it's the study of
Human behavior and social
Bullshit, really.
I remember this one time
my wife and I, we had
An argument. We were
giving each other the
Silent treatment.
Leaving notes around the house
for each other.
That kind of thing.
And I had an early start the
next morning.
So I left a note.
"Wake me up at 5 am for work."
It's funny the things you
I've got a photo of her here.
I carry it with me everywhere.
- She's beautiful.
- Yeah.
So anyway, I wake up.
It's 9 am. I'm furious.
And then I saw her note.
"It's 5 am, wake up!"
Yeah. We're livin' for
what we remember, now.
And we're cut off from
everything we ever hoped for.
When the outbreak
hit, obviously my first
Thought was for my wife
and child.
We were hiding out and I could
hardly bring myself to
Smash a window, to steal food,
to feed them.
I thought as long as I stay
Everything will remain normal.
That gave me a reason to live.
Look, I, I can't promise
you anything.
But I say, we're better off
staying here.
Those things are dying. They
can't last much longer.
If we sit tight, we might just
have a chance at
Beatin' this thing.
Where are you going?
I'll sleep in the car.
Oh, no, it's not safe
out here on your own.
There's plenty of room in
the shed. And tomorrow we
Can figure out what
we're going to do.
That's all I'm doing.
You can keep going if
you'd like.
You're never
going to forgive me, are you?
I made a mistake, could you just
get past it, please?
You put a gun to
your head, john.
Because I thought
I had no choice!
There's always a choice.
OK? And I don't care what you
think, there's nothing better
On the other side, there's only
And if this all we get no matter
how fucked up it is
I don't want it to end, OK?
What do you want from me? I
don't know what you want.
Do you want me to say I'm
sorry? I'm sorry, OK. I'm
Sorry. I don't know what
else I can do for you.
I want you to stop
acting like it's only your
Life that's being ruined.
She OK?
How's this? Enough?
Yeah, we should be able to
grow some vegetables in there.
That way we can
stop relying on supplies
And start relying
on ourselves again.
So that's the plan? We
just, stay here and wait
It out?
Or until someone comes
up with a better idea.
Where are you going?
I'm going hunting.
It's very impressive.
Like I said, john.
You know where to find it.
I know, I know.
You do a lot better than me out
Thank you.
It's interesting.
Animals don't seem to have
Been affected.
Oh. Thanks.
Well it's lucky for us.
Otherwise we'd be going
hungry tonight.
Humans have always
been subject to illness,
There's nothing new in
that. But,
What I find interesting is that
in really striking ways-
Thank you.
Disease has
always played a major part
In shaping our
evolutionary history.
I mean look at cholera.
The black death. Hiv.
Not just the disease but the
social implications of the
Disease have literally
changed the course of mankind.
Think about the diversity of
life on the planet.
Disease in a way
has formed a kind of cycle
Which helps to create life
and uh,
Obviously some cases,
to destroy it.
Perhaps there is so much
diversity in life
Simply for disease to exist.
What if mankind's purpose is
simply to exist as a host?
Just a vessel. Nothing
more than that.
You shouldn't
let him get to you.
He doesn't.
I mean, I don't, it's just-
- Look.
I don't know what
happened between you two
Before I arrived.
I can see it hasn't been easy.
Look what I found.
One moment you're a-You're a
person with goals
And projects.
Your whole life ahead of you.
People you love.
And then, it's all over.
I think the person who owned
this hasn't got much use
For it anymore, do you?
You do too much for us.
Well, you've let me
stay here with you.
You've given me your friendship.
We need you more
than you need us.
Nah, well, I haven't
asked for anything in
Return though, have I?
And I'm not saying that because
I feel like you've built up
A debt to me, or anything, no.
No, no way.
I appreciate your friendship.
You do know I could protect you,
don't you?
When you're with me,
You're safe.
I like you.
I like you, Evie.
I like you a lot.
And that's all that matters now.
Oh, don't be
upset. No, no, no.
Look at what we're doing.
We're surviving, aren't we?
I don't want to
stay here anymore.
But it's safe here.
Here I can keep you safe.
I won't let anything hurt you.
We have to survive this
Mmm, now I like you.
I like you a lot.
Charlie! Can you give me
a hand out here?
Is something wrong?
Hey, stop!
John, john.
Come on, calm down.
Calm down, calm down.
Breathe through your nose,
OK? Breathe through your
nose. Stay calm.
Help me get him inside!
It's never been this bad.
Will he be OK?
I don't know.
I don't want to put you
in this position, OK, but
Is there anything
that you could do?
Well, what can I do?
A chemist, OK, or a
doctors practice?
No, uh-Uh, all those places
been looted long ago.
No, no, if we don't get
medicine now, he could die!
What about me? What
about me?
I could be driving around out
there for days! Days.
Looking for medicine.
You must've passed somewhere.
And maybe I do know somewhere.
Oh, it'd be dangerous though.
Please. Even if there is the
slightest chance.
I don't have to go anywhere.
You see? I don't.
I've got time. It's you
that's asking me for help,
Not the other way around.
I could just leave this place
whenever I like.
Would you like that?
- You do this one thing for me-
- No.
And I'll do whatever I
can to help you.
I need you to lie still.
Just pretend like it's nothing.
Is it worth john dying over?
Fuckin, fuckin just-
Evie, can you give me
a hand please? We'll take
These things inside.
Will you be OK?
I couldn't stop
thinkin' about you.
- Charlie please.
- I mean it.
It's the reason I like it here.
Despite everything that's
I've never been happier in my
whole life.
Look I know that you're-That
you're a bit lonely, OK?
I understand what you're going
through. Your wife.
My wife? No. Don't
talk about her.
Stop it.
Everything alright in here?
Oh, yeah. Just a little
We need fuel regardless.
Whether we stay or not.
Now I saw a truck hiked
up on Gibson road. And if
That's loaded, I
could be back before-
We need him to survive.
If there's something you want to
say, just say it.
No, just forget it.
Whatever's going on
between you two, I don't care.
No, we need to leave,
OK? Let's just take our
Things and let's go.
You keep saying we need
to leave, but where are we
Gonna go? Have you ever
thought about that? Do you
Have any idea?
What's this?
That's not his family, john.
Who knows what happened to these
It's none of our business.
He's been nothing but good
to us. Why are you-
What do you want me to do?
I need you to start
acting like what you do
Makes a difference.
What's happened?
It's not you in
the picture, Charlie.
- We were a happy family.
- That's not your family.
Let me show you something.
Come on.
She ran.
Look what happened to her.
I loved her, even though she
wasn't mine.
Maybe that's why I keep
her with me.
She'll be the one to tell me
How long they can live without
Don't you see?
They're dying out.
Pretty soon, this is gonna come
to an end.
And everything will go back to
Just like it was before.
Isn't that what we all want?
To put this behind us?
I want you to leave.
What are you gonna do?
Shoot me?
Evie, you come with me.
John, john!
No, no!
After all I've done!
I came here I made this place
safe for you!
To keep them out! I looked after
I fed you, I gave you water. I
gave you everything.
I gave you
hope. And this is what I get?
This is the thanks I get?
Come on, john.
You wouldn't last five minutes
out here without me.
All that matters now, is
that we're surviving.
Everything else, isn't
You were gonna kill yourself
Before I arrived,
weren't you, john?
Yeah, I know.
John, please, just do something!
Without me, you'd be a dead man.
No. John, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
Get off of m-Get off!
Come here.
Come on.
John! John!
Stop him!
Help me.
Help me.
Turn around!
Where are they keys?
I don't have the keys.
I said where are
the fucking keys?
You from the military?
What are you doing here?
Is there anyone else in there?
I can just shoot you
and find them myself, OK?
They're in the trunk.
No, no no no. Don't
shoot, don't shoot, don't
Shoot. No! Don't shoot,
don't shoot.
I'll take you some-I'll take
you somewhere.
Where are you
gonna take me, huh?
It's an evacuation zone.
What are you doing
out here alone?
We got attacked and I
lost my group. But here.
It's an extraction zone.
We can go there together.
There's room for one more.
Evie, Evie!
Evie. Evie
Evie. Evie. Evie.
Evie. Evie.
Wake up.
You have to listen to me, OK?
You listening? Alright.
I think I've found a way for
us to get out of here.
But we have to go, we have
to go now, alright?
Evie, Evie, Evie, Evie, Evie.
Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.
Listen to me. Try to stay
awake. You have to listen.
We have to go, OK?
There's a place where
we can be safe.
How do you know?
I just know. But you
have to trust me, OK?
You have to trust me one more
time. Please.
Hey. Jus-Just wait here.
Hello! Hello!
Where the fuck is everyone?
I'm corporal Davies. I have an
injured woman!
Hey, drink some water.
You OK?
We're nearly there.
Are you OK?
Please, stay
with me. Evie!
Wake up, wake up!
Don't fall asleep.
Shit! No!
Come on, come on. Come on, come
on, come on. Come on!
Come on.
I'm sorry baby, we have to go.
- Come on. Come on, come on.
- No.
No, we gotta keep moving.
Come here, come here.
Car's dead baby, we
gotta keep moving.
- Evie.
- I just need to rest.
Alright, OK. You're OK.
- I just need to rest.
- OK, OK.
Come here.
Evie, get up! Get up.
Get up. Evie! Get up!
Evie, get up. Get up. Come on,
come on, come on.
That's right.
We have to go.
Come on! We have to go!
Evie, we have to go now.
We have to go!
But, I can't.
There's too many. I
can't shoot them.
Evie, we have to go. We gotta
Evie we have to go or all of
this will have been for nothing.
Get up.
Get up!
Why won't you listen to me?
Get up.
get up. Please.
I have to go.
I can't stay. I can't stay.
Let go. Evie! I have to go!
I need you to protect me.
No, no, no, ah!