Plan C (2012) Movie Script

We all start out with plans, dreams.
But things usually turn out differently.
Then what?
You can quit, or complain...
...or you can cry like a little girl.
But it won't change a thing.
In India, I once talked to a wise...
...well... man.
He said that the plan
will change you...
...and if you're strong
you might also change the plan.
The rest is sheer luck.
That's how he saw it.
I never really understood
what it means.
My father always said if you let it come
down to luck there's only one certainty:
Whichever way it goes... will always swing back
the other way in the end.
But these are just theories...
In practice, it's...
Shit! Come on guys. What is this?
Lousy cards all night.
Don't be a baby.
Take it easy.
- Get lost, man.
Fucking cards all night.
Hey, Frits.
- Hey, Ronald.
I happened to hear -
I was in the car, so...
...I thought I'd have a look.
Had a wild night?
- Why?
No, just uh...
What happened? Drugs, I heard.
- Robbery on a weed den.
Or someone forgot his keys,
if you know what I mean.
No coffee around?
Let's see...
- I'll take it.
No, I'll take it.
I'm going to the station, anyway.
No, that's OK.
I'll take it along with the rest.
No, I'll just take everything with me.
Really, no problem.
Does anyone have a bag for me?
And pen?
Hey, Ronald.
- Yes, Gerrit.
Are you pissed off?
- Am I pissed off?
I told you on the phone
I needed to see you right away.
I've been waiting for 45 minutes, damn it.
- Come on, I mean...
Then don't tell me you'll be here
in ten minutes.
I had... I have other things
going on too, you know.
Do you see that?
- Piece of paper?
I went in there.
First I walked all the way over there...
...then I went in and ordered a sandwich.
I ate it walking back here.
Then I arrived
and you still weren't here.
I leaned against the car and threw
that piece of paper away out of anger.
Then I walked back over there
went in and ordered a cup of coffee.
This cup of coffee.
All this happened while
you weren't here Gerrit!
I was busy
and it took a bit longer...
I'm not going to make
a big deal out of it...
...but it's just not right.
It's inappropriate behavior.
Here. You'll get the rest tonight.
Hey Ronald, do you have a sec?
- I'm very busy, Henk.
Did you pay the 25 euro
for Peter's going-away present yet?
My Excel sheet says you didn't.
- Is that right? I thought I did.
I'm pretty sure you didn't.
- Really?
Really. You're the only one
who hasn't paid yet.
Except for Dirk-Jan, but since he had
a nervous breakdown and all...
Oh, except for Dirk-Jan. OK.
I don't have it on me now.
I'll go to the cash machine later.
This afternoon.
- Great.
Who's on Sunday? Me, of course.
They always have to get me.
They always just change the schedule on me.
Kobi, do you have a second?
You're going out soon, right?
Could you take this along?
It's all...
Had a long night, I see.
Not that long.
- Bags.
Could you take these?
RENT: 575
You gave some things to Kobi?
Kobi said you gave her Hash and...
- That's right. Hash.
I happened to be at the scene
of a weed den robbery this morning.
So I brought it along right away.
- So you still owe me two reports?
- Right. I'm just finishing them up.
First a cigarette break.
- I don't mean to nag...
...but I need that report on the
snackbar robbery by Tuesday...
...otherwise I will get in trouble.
But you're a grown man, so...
Anyway, just so you know
there is some urgency behind it...
I'll have it done by Tuesday.
- Good.
By the way, did you get my email
about the men's bathroom?
Makes you wonder who
leaves them in such a state?
Yes, very inconsiderate.
What's the world coming to, when
adult men can't clean up their own mess?
Just take today, after all that coffee
the can has seen a lot of action.
Is it too much to ask that
people leave it in a decent state?
You never know what people
do when no one's looking.
A LIFE WITHOUT DOUB That's rubbish.
So, how's life?
- Good.
Yeah, same here.
A bit chaotic, now that I'm
switching jobs, but...
Yes, of course.
Mess. What mess?
They were in the house
when Simon came home.
They smashed up all his toys.
- Dents in the sideboard.
Yes, it's a very unpleasant, uh...
And such a shame about that
beautiful, old panelling.
Fortunately, Simon is unharmed.
That's the most important thing.
Did you tell him that Dad's
going take care of this?
What are you going to do about this?
- Who's that Hao?
Have a seat.
- Why?
I'll talk to them and
make sure they don't bother you again.
Wonderful! I feel safer already.
- I was talking about Linda and Simon.
This is not in accordance with
the agreement I have with this...
Agreement? You owe money.
It's called a debt.
...but according to an agreement I have
with the Chinese responsible for this...
I'll take care of it. OK?
- You're just playing the victim again.
You don't do anything,
that's why stuff goes wrong all the time.
Let's try and stay calm.
- Then put my mind at ease.
Have you been putting money aside
for emergencies, so you can pay this off?
I will pay this off.
It looks worse than it really is.
In a week we'll be laughing about this.
We're working on an important case.
- You know what you should do?
Read my book.
- Right.
Thanks for that pearl of wisdom, Lars.
I forgot that you know everything.
- Stop it.
We'll go to the police, of course.
No. We're not going to do that, guys.
That just makes it worse.
These people...
Of course you don't want us
to go to the police.
Not because of me...
The police can't do anything.
They want money. Trust me, Linda.
What if they go to Simon's school?
We don't want that.
So what do you want to do?
I can go to my mom's
for a few days with Simon.
But I have to be sure
that you'll fix this within a week.
Otherwise I will still go to the police.
I'll take care of it. For Simon.
And meanwhile we're going to your mom's?
- Me and Simon are.
Yes, Simon...
Thanks Ronald,
hiding out because of your gambling debts.
First of all, Lars... isn't gambling.
Poker is a wonderful game
of skills and discipline.
Skills and discipline?
- Yes.
Second of all, what happened here today
isn't good...
...but it's under control.
I'm going to take care of it, all right?
And third, it's not...
Come in.
Hey, Simon.
Hey, dad.
That wasn't very nice, this afternoon.
It's OK.
But daddy's taking care of it.
That Lars, man. Right?
Boy oh boy.
Hey, and your toys and all that...
We'll buy new stuff together. OK?
We'll do that at the end of the month.
End of the month...
Hi, I'm here to see Hao.
I don't have an...
He says that he sees you're still
spending all your money on clothes.
Oh, No... Yes. Ha ha.
Are you here to pay up?
- No.
I'd like to talk to you
about the situation.
He understands what you're saying.
- Oh, OK.
What's this all of a sudden, man?
Out of the blue this move
against my son and ex-wife?
It's below the belt.
They have nothing to do with it.
You owe me for over a year.
You pay nothing.
Then I hear you're playing poker
every week... North Amsterdam.
For a lot of money.
Well, it's not a lot of money.
If you have money to play poker,
you have money to pay me.
It's not a lot of money.
It's just little bits and pieces.
But stay away from Simon and -
You're doing this, Ronald. Not me.
Ten thousand.
Ten thousand, Ronald.
You have one week.
Good. I'm good. Little busy.
A lot of stuff going on at the same time.
But I'm... OK.
You've never been here before, have you?
- No.
Don't mind the mess.
Want something to drink?
- No.
Here you are, three fifty.
Hey... I'm sorry about this afternoon.
I was busy with a batch of shoes
from Dave.
We had a deal. Look...
Nice, huh?
If you want I can...
- No, I've been buying these for years.
Never change a winning team.
What's that?
What. Oh, that's Pedro.
Just a bit of company.
Pedro. Give me a kiss.
Question for you: Do you know
someone who can lend me some money?
Money? Leo.
- Nah...
Leo Kraaijvanger.
- Yeah, I know Leo.
But i'm talking about serious money
here, Gerrit. Say 10,000.
What do you need 10,000 for?
Why? Because.
I just need it, OK?
I'm in a tight spot right now.
Well, 10,000 isn't that tight.
- Oh, it's a tight spot. A very tight spot.
When do you need it?
- Within a week.
Oh, right. That's a...
- Yes.
That's a tight spot.
- Well it's not that bad. It'll be fine.
OK. Right? OK.
- Ruud, do you have a minute?
I'm busy.
- I have to talk to you in private.
I guarantee you I'll pay you back
within two weeks.
Oh, in that case...
I still won't do it Ronald.
I don't play games that
I don't know the rules to.
And lending money...
You just took a piss outside?
- Yes, in the...
There's a bathroom in here.
Ruud speaking.
I can barely hear you...
Are we done?
Is it busy?
- Busy enough, yes.
How much does the winner
take home tonight?
I don't know yet.
There haven't been any rebuys yet.
- Eight, nine, ten thousand.
Come on!
Ouch, that hurts.
- Oh, give me a break!
No, but: string bet.
- What?
You made a string bet.
- What are you talking about?
Didn't you see it?
He put his chips in,
then he added some more.
That's a string bet, right?
Or have the rules changed?
I didn't see anything.
Come on, guys.
A string bet is a string bet.
You should have called it when you
saw it. We've had two actions since.
Rebuy, or just go home.
I don't ever want this dealer
at my table again...
What's the problem?
- Listen, I finally get a good hand:
Ace, five.
- That's not exactly a good hand.
What? I had an ace!
- With a five.
Odds are someone is holding
a better ace.
But if you'd seen
the hands I got before...
Sure. So you mentioned the
string bet before the next two moves?
What, No, but...
- Cause if there have been two actions...
...there's nothing I can do about it.
- Yes, but...
What do you want me to do, Ronald?
Hey, Ronald.
Yes, a little.
Ok, but why do you want
to meet all the way out there?
OK. Go easy on the coffee,
or you'll feel funny again.
Did you have a proper lunch?
I put that nice sauce on your sandwich.
Feel funny?
- Yes, feel funny.
I'll be home late tonight.
I'm with Tanja.
Fine. See you.
Take care.
- Yes, bye.
Frits, do you know where Ronald is?
No, haven't seen him today.
What's he working on?
- Not much, I think.
The robbery on the weed den.
And that snackbar.
I think.
Hey, Ronald.
This is Bram.
Is this how we do business?
- Cool it.
I haven't told him anything yet.
I'm not crazy.
So what did you tell him?
You're having drinks with a friend?
You can't involve just anyone.
It's not a school trip.
I want it to be a small crew.
- I know.
Manageable. If this goes wrong,
nasty things will happen. Very nasty things.
Yes I know, you're in a tight spot.
If you were in my shoes,
you'd have given up already.
Listen, I've been thinking...
...I can't do this all by myself,
can I, Ronald?
Who is that guy? Can we trust him?
- Yes.
Bram is my ex-brother-in-law.
Otherwise I wouldn't have asked him.
He's a professional.
- A professional?
He's a good guy.
A good guy?
- Yes. Like us. He needs money.
But it will affect the plan, Gerrit.
- That's why I thought...
You said there's at least 30,000, right?
Split three ways, it's 10,000 each.
Then you have your money
and we have an extra guy. Right?
Bram, this is Ronald.
Ronald, this is Bram.
Sorry for the slight miscommunication.
- Happens in the best of marriages.
Right. Let me begin by saying...
...that starting now, no one else
gets involved. Let that be very clear.
A small manageable crew.
There's three of us now.
Bram, Gerrit says you can be trusted.
This is the point at which
you can still walk away.
No, let's hear it.
Ok, good.
Sorry, I need a coffee, otherwise...
What can I get you?
- I'd like an espresso. Guys?
Cold Chocolate.
Espresso. Double.
And a double espresso.
- OK. Coming up.
OK, very simple.
Poker tournament in North Amsterdam.
- Yes, North.
On Wednesdays they have
a 500 Euro rebuy tournament.
That's a lot of money. Trust me.
On Fridays it's 200 Euros.
On other days it's 50 Euros. Cash games.
But on Wednesdays:
a 500 Euro rebuy tournament. OK?
There's a back entrance to the office
where all the money is counted.
The door is always open.
There are two guys. Unarmed.
You go in and threaten them.
No violence. That's very important.
Threaten them, grab the money...
...and we'll meet the next day
at that roadside hotel...
What's that hotel called?
I'll make sure you know where it is.
That's it. Simple and clear.
I will take part in the tournament,
so that I have an alibi.
I'll pay for the buy-in myself and so on.
So that's your contribution?
That you'll be playing?
- That's my contribution, yes.
People know me there.
And some people know I need money.
Hey listen, I'm initiating this job.
I came up with it.
I'm just in a tight spot, financially
speaking. I'm not doing this for myself.
Just ask Ger.
Hey, if you're not OK with it...
No, just asking.
Just want to know
what I'm getting into.
Where was I?
The next day we split the money
in one of the hotel rooms.
Then we each go our own way
all a little richer.
I've calculated...
...that there should be at least
30,000 Euros that day.
We split it three ways fair and square.
No resentments, no complaints.
- Fine.
Important... no violence.
No blood on the floor.
Only as a last resort.
- No, never.
- Only threats.
If there's no violence,
they won't go to the police.
That poker tournament is still illegal.
It will just get them into trouble.
Tax Office, questions.
They don't want that.
So they lose some money.
Tough break. You see?
Sure, I see.
- One cold chocolate.
For this gentleman.
There you go.
Are we splitting the bill, or...
How are we doing this?
Well, I didn't expect this, to be honest,
but thanks.
I'm just glad everything's OK again
and that Simon is safe.
Do you have a new car?
I've also got a present for Simon.
Then I have to get going.
Hey Simon, look.
Remember what I promised?
Is that one of those?
You know what you should do
when you order this stuff?
You have to ask for something special.
When you ask for one without pickles,
they have to make you a fresh one.
Lazy cancerous fucks.
Bram, don't.
No swearing with 'cancer'.
- What, because of that parrot?
- Parakeet, OK?
Yes, Pedro.
- No. And Pedro is a new one. OK?
Know what I feel like doing right now?
It's been a long time.
That really gets to you. Trust me.
- I believe you.
I really feel like fucking, man.
But, you know...
I don't like all the hassle
that comes with it.
You know? Talk all night,
having drinks...
Be Prince charming and all that.
Don't want to do that whole...
What about a prostitute?
What do you think?
A prostitute?
No. I don't wanna go through the whole...
- Sorry, Bram.
OK, I think it's clear. I'll pick you up...
- Mating ritual.
Don't wanna go through
the whole mating ritual.
But I sure do wanna fuck.
It's busy.
Who's here?
- How the hell should I know.
Ronald. On a Wednesday.
- Had a bit of luck.
Fine by me, buddy.
Ron (bald).
Why 'bald'?
- Handsome Ron is playing too.
I have to know who's who
and you want to go as 'Ron'.
So then it's either 'Ron bald',
or 'Ron rebuy'.
Hey, Bram. It's Gerrit.
I'm in front of your house. Oh.
I was just calling you.
Everything in the bag?
I'm starving like a fucking cancer patient.
- No cancer. Come on.
You know...
What's that?
- Why are you taking it with you?
I didn't finish it yet.
Dave, can I have another one?
Nice and strong.
Know what you're playing. You have
to know the theory, read the books.
I know.
- Yes, you might know...
...but a lot of people
don't know what they're playing.
Sure, Theo.
- It's the tragedy of our time.
Doesn't stop them complaining though:
I can't catch a break, it's not my fault...
Yes, it's the tragedy of our time, Theo.
Ok, it's time. Gentlemen, good luck.
- We can't all have luck.
Don't be too lucky.
Hello? Could I have?
- KFC, one moment please.
What's this?
There's no one here
and we have to wait.
No one at all!
This is North, right? Typical.
Bunch of retards.
We'll go somewhere else.
We're staying here.
I haven't been able to eat what
I wanted for a long time. Now I can.
OK, man.
- Kentucky.
- Can I take your order?
Yes, I'd like a Zinger burger
menu and a coke and...
A Zinger burger menu without tomato
and a diet coke.
And a Zinger burger menu
without tomato and a diet coke.
Oh, and I'll have the other burger
without tomato as well.
Forgot about that.
It's Mo's.
It was worth a try.
It's gonna be fine.
- You know what I always do?
If you want to...
- Let me do it my way OK?
- By feeling.
By luck.
Check this out.
This guy goes to KFC alone in
the rain on his bike to get a burger.
Can you imagine?
You could probably kill him
and no one would miss him.
Nothing will happen.
No police. Nothing. Nada.
Not that I'd want to, but...
- He's a normal guy.
Yeah, so?
- He's a normal guy.
You shouldn't be condescending
about the little guy.
- You're constantly trashing the little guy.
Come on Bram, cool it.
- I'm cool.
Hang on.
I'm just talking about this...
I'm not trashing the little guy.
I am a little...
I'd never trash the little guy.
I'm just saying that North Amsterdam
is a weird place.
It's just my opinion. That's all.
I'm entitled to it.
Maybe it's not a nice
thing to say, but...
I'm going to take a piss.
- Again?
New girlfriend?
Or boyfriend?
- Can't I look at my phone?
We're playing cards here, but whatever.
Frans, can I get a rebuy?
How much is it?
- Look out. Ronnie's playing again.
No way! Come on.
Man oh man.
Filthy toilets.
Never piss in a urinal.
You know why?
- Well?
Your piss spatters back at you,
you know, back at your...
If it were just your own piss, but...
...your piss mixes with the piss
of thousands of other dudes.
And then that mix spatters
all over your dick. It's gross.
To each his own and all that,
but I refuse that sort of thing.
What kind of equipment
are we using?
What's this?
- It's old.
But it makes a hell of a noise, Ger.
Now, if it jams...
- Just bang it.
What's that. Hey!
- Remember this stuff?
From military service?
- I didn't serve, Bram.
Why am I not surprised.
- Careful. Come on, Bram.
This was developed
for the shorter distances.
Man-to-man combat, you know.
- I don't want blood on the floor, Bram.
Did I say I want blood on the floor?
No one wants blood on the floor, Gerrit.
Good fold.
I can't win for once?
Statistically speaking,
even you have to win at some point.
Is Herman out?
- How the hell should I know.
I knew it.
- Sorry, Theo.
I play by feeling
and tonight the feeling is...
Have you seen a doctor about this?
I mean, it can't be right
that you need to piss so often.
- It's Ronald.
I'm just calling to see...
...if everything's all right.
- Everything's fine.
We're very close, so...
We had to make an extra stop,
But it's all going well.
We're ready.
So right on schedule?
No problems with anything?
I'll check with Bram. Hang on.
Yes, he's OK too.
- 'Cause if there is anything wrong...
...we can still call it off now.
There's nothing wrong.
No, exactly.
So we will see each other...
- Tomorrow.
Right. Tomorrow. OK.
- Bye.
Ready, Kasparov?
Mark my words:
Ronald's going to get that 15,000 tonight.
I can't see him losing
that stack.
Sorry, guys.
Gerrit speaking.
- Yes... I've been thinking.
Listen, maybe it's not such a good
idea after all. So I'm thinking...
...that we should abort the mission.
What are you saying? Call it off?
Yes, maybe that's...
Let's just call it off. OK?
I'll give you 500 Euros.
Bram gets 500 for his trouble too.
And then that's that.
- OK.
The mission is aborted.
- But we're already here.
That doesn't matter, because we're
putting a stop to it now. OK?
Hello? Forget about it.
We're not calling off anything.
The machine is already in motion.
The machine is in motion.
That's not how it works.
It's not a school trip.
I need the money too.
Easy peasy, Ger.
Are you OK, man?
- I'm OK. It's my stomach.
You look a bit pale.
OK, stay calm everyone.
No one wants blood on the floor.
Put it in the bag. Quickly!
Hello, Irma speaking.
Yes, hold on.
Peter, telephone.
- Telephone.
I took the day off, didn't I?
Yes, Peter speaking.
No, it's all right, Susan.
Who is it?
Nico, oh. OK, put him on.
- Hi Peter, how are you?
- Good same here. We do our best.
We're looking at a case.
Long story short:
A certain Ruud Aarsman
and Dries Kirkesteijn...
...were killed yesterday during
a robbery on a poker tournament.
We noticed that you investigated
Ruud Aarsman last year.
Two years ago.
- Pardon?
Ruud Aarsman, two years ago.
For laundering money or something?
- Yes.
He had some chess cafes downtown,
we suspected them of money laundering.
Nothing major.
It never turned into a case.
Ok. Could you come by the crime scene?
You might have some useful info.
Small stuff. Whatever you've got.
- Come by? Now?
I'd really appreciate it. You never
know what could come of it.
Yeah, ok. I'll stop in.
Great. Distelweg in North Amsterdam.
They have the address at your station.
Appreciate it.
- Bye.
Johan and Emmie tonight at seven.
And say hello to Jos.
Hey Ronald, I haven't seen you since...
I mean...
Very good.
Everything all right?
You look a bit tired.
- Tired? Yes, I'm busy.
Yes, bags. You know why?
Because I feel like shit, Henk.
Is that OK with you?
Not everyone is as organized as...
At least I have a life.
Hi, you've reached
Gerrit's voicemail. I'm not here...
- No, Nico. I don't think...
...I have anything to add here.
Ruud Aarsman wasn't exactly a big player.
He didn't really have any enemies.
- That's what I thought. Ah, well.
It's probably just a robbery
for the money.
Still, one has to consider all
options, review all scenarios.
We're spending a lot of time
tracking down witnesses.
The third victim was probably hit
by a stray bullet. Accident.
Bad luck. Judging by his stack he wasn't
having a great night to begin with.
Look who's here.
Well, mission accomplished, chief.
What? Mission is not
accomplished. Anything but.
Why don't you answer when I call you?
- Order something to drink first.
No, mission failed! What happened?
What have you done? Innocent people...
Yes, it's not right.
People who had nothing...
- It wasn't part of the plan.
Blood on the floor, Gerrit.
What's your problem?
We have the money, don't we?
This is so wrong.
- So what are we crying about?
This was never the plan, Gerrit.
What did I say about violence?
!!! Innocent people.
Family. Children. Loved ones.
- Yes, those are the risks.
Plans are made and then things happen.
And so the plans are changed.
A bit of jazz. That's how it works.
We're all in the same boat now.
What happened happened.
We can't go back in time, guys.
- We can't go back in time?
Do you think that's how
the police sees it?
The police? Yes, of course.
- Really? 'Of course.'
The police will just think
it's an organized crime thing.
Organized crime?
- Yes, they won't do anything.
A shoot-out at an illegal
poker tournament.
Must be an organized crime thing.
What do they know?
And it's the North. Which
they couldn't give a shit about.
They'll just put some moron on
the case who'll take a look around...
...and they'll be happy
if they can make a story out of it.
Oh yeah?
- Yes, I know what they're like.
Yeah, you know everything don't you?
- Nothing for me.
I'm just sitting here.
This is all wrong, Gerrit.
- Bram...
Listen, let's deal with things
in a constructive...
So what's your plan?
- Because I came up with a plan.
Let's just split the money like we
agreed and go our own way.
Then we lay low until this blows over.
So you just come waltzing in here
without being able to provide...
...any, uhm, alternatives...
...for this, uhm...
Because I have a plan.
What are you talking about?
- Since Gerrit and I...
...have been sweating like work horses...
- Hold on.
...and you clearly just sat there
on your lazy ass...
...the money will be split differently.
This gives me a bad taste
in my mouth. A plan is a plan.
Gerrit, come on.
- No... Bram, I...
I don't think it's a good idea.
Let's just...
Gerrit and I get 12,500. You get 5,000.
- No. Guys...
This is wrong. 5,000 is not enough.
I paid for the buy-in myself.
Gerrit lost his car.
- What? Why?
Had to leave it behind.
They won't find it. Don't worry.
- No! Guys...
OK guys, I think we should
stick to the old plan. I...
Bram, I... I'm not agreeing to this.
- All right.
We're in this together, we've
got to get out of it together.
Let's just put our cards on the table.
Our cards are already on the table.
- Bram, Ronald needs that money badly.
Let's not make it more difficult
than it already is.
Split it evenly and let the little guy
do all the work?
And you act all high and mighty.
- Guys...
Let's just keep talking.
- I am talking.
We're all in a tight spot
and we all have to get out of it.
We twelve and a half, you five.
You two put us in this position, not me.
I didn't do anything.
I work for the police.
I can always turn this into a good story.
Oh, you should do that.
Ronald, I don't think...
- You have to be really careful now.
I can do the same as you.
A bit of jazz.
- I'm ready to negotiate. Just...
Take it easy!
- Cool it, Bram.
Take it easy.
- Yeah?
Still ready to negotiate?
Guess not.
Acting all high and mighty.
Bald fuck.
- Not bald. Let's just talk.
Acting all high and mighty?
With that bald head of yours.
Do you want to act high and mighty?
- Bram...
I'm giving you a deal
and you act high and mighty?
I'm not acting all high and mighty.
- They're calling the police. Stop it.
There's no more talking.
You don't get anything.
Bald freak.
- It's me.
Are you no longer answering the phone?
- Linda, I was busy at work.
How are things going?
Fine. Great. It's all going...
But I'm at the station, so can I call you...
I have simple question:
Can we go home on Monday?
What? Sure. I'm...
But, can I call you back later?
A simple yes or no, Ronald.
I need to know what the status is.
Yes. Monday everything will be just...
Did you pay up, or not?
- Of course I did.
Don't worry. It's all going according...
I've got the money.
I'll pay it off tomorrow
and then everything will be solved.
Before I go back I want to be
100 percent sure that it's solved.
We're talking about Simon here.
- Of course. I know. Simon.
Why do you think I...
- Ok, I'll call you this weekend.
And if I don't trust it,
I'll go to the police.
Yes, you've said that a hundred times now.
And you're picking up Simon
from school later?
Later? Yes at three,
just like every Thursday.
I'll call you on Sunday.
I hope everything is solved by then. Bye.
Yes. Bye.
Ronald, do you have a minute?
The quietest room in the building.
Walk down the hall, go down the stairs
and it's the second on the left.
Number six.
There you go. Have a good time.
OK. Let's confer, Bram.
I'm not OK with all this.
Things are getting completely
out of hand this way.
I think that we should just
split the money fair and square.
Just like we agreed
and then lay low for a while. OK?
Yes, I hear you. You don't agree.
So what do you want to do?
Have a meeting?
Ah, no...
Hold on.
- We're sticking to the plan.
Let's just split the money evenly
and that's it.
Cancerous fucks!
- No, not!
No cancer, Bram. Come on.
Lousy, lousy...
...cancerous fucks!
Well, that looks like a lighter...
...I was given by some one.
- OK. Then we have a problem.
That lighter was found in North Amsterdam
at an illegal poker tournament...
...where three people were killed
during a robbery last night.
- What was your lighter doing there?
Well, I don't know.
Is this even my lighter?
Maybe someone took it.
There are a lot more lighters like this.
Ronald, please.
I'm just trying to help, OK?
Yes, I... I sometimes go
to North to play poker.
That's not right, of course.
But just to be clear... is not gambling, you know.
Poker is a game of skills and...
Wednesday night suddenly
there were shots fired.
I didn't see what was happening exactly.
I was afraid that I...
You figured you'd leave before you
ended up in all sorts of problems.
But that's exactly where
you ended up now.
Yes. True.
...what have you gotten
yourself mixed up in?
You know that you can talk to me.
I know the dark side of life.
I've gone through a lot.
I wasn't always this wise.
I was a wild one.
I don't always like myself.
Ok, I think we all feel that way sometimes.
- I'd rather not talk about it.
Fine, I get that.
Now may not be the right...
Let's start with your testimony.
Clear all that up.
But I also...
I mean, this is all a bit of a mess.
So I'm afraid I also have to suspend you
pending the investigation.
Suspend me.
- Temporarily.
And we should talk some time.
Confidentially, of course.
I'm a good listener.
But first...
This is Peter.
I need an interview room downstairs.
Downstairs. A few minutes.
What? Albert's got it?
Ten minutes. OK.
- I really need to go to the bathroom.
Come on.
Did you have a nice day?
Nothing special.
Sorry Roland couldn't come and play.
Dad's got a very busy day.
Hi, grandma.
Hi, I have a question.
I'm rather busy today and...
How much more?
It doesn't really look like a lot.
- It's 30,000, Not 500,000.
Who's that?
- Hold on.
- Don't answer.
It's just the two of us now.
When we've split this, you can talk
to Ronald all you want, but now...
Don't reject it!
Did you reject the call?
You told me not to answer it.
- You should always push ignore, retard.
Now he hears you reject the call.
- So?
Don't start with me.
Hey, Gerrie...
You know who you're dealing with.
- I didn't do anything.
If you reject the call he knows
something is up. Rejecting is a reaction.
Now he's going to call back,
because he knows something is up.
Because you responded by rejecting the call.
Don't think I'm stupid.
Don't get all high and mighty with me.
Don't act high and mighty.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Just let it ring.
Yes, you're acting high and mighty.
We're in the same boat now, Ger.
I'll go along.
I'll go along with your plan.
No resentment.
We'll bury the hatchet.
But if the two of us can sit down and talk
as soon as possible.
You and me.
As soon as possible.
'Cause if I can borrow
the rest of the money from you. 5,000.
And you'll have it back in a week.
Two weeks. With interest.
Then I can at least...
I need that money very badly, Gerrit.
I have a lot of stuff going on at once.
So... call me back as soon as possible
if you can. Please.
I repeat:
Call me as soon as possible. OK?
Gerrit, it's urgent.
OK. Bye.
These vans are stolen a lot, you know.
I always park it here. Free parking.
Let's see. A black Volkswagen van
with on the side...
'Ron's Slot Machines.'
Then you must be Ron.
- Yes.
Taco, look at this.
I don't care if someone's fat.
I really don't.
But if that person is also really annoying,
a nuisance...
...then them being fat also
becomes really annoying.
Starts to irritate you.
You think: and on top of things
you're also fat, asshole.
'Get some exercise, man. Don't eat
so much.' You know what I mean?
Because someone is annoying
the being fat becomes annoying too.
I have that sometimes.
You never say these things, of course.
Do you have kids?
- Yes, two.
Yeah, I know people do stupid things.
They make mistakes.
And then what?
You get stuck and it's over?
We all make mistakes.
- That so? Well I don't.
You've never done anything bad?
- No.
Well, small things. Nonsense and so on.
But really bad? No.
Well, I once messed around with a woman
after I got married. Touched her breasts.
She had these...
OK, maybe that was bad.
But the real question is:
Have I ever done anything good?
Aha, Richard. That's the question.
That's the real question.
You must have, for your wife...
- No, not that kind of thing.
Something truly good.
Aha, Richard.
- Hi, it's Nico. Am I interrupting?
Nico... no.
I've got some news on that tournament
robbery. You wanted to be kept posted?
Yes, that's right.
- Well, we found a car in the North.
We suspect it has something to do with it.
Quite sure actually.
They probably changed cars
and tried to set their old car on fire...
...but that didn't quite work out.
I'm going to the bathroom.
- I'll make a note of it.
Hey. Could you continue your conversation
somewhere else. Please.
I'm trying to have a quiet sit here.
I've got a lot on my mind.
I'm trying to relax.
I need to take a shit.
Yes, but I'm closing the door,
so no tricks.
Bram, no tricks, of course.
- Hey, Ronald.
I'll split my money with you.
I repeat: I'll split...
- What? Gerrit? money with you. Don't worry.
I'll call you tonight.
- Where are you? I tried calling you.
I repeat: Don't worry.
I'll call you tonight...
Did you listen to my voicemail?
Yes, hello.
What's your exact address again?
...No problem.
OK, bye.
So you guys having a good time downstairs?
OK, calm down and think. Easy.
Yes, Hao.
Yes, everything. Count it if you want.
On time.
That's it.
We're done.
Well, as I was saying:
mystery solved.
What a nasty affair.
Well, it wasn't exactly an organized crime,
I can tell you that. Oh, man.
The footprints in Hotel Montfort
correspond to the ones found in the car.
And the fingerprints found on the hash
correspond to the prints...
...of the other victim
the burnt-out car is registered to.
In the hotel's bathroom
we found 18,000 Euros...
...with blood of a victim
from the tournament.
So you just have to connect the dots
and the mystery solves itself.
A lot of dead people for 20,000 Euros.
- 18,000. Yes.
The way I see it...
The two probably thought
they'd grab some quick cash.
Got into a fight about the money
in the hotel. One shot the other...
...and then fell on his gun while trying
to escape. Not too clever.
What a shame.
But mystery solved.
Oh. I nearly forgot.
It's probably nothing.
But still...
The two perpetrators and the van
were previously seen in a roadside hotel.
They were seen in the lobby
with a third person.
One of them drew a gun
and the two perpetrators fled.
The third person left a little later.
We don't know who this third person is,
or what his link to our case is.
'Bald,' is the only similarity
in the witness statements.
It's being investigated,
but I'm not hoping for much.
My intuition says...
...separate cases.
- Sorry.
It's all a bit of a mess.
I did some... bad things.
I had some money problems and...
Officially, I should report all this
internally and so on.
You should still give a statement...
...because you were present at that
shoot-out in North Amsterdam and all that.
But since that mess at the tournament
is as good as settled...
We've got the perpetrators.
Case is solved.
Well, still some loose ends they have
to figure out, but that could take years.
You know how that goes.
You thought I wasn't aware
you were in trouble?
Alcohol. Gambling.
Your wife.
Weed. Was it weed?
Maybe we can talk about it some day
over a drink. Who knows?
But it's no excuse to leave your
responsibilities here at work unattended.
I had to leave that snackbar Coja report
up to Evert.
But it's not right.
Paul breathing down my neck,
I promise it'll be fine...
...and you're nowhere to be found.
I understand you have problems, but
I can't run the place like that.
What I do want to know
from you is whether it's over now.
Yes, it's all been solved.
It won't happen again. It's...
Really? You can leave it behind?
Can you promise me that?
OK. Can you do me a favor and make sure
you have a full report by Monday?
I will.
A guy's walking down the street
and suddenly falls into a big hole.
He can't get out.
Then a doctor comes along.
He yells:
Doctor, help me. I'm stuck.
The doctor writes out a prescription
and throws it to him.
Later a priest comes along.
He yells again:
Help me, please. I'm stuck.
The priest writes down a prayer
and throws it to him.
Later still a friend comes along.
The guy yells: Hey, help me.
The friend jumps into the hole right away.
Guy says: What are you doing?
Now we're together in this...
Or, no, hang on...
I think it was the friend who...
Well, anyway...
You need friends, Ronald.
Oh and thanks for the present
you all gave me.
- It's abstract, they told me.
Can I trust you a hundred percent?
Trust me, Linda, on my mother's grave.
I called you, didn't I?
But if something like this
ever happens again I swear...
But this won't happen again.
Believe me, it's over.
Can I talk to Simon?
He's playing with a friend.
Oh, he's not home.
With whom? With that Roland?
Roland? No...
And you'll pick up Simon
from school on thursday?
Yes, Thursday.
Ok, I'll talk to you then.
Say hello to Simon and tell him
dad has something for him.
A present from dad.
OK. Bye.
- Linda, wait...
...never mind.
Bye, Ronald.
- Bye.
Can I have a coffee?
Want to play?
Hi, you've reached
Gerrit's voicemail.
I'm not here right now but
leave a message after the beep.