Plan Man (2014) Movie Script

I work as a librarian.
I've been working here for 8 years.
7 months. 26 days.
13 hours. 26 minutes. 19 seconds.
20. 21...
I help with borrowing. Returning...
and organizing books in the library.
Entering bar codes
and numbering take more work.
You must be careful.
I think I'm suited for this.
I love my job.
Good afternoon.
As you probably guessed...
I have a crush on her.
It's my first time.
I've never seen her
with long nails.
Her hair is never out of place.
She always lines things up in order.
In this filthy...
Want some?
Germ-filled, dirty world...
She's like a sterile-clean zone.
And the only one.
Who'd understand me.
I kept notes on
100 days with her.
What I bought and what we said.
Wore white shirt from last Thursday.
Paid 70 cents.
Talked for 2 minutes 10 seconds.
Why keep track?
I told you, I like her.
But why all this...
I think it's a necessary step.
If you like someone,
you observe them.
So, of course
you record everything.
And when you're sure
she's the one...
You confess. Normally.
Right. Of course.
Did you confess your feelings?
I set the alarm.
06:00 WAKE UP
I woke up refreshed
and on time as always.
I changed the sheets.
And started the day
nice and clean.
I washed thoroughly.
Cleaning up afterwards
is good etiquette.
Today is Wednesday
On Wednesday. Sky Blue.
I took my notes...
and right on time...
08:30 GO TO WORK
I headed out the door.
Things run smoothly
08:42 CROSS THE STREE when you move to plans.
My long-awaited lunch break.
Well, I think it's time.
I've watched you for 100 days,
Ji-won, and recorded...
What the!
Are you okay?
You forgot this!
This wasn't in my plan.
This wasn't in my plan.
This wasn't in my plan.
This wasn't in my plan.
Hey, kid! Wait!
It's not mine.
What is it?
Are you okay?
- Did he hurt you?
- I can explain.
There was a lady here
this afternoon.
But she's not the one
normally here.
- Where'd it go?
- What about her?
You mean Aunt So-Jung?
I'm looking for someone.
Before the expiry date.
Before I'm too late.
I'll microwave you.
30 seconds.
Don't worry.
Triangle gimbap.
30 seconds is all you need.
Don't cry.
Triangle gimbap.
Now. Come into my mouth.
Thank you.
Kind of a gloomy song
for a fine day, huh?
Now, I'll sing my hot, new song.
It's called,
'Plan Man'.
Your day begins with an alarm,
Alarms are always on time,
Get up to the wake up alarm,
Wash to the shower alarm,
Leave to the work alarm,
When the alarm rings
at 12:15 p. M.,
You go inside a store,
At the store,
She is always there,
You want to tell her
how you feel.
So you set an alarm and plan,
To make the perfect confession.
So you set an alarm and plan,
For the only girl,
who is exactly like you.
Like me,
Like him,
Like her.
Lonely you.
It's 'Plan Man'!
He's the Plan Man!
Plan Man!
Plan Man!
Plan Man!
Plan Man!
Plan Man!
Plan Man!
That's personal!
Wait! Mister!
Hold on! Mister!
I'm sorry
I was going to take a peep...
But it was so fun,
I read it all.
I'm sorry.
Want my help?
I'm really close with Ji-won.
For real!
Forget it then!
But she mentioned you
a few times.
A guy who comes
every day at the same time.
What did she say again?
Come back!
Come back!
What a strange woman.
Making a song out of my story!
Anyway, that's how I met Ji-won
You're HAN Jung-seok?
Yes, I'm HAN Jung-seok.
You always come
at the same time.
And line things up
perfectly straight.
Well, yes.
I hate that.
I started therapy.
Why don't you try it, too?
I'm comfortable and happy
the way I am now.
Are you really happy?
With no one to eat with
and setting alarms to everything?
You're really happy?
Know why they're like this?
Because I wash too much.
I wash them
hundreds of times a day.
I can't even shake hands with
people I'm glad to see.
I'm not happy.
I can't stand living like this.
I hate it!
I'll live recklessly.
I won't wash my hands.
And this!
I won't clean it up!
Your purse.
Though I can't now.
But I'll change.
I can't stand the way
that I am now.
I'm sorry.
But I hate you
because you're like that, too!
Mr. HAN?
Mr. HAN Jung-seok?
Beef tripe and Soju
are perfect for a day like this.
Wanna do this?
Band auditions?
How can she ask that?
Why do you think?
How would I know!
You get musically sensitive
and creative at times like this.
From my experience...
Just kidding.
It's a band audition.
I can't go alone.
Why me!
The lyrics for my new song
came from your notes.
Copyright issues can get messy.
So we can sing it together.
We just met.
Why together?
Maybe it's cuz
I read your notes.
I feel like I know you
like an old friend.
Are you out of your mind?
I'm not crazy.
She keeps calling me, 'Mister'.
Then, suddenly a friend.
How am I her friend...
I see.
Let me get this straight.
You came here because...
you confessed to a woman
and she told you to get therapy?
Then, another woman
asked you to be in a band together?
She's not just a woman.
I watched her for 100 days.
So, let's show her
that you've changed.
She said she hates what you do,
not you the person.
Yes, but...
Let's write down what you do
differently from others.
Let's start writing.
It's ripped.
Why'd you do that?
It's ripped.
I'll just write it down here.
It's okay. This will do.
Set alarms to everything.
Second, third, fourth...
You write the rest at home.
We're not alone.
Ask your friends and family.
And bring it to our next session.
But why...
Come again?
Are you really happy?
With no one to eat with
and setting alarms to everything?
You're really happy?
22:00 SLEEP
I was wondering...
What do you think of me?
I have a boyfriend.
So weird.
You're a little weird.
See a shrink.
Who says you're weird?
I'm not weird?
Let's have spaghetti.
I have a coupon.
- I'm not...
- I got a call.
Hon? Did you have lunch?
I'm dying here.
How about spicy soup?
Sounds perfect!
- Not me.
- How about Chinese?
He really does come on time.
Ah... In your opinion...
Do you think I'm weird?
You're totally weird.
Who comes into a store
to a set alarm?
And why line up
the triangle gimbaps?
What are you wearing?
Unbutton your shirt.
It's hot out.
I unbuttoned one.
How've you been?
- Are you new?
- Yes.
Writing better these days?
Get your eyes off me.
Mr. HAN Jung-seok
is joining us today.
Let's all greet him, shall we?
We appreciate your courage.
I tried to write something
like the doctor said.
But I still can't.
All day long...
I wrote A, B, C, D, E, F, G...
Just pages of the alphabet.
But the fact that
I actually wrote something...
I feel like maybe
I can start writing again.
I know some of you
still don't believe me.
But it's true.
I saw someone die
getting hit by pigeon dung.
Mister! I'm serious!
Don't laugh!
I saw pigeons outside
my house again today.
One of them
looked me right in the eye.
I got really scared.
So, I wore my raincoat.
I had a car accident.
It wasn't my fault.
The jerk cut in front.
Then, what?
I got mad and floored it.
Then, I rammed his car.
Yes, I shouldn't have
gotten so mad.
But the jerk stared right at me.
I still can't stand it!
I wanna kill
whoever looks at me!
Other than that...
This morning was good.
I didn't get mad
when Mom woke me up.
I'll try harder not to get mad.
Thank you.
We appreciate your courage.
Let's hear from our new member,
HAN Jung-seok.
Well... I...
I wrote it down.
Mine's pretty simple
compared to everyone here.
First, I set alarms
to everything.
And I can't stand
things out of line.
And I can't touch dirty things.
I never do things
that aren't planed.
That's all.
I think it's weird
to meet people without plans.
You're just like me.
I can't meet people either.
I can't be bothered
to make plans.
I can't be bothered
to go outside.
I can't be bothered
to cross the street.
For me it's not that.
I just have to plan.
Stop! You always cry!
Don't make her cry!
It was him, not me!
That's not it.
Like hell! Back off!
She's crying
because of you again!
You pigeon dung!
Pigeon dung?
Why you little!
You want to take me on!
Lay off the kid!
Then, you and me!
It's on!
Please calm down!
Damn it!
- Stop crying!
- Stop getting mad!
Why cry again then!
Everyone! We're not alone.
Damn it! Stop crying!
Stop it! Stop!
I said, stop!
Stop it! Stop it!
I've had it!
I'm going crazy!
What am I supposed to do?
Wait! Let me think.
Just do something!
Knit or glue eyes on teddy bears!
Just do anything!
You! People can't get killed
by pigeon dung!
I got hit by it I didn't die!
And why write the alphabet!
Write anything.
Like song lyrics.
Or what's on a menu.
Just copy things!
I don't know why
but I get mad when I see you!
What's with me?
You're weird!
So don't make plans
and just do anything!
Meet anyone and go anywhere.
That woman and the band!
Make a band!
Happy, everyone?
Problems solved!
All solved!
So stop whining.
I'm going crazy cuz of you!
- I can't take it anymore!
- Doctor!
- I can't take it!
- Doc
We'll try harder to change.
I'm sorry, everyone.
I've been really depressed
and lonely these days.
I'm so lonely.
- I have no one.
- I'm sorry.
- What?
- I'm so sorry
Take it off!
Hurry! Hurry!
Just throw it out!
Why? Don't trust me?
Of course I do
Who else would I trust?
There's no stain.
It's way worse than stains.
Some dirty person hugged me!
How terrible.
That feels good.
Today was horrible.
Isn't every day like that
for you?
I started getting therapy, too.
I'm trying to change like you.
I don't set alarms.
I don't line things up.
And I'll just plan anything and...
Start a band!
- A band?
- What?
I don't think
I'm ready for a band.
Starting a band means
real change.
He's not serious.
Yes! I'll start a band.
I'll try that, too.
Why not? Sure.
- Instead...
- Eat up!
Help me change
everything written here.
Okay, deal!
- Deal!
- But the cat...
You can't skip practice.
- I'll take this.
- Wait!
You touched the cat!
- Germs!
- I'll hold on to this.
The first one is solved.
You can't set alarms.
You're going way too fast.
Don't cheat and set alarms
with your cell.
it's okay.
The hell?
Damn it.
Sir! Hurry!
Do I have to stoop to this?
I'm KOO Sang-yoon!
But you have to promote
your book.
You already spent
your incentive.
Stop bringing that up, fool!
But we got truck loads
to sell, sir!
Let's talk about this month's
new and donated books.
Where's HAN Jung-seok?
What if something happened?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I slept in.
I'm so sorry.
Slept in?
I'm sorry, sir.
I could cry!
For the first time in 9 years,
HAN is late!
If you were any later,
I would've called the cops.
You really slept in?
- Well, ah...
- Are you sick?
- HAN!
- Yes?
- New and donated books?
- Well, ah...
We bought 38 new books
and coded them.
I'm all done, sir.
We got 78 donated books.
- I'll finish classifying them today.
- Okay, good.
About the guest lecture later...
HAN? What's wrong?
- Nothing, sir.
- Good.
Not many signed up,
so we were asked to fill up seats.
What now!
- Do it! What is it this time?
- Thank you!
Your tie.
If you'll excuse me.
- Happy now?
- Well, yes.
I didn't plan this.
It's okay.
It's your first day.
And don't touch these!
I set it all up to help you.
Could you return
my watch, please?
I was late for work
without my alarm!
And things out of line
keep bothering me!
Going all crazy with anxiety...
Stop joking.
I'm serious here.
- I'm so serious!
- Darn it!
Just joking.
Hang in there, Mister.
It's hard for people to change.
If changing was easy,
we wouldn't be humans.
Try this instead.
We're a band now.
You gotta do something.
Like this.
You promised
in front of Ji-won.
Want me to call her?
Not bad.
Can you play any instruments?
Not really.
The piano maybe...
It's your lunch break, right?
- Aunt So-Jung!
- What about the store?
Come in.
- What the...
- Ouch!
Why'd you bring him over?
He's in my band.
Hurry up.
It gets messy with kids.
Excuse me.
Try playing.
I haven't played in so long.
Just play anything you remember.
It's so dirty.
- But I haven't played since I was a kid.
- It's okay
That's it.
- What happened?
- What?
Where have you been all my life!
I've been waiting for you!
I could kiss you!
What the?
You keep getting hugged?
You okay?
You sure?
I'm fine...
isn't it way past
your lunch hour?
No! No! No!
My jacket!
Back then, my show's ratings
were over 40%!
That means half the country
watched my show!
What's with you today?
Is Chief angry with me?
He's napping over there.
I swear it's no joke.
The writers brought
hundreds of people.
But I'm the one
who picked out what worked.
KOO Sang-yoon's magic eye!
My stomach hurts.
I'll be back.
He used to cut everything
with his hands.
And hammer with his fist.
This person...
He was like a magnet
you can put metal on.
And this boy...
He was a young kid.
But his IQ was over 200.
Then, he always got perfect
without studying?
Of course! He's a genius!
What did he become?
A famous scientist?
Well, I'm not sure.
Turn it once this way...
and twice the other way.
You twist and loop like this.
But I can't do it.
It's not like
I have anyone to give it to.
I tried hard for a week
and this is it.
Stop crying! Geez!
Just give it to me, then!
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Good idea. Right?
We appreciate your courage.
Next. HAN Jung-seok.
Mr. HAN?
Things have been hectic.
I was even late to work.
I haven't lived by alarms for...
92 hours...
and almost 27 minutes.
See, everyone?
28 minutes.
We need the will to take action
to change like Mr. HAN.
Doc? Are you okay?
Well, I've gotten a lot better.
I'm very sorry about
what happened last time.
It's okay.
Seeing you break down
like that, I realized...
you're just like us.
We're not the only ones
who need help.
We appreciate...
your courage.
Your courage.
Well, yes.
We can all overcome
our problems.
Believe you can change!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Answer it.
- Really? Excuse me.
- Hello?
- Mister! Hurry over!
The club is hot tonight!
I can't!
I have something planed.
What plan?
Today's bi... no... cleaning day.
Bi... what? I can't hear!
Bidet! It's bidet nozzle
cleaning day!
That's crazy!
Come here, now!
Darn it.
Fourth. You never do things
that aren't planned.
But the Bidet nozzle...
Go on!
- Anyone raise dogs?
- Yes!
- Anyone raise cats?
- Yes!
Then, let's go crazy like dogs!
You and I are too alike
You're the same as me
So. I don't like you!
So. I hate you!
I hate you!
Fine. I'll totally change
I won't make plans anymore
Some lyrics...
I won't be on time
I'll be late all the time
I will change!
I'll crush my alarm clock
I'll rip my diary
I'll live recklessly
Give it to the dogs
Give it to the cats
Give it to the dogs
Give it to the cats
Give it to the dogs
Woof! Woof! Woof!
Give it to the cats
Meow! Meow! Meow!
Give it to the dogs
Woof! Woof! Woof!
Give it to the cats!
Meow! Meow! Meow!
Give it to the dogs!
Woof! Woof! Woof!
Give it to the cats!
Meow! Meow! Meow!
Give it to the dogs!
Woof! Woof! Woof!
Give it to the cats
Meow! Meow! Meow!
Excuse me.
How's my new song?
Totally hot, huh?
Is it okay to write
odd lyrics like that?
What do you mean odd?
- You sang along, too.
- No, I didn't...
My songs are made from
special real-life experiences.
Like you'd know.
Listen to this.
It's our audition song.
I'll give you
the piano piece later.
You play piano?
A little bit.
When I was young.
How's your therapy going?
I go twice a week.
Fourth. I never do things
that aren't planned.
Woof! Woof! Woof!
Meow! Meow! Meow!
YOO So-Jung
- Hello?
- Mister!
You didn't walk Ji-won home?
We just parted from the club.
You've never dated before,
Of course I did!
I'm a whiz at dating.
Anyway, did you listen to
the song?
Isn't it hot?
Hot? No, it's weird.
And why's it called 'Married Man'?
You gotta go strong
at auditions.
Mister! Let's go for a drink!
What? Hello?
Looks good.
Auntie! I'm back!
- Have a seat.
- Long time no see.
I'm starving!
You can't eat tripe?
Dung used to be in there.
That's what makes it good!
That's disgusting.
If you can't eat it, get out!
Disgusting, my ass!
Crazy fool!
Forgive him, Auntie.
We'll take the house special.
And raw liver, okay?
- Thank you!
- How can you eat that...
Eat lots, fools!
I signed us up today.
We're a real team now!
- Come in.
- Wait up!
You came too?
Go inside.
Doing good?
Not bad.
You're entering that?
With who?
Well, me...
Give it up.
Aren't you embarrassed?
Forget it.
It's her life.
Let's go somewhere else.
We'll come next time.
Whatever, fool!
Don't come back!
We used to be a band.
Let's just say
we have different musical styles.
I see.
Let's have some Soju.
One shot for you.
Here's to our band!
One shot!
You can drink?
Alcohol can disinfect
the intestines it's good.
- It's getting late.
- Go sleep at home!
Everyone else left.
It's cuz of this jerk!
I'm going to audition.
Isn't he famous?
A totally famous
and master songwriter.
So, he's the married man?
Just like in the song.
I didn't know he was married.
I ended up being a crazy girl
who came on to a married man.
Like a girl who seduced him
to get famous.
A crazy bitch.
That's why!
I'll show him
I can be a real crazy bitch.
Watch me!
I'll sing the song.
Right to his face.
Totally cool and calm!
I see.
Mister? Do you...
Hate me cuz I'm crazy?
Ah... No...
You're not crazy.
Here Wipe your tears.
Who says that?
Darn it.
Will you leave the band, too?
No. It's just the two of us
I'll do it.
For real?
You drank too much.
That's not clean.
You're the best!
She touched it!
What's wrong?
You nervous?
- Let's just practice your intro.
- Okay.
From head to toe,
I was born to rock...
This doesn't sound like me.
It's okay.
You gotta go strong.
You gotta sound desperate to win.
You gotta sound desperate to win.
- Desperate...
- You can do it!
From head to toe...
- Hello, sir!
- I'm a huge fan!
Good luck, everyone!
- Hello!
- He's so hot!
How long's it been!
I was meaning to call you.
- Been well?
- Yes.
He's with you?
- Yes
- We're contestants 297...
I am worried,
but looks like you're fine.
I'll put in a good word.
Good luck!
Hello, sir!
Contestants 251 to 300, please!
Are you done wiping?
All done.
Yes, we're ready.
Good. Let's hear it.
Should've said you have a wife
I loved you without knowing
Should've shown you have a wife
Why act like a bachelor?
Why take off your ring?
Why hang up on me?
- Why not text me back?
- It's unique
Why have two cell phones?
Why list me under a man's name?
Why can't you stay over?
Married man
Married man
Married man
Married man!
Married man
Should be thankful I gave you my time
Married man
Get over yourself!
Married man
I hate your pretentious smiles!
Married man
Don't need your love!
Go love your wife!
What lyrics!
Is this from experience?
Yes, our songs are made from
special real-life experiences.
- Jung Band?
- Yes?
You think you can make it
with funny lyrics like that?
But you're lacking in the basics
like tone and rhythm.
I'm sorry,
but I'll disqualify you.
Why? I thought it was fun.
The song's really well written.
It's fresh.
I'll give you a pass.
Thank you.
The keyboard was great
at the interlude.
Must've practiced a lot.
I just played note after note
like this.
I look forward
to your next performance.
I give you a pass.
See you in the second round.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Next up is national star,
HYUN Sook!
Hello, everyone!
Hula. Hula. Hula...
- Where are you going!
- Nowhere!
Come back!
Why you!
Do I have to wear this?
I didn't know, sir.
They didn't say.
This is crazy!
He's not YOO Jae-suk
He's a national MC?
YOO Jae-suk!
I don't believe this!
I should fire your sorry ass.
Come on, sir.
Who else would help you, but me?
Why you little!
What's with you today, sir?
How dare you!
This is amazing.
What is it?
This is big right now.
I just played note after note
like this.
I look forward
to your next performance.
Here's to Jung Band's
hot TV debut! One shot!
I saw the show.
You play piano well.
- Well, thank you
- Mister?
Do you like my aunt?
No way. He likes her.
Then, why do you play
with my aunt?
We're not playing...
We're in a band together.
You little twerp!
Thanks Mom!
I was so surprised!
I'm surprised...
HAN! Why didn't you tell us?
I almost fainted
seeing you on TV.
- Why faint...
- I had no idea you had such talent.
Oh, please.
Is that what you're wearing
on TV?
What TV?
Didn't they tell you?
They've been waiting since morning.
Come in.
It's been a long time, Jin-woo.
Who's Jin-woo?
I thought you looked familiar
at the lecture.
I still had these at home.
Amazing, huh?
I'm sorry.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Of course you do.
Do you have amnesia?
- Memory Whiz Kid?
- No way!
It's not me.
It's not. I swear.
- 70193852110555964...
- That's great.
As you know,
there is no end to Pi.
Our show will be over
before he can recite all this.
Now, the 612th decimal point?
- The 612th...
- Five.
This boy is Korea's future!
For the only girl
who is exactly like you
Like me
Lonely you
I decided on our next song.
How about 'Plan Man'?
Something else?
I'm sorry But I can't go on.
Is something wrong?
Well, I...
I hate people noticing me.
- Got something to hide?
- Ah, no...
Let's just quit.
We're a team.
I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
I wanted to just
audition anyway.
I'm serious.
What about you?
Almost done changing things?
Stray cats are unfriendly.
Come here.
So, this one must've had a home.
Maybe he just got lost.
Anyway, he's very lucky.
Cuz he met me.
What are you doing?
No! Stay back!
Touch it.
Third. You can't touch
dirty things.
That's not just dirty!
It's dangerous!
You could get Toxoplasma
from cat parasites!
You could get meningitis,
retina degeneration, and go blind!
Where'd you hear
things like that?
I have 20/20 vision!
Anything but that! I can't!
So-Jung! Put it down!
- What are you doing!
- I'm ready to pay!
I'll be right there!
Hold it for a sec.
Thank you.
What happened?
You peed your pants?
Cat parasites!
He could be infected!
retina degeneration...
What if he goes blind?
He's just in shock.
- Don't worry.
- What grown man pees his pants!
He's alive!
Can you see me?
It's me!
- Mister!
- Where am I going?
Mister! Wait!
We're going to the hospital.
Dry cleaning!
I have to go!
Normally, he's not that weird.
How'd you end up
peeing your pants?
I didn't pee my pants!
Yeah, right I saw everything.
I didn't!
It's not my pee!
Don't worry I won't tell.
I didn't pee my pants!
It's not mine!
Why're you yelling?
I won't tell.
It's our secret You, too!
Didn't you go a bit overboard?
How can you faint
because of cat pee?
Someone died from pigeon dung.
No way!
I'm serious.
Someone saw it.
Such a liar.
Yes, Chief.
I heard you're sick.
I'm sorry.
I'm on my way.
It's okay.
Go home and rest.
Want applause?
Hold on.
HAN is leaving work early!
- Really?
- Wow!
- Way to go HAN!
- Bye!
Did you get in trouble?
No, I got congratulated.
Are you out of your mind?
You crazy!
How can you sing that on TV!
How can you be so stupid!
I'm talking to you.
What are you doing?
You're a celebrity.
Stay back, Mister.
I came for my bag.
Please leave.
Do you... still love me?
Is that what this is about?
I'm surprised.
YOO So-Jung...
This is for your own good.
No one believes you.
You're digging your own grave.
Don't you get it?
You think they'll be on your side
singing that on TV?
Don't worry.
I quit.
Great! Good thinking.
If you kept going,
they'll just call you crazy.
You have no chance
of winning anyway.
Excuse me.
We're not quitting.
Get out!
This is no place for you to butt in.
That's true.
I know that.
But we're entering
the second round.
I know
you got dragged into this
cuz she has no one else.
It's no use
mixing with someone like her.
You'll regret it.
I won't!
From head to toe,
I was born to rock.
It's my dream.
Dreaming fools.
We'll see what happens.
Are you okay?
It's that girl.
Yes, the weird one.
- Mister?
- What?
I've become weird these days.
You were always weird.
No, I mean weird
in a different way.
If you became weird from weird,
doesn't that make you normal now?
- We appreciate your courage.
- Thank you.
It's HAN Jung-seok's turn.
- Did you all watch the show?
- Yes.
It was really amazing.
I bragged to my friends
that I know you.
Oh, please.
I've been having dreams
these days.
Maybe it's because
I don't set alarms.
We appreciate your courage.
You all know our next class
is our last?
Invitation cards
Pass them around.
As I told you,
we're having a recital.
Just be yourselves.
But you must not come alone.
Bring someone to show
how you've changed Okay?
- Yes.
- Great.
- What's this?
- Ma'am!
Ah... So-Jung... I...
An invitation?
Yes, it is.
To give to Ji-won?
Yes, but I'm thinking...
Ma'am wait!
I need to...
What's this?
Ask him.
It's an invitation.
Watch a movie together.
- What?
- Pardon?
You can get off work.
So-Jung can watch the store.
Go ahead.
Go watch a movie with him.
A movie?
Sure, A movie.
Your therapy class sounds fun.
The doctor is unique.
And has severe depression.
Still, I guess
she's quite capable.
You've changed these days.
I've done many new things
these days.
Being late, leaving work early...
I even tried tripe.
It looks dirty,
but it's pretty good.
So-Jung even eats raw liver.
You've changed a lot, too.
I'm still not used to it.
It's my first time.
And your hands?
They got a lot better.
But it's really hard.
I didn't think it'd be so hard
not to wash.
I heard it's hard to change.
If changing was easy,
we wouldn't be humans.
- Your doctor said that?
- No, So-Jung.
- So-Jung said that.
- Tickets. Please.
We'd better go in.
I think you've changed...
But not because of
a capable doctor.
Give this to the one
you really want to.
It's great.
Honestly, I can't stand sitting
beside someone in theaters.
Thanks for the tickets.
What's our second round song?
What are we singing
in the second round?
How's 'Plan Man'?
No! Go stronger!
Put the jerk's name in this time.
Forget it.
I don't care about him.
Let's just move on
and go our way.
Right, Our way...
This may not be fun, but...
If you have time...
Why? Ji-won's busy?
No... it's just...
I think it'll be better
if you came.
You came back to give me this?
What about the movie?
Ji-won said she likes
watching movies alone
Yeah, right.
It's true She went in alone.
Well, I'll just get going.
Look at the time.
I should sleep.
I'd better go.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Plan Man! Plan Man!
So you set an alarm and plan
Like him
Like me
What looks good?
This one? This one?
Which one?
This flower print?
This is better, right?
You're crazy.
It's for the next round.
Ah, who is it?
Tada! Hi, Mister!
But why're you here?
Don't touch anything!
Did you wash your hands?
It's too clean
I feel bad walking around.
I'm so sorry.
What are you doing here?
Our 2nd round audition is soon.
We should prepare with this!
Should be thankful
I gave you my time
You look so serious
like you're on a quiz show.
You look awkward, too.
What should I do with the money?
$ 200,000?
If I win that...
First, I'll buy a car!
I'll get a new guitar.
I'll go on a trip!
What should I do first?
I'll spread it on the floor
and roll in it!
They'll deduct taxes.
It'll be $ 8800
Then, we'll get $ 191,200
Divide that by two.
$ 9560 each.
I'm saving it.
You calculated all that?
It's good to be accurate.
I'm hot!
That's my seat.
His bones will rot like that.
What? Who?
He's in high school,
but he always smokes there.
His mom never caught him.
- Must be good at studying.
- What?
Smart students usually
don't get caught.
Right, He must be smart.
Just the elderly couple
lives in that apartment.
They always sleep with the TV on.
Electromagnetic waves are bad.
My mom does that, too.
No! That's not healthy.
It's okay.
Look! He drank again.
He's drunk.
Isn't it fun?
How people live?
It's just normal.
It's normal...
When I watch them...
Some of them
must be watching me, too.
When they see me...
living alone like this...
what will they think?
That I'm weird?
It's not weird.
They probably just think
you can't sleep.
- I can't sleep?
- Yup.
Right, I guess.
He's the Memory Whiz Kid?
This is big!
Isn't it?
If my live show
didn't go wrong back then...
I still have nightmares
about that day.
Sir? Let us cover this one.
But you gotta let me in big.
- Catch my drift?
- Of course!
If this works out,
you can make a comeback.
Producer SEO!
Saw the viewer comments?
There are stupid rumors
going around cuz of that girl!
Why do I have to hear
that kind of crap?
Delete all the bad stuff.
Or I'm off the show!
I won't stand for this.
There's nothing to worry about.
You owe me drinks.
What? Lost your mind?
He'll clear up everything.
Who's that?
That's why I'll make it
I'll give you a pass.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you!
Good job.
Jung Band is up next!
Remember to say what I told you.
Right this way.
Any comments today?
We'll rock! Go Jung Band!
Make sure.
I'm ready.
- Our song is based on a real-life...
- Wait.
Before you sing...
The song you sang last time...
you said it's from
personal experience?
So, you really dated
a married man?
- Why bring that up...
- Wait.
Our website is filled
with comments on that.
Ms. YOO So-Jung?
Is that true?
- But he lied about being married.
- Hold on.
You really dated him
not knowing he was married?
I heard you chased him around
knowing that.
That's not true.
Isn't that why your
former band left you?
Word travels fast here!
She said she didn't know!
Why keep asking?
Turn the camera off.
- Byung-soo.
- Bro...
Stay out, piano man!
What are you? Her lawyer?
Wake up!
You're being used by her, too.
Everyone knows
she's a crazy bitch!
She said she didn't know!
You're really something.
Think you can mess with me?
Memory Whiz Kid!
Quite the issue back then.
An IQ over 200?
You went on TV and lied!
You're supposed to go study
in the States or something?
But now you're a librarian?
Did you hide in the library
cuz you're embarrassed?
I heard you're seeing a shrink.
Went nuts cuz you're too smart?
You and your mom went on TV
and put on a scam!
You lying bastard!
- Let go!
- Mister!
Stop it!
Are you crazy!
Stop filming!
Kick 'em out!
Let's talk!
Why didn't you tell me?
If I knew,
we wouldn't have entered.
You could've told me.
What if I did?
What would that change?
I was the Memory Whiz Kid
in the past.
Does that change?
I'm obsessive-compulsive
and seeing a shrink!
Will that change?
Why're you doing this?
You thought me being like this
was amusing.
That's why you used me,
like he said!
That's not true.
Then, why!
Why couldn't you say
anything back to him?
You said, we'll move on.
I didn't want to stand
before the public.
But I went to forget
and move on our way.
That's not it.
- I just...
- I know!
You're a good person.
You're a nice person.
But you being nice
can be bad for folks like me.
That's not being nice
it's being easy.
Did you really not know
he was married?
I'm sorry.
Maybe I am.
Do you remember this boy?
8 year-old genius with an IQ over 200.
He has an innately superb brain.
His brainwave activity ls
20 times more than others.
Memory Whiz Kid
who shocked the nation in 1983.
Memory Whiz Kid?
I could never forget him.
How can you play so well?
Just play note after note like this.
Just play them in order.
He makes his appearance
on Survival Hot Band!
I just played note after note like this.
Hot Issue! Jung Band!
Married man. Married man
What do his colleagues
think of him?
So annoying.
After we first shook hands.
He wiped 'em with a sanitizer.
He's kind of an outcast.
He has no clue what people mean.
There was a bad incident.
But he was a true genius.
But the genius boy
had rather a simple dream.
How do you feel about having
such a remarkable son?
I'm proud of him
I can't Walt to see what he becomes.
I want to run a dry cleaner's
with my mom.
The Memory Whiz Kid's next challenge!
But perhaps it's not time
for him to face the world?
Still can't reach HAN?
Still no answer, sir.
Then, go to his house.
No one knows where he lives?
You worked with him for years!
How can you say that on TV?
You should stick up
for colleagues.
We didn't mean to, sir.
- They edited it totally wrong.
- That's right.
I said he was annoying at first,
but not now.
I said he's a good colleague
with lots to learn from.
I said he was weird at first...
That's what I said.
You shouldn't have
given 'em anything.
Like me!
I got completely edited out!
Is HAN Jung-seok here?
Not at work yet?
We're from the TV station.
- Please leave.
- We'd like an interview.
- Forget it. Please leave
- Just 5 minutes!
- HAN's not here.
- It'll take a minute.
Please go!
Mr. HAN!
He can't be reached.
The library won't let us in, either.
Let's just go with Magnet Man.
Your show's being revived
after 30 years.
We need the first guest
to have a huge impact.
You've lost your touch.
If we don't get good ratings,
it'll get canned.
Jung-seok's not answering?
Without alarms,
maybe he slept in?
Can you put it up more?
Can you put it up more?
It's up too high.
HAN would be good at this.
Why didn't you pick 'em up?
Must I come myself?
I forgot.
How long will you stay
like this?
I don't know what to do.
What do you normally do now?
Will you give up everything?
The girl's smudge
won't come out.
I won't charge you.
Dry cleaning!
Dry cleaning!
Pigeons scare me most
in the world.
I'll face my fears today.
Thank you!
Do we have to do this?
We should film what we can
of him for the show.
What if he doesn't come?
Your day begins with an alarm
Alarms are always on time
Get up to the wake up alarm
Wash to the shower alarm
Leave to the work alarm
When the alarm rings
at 12:15 p. m.
You go inside a store
At the store.
She is always there
You want to tell her
how you feel
So you set an alarm and plan
To make the perfect confession
So you set an alarm and plan
For the only girl
who is exactly like you
Like me
Like him
Like her
Lonely you
Like dogs
Like cows
Like chicken
Oh so lonely you
Plan Man
Plan Man
Plan Man
Plan Man
Plan Man
The new bands you produced
have been successful.
What's your secret?
There's no secret.
Maybe a good eye for things?
Discovering people's
hidden talents.
And looking for the will
to work hard.
Kids these days...
Excuse me.
What are you doing!
Are you okay?
Now it's not so unfair
being called a crazy bitch!
What's that crazy bitch saying!
I take courage in reciting...
A, B, C, D, E, F, G,
H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P...
- I take courage in shouting...
- Jung-seok!
I'm sorry I'm late.
It's okay.
You've been late before.
Go on in.
Courage is like a baby's murmur...
I'm sorry, Mom.
You don't have to tell me
not to get mad anymore.
I tend to get angry
a lot more than others.
But it's not because
I hate them.
It's because
I'm angry with myself.
I can't suddenly change 100%.
But I'll try hard
to change one step at a time.
I love you.
He had the courage
to be late today.
Here's HAN Jung-seok.
This place is...
His friend just arrived.
Let's give him a big hand.
This is...
the TV studio for a live show...
I was on 30 years ago.
Don't worry because it's live TV.
Just do as you've been doing.
After this,
you'll go to the States.
I don't want to go, Mom.
What do you mean?
Are you nervous?
I want to stay here with you.
This is a great opportunity
for you.
You promised me you can do this.
Jin-woo, Look at me.
What's our plan?
To go to the States
and become a great person.
- And come back successful.
- Right.
You're doing great, Jin-woo.
That's right.
Listen to your mom.
See those people waving
over there?
They're the ones
who'll pick out the questions.
Got it?
Now, let's practice.
What's the 9966th decimal point?
Good, And the 5212th?
- Three.
- You've got it kid.
Those are the questions today.
You understand me?
Jin-woo, it's not lying.
You already know it.
Today's special guest
is Korea's genius boy!
Memory Whiz Kid!
Let's give him a big hand!
Here's today's challenge!
Look at all those numbers!
On today's live show...
we'll ask the audience
to give the questions.
So no one suspects me.
Who'd like to give
the first question?
Me! Me!
- Me! Me!
- The man in the hat there.
- Hi
- What decimal point number?
9966th, please.
Can Jin-woo, our Memory Whiz Kid,
get it right?
Don't tell him folks.
Jin-woo must be nervous
because this is live.
Jin-woo? Let's concentrate.
Who'd like to give
the next question?
The woman in the red dress.
The 5212th, please.
The 5212th decimal point number?
He keeps getting it wrong.
Think carefully and try again.
I don't know.
What! It's a hoax!
It's live TV.
Please don't speak out like that.
I knew it! It's rigged!
This is crazy!
- KOO Sang-yoon's a liar!
- No, I'm not.
- Think TV is a joke?
- Please calm down.
I was too scared
to go to the States alone.
I was just 8 years-old
I had no other choice.
I thought that was
my only way out.
What's with your nails?
Let's go home and cut them.
Look at the boy.
It's not his fault.
It's the mom's!
She made him like that.
How does my pee taste?
You liar!
What are you doing!
Oh no...
Look, lady!
They're just playing.
Acting all haughty...
So, you taught your kid to lie?
- My son is not...
- Ma'am!
One word, please!
Was it all rigged?
What about his scholarship
to the States?
One word, please!
Is it true?
Was it a lie from the start?
No! That's not true!
Tell us the truth!
My son is not like that!
Jin-woo! Jin-woo!
I'm sorry, Mom.
Look Mom...
I'll cut my nails clean.
I won't soil my clothes.
I won't touch dirty things.
I'll clean up my desk.
I'll listen to you, Mom.
I'll do everything
you tell me to.
So, please...
It's okay.
It's not your fault.
It's okay, Jin-woo.
Don't cry.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I didn't want to be
separated from you.
I wanted to stay with you.
I'm the one who's sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't know
how you felt.
It must've been so hard for you.
It was...
I've been so scared, Mom
So scared...
it's all right, now.
It's okay, Jin-woo.
I'm sorry, Mom.
He's got some story.
It's not what we planned
for the show.
But this is way better, sir!
You'll be back on top
in no time!
Let's forget it.
What? Why?
Let's leave him alone.
But this is your big chance
to make it back!
Will you do road shows
all your life?
You could make it back.
Ah, So-Jung...
It's raining.
- Oh no!
- Do you have an umbrella?
No, I didn't check
the weather forecast.
- Mister?
- Yes?
- Run!
- What?
- But...
- Hurry!
- Run!
- Wait up!
Are you okay?
Let's share.
Run! Hurry!
- Mister?
- Yes?
Wanna go to the dry cleaner's?
It's okay.
This is nothing.
Oh, really?
It's okay.
It stopped.
I'll return this.
I don't need it.
What's the alarm at this time?
It's my bedtime alarm
I don't need it now.
- I'd better get going.
- What?
Goodbye, then.
Ah, but I...
Wait! Hold on!
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be doing this here.
But I'm not going to plan this.
You've never set alarms, right?
- Right...
- Right!
You have no sense of planning.
You touch dirty things.
You're messy
and totally different from me.
So different.
But still...
I... I like you.
Call that a confession?
Calling me messy and weird?
Think I'll accept you
like that?
I'll plan it next time.
When do you kiss
your girlfriend?
Doesn't 'Plan Man' plan for that?
No, I haven't planned that...
Are you okay?
Was that your first kiss?
Are you all right?
Mister! Wake up!
Why do you always faint!
Help me!
Wanna go to the dry cleaner's?
- What happened?
- Mister!
Your day begins with an alarm
Alarms are always on time
Wake up to an alarm
Wash up to an alarm
Leave to the work alarm
When the alarm rings
at 12:15 p. m.
You go inside a store
At the store.
She is always there
You want to tell her
how you feel
So you set an alarm and plan
To make the perfect confession
So you set an alarm and plan
For the only girl
who is exactly like you
Like me
Like him
Like her
Lonely you
Like dogs
Like cows
Like chicken
Oh so lonely you
Plan Man
Plan Man!
Plan Man
Plan Man
Plan Man
Plan Man!
Plan Man
I love you. Plan Man