Plan Z (2016) Movie Script

[ragged breathing]
[Craig] The moments before you die,
I hope will be more peaceful than mine.
History is the story of those before us.
It's something we can learn from.
I am now history.
And if you learn one thing,
learn from my mistakes,
make sure you have an effective
and well thought through, Plan Z.
Let the life flow
Hold me
Taking all control of me
Let the life flow
Filling up this empty space
Let the bite, cold, bleeding
Crawling out onto the streets
Keep the red light pulsing
Near me, keeping my heart beating
We all, we all, we all hear the night
Call to the wild
We all, we all, we all hear the night
I'm nobody special. Just a regular guy.
I have a good job.
I'm a photographer,
I get to travel to some cool places.
Meet some cool people.
But I'm ordinary.
Much like you, I expect.
Because I travel a lot, I've had plenty
of time to think about my plan.
My Plan Z.
People before the apocalypse
would have thought me crazy.
Who's crazy now?
Being a photographer
was about being prepared
for that amazing photo at any moment.
I was prepared.
But there is always the unexpected.
You will live or die
on how well prepared you are
for the unexpected.
[radio] News of the infection
known as the Atilla Bug,
has put the nation on Amber alert.
All travel will now be monitored.
The authorities are warning people
to not make any unnecessary trips.
There had been a number of signs
of something coming.
I was in Verona on a job
when I started to action my plan.
First things first.
Have a friend in a high place,
who can give you a heads up,
when you see those warning signs.
A policeman, a local official,
a politician.
[sirens blare]
[phone rings]
Craig, I can't really talk right now,
I'm on my way to a meeting.
I know.
You know I can't...
I'm an assistant
to the Secretary of Education,
I don't know everything.
And they don't tell me everything.
Listen, all I know is the medical team
don't know what it is.
[beeping] Craig, I have another call,
I have to go. Don't worry.
When the Government tell you not to worry,
it's time to worry.
Rule two.
Wherever you have planned your Plan Z,
get there as soon as possible.
Familiarity with surroundings
is a huge advantage
and means your plan,
made for a certain area,
can be even more detailed and exact.
Walk from the station to the house,
ten minutes.
House to shops, seven-and-a-half minutes.
Shops to house, seven-and-a-half minutes.
Timing is critical, essential,
it may save your life.
I live in Dunfermline, in Scotland.
That's where my plan
is to be actioned from.
[phone rings]
Craig, yeah, just a heads up.
I'm hearing some pretty fucked up things.
Go on.
I think you might be on to something.
The media won't get hold of this
for another 72 hours or so.
They're saying once you're infected,
they get a sort of fever, bad fever
and then they die.
Except once the heart stops,
they don't stay dead.
They reanimate, they come back to life
and they go mental.
What do you mean mental?
They're saying apparently crazy.
Fucking bat shit crazy. Mental.
Eating people, ripping their throats out,
killing them, Craig.
[siren blares]
Is there a cure?
Not yet, it's basically a flu virus
that's mutated.
If you know anyone
that has any of these symptoms,
just get the fuck away from them.
I have to go. Take care.
The sooner you can identify
what you're dealing with,
the better prepared you can be.
Rule three.
Arm up.
Bludgeon weapons are best, less blood,
no noise.
And you'll need a concealable,
kitchen knife, something, anything.
Rule four.
Have an emergency bag.
If you need to leave at a moment's notice,
this will be imperative.
[sirens blare]
[screaming from outside]
Rule five.
When the panic starts, get your groceries.
Plan for a long haul. And water.
Lots of water.
[screaming in distance]
[sirens blare]
[exhales deeply]
[high-pitch screams]
When it happens,
you won't be expecting it.
You will have very little time to react.
[woman screaming]
[blood-curdling screams]
Once you are in a safe place, stay put.
Let it calm down.
I watched my neighbours try to escape.
They waited three days.
[man and woman scream]
I tried to stop them.
[screams echo in the distance]
After that, days almost became a blur.
Until the... unexpected.
[mobile vibrates and rings]
Craig? Craig?
Thank God... Craig, please
I need your help.
Whereabouts are you?
[Craig] My friend is trapped
in a local restaurant's toilets.
Can you get out?
I can't get out.
A dead end, if ever there was one.
I should have stuck to my plan.
Seven days inside alone.
I got bored and I couldn't leave a mate
to die in a toilet.
Miss the neighbours.
Very few of the crazies
seem to wander around.
That's what I was convincing myself.
[low growl]
[growling intensifies]
[indistinct conversation]
Nessie's at the end of that rainbow.
I'm going!
[breathing heavily]
[whispers] Come on. You can do this.
You can do this. You can do this.
[louder] You can do this. You can do this.
Come on. Come on!
[low groan]
I need to tell you something.
- Promise you won't get mad?
- Depends what you tell me.
Well, this...
It isn't working.
I need the bathroom.
[Bill] I couldn't get out.
There's too many of them.
- Please come and get me.
- Okay.
Please, don't leave me here.
[whispers] Bill?
[low growl]
[Craig roars]
Bill we need to go... now!
Think fast. Don't look back.
You will do things
you never thought you would.
There's another!
[girl growls]
I'll get the door, give me the keys.
[growling intensifies]
I didn't get a chance to say it earlier,
but thank you.
I left my phone on in case anyone called.
You're the only one that did.
Why do you think I always go on holiday
at Christmas, Bill?
I'm an orphan.
My parents died years ago.
First time in my life I'm glad they did.
Are we safe here?
For now.
Can I...
Course. My room's through there.
Get some sleep.
It's good to see you.
[sniffs] Sorry, I, um, just...
Get some sleep.
Shock and exhaustion will be
two of the most common killers you face.
Both are deadly.
It's important you take everything
one step at a time.
Power's out. It was going to happen
sooner or later.
Cold coffee is better than no coffee.
- How'd you sleep?
- Like the dead.
What's all that?
Oh, I... I stocked up.
Did you know this was going to happen?
I got a head's up by a friend,
a friend in the government. He, um...
[clears throat]
What did happen?
No-one really seems to know.
A... a virus broke out.
Then when it kills people, they...
they rise up and attack others.
I tried to keep up with it on the TV
until the transmissions cut out.
It was terrible.
I followed it until Ireland.
That was the last country to go.
Is it bad there?
Slow, but yeah.
A zombie apocalypse?
I always thought it would be kind of fun.
It's not.
No. No, it's not.
So... what do we do next?
I have a plan.
A plan?
We stay here for as long as we can.
And then we go somewhere secluded, quiet.
We make it safe and secure.
Then what?
The plan only gets us so far.
First and foremost, yeah.
I was going to start a new job on Monday.
You're now looking at the new
assistant manager at McDonalds.
[both laugh]
Was actually looking forward to it.
That's why I was at the restaurant.
I was celebrating.
Celebrating my last day at the old job.
I was celebrating with...
She looked so beautiful.
She, um...
She was the first bit.
You don't have to tell me.
This guy just came in.
And he just looked drunk.
This guy just came in from behind.
[Caitlin screams]
Everyone started screaming and shouting.
And falling.
It was carnage.
And I made it to the bathroom.
[people screaming]
I locked the door.
People were screaming at the door.
I couldn't let them in.
What else could I do?
[female screaming in distance]
[screaming intensifies]
Fuck, we need to help her.
We have to help her.
Why? Why do we have to help her?
She's... she's in trouble?
The whole world's in fucking trouble,
But what?
She's surrounded.
We're not the fucking A-Team.
We'll hear the screaming.
Then the silence.
That's sick.
That's how we know we're alive.
Don't tell me you didn't hear it.
Don't tell me you didn't hear
the screaming and the silence!
We have to do something.
- [Craig] We need to survive.
- We have to.
Going out there isn't survival,
it's suicide.
You came for me, didn't you?
Would you have come for me?
That's why I came for you.
This isn't right.
You're right, it's not right.
It's not fair.
You haven't seen what I've seen, Bill.
In that street.
I saw a four-year-old-boy...
a little four year old who ran out
there looking for his mummy.
Screaming for his mummy.
Screaming, Bill.
And then I watched as he was ripped apart.
In front of that car,
where that girl's hiding.
And she didn't help him.
She didn't help him.
Now you want us to go out there
and help her?
She's fucked.
You're better than them.
She might not have done the right thing,
but that doesn't mean we can't.
We can't go out there.
Maybe we don't have to.
[cries softly]
who art in Heaven
Hallowed be thy name...
Thy will be done on Earth
As it is in Heaven.
Run! Run!
[Craig bangs saucepan]
[Craig] Run, run, run!
[low growling]
They're distracted. Run! Run!
[growling intensifies]
Run up the stairs!
Run up the stairs!
Run, run, run, run, run!
Over here, quick, over here!
- [Bill] Don't stop.
- [panting]
[zombies growling]
[woman screams]
[woman continues screaming]
- What are you doing?
- Listen.
- What?
- Listen.
We can't do anything for her now.
We tried.
Now it's time for the silence.
What now?
We wait.
For what?
I guess, we wait because there's nowhere
much safer than here right now.
That it?
Safety's our first priority.
- What about when we run out of food?
- We find somewhere safer, with food.
We should try finding other people.
We could have saved her.
We tried.
We tried.
Craig... Craig, we should have...
Should have what?
Tried harder?
Maybe got ourselves killed, like them.
They didn't just happen to die.
- They tried.
- [thunderclap]
They tried like you and me.
And look what happened to them
We have a plan.
When we run out of food,
we find somewhere quiet,
somewhere secluded.
We make it safe and secure.
That's the plan.
We stick to the plan.
It's not much of a plan, is it?
It's better than hiding in the toilet.
[loud music]
[heavy breathing]
[zombies growling]
[people screaming]
[woman wailing]
[woman screams]
Fifty thousand people, one town.
Everyone dead.
There will be some still alive.
People like us, hiding it out.
Not for much longer.
The drive is going to take us
about five or six hours.
Seven or eight, if we encounter problems.
You expecting traffic?
- Crashes.
- Crashes?
When this broke out, everyone would have
tried to drive somewhere safe.
The roads would have been mayhem.
That's why I stayed.
- Where's safe?
- Nowhere.
When do we leave?
I'm ready, if you are.
You still want to go and get the keys?
Yeah, I'm good.
Don't want another practice run?
No, no, I'm good.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
[Craig] Stage one is survival.
Stage two, shelter.
Find somewhere safe,
or where you can make safe and get there.
A town centre is not safe.
Find somewhere secluded. Low population.
A base.
[door creaks]
[door creaks]
[Craig] Did you get the keys?
- No.
- What do you mean no?
I couldn't find them.
Did you check every room?
Not every room.
I checked most of them.
I'm gonna go and have a look.
I'm not going out there again.
I'm sorry, man.
Be careful.
[exhales deeply]
[door creaks]
[floorboard creaks]
[floorboard creaks]
[low growl]
[Craig gasps]
[growling intensifies]
[frantic growling]
Bill, I'm back.
Did you get the keys?
What happened to you?
I ran into a few of them.
Are you okay?
It's not my blood.
[stutters] I got all the stuff together.
Did you get the keys?
They're outside, by the car.
What you wanna do?
Let's do it.
Yeah? Okay.
["No Shelter" playing]
There's a storm coming
I feel it in my bones
There's a storm coming
Over the hills, I see it unfold
A wise man said
A hard rain's going to fall
You see the world's horizon
and you know
Go, go, go!
There'll be no arc...
Take a left! Take a left!
[screams incoherently]
Well, now you know, baby
You know where the first train's goin'
When you're playing in your back
Who you gonna play with
When there's nowhere else to go...
Well, maybe don't believe it
Know where the first trains go
The water is rising
There is no shelter here at all
I scanned all the frequencies.
There's nothing on the radio.
We need to find a petrol station and soon.
Where are we gonna find one out here?
There's a storm comin'
I feel it in my bones
The storm now
I hear thunder roll
[Craig] I chose the Isle of Skye
for shelter.
Few people know much about it,
even fewer have been there.
It's the ideal place to take shelter.
Plenty of natural water, isolated.
A few towns nearby.
Fishing. Hunting.
And I know it well.
What do you think?
It looks quiet.
It looks normal.
Yeah, too normal.
- I'll check out the shop.
- You sure?
You ready?
[pump whirs]
[pump whirs]
[low, rasping growl]
That was close.
- We almost done?
- Almost.
Fill it up. That one isn't going anywhere.
Do you hear that?
[low mechanical-like hum]
It's a car.
Hey. Stay the fuck where you are.
I was just...
Just nothing!
Just stay the fuck where you are.
I was just...
Just nothing,
just fucking stay there, okay?
Where are you from?
Where are you from?
Where are you from?
You guys have got a full tank?
We need a full tank.
So, you want to talk now?
What I want is your diesel.
Where are you from?
A long way from home?
Yeah, well, I'm looking for someone.
We can give you some diesel.
Where are you heading?
That's where we're going.
Things bad up there?
Look, I'm sorry. My name's Ronan.
Fair enough.
I guess we're all on edge now.
Do you want a lift?
Yeah, that'd be good.
It's all right, it's not going anywhere.
- Do either of you know it?
- No.
- What are you gonna do?
- What do you think?
That's the only way
to fuckin' survive this.
[Craig] Never trust strangers.
[Craig grunts]
That's what he meant.
It's what Ronan meant.
How to survive this.
[Seren] What are you talking about?
[growling continues through the door]
I thought...
my plan was to survive
the initial onslaught
and then find shelter,
focus on security.
I was wrong.
The only way to survive this,
is to see it through until the end.
And to have no more zombies.
How do you do that?
Simple. You kill them all.
[Craig strains]
If we stay here, we die. It's that simple.
Get in the wardrobe.
And stay quiet.
No matter what happens...
[Craig grunts]
stay there and stay quiet.
[low growling]
[Craig grunts]
[zombies growl and scream]
[zombies growl and scream]
[Kate] I want to make him stop.
[crying and wailing continues]
[Craig wailing]
[din of zombies gurgling]
[woman sobs]
[Ronan groaning]
[Ronan continues to groan]
[door creaks]
[Kate sobs]
[Craig] Bill, open the door.
Let's move.
- [Ronan groans]
- Ronie, I'm here.
Ronan's been bit.
[Kate groans]
[Craig] Ronan said saving his sister
and her friend would be easy.
Come on! Come on!
[woman cries]
[woman screams]
[woman screams]
[Kate] What are you doing?
Get in the fucking car.
I can't.
Ronan! No!
[Ronan] I love you.
[Kate] Please!
No! No! No!
Stop the fucking car!
Stop it now!
Take my heart
Please! Please!
Before you fall
[Kate] No!
Nothing lasting
[Kate howls]
Until you call
Picture me
Tell me I'm your always
Stay with me
Coming up off into your gaze
Are we stopping?
I need some air.
Is this a good idea?
Is it safe?
Chill out, look around you.
Chill out?
We don't know if it's safe!
Open your fucking eyes!
If you can't see anything, it's safe!
[gasps lightly]
Hey, go easy on her, she's been through...
Been through hell?
We're still in fucking hell.
I just...
I just... I just
We'd been stuck and had pretty much
ran out of food.
We didn't know what to do.
I'm sorry I...
Me, too.
He saved my life, my brother.
He got in the way of...
whatever you want to call it.
He'll be one of them now, won't he?
I saw it happen to so many people.
They would just wander out into the street
and get attacked.
So many of them, so quick.
They thought they could help.
Where are we going now?
We're heading to the Isle of Skye.
The Isle of Skye?
That's in the backend of nowhere?
So, we just head there and...
And live out our days, until this passes?
Yes and no.
The only way to survive this
is to live through it.
To see it finish.
[Seren] This will never finish.
[Craig] It can.
When people find a cure?
What people? What cure?
I didn't say anything about a cure.
Well, how else will this end?
They're dead.
You mean...?
Finding a cure could end it.
But I'm not putting my faith in it.
[Kate] Why not?
How long have
we tried to find a cure for cancer,
Parkinson's, and MS?
For years, with huge facilities
and financial backing.
For what?
Now we have nothing.
The world has gone to shit
and we're going to find one now?
Well, then how else will we...
We kill them.
We kill them all.
There must be 60 million people
in this country.
Most of them are probably zombies.
And we will kill them all.
You and what army?
We'll find other survivors.
[whispers] This is crazy.
Whoever put this idea in your head's
an idiot.
Your brother.
We'll head to the Isle of Skye.
Then we'll make our place safe and secure.
This is...
Actually a good idea.
A... a good idea?
The only idea.
You're all crazy.
You got something better to do?
Whatever you think,
we'll head to the Isle of Skye.
We've got another five or six hours'
driving on our hands
Make yourselves comfortable.
Are we actually
going to anywhere in particular?
I know a place.
You know a place...
Is it safe?
I don't know.
We'll find out soon enough.
[banging on door]
[Bill] I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
Mum? Mum? Is that you?
[on phone] Hello?
Oh, Bill, where are you?
I'm fine.
Where are you?
We're at home, son. We're okay.
Stay there.
[stammers] I'm coming to get you.
No! Stay where you are, don't come here.
We're fine.
[voice in background]
[Bill's mum] I don't know what to say.
[on phone] Son?
Dad... [voice breaks]
Son, we're...
We love you.
We want you to know that.
I love you too.
Are you okay?
No. No, no, son.
They're in the house.
They're maniacs.
They've... they've killed the neighbours.
How are you... How are you so calm?
Get out.
Get out now, Dad.
It's too late for us now, son.
We can't get out.
But you have to stay safe, okay?
Stay safe.
[Bill's mum] They're getting in!
Son, we have to go now.
No, Dad...
[Seren] One of these days...
There's no rush.
Play it cool. I like that.
You could ask me out.
- I can't.
- Why not?
I'm a lady.
That you are.
See you next week?
No rush?
No rush.
So, tell me everything!
- You first.
- You!
- You.
- You.
- You.
- You always win.
Well, love life...
Not happening.
Yeah, right.
Not that I'd tell you anyway,
none of your business, but it's not.
How about work, then?
Work? Good, great, in fact.
- Got some news.
- Oh.
I got a bonus. Seven grand.
What? Oh, my God.
- I'm thinking of going to Thailand.
- Finally live the dream!
Something like that.
[both laugh]
So what about you?
Ah... what about me?
Come one.
What? There must be something.
It's... It is what it is. Um...
Sounds ominous.
Oh, not ominous, but...
But it's not good?
I'm being stationed in Afghanistan.
We leave in a couple of weeks.
That's my news.
Some news.
Some news.
How long have you known?
I only found out the other day,
maybe a week.
So, you're leaving me?
Don't be so dramatic. You came here.
Ireland to Scotland is one thing...
I might only be gone for six months,
could be nine.
What would Mum and Dad say?
You know as well as I do,
Dad would be very proud of me,
following in his footsteps and all that.
And Mam, Mam understood
the life of a soldier.
This is the house.
You guys don't have to come in,
if you don't want to.
- We should check in there for supplies.
- I'll come with you.
[door creaking]
Good afternoon.
Looks like you've messed up
your cricket bat there.
You don't know what's happened?
There's a virus, a disease.
An outbreak.
Lots of people have got sick
and they've died.
Like the flu?
Sort of.
That's not good. What was it? Bird flu?
- Swine flu?
- Neither.
You haven't got it, have you?
No, but many of our friends have.
We're okay.
So, how many has it killed?
Almost everyone.
No delivery this week?
Phone lines not working?
That's not unusual up here.
You okay?
[Katie sniffs]
When people get sick
with this particular virus...
they die and then they come back
to life and attack people.
The dead have risen, hey?
And we're escaping them.
Are you now?
You should come with us.
Or at the very least, close up the shop.
Get out of here.
Have you got everything you want?
We'll take all we can carry.
This is it?
Looks nice.
Seren and Kate, you stay in the car.
Bill, we'll check it out.
Some things never change.
[door creaking]
[feet squeak on floorboards]
[door creaks]
[laughs quietly]
- Electricity.
- I know!
Wait till the girls hear.
It's blood.
It's dried.
Let's get the girls.
Oh, about time!
Oh, shit, shit.
[they scream]
[Craig grunts]
[Craig grunts]
[exhales rapidly]
I think we found a missing housemate.
That means there could be others.
Are you guys okay?
Is it safe?
The house is fine.
Then let's get in.
You guys get the stuff.
The electricity works,
but use candles for now.
We don't want to bring any attention
to ourselves.
Bill, help me with the body.
What are you going to do?
We're going to move it.
And in the morning,
we'll burn it.
[both strain]
Ah, Drambuie.
We start at the top, we work our way down.
Create a perimeter as we go.
Maybe a mile a day.
A mile?
When we can, yes.
- How do we build these perimeters?
- Markers?
Markers until we find fences.
We're going to put up a new fence
every day?
We'll recycle the old ones.
We'll have three fences.
As we spread out, we use the inner fence,
recycle it.
Well, it's better than one single,
flimsy one.
No, we make this secure first,
then we start to fence.
Markers are pointless.
She has a point.
I can't kill them.
You can.
I... I can't.
You can.
She said she can't, okay?
We're not all going to be killers!
- They're dead.
- Shut up.
Okay, guys, calm down.
Perhaps you won't have to kill one,
but if you do,
be strong.
They will kill you, if you're not.
Well, I'm going to bed.
Okay if us girlies take the one bedroom?
Yeah, we'll stay up and keep shifts.
We'll help.
Tonight, you guys crash out.
In the morning, we'll do a rota.
You sure?
You're safe now.
You coming, Seren?
- Mm.
- Good night, guys.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Coming here was a good idea.
You think we can do this?
Battle of Agincourt.
The 300 Spartans.
The four in a cottage!
I was thinking we'd more likely be
the Alamo.
- What happened there?
- They all died.
Valiantly fighting against the odds,
Fuck that.
300 Spartans died.
Yeah, but...
But they inspired a nation.
Much the same as the Alamo.
The only way to stop this,
whatever this is,
is to stand up to it.
And I will kill them.
Every last one.
Until I'm either one of them...
or I breathe my last breath.
Genocide? That's the final solution.
It's the best plan I've got.
Starting tomorrow.
We've already started.
Get some sleep.
I'll take first watch.
The war is upon us
and every breath we take is a victory.
- [Katie] You okay?
- [Seren] Yeah.
[Seren] You?
[Katie] No.
We're heading to the Isle of Skye.
[Seren] The Isle of Skye?
That's in the backend of... nowhere.
[Craig] Exactly.
[zombie grunting and gurgling]
[Seren screaming]
[zombie gurgling]
[Seren screams]
[panting and crying]
We're going to kill them.
All of them.
There's a storm coming
I feel it in my bones
There's a storm coming
Over the hills, I see it unfold...
Take my heart
Before you fall
Nothing lasting
Until you call
Picture me
Tell me I'm your always
Stay with me
Coming up into your gaze