Planes, Trains, and Christmas Trees (2022) Movie Script

- Natalie, hi!
No, I'm still at the airport.
Yeah. Sure. No, 9:00 AM...
9:00 AM tomorrow is fine.
Yeah, okay.
No, no.
No, I can make some calls.
Yeah, no problem.
Okay, talk soon. Bye.
Flight 291
has been cancelled.
Flight 454 has been cancelled.
Flight 476 has been cancelled.
- Uh... Here, keep the change.
Excuse me, did I hear that
announcement correctly?
Every flight has been
No, no but I need
to get to Chicago to pick up
my connecting flight
to New York!
- I can put you on the list
for another flight.
But you could be waiting
two to four days.
- Two to four days?!
But I need to be
in New York tomorrow
for a very important meeting.
There must be something
you can do! Please.
- I do have another passenger
who needs to get to New York.
Mr. Matthews?
- The name's Brett.
- Kayley.
- It seems we have
the same suitcases.
Just making conversation.
- Right.
No, no.
My flight got cancelled, so...
Yeah, well--
You know what, I can't really
talk right now.
So, uh,
I'll call you later.
Okay, bye.
- Someone expecting
you back home?
- That was my boyfriend.
- Is he the reason you're in
such a hurry to get back home?
- I'm organizing
a Christmas Eve event
for a big hotel in New York.
- Hmm, so you're
a party planner.
That makes sense.
I'm an event planner,
What do you mean,
"that makes sense"?
- Oh, just you were
a little hung up
when the flight got cancelled.
People who plan things
for a living
tend to get angry when
things don't work out.
- Well, I am not
"hung up" on it,
I just like it when things
go according to plan.
You know, they've trusted me
to organize
the biggest event
of their year,
so I just need everything
to be perfect.
- Well, now you're just setting
yourself up for failure.
No such thing as perfect.
Hey, should we try
to get a car again?
- I think I'd be more
comfortable if I took the train.
- Right, I mean, I get that
I'm a complete stranger,
but it wouldn't be any different
from you taking a taxi.
And we wouldn't have to speak
if you didn't want to.
I mean, if you insist
on taking a train,
there's a train station
about an hour away.
At least let me give you a ride.
- Okay.
What?! No!
- Ah, man...
Well, you're still welcome to
grab a ride with me if you want.
Maybe I get to pick
the music this time.
If you want to get home
by tomorrow morning,
this is your only option.
If we leave now, we might
be able to dodge the storm.
That's an eight-hour drive.
But... okay.
- Okay, I'm just gonna
go to the bathroom
and we'll hit the road.
- Okay, time is 4:26,
be back here for 4:30.
- You're giving me four minutes
to use the bathroom?
- Yes. Well, if we're going
to dodge the storm,
we need to get back on the road.
- What if I take five?
I only took two minutes.
- It's snowing even more.
We need to get back on the road!
- Yeah... I don't know
if that's a good idea anymore.
I just checked the interstate,
looks like it's already
covered with snow.
- Which is why we need
to keep moving.
- I think we need to stop
and find shelter.
The storm is only gonna
get worse,
plus it's getting dark soon.
- We'll just be extra careful.
People drive in the snow
all the time.
- Yeah, with trucks
and special snow tires.
We have a tiny city car!
- But... if we stop now,
I'll miss my morning meeting
with The Dalton.
I still have to prep
my entire event!
- Look, I would love
to help you out, really.
But I'd also like
to get home in one piece.
The town that I grew up in
is a few miles away.
I could ask my uncle
if we could stay
in his guesthouse for the night,
and then we could leave
in the morning. What do you say?
It won't be so bad.
- Okay.
- Brett! My goodness!
Come in, come in,
get yourselves out of the cold!
Come on!
Whew! It is so good to see you!
- It's good to see you too.
Kayley, this is my Uncle Eli.
- Nice to meet you.
- It's very nice to meet you.
Welcome to Redwood.
- So you're sure it's okay
for us to stay?
- Of course!
It's not often I get to see
my favorite nephew.
I mean, how long has it been
since your last visit?
- Um, four... five years.
- My goodness!
Well, everyone in town is gonna
be so excited to see you.
And to meet your--
- Oh, no, no, no.
- No, no, no.
- No, I'm not his...
- We're just...
We met at the airport.
- I see...
- Should we go get our luggage?
- Right, yes. Yes.
Um... Right.
- Okay.
- Wow, your place is beautiful.
- Please do make
yourselves at home.
Maybe tomorrow, Brett can
take you on a tour of our town.
Although, I should warn you,
he's somewhat of a celebrity
in these parts.
- I'm really not.
- He used to play football.
He had to retire last year on
account of his advanced years.
- You played pro?
- Yeah, I was a quarterback.
- He's being modest
about his achievements.
His teammates don't know
what to do without him.
- Ooh, looks like you
went through a bit of a...
whatever-that-is phase!
- Okay! I think it's time
Uncle Eli
showed us to our rooms.
- I appreciate you taking me in.
I know that I'm
a complete stranger.
- Taking in complete strangers
for a night's rest
is kind of what I do
for a living.
- How much do I owe you?
- Oh, I can't take your money,
Consider it a Christmas gift.
- Thank you, that's very kind.
- Okay, the stairs
are just around there.
You can pick any room you like.
And I will make us a hot meal
while you two get settled in.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Thanks so much
for moving the meeting.
Yeah, yeah. Um...
Yep, and I will call
you as soon as I get back.
Okay great. Yeah, speak soon.
- Nope.
Hi. So I think we got
our suitcases mixed up.
I opened what I thought
was my suitcase,
but when I saw inside,
uh, clearly it was not mine.
Not that I really saw anything,
but I saw enough to know
that I had the wrong one.
- It's fine.
- Okay. Cool.
- Yeah.
- See you at dinner.
- Yeah. Uh...
Oh, I guess you don't
want yours then.
- How's the stew?
- Amazing.
- It's good.
- It's great. Delicious.
- So, uh...
anyone else staying
with you at the moment?
- No, it's been unusually quiet
for this time of year,
however, I do have two lovely
people keeping me company.
- Grandpa!
- In fact, here they are now.
- Brett!
What are you doing here?
- Oh, it's a long story.
- Dani, do you remember
your Uncle Brett?
- Of course I do!
He's the uncle that always
sends me lots of candy.
Glad you haven't changed.
- Sorry, I didn't know
we had guests.
- Oh no, this is my friend
Kayley, this is my cousin Jenna
and her daughter, Dani.
- Uncle Brett, can we play
snakes and ladders?
- Well, why don't I get you
both some dinner
and we can play at the table.
- I'll go get the board!
- So, how's Greg?
- Um... he's fine.
We're having some building work
done at the moment
so things are a bit chaotic.
I thought I'd come stay here
with Dad until things calm down.
- Okay, Uncle Brett,
what color do you want to be?
- I chose blue.
- Excellent.
- I call green.
- Like always.
Do you want to join in?
- Um, I think I'm going
to head upstairs.
It's been a long day.
- Okay. If you need anything,
just holler.
- Oh, no, no. It's okay.
- Okay.
- Thank you for dinner.
- Alright, I am ready.
- Okay, youngest goes first!
- Uh, wait, what? Since when
has that been the rule?
- Since always!
- Okay.
Blue, please.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
- Is that our car?!
- Oh hey, look who's up!
- Oh, good morning.
- Morning!
Yep, the storm really
did a job last night.
- Yeah.
- Word is they're having trouble
getting the snow plows
off the interstate.
- But we'll still be able
to leave town, though, right?
- Not until the snow's cleared
off the roads, no.
My friend Bob says the storm's
done major damage
all over Ohio and Pennsylvania.
I wouldn't want to chance
driving, not that far.
You're better off
waiting for a plane.
- Yeah, he's right.
No point in us leaving
just to get stuck again
in the middle of nowhere.
- Right.
I'll go and call the airline.
So you're telling me there's
not a single flight
in the whole of the Midwest?
Not even from Columbus?
No, um. Yep, no, I...
I understand.
Thank you.
Apparently every plane
to New York is delayed,
cancelled or overbooked.
They said they'll call
if two seats become available.
- How long will we have to wait?
- It could be one day
or it could be ten.
I don't know
what I'm going to do.
- I'm sure it'll be fine.
They just tell you
the worst-case scenario
to cover their backs.
- Breakfast is ready.
I made my super special
double chocolate chip pancakes.
- Then we should get
to the dining room
before you eat them all!
What happened?!
Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine.
I just, I slipped on the ice.
- Let me see your arm.
Okay, okay.
Alright, we're gonna get you
in the house. Okay?
One, two...
Okay, let's go.
- Dad! What happened?
- I'm fine. Don't fuss.
- He slipped on out front.
And I think he may have
fractured his arm.
- No one is fractured.
- Well, you still need
to get checked.
- I'll take him to the hospital.
- I don't have time
for a hospital,
I've got to set up
for the Christmas festival.
- The festival can wait.
- No, honey, it can't.
Organizing the Christmas
festival is the one thing
I do for this town,
I'm not letting everyone down.
- You're clearly in pain.
- At least go and get an X-ray.
Okay? Kayley and I will help
with the festival prep
until you get back.
- But...
- Grandpa, please.
- Okay, fine.
- Okay.
Just tell us what needs doing
and we'll get it done.
Let's start by untangling
these lights.
- This is going to take forever.
- Well, it sure beats
being stuck at the airport.
- What were you doing
in Fort Wayne?
- I was organizing an event
as a favor to my mom.
- Sounds fun.
- Yeah, it was, actually.
What about you?
- I was recruiting a new client.
- For what kind of business?
- Um, when I retired
from playing football,
I started a sports agency.
It's not like playing,
but at least it allows me
to be connected to the game.
- Was it hard for you
to give it up?
- Yeah, you know, I...
I miss my team,
I miss the buzz of a win.
But it's nice being able
to spend more time with my son.
- What's his name?
- Jaden.
- How old?
- He just turned seven,
last month.
- I'm guessing he's the reason
you're trying to get back
to New York?
- Yeah, yeah.
He gets a little down
when I'm gone for too long.
What's this?
- That's mine!
It must've fallen out
of my purse.
- Is that a gift
for your boyfriend?
- No.
I've been collecting snow globes
since I was a kid.
I know it's dorky,
but I still get one
whenever I travel.
- I do the same.
I have a fridge magnet
for every city
and country I've played
football in.
- Well, that's definitely
just as dorky.
- Sure.
- Hey, we're back.
- Oh, wow.
- He fractured his wrist.
The doctor said he needs
to rest for the next six weeks.
- I told them I don't need
this dumb cast
but they wouldn't listen.
And now, I can't--
I'm gonna have to cancel
the festival.
- I keep telling him
someone else can take over,
but he's just not having it.
- There isn't anyone else
who knows how to run it,
who to call for what. I mean,
you have a job to go to,
Greg's busy with the house...
- What if Kayley
and I take over?
I mean, I know everyone in town
and she's an event planner
from New York.
I mean, if we work together,
we could probably get it done.
- You would do that for me?
- I'd be our way of saying
thank you
for letting us stay
for free. Right?
- Yeah.
Can I talk to you for a second?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Be right back.
Why are you making promises
that we can't keep?
- Because he's my uncle.
If we don't help him, he might
injure himself further.
- But I have an entire event
at The Dalton to organize!
- You are the most organized
person I've ever met,
there's no way you don't have
everything in place already.
Besides, it could be fun.
- Fine.
- Okay.
- I would be happy
to help you organize
your Christmas festival.
- Thank you, Kayley.
That really means a lot.
- Sherry's mom will be here
to pick you up in ten minutes.
- Okay. Happy organizing!
- Yeah.
- I should get going too.
I need to be at work by 11.
- Mom! Where'd you put the bag?
- Duty calls.
Make sure he rests.
- Okay, before you start
the festival prep,
there's just one other
little thing
that I kind of need
your help with.
- Wow.
You are really rocking
those tights.
- Hey, if Batman can pull
this look off, then so can I.
Wow, Eli is a very
convincing Santa.
Who's this cute
little reindeer?!
Are you excited to see Santa?
Oh. Sorry. Just... Excuse me
for one short second.
Natalie, talk to me.
Ho-ho-ho! Who's next?
- Santa's workshop
is really busy today.
- Okay, great. Yeah, that works
for me, so just keep me posted.
- Kayley!
- Hey!
Aren't you supposed to be
at your friend's house?
- Her mom brought us
to see Santa.
Did you like my pancakes?
- They were delicious.
You're an excellent chef!
- When I grow up,
I'm gonna have my own bakery
so that I can bake cakes
and cookies all day long
and make people happy
like Grandpa does
with his guesthouse.
- You know, that's a great
ambition to have. And I like
making people happy too.
- How come you're working
for Santa?
You know what, he was a little
short-staffed today.
- Bye, Mikayla!
- Ho-ho-ho!
Who do we have here?
- Dani. Short for Danielle.
- Well, that's a lovely name.
Now, Danielle,
I can't remember,
are you on the good list
or the naughty list?
- I'm pretty sure
I'm on the good list.
- I'm pretty sure
you're on it too. I keep it.
Now, what would you like
for Christmas?
- Uncle Brett,
look what Santa gave me!
- Whoa, that's a lot of sugar!
- I know.
And it's strawberry flavor.
- Enjoy your elf-ing!
- Elf-ing.
She's such a character.
What's a candyland playhouse?
- A candyland playhouse
is a playhouse
that looks like
it's made out of candy.
- Ah, okay.
- Why?
- Oh, Dani asked Santa
for one for Christmas.
She said her parents
can't afford one.
- Greg and Jenna
are renovating the house,
so they might be a bit strapped
for cash right now.
- Well, shouldn't someone
try make Dani's wish come true?
- Like who?
- I don't know...
- It's not my place.
I can't just show up in town
after all these years
and start meddling
in people's business.
Besides, why do you care
if Dani gets a playhouse?
- I know what it's like to be
an only child with busy parents.
Hey! Welcome
to Santa's work shop!
- ...Scotty Thompson said
he'd take all the lights
and decorations to the barn,
the food stands
still need setting up,
and I guess I should tell
all the volunteers
that you and Kayley
are in charge.
I'm sure Kayley has a lot
of good ideas for decorations.
I just said you probably have
some good ideas for decorations.
- Um, yeah. Sure.
- Hi, Eli.
- Well, come in, come in!
Get out of the cold!
Wow, what a wonderful surprise!
How have you been?
- I've been good, thanks.
- Oh, all good here.
I mean, better for seeing--
I'm great.
We never got a chance
to catch up last Christmas.
- I know, sorry about that...
but I guess we could
do it this year.
- Well, yeah, definitely!
Are you in town visiting
your mom for the holidays?
- No, I've actually
moved back to town.
My mom had an operation,
so I thought I'd come
take care of her.
- You always were a kind soul.
- And you always had a knack
for putting a smile on my face.
Jenna told me that you
fractured your wrist,
so I thought I'd come by to see
if you need help with anything.
- Oh, that's so
very kind of you.
I actually do need help...
...with the Christmas festival,
I mean.
I need to bake 200 cookies,
I've only got one arm.
- Well, luckily for you,
I'm an excellent baker.
You could come over
and we could bake them together.
- Wow, that...
That would be great.
- Great.
- Great.
- Great.
- Okay.
- Uh, give me a call
and we'll arrange a time.
- Okay, great.
- Okay.
- Great to see you!
- Bye!
- Okay.
- Who was that?
- Just an old pal from school.
- By the way you were looking
at each other,
she didn't seem like an old pal.
- Yeah, I saw full-on
heart eyes.
- Mm-hmm. You could've asked us
to bake the cookies.
- Okay.
I may have had a teeny tiny
crush on her back in the day,
but it's not like that anymore.
- Oh, I think
it's exactly like that.
- Yeah, you just got
yourself a date.
- A date?
With Christie Ornstein?!
She was the most popular
girl in school.
I'm sure she still has a line-up
of guys waiting to date her.
- Hmm. We'll see.
The proof is in the pudding.
That should be the last one.
- What time is your uncle's
friend coming to pick him up?
- He should be here
within the next hour.
Did you order another
Christmas tree?
I'm guessing this is for you?
- Oh my stars,
the charity auction!
Redwood has a new tradition
where all of the businesses
donate a decorated Christmas
tree to the charity auction.
People to peruse them
and then bid on them.
And I totally forgot about it.
I don't even have
any decorations,
they're being used up
by the festival and...
- When is the auction?
- Tomorrow.
- You're going to ask us to go
get you some, aren't you?
- It would be a big help
if you did.
I'm sure Kayley would love
to pick out
Christmas tree decorations
with you.
- I do love picking out
- Of course you do.
- And since you're gonna
be in town,
could you ask all the shops
if they would donate a prize
for the festival raffle?
- Can't we just call them?
- No!
Phone calls are way
too impersonal!
People are more inclined
to donate
when they see
who they're donating to.
The last charity auction I ran,
I got a guy to donate
two of his yachts.
- Okay, she's quarterback.
You just run the plays.
- Ouch.
- I got four boxes
of decorations
and the store manager said
they would donate
three train sets to the raffle.
- How are you getting
so many prizes?
Everyone I speak to either
says they can't help me
or they're gonna
call me back later.
- Well, you're clearly
not being charming enough.
- Excuse me, I've been told
on many occasions
that I'm a very
charming person.
- Okay, well, let me see
this charming side, then.
Yeah. I will pretend to be
the store owner.
- I'm not really
into role playing.
- Come on,
just go with it, okay?
Afternoon, Sir.
How may I help you?
- Hi, I'm looking for people
to donate some raffle prizes.
- You can't just walk
straight in and ask for a favor.
Is that how you'd greet
a football player
you wanted to sign?
- Yeah?
- Well, business players
need a little more...
You enter with a smile,
you give the store manager
a compliment on their store,
and then you tell them that
you're helping your Uncle Eli
to find some prizes
for his Christmas raffle.
- Alright, here we go.
Hi, how are you?
I really like your... cookies.
I really like your cookies.
- Why, thank you, sir.
I baked them myself.
Now can I interest you
in this gift basket?
- Um, no...
I'm just here on behalf
of my uncle.
You might know him,
he's the smiley guy
that owns the guesthouse.
And he would be very grateful
if you could donate
to his Christmas charity raffle,
as would I.
- Not bad.
Okay, let's give it
a go in real life.
Don't forget to walk in
with a smile.
- Right.
Won't that make me
look weird, though?
- No!
You can win someone over
in two seconds
with a good smile.
Let's me see what
we're working with here.
Show me the best you've got.
Well, we'll just have
to work on that. Okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- How can you love the subway?
- I just do. It makes me feel
like a real New Yorker.
- No, it's dirty
and overcrowded.
- Okay, well,
how do you get around?
- I walk or I take a taxi.
- Oh, how very
upper west side of you.
Oh, hey.
- Hey. How was your
shopping excursion?
- It was definitely
an excursion.
- We got six boxes
of decorations
and 17 stores said
that they would donate
to the charity raffle.
- You definitely went
with the right person.
- It was a team effort.
- What charity is the money
going to anyway?
You never told us.
- Oh, it's not a charity per se.
All the money's going
to Brett's old football team
at Redwood High.
- You're donating the money
to The Lions?
- The team has a real shot
at the National Championships
this year,
but not all of the families
can afford what it takes
to get to the top.
- Wow... that's awesome.
I can't believe they have a shot
at winning the championships
this year,
that was always my dream.
- As your dad always said
just because we're from
a small town,
doesn't mean we can't
do big things.
Anyway, while you were out
I spotted found old Christmas
decorations in the basement.
But I can't quite manage to get
them all up here with one arm.
- I will give you a hand.
- ...but Rabbit's heart
was as kind as the warm look
in her eyes.
"Aren't you sad?"
she asked the bear.
"Nobody thought
to bring you a gift."
"I am not sad,"
replied the bear.
"For it is far, far better
to give than it is to receive."
Um, then all of the animals
went home
and lived happily ever after.
The end.
- No! Read some more!
- That's enough for now, kiddo.
It's late. Get yourself to bed.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna do everything
I can to get to you
by Christmas Eve, okay?
- He sounds like a cutie.
So it's gonna be red at the top,
then orange,
yellow, green, blue.
Pink and purple at the bottom.
- Ah man, Jaden would love this.
He loves to decorate Christmas
trees as much as you do.
Every year, I let him
pick the color theme
for the lights and the balls,
and then we just decorate
the entire house in that color.
- Hmm. Well, what color
did he pick this year?
- We haven't had a chance
to set our decorations up yet.
I've been travelling a lot.
So I promised I'd buy him
the biggest Christmas tree I can
find once I get home.
That's... if I get home.
- Uh, there is no "if".
We are getting back
to New York City
even if I have to steal
a plane and fly it myself.
- That is not something
I want to be a part of.
- Well, can't someone else
get him a Christmas tree?
Your wife?
- I don't have a wife
or a girlfriend.
Jaden's mom passed away
four years ago.
He's with my mom while I'm away.
- I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have just assumed--
- It's okay, it's okay.
I'm used to it.
You just caught me off-guard.
Uh, it's just Nick.
You know,
I'll call him back later.
- You should take it.
He's probably worried about you.
Honestly, it's fine.
- Okay.
No, I still need some more time.
Well, that's not what you said
the other night.
- Okay...
Alright, there you are.
- Okay.
Open your eyes!
- Oh my! It's perfect!
It's like a Christmas rainbow.
- That was the idea.
- People are gonna be
very impressed
when you take this
to the auction tomorrow.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
when who takes it
to the auction tomorrow?
- Well...
I'd take it myself, but...
- But I kind of have
a conference call at one.
- And I thought you wanted us
to set up the food stands?
- Come on, guys,
it's for a really good cause!
And I promise you'll
be done by 12 o'clock.
- Our tree is clearly the best.
- Brett, this is a charity
auction, okay?
Not a competition.
- Right, but if it were,
our tree would totally win.
- Oh, we totally would.
Yes! Yes!
I knew we would get her!
No, that's...
That's great work.
Just keep me posted.
Yeah, bye.
- I'm guessing
that wasn't Nick.
- No, that was my assistant,
She managed to book
Reeba Marlowe
to sing at
my Christmas Eve event!
- Who's Reeba Marlowe?
- Reeba Marlowe had last year's
best-selling Christmas album.
- Right.
- Well, having her headline
my event will boost ticket sales
and may even make a splash
on social media.
- Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's a shame we can't do
something similar
to get more people
to this auction.
- Does Redwood have
a social media page?
We need to give people
an incentive
to come out into the cold.
- What are you doing?
- I'm just posting about
the Christmas tree auction.
Yeah. And that football star
Brett Matthews
will sign an autograph
for anyone that places a bid!
- What?!
- Oh trust me, it'll work.
- That's exploitation!
- Oh, come on.
Where's your sense
of community spirit, huh?
Do it for The Lions.
- Fine. But I'd be surprised
if anyone actually
visits the page.
- There's a line-up
down the block.
- Yeah?
Okay, who's next?
- Hey, Mr. Matthews,
it's a real honor to meet you.
I'm Tyler,
I play for The Redwood Lions.
- Ooh, nice,
that was my old team.
- Yeah, I know, that's why
you've always been
a real positive
role model for me.
I can't believe you're here!
You think I can get
a photo with you?
- Of course, come on!
- Thank you so much.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Who's next?
- I can't believe how much
money you've raised.
This is three times
what we made last year!
- When it comes to getting
butts in seats,
there's nothing like
the pull of a celebrity.
- Grandpa, can we go
tobogganing now?
- I don't think
that's a good idea.
- Oh, come on, I'll be fine,
I'll just sit at the top
of the hill and watch.
The fresh air will do me good.
- Uncle Brett, Kayley,
you have to come too!
- Well, I have my conference
call at 1:00.
They had an issue with
the menu at The Dalton
so I have to go
and sort it out.
I should probably get going.
- I should get going too.
I need to start setting up
the stands for the festival.
- Come on, you can do
that later.
Come have fun with the kid.
- Please?!
- How can I say no to that face?
Jenna is home,
she'll let you in.
- Okay, well, you guys have fun.
- Who wants to have
a toboggan race?
- Me! I'll definitely
beat you!
- Not if I beat your first!
- So what does the creme fraiche
taste like?
No, no, you need
to tell the chef
that we need better
than good, okay?
This event needs to knock
people's socks off.
So... Does it need
more seasoning?
Hello? Nat--
- Everything okay?
- Oh, yeah. Just...
my signal keeps cutting out.
- Oh, yeah. Tends to do that
when the weather gets cold.
Maybe try again in a half hour?
- No, my meeting
will be over by then.
I just need to trust
my assistant's judgement.
- Can I fix you some lunch?
- Oh, no, it's okay, I could...
order some takeout, I guess.
- There's no need for that.
Come on, I'll make
you a sandwich.
- Okay.
So, I take it you're not
a fan of tobogganing then?
- No, I am,
just the guesthouse
needed some cleaning so,
I thought I'd help out my dad.
He can't really clean much
with one arm.
- Well, he's lucky
to have you around.
- Excuse me, one second.
No, she's at the park
with Brett and my dad.
Well, I thought
you were working.
Okay, fine.
- Everything okay?
- Yeah, that was just Greg,
my husband...
Things have been a bit strained
between us lately.
I don't know what went wrong,
but all we seem to do
these days is argue
and if we're not arguing,
all of our conversations
are about money or the house.
Last week we got into
a stupid argument
about trailing dust
through the living room.
It got me really upset,
so I packed a bag and came here.
- Does that mean
you guys are...?
- No...
I mean, I hope not.
I just thought some time apart
might help us
get some perspective,
but now everything
just feels super awkward.
- I know what you mean...
I'm kind of in the same place
with my boyfriend.
- You are?
- Yeah.
First, I thought things
would fix themselves...
Maybe things were off
because we were both
just so busy.
But the truth is...
we just don't work together.
I realized that he's way too
wrapped up in himself
to care about what I'm doing
or even listen
to what I'm saying.
I tried to talk to him about it
before I left for Indiana,
but he told me to take my time
to think things over.
- And... what are you thinking?
- That I still feel
the same way.
But that doesn't mean it has
to be the same for you guys.
You should talk to your husband.
You won't resolve anything
by avoiding each other.
Should we go meet
your family in the park?
I think a little
Christmas merriment
might be what we both need.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- That sounds great.
Come on! Faster!
- Alright, alright, I'm going.
- Mom! Kayley! You came!
- Oh, you guys made it.
- Yeah, we realized
we were missing out
on all the fun.
- Well, you're just
in time to join in
on the annual snowman contest.
- Snowman contest?
- Alright, contestants,
your ten minutes starts...
- Okay, how do you
want to do this?
- I'm thinking two big
snowballs for the body,
one small snowball for the head.
- I'm thinking twigs
and branches for the arms,
face and hair.
- Hair?
- Yeah, I think we should
make a snow-woman.
It'll give us an edge to win.
Okay, well, we're not
gonna win anything
by standing here and talking!
- Right, yeah.
- Wow, good job.
- Yes.
Okay. Now, lift it onto yours.
- Okay, wait!
We have to do it together,
otherwise it'll--
- I'm gonna leave
the snowball rolling to you.
- Okay, yeah.
Where are you going?
- To get branches for the arms.
- Our snowman's not gonna need
arms if it doesn't have a body!
- She's a snow-woman!
- Yeah.
- Alright, ladies and gentlemen,
please step away
from your snowmen!
Ahem! Thank you.
Very nice shaping,
great accessories,
extra points
for the arms and a face.
Nine out of ten points.
- Yay!
- We may have had
some technical difficulties.
- Yeah.
- I'm not even going
to give you a score.
- Yay! We win!
- Okay, little munchkin,
it's time I got you home.
Uh, I can only fit
three in the truck,
but I'll make two trips
if you're okay to wait?
- Oh, it's okay, I'll walk.
- Why don't you give Kayley
that tour of Redwood?
- Sure, I'm up for a tour.
- Yeah, okay. Yeah.
I guess I'll see you
at the guesthouse.
- Great.
Have fun!
- Shall we? This way.
I don't know what kind
of tour my uncle
expects me to give you.
I mean, Redwood is just
like every other small town
in the Midwest.
- Well, I think it's cute.
And I don't get to visit
many small towns.
So... I feel like
I'm in a movie.
- Well, this cute but antiquated
building is the bank.
And that is the post office
where I spent one summer working
enough to know I would never
occupy a desk job.
And that building,
that gray one across the street
is the library.
Or was, at least.
- So how come you don't visit
Redwood more often?
It sounds like you had
a lot of fun growing up here.
- I guess... I guess I got
really busy.
I think you have an admirer.
She a friend of yours?
- More like a friend of
the family.
My mom was always trying
to get me to ask her out
when we were younger.
- Well, maybe you should
ask her out.
- I don't know. If I'm going
to start dating again,
I just, I want to do it right.
Plus I have Jaden now, so...
Am I being too cautious?
- Not at all.
I'm a firm believer in doing
what's right for you.
- Shall we?
- Okay, the path is really
icy here.
- Yeah. Would you like to use
my arm?
- I... I think I can manage.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Wow, alright,
well I'm heavier than you.
I'm sure I can manage to...
Here we go.
- Oh! Do you see?
The ice doesn't
let up for anyone!
- We're just gonna have to
go for it, alright? You ready?
Let's go.
- Okay.
- One, two, three...
We... We better head inside.
- Yeah, uh, actually...
There's something I'd like
to show you.
Come on, I want to show
you something.
This used to be mine when
I was a kid,
and I think we can turn it
into a candy land playhouse
for Dani.
- Well, what happened
to not wanting to meddle in
everyone's business?
- I caved.
I just, I really want
to do something nice for Dani.
Will you help me fix it up?
I mean, if there's two of us,
we can probably finish
before we leave.
- Yeah!
- Good.
Eli's already in on the plan.
We just need to keep it
a secret from Dani.
- I love a secret mission.
- Yes.
- And I promise
I won't say a word.
- Awesome.
- Wow.
- This is the little plank.
- Shh...
- Okay, go. Go.
- Then in senior year,
I chaired the social committee,
the prom committee,
the community outreach
and the fund-raising committee.
- Wow. That's a lot of
- Yeah.
I liked being involved
at school.
It made me feel like
I was making a difference.
Plus, my mom had been
on the prom committee when
she was in high school,
and I... I wanted to
make her proud.
Our love for event planning
is pretty much the only thing
we have in common.
- Do you get to see her
much now?
- Not really.
She's still organizing events
for various charities,
which I'm proud of, because
I know that her work
makes such a difference to
so many people, I just...
I just wish she'd been around
a little more.
You know, we could've done
things together, like, um...
Like build a snowman.
Woman. Snow woman.
- Snow woman.
And what about your dad?
- Uh, he travels a lot for
business, so...
I guess it works for them.
- Sounds like you have
a busy family.
- Yeah.
You know, when I was little,
I always wanted to live in
one of those big family houses
that you see in those
90s sitcoms.
Well, I've experienced that,
and trust me,
you do not want to be fighting
10 people
for the bathroom every morning.
- 10 people?
- Yeah.
- I have seven brothers
and sisters.
- Well, where are they now?
- Scattered all over the world.
Mostly on the West Coast
and in Canada.
- Your family's pretty cool.
You're lucky to have them.
- Yeah, I am.
Your mom, does she...
Does she help you
with your events at all?
- Once or twice.
I think she's still scarred from
helping me organize
my junior prom.
- What happened in junior prom?
- Oh, uh... DJ got sick.
Four chaperones never turned up.
The football team hid
all the food as a prank,
and then the power went out!
I finally saw her smile when
I got up to dance with my date.
Then he spun me straight into
the punch bowl.
- So, you have red paint
on your nose.
- How long has it been there?!
- A while.
But I've been really enjoying
the fact
that you look like Rudolph.
Dani, hi.
- Hi.
- Why are you covered in paint?
- Well...
- Because...
- Um... We were...
- Painting the food stands.
- Yes, for the festival.
- That's right.
- That's the truth.
Do you... Are you...?
Do you hear that?
Is that your mom calling?
- Yeah.
- Oh, no, I completely
I'm just... I'm glad no one
was hurt.
Listen, if you need anything,
you let me know right away.
Okay, bye.
There was so much snow,
a tree came down on top of
the Thompson's barn.
- The barn we need for
the festival?
- Everything's completely
The barn, the decorations,
the lights.
- What are we going to do?
- I guess we're gonna
call the whole thing off.
- No, no, no.
You can't cancel the festival.
- Yeah, there must be another
venue in town you can use.
- Not one that's big enough.
- Well, what about
the town square?
- That's actually not
a bad idea.
- It's actually a pretty
good idea.
We'd probably have
to ask permission to shut
off the roads,
and all the shops would have
to close early.
- And how would
we power everything?
- I've never run
an outdoor event before.
- Well, you haven't,
but I have.
Are you up for the challenge?
Okay. First thing's first,
Eli, do you know anyone in town
who owns a generator?
- Mm-hmm. My friend Bob's got
two in his garage.
- Great. Give him a call
and ask if we can borrow them.
Jenna, I want you to call all
of the store owners
and get them on board
with our plan.
Could be a great opportunity
for them to stay open late
and make some extra money.
- Sounds great!
- Dani...
- What can I do?
- I want you to help me find
lights and decorations.
- I heard mom say
all the shops are sold out.
- Well, then, we'll have to rely
on good old community spirit.
- Sounds good.
- Do you think you could
rally the school football team?
- Sure, I can call my coach.
- Let's get the word out
as fast as we can.
Woo! You guys really
came through!
- This is amazing! Thank you!
- At this rate, we're gonna
have enough Christmas balls
and twinkly lights to decorate
the entirety of Ohio!
Uh, hi!
Yeah. Sorry I haven't called,
it's been kind of hectic
around here.
Hmm? Oh, no, no,
I still need you.
Need, you know, your help,
uh... with the cookies.
- Hmm? Uh, 3:00 P.M.
Uh... Yeah! Uh, perfect.
Okay. See you then.
- So... Who was that?
- Nobody.
Hey, Bob.
- That goes with the tree decor.
- Okay.
- No! This tree decor.
If we organize all
of the items now,
it'll save us time having
to sort them out later.
- Okay. Remind me to never go
into event planning.
- No, I understand.
Yeah, I'll, uh...
I'll send them right over.
You need to go to Bob's
and pick up the generators
within the hour.
He's leaving town for
the holidays at four o'clock.
- Can't you send someone else?
- Well, everyone else is busy
doing another job.
I mean, I would help you
myself, but...
I promised Christie that I would
help make cookies with her.
I know you don't like going
there, but--
- It's okay. We'll go,
it's fine.
- Thank you.
- You're driving.
- Yeah.
Have fun baking cookies!
He had to leave early.
"Key under the mat."
Bob must've left the wrong key.
- The lock is temperamental.
Got it.
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's the house I grew up in.
- When were you last here?
- 15 years ago.
Moved when I was 19, shortly
after my father passed away.
- Were you guys close?
- Yeah.
My father was my hero.
I wouldn't be who I am today
if it wasn't for him.
My dad made this
for my mom.
She called it her
birthday cake table.
Every time it was someone's
she'd put a chocolate cake right
at the center
and we'd all stand round
singing Happy Birthday.
And here...
This is where I'd stand
to wait for my father
to come home from work.
It was my favorite spot
because I could see the road
and the TV at the same time.
- Sounds like there's
a lot of love in this house.
- Yeah.
I know that I've been avoiding
coming back here...
to Redwood.
But I'm glad I did.
It's such an important part
of who I am.
Plus, it's been nice
to create new memories.
We should probably get the,
generators before it's too dark.
- Right. Yeah.
- I hope that frown
was not caused by Nick.
- No, I'm just...
I'm just nervous about my event
at The Dalton.
Christmas Eve is two days away
and we still haven't heard
from the airline.
- Well, someone's gonna call
by tomorrow.
We just have to stay positive.
- How's Jaden doing?
- My mom took him ice-skating
I think I miss him more
than he misses me.
I hope this makes us
feel better.
Bon apptit.
- Wow. Okay, this is amazing!
So, where did you learn
to cook like this?
- The Single Parent School
of Trial and Error.
- Jaden went through a phase
where he refused
to eat anything green,
so whenever I needed him
to eat vegetables,
I would hide them
in soups and sauces.
- Well, Jaden's a lucky kid.
I wish I had someone at home
to cook for me.
- Nick doesn't cook for you?
- No!
Nick is a workaholic.
He wouldn't have time to cook
even if he wanted to.
- How long have you guys
been together?
- About a year.
- Does he, uh...
Does he make you happy?
- What kind of question is that?
- I don't know, you just
seem more eager to get home
to your job.
- That's because my job
is really important to me.
I've worked incredibly hard
to get to where I am today,
and landing a holiday
contract with The Dalton
is a really big deal.
- Okay, I'm sorry. I clearly
don't know anything
about the event planning world.
- No, clearly, you don't.
- Okay.
- Hey...
- Hey.
- Hope I'm not interrupting.
- No. There was nothing
to interrupt.
I was just going to bed.
Thanks for the food.
Come in.
- Hey.
- Hey!
- I just came up to check
if you were okay.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Just a little tired.
Come on in.
- You must really
be missing your family.
- Actually, I...
I don't have much
of a family to miss.
You don't have
any brothers or sisters?
- No.
I don't have any uncles, aunts,
or cousins either.
- You have a mom and dad
though, right?
- Yes, I have a mom and dad.
But it's basically just
the three of us,
and we're not as close as
we could be.
- Uncle Brett told me
you were sad
'cause you might not get home
for Christmas Eve,
so I made something
to make you feel better.
I want you to feel part
of our family,
even if it is just for
a few days.
- Wow.
This is amazing!
Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.
And thank you for helping
grandpa with his festival.
I know it means a lot to him.
- You're welcome too.
- Well... good night!
- Good night.
- Okay, the courtyard
is decorated, the lights all
have power,
we should have more than
enough food if everyone brings
what they promised.
I'm wondering if
I should call Christie.
She... She might forget
the cookies.
- Oh yeah, how did your date go?
- Oh, for the millionth time,
it was not a date.
We baked, we talked
about the good old days.
- Sounds like a date to me.
- If you don't stop quizzing me,
I'm gonna go hide in
the work shed.
Whoever that is really
wants to talk to you.
- Yeah.
Oh, it's the manager
of The Dalton.
Hi, Kayley Cooper.
No, no, uh, I can talk.
That sounds great. Thank you
so much for understanding.
I will keep you posted, yeah.
- Everything okay?
The manager of The Dalton
has nominated me
for an Exhibition Award
of Excellence.
- Well, that sounds amazing.
- Well, it would be amazing
if I was in New York.
- Well, have you checked
if the trains are running?
- Yeah, they started up again
this morning but...
They're only doing one train
a day,
and today's train
was already sold out.
- Okay, well, you can
still get a flight.
I mean, the airline
could call at any minute.
- I know.
But at this point,
I think I need to be realistic.
So, I... I called
the adjudicator
and I explained the situation.
And they've agreed that if
I can't make it back in time,
that they'll figure out another
time to meet with me
when I get back to New York.
- Well, if you've organized
the event even
half as well as you've organized
the Christmas Festival,
you're gonna win,
hands down.
- Listen, I'm...
I'm sorry if things
got a little tense last night.
It's just, what you said, it...
It hit a nerve.
- No, I'm the one
who should be apologizing.
I should have never asked you
such a personal question.
That'll be our helpers!
- Looks like it's time to see
all of our hard work pay off.
- Oh, the hard work
has only just begun! Come on.
Okay, everyone, we've got
lots to do and only a few hours
to do it in.
Jenna, do you want
to start loading the food
out of the kitchen?
Brett, you're gonna be in charge
of all the lights, the festival
stands, the tables...
- The chairs!
- Dani!
How are those cupcakes coming?
- Nice and chocolatey.
- Great.
Well, when you're done
with those,
do you want to put some bows
on the raffle prizes?
- Christie! Those look great!
- Thanks!
- Do you want to take them
through to the kitchen?
- Yeah.
- I'll show you where.
- Okay.
- Hey, there. Are you here
to help with the festival?
- Greg!
I wasn't sure you'd show.
- Why wouldn't I show?
I help out every year.
- Right. Of course.
- Um... do you want
to help load the truck?
Thank you.
- Hey, so, we have a problem.
Our DJ just came down
with the flu.
- So we'll just find
someone else.
- Like who? All of our
helpers have been assigned
a job already.
What? What the...?!
Brett, man!
I heard a rumor
you were back in town!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- How's it going?
- The town has gone cookie
crazy! I'm already out of
- Excellent.
So, um...
How's it going with
you and Greg?
Did you guys get a chance
to talk yet?
- Not really. We had
a three-minute conversation
about the house renovations,
and then he said he needed
to go back to the DJ stand.
- I think you need
to tell him how you feel.
I'll go get you some
of those cookies, huh?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Greg? Do you think
you could take these cookies
over to Jenna? I think I pulled
a muscle in my arm.
Don't worry, I will...
I'll hold the fort here.
- I know what you're doing.
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- I get that something's
between Greg and Jenna,
but whatever it is,
they have to figure it out
on their own.
- True.
But some people just need
a little nudge to admit how
they really feel.
Look at them, they're like
two smitten teenagers.
- They're not the only ones
who look like smitten
- Christmas magic everywhere.
It's Nick.
I should probably answer it
this time.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Hey. No, I'm sorry for
being so MIA.
I know, I-I'm sorry...
Look, I...
I know I said that I would take
some time to think things over,
but I meant what I said
last week.
I can't do this anymore.
I just...
I just had to find the courage.
- How about you?
- No. No, I've made my decision.
I need to do what's right.
- Hey.
- Hey!
- Do you want to maybe dance?
Oh, come on!
Where's your Christmas spirit?
Come on. Come on, huh?
There you go! You're a natural!
Uh... shall we?
- I think there's someone else
who would like
the chance to dance with you.
- Oh, no... No, I can't.
- You're not those kids that
you were in high school anymore.
Go on!
It was good to see you.
- Christie Ornstein...
May I have the,
uh, honor of this dance?
- I thought you'd never ask.
- Really?
- You should get a second job
as a matchmaker.
- I like making people happy.
- Mmm.
What makes you happy?
- Seeing one of my events
come to life.
And really good ice cream.
Good choice.
Do you want to dance?
I promise I won't spin you
into the punch bowl.
- Sure.
- I saw you talking
to Jill earlier.
- Yeah, yeah.
I finally took my mom's advice
and asked her out.
- That's great.
- I'm really nervous. I haven't
been on a date in 10 years.
I feel like I've forgotten
how to talk to women.
- You talk to me just fine.
- That's different.
You have a boyfriend.
- Actually, uh...
Nick and I broke up earlier
over the phone.
- What happened?
- Things haven't been right
with us for a while.
I thought that we were a team,
but it turns out the only thing
that really matters to Nick
is Nick, so...
- I'm... I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
No, it's for the better.
- Let me cancel
my plans with Jill.
- No! No, you don't
have to do that.
I'll be fine. I-I'm just gonna
go back to the guesthouse
and watch a movie.
Enjoy your date.
- Alright, Redwood!
Thanks to your generosity,
we have managed to raise
just over 5000 $
for The Redwood Lions!
Let's wish them the best of luck
at The Nationals!
- Kayley?
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
- You're watching the game?
- Yeah. I, uh...
I couldn't sleep.
- Why is that?
Is someone on your mind?
I saw you talking to Jill.
- Yeah, Jill and I are not going
to work out.
She wants to date Brett
Matthews, the football star.
I haven't been that version of
myself in a long time.
- So, it's something else...
Like feelings for Kayley,
- It doesn't matter how I feel.
She just broke up with someone,
and I don't want to be
her rebound.
And besides, I've only known her
for five days.
- Five days or five minutes,
you two are good for each other.
You're gonna be going
home soon,
you're not gonna get another
chance to tell her how you feel.
Don't be like me.
It took me 30 years to ask
Christie to dance.
Let's get some sleep.
It's past midnight.
- Then I should probably
wish you a Happy Christmas Eve.
- Mmm! My stars, yes!
Happy Christmas Eve!
Look, I...
I know you'd rather be
in New York with Jaden, but...
it's meant a lot to me
to have you here for Christmas.
- It means a lot to me as well.
And I promise I will visit
more often.
- Good, you can come back
next Christmas and reprise
your role as elf.
- You know what?
I might come during
the summer time.
- Hey, you were a natural.
- Wake up! Everybody, wake up!
Brett, Kayley!
Get out of your beds!
- What's up?
- Santa's been early!
- What?
- Look!
I knew Santa would come through!
Uh, how did this
Our helpers moved it out
of the shed
to make room for
the festival stalls.
I must've forgot to tell them
to put it back.
I'm so sorry
if I spoiled your surprise.
- No, no. It's okay.
look how happy she is.
- Oh! Santa's got a Christmas
gift for you, Brett.
- Mom?
- Daddy!
- Jaden!
How you doing?!
- Good.
- Mom.
How did you guys get here?
- By plane, of course!
- I couldn't bear the thought
of you being separated for
And by some miracle, I found two
seats on a last-minute flight.
- Best Christmas gift ever,
thank you.
- And this must be Kayley!
- I hope my son's
been looking after you.
- Mom...
- Uh... He's been great.
- Go!
- Okay.
- You're... a kangaroo?
A frog!
You're... a beaver?
- Shark?
Okay, time's up!
- A shark?
- Mm-hmm.
- Very clearly, I am a rabbit!
- I can't believe
you didn't get that.
- Hi, Kayley Cooper.
6:00 P.M. today? Um...
Can I have a moment
to think it through? Thanks.
The airline can get us on
a flight to New York
from Columbus today
at 6:00 P.M.
Oh, not that you need it now.
- But... you can't leave now.
It's Christmas Eve.
- Yeah, it wouldn't feel right.
- All the arrangements
for your event are in place.
Stay. Have fun.
- What do you think
I should do?
- I think you should do
what's best for you.
- Hi.
I'll take the flight.
But I-I only need
one ticket now.
Thank you.
I'm touched that you guys
want me to stay,
but I should do the right thing
and go and supervise
my event.
If I stay, I'll just be worrying
about it the whole time,
and that's not much fun
for anyone.
I hope you understand.
- Yeah.
- Of course we do.
- You've worked
so hard for this.
- The fastest way to Columbus
in the snow is by train.
We only get one a day,
and it leaves in...
Oh, half an hour.
You better go pack your things.
- Okay.
- We're cutting it close, but
we should just about make it.
- Okay.
- You should say your goodbyes.
- Thank you so much
for having me.
- Oh, you're very welcome.
Come back any time. Any time!
- And you... You let me know
when you open that bakery, okay?
- I'll be in the car.
- Okay.
- Call me when you get home?
- Yeah.
Let me know when you get home.
- Yeah.
I, uh, was going to give you
this tomorrow...
- I love it. Thank you.
My grandma always used to say
that life will bring you
to the right person
in the right place
at exactly the right time.
I guess sometimes life shows up
in the form of a snowstorm.
Do you know what I mean?
We need to hurry or
you'll miss your train!
- You should probably go.
- Yeah.
Thank you for, uh...
For a crazy adventure.
- Yeah.
Don't look at me like that.
She chose to leave.
- You never gave her
a reason to stay.
- Oh, we made it!
Thanks for the ride
and for everything over
the past few days.
- You're welcome.
Alright, now get going!
- Alright.
Jaden, what's that?!
A Christmas tree!
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
- Did you miss your train?
- No, I didn't get on it.
- Good, because there's
something I need to tell you.
- Good,
'cause I'd like to hear
what you have to say in person.
- I don't want you to leave.
- Why?
- Because you make me
happy, nervous,
and frustrated all at once,
and I haven't felt that way
about anyone
in a really long time.
And I'm going on a limb here,
but I'm guessing if you didn't
get on that train,
it's because you feel
the same way.
So, what do you say?
You wanna keep going on
this crazy adventure with me?
- I want to say yes...
but I'm fully aware
that your entire family
is staring at us right now.
Kiss her already!
- You know, if you're gonna be
spending more time
with my family...
you're gonna need to improve
your snowman building skills.
You know what, right?
- Snowman?
- I'm sorry. Snow woman.
- That's better.
- Uncle Brett, Kayley! Let's go
look at the Christmas tree!