Planet Zee (2021) Movie Script

Zee, come on.
Come get ready.
Okay, Granny, I'm coming.
This weekend was a hell of a work.
Just so terrible.
But I think we have got
some very great pictures.
And with all the
calibrated special effects
and sound design, it will become...
Granny, do you think that I
can live from what I doing?
You already do, sweetheart.
Do you really think so?
Listen, you do and live what you love,
and you love what you do.
What else is there?
Granny, I love you so much.
You are the best.
You know, the whole industry
is fucked, I mean, messed up.
I don't have enough money
to get my visions to life.
They are always trying to put me in boxes.
I mean, why should I make
movies about my period
or female protagonists display nothing
but so-called strife,
focusing on their naked body parts.
It's so hard, Gran.
Always hold your head up high.
You know it has never been easy.
Women have always been held down,
sold, and violated, told
they're worth nothing.
They are just a sidekick.
That's not fair.
I don't want to live in a world like that.
Stop behaving like a child!
A woman cannot choose which
world she is born into.
It's no use sitting there
in self-pity like a moron.
If you let yourself go, they've
got you where they want you,
down on the fucking floor!
- Stand up and fight, fearless
and strong, for the world,
not just for yourself,
not just for all women,
for all humanity.
That is your destiny!
It's much easier to make
an impact in your world
than it was in mine.
Nobody said you would be alone,
so stop underestimating your strength!
And, now, punch me.
Come on, punch me!
What's gotten into you?
Have you watched too many
action movies lately?
I'm definitely not going
to punch an old lady.
Punch me, I said, punch me!
Ouch, that hurts!
If you believe in
yourself and are prepared,
and you know your enemy and the conditions
in which you have to fight,
then nothing can harm you.
Granny, that hurts, please, let go!
Sorry, my dear, sometimes
I get ahead of myself.
I just don't like to see you like that.
You know you are everything to me, Zee.
I don't want to lose you, as well.
Never forget that, and never
forget your own strength.
Well, getting my ass
whipped by an old lady
didn't make me look so strong, I guess.
Old lady?
Are you begging for another round?
No, I pass!
Oh, I know that song!
You used to sing it when
you bring me to bed.
Mom hated it.
She thought I would get
nightmares out of it,
but I never did.
Don't be afraid, he's under your bed
His horns are big and
his stomach is fat
His diamond eyes are shiny and red
Pick them out and he'll be dead
Pick them out and he'll be dead
Here you go, Granny.
Thank you, dear.
Show me that wrist.
I'm so sorry.
I'm okay, Granny.
This will help.
Granny, really, it's nothing.
Now, now, now, listen to Granny.
Do you remember this ointment?
I make it myself.
You've seen me make it 100 times.
I used to put it on your little
ouchies when you were small.
Oh, see, here we go.
Ah, it made them better immediately.
Poof, just like magic.
You're a real character, you know?
But it feels better already.
Thank you, Granny.
And, now, time to sleep.
Yes, ma'am.
And if you need something,
just give me a shout.
I'm in my room, working.
Serge will come over to prepare
the new project with me.
Serge, I thought his name was Sergeij.
The man is an idiot.
Can't you find a better producer?
Well, that's not so easy.
Don't worry, I know
nothing about your business.
I know you're doing your best.
Now, get the hell out of my bedroom.
I need my beauty sleep!
Okay, okay.
I love you.
Never give up or forget your own strength.
Don't worry, Granny, I'm good.
I will always be with you.
Thank you, Granny.
Goodnight, dear.
Goodnight, Granny.
Planet Zee, how can I help you?
Yeah, well,
Planet Zee, that's a good one.
Oh, Serge.
You said you would be an hour ago.
I had a very important meeting
with a very talented director.
I had a very important meeting
with a talented director.
And you know what?
It's really uncomplicated
to work with him.
He doesn't complain about his period
Can you believe it?
He even lets me grab his ass.
Anyway, back to problem child.
But, all intent, and I
have good news for you.
Hope you have some cold beer
and good green for Daddy.
Serge, you know I've always
got the best weed in town.
I'm waiting.
You know why I.
Good news, huh?
"Blue Smoke and a Locker."
"Game of Power."
"This game will improve your self-esteem"
"by giving you diabolic tasks."
Oh, it's spam.
This is some heavy shit, uber.
The fuck?
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!
Whoa, what's up, Zee?
Have you been missing
me so much?
Fuck you, Serge.
Hey, why so aggressive?
Did you see a ghost or just
have a look in the mirror.
I mean, you look like shit, girl.
Fuck you, Serge.
Calm down, let's get inside,
and you tell me what
happened, nice and easy.
Please, don't shoot a pic.
The I-Types film cost a fortune.
The what?
The I-Types, the special
film you need for a Polaroid.
Yo, what up?
Can you give me the beer?
I'll tell you later.
First, tell me about your good news.
Your great producer just
made a big deal for you.
I found an investor who is
interested in your story.
That's amazing!
Did you finish the script?
Not yet, but I'm on my last 10 pages.
I got it all lined out.
Serge, that's so cool!
All lined out, right?
Just imagine this.
"Blue Smoke and a Locker."
Written and directed by Zee Bronson.
Officially, I could use
the situation here for my own befit,
and, usually, I would,
but there is something you should know.
What is it, Serge?
They want your script,
but they also want another director.
But you declined, right?
Well, no.
Hey, it's an opportunity.
You might find that you make enough money
to leave this dump behind,
and find a little nursing
home for your granny.
You could start a better life with this.
Are you listening?
This great, Zee!
Not everyone is Stallone.
And even he starred in some shitty movies
before he was able to sell "Rocky."
My name is not Sylvester.
Have I ever told you about
the ending of my story?
No, not in detail, but you've got
it all lined out, right?
Close your eyes, and
try to visualize my words.
Hey, stop, stop, stop!
Resistance is useless!
Come on, give us the briefcase!
Rather I would die.
Go get her!
Give us the briefcase!
Wasting your life for
what, a piece of paper?
Don't act like crazy, huh?
Bonkers, bonkers, bonkers?
And with a smile on her face,
Zooky throws the match on her enemies
and watches them burn.
Happy end.
Rather, I would die.
What's wrong with your wrist, anyway?
Is that another one of your
weird fashion statements?
No, it's not mine.
Oh, really nothing.
Oh, Granny.
Have you got any more weed?
Does your granny know
that you smoke grass?
And what she say about it?
Well, she likes herbs.
She's weird.
It must run in the family.
Shut up, Serge!
I never see you dating anybody.
I am sure you have cravings
that need to be pleased.
Serge, stop it.
I could give you a special
friendship offer tonight.
And I'm famous for my dick down.
Dick down.
Thanks but no thanks.
Come on, Zee.
Serge, stop it.
That's the reason I run
into you at the earlier.
I got really spooky spamming.
It's like it has its own life.
You're afraid of fucking spam?
No, no.
It's not just normal spam.
It's like I told you,
it seems to has its own life.
Didn't you see how it just open by itself?
Just like that.
Look, there, there it is again!
Calm down, you're acting paranoid.
Looks like a trojan to me.
"The Game of Power."
Lame title from producer's point of view.
"This game will help you
improve your self-esteem"
"by giving you diabolic tasks."
"If you win, you will
gain supernatural powers
"that will give you the chance to achieve"
"all you ever wanted."
Why are you afraid of that?
All you ever wanted, it's pretty cool.
Isn't it?
Sounds like a pretty
factual advertisement to me.
But there's something weird
with it, or with my computer.
I can't get rid of it, and
it turned on my computer.
How is that even possible?
Right, let's see.
"If you lose this game,
you will lose your life."
Sounds fair to me,
if you got the chance to
get supernatural powers.
That's stupid.
Format your hard drive and
you'll be rid of this crap.
Okay, you are afraid of it.
This stupid game?
Why should I be?
So, let's do it then.
Let's do this crap?
You just said it yourself.
"Sounds fair to me,"
"if you are able to gain
supernatural powers."
Stop quoting me all the time.
So what?
I need to clear my mind.
It could be fun, or a
story for my next flick.
Mr. Strong-gender, would you please?
Fuck off, I'm not gonna get an ugly scar
because of super spam-mail.
No way, baby.
That's what I
thought, wienie, so I'll do it.
Wow, that looks cool.
You're really creepy,
but you know that already.
On to the last step, the spell.
"Take each other by the hands,
"and repeat the game's
title, 'Game of Power, '"
"three times without hesitation."
"Then take a sip of the bowl."
That's fucking great.
I still think it's a pretty trashy title.
"Game of Power."
"Game of Power."
"Game of Power."
"Game of Power."
Take a smell, it's good.
What the hell?
What the fuck?
Did you see that?
I saw you collapsing with
no reason, if you mean that.
Probably too much weed.
Didn't you see the candle?
I saw nothing, absolutely nothing.
Visually, this all fake.
What did you expect,
genie out of a bottle?
- But I saw-
- That's enough for today.
Time to go.
You should get your head
straight and finish your script.
They won't be waiting on you forever.
'Kay, that's weird.
Show me your other hand.
Well, good for you, no
ugly scar after all.
I am going.
What happened?
What the fuck?
Oh God.
Shitting your pants already, what?
Ah, fuck.
What's going on?
This room.
You try the window!
I will.
If you're playing with me, Zee,
I swear to God, I'll kill you.
Tempting, but no.
I've got no idea what's going on here.
Maybe the game wants us to continue.
Yeah, this fucking game can lock doors
and make windows bulletproof?
No way.
Ah, now we are talking.
Fuck, fuck, no, no, no.
Give me a phone!
Are you fucking kidding me?
No, I guess they are kidding you.
Why did you want to
play this fucking game?
I can't stay here forever, you know?
I've got things to do, Zee!
Work with some
uncomplicated male director?
Fuck you!
No, Serge, fuck you.
I am trying to stay calm and
make sense of things, but you?
You are just an idiot, Serge.
I'm sorry.
I lost it, Zee.
I try the computer again.
Maybe I can bypass the
game and get into my mail,
get some help.
And if there is no use,
we can still shout for Granny.
But she sleeps like a log.
Serge, I think we should try and see
what the game wants.
Hey, Serge.
Hey, Serge!
What are you doing?
Serge, look at me.
What's wrong with you?
I am having a really shitty night.
Instead of hanging out with
a couple of young actresses,
I'm sitting here with a
totally crazy writer-director,
with whom I am playing a
supernatural spam-mail game
that locked us in.
Sorry, Serge.
I didn't expect things to go bad, either.
I mean, in the end, it was
just a stupid spam-mail.
You just said it yourself.
Could you bypass that thing?
Did you get anywhere?
The minute I tried to
open another program,
the mail somehow shuts it down.
It's like there's an echo on
the other end or something.
Okay, Zee.
I am asking you this one last time,
is this a fucking prank?
One of your sick jokes from
your twisted imagination?
And don't lie to me, Zee, 'kay?
Don't fucking lie to me, I am serious!
Are you trying to scare me now?
I like it when you talk-
Don't fuck with me!
You wish.
Stop it!
Why can't you take anything seriously?
Just look at this, just look at this!
Fuck you!
Need another drink.
Can I get one, too?
And, of course, it was not a prank.
At least, not mine.
Who is behind this is really sick,
and I, I am not sick, Serge.
I, I'm just Planet Zee.
So, if this game doesn't
want to let us out,
maybe we should keep on playing
it to fight our ways out.
And if we don't?
I mean, if we just stay
here and wait for help.
Help, help.
Help, help.
Good job.
No we know that this don't work.
If we get out here, you can find
yourself another producer to work with.
So what up?
The game want us to confront evil.
No idea what...
Take her, not me!
What, what is it?
I think I
saw, fuck, I don't know.
It was...
I think I am going crazy.
A demon?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, a demon.
But how do you?
I saw it, too, before.
But it was you.
Right, me.
Sure, sure, me.
What the fuck?
It's coming for us.
Zee, I don't want to die.
I'm too beautiful to die!
Shut the fuck up and don't move.
I have an idea.
What are you doing?
Got it.
What have you got?
I am seriously freaking out here.
What have you got?
Don't leave me now.
Shut up and stop whining.
We can't see anything anyway.
- Where are we?
- What was it?
To the left, behind the sofa.
Fuck, no, I can't see anything!
Come on, Mr. I'm Too Beautiful To Die.
There's nothing here.
No demon.
Got it.
So, what's next?
Pretty flattering.
A demon.
He was here.
Zee, he was here!
Whoa, that's creepy.
Let's see what's on the last one.
That was you.
Serge, bullshit, I was
standing next to you.
Bullshit, bullshit!
It was dark.
I didn't see you.
Give me the pic.
Please, Serge, stop.
Come on, Zee, be a good
girl and give me the Polaroid.
Give me the Polaroid!
Yeah, afraid?
Uh oh.
One of you won't
live to see tomorrow.
So who's it gonna be?
Is it the girl, weak and?
Will it be you, Zee?
Or him?
Or any way you put it,
it's always gonna be another case
of you or him.
Oh my God!
First, you have to defeat me.
Serge, he said the both of us!
Come on!
Serge, help me!
Serge, the game said we
should both confront evil.
Both, Serge!
Not just me!
Come on, Serge, please, help me!
Fight me.
The two of you, fight me!
We don't.
Oh, Granny.
What's all the noise about?
It's late, love, and you know I don't like
that producer friend of yours.
How did you come in?
Look at him, he's a fucking idiot!
And is that supposed to be
a prop for your new film?
Mask and makeup look a bit cheap.
What do I know about it?
Keep the noise down.
I wanna get to sleep.
Oh, Granny!
It's your fault, you fucking idiot!
You didn't even try to take me with you!
It's always you, you, you!
Look, look what you did!
I will make you pay for Granny, Serge.
But first things first.
Oh, don't be mean to Granny.
I don't like this.
Don't be afraid, he's under your bed
His horns are big and
his stomach is fat
His diamond eyes are shiny and red
Pick them out and he'll be dead
Yes, pick them out and he'll be dead
Do you think this
little song can kill me?
No, but maybe this.
We should get him where it hurts,
where he is not human.
You take his back, I'll take his eyes.
Let's do it.
Stand still, motherfucker.
Hey, asshole, hey, asshole!
You really think you got what it takes,
you little, useless rodent?
No, no, Granny!
- Fuck me sideways.
- Oh, Granny.
Okay, what do after we kill the demon?
I mean...
Well, I did my part, didn't I?
The way I see it, I
saved your sorry ass,
plain and simple, so shut
the fuck up and let me read.
Oh, "You successfully have confronted"
"evil, but you still locked in."
Why would the game encrypt
a simple message like this?
Makes no fucking sense.
But there has to be
a method behind this.
Maybe the door is open!
Watch out!
Serge, help me!
The window.
"If you want to open the window,"
"just say the magic words."
Please, open the window for us.
Pretty please.
"You both need to say it."
Did you hear what I just read?
We both need to say it.
Come on.
What exactly?
Pretty please.
That's all bullshit!
We are not getting out of here.
We are going to die, Zee.
We are fucking going to die here!
Come on, man, at
least we have to try it.
Pretty please.
Serge, look.
It could be so easy.
So easy!
Sorry, Serge.
I just lost it.
Mister, help us, please!
- Help me!
- Help!
Help us!
Calm down.
Huh, huh?
Calm down.
Huh, come on.
Fuck, what's up?
- Mister!
- Stop, hey!
Help us!
Let's go.
Help us, please!
Come on.
Did you close the window?
Where are my glasses?
And I collapsed again, for no reason?
What's with your eyebrow?
What, what is with it?
You had a cut, a pretty big one.
But now it's gone.
It's completely gone.
What the fuck?
You are healing, I am not.
My hands really hurt.
Your hand hurts?
Tough shit!
My granny is dead, Serge,
the only family I've ever had!
Dead and gone.
I hate you, Serge, I hate you!
You killed my granny, Serge.
Slow down, cowgirl.
I didn't kill her.
The fucking demon did.
You know?
I know, Serge.
You are a murderer!
No, no, no, fuck.
The door was wide open.
It was the chance to get out of here.
I can't kill you because I probably need
you to get out of here,
and because-
- Because you are weak.
Because there are two
kinds of people, Serge.
Two kinds of people.
I've had it with you, Zee.
You're batshit crazy.
A lunatic.
Dement, deranged, bananas,
loco, totally bonkers.
We are both going to die
in here, and you know it.
Do you really think that I am crazy?
Loco, bananas, bonkers, bonkers, bonkers!
Crazy, loco, bonkers, bonkers, bonkers!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
What the fuck you said?
I kill your granny, not the fucking demon.
I kill her!
I kill your granny.
I'm sorry, Zee.
I don't know what happened.
I'm sorry.
What's up, Zee?
What are you fucking doing?
Zee, come on.
Can't you just shut the fuck up
and let me play my instrument?
It helps me concentrate.
"One last step is left to win the game."
Fuck yeah.
There was about time.
What's next?
"One of you is good,
"and one of you is evil,"
"and evil ought to die."
Obviously, I am good and Serge is bad.
Wait, what do you mean with "die"?
"Evil shall be obliterated
in the sacred form?"
You are fucking kidding me.
You are not kidding at all.
Serge, what's wrong with you?
Hey, what are you doing, Serge?
Command, bring the demon.
Thanks, Serge.
Wake the fuck up.
Heavier than you look.
Now, where's the.
Here it is.
Fucking bitch.
Are you ready for a second round?
It's always the hard way with men.
Zee, what?
What's that?
We won't fuck up the set design, right?
No, no, no, no, Zee.
Come on.
It's all about continuity.
Zee, come on.
Zee, please.
Let's finish this in order.
Zee, come on.
I talk to the financier,
and they can choose you as director.
Do you really think
that this is still about the movie?
Zee, come on.
No crying, no screaming.
That was not very cinematic.
I definitely don't have.
I did everything,
everything that you wanted!
Can I go now?
Please, can I go?
This is for you.
We are proud of you, pumpkin.
You are now part of the circle.
What is this?
And how are you alive?
I saw you die.
Shh, you will come
to understand in time,
and, deep in your heart, you already know.
We are the daughters of the
witches that they burned.
I thought it was Serge.
Serge, Serge?
Do you really think a
poor little worm of a man
like that could create this?
But, Granny, I just killed him.
How could you?
A circle of witches?
And we have to protect
the book, at all costs.
However, that is now up to you.
My time has come.
It is your destiny, your heritage.
It's what you were born for, Zee.
- Shh, you have to do what
your mother was not able to do.
You are strong, Zee, I told you so.
Never forget it!
The time has come.
Time for what?
Granny, you make no sense.
I love you, Zee.
I'm so proud of you and your strength.