Planeta Bur (1962) Movie Script

Attention! Moscow calling!
All radio stations
of the Soviet Union...
...broadcasting a TASS announcement.
Three astro-ships of a
Soviet space expedition...
..."Sirius." "Vega" and "Capella"...
...having travelled over
200 million kilometres...
...are approaching Venus.
The cosmonauts feel fine.
The have come so far
and die near Venus...
We are still powerless
against big meteorites.
I can hardly believe it.
I just talked to them.
Earth calling!
"Sirius!" "Vega!"
We are shocked at "Capellas" fate.
We have faith in your courage.
Enter the sputnik orbit.
Investigate conditions on Venus.
"Arcturus" will be ready to take off... week.
It will journey for months.
Waiting is torture.
But you know the plan.
One ship remains in orbit with fuel.
Two land, for safety.
No one can land until
"Arcturus" arrives.
Ships cant land what about people?
One alternative is for
"Vegas" glider to land...
with Kerns automat.
Let me land in the glider.
The glider doesnt return.
I know. I`ll work and wait for "Arcturus".
Ill, accomplish more
than a hunk of steel.
Someones got to see
Venus with his own eyes.
What if something happens to you?
I wont yell for help. Ill put that... writing.
My life is my own.
My life is my own...
Mr. Kenrl
We have a problem.
Half a minute!
I cant believe theyre gone.
They were lucky. Instantaneous death.
Alyosha wants to land in a glider.
Why should "Vegas" glider... used by someone from "Sirius"?
We understand each other.
Whats it all about?
Nothing special...
Better to die usefully...
...than wait for a
meteorite to hit you...
...or radiation disease to get you.
- Earth wont permit a landing.
- It must.
Lets figure it out. Without
considering the danger.
Risk is standard behaviour in space.
Figure it out with the
help of your invention.
My firm has been
waiting for a real work.
7... 12... 9...
Hello, John! Wake up!
Yes, sir.
Dear John, give us...
...the best plan for
landing with return...
...with only "Vega" and "Sirius" present.
There are seven of us
now, including you.
Ignore the danger factor.
"Vega" remains in orbit...
...with one man.
"Vegas" glider lands three.
"Sirius" lands three, making six in all.
"Sirius" takes five back
The sixth remains on Venus.
- Who remains?
- I do, sir...
...being dead and the haviest.
Mathematics is pitiless.
A rotten plan.
A good plan, but dangerous.
Who remains in orbit?
According to that plan
Im the only one.
No one else can process the...
...information and transmit it to Earth.
Id always hoped for...
...something different.
I worked so hard for... many years.
Sputnik, then the Moon
You Know!
I hoped wed be together.
What do you suggest?
I dont know.
The international association
insists on the Robot.
It will a test for a whole
trend in cosmonautics.
And I have to see Venus.
Dont I have to?
Another world.
Weve sent automats there... many times in recent years.
Weve studied the atmosphere,
discovered oceans and continents...
...measured the temperature...
But the automats dont tell
us about the main thing.
Is there life there?
Now man come himself to find out.
Get ready drop a beacon.
Surface pressure 2 and 3.
Cloud altitude 15.
Clouds of ashes above the coast.
Another carbondioxide centre.
A red glow can be seen through the clouds.
Thousands of new facts and
nothing about the main...
- who lives there.
Nothing living has yet appeared.
Perhaps the red glow is...
...a lighted city.
Its a dead planet.
Intelligence has
already destroyed itself.
Who is right?
Automats can never replace man.
"Sirius!" "Vershininh!"
I dont see a landing
strip for "Sirius".
Shall we change the place?
No, the assignment is to land here.
I have a suggestion.
We dont need "Arcturus"
From one kilometre
altitude the glider...
...will find you a landing strip.
- What if it doesnt?
- Theyll put up statues to us.
Wholl be the glider crew?
Kern. the Robot, myself.
Masha remains in orbit.
Well leave the Robot on Venus.
- Youve got it all figured out!
- Long ago.
I wish I were with them.
Its reckless!
Prepare a well-substantiated
report to headquarters.
Perhaps well get permission.
- Ready?
- Yes.
I envy you, Shckerba...
You too, Allan Kern...
I understand you captain
Good luck, friends!
Theyre approaching.
Storm clouds... Lightning.
Were turning the controls over to John.
A sheer cliff ahead. Im climbing
Clouds on the ground.
Were using the locator.
Its bad so far.
Heres a flat strip in a hollow.
Hard ground... Good for landing
Were dropping the
beacon. Land in square 73
Were being carried away
Theres water below...
Well land in a swamp.
Projecting rocks.
Chandes of destruction 90%
Im landing.
Calm down, Masha.
Theyve landed. We got
an image on the screen.
Well contact them at the next turn.
Shcherba! Hello!
It looks bad.
Get ready. Well land now.
Its calmer at night. Square 73
Masha, were going to land
Youre remaining all alone in space.
Masha, dear.
Watch us with the locator.
You know what to do.
I know...
If we lose our lives,
keep yourself in hand.
I understand! May I
cut the connection now?
You may, my dear...
Its hardest for the one whos alone.
Flight headquarters permits... to return at any time.
People are what counts.
We wish you luck. The
whole country is with you.
Earth! Headquarters!
Were landing as planned.
Landing square 73 chosen by glider.
We assure the Soviet
government, Party and people...
...that well do all we can... justify their trust in us.
If anything goes wrong,
help Masha. Shes alone.
Ilya, its time. Im
removing the aerial.
Switching on the automat.
Square 73. Direct course by beacon.
So this is Venus!
Square 73.
What a strong downward pull!
Not used to it.
Hand land! Our scouts chose well.
Were standing! Feels like the Earth.
Im lifting the shades.
Give us some light, Roman.
A dense fog.
Lets look around with a locator.
Theres a cliff 200 metres away...
...and some sort of protuberance here...
Ill switch on the outside microphones.
Hear that? What can it be?
Lets not lose time.
Use the infra-red viewer and locators.
Then well transmit to Earth.
Do everything according to first plan.
When Masha emerges on the horizon...
...inform her weve landed.
Oh, Ill boast!
Well boast when weve
rescued the others.
Do we start at dawn?
Yes, at 6 a.m.
Im standing!
May I walk a few steps?
Careful, feel your way.
An ordinary stone...
ordinary water...
I can hardly believe it.
Alyosha, turn back.
- Masha found the glider.
- Are they alive?
She located tow metal objects.
One is moving... Robot, probably
- No word?
- The radio may have broken.
- Alive?
- Alive!
The space suits whole.
Ill photograph it.
Theres life here. Thats
the important thing.
Youre in too much of a
hurry. Were just in time.
- Howd you find out?
- We heard a shouts.
- So did I
- Strange!
Anythings possible on Venus.
What else did Masha say?
I was so worried about you all.
Im so happy.
I sang songs and then I flew about the cabin.
I took off my magnetized shoes and flew.
Wed like details.
Sorry, I lost my head.
Theyre in the square
beyond the red glow
Thats 32 km away from
you across the gulf.
Get the cross country car ready.
Thats a long distance for it.
What do you suggest?
Not to land on Venus in gliders.
Are they alive?
Couldnt the Robot have
begun to move by itself?
I understand you.
It could not have. It wasnt assembled.
They assembled it there.
Imps of the devil!
Hol on another minute.
That was some blow, John.
Course 110. Base,
yourselves on the cliff.
Stretch a cable across.
Yes, sir.
Ordinary men...
...cannot conquer these wild planets.
Steel men are better suited.
A small tank would be more practical.
A man is more attractive.
You go first. Ill help.
- Shall we stop?
- Yes, lets look around.
Theres another one!
Looks like a brontosaurus
Ill get a blood sample
And measure his temperature.
Hes only just realized.
What did Masha say?
The Robot is moving
towards us, but slowly.
Dont hurry.
Theres oxygen for only 24 hours.
They must be looking
for us. Coming this way.
Through this hell? No!
People are natural cowards and egoists.
People are natural friends!
Weve caught malaria.
Infection has got in.
Weve torn our suits badly.
Lets take some quinocillin.
Weve no time to lie down
afterwards as prescribed.
It will pass. Come on.
How far is it to the other shore?
10 km, across the gulf, 70 around it.
- Listen.
- Lets sit down.
The same voice.
A squid of some sort. There
are plenty of vermin around.
- Its a human being.
- A woman, perhaps?
Youd better recall Darwin!
How can Man appear in
the dinosaur period?
- Were here.
- We flew here.
Alyoshas right.
Man is a space flier.
There you go again.
Darwins theory...
...applies to. Mans evolution and pot... his distribution
among the planets.
Thats in Tsiolkovskys field.
I wonder why they keep you
in the Academy of Sciences.
Were the first arrivals from Earth
But there may have
been others before us.
Theres too much water from above.
My mechanism is in
danger. I need shelter.
All right, John, find a cave.
I cant stand it any more!
Take yourself in hand!
We cant stop here.
Well be washed away.
Hold on. Just a little longer...
Hey, John!
Im in a cave.
Lighting 3.2 Luxe.
Youre a fine mathematician.
I feel Im losing my mind.
By mathematical laws...
...there will be a world government...
A world government...
World advantage...
World science...
No, Masha, they wont miss us.
You can reach "Sirius" by car... 37.2 minutes...
...over a concrete road.
Bad news from Masha.
The Robots disappeared.
Look for them. Maybe youll
hear their helmet phones.
I got them. Its the Robot.
Hes talking nonsense. Listen!
...the coast of building
a road to "Sirius"... Smith prices will be 57 million dollars.
The machine is obviously
not controlled by anyone.
Listen you, Iron John...
The devils doll doesnt answer.
The Robot reacts...
...only if polietely addressed.
The egg head!
Dear John, please...
...reply to us.
Audibility 46,5%.
Where are your masters?
No masters.
Slaveholding is forbidden
by the Constitution.
I am a free, thinking machine.
Describe your companions position.
Horizontal position.
- Where are you?
- Beneath a stone archway.
Theyre in a cave.
Thats why Masha couldnt locate them.
Dear John, what are your
companions talking about?
About Masha, about the
world government... witch Ill be Prime Minister.
- Theyre delirious.
- Malaria.
Something must be done at once.
John, take quinocillin from the kit...
Quinocillin - tube No.2
9:15. Transmitted all data...
...collected by "Sirius" to Earth.
1:30. Passed over car.
They were entering the sea.
Something is flying
towards us on the right.
Changing form, rather solid.
Looks like a pterodactylus.
Pull down your helmets! Its dangerous.
- Did you get a photograph?
- Yes.
Then fire the gun.
The mechanisms jammed.
A flying animal is attacking.
A heavy blow. Transmit to Earth.
What happened?
Transmit what?
- Ready?
- Ready.
Theyve disappeared.
This cars not meant for underwater.
Its the end for them.
If their space suits are
whole theyll get out.
What if theyre hurt?
But if I land we wont be
able to return to Earth.
Still, I must land.
I can land at the next turn.
In an hours time.
A whole hour to wait!
I must think ir out.
The Earth... Millions
of people worked...
...making a pyramid
to sky of their work.
They placed us on the
summit, trusted us.
Now everything depends on me alone.
And I dont know what to do.
The instructions forbid
withdrawal form orbit.
If I land, return to
Earth becomes impossible.
But why save fuel if the men are dying?
The instructions could
not foresee everything.
My heart tells me they need me more.
I must inform Earth.
How hard it is to speak calmly.
Let them listen to my last recording.
The instrucions couldnt
foresee everything...
My heart tells me they need me more...
Hello! "Vega"! Masha Ivanova!
Earth is with you.
Take yourself in hand!
Do not withdraw from
orbit. All will be lost!
Have courage!
Earth asks you. Your Earth!
My Earth!
Wait for them in orbit,
or all will be lost.
What shall I do?
My time is nearly up. I must decide.
I cannot!
It was easier to sink
the car than to drag it.
What resistance!
Lets rest for a little while.
Interesting boulders.
Ill take a look.
Very much like ours.
Conditions resemble ours.
Surely, nature could not have...
...made such an even row of cliffs.
What if it is a sunken city?
Gave me a fright!
An entrance? Interesting!
Hope the owners are out.
What a strange triangular stone!
Ill take ir along.
Look at this!
- What is it?
- A Petrified dragon.
Perhaps its made of stone?
Made? What are you saying?
An eye!
Its ruby!
Put in by a rational being!
Hand me the buoy
Volcanic pourus iron is oxidizing and...
...stealing oxygen from the air.
Man can change that
Want to win a Noble Prize?
One can work for mankind without prizes.
Ready, sir.
Give us our favourite song
The dragon with the ruby
eye us nade crudely... a savage, perhaps.
But savages couldnt
have flown to Venus.
Why not. Borbrov flew here.
Savages couldnt have flown here.
...but they could have
appeared on the spot.
Suppose civilized beings
had flown here and...
...remained for some unknown reason...
...and lost contact
with their own planet.
In an alien atmosphere
and conditions they...
...would perish.
Some would survive...
...but go wild... the brutal fight for survival...
...and adjustment to local conditions.
No time for culture in that case.
Only the strong would survive.
And savages would appear
among the dinosaurs...
before the local apes...
...appeared and the future master...
...of the planet began to evolve.
Sounds like a warning.
Were near the red glow.
- Is the gun in order?
- Yes.
Its all very strange.
A buried city... The ruby.
That voice... Who could have flown here?
Inhabitants of another
planetary system, perhaps?
On mars every drop of
moisture is a problem.
Here there is water everywhere.
Maybe they tried to resettle...
...but failed and went wild...
...and are advancing to
civilization for the second time.
Perhaps Martians once came to Earth...
...and we modern people...
We can go!
I will find her!
Its getting dark early.
No wonder.
Theres a cloud of ashes over us.
A volcanic eruption!
So thats the glow!
Your lighted "city"!
Rather inconvenient.
But we can get samples
of lava and ashes.
- Is the spectroscope in order?
- Yes
We must look an
elevation away from here.
A pity to leave this
magnificent spectacle
The lava is encircling us.
- Did you get a spectrum?
- Yes.
From the crater edge?
No, it was too late.
Take us across the river of flame.
Audibility is improving.
Whats he got there?
I am giving our location as demanded.
The distance is two miles.
Why, its our men. And
you didnt believe me.
Your machine is splendid.
At last you admit it.
The heat has reached 500 degress.
Further movment with a load...
...endangers my mechanism.
Turn off the self protection.
Open the door, panel 5.
Break the wire!
I dont know which.
I cant see from here.
Im compelled to get rid of the load.
Damned fool!
Hell throw them into the lava!
So whats more suitable
steel or flesh and blood?
Both are needed evidently.
Thats better.
Hows the radio?
- Wheres Masha?
- Passing the zenith.
No sound from the radio.
Why are they numbered?
We hadnt named them yet.
- Daughters?
- Sons!
A complete crew!
So you think rational beings
visited the Earth in the past?
There is no evidence of it
Many of historys mysteries could be evidence.
The Stone. Age drawing...
...on a cliff in Sahara.
Thats right. It shows a man
wearing something like a space suit.
And the ancient column in India.
The iron it is made of...
...was made by a method unknown on Earth.
And the secret of Atlantis.
And the extraordinary knowledge
of ancient astronomers.
None of that is evidence.
There is evidence in legends.
The descent of the goods
from heaven, for instance.
How would a savage here draw us?
Like saints with halos...
...and say that a god had descended from the sky
And theres your text for local legends.
With illustractions!
Space flights are and inevitable stage of...
...development of life everywhere.
Worlds are not isolated.
the migration of life
in space as natural
as... seed swept by the wind on Earth.
And branches of a single
...tribe of living beings are
developing in the solar system.
The solar tribe...
Then rational beings must be related
Ah, to see her.
What is she like?
Everything would become clear
Your squid is happy you are unharmed
She is good and beautiful
Tomorrow well try to catch her.
If shes a Martian gone
wild, where are the others?
In some out of the way plane on Earth... wouldnt meet anyone in two days.
And the telephone hasnt
been invented here yet.
Weve carried out our programme. All this data!
The stones go to the geologist.
Lets go to the radio.
Vershinin, hurry.
A recording of Mashass transmission.
Perhaps "Sirius" will
receive this transmission.
The instructions requiere
that I remain in orbit...
...that I wait in idleness...
...while my friends
may be in mortal danger.
Im violating the instructions.
I am landing on Venus.
I shall switch on the
engine in one minute.
- How could she?
- She didnt think.
A Robot can think, not a woman.
May God forgive me!
- Shes not in the sky.
- She must be.
Hello! "Vega"!
"Vega" could have crashed or sunk.
Wed better inform Earth.
Our only contact with
Earth was via "Vega".
suggest that Shcherba,
Kern and Alyosha...
stay here for the time being.
Roman and I will go into orbit...
...find "Vega" and give
you the coordinates...
...trasmit our findings to Earth...
...and summon "Arcturs".
Unload the camping gear.
Weve got to lighten "Sirius" anyway.
An earthquake!
The rocket has subsided.
The bluff is going under.
A mountain lake has broken through.
Look, a fissure!
If "Sirius" collaspses were finished.
Prepare for take off
quickly. Maybe well make it.
When was Mashas last
transmission recorded?
At 7:20.
The locator recorded
the "Vega" passing...
...after that.
She has not landed!
Masha, what happened?
I realized I was making a mistake.
I switched off the engine
but the orbit has changed.
Then I located you at the red glow...
...I watched, but you didnt answer.
Now they neednt stay behind.
Right. Give us the new orbit.
All aboard!
Ivan, are you alive?
Alyosha, switch on the
meteorological station.
Hurry, Alyosha!
Ilya Scherba.
Wait! We cant leave.
Look! Theyre like us!
They resemble us!
Wait! Where are you dragging me?
"Planet of Storms". till we meet again.
"Our ships will return to you".
"For we are sons of the Earth".