Planetarium (2016) Movie Script

Your ticket, Monsieur. - Good evening, ma'am.
-Eva! I'm so glad to see you!
I was thinking that you gone back to America.
-Servier've been looking for you. -I was here.
At first I thought you were a schemer. Calculating.
That you were drawn to Korben and power.
-Forgive me. -Do not apologize.
I would have had a hidden strategy, a plan of life.
I know I seem harsh. You do not like me at once.
It takes time for me to feel things.
But if you looked into my head, you would see that I have emotions
And I want to be loved.
Do you remember that party?
Of course I remember.
When was it again?
That was before all this terrible.
Now talk about "frkrigstid" -
But you never know that you live before the war.
Do you think they see the stars? -Who?
-The home. It is the day where now.
Why is it no stars of the day?
Sometimes you have to turn off the lights to see.
A few years earlier
Like when you close your eyes to see their dreams?
Yeah, about that.
Laura, when are we going home?
Soon. Come closer.
In the morning we wake up in Paris.
Welcome to the L'oiseau de paradis.
Efter Bucharest, Warsaw, Prague ...
Breathe. Breathe.
-I freezes so. You're just scared.
America's most celebrated media.
In the evening, you will not witness a performance.
You will experience something.
In order not to disturb their concentration I pray replaced
-to accept them without applause.
Here we go.
Welcome systrarna Barlow!
I would first like to apologize.
I do not want to disappoint anyone.
We will not show you anything you did not already know.
We will reveal to you what you have lost.
Your dead relatives.
When coming from such a young nation like the US
If you think about it, then populated the land that we are loading
-of ten or even a hundred times more dead than alive.
What do they say?
We can talk to them.
Is there anyone here ...
... who is willing to answer me? Quite frankly?
Is it a spirit?
Is there a wounded spirit?
And you?
Are you ready?
Are you ready to hear it?
Are you ready to hear the truth ...
... the two women?
Quite frankly?
-No. I think it's scary. Come, Mme. Do not be afraid.
Expect nothing, hope for everything.
Listen to my sister's breath. Concentrate on her breath.
It will.
I'm here.
-Yes. -Mother? Mother?
Is it you, my child? -What's his name?
Tell Juncker, if you want a private seance.
What fun that you liked it. We also offer private sessions.
-So we meet at last! -Amazing display.
-Bjud her over to England. I have full of ideas.
-You have to meet my sister. -Where is she?
Sit here. I'll get her.
A maximum of two glasses, we said. We're not done yet.
I want you to meet someone. But the birds, then?
They are still there.
And private seances?
-Is that all? It's hard times for everyone.
Kitching and London, then?
He quickly disappeared. We had no time to talk business.
-Gick he? -Not the first time.
I am terribly sorry.
Vincent, close?
-What is it? -Nothing. Did you sleep.
Come in.
How nice that you came. I've been waiting.
Sorry about yesterday. I was rude.
-Champagne? -No thanks. Not her either.
-What beautiful home you have. I love knickknacks.
I collect things in my travels - and even when I'm not traveling.
But I care not for them. -You speak good English.
-That was nice said. -You have an accent.
-Additionally the French. -You are right. I was not born here.
We can start whenever you want. We are done.
We need another chair. -Why?
When we evoke a spirit is like inviting a guest.
I understand. - Martin, we would need to chair.
Certainly, monsieur.
We begin to take each other's hands.
Close your eyes.
Are you willing to believe, Andr? Are you willing to let us in?
Place all doubt in a red circle. Visualize the circle.
Listen to my sister's breath.
The circle becomes smaller and disappear.
It will.
What do you see?
I hear footsteps.
Is everything okay?
How do you do it?
Good evening.
I hear footsteps.
We do not go away until we got to know which direction you are going to take!
Gentlemen! We will be happy to answer your questions.
But you can not blame us the path we have chosen to go the last errands
-and at the same time accusing us of having concealed it.
You have not concealed anything. You made the decisions against our will.
The board should probably resign.
If there is a war going all fine ideas up in smoke!
Thank you, gentlemen.
I hear what you say. Now let me answer.
You forget one important factor: the economic crisis.
That's too easy!
We have not asked for our dividend replaced by your castles in the air!
Forgive me, but that's a lie.
You will receive no dividend, as my predecessors have explained to you.
It's not about profit sharing, but about equity as you get back.
-You conjure with words! -Let us turn to the essential.
I am the first to regret that the French film fallen so far behind.
While Americans continue to evolve, we are asleep!
Will you remain in slumber? Is that the solution you propose?
Gentlemen, I have good news.
There will be no dividend payments
Excuse me, I must go. - I'll call later, enter.
M. Korben! Sorry, I did not mean to bust you in the past.
But the company can not be controlled by a person's dreams.
I understand, Monsieur Chaumette. See you later.
-What is going on? -A trailer has overturned.
When are we going to London?
I thought we could stay here for a while. Give us down.
It would be not so foolish? But we do not have any seances here.
Just because. We should ... do something else.
-Like what? -I do not know.
There is so much to do, so much to experience.
If only I knew you would come. I'll go and get dressed.
No, stop, please.
Sit down.
It happened yesterday gave me an idea.
I want to do something completely new. The man who showed up ...
Who was it?
My brother. He felt so real.
I would like to film it. -Film...?
I do not know. We would have to set up our Englandsturn
And we have several private sessions scheduled.
-It will cost. -Obvious.
Sances and performances are one thing.
But I can make you famous in a way that only film permits.
It is my cup of tea. My profession.
Should we make a film?
-Here. It was not needed.
-Kate! Say thank you. -Thanks.
Brilliant. This is amazing. We sign a contract.
I love contract. You can move in with me.
Excuse me a moment.
-What is it? -Nothing.
We have never stayed at customers before. Why should we stay with him?
It's much better than this.
You know how rich people are. They get their whim, then ledsnar quickly.
We enjoy while it lasts.
We need this. He is our chance.
I'm not made of money. We could save ...
... and maybe go home.
I have never seen so many at once!
It smells good.
Is that not a bit much? -Otherwise seen there.
It's not like everyday.
It is too much for everyday is not visible on the screen.
-Hello everybody. -Good day, Monsieur Servier.
God day.
Are gentle and Dimitri. - I did not know you were so beautiful.
Beautiful. - Not too much. Rouged, not trowelled!
Speed up a little. A little more smoke.
That's not necessary. We have already gone through everything.
-Is camera ready? Excuse me, glasses ...
It becomes reflexes. I feel better with them on.
Then we get by anyway.
-Of course of shooting. -Systrarna Barlow. First take.
You can close your eyes. It's fine. Just concentrate.
-What is going on? Too much light.
If anything should get caught on the tape, we must have light.
Can not we put out a just? They have to get used to ...
I know, but only until they find their feet.
-Emiliano, blanking a headlamp. -When will the light level is too low.
We need to control performance, just like during a seance.
Who is directing, then? -I. I have seen how Servier do.
How are you supposed to talk to the team? -In French. I learn quickly.
It is a profession. It looks easy, but it is hard work behind it.
I'm not afraid of hard work.
I notice that you're scared. -I am not afraid.
Go back now. Do it for my sake.
Take your seats!
I know what you will say.
Forgive me, Andr, but what did you expect? That something would turn up? A ghost?
When you say it like that, it seems ridiculous.
I do not think we understand each other. We can recreate what you saw
-or what the girl looks while we film her. So what's the problem?
I do not know what I'm after, but we lack ambition.
They are fascinating. Do not you think?
My opinion? The little girl is hard filmed. She is introverted and grumpy.
The elderly have something, however. Attendance, emotion, personality.
It's her I'm looking at.
The camera is unfair. It is the youngest who has brilliance.
-How do you know that? -Take a seance, to view.
If I may fantasize high for a while ... Imagine that we take Laura-
-and gives her the lead role in a film, as a medium, of course.
She helps a young widower to make contact with her deceased husband.
Suzanne note well? This is great!
We take her as she is just, with all the knowledge she already carries.
We go out in the press that there is a real medium. It attracts people.
What it may take to write the script? -5-6 weeks.
There we have our project.
-Hi. -Laura!
You are punctual. I'm not used to. Here are your marks.
They take me. You will see anyway.
-Provfilmning, Laura Barlow. -Strunta in the replicas.
-What's your name? My name is Laura Barlow.
Where are you from? Where do you from?
From Rochester, New York.
-Rochester? Is it a city? -Yes, north of the city of New York.
It is a cheese, not a city.
Well then, read some of the text.
"The shared life had formed solid friendships between men."
-Liqueur? No, thanks, I do not drink.
No thanks.
You're probably wondering if I'm weird.
I will immediately answer. I'm not weird.
I'm not an occultist. I do not do black mssor
I am so rational it may be, even boring.
Look at me, Korben.
I'm here because you too have begun to ponder.
You try to keep lugnet-
But in your smoldering of the issues, concerns and desires.
You have to explore - lots! Not content with intryck
-without attack these events scientifically, until you know.
I have to meet with the girls, especially the youngest.
We met briefly in Warsaw, but we have never made any attempt.
That was why you asked me to come?
But I must warn you:
It is very costly.
Money is no problem.
They are the only photo evidence available. -Tjugo years old. They are manipulated.
There is always, but some are better than others. What is it you want?
We may well look at the proposals. -Now?
Yes. - Open.
A draft only. It will be better then.
Sorry you do not advance. Let's see.
We have put in black and white negativbilder-
-To get the white and blurred figures.
-Impressive! -Very elegant.
It is a cleverly done.
-very successful. -But?
I have other ambitions. -What then?
-To shoot real phenomenon. But we must move forward.
We do this best by capturing a vision on film.
Minimum sign of spiritual presence and the film becomes a given success.
Imagine! It would be the first time.
Real photos of supernatural phenomena. It has not seen before.
"You promised to try."
"They are waiting for us. Come on. Just an hour."
- "Pointing to the window." It is a stage direction.
You underestimate the audience's level of maturity.
-Brilliant! I had probably imagined black.
She will not be at the funeral. She should be sheer, like a ghost.
Do not listen to him, he is really bad mood.
-He's right. -Good morning everybody!
Good morning, mile. All is well? - A little less, Georges.
Fernand! Thank you that you could get.
-Here we are Laura. -Pleasantly.
She has not played before, so we have to help her.
That's enough. All of their locations. Clement takes his place.
Hurry up, everybody. - Laura, knocking hard on the door.
- -Okay. I sit here.
Eva will play that role. Regrets. - Is everyone ready?
Right! I'll explain the background.
You are therefore Clment, a young painter. You mourn your recently deceased wife.
Your agent is saddened by your ending inspiration-
And forces you to meet Maggie, a world-famous medium from the US.
Sean were becoming overwhelming. You will regain gnistan
-Then you come in contact with your deceased wife. Are you in?
You will be overthrown love, but Maggie think it's the wife, you lskar
-that you can never love anyone but her,
-and you deceive her.
Later, you will be confused. You do not know if it's Maggie, you're in love i
-or if you through her got into another tragic love story.
-Can I ask something? -No. Keep in uncertainty.
That's really good. - Let's go. We are already behind.
"Fatal revelation", shooting one.
You're welcome.
Clment! Where are you? I do not see you, it's so dark.
A little quieter, Laura.
Where are you? I can not see you.
It's so dark.
I do not want to go out.
Are you sitting with her again? You promised you, promised to try.
-They are waiting. Come on. -No. I can not keep my promise.
It takes only one hour. It is close. -You do not understand.
I want to see you in daylight. I want to hear you speak to the living.
To go further would be to abandon her. But she sees what is happening between us.
She gives us her blessing. It happens between us?
Do not force me to put into words my feelings.
-You talk too much. -Turn around!
I'm not even half! I conceal nothing for myself.
And for her? -My affection.
-Snurra more. That I want to see you all the time.
And talk to her. -No.
Continue to spin.
The fear when you will, the fear when you go.
-I beg you. -My confusion ...
There is nothing worse than to deceive a deceased person.
I will arise, Clment. This studio is a mausoleum.
- -I'm going to kiss you, Maggie.
You can still stop me.
You kiss me to hold her.
When I kiss you, we are three. It's an orgy.
-Syns when I sit at the table? Yeah, it was great.
We'll take it. Back to your seats!
What are you worried about? It was great.
I do not know. I was not there, but at the same time I was completely naked.
-I was ashamed. -It does.
That's why you were so beautiful. You have to give in, give up.
Give up what? -To understand.
To think that you need to have experienced the emotions to portray them.
That's why you play, to experience some things stronger.
It annoys him not to have done it, and so do the film.
Do you understand?
I do not know. But I'll do it.
-Become not overconfident. -I am not.
But it must be good. That's why I'm scared.
I want everything to be good - now. I want to experience everything.
Calm down. So far all goes well.
Right now, this is your life: your room and a movie.
By playing, you will start to feel. Do not be afraid.
Do you dream? Do you often have dreams that you remember?
I do not know.
Look in the mirror. We'll try something.
Tilt your head back, slowly.
A little more.
A little more.
A little more...
There you go. Good.
Just then, Laura. Let go and stop doubting.
Go away.
Hurry up!
We're coming!
-Darling! -Hello!
Jeans! Jeans!
-What beauties! -Stop it.
You'll get to meet my friends. They are terrible.
I is a cigarette. -I'm thirsty!
We are among those whose fate is a poison We are constantly utopia ...
I did not think it was a mirror.
The waiting patiently behind the guns have the upper hand.
-Because I prefer Mussolini ... 'Oh, indeed?
Compared with boobs are we here! Mussolini's policies ...
Screen tests're the best. There are no strings attached, you go on feeling.
I envy you. It reminds me of when I was new.
And you have nothing to prove. You're not here for your acting ability ...
-... but your gift. It's my sister who has the gift.
Never mind. Thank and receive only.
But I must admit that I do not believe in that stuff.
I'm an incurable skeptic. Excuse my bluntness.
Do you know where the word "skepticism" come from?
From the Greek skeptikos, one investigating.
-Who is he? -
Eva Sad. Professor Ul,
specialist i metapsykologi.
Meta-what? -
-Enc hette han visst. -
Or vet, miss ...
Your laughter just spread the room-
-will in the future might be able to play inside
-with the help of a device that captures distant echoes from before to
-Like to find fossils in the ground.
You are in a sense ...
We're all ghosts tomorrow.
And we had a nice time!
Forgive me, Professor. Continue.
Who would have thought that one day it would be cameras-
-As can reproduce a person's face, movements and voice?
All the things that we take for Naturally you
-framstod, before there was, like something out of a fool's fantasies.
That only proves that none of us can predict the future.
You probably did not succeed to convince Eve, but the last word is not said.
You suffer when really of megalomania. How so?
Then she began to go into psychoanalysis throws herself with such fancy words ...
It's snowing.
It's true. It's snowing really.
-It's snowing! -Lets go out!
This is quite disorganized! It's no fun!
I have a lot?
-See you on Friday as usual. It is no longer accustomed.
Klang do not, you're too big!
But I'm dizzy. You've been drinking too much.
Come on! -I do not feel like it.
-Darling! -Your pigs!
What a dirty word in such a sweet mouth.
Men left, women to the right!
Where have you shoes? Come here.
She's really beautiful. -Who then?
Sure, she's beautiful.
-A footstep. -Thanks.
Good night.
Funny. I've never been in here.
But that's fine. It is cozy and secure.
And so you have a view of the garden and the plants ...
You see people as well, but only the legs.
What good you have it.
Since you came into my life, everything has changed.
It is an important meeting for me.
It probably sounds terribly trite.
It's as if you've opened a door I can close.
-Laura. -And?
I want us to hold a seance.
-Not? -Ja.
I did not think you wanted more.
And Kate asleep after all. She is very tired, and I agree.
I'm not tired.
I really want to.
Kate? How was it?
It was good. Or?
Yes, it was good.
It is not his brother.
Prepare a room for systrarna Barlow on the guest floor.
Ja, sir.
It is the pink room.
"They directed their affection needed against any brother in arms" ...
... "and slept side by side under the same mantle of the stars shine bright."
"Their constant drifting" ...
What good it smells!
-Do you have perfume on you? -No.
How so?
He just went.
-Are you not eat? -I'm not hungry.
You should eat. The soup warms.
-What did you say? -Soppan ...
Say that again.
-Hi. -Hi.
I tried not to be in the way. Maybe she'll teach me to cook it.
-Did it taste good? -Excellent, thanks.
Do you know why I never married? -No.
I do not have to explain things.
Suffice employees and shareholders. At home, I want to avoid.
-Do you understand? -Kate, eat up.
What? -We are going.
-Sorry? You brought us here. We do not want to interfere.
We're doing well on its own. I have food left.
We need to be free. Sometimes it feels as if we are your servants.
I hate that feeling! You're wrong.
What do you expect from us? What do you want?
What I want...? I want you to stay.
I need you.
Laura, I need you.
Well then...
Well then.
Forgive me.
May I finish eating?
Have a nice meal!
-Juncker! -Which dress!
-Hungry? Do you mind if I eat? -No.
-Reach? Tell me, then! -What?
You did not come here just to compliment my dress.
I'll close the club. The clouds are piling up, and I have found something better.
-In Paris? -No. I put together a squad.
-Follow. -But why?
There is an audience out there.
It is time for change. It is time to leave.
Where are you going? Back to Berlin?
With all that going on now? Hardly.
Although I would like to, I can not.
I have my team, and soon begins filming south. I have everything.
I have a movie.
Kate ... Come with me.
What will this mean? How many sessions have you been?
Look at me when I talk to you!
How many?
You're jealous.
-Laura. -What?!
Stay away from her! Do you hear it?
So you need us? I know what it is you need.
What are you suggesting?
You are wrong.
You have not understood anything.
-All is well? I'm glad we go.
I want to see the sea.
French Antonin Magne pulling away. German Weber buttons set.
We now have a duel between Magne and Weber, and they approach the finish line ...
And the victory goes to France!
-What is happening? -Nothing.
Can you wait to cash it?
-Just for the sake of posting. Sure, no problem.
Here. It is laxative and diuretic. Completely harmless.
Here you are.
Sit back as much as possible.
-Like this? -Great. Can you take off your watch?
Be prepared. We start about two, three minutes.
Hurry, Korben.
Is it going well?
-How is it? You must be exhausted. I'm used to traveling.
-Do you have a cigarette? -Yes.
You rushed here unnecessarily. They go on strike tomorrow.
-It can last for two or three days. -Two or three days? A strike?
It whisper and tassles around Korben. -How?
Gossip, rumors.
What kind of rumors?
Check out the poor fellow. Everyone is on him.
And so it does not work with the family. He calls them every night ...
Do not skimp. - I always liked poetry.
People say that they write poetry, but it is wrong.
It is the poetry writing us.
Right? Yes, you have a hard time sometimes.
He bit sometimes. He has asthma.
He is fussy right now. He's probably a little depressed.
You saved me! I did not know how I would get rid of him.
Yes, he has truly lost it. He just drank and drank.
He may be an alcoholic. It is common in this profession.
Look at me.
He is kind, but a little ... please?
I thought you were different. -So? In which way?
-So you live then at Korben? -Yes.
But you live with him or with him?
Is it not strange to live there? -I do not know. It just so.
Give me that! -You do not work when the sun is shining!
I did not bring my bathing suit. -Nevermind!
Come on! -I'm coming!
I'll cool off a little.
Tomorrow's strike
And on Tuesday, the strike ...
Come on.
Louis? What kind of rumors?
-About what? -Korben.
-What are you doing? -You will see.
In my job, you always have graced the benefits of it.
Yes, stuff. Equipment.
Why are you showing me this?
Why is it here? -Do not you recognize him?
I do not want to.
Look, then. It is Korben.
There you will see well that it is not he?
Why do you do this? Why do you want to hurt him?
Take it easy. Are you neat?
-Let get my stuff! -Go away!
One, two, three, four, five.
Who is it?
Are you okay? Here you get a gift.
I know that all this is hard for you and I do not want to pressure you.
-Are you doing alright? -Yes.
Tell me who it is. -It's true.
How nice.
-Do you still do not know who he is? -No.
I do not know who it is or what he wants.
I try to think of it, but you can not.
I look forward to the next seance.
People think that we evoke those who have been important to us.
But it's the other way around.
The ghosts are often people we have been the major advantages
But we have overlooked. Sometimes it means nothing at all.
They come back because they are not clear to us.
We must not run too long. The radiation can be harmful.
If everything works, it should reasonably be able to clearly terge
-Outstanding! But do not hope too much.
Hurry, Korben.
It's my father.
When I was a child, he used to show me the rabbits. Then he disappeared.
Is this where you are now?
You look like a bum.
Is that your friends do that? Your new family?
You have no family anymore.
The prayer was dedicated to your mother.
What dusty it is.
Help me, then! You are never here when they need you.
I'm going home now.
See you.
No, stay. Dad...
Few of her that thing!
Take off her hood.
Say. Say.
-It went well. It went well. -Yes.
It went well.
Are you coming? I'm finished.
I asked them short of your pants. They were a little big.
But it'll work out. The shoes were unfortunately only in size 37th
We can put in the soles.
Then they become a little less, so the fall is not off.
And so you will not stumble.
It will be better for you.
-Silence. -Tagning!
Break! Break!
Where is Lefebvre?
Okay, here we go in time.
What's the matter? You are stunned.
I freeze some just.
No, you're scared. It is understandable. It is a strange job we have.
But you're really good at what you do. If you are afraid, just look at me.
And if you are unsure of a scene, you're looking at me. Come on!
-Thanks. -We're coming! - Come on!
Kate Barlow has call from Laura Barlow.
Yes it's me.
Tell the other to be careful.
But what?
-All. -Ok I will do that.
Speaking on. Tell me how you feel.
Good. I feel good.
What strange.
We have never been heard on the phone before, never been apart.
It is as if I hear your voice for the first time.
I know. It's a weird feeling.
What are you doing?
-Professorn. -Reach?
As a terrible confession. It is grief over your whole future life.
"You've always wanted to try our best, his very best."
You're not there, Sylvette. -I try to.
Look carefully, it is very volatile.
Where now, now it will.
Where! There it is!
There you have it.
Is not it remarkable?
I go to my room.
Andr, that's quite clear. What are we having this happen?
Servier probably could have gotten something better with the help of special effects.
I do not know. What should I say?
The camera has devoured 2/3 of the budget. -Stop now.
You promised not to.
What are they called? 'Let the birds be. Sit here.
You know that I love you? -Yes. And I you.
-I am terribly sorry. -For what?
-Because we never talked about it. -About what? I do not understand.
-You know. -No, I do not.
Yes you do.
Are you saying that you also have seen things?
It was not the same.
-There will be no more seances, huh? -No. It's the end of it.
-Barlow bor i rum 14.
I go back to Paris.
What do you mean? Are you going to abandon the team in the middle of filming?
You have lost the understanding. -No!
The images can not be used as they are, but they are a good foundation.
I wake up from a long nightmare. I do not care if you burned the money.
-Not money, my money. -There that bothers me ...
... is that I lost confidence in you.
There is nothing in those pictures.
You are completely way off, and you do not notice it even.
Wake up, Andre. Listen to me.
No, you're exaggerating.
Please, stop.
I do not believe you!
Why are you so upset? We do not need the money anymore.
Have you noticed that our life has changed? I make movies now.
Soon, we can handle ourselves. It will be like old times. We do not even Andr.
I like Andre. -I know. I also.
But it is I who will take care of you.
You have to go to school, socialize with peers, laugh ...
-I still laughing. It does not at all.
Kate? You are stunned. Are you okay?
Kate! Kate!
-Take me a doctor! -Download doctor!
She was absent, and then I saw that there was blood in the ears.
Is she in puberty?
No I do not think so.
-Did she often dizziness? -Quite.
- -
-Sleeping problems? -Yes.
-Have it happened in school too? She does not go to school.
-Why not? We hold sessions.
What does that mean?
She establishes contact between the living and the dead ....
It does not look good. It could be leukemia.
Quiet with you! Silent!
Lay down.
There there.
There is a poem about birds that I like very much.
Should I read it? Do you want that?
Of that which has wings, I can never get enough
As a child I often went out in my forest
From a bona I lifted birds so small
and put them in cages of straw
I let them grow among moss and green
Eventually I put the windows ajar
They did not fly cow ...
I do not wanna die. You will not die.
Yes, I will.
But you will not be sorry.
I will not die because of the seances.
It is because of that I will die as I had it.
The Gift.
I am destined to meet the dead.
I'm meeting the dead.
Do you think me, Laura? -I believe you.
I believe you.
I do not know how she behaves. I've never done.
-What are you talking about? Her gift? Yes, Andr. The Gift.
To do so people can see what they really want to see.
And men like you, even the really skeptiska-
-have ultimately believed in everything.
Although they knew it was not true.
Everything else is just a figment.
That's what you think.
Is there a collective hallucination? Is everyone blind?
Are all the rumors unfounded? The shareholders demand an explanation.
I will tell them that you are leaving, Monsieur Korben.
-Sorry? -Ni heard.
You can have a look at the accounts. All expenses have been justified.
It is quite normal payments.
You let you be seduced by an ugly smear campaign.
What the film is concerned ... film was, yes.
- Sure, we can talk about.
Resign without protest, Andr.
The question is rather how to avoid a trial.
I understand.
It is a difficult job to lead the men's company.
Now do you want me to slaughter. Sue me you. I am waiting.
No money has ever fallen into my own pocket.
Every franc has gone into making the film - and you know it.
The French money, maybe. But the foreign, then?
What ... I do not understand what you are referring to.
Is it the English-speaking employees again, so you get actually give you.
Why are you trying to justify yourself, Monsieur Korbinski?
Forgive me, but how can we trust a foreigner in these times?
I'm afraid that you are making a mistake. I'm just as French as you.
A cup of coffee, at least?
Sure, why not?
-Thanks. -No problems.
-Laura? -No thanks.
Why, what are you doing here? You should rest.
-Gott coffee. Yes, the set fine.
How is it going? What is happening?
Since then, gentlemen ...
Say. It's going to be alright.
It will be alright.
You? Look at me.
Rest yourself properly and do all that is needed.
-Now we have to go. -Yes.
Do not worry, dear.
-How is she? -Good.
It is said to be a clinic in Biarritz.
It will be fine. They will take care of her.
Obvious. Did you post the display?
Do not worry. This is a misunderstanding.
But have you seen the papers? I do not care if people gossip.
Gossip? How can you be so blind, Andr?
It's not gossip, it's hatred.
I have written a letter to the Minister of Justice. Soon it's over.
I have been deprived of my French nationality. There he is to be changed
But as a foreign prisoner can not I write to the minister.
Take the letter and give it to him. He is a good friend. Here, take it.
-You can be calm. -You have to believe in justice.
Laura, look at me.
It's funny. Yesterday I dreamed that strange.
You were with. -Continue.
It was a wedding. -Your?
Kate was also there, but there were no guests, no one enda-
-so I hired extras.
We carried around on chairs, all three. We laughed, and so ...
... we kissed.
The orchestra played a tune from my childhood.
And then...?
Then ... there was nothing more.
Are you saying that I am your dream woman?
Andr Korbinski, fdd
den 21 april 1887 i Gdansk i Polen.
Nationality: Polish. Have a seat.
-A question. I will not respond to any questions.
What is this? You do not shoot well?
Please do not shoot! No no!
I do not play. This is not a comedy. It is a tragedy!
Please do not shoot! Shoot me!
Stop shooting! Stop filming me! Stop!
The film does not. Please, shoot me.
Have you heard anything?
He sent east two months ago.
-Since when? -Nothing.
You hear about a lot of terrible things.
-People talk so much. -Maybe it.
It is sad to say, but it's probably best not to believe in anything at all.
Do not expect anything, but hope for all.
How is she?
Kate passed away last winter.
Servier might have a role for you.
It's nothing big, but it can lead to more jobs.
-Go there and the health of me. Thanks, Eva.
Then we roll right. Can we have silence, please?
Do not Cry.
Nanny, wake up! Bring the kids, this must see!
-What is it? Is everything okay? -If it is!
The orphanage is saved!
Wake up, baby! Come, and you will see.
Look! Starburst!
So beautiful! In the evening, we thank our lucky stars. Sing, baby!
The sky is perfectly clear.
It will be a glorious day in the morning.
Absolutely brilliant.