Planetquake (2024) Movie Script

PJ, this is Captain Vogel.
Do you read me? Over.
Loud and clear, Captain.
PJ, start initiating
your ascent.
That typhoon that's
been developing
off the Northwestern
Pacific basin
is picking up speed.
Our return time has
increased by three hours.
We need to get you
up top, over.
Aye-aye, Captain.
But, uh, I haven't finished
securing the warhead.
I am on the last panel.
I know, and I've made the call.
We'll finish it tomorrow.
Yes, but, uh, this will
delay our schedule.
PJ, this area was a testing
zone during World War II.
Until those fishermen found
that dead marine life,
this area was just fine
for 75 years. Over.
Yes, Captain, but we should
at least chain it,
you know, just in case.
I mean, you said to
yourself the typhoon...
Okay, PJ, you have
five minutes to chain it
and then you have to
start making your ascent.
That is an order.
Copy that, Captain.
All right.
Uh, Captain, I almost
lost the drillhead.
This rock formation here
is different in this area.
I don't know.
It's, it's softer or weaker.
I cannot continue to work
on this
with the equipment
I currently have.
I'm going to start
the ascent. Over.
Start the ascent. Over.
Captain, there is a
rip current developing.
I'm fighting to control the sub.
There is a lot of movement
on the ocean floor.
My visibility is zero and my
monitors are cutting in and out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what do you mean movement?
PJ, you're in extremely
close proximity
to a potentially live
nuclear explosive.
Look, I can be your eyes,
but I need to know exactly
what's going on down there.
I have regained visibility and I
am continuing the ascent. Over.
PJ, come in.
Coast Guard, do you copy?
This is Vogel from Ocean Clean
at the Mariana Trench .
We have a problem in
the Challenger deep.
I say again, we have a problem
in the Challenger deep. Over.
Coast Guard, Mayday, Mayday,
Hey, have you
seen what's going on?
Hey, sorry, Peter.
Sophie's about to land,
I'm trying to plan this whole
end of the school
year celebration.
Okay, but there's
something happening.
See what's happening.
Okay, I'm not going to be back
before the end of the day.
So if you could just
send out the reports,
make sure the data goes out,
gets backed up.
I know you've
done this all before,
but just keep me posted, okay?
Milly, there's
something happening.
There's more.
Wait, what is that?
Why are we spiking
in the Philippines?
We initially saw a movement
of the fault line
at the Mariana Plate here.
-You can see.
-Wait, no.
This doesn't make any sense.
How is the first recorded
reading so large?
We haven't picked up any
foreshocks that would indicate
an earthquake of
the size is coming.
Nothing leading up to this.
What was the magnitude
when it first hit?
Initially it hit a
3.4 in the Richter.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Then it dropped and we had
some smaller activities.
Then it picked up a 6.1.
Then a 7.3 and then an 8.
If this keeps increasing...
-An 8?
Are you sure these are accurate?
We gotta go.
Yeah, we triple checked for
any and all anomalies.
Once it hit a 7.3, it started
jumping around again.
I haven't figured
out a pattern yet,
but the readings are
steadily climbing.
We're lucky it didn't
hit near land.
Guam and the Mariana islands
are on tsunami watch now.
Peter, the largest recorded
earthquake is a 9.5
and you're saying
this started at an 8.
And it's still climbing.
I mean in theory, we could pass
a 9.5 but not in our lifetime.
The fault lines
don't shift that fast.
-At least they shouldn't.
-I know.
Also, the DHS and FEMA have
been both requesting
minute to minute projections
on evacuation contingencies.
One second, this just happened.
How are the quakes all along the
ring of fire already so large?
I'm not sure,
that's why we need you.
You picked up only
one initial amplitude.
How did one earthquake
hit all of these places?
They are 2000 miles apart.
No, this is too big
to be an earthquake.
This is more like an explosion.
Yeah, that's what
the news is saying.
At first they thought
an oil rig exploded
and caused chain reaction.
Now they're saying
it's something bigger.
A firm, hired to clean up
nuclear weapons,
somehow started
these earthquakes.
Nuclear weapons?
Old nuclear like World War II
in the Challenger Deep.
Their operation disturbed
the Pacific,
the Philippines, and
the Australian plate lines,
and triggered
a massive earthquake.
The motion from the convergent
plates caused the waste
to go directly up
into Earth's upper mantle.
This explosion
caused these quakes.
The Bikini Atoll tests.
Hi, sweetheart.
I'm just calling.
Josh, listen, we picked up
very large, irregular readings,
and there are earthquakes
all along the ring of fire.
Go, go, go!
-You okay?
-Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
What is it?
What's going on?
I'm not sure yet.
It's caught us
completely off-guard.
There's large plate
movement in Asia.
And all along
the ring of fire.
We need to figure
out an interval time.
And we need to get in
contact with Sophie.
Just keep doing what
you're doing, it'll call her.
I think her flight's
still in the air.
I'll let you know
the second I have an update.
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
Peter, do you have
the projection mapping?
So I fed the readings
into an AI algorithm
to plot hypothetical movement.
All right, I input everything
we picked up so far.
The Philippines, Taiwan, Japan.
And don't forget
about Australia.
Australia, got it.
There's activity at the western
edge of the Pacific Plate.
In 72 hours the eastern
side of the Pacific Plate
will have the same
tectonic shift.
The entire west coast
of the U.S.
and the knock-on effect
would include Central America.
All experiencing earthquakes
starting at 8.0.
It's working its way around
the Pacific Rim towards us.
When it gets here...
The destruction
would be...
All right, Peter,
I have to take this.
Call Gayle at FEMA.
Make sure she's up
to speed on everything
and make sure they have
the latest projections.
Forget about baggage claim.
Mom, we're still in the air.
We're being diverted
to another airport,
but it hasn't been
allocated yet.
What did the crew say?
The captain made an announcement
about some earthquake in Seattle
and then that we were waiting
for an alternate runway.
What's going on?
Sophie, there
was an earthquake.
And the runway's
are most likely damaged
or full of grounded planes.
Stay calm and just do
what they tell you, okay?
Excuse me, Miss.
We ask that you refrain
from using mobile devices
while we're circling.
Thank you.
I'm on the phone with my mom.
Just tell your mom
that you love her
and be off by the time
I come back around.
Oh, no, but I--
Hey, just listen to
what the crew says.
Please call us as
soon as you've landed
and your dad will come
and pick you up.
Save as much battery power
as you can
and if you see any
water bottles,
put them in your bag, okay?
Okay, Mom.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Okay, looks like we got
a live one.
Major Anderson, leave TCP and
head up the aircraft S&R. Over.
Copy that, sir.
I'll let my team know.
I've asked to head up
the search and rescue team
for the downed aircraft.
They've given me the go ahead.
Understood, sir.
I'm going to call
air traffic control,
find out where those airplanes
are hitting the concrete.
Roger that, sir.
I got it.
I got it.
Yeah, this is--
Yeah, hold.
It's the White House...
for you.
Hello, this is Dr. Anderson
at the NEIC.
Dr. Anderson.
I'm General West,
Director of the
National Security Agency.
Yes, General.
I know who you are.
Okay, good.
I'm sure your office is
at threat level red.
That's why I'm calling.
I know your brother,
Dresden Anderson.
I need his help, but I no
longer have his contact info.
Neither do I. General--
When he quit,
he went off the grid.
I need you to find him
You're the NSA.
Why do you need my help?
Doctor, is this line secure?
You have three days to
get him to contact me.
And what should I say?
Mention Star Wars.
Star Wars.
Star Wars like the movie?
No, Peter.
Star Wars was a weapons
initiative started in the 80s.
So, your brother worked
for the government?
He was a scientist and then
became a weapons technician.
They revisited the project a few
years ago and then he got fired.
And then he just sort
of disappeared.
Then what happened?
Work was really his only passion
and it kind of broke him.
He never recovered.
He started to isolate,
cut off ties from people.
I tried to get him to explain
what happened, but he wouldn't.
But when you're talking
about your brother...
Peter, just stop.
Imagine if Einstein was trapped
in the paranoia of Ted Kaczynski
with the ego of Elon Musk.
Yeah, that's my brother.
I still miss him.
I still love him.
And he's brilliant.
Leave a message.
Maybe I'll call you back.
Dresden. It's Milly.
Your ex-boss,
I guess, just called.
Look, I don't know what
you did this time,
but everyone's looking for you.
All right, you don't
have to call me back.
But if you could
call back the general,
he said to mention Star Wars
and that you have three days.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we were allocated a runway
but the volume of planes
extended the clearing process
and it's cost us a lot of fuel.
We have to make
an emergency landing
on the closest and
safest stretch of land.
Remain seated with
your seat belts fastened.
Flight crew, take your seats
and prepare
for an emergency landing.
If we follow the same patterns
as Japan and Australia,
the quakes will
continue to grow.
We can't keep up.
We won't have time
to get everyone out.
Especially with the runways
already damaged.
The knock-on effect
we can't fully measure.
Like island arc volcanoes,
subduction zone plates.
What if we try and divert
some of the energy
along the plate lines?
It would cause a bigger problem.
Look up the coast.
The neighboring plates contain
the Cascadia subduction zone.
The Pacific Northwest has
been due a magnitude of nine
for over 75 years.
It's only a matter of time.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are about to make contact.
Get into
the brace position now.
Get down.
That was a 7.1.
The first was 6.3.
The plates are moving so fast.
It's not giving off
the usual warning signs,
so we're not picking up
readings until it's too late.
Clearly, you haven't
been analyzing
the information correctly.
How did you get in?
That's your first question?
No wonder you haven't
figured this out yet.
I'm going to need to see
everything you guys got.
Dresden, hi.
Peter Houston,
nice to meet you.
Heard so much about you.
So, I just called.
I didn't expect you to show up.
Think I needed a phone call
to know you needed my help?
I knew you were
in over your head.
Moment those quakes started,
I was on my way.
So, let's get to work.
Everybody, please remain calm.
If you are able to move,
please slowly make your way
to our member of Cabin Staff
in the emergency exit area.
Listen up.
If you are able to move,
please make your way slowly
to the back of the plane.
If you are injured, stay put,
and I'm going to come around
with the first aid kit.
Are you okay, sir?
Sophie, are you alright?
I'm alive.
I'm still in the plane,
but we crashed.
Sweetie, you're alive,
and that's all that matters.
You need to listen to me.
You need to get off that
plane as soon as possible.
You're not safe.
Where are you?
I think we're in Discovery Park.
I think I see
the fort lot and chapel.
I'll send you my location.
What was that?
I don't know.
It feels like we're n the edge
of a cliff or something.
Get to the back of the plane!
Sophie? Sophie, your dad
is coming for you.
I'm on my way.
I have the coordinates
for the plane.
They landed in Discovery Park.
They landed.
And she's still alive,
but they are sitting ducks
until the next quake hits.
I'll find her.
I'll be to her soon.
Josh! Joshua?
The lines are down.
Cell towers can't take the
frequencies of these quakes.
How much time do we have?
70 hours to evac
the West Coast
and Central America
before it's swallowed.
-Come on, open the doors.
-Are we gonna be okay?
The front door, it's jammed.
I can't open it.
Do you think if I
smash one of these windows
that we can fit through it?
Maybe you could fit through,
but we're going to need
about 5,000 pounds of force
to break it open.
All right, next option.
Hold on, it's another one.
Captain, you need to leave
the radio and get out now.
The ground is opening.
I need to try every frequency.
No one knows we're here.
You don't have time.
The plane is about to separate.
It's settling.
Are you all right?
I'll be fine.
I think I broke my arm.
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
I think I'm doing okay.
Good. Are you willing and
able to help me?
-Uh, sure.
I took a few courses at first
aid in CPR in high school.
Great. That's great.
Then you can help me with the
rest of the passengers, then.
We need to get off this plane
before another
earthquake swallows us.
There's a ladder in the rear.
We can use that, okay?
Are there no other flight
attendants? I don't--
No, it's a small plane.
Hey, everyone, we are
going to be performing
an emergency
aircraft evacuation.
I need your complete and utter
cooperation and listen to me.
I'm going to leave you
in the hands of...
Sophie, she is going
to help you
while I gather the emergency
We need to organize ourselves
so that the injured passengers
get off the plane first.
If we say calm,
we can get through this quickly
and safely together.
Thank you.
Okay, everyone.
What would you do, Mom?
Ladies and gentlemen,
if we want to live,
we need to start listening.
We need to get off of this plane
before another earthquake hits
and the only way we do
that is if we work together.
We're going to throw a rope
ladder off the back exit,
and get off the plane.
No rushing.
Please, and thank you.
The quakes have reached
South America
and are heading our way.
How can we slow
the tectonic plates?
Let me show you, okay?
Okay, listen up.
Just imagine this is a plate.
When the plate starts to move
with so much force,
the neighboring plates
have to move.
And the momentum is so great,
they won't stop.
They can't stop on their own.
So what we need is a force so
strong that it'll counteract it.
Simple enough?
Yes, a plate shift in
the opposite direction.
Let's have the tracking
software generate
the precise impact location
for the energy surge
that'll neutralize
the plates momentum.
Okay, I've never used
a program to such a degree,
but in theory,
I suppose it could work.
I mean, I'd have to input some.
Are you still in school?
Just do it and
save those coordinates.
Dresden, come with me now.
We all know how smart you are.
And we are oh
so very grateful that
the mighty Dresden has
graced us with his--
You don't seem to understand.
No, for once,
you don't understand.
This is what we do here,
day in and day out,
and it might not run the
way that you like it to,
but this is the way
I run things.
This is my world,
just the way you have yours.
Milly, it's not about that.
You might not understand this,
but I actually like and care
about the people I work with.
Pretty sure they feel
the same way about me.
And that kid in there,
he might be a nobody to you.
But he has chosen
to stay here and help us
in the best way he can,
even though he has friends and
family back home that need him.
And he knows in the back
of his head
there is a very good chance
he will never see them again.
Is any of this
getting through to you?
So let's try this again.
-Um, actually...
I'm still curious
about the Star Wars reference.
Well, bet you are, Peter.
So the Star Wars project, A.K.A.
Reagan's Strategic
Defense Initiative,
Cold War Tech that
would generate
an outer space base shield
that would
render nuclear
missiles obsolete.
Project was dismantled
four years later in '87.
At least that's what
they told the public.
But in fact,
missiles, the lasers,
the particle beam
weapons still exist.
They've been up there the whole
time just adding
to the ever increasing
list of space junk.
I'm confused.
How does this help?
Four years ago,
last administration
signed the National
Defense Authorization Act
where they started to
carry out maintenance
and making it operational.
If we focus the laser on
the plate's eastern edge,
it actually might be
enough to halt it.
Then let's do it.
We can't.
If our enemies knew that
Star Wars exists,
they could use it
to destroy the world.
Dresden, the world
is going to end regardless.
Star Wars is the only way to
stop the plate, than so be it.
There's got to be a better way.
We don't have time.
Every minute we are
wasting millions,
billions of lives
around the line.
I don't think we have
any better ideas.
Nobody asked you.
Then do you have
any better ideas?
One single better idea that
we can implement in time?
No, I don't.
You're right.
Let's implement Star Wars.
Thank you.
Don't thank me yet.
I don't get why the
phone lines are still down.
The backup satellite should
have kicked in by now.
We need a way
to contact Washington.
We can just sit around and wait.
You're on thin ice right now.
Do you have any better ideas?
I have a friend that
works for the NSC.
Her office is close by.
I actually went
to college with her.
She worked on the project
the first time around.
She'll have a working line
to Washington.
We're not going to drive
all the way across town.
The parking lot's this way.
Think I parked in there?
Come on, let's go.
This is it.
Come on.
It always does this.
Just give it a second.
Come on. Come on.
There we go.
I told you.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go.
So this friend at the NSC.
Dr. Diane Wright.
Do you think
she'll still be there?
We're still working, aren't we?
She'll be there.
It's her life.
She puts everything
into her work.
Only if the government would
have actually listened to her.
I've loaded the coordinates.
It's basically a straight
shot from here.
All units, let's move
to close column.
Keep the speed under 25
on a unit gap
of no more than 50 meters, over.
All right.
There's no way around that.
We're completely blocked.
How far are we from the plane?
Not far.
15-20 minutes tops.
But on foot
it'll be over an hour.
Come on, we don't have
that kind of time.
We're out of other options.
No. We can't get
out of the vehicle.
These people need
food and water.
We can't carry
all the supplies,
let alone the medical equipment.
There's got to be another way.
What about the long way around?
Wait. Isn't there a cemetery?
Right behind these buildings.
You're right.
All right. Listen.
There was a gate about
a half a mile back.
We get enough speed, we can pull
a rig right through it.
We can avoid
all this rubble.
Copy, Sergeant.
Please be there, Sophie.
Come on. Quick.
I need help.
It's already so bad.
It's only going to get worse
if we don't get it together.
Of course,
we have a dedicated uplink.
Though it's safe to say, I never
expected to utilize the SDI.
From what you're saying,
it seems that this is
our only choice.
General West...
This is Dr. Diane Wright
at the Seattle Comms.
I know who you are, doctor.
Now, if I'm speaking to you,
I'm assuming that Dresden is--
Wes, yeah, I'm here.
I'm not very happy, though.
But you can thank
my sister, Milly.
I'm sure your sister told you
why I needed to speak with you.
Yeah, you need my help.
Before you say anything else,
I want you to know
that I'm willing
to forget the past.
If you help us now,
we make it through,
there'll be no ramifications.
What did he do?
Walked out with the access
and the firing codes
to the weapons that
he's decided to use now.
No country should
have that much power.
Dresden, that's confidential.
I had to, to save the world.
Well, that's what
we're about to do now.
Exactly, which is why we
need you to bring it online.
Our current engineering
team can barely
navigate the archaic
operating system,
not to mention the
firewalls you put in.
Dr. Wright, I understand you're
familiar with this system.
More or less, sir.
Although I was never made
aware that the weapons
that Dresden and I
were working on
were ever being
made operational.
They haven't.
That's why I'm talking to you.
I need the original
engineering team.
So far, our calculations
have been all hypothetical.
There has been no way
to test the system
and no room for error.
Sir, have you seen the
latest plate projections?
Do you want me to run over
the data one more time with you?
Doctor, I respect
your expertise,
but my job is to make
the hard decisions.
Dr. Wright, how quickly can you
get the system up and running?
It's actually up and running.
It's a little clunky, though.
I think your engineers kind
of screwed this thing up.
Need you to sign into
the weapons interface.
Validate initiation
with your SWP code.
Who has the coordinates?
I have them.
And once the general
enters his SWP code
and activates the initiation,
I can plug them into server
ID and we can gain access.
can you hear me?
Be careful.
Okay, guys,
there are three points
we need to target, each at
least 300 miles off the coast.
Way out past
the continental shelf.
Okay, the northernmost point
is in the Gulf of Alaska.
We have 51, 43'33" north,
138, 1'14" west.
The second point halfway down
the plate is 5 22'21" north.
We have 116 48'42" west
and the third perpendicular
to South America is
22 2'4" south,
114 9'25" west.
And you need to set
your angle of entry.
Give me a second
to calculate this.
Aim all the lasers,
so each target will hit it
with an equal force at
an angle of...
42.7 degrees.
If not, we won't
generate enough power.
Or we're going to send these
plates moving
in different
directions altogether.
Well, if I have the go ahead...
See you on the other side.
Come on, come on.
Come on, please.
No, no, only two hit.
Something's wrong.
One of the lasers died.
It's not firing.
That's interesting.
It barely made a scratch.
Does it have enough power?
The quake is working its
way up the west coast.
Mexico just got hit.
Just fire again.
-No, no, I can't.
-What do you mean you can't?
They're overheating
and shutting down.
I need to run diagnostics
to find out why.
This was a long shot
to begin with.
It was always a chance
it wasn't going to work.
Let's cut our losses
and ramp up the evacuations.
So that's it.
That was just an exercise
for the US government?
No, wait.
What's the angle of entry?
I set it to 42.7 degrees.
Like you said,
the trajectory must be off.
No, the trajectory is not off.
No, wait a minute.
Your software wasn't
able to fully account
for the axis shift.
Axis shift?
Dresden's right, sir.
Over the past decade,
we've pumped so much
ground water that it
actually altered the axis of the
earth one or two inches a year,
which might not seem like a lot,
but the way these algorithms
calculate the projection,
the slightest discrepancy can
throw the results into a spin.
Can we just recalculate
and fire again?
No, but we can use
the functional lasers
and modify the angle
of entry to compensate.
The angle of entry
is proportional
to the power at the target.
So we lost one third of power.
So we're going to need to
reduce the angle of entry to...
30 degrees to make
up for the loss.
Okay, let's adjust
and try again.
Okay, I am adjusting now.
Oh, no.
Get down, get down!
Down under! Down under!
Come on!
Go, go!
There's a military bunker.
It's not far from here.
That's where everyone
from this building was sent.
It wouldn't be on any map.
You wouldn't know about it,
but it's there.
They have a secure connection.
You have the coordinates,
right, Peter?
Okay, that's your best bet.
You guys have to move.
Move before this
building crumbles, okay?
You're not coming with us?
No, this is where we part ways.
I have to be with my family.
You don't need another body.
Let's be honest, you're
smart enough for two of us.
We both know it.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't do more
to help you out
when you were let go, Dresden.
I put my job and my
work over our friendship.
And I'd be lying to say
if it...
it hadn't bothered me
every day since you disappeared.
Thank you, Diane.
You really get to know a lot
about people by their actions.
Your actions have
been very clear.
And for your own peace of mind,
I'm gonna let you give me
your ID with access.
And then what do you say?
Call it even.
Thank you.
It's my pleasure.
Stay safe.
How long do we have before
these earthquakes wipe us out?
65 hours.
65 hours?
Good luck.
Sophie, are you okay?
I'm here.
I'm alive.
Okay, get down as
fast as you can.
The plane can fall
at any moment.
Come on, around away
from the plane.
That's it!
Come on, away
from the plane.
Your daughter is gonna be okay.
Your niece?
I don't think we can
drive any further.
The grid is down and the
bunker's our only hope
to get back online.
So, this is where we walk.
There's still a few miles out.
This is the only
road to the bunker.
You know, we can't turn around.
And the more we sit
here and discuss it,
we're just getting closer
to the next quake.
So, let's go.
Peter, grab everything
we need out of the van.
We're not coming back.
Got it, this way.
This way.
Gotta make sure the angle
of entry is correct.
This needs to work next time.
These two aren't
going to figure this out.
Hurry up.
Come on, what are you doing?
I gotta use the bathroom.
You can go anywhere.
Certain things I don't do.
Gotta be kidding me.
You guys wait here.
I'm gonna go over there.
He's so strange.
-You got it?
-Yeah. Yeah.
Can we go?
Oh my God.
Don't come ever
do that again.
What did I do?
Better than dealing
with the roads, huh?
We lost some time,
but not too much.
We should be up on the edge
of the park soon.
Once we get past
the bank up here,
we should be at
the outside perimeter.
The plane's on the
other side of those trees.
There's a fence over there,
but we can figure it out.
That's great.
We're coming in further south.
We're gonna have to drive
a little bit north
to get to the plane.
Good job, Richards.
Thank you, sir.
Over here.
Come on.
Hi, how you doing?
I'm Dresden Anderson.
I'm with the National Security
Disaster Division.
I got orders from
General West, D.C.
This is my sister,
Dr. Milly Anderson,
and her colleague, Peter.
They're seismologists from NEIC.
We just need to get through.
We lost their
central control tower.
We need a secure
internet connection.
We need to log back
into the NSA server.
Please, just let us through.
Look, I know how this sounds,
but we're part of
a weapons operation
to stop plate movement,
to avoid global devastation.
So maybe you could talk
to a superior
or maybe give
someone our names or...
something you can do.
It's okay.
We got hit, too.
We're moving to
a secure location.
You can jump in one of
the vans out back.
Thank you. I guess our
reputation precedes us.
Let's go.
Still no service.
There's no way
I could have gotten
everyone out that plane
without you.
Thank you.
I grew up with my father
in the military
and my mother is a genius, so...
little disaster oriented.
Speaking of, my dad
is supposed to be coming, but...
But I don't see anybody
getting to us here.
They're coming, okay?
Just... we just gotta
hang tight a little longer.
And wait?
For another earthquake
or for the Earth
to open up again?
We might not get
so lucky next time.
-We need to be realistic.
We need to find a
safe place to stay tonight.
We're already running
out of food...
And water.
My mom's in the NEIC.
She kind of specializes
in this kind of stuff.
But we can't leave them.
I have to stay here
with the injured.
Everyone, everyone listen.
We've made it this far,
but we need food and water.
And the safest thing we can
do is stay here and shelter
while Sophie here
goes to get help.
I'm gonna find a way
to charge my phone
and call for a rescue team
to come and bring supplies.
Good luck.
And thank you.
Be careful out there.
Good luck, Sophie.
Peter, are the lasers
up and running?
We're running out of time
for it to be functional.
I ran diagnostics and
I think I know what was wrong.
I just need
a little more time.
Can you get us on
the USGS server?
Yeah, it can get us
in anywhere.
We need to focus on
where the crust is weaker.
The plate will have
been loosened already.
Let's keep that as a backup
if we can't get
the lasers up and functional.
I'm at it.
Okay. This will need dressing.
Good to see you, man.
-Who's in charge here?
-That would be me.
After we landed, we were hit
badly by the earthquakes.
We lost the pilot
and some passengers.
Okay, we have food and water.
Is this everyone on flight 384?
My daughter was on this flight.
-Is it Sophie?
-Yes. Where is she?
She's alive.
But she left.
She said you might be coming,
but wasn't sure how long
you'd be with all the chaos.
Where is she?
I need to find her.
She went in that direction.
My men are going to help you.
We're bringing in more
vehicles to come get you.
Thank you.
In the meantime, help everybody
you can, all right?
All right.
Thank you so much.
-Yes, sir.
Sophie's not here, but I have
a good idea where she went.
-I have to go find her.
-I understand, sir.
Jacobs and I will
unpack everything.
Find your daughter.
We'll take care of the rest.
Appreciate you.
Call base. Get some more
men brought up here, okay?
Yes, sir.
I've got the USGS site up.
Any new updates or at least
anything new
since we've lost service?
Well, it looks like our
data was correct.
The earthquakes are
already devastating
and they're only getting bigger.
Even the Iceland Greenland
and West Coasts of Europe
are taking earthquake
damage now.
We need to work faster.
Peter, get into the NSA servers
and initiate the program.
We don't have time
to troubleshoot
the offline weapons.
Log into the USGS
and start pinpointing
the weaker areas
of the Earth's crust.
You're sure this
is going to work
with only a few
operating lasers?
It might.
I mean, it's a calculated risk,
but I mean, I think
we are working
a little on the fly here.
We have no other choice.
Okay, the Oceanic,
Basaltic areas are going
to be our best bet
because they're thinner.
We could try East Pacific Rise?
Smart. New crust is continually
being formed as magma rises.
Okay, get the coordinates
for specific rock formations
along the ridge.
It's a mid-ocean ridge system.
The Earth's crust is younger
and more fragile here.
It's on the Eastern side
of the plate
not far from
the original coordinates.
Okay, let's do it.
Okay. Come on.
Get a stretcher!
Where are you?
Peter, watch the temperature
and the seismic activity
like a hawk when we fire.
As soon as you see
dispersion activity
from the east side
of the plate, pull it back.
Yes, you got it.
And we need the plate movement
to slow to the point
where it can find
its own rhythm again.
It will settle back into
the tectonic energy pattern.
I mean, if we create
too much heat,
we risk giving it
opposite energy
and end up sending it back.
Which would put us back
right where we started.
-Or worse.
The plate boundaries
are already so volatile.
If we push back
with this much force,
the damage would be tenfold.
But you're going to do fine.
He has to.
We don't have a choice.
Thank you, Dresden.
Okay, let's do this.
Okay, initiating lasers.
Stand by.
-What's going on?
-I don't know.
I lost connection.
The lasers are not responding.
The software knows I'm operating
from a different IP connection
and the internal GPS system
won't allow them
to fire on U.S. territory.
I need to reset the parameters.
Okay, how long is
this going to take?
I don't know.
They run on very old tech
Frankensteined together.
Our connection is tenuous.
I'm trying to
overload the system.
We might need to start
preparing for the worst.
We need to override
the onboard GPS.
But how?
If I reroute power and send
the modules into recovery mode,
I may be able to adjust
the targeting system manually.
-Here comes another one.
-Get down.
No, not yet.
Come on.
Okay, just give me a sec.
All right, lasers are
online and locked in.
Let's hope this works.
Ready to fire.
Three, two, one.
The monitor is blank,
but the power is still on.
Is it still operational?
Fire it.
Fire it now!
Come on, come on.
It's dropping.
Not opening the champagne yet.
What is it?
We lost connection again?
No, we're hitting the target.
It's still not enough heat.
What do you mean
by not enough heat?
I don't know why,
but the reading suggests
that the plate is generating
so much of its own movement,
I don't think we can stop it.
Are the rock
formations heating up?
Massively, but just not enough
to slow the plate significantly.
And you're sure this is
at maximum intensity?
Yeah, of course.
What happened to
our interval time?
The monitoring software
doesn't know how
to read multiple earthquakes
with multiple magnitudes.
at once in areas
where they normally
wouldn't exist together.
It's unprecedented.
An impossible scenario
until now.
We need to move on.
The lasers failed.
I mean, I guess we
really have no other options.
Nothing made at this scale
can keep up with
the forces of nature.
So, what if it's not man-made?
If we can't affect the
speed of the plate
by doing something to it,
perhaps we can slow it down
by having it
do something to itself.
I don't follow.
What do you mean?
Think about
the plane crash earlier.
How did it reduce its speed?
They have thrust reverses.
That's after it landed.
Okay, in the air that used drag
flaps, spoilers, speed brakes.
Oh, then I suppose they
could try and drop the weight.
They could affect them on them,
But they could only reduce
it within gravity's allowance.
But it still has an effect.
They offload everything
they can.
So, if we apply it to our
model and offload weight,
we might not be able
to stop the disaster,
but we could potentially
introduce a slowdown.
We need to get rid of the weight
that's giving the Earth's
crust this extra momentum.
Though it's not really
a build-up of weight,
it is more of a build-up of
pressure at the Earth's core.
Yes, exactly.
Peter, remember the
reporter earlier
who thought there was
an explosion in the sea?
What if we could somehow
use those oil rigs
off the Pacific to slow down
this continental drift
by offloading gas pressure?
We can buy the world
and us some time.
It would have to happen at
multiple locations,
to have any effect on the
entire plate's movement.
Yes, but there are multiple oil
rigs all around the Pacific.
And they're already set up,
and near the fault line.
We could use the oil
rigs like volcanoes.
Yes, exactly, and we can
actually control that.
Along with its
own destructive path.
Right. I am thinking more about
the gases in the Earth's core.
-Like Helium-3.
It'll rise and disperse into
the atmosphere, harmless gas.
We vent pressure from
the plate to the wellbores
on the Pacific plate oil rigs.
I thought I was the only
genius in this family.
Helium-3 is attracted
to the heat under the crust.
If we change the pressure
and start venting,
that gas is going to move with
a giant amount of force.
Speed is our friend right now.
Don't we have pumps
on those platforms?
I believe so, yes.
I'll start researching.
So we use the
pumps on the rig
that they use for oil as a
way of slowing down the helium,
controlling it.
And if that pressure
gets too high
or when we've offloaded enough?
I don't think these pumps are
strong enough on their own.
We need to find a way of slowing
it or cooling it down some way.
Hello? Hello?
Miss, please stop.
This is a restricted area.
I'm looking for my father.
He's a U.S. Army major.
We haven't seen
any armed services.
Do you need help?
Where can I find power
to charge my phone?
There's a school over there.
It's the only building
still standing with power.
But you should wait here.
There's no time.
I've got to go.
Is anybody in there?
Peter, get into
the Bureau of Safety
and Environmental Enforcement,
locate all the
Pacific Ocean oil rigs,
and pull up the
inventory supplies list
from the last round
of inspections.
I have their inventories here.
There it is.
Find the Chemical Directory,
and filter it by
the largest quantities.
Most of these rigs have
large liquid nitrogen reserves.
Imagine that's to
handle emergencies.
Yeah, that's perfect.
If you pump the nitrogen
down the wellbore,
it will cool the helium
on contact
and stop it in its tracks.
Then we can pump it back to
regular pressure and seal it.
Then let's find the rigs
closest to the plate boundaries.
I mean, that's where
the helium release
will have the most effect.
Yeah, we just have
to slow it down
enough to stop its momentum.
Not too much or will
be in trouble.
It's risky, but it
just might work.
If we can gain some time,
it's worth it.
Right, you need to coordinate
with multiple rigs.
They all need to
vent simultaneously
if we want maximum impact.
Same goes for when we start
slowing down the gas.
It has to be uniform.
We can use the
government satellites network
to coordinate the timing,
I mean, as long as these rigs
still have connections...
and as much
as I hate to say it,
we're gonna need
approval and cooperation.
Peter, patch a satellite
phone to General West.
This is General West.
General West,
this is Dr. Milly Anderson.
I have my brother still with me.
We need your help again.
The only option we have left
to stop plate movement
is to release pressure
and we've calculated a way.
We can vent
the built up plate pressure
from the divergent boundaries
using the Pacific oil rigs
and the liquid
nitrogen on board.
It sounds like a one in
a million chance, doctor.
Well, at very least it can slow
down the plate's movement
and prevent more
catastrophic quakes,
for at least a few more days.
It's the only option
we have left.
We need you to sign off
on our access
to the satellite network
and mandate
for a master control
of the rigs.
We need to reset the schedules
for the pump timers
and then for
the nitrogen release.
Okay, doctor.
I'll get you your clearances,
but the rigs have to be
in state water, not federal.
I can't get clearance
for federal water.
Uh... Yes, sir.
I'll get you an
emergency security clearance
and I'll set you up with
the engineering profile
and data base.
Then you can get in and
do what you need to.
Copy that.
Thank you, General.
Thank you, sir.
All right, I've managed
to reset the pump systems
and synchronize
the wellbore cycles
on three rigs
off the Washington coast.
How long until we can
start extracting the helium-3?
I'm trying to override
the liquid nitrogen
safety protocols,
but I'm totally locked out.
How so?
Pumping liquid nitrogen
into the wellbore,
is usually a last resort.
It's a safety measure for rigs
about to explode or
the oil pipeline is buckling.
It stops
a catastrophic spill.
It protects the ocean
ecosystem around the rig.
It's not something
that's controlled
by the oil rigs themselves,
but the time this protocol
will ever come in a play
their internal computer system
are completely shut down.
This command has to be sent
from an independent signal
outside the
oil rig central computer.
Like a government data center.
Usually, from a control center
positioned along the coast,
so they have a clear
communication path
and can send a clean frequency.
It needs to be able
to send a signal
in all directions across
the Pacific in real time.
You're right. That's how
we're going to have to do it
if we want all four rigs to
act together and identically.
Starting to sound like
it's not going to happen.
I've been sending
a test frequency
to the coastline beacon
for platform Ellen.
It's not responding.
Is there another beacon?
There is another one
further the down the coast.
Like I said, this
is not common protocol
and this software
on these rigs
was not engineered
with earthquakes in mind.
There's a satellite phone here.
We could send
a frequency with that.
Thank you.
Yes, but we're too low
and we need to be out on
the water for a signal path.
I mean, it's risky, but we might
not have any other options left.
I can't believe I didn't
think of this earlier.
Peter, can you pull up all
the personnel tracker
for active military vehicles
in a 50 mile radius?
This isn't all of them,
just vehicles
that have a satellite
phone on board.
All right, it's perfect.
Okay, zoom in near where
Sophie's plane went down.
There's nothing out there.
You're just wasting your time.
Check closer to that ocean.
I knew it, call that vehicle.
Call the satellite phone.
Oh my God, it's ringing.
Never thought I'd be so happy
to hear this sound.
Come on, Josh.
Come on. Pick up.
I'm so glad you answered.
How did you--
I love you.
Sophie's with me.
She's perfectly fine.
Mom, you're alive!
That's really,
really good news.
I'm so happy to hear your voice.
Where are you?
We're gonna come to you.
Are you somewhere safe?
These earthquakes
aren't letting up.
I know.
We're at the NSA base safe.
Even my brother.
Dresden's with you? Why?
Yeah, it's a long story.
But for now, we need your help.
We started to slow down
the tectonic plate movement
that's causing all this,
but ran into a hiccup.
We need you to send
a signal through
to the satellite phone
on your vehicle.
Wait, what?
We have a specific frequency.
I can channel
it through your device
as long as you keep
this line open.
It's for a synchronized
liquid nitrogen dump
on three Pacific
ocean line oil rigs.
The signal needs to be set out
by the ocean
from a high elevation.
Can you do that?
Yeah, I actually
know the perfect spot,
but it's gonna take about
30 minutes to get there,
is that enough time?
No, we don't have a choice.
I thought...
Just get to the spot.
I love you both.
-I love you, too.
-I love you, Milly.
Call me on this number
when you get to that spot.
T minus 30 minutes, and
I'm sending you the signal.
All right, let's get going.
Let's contact the rigs and
make sure they're hands off
so we can override their
systems and start venting
and contact the foreman
at oil platform Ellen.
Have them prepped
for our arrival.
I saw a helicopter
on the way in.
We can use it.
I'm gonna go find the pilot.
What, have you guys
never been on a chopper?
Wait, wait, wait.
Someone needs to stay
to dump the nitrogen.
The signal has to be
sent from mainland.
I'll stay.
Getting too old to get on
and off a helicopter anyway.
Are you sure?
I'm staying and you won't
be able to convince him.
Good job.
God, you're stubborn.
Well, I'm glad I was able to
see you at least one more time.
Hey, I am gonna see
you when you get back.
Take care of yourself.
Stay safe.
This isn't exactly what
I was imagining,
but at least I can say
I saved the world
when people asked
what I did over break.
Not yet, you can't.
All right, fine.
Maybe now is the right time to
ask all those awkward questions.
You know, if this really
could be the end.
Not the end,
we're gonna be fine.
We're still standing,
but we've been having
these quakes all day.
No structural damage,
thank God.
It's only you here?
There are a few
others here, too.
Everyone not essential personnel
was ordered to evacuate.
I received
the protocol notifications
and I shut our systems down.
It's set for manual override
so you should be able
to go in and take control.
Dresden, do you copy?
This is Peter,
We're at Platform Ellen.
Do you read?
Loud and clear, kid.
Okay, good.
Great, we are ready
to start, Milly.
Do you think
Josh is in position?
He will be.
Thank you, Rick.
This is great.
We've already walked the other
rigs through the procedure
and we have control
of the oil rigs.
I've never seen government
intervention like this.
What are we talking?
Seattle gonna be flattened?
Multiply that by 100.
Okay. I see.
So how long do we have?
We need to do this now.
Are you ready?
It doesn't sound like
I have much of a choice.
I'm taking control now.
I've initiated
venting the wellbore.
Looks good so far.
It's gonna be venting
for a while.
Okay, it's looking good.
The plates
are starting to slow.
Great, just keep
it steady, Peter.
Where's Josh and Sophie?
Talk to me, Peter.
How are we looking?
Stable, the plates...
the plates are slowing.
It's working.
It's actually working.
Let's not get
ahead of ourselves.
We're not out of
the woods yet.
He's right.
It was just a matter
of time before there
was more seismic activity.
We must have disturbed
something with the pumps.
Maybe we moved
the helium too quickly?
No, I ran
the calculations myself.
Right, Peter, turn on the pumps,
try and slow it down.
Okay, going to 50.
This is not good.
The seismic activity
hasn't dropped.
Usually after an
earthquake hits,
we get a drop
in plate activity
before the next one,
but... a break in pressure,
but it's not dropping,
its rising.
Tsunami's hitting
Josh and Sophie's location.
I'm gonna go check it out.
Sophie, grab a walkie.
Josh, Sophie,
are you in position?
Yeah, yeah,
we're here, we're here.
I'm glad you made it.
Stand by for the signal.
These pressure gauges
are through the roof.
I see that and I've initiated
the pump sequence.
Have they not engaged?
Are you sure you
manually unlocked them?
Yes, yes.
I ran the procedures
you specified before you arrived
and nothing's changed
since then.
All right, it's rising
across all rigs.
-We need to bring it down.
-All right.
Increase the pumps to 100%.
And drop the liquid nitrogen.
The plate hasn't slowed enough.
We'd be dumping too early.
Increasing pump
pressure to 100%.
Okay, Sophie, stand by.
In three... two...
These gauges are
about to explode.
No! No!
What was that?
Milly, we just lose an oil rig?
We just lost one of the rigs.
Oh my god, we
could lose another one.
Get out of there.
We lost two rigs? How?
Milly, I don't know,
but we need to leave now
or we're going to be in
the next explosion.
Wait, let me think.
You're the only
one left on the rig.
You need to get out of there.
Wait, no, if it was going
to blow it, it would have.
The explosion actually
relieved the pressure
and it bought us
some time.
But Dresden's right.
How much time?
Milly, don't make me
come out there.
Your numbers were off.
I'm sorry,
but they're wrong.
I don't make mistakes.
Well, this time you did
and we don't have
time to argue about it.
We're here now
because of your mistake,
so just let me fix this.
We need to finish
what we started.
We're still here.
What's going on?
We're figuring it out, Rick.
Just keep an eye on
those pressure gauges
and let us know
if they rise, okay?
The plates didn't slow.
I know.
No, I mean, it's moving faster.
We lost so much pressure
on these two rigs,
it sent the plate on
a biased trajectory.
What do you mean?
Okay, into a new movement cycle.
It's almost like
centrifugal force.
The Pacifica plate
has even more momentum
than it did
before it's pivoting.
It's going to change
the entire plate projection.
This is a planetary shift.
How long do we have?
Peter, what's
the new calculation?
Be specific.
Peter, how long do we have?
There's no data
for this, all right?
It's moving on
a different trajectory.
Now, we have no data for this.
We can only study
this in real time.
Milly, there is no way
to stop this now.
We need to accept that the world
may end as we know it.
Josh, stay right where you are.
I'll call you back soon, okay?
-Copy that.
Wait, hold on.
I can't believe I didn't
think about this earlier.
What? I don't follow.
We need to do exactly
what they did.
You want to drop a fission bomb?
No, not a nuclear bomb,
but something large enough
that acts
like a nuclear explosion
when it mixes with the heat
and metals at the Earth's core.
We need to call General West.
Talk to me.
We have three hours.
The oil rigs didn't work.
Yeah, I know.
We've been keeping an eye on it.
But you have
one rig left, correct?
Yes, and we need to send an
explosive into the wellbore.
I don't see how
that's going to help.
The collateral damage
could be worse
than the earthquake
we're trying to prevent.
Milly, we can't
control it, right?
We can't measure it.
What if we send the plate in
a completely different
direction, like we did before?
I think it's time we accept--
If we don't succeed, the world
as we know it will disappear.
We have to try
and we must succeed.
So what are you
suggesting, Doc?
We send explosives down
the middle of the wellbore.
This rig?
We send it down deep enough
away from humanity
where there is no fallout.
Deep enough where it will
push the volcanic magma
to the surface and
then we cool it.
Yeah, with the liquid nitrogen
that we didn't deploy,
it will freeze and harden
the magma along the plate line
and stop the movement
from transferring
from one plate to another,
that's genius.
Pull up the coordinates
of the rig.
We're near enough
to the plate boundary
that with these coordinates
of the plate's
current movement pattern,
we can get the chain reaction
we need to trigger the explosion
all the way down the plate.
But Milly, it's not
100% stable, right?
The pressure on the pumps
is still high.
Rick, gather some
of your workers.
Have them unload all the
missiles on the helicopter.
Doctor, I'm giving
you one more chance.
They we'll have no other option.
Prepare to start evacuations.
I understand, sir.
Is the device ready
to be sent down?
Yes, but the maintenance
pods with the explosives,
they are not set up to
handle this kind of weight.
We've never sent anything
like this before.
That's a risk we're
going to have to take.
How's it looking?
Pressure's good.
Keep it steady, Peter.
Looking good on my end, too.
What's going on?
We're slowing down.
It's only halfway
to the detonation depth.
The propellers out, the engine's
gone into power save mode.
I'll have to reset it manually.
I'm going to bring it back up.
How long?
It's not returning.
What do you mean?
It's too heavy.
The rear engines can't manage.
We normally bring it back
and work on it here.
There's a second
maintenance pod with a suit
and tether
that the technicians use,
but they've all evacuated.
One of us can take it down.
It needs to be
tested and prepped
before it's
ready for another trip.
There's only enough
room for one person
and a breathing apparatus.
The oxygen tanks
are only half full.
I don't think it
would be smart--
I'll go.
Maybe you didn't understand me.
There's a chance that you
wouldn't make it back from this.
This is just suicide.
I heard.
I'll prep it.
Milly, you can't.
You're not the only
stubborn sibling.
We don't have a choice.
Milly, I...
I can't have you guys
breaking down on me right now.
And I'm planning on
making it back.
All right, let's do it.
You're getting there, Milly.
Just keep your breathing
slow and steady.
You're right where
you need to be.
You're going to push
the hatch release
and we're going to lower you
down onto the rear of the pod.
You're going to need to push
the release button.
The floor is going to drop
out and you should be
right there
by the manual reset.
You're approaching the other
pod, we're slowing you down.
Milly, you need
to breathe slower.
You're burning up
what little oxygen you have.
This is what
I was worried about.
She's not experienced enough.
to the second pod now.
Milly, what's going on?
You're breathing too much air.
You need to slow down.
You're going to get
lightheaded and pass out.
Stay with us.
Milly, your family
is counting on you.
Stay with us.
I'm on top of the other pod.
Milly, you have the key.
Use your right hand to reach
into your pocket and grab it.
You need to insert
the manual reset key
and turn it one revolution.
Hold on, Milly.
Just hold on.
She needs oxygen.
The body is going
into a state similar
to nitrogen narcosis.
She's going to get
lightheaded feel euphoric,
and her short-term memory
is going to disappear.
We did it!
We did it.
It worked.
We're back online.
Milly, we're bringing you up.
Keep your arms at your
sides and stay with us.
Hold on.
The explosion worked.
We need to cool now, drop them.
in three, two, one.
Sending signal.
Dad, what was that?
I thought we stopped
the earthquakes.
I thought we did, too.
Maybe it was from the rig.
Let's get out of here. Come on.
I don't know if
she's still with us.
I'm using the emergency purge
to bring her back
up to us faster.
She's about to pass out.
Her oxygen levels are too low.
We have to get her
to a hyperbaric chamber.
We do not have one on the rig,
but I know where
the nearest one is.
This is her only chance,
or she's not going to make it.
She's out of air.
Peter, I brought her up.
I need you to meet me and
help her get in the chopper.
On my way.
Hold on,
Milly, just hold on.
Peter... Dresden.
-Yes, Milly, we're here.
-We're here.
How do you feel?
-I'm fine.
I thought we lost you.
Don't scare me
like that again, okay?
Also, I checked
those numbers again.
And how did you know
the rig wouldn't--
Dres... Sometimes you
just know the answer.
You don't have to wait
for the math to catch up.
Oh, it's good to have you back.
Doctor Anderson, you saved
millions, billions of lives.
Thank you.
When you're feeling better,
I'd like you to come to D.C.
and help us better prepare
for something like this
in the future.
-Bring Peter.
And your brother.
I'll think about it,
but no promises.
Yes, sir.
We'll be there.
Sophie, Josh!
Oh, my God.
Well, I guess that's our cue
to head to the vending machines.
-Thank you.
-Hey, Peter.
Uncle Dresden!
-My gosh!
Come here.
I'm so glad you're okay.
We're here.
You did it, Milly.
We all did it.
Well, I'm going to give
you guys some time alone
so I'm just going to go down
the hall, but I will be back.
And you're all going to
be seeing me a lot more.
So I'm going to go.
How did you know there'd be
just enough oxygen to get back?
Dresden told us
what you did, Mom.
You're very crazy.
But I love you.
Yeah, I didn't know.
But I couldn't let the world end
with all of you still on it.
Marking the
one-year anniversary
of the Seattle Shake,
Space Needle reopens
its doors to the public.
Our very own Dr. Milly Anderson
will cut the ribbon.