Plata quemada (2000) Movie Script

They called them The Twins.
They were always together.
But they weren't brothers.
They didn't even look alike.
All they had in common
was the way of looking,
the still eyes,
the lost glare.
El Nene was a renegade
of family and class,
the stray black sheep.
He was pale
as if he'd been in jail
longer than he had really been.
Angel wasn't even from here.
He was heavy, quiet,
very superstitious.
He always saw bad signs
that got in his way.
They bumped into each other
the first time
in the station toilets where
Nene used to go for sex.
Angel was wandering.
He'd run out of money
and had nowhere to go.
Nene offered him refuge
in his flat.
Moved, almost as a warning,
Angel confessed his secret.
I hear voices...
all the time...
inside here.
Coming or not?
That night Nene and Angel
slept together.
They were never apart since.
They're The Twins to everyone.
Everybody knows:
They work together or not at all.
"Life of mine, far away
I love you more.
Life of mine,
think of my return
I know gold
won't have your kisses
and that's why
I love you more.
Life of mine,
I even hurry the breath
bringing near the moment
of the happy caress.
You're my life
and I want you
by my side
and this way drown
my solitude..."
Lady Luck is strange,
she comes when least expected.
Seven million.
You don't see that dough
Lots of money.
Are you sure?
Seven million at least.
All the wages of...
Florian Barrios was
a tango singer.
He'd been on radio and TV
and even made a record.
He soon fell into drugs
and lost his voice.
His cousin was big
in the Peronist party.
As a city administrator,
he found out all about the money
at a finance meeting.
Florian needed
a gang he could trust,
some professionals
to take care of everything.
The operation must be safe.
If the information isn't right...
I checked it myself.
Fontana was the invisible man,
the magic mind.
He kept his distance.
Only he could have set up
the pay truck robbery in two days.
Once, by mistake,
Fontana went to prison
with the political prisoners.
He met Fernando Aguilera there.
Nando, a lawyer
and a dedicated nationalist.
Recruit new ones.
Guys who've never met.
With no time to know each other.
I can't do it without Cuervo.
Take Bazan off then.
They know each other too well.
Nando provided the contacts
with weapon dealers, hideouts
and the deals with the police.
Have you ever heard
of The Twins?
Among crooks
to bury yourself
means to hide
until it's time to strike.
To bury, disappear
until it's time.
You must wait till they
leave the bank.
Don't mind the guards.
They are two old guys
ready to retire.
You get them here.
No other choice. Got it?
The idea is for it
to look like an accident,
so we can surprise them.
Am I right?
Oscar Di Pasquo, alias Cuervo,
was chosen as a driver.
On an operation like this
the man at the wheel
makes the difference
between life and death,
between escaping
or being trapped.
Cuervo got a Chevrolet
in Lans,
from a guy who bought
stolen cars off the police.
Cuervo was a sedative addict.
He took almost a jar a day.
It gave him
a quiet vision of life,
and turned him
into an excellent driver,
Blank mind. Cold blooded.
Equal to none.
Those days Cuervo also had
an extra advantage:
A flat he shared with Vivi,
his girlfriend.
It could be a hide out.
Cuervo said the flat
wasn't watched by the police.
Fontana was definite about it:
He asked them all to be there,
even Vivi who knew everything.
Want some?
The worst is the day before,
when everything's set
and all that's left is to do it.
I want a bigger bill.
Cuervo knows he should
sleep to be rested up.
He should check the car,
study the roads,
alternative routes,
short cuts.
They try to sleep some hours
but they can't,
their bodies squeak
and they feel ill.
The worst is the day before,
Fontana thinks.
And he starts seeing things,
He isn't sure
about the gang he's hired.
But it's too late for doubts.
They're buried in the flat.
There can be no leaks.
From the beginning,
Angel and Nene slept together.
But in the last months
Angel has avoided any contact
with no explanation.
Something has broken
between them.
So now they're looking
forward to the heist.
When they work, they know
they're The Twins again.
Amigdala: Tonsil
Amigo-ga: Friend
Right on time.
Reverse! Reverse!
Get out.
The key!
- The dough?
- Help me!
The money, kid!
Drop him and get the money!
Shut up.
You crazy?
Wanna get us all killed?
Ever seen anything like this?
Stop it.
Brother, mind the carpet!
There must be over 7 million.
We came in through the garage.
Nobody saw us.
What did you want? To leave
a trail of blood for the police?
- I'll tell Vivi.
- Why did you bring him?
A wounded man
is a danger for all of us.
You know what must be done.
Nene knows.
Even Angel knows.
What were you thinking?
Nene left me no choice.
Who gives you choices here?
Me or a couple of fags?
- What's that?
- It's for the pain.
What are you doing?
there's a bottle of whisky
in the room, bring it.
Be still.
- Want to do it yourself?
- No.
- Then scram.
- Well, I...
Are you deaf?
Sure you don't want a hit?
I prefer the pain.
Because of the voices.
It keeps them away.
You didn't do it.
So why are you cleaning up?
You said you had to study.
What would we do in New York?
I don't know a word of English.
You'll have to help me.
I can't even go to the toilet
without you...
How do you say
Twins in English?
There it is.
Just a bit more!
Just a little bit more!
Hold on a little! Hold on!
Here we go!
I got it!
A little bit more!
What did I tell you?
Stay put. When the worst comes,
I'll tell you.
Try to sleep now,
you need it.
Try to sleep.
Competent as a doctor, too...
It was nothing.
Just a patch. He's O.K. now.
What are you two,
husband and wife?
Are we famous yet?
Yes, in bold print.
''Two officers killed
in the line of duty.
Aldo Racco and Sebastian Ponce.
Sleazy trio...
chaos, destruction and death.''
They were expecting us.
As I got to the van
they were pointing at me.
If it wasn't for Angel...
It's pretty obvious.
They kill us, let Cuervo go,
and say he split with the money.
Who wouldn't believe it?
They wanted to screw us.
That simple.
Nando is coming. Let him in.
I like that.
The name of the trio:
Chaos, Destruction and Death.
I'm Chaos.
Nene was there, staring.
Just now?
At me?
I told you he was a fag.
You think
all good-looking guys are fags.
Wait a minute.
Don't underestimate me.
I have a good ass too,
remember that.
Go on, call him.
You'd like a threesome,
you little slut.
Yes, yes...
Easy, easy.
Did I say something?
You want to know the latest?
We're terrorists.
Says who?
Chancho Aguirre,
on the radio.
This gang acts
like a secret
my dear journalist.
Everyone is interviewing him!
Commissioner this,
Commissioner that...
Nene says they were set up,
that they nearly got killed.
He's covering up.
We'll have trouble
because of him, he knows it.
He's screwed it,
he's scared of us.
- He should pay.
- You suggest we turn them in?
We can also kill them.
Who's going to kill them? You?
It's no good.
It's out of Aguirre's hands.
He'll have to kill us.
All of us.
He has a lot more to lose
than his share of the money.
If they find he was in,
he'll kill us all.
And that includes you, Nando.
We're lepers,
police murderers.
To Uruguay. As soon as possible,
with all the money.
For the Police, the robbery
turned into an obsession.
The death of the officers
was a red ember in their hands.
Any croissants, Elsa?
There aren't any left.
It's been busy today.
They moved fast,
with all their might.
The usual suspects
were the first ones down.
They wanted results.
No, not now.
Pressed by the situation,
the corrupt officers
dropped Fontana's name.
They had no way out.
But they couldn't reach him.
- Is Chancho in today?
- He's in his office.
All the evidence they had
was the military machine gun,
the one Angel left behind.
Florian Barrios was seen
by a witness
testing a similar gun
at a shooting range.
Florian was the one
who could take them to Fontana.
Florian was the key.
Vivi knows now why Cuervo
didn't want to mention Uruguay.
But she doesn't repent
making him tell her.
She wanted him to resist
and say nothing.
He should have protected her.
She always knew
truth was dangerous.
If she knew nothing,
she'd have said nothing.
"Whose fault is it, then?"
Vivi thinks.
But she doesn't feel guilty.
She doesn't feel anything.
Even if Cuervo kissed her, now,
she would feel nothing.
Buenos Aires.
It's shit.
Worse than Bilbao,
worse than Marseille.
Buenos Aires is a prison.
The streets
are like a prison yard.
People move quietly, dryly,
Iooking cautiously
as if to avoid being wiped out.
I wish I never come back.
In English "I wish"
is said "I wish".
"I wish" means "I desire".
I desire Nene.
I wish he leaves Buenos Aires.
He's like his city.
He hates himself, he feeds on hate.
I want to save him.
I can save him.
Somewhere else.
You shouldn't smoke here.
It's not advisable. The light.
Spirits can spot you. The spirits?
- Yes.
- Do these spirits swim?
They float.
They're lighter than water,
and they shine,
they follow you,
as if you were one of them.
Since when
do you believe in ghosts?
Angel's fingers
always smell the same.
They smell like saw dust,
like gunpowder.
Like blood, like sex,
they remind me of things.
The toilets at Constitucion,
the jobs, the road,
cheap hotels,
getting undressed,
Thank you.
This is Mr. Losardo,
my friend Fontana.
What are you looking at?
Don't you know
the cold makes it smaller?
Want to keep on looking?
Saw the pictures?
You saw them?
They're everywhere.
Remember I'm
doing this for you.
Any problems and I'll know
who's to blame.
You stare because you're dumb
or because you're a fag?
Or both?
Tell me.
I'm curious.
Scientific interest.
Got it from the old man.
Is being queer
and retarded connected?
Or just the luck of the draw?
Because it's really bad luck.
Angel! Cut it out...
Stop it!
Stop, you can't, Angel!
So, were you born like that,
or did it grow on you?
- That's it!
- I'm just telling him...
Did you hear him?
I'm no retard!
- He called me...
- A fag!
I called you a fag!
That's it! A fag!
A fag!
I'd kill you if it
weren't for the old man.
I'll stick this
up your ass, fucker!
Stay out of sight
five days, at least.
I need time to get the I. Ds.
So be still.
You can't be too careful.
We'll keep in touch
through Nando,
it's best.
If you see this face again,
- it's a bad sign.
- We can't wait that long.
Five days. Ten. A hundred.
It's the same for you.
You're moles.
I want you under cover
and out of the light.
Cuervo, what is there
to do here?
What's good here?
Hold on...
- You write their numbers?
- What else is a phone book for?
Gabriela, Gladys, Gloria.
They're all whores!
The fullest address book
in Latin America.
So weren't you so in love?
Vivi has my heart
but I have my cock with me.
Not all of it, for what I saw.
"The search goes on
for the bloodthirsty gang.
It is assumed... ''
This is an Argentine paper.
This one on the other hand...
''Argentine gang
searched for in... ''
This paper is Uruguayan.
See for yourselves?
So, they know where we are
and anyone can recognize us.
They've got Vivi!
On the street,
in this building,
even going out to the balcony
is dangerous.
I must do something.
- That means...
- Are you deaf?
That means the girl told them
what I ordered you...
What I ordered you
not to tell her!
She should never have known
we were coming to Uruguay.
Under the circumstances,
our discretion is crucial.
If you want to leave
this country alive
you must do exactly what I say.
They aren't formalities.
It's a matter of life or death.
1 st rule: We're invisible.
We can't be seen, not at all.
Don't show yourselves.
2nd rule: We're mute.
None must hear us.
The world must think
the flat is still empty.
3rd and final rule: We're alone.
There's no world outside for us.
Let me look at the wound.
Let's see.
It's better.
You're not studying at all.
You should.
Study what?
When we get to New York,
we're going to need it.
We must speak it perfectly.
Pass off as...
Our new papers will have
other names, right?
I want to choose my own name,
to confuse the voices.
Who, me? Wrong, wrong.
You've got the wrong guy.
Angel? What Angel?
I don't want to hurt him
but I can't help it.
I also feel like it. I want to.
But I mustn't.
The voices are not to blame.
They say I should,
they say I shouldn't.
They call me "fag",
"fairy", "saint".
They want to confuse me.
But I know what to do.
The semen. You have to save it.
It's sacred.
Nene doesn't get it,
I'm trying to save him.
No semen, no God.
Semen is sacred.
Most of the time it's waiting.
Waiting for the hit.
until the heat's cooled off.
Waiting to move the money.
Time is exhausting,
a lost battle.
Like in jail, you wonder
how to fill the time.
What are you staring at?
You have a cop's soul.
You can't count on your body:
You can't fuck, you can't cry,
they're above you,
you only have your head.
And you think crap
but you think.
If I had to explain all I thought
while I was inside
it'd take the same time
I was locked away.
You start imagining things:
What you lost,
what you left behind
when you put your life on hold.
A robbery,
step by step,
1 and 1000 times, like a movie.
The building of a house,
brick by brick.
A woman,
every detail of the encounter:
Words, movements, colours.
You live in your head.
That's what you become,
a head,
a skull.
In jail I went queer,
drug addict, gambler, peronist.
I learned
to fight to death,
to play chess,
to smash the face of anyone
who looked at me the wrong way.
To make little figures
out of cigarette paper.
To fuck standing up.
To lose myself in a book
and never come back.
And I built houses in my mind
only to blow them up again.
We came to Uruguay
with no papers,
we can leave without them.
It's not just the papers.
It's the whole structure
in Brazil... housing,
you'll be dogs.
Who'll give you asylum?
What's the fuss?
It's just a few more days.
Do you think they can handle
two more days here?
Guess who's here now,
in Uruguay.
Chancho Aguirre!
What do you say?
He's here in Montevideo,
with Interpol.
I told you, didn't I?
Don't fuck
with Chancho Aguirre.
He wants... all the money!
Talk to Losardo.
Put pressure on him.
That's why I pay you.
The sooner we leave the better.
- Nervous.
- What?
The cough. It's nervous.
I had it as a kid.
Steam baths.
- It opens up the chest.
- Where are you going?
- To get some air.
- Are you nuts?
You said two days.
That turned into five.
Now it'll be 7 or 10 or 20.
I'm surprised at you.
What surprises me
is that we're still waiting.
Why do we need passports?
Our faces
are all over the country.
Policemen of all kinds
are after us. They're pissed off.
They want to charge us
for the two dead cops...
They want the money. Need I go on?
What's wrong with you?
You aren't like the others.
You use your head.
Want to know
what my head tells me?
At any time they could
break down the door and kill us.
What keeps the Uruguayan
from handing us in and keeping
- a bigger share?
- There are codes.
Only 1:
Save your skin
whatever the price.
I want to see the streets
a while.
Now that I can.
Do you like it?
I don't know. I can't see
shit with these glasses.
Fucker! Asshole!
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
Let's go.
What'll you have?
- Here?
- Sure. Where else?
Something stronger.
- Raw alcohol?
- And a match!
Buy some tokens
for the shooting game!
Loser pays!
Don't take too long.
Come in, ladies and gentlemen.
Come and see.
How much would you pay
to know your fate?
Pay what you like. The gypsy
will tell you what you want to know.
About love, life...
No. This one.
What do you see here?
What does it say?
Two Pesos.
The blood of Christ!
What are you looking at?
Do you hear me?
Pervert, fag!
Are you going to cry?
You left me alone.
I looked for you...
I ended up in a cinema.
Let me fix your wound,
it's bleeding.
Hey, it's me!
You know,
in Africa they use
a simple technique to trap monkeys.
They make a hole in a wooden
box and put a banana in it.
The monkeys put their hand in
and take the banana.
When they want to take it out,
they can't.
Their fist gets stuck.
Getting free is simple,
just drop the banana.
But they don't,
they stay in the trap.
Got it?
Sometimes letting things go
is smart.
I thought it was a story
about human nature.
The way it always
betrays us.
Have it as you will,
but think it over.
Chancho Aguirre
is pressing ferociously.
if you give him the money...
Would that be the end?
- If it wouldn't...
- Why me?
Why not tell this to Nando,
our contact.
He's a good guy, Nando,
but he's broken.
If they break once
they're lost for good.
People who can't take the pressure.
If Nando falls
don't wait a second longer.
Pack your things and scram.
God forbid.
He's Chancho's only chance
to get to you.
So? What do you say?
Ken Brown. Hi- Fi.
Diamond needle.
Stereo sound. It comes
in this ear and this one too.
You know how
I learnt to speak Italian?
These guys taught me:
Bobby Solo, Luigi Tenco, Modugno,
Don't you ever
forget this, Nene.
Lots of Gassman!
You play Gassman
and babes get...
It's 211 for the police.
Want me to dial?
Central Police Department...
Let me in.
Are you better?
Cleaning the wound?
Will you go on with this?
What do you want me to do?
Tell me. What?
Talk to me, Angel.
Say something.
Say something.
Lots of queers in this bar.
Do they bother you?
Just an observation.
It's not the first time
I see you here.
Just an observation.
You are not from here.
You're from Argentina.
It's obvious.
Your accent with words like:
Want, can, kiss...
- What brings you here?
- I'm passing through with fabrics.
What are you doing here?
I live here.
This is my home,
my bed,
my pillow...
Let's sleep together.
You're handsome, porteo.
If I like a man I think
what our children would be like.
Pale. Clear eyes,
like the sun.
What's your name?
Giselle, around here.
But not for you.
You can make up a name.
I've got two kids.
They don't look like me.
They look like her.
My wife.
I like the way you lie to me.
Most men
Say they're single
as if I were stupid,
and didn't know
they were escaping.
You like men, don't you?
Sometimes. So what?
Are you alone?
With my twin brother.
Angel. My only family.
He's always after me.
He says I look after him.
He knows me, the bastard,
as if he'd given birth to me.
He knows what I want before I do.
He knows what I'm going to do...
It's hard for me.
He's not an easy guy.
Now he's not well.
If you talk to him
he won't answer.
He hears voices,
but he's not crazy.
The voices talk normally.
They guide him.
Sometimes I think
I'm one of the voices
inside him.
I'm the asshole,
I don't get him.
What more could I want?
I'd do anything for him.
I'd get myself killed.
You're in love, then.
Open them.
That's it, that's it...
That's it.
I'm here, I'm here.
Yes, I'm here.
I'm here with you.
At 21, he set up a kiosk.
At 22, he got married.
At 23, came the baby.
Disgusting, that kid.
You know
those garden sprinklers?
He was like that
but with vomit.
Then the kiosk burned and
he came begging with his baby.
Give me a drink.
I said:
I have no cash,
but I can give you work.
No, he had
his morals and principles...
Fuck principles!
You must feed the kid, I said,
so he can vomit.
Easy on the speed,
there must be cops.
Don't listen to him.
- Step on it.
- You crazy?
Step on it
and let's get out of here.
No stopping until New York.
How far is it? 12,000 km?
12,000! Let's do it!
Wooh! Listen to it.
It's like the one in Sorpasso!
I always wanted one like this.
Ah, Nene! Gassman!
What are you doing?
I love you but not enough
to let you kill me.
You speak Spanish?
Next time you fuck up,
I'll drop you in a ditch.
Where's Cuervo?
We have to follow him
around like...
And you're winding him up.
Are you going out tonight?
What do you do at night,
when you go out?
I went to the cinema
the other night.
Did you meet people?
Do you want mine?
I think that...
Last night...
- Was it tough?
- No.
The usual.
Your voices.
My voices?
Am I the only one
who hears them?
What about you?
Don't you hear voices
making fun of you?
Voices that criticize you?
That confuse you? ''That's wrong.''
''lf you carry on like this
you'll lose him.''
''He'll find someone better,
you'll see.''
Go and get him.
I'll get the car.
...Get out, kid!
It looks different from here.
It's like a Martini ad on TV.
I once got drunk on Martini.
I thought I'd have blondes
in bikinis
coming at me,
and I ended up in a hospital.
Oh! I fucked the nurse,
she was gorgeous
and had a huge ass.
Shall we make a move, guys?
Want me to choke?
I don't see the old man. And I'm sick
of everyone giving me orders.
We're going.
Fuck me, right?
Am I just the driver?
I may be untimely, brother,
but I feel it all in here.
Do you think
it doesn't hurt?
That I don't miss Vivi?
Seeing you on a honeymoon.
I'm not blind.
I have to take you for a drive...
to the beach...
Look, that lovebite...
You don't get those marks
carrying heavy bags.
I really screwed up.
I can only guarantee, Angel,
that I didn't do it.
I may be a lot of things but I don't
fuck asses that belong to my friends.
Or is it his?
Who fucks who, here?
Look at me.
Why don't you look at me?
Put that away.
You'll fuck everything up.
Talk about me but you two
are worse than me.
Come on, don't be an asshole.
Let go. Let go.
Everyone to the floor!
To the floor!
Nobody move!
May I help you, Sir?
Excuse me, Sir!
So much history in your skin.
Like a book I can read.
An open book.
With no end.
- You think so?
- I don't know yet, it's still blank.
- It's uncomfortable to write on.
- I can help you.
I write on you.
You write on me.
Is that an offer?
I have nothing to give you.
How do you know?
I better go.
- This isn't good for you.
- Scared? So?
You're not the only one.
Fear has us all like this.
And you love
someone on top.
Hit me. You won't be the first
or the last...
Hit me. Think I care?
Pain wears off. It vanishes!
Now it's my turn. Let's play
your game. Hit me.
Leave me alone.
- Come on.
- Leave me alone!
I wasn't going to hit you,
I swear.
You don't get it,
go away.
I don't know what happened to me.
It's not about you,
leave me alone.
I want to die.
- Nobody dies here.
- Shut up, stop lying!
Nobody's going to die.
What do you care if I die?
Leave me alone.
Stop it!
Don't you get it, asshole!
I want to die,
go away!
Don't lie to me, please.
I'll be left alone and it's worse.
I have a lot of money.
I have to get out of here.
I don't have much time.
My brother's gone.
Come with me.
I want you to come.
What do we have to lose?
Is it very early,
or very late?
I was waiting for you.
I'm leaving,
they've got Nando.
This place has had it.
It's just my share.
The guys?
I was waiting for you.
Why me?
I can't talk to the others.
They're grown ups.
- They'll manage.
- They don't know a soul here.
They know Tabare,
he'll be more help than me.
The old man,
the Uruguayan,
says if we hand the money over
we can negotiate.
I don't know, and between
the doubt and the money...
You surprise me.
- I expected more from you.
- What else can I do?
To stay is suicide for me
and for you, you know it.
Each one must mind
his own ass.
It's for the best.
Are we going to kill each other?
Don't get yourself killed,
it's not worth it.
Good morning, gentlemen,
Your I. Ds, please?
What are you doing?
Tell me, what are you doing?
Stop! Police!
Step on it!
Hang on or I'll kill you!
What are you doing?
Are you crazy? Goddamn you to hell!
Fuck! Oh, fuck!
I'm the asshole
for trusting you!
Fucking retard!
You motherfucker!
I thought
you weren't coming.
Relax. Everything's fine.
Nothing's changed.
It's just a last favour.
I wouldn't do it
if I had a choice.
It's alright.
She'll go out to buy
some things.
You're going soft,
you let Tabare go,
he must be talking now.
You shoot an LP,
now, you let her go!
As soon as she sees a cop...
Is it you, Nene?
It's me.
I'll go psychotic,
I'll lose my mind.
Are you listening?
I was going to tell you.
You'd better stay
elsewhere a few days.
- Got somewhere to go?
- Who cares?
You got me in this, now.
- It's only for two days.
- The police won't care.
Then we'll go as planned.
- I'll give you money for a hotel.
- Just what I expected.
It's all the whore needs.
As long as there's money...
Why did you lie to me?
All you wanted was a house.
O.K. I'll go.
Where will you go?
You don't get it. With those two,
you wouldn't get past the corner.
My cousin has a house
in Rio Branco
close to the Brazilian border,
it's safe.
I know how to cross
avoiding any controls.
We could go...
but not all of us.
The cops are looking for 4 men,
a couple has a chance.
Man, woman, you and I...
- Would you do that for me?
- Yes.
- You could get killed.
- Yes.
What's up, Angel?
Is that Angel?
Your twin brother?
I'm Giselle.
Did he tell you about me?
No, I see he hasn't.
Giselle is a secret,
but he told me about you.
Is it true you hear voices?
What do they say?
I'm curious.
Shut up.
He suffers for you.
Did you know?
He says he can't understand you,
that's why he wanted
to leave with me.
He'd had enough.
We were...
Shut up!
Let her talk...
Wait for me.
You have to choose.
Fucking fag!
Go, it's better for you.
Be careful who you talk to.
If you talk,
I'll find you wherever you go.
If you talk, I'll find you.
It's me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me, please.
Has she gone?
- Is she coming back?
- No.
- Did you care for her?
- No.
She was just a place to hide,
that's all.
Truco, goddamn it!
Candy from a baby...
We've got to teach the kid.
Hey, can you play Truco,
it's our national card game.
You'll never understand
Argentines if you don't learn.
First you must learn a few rules.
The strong cards
are the ace of swords,
the ace of clubs...
- The 7 of swords.
- Aren't we going?
Wait up. It's still early!
This is how you count envido,
like this, you see,
this would be 27.
When you've learnt the rules,
the different bets
and hands...
Then you shove all the rules
up your ass.
You have to lie!
The one who lies best wins.
That is the question.
Nobody there.
Don't answer it.
It may be a client
of your friend's.
We can rob him.
Who is it?
- They say it's the police.
- Are they selling raffles?
The lights!
Turn off the lights!
Fontana, Salvo, Di Pasquo,
I repeat: We know
you're in apartment 9,
you're completely surrounded,
you've got no escape.
- The hall?
- Full of cops.
- The roof too.
- Thousands.
This is it.
A bullet for each cop.
World War III.
About time.
Take it easy.
They can't touch us
while we have the money.
They're like ants.
All Montevideo's police
must be out there...
Go to work!
You bullies!
Give me a drink.
Let's shoot!
Wait! I'll tell you when.
We've got your money!
I repeat, you can let us
know your decision
by waving a handkerchief
or picking up the phone.
If we have no answer
in five minutes...
Shut up! Christ!
Give me stuff to burn,
so the gases go upwards.
You're like
the last of the Mohicans.
Police Station 22...
She's here. Perfectly...
You can go now.
I can't hear anything.
The voices, they've gone.
Perfect silence.
Why whisper?
So I don't wake them.
What is it?
You just lean on me
and I get a hard one.
It's mathematical!
Me too.
It's not the best time.
We were close.
We're not through yet.
We still have the money.
Now, come on!
You first, I'll cover you.
I'm fine!
Come back!
We're coming!
Are you crazy?
I'm fried, beat it.
How much do you earn a month?
You'll get killed for...?
I'm rich,
I'll die a rich man!
Are you deaf?
Finish me off and go.
I don't want to be patched up
and end up in jail again.
Give me the gun then.
This one.
I'm rich!
The gang has displayed
an uncommon degree of violence,
which our cameras now
show you live
in our unique production.
The four Argentines are still
resisting the law.
Many police have fallen
but there's no official report.
We can still hear shooting.
Police will enter the building
any minute now.
Come on.
You want the dough?
Is that what you want?
Come and get it,
sons of a bitch!
Come and get it.
Come and get it!
Look at the money,
Iook how it flies!
Burn, you trash.
Burn, Chancho!
Burn Chanchito, burn.
Come and get us,
sons of a bitch!
Sons of a bitch!
You want the money?
Is that what you wanted?
are you alright?
and you?
Move away from there.
Nene, listen to me.
Can you hear me?
I'll get you out of here.
Do you think
I'd leave without you?
Can you imagine Chancho's face
when he sees just ashes?
I hear...
Shut up!
There are no voices,
not any more.
You can't hear them anymore,
can you?
Hail Mary, full of grace
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou
amongst women
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now
and at the hour of our death...
Yes, of course.
Always, what did you expect?
We're nearly there,
we're almost there.
In a few minutes
we'll be far away from here.
You'll see.
You'll see
how far away we'll be.
You'll see.
You'll see how far we'll be.
This is a true story.
It took place in Buenos Aires
and Montevideo,
between September 28th
and November 4th, 1965.
Only the names
and few situations have changed.
Processed by C.M.C. - Paris.
Eng subs ripped by