Play (2005) Movie Script

Times were hard but modern.
Italian proverb
Hello Mr. Milos.
How are you this morning?
It's OK.
You look well, don't you?
It looks like summer suits you.
Do you want me to read for you?
There's your tea.
"This morning we came
across fresh human tracks,
they were all pointing
in the same direction
we were taking in the
Brazilian virgin jungle,
in the western sector of
the Amazon river basin."
"In front of me, the guide walks
on a plane with a fast pace.
A pleasant change after
the steep hill sides
by which we have advanced
with difficulty during days."
we are the only people who
have passed this way, he says.
Us, and the Indians.
Our column of 34 men
advances in silence
in a row
that gets lost in the forest.
You can only see one
or two men at a time.
The rest of the committee
has been swallowed
by a curtain of branches
that, like a huge anaconda,
hanging thirty meters down..."
Hey, tuck your legs in, man.
Are you sad?
Don't be sad.
It is sad.
It doesn't have to be sad.
There are things which are sad.
They don't have to be.
Some things have to be sad.
I love artichokes.
They're flowers, aren't they?
No, they're buds.
The flower comes afterwards,
it is a kind of monster...
a violet monster.
In fact, Pliny, the Elder
considered them a monstrosity of nature.
He ate them anyway.
All the Romans ate them because
they believed them to be aphrodisiac.
Last night I dreamed of a piece
of butter melting in the sun.
That doesn't mean anything.
I have to go.
- And your artichoke?
- I don't have time.
You leave the best part?
You eat it, OK?
Yes? Jimenez, I'm on my way.
Have you heard the news?
No, what news?
Your company doesn't want
to accept our conditions.
There you have it.
I didn't know.
I'm not part of the company, Vargas.
I'm under contract, just like you.
No... not like us.
That's why I'm telling you, so you know.
What are your plans?
They got an ultimatum and if they
don't comply, we'll strike.
Do you feel OK?
My wife left me.
There are worse things,
Don Tristan, much worse.
See you tomorrow.
Son of a bitch.
Excuse me?
See where we meet, Walter.
You thought you'd never see me again.
You're confusing me with someone,
I'm not Walter.
So what's your name now?
Tristan, as it's always been.
Dressed so fancy, good
outfit, good shoes.
You've been doing w
ell, haven't you, Walter?
Who would have thought, motherfucker!
- Excuse me, mister...
- Mister... think I'm an idiot?
Who do you think I am?
I'm the poet, asshole,
don't you forget that.
And the poet sees... beyond.
You don't know who you are,
Walter. That's your problem.
Don't touch that!
That belongs to Walter, give it back!
Within this area of the rain forest
live no more than 1350
non-contacted natives.
The majority of them descend
from the survivors of
the massacres perpetrated
during centuries by white foreigners.
The Indians took refuge
later in the steep territory
where the sources of the rivers lye
and avoid all contact
with the outer world.
But violent confrontations
only represent a part
of the deaths that
the native communities
have undergone because
of the foreigners.
Most of them died because of epidemics
like common flu
which they had no defenses against.
"They all coughed, they
all died", he remembers.
Many Matis died, we never knew why.
Hello mother.
Fine and you?
How are my cousins?
Is auntie going to sell, then?
But she needs the money.
You can't fight over that.
It's your decision.
The old man is well. He's sleeping now.
Why do you say that?
How could he die if I take care of him?
But you dream nonsense.
Remember when you dreamed
I gave birth to a chicken?
I like Santiago, mom. When
are you going to understand?
I wouldn't be of any help there.
I don't know how to do anything.
Next week I'll send a bit more.
You can buy presents
for my cousin's children.
I've got things to do here.
I'll call you another time.
Hey! What's your name?
What's your name?
Manuel Candia.
I have seen you before.
- At the downtown arcades.
- Yep, I go there sometimes.
- And what's your name?
- Cristina.
- Cristina what else?
- Cristina Llancaleo.
Nobody knows you, ah?
No... almost nobody knows me.
- I live here, in that building.
- In which floor?
The 5th.
Ah! You take care of
that German old man.
- I think I saw you once.
- He is Hungarian.
But he looks German!
I haven't seen him for so
long I thought he was dead.
He is sick and he can't
come outside anymore.
Before, I used to take him for walks.
But now he stays in bed,
he doesn't even speak.
He doesn't say a word?
Sometimes he makes like a weird noise.
Before, he used to talk a lot.
Now, he just listens.
How do you know he can listen?
Maybe he is dead
and you're talking to a corpse.
He is more alive than I am.
He even laughs sometimes.
You can tell he thinks a lot.
And that noise he makes.
I think it comes from his head.
- Don't you ever go out?
- Yes, I go out.
With your boyfriend?
No, by myself.
And where do you go?
Downtown, to the arcade,
Or to walk around.
You are a very weird girl.
I know.
- How do you know?
- I've been told so before.
What are you having?
Don't know... a vodka.
How would you like
it? With tonic, ice...?
Plain... no, with ice.
There's no vodka here.
Sorry, your...
You like it?
My husband has one just
like it here, on his arse.
It's a promise.
You don't have to leave so
soon, it's also your house.
Where do you plan to go?
To my mother's.
I thought you didn't get along.
That was before.
Before what?
Just before.
You feel all right? Sure?
- Does your head hurt?
- No...
Nothing hurts.
You're weird.
I feel weird.
I quit smoking.
Yes, just now.
I don't feel like it anymore.
That's good.
Can you give me money for the bus.
Mom, it's me Tristan.
And your keys?
You had keys.
Yes. Ten years ago.
Have we met?
Does it hurt?
A bit.
You didn't fight back?
Because you were afraid or
you didn't want to hurt anyone?
What's the difference?
Was it a matter of
principles or cowardice?
You were always a wimp.
You would cry over anything.
When you saw someone else
fighting you would cry.
It's true!
When his brother argued with me,
Tristan always cried.
What an asshole!
Why did she leave you?
She says we're stuck
because I don't like change.
She's right. You never liked change.
She says I'm not enthusiastic
and I am negative.
No, not true.
You were always a
happy and curious boy.
And she fell in love
with another guy,
a Russian.
A Russian? Nonsense,
there are no Russians here.
Can I stay here tonight?
Here, here where?
My room's still there?
of course you have your room
and you can stay, my love.
I'm OK with this,
but at least you could ask.
- Ricardo!
I love family life.
Where did you pick up that guy?
- What do you think?
- Gross!
Don't patronize me!
Mom, he's drunk!
Still, he takes care
of me, makes me laugh.
And he's handsome.
- We'll see when he's sober.
- We all have our vices, my love.
- Are you from the South?
- Yes.
A real country girl?
A real country girl.
Is it nice there?
What do you mean "no"?
Have you been there?
No, but everyone loves the country.
Because they don't live there.
It is beautiful for a weekend.
But in winter you're locked in,
waiting for the rain to stop.
It is not horrible! There are
trees and... all that shit.
There are trees here
too, it's full of trees.
These are just tiny crap trees.
Don't believe you don't like the South.
You just pretend to be special.
I like the food and I like horses.
But that's it.
And you're from here?
- From La Cisterna.
- And you like it?
It's not the same!
Everyone knows the South
is prettier than La Cisterna.
I don't care what you say.
I have always wanted to go to the
South. And I will keep wanting to,
but really south.
Where the forests are.
What are you want in the South?
Santiago's beautiful.
If you go there,
you'll end up poor
and cold
and smell smoke,
or wet wool.
Everybody has that smell there.
What do I smell like?
You smell like here, like Santiago.
Like deodorant, soap,
cream... like plastic
and also like a car.
You mean like a bus.
You're fucking smoke addicted.
Is that your pet?
No, my work.
Are you a vet?
No, a magician.
A magician?
Yes, a magician.
Give me your hand.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Hi! This is for you.
How caring...
Last night I dreamed of
the giraffes in the zoo.
I think the last time I saw
them was about 30 years ago.
Do you know they're
quite stupid animals?
Who said that?
I saw it in a documentary.
No! They are so calm...
I find them so pretty.
What would you rather be,
giraffe or panther?
The giraffe is not very strategic.
You can see it from anywhere in Africa.
Try to hide with that neck...
But they have a panoramic view.
From up there they
spot the enemy sooner.
I would prefer to be a panther.
I prefer that diet.
A panther, a giraffe... and me?
What would I be? A tree.
Evergreen or deciduous?
Which are those? The ones
that loose their leaves?
But they grow back again.
But half the year
leafless, ugly and cold!
Wearing the same clothes
the whole year is boring.
Always green... No.
Besides, green doesn't suit me.
Laura... you are wearing green.
Oh! I didn't see myself.
Adjective or verb?
Why? What is an adjective?
It's just a detail, a side note.
The essence is missing.
Not thing, nor action.
Pass me the bread.
Pass me the bread...
Where's the adjective?
Non existent, you see?
Pass me the fucking bread.
Well, there we have
the adjective: Fucking.
Pass me the fucking bread.
Hi, I'm sorry.
So late...
That's the Chilean way.
How old are you, Tristan?
I don't remember.
Seriously, I'm curious.
I was watching you swim, like a son...
Then I thought... this
guy must be my age.
- Younger.
- But not much.
- So what?
- Nothing.
I just thought...
it has to be difficult,
living with one's mother...
I couldn't live with my mother.
I couldn't live with
your mother, either.
You're clever, kid...
That's fine,
it's good for nothing, but it's fine.
- What's it good for?
- Nothing.
Clearly that attitude
is not useful for life.
Just look at you.
Your mother always told
me how brilliant you were
and for what?
Unemployed, alone.
Obviously it's not working.
So what works?
What works, Tristan, is
strength. Endurance. Guts.
All the rest is just decoration.
They can save you in the short run.
But this is the long run.
And you know who gets there?
The strong ones, we get there.
- We get where?
- Wherever we're going, damn it!
we're always moving forward.
A cruel world has condemned me.
Without compassion it has sentenced me.
But I don't fear.
To die of love.
And as my life is being judged.
I only see one way out.
Against my heart.
To die of love.
To die of love.
It's to die alone in the dark.
Face to face with loneliness.
And cannot beg for mercy or compassion.
You are the light and
inside me it is getting dark.
Your love is a flower and I am falling.
My life is worthless.
To die of love.
You taste like beets.
My wife left me this week.
Was she pretty?
She was pretty, intelligent,
a good talker, a good cook,
she told good jokes,
good memory, good voice, good teeth,
she beats me at ping pong and at chess.
She knows all the capitals,
even the Africans.
She makes her own
clothes and cuts her hair.
These girls, they are reducing us.
Consuming us.
They want us to be small.
Like you, asshole.
Look at yourself.
Are you Walter?
You are just like him.
Sometimes, when I've drank a lot,
or at sunrise.
I feel like the top
of my head is melting.
on the crown, I get a
soft spot like babies have.
Look, touch.
And I think I could...
scratch inside my
head with my fingers.
Then, my head starts to itch inside.
It's a strong itch,
deep inside my brain.
Does it itch now?
A bit.
Why do you look so awful?
This is my true face.
- Are you all right?
- Better than ever.
- Do you want to talk?
- Yes.
About us?
No... about anything but us.
OK, tell me something.
Last night, a moth got into my mouth.
Did you swallow it?
No, I still have it inside.
Show me!
If I show it, it will fly away.
Now it will starve to death.
Shall I let it free?
I'll do whatever you want.
You have changed.
Yes, I don't have a moustache anymore.
Look, look. Did you
see that dog over there?
He's eating his own shit.
- How do you know?
- I can see it.
No, dummy,
how you know it's his own shit?
You're right...
it could perfectly
be another dog's shit.
Or human shit.
Could be.
What would you prefer?
To eat your own shit or someone else's?
Let's say...
But if you had to choose.
Just imagine two piles of shit,
you have to eat one
otherwise you're killed.
Which one?
Or mine?
The better looking one,
less disgusting, dryer.
If both are creamy and liquid?
Then I'd eat my own.
You see? You see?
- What?
- Nothing.
People used to mould
their skulls in diverse manners
throughout the Tiawanaku territory,
Blom explains.
They would wrap their baby's heads
with rope or would tie
them to a piece of wood
to give them a particular shape.
Later, as adults, they would use hats
adjusted to the particular
shape of their skull.
One of Blom's skulls
has a long tubular shape,
reminding us of a volcano peak,
maybe altered to look that way.
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Laurita.
Happy Birthday to you!
Moses and Samuel, go to the rabbi.
Moses says: "Rabbi, can
I ask you a question?
Yes, go ahead, Moses.
Is black a color?
Yes, it is.
- Is white a color?
- Yes.
Look Samuel,
I sold you a color TV."
May I introduce my partner.
The rabbit.
That's so nice of Eduardo
to come to my birthday.
You were here?
- What are you doing?
- Resting a little.
Ah! Parties...
Beautiful inside
and horrible outside.
As soon as you get away a little,
they seem ridiculous, don't they?
To be honest,
your friends exhaust me,
inside and outside.
You exaggerate,
I heard you quite well
with that humpbacked girl.
Which girl?
She who came with my fat cousin.
You were talking about the reconquest
of Chile by the Spanish companies.
How you know she's humpbacked?
Dunno, I just guessed.
Was she?
Yes, a little bit.
She was so boring.
I had to come here to rest.
What about you, Tristan?
Social life also tires you?
I want to show you my presents.
Later, the door bell's ringing.
Stay Laura!
You got up, Mr. Milos?
Mr. Milos?
Your breakfast.
It's over, Mr. Tristan.
They won. You must be glad.
I wasn't against the strike, Vargas.
You didn't need to support us.
It's not your fault.
What happened?
People are tired.
Without a job you think too
much, things get complicated.
You know, Mr. Tristan,
thinking is exhausting.
When you work there's no time
for that. Even if it's bad payed.
People prefer it,
it's a shame.
I'm also tired of thinking, Vargas.
Then... tomorrow you get up early
and come straight here, to rest all day.
Last night...
I dreamed about chickens
eating out of my shoes.
They were tiny.
Go home, Mr. Tristan.
See you tomorrow.
Bye, Vargas.
I'm late.
It doesn't matter.
How are you?
Don't know.
How did he look?
I've never seen a corpse.
He looked like someone else.
Older, smaller...
and sort of dry.
What will you do now?
Not sure.
Stay with me if you want.
No. The lady says I may
stay a few days.
And after that?
Find another job, I don't know.
Lets go south.
Really, let's go south.
See your mom.
No, I can't.
Why not? I would go
with you straight away.
- You don't love me at all.
- It's not that.
I have something to do here.
I thought we could live
together, in the country.
Have children.
Yeah, poor children.
It doesn't have to be like that.
I'm not lazy.
That's how it is.
Things are not that complicated.
Yes they are.
I'm looking for Tristan Grimberg.
He is not here.
This is his mother's
house. He doesn't live here.
Who is it?
Does anyone know him?
I know him.
Tristan Grimberg.
Marital Status?
Amapolas 2029, Las Condes.
Your relationship
with the patient?
I mean, acquaintance.
Do you think he'll die?
No, but that's what I think.
The name of a person that is
about to die looks different.
I can feel it
when I fill in the forms.
But you'll have to wait
until the doctor checked him.
Any number of a relative
or friend we should call?
No... no.
Excuse me.
I found a telephone number.
It is his girlfriend's.
Her name is Irene.
As you wish.
Am I dead?
I don't think so.
Who are you?
Do I know you?
I don't think so,
Almost nobody knows me.
But now I know you.
Hello Cristina.
Hello Tristan.
I walk a lot.
Me too,
I like walking around in Santiago.
I like it too.
Maybe we met in the streets.
Are you a nurse?
Yes, I'm your nurse.
That's good.
I have been needing
a nurse for so long.
I know.
How do you know?
It shows.
Are you going to stay with me?
I don't think so.
I don't want to be alone.
I'm not going to leave you alone.
Sleep now,
you have to rest.
Are you sure he's OK?
I didn't say OK, I said not in danger.
Is it true what the say?
They say so much...
That he jumped by will.
All I know is that he was
up and then he was down.
I don't think so,
Tristan is not like that.
Like what?
Like that...
self destructive.
You never know that...
until you know it.
What do you mean?
Nothing, I mean nothing.
Didn't you quit smoking?
How do you feel?
Do you feel well?
Why isn't he speaking?
I forgot to tell you.
The patient doesn't speak yet.
And nobody knows anything?
Why don't you ask her?
She brought him in.
Excuse me,
have you brought him in?
No, it's not me.
You are taking me for someone else
I came with the gentleman here.
What was she like?
She was...
a pretty girl who came alone,
but she left without notice.
- Is this the patient's suitcase?
- Yes.
Thank you.
Don't forget that
visiting hours end at 7:30.
And that it is forbidden
to smoke in here.