Play It to the Bone (1999) Movie Script

Good morning,Las Vegas. 5::58 in the a.m.
Gonna be a scorcher today,84 degrees at sunrise.
It'll be 100 degreesby fight time.
Who do you like tonightat the Mandalay Bay?
Mike Tyson at last returnsto Vegas.
Ringside seats goingfor 5,000 a pop.
Gonna be some heat tonight,ringside.
Fuck! Freddy !
Man ! What--
Freddy, shit, man !
I leave you alone for one hour.One friggin' hour, man.
You throw it all awaylike this?
Now what we gonna do? Huh?
Yeah, shit.
- Hank ain't gonna like this, man.-
Ain't gonna like this.
He's dead, he's not dead?What?
He's got drugs comin' outof his ears, Hank. He's so OD'd,him and a couple of hookers,
they don't even know I'm standin'here talkin' to you, man.
- You let him out of your sight?-Just for a minute.Just for one little minute. I swear.
- That's half my undercard fight.- I know. I know.
- Who the hell's gonna fightChiquito Rosario anyway?- I don't know.
- That's Arum's fighter.- Who's keepin'an eye on Chiquito?
I'm sure Arum's got somebodywatchin' him like a hawk.
- Tell me what you got.- Male Hispanic, mid-'20s.
Smell of alcohol.
Aurelio Chiquito Rosario.
- Chiquito?- Yeah. You know him?
He's the welterweight champ.He's fightin' Freddy Greenon the Tyson undercard tonight.
He's not fightin' anybody. He tooka ten-count from that light pole.
- Hey.- Did you see All My Children yesterday?
- Johnny never misses. Check him out.- Johnny.
- Did that bitch leave the doctor ?- Which bitch? Which doctor ?
That little blonde dick breakercalienta pelota.
- You know. The one who'salways in a bad mood.- Yeah.
- She left him.- She left?
- She took a hike.- Sorry, man.
What an idiot.Anyway.
Yeah.Just a minute.
Phone call for you guys.Joe Domino.
- What?- Joe Domino.
Joe Domino doesn't want to talk to me,not in five years. Not since the Garden.
- You fucked up in the Garden.- Well, fuck you,I fucked up in the Garden.
Nonetheless, it's Joe Dominoand Hank Goody from Vegas.
Okay. Gimme that.Hello?
Hank and Joe, fellas.I gotArtie here. You know,Joe's guy.
Hey, boys, it's Artie.How you doin' ?
- Uh, not too bad.- Fine, I mean--
Glad to hear it. Now, you knowI speak for Joe Domino, right?So we got a little thing--
This is Joe, fellas. You guysever take a fight on short notice?
- How short?- 6:00 tonight.
I need two guys. You put ona really good show. You guysnever fought each other, right?
- Well, for money you mean?- Yeah.- No !
- For the sheer goddamn amusementof it ! Where's my cup?- In your hand, sir.
Uh,Joe, do you mind not sayin'the Lord's name in vain?
My sincerest apology. Now, if we couldget outta Sunday School for a minute,
I got a hundred grand for you guysto split, but you gotta getyour asses over here now.
You guys there?Undercard to Tyson.
- You'll be seen in 109 countries.- Hundred and ten.
- Uh--- We are there. Yeah.
No. No, no, no, no.We're not there. Listen.
Give us five minutesto talk and call us back.
- Hey ! What are you doing?- Uh-- Wh-Wh--
Who are these over-the-hillfucks?
Wh-What the hell are you doing?I mean, 50 grand.
Fifty grand. When was the last time thatyou had offered that kind of money?
This is nothin'. This is nothin'.We can make a better deal.
- I know these guys.- Come on, man. Come on !
They wouldn't be callin' usif they didn't need us.
Nobody's wanted to seeVince in three years !
And nobody's wanted to see Cesarsince the Garden !He fucked me at the Garden !
You know, they think they'restill names. They ain't names.
We are names to them.They need names on the undercard.
What-- We are names to us.We are not names to them.
No, no, look. Answer me this. Answerme this. Why did you bulk up to 163?
W-Well, because I-I-I want anothertitle shot, and I got a better chance--
Yeah, right. And middleweight'snot as crowded in the division.That's why I dropped down.
- So, so.- Six pounds. Okay. So--
- Yeah.- This is it. The phone call.We got 'em by the "ca-hoy-yes."
- Cajones. By the cajones.- Cajones. Yeah. Whatever. Look, look.
Boxing is not just about fighting. It'salso about business. So watch and learn.
- Right?- You have to-- You have to--
All right, boys. It's Artie here again.You're on the speaker phone.
- Listen, we want a better deal.- I'll get two stiffsto bleed all over each other.
- Artie, get me two bums off the street.- No, no, no, no. It's okay.
It's okay. And we have been talkingabout this, and the money's fine.
-No. The money's not---No, no, only-- There is something else.
This is Hank, guys.What do you want?
Yes, Hank. Hi. Uh, listen.We want a hundred grand each.
Twenty-five thousand each.
No, no, no. We want a hundredgrand each, and we are firm on this.
Twenty-five thousand.That's my final offer.
Twenty-five is your final offer ?How could-- You just said--
- Twenty-five, twenty-five.- All right, look, look, look.Fifty's fine.
You got a deal.What else?
All right. We want a trip to theHoly Land for two. Uh, okay, for one.
And we want a donationto Mother Teresa's charity.
Fuck you !
Forget the whole thing !The deal's off !
I should never have calledyou guys in the first place !
Jesus Christ,Joe.You got shmuts all over the phone.
Okay, okay. Look. No. There's onlyone thing that we really need here.
And that is, uh-- Okay.We want a guaranteed title shotfor the middleweight championship...
of the world for the winner ofthe fight between me and Cesar.
- Tell these guys to go fuck themselves.- Wait a second.
- Turn off the speaker.- Hold on for a second, boys.We'll be right back.
You know, I-- I just wanna cry.How can you blow it so fast?
- I mean, how is that possible?How is that possible?- Hey, would you relax?
This is the artof negotiation.
- The art of negotiation.- Patience.
What does it matter ?These guys'll fill the hour anyway.
As long as Cesar doesn'tdo a Garden number on us.
Vince has never been stopped.Whoever wins, we'll feed himto the middleweight champ,
and he'll eat himlike raw meat.
'Course we'd have to get them ranked,uh, for the title shot, but--
I-I don't see a problem.
We set aside 750,000for Rosario and Green.
We saved ourself a bundle.
Hell, I could get Julie hereranked with a phone call.
Julie's already ranked,in my opinion.
- Thank you.- Hit the goddamn button.
- Vince, Cesar,you there?- Yeah. We're here.
You're smart guys.I like smart guys. You got it.
- What did he say?- We got it.
- We got it? Yeah ! Yeah !- Yes ! Yes !
Okay, okay, look. It's gotta say inthe contract "guaranteed title shot."
- In the contract.- Yeah.
In language we can read. We don't likethat lawyer bullshit, all right?
And a translation in Spanishfor, uh, technical reasons.
Yeah. Right. And,Joe, don't messwith us. Okay? The Bible warns,
"The wicked shall fall by his ownwickedness. "Proverbs 11::5. Okay?
The contract will be clear.
Just get to the airport,and we'll pick ya up.
Gonna be great, guys.Gonna be great.
Oh !
Grace ! Wanna go to Vegas?
- Hey.- Vegas?
- Yep.- I love Vegas. Why now?
- There's a big fight tonight.- I know. You got tickets?
Actually, I don't need tickets because,uh, I am the one who is fighting.
Right.Who are you fighting?
Right.Uh, I'm fighting him.
- You're fighting Vince?- Isn't it funny?I'm gonna kick his butt.
- In Vegas.- In Vegas.
- Tonight.- Tonight,yeah. That's right.
- And you want me to go with you.- Of course I want you to come with me.
I need you. I need your eyes.I need your skin. I need your hair.
- You need my car.- I need your car. Uh--I need your car too.
I mean, we need your car.
- Yeah.- Boom, boom, boom, boom
There's a lot of moneyin Vegas. Investment money.
I'm gonna look for some venturecapital guys might wanna back me.
Still tryin' to raise moneyfor that dumb invention?
I have six patentsand six patents pending,
one of which, may I remind you, made meenough dough to buy my apartment house.
And we appreciate you takin' usto Vegas. Thank you, baby.
No problem. Vegas is the fastestgrowing city in America, and--
You know I gotpeople skills, so--
Oh, yeah, you got such good peopleskills, how come you can't keep a man?
Honey, it's the menthat can't keep me.
Uh, I am keeping you,sweetheart.
We'll see.
You know, I think this trip isgonna be a good chance for me...
to try out my new systemon the roulette wheel.
That's not a good idea,Vince, the roulette wheel.
This is a good idea. You got--You got black, you got red.
It's about a fifty-fifty shot.
And then if you--
Where-- Where we goin' ?
The geology's much prettier out here.You can see the striations...
- in the Calico Mountains.- Fuck the striations !
- We gotta get to Vegas !- What is-- What is that idea you got...
- about the roulette wheel,what is that?- Oh, okay, okay.
You got red. You got black.Okay, there's a fifty-fifty chance.
You miss a bet,you double up.
It's foolproof.
Key word: fool.
Grace, can you tell me again,why-- why are we in this road?
- Striations.- Striations.
Striations.Jesus Christ.
Uh... dear Lord,I said your name in vain.
I-- I-I fucked--I messed up.
I-- Uh, I won'tdo it again. Amen.
Very cool.
They're in...a fucking car ?
Apparently, yes.
Vince once had 14 car wrecksin 14 months.
Well,Johnny saidthey're with Grace, in her car.
Uh, Vince don't even havea license no more.
Grace ! Grace. That wouldn't beGrace Pasic, would it?
- Yeah.- She's still with Vince?That's amazing.
- No, actually she's with Cesar now.- I'll be a son of a bitch !
That chick always had a thingfor middleweights, huh?
Hey, Bobby, Sal.Go draw up the usual contracts.
Cesar, we need to talk.
Baby, I am not going anywhere.Let's talk.
- I think it's over.- Eh-- Wh-What?
I think it's overbetween us.
Wh-- Hey, baby,what do you mean?
Well, let's face it.It was a f ing.
- Nothing more.- No, no. I-It wasn't a f ing to me.
It was a f ing that could've developedinto something, but didn't.
Shit.W-We are just getting started.
No. We're justwrapping it up.
Don't I have anythingto say in this?
Baby-- Baby, I love you.Come on. You are the only one.
You are the one...a-a-and only.
Don't grovel.No groveling.
- Is this final ?- Well, nothing's ever final.
I said I think it's over.I didn't say I feel it's over,
- which would have been a muchmore serious problem for you.- Much more serious.
But when the thoughtsand feelings start swirling around,you gotta pay attention.
You know?Besides,you--
You don't love me.
But I-- I'm getting there. You know,step by step, little by little.
Honey. It's too late.
- Cesar ?-Oh, why
Pull over.
Is it something I said?
Oh, no, no.That has nothing to do with you.
He always criesthe day of a fight.
Oh ! Huh.
He's fine.
So what happened to himin the Garden?
Well, that's up for himto tell ya.
But, uh, I don't thinkhe wants to talk about it.
I don't knowif I can fight him.
You know, I'm afraid I'm gonna freeze upand pull my punches. You know?
We're tight. It's like--
Uh, the worst thing you wannafeel in the ring is compassion.
Vince, all you needis the bell.
Aah, it feelsunnatural.
Let's go.
Come on.
We've drawn up new contractson Boudreau and Dominguez.
Wanna check them out?
Uh, you sure you want to guaranteea middleweight title shotto one of these bums?
I promised 'em,if that means anything.
Well, we figured ! So, uh,we drew up two sets of papers.
One of'em uses languagewe can get out of if we wanna.
The other one also has languagewe can get out of if we want,but, uh, it's less obvious.
We figure they'll reject oneand accept the other.
- They're happy. We're happy.- Fine.
Hank, get our name fighters...
some legal.
Dante, is your licensestill good?
- Uh, it was recently reinstated.- Good.
You are now the attorney forVince Boudreau and Cesar Dominguez.
Well, uh, what's my fee?
We don't report you to thestate bar for jury tampering,
extortion, paying offstate senators,
sexual harassment,land fraud--
- Fair enough, fair enough.- That's a good deal.
I'll be more than happy to representthese two fine young men.
So when did thisJesus thing start?
Aw, you know,I was raised religious.
Sunday school, Bible study,guilt, the whole bit.
It didn't take long to realize that, uh,church was misrepresentin'Jesus,
'cause Jesus was all aboutnot judging...
and they were judgingeverybody.
So as soon as I figured outthat the church was a bunchof hypocrites, I, uh--
I started focusingon having fun.
So, you know,I partied, had--
had a couple girls,had a couple wrecks.
- A couple?- Well, a couple dozen.
I was wild.This was around the time I met you.
We had a good run of it,didn't we?
We were pretty crazy.
Yeah. Uh, well,right after you left me,
I, uh, ran into a treegoing 75.
I was so wasted I don't remembera thing till I was layin' on my back...
in a poolof blood and gasoline...
with the carrestin' on my head.
And I figured it's my time.But then I look up, and who do I see?
Jesus. And He's unmistakable.Right?
And He's-- He's lookin' downon me, and He's smilin'...
like everything's okay.
And then He lifted the caroff my head.
- Yeah.- Wow.
It was. You know,I see Him from time to time.
What's He look like?
Uh, just like in the pictures.Same deal.
Well, if you see Him sometime,would you point Him out to me?
Oh, yeah. Sure.Huh.
You believe in that, don't you?The whole battle between good and evil.
SometimesI'm not in the mood.
Sometimes I'm in the moodfor a warm bath, fresh robe.
Glass of wine.To be left alone.
- I love church music.- Church music.
It's too good for the church.Jesus wastoo good for the church,you ask me.
You know, He shook things up.He was, uh--
He was a anarchist, you know?And He, uh--
You know He threw the moneylenders outta the temple.
First thing He's gonna do whenHe comes back is torch the Vatican.
Vince ! Come on.
Aw, whatever.
Sometimes I miss you, Vince.
Sometimes I miss you.
You know, my mom died.
No, I didn't.I'm sorry.
She liked you the bestof all my boyfriends.
But you didn't.
I'm lookin' for something else.I don't know what.
The right man?
The right career ?
The right circumstance.I don't know.
But I'm lookin' for something.
Maybe you're lookin'for Jesus.
No. I am not looking for Jesus.
I'm lookin' for money.
One ! Two !
Three ! Four ! Five !
Six ! Seven !
I have come to the conclusion thatI am a truly underappreciated fighter...
and human being.
I love you, man.
I do.I love all Mexicans.
I love Mexicans too,but I am a Spaniard.
You speak Mexican, right?
No, Mexicans speakSpanish from Spain.
- You from Madrid?- Yeah.
And Madrid is in Mexico,right? Right?
Sure. Yeah.
And besides-- You know, I understandMexicans are our neighbors,
but what the hell did Spanish peopleever do to deserve to bein this country?
We-- We discoveredthis land.
- Italians discovered it.- And who paid for-- for the trip?
- Do you have your green card?- Of course I have my green card !
- Let me see your green card.- Why--- Guys.
- - Guys, cool it !
- Hey !- Get out of here. Come on.
- Cesar.- Yeah.
What happened to youat the Garden?
Grace, the sun is gonna kill us.
- Can you get this top up?- Yeah. Good idea.We shouldn't be in the sun too long.
What are you sayin'aboutthe sun? The sun is good for you.
Guys, I'm gonna stay in Vegas an extrafew days to make some business contacts,
so you guys can takethe car home.
I'll treat itlike it was my own.
Cesar's driving.
What did you want to doin Las Vegas, alone?
I can take careof myself.
- It's stuck.- Oh, yeah. She does that sometimes.
- Be gentle.- Yeah, right.
Hey, hey, hey.Not with our hands.
- We gotta save our hands for tonight.- All right.
Then elbow the son of a bitchlike you'll be doing me tonight.
Hey, I am not a dirty fighter.All right?
It's not dirty to elbowon the inside.
You know, like I've been showin' you.Roberto Duran had the best elbowsin the business.
Careful.Come on.
Get off the paint job !That's sassy-grass green !
You just gotta coax it.
Hold on.Come on, sweetie.
Come on, baby.Come on, baby. That's it.
- Now, you see? You see that?- Good girl.
She's really, really behaving weirdwith me. I don't understand that, man.
Well, get used to it, man.I've had that my whole--
- You know--- Well, it's an advantage to you.You have to recognize that.
- Let it go. Let it go.- I don't have time to let it go.
Only thing you can dois let it go.
- That's all you can do.- Yeah, you got-- You got six years--
Well, you gonna hang onto it? You gota big night tonight. Don't hang onto it.
- Let it go.- Corazon.
- So let's talk about the Garden.- He don't wanna talkabout the Garden.
Y-You're leaving me and you'reasking me something like that?
Well, I'm curious.I wanna know.
All right, fine. Don't tell me aboutthe Garden. I'm not gonna ask you again.
You know, there werenot enough tough fights in Europe.
The boxing environment,there was almost none.
That's why I movedfrom Madrid to Philadelphia,
because the best fighters inthe whole world are from Philadelphia.
I mean, if there is two guys you'venever heard of fighting each other...
and one of them is from there--
You bet on him.Isn't it right?
- Ah, that's true.- So, I was 23 years old.
- I was 19 and 0 and 16 knockouts.- Wow.
And I had the best management.I had the Duvas in my corner.
I was on the cover of Ring magazine.Remember ?
And-- And this motherfucker...
Joe Domino came calling.
Ah, he was one of the biggestpromoters of all of them.
And, uh, now he said to me that ifI left the Duvas and signed with him,
he would give me a title shotin Madison Square Garden.
New York. You--You imagine what that means !
- You know?- Right.
The-- The Duvaswere pretty upset.
They-- They said thatI was a couple of years away,that I needed more experience,
and they were probably right,but...
I broke from the Duvasand signed with Domino.
I was ready.
In the red corner,the challenger,
with a record of 19 winsand no losses,
sixteen by knockout,
from Philadelphiaby way of Madrid, Spain,
Cesar "El Califa"Dominguez !
Dominguez !
The guy in the Garden,
after he says your name,he says it again.
He says, "Dominguez.Do-o-o-min-guez !"
- Oh, my God.- Dominguez !
It was so cooljust to hear your name so big.
You know, in front of so manypeople. Oh, my God, so good.
So good. You know, the championdidn't look like much.
Roberto Velario !
And I didn't care, you know?I was ready.
I beat tougher guysin Philadelphia.
All right, touch 'em up.All right, good luck.
Cesar, listen. This next 36 minutesis gonna change the rest of your life.
If you've ever listened, you listen now.You understand that?
- Yeah, yeah.- We prepared for this.This guy is older than you.
He's not as young as you.He can't stay 12 rounds.
But one thing he can do ishe can think, and he can set you up.
He's gonna come out. He's gonnathrow a few jabs at ya.
He's gonna shoot a right hand in frontof ya. It's a fake right hand.
That's not the danger.The left hook is the danger.
Don't let him move you back to yourright. Don't ! Not even for a second.
Because if you do, it's gonnabe over. Do you understand that?
- Go out there now,and let's get a title !- Yeah. Yeah. Come on, come on.
- Let's go, let's go ! Come on.-
So the champion comes out, and then...
I start circlingto my left, uh,just, uh,
keeping my left footoutside his right foot.
And just like the guy said,you know, he just fires a jab.
Nothing. And another jab.Nothing.
And another one. Nothing.And then a straight right hand.
And I slip it, and-- and here he comes.You know, the left hook.
And just like the guy said, nothing.Hit my shoulder. Powder puff.
- Powder puff.- Powder puff ! Nothing on it.You can hit harder.
In fact, you have hit harder.
Don't go there.
So I continue circlinga bit, you know,
sizing him up now,uh--
You gotta understand somethingabout this guy, Velario.
He's got a sweet face.He's like--
A little smile, almost,you know, when he's out there.
So another couple of jabs,just little flicks, don't do nothing,
and I stop circling for, I don'tknow, a millionth of a second.
Yeah. Here it comes.A straight right hand.
But, oops, the guy did a movementlike this, you know, and pulls it back.
A-And that's it. That's the feintedoverhand right my guy told me about.
And I am thinking at that point--I am thinking.
Because sometimes in the ring,
all time stops and--and you can think.
You can see everythingslow motion and--
And time stops.
And I-- And I am thinking,
"This guy--This guy ain't got shit." You know?
And then I'm thinking the otherthing my guy told me, you know.
That it's over.
That it's over. You know.
Cesar, get up !
Get up ! Get up,you Mexican motherfucker ! Get up !
I picked up the count at five,a-and I got to one knee,
and I'll get up at eight or nine,you know, get through the round.
And I thought I got upat nine.
- Six ! Seven !- Cesar, get the fuck up !
Eight ! Nine ! Ten !
- You're out.- You're a piece of shit.
- I'm all right. I'm all right. Come on.- You piece of shit.
- Get him outta here.- But I didn't.
I could not hear too good.
You motherfucker.
I couldn't hear too good. You know,you gotta play things all the way.
- To the bone.- Yeah.
You gotta play it to the bone.
And I thought I was.
I mean, it's just likethe blink of an eye. You-- You--
You take your eyes off the road and--and then you are in a car crash.
Thirty-seven seconds.That's how much I lasted.
Well, your fight was over,but your life wasn't over.
Yeah. But they thought thatI could have beaten the count.
They thought I was waitingtill ten to get up, so--
so it would look like I triedto beat the count, but I failed.
I-- I swear on my father's gravethat I--
I couldn't hear the count.
- I-- I couldn't.- Motherfucker.
Joe Domino told everybody I quit.
He said that I have no heart.
- Domino's a dick.- Yeah, but he's the man.
Yeah, the man's a dick.
You know something?
- Velario was a fag.- Oh, yeah?
- Nah.- Oh, yeah ! Men, women, whatever, man.
I got beat by a fag.
There's a lot of fagsin boxing.
There's not a lot of fagsin boxing !
Sure there are.More than average.
Wha--What is your proof of that?
- What's your proof of Jesus?- My proof--
Proof just confusesinstincts !
- What the hell are you saying?- Never mind.
You know, after Velarioknocked me out,
I became a fagfor a while.
Let's back this up.What did you just say?
Uh, I told you.I told you already.
No, y-you told me jack.You tellin' me you're a fag.
No, no, no, no.I was for a little while.
You know, I experimentedwith a lot of things in my life.
Experiment-- Hey, hey, Grace,did you know about this?
- Sure, I knew.- You know, I mean, it only lastedfor a year. I didn't dig it.
Well, if you didn't dig it, why didn'tyou quit after five seconds?
You know, uh-- You know,I got a dick up my ass,I don't need a fuckin' year...
- to figure out whether or notI like it !- Well, I was trying things !
You know? I mean, you gothumiliated by a fag,
and you figure that maybe he knowsthings that you don't know, huh?
Hey, look, hey, hey.I get knocked stupid by some fag,
it doesn't make me want to dropto my knees and suck some dick!
- Lighten up !- Jesus ! I--
Oh, dear Lord,I just said your name in vain.
Please forgive me.It won't happen again.
I-- I was-- I looked after you.Why didn't you tell me about this?
Because I thought you'd go offlike you just did. And besides,it's not your fucking business !
- Oh, not my business.- Christ, I never got arrestedfor assault and battery and dealing.
Hey !The drug charges were dropped !
- I'm sorry !- Guys, cool it ! Calm down !
My best friend's a fag.
- Goddamn it !- Goddamn it.
- What's the holdup, man?- I don't know.
So this isa total blowout, man.
Jesus Christ, fix it !
- I can't fix it. I don't know how.- Oh,you're so incompetent !
- I don't care ! It's a stupid car.- It's not a stupid car.
- I paid $100,000 for it.- But it doesn't work! Call Triple A.
- Triple A? I-I-- What is Triple A?- Oh, my God.
You don't know what Triple A is,then you are stupid.
Uh, uh, where you going?Huh?
Y-You said you weregonna rock my world in Vegas !
What about our sexy tripto sin city?
- Hey, what can I do for you?- Waffes.
I'll have a lot of waffesand some oatmeal. Need them carbs.
- Yeah, me too. Waffles and oatmeal.- Okay.
You know what Sugar Ray Robinson,the greatest fighter of all time--
-you know what he used to havefor a meal before he fought?- No.
- A glass of blood.- Mmm.
He used to have it everycouple of days for weeks...
in training campbefore he fought.
- Along with the waffes,I'll have a glass of blood.- Large or small?
- Large.- You know what? We're out of blood.
- Out?- Out of blood?What kind of joint is this?
I'll have, uh--
- Hmm. Oatmeal.- Oatmeal.
- And waffes.- Good.
- All right. Where's your ladies' room?- Restroom's outside.
- Excuse me.- Miss you already.
- Hey, you should've told meyou're a fag, man.- Oh, man.
I am not a fag just because I triedsome things a few years ago. Come on.
- Some things?- Yeah, some things.
You ever hear that saying, "A man buildsa thousand bridges and sucks one dick.
To the world, he's nota bridge builder, he's a cocksucker."
- No. No. I never heardthat old expression.- Very well-known.
- It's very well-known.- Can you take a chamomile teaand just take your rosary...
and go outside and pray a little bitand leave me alone for a while?
All right, whatever. You know what,your jab? Your jab, it don't scare me.
Your fucking left hookdoesn't mean shit to me.Everybody knows it's a limp dick.
Why you havin' waffes?You never have waffes before a fight !
You are having waffes.I'm having waffes.
Oh, yeah. I teach you everything I know.Now you gotta eat what I eat?
Exactly ! You told me just to copy thegreat ones and to study the great ones.
- So I am having waffles.- Kiss my ass.
I might do that. You know? Becauseever since you shaved your head...
you look so prettyand I love you so much--
- I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.You're still a fag !- You are obsessed with that.
- You are obsessed with that !Yeah ! Yes, you are !- I'm not !
You are obsessed with that !That's gonna happen to you.That's gonna happen to you.
Hey, I'm not obsessed. You know what?I'm obsessed with one thing...
and one thing only,and that's gettin' another title shot,'cause I can beat Campas.
Yeah, but you cannot beat meto get to Campas, so who gives a shit?
You know what? I really wishyou believed in Jesus Christ,
- because you'd feel much lessdepressed after I bury my fist--- Who had the waffles?
We all did !How fuckin' tough is that?
There you go.
You guys hate each other yet?
You don't have to hate another manin order to destroy him.
- It's just the sport of it, right?- Right.
Good.Let's eat.
- Excuse me.- You're excused.
Grace. I-If you have tobet on tonight's fight,
uh, who do you thinkis gonna win?
Me or Vince?N-N-No bullshit about it.
Be straight with me.Me or Vince?
He's gonna kick your ass.
- No.- Too much experience.
- I'm quicker.- He can take a punch.
He'll slip your jab, work your body,and he's a great counterpuncher.
I'm sorry, Ces.Just circleto the left, and you'll be okay.
- Circle to the left.- Yeah.
But, uh, who isthe better lover ?
Me or Vince?
No contest.You.
All right !
St-Stay right there.
Stay right there !
Grace, come here.
Come here !Hurry, damn it !
Well, I--I am the better lover.
What is it?
- He was here.- Who?
Jesus !He was right here.
Jesus?Maybe He's hiding.
He doesn't hide.
- Hey.- Shit. Jesus !
- What happened?- We missed Jesus.
Oh ! Oh, right.
- Shit.- Oh, right.
Hey, fuck you.
No. I mean,Jesus was hanging outbehind the Mad Greek restaurant...
in Baker, California,
halfway between Death Valleyand Las Vegas, right?
It's as good a place as any !
- Right.- I believe you.
- She believes me !- Well, she's a girl !
- I'm a woman !- She's a woman !
You know-- You know what?You have to carry a video camera...
- to record these sightings, you know?- Hey !
It's not a fuckin' U.F.O. !It's the Son of God !
Besides, if you're Spanish-Mexican,then you gotta be Catholic.
And if you're Catholic, then you gottabelieve in the Virgin of Guadalupe,
who appeared 500 years ago,not 2,000 miles from this very spot !
I'm a atheist !Thank God !
- No shit.- No shit ! So give me a break.
- Oh, I'll give you a fuckin' break.- Vince. Hey, Vince !
- Hey !- I'll break your fuckin' nose.
- What is that finger ?What'd that finger mean?- Guys !
- What the--- Tell me ! Huh?
Hey ! All right !That's it, for fuck's sake.
Save it for Vegas.You got a title shot and 50 grand !
What are you thinking?Five hours you gotta wait !
Yeah. $50,000, man.
- That's a lot of money.- Yeah.
The title shot.The title shot. The title shot.
I can waita couple of hours.
-Just don't tell me I don't see Jesuswhen I see Jesus.- All right.
- All right.- And who cares if he saw Jesus?
- And who caresif he sucked some dick?- Hey, I didn't suck no dick!
I don't want any details.Okay? No details !
Shake hands.
I said shake hands,for Christ's sake !
Goddamn it !
Now let's eat some waffles !
Uh, it's rejected.
- What?- Your credit card.Do you have another one?
No. I paid my bills.Just run it through again.
I run it through three times.It's dead.
- It's good.- It's bad.
- Are you saying I don't pay my bills?- I'm calling the owner.
The Mad Greek?Fine. Call him !
- But just don't saythat I don't pay my bills !- It's not a lot of money.
- Why don't you just pay cash for it?- Because I don't have any cash.
I thought I'd get cashin Vegas. Guys !
- Pay the check.- We left in such a hurry--
You don't have any money?
- We need gas !- Well, I guess you guys...
are in a little bit of troublethen, ain't ya? Huh?
- I'll write a check. It's fine.- No checks.
- I'm callin' the cops.-
I'll pay the bill.
I need a ride to Vegas.I'll pay for the gas.
Just leave the top downso I can get some sun.
Anybody got any coke?I could use some blow.
No cokeheads in this car.Just former cokeheads.
- "Former."- Aw, come on. You got any weed?
No, no, no.
You guys are squares.
Anybody wanna fuck?
- Honey,just relax.- I just wanna have a little fun.
Just relax.
Ooh, hey.Check it out.
Little Miss Asia.What do you think?
- Muy calientita.- Muy calientita.
Whatever.You know what?
I love black hair,black eyes.
Ohh. Mm. I think that's why thingsdidn't work out between me and Grace.
Aside from the fact that she dumped me,you know, she doesn't have dark hair.
It makes mea fuckin' lunatic, ya know?
Black hair. Just see thosewhite panties come slidin' down.
There's that jet-black bushsayin', "Hi, there."
Hola. Hola.
Well, personally,I don't care what color it is.
I gotta have her.
Well, maybe after the fightyou guys can hook up.
No, no, no, no, no.Now.
- Now?- Now.
We fight in-- Grace,how long till the fight?
- Uh, about five hours.- Five hours, man.
I'm not talkin'about a quickie here.
I thought we were not supposedto get laid for a coupleof weeks before a fight.
- Says who?- Everybody knows that.You know, it's an energy thing.
All of the great onesgot laid before they fought.
I mean, the more,the better, man.
- You never told me that.- Yeah, well, I thought you knew, man.
The words go together:champion and pussy. Champion, pussy.
- Think about it. It's a natural.- Oh,Jesus Christ.
- Hey, hey, please.- Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about that.
Anyway, I gotta hammer this chick.And obviously she ain't picky.
You know what? If you'regetting laid, I'm getting laid.
- What?- Yeah.
Look. This ain't like waffes:Just 'cause I do it, you gotta do it.
What? I-I don't want you to haveany kind of advantage tonight. Any.
Well, good luck, okay, because Grace haschecked out on you. She's feelin' it.
- Maybe not. Maybe not.- Maybe so. Maybe so.
- Maybe. We'll see.- Yeah. We'll see.- Yeah.
Hey, uh, so--wh-what's your name again?
- Lia.- Oh, Lia.
That-- That's beautiful.Hey, uh, Lia,
I couldn't help butnotice your outfit.
- It's--- Oh, thanks. I made that skirt myself.
- Really? Can I-- Let me just touch--- Uh-huh.
- Oh, that's nice. Wow.-
- Any word on the undercard guys?- Nothin'.
- Tyson?- He's at home. Just spoke to him.He's ready to go.
- And Rustikov?- He's scared to death.
Who's my datefor the fight tonight, Rudy?I can't keep track of these things.
Your wife.
- My wife?- Yeah. There's a lotof cameras there tonight.
I figured your wifewould be a good call.
My wife?You're right.
Good call.
I used to have the 1970426 HemiCuda, the Pink Panther ?
I got itmy first divorce.
Ah. Smells like freedom. Then I tradedit straight up for a GTO Ram Air Three.
You don't come across thosevery often.
Who'd have thought the Oldsmobilewould come up with a muscle car ?
It's unbelievable.
Listen to this.
That's beautiful.
I don'ttrust a quiet car.
Oh, I am so hungryfor you, man.
You're "so hungry for" me, "man" ?What is that supposed to mean?
It means that I want you,to make love...
and-and sex, you know?
- Now.- Go get me a quart of 30-weight.
- What?- Thirty-weight motor oil. Over there.
"I'm hungry for you, man" ? That ain'tgonna make too many women hot.
Goddamn it.Can we have a final moment?
- "A final moment" ?- Yeah. A final screw, a farewell fuck?
- No.- Why not?
- I'm not interested.- A hand job? A blow job?
A chicka-chicka-chicka-boom-boom?
Cesar, it was a nicethree months together.
Six. It was six months, honey.
But only threewere nice.
I mean, somebody tell mewhy that-- that Christian...
is getting laid,and a heathen like me is not?
- He's gettin' laid?- Grace. Grace.
You know what?You are too quick for me.
I am completely off-balance now.Why didn't you leave me tomorrow?
And I'm angry,and I'm confused now.
You fight betterconfused.
Oh,Jesus, he's my saviorOh,Jesus
-Yes, I love him.
- Where you going?- No, no, no. I gotta-- I can't.
I got-- I got--I gotta save something for tonight.
No, no, no, no.Come back here and take care of me.
No, no. It's not-- nothing personal.It's just I got-- I gotta get to Vegas.
It ain't a manly thing.It's nothin' to do with m-manly.
- Just--- Hey, you lovebirds !
- What?- We gotta hit the road.
Five more minutes, baby.
- See?- Come on, baby. Please?
- Oh-- Okay. Five minutes.- Three.
Okay. Okay.All right.
- Let's take care of you.- Mm, yeah.
Ooh. Right there. Uh-huh.
Ohh. Oh, yeah.That's good.
- Mmm.- Ahh. Ooh. Keep going.
So where you from?Vietnam, China, Korea?
- Oh, no. From Monterey Park.- Oh? What high school ?
Alhambra High till I dropped out.
- Alhambra High? What?You know Rob Moran? Clem Franny?-
Oh, yeah. Clem.He was a senior when I was a freshman.
- Right. He was in band.What about Doc Lawrence?- Who?
- Did you have him as a teacher ?- Yeah. Two-finger Doc, yeah.
I'm sorry.
I overreacted and--
And you know me.I have my ups and downs.
That's okay.
And I didn't mean what I said.We had an amazing three months together.
And twowere pretty good.
What are you gonna do after you quitboxing? Have you thought about it?
- No, not really.- Well, you oughta, maybe.
- You know?- Mm.
Vince is gonna become a preacheror minister or carpenter.
We know a contractor in South Gate'sgot a job waiting for us.
I mean, if I becomethe world champion,
there will bemore opportunities.
But I wouldn't lose the name ofthe contractor, you know? Just in case.
Vince wrote it down.
And if Vince tries to drag youin his roulette wheel system,
don't listen to him.
- I feel good.- I got a little baby joint in my purse.Anybody got a light?
No, no. No marijuana here.You know? We might get somein our hair and our skin...
and fail the drug test and haveto give the money back.
- Forget it. No way.- Drug test?Where are you guys going?
- We're going to a fight.- Who's fighting?
We are fighting.We are fighting each other.
- Why?- 'Cause they pay us.
We are professionals.
Then why ain't you flyin', huh?It's fast. It's cheap.
Well, you know, we like the countryside.It got a lot of striations.
Striations out therein the countryside.
- This countryside sucks.- Yeah, we like it.
Hey, are you famous?
Well, you know,I used to be. I was, uh,
I was ranked seventh in the worldfor over a year by Ring magazine.
- Hey, I wanna go to the fight.- We got no tickets.
That never stopped me.Hey, are you famous?
Uh, uh, I was ranked tenthuntil I went to the Garden.
What happenedat the Garden?
- None of your business.- You're such a bitch.
All right, that's it,you little junkie tart ! I didn'tlike you from the moment I met you,
and if I say it's noneof your business, it's noneof your fuckin' business, you got it?
- Hey, hey. Everybody relax.- All right, all right !
- What's so funny?
So, um, so how comeyou're not famous anymore?
It's noneof your fuckin' business.
He got robbed.That's what happened to him.
I got robbed.I got fuckin' robbed.
The championwas Skeeter Lewis.
He'd been duckin' me sinceI clocked him as an amateur.
I beat him three timesin the Golden Gloves.
Skeeter was quick, quick as a cat,but I got him in my kind of fight.
I got him on the inside.I put a terrible hurt on that man.
I wore his kidneys outall night. He--
He was pissin' bloodfor a week, he told me.
I figure out of the twelve rounds,I won nine easy.
Maybe-- Maybe I won 'em all. You know,and plus I knock 'im down in the eighth.
I'm on the vergeof being world champion.
Ladies and gentlemen,here is the decision of the judges.
Judge Wiley Braden scores the bout98, Boudreau, 95, Lewis.
Judge Arman Butterworthhas it scored 97, Lewis,
- Lewis?- 96, Boudreau.
Lewis. I'm goin' crazy.Ray Charles could call the fight better.
You know what?That motherfuckin' judge...
is in the promoter's pocket,but there is one more judge,and he has got to give it to me.
And judge Lou DeBelloscores 97, Boudreau,
- No ! That's bullshit ! Bullshit !- The decision is a draw.
I'll kick your ass ! You fixed it !You fixed it ! You fixed it !
A draw.
You know what happenswith a draw?
The champ stays. The champ.That's what fuckin' happens.
- - Fuck. Well, that's not fair.
Fair ?Nothing is fair. Nothing.
The only shot I got leftis winning tonight.
That is not going to happen.
- We'll see.- Yeah. That is the deal.
- Bullshit ! Bullshit !- Ladies and gentlemen,here is the decision of the judges.
The decision is a draw.
Get up !
Lights ! Hey,Mark, Mark, yeah.
You gotta work with me on this.I mean, if they're breathin',you gotta sanction it.
I mean, if they're standin',you gotta sanction it.
No. Okay. If they knowtheir ABC's up to "F"--
- Uh, what's happening?- Pit stop.
Vegas isjust down the road.
- Hey, why are we stopping?- Gonna freshen up for the fight.
Oh, come on.Let's keep going. We're almost there.
Don't whine.I hate whining.
- It's right there.- I feel like a bag of dirt.
- A woman can't go to a fightwithout lookin' like a lady.- "Bag of dirt. "
Hey, little Miss Dirtbag !
- What was that?- "Dirtbag."
How old are you?
Another five years,you're gonna be sucked out,
fucked out, doped out,lookin' for a handout.
Oh, but whata five years, huh?
That's a choice.Go for it.
Excuse me.I said, "Excuse me."
- I'm going to the ladies' room.- Ah.
- Twenty-five on East.- Twenty-five on Grace.
All right.What is it?
I justdon't like you.
- Ohh.-
I don't like youeither.
You all right? You all right?
Come on.
- Get the fuck off me, asshole !- What? I'm just tryin' to help.Come on.
Where were you five minutes ago,butthead?
- We were watchin'.- Fuckin' yellow--
- You're bleedin'--- Hey, bitch--Get off of me. Want some, huh?
- No, I--- Hey, bitch, don't forgetthat I bought you--
I bought you gas and waffles,all right?
You wanna freshen up?Freshen up this !
What are you lookin' at, Kojak?
Fuckin' asshole.
You think you got something?You got nothin' ! Like that !
Hey ! Hold on !
- I need a lift.- Come on in, honey.Let me give you a hand.
- Fuck off !- Bye.
- I'm gonna miss her.- Bye-bye, Madame Butterfly.
- She was nice.- What did she mean by this?
- You know, she meant like that.- That's not too big, really.
- Well, no. Flaccid.- Okay. Whatever.
- Oh, my.- Oh, my God.
My goddess.
Oh, wow.
I was overmatchedwith her.
- Yeah, you were.- You too?
Any guy in with any girlis a mismatch from the start.
- We're just not equippedto go the distance.- Wow.
We lost our friend,huh?
- Uh, no.- Uh, yeah.
So, how do I look?
Knockout, baby.
- Knockout. Incredible.- Really.
- Really unbelievable. Beautiful.-Just transcendent. Beautiful.
You rode most of the way.
- Excuse me. No, no, no. Excuse me.- No, no, baby.
- Would you--Would you get in the back?- Go ahead.
- I'm not gonna be invading.- We have-- We have here--
- Go ahead.- We have to respect thingsand the way they are.
- Go ahead.- Thank you. Thank you.
Where you been?
- Hey.- How are you?
- Doin' okay?- Everything's fine.
Cesar, Cesar. Yeah. Rudy.Hey, hey, Vince. Who the hell is this?
- That's my girlfriend,Grace. Her name is Grace.- Was your girlfriend.
- I'm Grace.- Hi, Grace. I'm Rudy.
- And we have a specialV.I.P. ticket for you.- Great.
And Hank Goody would like you to joinhim in his special, uh, pre-fight suite.
- Wait a second. What's goin' on here?- I gotta get these guys...
- to the doctor,and we need their physical.- Right. Right.
The commissioner's waitin'to certify them, so--
- Can I have a wordwith the little lady here?- What?
- Right quick, huh?- Uh, Cesar--
- All right. What?- Go get 'em, champ.
You keep your handsoff my girlfriend, all right?
- Ex. Ex-girlfriend.- I don't trust you.
- Ex.- Well, it's not official yet.
- What's up?- Hey, uh--
You, uh, think I could take him?
I think he's too quick for you,and he wants it real bad.
Still, uh...
I'm the better lover,right?
No contest.
- I still love you, you know that?- I know.
- So that's your girlfriend?- Yeah, yeah. It's my girlfriend.
Yeah, it's my girlfriend.What?
- They're talking. They're friends.They can talk.- Yeah.
You'd better go.
Eh, eh, eh, eh !I can see you ! I can see you.
You'd better go.
Vince. Vince, come on.
- What the heck is that?- Nothin'.- Here we go.
- Here we go. All right.- Oh, nothing? You were touching her.
- You were kissing her justright in front of me.- You wanna fight?
Yeah, let's fight.Absolutely. Let's fight.
They passed the physical.The commissioner sanctionedthe whole bloody thing.
We're home free.Right.
Hank, I have someoneI'd like you to meet.
- This is Grace.- Hello.
She's got some great product ideas,and she's looking for some investors.
- I'm Hank Goody.- Mr. Goody.
Hank to you. I'm always interestedin investment opportunities.
- What do you have?- Well, I have a prototypefor a new men's sock.
I have one in here, in fact.What separates this sock...
from all other men's socksis its unique design.
You see, it has a silk ankle, but it'sattached to an all-cotton athletic boot,
good for those men who sufferfrom athlete's footand can't have unnatural fibers...
or colored dyeson their feet.
- But still wanna look sharp?- Exactly.
Rudy? Rudy?
- What else have you got?- Well, I have a periscopefor watching TV in bed...
endorsed by the Chiropractors'Association of America.
- A periscope?- A periscope.
- Maybe we should find a bedand try out that thing.-
I'm not that easy.
- Lamps. Lamps. Al, hey.-
-Joe, how are ya?- Good, thanks. How you guys doin' ?
- Yeah. Fine.- Look. I need a little help.
I don't give a rat's asswhat the papers say tomorrow,but I want to look good tonight.
- Two over-the-hill white guys--- Hey, one of them's not white.
- He's, um... Latino.- Spanish.
Hey,Joe, I don't care what youcall 'em. Both these guys should retire.
No, no, no, no. They're gonna do great,but because of the tragedy to--
- Rosario.- Rosario. The tragedy ofsubstance abuse, etcetera--
Maybe after you dida little elegy, you could putthe best face on the substitute bout.
- I need to talk to Rattner.- Didn't Cesar Dominguez...
have a detached retina in his left eyea couple of years ago?
Not true. Not true.Hey, Mark! It's Joe ! Hey !
-Can he see?-Come on, guys.Just a little spin here.
Vince. Cesar.
How you guys doin' ?Physical went great.
Let me have your valuables.Put 'em right in here.Wallets, watches, jewelry--
- Uh, I left my walletin Los Angeles this morning.- My wallet is not with me.
- What about this here?You don't wanna wear this in.- Oh, yeah, right.
Put it in there.I'll take good care of it.
Okay.There you go.
- Thank you.- I got you some great cornermen.
Since I know on such short noticeyou might be a little unprepared--
- Not completely. No.- So you care who's in your corner?
- Actually--- Personally--- Good. Okay.
Lupe, you're with Vince.Jesse, you got Cesar.
The rest of you guys just kind ofwork it out, okay? Good.
Great cut man, by the way.Great cut man here.
Oh, great. Listen,the main thing is the contract.We wanna see about the title shot.
- That's fundamental for us.- I think it's importantabout the title shot.
Of course. Of course. I'll bring itto your dressing room in a few minutes.
Okay. Vince, you're in there.Cesar, you're in here. Okay. Let's go.
- Good.- Let's go.
Good. Great.Gonna be great.
You look strong, kid.
-Hey -
I can't read too good.
But Vince, you were readingthe Bible a minute ago.
I can read the Bible good, but I justcan't read other stuff too good. Wh--
- He's not gonna sign.- I'm gettin' worried here about the--
Stop it.Stop it.
Should I sign this?
You got no choice, man.Sign.
- Okay. Where?- I'll show you. I'll show you.Just be cool, okay?
Yeah. Yeah. Hey, okay.Looks good. I'll sign.
Got one word for you.I got it five times--
no, no, no, noand no, okay, asshole?
- Hang on. Cesar, my man !- Hey.
How long has it been, huh?Good trip? Everything okay?
- Huh? Been a while, eh?- You know how long.
The Garden, right?Fuck the Garden.
- Yeah.- Fuck the Garden. You're here.That's what counts.
Look. I want you to meetyour attorney, Dante Solomon.
- It's a pleasure.- This is your attorney, right?
- He's yours. He's all yours.- I'm yours.
- Do I get a choice?- There's no time.
Dante is one of the finest human beingsI have ever been associated with.
- The Man of the Yearin Clark County twelve years ago.- No, no. Eleven years ago.
- It seems like yesterday, huh?- These contracts are very sound.
- I studied them.- The only thing that matters to me...
- is the middleweighttitle shot guarantee.- Oh, sure, sure.
- See, it's right here.Look. Right here. See?- Yeah.
Here. "Within a six-month period,as sanctioned by the world'sboxing ruling bodies--"
- Etcetera, etcetera.- And-And what is allof this other 50 pages?
- No, no. This is the crossingof the T's, dotting of the I's--- Dotting of the I's.
- You know, all you gotta signa few more things and then---
- Why-Why all of thisis necessary? Why?- Goddamn it !
Goddamn it, Cesar,'cause I said so !
I've been thinking about you,Joe, for the last five years.
I did not take a divein the Garden.
I just got caught,like many other fighters got caught.
Happens every day all around the world.You know that.
You took a divelike you were lookin'...
for the bottom of the swimming poolin Beverly Hills, you fuckin' punk.
You embarrassed me. Now thisis your chance to redeem yourself,
and the only reason you'regettin' that chance is 'cause...
one guy's doped out of his mind andthe other guy's in the fuckin' morgue.
- Sign.- No, don't do that.
What? No,you're a dog, motherfucker !
Your fighters are dogs.Your whole stables are dogs.
- Fuck you ! Take that.- Cesar. Cesar.
- Sign.- Please sign, huh?
Where? Where?
- There.-
So we get up in the night.You know, gotta go to the bathroomabout 2:00, 3:00 in the morning.
I don't know if the bathroom'son the right, on the left,in back of me, in front of me.
So Edie says,"How much longer we gotta do this?"
I said, "Well, the first one of us thatpees in the closet, we're off the road."
See you, Steve.
Good to see ya, Hank.
Bobby's selling.Where are you staying?
- I don't have a place yet, actually.- Ohh.
Rudy, see that she getsthe key to the Pago Pago suite.
- You got it.- That's really not necessary.
Hey. It's my hotel.
Alexei Rustikov. We're live at thefabulous Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino--
Well, the fight's starting.We'd better go.
I don't go downuntil the, uh, main event.
- Ah.- Rudy'll escort you to the fight,
and I'll see youat the party afterwards.
Rudy, take care of Gracie hereand make sure she gets to the party.
- Absolutely.- That's Grace, Mr. Goody.
- It's Grace.- It's Hank, Grace.
- It's Hank.- See you later.
So Vince,you know anything about this Dominguez,this guy you're fightin'?
-Ah-ha -
Don't worry about it.We'll figure him out for ya.
Fuck you ! Fuck you !Fuck you ! Fuck you !
Fuck you ! Fuck you !Fuck you ! Fuck you !
Fuck you ! Fuck you !Fuck you ! Fuck you !
Fuck you ! Fuck you ! Fuck you !Fuck you ! Fuck you ! Fuck you !
Larry, Rustikov has beaten a lotof guys whose names we don't know.
Does that make him a threatagainst Mike Tyson?
Jim, 115 countries have boughtthe televison rights for this event...
hoping that Rustikovcan and will fight Tyson,
but read my lipsin 115 languages::
no refunds.
I got it. No refunds.No recriminations.No regrets. No recourse.
That's the sportwe know so well.
Two-time heavyweight championGeorge Foreman here...
to tell us more aboutthe chances of Mike Tyson--
He's had a lot of bad moviesin his life, George.Could this be a good one for him?
You know what?He's still got that powerful punch.What can I say?
Well, we'll find out what you can saya little bit later on this evening,
but first, a fascinatingpreliminary bout.
A last-minute,once-in-a-lifetime chance...
for two guys who've been thrown inwithin the past 24 hours.
Let's get readyto see the battle between--
They're telling me Mike Tysonhas just entered the arena.We'll go and take a look now.
Hey, Cesar, it's time. Let's go,Jess.
Come on.
You look good, kid.
Equipment check.
Equipment check.
Cesar. Cesar !
Be strong.You can do it.
You all right?
You're the man.
Vince. Vince !
Be strong.You can do it.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,we go to the middleweight division.
This is a substitution fromyour program for our semi main event.
Introducing first, fighting out of thered corner, weighing in at 163 pounds,
with a professional recordof 32 victories,
six lossesand five draws.
A native of Madridby way of Philadelphia,
now fighting out ofLos Angeles, California,
here is Cesar"El Califa" Dominguez !
- - And his opponent across the ring,
fighting out of the blue corner,weighing in at 166 1/2 pounds...
with a fine record of 42 victories,11 losses and 9 draws,
he is the former number-one rankedsuper middleweight in the world.
Also fighting outof Los Angeles, California,
here is Vince Boudreau !
- - Vince.
Gentlemen,you both received yourinstructions in your dressing rooms,
and I expect youto keep your punches up.
Any questions?Now, I want a clean fight.
Protect yourself at all times.Obey my commands at all times.
Touch gloves.Let's go.
That's fine. Now, I know this guy,and he's lost his speed.
- Right.- All right.Now, stay away from his left.
- I know.- He hits like a mule.Stay away from the left.
- I know. I know.- They say this guy's got a good jab,
but he's openfor the left hook.
Let's go, baby.
- Okay, box.- Round one begins.
We're told that Boudreauis a pretty good body puncher,
so you might look for himto start working to the rib cage early.
- Lookin'good, baby.- I like the footwork.
Oh, you can see that these arereal professional fighters, George,
both of them with 12, 15 yearsof solid experience in the sport.
- Come on !- Throw some heat !Throw some heat !
Boudreau looking to find a wayto get his jab in against Dominguez,
-Hey, hey !-who for the moment controls the action.
There's a terrific left hook !Down goes Dominguez.
- Shades of Dominguez'onetitle shot five years ago...- Cesar, get up ! Get up !
- against Roberto Velarioin Madison Square Garden...- Cesar, get up.
when he was flushed in less thana round on an identical left hook.
- Tie him up and clear your head.You said you'd make me proud.- We could have an early finish--
- Six ! Seven !- Come on, Cesar. Get up.
- Count reaches six, and he's up.- Eight !
- You okay?- And Dominguezwill continue.
So one knockdown alreadyfor Vince Boudreau.
And Boudreau,hoping to make a big splash...
- in front of this crowd,now moves in to try to finish.-
- Second knockdownon a straight right hand !- Get up !
- Boudreau !- Down goes El Califa again.
How could you do that,Vince?
- Get up ! Get up !- Three knockdown rule is in effect.
- You can do it !- So even if Dominguezmakes it to his feet,
- Five ! Six ! Seven !- he must survive more thana minute remaining in the round.
- Eight ! Nine !- Round one of the scheduled ten.
- Cesar Domingueztrying to make it up...- You okay?
from the secondof two knockdowns already...
at the handsof Vince Boudreau.
- Fight !- And Dominguez gets up.But now obviously shaken.
A monster left hookand a solid straight right hand.
You wonder how he'llmake it out of the round.
Good work to the body.
Tie him up !
- Referee looking, looking closely.- Wait. Wait.
- Stop punching.- Boudreau closing in again.
Dominguezfifing the jabto try to survive.
Dominguez, getting his feet under him,now ducks a couple of big punches.
- Attaboy ! Attaboy !- And that'll do it.Dominguez makes it...
out of the fifst round despitethe two knockdowns already.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Okay. That's okay. Relax.-
Okay, he's out on his feet,but you got careless, okay?Stay focused, and you got him.
- - You gottastay underneath his left.
- All right? You want usto throw in the towel, huh?- No way.
- No way.- All right. Okay.
Don't give up the jab.Don't give up the jab. The hookcomes off the jab,you knowthat.
Okay, keep throwin'combinations,all right, and open up for the big one.
- Stay away from his left.- Combinations, all right?
- Double up on those jabs.- Double up, triple up,bust him up, and he's out.
- Stay away from that left.- Cesar, don't slug it out !Stick and move !
- Box him. Box him.- Okay. All right.
Stay focused.Stay focused, okay?
It is my understanding,Jim, that both of them drove down here,
and that must've beenan interesting drive.
Too bad they didn't get here earlyenough to tell us anything about it.
Used to be the only wayto get around.
Now Dominguezfifing the jab and making contact.
- And Boudreau is on the defensive.-Jab ! Jab !
- Demonstrating to the crowdthat he's got his energy back,- Come on ! Wake up, Vince !
after having been on his backon the canvas twice in the fifst round.
- - There's a cut abovethe left eye of Vince Boudreau.
Vince, it's a nothin'cut.Forget about it.Just throw some jabs.
Vince ! Some jabs !
- Dominguez now with a targetat which to fight.- Who you rootin' for ?
- Both of them.- Shifting tides of fortune already...
- I love these guys.- in round two ofthe scheduled ten-round bout.
- I thought you left 'em.- Circle to the left !
Dominguez an entirely different fighterthan in round one.
Fighting with energyand commitment,
the same Dominguez,in his only title shot,
was down in less than a roundand couldn't get up.
Nowthe crowd at ringsidebeginning to pay attention...
- to the pitched battlein front of them...-
as you have one fighterwho's been down twice...
and another who is bleedingfrom a cut above his eye.
Boudreau looking and lookingfor his corner.
Hasn't found it yet.There it is.
-How bad is it?-It's nothin'. It's nothin'. We got thebest cut man in the business with us.
- - Yeah !
Now you're lookin' likeyour old self. That's the jabthat got you to the Garden.
All right to cut him to shreds, baby.You can cut him to shreds.
- You can handle him.You can handle him.- Let me see that eye.
- It's nothin', Darrell. We gotit taken care of. It's nothin'.- You keep an eye on that.
Vince, you got awayfrom our plan, man. Okay?
You gotta circle around the jab,circle from around the jab.
- I couldn't see withall that blood in my eye.- Now, we've got it taken care of.
Now, listen. Listen to me.You can still slip the jab,
counter with a left hook,okay?
- Listen to me !- Yeah.
You could still slip this jaband counter with a left hook,the way Lopez did with Quarteya.
Remember that fight? Okay,your eye'snothin'. It's fine, all right?
Got the best cut man in the business.Don't worry about it.
Now, listen to me.Now, I want you to work the cut.
All right? You can open it up,and he'll bleed to deathright here. You got it?
- He knows.- All right. Work the cut, baby.
Work the cut. All right.
- Work the cut !-
Vince Boudreau and Cesar Dominguezworking out in the same gymin Los Angeles.
They've been around each other'sneighborhoods for a long time.
- This is the fifst timethey've ever met in the ring.- Yeah !
What a battle this largelyanonymous undercard bout has become.
- - Yeah, that's what I'mtalkin' about, baby.
Tremendous left-hand shotby Dominguez.
Crowd here just beginning tosense what they're watching...
as both fighters reach down deepfor something new.
Each fighter pushing each other off.Oh, what a right hand !
- Whoa !-
- Take an eight count.- One !
Two !
- Three !- What kind of man are you?
- Four !- Come on, Vince. Take an eight count.
Five ! Six !
- Seven !- Get up.
Eight !
Nine ! You okay?Step to me.
Box !
Dominguez pressuring now.
He has become the hunterin controlling the hunted...
as the crowd along the expensive seatssurrounding the ring...
-beginning to watch in rapt attention...-
as the action from this boutgalvanizes the arena.
That was another big round,the second in a row...
for Cesar Dominguez.
So a rare opportunity here to show whatthey've got for a worldwide audience,
and the two fighters, for the moment,making the most of it,
at least in terms of entertainment.-
...the middle roundsof a scheduled ten-rounder...
between Cesar Dominguezand Vince Boudreau.
Dominguez, right in controlwith both hands again.There's a right-hand shot by Boudreau.
Referee calls timeand warns Boudreau...
against using his elbow,one of the oldest tricks in the book.
Both fighters having their moments--another Dominguez rally--
- Get 'em up ! Get 'em up !-
Arena beginning to fill up.
Some of the Hollywood starswho are here for this big occasion...
starting to line the seats at ringsideand beginning to pay attention...
- - to the spirited battlein front of them.
- Move, move, move !-
Step away from the jab.Counter with a left hook, okay?
- You're the champ, amigo.There you go. There you go.- I knew that.
Just stay on 'im.Just stay on 'im. Stay on 'im.
Go to work.
Okay. All right.
- Six ! Seven !- Come on.
Eight ! Nine !
- Let's go.-
Just relax. Put your arms down.Put your arms down.Relax your arm. All right, now.
He's gettin'tired in there.I want you to put more pressureon him. Just put pressure on him.
- Uh-huh.- You ever hear that expression,
"A man could build a thousand bridgesand suck one dick.
To the world, he's nota bridge builder. He's a cocksucker. "
You got it. You got it.
- He's a cocksucker.- You okay?
- Cocksucker.- All right. Get on him. Get on him.
- Smash his face.Smash his brains. Go for it.
- Holy shit.
Go, go !
All right. You been doin' good.You're doin' good.
I want you to keep pressure on him.Don't back off of him.Just keep pressure on him.
I want you to keep pressure on him.I want you pushing him.
Let's go. Box.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.Let's keep those punches up.
- Stay down !- Two !
Three ! Four !
Five ! Six !
Seven ! Eight !
Nine ! You okay?Step to me.
- Come on ! Get up !- What a tremendouspunch by Boudreau,
and it's just impossible to imagineDominguez getting up from that.
- Three ! Four ! Five !- Get your ass up.
- Come on, Cesar. Get up.All right. Okay. Okay.- Come on,Jesse.
Seven !
- Referee Darrell Foster in close,continuing to count.- Eight ! Nine !
- And Dominguez is up again !- You okay?- Yeah.
Step to me.
Let's go ! Box !
Okay, break, break, break !
Whoo !
Head back. Head back.
Sit down. Listen.Suck it up.
- All right. This is it now.-Just relax.
Ginsberg, he's fine.He's okay. It's just a scratch.
I have to look at this cut.
Ring doctor Velvo Ginsberg...
- checking closely to see whetherBoudreau is able to continue.- Let me look at it.
- Spit it out.- All right, Vince.How many fingers do you see?
- Vince, how many fingers?- Ah.
- Three.- It's not good.I'll let him go one more round.
- Darrell, let's let it go one more.- You can still slip the jab...
and counter itwith a hook.
Got it? Catch him with a hook.Catch him with a hook.
Let me see him.
- Let me see him. Let me see him.Can you see my fingers?- Yes, sir.
- How many do you see?- Two.
All right. He's doing fine.Just keep it up.
I guess he got the rightanswer. They're gonna let it go on.
- You're doin'good.-
You're the man. This is your night,okay? You knock him out,it's a title shot, man.
Knock him out, title shot.You understand that?
Two more rounds. This is the night.You can do it. No mercy.No mercy. Go for it.
- - You got it. You got it.
- - Fight !
Round nine of whathas clearly been the fight of the year.
Back and forth they go.
Another perfect shot,and Boudreau hits the canvas !
Don't get up !
Get up ! Get up ! Get up !
Four !
Five ! Six !
Seven !
- Eight ! Nine !- Up, up, up, up !
You okay? Step to me.
All right. Step to me.
Let's go. Box !
Come on !Take Califa down !
Fight your way out.That's it. That's it. Tie him up.
Tie him up. That's it.That's it. Tie him up. Hang in there.
Okay. Break, break.All right. Break ! Break ! Box.
Box yourself out. Get out ofthat goddamn corner. Get out of there !
Double up on him !
- Right, right, right, right.- Get outta there.Get out of the corner. Get out.
Yeah !
See that?Did you see that?
- -
Nine rounds in the books.Three minutes to go...
in this epic battlebetween two fighters...
who before tonight had beencompletely forgotten by boxing fans.
It's too damn close, okay? If you wantthe title shot, you gotta knock him out.
You gotta knock him out,take him out ! Take it to him !
This is a war.Where you goin' ?
- I can't watch this anymore.- Ohh, tough girl.
Fuck you.
- What round is this?- It's the last round, baby.Three more minutes.
- Last round, baby. Get 'im.- Yeah.
You want the title shot,you gotta knock him out.You gotta knock him out, take him out.
- Finish him off.- And now here comes the tenthand final round...
in a boutwhich has had everything.
- They've knocked each other down.- You go for it, man.
- You take it to him,and you stick it to him.- They've bruised each other.
Put El Califa on the fuckin' canvasand don't ever let him get back up !
Title shot ! Title shot ! It's yournight ! Go get 'em, baby. Go get 'em.
- And Vince Boudreaugets ready to come out.- Vince, get over there...
and kick his ass !
...bloody mask.Dominguez doesn't look much better.
- Both men have hadtheir moments in the fight.- Let's go. Touch gloves.
Both have been down more timesthan we can count.
The crowd on its feetat ringside.
This isn't a boxing match anymore.It's a Pier 6 brawl.
Both men unloading power shotsover and over...
in a final desperate effortto knock the opponent out.
They were friends this morning,but this is another world now.
The tenth round of what has beena brutal and debilitating bout.
Boudreau's head snapped backby another Dominguez right hand.
And now--
Body shots coming backfrom Boudreau.
And down goes Dominguez.And Boudreau continues to punch himas he goes down to the canvas.
Break! Break!Stop punching ! Break!
Get out of here, Boudreau.Get in a neutral corner.
- ...finally managesto wrestle them apart.- Don't stop it.
Three ! Four !
- Get up.- Five !
- Come on. Get up.- Cese, get up !- Six !
- Get up. Come on. Get up.- Seven !
Come on, Cesar !Cesar !
- Eight !- And up gets Cesar !
- - He cannot get enoughof this punishment.
- Step to me.- Yes, sir.
Let's go. Box !
Less than two minutes to go.
Come on, baby.Come on. Let's go, baby.
...his right-hand shot backs Boudreauup all the way across the ring.
- And Boudreau goes down !And that's Dominguez !-
And now it's Boudreauwho punches back from his knees.
Vince, get up !
Vince, get up.Get up !
Don't stop ! He's fine !Vince, you're fine, right?
Four !
- Get up and beat that Mexican's ass !- Five !
- Six !- Don't fuckin'stop this !
Seven !
- Eight !- Hey, Vince ! Vince !
- Vince ! You okay?- Box !
- - Let's go.
Knock his ass out !
- Stop the fight. Stop the fight !- Hey.
Stop the fight !
- There's the bell !There's the bell !- That's it.
And the conclusionto this epic battle...
between Vince Boudreauand Cesar Dominguez.
Years from now, the real fight fans willbe telling each other they were here...
to see this bout.
- You're kind ofa good fighter, you know?- You ain't bad either.
- I think I won, man.- I think I won.
Vince ! Vince !
You were amazing.You were great.
Good fight, Vince.
Cesar ! Cesar !
- Cesar !- Hey.
- You were brilliant.- I-I was?
- Brilliant.- You really think so?
See you later !
All right. Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,before we go to the scorecards,
a round of applause pleasefor these two fighters.
This was one hell of a war !
And now the official scoring.Judge Harrison Pearl...
scores the bout 96-95.
- He has it for Boudreau.- What'd I tell ya?What'd I tell ya, huh?
- You got it. You got it.-
Judge Abrams Harlemsscores it 96-95 for Dominguez.
All right. All right.
And judge Steve De Roshescores the bout...
This bout is a draw !
Great job. Great job.
This gentleman from the commission'sgot your check right here.
You guys put on a hell of a showout there, a hell of a show.
- It wasn't a show. It was a fight.- Yeah, I know.
What is this? It-It says 24,000.The deal was 50,000.
Promoter's fee, attorney's fee.Your cornermen need taking care of.
- All these deductions werein the contract you signed.- Vince. Hey.
- Vince, did you see this, man? 24,000.- Yeah.
- I mean, where is the rest?- Boilerplate, fellas. Boilerplate.
- Boilerplate. What does that mean?- It's good.
Listen to me. Listen to me.Joe Domino was very impressedwith your performance tonight.
- That's the good news.- Bullshit.
- He wants to work with you boys again.- You guys are back in his good graces.
- What-What do you mean? Rematch?- Something to talk about.
- What-What about the title shot?- Lots to talk about.
- Rematch? Who knows, huh?- Look. Tyson's comin' out.Good job, you guys.
I gotta go. You guysgot great seats for the main event,and you take care of that eye.
You don't wanna end up lookin' like me.I'll see ya up there.
- Great job, guys. Great job.- Come on, son.Let's go to the hospital.
We'll take care of it right now. We'lldo a good job. We'll get it over with.
- Thanks.- I can't believe this.
So once again,Tyson versus Rusticoff...
turns out to be a 52-secondfisted pay-per-viewfraud.
And Tyson has another,quote, victory, unquote.
Hey, Hank. When was the last timeyou made that much money that fast?
- Pretty quick, huh?Have anything on it?- Sure did. Thanks.
- Hey, Dick. Glad you could make it.- Hi, Hank. How are you?
- Hey, Hank. How are you?- How are you?
- Enjoy the fight? A little fast.- It was too fast.
Would you excuse us, please?Rudy, would you see that Grace'sfriend here gets a drink?
- Oh, yeah.- Oh. Ciao.
- How do you like your suite, honey?- I haven't been there yet.
I could take you upon the, uh, private elevator.
If you don't mind,I would love to show you the plans...
of my product idea, the periscopeI was telling you about?
It's upside-down.
Interesting.Very interesting.
Vince, I don't knowabout this, man. Really.
Hey, hey, this'll work.Trust me.
- Thousand, red.- Right here.
- - You gotta bet some to win some.
Eleven, black.
-Jesus Christ.- Hey, hey, hey.
No problem. Let's double the bet.Two thousand, red.
What-Whatif you play black?
- No, the odds'll kick in, all right?-Just to try it?
- The odds?- The odds.
- - Oh, okay. The odds. All right.
- Thirty-five, black.- Ohh. Foo. Sh--
Okay.Three thousand, red.
The dressis a Bardot thing.
- I knew Brigitte Bardot.- I bet you did.
You know what, man?I don't like taking offwithout saying good-bye to Grace.
- This is not right.- She deserves better than us.
Certainly better than you.
Hey, after tonight,the way you hit,
I got new respectfor fags.
Vince, Vince, I--I am not a fag, you know?
I mean, that'sa very primitive way of thinking.
No, no, no, no.I'm saying, if you were a fag,if you were-- You know, it's okay.
You know,if you were a fag.
Rudy, get this bitchout of here.
- Uh, Security.- Yes, sir?
- Take the bitch out.- Don't touch me !
All right.Just leave me alone.
Guys, wait !Where you goin' ?
Get in the back.I'm driving.
- Yeah, yeah.- What are you doin' ? Get in the back.
In the back.
Grace, did you goto the party?
Mm-hmm.Didn't like it.
Why do rich men think women'll sleepwith them just 'cause they got dough?
A woman would rather have a poor guythat knows how to make love to her...
than a rich guywho doesn't.
- Am I wrong?- Uh, oh--
- No.- Maybe not "poor" poor,
but moderately well offwould be okay.
Moderately well-off guywho's a good lay...
and who ain't threatened by a womanwho wants to run her own company.
- Yeah.- I gotta be my own boss. That's clear.
I can't work for anybody.I just wanna hit 'em all the time.
Let me see.
Hey, you know withthese new product ideas I got,I'm gonna look for money in L.A.
- I like L.A.- Yeah.
Most people don't,but I do.
What about an extremely poor guywho's a moderately good lay?
No? Well,just curious.
So where were you guys?
- Oh, we went out, walked aroundthe pool, talkin' to people--- We were just hanging around.
- Got anything left?- Thirteen grand.
- You still owe me five.- Can I pay you twoand owe you the rest?
- Sure.- That's good.
I got 11,000.Vince's fucking system.
Hey, hey.Look at it this way.
This is money we didn't havewhen we woke up yesterday, right?
- Yeah. - Huh?
who do you thinkwon the fight, Vince or me?
I thinkit was a fair decision.
- Fair.- Okay. Fine.
Did you hear those peoplecheering for us, man?
- That was great, wasn't it?- That was fucking great.
- Oh, that was great.- That was fucking great, man.
- Yeah.- It was great.
I love you guys.